How to get rid of gyno after cycle

in answer to your question using an aromatase inhibitor will reduce water retention and glycogen uptake caused (from what we know) in some way shape or form by estrogen. using nolva will block the estrogen mostly at your nipple, preventing gyno but leaving enough receptors open elsewhere to give you the anabolic effects you can get with estrogen. There are a lot of theories circulating the community when it comes to SARM cycles, especially regarding PCT, Aromatase Inhibitors (AI’s), and what is necessary vs. unnecessary in regards to them. This article will delve into PCT and AI’s, and what you need to know about them relative to SARM cycles specifically. Couple that with the benefit of increasing your natural testosterone levels and it soon becomes clear why muscle-bound men and women use it. How to use Nolvadex. Due to its anti-estrogenic and pro-testosterone effects, bodybuilders tend to take Nolva both during and immediately following a cycle. Nolva is to help stall gyno and stop it getting worse on cycle, its generally used in pct. Letro is used in reducing gyno. Aromasin will help prevent estro rebound as it dissables estro unlike adex that simply holds onto it. The reason guys get caught out with nolva and tren/deca is because 19nors cause progesterone related side effects, and nolva is a SERM. So it regulates estro, but not progesterone related sides. And nolva is strictly for gyno as, not really estrogen sides. It is as breast cancer drug after all. And if there isn't a way, I can suffer the cost of some RAD gone to waste in order to not get bitch-tits. I want to say I have read a few times on here that people will take Nolva - which I have on hand - during cycle if they get gyno and that it helps reduce/ get rid of it rather quickly. Any truth to that? [sc:masthead-std] [sc:salutation-std] In bodybuilding, Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) is used as both an anabolic steroid cycle ancillary drug and as recovery or as a post anabolic steroid cycle therapy drug. Nolvadex is an oral anti-estrogen/estrogen antagonist prescription drug. Nolvadex is commonly referred to as an anti-estrogen, but technically it is more of an estrogen antagonist. An […] if you want to PREVENT gyno take some aromasin or arimidex AI is a must during a cycle...if you want to get RID of existing gyno, letrozole with nolvadex will do the trick.... Want to know Source info? Check Approved Sources section on Evo! 01-04-2015, 08:31 AM #3 No do not use Nolva with Tren. The both together will increase progestin and prolactin sides. Use a Aromatase inhibitor (AI) to control estrogen during your cycle. A serm such as nolva is really not a good choice to use during your cycle anyway.Since it just blocks estrogen from attaching to certain receptors.

2020.08.01 04:06 HendrixA20E How to get rid of gyno after cycle

So, I have been blessed by the bitch-tit gods and began to develop some mild gyno last week. Today it flared up more than normal which has me concerned about it developing further and resulting in full blown gyno. I have about a week and a half left of current 12-week RAD cycle. Yes, I have run this cycle multiple times in the past and this has never happened.
Again - I have never gotten gyno on any cycle I have done previously, which made me wonder why it began to occur this time around. After a lot of time researching, I came across this:

Adolescents who use anabolic steroids, or who abuse alcohol, marijuana, heroin, or amphetamines, should be alerted to the fact that gynecomastia might develop.
I immediately realized what was causing my gyno: my ADD medication (amphetamines). I was prescribed this by my doctor some time ago, which I only really use when I really need it - like studying for finals last week and taking finals this week. I had never needed to use my medication during a cycle before which is kind of incredible, accidental timing of cycles lol. I have obviously taken it before while off cycle and not gotten gyno, but I am wondering if when it is compounded with a SARM cycle it is more likely to occur? I have no idea lol, I had never heard of this before and apparently it is very unclear as to how this is caused. Does anyone have any insight on this? It seems so incredibly strange to me - but I am convinced this is what caused it because my medication is the only outlier out of all gyno-free cycles I have ran previously.
Lastly - since I could not really find anything helpful regarding this - is there any reason to not run Nolva right now to help manage the gyno and then continue it into my PCT since I am only 1.5 weeks from being finished? Please, don't give me the "Just end your cycle now" answer because, yes, I am considering that and have thought about it. I am just wondering if there is a way to manage it without losing out on the last 1.5 weeks of RAD that I paid for. And if there isn't a way, I can suffer the cost of some RAD gone to waste in order to not get bitch-tits. I want to say I have read a few times on here that people will take Nolva - which I have on hand - during cycle if they get gyno and that it helps reduce/ get rid of it rather quickly. Any truth to that?
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2020.05.18 10:07 armandcarstens Haarlem Study Analysis

First of all the Haarlem Study’s baseline is absolutely great! And deserves a round of applause *claps*.
Facebook post:
PCT- Does it work? Is the heading and the big question.
My simple response is depends on what your goal is. Before I breakdown my analysis on the study and why I think it needs improvement and where it needs improvement, I want to define PCT.
PCT is used for a few reasons:

  1. To prevent muscle gains from going away after a cycle.
  2. Gradually (comparatively gradual) decrease test to the base levels of test.
  3. Get rid of unwanted side effects from the cycle. (GYNO)
How does PCT achieve that? Anecdotal explanations are used to how it achieves that. But first understand the basics of certain PCT drugs.
SERMs are used to increase LH – then LH is used to stimulate production in the Leydig cells. As a solo PCT it is not that effective if testicular atrophy was very prominent in an AAS cycle.
HCG is used to increase Leydig cells. Thus leading to testicular growth – Important to note that HCG shuts down LH cause it mimics LH.
AI’s are used to decrease E2 in the body to start a negative feedback loop in the body to produce more LH – I call AI’s the cherry on top of a PCT.
HCG -> Leydig cells -> SERMS -> Increase LH -> TESTOSTERONE
(If I explained this incorrectly feel free to correct me but IM DEAD SURE THE BASICS ARE THERE…)
Coming off testosterone is crap and we all know that. Our testosterone decreases drastically and if ASIH that happens during the cycle isn’t good enough of an explanation then I don’t know… If you cold turkey on test it drops. Almost to 0. THAT MEANS BYE BYE GAINS. Why does it mean “bye bye gains” well its difficult to keep your gains that have been due to bloating of test and the anti-catabolic effects of test. So if you drop it immediately with no pct after the half life ur basically losing most of your gains. Because catabolism is drastically increased while anabolism is drastically decreased.
To prove this claim : “In muscle, testosterone stimulates protein synthesis (anabolic effect) and inhibits protein degradation (anti-catabolic effect); combined, these effects account for the promotion of muscle hypertrophy by testosterone
That is why people BnC – too drastic dip and you cant sustain your gains. However when you aren’t willing to risk doing TRT for the rest of your life PCT is the option.
NOW OPEN THAT TAB I TOLD YOU TO CLICK ON. (the quotes are going to be translated)
- “1) It becomes clear that in both groups the testosterone level-1 nmol / l remains below the baseline level. This is absolutely not statistically significant. It can therefore be a coincidence variation, although it may also mean that the study group was too small to prove this difference.”
- It is not statistically significant , I agree … the difference is way way wayyyyy too smol.
- “2) AAS harm fertility. The seed yield has been permanently reduced. Also this difference is statistically not significant, but almost (p= 0,06). So we can assume with quite sure that this is.”
- Well what do you expect its bloody normal. Wow I like these people they are …
- “3) The nakure seems to have no effect on hormonal recovery or preservation of fertility. And if there is already an effect, it is more harmful than affordable.”
- HOLLLLLDDD YOUR HORSES (nakure means PCT) PCT doesn’t seem to have an effect on hormonal recovery ????
So remember my explanation at the top. Of what PCT does and how its done. Etc etc…
Hormonal recovery is what PCT was made to do…
Clomid is a SERM and there is a study that I found on the first bar on google when I typed in clomid and testosterone levels. Clomid was given to subjects with previous use of androgel. What happened their LH went up. Yes -!po=37.8205
So back to PCT 101 with negative feedback loop LH + Leydig Cells = Testosterone. So yes it does help recover your hormones in a more natural way than cruising or TRT does.
How did the Haarlem study conclude this. Well it says that the comparison of the testosterone 3 MONTHS – listen 3 months after PCT is the same as the ones coming off naturally. Now this is where the logic is slippery. If you use PCT then it was all for nothing. So all gynaecologists are just stupid for using clomid. No what happened was this. And this is my analysis.
Okay so then there are 2 routes. Both involve the negative feedback loop. Either you don’t do pct and it continues dropping till it hits the point where your body starts that NFL (negative feedback loop) to start producing testosterone.
Let PCT do the work of bumping it up. HIGHER than the no pct would but in a different way to kickstart negative feedback loop. And that keeps your test low for just a short time. Able to safe all the gains possible.
That’s why there logic is flawed with their conclusion.
1- Include the LBM comparisons with the testosterone to show people whether the PCT’s goal is actually met. Remember guys we believe that PCT preserves gains. Not proven yet. Its broscience.
2- Add in different PCT cycles after the AAS cycle of testosterone.
3- Add in different backgrounds and see how people react differently and where they act the same.
LASTLY I CANT EMPHASIZE THIS MORE THE STUDY ISNT DONE YET. They just submitted a summary of the study. But I still think it needs improvement.
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2020.03.02 17:19 theorizin How to get rid of gyno after cycle

Hi all. Bear with me, this is my first time posting on Reddit but after getting so much helpful advice from different threads I wanted to share my own experience and hopefully help someone else out! I'm a 21F diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum. Around the end of December, I went to my gynecologist for my yearly. A few days prior I had shaved and saw some raised bumps which I just presumed to be razor bumps since I am no stranger to those. Come to find at my gyno appointment, the doctor informed me (only with visual diagnosis) that I had molluscum contagiosum.
I have never heard of this before so I was immediately struck with fear. My doctor informed me that it is a viral skin infection, not typically considered an STI because children are the biggest demographic for it; however, adults can transmit it through sex. I hadn't had sex for about 2months at this point but she informed me that the incubation period for molluscum can be a few weeks to even a few months. This brought some relief to me, but then she continued on to say that it could take 6 months-2 years for my immune system to recognize, attack, and heal from the molluscum.
Hell no. Hearing that I could potentially be going two years without sex crushed me. I am not currently in a committed relationship, but I had started casually dating someone. We have not had sex yet (which I am now very thankful for), and I felt as though this diagnosis had completely destroyed my chances with him. Fast forward a week and I finally got the courage to tell him while choking back tears of embarrassment. He met me with kindness and understanding. He told me that it's no big deal to him and that waiting is not an issue, or if the time is ever right he would be more than willing to take proper precautions (condom, boxers on sex). I might just be dramatic but I just started sobbing after he said that. I felt so alone and disgusted with myself. To finally get that off my chest and be accepted meant the world to me. People really value your honesty, so if you're in the same situation as me it sucks but it has to be done.
***HOWEVER! After consulting my doctor she suggested avoiding sex. Even if there is no skin to skin contact between the partners, the infected person still runs the risk of spreading it even more on themselves (friction, possibly popping the papules)***\*
For whatever reason, my doc suggested waiting 2-3 months to see if my immune system would recognize it and tackle it on its own. DO NOT DO THIS! If you have the financial means to get treatment to remove the molluscum, DO IT ASAP! By waiting you're just giving the molluscum more time to potentially spread. And sure enough, mine did! I started with maybe 5 bumps (inner thigh and butt), and now I'm more in the 10-15 range. Even with me being hypervigilant about showering, no shaving, washing clothes and sheets, etc. they still managed to spread.
I also want to tell you guys what I've tried in this 2-3 month time frame to try and resolve this on my own.

  1. Naturasil. Got this off of amazon because the reviews for it were too good not to give it a try. I was religious about the 3x a day application and always made sure the area was kept clean. I used this for a solid month and a half. I can't say that it worked or didn't work. Did the bumps go away? No. But did they change in appearance or size? Yes. They definitely shrunk! However, the changes cannot be credited to the Naturasil because that could've very well just been the natural cycle of how the molluscum grows.
  2. Zymaderm. I also purchased this on Amazon after the Naturasil stopped giving me results. I have been using it for about 3 weeks. Since using this nothing has changed, but the molluscum has not spread which is enough for me to keep using it!
  3. Vitamins/Supplements, LOTS OF EM! After doing some research I came across a gynecologist who makes videos about all different kinds of STIs and the treatment methods. She highlighted the importance of keeping a healthy immune system because physically removing molluscum does not actually "cure" you of it. The immune system needs to recognize the virus in the body and attack it for it to be gone for good. I took her suggestion and bought some lysine, vitamin C, echinacea, and a regular multi-vitamin and took them all daily.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar. I personally had no success with this. It burned a little bit, totally doable. However, I felt as though I was possibly damaging the skin around the papules because the ACV soaked cotton ball was too harsh. My skin looked super red and inflamed. I know that the skin near the genitals is a lot more sensitive, so I didn't want to take any risks. For this reason, I stopped after a week.
My main goal with these at-home methods was to just keep it contained until I decided what the best treatment option was for me. Today, I will be going to the gyno to have them removed. She phrased it as "surgically" removing them, but I think the technique is called curettage. I decided to go with this because the doc said she has had the best success with ridding the molluscum using this method. Also, this allows them to take one fo the papules and send it to the lab to confirm it is molluscum! Methods such as cryo and blistering agents have not been as successful (usually take multiple rounds) and can lead to some nasty scarring. For these reasons, I'm willing to take on a little more pain to hopefully get a better outcome.
I will be updating once I get back from the appointment. I'll give the rundown of the procedure and how much discomfort came with it. Feel free to ask any questions!
***Edit (03/03/20): Had my appt rescheduled so I had my treatment done this morning. All I can really say is holy shit that hurt. So once I was undressed the doc walked me through the procedure. She showed me the scalpel she would be using and explained that she was going to get each molluscum away at the base of it. She offered me a numbing agent (lidocaine injection) but said we could always try cutting a few away and see how my tolerance is. She scraped away a few tiny ones and they felt like nothing! A little tiny scrape that's it. When she got to the bigger ones IT WAS A WRAP, that shit hurt like hell! I do have a very high pain tolerance but it was unbearable. She cut away two large ones and I was in tears at this point. So she went and grabbed the lidocaine to numb me up. God... I swear the injection hurt more than her cutting it off with the scalpel alone. I got poked about 3-4 times in my inner thigh/butt area fairly close to my anus. The initial prick hurt, not terribly. But once she started injecting the lidocaine THAT HURT LIKE HELL. I squirmed from the pain. Once the area was numbed up the rest of it was easy. So my suggestion is that if you have really tiny ones, just give the scalpel without numbing a go; it really felt like nothing. But if you're like me and have a few big ones, save yourself the tears and just start with the numbing injection. Walking out of there I was definitely uncomfortable. I had about an hour drive back to school and it wasn't fun that's for sure. I also had to go to practice (which she told me not to, but as a D1 athlete that's not an option) but by that time my pain went down. If anything it just stings now; it is very tolerable. I'm wearing very comfortable boy short cotton underwear so that I can limit rubbing and keep it breathable. I now have to try my best to keep the area as dry as possible, and when it is time to shower I must use unscented soap and make sure I am gentle. Right now I have minimal bleeding compared to when I left. They actually gave me a pad to wear so I didn't ruin my underweashorts lol. I have another appointment next week to check up on that area, and to remove anymore that might have popped up. I had about 2-3 that were far too small for her to remove but she hopes it will either go away or actually pop up so they can be scraped off.
***Edit (03/10/20): It has been a full week since I got my molluscum removed. I returned this morning for my checkup appointment and was happy to find that I am healing well. The doctor was only concerned with one spot potentially scarring, but to be honest I could care less. As of today, I have NO MORE MOLLUSCUM BUMPS! The small ones that she thought we might have to treat disappeared and no new ones have popped up. I am beyond relieved. I still have to make sure the area is clean (still some healing to do, she said in a week or so it should be fully healed) and avoid excessive friction. I'm still going to keep an eye out for any potential new bumps and refrain from shaving.
***Edit (03/17/20): Two weeks since the molluscum was excised. Everything is healing nicely. Some of the larger areas will take more time to heal but the small ones are all healed. Still checking my body every day for new spots, but it seems that I am still in the clear!
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2019.10.18 01:24 wednesdaysr4thegirls Gyno rid of after cycle get how to

I don't want to be insensitive to any women on this thread, as I turned to this thread so much while experiencing these symptoms. All of your stories, even though they ultimately didn't apply to me medically, encouraged me so much. I wanted to write this post because I remember how alone and scared I felt for months as a 21 year old girl who couldn't find answers while I was experiencing these symptoms and was convinced I was living with endometriosis. Clearly, I am no medical expert, but there was no Reddit feed I could find with these same symptoms, I was always brought to endometriosis pages that checked most of the boxes, but not all of them, and I want girls that are just looking out of curiosity to not feel alone and know that there may be a simple solution.
My symptoms basically consisted of the following:
-A constant cycle of yeast infections, then UTI's from taking yeast infection medicine.
-Bleeding during sex. This was typically light spotting, but noticeable. I lost so much self confidence and stopped having sex in my relationship 99% of the time.
-Always feeling turned on. This got especially bad when sitting or laying down. I felt like I was throbbing. This happened almost all the time, I felt as if I needed to masturbate to make it go away, but that never helped, and it always gave me horrible cramps afterwards.
-Nausea (especially when I would drink). This would come and go sporadically, but it was noticeable when it hit.
-Extremely heavy and painful periods. My periods have always been heavy, but they got increasingly worse during this time. I had extreme nausea, was throwing up and couldn't get out of my bed the day of.
-Swollen lymph nodes in my groin. These were all considered normal by doctors before the diagnosis, and were perfectly healthy, but were ultimately inflamed because of the infection in my pelvis/uterus.
-Burning when going to the bathroom.
-Discharge that changed in coloscent.
To sum it up, I just felt uncomfortable at all times. It was almost like a slight UTI or BV. My main symptoms were the feeling of always being turned on and the uncomfortable ache/burn that seemed as if it would come and go at its own will, and the bleeding during sex- which really rid my confidence as a woman. I felt as if my doctors at school kept shaming me, always insisting at the beginning of appointments that I probably just had an STD (which was never the case) or telling me to "shower more" and clean well with only water. I was so embarrassed. I am a clean girl, I take pride in the way I take care of myself and carry myself. But time and time again, they only treated the yeast infections and UTI's even when I insisted there was something more they should try to look at.
It wasn't until I went to see a family friend at her office that I finally felt like someone was listening and truly wanted to treat me not just the clear and obvious conditions. After a really simple exam, just checking everything out inside (nothing out of the ordinary for a gyno appointment), she told me that it was either Endometritis or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and sent for tests to confirm.
Do NOT confuse Endometritis with Endometriosis. Endometritis is simply inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus, and PID is inflammation higher up, and can be caused by STI's (gonorrhea, chlamydia are the most common). Also less commonly, bacteria can enter your reproductive tract, often after childbirth, miscarriage or abortion.
I was given 2 different antibiotics to take twice a day, for one week. After that medicine I regained so much confidence. I finally started having sex with my boyfriend again without feeling dirty or insecure, I got out of my head, started going to the gym again. No matter what symptoms you are experiencing, they are real and someone will have answers. Don't be afraid to try different doctors until you find someone that can sympathize and that cares to fix your health.
I hope this helps!
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2019.07.22 07:30 lovemydogthough I dropped out of High School because of my Period

Hey! I'm 17 and female and I'm new to reddit, this is my first post, thought I'd give it a try. I was reading this page for a few minutes and a lot of posts are about questioning if you have endo, so I thought I'd share hoping it might help someone. I started my period a few weeks after I turned 12. Immediately it was insane, I first had it for 7 days twice a month, then the whole month, then for 3 months straight. Yeah I bled for months straight. From the beginning I would always get the worst headache and vomit and then start my period. My headaches became so frequent it was apart of my morning routine to just pop some advil. My headaches would last my whole period and I also had horrific cramping. I even started missing a lot of school.
And as I got older it got worse. I still remember being in the 8th grade and some asshole kid asked me, "why are you so pale?" and I realized I had had my period for over three months and it didn't look like it was stopping anytime soon. So we went to the pediatrician and they put me on a birth control pill, I bled the whole time(three months). Then I switched to a different pill and I swear I had the worst cramps of my life, I was in tears, cold sweats, felt like I was dying. So after a month on that pill I stopped and they put me on a different Pill and I had the same reaction, bled the whole time, crying in pain, ect.
Then I had my first IUD put in it the the Mirena they told me at first to expect bleeding, I had the heaviest period of my life, like I had to change a tampon every hour heavy. So after six months of that the gyno said lets do an ultrasound to make sure everything is OK. Surprise! I had it stuck in my cervix and that day I had another one put in, The Kyleena. I wanted so badly to experience no bleeding and that's all I heard about the IUDs is that it makes your period lighter. At this point I had probably seen 20 different gynos for help and they all never said this except one, An IUD does not work properly unless it is in a specific part of your uterus, so you should always ask for it to be inserted under guided ultrasound. She then explained to me that it included not working as birth control and any other purpose because an IUD is supposed to be at the top of your uterus to work and it could always move or be rejected or be placed wrong in the first place so you should have the placement checked regularly. This was so scary, because I read the whole pamphlet on the IUD, researched it online, and asked a lot of questions about it at numerous doctors visits. I couldn't believe that women were basically lied to about something as important as birth control. Even though I wasn't sexually active at the time I couldn't get it out of my head, it shocked me to my core.
So I had my replacement under guided ultrasound, and even then my new gyno said "I don't like the place of this one we might have to do it again." I was 14 years old at this time and was so over it already. But with the kyleena I don't know if it was because my body had an IUD in it for six months already or because it was a different one but I stopped my period! Like I didn't even spot or anything but...I still had my symptoms. Everyday: Headache, nausea, horrible cramping. I was starting to miss everything, cancel everything, school, activities, social plans, you name it 9 times outta ten I canceled because I was throwing up, crying in pain, and wanting to just rip my head of it hurt so bad.
After Nine months with the Kyleena my mom thought it could be the IUD causing these symptoms, because in the back of the pamphlet it has a list of like less than 10% have these symptoms and it included depression, migraines, cramps, heavy bleeding, and other stuff. So I had my third IUD removed and it was hell. Everyday Bleeding, Headache, vomiting, unbearable cramps. I was 15 at this point and my freshmen year I had missed around 20 days throughout the school year and like the maximum amount of days was 18 and then you had to repeat. But I went to a Public Charter School and they didn't care as long as you completed the work. During my freshmen year I was home from school because of my period and my dogs tripped me down the stairs and I had a concussion. My history teacher noticed I was being super weird and he dragged me to the nurse. And there was a girl sitting there and we got to talking and she said she had endometriosis and she got cramps so bad she passed out, at the time I was like, well I'm not in that much pain. But then a year later l I had started passing out and even fainted a few times myself because of the pain. Then in my sophomore year in the first semester I had already missed 22 days. It got so bad I basically went to school one day a week and ended up dropping out of school in January. Then I transferred to a Public High school and still barely went. It just seemed like a waste of time I was in all senior AP classes as a 15 year old and still felt unchallenged, barely showed up and was having the worst symptoms of my life.
That summer my Mom who is a nurse went to this conference on the Cape about endometriosis. I had always wondered if that's what I had because obviously something was wrong. Every doctors appointment I would ask do think I have endometriosis or PCOS or Ovarian cysts or anemia or something? Every doctor I ever went to Said Oh I don't Know and left it at that. Anyways my mom says the way this Doctor was speaking at the conference she swears he was describing me word for word. She went up to him after the presentation and explained to him about my situation. He took my moms phone and put his personal number in it and said call and schedule an appointment immediately. And when my mom called they were like, "how'd you get this number? This is his personal number!" That was in August and my mom couldn't get an appointment till the end of November. It was a 4 page waiting list. I drove to Boston and went to see him. I swear he was the only doctor who took me seriously. He only talked to me he didn't look over to my parents after I talked, he looked me in the eye and was so close, I swear I counted the number of freckles he had, he listened to me so well. After I was done telling him my story basically whats above^^ he said," I Believe you 100% and there is no doubt in my mind that you have Endometriosis." He then explained to me with drawings of what Endometriosis was and that there was something called adenomyosis which is endometriosis cells in the tissue of the uterus which I have also. He gave me 7 different plans to pick from to try to help it including like 3 IUDs at the same time, taking different supplements to regulate out my hormone levels, physical therapy, ect. It was all things I had never heard of before.
But we decided on surgery because I felt like I had tried so many things three birth control pills, 3 IUDs, Taking out the IUD,ect. So the way this Doctor does this surgery is he excises the endometriosis out not scraping it out like most Endometriosis surgeons do in the US. He said with the regular Laparoscopic Surgery women come back like 2 years later with even worse pain and symptoms plus the scar tissue. But with the excision of the endometriosis you cut around the root of it and excise the whole cell out and hes been doing this kind of surgery for like ten years and he said he hasn't had one patient come back yet. So I went on a cancellation list and had surgery on the 20th of December. And I had My Kyleena IUD put in during surgery to prevent the adenomyosis symtoms. Since there is no test for endometriosis nobody knew how much of it there would be until you do surgery. The surgery was expected to be between 1hr-4hr depending on what they found. The surgery was pushing to almost 5 hours, that's how much endometriosis I had.
I started bleeding on Christmas and didn't stop till May. But that was to be expected from when I had my first IUD placement and I had such heavy bleeding for six months straight. And I had a Follow up in April and we did an ultrasound and it was in the perfect spot. I don't get headaches so bad I throw up, and within the first month even though I was on my period It was like so much different than it ever was before. But I was have these really intense cramps; they were different than what I was used to and they hurt so much worse. Even before Surgery My Doctor warned me about the risks of it and he mentioned Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasms. I had completely forgotten about then and when I went to see him in April I was telling him about these cramps and asked if the could be those pelvic floor whatevers and he looks me straight in the eyes and said, "Do you get a sharp Pain in your Vagina?" And I was like yes! "Do you feel like pain just radiates through your whole midsection and then throb's for a while?" YES! So I have these Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasms, and back in April it only happened once or twice a month and it wasn't so bad I said, Oh I can deal with this. But soon as I said that they were happening more frequently and for longer, I practically spent the whole month of May in bed. They started as a sharp pain in my vagina and hat would last like an hour and then it would just light my whole pelvic floor on fire with pain it even made my hip bones hurt and my legs. And that pain would last for DAYS. And it made my whole pelvic floor just feel so heavy and difficult to even move. Then in June it was like a whole week straight of these PFMS. And now its like everyday. But again he has such a long wait list that my next appointment isn't for two more months. And In June my mom called everyday, (to book an appointment) and that was the only one she could get.
Since then I see this Alternative Medicine doctor and I started seeing her for about a year. And she diagnosed me with endo as well but she takes a very different approach that My Surgery Doctor. She has me on lots of supplements and made me do a spit test for a month to see my levels in estrogen and progesterone. And she but me on detox to get rid of my excessive amounts of estrogen and gave me real Progesterone pills to take 10 days in my cycle to help me stop my symptoms. She's so helpful and I just saw her last week and she is referring me to a physical therapist, for my Pelvic Floor Muscle Spasms. She really trusts this other specialist and even told me a story of how one of her patients was in so much pain down there that she couldn't wear pants and then she started seeing her and came back to this Alternative Doctor in three months and was wearing shorts! So I'm really looking forward to this physical therapist and confident she can help me.
In conclusion, I really appreciate this online community and if you stuck around to read it all I hope it helps you in case your were unsure. Or if you might not have heard of these different methods of living with endometriosis. And if anyone is reading this and is going through a similar journey and wants to just give up, I feel you. But don't give up, and never settle for living with these symptoms. We deserve better and we owe it to our future selves to keep fighting.
Have a great day! :)
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2019.06.25 22:31 goatcheese87 Constant UTI/yeast infection/Bv cycle

Hello, Not sure if anyone here can relate - but I've been dealing with this annoying cycle for over 3 years now.
I get a yeast infection, treat it with medicine, get a UTI, treat it with Cipro, then I get BV, treat it with metrogel... And then I get another yeast infection and the cycle continues.
I'm tired of vising my gyno and taking medicine.
I don't want to blame my IUD, as this may all be a coincidence, but I've never had any of these conditions prior to my IUD. I've seen 5 different gyns , and they all tell me the same thing. They get annoyed when I come and say "I have ...". They tell me "no way" and as soon as the test comes back, sure enough I was right.
Yesterday, I saw my gyn after being treated for a yeast infection and UTI. He tells me "it's impossible" for my UTI to still exist, they take my urine, and they find a "mild UTI" and told me to leave it alone. They also found I have BV, and sent me metrogel.
Is there any way to be rid myself of these? Could it be something I'm eating ?
I don't drink soda, no candy, no alcohol, use all sensitive and fragrant free soaps and detergent, I wipe front to back, haven't had sex in over a year, go nude whenever possible, otherwise I wear cotton underwear. I don't know what to do, I constantly have cramping and brown discharge and no help.
Please, I'll take any advice you may have.
TL;DR. CONSTANT UTI/yeast infection/BV - Anyone else? How did you deal with it? Any tips?
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2019.05.14 00:56 jjuicyy How to get rid of gyno after cycle

I’m a 25F and I’ve had dysmenorrhea since I was 16. It’s never gotten better and I’ve tried so many nsaids, supplements, diets to get rid of the pain, exercise and nothing works. My cycle is horrible during the first day (sorry TMI) I throw up, diarrhea, sometimes I even faint from the pain. My gyno keeps pushing me to use birth control but I’m opposed and scared because my friend literally almost died from it (several blood clots). My mother and my maternal grandmother both had endometriosis and got total hysterectomies fairly young and never had complaints about their periods after that. Therefore, I’m afraid I might have endometriosis too and the longer I wait the worse it’s going to get. How can I push to get a laparoscopy to diagnose if I have endo without having to go on birth control first like my doctor wants? Not sure what to do, the pain is so unbearable and I feel as if it’s getting worse the older I get. Any advice would be helpful, thank you.
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2019.02.05 10:03 Ericka_Parsons Cycle rid gyno after get of to how

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2018.03.26 16:54 drivewayninja Rid how after of gyno get to cycle

So like the title says I have my second ever gyno appointment on Wednesday. My first one with this dr ended with him prescribing me visanne which did nothing for me and had a bunch of side effects that made it not worthwhile to stay on a drug that wasn’t helping me.
I’m looking for some direction on what to talk to him about and how to get better care. I have not had a lap and I’ve been on birth control since I was 15-18 and had a Mirena 18-21 (aka now). The pill helped a little bit and the mirena has mostly gotten rid of my periods my last one being the last week of February and the previous on the end of August.
Previous to birth control my periods were super heavy with horrible cramps the week before and first 3 days and then fading off days 4-7. My first ever period the pain was so bad I puked and spent all day in bed.
Typically my pain levels are ignorable but after sex it’s lie in bed with a hot water bottle and sleep. Anything that touches my cervix can set off bad cramps (pap smear in August was a nightmare) and it’s typically my right ovary that really hurts and the pain seems to radiate towards my anus as well as sometimes it feels like it goes down the right side of my actual vagina. Sometimes when I stretch it also feels like my ovary is being pulled. In the past 8 or so months the pain has started much more mildly in my left ovary too. On top of all this I still sorta have a cycle just not regular bleeding and with that cycle comes stomach sensitivity. During my “periods” (aka cramps fatigue etc like a period but no blood) anything I eat could give me horrible indigestion with cramping pain and diarrhea or constipation.
While on visanne about 2 weeks into it the skin on the bottom of my feet started peeling off in chunks and it started on the palms of my hands too. On top of that I had horrible insomnia, was moody as hell and had brain fog that came and went. I had some issues with depression when I was on alysena/Alesse for birth control but honestly the thing that has worked best for me has been my mirena.
I’m honestly just looking for advice on how to approach this dr and what questions to ask from him.
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2013.10.21 23:07 gynoralox How to get rid of gyno after cycle

PART ONE IS HERE! Sorry for abandoning you guys, but its been an interesting couple months. Some notes here:

ALRIGHT so now that youre all up to speed, heres whats going down now:
Thats basically it. I started the cycle about a week ago, and i've already seen a small reduction in the remaining breast tissue under the left nipple. SO part II starts now (10/21/13).
DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor nor a pharmacist or expert in anything really. I did a lot of research about gynecomastia and decided to try raloxifene to try to reduce or eliminate it. Talk to your doctor before you try anything, thats what I did and thats what you should do. I was diagnosed with actual gynecomastia, but if your body fat % is high you may not even have gynecomastia. I won't tell you where i got the raloxifene, so dont ask. If gynecomastia is taking a serious toll on your mental health (and believe me it does its a shitty and mentally taxing condition), I would recommend seeking counseling.
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