How to get a gyno appointment

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2020.08.06 22:22 natalie91696 How to get a gyno appointment

I’ve been on the pill for almost 2 years with no issues. Every time I need to get it refilled, i have to just through so many hoops to get it.
I was set to get a refill of a 3 month supply a few days ago only to find that my gyno office won’t refill it unless I come into the office. I told them i moved away for college recently and they told me they’d mail me some (my insurance requires it be mailed). It’ll take 7 to 10 days even though I’m currently out of pills. They offered to send another script to a local pharmacy but my insurance wouldn’t cover it. This has happened the last 3 or 4 times I need a refill.
I dread being off the pill and use it to skip my periods because my cramps often make me vomit and greatly limit me which I can’t have now that I work in a really busy environment.
I made an appointment to get an iud inserted in 2 weeks because I’m so sick of stressing over how I’ll get and pay for my BC.
I’m not sure if I want the IUD. Im scared when I have to work the day after, I’ll be in alot of pain.
Should I just wait for the pill since it works for me and go through this again in a few months or hope the IUD is a good fit to avoid this BS?
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2020.08.04 06:11 misscerh Lies Pam Stenzel told me about sex

I recently married my best friend and I couldnt be happier. But my husband and I are experiencing some trouble with intercourse, meaning I can't actually accomplish it. Other forms of intimacy, yes. But so far, I'm almost certain I have either vaginismus, dyspareunia, or vulvar vestibulitis. I have an appointment with the gyno this week, but I'm nervous and frustrated. I'm scared they won't listen to me, and I just wanted to be able to enjoy this with my husband.
To make matters more delicate, I started EMDR therapy about a month prior to our wedding to address my unease about sex. I don't know how much detail to go into. Really, my anger is in the sex education that lied to me. Withheld information. Made me promises built on tissue paper.
Examples of things I heard from sex educator Pam Stenzel that turned out to be a lie:
-No, Pam, not every virgin just "figures out" how to have sex. I know where it all goes, and the penis literally will not go in the vagina.

The list goes on and on. I just really want to share this with someone, anyone. I still don't know what I expect to get out of EMDR therapy, or my gyno appointment, or posting here. I just wanted to start sharing more. I need some grace, and prayer.
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2020.08.03 18:11 Blueybell14 Appointment to a gyno get how

So I (24F) am hoping to share my experience trying to get birth control -- mainly an IUD-- and hopefully hear from women on their experience trying to do the same. Particularly if anyone else ran into more than just the "it only took a couple days?" like most of my friends. Just, currently I am a mix of feeling—mostly frustration—in regards to trying to get an IUD.
Some quick background, I have had irregular and very painful periods for as long as I can remember (we’re talking skipping whole months sometimes two for periods and throwing up/blacking out painful every few months. Some perfectly normal months in between).
For the reasons stated above (as well as I had just entered a more serious relationship for the first time with plans to become sexually active), I decided last summer to finally go through with getting an IUD. I discussed with my doctor and gyno how I wasn’t comfortable with the pill and the reasons why (history of severe depression hormone related, so I just am not comfortable going on the pill. As well as history in family of pill making depression worse).
I expressed how I felt an IUD was, for me, the most reasonable choice among of the other options outside the pill. At the time, I thought this would be an easy experience, consult and later insert, but it has been anything but.
This whole process started in June of last year 2019. at that point I was 23 and only became sexually active in the past couple months, so I did not have a gynecologist yet. I made an appointment with my GP for a general checkup/birth control consultation to get a referral and go over with her what options she could provide (in case I missed something in researching/something other than IUD might work). Appointment was made a month out in mid-July. By the time that appointment rolled around, I had been diagnosed with Mono through our immediate care center in the last few days of June/first few days of July. Since the appointment I had set was in two weeks, my doctor advised to keep it so she could monitor how I was doing at that point. Had said doctor's appointment in July, and I was rescheduled a few months out in the end of September to make sure everything would return back to pre-Mono (my liver was particularly stressed and worried my doctor so she did not want me pursuing any sort of birth control until everything was at a baseline.)
September rolls around, get the all clear, and schedule appointment with recommended gyno for IUD consultation, STD screening and pregnancy test. All the requirements before having the appointment for insertion.
End of November hits and as I'm driving to my consult, I get a call from the office that my gynecologist got called into another patients delivery and they had to cancel. No worries, I understand and thankfully they can get me in the next week (December) with the nurse practitioner--gyno has to do insertion but NP can do the consult and tests.
I go in for the next appointment and get all my tests done, all clear, but because of my irregular periods and pain I'm scheduled for an ultrasound before my insertion appointment a month out in January. At this point, I really didn't have many concerns about the process. I figured the delays were all due to reasonable things that couldn't really be helped. It is basically the past few months now that things have--in my opinion gotten more frustrating.
Now I should say, there was a gap here that is 100% on me. I had to call in December and asked to delay my ultrasound and insertion as I (after months of 11hr days and just absolute bullshit from my job, quit. I had enough savings for 6 months but definitely not enough for medical bills or to pay my full insurance without my work's compensations.) So then from the end of January to End of February I worked on getting my new job in place and started early March. Lucky for me, my insurance with my job now did not have a waiting period and could use it from the day I started. Unlucky-- covid happened and with non-necessary medical appointments asked to be put on hold, I waited to go back.
Only in the end of May did I end up making an appointment during the first few days in June to see my GP because I was having pain urinating and cramping even off my periods. GP treated me for UTI and yeast infection after doing full pap and STD testing (nothing had changed since the last time I got tested but GP still insisted I get it done.) GP asked if I wanted to follow up with Gyno for ultra sound still and IUD, as well as gyno would be able to advise more on if I had anything else going on there.
Agreed and had appointment made for second week of June and Ultrasound for just a couple days before.
Got ultrasound and saw NP, NP advised I had a "mildly complicated cyst" on one ovary and that that was likely causing my cramping. NP advised she felt that my painful periods were likely from the formation of these larger cysts and that they form and resolve causing the pain. Scheduled me six weeks out for ultrasound to make sure the cyst resolved. And said that as long as the second ultra sound looked okay and the cyst was indeed gone, then she would just put in the order for my IUD since I'd had the consult prior and just had all the testing redone. (NP did another pap at appointment and said that I did not have yeast infection but still had BV. Honestly I don't know what to think but an $80 cream later everything is fine down there.)
Now. End of July I had my second ultra sound, and got results back last week over the phone via voicemail that the cyst had resolved and I didn't need any follow up. Yay! I can finally stop worrying about late periods and possible pregnancy! Right? Right??
Well I’m sure you can guess where this is going—oh yes, when I called in to make my IUD appointment I was told that the NP did not put in the order for it. That I will need another appointment to to have an IUD consultation, to go over my ultrasound results in detail (then why was I told last week that my results were fine and would need no follow up?), to get retested for STDs (you literally did this a two months ago and nothing has changed??), and I will need some other tests that the nurse did not specify.
While I tried putting my foot down like. NP said this last time. I've had these test. I was told that per NP if I want IUD i need another appointment.
Aaaaand so at this point I get to wait another three weeks for that appointment which will most likely leave me at least a month out from an appointment for and IUD IF I get approval. IF. (I don’t have high hopes right now.)
Honestly, I'm just so exhausted from this experience I just don’t understand why getting practical birth control can be difficult and expensive? This doesn’t feel like anything other than ringing more money out of me at this point.
In case you’ve been counting, that’s five appointments, two ultrasounds (which cost over $400 each after insurance adjustments btw), and an ungodly amount of tests that I don't even want to count and this point. Oh. And still at least two more appointments and some tests to come.
An IUD should not be this hard to get? Contraception should not take this much time, effort, and money to get?
Has anyone else had similar frustrations or struggles trying to get birth control?
I just feel like at this point I have no voice in choices regarding my own body and am forced to pay so much money just because I want peace of mind with my irregular periods and pain.
I'm tempted just to cancel the appointment and give up on the IUD. My friends/family tell me to see someone else, but I'm also thinking that that will be the same thing (consult then IUD) like I have scheduled now. So it's not worth it either.
Anyway, that's been my experience trying to get an IUD one year later.
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2020.08.01 18:54 Mother0fGeckos A appointment gyno get how to

Hi everyone! As I'm sure we have all experienced, doctors telling us everything is fine and normal, I finally came across a doctor who believed me when I said something was wrong. If you don't mind, I'd like to share some of my story with you all! Bare with me, this might be long. If you don't feel like reading it all, please fast forward to the bottom to see my questions and concerns! (See the ***)
Back in May I was rushed to the ER as I had collapsed at work, was in excruciating pain to the point I was vomiting water, and thought I might end up having diarrhea. At the ER, after doing a CT scan (to check my appendix) and Transvaginal Ultrasound, the doctor on my case let me know that they believed I had the stomach bug (because I had vomited water), that they could not see my appendix due to free fluid making the images murky, and that I also had a 7cm endometrioma on my left ovary, but it had nothing to do with the pain I was experiencing. From speaking to my coworker and a few other women, it sounded to me that it was a cyst rupture rather than the stomach bug.
Follow up with the gyno, the doctor said to give it a month or two and it should go away on it's own, but surgery most likely would be required. That gyno (A) then passed me to the next doctor, as she was not certified to perform surgery anymore, so the next gyno doctor (B), decided to pass me to gyno doctor (C), and that C was pro surgery. I get my appointment set up to meet him for the first time and discuss my options. So at the beginning of July, on the 7th, I ended up in extreme pain, and as I explained it to my guy-friend/possible romantic partner (it was still fresh and new and I was at his house already), it felt like a liquid hourglass of pain and agony had been broken into my abdomen and pelvic area. My blood pressure dropped to 89/48, I was in so much pain, it caused me to faint a few times throughout the night (I have an unknown fainting problem that doctors cannot seem to figure out). I told him I wanted to try and make it through the night as on the 8th, I already had my appointment to meet Gyno Doctor C. I'm so thankful for my guy being so caring and helpful to me that night.
So the next day comes around, I could barely walk or even stand up straight, let alone driving was out of the question. I went to my appointment 3 hours early. I explained to the front desk nurse that something is wrong, I need to see my doctor now, and that they would fit me in as soon as they could. Low and behold, upon meeting Gyno C, he attempted a pelvic exam and could not even touch my skin without me bawling my eyes out. He decided that the endometrioma cyst I had, most likely was torqued around my ovary and possibly leaking. I was rushed in for a laparoscopic surgery with not fully knowing what they would find inside. He and the nurses made sure to gently tell me that I should not have waited that night before, that I should have gone directly to the hospital for the condition I was in that night and at the appointment the following morning.
So we get through surgery (was my first ever surgery as well as going under anesthesia), low and behold, the pushing a little past 7cm endometrioma cyst had ruptured, causing my ovary to rupture along with it, they found a few 4cm and smaller cysts on my right ovary and scattered within my pelvic area, as well as other lesions and scar tissues. He cleaned up and removed what he could.
At my follow up 2 weeks later, he explained to me that as of right now, he considers me to have Stage 3 Endometriosis, he was able to save both ovaries, and that he was surprised at how extensive I had it. Stage 4 diagnosis would require further abdominal exploration outside of the pelvic area. His thought process was the next step is to get me approved with my insurance to do a 2-year treatment with Orilissa, then continue with the Depo Provera afterwards. I let him know I was not on birth control because of the awful effects the birth control I've used over the last 7-8 years had on my mental health. I wanted to stay at natural as possible. That was the end of my follow up, with him stating they would be in contact once I was approved for Orilissa, otherwise he'd see me in 3 months.
I've done some research about Orilissa, and I do not feel comfortable continuing with that course of action at this time. While my pain definitely is intolerable a good chunk of times, I've been managing it for YEARS with ibuprofen of varying 200-800MG as needed, and smoking marijuana to assist with my pains. I do not think Orilissa would be good for me as it's a temporary pain management option. To me, the risks of a fake menopause side effects, mental health affects, and the bone density loss (I already have a Vitamin D deficiency) was not worth it to me. I've since left a note while awaiting response form the doctor that I'd like to try a change on diet and lifestyle, so to refer me to a dietitian if possible.
It's been almost a full month since my surgery, and I've already had some occasional cramping on top of right side pain with coughing, sneezing, laughing, stretching. He said it's possible the stitches he put in the right side may be near a nerve and pulling on it, but should improve over time. I actually had a partial flare up last night that ended with me sitting on the toilet in pain, with butt lightning and all, first time since the surgery.
***As much research as I can do, I still feel blind on where to go next. From your experiences, what type of diet/supplement and lifestyle changes would you say helped aid your pain management and endometriosis? Are there foods/herbs/supplements that can assist in removing or nulling estrogen in my body naturally? Are there any other treatments that would be considered natural or safe, without the added effects of drug medications? How fast did your pains come back and what's your best advice for treating said pain? Should I be exploring other options such as any type of therapy or treatments?
In general, I would really appreciate any insight and advice all you lovely ladies could give me. I've been dealing with these pains since the age of 12 or so (got my period at 10, and I'm 22 currently), I've tried so many times to get a doctor to believe something was wrong, but they always would tell me my pains were normal. The pains were the reason I went on birth control in the first place, only quit them because of mental health was not okay while using BC. Where do I go next?
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2020.08.01 11:47 throwawaySadMachine How to get a gyno appointment

I’m sorry for the long post, but bear with me. I really need advice going forward from my first ever gyno appointment, and I’d like to make sure I have everything down for the next one so as not to waste any more cash. My first appointment just seemed off and uncaring. I’m not sure if that’s the standard procedure, but I really don’t feel well in terms of the situation down there and the appointment just made me feel more powerless over it than it already has prior to getting ‘checked.’ I’ll break down the parts below so it’s easier to skim through stuff, but any advice would definitely help. I just want this over and done with.
The first appointment:
I finally mustered up the courage to visit a gyno last Tuesday in hopes of relieving unusual discomfort for about 3 weeks now (which I’m beginning to suspect would be bacterial vaginosis). This also happened to be my very first appointment ever. Sadly, I’m not insured in the current country I’m in if that counts for anything, and the consultation seemed to be more lackluster and demoralizing than helpful. The wait to get that appointment booked and the wait to get checked that day was far longer than the actual consultation was. It was probably less than 15 minutes?
I got asked about the questions I was expecting to answer: date of last period, whether I was married or not, sexual activity and etc. I also told them about the fishy discharge, the dull internal pains and the sore spots that kept popping up down there. The physical check the gyno performed was only external, and they ruled it out as ‘subacute and chronic vaginitis’. They just pointed out the irritation, and when I asked if that was it, the gyno told me that, ‘that’s the most I can do for you since you’re not married’.
What the fuck?
So okay, I decide to just go along with it and follow the prescription they recommended for 5 days in hopes of any positive change. It’s already the 5th day of using the Opizole-B Cream they prescribed and the irritation and dryness are still there. No improvements on the dull aches, which I’m starting to learn to live by but also know that I can’t just leave as is.
Looking back, I know I should have demanded or suggested to get tests. But I was shocked at how short the whole ordeal seemed to be and also kinda demoralized by how invalid my claims were made to sound just because I wasn’t married or sexually active.
These are the complete list of symptoms I’ve been feeling btw if they count for anything:

Could this really be a case of bacterial vaginosis based on symptoms or something else that shouldn’t be dismissed? And if so, how do I go about demanding a more effective consultation with actual tests aside from just prodding and examining the extremities?
I’d normally be too embarrassed to post about things like this, but it’s really taken a toll on my stress levels for the past few days. I just want to be reassured that either: a. I’m not blowing things out of proportion; b. it’s a problem that I can actually have control over resolving after some better guidance; or c. that’s just the way it is and I should know better than to expect relief and help when I go to the doctor for concerns like this.
My relatives have also seemed to downplay the situation too, telling me that it’s not worth visiting a doctor over unless I finally get fever-sick with an infection and that it’s just ‘normal period things’ (which aren’t normal for me).
Also additional information that might be helpful if not just downright tmi(?) sorry:
I just want things to feel normal down there again. I’m really sorry if this post feels like blowing things out of proportion, but I’ve known my body for 24 years now and I can really conclude that none of this feels normal and it’s starting to put me on my wit’s end. Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to read or offer advice.
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2020.07.31 13:28 GhostofHiHeart Months of bleeding and digestive issues

I am a 34 yr old female.
I haven’t been to my PCM in a few years, they treated me like a hypochondriac the last time I went so my anxiety riddled self stayed home. I also skipped 3 years of pelvic exams.
Last month I finally got a pelvic exam which led to a uterine ultrasound, and now in two weeks my uterine lining will be biopsied. I am not on birth control I’m 99.9% sure I am not pregnant.
About 6 months ago I started having a week of spotting before or after my period. I have always had heavy menstral cycles but never so much spotting. This information I did share with my gyno which prompted her to ultrasound me. My ultrasound was normal.
There’s are other digestive issues I have been having but did not bring up to my gyno and have not contacted my PCM about-
I have been (for several months) feeling bloated, my stomach often tight and hard, and I’m constantly constipated. Which has never been typical for me at any point in my life. I often feel full even when I have hunger pangs. I have also had days long bouts of nausea that would only calm down from laying down. This morning my stomach is feeling tight and bloated and at the toilet I barely got anything out, and what i did get out was was a nearly foot long thin thread of veiny looking mucus or who knows what.
In addition to these digestive issues, before the spotting, I was experiencing a persistat smell from my vagina. A rotten smell that reminded me of the vagina smell I have smelt on my grandma and mother in laws. This went away before the bleeding and digestive symptoms started.
I also have noticed my pms mood swings has escalated a lot.
So I guess what I what to ask/ know is has anyone experienced this and had it be ok? All these things doesn’t need to mean cancers right?
I have a lot of anxiety over medical stuff despite being mostly healthy (besides mental stuff). I’m freaking out over here inside my head, is it cancer in my reproductive organs? Is it cancer of the bowel or stomach? I waited so long to go to the doctor and they don’t take me seriously, they didn’t want to look at my issues on the whole or even discuss more than one issue at one appointment 3 years ago (tricare military doctors).
How advanced could my condition be with these symptoms? Should I tell these digestive issues to the gyno doc or my pcm and do they even communicate with each other? Because to be honest it always feels like they don’t know or haven’t looked at my medical history.
I’m feeling depressed, scared and like less of a woman. My husband doesn’t really have anything comforting to say.
I’m open to any information or any suggestions for communication and discussion with my doctors. I just want to be normal again as soon as possible. In my career things just took a great turn for the better but I have this terrible weight on me.
Thank you all.
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2020.07.31 11:42 catsparrow Appointment gyno get a how to

Not sure how many of us are here from Australia but I recently was able to receive a Medicare rebate for pelvic physio by getting a Team Care plan made up by my GP.
You need to have a "team" of three health care professionals to get one, in my case a Gynecologist, my GP and pelvic physiotherapist and Medicare cover about $55 for six sessions a year. You can have an ongoing care plan but every 12 months you have to revisit the GP to update the plan. This appointment with your GP is bulk billed.
Let's be honest treatment is expensive, and even though this doesn't cover the total appointment cost it's certainly been a help! I had no idea until a met my new gyno recently so I want to make sure more of us are aware of this option 😊
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2020.07.31 08:33 starlume How to get a gyno appointment

Okay so here I go. Endo symptoms. (I think). To start off, I have pain every day, not just on my period. I have been told by multiple doctors that I likely have Endo hands down, but there's "really nothing you can do about it." Don't worry, I know there are things that I can do.
I have pain that shoots up and over my hips, pain that shoots up from my lower abdomen and makes me double over because it feels like lightening striking up my belly. I have awful bloating, bloating doesn't even cut it as a term, it's a distended abdomen as if someone is pumping me full of air through my vagina. Pelvic pain, groin pain, muscle spasms, digestive pain and issues, awful cramping during my periods and when I'm not on them. Pain during sex, as if I'm being poked on the sides of my vaginal wall. Extra sore breasts at random times. I often have what I think is cyst pains, over either my left or right ovary (hip) and it's either an intense pulling or burning feeling. (Though my doctor told me that my cyst is small and I "shouldn't really have pain from that.") I can feel it when I walk and each step makes it throb worse in pain. (But only some days?) To the point where I thought it was a twisted cyst because I was in so much pain.
Anyone who has any input on how they feel in comparison and wants to give me their opinion, I'd love to know if my symptoms align with yours! I've genuinely thought I was dying over the past few months, and I still do some nights, and doctors can't seem to tell me why, so all signs continue to point to Endo. Also, just a psa because I haven't seen this said much, my doctors told me that if you go any amount of time without bleeding monthly externally, you're likely bleeding internally (Endo.) So one year that I didn't bleed, and also a two month period of not bleeding, did damage that if I had known was a risk factor, I'd have changed my course of action. (I had just stopped birth control and didn't bleed.) I've also had random chest pains all my life that doctors have never found another explanation for, as well as extreme back pain and aches, and sciatica symptoms or other pains down my leg.
Another side note, I've been on the mini pill for about 7 or 8 years now. (I'd love to switch, as I think it's causing me migraines as well, so please let me know if you know of a bc pill that works well for you and your pain!) I am not at all interested in an IUD for multiple reasons, and I've been told that that and surgery are my only options. I also get migraines almost every day, especially when I'm on my period, and I get them with visual disturbances and lots of dizziness and nausea.
Have any of you had excision? Did it help your pain? Are any of you on medication for Endo pain? What works for you? Have you made any diet changes like gluten free to help manage your pain? I have an appointment with a gyno in December that (kind of) specializes in Endo. I live in a small town, and I'm driving a little ways to see her but I can't get in for a while and I'm really struggling with no diagnosis now that my pain is unmanageable.
Basically I need to find a way to live my life again because even at 25, I've considered having to be on disability because of my pain, and yes it's that bad almost every single day. I've even heard someone on here say that they get pain in their shoulder, neck and jaw as well. I definitely have had this as of late, but I'm trying to figure out if they're actually connected or not, and I've been going to PT for it. Thoughts, feelings, suggestions, and prayers are all welcome and so appreciated. Thanks Endo community 💜
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2020.07.30 23:35 anachan19 Medical Rant

Fair warning, this is a bit long.
I got my Mirena IUD inserted almost 2 years ago ever since, my periods have gotten longer (9-10 days) and the cramps have gotten worse. It used to be 3 days on the pill. I quit the pill because it was making me so nauseous that I would hardly eat.
I started a new health insurance plan and I'm limited to a crappy health care network. I have NEVER been to a clinic that has cared so little about their patients.
The gyno walks in and doesn't say hello at all. She just starts grilling me about you should have gone to the doctor who inserted it (I can't because of my insurance) and how other gynos do a terrible job and she has to fix them. She asked who did it and at what clinic. I couldn't even answer the question because she talked over me. She says I see you're here for pain. You shouldn't be having cramps with an IUD. I explained that the pain all started with the insertion and she's like it shouldn't have hurt. If it hurt then they didn't do it right. After her rant, she asks me, "do you have kids?". As a woman of color, this was extremely offensive because she ASSUMED I had kids! I'm in my early 20s! Not all WOC (women of color) that are young have kids! So she had me to an STD test and ordered an ultrasound for me (which didn't happen until May and this appointment took place in March). I didn't find out my results until July, which basically said nothing was wrong. If you are wondering, I did fill out the feedback survey they send and gave her a horrible review. And I refuse to see her now.
I had another appointment with a nurse who specializes in women's health (same clinic) and I told her I wanted to remove my IUD. This all started when I had it put in. And it felt like my decision was dismissed. Granted, she said to wait until my ultrasound because IUDs are super convenient.
So now, I have another gyno (same crappy clinic) who did a pap on me and nothing abnormal. Thankfully I got my results back within a few days. Now, I had an MRI done about a week ago and I'm waiting to hear what they say. I pleaded to the doctor go get the results.
Im so tired of having a 10 day period and having only one week of the month feeling like myself. The other two weeks are me having cramps, tender boobs, and moody.
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2020.07.30 14:51 Groundbreaking_Day46 How to get a gyno appointment

I’ll make this brief, since I’m not sure this post belongs in this forum as I haven’t been formally diagnosed with infertility. I’m 25 years old and I diagnosed myself with PCOS and endometriosis at age 18. No gyno or primary care would take me seriously, but just this year I’ve found a PA who has PCOS herself and has taken my case on with a lot of compassion. I find there are a lot of gaps in the medical field-one person has endocrine knowledge but I have to request some of my own tests because they’re understanding of fertility is so low. I recently saw a(BAD)RE who diagnosed me with DOR because I had a single borderline FSH number. He didnt seem to think I had PCOS for some reason. I requested retesting of FSH, Lh, testosterone, and added an AMH at my own request. My FSH is 6.9 upon retesting, and LH is about 4.7. My AMH came back as 4.425. At first I was ecstatic because it meant I called my RE’s bluff(he tried to sell me on egg freezing at my first appointment before retesting)and that I don’t have DOR. (Asshole.) But from my research my AMH is too high? The reference range on my blood work is way to broad in my opinion-in my age range it displays up to 16 ng/mL as “high normal” range. I swear I ovulate every month. I’m pushing for endometriosis surgery in Fall of this year, and I’ll request an AFC count since the office I’m going to is also an RE office. I have no partner, so I’m trying to get an outlook of my fertility and how much time I have. Does anyone have any input on an AMH number like this? My PA isn’t confident with her fertility knowledge to make an assessment; her speciality is PCOS/endocrine. I only started taking metformin 500 mg two months ago.
*Id like to address margamort and Alice-Childress’ concerns about my post. If there were confusing intellectual inconsistencies I apologize to the readers and moderators. When I said I “diagnosed myself” at age 18, for lack of a better phrase, I made the intuitive guess that I had both. It took the average amount of seven years to be formally diagnosed with both. When my blood tests came back, my PA who specializes in endocrinology diagnosed the PCOS. Yes, testosterone was an issue among other things. I’m not asking for a PCOS diagnosis confirmation, since I already have one. My inquiry was merely about the FSH and the RE’s opinion that I had a “DOR.” As I said, that was a really bad experience and his opinion was invalidated by follow up labs. To the poster who said they “didn’t buy” my PCOS diagnosis, I’m here to say I’m not too concerned about your opinion purchasing power within a Reddit post. Finally, I never claimed to be infertile. My heart goes out to women who are and one can only see so many male doctors before they’d prefer to get the firsthand experience of women who actually have been through the process.
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2020.07.29 15:21 pookykoo Finally got my Kyleena yesterday!

It’s such a relief to finally be writing about my IUD insertion experience after spending hours lurking this sub anxiously reading other people’s posts. I was considering Paragard for the no hormones but my gyno recommended Kyleena because it’s smaller (better for me since I’ve never given birth) and makes periods lightedisappear. It took a while for my gyno to finally get the IUD delivered because of issues with the pharmacy, but after over a month it was delivered and I made my appointment.
Before the appointment, my doctor prescribed me doxycycline monohydrate to prevent infection and told me to take Motrin the night before and day of insertion. I was really nervous the day of because of posts I’ve read on here but it actually went so much better than I thought it would.
My doctor used a local anesthetic, and I was so terrified about the idea of having a needle anywhere near my cervix but it really didn’t feel like a needle at all, not even a pinch maybe just a little pressure. Then he started the insertion process and I was kind of nervous that he wasn’t telling me everything he was doing but I’m actually glad he didn’t because it went by so quick! It definitely felt uncomfortable but barely painful and I just took a lot of deep breaths.
When he was done I was so happy at how well it went (I think in big part because of the anesthetic), but when I stood up my legs were shaking a lot and I started to feel really dizzy. I had pretty bad cramps and was dizzy for maybe 30 minutes but the pain kept lessening as more time passed. I had normal period-like cramps and bloating for maybe 2 hours but I used a heating pad and took some Motrin and it was completely bearable. The cramps pretty much went away completely after 3-4 hours!
I’m so relieved that I had an overall positive experience and hope that I keep having the same luck with this thing.
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2020.07.27 16:21 anonymous105555 How to get a gyno appointment

I will try to make this as short as i can and i thank anyone who gives feedback on this in advance. I have been with the same girl since August of 2019. We started having sex about a month into the relationship. She is the type to always get regular paps and she never had an issue until September. When she went for her routine yearly pap, the results came back with abnormal cells. Her gyno at the time did not think much of it. She also had a yeast infection at the time and the gyno said that the abnormal cells could just be from that. Over the next 2 months the yeast infection kept coming back. She went back to the same gyno for another pap and that test came back with more abnormal cells and she was told that they were "high grade". She was referred to a specialist for a Colposcopy after this appointment. She had the colposcopy in May and a week after the procedure, the doctor told her that she needed the LEEP. She had the LEEP at the beginning of this month. She got the results from the LEEP about 1 week after the procedure. Her doctor told her the the samples that they took in the LEEP came back from the lab completely normal. I thought this was strange and so did the doctor. Since finding out about this, we have not had sex of any kind. My overall question at this point is it safe to have sex again? Her doctor "cleared" her and said that she is done healing so that is not an issue. What we are worried about however is passing the same infection back and forth to each other, since it is pretty safe to assume that i have this virus as well (although there is no test for it for men and i never had any symptoms). So is it safe to have sex again? Can we pass the same virus back and forth to each other? Is the fact that there were no abnormal cells after the LEEP a sign that she has cleared the infection? How do i know if i have cleared it? There is more to the story but we are both just trying to find out at this point if it is safe to resume sex. Neither of us have sex outside of our relationship. She is 22 F and i am 32 M. Thank you!
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2020.07.26 19:45 seatfillerthrowaway How to get a gyno appointment

I had a weird experience at the gyno the other week and I wanted to get it off my chest.
I had my first appointment ever and, for relevancy, I am asexual. I haven't been sexually active and don't plan to be. I am also 4'11". My doctor was really nice, but we couldn't do the pap smear because it hurt me too much, even with the really small crank thing. She wanted to do an ultrasound to look for cysts and she wrote in my file that I should have a stomach ultrasound instead of a vaginal one, because of how poorly the pap smear went. She told me to make sure I showed up with a full bladder.
I showed up a few days later for the ultrasound and the tech told me I should pee. I tried to tell her that the doctor said I should have a full bladder but she cut me off and told me very sternly to pee, so I did. I came back in and she told me to take my pants off. I was confused and said I thought I was supposed to have a stomach ultrasound. She didn't seem to know what I was talking about and insisted on a vaginal. I told her to check my file, which she did, and she saw what the doctor had written. She said "oh, I just assumed you were sexually active." And "since I'd already gone to the bathroom, we should just do the vaginal one."
Because of covid, I'm trying to minimize my exposure to doctor's offices, so I didn't want to reschedule for another day. Plus she was being pretty aggressive.
So we started the ultrasound and she shoved the thing inside of me and it hurt SO BAD. I screamed and pulled away and she got really annoyed and said it shouldn't hurt. She tried again and I screamed and pulled back again. The third time, she held my shoulder and shoved the thing all the way up. I was getting teary but figured I should just suck it up and get it over with.
As it was inside of me, she was showing me my uterus and showed me my eggs and said "look, those are your future babies!" I don't want kids so I took that poorly, especially since I was already in excruciating pain.
She also told me I had a cyst but then said she was wrong and I didn't so that freaked me out too.
After I left I went and cried in my car.
I had the follow up appointment with my doc and told her about it and she said she was sorry and that she'll put in my file to not have that lady work with me again but that just doesn't feel like enough for me.
I felt really really violated. Still do. Just wanted to tell someone.
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