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Legit never watched any of these movies. So I saw I picture of the chronological order to watch them. After each movie I typed up a synopsis and some thoughts about each one.
Capt America- skinny dude becomes buff soldier. Punches bad guy in face. Guy rips his face off and is like the devil? Never explained. Fights over a blue ice cube. Crashes a plane and wakes up 70 years later not aged and never explained how survived crash.
Capt marvel- laser tag meets butterfly effect meets time travel. Bad guys are good guys fighting over I think the same blue ice cube and she’s never actually called captain marvel.
Iron man- basically Batman. Rich dude big company and buys/makes himself a super hero. No blue ice cube but blue gem like thing in chest to help his heart. I think he and pepper Potts will become a thing.
Iron man two- turns out the blue gem wasn’t the same blue ice cube and it was killing Tony. He watched an old home movie to find a new element to make a new blue/white triangle. His friend stole his silver suit and they fight off a Russian guy with lightning ropes. He makes more army suits and they fight them. ScarJo is assistant, and secret badass and Already an avenger with eye patch Sam Jackson. Pepper and tony kiss. Confirms initial thought of romance.
Thor- army of the dead are fighting Vikings and the Night king guy hasthe blue ice cube. Vikings win and take the ice cube and go to a different world. Thor and his brother leave and run across the rainbow road to fight against the kings word. He has a hammer and clubs everyone and wins. His friends fight off the army of the undead and then Thor gets banished like monsters inc. he ends up at earth and the men in black come and take all the scientists equipment. Thor finds out his hammer is here on earth and said it’s name is Miramar. Thor’s brother finds out he’s part ice giant and yells at the king and he dies. The half ice brother becomes new king. Thor finds his hammer but he can’t pick it up. Thor fights a metal terminator guy, dies and his kinda dead dad cries a tear, and then the hammer boomerangs to him and he is alive again and fights it off. Then he goes back to the rainbow road breaks it and can’t return to earth. The original king has an eye patch...maybe it’s linked to nick fury?
Incredible Hulk- white guy works at Mountain Dew factory and goes on aim to get a flower. He does crazy parkour through Brazil and gets mad. He fights everyone and ends up shirtless in Guatemala. Shows up in Virginia and sleep at an old pizza place. When his heart rate is 200 he becomes the hulk. Maybe he can get what iron man has for his heart rate? Confused why his shirt rips every time but his pants somehow stay on. Even after he buys the new stretchy kind. He becomes bulletproof too as the hulk...and only roars...why can’t he talk? Gives off a King Kong kinda vibe. The army guy is getting shots for muscles not sure why they don’t just use what they did for capt America. The army guy turns into his own hulk and first hulk fights new bad hulk. Good hulk wins.
Avengers- blue ice cube is called tesseract. Capt America survived in ice. And Thor’s brother stole the tesseract. Each avenger goes and collects another avenger. The navy boat becomes a plane and everyone starts chirping each other “you’re nothing without your suit” “everything you are is from a bottle”. Loki is in a cell but all hell breaks loose on the plane. Hulk is pissed and breaks everything, iron man becomes a plane engine and Thor is thrown off the plane. The main men in black guy gets killed and captain America is a dick and never signed his baseball card. Hulk always ends up naked when he wakes up. ScarJo has red in her permanent record and wants to white it out for some reason. All avengers are turning on each other. Probably what starts a “civil war” in future movie. Some metal fish come out of a portal and avengers win and Thor and Loki take the blue ice cube to their world. Everyone else go their own separate way. I have a feeling that men in black guy Phil isn’t dead.
Iron man 3- Tony and pepper are for sure a thing now. His friend becomes the iron patriot (looks a lot like capt America in a iron man suit). And there’s like an al queda video of terrorists. There’s a flashback to 99 where tony meets a geeky guy and blows him off a meeting on the roof to wheel some broad instead. He now looks like a GQ model and runs this terror group. The broad tony wheeled works for him. She goes to see tony and he blows up his house. Tony flies to TN and gets a sidekick. Side note that kid is the same loser kid from Jurassic world. It would be pretty cool if he becomes iron kid...if that’s a thing. The GQ model guy takes injured veterans and grows their arms back but they become like lava people and then they blow themselves up. They’re kinda like terminators but with fire. They find the terrorist guy in the videos and he’s like a homeless bum actor. And then they put a fire guy in the capt America iron man and steal the president. Tony saves all the people without even being in the suit. Then he basically calls all his iron man army and they fight the fire terminators. Iron patriots flies the president out. Then tony has pepper dangling over fire and he doesn’t catch her. I doubt she’s dead though. Tony puts the fire guy in a suit and blows it up. Then the lava guy comes up and pepper is a fire guy and hits him with a bat. Kicks a bullet at him and blows him up with her iron man arm. Then tony blows up all his iron man army and gets his blue light in his chest fixed.
Thor dark world- honestly chalk this one up as an L. This was brutal to get through. Night elves are battling Thor’s grandpa I think over an Ethernet power source. The Viking people beat the elves and bury the Ethernet power in a tomb. Probably powers all light or something since it’s called the dark world. Anyways Loki is in prison then they get him out. Go and fight the bad guys. And Jane somehow gets the Ethernet thing in her and they start warping through worlds. They need to stop malachi from lining up the worlds. Kinda like Hercules where the planets align. Loki cuts off Thor’s arm like in Star Wars. Loki dies and then they kill the night elf king Malachi. At the end Loki is actually oden the dad. Thor returns to Jane and is completely blowing off Stan.
Capt America winter soldier- capt America is trying to find his place and fights off pirates on a ship, then he meets his old gf and goes to his own museum and no one notices him. The police commit a hate crime on nick fury for some reason. Black widow keeps trying to set him up with people and I have a feeling she likes him. Nick dies but I suspect something’s up. The usb is behind the hubba bubba!!! Widow and capt get a black dude to be a metal eagle or something and fight a metal arm long haired guy. Then they get captured by the men in black. The metal arm guy is capt America’s friend from army camp. Also nick fury is still alive. I guess no one dies in these things. Like everyone survives catastrophic events. Shield people are basically nazis too. Metal arm and capt America are technically two 90+ yr olds lol Metal arm and capt America fight and then metal arm saves him from drowning. Capt america drops his shield. Does he have extras? That one guy is burned pretty bad but could still be alive. Cause like I one seems to die maybe he comes back as a bad guy again. Fury commits arsen and burns his eye patch.
Guardians of the galaxy- Andy Dwyers mom dies and get abducted by aliens. I have a feeling she was an alien. Why else would the kid just get abducted? Maybe that box had something important in it. He meets a raccoon and tree and fights a green avatar. They are trying to find and acquire a blue Christmas ornament. There’s a blue guy with a bigger hammer like Thor, he talks to the big purple rock guy I think that’s Thanos. The tree only says “I am groot” Kinda like Wall-E and Hodor. Maybe there is a back story there. Hope he learns more words. I can’t tell who the bad guy is. Ronin? He sounds just like kylo ren. Everyone is fighting over the ornament and it has a purple stone inside. Apparently all the stones make one big power. And the blue ice cube is one of them. I guess that’s what thanos wants is all the stones. Blue avatar girl blows up green avatar girl cause she had the ornament. My guess is that she doesn’t die cause no one dies. And that ornament goes to ronin and it’ll be empty. So someone switched it out. Andy Dwyer has iron man boots and goes to save her. Yep she’s not dead. Kylo ren puts the ornament in his hammer and thanos hangs up on him. Thanks looking a lot like Zordon from power rangers. A different blue avatar guy with a magic wand that’s connected to his Mohawk stabs Andy Dwyer in the neck. The blue avatar fights the green avatar again and there’s a huge battle. Groot sacrifices himself and saves everyone. Andy Dwyer holds the purple stone and doesn’t get blown up and finds out he’s only half mortal. Maybe we find out his dads identity in gog2. He tricks the blue guy with the Mohawk and they blast off. Groot regrows himself.
Guardians of the galaxy 2- visit gold people planet and steal batteries. The gold people play a video game to fight them. Blue Mohawk guys is in the red light distrust with some robot whores. He wants to sit at some table with rocky and rocky said no. Andy dwyers dad comes back and takes him. Blue avatar girl shoots off blue Mohawks Mohawk. Baby groot gets him a new Mohawk and his magic wand breaks them out of the prison cell. Blue avatar crashes a ship trying to kill green avatar. Andy Dwyers eyes turn to a galaxy and finds out his dad has been banging something on every possible planet. There’s a lot of blue lightning. Maybe it’s connected to the blue ice cube? The gold people are back playing their video games. The laser balls kill the gold people’s video game blue avatar terminator arm powers their ship. Blue Mohawk sacrifices himself.
Avengers age of ultron- the avengers fight hydra and Hawkeye never seems to run out of arrows. The internet’s fight. Avengers get drunk and try to lift Myanmar Thor’s heavy hammer. Ultron kills Jarvis and makes himself into a terminator. The terminator wants to eliminate humans. He takes a yellow marble from Loki’s stick. If ultron runs on the internet can’t they just turn off the WiFi? The avengers start fighting each other...maybe this is what leads to their civil war later. Jarvis becomes a red man. And has a yellow marble. Ultron makes a city float up and all hell breaks loose. The really fast guy dies trying to save Hawkeye who was trying to save an idiot kid. Widow likes the hulk and the hulk goes missing in the plane after throwing ultron out of it. He’s basically awal Jarvis uses the yellow marble to blow up ultron.
Ant man- looks like this one is going to be about some red kool aid that makes you small. Some guy Pim makes a particle. Paul Rudd gets out of prison. Oh of course Pim is spelled Pym. This bald dude just turned a distinguished guest into a red mush and flushed him down the toilet. Thought this was ant man, why’s there a yellow jacket? Isn’t there already a green hornet? And a future movie with a wasp? Crazy insect movies. He breaks into a safe to get into another safe and takes the ant man suit and stuff. He can shrink and can control ants. He goes to get a harmonica from the avengers place. The wasp was pyms wife so maybe she comes back or Hope somehow becomes wasp later. Ant man sneaks in to destroy the yellow jacket. Pretty standard stuff.
Capt America civil war- big fight scene with a biker who looks like the punisher. Man he’s hideous. Oh wait it’s that hydra agent from before. Again no one dies! Winter soldiers mind is erased again. Maybe he causes the civil war amongst the avengers. Some avengers want to sign this paper some don’t, black panther pretty sure was in this. I have a feeling captain America is going to wheel that lady’s granddaughter from the cia. Crazy parkour in this one. Big fights going on the black panther guy is there and the government takes away the super suits and they still seem to kick ass. Winter soldier has some blue liquid that makes him pissed off d bag who kills everything. Maybe it’s the blue liquid from the blue ice cube? Woah Spider-Man is in this one, and ant man? It’s basically super hero team iron man vs team cap America. Iron man fights cap America in end battle cause winter soldier killed Tony’s parents. No one dies and they kinda seem to make up. They must get back together cause pretty sure there’s two more avengers movies. Also where the hell is hulk and Thor? They didn’t want to help out this one? And how did stark find out who peter Parker was?
Black panther- this one starts off with a lion king kinda vibe. African country king is dead and the prince is a super hero? Out of nowhere the wachootoo tribe from ace ventura shows up to challenge for the throne. After beating the wachootoo member..he becomes the black panther? Wasn’t he already that? Seems like wakanda has this blue power source vibranium. Linked to the blue ice cube? Creed comes in and kills the guy the black panther wants. Finds out creed is his cousin. All the black panther does is whisper, lots of whispering going on. Then creed tosses black panther off the cliff (probably isn’t dead) and becomes the new black panther. His family takes a purple plant to the wachootoo tribe. The bad black panther fights the good black panther and the wachootoo tribe fight all other tribes. A rhino licks the bald girl and good black panther wins.
Spider-Man man homecoming- Peter is already spider man and it takes place right after the civil war. Iron man makes him a new suit. So did he not get bit by the spider? Is MJ in this? Ahh okay yeah he tells his friend he got bit. Michael Keaton shows up and is the bad guy in this garage with blue lightning guns. Spider man gets a purple glowing rock. Spider man suit works like the irons mans suit but with no iron. The bad guys have hulk hands with lasers on it. Woah the girl that Spider-Man likes dad is the iron captain falcon guy. They fight spider man wins and tony offers him a spot on the avengers and he turns it down. The weird girl at the end says her name is MJ. Thought MJ was Mary Jane but I guess In this one it’s Michelle. I have a feeling that captain falcons daughter finds out about Peter and become bad.
Ant man and the wasp- rescue mission for wasps mom. Hologram mummies messing shit up. Stealing mini building and cars. The hologram mummy is a girl who somehow survived a huge tunnel explosion (again no one dies). Hank Pima coworker looks after her. And she becomes a spy for the men in black called shield. A bad guy keeps trying to take the mini building and hank goes to the subatomic level to find his wife. She’s probably not dead either. Ant man gets huge and then really tired and passes out under water. His belt needs updated cause it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe a Bluetooth pairing issue? Yeah the wife isn’t dead and somehow survived in a subatomic quantum realm for 30 years. The hologram mummy comes and steals the lab again. The missing lady touches the holograms temple and makes her not a hologram and everyone escapes and no one ever dies.
Dr. Strange- karate class runs along sideways folding building and a pompous doctor speeding down the road and crashes over a cliff and doesn’t die. Obviously. His hands are messed up and he goes to this weird country and becomes like a ninja wizard and he noticed some pages stolen from the restricted library book. The bald lady who runs the dojo is the queen from narnia. A lot of weird loud noises and magic going on. The bald lady gets her power from the dark evil world and helps the good normal world. Strange and his friend run around fighting the guy with mascara and fold buildings and stuff. Then they jump in a ring of fire and rewind the city from collapsing. And strange puts himself on a time loop with a big purple guy called Romoomoo. There’s no ice cubes in this one but there is a jewel in the compass looking thing. This one is green. Maybe linked to the blue cube and the one on Jarvis forehead? The bald people turn to dust and It ends with him putting on a broken watch. Probably significant with time...but this one kinda sucked.
Thor Ragnarok- Thor has to beat this molten lava guys crown off to prevent Asgard from burning down. His dad is Loki in a disguise then dr strange comes up and throws them in a ring of fire and they find his dad. Now the dad tells them about this sister of theirs and she appears and the dad goes away. The sister breaks Thor’s hammer Myanmar and Loki and Thor fight on the rainbow road. I remember seeing trailers for this movie and I thought it was like some tournament. Woah this is where hulk has been? Reminds me of gladiator. Hulk becomes regular again and they fly in the devils butthole. Thor fights his sister and all of the townspeople are crossing the rainbow road when Clifford the big crazy dog comes running. Then hulk drops down and fights it. Loki was good then bad then good then bad and back to good? Guy has some serious issues to work out. Still kinda confused...Thor is the god on thunder...but he seems to generate bolts of lightning. Thor sends Loki to ingnite the big devil guy to destroy Asgard. And he passes the blue ice cube. I’m guessing he took it. Oh ya and Thor loses an eye. The whimsical rock friend is the best part of this movie.
Infinity war- guessing this is a war about infinity stones. That purple guy is thanos and he has a big metal glove and is collecting stones like Pokémon badges. He has a purple one and breaks the blue ice cube Thor had and now has 2. Said 2 more are on earth. One I think is on Jarvis forehead and that’s yellow. Loki is choked out and dies. All these super heroes are teaming up. Jarvis and his gf get jumped. Tony and Spider-Man hang out and then this old looking guy lifts his fingers and creates chaos everywhere. Thanos keeps finding stones to put on his knuckles. And Andy dwyers girlfriend has a secret. The blue avatar girl is being ripped apart and each team of heroes is off doing something else. Woah Tyrian Lannister is in this and he’s a giant! He makes a new hammer for Thor and couple of the teams meet up. Thanos and green alien girl garmora go to this place and meet a phantom guy who looks like darth maul. Wait hold up. Is this the guy from capt America who rips his own face off and the red skull dude? He said he got banished like in monsters inc. Wow. Really coming full circle here. Thanos throws gamora off the cliff and wakes up in a puddle with the yellow or orange stone. Thought Jarvis had a yellow one. Hulk gets an iron man suit. Andy Dwyer pinches thanos when they almost got his glove off. And I like it that Wanda is in Wakanda. Tony gets stabbed and dr strange gives him the green stone. Then dr strange says the next movie end game. Yeah pretty cool foreshadowing there. All he needs is the one stone on Jarvis forehead. He was so close to it and Wanda shatters it and I think kills Jarvis. But he’s probably still alive somehow. Thanos goes back in time and plucks it from his forehead like a pimple. Thor comes flying down and stabs him with his new hammer. He goes to this red area with baby gamora. And everyone turns to dust. Then thanos is looking at the sunset.
End game- half the people are dust and gone. Tony is losing his mind and capt marvel comes back. They find thanos in like 30 seconds and strangle him and Thor decapitates him after finding out he used the stones to destroy the stones. Jumps 5 years later. Ant man comes back cause he was too tiny to turn to dust. And tony figures out time travel. Arrow guy is killing so many people even kenji from rush hour 3. They all get 1 shot to go back in time and redo what went wrong. Hulk convinces bald lady to hand him the green stone. Cool how those colors lined up. I have a feeling they’ll undo all the bad stuff and it’ll be like nothing ever happened. And no one will die ever. Thanos uses his robot daughters future memory to figure shit out. Yep that darth maul nazi guy is for sure the guy in the first one who rips his skin off. Hawkeye and widow fight each other to die over the cliff for the yellow stone. They make a glove for hulk and he turns back time. Oh forgot Tony meets his dad when he goes back a second time and pretty cool that the limo driver was named Jarvis. Then all hell breaks loose and somehow captain America holds Thor’s hammer. They fight and all the portals open up and legit every super hero shows up. Capt marvel comes down and does prob the most damage. Tony ends up getting the stones snapping his fingers and turns everyone to dust. Thanos drifts away just like Voldemort. Tony dies and everyone is at his funeral, even nick fury somehow? the timeline is fixed and captain America goes back in time to replace the stones. He comes back as an old man and ended up with Margaret. He gives the shield to the falcon guy.
Side notes/things I learned A lot of alliterations. No one dies. No one uses guns to kill people. No one is monitoring these freak science experiments. My favorite two characters are the only two good guys who end up dead
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Well I'm a 19 year old straight male and I'm here because I have questions about recent events that occurred that caused me to question my gender for a short period of time. This happened 4 months ago but up until now I feel a lot better but I still have unanswered questions. I've been using therapy, getting closer to Jesus, and I don't really have an outlet for dealing with stress other than playing the game here and there or watching tv but I still easily get stressed when I'm at work. 4 months ago I got a surge of anxiety and worry and about whether or not I wanted to be a girl and this anxiousness caused me loss of appetite, no motivation to work, hopelessness, and constantly questioning my thoughts. I tried challenging my thoughts by looking at this female at my workplace (I'm a mechanic btw) anyway all I could image was my breasts pressing up against the hood and being able to feel my ponytail resting on my shoulder along with smelling the makeup on my face and feeling it on my face. The female worker had a ponytail, Full makeup with pink/reddish eyeshadow and a considerable curvy figure. After imaging this I got deep anxiety and couldn't work or let alone focus on my job. As weeks passed by I reached out to a therapist and ended up leaving and instead connected with Jesus on a deeper level along with getting answers on quora. I did the research day and night until there wasn't anything else to look up regarding what I was experiencing and I decided to reach out to another therapist who actually helped me see the problem along with some people in the reddit community with true/pure interest in helping out with questions. I did the quora research and google research for 2 months and the other two months up to now I've been learning correct and true information on this discord community with people from reddit and this therapist I'm currently with.
I also should mention that prior to 4 months ago I was engaging in heavy masturbation that involved intermediate crossdressing which was only a full face of makeup and my shirt turned into a bra for sexual gratification and my other masturbation sources were male to female hentai, transition stories, POV blowjobs, and vanilla sex, and every now and then shemale porn. Now when I moved to Roswell which was 4 months ago I was still masturbating but not to the hentai, crossdressing, shemale porn, POV etc. I instead got apps that would put makeup on your face and I masturbated to those for the first few weeks and during those two weeks I was also working out, eating all three meals a day, and relaxing without a single thought of gender confusion whatsoever and as soon as the third week hit, that surge of anxiety and fear hit and I would like to know what you think that is? People in the community have told me that it's autogynaphelia and a fetish which makes sense because I do get off to the thought of being a woman but makeup on a woman alone whether she's naked or not gets me aroused. I have no problem getting aroused to vanilla porn, vanilla sex thoughts or anything in that field.
I am still a virgin and the only sexual act I ever did was makeout with two chicks and kiss a couple but nothing more and the other thing was a blowjob on myself which was out of curiosity to see how the pleasure from myself would feel and to get get an orgasm factor but after heavily watching that porn and hentai the self blowing turned into me imaging myself as the lady porn star in the video while I had makeup on and pretended I was sucking the guys dick. I couldn't picture anything else though, not the face, not him touching me, not me doing anal, just a dick and me sucking on it in the imaging while I was masturbating. The total number of times I crossdressed was 9 or 10 times and it only got as far as a full face of makeup with my moms bra on. My friends in the community also told me that the hentai porn I watched was "condition porn" which meant that watching it overtime lead to female sexual and mental thoughts. Essentially rewiring your brain into a sissy they said and I had no clue that that porn was "condition porn" otherwise I wouldn't of watched it.
Before I got into heavily masturbating I was working out everyday, going out to parties, playing the game, and the only thing that was on my mind was the game and weights nothing but weights. But now I still don't feel the motivation or drive to workout that much, my eating habits have improved, but I still have these thoughts about "can agp turn you trans if you continue to crossdress" "agp never goes away and if you suppress it, your likely to transition in the future" and stuck between do I crossdress to calm down my possible agp? Or do I just not crossdress at all anymore? These kind of questions ya know?
I haven't watched any of that porn In 4 months going on 5 but I have put makeup on to masturbate here and there but mostly just get off to makeup videos I find on Instagram. Yeah for me makeup has always been an arousing factor to me since I was 13 and at the same time while I would masturbate to it, i would also go on with my day like working out, eating a lot, going outside etc and I'm reaching out because I'm trying to figure out why it basically just turned into a panic attack out of nowhere and made me question my gender and values as a male. I also forgot to mention that during those two months I couldn't find reasons on why I wanted to be male when I had a million reasons before the panic attack. When I tried to think nothing seemed like it was worth being a male and the thought of being a female I think was ultimately more desirable I want to say.
And when I say desirable I don't mean like strong urges everyday to the point where I couldn't resist dressing up or masturbating no it was more like day by day after that panic attack I started losing the aspect of being a man. I also went 3 months without masturbating at all. And then when I heard about the suppressing I got back on it. These values slowly started returning and I'm working and focusing and all that good stuff, just not working out yet but what do you think about all this?
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2020.08.01 20:09 1Agdacket Dick moms naked sucking

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2020.08.01 14:57 seddy_bear32 Could really use some honest insight on this please. No desire to transition. I just need a solution on how to healthily incorporate it into my life

Well I'm a 19 year old straight male and I'm here because I have questions about recent events that occurred that caused me to question my gender for a short period of time. This happened 4 months ago but up until now I feel a lot better but I still have unanswered questions. I've been using therapy, getting closer to Jesus, and I don't really have an outlet for dealing with stress other than playing the game here and there or watching tv but I still easily get stressed when I'm at work. 4 months ago I got a surge of anxiety and worry and about whether or not I wanted to be a girl and this anxiousness caused me loss of appetite, no motivation to work, hopelessness, and constantly questioning my thoughts. I tried challenging my thoughts by looking at this female at my workplace (I'm a mechanic btw) anyway all I could image was my breasts pressing up against the hood and being able to feel my ponytail resting on my shoulder along with smelling the makeup on my face and feeling it on my face. The female worker had a ponytail, Full makeup with pink/reddish eyeshadow and a considerable curvy figure. After imaging this I got deep anxiety and couldn't work or let alone focus on my job. As weeks passed by I reached out to a therapist and ended up leaving and instead connected with Jesus on a deeper level along with getting answers on quora. I did the research day and night until there wasn't anything else to look up regarding what I was experiencing and I decided to reach out to another therapist who actually helped me see the problem along with some people in the reddit community with true/pure interest in helping out with questions. I did the quora research and google research for 2 months and the other two months up to now I've been learning correct and true information on this discord community with people from reddit and this therapist I'm currently with.
I also should mention that prior to 4 months ago I was engaging in heavy masturbation that involved intermediate crossdressing which was only a full face of makeup and my shirt turned into a bra for sexual gratification and my other masturbation sources were male to female hentai, transition stories, POV blowjobs, and vanilla sex, and every now and then shemale porn. Now when I moved to Roswell which was 4 months ago I was still masturbating but not to the hentai, crossdressing, shemale porn, POV etc. I instead got apps that would put makeup on your face and I masturbated to those for the first few weeks and during those two weeks I was also working out, eating all three meals a day, and relaxing without a single thought of gender confusion whatsoever and as soon as the third week hit, that surge of anxiety and fear hit and I would like to know what you think that is? People in the community have told me that it's autogynaphelia and a fetish which makes sense because I do get off to the thought of being a woman but makeup on a woman alone whether she's naked or not gets me aroused. I have no problem getting aroused to vanilla porn, vanilla sex thoughts or anything in that field.
I am still a virgin and the only sexual act I ever did was makeout with two chicks and kiss a couple but nothing more and the other thing was a blowjob on myself which was out of curiosity to see how the pleasure from myself would feel and to get get an orgasm factor but after heavily watching that porn and hentai the self blowing turned into me imaging myself as the lady porn star in the video while I had makeup on and pretended I was sucking the guys dick. I couldn't picture anything else though, not the face, not him touching me, not me doing anal, just a dick and me sucking on it in the imaging while I was masturbating. The total number of times I crossdressed was 9 or 10 times and it only got as far as a full face of makeup with my moms bra on. My friends in the community also told me that the hentai porn I watched was "condition porn" which meant that watching it overtime lead to female sexual and mental thoughts. Essentially rewiring your brain into a sissy they said and I had no clue that that porn was "condition porn" otherwise I wouldn't of watched it.
Before I got into heavily masturbating I was working out everyday, going out to parties, playing the game, and the only thing that was on my mind was the game and weights nothing but weights. But now I still don't feel the motivation or drive to workout that much, my eating habits have improved, but I still have these thoughts about "can agp turn you trans if you continue to crossdress" "agp never goes away and if you suppress it, your likely to transition in the future" and stuck between do I crossdress to calm down my possible agp? Or do I just not crossdress at all anymore? These kind of questions ya know?
I haven't watched any of that porn In 4 months going on 5 but I have put makeup on to masturbate here and there but mostly just get off to makeup videos I find on Instagram. Yeah for me makeup has always been an arousing factor to me since I was 13 and at the same time while I would masturbate to it, i would also go on with my day like working out, eating a lot, going outside etc and I'm reaching out because I'm trying to figure out why it basically just turned into a panic attack out of nowhere and made me question my gender and values as a male. I also forgot to mention that during those two months I couldn't find reasons on why I wanted to be male when I had a million reasons before the panic attack. When I tried to think nothing seemed like it was worth being a male and the thought of being a female I think was ultimately more desirable I want to say.
And when I say desirable I don't mean like strong urges everyday to the point where I couldn't resist dressing up or masturbating no it was more like day by day after that panic attack I started losing the aspect of being a man. I also went 3 months without masturbating at all. And then when I heard about the suppressing I got back on it. These values slowly started returning and I'm working and focusing and all that good stuff, just not working out yet but what do you think about all this?
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2020.07.30 19:50 armaan_kanji Naked moms sucking dick

please read this whole post, i know its long but you can do it!
ok so here is a story, my mom was watching a movie and there was this one scene where the parent is slapping the kid, so im looking at the tv and watching this scene when my mom yells "WHY ARE YOU WATCHING TV YOU LAZY PIECE OF SHIT DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE" and so i subconsciously said "hey this parent reminds me of you" and she got sooo triggered, to understand why she got triggered lets travel back in time to when i was 3, i was crying because i tripped and hit my head on the coffee table, i started crying alot and my head was really hurting, so what do you thing my mom will do at this point, if you guessed anything normal, you are wrong, she grabbed me by the ear and threw me into the bathroom and yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU CRYBABY STOP CRYING" and then she closed the door and held it shut until i would stop crying, when i eventually stopped crying she came inside and slapped me in the face and punched my chest and yelled "WHY THE FUCK WERE YOU CRYING DID YOU DIE?? NO YOU DIDNT DIE SO SUCK IT UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE A BABY" remember the fact that i was 3 years old. i thought this was a one time thing but NOPE, everytime i cried she would do this, EVERY SINGE TIME, this is not it though, there is more terrible shit that she has done. SHE IS SO FUCKING STUPID WHEN SHE DIVORCED MY DAD SHE FUCKING TOOK EVERYTHING FROM HIM, THEY HAD QUITE A LOT OF MONEY BUT ALL THAT WENT TO MY MOM, SHE TOOK 2 FUCKING BMWs, 2 FUCKING CARS SHE TOOK AND SOLD THEM BECAUSE SHE IS SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT, SHE ALSO GOT CUSTODY OVER ME AND MY SISTER AND WE WOULD ONLY SEE MY DAD EVERY OTHER WEEKEND (now we see him every weekend which is cool) HE HAD NOTHING, LUCKILY SOMEONE WAS RENTING OUT THEIR BASEMENT, SO MY DAD LIVED THERE FOR MANY YEARS BECAUSE THAT IS ALL HE COULD AFFORD, MY MOM REPEATEDLY "POOR SHAMED" HIM BY SAYING STUFF TO US LIKE "oh your dad is supposed to give me money for child support, oh wait he can't afford it haha" MY MOM FUCKING HATES HIM AND SAYS STUFF TO ME ABOUT HOW MY DAD IS THE WORST PARENT IN THE WORLD... BITCH LOOK AT YOURSELF, MY DAD ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT ME AND SUPPORTS ME BUT MY MOM DOESNT NOTHING... FUCKING NOTHING, ALL SHE DOES IS TELL HER PARENTS THAT HER KIDS ARE SMART BY FLAUNTING (did i use that word correctly?) BY FLAUNTING OUT GOOD GRADES THAT WE BARELY GET BECAUSE MY MOM NEVER HELPS US, MY MOM IS A TERRIBLE PERSON AND DID I TELL YOU YET ABOUT HOW SHITTY OUR INTERNET IS...
ok so this is a conversation we had a few months ago when i was doing online school (btw OneNote is the software we use to do our school work, syncing your notebook is when you refresh your notebook to get all the pages that our teachers put in our "notebooks", much like refreshing a page) context: my mom has a really loud voice and also our wifi is very shitty, to give you an idea of how bad it is, I get an average of 800 ms ping from my bedroom. okay so me and Mr. (insert teacher's last name here) were talking about how my wifi is crappy and I'm having trouble syncing my OneNote notebook so he sent an email to my mom about it (big mistake) so what my mom should have done when she got that email was to get better wifi because our shitty rogers wifi router from 2009 is so fucking shitty it barely works but instead this is our conversation:
mom: (insert my full name here) COME HERE RIGHT NOW
me: ok...
me: oh yeah that email, no its actually ab...
our neighbours who could hear the screaming: bruh shut up
me: but the email was about how the wifi was so bad that...
me in my head: first of all you don't pay for anything, you use your "dAdDy'S mOnEy" to pay for everything
me: no I'm just saying that we should get better wifi because this router is so old and is slow
me in my head: bruh moment
im just gonna go on more about how dumb my mom is
funny story, one time we were eating at a restaurant and we got a seat next to the door, the door would open because people were going in and out of the restaurant a lot, so our area was cold because it was the middle of winter and the cold air would come in every time the door opened, so my mom asked for the manager and demanded that we get our entire meal free or else she would never eat there again and personally sue the restaurant... we haven't been since 2018... but there is more dumb stuff to rant about...
lets go back to that google timeline thing, google timeline is a feature on google maps that shows you everywhere you go based on the gps from your phone, so i have access to that and i also have access to her icloud, so i can see all her photos, emails and text messages, with these things i can practically see everything she does 24/7, sunday night is when my dad drops me home and thursday night is when he picks us up, So from sunday night to Thursday night all she does is stay at home and eat, watch tv and sleep, but when im at my dads house she does some crazy shit, on friday nights she goes to this nightclub downtown and gets really drunk and sucks some strangers cock in the bathroom, i swear to god there are photos on her icloud that show her with a naked man who has cum on his dick, i got disturbed and scarred for life when i saw those photos and text messages, but yeah that is what she does on friday nights, but when the club closed down because of covid, she would just go to the nail salon, THE NAIL SALON, SHE WOULD GO TO THE NAIL SALON DURING A PANDEMIC AND SHE GOES EVERY WEEK AND SPENDS 100 DOLLARS ON HER NAILS EVERY WEEK, she also goes to the fucking hair salon on Saturday and spends 150 dollars on a haircut every week, she is stupid, abusive, loud and insane, so i need help coping with all of this shit, if you made it to the end of this post, thank you for hearing me out
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Posting this on a few subs because I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’ve reached my breaking point.
Im so tired. I’m so tired of existing. I’m so tired of being mad. I’m so tired of being tired. It’s pathetic. I’m a 25 year old adult who’s stuck living at home with my family. I can feel myself falling apart and I’m reaching the point where I’m finally just going to take myself out of this shitty game called life, or I’m going to end up cutting ties all together with my family, which is where I’ll probably sink. If it’s sink or swim out in the big world.
I am holding on to so many grudges. From so many years. That I clearly can’t cope with in a healthy way. My heart hurts so much but I’m such a glutton for punishment that I can’t bring myself to stop carrying around all this hate. And it is absolutely one hundred percent consuming me alive. I’ll try and use brackets to section off my thoughts since I doubt anybody cares enough to actually read this all the way through.
{My thoughts on my father}
{{{{As an adult now. I realize that I spent probably the first 18 years of my life. Living in literal fear of my pseudo racist father. I still remember being 6 years old or so and hearing my mother scream for my brother because my father was choking her in their bedroom. Was a big steroid fan back in the day. I spent most of my middle school and high school career grounded from one semester to the next one because I frequently got C’s in school which my parents would ground us for. Even one C on the report card and it was grounded for the rest of the semester. I still remember getting in trouble so badly for lying about doing my homework, not even so much for not doing my homework. But it was distinctly about lying about it. My father was beating me in our dining room and at one point was physically choking me against the wall, and I remember my mother saying “well Don’t choke him (insert name)” and him looking straight at her with his hands around my neck saying “I’m not choking him” I still remember that same night him having to come in my room to change my ice packs on my swollen face and how petrified I was that the gameboy sp I was playing was flung off the bed in a room with no carpet because I was certain I was going to get beat again. I remember going to school the next and having to tell my teachers (because all six of them forced me to stay after class and talk about it) that I was playing football with my brother and fell on a sprinkler. Funny how their response to me lying about homework was to in turn go to school and lie about why half of my face was swollen and black. I remember the first time i was ever caught shoplifting (was obviously my last time doing it too) when my dad came to pick me up, he was already so nasty to me before leaving the store that the police threatened to not let me leave because he was already trying to hit me in front of them.
But you know. Now that I’m an adult and have been jumped literally just because of my sexuality. If I’m going to get my ass beat I’m going to get my ass beat. I’m just not living in fear anymore. }}}}
{my thoughts on my brother}
{{{{Which brings me to my brother. Who as of lately might as well be dead to me. We have not currently spoken since April, and as far as I’m concerned we probably won’t ever speak again. Let’s start with me saying I feel like my brothers relationship with me has always been from the start. Me bailing him out when he needs it. I remember being in elementary school and him getting to go back to sleep after my mother woke us up for breakfast and would leave for work, because it was my job to “wake him up after rugrats” when he was about 12 or 13 he got mixed up with a bad neighborhood kid and ended up almost lighting an entire house on fire in our neighborhood. The police officers were nice enough to offer him the deal that if you stay out of trouble until you’re 18 this will be completely removed off your record with no trace of it ever even happening. Sure enough he starts smoking weed in high school (which is back when it was HIGHLY frowned upon) and guess who had to take every single drug test for his four years of high school. My dumb ass. Bailing him out again. Until finally he got caught coming back late from lunch (upper class men were at the time allowed to leave campus for lunch) and he came back with a hotboxed car and didn’t air it out. So when the principle stopped him to ask why he was late she was literally hit with a cloud of smoke. My brother was the sole reason my high school was no longer allowed to leave campus for lunch. My brother and father have always had an awful relationship too obviously all this places even more tension on it, and eventually lead to him either being kicked out or leaving. I don’t remember which. Being on the streets on his own he was arrested more times for carrying stupid large amounts of weed on him because he sells it, and eventually got charged I think with robbery. Then to top it all off, a few years ago my brother got mixed up in the flocka epidemic. And of course there’s my dumbass bailing him out again being forced to put two stolen bikes in my car and drive him to Miami. When I first started realizing how much I hated him was I think my senior year of high school. My parents had gone out of town leaving him in charge. I remember distinctly it was the night before vans warped tour he’s in a huge fight with his at the time girlfriend, because he was literally hitting either her, or her and/or her kid. And I remember he stormed into my room flinging open the door trying to use me as an excuse “isn’t this okay because it’s what dad used to do to us. “ of course having a criminal record he couldn’t find a job and was on probation at my parents house and because nobody wanted to hire somebody with his record they literally gave him a fucking job at the company my father works for. This job is 15$ an hour, gets benefit and vacation days. I on the other hand spent years being treated like shit in jobs. Two years ago I worked for quiksilver over the course of about a year, finally left because they told me and a coworker that we were the ones being considered for management and yet they brought in two outside hires after the second one the other coworker had the sense to leave. My dumb ass stayed thinking well now that she’s gone it’ll look better on me. Which is when they brought in another outside hire. Who I was eventually cool with. I just stopped offering to do the management work for sales associate pay. Until I finally got so fed up that I transferred to GameStop because they were willing to start me as a keyholder since I already had basic management training. So two years trying to work for a manager only to be shit on by my parents because it’s not full time and “at your age your brother worked full time” at my age y’all gave him a fucking career because nobody wanted to hire a literal criminal. Anything I do It’s just never going to be good enough.
Let me talk about our most recent altercation, because it’s a fantastic transition into my mother, as of last April I was unfortunately unemployed thanks to this whole virus outbreak, and of course that sets off my family members because I sleep all day while they work. So my mother asked me on April 20th the day before my birthday (a day that I was operating on approximately 2 hours of sleep because I’m always up all night) if I could go help my brother in the warehouse where he works because he really needs it. I have already had altercations with my brother there from helping him a previous time. It was so bad that they sent me home early. So being there in general makes me uncomfortable. Even when I go in to help my dads department. So of course I didn’t want to help which wasn’t an acceptable answer to my mother and after about the 5th time of her saying something obviously I snapped and agreed to which she responded “forget it” and slammed my door shut. (It should be noted that in my mother’s defense I’m a nightmare to wake up because of how little I sleep. There are times I wake up and am in a fight with my mother because she apparently tried to wake me up and I was nasty, meanwhile I have literally no recollection of even speaking to her ) so my dumb ass trying to bite the bullet agrees to go work for eight hours in a hot sweaty warehouse with barely any ac on my birthday of all days. I woke up that morning still mad about the fight I had with my mother the day prior because I feel like as a grown ass adult I should be allowed to say no I don’t want to do something.
Get to the warehouse work the shift, I leave at five, which apparently was a mistake because I wasnt supposed to leave until 5:30 which I thought was fine because 1) I genuinely thought they left at 5 every day and 2) I didn’t take a lunch break because I was hoping if we happened to get everything done early we would just be able to leave. Obviously that was wrong and I got a shitty passive aggressive text message from my brother.
Having already been in a bad mood from my fight with my mother the day before partnered with my brother annoying me after I had left I stopped by aunts house to vent because I was literally seeing red. Wasn’t even planning on going home for my birthday because I just didn’t want to be around any of them.
The next day comes and I don’t show up because not only did I not want to be there, but when I had gotten there the day before another employee of that company said “we don’t know if we’ll need you tomorrow or not yet” so I just didn’t bother to show up because if y’all needed me you should have worked that into your text message when you were being an asshole in my opinion. So of course my petty ass isn’t going to show up. My brother comes home through the door doesn’t even put his shit down and is in my face screaming at me for not showing up “why should I have to explain to my boss why you didn’t come” “why do you get to sleep all day while we work I’m sick of it” turning to my mother “I’m sick of him aren’t y’all sick of him” (to which she agrees probably just trying to get him to calm down, but I won’t ever for a second forget you just said you were sick of me. ) and of course I’m running my mouth back in return, which is when he decided to put his hands on me, shoving me literally to the floor. And this is about where I Black out with anger because I had my Nintendo switch in my hand. The limited edition no longer in production animal crossing themed one at that. So obviously I’m pissed and yank his PlayStation out of the wall and slam it on the ground. You can skip the next parentheses part if you don’t care about why a stupid video game console made me so upset.
(A detour to mention about these video game consoles. My brother and I used to exclusively use Xbox but I made the transition to the PS4 when it came out. My brother didn’t. I had been asking for a PlayStation 4 since they came out for both my birthday and Christmas for I think like two years. Until the year my brother spent Christmas in jail because he was addicted to flocka. When my mom finally bailed him out because she felt like he was actually clean, he got a PlayStation 4. When I asked why he got one and I didn’t despite it literally being the only thing I asked for as a Christmas gift, she said “well he wasn’t here for Christmas so I had to make it special.” I think I eventually got the PlayStation for my birthday the following year. But this fucking switch man. I swore up and down when I was a GameStop employee that they were going to make an animal crossing version and they all laughed at me said if it was going to happen it would have already and talked me into buying just a standard switch instead. Low and behold a few weeks later the animal crossing one is announced and I’m lowkey heartbroken that I just spent a majority of my money on the standard one. I eventually get myself so worked up over it that I asked my mom to front me the money to buy the new system, and I will give her 200 when I sell my switch and the rest from my next paycheck. She’s talking some I can’t I don’t have that kind of money, which would have been totally fine. I was just embarrassed that I not only put my pride away to ask for money, but was also upset enough about not getting the animal crossing one to even be in this situation. So whatever whatever we end up agreeing on if I sell the console first and give her the two hundred she will give me the rest. Where as I was only asking her for the front because I didn’t want to risk selling my console before the new one came out and risk then not having a console at all. Especially since I had already missed like two years of the switches lifespan. So obviously I’m super thankful to my mom and I literally spent like two days thanking her and talking to her about it, only for me to find out that she had given me my own money. I don’t know what it was for, possibly my unemployment since the console came out around the time the virus was starting to flare. And at that point all I can keep thinking is wow. You really kept my own money from me, made me gamble on being able to find a limited edition console without a preorder. And told me you couldn’t loan me anything. That makes me so mad. How are you going to lie about my own damn money. Serves me right I guess for not being adult enough to stop using our joint bank account.)
Anyway. I slam his PlayStation on the ground after he put his hand on me the first time we get into a screaming match in his room to which I say something along the lines of “you’re allowed to knock my switch out of my hand so why should you expect any different of your PlayStation” to which he responds (talking out of his ass) “well you didn’t pay for it mom did!” Jokes on you asshole not only did I pay for it entirely with my money but our mother literally withheld my own money from me and made it more difficult for me to get an already difficult to get console. This ends up with him coming back into my room because everyone in my family (myself included) has to have the last word in argument. Which leads to him putting his hands on me a second time except this time since there’s not a 400$ gaming system in my hand I pull his disgusting ass down with me.}}}}}
This whole fight somehow ends with me being kicked out of my house by my mother.
{my thoughts on my mother}
{{{{Fun fact. Maybe about a week before this my mother was begging me to stop going out despite taking precautions with a mask and specially made sanitizer consisting of primarily alcohol. Because they had a friend in critical condition from covid. This is the same woman who threw her kid out into streets during the first peak of this epidemic. (I’m in Florida so it is at this moment higher than that first peak because Floridians are trash) so I spend the next three or four day sleeping in my car doing whatever trying to manage on my own, spending what little money I had fixing the joycon drift on my switch that was non existent until my brother attacked me with it in my hand. One thing leads to another and I eventually end up back home. I asked my mom if we could start family therapy because I’m literally holding onto grudges that I don’t know how to let go of. She says when all of this is over but I’m positive she’s forgotten about it and it might very well be what causes me to cut her out all together.
A few days ago me and my mother got into a huge arguement because she woke me up to ask me to take her to firestone to pick up her car(I’m exhausted but totally not a problem to me at all) so I get right up get dressed grab my keys and when I walk out of my room she goes “are you ready now I’m not in a rush or anything” I was a little annoyed by the stupid question I’ll admit, like you just two minutes ago came into my room to wake me up and ask me to take you. Yes I’m ready to go lol. Otherwise I’d still be asleep. She of course takes my flat response (a slight mixture of both my annoyance and exhaustion) as me being in a bad mood. So we get into my car and she’s overreacting because my car is a little shaky (which I’m almost positive is just because I need air in my tires) talking some oh my god we have to pull over what if you have a flat. Like we definitely would know if we were driving on a flat tire. It’s been doing this since like the second week I got this car. So I’m just sitting there trying to get to the destination as fast as possible trying to hold my tongue and not cause a fight when she sets me off and says something along the lines of “you’re in a bad mood because I asked you to take me” my response being “oh what I’m in a bad mood because I got right up to do something you asked me to do???” which fucking infuriated me and caused a screaming match in my car. I don’t understand why she has this god complex where she thinks she gets to tell other people how they feel about something. She did it to me on my birthday too which I forgot to mention and am now too lazy to go back and add in. But like it drives me crazy. I don’t care if they’re right wrong or somewhere in between. Nobody has the right to decide how somebody feels about something except for that person. So when I sit there and tell you I’m not mad and you tell me “yes you are mad that’s why you’re being shitty” that’s a self fulfilling prophecy right there. Of course that shits going to make me mad. If you’re just going to decide I’m in a bad mood for me then shit I guess I’m in a bad fucking mood then.
So this screaming match in my car leads to her saying “I hope something happens to your car, and when it does DONT call me”. I will never ever in a million years forget she said that to me. I hope that when something does happen to my car, I’m inside of it, I hope it’s something fatal, and I hope she has to live with it for the rest of her life. And then of course after our screaming match she sends me a passive aggressive text message (because apparently my family is famous for doing that shit) talking some I won’t be screamed at in a car that I bought you, you are SO disrespectful the next time you talk to me like that you can find a new place to live! (As if she didn’t kick me out when I was 16, and 18, and 23. Like clearly I can manage in my car bitch try me. I would rather starve to death on the streets than feel like I need help from someone who treats me like shit) Skip the parentheses if you don’t care about context with my car history
(Both me and my brother were fortunate enough to get cars for our 16th birthday. The difference between us is my brother has wrecked I think 2 cars my parents bought him, one car they gave him because my mom got a new car (which that one he wasn’t at fault for but still it’s a car to add to your tally) and ruined one of my dads trucks that he was using for whatever reason one day. I on the other hand drove the same car that I had since I was 16 until literally this year when I turned 25 and was given a new one. But honestly my parents had been trying to buy me another one for a few years I just fought them on it because I didn’t want a new car which I will explain why later. )
And then now just today, we are in another arguement because I think last night, my brother walked out our back gate to go sell drugs in our mailbox because he thinks he’s cool and tough and can handle jail as if he isn’t literally crying “mommy bail me out” when he’s in there. As he’s going out he knocks over the ashtray I had been using over there (which was admittedly in the walkway but only because that particular night I was in a hurry to relocate under my backyard awning because it was raining and I had all my technology on me) but when he walks back he has the nerve to say to me “your ashtray is knocked over “ as if i wasn’t outside and heard him kick it over like I’m supposed to lean up after him. Despite us having literally not a said a word to eachother since April. So I hid the ashtray that he normally uses with the mindset of “if he needs an ashtray he’ll have to go over and clean up the one he kicked over.” Only for me to find that my mother ended up being the one to clean up his mess. Which of course infuriated me. And then she had the nerve to defend him in a text message after we got into an arguement about it. “Well it is your ashtray...” okay did I kick over my ashtray or did my brother. Because that’s the person who should have cleaned it up was who knocked it over.
In regards to my mother specifically it hurts me the most. Because I often at times feels like she’s the only one out of the 3 of my immediately family that I could have a relationship with or that I actively want to have a relationship with and that bridge is so close to being burnt to a crips. I don’t want to appear ungrateful because as a mother she does go above and beyond. I’ve been spoiled sure. But my problem with it is, I feel like my mother only gives as much as she gives so that she has ammunition to hold over peoples head. I fought her for YEARS about getting a new because I knew she would just hold it over my head. Which obviously I was right about. I remember being kicked out when I was 18 because I wasn’t working and i had just gotten kicked out of college and she said leave your keys pack your stuff and find somewhere to live. So I did set off with no car no money no nothing ended up being taken in by my best friends family. Spent a year or two there, and I literally did not get my car back (the same one she had given me at 16) until the girl I was living with literally called her in tears asking if we could just borrow it so we could go see her mother who was in the hospital because she needed brain surgery. LITERAL BRAIN SURGERY was the only reason I got my car back. And it still took my friend like two or three times of asking my mother for her to let me use my car just to take her to see her mother.
My father has always babied me and let me get away with more than he lets my brother get away with I can admit that. The problem with it is, that because I don’t feel the same type of yearning for a relationship about my father that I do about my mother I don’t really care about him favoring me. And because my dad tends to let me get away with more my mom feels like she has to let my brother get away with more, which in turn causes me to always just feel like I’m chasing my mother’s approval or some shit. }}}}
{thoughts on my own disgusting self}
It’s only been recently that I’m starting to come around to my father and that’s only because I think I’m starting to hate my mother.
I know I probably sound ungrateful and entitled. And I can see why. But I am truly thankful for how privilege I’ve been and all that I’ve been given. But I don’t know how to not feel the way that I feel about these things.
And that’s not to say I’m perfect either. I’ve caused plenty of problem for my family. So let me just skip to all my flaws now.
When I was a kid like before I could even start kindergarten I was literally already sucking dick. My next door neighbor ( my brothers age at the time) used to make me do it to him and I used to agree because he was considerably nicer to me when I do would so. He was already a problem child too but that’s neither here nor there. I was pretty much only sucking him off because my brother always hated when I would hang out with him and his friends, and the neighbor always let me hang around (for obvious reasons) distinctly remember my brother catching us a few times but I guess nothing was ever done about it. Not even sure if my parents know about it.
But as an adult I can see that’s where I started getting fucked up. Idk if I necessarily blame my neighbor for me being gay, because I do firmly as a gay man believe that it’s just who you are and can’t be changed, but I feel like there will literally always be a part of me that questions it. Like what if I wasn’t sucking dick at five years old, would I be interested in girls? I remember having a crush on at least two different girls before i met (what I now as an adult realize was probably my first boy crush) like looking back on my child hood I vividly remember playing “doctor” with other kids or truth or dare that always ended sexual and I realize like damn. That’s fucking gross we were all kids.
Fast forward to me being in I think middle school, and I was caught sexually experimenting with my cousin. I was definitely old enough to know better so I take fault there, but I also wasn’t ever the one initiating it. You know. I was letting him suck me off for longer than I can remember honestly, but I also distinctly remember I wasn’t the one initiating it. I still remember the first night at his house when he asked me to go pornhub and grilling him about how he even knows about that. I don’t remember when I started letting him do stuff to me, but I know that I shouldn’t have. I remember well enough that when he would come sleepover there were times I would opt to stay up late with my father in hopes that he would fall asleep waiting for me to come in. I remember one time I was up late and he comes walking out like 2 hours after being put to bed because he was trying to get me to come in to bed with him. But again I was the older kid in that situation. So that’s my fuck up. Obviously when we got caught it put a wedge between that side of our family. I can see why, but in hindsight I always wonder. Would you have still distanced yourself if you knew it was your son who had been initiating it? Because he was younger all the blame was pushed onto me. And I can see why. Again I should have known better.
That’s probably around the time I started getting fat. By high school at one point I was over 300 pounds and openly gay. Never had a serious relationship. Never even had someone interested in a relationship with me. I can see why. Not only was I cringey in high school but I was literally disgusting. It wasn’t till about my senior year I finally got back under 300 pounds and started losing some weight and gaining some confidence.
But here’s the kicker. Before I started losing the weight I had become a literal serial catfisher. And I’m talking like anybody you wanted to see naked I would go out of my way to target. Friends, friends boyfriends. Nobody was off limits to me. It makes me sick thinking about the hundreds of people I’ve catfished because I was horny and lonely. Catfishing even basically got me kicked out of my college ( granted I was surprisingly innocent at that time but because the kid found out about me being a catfish he refused to believe it wasn’t me, despite me literally having to show my catfish accounts to the dean and them not matching up to whoever he was talking to. The college only realized their mistake a semester or two later because the kid was immediately put on academic probation the semester following my suspension, and then got caught trying to do the same thing to another gay student the semester after that. Which is when they were like wow we were wrong we’re so sorry don’t even worry about the requirements we gave you for coming back you can just come back never did though.)
It wasn’t only until I hit maybe 22 or 23 that it like clicked with how awful what I was doing was. And started making an active effort to stop it. And I feel like I was only even willing to because I fell in genuine love with somebody I was catfishing. When I finally told him, we were fine for a few days. He told me he didn’t care that I was a guy because he fell in love with the person behind a screen. But all of that quickly crumbled to ashes. That’s another one that’s my own fault. Not only was I doing something shitty but I was also in too deep. I think I still to this day get texted from somebody I started catfishing when I was about 15 or 16 that I just am too afraid to finally tell the truth to.
But since the recent heart break I’ve thankfully been able to almost entirely remove catfishing from life save for the one guy I was in too deep with, and the old catfish accounts that I occasionally log into when I’m desperately alone/horny/whatever it may be.
I’m tired of feeling alone. I just want to be loved. I want someone to want me. To care about me.
I’m starting to realize this world is awful. Almost every thing and everyone in it is bleak. Some people genuinely want to live long happy lives, me personally, I don’t think I can make it doing this shit for another 25 years. Self deprecating jokes and suicidal humor are my biggest weapons. Because I feel like if I don’t turn them into jokes. I’ll let them overcome me. Too many people in this world are awful. I don’t want to be one anymore.
I doubt any of you will actually care enough to read this through. But if you for some unknown reason did, then I thank you. Because I could really use a friend.
TLDR; I’m a scumbag. I’m starting to think my family is scumbags, and I’m genuinely losing my will to live. I’ve been holding on to grudges that are literally consuming me and transforming me into a being of hatred and it makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t know how much longer I can do this, but god I would absolutely love to just be taken out by a bus tomorrow.
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