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2020.08.04 13:52 LondonPronAddict Cam leora

I’m a 27 year old Londoner who’s looking for discreet regulacasual jerk off buds to experiment with.
I’ve had a bit of fun playing with guys on Omegle before and have had a good time, but I’m looking for something a bit more regular!
At first it’d be cool to chat and play on cam, but if things go well I’d be down to meet up and should have a free house in the next few weeks.
I’m white, slim and 6’1” with a 6.5 inch uncut cock... Ideally I’m looking for someone under 35 whose a slim/athletic build like myself!
Get in touch and we can have some fun 😏
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2020.08.04 13:49 rajarshi_ghosh Cam leora

Wondering if I should even touch Neymar since he has been immense for me even throughout the promos and TOTSSF. But now that I have Ribery at striker, I wonder if Griezmann is an upgrade over Neymar at CAM?
PS. I cannot afford Dembele and honestly, I don't think he warrants his high price.
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2020.08.04 13:47 buenotgk Cam leora

I have this idea for a shaky cam. Right now, I’m running through examples of movies that use shaky cam. Do you guys have any recommendations of good examples AND bad examples of the use of shaky cam?
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2020.08.04 13:46 demroles6996 IQ rework idea

What if IQ could hack all defenders cams including mozzie drones, valk cams and more. She will be able to do this if the gadget shows up in range of her electronic device and then holding square. (or whatever button) for 5 seconds.
For her to be able to do this dokkaebi will need to hack defender cams. Then IQ will have to hack each cam individually. When IQ hacks the cams it will make it so defenders can't go on them unlike when dokkaebi hacks them.
Also when she hacks the evil eyes will be open and never closed so she can shoot with them, if she hacks mozzie drones they go back to the original owner and she can hit people with yokais and stop them from defusing but she cant move them or jump with them. Maestro can't pick up hacked cams but can shoot them while opened.
(these cams glow diffrent colors then dokkaebi's cams when she hacks them.)
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2020.08.04 13:40 stillnoideawhat Notches are ten times better than hole punches

There's more usable screen with a notch and it looks better
Are you seriously gonna use the 10 pixels between the camera and the top of the display ? Just move the camera up and attach it to the top and you freed up a few pixels.
Also it's way more intuitive to have the selfie cam in the middle than on the far left, and I also like how the notch separates your notifications on one side and the network, battery and others on the other side
I seriously don't understand why the industry chose the hole punch over the notch, every new smartphone has a fucking hole punch and it looks disgusting
Edit: yes pop up camera is even better, but it's not great if you use the camera often
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2020.08.04 13:03 Martins_Island Leora cam

Deerfield Beach, Florida Live Underwater Cam submitted by Martins_Island to MadeMeSmile [link] [comments]

2020.08.04 12:58 IlIllllIIIllIIlIlIlI Cam leora

Although Nokk is in a pretty bad spot right now, I don't think simply buffing one aspect of her (Changing her primary, making her immune to Proximity alarms and Banshees) would make her viable or even enjoyable to play, and I don't think Ubisoft intended for her to take gunfights head on.
I would probably guess they were trying to make an attacker version of Caveira, but her kit (Deagle, Grenades, being stopped by Banshees and Proximity Alarms) severely prohibits this.
My reason for this rework is that unlike Nokk, Caveira creates a lot of fear for attackers, especially in low ranks, because of her unpredictability and tendency to appear out of nowhere and punish uncoordinated teams. Hence the high ban rate for Caveira in low ranks. And this rework aims to bring Nokk to the same level of fear, catching negligent and intel reliant roamers off guard. This involves several changes and new abilities and for once, doesn't involve her changing primary weapons, as the FMG is really good and she takes close quarter fights anyway.

  • In addition to her curent ability, Nokk can hack up to three cameras (Default, Valkyrie and Mozzie drones), by pressing F while looking straight at the camera (Or shoot at it using a special gun maybe).The attackers won't be able to see through the cameras eyes, but the camera gets a permanent 'Nokk effect' and for all attackers, i.e. all attackers appear invisible to the camera, thus giving defenders a false sense of security. Sound made by attackers is also silenced on these cams.
  • While her ability is active, she is immune against Banshees and Proximity alarms, but not barbed wire. As she will be mainly suprising roamers anyway and it doesn't really make sense that she could counter barbed wire. This could incentivise placing barbed wire near roaming areas instead of objective doors as usual.
  • Her Deagle is replaced by a integrally silenced version of the P12, which would fit her playstyle.
  • Now this might not be the best change or may even be useless, but since grenades don't really fit her playstyle, they are removed. And she has a new secondary garget which is called decoy grenades, which upon throwing and activating, cloaks itself and emits gun firing noises and footsteps. If combined with the first change, roamers might try to go in person to try and flank as they don't have intel and they get pounced by Nokk. This could also be used to burn ADS or enter a room from one door while the defender is focused on the sounds coming from somewhere else.
Hopefully these changes can really make Nokk a nightmare for roamers and intel reliant teams. Some of these changes might not be needed or maybe even considered by some to be OP, but I'd like to hear some thoughts on this.
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2020.08.04 12:54 accoliuik Cam leora

(Exclusive) New details of George Floyd’s death revealed on leaked body-cam footage - BuzzFeedzz submitted by accoliuik to BuzzFeedzz [link] [comments]