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The Fox Sports broadcasts will likewise incorporate the feigned fan audio being played in the arena into the background of microphone clips from the gamers (like throughout pitches) and other in- video game audio, however it’ll enhance that live audio by itself end, too, comparable to how it’s been providing for MLS video games. Pizza Party was one of those games that a lot of people probably played, but in the grand scheme of things, didn't care for too much. It was originally released in the late 80s, but was played by 90s kids. It was a fairly rudimentary memory game for the younger generation of board game users, banking on the fact that kids love pizza but lacks any of depth of a better board game or the savory ... A courtside cam replicates what a fan would see from about 10 rows up in an arena while a new robotic below the rim camera covers action in the paint. A rail cam moves up and down the court and... The Fan Cams in the Background in the Arena I was telling my friend who doesn’t watch sports about how they’re simulating fans watching the game live by having people use their webcams at home while watching the game. The life of a sports fan is bittersweet. On one hand, your entire week can be ruined by a bad loss—precious few fans have the luxury of counting themselves among those devoted to a dynasty. Chronic alcohol consumption disrupts psychomotor and cognitive functions, most of which are subserved by the dysfunction of hippocampus. Dysregulated excitatory glutamatergic transmission is implicated in repeated alcohol induced psychomotor and cognitive impairment. Ginsenoside Rg1, one of the main active ingredient of the traditional tonic medicine Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer (Araliaceae), has ... BitGravity offers best of breed video delivery, video management, Web site acceleration, and live streaming products on the world's largest Tier 1 network. Greg Wolf - In-Game Host. Greg Wolf returns to the Lightning as our game-night emcee, his 10th season in the role. Greg's fun, energetic style anchors our in-stand promotions and on-ice activities. Arrowhead Stadium is home to the Kansas City Chiefs and Chiefs Kingdom. It is one of the most iconic stadiums in the NFL, and holds the world record for the loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium at 142.2 dbA. The necessary background information here, supplied by Wise, is the demographics of the WNBA fan base: Understood is that women's professional basketball has two major fan bases: dads and daughters, and lesbians.

2020.08.01 03:54 MountainDrew37 Cam dudes live

I was telling my friend who doesn’t watch sports about how they’re simulating fans watching the game live by having people use their webcams at home while watching the game.
His first question was “how many dicks have you seen so far?”
Well, I hadn’t seen any, fortunately, but it raised a great question.
How do they make sure no one whips out their dick on those fan cams while their image is live streaming in the arena?
Is there a team of people constantly monitoring all the feeds? Do they somehow vet the people they allow on there?
I feel like it’s asking for mayhem, I mean if people run on sport fields/courts naked on live TV you best believe some dude on be internet would whip his dick out on his webcam.
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2020.07.30 04:47 Littlegaming0 Live cam dudes

Ok so this is my first post I have ever made onto reddit and I wanted to start sharing my stories I have a lot to tell so yeah. Also this is really long so hope you have enough time to read this.
I have seen a lot of people do this so here is the cast.
Me - Me a 12 year old boy who has depression and has gone with it my whole life. Also this was about 2 years ago so I might be rusty about the story.
EM - Entitled Mom who looked like 40 maybe older Im not good at guessing peoples ages.
EK - Entitled Kid who looks about 9 or 10
P - Principal of the school I go to he is super nice to me and knew my channel.
F1, 2, and 3 - They are my freinds who I stream with and they are really nice people to me. F1 & F3 are guys and F2 is a girl.
C - My middle school crush. Also another person I stream with. No I didnt date her I was friend zoned but I did understand why she didnt want to date so no harm done.
Ok now some background info:
SO I have a channel for YT and Twitch but I dont think I am allowed to say it but I have a new one becuase I accidentally forgot my info for it so now I have a new one. Anyways It was a small channel and it had about 45 or 50 subs and follows and most of them were from my school. I loved what I do becuase I get to make other peoples lives better while mine was still miserable everyone knew it that watches my streams and was trying to help me. My community was awesome. Only thing though was I didnt have a face cam so I didnt show my face only my voice.
I kinda knew EK. He was in my class and had to move to a different class because his grades were getting low and the class was an advanced math class so he had to drop down to regular math. Yes I am a nerd for math. But not to big of one. Now we dont have any classes except for P.E which was at the end of the day.
We used to talk a little about homework and other stuff but most of the time I see him he just sits and copies down my homework. I didnt care becuase almost everyone came to ask for help. But one day things started to get weird.
One day I was walking down to the lunch area to eat with F1. F2 had to do something for his after school club.
Me - Wait what do you have to do?
F2 - I have to help decorate to try to invite people to our club tonight.
F1 - Ohh yeah for open house right?
F2 - yep thats why. Just leave without me Ill join you for math
Me - Ok cya
F2 starts walking the oppisite direction. As we start to meet up with F3 and C I see EK start to walk up to me. I didnt know why he did so I didnt wan to know only becuase I was hungry.
EK - Arnt you (Twitch name).
I only put that because reasons
Me - Yeah did you just find my channel?
EK - Yeah I did your streams are awesome.
F3 - Thanks for your support for his channel
EK - No problem. So I was wondering If I can put a video on your channel.
All of us were in shock when he said that. It felt like it came from an anime for some reason.
Me - Idk about that tho-
Ek - Ohh come on your channel is kinda big and I just stared. I want to show people my videos ok.
C - But its his channel he can do whatever he wants with it.
Me - C let me do this.
I gave her a smile while I gently push her away hoping she dosent fall. No it wasnt a full on slime it was more of a smirk. She knew what I was going to do. Usually when I give my friends a smile after I gently push them. It means I will either walk away and fake me falling. I am clumsy when I am hungry. Or start to talk to them about it I am good at getting deals and confrontation with people. So I go with talking about it.
Me - Ok so why do you want to put your video on my channel anyways?
Ek - Because I am a fan of your channel and you have already posted a fan video.
Me he was right but it was a parody of a fan video. It was just me with no mic.
Me - No I didnt It was me with no mic it even said in the description.
Ek - No it didnt
Me - Ok look Ill check out your YT and Ill see if its good for a video. Ill tell you during P.E.
EK - Ok. Me channel name is ( channel name )
We start walking towards our normal seats as I get my lunch out all my friends start to stare at me like I did something wrong. Except for C. She knew my plan. At least I think.
Me - What?
F3 - Ohh nothing. Besides you might putting his video on your channel
F1 - Yeah its your channel not his.
C - He knows what he is doing.
Me - Yeah lets just see his videos first ok
F1 and F3 - Ok
Everyone comes closer to see my computer to watch his videos. Yes we do have computers the school gave them to us. Our place had nobody near us so we didnt have to use headphones. We watch his videos and they were not good quality. The recording was probably on a phone he was carrying while playing a 1 had game. The game was lagging. His voice was to close to the phone. Finally he kept on dropping his phone about every 45 seconds. I definitely didnt want that on my channel and I decided to joke about putting on my channel
Me - Yep thats perfect for my channel guys.
C - Really!!
F1 - You must be joking
Me- Yeah I am. EK quality isnt good enough. I feel bad for him though.
F3 - Yep me to
F1 - Me to. Really quick I have to get something from my previous class guys.
F1 then leaves and we get back to our conversation.
Me - Ok so we can all agree that his videos shoudnt be in my channel right?
F3 and C agree with me and continue talking about either what we should do for a video idea and homework. F1 and F2 come back and we told F2 what happened. She even wanted to see the video for herself.
F2 - Yep I feel bad for EK.
Me - We all do.
F3 - Ok so we dont know what to tell EK.
Me - You mean what I have to tell him.
F3 - Yep
C - I can tell EK with you I have P.E with you.
Me - Ok thanks.
F1 - You should just tell him that they are no good for the channel.
F3 - Yeah say that
F2 - Maybe just go soft on him. Say you liked them but the only thing was that I didnt want other videos on them besides yours and you dont want to remake videos.
I looked at C and she was looking at video ideas for our group channel. The choice was mine I guess.
Me - Ok then lets do that.
The bell rings and we leave to our next class. Nothing special happened for 2 classes but me just thinking about what to tell EK still. The bell rings to go to our last class of the day. I start going to the gym and it was doge ball tournament day. Which is my favorite part of P.E. It was a tournament for the class and it took about a few days since the class is kinda big and there was 3 players in a team.We were picking teams and since C was the only person I knew in the class besides EK. I picked C and It was Me, C and someone else that we didnt know who to pick.
We asked our P.E teacher who we should pick and he picked someone at random which happens to be Ek. He was happy to be in my team since he was a fan on my channel. I didnt know what to say to him still. I was scared for some reason.
EK - Hey C and Me.
C - Hi so there is something we want to tell you about the videos.
Ek - Ok. You want to put them on your channel huh?
Me - Actually about that I dont want t-
Ek - But why I should have a video on your channel.
Me - Well its my channel sorry Ek.
Ek - Fine then have it your way.
He says in a mad tone. Now I am really scared of what will happen to me toight. I didnt know what will happen to me. Either I get forced to or nothing happens right?
P.E goes by fine nothing happens between me and EK. The tourny was round robin where we go against each team 2 times. He tried to throw most of the games but I clutched it for our team. I knew that he wanted to throw because he knows how much the tourny means to me. But I can deal with that.
Open house arrives and I go to my classes to show my parents my parents what I do on a regular basis. The Gym was open for anyone to do what they want. There was some activities for everyone to try. It was the end of the tour and my parents wanted to go eat while I wasnt hungry at all because I had some food before. They said they will go home to eat and my sister wanted to go home early and let me stay here with my friends for a little. I was ok with that. We went to the park afterwards across from my school and went to play around a little. We were having fun until Ek and his mom shows up. The conversation goes as follows.
EM - Are you (channel name)
Ek - Dad he is im telling you.
Me - Yes I am are you also a fan?
EM - I am a fan. Of nothing about you.
F2, and F3 start to clap for the roast. I heard better though.
Me - Ok but why?
EM - You didnt let my son in your channel.
Me - Ok and? Its my channel I can do what I want with it.
EM- Dont give me that attitude.
C - He isnt giving attitude he is saying the truth.
I thought this was the time to record the audio on my phone. F1 saw what I was doing and recorded what was happening.
Ek - But I am a fan I deserve your channel. Me is depressed he is going to die I should have it before he does.
Ok so you know how I said I heard better. Wellllll That went way to far. I even started to cry a little for that. F2 and F3 started to try to comfort me while F1 and C tried to make things better between them.
F2 - Dude thats so not right to say that. I wanna slap you for that.
EM - Dont threaten my angel. He is telling the truth.
Me - That dosent mean hurting a depressed persons feelings.
As I say while still crying.
EM - I dont care if you have depression my son deserves to have your twitch and youtube becuase you didnt want his video in your youtube channel.
C - Just because he is a fan dosent mean he can do what he wants with the channel.
EM - Yes it does.
F2 - Leave him alone he didnt do anyt-
EM - (starts to sceam at her) Yes he did. He didnt let my angel put a video on his channel so now he gets to do what he wants with that channel now.
Ok not going to lie but F2 is so good at fake crying that nobody can never know if she is actually crying or not. Only C can figure out when she does. EM is still screaming at us while F2 and F3 is yelling back at her. I think she also slapped some of my friends as well It was starting to turn into a blur. Like I said before my memory is rusty of this event.
EK - Give me the channel.
C - No he will not ok.
I tell F1 to stop recording I have a plan. He stops the recording.
I say at the top of m lungs. I think the people at the school heard me.
Me - Ill give you the stuff tomorrow ok. I forgot the stuff and I dont have the card for my stuff on me right now ok.
C - Dont give in he should lea-
EM - Shut up.
Me - Now leave us alone right now ok if I dont give it to you before 1st period then you can tell the principal whatever you want ok.
EK - Fair.
Me - Now leave me and my friends alone ok.
EM - Ok fine
The leave to go home and I start to get better.
F2 - What was that about.
F1 - You gave your hard working stuff over him.
Me - No of course I didnt. I am not giving it to him. Its all part of my master plan.
As I show them what I recorded. F3 did the same as well. They were in shock when they saw this. We went back to the school to try and find the principal this. We found him in his office.
P - What brings you here at this time.
Me - Welll kinda long story.
We explained what happened. He was so mad. Like I said we were friends and he was a small fan of my streams. It feels weird to find out your channel is found by a staff member in your school
P - Well Im glad you told me this tomorrow we will confront them.
Me - Also can I ask you a favor.
P - Sure what is it.
I tell him the favor and then we head off. What its the best thing I have ever made to get revenge. I dont want to spoil it yet just wait. Also I feel like this should also go to a revenge Reddit or something like that.
So next day all of us told him that I forgot my paper and told him sorry about that.
Ek - Ohhh you will be sorry now.
Me - Good thing I brought this reverse card though.
I say in in a whisper so he dosent hear. We laugh when he leaves. Never mess with me for a small thing and make it into a big deal. I love revenge. Like my rules for toxicity. Only be toxic if they are toxic first. I love it when I do that. Or should I say when we do that.
Now first period came in and all 5 of us came to the office acting like we didnt know whats happening. now this is where our fun begins.
EM - It was these 5!
She says it while crying. I can see Ek crying as well.
P - Really? SO all 5 of you explain why you bullied this kid yesterday at the park.
Me - Well you see-
C - Wait I wanna hear EM and Ek story first.
EM and EK start to tell us that we bullied him because he didnt want to give us his channel that was so famous and started to beat him up and throw him around in the mud yesterday.
F3 - Ok so first of all I wanna say that that is all true. But I believe that we also took his bag from him as well right?
EM - Yes they did we had to buy him a new one.
P - Then why is your bag the same one as yesterday and with all your stuff with you?
EM was in shock. I think your seeing what the favor is huh. If you do then Your welcome for an Idea for a revenge plan. If you dont know then here is whats happening. I told P to act like we didnt see him at all yesterday about this and act like we would be in trouble at first then get to our side after all our explaining. Anything we say that is helping them will be a lie. I know smart huh.
EM - Well they took his bag only.
Me - Sure we did. And I have the footage right here.
I show them footage of what happened yesterday and the audio recording. Im telling you Their faces Were the best thing I have ever seen for a reaction. It was amazing to see that when you get revenge huh.
P - Ok I have seen enough. Thanks for your time kids now you may go back to class.
We start to leave and when we get out of the building we started cracking up so much for that. We had the best time for toxicity or revenge that day and thats when I never saw Ek ever again. But I did see him in my chat and channel so I just blocked him on everything. He never saw my stuff again I dont think. It was awesome. Now I dont think I forgot my stuff and I lost my card in the trash so I dont know if he knows that my current channel is even mine. But as all things go sometimes revenge is the best thing to do if its against a EM. If they are not a EM then maybe its only fun a little.
ANYWAYS if your Ek and you see this miraculously . Im not sorry for what happened to you. Just dont mess with me for something small then make it a big deal. And also dont ever force someone to give you their hard earned stuff because you want it ok dude. Grow up and mature faster. And tell that to your mother. I dont miss you at all dude. I bet he will look at my user and go to twitch and find me.
Also if you want to find my yt and/or twtich DM me. Also if Redditor allows me Ill edit all (channel names) to my current twitch. This wasnt supposed to be about me sponsoring my stuff dont worry.
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2020.07.29 20:41 080128 Dudes cam live

Does anyone know the season and episode name or number to this episode where Cam and Mitch throw a house party and Mitch decides to let loose and he chugs and glass of red wine (making a hilarious face) and wakes up the next day and realized he made all these mistakes I think including telling some dude he could live with them????
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2020.07.22 16:24 NocolorRose Why tf is Kids Chat still a thing

So I recently watched Nexpo's video on the subject and decided to try baiting. I posed as a 13 year old girl and entered the main chat and within 5 minutes, i get 6 DM's. Four of them were normal or at least looked normal although i'm now pretty sure they're potential pedos. The 2 other DM's shocked me ; one of them told me "i'm 45 years old, want to chat with me on cam?" and tried to pull out my location somehow but luckily i was usin VPN, he sent me this message "so where do you live in Atlanta?". But that's nothing before the last DM. THIS DUDE left me infuriated on how i couldn't do anything to stop him, all of the other dm's started with a simple 'hi' but this is what this dude sent " hi, i can show you lots of child prn videos at the same time as you let me see you on camera" I didn't know what to do so i went along and said "i'm 13" and he replied "perfect" and started sending links that i didn't go through because they would either contain porn or phishing. Then gave me a cam chatting website. At that time i didn't know what to do so i took screenshots as proof and reported his messages . A minute later i get another DM sayin "sry i was banned, anyway want to chat" and resent me the link. Such a website where you can just enter as guest within less than a minute is unforgivable. I'm extremely angry rn because i couldn't do anything to stop a sick person like that. I went to and reported everything but this all has been done before and no action whatsoever was taken against the website.
I'm still pretty shocked and feel guilty so please anybody tell me what to do when presented with a situation like this in order to stop these sick people camping through this website and others. I mean isn't there anything else I can do to find these pedos or to bring down the website somehow?
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2020.07.20 10:48 Denycar Live cam dudes

Hi friends, In for a bit of a read? I'm in a bit of a pickle, half of it I think is just me in my own head... but here's my story. I met my best friend about 13 years ago during high school, he and I became best friends about 2 years after we met so I would have been about 16 at the time. I wasn't openly bi/gay back then but people assumed. One of the reasons why I didn't come out was because I was so comfortable being myself around the people that I cared about that I didn't feel the need to... I felt they got who I was with me just being me, my best friend was one of those people. In college we had a very open and very platonic relationship, and it wasn't until someone had pointed it out (or rather made the assumption that we were dating) that I started to feel weird. He had girlfriends all through high school, and long term ones even after high school finished, longest being 2-3 years. None of his girlfriends liked me, because he liked to spend a lot of time at mine... although we'd never do anything, I think our closeness made them envious in a way. So a few years through college, one night we thought we'd go on some cam site because we had a mutual friend who worked as a cam girl, one thing lead to another and we're partaking in oral sex, nothing more than that. At the time I thought to myself 'some straight dudes do this, its normal, we'll just carry on like nothing happened.' And so we did, for another 5 years. During those 5 years I'd find myself falling in and out of love with him, one because I knew he couldn't love me the way I wanted him to, and two because he was a little fuckboy. I'm 27 now, and we've lived in different cities ever since we left high school, but we've always found a way to see each other often enough, even if its gaming together or just drinking over FaceTime. But 3 weeks ago he decided to move in with me (I live with my sister), he was over the life he was living and wanted to come back home. At the time of him moving in I thought 'cool i get to live with my best mate, finally!' All until last Thursday night, we shared a drink and ended up in bed together... what changes the tone of my story now and what now has me confused and questioning, was that he wanted to be the little spoon, and he wanted me to top him, and he requested it with this enthusiasm that I had to stop and ask again if that's what he really wanted. The few days following that were fine, we just went about our normal everyday, but I've been thinking about that night a lot and now I'm starting to wonder, could he love me the way I want him to after all? If he was willing to submit himself to me does that not mean he should have the capacity to have actual romantic feelings for me? Because I never thought he could or would. But now that I have these thoughts, I don't know how to approach it... I'm acting unnaturally weird around him and am trying my best to make sense of this whole situation. Should I carry on like nothing happened or could this be the start of something? I've always loved him, I just never thought he'd love me the same way until that night.
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2020.07.19 16:16 puddleofaids- Live cam dudes

This past two weeks have been an absolute nightmare if you play warzone and live in an Asian country, but these last two days have been something else. We played like 12 hours in total between the last two days and literally every game we have been killed by a blatant cheater. Not even just suspect; just full on walls and aimbot.
Its so infuriating ang demoralizing to get killed by a cheater using a no optic kar98 just sitting on a rooftop headshotting anyone that leaves cover. There are literally dozens of cheaters in a aingle lobby so even if you manage to steamroll a cheater by pushing him 3v1 there are likely a bunch more still running around in the game you are currently in. Most infuriating one was a team sitting on the edge of the map avoiding fights all together, but when we pushed them they were unsurprisingly cheating(i assume cheaters getting tired of getting killed by cheaters) Asian server is so freakin bad right now honestly, its just as bad as when the game was new if not even worse.
If youre from Asia and are experiencing the same thing please voice your complaints and for the love of good stop buying dlc or any other shit till they fix their anti cheat. Cam you imagine playing for 6 hours and not dying once to a legit player? I am not exaggerating! Literally every game my dudes. Please make some noise about this. I know i dont have a funny witty OP and i didn't provide a meme montage to help with gaining traction, but if you are affected by cheaters in any way please consider making a fuss about this.
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2020.07.18 14:24 kinkycris96 Live cam dudes

I’m in love with a dude that I met while camming who lives 1000 miles away with a girlfriend he’s been with for 10 years but it’s super complicated and all I want to do is talk about it but I don’t want judgement, I just want someone to see it from my perspective. I’m hoping this is a good place for that?
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2020.07.18 11:20 Screamingtennisball Live cam dudes

TL;DR: neighbors take 40 ft of land, block county road, overhunt property and kill for sport, steal, send warning shots when approaching fence, shoot facing a trailer park and may have caused a radio towers lights to go out.
Okay, so, my mother recently married this dude SD (stepdad) who spoils my mom (M). He traded his inherited warehouse (that he was living in at the time) for 100 acres of land literally right across from the high school me (me of course) and my twin sister (TS) go to. They planned to sell off a few acres to have the money to build there own house customized to everyones interests and needs. TS and i would have our own bathrooms, there would be a huge gamkng room jn the basement (my entire family are gamers; my mother is a Zelda nerd :3)
Well, besides 1 road that was blocked (important in a minute) the place was landlocked. No clear way to access it. We had payed to put a poorly done road to the property through the trailer park. We planned to use the nice paved road that was blocked, but it was blocked by a guy who lived in a house right next to the road. He had set up a little metal shop right on the road and was using said road as his driveway. M and SD explained that they bought some land and they were blocking the road to it (note that we didnt talk to homeowner (HO) himself; talked to maybe his wife or daughter or something). Well upon closer examination, he was also stealing 40 ft of our land. Which doesnt sound like a big deal but this guy has a junkyard for a backyard. Cars everywhere.
And even CLOSER examination (all you animal lovers and hunters are gonna hate this one) they has cut the fence leading into our property and have been over hunting the deer there. They had deer cams set up, trash and litter scattered out, beer bottles all over the place, a watering thing for deer, etc. But they werent killing for food or furs, it was sport. They would shoot the deer and leave it there to rot. We mustve found 4 deer carcasses just lying around. No, it was not coyotes nor bobcats, cause they would have eaten the deer. The deer we found were not eaten. Still covered in hair and half skeletons. Well we were angry. Killing for no reason (it seemed) which was driving deer away, Over hunting, stealing 40 ft of land, blocking the road (which turned out to be a county road; he had ~6 weeks to move his shit before he would get arrested).
But it doesnt end there! One day when working to clear some mesquite trees, i got flipped around so i walked up to the fence to figure out where the road was and what direction i was facing. I come bouncing back to mom, and BOOM! A gunshot. We look back to the fence and sure enough home owners kids (home owners son; HOS1 and HOS2) were sending off warning shots. We were pissed but kinda laughed cause we knew if we caught them on our property we could shoot, with it being private property. We planned to put signs around saying tresspassers will be shot.
So its quiet for a time, we clear some land for the house, and M and SD often left all our tools and stuff there. Well we get to the property to clear some trees snd we notice thst we are missing some of our gloves. Then we noticed some neon green string that was marking out where our driveway/road through the property would be, was cut. Sliced up into bits. HOS1 and HOS2 had snuck onto the property, sliced our string and stole 1 pair of glove from each set we had. Just because we took away there hunting spot and we made them move their stuff.
Feel like i should also mention these dickbags shoot facing our property and facing a trailer park. If theyre not careful they could shot someone living in the park or one of us. There is also a radio tower right across the road we made from our property. One day the lights went out. Previous day the neighbors were shooting facing the tower. We think they shot it and broke something. Note: these towers need lights so planes dont crash into them. Neighbors could have actually killed either a) one of us on our property b) someone living in the park or c) a pilot or anyone on a plane that happened to be flying near the tower. There is an airport pretty close by so planes can fly kinda low sometimes around the area.
I havent actually heard any updates as im staying with my dad for the whole summer 3 states away from my mom, and she hasnt told me any news. We still haven't met HO in person, only his kids. But we can tell HO is a respectful guy; just his kids arent.
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2020.07.10 04:09 speeddown007 Live cam dudes

Okay so if you read my last story post you know what this is going to be about but its entirly different beast altogether.
At this point I've been back in my hometown for a few months, focused on work and doing well. I'm.doing meth amp but I'm the type of guy who uses it as an Adderall replacement. I avoid smoking because I can't work like that, try writing software while tweaked out, fucking impossible or maybe youll write the greatest sorting algorithm ever, who knows. But snorting it at controlled dosages I can maintain and thrive. I'm like a super programmer. I'm showing up people at work, even my superiors are coming to me for advice because I'm capable of researching and becoming the best developer I can be. I'm really good too, in interviews I generally am more technically proficient than my interviewers. But anyway here we go.
I'm doing meth amp and meeting people. First girl I met destroyed my world completely. Any time I slipped up and left something open, she would get something from it. But she was super good at never being able to pin it on her. Somehow, we still had fun together because I've always been that type and I was doing so well financially that it really didn't affect me if she managed to get a 100 bucks from me somehow.
Eventually I got sick of it and the game we were playing because it became this weird Tom and Jerry kind of thing where we would both try to out fox each other. We came close to being intimate a bunch but just never worked out. Anyway I wrote her off.
Then, I randomly met a girl on Favebook due to a case of mistaken identity. We're talking and it comes out that we both use substances casually, meth amp being one. We both only snort it but I always hav lot of it on hand at least a ball. So we agree to meet up and have a date. The girl gets to my place and we hit it off. Nothing hook up like but just a lot of good talks and relating.
We're going hard on the shit and doing rail after rail. She begins drawing these amazingly detailed and surreal pieces of art. She does this with sharpies only and it's the only art that I've ever had an reaction to like that.
We connect on music in a big way, I play some guitar just fucking around and she says she glad I didn't try to seranade her.
So this is the story she provides about who she is. She had a super fuxked up child hood. Apparently, her moms method of dealing with mental issues was to doctor shop until they had what they needed. Her mom prescription for her was to basically loud her up with infinite bars and lithium. She relates to me that her later teen age years were lost to her. She never knew if she was awake or not and would hallucinate when awake. This went on for years until she had a break through and moved away to where I live though I wouldnt run into her for many years.
She tells me that she met a guy and basically fell into the stay at home mom deal until something happened. She discovered her husband was meeting dudes for sex when off on business and at home through his phone
After that, maybe it broke her but she decided to live a completely different lifestyle. She valued being independent and being ng able to take care of shit on her own however she had to do it.
She tells me she's like a high profile cam girl on my free cams. Which is kinda rubbing me weird but shes a single mom with full custody, u get it At least she's not banging the dudes right?
So we have a great fucking night and she reveals her soul but not everything. I'm enraptured, this is the most interesting person I've ever met. She's super fucking confident, sharp and funny as fuck.
Were both spun and she just attacks me and we have great fucking sex. She mentions my package is fucking perfect and hit her in the best spot.
We spend the next day together at her place, listening to music. We fall asleep with a mix of Billie eiliish songs.
I need to go onto a little tangent about Billie. I know her brother helped her write alot of stuff and I feel like she might have been too young for the subject matter on her early albums. Now, by this I mean, I think a lot of the deeper songs are not her words, but her interpreting her brothers words. In fact, I think he was in the meth amp world. The song "when the parties over" I think is being sung from the point of an escort. Her song "xanny" I think is someone starting to hang out with meth amp users and they keep offering her xannys because that's how they get right. There's more but this is a tangent. " In any case, me and the girl let's call her Kendra, we both are feeling this reflection o the music and it's eerily matching up to the relation ship.
See one time we were laying together and she mentioned that if some dude wanted to give her 50 bucks to slap her ass that she'd do that all damn day. I was kinda weird out by this and expressed it the her. So another day . We fuck again an she tells me that no one has given her oral as good as I have except one chick but I'm definitely up there and best among dudes. At the end of sex she says she loves me and maybe we can help each other out.
So one night she's supposed to come over but she's gotta do some stuff first. There's a party that she's catering at. Well this party goes on for a while and when she gets back it's late and I'm feeling skeptical. In the back of my head I'm wondering if maybe she and her friend were actually the "desert" of the party.
Basically shes releasing these clues that are leading me to believe that she's probably an escort. I think she came to my place to take advantage but we clicked too hard and she caught feelings.
I realize this and when I bring it up she loses her shit, essentially saying that " if my opinion of her has changed, I can get the fuck out".
I'm not really cool with this but I find her super fucking interesting so I'm kinda trying to show her a good life but I'm quickly discovering that she doesn't feel a need to change because she's fucking awesome, and she is.
Some wealthy douchebag invites her to go spend time in Australia, he owns a private island. I meet her kids and dad and mom.
This doesn't sit well with me at all but she goes anyway. I get a call from her from the airport and before she's about to board and she balling her eyes out and all she can say is that she's sorry.
I can't really describe the dynamic like should but it felt super hot and cold. Like she knew she would have to relinquish her knew found personal strenth and independence but wasn't really ready to do that.
I moved to Texas and she's from there, she's there for a funeral and invited me out. We have some drinks then do some shit in her car.
She tells me she kinda wants me to eat her pussy again but we get sidetracked. We eat a bunch of bars after hanging with her mom and that's it.
Mostly, I'm just curious if there's anything I could have done. It seems like she was on the fence but maybe that was in my.head. she now completely hates me for some reason. I dunno.
She used to say that she loved being with me because I didn't judge her at all. I tried to be okay with it but the Australia trip was too much
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