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Emerald Cay is a perfect balance of space, silence and privacy resulting in a living experience at an unsurpassed level of luxury. According to TCI news stories, the Emerald Cay Private Island Estate was sold for $19.5 million USD on October 22, 2012 with the purchaser paying a further 9% stamp duty on the real estate purchase price; bringing ... Directed by Jamie Mitchell, Larry Leichliter. With Ariel Winter, Wayne Brady, Darcy Rose Byrnes, Zach Callison. Sofia and her family must figure out which of two mysterious visitors is a real princess. Function Keys, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12. Every one of us has seen these 12 function keys on the Keyboard. But how many of us used these keys to have our jobs performed easier? These function keys perform different functions in different applications and programs. Taking a few steps forward, Esmerelda stopped and swung back around to retrieve the emerald key from the lock made of stone and placed it back in her trusty pocket with a light tap. Walking towards their exit, once again, the two women moved together both looking forward to the comfort of returning home. [FN] The Emerald Key. August 4, 2020 admin Home, Weird 0. There once was a family who lived out of town. Living in small cottages spread out across their expansive acres, life was good. The land had many barns and numerous crops until, eventually, their little farm became completely self-reliant. And over time, there became fewer and fewer ... Pressing the fn button with the F keys will typically enable them to work. These 11 other keyboard shortcuts will make your life easier, too. Here’s the answer to the mystery of those function keys. Sofia The First - The Emerald Key - Official Disney Junior UK HD - YouTube. fun for all. 6:25. Sofia The First - Keys to the Castle. Logoyebun. 7:28. Sofia The First: Keys to the Castle / София Прекрасная: Ключи от Замка ... For the Fn key and the function key to work, it must be supported by the computer and device. For example, pressing the Fn key and the brightness key increases the brightness on the laptop screen and not an external monitor connected to a laptop. The same goes for special functions, such as opening a browser window, printer, and audio controls. ... As the tide comes in, Sofia notices a shiny key washed up on shore. What is this key and who does it belong to? Available on Disney+ Want more updates and exclusive goodies? Like our Facebook page ... "The Emerald Key" is the thirty-ninth episode of the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First. It premiered on October 11, 2014, and is the fourteenth episode of the second season. On a ship sailing across the sea on a stormy night, a cloaked woman heads to the stern and opens a small container and finds a glowing key she plans to use to take over the Kingdom of Hakalo. A young girl ...

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There once was a family who lived out of town. Living in small cottages spread out across their expansive acres, life was good. The land had many barns and numerous crops until, eventually, their little farm became completely self-reliant. And over time, there became fewer and fewer reasons to leave their humble sanctuary. The family had a matriarch and everyone called her Mama or Grandmama. She and her newlywed husband had settled this land with their own two hands many decades before and had seamlessly created the foundation to their family’s success.
Many families lived on the land, comfy and cozy in their small cottages, as Grandmama had many children and so did those children. Because of this, there were always kids running about and strong hands willing to help. Grandmama had an abundance of grandchildren, most of them blood but, some “adopted.” Kids and teens Grandmama had taken in were always to be considered family as they were also always expected to share the work. However, it was several years before Grandmama received the gift of her first granddaughter, Esmerelda. Grandmama had many grandsons by that time but, Esmerelda was always said to be her special angel.
Now on the family’s land, there were many activities to do and lots of things to learn. Grandmama shared all that she knew with her grandchildren as she had done with her own kids. These things included cooking, gardening, storytelling, and plenty of laughter. For Esmerelda, however, Grandmama gave the gift of endless wisdom. You see, Esmerelda had always spent a lot of time with Grandmama. Ever since she was a little girl, Esmerelda would sprint to Grandmama’s centrally located cottage as soon as she had completed the chores at her own dwelling. When Grandmama taught Esmerelda how to cook, she showed her how to make something with what appeared to be nothing. If something had broken, Grandmama would show Esmerelda how to fix it with some ingenuity and elbow grease.
But Esmerelda’s most treasured time with her grandmother was in the small library Grandmama had created over the years in her very own home. The two would spend hours together reading text after text. Both Grandmama and Esmerelda loved many forms of the written word such as science fiction, history, and even poetry. But their favorite genre, above all else, was mystery. Grandmama would often quiz Esmerelda about the clues being presented throughout the story. She taught Esmerelda that often, more than not, some clues will not be so obvious and therefore making connections will require careful thought. Esmerelda would have had no way of knowing how valuable this lesson would truly become.
On a warm, sunny morning, Esmerelda had finished her usual chores and was given permission to play for the remainder of the day. Naturally Esmerelda made a beeline for Grandmama’s house, as was her routine, before spending the rest of the day playing outside with her cousins. Only, today was different. There were many family members gathered outside Grandmama’s cottage. Esmerelda immediately thought the worst and sprinted faster towards the crowd. After reaching them, she made her way through the legs of her aunts, uncles, and cousins until she emerged into the small home. To her relief, Grandmama was not inside ill, or worse. In fact, Grandmama was not there at all. As she began listening to the whispers from the relatives around her, Esmerelda began to learn the reason behind all the commotion.
The eldest of Grandmama’s grandchildren had come to her cottage early in the morning to offer some fresh milk for the day. When Grandmama did not answer his call, the young man had let himself inside only to find the place in complete disarray so he immediately ran back home to alert his parents. Once the alert had been spread throughout the small community, the entire family was covering ground in a massive, familial search party. There was a lot of land but, there were also a lot of them. If Grandmama was stuck or injured on this property, they would be sure to find her. However, time passed on and the sky began to grow pink with the setting sun but still no sign of Grandmama.
Soon it was well into the night, and the search party had retired after a large, impromptu family supper. Many were silent, some quietly sobbing but, all were somber, especially Esmerelda. That night Esmerelda laid in bed wide awake feeling restless as her family slept. Finally, she gave up on sleep and quietly got dressed, padded through her house, and slipped out the front door. Into the night, Esmerelda ran to the home of her beloved Grandmama, as she had done so many times before. With a calm determination she crept inside and closed the door behind her. And, with only a candle’s flame to light the way, Esmerelda began her search.
From all the mystery novels they had read together, Esmerelda knew that there would have to be some kind of clue but, as Grandmama had warned, some clues are not so obvious. After looking through the kitchen and small sitting room, she made her way to Grandmama’s bedroom. Everything was neat and orderly, as usual. Esmerelda was looking through the boudoir when she attempted to open a drawer that seemed to be jammed but, not locked. Esmerelda immediately found this odd and quietly rattled the drawer. Grandmama was meticulous about her house and if something was out of place, she was sure to correct it. Esmerelda stuck her fingers through the small crevice in an attempt to dislodge whatever was preventing the drawer from fully opening. But instead of some obtruding object, Esmerelda found a small latch which she was able to unhook with her finger and easily glided the drawer open.
Esmerelda’s eyes widened when they looked upon the precious gem before her. The stone was small in size but sparkled like dew drops in the morning sun. Only this sparkled a rich green and was more beautiful than anything she had ever seen. Turning it over in her hands, Esmerelda examined the majestic rock for some time before setting it gently on the table in order to see if there were any other contents left in the drawer. Sure enough, there was a note, written on paper almost the same size as the stone. Esmerelda unfolded the scrap of paper and read three simple sentences, penned in Grandmama’s handwriting; “Well done, my angel. Take the stone to Grandpapa’s final home. He will show you what to do next.”
With the sun cresting the hills, preparing for the dawn, Esmerelda made a dash through the small cottages and quiet barns until she reached the family burial ground located in the southern corner of the property. Grandpapa had died only a year before and she would often visit him here at the place Grandmama had called his “final home.” Stopping at the gates of the shaded area, she looked back at home behind her. Some small part of her felt frightened. Afraid of taking this path alone. For a moment she wanted nothing more than to run back to the safety of home and share the responsibility with her family. But the feeling subsided as a fire burned in her chest. She was the only one that could do this. Grandmama believed in her implicitly and there was no way Esmerelda would let her down.
Through the iron gate she went and into the family cemetery. Only a few tombstones speckled the plotted area making the mausoleum, built up against stone and earth, appear like a towering castle in the wild woods that surrounded it. Esmerelda walked through the iron door of the cobblestone building, approached the wall crypt, and read the inscription, “Love knows no bounds.” Grandmama and she had been here many times during this last year. Grandmama lost a spark in her eye the day he was taken but, she really never let any suffering show to the loved ones that still remained here on earth. Esmerelda reviewed the artwork embossed in stone around Grandpapa’s tomb. Most of the carvings appeared like angels hovering around the grave. At the very bottom she noticed a small cavernous hole just at the fingertips of one of the angels. Gently probing the small gap with her fingers, Esmerelda could feel small grooves that indicated something fit here, like a key. At this thought Esmerelda pulled the mysterious green stone from her pocket and placed it in the hole. Nothing happened. Feeling rather disappointed, Esmerelda went to pull it out but, accidentally pushed it, locking the jewel into place.
Almost instantly, a rock wall lowered into the ground on the side of the inscription. Esmerelda peered down in to the cavern to find a tunnel but, this was no ordinary tunnel. It appeared to be a slide and looked to be made of earth and stone. Triumphant with discovery, Esmerelda removed a candle vigil off the tray next to the hole and perched herself atop it, ready for the ride of her life. And just before she propelled herself into the inky black abyss, Esmerelda reached down and swiped the precious gem which had proven far more helpful than anticipated. As she soared through the loop, bits of light began to appear and soon Esmerelda was alight with every color imaginable. It was a kaleidoscope of rock and mineral radiating the most beautiful colors she had ever seen. But after some time, the tunnel grew dark again and Esmerelda held her stone close as she sped on. All that once, a bright light burned her eyes forcing them shut and, in that moment, Esmerelda felt herself catapulted into the air as if the world had just vanished around her. However, this was not the case and with a large thump, Esmerelda hit the ground and skidded through the grass losing her tray in the process.
Opening her eyes while gasping for air, Esmerelda looked around at the surroundings she had been thrown into. After several deep breaths, she finally regained her barring’s and was able to stand on both feet, albeit a bit wobbly. She checked for the stone and found that she had managed to hold on to it, opting to let go of the tray instead. Once again surveying her this foreign place, Esmerelda found that she was surrounded by green rolling hills and the shining sun, which in fact felt warmer than she had ever known it to be. Knowing that behind her would only lead her back, she went forward towards the bright sun. As she marched along the grassy landscape, the sun’s rays continued to warm her, reaching all the way through to her bones.
Soon the warmth found its way up and into her head, causing her to slow and smile amusingly to herself. This feeling was very new and quite intoxicating, something she had only read about in books. Esmerelda felt so calm and relaxed, her pace began to slow as her mind and body began to crave sleep, the wind creating a soothing lullaby for the soft grass to move with. Stopping, Esmerelda dropped to her knees, and prepared to lay where she stood to enjoy blissful rest. But before she could, a sharp voice sang in her ear, “No! Do not sleep, my angel. You must keep going. Follow the sun and sing your favorite song.” These were words initiated a snap in her dreary mind and she suddenly awoke from the dream state she had been in. Unable to fully understand the event that had just occurred, Esmerelda began to sing her favorite song and made a beeline for the sun, just as the concerned source had instructed. Although she had not recognized the voice, something about it felt more than familiar.
Just as she finished her third repetition of this favorite tune, Esmerelda noticed the hills break, revealing a sight she had never seen. Although she knew of its majesty through the books she read, Esmerelda was utterly unprepared for the beauty and vastness that was the ocean. Walking ever closer to a rocky cliff, Esmerelda felt her hair dance around with the wind which smelled like brine. Soon, she approached the cliff’s edge and peered down into chasm below. The waves crashed furiously against the rock walls underneath and the sounds erupted like thunder in her hears. After so many moments, Esmerelda realized she had become entranced by the song of the sea. Remembering the perilous voyage, she had only just embarked on, brought Esmerelda back to her present circumstance. Where was she to go now? The path had led her directly to this point which, she concluded, meant that she needed to go down.
As she carefully followed the cliffs edge, Esmerelda looked for any indication as to where she would need to go and, after a few minutes, she spotted it. The clue was incredibly subtle. And almost appeared to have been carved out by erosion but, Esmerelda recognized the crude carving of an angel to be similar to the one on Grandpapa’s crypt. Directly below the point where she had arrived, at the edge of the cliff, was a stone archway which revealed a hidden cavern. With smoldering determination, Esmerelda began the climb down towards the cave’s entry. A couple times she felt a foot slip and a cluster of rocks sprayed out from underneath her but, fortunately, Esmerelda was no stranger to treacherous climbs. As the first granddaughter in her family, she spent many days running, jumping, and climbing the family land with her male cousins and was fairly confident in her skills at this point.
After several feet of climbing downward, Esmerelda came to a plateau and took a moment to look around until she sees the archway. Just as she had noticed from above; the archway had a similar carving to the ones from home and so Esmerelda boldly walked through the stony threshold without a second thought. Instantly, she felt the temperature drop as she walked forward into the darkened cave. As she continued on, a small, warm light caught her attention and she followed the path that visibly lead towards it. After passing through another entryway, the warm light was glowing and seemed to sparkle like water in the sun. And then she heard something. A voice, soft and strong, humming the tune that had gotten her through the sunny hills she had come from. Rounding a corner to face the bright lights, Esmerelda found the source of the song. A woman, tall and slender but, powerful in stature, was sitting in an alcove surrounded by rays of green light which appeared to be keeping her captive her like a mystical prison cell.
“Hello?” Esmerelda whispered timidly to the striking woman. In an instant, the woman stopped singing and opened her sealed eyes to see Esmerelda peering at her through the glowing bars. “My angel, you found me” the woman said with a warm smile. Esmerelda, struggling to make sense of the situation, moved closer and spoke so quietly she hadn’t even heard the words herself, “Grandmama, is that you?” Nodding her head with an all-knowing smile, the statuesque figure approached the boundary between them. “Yes, my angel. There will be plenty of time for Grandmama to explain but, for now, we must complete the ending of this story.” Still in bewilderment, Esmerelda nodded slowly which rapidly became quicker as she realized what Grandmama meant. It was time to rescue her and get out of that place as soon as possible.
“Where is the stone, my angel?” With instant recognition, Esmerelda pulled the precious green rock out of her pocket and held it out in the palm of her hand. Grandmama started, “This is an Emerald stone, the very thing you were named after. These stones are precious all on their own but, in our family? They are exquisite.” Esmerelda glanced down at the jewel and felt like she was truly seeing it for the first time. Grandmama continued, “Look for the carvings that led you here. You will find the lock that fits your key, just as it had with Grandpapa.” Just as soon as she processed the information given to her, Esmerelda furtively began searching for the angel with an outstretched hand. And there it was, hidden below a large patch of stalagmites that protruded underneath the alcove. Esmerelda place the emerald into the cavity and gently turned it until she heard a light “click.”
The glowing bars that barricaded the alcove softly buzzed then extinguished like a blown-out candle. Grandmama stepped over and out of the area where she had been imprisoned and swooped Esmerelda into an all-consuming hug. Esmerelda held on tight to the woman who, although looked nothing like her in appearance, embodied Grandmama, from the way she spoke to her warm embrace. Finally letting go of one another, they set off in the direction Esmerelda had come from. Taking a few steps forward, Esmerelda stopped and swung back around to retrieve the emerald key from the lock made of stone and placed it back in her trusty pocket with a light tap. Walking towards their exit, once again, the two women moved together both looking forward to the comfort of returning home.
However, these thoughts were short lived, as the archway from which Esmerelda had originally come through was filled with a hard, black mass of rock. “Obsidian.” Grandmama muttered under breath. In an instant, the cave around them began to rumble and shake but, almost as soon as it started, it had stopped. “And where do you think you’re off to, Breena?” a calm but, curt voice rang out through the caverns causing more tremors to rumble around them. Both Esmerelda and Grandmama turned with their backs to the obtrusive, rock wall that was preventing them from fleeing. Before her, Esmerelda could see a tall, slender man with hair as long as hers. His features were well defined and his smile was wolfish. “I am leaving with my granddaughter and you will not stop me, Aiden.” Grandmama said stoically.
“No, you’re right, Breena. I will not stop you from leaving with your granddaughter. In fact, I think leaving this dank and dreadful place is a wonderful idea and we will all leave here…together” he coyly proclaimed. Grandmama swiftly stood in front of Esmerelda when he took a few steps towards them. “No, Aiden. We are not going with you. I will not return to the Hill and neither will she.” Aiden barked a laugh before spitting out, “Oh Breena, you haven’t changed one bit after all these years. You see, I’m already receiving a hefty bounty to bring you back but, now?” he said delightedly “With her? A crossbreed? I will have certainly tripled my riches.” Appearing almost bored and tired of the whole thing, he spoke as if an afterthought, “There is no use fighting, dear Breena. Your broken heart has made you weak and your bounty is the same, dead or alive.” And just as he uttered those words, two figures appeared on either side of Aiden, formed out of the same black rock,
Esmerelda thought that she would pass out from the sheer terror and shock she felt in that moment but, adrenaline won over debilitating fear as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the gem. She shouted out, “Grandmama, the emerald!” Breena looked back at her granddaughter and beamed with pride as she grabbed the young girl’s outstretched hand. But, instead of taking the stone from her, Grandmama clasped her hand around the one which held the stone and raised them both high above their heads, lifting Esmerelda several inches off the ground. A brilliant light radiated up out of the glowing orb made by the hands of Breena and Esmerelda activating the Emerald Key. Together, they destroyed the barreling, obsidian beasts with only a few strikes of their blazing sword. But, before Aiden could be turned to ash, he raised his arms upwards, simultaneously opening his wings which appeared like glistening webs but looked soft almost like feathers. Just as they went to strike, Aiden shot upwards, piercing through the rock and out into the night’s sky. Breena and Esmerelda released hands and both dropped to the floor in exhaustion.
Before leaving, Esmerelda peered up through the hole that Aiden had made and gazed at the moon which appeared like a beacon through the lens of a freshly made crater. Everything looked so different to her now. They stepped out onto the rocky ledge that led up to the cave entrance and Esmerelda was happy to see stars that were so familiar to her and reminded her of home. After a few moments, Esmerelda turned back towards the cave entrance to see the woman Aiden had called Breena. They smiled at each other and not a word was spoken. Breena lifted her hands up, just as the man had, and gracefully displayed her own set of webbed wings which sparkled like crystals in the moon’s glow. Again, Grandmama and Esmerelda embraced as they lifted up into sky and back towards home.
Along the way, Grandmama told the story of a life she once lived. Grandmama’s name was Breena while our family knew her as Sabreena, Mama, or Grandmama. She was a fairy from royal ancestry and was expected to wed the fairy prince of the Mountain. Grandmama explained that she met Grandpapa in the forest close to her birthplace while he was foraging. Grandpapa had been mesmerized by her beauty and he spent hours staring at the intricacy of her wings. But their fate seemed doomed when she was bound to her quarters on the eve of her wedding night with no escape in sight. “But your Grandpapa was not one to give up so easily,” Grandmama bemused as they soared over darkly dense woods. He had found the answer in a precious item that had been passed down to him from previous generations; an emerald stone.” Grandpapa had snuck into the Hill’s castle and found Breena’s room through the power of the gem. Together, just as Esmerelda and she had done earlier that night, Grandmama and Grandpapa sliced through the barrier that held her captive and she flew them out into the night’s sky before the royal guards had time to react.
Grandmama’s story had enthralled Esmerelda so to the point that she did not notice they were approaching the family farmland. Bringing her back to the present, Grandmama lowered them to the ground and Esmerelda could see they had returned to the mausoleum where Grandpapa was laid to rest. Walking inside, Grandmama approached what was to be her own burial place someday, and opened a secret compartment with a swipe of her finger. Inside the small cubby, Grandmama placed the emerald down gently. Winking at Esmerelda, she closed the secret compartment which was hardly noticeable except for a small crack in the marble stone which almost looked as though it were naturally part of the design. Esmerelda asked Grandmama how she will be able to keep the fairies at bay with Grandpapa gone. “Well, you, my precious Esmerelda, reminded me of something that I had forgotten when your grandfather passed…he gave me the gift of his eternal love through all of my children and grandchildren,” Grandmama answered. “My heart will never be broken again.” And when she turned around, Grandmama had returned to the original form that Esmerelda was more accustomed to; soft creases traced her eyes and mouth and her warrior figure was replaced with a curvier but, still strong, shape. “Wouldn’t want to scare the family any more than they already are” Grandmama said as she closed the gates behind them. Esmerelda smiled in agreement as they walked home.
Grandmama was greeted with hugs and kisses that could have drowned a much meeker woman but, Grandmama absorbed the love with tears of joy. Grandmama explained to the family that she had gotten lost in the woods and was fortunate to have found a lonely cabin many miles from home. She wove a tale of how she battled the elements and lurking creatures until she made it to the safe haven. Esmerelda hears Grandmama tell them how she stumbled upon the cabin during her search and found Grandmama safe inside. Guided by the stars in the sky, they made their way back home unscathed, or so the story went. Esmerelda smirked to herself as she settled into a chair by the fire in Grandmama’s cottage which, by now, was filled to the brim with men, women, children, and the occasional puppy or kitten. Yes, Grandmama could tell a story like no other but, the story Esmerelda knew to be true see much less believable than the fable.
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Sometimes you want to go where everybody has a name…
We originally made this some years back, but I gave it another pass on editing, dressed it up, and formatted it into a fancy (for my skills at least) PDF that you can snag for free.
Every GM knows the joke: The players ignore the NPC with the ! above their head and gravitate to the one person drinking alone at the tavern because (insert player logic).
This lone drinker has no backstory, name, look, personality, or even reason for being there other than making sure the tavern isn’t empty.
So we present to you: A Pub Called Quest. Quest is a tavern where each of the 18 NPCs has a name, place in the pub, distinct look, personality, quirk, and even a quest. You can drop Quest into existence any time or place you want in your game. All quests stand alone, allowing players to do only one or complete them all in any order. Some have a few connections.
A Pub Called Quest is system agnostic, so use it with any fantasy game you prefer.
This post was made by these awesome people:

If you don't want the PDF, here's the raw text:
A Pub Called Quest The Patrons at a Glance
  1. Roverti Valanpulk: Middle-aged human bartender and owner of Quest.
  2. “Tillie”: Friendly and busy human barmaid running around helping people.
  3. Lord Albert-Frederik Middason (second of his name): Lordly bloke looking like he’s judging everyone in the joint.
  4. Dizrah: Massive gnoll bouncer.
  5. Simon Grimm: Charismatic regular who is loud.
  6. Marla Primtor: Dwarven shopkeeper and regular at Quest.
  7. Zin Thistleworn: A gnomish child cleaning Quest’s unique fireplace.
  8. Darius: Hunchbacked ratfolk struggling to tend to the animals in the stable.
  9. Gravrlst (or Grav Rolost. His speech is very slurred): Loud drunk trying to get people to sing a song he can’t remember.
  10. Thunderfang Jones: Lizardfolk drug user trying to get a fix.
  11. Crunchy Mohab: Gnome with bagpipes who is either playing them or chatting with whomever he can.
  12. Auke Inka: Sloppy drinker who works hard at not working.
  13. Lucca Huntsman: Frustrated looking chef in a bloodstained apron.
  14. Sym Skallywood: Reclusive human drinking alone.
  15. Izzy: Teenage ratfolk sitting at a table with a bird who is singing to her.
  16. Sir Albertus Quintifican: Human man who has never been there before trying to make eye contact with any tough-looking patrons.
  17. Frega Lodges: Human woman reading tarot cards at a table.
  18. Matyus Decker: Burly human with a thick mustache that laughs very loudly.

The Patrons Roverti Valanpulk
Location and role in the tavern: Roverti is found behind the counter serving drinks. Roverti is the owner and lead bartender of Quest.
Appearance: Roverti is a middle-aged human who towers above most of the patrons. Pulled back hair falls out of a worn, purple cap. Their brown eyes shine within a weathered, rugged and handsome face. A loose apron, vibrant purple shirt, and black slacks mask their bulky form. While not visible behind the bar, Roverti does not wear shoes.
Quirk: They are constantly looking around. Perhaps a bit too much…
What’s their quest: Roverti has an air of malcontent about them. Their eyes dart around the room, noting each patron’s actions at that moment.
If engaged, Raverti tells the person they have grown tired of Quest. While the regulars are nice and the travelers always have great stories and wares, Raverti wants to be the one telling the stories instead of listening to them. Roverti offers to sell Quest to the party for an astoundingly low price so long as they buy it right now. Roverti says they have plenty of money saved up, and they want to go see the world.
The truth is debt collectors are coming to find the owner of Quest to either get their money or beat it out of them, whomever the owner is. And the debt collectors will be there later this night.
Created by: u/RexiconJesse

Tilde “Tillie” Millings
Location and role in the tavern: All over the place, as she serves food, cleans tables, and washed dishes.
Appearance: Tillie is in her late 20s and young looking. She has long, almost blonde hair tied in a rough functional braid. Her eyes are fiercely green that, regardless of her history and life, still manage to compliment her sympathetic smile. She has a small nose that is slightly crooked at the tip. Her clothes are basic, though she sews tassels and fancy buttons on her clothing whenever she finds some.
Quirk: Whenever she laughs aloud, she makes the noise of a pig, after which she gets embarrassed. She is also too busy for love interests.
What’s their quest: She needs the party to travel to the nearest big town—which the party was headed anyway—and find her birth mother. Her birth mother stole the deed to the plot of land her father had built a mill on when she left him for a minor nobleman. The problem is that the Lord who holds the land here is trying to stake a claim to her family’s land. Currently, he only tries to bully her father with overpriced taxes and petty fees, which her father can’t pay forever, but she fears her family mill will go up in smoke if the Lord grows inpatient.
Her birth mother might have ended up in the oldest business when the fling with the nobleman turned out to not be a nobleman and left her in debt. The Lord also might have an ulterior motive, as he is trying to get to Tillie for denying him rather than taking the land of her father.
Created by: u/Mimir-ion

Lord Albert-Frederik Middasson (The Second of his Name)
Location and role in the tavern: Regular patron of the Quest.
Appearance: Lordly riders outfit, complete with a short ornamental whip he never uses or unties. His hair is slick and combed backwards to cover a well-hidden start of a bald spot. With forty years plus of experience he still manages to put his rings on the wrong fingers.
Quirk: Petty loser and highly competitive, even when his competitors are not aware they participated in a game. If he loses at his imaginary games, he will be cruel to those around him and even seek revenge through his authoritarian power.
What’s their quest: He is in trouble with his family. They don’t approve of his active peasant participation. He however can’t get enough of the easy life here, which is spoiled by some thievery. He asks the party to investigate the disappearance of two of his rings, and he suspects several people, amongst them is Tillie and Dizrah, who he says have been making advances at him (not really). He claims all of the suspects he listed are having money problems. He pays 40% up front, already a significant sum, and says the rest is paid when evidence is found.
The pouch of gold he pays up front contains one of his rings, and depending on the result of the players investigations, he will try to corner them at the mill of Tillie’s father with a dozen soldiers in tow. The players may choose to betray an innocent family or try to talk/fight their way out.
Created by: u/Mimir-ion

Dizrah “Just Dizrah”
Location and role in the tavern: As both barmaid and bouncer, Dizrah is most often found leaning against the side of the bar looking grumpy.
Appearance: Dizrah is large, even compared to other gnolls. Her short, rough fur is a tawny brown with dark spots, and she has dark green eyes that only accentuate her perpetual glare. In reality, she just has a natural scowl and only appears to be always angry. This still means only braver newcomers to the bar order drinks from her instead of the less intimidating Tillie.
Quirk: Her left ear tilts forwards and twitches when she is truly annoyed.
What’s their quest: Her cousin, “His name in unpronounceable, just call him ‘Griff,’” was meant to pick up a shipment of booze from the next town over. He’s several days late and she wants the party to see what’s taking him so long. (She’s secretly worried). Dizrah doesn’t particularly care about most of the booze, just the cask of Black Absinthe which is a traditional gnoll drink and is “bloody expensive.”
Turns out Griff encountered some bandits on the road. He’s unharmed and has just been sitting with them in their camp drinking all the booze he was meant to deliver. Luckily, the precious Black Absinthe is untouched, as none of the bandits have been brave enough to tap the alarmingly odorous barrel. There’s opportunity for the party to solve things non-violently as the bandits are all quite drunk and feeling pretty content at the moment.
Created by: u/PaganUnicorn

Simon Grimm
Location and role in the tavern: A regular whenever he’s in town, occasionally takes up stage time for street evangelism.
Appearance: A handsome and charismatic performer—whose parentage is irrelevant—in well-maintained traveling clothes.
Quirk: Simon’s personality is a 50/50 blend of smooth Southern preacher and Charles Manson. He preaches a non-theistic philosophy that defines Good and Wisdom as being equal parts Kindness, Honesty and Foresight. He claims to have come to this revelation as a result of his study of the goodly gods of the pantheon, drawing together their commonalities and abandoning their differences.
What’s their quest: Simon has a series of quests, all geared toward helping a group in need. The through line for all of the groups is that they traditionally worship gods Simon doesn’t consider “good gods.” The people he wants them to help range from farmers to knights.
There should always be elements of the GM’s characterization of Simon that lead to suspicion that his goals are nefarious. It’s an easy conclusion to draw that he wants to drive worshippers away from the gods of good. The twist at the end of it all is that he’s telling the truth, he genuinely just wants to fundamentally understand and then actively practice “good,” and his works help people in need.
Created by: u/M0rdenkainen

Morla Primtor
Location and role in the tavern: She’s a local shopkeeper (Scribe and Scroll) who is at this moment wandering around eavesdropping, especially on conversations about port travel and trade.
Appearance: Morla is a handsome woman with a neatly trimmed beard. She’s somewhat squat with relatively undamaged skin and pressed clothes; one might even have a hard time recognizing her as a dwarf.
Quirk: She’s in the tavern, but she doesn’t drink, she is devoutly opposed to what she considers “deviant revelry.”
What’s their quest: Morla loathes adventures and adventurers. Her daughter, Dwayna, has “too much dwarf in her,” and Morla suspects she has run away on an adventure in spite of her upbringing. Morla’s at Quest to try and find her daughter and bring her back to the Scribe and Scroll; which is where a sensible young lady should aspire to be. Stubborn and hesitant to enlist the assistance of filthy vagrant mercenaries, she is getting desperate to find her daughter, so she will accept help, if the adventurers will do it for the right price. Basically a GM can add this quest to any existing one (just add Dwayna as a character in another quest) or they can make up a path where Dwayna has gone and what it’s going to take to get her to return or to get her mother to stop looking for her.
Created by: u/foofieboo

Zin Thistleworn
Location and role in the tavern: Zin is cleaning the hand-sized holes and flutes connected to the fire that heat the building. She is the only person small enough to properly clean them, and she does whatever other odd jobs Roverti, Dizrah, or Tillie can give her to make a few coins.
Appearance: She is a rail thin, very young gnomish girl, standing only 14 inches tall. Her gaunt face accentuates her large eyes. She is covered in soot, masking her clothes and matting her hair.
Quirk: She likes to use big words, though she doesn’t always use the correct ones.
What’s their quest: Zin’s father is in prison. Zin usually gives her father food and some comfort items because the guards treat him horridly. However, the prison changed their rules and now she cannot visit him. She needs someone to get into the prison and give him a blanket (the nights are getting colder), a note from her (written in gnomish), a handful of dried flower petals (that have a powerful and pleasant smell), and a piece of white charcoal (because he loves to draw).
Zin is actually a pixie using illusion magic to appear as a young gnome. She’s convinced the staff at Quest that she is a child. The man in prison is an archfey she is trying to rescue. The prison has too much iron in it for her to enter, and while the archfey is powerful, the amount of iron around him has neutralized his powers. If he gets the charcoal, he can draw a rune and use the petals as a beacon to allow Zin to open a portal and get him out. The prison guards do not know he is an archfey.
Created by: u/RexiconJesse

Location and role in the tavern: Darius is the stable person and can be found in the stable tending the horses and other mounts from patrons.
Appearance: Darius is a hefty ratfolk covered with shining white hair. While he is only 20, he has a severe hunch and the peak of his hump is partially bald.
Quirk: None of the animals like him, and they make their displeasure obvious.
What’s their quest: Darius struggles to get the animals stabled and fed. A pack of mounts (horses, megaraptors, big cats, whatever the GM chooses) have escaped the stable and run off together into the wilderness. The owners of the mounts are asleep in Quest. Darious won’t be able to search for the mounts until his shift ends deep into the night. He pleads with any players who show interest in tracking and retrieving the runaway mounts. He cannot pay them with coin, but he does have information about a quest the party is currently pursuing.
Created by: u/RexiconJesse

Gravrlst (or Grav Rolost. His speech is very slurred)
Location and role in the tavern: Gravrlst is at a table.
Appearance: Gravrlst is a middle-aged half elf with tall ears and what humans call a three-day beard. The front of his shirt is wet from spilled ale.
Quirk: He keeps starting to sing the same song, getting lost and starting over after a few lines. He is also completely tanked.
What’s their quest: Gravlst is trying to get people to sing his favorite drinking song with him. The song which he believes is called “That one with the mermaid and there were some rocks somewhere? Or on the rocks maybe? It’s the catchy one. You’ve heard it.” However, he cannot remember anything after the first line. It’s driving him mad, and he promises a round on him if someone can finish the song.
Players with related knowledge-based skills or a history of sailing, as well as players who are heavy drinkers or musically inclined, may have heard of the song he’s trying to sing. Alternatively, players can try and improvise a song and convince him that’s the one he meant. The players will have to write the whole song to do this option.
Created by: u/RexiconJesse

Thunderfang Jones
Location and role in the tavern: Drug user, usually hangs out near the bathrooms
Appearance: Thunderfang is a red-scaled lizardfolk who is casually dressed in priests’ robes with a half-dozen holy symbols from various faiths adorning his garb.
Quirk: Collects “faiths” and has joined every cult he’s been able to find. He is very knowledgeable about religion.
What’s their quest: To find “enlightenment” one narcotic experience at a time. He is desperate to find a rare and powerful hallucinogen and is willing to pay top dollar for it.
Created by:famoushippopotamus

Crunchy Mohab
Location and role in the tavern: Performer who is either on stage or hanging around the most charismatic person in the tavern.
Appearance: Crunchy is a gnome dressed in tattered leathers and mismatched boots. His instrument is a modified set of bagpipes, enchanted to produce electric guitar sounds and amplified to be extra loud. A number of facial piercings and tattoos complete his unique appearance.
Quirk: Cannot stand the smell of tobacco or burning candles.
What’s their quest: Is searching for his lost brother, also a performer, and is retracing his brother’s last-known-tour.
Created by: famoushippopotamus

Auke Inka
Location and role in the tavern: Patron–sitting at the bar drinking heavily.
Appearance: Auke is dressed as a commoner and is a bit disheveled. To even a casual observer, it is obvious Auke has been there for quite some time.
Quirk: Will work extremely hard at not working–always has a scheme.
What’s their quest: If engaged in conversation, Auke will discuss any number of topics, but will eventually mention a buried treasure. If pressed further, he will indicate a wealthy merchant who has recently met his demise left the entirety of the mentioned treasure to him. He plans to dig it up in two days’ time but has to leave on business before that happens. He will give the party a general location in his backyard where it was buried “around 8 feet down.”
If the party investigates the location indicated, they will find pickaxes and shovels left out. If the party digs, they will find nothing. Here one of two things will happen: Either Auke returns and measures the hole, proclaiming it close enough for the pool he wanted installed or later on the party may hear about how Auke tricked some people into digging his pool for him (possibly back at the tavern).
Created by:zweefer

Lucca Huntsman
Location and role in the tavern: As the cook, Lucca can be found in and out of the kitchen.
Appearance: Blood stained apron, long unkempt hair, filthy hands, generally a walking health code violation…
Quirk: Picks his nose.
What’s their quest: Lucca tells the party he has a problem with rats “in the food.” He wants to hire the party to kill as many large rats in the stables as they can. To prove the deed has been done, he insists they bring the bodies of each rat killed, and he will pay per corpse.
In reality, the Quest is about out of meat, and beef is too expensive. He was telling the truth when he said the rats were indeed “in the food,” because he’s going to use them to cook.
Created by:zweefer

Sym Skallywood
Location and role in the tavern: Sym is nursing a large tankard of ale alone. He is a little reluctant to speak with strangers.
Appearance: Sym is a short-but-handsome young man with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. The unfocused gaze of his left eye drifts lazily toward the wall.
Quirk: Sym fidgets with the silver chain he wears around his neck.
What’s their quest: Sym carries with him a vial of a rare poison that causes any who ingests it to suffer from terrible dry-mouth and flux. If untreated, the person will be dead of dehydration within 4 hours. Sym was hired by, Willam Fold, an up-and-coming local merchant, to prepare the potion and make sure it ends up in the drink of the merchant’s rival. Sym is very concerned about a threat of blackmail from Mr. Fold (secret: Fold is actually a half-devil), who has taken the ledger from Sym’s home workshop and lab and is holding it locked in a safe in his villa in the Garden District. Sym doesn’t have the stomach for killing, so he’ll one of two things. First, he might ask the party would travel across town to the Resolution Alehouse–he expects his mark will be there–so they can do the poisoning and Sym’s life can go back to normal. Alternatively, he could ask the party to break into Mr Fold’s villa and steal back Sym’s ledger. Sym is an expert in preparing curatives, and he promises he’d be able to spare a few handy potions from time to time, the kind that might help you out of some sticky situations.
Created by:OrkishBlade

Location and role in the tavern: Niece of Darius, found loitering around the common room.
Appearance: Izzy is a young ratfolk in her early teens. She has shiny coal black fur with a white spot on her nose.
Quirk: Animals seems to adore Izzy. A swallow is currently sitting on the table singing to her.
What’s their quest: Izzy wants to cheer up some of the inn’s more sulky staff, especially her uncle Darius. She has heard tales from explorers that there’s a magical glade in a nearby wood where moonlight collects in shallow pools. Izzy is convinced that a few jars of moonlight on their nightstands could fix the mood of any person, no matter how petulant. She provides a box of heavy glass jars and a thick black wax to seal them.
Getting to the glade is not difficult upon a little asking around or exploration. The party can find themselves there within a day’s hike. The difficulty lies in the fact that liquid moonlight causes a crippling feeling of nostalgia. Getting close to the pools without succumbing to weepy tears for years lost is a significant challenge, and once the jars are finally collected, they affect anyone in close proximity with the same feelings. It will take a lot of willpower and a great many tissues before the party can get the moonlight to Izzy.
Created by:u/PaganUnicorn

Sir Albertus Quintifican
Location and role in the tavern: Central, trying to attract the attention of anyone who looks kind of tough. He is a first-time patron.
Appearance: Albertus is a mid-20s human minor noble, and he appears very well-off. He dapples himself with jewels and gold, his clothes are of the finest silks and linens with radiant dyes and intricate embroideries. The only thing plain about him is that he’s plainly out of place here.
Quirk: Tries to make eye contact with anyone tough looking. As soon as eye contact is made, he’ll come to introduce himself and buy everyone with that person (or persons) drinks. He flashes his cash everywhere, is highly energetic, and seems to think everyone already likes him.
What’s their quest: Albertus’ best friend, Francois, is getting married. Naturally, Albertus wants to throw the biggest bachelor party ever. Francois has always had fantasies of being an adventurer, so Albertus wants someone strong and simple to capture a terrible beastie (or several!) and bring it to his estate. Once there, the beast will be caged and kept weak.
The bachelor party will be a night of raucous merrymaking and debauchery, drinks flowing fast, a multitude of high profile and notable guests, gambling, you name it… But the pièce de résistance is when Albertus will reveal the monster to Francois, who (undoubtedly very drunk) will be able to dispatch it and feel like a real hero! The players will be kept around to make sure it all goes smoothly and that Francois gets the killing blow.
After that, Francois will be feeling very confident and will probably challenge anyone and everyone to a duel. Depending how the players run with that, they may be invited to join in with the merrymaking or end up imprisoned for the murder of the young preppy noble.
Created by:u/brittommy

Frega Lodges
Location and role in the tavern: Frega is sitting in a corner table doing tarot readings for coin.
Appearance: Frega is a fat woman with kind eyes. Her dark hair is pulled back in a loose bun just above her sloping shoulders.
Quirk: Frega has a flair for the dramatic, to a fault.
What’s their quest: Frega is concerned about a dwarven girl named Dwayna, an enthusiastic and strong lass who wants adventure and to protect the common folk in these parts. She gave Dwayna a reading recently in which she revealed to her that she was the reincarnated soul of the ancient elvish hero Hedrallon the Dragonslayer. Dwayna was ecstatic and immediately began preparations to search for the tomb of Hedrallon. Local legends have told that Hedrallon is buried in a mausoleum in the shadow of Mount Deaftide on the far edge of the Longwood. Many have gone looking for Hedrallon’s resting place, and all who have returned were disappointed. If they find Dwayna, Frega promises to contact some friendly spirits to inquire where to find something for which one of the PCs is searching for.
Created by:OrkishBlade

Matyus Decker
Location and role in the tavern: Matyus is walking around, trying to get other patrons to play dice.
Appearance: Matyus has a boisterous laugh that erupts through is thick mustache. He wears an open shirt that displays his hairy and well-muscled chest.
Quirk: Matyus has more gold teeth than originals.
What’s their quest: Matyus was a sailor on the pirate ship Backstab Betty, commanded by the dangerous and half-mad Captain Graysky. Matyus tells a wild tale: After plundering and sinking a spicer ship laden with gold and silver after it sailed from Whiteclyff, Graysky turned the ship northward and then deliberately smashed the Backstab Betty onto the rocks of the Seaspray Coast in the dead of night. For those few crew members who made it to land, Graysky and his first mate— a vicious human named Markesh—were waiting, axes in hand to hew them as they crawled onto the stony shore. Concealed by the darkness, Matyus was able to swim and float in the shallows for a few miles before heading into land. He feels he owes it to his fallen crewmates to retrieve some of that treasure, and he’d gladly split whatever they find in equal shares with the party if they help.
Created by:OrkishBlade
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2020.08.02 19:02 ColmMacodh Hidden fingering teen

Wow. Where do I start.
Over a month ago, I went out on a Nandos Date with a girl I like, but who has a boyfriend of 2 and a half years. I don't know if she knew it was a date, as she just said she owed me lunch. I turned it into a date as I wanted to spend more time with her and get to know her.
Context - February 2020
We first properly met in February where my talk of conspiracy theories, and comments on Belle Delphine selling her bathwater got us laughing together for the first time. She said "Yeah it is like Cosplay, meets Japanese Anime Girl.' And then she said with curiosity, "Oh, is that what you're into." And i said 'No.' We joked about e-girls and she came sit next to me on the second day of the course.
Another hilarious memory from that time is where after debating whether granite or marble was more luxurious, a classmate used two girls in our group to represent granite and marble and applied hand movements to associate each product with each of the two girls. I then pointed out how come 'you are making this girl boring standard granite with your hand movements and this girl quality marble.' I then escalated the joke to make the cute girl 'high quality marble' whilst also mocking the guy in my group.
I also made a funny comment during the class presentation of our property development proposal. Where we claimed to have high-end luxury apartments and the teacher was skeptical based on our prices. I said we offer 'affordable luxury' and made a joke about having 'a spa, sauna and like a Jacuzzi which Miss Nandos Date repeated back to me the next day.
Lastly, I do recall a student talking to her about her boyfriend, where she said "Don't say boyfriend, it makes me feel gross. I am dating him." Things were different back then, more of a virgin spring to a seasoned autumn. Winter was approaching.
Absence - March through April
We never talked for three months. I thought I would never see her again.
Context - May 2020
May 2020, the nation and the whole world is in lock down. On the first of May, Nandos Date begins messaging me about the course since three of our four courses are the same. She tells me about her pet parrots, I tell her about my crazy cats and we really hit things off. I helped her submit a presentation and then our connection really began to gain some strength.
We made jokes in a zoom class about pretending to lose internet connection if we were asked to answer a question via the message function. "Pshhh ... going under ....tunnel can't ..ght now! This was where we first made jokes together.
When lock down lifted, I asked her what is the first thing she did. She told me 'She stayed in and watched Netflix with her boyfriend." And I told her "I'm less fun, I went to the gym and ate donuts."
Chats continued as she begins to ask me some personal questions about my background and we exchange more information relating to the course. We have serious messages and some laughs still. We really developed a connection, she even calls me her 'homie'! And after leaving me on read adds an x on the end of a text saying sorry I was in the car. Due to her having a boyfriend, I figured this was a sign of her wanting to be close friends.
The Calm before the storm - June1 - June 14 2020
She told me about her family and past work, and I told her a bit about me. Then towards the end of the semester I helped her a lot more by sharing my assignments, and exam notes from the same and previous year. She begins to call me 'amazing, incredible and a bloody legend!' Which I was flattered to hear. I thanked her for making the last semester more enjoyable and she 'awwwwww texted me.'
The Week before the storm - June 15-21 2020
The night before our first in person exam, and after our Covid-19 style first at-home exam I shared a heap of notes for property development. I found out the next day, that that night, she asked me out on a lunch date. Saying 'You bloody legend. I so have to take you out for lunch.'
I see her for the first time in 4 months, and she smiles and waves at me. I sit two rows in front and to her left. I was tired and focused on the exam. After, I ask how she did and she says 'I did okay, and she then said I saw you going crazy at the paper or something like that'. We walk down to gather our bags, and she had waited outside for me!
We then walk and talk for 2 minutes about how hard the semester has been, and we head to the parking lot. I then say to her "So I'll see you next semester" And she looks worried and confused. I then say 'Oh perhaps I'll actually see you a lot sooner, because of the whole lunch thing." And she says. "Yeah, cuz I owe you food." We then said our goodbyes and left.
I make the arrangements and suggest Nandos, where I hilariously accused her of doing cocaine and chatting with sports commentators voice after it took 30 minutes to agree on an order we both wanted.
Nandos Date Context - June 22 2020
I arrive at Nandos in my classic dress shirt, hard yakka pants and trainers. She is dressed in her nursing outfit as she has to go to work after. That morning I sent her a good morning text and reassured her that we were still happening.
We sit down, and one of the first things we talk about is ghost stories after telling her I lived in a cemetery when I was a baby. We were both insanely passionate about this subject, and she told me about her sleep paralysis and I told her about near death experiences and levitation and she talked about demon possession. I made a joke about how we first started talking about really dark and heavy things.
Later I tell her about my old band, where I shared a story about a Waiheke Island Gig and a Rotorua gig but left out a few of the juicy ones. She said 'that must require a lot of confidence.' And i said 'I have no trouble in performing.....and presenting.' The conversation shifts back to study.
I made a few jokes about her patients, and she seemed to find it funny as well. At least we have a similar sense of humour. I also joked at the start about lambs she visited at a primary school trip would be slaughtered and turned into lamb chops.
A vulnerable moment occurred when she interrogated me about my high school experience. Where she asked me how long was I at my high school, where I confessed 5 years. And then after a long pause, I added the fact 'then I changed schools.' She then asked me "what year was I in when I left the first one?, and I said "year 11" and then she quickly continued the interrogation and asked me "what year was I in when I started at the new school?." I tried to avoid the question, as I have a very sad story during my teen years, and I paused for 10 long seconds with her staring at my soul. I told her "I had a health issue when I was a teen that got in the way of my studies and that was the real reason as to why I changed schools" and I also said "I don't want to talk about it. Perhaps another time, another place."
The conversation overall was mostly good. In hindsight, the fact she never wore makeup was a clear sign she saw me as a friend and I respect how loyal she is to her boyfriend where they seem to have a truly amazing connection. I wish them all the best, and sense they seem deeply in love. If I only I met her when she was younger, whilst she was single.
Toward the end, she said she had to bake a pie for a friend, and she had to shoot off. We were there for about an hour. I said 'Time to go' after getting the signal for things being done here and walked and talked through the mall. I passed the movies and she commented she hasn't seen a movie in ages, and I briefly imagined what it would be like to do something like that with her. We passed a shop where she used to work, where she showed me a handbag that she got and she told me 'Oh I so have to show you my jewellery collection." I responded "I don't have any jewellery" which was dumb, as this was clearly an invitation to get closer to each other. But in life mistakes happen.
Anyway, I stop and wave goodbye and say thanks for today, and she smiled and said "Thanks for having lunch with me!" That was the end of the storm.
The Calm after the storm - July 2020
The holidays go by and she seems to go back to dating her boyfriend, after messaging me almost every day for two weeks, and most days for 6 weeks before. So I spend the three-week holiday doing my own thing. The night before the next semester, we spend almost an hour chatting on messenger about anything and everything and she says "she'll brb. Just going to grab food". Sadly, our food breaks did not align and the conversation was over after I left her with an image of a house made out of a peach." This was not to my usual standard of making jokes about her dementia patients such as 'who do you work with? dementia patients I recall?"
8 Weeks of a Dream in August.
The final semester I have with Miss Nandos, we have 1 main class together. Where we must go in on Fridays for 8 weeks. The first two weeks are over.
The first week, I arrived late and we sat at different tables but we had lunch together after I became aware of a free barbecue. We talked about primary school, me being insane (a common theme with us), and koala chlamydia. Later that day we walk to the parking lot together, where she takes me to a narrow passage way.
She says 'come on, it's down there.' And she pointed to a narrow passage way with no end in sight in a secluded area hidden by buildings. To be honest, her enthusiasm taking me down this path was misinterpreted at first but can you blame me?
I then said with amplified concern "Down there!, I'll follow you."And we walked down the narrow passage way together. I said "This is dodgy, where are you taking me!?" I said "it is a bit of a squeeze", and she laughed and said sorry. We then arrived at the end and she drove me to my car parked further away. I then said "Thanks for the ride, see you next time."
The second week, she brings her own lunch. I get subway. I arrived early and saved her a seat. We chatted about how she has been, and we walked outside together. We chat with our table, and she waits for me to get lunch from Subway. I usually get meatball, but I was afraid of making a mess in front of her, so I got chicken instead. She expressed disappointment in my choices. Perhaps I should have just made a giant mess but it’s no biggie. As a group this time, not one on one we discuss conspiracy theories, but I still remained the one who was able to contribute the most with my endless ability to talk. To be honest, I prefer being one on one, but perhaps she feels uncomfortable with me since I am not her boyfriend, someone who she’ll like to be one on and one with, and perhaps she can sense that I like her.
She also takes note of the fact I type with 1 finger. And laughed at me, saying I type like a five-year-old child! I laughed as well, and our connection seems more like close friends that romantic. Plus, I respect that she has openly expressed her deep connection with her boyfriend, and I wish her the best! Perhaps had we met when we were younger and both single, or in a world where my past teen years were not so problematic, things could be different but I like her a lot. And I feel as if we are quite similar in many ways, so I appreciate the friendship we have. I really do like her smile, her laugh, her personality, her face, her femininity, her interests and everything else about her. She’s so attractive!
My most recent interactions with her were me mocking a mutual friend for looking like 'Tom Hanks from Castaway.' And she shamed me for being so rude whilst secretly finding what I had said to be funny and I sent a meme that she laughs reacted to. At least I wasn’t left on read. I also suspect she anonymously was having a snoop on one of my google docs as an anonymous animal earlier today, as she had access to a video in the same folder that I sent of me climbing into my room with a ladder.
Wake me up when September Ends.
Despite me really wanting her as a Nandos Date, maybe all she wants is a Nandos Mate?
Time will tell, but in the meantime I guess I just got to do me and smash my degree!
Life is full of possibilities.
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2020.07.27 10:09 RockoCharmichael Snow

We were SUPPOSED to be on our way to the first real vacation we'd taken in the better part of a decade. The Great, White North...oh, how we longed for it, planning for adventure, saving every cent we could for months on end. But no, there we were, two days into the drive, lost before we'd even made it out of the States.
Colin, full of bravado, had assured me that he didn't need the GPS when the little box suction cupped to the windshield crapped out. I wasn't convinced, but his cockiness did curl my lips into a smile.
The blue screen read "No Signal" for the next few hours, Colin's face sinking more and more as the minutes passed. We'd been married for fifteen years, and I knew well what he looked like when he was lost. I felt the first pangs of anxiety when the blue screen of the GPS went fuzzy, and then black. Colin's eyes had jerked over for a split second, and I saw his grip on the steering wheel tighten.
"Piece of shit, remind me to call the warranty number when we get back home, Sam." He said.
The sun was vanishing behind us, and the first stars made their appearance as the bright blue sky gave way to a velvety, purplish black. The headlights flicked to life and fat blobs of rain plopped down on the windshield.
"That's weird..." Colin said.
"What's weird?" I looked at him quizzically.
"The rain...look, it's like, freezing..." He spoke, confusion in his words as he furrowed his brow. He turned a knob and the wipers dragged across the glass, producing a scratching sound that made me wince. I was watching them scrape away when I saw it.
"Look out!" I shouted.
Colin slammed on the break, and we came to an abrupt stop, beyond us was the mass lying in the road.
"What the fuck?!" Colin yelled, craning his head toward me.
"I...I don't...what is that?!" I muttered, bewildered.
We sat quietly for a moment, the silence interrupted by the rise and fall of the windshield wipers as they pushed the icy water from our view. Colin placed his hand on the door handle, and instinctively I grabbed his arm, turning my eyes to meet his and softly shaking my head "no".
"Just..." He said, raising his hands in a calming gesture, "I'll be quick. It...may be..." His crystal blue eyes told me his thoughts as he raised his eyebrows.
I nodded and released my grip on his arm. He opened the door with a "pop" and I felt the bitter, cold air flood our car. He stepped out, leaving the door open, much to my dismay. I began to shiver as I watched my husband approach the lump in the road. The rain was becoming a downpour of snow, and in the headlights I could see the white powder collecting on Colin's shoulders and in his hair as he knelt by the thing.
Swiftly he bolted upright, his trembling hand flying upward and grabbing his snow covered hair. He turned and dashed back to the car, and I saw that the color had drained from him, leaving him as white as the swirling flakes around him.
"Call the police." He said flatly, pulling his cell from his pocket.
I grabbed my own, and simultaneously my husband and I locked eyes. I showed him my screen. "No service", it read, and judging by the way Colin dropped his into the empty cup holder, his was useless too.
"What's out there?" I asked in a hushed voice.
Colin didn't answer, he only adjusted the heat, cranking the knob all the way into the red. He then shifted from park to drive.
"Colin! Wh-" I started, but was cut off by him shushing me.
"Sam, listen..." He whispered, inching the car forward, carefully. I quieted my thoughts, and immediately I heard a faint...something.
"W-what the hell is that?!" I whispered.
"People. I think people, making some kind of...animal noises. It didn't start until I saw..." He said. We were passing the lump in the street, and my curiosity got the better of me. I glanced out my window to see the human body lying on it's side, the angle panned to reveal that the person's head was missing. The snow that had gathered near the jagged wound was tainted, colored a dark, oily black.
I gasped as we passed it, gaining speed. Colin's eyes were intensely locked on the road ahead.
"That blood was...it seemed fresh. Like it had just happened." He said, after we had put a few miles between us and the crime scene.
"My God." I uttered, still shocked by what we'd seen.
The wind had picked up, tossing snow that had landed along with the large flakes that continued to fall all around us. It was whipping and churning to the point that it was getting extremely hard to see what was further than a few feet in front of us. The uncomfortable thought of us coming upon yet another body, unable to stop in time, squishing it’s human juices out under our tires kept poking at my brain. I shivered.
"We need to call the police." Colin said.
"We NEED to get out of this storm..." I countered. He shrugged, as if to say "that's a fair point".
"Does that look like a sign to you?" He asked, squinting, attempting to see through the violent winds carrying their fluffy white passengers. I squeezed my eyes, narrowing my vision and followed the direction in which his finger pointed.
"Is it?" I could see the green square, but that was about it. We were getting closer to it, and as we were, I was able to glimpse more...there were words, but they were obscured by something, covered in snow.
"Ah, fuck me!" Colin shrieked. "It's a fucking dog! Someone nailed a goddamn dog to that sign!" He said, covering his mouth with his palm.
"Oh, sick!" I added, finally seeing what he was. It indeed looked like someone had done exactly that, covering most of the signs words. All I could make out was "Wel-" to the left of the animals head, and "Falls" to the right of its hindquarters.
We were quiet again for a while. Both of us thinking the same things, I'd wager, but I can't speak for Colin. I know the things that were going through my head ran the gamut of "where the hell are we?" To "we're definitely getting murdered." Then, we saw it. A light in the distance.
"Sam-" Colin started.
"I see it. Are you seriously thinking about this?!" I shot. He looked at me, a bit hurt by my words, it seemed.
"Maybe they can help!" He fired back.
"Yeah, maybe they nailed the fucking dog to the sign, or ripped the head off the last poor bastard to come through." I said, sarcasm oozing from my words.
Colin let out a long sigh, as we closed the gap between us and the rapidly growing light. I crossed my arms.
"Do. Not." I said sternly.
"Babe, the roads are getting worse, this shit is blinding you and me both, plus...look." He stretched his finger out, toward a sign.
"Tamblin Falls Police." He read each word slowly.
"Hmpf." I grunted, as he pulled into the snow covered parking lot, its only other occupant an equally blanketed police cruiser.
After a bit of arguing, Colin convinced...well scared me...into going inside. I didn't want to be left alone, and he knew it. All he had to do was mention the sounds we'd heard...
"Wouldn't you rather be inside with the cops?!" He'd said.
"Fine." I agreed. We each opened our doors, and sprinted through the snow. It was nearly halfway up my calves, and frigid. I reached the entrance to the station and began stomping the white powder free of my legs while Colin pulled open the door.
Inside, it smelled like stale cigarettes, and the decor was ripped straight out of the 70s. Several deer heads lined the walls, with a sprinkling of rabbits and squirrels in between.
"Do you think anyone in this shithole town hunts, Colin?" I asked smarmily.
"Knock it off." He said as he approached the empty desk in front of the only other door. "Besides, you may be glad there are people with guns here."
Colin circled the abandoned desk, snatching the receiver of the telephone that was sitting on it. He brought it to his ear, his free hand repeatedly depressing the "hang up" lever.
"Yeah, no dial tone. Not weird at all..." He said, his sarcasm not masking his worry.
What we heard next froze us in place, and my blood turned to ice. Colin's eyes widened and met my own. We exchanged a long, uneasy look, telepathically asking each other If we'd actually just heard the sound. Then, in our dead silence, it came again.
"Sam..." A scratchy whisper, just loud enough for us to not be able to blame it on the powerful gusts outside.
Colin turned and stepped toward the door behind the desk, and stealthily pressed his ear against it.
"Sam, are you there? Is that you?" This whisper came again.
Colin placed one hand on the doorknob and dug in his pocket with the other, producing a small pocket knife he'd carried since his dad had given it to him as a kid. I was shaking my head and mouthing "no", gesturing for him to turn around. He didn't. Instead, he pushed the door open.
Oh thank God! The fuckin' cavalry has arrived!" The voice came more clearly, excitedly. A bit higher than the scratchy whisper, but still a hushed tone.
I crossed the room to join with my husband, and saw that the room behind the desk was the holding cell area. Three cells on either side of the room, with a second desk at the far end. The lone prisoner was in the middle cell on our right, but what rendered us speechless was the devastation the other five held.
The scene was gruesome. There had to be a dozen bodies distributed about the blood soaked cells, two laid out in the center of the floor, crisscrossing one another, and a lone corpse sat in the chair at the desk, presiding over the gory gathering. Every body in the room, save for my husband, myself, and the rambling man to our right, was missing it's head.
"HEY! Are you listening? Get me the hell out of here right now! Let's go, we gotta move!" The man called out to us, snapping us out of our shock.
"W-what...who- what's happening?" Colin stuttered out, shakily.
"Where is Sam?" The man asked us, exhaustion in his voice.
Colin just looked at me, and the man followed his lead.
"Sam...what's going on?" Colin asked. "Do you know this guy?" He immediately realized how impossible that would be, as his face contorted into an expression that's said "sorry, that's a stupid question."
"Look, I've been in this cell with no food or water for two days, but I can still recognize a lady. And ma'am, you're very pretty, but I'm not messing around right now. Sam. The sheriff. He made it out, said he was going to get help." He pointed to the cell across from him. "He was taken out of there, but the slippery bastard got away. Now, don't tell me he didn't send you."
"Samantha. My name is Samantha!" I said, finally understanding that he was confusing my name with someone he knew. This sheriff.
"Saman- wait...you don't know sheriff Sam? How the hell did you get here? How'd you get past?" He said, sliding down the back wall into a sitting position.
"Past? Past what?" Colin asked.
"You guys gotta get out of here! You have to go NOW!" He said, launching to his feet, his words were passionate, almost hysterical.
Before we could react, we heard a loud popping from outside, followed by another...
"Jesus Christ, it's too late..." The man said, scanning the room. "Under the desk! Now!"
"The desk with the dead bod-" I said, but was cut off by the man shooting his hands through the bars and grabbing my wrist. I looked at his tear filled eyes.
"Right. Now." He said softly. I nodded, and along with my husband, we did as we were told.
We had hurried, and it was a tight fit for both of us. I squeezed myself in first, followed by Colin. From this vantage I had a clear view of what happened next. A scene that Colin would be spared. He had to be touching the headless corpse we'd been instructed not to move, though, so neither of us were happy with our places.
Almost as soon as we had gotten ourselves hidden, the door exploded open. The smell was horrendous, gag inducing. Sulfur-like. I could see it from the chest down, and I brought my hand to my mouth to stifle my gasp. It looked humanoid, but it's skin was pruned, as if it had been submerged for an extended period of time. It wore no clothing, and I could see that it's appendages were exaggerated. Its long legs fed into a much smaller, sexless torso, and I estimated the thing to be around nine feet tall. This made the slender arms that hung past the creatures knees terrifying. The hands were the size of baseball gloves, each of the three fingers tipped with a black, raptor-like claw.
"Sam's dead, right?" The man in the cell yelled at the beast. "You bastards killed him, didn't you!" He angrily shouted as the creature took slow, deliberate steps toward his cell. I saw water dripping from it's pale body, giving the visage a slimy appearance. It planted it's human-like feet in front of the man's cell, and raised one of its oversized hands.
"You mother f-" the man was cut off by the swift opening of the cell door. It was replaced by a shrill, pained scream as the monster's long arm grasped him, it’s sharp claws puncturing the man's shoulder, causing a scarlet stain to quickly grow on his shirt as the creature pulled the man toward him.
It lifted him a few inches from the ground, before violently slamming him to his knees, the things embedded claws rending the flesh from his bones as it released its grip. Suddenly, the thing bent over and I could see it's monstrous face hovering over the shaking man's head. It was as pale and wrinkled as the rest of the things body. Completely hairless, with narrow slits for eyes, and a seam running from the side of it's earless head, across where lips would have been, and as I would soon discover, all the way back up the other side.
The seam split open, revealing a reptilian mouth, saliva dripping and clumping, creating long sticky strands that showered the man's quivering head and damaged shoulder. The rows of teeth in various states of damage and decay sat threateningly in the thing's unhinged jaw. The man shot me a single look, and then the jaw snapped viciously over his head. His body began to jerk and spasm as the monster continued to clamp down. The flailing slowed and began to fade, until finally, his body went limp. The jaws unlocked and opened momentarily before the seam slipped shut as if a zipper had been dragged across the monsters face. The man's body slumped to the side, blood spurting from the gaping hole that used to be his neck as his heart continued to pump desperately.
The thing stood motionlessly for a long minute. It seemed to be in a trance, but then I heard it, and my heart sank. The two miniscule holes that sat above the seam, they were drawing in air. It was sniffing. Almost as soon as I realized this, it jerked it's head toward the desk, and in a staggering, inhuman, burst it jerkily ran toward us, it's weird, person like feet slapping the wet floor, sending blood flying with each step. In under a second it had reached us, swiping the desk with it's mighty claw, sending it flying, crashing into one of the cells where it shattered into a pile of splintered wood.
I screamed as the narrow eyes fell on me, drool leaked from the seam across it's horrible face. My husband, in the most heroic act I'd ever seen, lunged over me, plunging his pocket knife into the monster's midsection. The thing’s massive hands grappled Colin, the razor claws piercing his sides. Blood began to trickle down his legs, but he continued to drive his knife into various areas about the thing's nightmarish face and torso.
"Run, Sam, get the fuck out of here!" He yelled out.
I scrambled to my feet, but I wasn't going to leave Colin to suffer the same fate as the man in the cell. I bolted to the pile of wood that used to be the desk, hoping that it would make a better weapon than a hiding place. I grabbed a hunk that looked like it had been one of the legs, a long thin thing. One end looked sharp enough that it would make a halfway decent spear. I didn't hesitate. I charged at the creature, which seemed too preoccupied with my husbands stabs to notice me until I rammed the wood into the back of it's knee.
The monster unzipped its mouth and let out a banshee's scream as it released Colin, and dropped to it's knees. Colin drove his knife deep into one of the thin eye slits, causing the beast to abruptly fall silent, and crumple into the floor.
"Colin!" I shouted, seeing the blood pouring from each of his sides.
"I'm fine, go!" He said weakly, but I could see he was woozy and pale. He'd lost so much blood.
I took one of his arms and put it over my shoulder. I helped him out of the cell room, his footsteps were weak and clumsy. We made it to the center of the room lined with animal head trophies lining the walls, and he collapsed. His eyes flickered, and he began mumbling.
"What baby, what are you saying?" I asked, feeling the tears coming. I stroked his face and it felt cold.
"...keys..." He muttered, and raised his right hand slightly.
"Keys!" I said, understanding. I took them from his pocket.
"...love..." He said so softly that I almost didn't hear it through my sobbing.
"I love you so much, baby." I whispered back, and placed a kiss on his lips, not caring at all that I could taste his blood. My lips felt him take his last breath.
I wasn't allowed more than a few seconds to mourn my husband, as I began to hear a disgusting, gurgling sound coming from the cell room. I looked up through my tears to see the monster I'd thought was dead slowly pulling itself through the doorway, it's one good eye glaring at me, the knife still protruding from the other. It's jaw was open, and the source of the sickening sound. I could see an inky substance trailing it as it planted a heavy claw into the floor and pulled it's limp body along.
I didn't like leaving Colin there, even though I knew he was already gone. I wanted to stay even less. I hurried through the door and back into the freezing snow. Wind whipped around my face, stinging my tear drenched cheeks. The resistance of the wind in addition to the fact that the snow was now more than knee-high made the short trek to our car difficult, but I did make it. I pushed the thought that the thing had stopped following me because it was eating my husband out of my head, and fumbled with the keys in my numb hand. I managed to get in.
I was distraught to see, though, that it was in vain. The car wasn't moving. The snow had gotten far too thick I laid my foot on the gas as hard as I could, but the back tires only slowly slid back and forth. I pounded my fist against the steering wheel, and yelled out in frustration. Each time my fist hit the steering wheel it produced a small, pitiful honk, and between each of those stupid little sounds, I could hear the sounds of clicking, and gurgling, and moaning. The same "people making animal" sounds Colin and I had heard on the road...the same sound that the creature had made when it was attacking us. There were more. It sounded like they were getting closer, and closer, and I was out of options.
I locked the car doors, knowing full well it wouldn't help. I could see them in the headlights, creeping closer. Six of them, all identical to the first...seams across their faces opening, craving their next meal. I could have sworn that they were grinning at me. I tried once again to gun it, but it failed, and I resigned myself to the fact that this was the end of my life. In moments I would meet my maker.
Just when I'd given up, I saw the red and blue lights burst to life, coming from the other car in the parking lot. The cruiser. All at once, the creatures jerked upright, and began their jittery stride toward the colored flashes. They piled on to the cruiser...the six that had been stalking me, and four others that I hadn't seen rushed out of the shadows to join their kind.
I wasn't going to squander the opportunity I'd been given. I swiftly opened the car door, and dashed in the opposite direction of the creatures. My run was interrupted almost immediately, as I was grabbed from behind and a hand wrapped around my mouth before I could scream. I was dragged, kicking, around my car until I was on the passenger side. There, it registered that the hand covering my mouth was human, wearing a pure white glove. I stopped kicking, a wave of relief pouring over me. The man who'd grabbed me must have noticed this, as he loosened his grip around my waist. He completely removed the hand covering my mouth, and used it to fetch a radio from his side.
"I got her, let it rip." He said into it, and a soft hiss of static followed before another voice responded.
"You never call just to say 'hi' anymore, you know that?" A male voice responded.
As soon as the radio went silent, I could see a small, egg shaped item fall from the sky, and into the congregation of creatures, who had nearly ripped the police cruiser to shreds. A second later, a loud explosion rang out, as the man dragged me to the ground with him. I could feel the heat from the other side of the parking lot despite the cover, and I could hear the sounds of debris, both mechanical and biological, crashing into the soft snow around us.
I could hear the loud hissing coming from the injured creatures, rapidly growing softer and softer as I was quickly ushered to an approaching vehicle, its huge snow tires not struggling in the slightest. I was escorted inside, as I and the man who'd grabbed me joined with several other people. Some were dressed as he was, others looked more like me. Shaken, scared. One young girl, looked to be in her late teens, sat in wide eyes shock. She was covered in blood muttering "mama" under her breath repeatedly.
I felt the vehicle begin moving again, and the man who'd grabbed me pulled off his goggles and white balaclava.
"I'm Garvey, I work for the government. Sheriff Sam Rice was in the process of sending us a message when his call abruptly ended. He made mention of one Deputy Mayes being trapped in a cell at the PD. Is he...?" The man spoke, his eyes finishing his question.
"No, he's gone. M-my husband too." I said shaking my head, beginning to tear up again.
"I'm sorry to hear that, ma'am." He said, and spoke into his radio again. "No other survivors...evac. we're going to get out of this godforsaken town and debrief. See you at base."
"Love you too. Rooftop, signing off." The humorous voice chimed back, followed by silence.
"Listen!" Garvey said, addressing all passengers. Eight of us in total, not counting the others dressed in thick, white coats. "It's very important for you all to remember this. Two days ago, a hole did not open in the town of Tamblin Falls. Nothing crawled out of that hole. The animal sacrifices, the cult, none of that happened. Each of you will be given a story by the suits, I'm sure, but from this moment forward, Tamblin Falls does not exist. Your life before today does not exist. I URGE each and every one of you to never speak of what happened here."
He was right, the "suits" were exactly what one would expect. Classic men-in-black types, pulling the intimidation angle hard. My story was a bear attack. A big bear destroyed the car and killed Colin. I'm lucky to be alive. The elderly "suit" had emphasized that last part, the threat crystal clear. I never saw any of the other survivors again.
I was escorted home in a black car. I was very aware that I was being watched for about six weeks. The amount of black cars that drove past was staggering. I'm sure they wanted me to know they were around. Those six weeks were hell. Not because of the cars, but because my house was so empty Colin. I guess they decided I wasn't a threat, as one day the cars just didn't show up. I've moved since then, tried to forget, to move on. All of my internet searches for Tamblin Falls confirm what Garvey had told us. It no longer exists.
I don’t know what someone would find if they ever went back there. Is it a ghost town? A black hole in the ground? What did they do with the monsters? The bodies? I often find myself missing Colin, all these years later the pain has never eased. I would like to know where he is buried, if they even bothered to bury the bodies. It would be nice to just sit and talk with him.
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Short Summary:
A young woman finds herself dead, face to face with a god-like being, and is given the chance to reincarnate in another world with cheat-like magic powers. She accepts, only to find that the world treats magic users the same way ours did— by hunting them down and killing them for heresy.
My name is MELAS?! As in the town of Salem? Oh my God, and my mother is a Witch. I am SO going to be burned at the stake!
[Chapter 1] | [Cover Art] | [RoyalRoad Index and Synopsis] | Tags: Isekai/Reincarnation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Weak-To-Strong Protagonist, Female Protagonist

I got up tired and bleary eyed as my internal alarm clock forced me awake. It was not morning; it was probably six in the evening at the earliest.
My sleep schedule had been nonexistent since I was captured by those slavers; sleeping was so easy when you were malnourished, and had literally nothing else to do. Then I met Victor, and I have been pretty much fully nocturnal since then. Somehow, that became a good thing
Because we were moving camp tonight.
Goblins had night vision. It did not mean they had perfect eyesight in dark places, it simply meant they could see better than any other sapient species— including Cat Beastkins. So it made sense for us to travel hidden under the night’s shadows.
So we were relocating; or rather, we were going to begin the process of relocation. Modern means of transportation did not exist, so you actually had to walk if you did not have any beasts of burden to pull you along. It was tiresome; but I was used to it by now.
I packed up any and all valuables I had. It was not much: a few books, a bundle of spare clothes, and some food and water. I stuffed it all in the bag I was given, and stepped outside.
I looked around and saw Goblins already dismantling the campsite; they were pulling down tents, tearing down palisades, and putting out cooking fires. I strode through the encampment, searching for either Gessitt or Victor, and ignoring the side glances some people gave me.
They were… staring. It was surreptitious— they were trying to be nonchalant about it; pretending they just so happened to glance my way. And it was all because of what happened yesterday.
It took me awhile, but I managed to learn a new spell. The book called it Magic Missile, an upgraded version of Magic Bolt which exploded upon contact. I did not master the spell; my first attempt at casting it was a success, but subsequent tries did not always go well. Apparently I was lucky that the failures did not blow up in my face; like learning how to use mana crystals for the first time, thaumaturgy especially— far more than other schools of magic— could be dangerous to the caster.
Overall, I would say my success rate was slightly above 50%. But after blowing up a handful of wooden targets, some stalactites fell from the ceiling above, so Gessitt made me stop. He did not want me to cause the cave to collapse in on us, which I wholeheartedly agreed on. So I went back to my tent and finished reading the book on thaumaturgy, and started on a new one before falling to sleep.
Still, learning a spell like that was considered pretty impressive. It was not advanced magic. The Thauma called it a ‘basic intermediate’ spell— the first spell you would learn once you were no longer a beginner in thaumaturgy. And thus, that explained all the completely inconspicuous glances.
I both liked and disliked the attention. Such was the duality of (wo)man. I settled with ignoring them, and focused on finding someone I knew.
Eventually, I found Gessitt. He was directing some Goblins into loading a cart being pulled by… a horse? No, not just a horse. An undead horse. The Orc turned to me as I arrived.
“Greetings Melas. Did you rest well?”
“Thanks, I did. Do you guys need any help?” I asked, gesturing around me.
“Not particularly, no. We’re almost finished with packing things up. We’ll begin moving once the sun has fully set on the horizon.” Gessitt said. He saw me eyeing the zombified mount, and spoke up. “Unfortunately, we’ll be going on foot. I’ve reanimated these pack animals for heavy cargo only. We try to travel light, but it is impossible to carry everything necessary for our cause on our persons. I hope you understand.”
I blinked. “Oh,”— I raised my hands up defensively— “I wasn’t thinking about that. I was just staring because this is my first time actually seeing a zombie. It’s… rotting.
“Hrmph, it’s disgusting, isn’t it?” The Orc helpfully put in.
I quickly glanced back at the corpse. It looked terrible; green fleshy bits dripped off the undead horse like it was liquid, and I could see through its bones in some areas where the skin had completely rotted away. And even while averting my gaze, I knew it was there because the stench was horrendous. Worse than any spoiled food I have ever smelled, and I’ve had Surströmming (technically it was an edible spoiled food) before!
Yes.” That was all I said.
“Indeed. Frankly, I am not a fan of zombies either, yet they are far more durable than mere skeletons. Of course, both would serve their purpose with the job of simply pulling cargo. However, it would take too much unnecessary time to raise only the bones of a decomposing corpse.”
“I see.” I nodded along, then something in my head clicked. “Wait, decomposing? As in, recently dead?”
He grunted. “It has been rotting for a week now, but yes, its current state is exactly as it was when I reanimated it.”
My eyes widened in shock, and I pointed at the undead animal. “That’s the horse Victor and I arrived in a week ago!” I exclaimed.
“Of course,” Gessitt agreed. “Where else would we have found a horse anywhere nearby?”
I frowned. “But that’s…”
That means you killed it.
I wanted to say that, but I stopped myself. It made sense; killing a pack animal and bringing it back with necromancy meant you did not have to use up resources for it. And considering the location of this outpost, we did not have much to spare.
Perhaps it was more humane to have simply killed it; keeping a horse alive in a small stable inside a dark cave would not have been an ideal living condition for it. Plus, there was no worry of overworking an undead horse. It’s like killing a horse with a broken leg.
That was what the rational side of me said. But something inside of me still screamed that it was wrong. So as my inner selves debated on the morality of what had been committed here, my outer self settled on the easiest option: doing nothing.
“Is something wrong, Melas?”
“It’s nothing.” I muttered. “Is there really nothing I can help with?”
“Hrmph, as I said, we are mostly finished. I appreciate the offer, but perhaps your time would be better spent studying or practicing your spellcraft.” Gessitt said. The large red man paused, then quickly added. “Just don’t do anything that would bring the ceiling down on us.”
“I won’t. Promise.” I reassured the Dark Commander with a smile, as I began to walk away.
I was willing to do anything to get my mind off of the serious stuff. Even study. So that was what I did.
I sat on a rock just by some torchlight, and began reading the grimoire I started on yesterday. It was not about a specialized book like The Thauma. It covered the general idea behind using magic to manipulate the elements.
Magic was not simply creating things out of thin air; some fields of magic were predicated on controlling the environment. Take terramancy for example, creating a wall of stone was possible with magic, yet it was more efficient to use magic to raise the ground up as a wall. Because, with earth magic, you had access to the earth all around you.
This was very different from pyromancy where the biggest source of fire most people would find near them was a cooking fire. That was why Victor could create a Fireball from nothing, but created that stone spear from the surroundings. And yet, apparently knowing how to control real fire was almost as important for pyromancy as controlling the earth was for terramancy.
The grimoire did not delve into the specifics of either terramancy or pyromancy, but gave an overview of all spellcasting fields. It was a foundational skill; like learning how to walk before you ran. It was something that helped you better grasp magic.
Of course, walking was not useful in a race. You did not walk your way through the 100 meter sprint in the Olympics. Yet, walking had its own uses, like for travelling incredibly long distances. In a similar vein, understanding how to manipulate the environment had its own uses.
It was not just an exercise or some sort of stretch you did before a workout, although that was one of its benefits. It had its own uses, and was effective when employed properly.
One of the principal examples of this was from thousands of years ago, when the Demon Lord was young and magic was still new to this world. An army had been sent to attack his lands during the First Holy War.
At the time, a clash between the Demons and this army would have caused significant casualties on both sides, and neither could the Demon Lord have faced them all alone like he often did during the Final Holy War. Instead, the Demon Lord avoided fighting them, and retreated.
He and his people fled from the army, leading them through forests, then plains. Through valleys, and mountains. And there, on a narrow pass after a rainy day, he laid his trap.
The army marched unknowingly through the valley, tired and weary from chasing the Demon Lord for so long. It was then that the ground began to move. The earth shifted like some kind of an illusion, but it was no mirage that the soldiers saw. It was a landslide.
The hills were too small for an avalanche, but a landslide could occur on any rocky slope. The rain had weakened the soil, priming it to fall. So all it took was a little bit of magic from the Demon Lord, and down came the earth on the army. Not a single soldier survived.
It kind of reminded me of the story with Moses, and how he crushed the Pharaoh's army with a miracle. But this was not a miracle— that’s not how miracles work in this world. This was magic. And I wanted to learn it.
I closed the book, and closed my eyes. I focused; concentrating not on trying to create or destroy anything, but to simply feel the world. There was a warmth coming from near me. I did not grab for it; instead, I just felt it.
The warm radiance quivered gently; or at least, it felt like it did. I focused on the heat. On the small blaze that stood silently alone. And I willed it to move.
Slowly, I opened my eyes. And the flames were dancing.
The flames from the torch flickered back and forth, like some sort of ballerina. I watched it spin in circles, going faster and faster as I called on it.
The fire began to twirl, losing its teardrop shape, forming into a ring in the air. It was like a fire dance; one where the performer spun their shining poi in the air. It continued coiling into itself, creeping closer to me with its tail end like a rope.
But it was too slow. So I reached for the flame—
And the fire erupted into the air. A plume of orange blaze burst out of the lone torch, its intense heat overwhelming me for a moment. Then it was gone; the fire was extinguished.
Darn. I sighed. I lost control of it, and the spell failed; I tried to force the flames to me, rather than ease it in my direction. The magic circle on my hand dissipated, as I got up to inspect the torch. Completely burned out.
I was lucky. If it was near anything flammable, the fire would have continued to spread. But because it was just on the torch, the flames simply used up all its fuel. I got up, as I heard a voice call me from the side.
“Melas. We’re leaving.”
Victor called out to me, and I turned to face him. “Coming.” I said as I strode over to the young man.
“I heard about what you did yesterday: it’s impressive.” I raised an eyebrow as the Dark Acolyte looked at the torch in my hand and gestured at it. “And I can see you’re taking your training seriously. Your control over the fire was commendable. Well, until the end at least.” He added.
Oh, thank you.” I flushed at the praise.
“However,”— Victor raised a finger— “fire manipulation is not so simple. Not every flame burns the same, nor does it all beckon to the same calls. The same applies for the rest of the elements; I suggest focusing on only one for now, lest you overstretch your capacity to learn.”
I blinked. “Wait, you’re… teaching me?” I asked stupidly.
The young man snorted. “Of course. I told you I would tutor you in my spare time, did I not?” He paused and cocked an eyebrow. “Unless, you’d prefer to learn alone?”
No, of course not.” I quickly said. “I just thought— uh, nevermind. Please continue!”
Victor frowned, but he obliged. He began walking out of the cave and I followed. “As I was saying, I believe your focus should be on controlling fire. Its manipulation is a crucial aspect of pyromancy that is often overlooked. Understanding how natural flames work would better help one in conjuring it with magic. Furthermore, I am partial towards fire magic, so I would be better able to assist you in this regard.”
I nodded along as we slowly made our way through the narrow corridors leading us to the outside. Victor continued. “Judging by what you’re trying to do, I believe you’re reading the grimoire I gave you on the elements?”
“Yes.” I replied.
“Very good.” He said. “It is one of my personal favorites, and one of the first grimoires I read. Acquiring it as a youth in the Holy Xan Empire was not so easy. In fact, it would have probably been impossible if you lived in its capital city. But Xantus is not as meticulous on that as Xanderia, so I eventually managed. And I’m glad for it, as it staved me away from malpractice when I finally began actual spellcasting.”
The young man took on a lecturing tone. He wagged a finger in the air as he spoke, and his words exuberated his passion in magic. I simply listened as the Dark Acolyte delved into the intricacies of fire manipulation and how it aided with fire creation.
Then, Victor paused. He put a hand over his chin, and muttered to himself. “Of course, the best way to understand this is by experiencing it yourself. But how would— ah.”
At the mouth of the cave, a familiar Goblin stood holding a torch. Karna was organizing the other Goblins slowly streaming out of the cave with us, when Victor walked up to him.
“Sir, did you need something?”
“Yes, I need that for training purposes.” The young man gestured at the object on the Goblin’s hand.
Karna looked at the torch, and blinked. “Oh, of course— ”
Then Victor reached over and snatched it off his hand.
“Thanks,” the Dark Acolyte said without looking back at the Goblin.
That was… rude? I wanted to apologize to Karna for that, but Victor was already dragging me away; I glanced back at the Goblin, and saw him frowning with his arms folded glaring at me. Great, he hates me more now. I sighed.
Victor continued talking, ignorant of my woes. “Ah, yes. This is the perfect exercise for this.”
He handed me the torch, and I stared at it bewildered. “What do I do with this?” I asked.
“I saw what you did with the torch earlier. It was a small spectacle, but lasted only a minute. Not enough time to learn anything.” The young man pointed at the torch, and a magic circle formed on his fingertips.
The fire blazed larger than before, and I felt its heat all the way up to my elbows. It was like I was holding a mini campfire. The magic circle disappeared from Victor’s hands, but the fire did not get smaller.
“This,” he said as he lowered his hand, “is going to last five hours. Once the time is up, the flame would have consumed all of its fuel, and it will snuff out. I want you to keep it burning without lowering its intensity until we stop to make camp.”
“Wait, aren’t we going to be traveling for at least six hours? How do I keep the fire alive for that long?!” I protested.
The Dark Acolyte shrugged. “Figure it out.”
Then he turned around and walked away from me.

This sucks.
I trudged along the dark forest, illuminated only by the silver moonlight… and the blazing torch in my hand. Goblins moved around me in the shadows, carrying large backpacks on them.
It was not that the bags were big; it was normal in size for a regular Human. But the key word there was Human, and not Goblin. And most of the Goblins were around my height.
Sure, some were noticeably shorter than me, and even less were significantly taller than me. But on average, they were just over four feet and a half. So their bags filled with equipment were comically big relative to their size.
It was like a cartoon! I felt like doubling over and laughing at the scene. But luckily for me, I’m too focused on this stupid fire!
I stared into the flame, smoldering brightly in the night. It did not make us any less stealthy as we navigate our way through the trees, since it was only a single light source. But I still felt like putting it out!
It was frustrating; no matter what I tried to do, the fire continued to eat up its fuel. I tried making it bigger— thinking there was some kind of trick to it— but that only made it burn out faster.
Realizing that I was an idiot, I decided to spread out the fire more. Maybe that would slow its burning? Nope, didn’t work either.
I tried calling the fire to me; making it dance; doing all the things I did earlier, but to no avail. It’s literally impossible! You can’t do this without making the fire smaller!
But that was not allowed, apparently. So I had no options I could think of. I was just left with feeling the fire— both literally, and magically. And I had to somehow deal with that too.
I just stared at it. Seeing the orange flames flicker. Watch it flutter in the wind. Always moving; never static, like all fires were. And I felt it all.
I focused. And recalled something; knowledge from another world came pouring into me. I remembered how heat travels, how radiation carries heat from object to object. But more than, I remembered a kind of fire that did not dance. That just stood there, like some kind of statue.
The blue flames made from modern machines; that burned so hot, yet so steady. And fueled by a concentrated and an abundant source of energy. Then I realized, I could do that too.
No, I did not have to change the fire. I was fixated too much on that redundancy. No matter what shape I gave the flame, it would eat the same amount of fuel as long as it blazed at the same intensity.
But no matter how hot it was— just like the flames from a bunsen burner, a gas stove, or any appliances that created fire— they would always burn as long as they had fuel. It was a simple realization, really. Not much of an epiphany. Yet it made all the difference in the world.
I pooled mana into the flames, concentrating on feeding it, rather than letting it feed itself. And it was not easy, as the stubborn fire chose to feast on what it wanted. At first, my attempts at fueling it with mana did very little to stifle the wax burning away underneath; it consumed both sources of fuel, and chose to burn brighter.
But I felt the flames, and I felt its hunger. So I understood it.
I quenched its thirst, and fed it till it was full. I left it satiated with mana, giving it exactly what it wanted. Its gluttony was gone, so the fire burned, but the wax burned no more.
I smiled to myself as I looked at my triumph in my hand. I was just holding a regular torch, but I held it with pride as if I were the torchbearer for the Olympics. And just like the Olympic flame, my fire would never go out.
Well, they’re alike in how that’s a complete and total lie.
I knew that the Olympic flame gets extinguished quite regularly, and I knew that my fire would burn out once I got too exhausted from keeping it alive. But I was being hyperbolic; I just meant that my torch would last for a while.
I felt good about myself. However I also felt hot. Because the torch was hot. I sighed. Now I have to figure out how to keep it from radiating heat to me. Or cool myself down.
And I spent the rest of the time walking figuring out how to do just that.
Several hours later, we finally stopped to set up camp in a clearing; everyone began to pitch their tents, or put up small wooden barricades around the perimeter of the encampment. Meanwhile, I presented the still-burning torch to Victor.
“Ah, good job Melas.” The blue haired man said as he took the torch from me. “You’ve kept it burning for almost seven hours straight. Although I see that its fuel has almost run out and you’ve suffered some light burns.”
I blushed, slightly embarrassed. “Well, uh, trying to focus on feeding the fire and keeping it from burning me wasn’t easy. At first, whenever I tried to do either, I almost completely stopped doing the other. Took a bit of time for me to focus on both at the same time. I only got a bit used to it in the last hour.” I explained.
“Yes, I can see that.” Victor casted a quick spell, extinguishing the flames. “Regardless, it was a good exercise for you, was it not?”
“It really was.” I nodded.
“Good, keep trying to find other ways to manipulate fire. Don’t limit yourself to what you think you can do, but think outside the box; with magic, almost anything is possible.” He tossed the torch to the ground, and pointed at my hand. “Now get that healed up. It’s a minor burn, but I understand it probably is quite significant for a child. Go find Karna, he knows where the healing potions are.”
“Oh, thanks.” I slowly spun around to walk away, then paused. “And thank you for the lesson. I really appreciate it, Victor.” I added, before leaving.
I barely heard Victor mumble a ‘you’re welcome’, as I searched the camp for Karna. Honestly, I did not think I needed a healing potion for my hand; it was barely even a first degree burn. I could survive without getting it healed.
But it gave me an excuse to find Karna. Because I wanted to speak with him. Eventually, I found him.
“Hey, Karna.” I greeted him.
The Goblin was strutting out of a tent, and stopped right outside of it. He gave me a sidelong glance and asked. “...what do you want?”
“I, uh, was told you know where the healing potions are.” I stated.
“Yes.” He simply said.
I hesitated. “Um… where is it?”
Karna raised a hand and pointed at one of the unloaded carts. “It’s there.” He answered, then began to walk away.
Wait,” I called out to him. “There’s something else.”
The Goblin paused mid-step, and frowned. “What is it now?”
“I just wanted to apologize too!” I quickly sputtered out. The Goblin inclined his head to the side, as I continued. “For what Victor did earlier. He was just trying to help teach me. But he was being a bit rude. So, I’m sorry.”
The Goblin stared at me with narrowed eyes. There was a moment of silence. Then he finally spoke up. “Can I leave now?” He asked, sounding annoyed.
This time, I was the one that frowned. “Well since you asked: no.” I said. “Not yet.”
Karna gave off an audible groan, and I folded my arms. “See, that’s exactly it! I’ve never done anything bad to you. In fact, I barely even know you! And all the times I’ve spoken to you, I’ve tried to be nice. But for some reason, you hate me and are a jerk to me.”
I grit my teeth as I watched the Goblin roll his luminescent eyes. He’s exactly like a mean girl in some teen drama! I screamed internally. Then I continued.
“I’m not trying to force you to like me. I know better than to do that. But I just want to know: why? Why do you dislike me? What have I done wrong? And what can I do to be better?”
My questions caught the Goblin’s attention. He stopped giving me a bored look, which was replaced with a death glare. “Why, you ask? It’s simple: because you’re weak.”
I waited for him to continue, but that was all he said. “What are you talking about? How am I weak?” I barraged him with these questions, forcing him to elaborate.
Karna shook his head, irritated. “You’re weak because you are. You can’t do anything for yourself, the Commander and the Dark Acolyte have to do it all for you. Not only that, but I have to go out into towns and cities to rob potions for you, to try and find anything that can heal your slave mark. Why must I do that for you almost every single night, while you get to stay in camp?! You who aren’t even one of us. Because you’re too scared to call yourself a Dark Crusader— even though your mother was hunted and killed by the Church— you’re too afraid to oppose them. That is why you’re weak.”
His final words cut deep into me like a knife; I felt a pain in my chest, as he used my mother’s death against me. It was a low blow in every way, so it probably would have been a valid reaction for me to just storm off, mad at his comments. But I did not.
Was he insulting me in bad faith? I met his gaze, and I did not think so; he was being offensive, but that was because he truly meant those words. Yet it was not a meaningless attack, his words had some merit. So, slowly, I responded to him.
“You’re right.” I conceded, remembering Victor chastising me yesterday. “Victor and Gessitt have been extremely kind to me, and maybe I’ve been taking advantage of it— even if it was unintentional. I was wrong.”
Karna nodded, and I continued. “And for that same reason, you’re right. Even though I didn't know— no, I knew. Gessitt told me you were finding potions for me from nearby towns. But I was thoughtless and exploitative. For that, I was also wrong.”
I raised a hand up to the mark on my face, then took a deep breath. “Likewise, you’re right that I’m scared. I’ve avoided joining the Dark Crusaders all this while, not because I’m scared of the Holy Xan Empire— I’m not. I’m scared of knowing, of deciding. I thought I wanted revenge against them— and sometimes, I still think I do— but I’m too much of a coward to confront myself on it. So, I’m wrong on that too.” I admitted, much to the Goblin’s delight.
“However,” I said slowly, “you’re wrong about one thing: I am not weak.”
I lowered my hand to my chest, and felt my gentle heartbeats. I was calm. Completely so. I defiantly stared back at the two glowing yellow eyes, and repeated myelf. "I am not weak, and I will prove it to you.”
Karna looked at me warily. “How so?” He slowly reached for his belt pocket, and I grinned.
“I’m not going to fight you.” I said. That won’t prove anything. At best, one of us gets beaten up; at worst, one of us dies. I don’t think anyone here will be happy about either options.”
“So what are you going to do?” The Goblin furrowed his brows. “If you’re not going to fight me, then what?”
“It’s simple,”— I spread my arms to the side— “I will right my wrongs.” I declared.
“...how does that prove anything?” Karna asked me, disbelieving.
“Well, for starters, I’ll go with you*.*” I said.
“What are you on about?”
I clarified. “You said it yourself, didn’t you? I shouldn’t get to sit around in camp while you go out and steal things that are meant for me. So I’ll go with you.”
The Goblin blinked a few times, then bared his teeth at me. “Are you sure? You do realize that I’m going out tonight? You can’t delay this until later, and give the excuse that the Commander won’t let you. We leave now.” He emphasized the last words.
“Sure.” I shrugged.
What?” Karna stared at me blankly.
“I mean, that’s pretty much what I expected. You did say you went out almost every night, after all. Unless, of course, you don’t want me to come with you?” I cocked an eyebrow.
“I— no. Go ahead. But I won’t babysit you like the Commander does. Do you understand that?”
“Of course,” I said, “but that’s not necessary.” I raised a finger and pointed it at the Goblin.
“Because I’m going to show you how strong I am.”
[Next Chapter]
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2020.07.21 18:21 weatherloo Hidden teen fingering

How the fuck can islamic countries be so OPENLY sexist, misogynistic,homophobic and so forth and like..get away with it? WHEN WILL THIS STOP? why is no one doing a DAMN THING, it fucking breaks my heart seeing how most of the posts on social medias in my country are about:
1-bullying LGBTQA+ community.
‘’Memes’’ and stuff are infested with homophobic content, the way they talk about it? laugh about it makes me beyond angered, sarcastic hateful homophobic comments EVERYWHERE, threats EVERYWHERE, it makes me want to vomit.
People like and share those things,there are young teens on the internet who will grow up thinking that THIS is NOT wrong.
A north african feminist woman influencer recently posted pics on instagram defending homosexuals and guess what? THOUSANDS of people unfollowed her lmao, she got a shitton of threats in her dms and utterly disgusting comments under each one of her posts.
Hate crimes are also committed and no one talks about it..
I stumbled upon an article about a 21 years old algerian student, Assil Belalta, who has been awfully murdered in his own room at a university campus, they wrote ‘’He was Gay’’ with his blood on the wall, this happened in 2019, and i just heard about it because no one ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CARES.
As i was looking for other articles i found multiple similar cases all over the ‘’islamic world’’ AND NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT!
2-Making fun of muslim women while fantasizing about leaving the country and marrying blonde blue-eyed white girls (yea lmao i know how cliché and stupid that may sound but believe me i’m only quoting them) while ALSO openly going out with girls and beating their sisters if they do the same, or WORSE, if they ever wear or act the way that their said dream girls weaact, i mean..how hypocritical one can be, seriously? you go out with girls and wear what the hell you want but if your sister does the same you BEAT her? you impose stupid restrictions on women and then complain that your country doesn’t have ‘’wife material’’ (i thoroughly hate this term) girls? HUH?.
“May Allaah curse the women who do tattoos and those for whom tattoos are done, those who pluck their eyebrows and those who file their teeth for the purpose of beautification and alter the creation of Allaah.” (al-Bukhaari, al-Libaas, 5587; Muslim, al-Libaas, 5538).
The Prophet said: "Allah has cursed the lady who artificially lengthens (her or someone else's) hair and also the one who gets her hair lengthened.".
Prophet said: “Any woman who puts on perfume and passes by people so that they can smell her fragrance is a zaaniyah.”Narrated by Imam Ahmad (19212) and al-Nasaa’i (5126); classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami‘.
“… [tell the faithful women] not to display their charms, beyond what is [acceptably] visible… And let them not thump their feet to make known their hidden ornaments.” (24:31)
Bruh lmao?? and when you point that out they say Nanana she can always dress up for her husband yknow...WTF??.
As for the more luckier girls who happen to have open-minded, less conservative households so they can wear wtf they want etc, ONCE they go outside, they get inappropriately touched/talked to? taken in photos? bruh some people even get aroused by girls’s ankles showing lmao i mean seriously we’re in 2020 everyone please wake up? why do i have to overthink wearing a little dress before going outside? why wouldn’t that be a normal thing to do without getting dirtily stared at by men who are the age of my father or followed on the streets at NIGHT?
I’m not even talking about pedophilic behaviours, 40years olds hitting on 13 years old tiktokers, that one time when a girl got raped by an imam you’ve probably heard of it? dozens of comments saying: ‘’i’ll stop going after thick women 2005’s look way tastier’’, ‘’ look at how delicious an unripe fruit can be’’, when i’m on the street i see little girls walking and old men with their qamis following them with their eyes, sometimes even shamelessly whispering lubricious comments, i got in a fight with more than one man because of that, i just don’t get how poeple just..get away with it?.
I feel sorry for my cousin getting married at 19 with a 32 years old man, just because her brother beats her whenever she goes outside without his consent so she just want to leave such a toxic environment even if that means marrying someone 13years older than her.
I feel sorry for my cousins/friends having been forced to wear the hijab at a young age because their ‘’bodies matured’’.
WHEN WILL PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT ONLY A SMALL MINORITY WEARS THE HIJAB BY CHOICE! 95% of muslim women have been forced to wear the hijab by their parents/brothers/uncles.
3- Extreme Intolerance against other religions.
Noone can have his own way of thinking, arabic pages that promote atheism are massively reported etc..that one bengladeshi author who wrote a book criticizing islam i’m so sorry i forgot his name, who was killed in front of his wife in the market?
I see that i only talked about women being mistreated, but men are also victims you know? men are forced to ‘’man up’’ and not be feminine, lately i’ve seen men in the U.S normalizing the wear of skirts skirts by men and i was just thinking about how this will never ever happen in my country and it just made me sad.
When will this stop?, and most importantly, how and what should i (and we) do to make it stop? i want to make change before i leave this country, i’m scared i’ll never be able to.
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