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Update October 14 2018: Tentatively "done"!!! Subreddits in bold have been voted positively by subscribers of /r/ListOfSubreddits. My ultimate goal is obviously to get a PhD but a lot of my colleagues as well as professor have mentioned that chevening is very prestigious and I should go for it. Another problem is that I have to return to my home country for two years once chevening is over (they don’t really enforce this if I’m not wrong but it is a risk to get another ... Hey guys so I’m curious if I should do an upgrade. I run pro tools mainly for mixing vocals and mastering. My Mac is the 2019 quad core i5 with 8 gb of ram, but after mixing a song with ad libs and all my plug ins ozone 9 basically stopped working because of the cpu. I find that place to be insanely disorganized, nearly impossible for me to find a specific title. ... I'm a legitimate user of theirs and am new to reddit. So be gentle :P. level 1. 1 point · 1 year ago. THX. level 1. 1 point · 1 year ago. Anyone know where I can get packs of ice files rather than single download links. level 1. r/AskLE: A good place to ask LE questions that you would not get answered anywhere else. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! If I can get a mattress that’s 80% as good as a TP, but pay half as much for it (or less), then buying a new $2,000 mattress every 5-6 years seems smarter than dropping $4500 every 10 years. I know this isn’t really a new topic of discussion, but would just love to hear some fresh thoughts on it. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you. Passionate about something niche? Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share your interests. Alternatively, find out what’s trending across all of Reddit on r/popular. Removals & Warnings. If your submission does not appear in the new queue, please contact us (be sure to include a link to the Reddit post (i.e. comments section), not the content you are linking). Simply deleting your post may cause the spam filter to catch future ones. Note: Submissions from new users, and users with low karma, are automatically removed to help prevent spam. This is a subreddit for sharing links to Nintendo Switch ROMs. Split files or password protected files and files hidden behind link shorteners with ads are strongly discouraged. Prefered hosts are GDrive or Mega. This is NOT a place for requests, asking for help in getting ROMs to work or general help for homebrew or other switch related questions.

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I was gonna go from best to worst but looking through this sub's popular posts I realized this is probably what's the most helpful for the people. Keep in mind for me things like interaction and custom videos/video chats are the main attraction here, so if you're just looking to see these models naked or having some sex, some of these pages might be ok for you, i'll try to make it clear which ones.
If you don't wanna read all this, most of these girls fall under the same umbrella of unresponsive/unclear communication, tonnes of short tease PPVs, really expensive personalized options in which follow up seems unlikely, or in some cases did not happen ( I will write "SCAMMING" for these). I'll bold any potential positives in their descriptions. Names are all bolded.

BlackGabbyDoll (2019 please comment if things have changed)
Overall: 5/10. THICK LADY, friends with a lot of the other IG models in her category so has a lot of G/G videos. I followed a long time ago for only a month, so maybe things have changed, but in my time her videos were rarely much better than her IG, basically just nude twerking on her timeline, and a couple like 3 second previews of her G/G or solo videos. Occasional PPVs usually $20 for a minute of twerking, some the captions sound like there could be sex in them but I didn't risk it. Not at all helpful in messages, I tipped her $10 for nothing to get the convo going, she responded with a $25 1 minute twerking video, I asked about purchasing a vid she was advertising on her page, she told me to buy that video first. Bought it, was a ok video, just twerking for a minute, nothing special. She sent me a $40 4 minute video in response... never answered my questions even though I was asking about BUYING a video she had already made lol
If you follow for one month there is a decent amount of her naked on her feed, I think you'll probably even see some quick GG kisses, maybe some spanking and twerking, maybe even some pussy, but not worth it to me

Ms Palomares (2019 please comment if things have changed)
OF: IG is private, heres what may or may not be a real page with pics:
Overall: 6/10. Big Fake Tits and Ass, also does a lot of GG shoots with other pretty famous models. Mostly short tease videos available. Sent lots and lots of PPV messages, prices seem to vary considerably, some videos were reasonable looking $8 for a couple minutes, most were shorter though. Also occasional like $150 for a minute videos. Good amount of free teaser clips sent in messages as well. No interaction, didn't respond to my messages. Same thing as above, if you just wanna see a little bit, wait till she offers a deal, subscribe, view whats on her page. There's not much different stuff or personalized stuff (maybe if you tip big time $). I do see a VIP page now, would love to hear if that's ok, she's pretty hot!
Andrea Miss Royal (2019 please comment if things have changed)
IG: Couldn't find a public IG anymore, looks like it's down. She got a big ass basically
Overall: 4/10. Same as above, minimal interaction, but she actually has even less sexual stuff. I'm actually pretty sure that it was only twerking and pictures, but I know some of her stuff is advertised as being more so it's possible. When I did buy PPVs they were just twerk videos, though some are advertised as more, they are much more expensive and due to my subpar experience with the rest of her page I didn't test it out. Lots of spam and PPV messages, content fairly similar to IG
Panda (2019 please comment if things have changed)
Overall: 6/10. Big ass. Mostly same as above, decent amount of twerking available on main feed, some thirst trap and tease stuff. She had expensive PPVs, and her custom and video chat prices were good, but I had recently had some bad experiences at the time I subbed to her, so I didn't follow through and not sure if she would either. Unfortunately judging by the expensive short PPVs I don't have a lot of confidence, but would love to know if anyone was able to!
Nina Kay (2019 please comment if things have changed)
Overall: 6/10. Big ass blonde. Mostly same stuff, lots of PPVs and Spam, super expensive custom and vid chat options (she told me a 10-20 minute custom would be $2000, would do 3-5 for $250, this is pretty regular for the popular models who have worked in porn and offer customs. Not sure if it's a scam or not). Much freakier than the above girls though, will actually have some more explicit sex stuff available, but will have to pay. Most videos I got are like 20 -50 seconds of teasing, and most look like that. longer videos shoot up to $40 or $50
Lovie Monroe. $25 a month
IG: Couldn't find. Thick light skin girl, big boobs, big ass, maybe a little latina looking, very pretty and expressive face.
Overall: 4/10. Her OF isn't much, but if you catch her on Camsoda she's fun (OF is a 4/10, but Camsoda is a 8 or 9/10) although often pretty distracted. $50 video chat if you get her attention, and she'll probably lose track of time and give you a longer show. OF is occasionally updated with minute long twerk or BJ videos, occasionally a little bit of pussy play, pretty hot but not much of it. Chat might as well be totally inactive. Sent a welcome message (text only), answered one of my questions with one word, never responded to my $10 tip. No PPVs or anything.

UdreamofJordan (2019 please comment if things have changed)
Overall: 5/10. Not much good stuff on main page, lots of PPVs, not helpful in messages. Said it was $250 for Facetime. Advertises PPVs with sex in them but they're more expensive and short, usually about $20 for a minute or 2. Maybe not too bad, definitely not worth it for me.

RoxanneHMX (Only had a couple days, let me know if different)
Overall: 5/10. Maybe Scamming. Spoke with her on IG about doing customs and she told me to follow her OF. I subscribed instead of the free one and messaged her. She told me she doesn't do custom content. So bad start. Page looks alright, haven't taken to deep a look but doesn't look like there's too much beyond strip teases
Zoey Taylor
Overall: 6-7/10. Not much on her wall, mostly tease videos. Haven't purchased a PPV yet, most look short and prices seem to change drastically. First video she sent me was $100 for a minute, sometimes she has picture sets for $50, but then there's also a few 1-4 minute videos for like $10. Haven't inquired much into Custom/Vid chat.
Fiona Fox (Please comment if you've had a different experience, she honestly seems nice)
Overall: SCAMMING. Good page on the wall, lots of free, and long, content available and decent PPVs, full penetration solo play, solid stuff, but delayed my custom for 3 months then stopped responding to me unless I commented on a bunch of posts and emailed her and shit, in which case she'd send me an apology and say it's coming this week, then disappear again. If you like ahegao she's fantastic at it and has lots of long videos. If anyone has gotten a custom please do let me know as she offered a good price and I think she's super hot!
Overall: SCAMMING. Skinny short big time booty. Actually has decent videos available on her feed and in PPVs, a little expensive and short, but you can get some great videos of her riding her dildo and playing with herself. However, DO NOT do customs or video chats. I purchased one and remained a tipper while I waited, she never did it, just kept responding to my messages with delays, once gave me some attitude about following up too haha, and then eventually just straight up told me she wouldn't make my video. If you like the booty though I actually wouldn't not recommend checking out her page and buying a riding video for like $10-$20, pretty fucking good I can't lie.
Cherokee D'ass
Overall: SCAMMING. Lots of quick $3-5 PPVs that are pretty freaky, but all pretty similar. Lots of twerking ,head, and fucking, nothing to keep you longer than a month. I tried to buy a custom, she gave a decent price, I paid, she said it was coming, I continued to purchase PPVs and tip, she never made the video, I messaged a friendly reminder in which I detailed how I didn't want to pressure her but was very excited to see the video, and she wrote back very offended basically told me to fuck off lol. No custom video ever materialized
Zmeena Orr
IG: Real page looks down, here's a fanpage
Overall: SCAMMING. One of my least favourite OF experiences. I find her super attractive and tried pretty hard to do a show with her. Tipped often without asking for a show and bought the extremely expensive short PPV videos. Talked to her about doing a show, paid her more than she asked hoping that would encourage her, and she still never did the show. Would always respond when I asked about it telling me she didn't know what I was talking about and ask for screenshots. I'd send the screenshots and she'd be like baby that's not proof lol. I tried for a long time to convince her, she just kept playing dumb. Stupid expensive videos. I've seen $300 for minute long videos that sound like just twerking in the shower. Frequently would send the same video for expensive prices. I followed her again recently when she had a promo on to see any new content on the wall and she was still sending the same inbox messages as the year before. I will say it did look like she had improved her PPV messaging, with most videos I saw being about $10-$25 for 2-3 minutes, whereas before it was like $50-$200 for 45 seconds, so hopefully her OF was doing poorly and she is learning the advantages of good customer service . I will say though that the first time I bought a video it was $20, and she quickly sent another one for $40, then one for $80. Basically seemed like she raised the price if she thought you would be a customer. The opposite of how to do good business. Honestly report this woman's OF if you have the time.
Tiffany Foxxx
IG Backup Page:
Overall: SCAMMING. Same as above except without as much content available. Tipped her generously without asking for things, tried my best not to pry too much, but she just never did my show. Sometimes had excuses, started ignoring me so I commented on a post saying when will we do our show, and so she blocked me from commenting and chatting. Main page is mostly 15 second stripteases, i think one pretty hot doggystyle mirror fuck for free (10-15 seconds). Definitely report this OF if you have the time.

Big Pornstars
These are all so similar. Tonnes of PPV messages, decent prices for videos, decent interaction, but any customs or chats are so expensive ($100 per minute at least). Just gonna bunch them together and give a brief description if they offer anything special. Usually have some ok content available on page but mostly PPV options, usually at pretty good rates. If you're super into these girls it might be worth it, usually fairly cheap 5 minute BTS videos and stuff like that, more amateur stuff from pro girls
Karlee Grey. Regular stuff as described above.
Victoria June. Page has little on it, but did occasionally send a free full video in inbox. Seemed random, sometimes was a repeat vid
Nicolette Shea (Does send out really long videos (30 minutes to an hour, sometimes 90 minutes) for $3 -$5, but every one I've tried is a compilation. Kind of weird to me, but technically a good value)
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2020.06.17 04:00 imroundandbrown Sex latina free chat

Curvy Latina BBW needs someone who lives fairly close to white rock lake area who I can call for a quickie during the day if I need some action.
Must be non pushy, clean, disease and drug free and most of all don’t be weird. If you’re weird, you probably know it, and I’m sorry but I need someone who will make me feel comfortable. No alpha aggressive types. Just be a regular chill guy. The male half of the couple will probably be there most of the time to watch so must be ok with that.
Do not send me chat requests I will not answer them. Don’t send me one word messages. Don’t send me a question just asking if I’m still looking. If you’re interested you’re gonna have to send a photo. Low effort responses = ignored. Condoms will be a must no exceptions.
And finally must be willing to meet the first time without sex being on the table. Just to feel it out. Would prefer this person to become a regular fwb I can call when I need, not a one time thing, so travelers need not apply.
With all that said we’re pretty cool and very chill.
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