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When You Can't Remember the Details of Your Childhood Sexual Abuse In the aftermath of #MeToo, I’d like to share a very specific story. It’s a story I’ve never heard anyone else tell, yet I know there are people out there who can relate to it. The trauma that results from sexual abuse is a syndrome that affects not just the victim and their family, but all of society. Because sexual abuse, molestation, and rape are such shame-filled ... TW for graphic details about potential sexual abuse. ... Repressed memories? TW for graphic details about potential sexual abuse. Okay, so this is the second time I’ve said anything about this to anyone. The first was last night, in a mental health Discord server. ... I’m open to any advice/feedback people have though. 0 comments. share ... Open Discussions About Sexual Abuse and Incest. Moderator: Snaga. ... My next memories are of living in the Gas Hills of Wyoming and I think that was about an hour or so from Riverton. I am pretty sure by this time I was about 5 years old. ... It was very very difficult for me to tell them all the details of what he had made me do. I felt so ... Regardless of the specifics of any potential abuse, one of the best things you can do is try to focus on making sex feel more safe. Make sure you enthusiastically consent to any and all sexual ... The best way to recover repressed memories of sexual abuse is to work with a trusted therapist. A licensed mental health practitioner can help you revisit past trauma in a safe environment and work through any conflicts that may arise. Therapy can help you heal and can help you if you decide to seek compensation after being sexually abused. For me, I was unaware of my childhood rape until after the birth of my first child. I was 20 at the time. The memory itself started to come through small flashbacks. These flashbacks would get increasingly longer and more intense over time, and so... The 16 Signs of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Posted by Louise Behiel in Louise Behiel, Sexual Abuse | 1,532 comments. Over many years of working with survivors of childhood abuse, in all of its many permutations and combinations, I’ve come to believe that there is a constellation of symptoms or behaviors in adults which suggest they might have been abused as children. Child Sex Abuse Repressed Memory Research. Research proves that victims of sexual abuse, particularly childhood molestation, may develop PTSD, guilt, anxiety, depression, and phobias.These can, in turn, lead to relationship and work problems, irrational fears of people, places, or things, or even thoughts of self-harm or suicide. In 1993, the British Psychological Society convened a team to consider whether some psychologists might be accidentally implanting false memories of child sexual abuse in their clients. The ...

2020.06.25 18:45 Frostfire1031 Advice? Repressed memories? TW for graphic details about potential sexual abuse

Okay, so this is the second time I’ve said anything about this to anyone. The first was last night, in a mental health Discord server. I was talking about this with some people, and something that someone said sort of set me off. I had a panic attack quickly followed by the first impure regression I’ve ever had (I’m an age regressolittle. Non-k!nk, non-s*xual, it’s a coping mechanism).
Long story long, I’ve had this memory that doesn’t seem to match others. I was 7-8, living at my old apartments. I remember my mom sitting on my bedroom floor, facing the doorway. She was naked (or at least had no pants/underwear. She asked me to get a brush, and I recall being confused on if she wanted a toothbrush or a hairbrush. I got her the hairbrush when she specified. The next part is fuzzy, but she basically put the handle inside of her. At one point, I was encouraged to touch her myself, possibly putting my fingers inside. Afterwards, she told me I should go to sleep, so I got in bed and pretended to sleep. I don’t know if I actually fell asleep, but even though she left, I felt like I was being watched. My little kid brain thought that there were microscopic cameras hidden in the corners of the ceiling (this was something I thought/believed outside of this memory too). After a while, I got up and went into the living room. My mom was on the couch, watching TV. I think I tried to ask her if what happened was a dream, because I wasn’t sure even then, but I felt like I wasn’t supposed to ask directly (because it was “bad” if it was a dream and I told her that dream-her did that). She just seemed kinda confused and said it was really late and that I should go to bed.
The time I spent “pretending” to sleep seemed longer than my patience, and leads me to believe I actually slept at that point. I’ve had dreams where I’ve slept in the dream before, so it wouldn’t be so far-fetched if it were all a dream. I never really “forgot” this, but I didn’t think about it for years. Lately, it’s been bothering me. I’ve been writing this off as a dream for a while. My mom is a very nice person, and while she sometimes struggles to be a good parent, she generally means well. I know that many people who are abused will on some level defend their abuser, but I’ve already faced this in the form of her (now ex) boyfriend of 7 years. Nothing physical or sexual there (with the exception of one time where he physically restrained me), but he’s been emotionally and mentally abusive to both of us. My mom is nothing like that. She gets mad sometimes, and cries easily, and is over emotional to the point where I have to support her a lot, and will shirk responsibilities off onto me sometimes, but expressing emotion and giving a 19 year old chores isn’t abuse, even if it is bothersome. She and I are finally starting to have a healthier relationship now that her boyfriend is gone.
I was content to write that off as a dream and dive headfirst into a healthier and more open/honest relationship with her. Even through this conversation on Discord last night, I had settled on not looking for the answer of whether that incident was real (which is where I started in the conversation, looking for answers). But at the end of it, the person who was helping me out said “you’re probably not dreaming it.” This hit me like a punch to the gut. I said thank you and ended the conversation, only to start crying at the thought that “holy shit, that actually could have happened.”
It was then that I remembered something else that I had somewhat forgotten. There was no question of this being false. I was 9-10 and I was in my mom’s room. We spent a lot of time hanging out there, but nothing weird really happened. This time though, she might have been changing of something, but I think I was asking questions about her breasts. Something along the lines of “did I really drink from that as a baby?” because she confirmed it and basically offered to let me try it. I thought it was weird, but she reassured me that it’s natural since I did then when I was little. Long story short, I sucked on her nipple. I don’t recall anything else about/after that. That was the only thing that happened though to my knowledge.
The third thing is something that I feel disgusted with. Not because of her, but because of myself. I was 9-10 (we lived in the same place), and there was this boy a little ways away in the same neighborhood. I was really only supposed to play inside, but I went into my friend’s houses anyways. I don’t know how old this boy was, but I know he was younger than me. He played video games like Halo, so I don’t think he was too much younger, but still. His mom was cool with me, and I spent a decent amount of time there. I remember one time though, I was in his room with him, and while I don’t remember much of anything happening, I saw his penis at one point. I recall comparing it to the size of my thumb. I recall reassuring him that it was fine. I don’t know how old he was, and that’s the part that disturbs me most.
When I was older, a similar thing happened, but it was a mutual curiosity at a much more appropriate age (probably around 12 or so), so I’m trying not to read into that much. It was mutual and consentual looking/touching.
Basically this all comes down to two options.

  1. My mom was sexually abusive when I was younger.
  2. I dreamed the first thing, and everything else was me being curious about bodies and my mom seeing it as a bonding experience. Weird and a bit inappropriate, but not malicious.
I was prepared to write the “memory” off as a dream. Repressed memories are uncommon, and it didn’t fit with what I know. But then I remembered the breast thing, and I’m even more uncertain now.
I guess I’m just confused and kinda venting. I’m open to any advice/feedback people have though.
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Compilation image: https://i.imgur.com/lVvMZt9.jpg
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2020.04.11 04:08 Champion_of_Bear Hidden toothbrush camera

In the late 1950s, a group of American researchers wanted to test the adaptability of different animals. They began to hypothesise an extreme question. Is it possible for a dog to become completely civilized? They wanted to know if it would be possible to have a man walk side by side with a dog as near equals.
The experiment would be this. A high class family of a mother, a father, and a teenage son would live in a house with a dog. They would live their lives as normal but would rarely leave the house except for short breaks of fresh air. Their goal was to make the dog adjust to modern human society. From birth, the dog would be separated from its mother and not have interaction with any other dogs throughout its lifetime. The researchers felt that if it encountered even one other dog at all during its lifetime, all their effort and research would be immediately undone and it would revert back to its natural instinctive lifestyle. As a result, the house would be built in complete seclusion inside a building. Immediately after being born, the dog would be dressed in specially made clothes so it can get used to wearing them faster. They chose a doberman pinscher as they had garnered the reputation of being fast learners and picking up new concepts and orders quicker than most other breeds. They had also been used in earlier world wars, so it was thought that it would be easier for them to become closer to man. Each member of the family would have the very strict responsibility of treating the dog like a person.
They must: Always refer to it by its proper first name Never talk down to it like an inferior species Always show and remind it of proper social etiquette if it forgets Speak to it as if it understands everything they are saying (if it doesn’t at first, use smaller words that are easier to understand) Never speak slowly or talk to it like it is a small child Assist it every day when it needs to get dressed/change clothes Never say “Good boy”, “Bad dog”, or any other phrases that are commonly used with dogs. Urge it to adapt quicker if it is not adapting fast enough Treat it like another family member Make sure it always thinks that it is a human
The researchers began diligently working within their secluded laboratory. They took the healthiest adult female doberman pinscher from the city pet shop and brought her to the lab. They slowly and meticulously genetically modified her so she would give birth to only one healthy male doberman puppy with a natural lifespan much longer than normal. They didn’t want the mother to give birth to more than one because if it was in the womb with even one other dog, it would still feel a sense of wanting to belong with his fellow siblings throughout its life. They also made it so the dog would be born one certain size and would grow at a certain rate all its life. They wanted to make sure that it would fit into all the clothes they made. The final size and height of the dog would be larger than normal so it could appear more human.
While waiting for the dog to be born, they built a full-size house within the lab and prepared it for a family of 3 to live comfortably inside. The house had no windows because that would only encourage the dog to leave. It was decided that the dog would stay in the house at all times. If the family needed to leave, they would walk out the secret hidden front door, and go into the resting area of the lab. When the house was finished, it had a downstairs living room with a small television, a kitchen, a dining room, 3 bedrooms (one for the husband and wife, one for the son, and one for the dog.) 3 walk-in closets (2 in the parents’ room and 1 in the son’s room.), and 2 bathrooms (one upstairs, and one downstairs). There were no mirrors anywhere in the house. The researchers did their best to make a T.V. that didn’t show much of a reflection. The television was connected to a signal at the laboratory that allowed the researchers to play anything they wanted at any time they wanted. Cameras were placed in every room except the 2 bathrooms and the 2 walk-in closets for privacy reasons. Each family member had a place to change and do their business, but that’s pretty much the only privacy they had.
Possible candidates for each of the “family members” were heavily questioned and interviewed. The researchers needed to make the absolute correct decisions when picking the family. If this failed, the entire experiment could be ruined. 3 more than capable people who all were chosen to portray the fictional family, and they spent over 6 months preparing for the experiment. The father was James, the mother was Susan, and the son was Harry. They were given a large supply of nice clothes for the dog and for themselves. The kitchen was filled with necessary food to last for several weeks. If they needed, they could let the researchers know they needed food, and more would secretly be delivered to them. No one in the house needed to go to work as they were all getting paid a very substantial amount per day to do the experiment. Most importantly, each of the 3 family members had a small earpiece that allowed the researchers to talk to them at any point if they wanted the family to do something. The family believed they were ready for anything.
They were not.
Day 1: On the day the dog was born, the researchers gave him the name “David”. Immediately after birth, David’s mother was sent back to the pet store. With his eyes still closed, David was brought into the house, dressed in his pre-fitted, fancy, human clothes, and placed into Susan’s lap. She held him for hours. The family allowed him to sleep under the covers of his bed in his custom-made pajamas for most of the day. When he woke up, they fed him a dairy solution from a baby bottle. Several hours after he fell asleep again, the researchers quietly entered the house and snuck up to David’s room. Once there, they acted fast. They declawed the dog as quickly as possible completely without anesthesia. It’s not natural for humans to have claws. David woke up during the operation. He was in pain, but he still couldn’t open his eyes, so he couldn’t see who was doing it. Afterwards, the family wrapped the puppy’s paws in bandages because they were starting to bleed. Later, the researchers brought a human baby into the house. He was less than 2 months old. The family took him and posed for a photo. They gave the baby back to the researchers, and the photo was developed a few weeks later.
Day 16: David finally opened his eyes and Susan decided to carry him all throughout the house. She showed him everything so he could get familiar with his surroundings. She properly introduced him to James and Harry. She fed him more dairy solution and let him crawl around on the ground for a little while. She showed him the picture they took with the human baby on the first day. She pointed at the baby and told the dog, “That’s you!” The dog didn’t seem to fully understand. So far, the dog seems slightly uncomfortable with his clothes, but hopefully he will get used to them soon.
Day 23: The family began to speak to the dog and tried to teach him common vocabulary and word recognition. They would say things like “I am happy to see you” by heavily motioning all of the words to the dog so he could understand better. The dog’s teeth began to grow in, so the family started feeding him more varieties of food. James picked up David and sat him down in a highchair. It took almost half an hour for the dog to adjust to sitting in this new manner. They gave him a bowl of assorted meat pieces. He had trouble with the first few, but he was able to eat it all without being asked. His clothes were messy, but this was his first experience like this, so it was forgivable. Worse than this, he started to pee and poop wherever he wanted. Susan carried David to most places instead of having him crawl around, so she always took him to the toilet to allow him to relieve himself there. The family started to teach the dog the proper way to lie in bed. After they dressed David into pajamas, they placed him in bed on his side and then pulled the covers over him.
Day 29: David started to walk. The family and researchers noticed this. If David learned how to walk like a dog, he might never learn how to walk properly. Susan started carrying him around more than usual. They gave him a small playpen filled with typical baby toys that he could play with. James often held David in his lap while he watched television so the puppy could also be more educated about mainstream American culture. The researchers were sure to play lots of popular shows and news programs, but they were careful to not play any material containing dogs. Sometimes, David would bark at some of the things on the screen. When that happened, James would tell him to stop yelling. If it happened 3 times in quick succession, James would put David in the corner and force him to stay in a time out for 10 minutes. At night and in the morning, Harry was tasked with brushing the dog’s teeth with his own separate individual toothbrush.
Day 38: The family was encouraged to play more music in the house. In order to make David more cultured, they started to play classical music by many different composers on the record player. David appeared to enjoy listening to this. He started to walk more and more. The family knew they couldn’t avoid this, so they began potty training him. There was absolutely no way for a dog to sit on the toilet seat without falling in, so the researchers designed a special toilet lid with a small hole in the middle for the downstairs bathroom so the dog could do his business more sanitarily. The family realized that the 3 of them would have to use the upstairs toilet until the experiment ended because there was no way a human could pee and poop out of the same cover as the dog. The family spent several months attempting to train David when exactly to go to the bathroom and how to use the toilet like a person. He finally understood and was fully potty trained on day 241.
Day 67: The researchers told the family to act more like a family, so they started acting more affectionate towards one another. Every night after dinner, James walked up behind Susan’s chair and hugged his arms around her chest. He made sure to do this within view of David. The fake couple would kiss each other more often whenever David was around, and James would always express how proud he was of Harry even when he wasn’t doing anything significant.
James encouraged David to drink something other than water and the dairy solution. He got a glass of standard milk and slowly poured it down the dog’s throat. Some of it spilled out the sides of David’s mouth, and he choked a little, but it was done. A few hours later, the dog ran over to Susan and started whimpering. She was not sure what to do, so she asked him several times what the problem was while asking slightly different variants of the question each time. Eventually, he pooped in the middle of the floor. Susan rushed David to the bathroom and plopped him down on the seat cover. For the next half hour, David had terrible diarrhea. He didn’t eat much for the rest of the day and he was allowed to stay in his bed for a few hours. In recent days, the researchers could see through the cameras that David had not been lying in bed properly. They told this to James, and he walked into David’s bedroom. He was sleeping curled up in a ball on the foot of the bed. James woke him up and told David to sleep properly in the bed. David was clearly confused and didn’t understand why he had been woken up. James forcefully positioned David until he was laying down under the covers like a person would. Incidents like this occurred often
Day 102: David was sitting next to the record player for several hours listening to music. At several points, he howled along with the song. Harry sang as well and encouraged him to do this more. Harry would sing and David would howl along with the instrumental music. At lunchtime, the family decided that David didn’t need his highchair anymore. He could sit in a normal chair at the table with the rest of the family. When David first walked into the kitchen for lunch, he wasn’t sure where to go because his normal seat was gone. Susan motioned to his new chair, but David just stood staring at it. James picked him up and plopped him down on the seat. It was wood and there was no cushion on it. As a result, David was noticeably uncomfortable and slipped off the chair multiple times in the following days.
Day 130: The family knew that David obviously could not use proper silverware, so Susan hardly ever made meals that required the use of forks or knives. David’s typical meals at the table were meat. Sometimes, they gave him a bowl of soup, but that usually resulted in a mess, and he would get yelled at for that. They never fed him normal dog food. On this day, David sat down in his chair and Susan put a peanut butter and honey sandwich on the plate. David stared at it for a moment before digging in. He had a bit of trouble chewing it at some points, and he ate three quarters of it before sliding off the chair and walking away. Susan picked him up and placed him back in his seat. She told him to finish his meal or he wouldn’t get any dinner. He didn’t really understand, so Susan held the sandwich up to David’s mouth and kept it there until he ate the entire thing.
Day 158: The family started taking more and more photos with human children and putting them into the house proclaiming that they are pictures of David. Now that he was very comfortably walking on all fours, the family tried to make him walk on his hind legs. They reasoned that the more he did it, the more comfortable he would be doing it. They brought him into the living room and joyfully encouraged him to stand up on his hind legs. Each family member demonstrated this to him by awkwardly doing it themselves. David eventually understood what they wanted him to do. He tried lifting his front feet off the ground, but he just came crashing down every time. James lifted up his front legs and made David stand with help, but David was clearly not enjoying this, so James let him go. Throughout the coming weeks, most of their time was spent trying to make David stand on his hind legs to almost no result.
Day 233: Susan tried a different method of making David stand on his hind legs. She put on some upbeat music and got the entire family to dance around. David quickly joined them. After a few minutes, Susan grabbed his paws and hoisted them up. She pretended to be dancing with him. It worked very well. David was spinning around in circles whilst standing only on his hind legs. Susan was still supporting him a lot, but the family was still very excited. They started to experiment more on this matter in the coming days.
Day 310 David was walking to the dining room for dinner. The other family members were waiting. He entered the room, saw them all sitting at the table, and then stopped. He suddenly stood all the way up and looked at them. He was standing on his hind legs completely on his own with no support from anyone or anything else. The family clapped and cheered.
Day 443: The family was told to go check on David. He was in his room and, according to the researchers, was “doing something strange”. The family walked upstairs and noticed that his bedroom door was open. They peered in and saw him standing with his hind legs fully extended. He was leaning over his dresser with his upper body and was facing away from the family. They walked in and saw that there was a picture on top of the dresser. The picture was one of Susan, James, Harry, and one of the human children. They were all sitting with nice, fancy clothes on in front of a royal blue curtain. They took this picture on the night of Day 48. David stole the photo from downstairs and dragged it up to his room. He was just staring down directly at the photo with an unwavering gaze. He didn’t seem to be moving. The family could hardly hear him breathing. James started to walk towards him. He reached his hand out, but the researchers spoke into his earpiece. They told him that no one is allowed to touch him right now. They wanted to see how long he would do this for and what else he would possibly do.
The family left and tried to go about their day as usual, but every single day up to that point heavily involved David, so they had a hard time figuring out what to do. David stood in that same position for most of the day. At 4:37 P.M., it’s hard to tell exactly what happened. The researchers said that his hind legs gave out, but on the cameras, it looked like he just froze and fell to the side. Regardless, David fell to the floor and completely passed out cold. It could have been from standing for too long, or from the tensions of staying in one place too long, or the stress of everything. No one was really sure. What was more odd is that David fell to the ground in a way that looked. . . very wrong. His body contorted slightly before it fell. No one truly knows what happened, but the family rushed in and checked to see if he was alright, or if he was even still alive. He had a slow heartbeat and was very warm. They helped him into his bed and kept the covers off of him. He slept all through the rest of the day and all through the night.
Day 444: David woke up the next day at about 8 in the morning. All three family members were in his room waiting for him to wake up. He seemed to be mentally normal once again and didn’t show any sign that he remembered the day before. The picture from the dresser had been removed from the house. The number of “family” photos around the house had greatly decreased overnight to prevent further incidents like this to prevent any future incidents. David attempted to get out of bed and walk downstairs, but when he jumped onto the floor, his hind legs gave out and he fell on his stomach with a hard bang. The researchers hypothesized that all the pressure on his legs from standing for an unhealthy amount of time the day must have taken a toll on his strength. Susan gently picked the dog up and placed him back into his bed. She wrapped his hind legs with bandages and put ice on them. He stayed in bed for a few days so he could heal up.
Day 498: David sang with the classical records for over an hour. He was on pitch for almost all of the songs, and at some points, he almost sounded like he could’ve been a human singer. This had all been highly encouraged by the family and the researchers. However, David also started to make some. . . other noises. He hadn’t barked in over 100 days, but some of the other sounds that came out of him were concerning to say the least. He sometimes made a sound similar to that of a choking person. Whenever he made this sound, someone rushed over to see if he’s ok, but he was never actually choking. He also made odd grunting and moaning sounds sometimes. Other times, he would be laying on the couch when he let out a noise that sounded like an old man struggling walking up a set of stairs. The researchers didn’t know what to do, so they told the family to try and ignore the sounds as best as they can.
Day 562: Susan was preparing dinner when she spotted David walking through the hallway on all fours. The researchers wanted Susan to urge him to walk “properly” on its hind legs again. They started to speak into her earpiece, but before they could even get three words in, David stopped. His head jerked violently to the left and pointed directly at Susan. It was as if he suddenly heard something. Then, his front feet quickly rose off the floor so he was standing in a domineering position on his hind legs. He remained nearly motionless as his black eyes stared back at Susan’s. Her lip quivered in fear. The way he turned was unsettling enough, but when he stood up, it was like, for a moment, he wasn’t a dog anymore. But he sure as hell wasn’t a human either. His body seemed to twist more the longer he stood in that hallway even though he was barely moving an inch. Then, after what seemed like hours, David put his front two feet on the ground again and walked away.
Susan kept looking at the spot where he stood. She didn’t know what to do. She looked at all her cleaning and cooking appliances and shook her head before turning off the stove. She made sure no one was around before she exited the house through the secret door. When the researchers asked why she left, she told them that she doesn’t want to be part of the experiment anymore. She felt unsafe and uncomfortable in the house and wanted to leave as soon as possible. The researchers explained to her that she couldn’t leave because she’s an integral part of the dog’s life. He recognized her as his mother figure. They also reminded her that she signed an agreement saying she wasn’t allowed to leave until the experiment is over, so she just has to deal with it. She returned to the house in anger. For the next few weeks, her time spent interacting with David noticeably decreased.
Day 628: Susan cooked some shrimp, and Harry grabbed about three of them. He walked up the stairs, and James called out to him when he reached the top step. Harry turned around and looked back down at his father. James asked why he was taking the shrimp upstairs to which Harry replied that he was giving them to David. James told Harry that he shouldn’t do that because he isn’t David’s servant, but Harry explained that he just wanted to do something for his “brother”. Harry turned back around and less than 2 feet away from him, David was sitting on the ground looking intently at the shrimp in his hand. Harry jumped for a second. He didn’t hear David walk across the floor behind him. He completely snuck up on him. After catching his breath, Harry told David that he startled him, and he jokingly said that he shouldn’t be allowed to do that. David’s face did not change. He licked his teeth as he kept his eyes locked on the food. Harry was becoming fearful. Without thinking, he tossed one of the shrimp far into the room behind David. David sprang into action. He leapt into the room and started looking for the shrimp. The moment the shrimp left Harry’s hand, he ran down the stairs as fast as his legs could carry him. He was immediately regretting going up the stairs in the first place. He was regretting signing up to be in the experiment.
Once David devoured the shrimp, he wanted more. He knew that Harry had more in his hand, so he started running after him. Harry was about halfway down the stairs when David started on the first step. David ran at about twice the speed, and Harry was becoming more scared. He could hear David running up close behind him, getting ready to attack. Just before Harry reached the last step, David stepped in front of him and snatched the other shrimp out of his hand. Harry tripped over David and fell onto the hard floor head first. He was still heavily and anxiously breathing when he landed. David didn’t seem to mind. He just ate the remaining shrimp in peace.
James, who had seen the whole thing, was angry. He started to yell at David. He reached his hands out to grab at the dog, but David was ready to defend himself. He lunged at James and swung his paws in the air. He struck his “father” in the side of the head which caused a small piece of metal to fly out of his ear. The force of the blow did not hurt very much, but it was much more powerful than expected. James grew even more angry. He barely even noticed the thing that fell out of his ear. David saw the anger in his eyes and started to back away. Without realizing, David stepped on the small metal piece that was inside James's ear. There was the sound of a mechanical snap. David accidentally broke James’s earpiece.
James grew even more angry. He quickly reached out and grabbed one of David’s front legs. He hoisted the dog up and began dragging him upstairs. Susan pleaded for him to stop, but he didn’t listen. David was loudly whimpering and he even tried biting James’s hand. James smacked the mutt across the face as he hauled him up the stairs to his room. Once at the doorway, James leaned back and hurled David inside. He landed awkwardly on his back. James slammed the door shut and locked it. He stomped back down the stairs as David’s door began to bang from the other side. Susan ran up the stairs to unlock it, but James said, “No! He needs to be taught a lesson!” Harry wasn’t hurt too badly. He spent the rest of the day and much of the next day in bed with an ice pack on his forehead. The physical damage wasn’t too bad. Just a little bump on his forehead and some neck pain. The house was filled with banging and pained moaning for the rest of the day as David desperately pleaded for someone to let him out.
Day 629: The researchers told James that they would have another earpiece for him in about 2 weeks. He would just have to live without one for a while. With the permission of the researchers, Susan unlocked and opened up David’s door the next day in the afternoon. He was sleeping on the floor right next to the door. Susan brushed the fur on the top of his head which now had some red marks on it. The researchers assumed this was from him running into the door the entire day before. David woke up a few hours later. All the family was downstairs. Susan was getting Harry a new ice pack and James was on the couch reading the fake newspaper the researchers had provided. Suddenly, James heard Susan say, “Sweetie. . .” in a very scared tone. He put down the paper and looked up. He saw David standing fully extended on his hind legs in the middle of the doorway to the living room. He was blocking out most of the light from the kitchen. He looked down at James with a disturbing half-grin on his face. James asked what he was doing and why he was staring like that. Suddenly, David let out a series of sounds that can be heard in the video below.
It shocked and deeply horrified the entire family and everyone on the research team. David was clearly trying to speak to James. Even though no one really knew what words were said, they did not sound like they could have come from a dog at all. It was growly and airy yet it still had somewhat of a human cadence of speech. It sounded as though he was trying to speak human words, but his mouth couldn't form the right shapes. David walked back upstairs after this and left the family frozen in fear and confusion. The researchers spent the next several days trying to decipher what David said.
Day 641: Susan and Harry left the house through the secret door. They told the researchers that they both wanted to leave. The entire experiment was getting too freaky for them. They said it was all such an unsettling experience. The researchers reminded them once again that they were not allowed to leave because they signed a contract. They were all in the midst of a large argument when one of the researchers burst into the room. He said he was pretty sure he figured out what David said. He played the tape again for everyone and then told them. “He said ‘Thank you for the lesson, father. I hope I can repay you someday.’” They all listened to the tape again. Some disagreed. Others believed that he wasn’t saying anything at all and that he was just making sounds. Susan, Harry, and a majority of the researchers felt confident that that was what David said. Then they started trying to figure out what that meant. They looked around each other and realized that James wasn’t with them. He was still in the house. They looked at the cameras and couldn’t see him anywhere. They figured that he may have just been in the bathroom or something, but they also realized that they couldn’t find David anywhere either. One researcher spoke into the microphone controlling his earpiece, but he was quickly reminded that James’s earpiece was broken.
Susan and Harry were quickly rushed back into the house to look for them. James wasn’t in either of the bathrooms. They looked into his walk-in closet and they immediately ran out of the room. James’s body was laying on the floor of the closet with several large patches of exposed blood and muscle. The carpet around him was getting more red by the second. His throat and hands had been ripped to pieces, and his clothes had been almost completely torn off of his body.
Susan and Harry both descended the stairs in tears. They were terrified of what to think. They entered the living room and saw David. He was sitting in James’s spot watching a blank television screen. His face and most of his body was red. His clothes were ragged and disheveled. The pieces that were left were also a deep red, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. He wore that same half-grin as he stared intently at the television. It all looked so. . . wrong. Harry ran up from behind with a knife from the kitchen, but the researchers shouted for him to put it down. They pleaded saying that if David died, the whole experiment would be for nothing. Harry resentfully agreed and put the knife down. During that night, the researchers quietly entered. They took the rotting corpse from the closet and removed it from the house. Susan and Harry didn’t sleep at all that night. They kept their doors locked. David didn’t seem to have a problem getting to bed almost as soon as he laid down.
Day 649: David has been acting like he owns the house for several days now. He came downstairs in the morning without his clothes on. Susan and Harry were prepared to march him right back upstairs and change it, but the researchers told them to do something else. They said that he would wear his regular clothes tomorrow, but they reasoned that if David was told what to do now, he might do something else violent. They told Susan and Harry to take off their clothes for the rest of the day. The two of them protested for hours, but the researchers reminded them that they were in an experiment and had to do what they were told. At 1 P.M., they resentfully gave in and took off their clothes. They shamefully walked through the house, trying to avoid the cameras as much as possible. David sometimes glanced at them and gave them a slight nod of approval, but both Susan and Harry repeated “Just for today!” several times. Both of them went to bed early that night and put clothes back on as soon as the researchers allowed them to, which was at 9 P.M.
Day 663: When it was time for dinner, David did not come downstairs. Susan did not pry at all. She just ate with Harry. Throughout the past few weeks, they have been avoiding contact with David except when it is absolutely necessary or the researchers force them to. David has been wearing his human clothes again, but when Harry dresses him, the dog looks absolutely hateful. At the end of dinner, Susan felt something touch her shoulders. She thought it may have been Harry, but he was sitting right in front of her. She jumped with fright as she saw two hairy paws reach over her and almost touch her chest. David had watched James do this same thing for hundreds of days, and now, he wanted to do the same. Susan stood up before David could put his paws anywhere else and marched up to her room. She shut the door behind her and didn’t leave for the rest of the day. She didn’t care what the researchers told her.
Day 669: In the mid-afternoon, Susan opened the door to the downstairs bathroom. She was startled when she saw David sitting on his custom-made toilet cover. He stared back at her. She hadn’t had to help him use the toilet in over a year. She looked at the dog completely dressed in human clothes. sitting on the toilet like a person. She angrily shook her head and shouted, “It just. . . isn’t right!” She shut the door and furiously walked away. A few hours later, David was lounging on the couch when the researchers got an idea. They played audio of a dog howling on the T.V. David lifted his head and looked around for a moment before returning to his original relaxed position. They played the sound of a dog barking. David didn’t seem to even notice. The researchers assumed at this point that David had almost completely lost his natural instinct. Mentally, he was way more human than dog.
Day 681: The researchers understood that Susan and Harry did not enjoy being around David anymore. As soon as they both woke up, the researchers told them both to get breakfast and then stay in their rooms for as much of the day as possible. They wanted to see what exactly David would do. Susan and Harry gleefully agreed. They both stayed in their respective rooms for the entire duration of the day with their doors shut. When David woke up and came downstairs, he didn’t seem too bothered by the fact that no one else was there. He carefully nudged the pantry open and began eating all of the food he could find. About 3 hours after Harry isolated himself in his room, he began to feel tired. He prepared himself to take a nap when a thunderous bang on the door shook the entire house and immediately startled him out of the bed. The researchers told him that David had banged on the door with his front legs and was currently standing outside the door. They told him to go answer the door. Harry softly cursed the researchers before getting to his feet and trudging over to the door. He creaked it open and peered out. David was just beyond the doorway looking in. He was standing on his hind legs, and Harry realized something. David was taller than Harry. He never really thought about it before, but David was definitely at least 3 inches taller. That meant that he was taller than Susan for sure which made David the tallest one in the house. That thought sent a chill down Harry’s spine.
Harry asked David what he wanted. David pressed his paw against the wood and pushed the door all the way open until it hit the wall. In a growly and much more frightening tone than before, he shouted, “Open!” before walking downstairs and out of sight.
A few hours later, David walked into the upstairs bathroom and began vomiting. The researchers noticed that earlier, he had eaten some foods that weren’t healthy for dogs. He spent a few hours in the bathroom, and he didn’t contact Susan nor Harry for the rest of the day.
Day 703: At about noon, David stood up from the couch on his hind legs and walked into the kitchen. Then, he walked into the dining room. These three rooms were all connected to each other, so he just started walking in circles through those rooms. For what seemed like hours, David was just walking on his hind legs in one small continuous circle throughout the bottom floor of the house. His face had a giant grin on it. It didn’t look real, but he was smiling so widely, but his eyes had tears in them. Like he was being painfully forced. Susan and Harry watched him for some time. They were so confused. As were the researchers. Their most logical answer was that many animals in zoos will repeat the same action for long periods of time because they are stressed. They couldn’t tell if David was stressed, but after Harry watched him walk in a circle for 10 minutes, he was getting concerned. He walked down the stairs and started to talk to David when he passed by, but David never seemed to be paying any attention. His focus was only on what was in front of him. Harry stepped out into David’s walking path to try and stop him, but when David came around, he just walked around and continued on. Harry stepped into the doorway to the living room and outstretched his arms. There would be no way of getting past, but when David circled around and saw that he couldn’t get through, he just turned around and began the circle in the opposite direction without missing a beat. Harry gave up and walked back upstairs to his room and just waited for David to tire himself out.
After almost an hour and a half of continuous non stop walking, David let out a haunting mix between a howl and a moan. He suddenly collapsed to the floor in the middle of the kitchen and his back legs seemed irregularly bent out of shape. Susan and Harry helped him into his bed where they attempted to ease the pain. David continued to whimper and screech until late in the night when he fell asleep from exhaustion. David did not walk properly again after this.
Day 718: The researchers realized that they were almost completely unable to get any more definitive results from the experiment. David was confined to his bed due to his horrid leg injury, and all his meals had to be provided by Susan directly to his bed. Everytime she did this, she would drop off the tray, stare daggers at the camera in the corner of the room, and then leave. There was no longer any purpose to conduct the experiment. David couldn’t adapt to human society anymore, and there was no reason to keep Harry and Susan around if they weren’t really affecting David’s life anymore. At this point, David had suffered severe and irreversible psychological damage. He had also severely fractured both of his hind legs almost to the point of them breaking, so there was little hope of him ever moving out of his own room by himself ever again.
A decision was made. Susan and Harry were escorted out of the house and immediately underwent a psychiatric evaluation. All the food from the fridge, pantry, and all the remaining food stored in the laboratory was brought into David’s room. They patted him on the head and walked out of the room. The last thing any person ever said to him was, “Good dog, David.”
His bedroom door was shut and firmly locked. All the researchers left the house and closed it off. No one was allowed in or out. All the cameras and microphones were disabled and/or removed, and the entire project was abandoned. Millions of dollars had been wasted, and no result was ever published. The researchers were too ashamed of what they had done.
Susan and Harry eventually reentered society. Harry’s parents were so happy to see him back home. He was just a teenager when he left and now he was practically a man. Both of their respective families owned dogs which were almost immediately taken out. Neither of them ever fully healed from the experience.
What’s worse?
They left David inside that room with enough food for an entire family of dogs to last a lifetime. Before he was born, the researchers genetically modified David so he would have a much longer life than a normal dog. They intended the experiment to go on for well over a decade. David was less than 2 years old when they abandoned him. No one had any idea how long he would live for. No one ever checked the house again. It was demolished a few decades after with several pounds of dynamite.
What if David was still alive when they blew it up. What if he survived for all those years on his own? We unfortunately will probably never know, but maybe it’s better this way.
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2020.04.07 03:08 perlementhe Hidden toothbrush camera

Vultures circled high above as the blazing sun beat down on the cracked earth and asphalt.
A lone vehicle sat parked in the visitors lot, an obnoxiously bright yellow Chevrolet Silverado. A hot pink decal on the back of the truck read ‘Thrussy Wagon’ in a retro, psychedelic font.
A morbidly obese woman sat on the drivers side, her pale arm fat hanging through the window like raw dough. Sweat ran down Tish’s potato-like face, pooling behind the frames of her aviator sunglasses. She shifted about uncomfortably, her damp flesh peeling away from the red leather upholstery.
Reaching into the damp folds of her gas station sub, Tish pulled out a limp lettuce leaf and attempted to fan herself with it, flicking globules of mayonnaise and ranch dressing about in the process. Grunting with annoyance, she tossed the salad out the window where it hit the asphalt with a wet slap, landing in an ever-growing puddle of brake fluid.
The harsh sound of a klaxon blared out, signalling that the gates were opening.
The familiar sound of high heels click-clacking against the ground echoed across the parking lot.
“You’ll be back honey-” a guard called out mockingly as Anita passed by, “-you’ll be back real soon.”
Anita ignored them, passing through the gate in her mustard yellow cheongsam and high ponytail, a sign behind her revealed that this was the release zone for rehabilitated sexual predators. She strutted towards the Thrussy Wagon, pulling the door open with her chipped prison manicure.
“You’ve been a bad girl-” Tish said, wagging her sandwich disapprovingly, “-a very, very, bad bad girl Anita!”
Tish finished scolding her mail-order-bride by taking an aggressive bite out of her sandwich.
Anita leaned closer to her green card wife, her eyes smoldering over the edge of her sunglasses as she took a small bite.
“Mhm Tishybee,” she said through a mouthful of calories.
Tish narrowed her eyes, her sausage fingers gripping so tightly onto the sandwich that the fillings spilled over the edge, dripping onto the leather seats. She dropped it to the floor angrily, where it joined the nineteen other half-eaten subs that she’d been comfort eating whilst waiting for Anita’s release.
Anita reached up to the sun visor as Tish reversed through the pool of brake fluid, performing an unnecessarily long nine-point-turn to exit onto the highway. Anita pulled the visor down to reveal a polaroid of skinny icon Flashback Mary, her eyes aggressively scratched out.
“You sure you wanna do this Tishybee?” Anita asked, pulling a toothbrush shank out of her garter belt.
“What do you mean am I sure?” Tish replied, unaware of the crusted over tuna flakes stuck to her second and third chins.
“You know what they say-” Anita explained, “-once you groom a minor, you gotta make a burger.”
Tish kept her eyes on the road, unaware of the flashing icon on the dash indicating that the brake fluid was completely empty. She began to pick up speed.
“You know Anita-” Tish said, “- trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it’s broke…”
“- but some kids will do anything if you tell them you have puppies in the back.” Anita said, incorrectly finishing Tish’s sentence.
Sometimes Tish debated whether or not offering US citizenship in exchange for Anita (finally) taking her virginity had been a fair deal. Tish also wasn’t entirely sure if Anita’s sexual predator rehabilitation had been successful, and if her early release was really due to good behavior instead of overcrowding.
“Do you wanna stop for lunch Tishybee?” Anita asked.
“I could eat.” Tish replied.
“I could murder for some Chuck-E-Cheese-” Anita confessed, “- you know, our usual place.”
Tish was a devoted fan of the sketchy pizza, but she could never trust Anita’s wandering eye near the ball pit or arcade machines.
“I think there was one at that last exit-” Tish said, her beady eyes scanning the deserted highway “-let me turn around. What the-”
Anita glanced over at the drivers side, not entirely sure what the problem was.
“I can’t slow down!” Tish cried, “I think someone cut the brakes!”
“Just take your fucking cankles off the gas pedal you fat cunt!” Anita hissed, trying to wrestle the steering wheel out of Tish’s grasp, causing the Thrussy Wagon to swerve dangerously back and forth between the empty lanes.
Both Tish’s and Anita’s eyes widened as they noticed a row of shapes emerging from the rippling haze on the horizon. A number of concrete road blocks, smothered in layers of spray paint.
“Rest...” Tish and Anita murmured, struggling to read the block that narrowly missed them on the left.
“In…” They continued to read aloud, swerving violently to avoid a block on the right.
“Pieces?” Tish read, before her jaw dropped, realizing that they were heading directly into a row of concrete blocks. She reached out to link hands with Anita, wanting to spend her last moments intertwined with the one she loved the most.
Anita immediately slithered her hand out of Tish’s clumsy grip.
“Don’t touch me you fat fuck!”
The deafening crunch of metal and against concrete rang out, shards of glass, severed limbs and half-eaten sandwiches flying through the air in slow motion as the front half of the Thrussy Wagon disappeared into a huge ball of flames.
The fiery wreckage flipped through the air before hitting the highway at an awkward angle, barrel rolling three times before striking the guard rail, sending up a shower of sparks.
A charred hubcap rolled across the asphalt in a wobbly line, finally toppling over with a metallic clang.
Three figures emerged from the darkness beneath the archway, passing through the dense curtain of PVC refrigerator strips. Eris is the first to be revealed beneath the hot red glow of the neon ‘FRESH MEAT’ sign. The blue-skinned queen leads Urbosa and Mary Wanda to the middle of the room, where a selection of slime-colored cocktails await them on the mortuary slab.
[ERIS]: I’m just relieved to be safe, honestly.
“Hooray for being mediocre!” Eris cries, clinking her glass with Urbosa’s.
Mary Wanda glares at the two, taking her seat on the couch which creaks beneath her immense weight.
“That was a fun first challenge-” Urbosa said, taking a seat, “- I had no idea going into this who was going to shine the brightest.”
“I agree one thousand percent-” Eris replied, “-the results could have gone in literally ANY direction.”
“Except they went in the wrong direction-” Mary Wanda hissed, “- cuz I was robbed.”
Eris and Urbosa exchange an awkward look.
[MARY WANDA]: That was my challenge to win and if you disagree you’re dead fucking wrong cuz facts are facts for a reason. Periodt.
“I mean, you’re safe…” Eris says, “... so you weren’t that robbed.”
“Who was robbed!?!” A new voice calls out.
Sharon, Tucker, Grean and Confessa enter the Boudoir.
“So you’re the tops, right?” Urbosa asks.
Mary Wanda mutters something unintelligible beneath her breath.
“We were all in the top-” Tucker says, “- Grean won, which I totally predicted by the way.”
Everyone in the group, barring Mary Wanda, raises their glasses in Grean’s honour. The moment is quickly deflated by Confessa.
“But let it be known that I ALMOST won!” She bleated.
“Almost-” Sharon adds, “-which still means you didn’t.”
[CONFESSA]: I don’t know why Sharon feels the need to be an input hoe. That was completely unnecessary.
[PRODUCER:] Unnecessary like pointing out how you almost won?
[CONFESSA:] That’s completely different.
“I’m just so honored to win this first challenge-” Grean says, reclaiming his moment, “-and I’m just so happy to be part of the season six fami-”
The cameras ignore Grean, focusing instead on Mary Wanda who has taken Tucker to one side.
“That judging was bullshit-” Mary Wanda whispers, “- I shoulda won, we all shoulda been in the top.”
“I was in the top though-” Tucker clarifies, “- the judges gave me good feedba-”
“This isn’t about you!” Mary Wanda hisses, “- this is about Team Talent!”
Tucker nods halfheartedly.
“Adam’s in the bottom-” Mary Wanda whispers, “-what the fuck is with that?”
The camera pulls away just in time to catch the tail-end of Grean’s little cut-and-paste speech.
“- season six forever!” Grean cries.
"Wait, I just remembered-" Sharon says, "- didn't you win somethi-"
The loud, metallic bang of a mortuary cabinet bursting open interrupts the discussion. The slab squeals as it rolls out of the drawer, reaching its full extension.
"Please-" Eris begs, "- please don't be another dead body."
Tucker gestures the sign of the cross, remembering the recent, grisly passing of famous copycat Beatrix Le Veau.
Grean retrieves an envelope from the slab and holds it in his hands, glancing at the rest of the group excitedly.
"Open it you fag!" Mary Wanda shouts.
"Grean Tea Fairfax-" Grean reads aloud, "-that's me!"
There's a collective groan from the rest of the group.
"As a reward for winning the first challenge of the season-" Grean reads, "- you've been given the gift of IMMUNITY."
[TUCKER]: Immunity? Really? That's a useless fucking prize.
"If the judges place you in the bottom two-" Grean reads, "-your immunity will take effect, trading your place with someone who is safe."
Eris gulps.
"Your immunity is valid for the first half of the season-" Grean reads, "-use it wisely."
Given the cold response to Grean's newfound immunity, the reward seemed to be a double-edged sword. Grean shifts awkwardly from foot to foot, waiting for somebody to break the silence now that the congratulatory period had been and gone.
"Immunity?" Confessa asks, "You're going to need it."
Vultures circled above, their cawing echoing through the bleak landscape.
Scorched earth spread out in each direction as far as the eye could see, bisected by a long, lonely stretch of highway. A constellation of broken glass glimmered under the harsh sunlight. A charred, dented hubcap lay off to one side near a shattered wing mirror.
A lone armadillo bumbled along by the gutter, it’s innocent, beady little eyes looking about for its next meal. It excitedly approaches a discarded tuna sandwich, swarming with ants. The armadillo picks up a severed finger with a chipped manicure in its mouth and quickly wanders off into the shade as the sound of a motor draws near.
The busted grill of a farmer's truck emerges from the rippling haze, it’s faded, scuffed paint job a shade of autumn red. Behind it is a livestock trailer, the blinding sunlight bouncing off the shiny aluminium coating.
The truck veered left, off the road, kicking up a huge cloud of dust.
The trailer jerked about violently, prompting a chorus of shrieks from within. These weren’t cows in the strictest sense, but the season six ghouls.
[SHARON]: I don’t know where this brother-fucker is taking us, but this whole desert reeks of meth and pig shit.
The truck continued over the cracked earth, disappearing off the grid.
The hot, orange sun dripped through the pink sky like molasses.
Tufts of dried, overgrown grass burst out of the scorched earth at odd intervals. Huge patches of cracked dirt end abruptly in tangles of briar and brush. The skeletal frame of an abandoned power line lurked in the distance, looming menacingly over the weeds and cacti. Abandoned lawn furniture was messily strewn about, the cheap white plastic stained with dirt. Weeds choked an abandoned barbecue set, reclaiming it for nature.
The truck rolled into the abandoned camp, surrounded on both sides by dozens of motorhomes in various states of disrepair. Some were sagging and partially collapsed, whereas others looked relatively untouched, barring a layer of dirt and grime. One or two of them - the former meth labs - had been reduced to their blackened frames and foundations, completely lost to a fire.
A faded sign next to an outhouse read ‘WELCOME TO ASPYN ACRES’ in a friendly cursive. Someone had tagged over it with red spray paint, leaving the message ‘HAUNTED’.
The truck came to a stop at the center of the trailer park, crushing a lawn gnome and causing its cone-shaped head to explode violently.
“GIT GONE-” The obese driver yelled in their toothless, Oklahoma drawl, “-GO ON GIT!”
The dreary quiet was shattered by the blast of a Walmart shotgun.
The ghouls all let out screams as they scrambled clumsily to vacate the trailer. Mary Wanda accidentally swung her bingo wing into the back of Tucker’s head, causing her friend and ally to faceplant, sending up a cloud of dust in the process.
“LATER FUCKERS!” Their driver yelled, before spitting some dark, slimy tobacco at the feet, “PORTIABELLA OUT!”
The unimpressed ghouls took several steps back as the truck did a turn, abandoning them in the middle of the forgotten trailer park.
“Can you guys taste that in the air?” Sharon asks, “-it’s tooth decay.”
Everyone in the group laughs halfheartedly. Except for Confessa.
“I don’t know about y’all-” Mary Wanda says, marching to the center of the clearing, “- but I feel right at home.”
Urbosa glances sideways at a pink lawn flamingo, not particularly impressed with her surroundings.
[URBOSA]: It doesn’t take a genius to realise we’re doing a redneck-inspired challenge, and that’s not exactly something that’s in my wheelhouse. But I’m an actress by trade, so you can give me any role - redneck or otherwise - and I’ll find a way to slay.
“Who do you think got sent home?” Grean asks the group.
“Not Adam-” Mary Wanda blurts, “-Team Talent’s gonna win this shit.”
“I think Val’s in deep trouble-” Eris says, “- I think it might be her time.”
“What about uh… um…” Tucker struggles to remember Port’s name, “- the other bitch?”
“Port Bitch-” Urbosa corrects her.
“Yeah that one-” Tucker says, “- she’s gone, I’m betting on it.”
“Send them all home-” Confessa says.
[CONFESSA]: Is it too early for a double elimination? I don’t know, but the less bitches in this competition the better.
“Send who home?” A voice calls out.
There’s a collective gasp as everyone in the group turns around, looking towards a tacky pink and gray trailer. A hot pink neon glow radiates from within as Adam and Port step down from the doorway.
[TUCKER]: Adam's back! Yay!
Tucker's excitement quickly fades.
[TUCKER]: And that other bitch.
Mary Wanda bounds forwards like a gorilla, pulling Adam into a sweaty, non-consenting embrace.
"Port's back too!" Urbosa says politely.
Port stands off to one side awkwardly, she waves at the rest of the group, smiling blankly as Adam, Tucker and Mary Wanda begin chanting 'Team Talent' at the top of their lungs.
[PORT]: I am back.
[PRODUCER]: Do you have anything to say after almost getting exterminated last week?
Port thinks about it for a good while.
[PORT]: No.
The rest of the cast swoop in to congratulate Adam and Val for surviving the first week. There's a false sense of camaraderie wafting through the hot, desert air.
"Aw, we'll miss you Val!" Grean announces to nobody in particular. Sharon rolls her eyes.
The ghouls break away from their huddle, moving on to form a semi-circle for the obligatory "challenge briefing" shot.
Eris glances up and down the line at her competition, a little uneasy.
[ERIS]: I have no idea what they're gonna make us do this week, but I don't wanna be safe again, I wanna win.
Several of the cast members are caught off guard when some hidden speakers start blasting Brooke Candy announcing the imminent arrival of their queen.
All eyes focus across the yard upon the arrival of a regal, blood red palanquin.
Four shirtless men carry the palanquin, their sweaty, pot-bellied bodies covered in trashy, faded tattoos. Heavy piercings hang from erect nipples. Dirt stains the denim of their ten dollar bootcut jeans. Each inelegant footstep sends up a cloud of dust.
The four hick bear cubs flash toothless, meth-riddled grins at the cast, before placing the red palanquin down adjacent to a matching throne.
The curtains part, allowing a tall, womanly figure to descend.
Sequins sparkle on the 4-way stretch aqua velvet fabric that clings to her body. Her frizzy dishwater blonde hair is tied back with a scrunchie. The sheen of her high-shine pantyhose follows the contour of her legs as she lowers a foot to the ground, planting the blade of an ice skate in the dirt.
Smacahoe steps forward, channeling her best Tonya Harding.
"Hey assholes-" she says, addressing the cast, "- here's your next CHALLENGE."
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2020.02.09 23:59 MarvelousSpatuletail I am furious!

If anyone has read my previous posts, youd know I'm in the process of getting a divorce. Well, I think he just added to the list of why I want a divorce. I know I shouldn't be furious but I am.
Back in August he bought a bluetooth hidden camera and lied to me about what it was. I found the receipt for it. $40 ish. Well, last week I saw that he had ordered another one but this one was $500. WHAT THE FUCK. I'm mad because 1) he just spent an absurd amount of money without talking to me first, 2) it's a damn spy camera and 3) double standards: he gets pissy if I spend $20 on a new shirt even if I tell him first.
I'm not even safe in my own home.
The man had the audacity a few days ago to grab our 5yo autistic kid by the back of the neck and push him around and grab his jaw and yank his head backwards to force a toothbrush in his mouth. It took everything in me to not kick his dick. No, I didnt call the cops, yes I know I should have. I wasn't thinking straight, it was bedtime for the kids, and I just told him to not handle him like a ragdoll and he walked away mumbling "this is fucking bullshit, he's 5, he needs to grow the fuck up." He walked out of the room, and I put my son in bed. Gave him a hug, told him I love him. He looks at me and says "i love you so much mommy but i don't like daddy he's mean". I'm so happy to know I'll be out of this situation, it just can't be soon enough.
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2019.09.30 15:01 n_double_e_ckx Hidden toothbrush camera

Hi all,
first... sorry for the very long post.Tried to keep it short but failed:-) And if there are mistakes in this.. please correct me.
Been reading this reddit for some time and been looking into the evidence pictures of the RAV4 and the aerial pictures of the Avery property, just to find out why the vehicle was parked in that spot.It started out as a quest to find out info to why the RAV4 was found there, but it led to a theory about what happened to TH.
I'm not 100% sure, I think nobody is 100% sure about anything in this case, but I'm confident that the RAV4 was not planted or it was "planted" by someone who knew the yard very well. I've seen KZ theories about some people (Ryan, Scott, Colborn,...) planting the car to frame SA, but I find that really hard to believe. A lot of things were planted afterwards, but the vehicle I think was parked in that spot before all the planting begun.
Lets not forget the most mind-blowing thing of all... they only had a day and a night to pull this off.She was reported missing in the evening of the 3rd. The car was found in the morning of November 5. If we believe Earl Avery in his first statement, there was no vehicle behind the pond in the days prior to her being reported missing. So... either someone found the car very early on in the investigation, completely cleared it of TH DNA, got SA blood from a blood vial or his sink, planted the blood, planted the car on the salvage yard in a spot that was really not that easy to reach or... someone just parked it there after the murder to hide the car.
I believe the RAV4 was parked in THAT spot for a reason. Looking at other evidence and findings I can believe to a certain degree that the car entered the Avery property coming from the quarry, but I don't know that for a fact. It's not that the sniffer dogs smelled the car, they were given TH smell and also smelled cadaver (any cadaver). So it could just be her that was transported to the quarry and the dogs followed that path. Nevertheless, I do strongly believe it was parked behind the pond for a reason. Someone had a motive to park it there. After all, any place could have been perfect if it were just to frame SA. So why park it there?
I've asked a lot of questions and searched for motives to why someone, trying to frame SA, would park a car in that spot. It's actually a difficult spot to reach on the property coming from the quarry. KZ makes it look like it's just driving on Conveyor Road, crash into some cars blocking the road, take a right and park it. But really, it's not that simple. The RAV4 was facing West which would require the driver to drive almost in plain sight north of the pond and close to Charles' (Chuckie) trailer. And the position of the other cars around the RAV4 are so unique that it took someone a huge amount of planning and scouting just to plant a car, or everything was standing there in perfect order and it's all just a coincidence. Let's assume a person wanted to plant the car. Before reaching the spot behind the pond, that person must have had good knowledge of the property and the placement of the other cars. Coming in from the quarry the easiest way to plant the car is in the line of cars South to SA trailer. Once you are on the property, why choose the spot behind the pond? You just drive in, park it, leave it there for someone to "find" the day after... I think that's the entire idea of planting a car, because you want it to be found. After planting it, your job is kind of done, you get the hell out. And why take measures, risking to get caught, to hide specific parts of the car when you have other things on your mind.
So here's what I think happened by examining the evidence pictures. Happy reading;-)
The spot has no connection to SA
It is the furthest away of any place in the salvage yard. SA trailer is North-West, the RAV4 was parked South-East.Plenty of space and opportunity to park or plant the car in the line of cars South of SA trailer. Closer to him and even closer to the quarry road.
Overview : https://imgur.com/uOxA5Sq
Possible locations : https://imgur.com/16lfHjo
The road to access the property was blocked with cars
KZ started investigating the possibility of the RAV4 entering the property from the quarry. Apparently there were 2 cars blocking the road. Now... that is not a fact. That is what KZ thinks might have happened. A brownish red pickup and a grey vehicle blocking the road. KZ's theory is that the RAV4 pushed the cars in the property to make way for the RAV4, and by doing that hit the brownish red car. While doing this it knocked out the blinker of the RAV4 and made some damage to the bumper.Let's assume there were cars blocking the road. While it is possible to hit them and push them out of the way, I cannot understand to why someone would do that if they were planting it. Also, looking at her footage from MaM the space between the cars is too tight for a RAV4. You can come up with many theories on how the car got there, but most important is still the WHY. The yard had lots of easy access possibilities for someone to plant a RAV4, no need to ram 2 cars with the possibility to loose parts in the process.
Cars blocking access : https://imgur.com/nHAGVY0
The RAV4 was the only car "double" parked in that spot
If you look at the aerial pictures, the only car not following the line of cars, is the one next to the RAV4 (behind the pond) This could be a coincidence, but for someone planting a car this spot would be almost unknown. Or the person 'planting' the car would have the means to move the red car to make way for the RAV4.I believe the red car was moved specifically to make sure the RAV4 would be 'covered' from the South and not stand out looking in the direction of the RAV4 standing or driving West of the pond. If the red car was already parked like that, the planter did one hell of a job picking a spot in the middle of the night.
Red car not in line : https://imgur.com/PvVzBMf
Red car next to RAV4 : https://imgur.com/T4hjcmk
Two cars are blocking the view to the RAV4 from the North, or the entrance to the salvage yard
Exhibit 118 shows that there were 2 cars parked next to the pond which provided perfect cover for the RAV4 looking at it from the other side of the pond (North). As this could also be a pure coincidence, it is also worth noting that one of the cars is a red SUV almost like the RAV4. Still they provided a good cover and they block view to the RAV4 from people working in the yard, other Avery members and LE. So coincidence and really fortunate for the planter.. or with picked with a motive?
Red SUV blocking view : https://imgur.com/sDGvEFw
Blocking view South and North : https://imgur.com/0K5Z7Tj
Blocking the view clear : https://imgur.com/HglkApF
The car was facing West
Pictures show that the car was facing West and the front wheels are slightly turned right. So the last maneuver executed by the one parking the car, was steering right. This is a normal thing to do if you first drive all the way left, trying to get close to the red car and in the end turning it right to get out.The part about facing West is important, because if you are coming in from the quarry, it means that you have 2 options :
- come in from the West side of the pond, but make a maneuver to turn the car completely around. Really no reason to do that
- come in from the East side of the pond and just drive straight ahead until you are next to the red car.
So option number 2 is most certainly how the car came to it's location. Can't imagine someone taking the time and effort to turn the car completely around. The car came in from the East side of the pond. Thinking about that, for me there is almost no way I can imagine someone planting a car on a property and willingly driving past the pond in plain sight. As you see in aerial pictures there are almost no cars between the pond and Chuck's trailer.
Possible route from quarry coming in West: https://imgur.com/cPZjI4a
Possible route from quarry coming in East : https://imgur.com/7RruQVA
North of pond no cars in plain sight : https://imgur.com/C32CvE8
Very specific parts were concealed
The evidence shows that there was some stuff put against the car to conceal it. Now look at it and see which parts were picked. The rims were blocked entirely and the lights were blocked too. If anyone was trying to frame SA and plant the car, he would just put some dead wood against the car, TO MAKE IT LOOK like it was concealed, but would have no reason to place a hood and wood against the rims to COMPLETELY hide it. Get some branches, put them against the car and leave. The only reason I can think of, is if you have planted the car, but still don't want anyone to find it or move it. But why specifically hide the rims better. The most logical explanation is because you can see that the rims and lights are reflecting when looking at the car from a specific spot, or looking at them at night with a flashlight. Nothing was done to hide the windows, nothing was done to hide the wheel cover at the back of the RAV4. If it was planted... any normal person would take off the cover or hide it. If I am LE, and I've just planted a car, which I also tried to hide so no one could move it while I was trying to plant evidence, I would certainly hide the cover with big RAV letters on it. I would maybe take the cover off and burn it.
It looks more to me that someone just did a good job trying to block visibility to the car from 1 or 2 viewpoints, the other side of the pond that is. So if someone was standing North of the pond, and was looking at the car, he would see the rims and lights reflect and tried to hide that.
Specific parts concealed RAV4 : https://imgur.com/LYO9WoX , https://imgur.com/SALsb5V
Wheel cover not covered : https://imgur.com/aVBxILx
Cover from north : https://imgur.com/HglkApF
The only place during winter with cover from trees
If you look at the aerial pictures you can clearly see that the entire salvage yard has almost no trees in November. The only place were a car can be parked behind a tree line, is South of the pond.I think that the person parking the car would have known that, and also choose the spot because of that.
Still close enough and in line of sight for anyone in the salvage yard knowing that is was there
Even though the car was parked behind the pond, and covered with branches etc... it's actually very close to the entrance of the yard and the trailers of some Avery's. If someone wanted to keep an eye on the car, it was perfectly possible. Between the pond and Chuck's trailer were almost no cars, it was an open space.So if anyone was checking regularly, it was a good spot.
Closest to the car crusher with cover
Still, the car was very close to the car crusher and I think it did have an impact while picking a spot.If the moment was there, someone could have used the crusher at some time. But it was found before the car could be taken apart and crushed. The reason I think the crusher is very important, is because the killer left specific things in the trunk of the car. The blinker light and the wrench. Second... the back seats were down. Don't know if this is done before seats are taken out of the car to take it apart. And lastly... the battery was disconnected. Also a common practice at salvage yards and more motive for an Avery to do this than for LE to do this. Why disconnect it if you have the key? I would disconnect it if I planned to crush it some time later.
Least frequented
In MaM when attorneys DS and JB are walking in the yard with Chuck, they ask if there is a lot of activity in that part of the yard. With Chuck answering no there is not. Now... I can imagine someone being able to guess that and picking that spot for that purpose for planting the car. But to me it sounds like only Avery family members knew that this spot was not accessed frequently. Also Earl states he was driving with Robert in his golf cart on the 31st, and also states customers do not access that spot because it's just some motorcycles.
Earl statement on 11/11 : https://imgur.com/dMpfl8P
So to sum up... the spot the RAV4 was parked in, the way it was parked and the way it was concealed make it look like it was parked and not planted. It was the perfect spot looking at it from a certain perspective. This spot was the only spot with tree line cover. It was the least frequented spot on the salvage yard (only 16-20 cars), according to Chuck and Earl. It had cover from other cars (2 cars provided perfect cover). It was parked next to a red car clearly not in line with other cars. It was close to the car crusher. It's was also the a difficult spot to reach for someone planting the car out of sight. Yet... it was the perfect spot for anyone keeping a close watch.
So to me, and please correct me where I'm wrong, I believe looking at all this info that the person who parked the car must have had some knowledge about the property and picked this spot because it was beneficial to him. Therefor I strongly believe that an Avery family member parked the car there waiting for a moment to get rid of it, and keeping it close to him for a close watch, kind of like protecting it. If not an Avery family member, someone else with very good knowledge of the yard and who frequented the yard often with a motive to plant it there. Either way, the person parking the car looked at the RAV4 a couple of times standing North of the pond and West of the pond (the places other family members could be looking at it), and saw that rims and lights were reflecting. Extra cover was added and 2 cars were placed between the RAV4 and the pond to conceal it more.Any other person would not have risked driving past the pond and close to Chuck's trailer, and had no reason to do that. Certainly not if your plan is that the car should be found the next morning (next couple of hours).
From the perspective of Law Enforcement?
Let's think about this. If LE had this car in their possession. You would think that they first get rid of all DNA, plant his DNA,... Why would they be so stupid to leave a wrench and a blinker light in a car that they cleared of DNA? Why leave stupid clues that point to nothing:-) If everything was staged and planned way ahead, why make all these stupid mistakes. Also, if they are able to plant his DNA on the 4th, why is there any reason to put the car on the Salvage yard and take the risk of being seen when the Avery lot is already in the news. Why not park it in the quarry and leave some stuff linked to SA in there. Let's say they found the car and not her body. We can assume they did not have her body in a condition that blood could be extracted and used for planting in SA trailer. So they just have a car. They don't know who killed her but they just want to frame Steven. First you clear all DNA. Then you just need one thing, his blood, clothes, hair,... and leave it in the car. There is no reason to put it on his property once his DNA is found in the car. Also, if Law Enforcement suspects that anyone could have seen her car by the side of the road... why risk moving it if you can just plant stuff there. You can get convicted by DNA even though the car is not on the property.
And just answer this :
Who would actually benefit most by placing the RAV4 in that spot?- A non Avery family member- An Avery family member
Sorry, but to me most of the stuff we know points to an Avery. But I could be wrong. It's just that it makes no sense looking at it from another perspective...
All other evidence and info that we have about the case, is pushing us towards different conclusions and possible killers. Agreed, everything in this case looks staged and planned. But I find that the planned stuff (Blood, key) really looks obvious and not carefully planned. Bones were found in different places, her DNA is nowhere on the key, her DNA is not in the car,...) So I don't think they really had everything worked out long before. They just improvised after they learned that she went missing after visiting the Avery property. So the people responsible for planting stuff were not killers I think, they just played along in the staging and framing of SA that was pushed by a couple members of the MCSD. They never looked for the actual killer(s), they just started looking for ways to make it look like SA was the one who killed TH. And that was actually not very difficult to do. Only 2 people were needed to plant all the stuff. The others, who have suspicion or knowledge about it, just need to keep their mouth shut or look the other way.
After everything I looked up, read and know, I have an alternative theory to what happened.I don't know this for sure, I have no way to get actual facts and DNA evidence, but I think this theory has some logical explanation to a lot of the stuff we've seen in this case that raised questions.
So, after this point on... this is just my personal opinion and this is in no way a representation of facts. Just a story partially backed up by statements in the CASO report, and partial guessing:-) I tried to focus on the early statements because they would normally be fresh in memory, unaltered.
I believe the blinker light was broken before she was killed. And that she wanted to get it fixed on the day she went to photograph the van. I did not find this theory anywhere else, yet it is a possibility. I believe her dead was the result of someone panicking about her going to the cops telling on someone about something that happened with an Avery family member, resulting in loosing a lawsuit for Steven.
So here we go...
- week before 10/31 - TH has an incident with her car where her blinker light is broken. Ryan told LE that she had a broken light and that she would get it replaced and fixed with her insurance. There was no reason for Ryan to lie about that. And... if he had something to do with her dead or if he planted stuff, why would he leave the blinker light in the car. He could just say... I don't know anything about a blinker light. There are some statements saying that her car looked new, but what if the blinker light was just broken and she put it in her trunk. She knew Steven Avery and knew they fixed cars and had a lot of spare parts on their property. I guess there is the possibility that she wanted to ask him if he could fix her a new light while being there on a Monday. Steven just never heard about the blinker light because Chuck Avery took the call.
I believe there is a possibility where she called the Avery Salvage yard, and that this is the call that Earl Avery refers to which he thinks was Auto Trader. Earl says Auto Trader called asking for Steven but Chuck Avery (CA) answered the call. I believe it was Theresa calling, wanting to know if she could get her blinker light fixed during her next visit. This explains Chuck Avery's knowledge she was coming to the yard, and that he would be assisting her in finding a new blinker light. Not a single person at Auto Trader remembers an outgoing call to Charles (Chuck) Avery.
- 10/31 - So TH went to the Avery property on Monday but had an incident with her blinker light the week before. TH goes to the entrance after taking pictures of the van, where CA is waiting and asks her to follow him to the yard (behind his property). While TH opens her trunk and shows him were the blinker light is, CA makes a pass on her and tells her about a halloween bonfire they will have later, but she gets infuriated by CA and says she will report. CA... knowing that SA has a million dollar lawsuit waiting for him does not want law enforcement to have something on them, hits her. After that he knows things will go worse if she reports. TH tries to get away with her car but hits a red post surrounding CA property, giving her a flat tire. CA impulsively strangles or beats her with an object to the head. CA had to hide her body and puts her in her own trunk. He tries taking her damaged front wheel off but it takes too long. He inflates it with AirUp inflator and throws it in the passenger seat. He drives her car behind the pond after he pushed the red car more South. CA parks the car there so he can watch it the following days from his trailer, waiting for a moment to take the car apart and crush it. CA sees that the rims and lights were reflecting. CA concealed it better. Dead wood and living trees were put against the car to hide it from the front. Little was done to hide the back.
- 10/31 - 11/03 Earl and Robert use the golf cart to get some branches and go rabbit hunting. They don't see the RAV4 behind the pond on the 31st.
- 11/01 - 11/02 - CA still has to get rid of the body that's in the trunk. He takes her body out, crosses the berm South of the RAV4 and immediately entering the quarry. He's probably using the golf cart, or on foot, and takes her to a remote place perfect for burning her. After a while he notices that it takes a lot of time to burn her completely. He takes some parts and goes to the Radant deer camp because he wants to throw them in a barrel. Before he reaches the camp, somebody is crossing his path and he throws most of the bones he has on him to the side of the road. After that, he drives to the Salvage yard again. Using conveyor road he enters the yard again South-West.
- On 11/03, Ryan, Mike, Scott and some friends knew her last visits would include the Avery Salvage yard. Now... if I'm about to distribute some missing person posters in the area of the yard, and it's my sister or best friend that is missing.. I would certainly tress-pass that property to go look for her car. I'm 100% sure that I would do that. I would get a picture of the yard, possibly from the MCSD, and look for a nice place on that yard were her body could be hidden or the vehicle. So I think Ryan, Mike and Scott went to the MCSD, or Calumet and told they wanted someone to check the Avery yard out. After that they went there, and my guess is that they did this with Colborn after he got back from his visit to the Zipperer residence.They found the car early on because they were actually lucky in picking the spot to look first. They knew there was a car crusher there so I think they might have started around the crusher and walked up behind the pond. There the car would easily stand out, because at that point it wasn't hidden with branches and a hood. I think it was around that time Colborn called dispatch from his cell to check the license plate number. The car is locked and they are unable to go in. Ryan, Mike & Scott are asked to keep quiet and that MCSD will do everything to make sure SA will pay for what he did. They were asked to keep looking for TH and not look suspicious. Ryan is asked to provide some items coming from TH and look for a spare key to open the car. A quick look through the windows showed them that TH was not in the car.
- On 11/4, Ryan or Scott finds the spare key to her car while staying at her apartment, and reports it to Pagel or Colborn. My guess is Colborn. Pagel gets notified by Colborn and he visits TH residence that morning talking to some friends. Ryan gives the key to Pagel while they are visiting her apartment. Pagel finds nude pictures of a possible suspect in the drawer next to her bad, but it does not cross his mind to put it in evidence. Pagel takes with him some items containing her DNA. On the 4th Colborn or Lenk come to the Avery property in the evening and open the car with the key. They wipe the car clean of DNA. They take off the plates and fold them up because they are on the yard and still going to SA trailer. After they are done, they are lucky to see that SA went to Crivitz with Bryan. They use a flashlight to enter his trailer in their quest to search for his DNA (hair, dirty underwear, toothbrush,...) With an incredible amount of luck they enter his bathroom and find that the sink has some blood on there. Lenk gets the required tools needed to take the blood from the sink. It is during this night that Lenk plants the key in the back of the cabinet, in the hope someone else would find the key in the next days. In the same night they plant his blood in the car. CA did not want to go to Crivitz, but is forced after he notices that people are already on the yard and to avoid suspicion he goes to Crivitz. After the planting is done, they inform Ryan and Scott, and ask them to go to the Avery property the following morning. They were asked to take a camera with them etc... Pagel calls Mike and tells him he needs the Halbach family member investigator Pam Sturm, because it would make it more believable that she found the car. And Mike is asked to make sure her daughter is there.
- On 11/5 Ryan and Scott are waiting on the yard where they meet with Pam Sturm. They ask Earl for permission to search the yard. Ryan, knowing where the car is, points them to the perfect spot. Pam is asked to only take pictures from outside. So they can later say the car was locked, it was impossible to plant the car, and that the key (which is planted some days later) has no connection to the car being found 3 days before. Pam Sturm finds the car in the morning, pictures are immediately sent to Pagel. Steven and Chuck are listening to police radio in Crivitz and find out that police is coming to them. They get scared and agitated. Chuck tells Steven to work with them because he has nothing to loose and he would act suspicious if he would not be talking to them. The Pam Sturm pictures are then sent to papers to make sure the eyes are on Steven Avery as a suspect, even in Crivitz. Pagel also mentions Steven Avery to the papers. After finding the car, they have the means to get search warrants and use sniffer dogs.
- 11/5 - 11/6 Sniffer dogs are immediately alerting on things coming from the quarry. MCSD did not know and a lot of effort is done to make sure that any findings are immediately sealed off. Bones and remains are found and collected by MCSD during the night. The bones they collected were wiped to get rid of the actual killer's DNA.
- 11/8 - Lenk and Colborn go to the trailer again on the days leading up to the 8th of November. The plan is to get the key back that they planted on the 5th, which nobody found in the following days. But they are constantly being watched by other LE. On the 8th they go back and "find" the key that they hid a couple of nights before. Because nobody found the key in the mean time, they are forced to make it look like they found the key by shaking the cabinet. They actually find their own planted key. They wait for a moment to do this when an officer is not paying attention. To avoid suspicion they leave the key on the ground untouched. Bones were found the same day. The finding of the bones and the key in his trailer had to be on this day because of fear SA could get released on bail because of the lack of evidence on him. This would give SA the chance to come back to the yard, and that would interfere with the plans of Lenk and Colborn.
Everything from this point on, is easy. If you look at the evidence presented, everything containing his DNA was acquired before 11/08. The only thing they found after 11/08 is the bullet in his garage which only had her DNA on there, not from blood.
So to sum up : They planted her DNA by using her toothbrush, her dirty underwear and possible hair. They never had her blood, so they were unable to plant her blood. If they had access to her blood, sure they would have used it. They planted his DNA using his toothbrush, his swab (later on the hood latch swab was replaced by his because it contained the actual killer's DNA), his blood recovered from the bathroom sink.
The actual killer(s), in my theory, Chuck Avery/Earl Avery/Robert Fabian, just fortunate that that Lenk and Colborn covered up everything leading to them. The actual killers were not asked to come forward in court. They got protection early on. Still nobody knows what they were doing between 2-4pm on the 31st.
More about Earl, Robert Fabian and Charles Avery...
11/05/05 Earl and Robert on the other hand, both made a telling statement on the 5th of November and the 10th of November (CASO p.77), but were never asked to say anything on the stand about what they saw on the 31st of October. Even after Robert claims that Steven Avery lied about TH showing up on the 31st.In Earl's first statement on the 5th of November (CASO p.77), the day he let Pam Sturm on the property, he talks about what he did the previous days. That he and Steven went to an auction on the 3rd. He states he drove past the place the RAV4 was found on the 31st or 1st or 2nd, in his golf cart. He states he would tell if he knew anything his brother Steven could have done. He says that the week before someone from AT called and his brother Charles talked to her. He says he drove his golf cart past the pond when they went for rabbit hunting. He says nothing unusual about SA. They were even at the pond on the evening of the 4th to do some shooting.
11/10/05 After that, he makes another statement where he goes into great detail about the rabbit hunting on the 31st of October. Also Robert backs this up with great detail. Both start to talk about how weird SA was behaving. Nobody else is saying that SA was acting weird that day.
After the rabbit hunt, they drove past SA trailer and saw Steven standing outside looking all weird.In his statement on the 10th (CASO ), he says that Steven Avery told him that she hadn't shown up. Why is that? Either SA is lying about it, or Robert is. If Steven was lying, why did Ken Kratz not use this. Also... he and Earl were the ones that said early on that there was something fishy about Steven that day, and that he was looking at his Skimobile on the trailer which was weird. Both of them say something about Robert telling him to buy a Polaris. So Earl and Robert provide each other with an alibi about rabbit hunting and a vivid memory about a Polaris. Neither are asked to come forward.
11/30/05 -> (CASO p. 319) Another interview with Robert and he tells the same story. Says that when Charles asked Steven 'did the photographer show up' Steven answered no.
Earl Avery hid when they looked for him to take a statement. Why would he hide? Did he have something lying around that wasn't supposed to be found. Why was Earl the only one not going to Crivitz. Why was Earl crying when he suddenly told officers about an incident in Crivitz where Steven treated his girlfriend like a dog.
11/05/19 -> (Caso p.75) Earl remembers a phone call was made a week before her disappearance which he believes was from Auto Trader for Steven, but Charles Avery took the call.
11/07/05 -> (CASO p.147) At the 7th of November Joshua Radant made a statement to Wiegert about a call from Charles Avery. Charles Avery (Chuck) called JR asking what was going on at the deer camp and to keep him informed.
11/10/05 -> (CASO p. 208) Robert Fabian remembers that Charles asks Steven on the 31st if the photographer has shown up. Steven answers No. Why would Charles ask this? Why would Steven answer No? Still if Robert is wrong with the date and this is the 3rd, a lot is wrong with Chuck asking Steven if she has already arrived.
11/30/05 -> (CASO p. 319) Steven comes from Green house, Charles comes from big blue garage. Robert Fabian remembers that Charles asks Steven if the photographer has shown up. Steven answers No. Why would Charles ask this? Why would Steven answer No? Same statement as 11/10. Not changed his story.
12/27/05 -> Schneider statement about Chuckie (Charles Avery - CA) (CASO p. 390). Telling Dedering that CA lived close to another person (L. DEPIES) gone missing, looking like TH. That CA had a wife Kathie who had the same hair. That CA might be able to frame Steven Avery and states that he thinks that blood was planted by CA.
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2019.09.27 18:32 Pchych0Sponge Hidden toothbrush camera

I am currently on a plane heading for [Undisclosed] because I can't live in my old house anymore. I told none of my family or friends so nobody would know where I was going. I just left with 1 suitcase and an arrangement of items inside. They consisted of 1 hairbrush, 1 toothbrush, 8 shirts, 8 pairs of pants and 8 pairs of shorts, 1 laptop, and a phone I bought yesterday. I used to live in a beautiful neighborhood filled with family and friends but after I found the new room I left within 24 hrs. My house was a 2,000 square foot home, with 4 beds and 2 baths. I lived in the master alone and loved it. Garbage day was on Wednesday, I cut the grass on Tuesdays, and waste days where I took the grass to the curb. I loved my life and it was amazing, but there was always something off. I would come home to food lying on the floor, that was in places it couldn't have fallen from. I would find garbage in my garbage can that wasn't mine, and I would always smell the horrible odor of cigarettes. this went on for years and no matter what I tried the smell of the smoke would never cease.
I eventually got scared so I called someone to come check on the gas pipes in my house and they said they were fine and he had never had a never-ending smell of cig's come from pipes. It was about 3 weeks later that I started to get worried. It was around 2 am and I was in my room and I heard someone talking in the living room. It was quiet but noticeable, so I grabbed, my pocket knife ( note I don't have many things to protect myself in my room). I walked in the hall, dead silent wanting to curse at myself for not having something better to fight someone off with. I was about to walk into the living room when I saw flashing colors coming off of the window. So I casually walked around the corner and the T.V was on even though I had turned it off before. I thought it was a fault in my T.V. so I just ignored it. I but could swear there was a voice, but the volume of the T.V. was off and the captions were on.
Things like this kept happening for days and wouldn't stop. I replaced the T.V. and it kept happening. Other times I would go into the cupboard and find bags of food that I never ate. I called people to see if my house had animals living in it but they say they had found no trace of any small or medium-sized animals. I wanted to see what was going on bought cameras to go in each room. I set the cameras up and it stopped happening for a while. We had a really bad storm and all the power in my house went out while I was sleeping. When I woke up the next morning the cameras were gone, they were screwed to the wall and I started back up that next night. I was getting scared I had no clue what was happening. I couldn't sleep so started to walk around at about 5 in the morning. This is when I pissed myself. I saw something sprint around the corner in my house and it was as big as me ( I am 6ft 2 and 187pounds). It followed where it went and found nothing. No creature, nothing but the smell of cigarettes. I couldn't stand it anymore when the sun rose I had a sledgehammer and I tore down all of the drywall and nothing. I broke the floor open and nothing. I finally to the bathroom and looked at the air vent there was a really strong smell of cigarette smoke coming from it. I tore the floor open and fell about 20 ft down on my ass. there was a room made of plaster and drywall ( probably an unfinished basement).
There was a dirty mattress, a laptop, and anything someone needed to live in secrecy. There the cameras were and they were broken. On the screen of the laptop were recordings... no this was live and it was my house. There were videos of me sleeping and the figure watching me for hours, and next to the laptop was an ashtray with a recently put out cigarette. I was terrified and I had no idea. There were multiple cameras lying throughout my home that were hidden so well that I never saw them. I needed to get out and there was a stairway leading to a hatch that was in the guest bedroom closet underneath the carpet (after opening and following it). I couldn't I called the police and had the house searched. But left a day or 2 before they could tell me the result. And now I'm here writing this for everyone, so please listen make sure you're alone because even if you think you are. You're never alone.
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2019.08.25 14:00 Skulenta Hidden toothbrush camera

Respect Kim Possible "So, What's the Sitch?" Kimberly Ann Possible is your basic average girl... well, not exactly. Coming from a family of highly intelligent/skilled individuals, Kim is a high school student and freelance heroine. Unlike most superheroes, Kim has no secret identity and nearly everyone pretty much treats her no differently than your typical upstanding citizen or high school cheerleader.
Kim originally started a website with the intent of increasing her allowance from babysitting by offering to do mundane chores. With the slogan "I can do anything", Kim ended up utilizing her talents to fight crime on a regular basis with the help of her best friend turned boyfriend Ron Stoppable, his naked mole-rat Rufus and communication guru Wade, all while balancing a social life and her academic responsibilities. Using a combination of high-tech gadgets and remarkable athleticism, Kim has battled anything from career criminals to supernatural forces and even extraterrestrial warriors.
Equipment Kimmunicator The Kimmunicator is a multi-functional tool used by Kim, mainly as a communication device between herself and Wade, her tech guy and adviser. Aside from video chat, the Kimmunicator has a plethora of other uses.

In season 4, the Kimmunicator is replaced with a smaller wrist device. It pretty much has the same functions, but a few new ones worth mentioning.
Battle Suit Wade developed a powerful battle suit used by Kim during "So the Drama" and sparingly throughout season 4.
Car In season 4 Kim gets a car that is soon modified with numerous gadgets by the Tweebs.
Other This list excludes any gadgets, weapons or gear Kim used that came from sources other than Team Possible, such as the Centurion Project.
Kim has used a vast array of gadgets, thanks to Wade's ingenuity.
Intelligence & Skill General Intelligence
"You know for someone who can disarm a doomsday device, you seem to have major mixer issues."
Ron Stoppable, Two to Tutor
Fighting Skill
"Fact three; I know 16 styles of Kung Fu."
Kim Possible, Hidden Talent
"Oh, c'mon. I've seen you wrestle a shark with your bare hands."
Ron Stoppable, Crush
Skilled Opponents
Multiple Opponents
Physically Superior Opponents
Weapon Skill
Throwing Accuracy Other
"Look, Dad. I've been up the Amazon, down a volcano. I dogsledded through the Arctic, swam the English Channel, scaled Mount Everest. Not to mention aceing the cheerleading regionals."
Kim Possible, Monkey Ninjas in Space
Physical Attributes Strength Lifting, Pushing & Throwing
Striking Power
Grappling/Gripping Strength
Speed & Agility General Speed
Agility & Acrobatics
Durability Blunt Force
Energy Damage
Heroism Public Service
"So you just call in a favor and get a ride, like, anywhere in the world?"
Felix Renton, Motor Ed
It's a recurring joke in the show that Kim will ask favors from various people (mainly rides to her missions' destination) who are happy to oblige because she's helped them out at some point. They often describe extraordinary feats that are very telling of her skill set, which she usually plays down as "no big".
Monique: "Kim, where have you been?"
Kim: "Ruthless dictator. Don't ask."
Monique and Kim, Two to Tutor
"I did fly in from Abu Dhabi this morning. Rescued an ambassador."
Kim Possible, Number One
"Once I was saving this desert prince from some stupid death squad. And the back of my skirt was totally caught my underwear the whole time!"
Kim Possible, Pain King vs. Cleopatra
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2019.06.19 01:29 ReuniclusPensador Hidden toothbrush camera

(This was also posted to danganronpa, have a look at their discussion here!)
It's been some weeks since I finished SoJ, and I have played every Danganronpa game, so it's only natural I would compare both games since I experienced every mainline game.
Just to make things clear: I know both franchises have their own atmosphere and strenghts, so what I would like to do here is just compare the gameplay of both Ace Attorney and Danganronpa to see which elements could fit into one another and add to each game's experience, without touching on story, characters and other topics.
I would also like to stay within the boundaries of each game's core gameplay, so I won't be suggesting a timed cross-examination in AA or anything like that.
Let it be known that the only spin-off of Ace Attorney I played is the Professor Layton Crossover, so I can't exactly know if something I mention has already been done.
And obviously, this is only opinion-based, so you may disagree with me.

So, here's what Ace Attorney could learn from Danganronpa:

- A bigger list of suspects: I know creating a new cast of characters every case is harder than it seems, but I would really enjoy if more cases had more suspects than... two people, one of which is clearly innocent after some interaction. Of course, there are instances where the game gives away the culprit or gives you an antagonist early on, and that's fine, but when they try to make a mystery with a non-diverse cast, you start to get used to the formula. Let's use Turnabout Storyteller as an example. There are basically two suspects besides your client, and those are Geiru and Uendo. Geiru gets just a little screentime in the beggining of the (only) trial, and by that point the flag could not be more red. The same thing happens in Turnabout Time Travel, when you see REALLY early on that Sorin is a good guy (despite Phoenix still acting like he could've done it). And it's not like the series can't make a case with an expressive list of suspects and succeed at creating a mystery. The final cases are usually good at this, and there are other examples such as Turnabout Reclaimed, Turnabout Samurai and Recipe for Turnabout... or maybe i'm just dumb, who knows.
- Better paced investigations: I believe Danganronpa handles the pacing during the investigations way better than Ace Attorney. This may seem like an unfair comparison, since DR already covers the "slice of life" part before the investigations while AA does them both at the same time, but there are still changes that could be done to make investigations more exciting in AA. They tried many different approaches since AA2, with the Psyche-Locks and such, and in some games those changes made the investigation sequences kind of cool. And that's the problem, because I don't know anyone who is hyped to investigate, because investigations in AA may be enjoyable, but they're rarely exciting. DR nails the climatic aspect of investigation with funky music, fast pacing, and uneasy atmosphere, while AA's investigations are kinda of...there. To change that, I think the developers have to stop treating investigations like a big set of stairs that lead to the big exciting trial rollercoaster, because if they do that the most they can do is give the stairs a cool makeover. The developers have to think that investigations are already part of the ride, and make things just crazier from there. To put it simply: If you wanted to introduce a friend to Ace Attorney with a 2 minute video, how much of it would be dedicated to the investigations?
- Gameplay diversity during trials: This is slightly controversial, but I think there's more that can be done during trials. The old "press everything, find new sentence, present evidence" can get boring sometimes, even if the "presenting evidence" part is not easy. Apollo's Bracelet and the Mood Matrix certainly helped during AA4 and AA5, and maybe a different kind of cross-examination similar to the rebuttal showdowns could help. Even if some of the things implemented until now can be considered gimmicky, they can still implement new things to improve the old formula instead of deviating from it. Danganronpa may have its gimmicks, but they continue to develop their main trial minigame (nonstop debates) with white noise, weak points, agreements, one-on-one arguments, bluffing, etc. I'll add to that topic later on this post, so just wait for it.
- Some way to reconstruct the entire case: More of a quality of life change than anything. Sometimes the game gets so focused on a single issue that it's easy to forget what happened during the rest of the case, and that leads to moments where you know you catched the culprit, but you have to stop and think about what they really did after the trial is over. This gets even worse when the case gets separated in two trials, because most people don't play everything in one go, making some plot points just fade into irrelevance. In Danganronpa, the Closing Argument makes the player reconstruct the entire case from scratch, clearing any remaining doubts that the player may have. Not only that, but the Closing Argument gives a sense of closure to the case, by reminding the player of everything they accomplished, and bringing the case to the triumphant ending it deserves. There's nothing stopping Ace Attorney from implementing that, and it would make finishing a case even more satisfactory than it already is.
- A dynamic life bar: While Ace Attorney uses a pretty standard "5 mistakes and you're out" system, Danganronpa has a more dynamic approach to that. Certain kinds of mistakes take away different amounts of health, you can regain life by getting things right, your life bar can increase over time, etc. AA could apply this by having diminishing damage when you get something wrong in a single testimony (to prevent frustrating "deaths" when you nail everything on a case except for a petty contradiction), or by refilling a little of your life bar when you get something right on your first try.
- Agreeing with a statement: That's a cool mechanic introduced in Danganronpa 2 that Ace Attorney could use without a problem. Instead of using evidence to contradict a testimony, the player uses evidence to agree with a testimony, usually when a sentence is presenting a possibility that has not yet been proven. This could be especially useful when your client is the one on the witness stand. Believing in your client is Phoenix's motto, after all.
- Weak points: During most minigames in Danganronpa, instead of making the whole sentence potentially sketchy, some parts of it are highlighted as "weak points". By doing so, the player knows where to focus their attention. If Ace Attorney did that, cross-examinations could become significantly easier... unless there were multiple weak points per sentence. AA has nothing to lose, because implementing this has many advantages. For starters, this would prevent the players from wrongly advancing through the game by thinking X part of a sentence was wrong, when it was actually Y. This would also spare the writers from separating testimonies in a way that there's only one potential contradiction per sentence. And finally, this could increase or decrease the game's difficulty, depending on how that's implemented. Heck, Apollo's bracelet already kind of uses that system, so why not use them in cross-examinations as well? A witness could very well say "I went there alone, turned on the lights, and didn't see anything" in a single textbox, and Phoenix could refute any of the three parts of the sentence.
- Subjective evidence: I know that in-universe, every proof in the court record has to be physical for legal reasons. But why can't Phoenix use evidence such as "the victim's disappearance", "the witness' fear" and "strange smell at the murder scene"? Those are just facts that Phoenix stores in his head to use during the trials, there's nothing wrong with that. Danganronpa's solution to this problem is just transforming every potential evidence into mental post-its via truth bullets. In AA, when subjective things come into play, the player has to make some assumptions when bringing them up, such as "I want to talk about the witness' fear, so maybe presenting the witness' profile is the correct answer". Sure, nothing up to this point was game-breaking, but the thing I should be focusing my doubts on is the testimony, not my own evidence.

And now, what Danganronpa could learn from Ace Attorney:

- Proper use of the "line of thought" minigame: Similar to how Ace Attorney has Thought Route, Danganronpa has Logic Dive/Psyche Taxi. This may be the first case where Danganronpa has inspired Ace Attorney, so everything went full circle. The DR one is more action based, which is natural, but i'm not here to talk about this. Both minigames serve the purpose of making the player follow a certain logical path until it arrives at a conclusion that was not obvious at the first glance... or so it seems, because only AA does that right. At least in my experience, every Thought Route segment ended with something clicking on my mind, while most Logic Dive/Psyche Taxi segments ended up pointing out something that was pretty much obvious at that point of the trial. Those minigames should make the players realize something without the game straight out telling them, but when this something is already clear, there's no point besides ruining the pacing of the trial. This could easily be fixed with proper writing, and by using it in moments where the game would usually use other methods (or no methods at all) to arrive at a certain conclusion. A good example would be in V3-1, making Shuichi realize who is the culprit. Ironically, the first game could use this a lot, instead of making Kirigiri spell out some twist for the player. There are some good instances of the minigame throughout DR2 and DRV3, so there's potential there.
- 3D rooms during investigations: Most murder scenes in Danganronpa are in 2D, and everything is just unrealistically sitting there perfectly in the player's sight. Ace Attorney also did that until AA5, where 3D murder scenes were introduced, making it possible to rotate the camera to find hidden clues. Spike Chunsoft is already familiar with the concept thanks to Zero Escape, so that would be neat in Danganronpa too.
- Other forms of gameplay outside of trials: I know the "daily life" segments are there just to develop the plot and the characters so both can be used in the upcoming trials, but it would be nice to have more things to do besides the usual visual novel stuff. There are lesser mysteries and debates happening out there, ones that aren't needed for class trials but can still be solved nonetheless, such as deciding whether or not to enter the virtual world in V3-4 and convincing Hiyoko to tolerate Fuyuhiko in 2-3. The Psyche Locks and Apollo's Bracelet work just fine, so I don't see a problem with surfing on your mind to remember where you dropped your toothbrush.
- Pressing a testimony: Now THIS could improve Nonstop Debates. Imagine if, instead of firing truth bullets into an argument, the player could fire "pressing bullets" (I'm out of ideas), making the character have an additional line of dialogue filled with either useless facts, a comedic comment, additional information or even an contradiction. This could lead to moment such as one character saying "The knife is obviously the murder weapon", followed by the protagonist yelling "ELABORATE", and the character responding "it was just lying there, covered in the *victim's blood*". This could make the debates even more dynamic and deep, without getting too disconnected from reality or being too slow-paced.
- Red Herring Evidence: This applies to both franchises, but especially Danganronpa. The fact that EVERY truth bullet has to be used eventually kind of ruins the immersion. I believe having red herrings would be a good addition mostly because it would prevent the player from solving mysteries via process of elimination ("We already talked about that, so the answer must be that other thing!"). This could be solved in two ways, one of which is omitting evidence until they are taken into consideration in a Mind Mine/Logic Dive/Psyche Taxi/Hangman's Gambit, which they already do sometimes. The other option would be making more truth bullets, representing evidence that not necessarily will come in use during a trial. This does not mean the evidence itself would be useless, because some things could be explained through other minigames or dialogue, or even come into relevance in other trials. Ace Attorney does exactly that when there is a two-trial case, because some evidence do not get used until the second trial.
- Single person testimony: I know what makes Danganronpa stand out is the dynamic between every (living) student during the trials, but sometimes I wish the "minigames" felt a little bit more personal. The trials already try to do this with the Rebuttal Showdowns and MTB/PTA/AA, but those happen during heated moments where the shit already hit the fan. A calmer, more slow-paced minigame could set the stage for the bigger twists and turns, and I believe that would best be implemented in something similar to an regular AA testimony or Mood Matrix, where stuff happens without people yelling at you left and right. Some situations this could be useful include 1-3, with Hiro explaining what happened to him with the whole Robo-Justice mess, and 2-2, with Hiyoko giving her version of the facts as well as defending herself. This isn't really NEEDED, but I believe it would give more variety to the trials without being too gimmicky or forced. Maybe an One Person Nonstop Debate where you could use White Noise from other students to agree/disagree with the testimony?
- Shifting protagonists: This is mostly personal, but I like the way the newer Ace Attorney games shift the protagonists between (and sometimes during) cases. I always wanted a Danganronpa game where you could see multiple points of view during a trial, since they are, well... debates between multiple people with different goals and theories, instead of being simply prosecution vs. defense. The protagonist could still have the focus, sure, but it would be really cool to see everyone together making progress as a group until the truth is finally found, instead of getting carried by the MC and its smart buddy. This doesn't mean there wouldn't be chaos and fights during all of this, and this also doesn't mean the mystery would be revealed since the villain would be easily exposed. Nothing prevents the killer from also trying to "collaborate" and even telling the truth to build trust among the group. Heck, this could be done in the first half of 2-1 by ocasionally having Nagito's POV and nothing would change drastically. And it's not like Danganronpa is unfamiliar with the concept. I mean, V3-1 and V3-6 are built around this exact concept, with V3-1 even omitting the villain in its own POV.
And that's about it, I guess. What do you think?
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2019.06.16 23:31 betelguese_supernova Hidden toothbrush camera

Hello onebag,
Hoping to get some feedback on my packing list and maybe this post may help others who might be thinking of getting the same bag I bought.
Background: I don't really travel, but I decided I wanted to change that this year and I am going to be doing my first international trip soon. I will be traveling solo and I am going to London for 8 days at the end of June/beginning of July. Then, I will take the Eurostar to Paris for 3 nights before taking a train to Bayeux in Normandy for 3 nights.
In London and Bayeux I will be staying at AirBnBs which have said I can do laundry there. However, my aim is to maybe only do laundry once a week, so I packed what I think will be a week's worth of clothes.
I know I won't be winning any awards for packing the lightest, but I limited myself to a 36L bag (allegedly). Also, to be completely honest, I will probably split this into 2 bags on the day of travel (using the messenger bag to hold my camera and a few other items I want close to me on the plane). I just wanted to see if I could actually fit all this in one bag. Being a newb to all this, one of the toughest decisions is what capacity bag you should get. So hopefully this may help others to see exactly how much you can cram into a bag this size.
I plan to camp overnight in the Wimbledon Q while visiting London, so a few items on this list are there for this reason.

The bag: I chose a CabinZero 36L Military bag. I debated between this and the Osprey Porter 30L but opted for the CZ because 1) it was a little lighter in weight, 2) it was a little cheaper (10% discount codes are easy to find online making the bag less than $100), and 3) I liked the look of the CZ a little more than the Porter.
OK here is the packing list. This is everything that will be packed in the bag. The shirts, pants, and sleepwear will be in one Eagle Creek full compression cube, while the undershirts, underwear, and socks will be in an Eagle Creek half compression cube. I actually folded my clothes as I felt this allowed the compression cube to get as slim as possible.
LIQUIDS BAG toothpaste listerine shaving cream sunscreen hand sanitizer Tide pen Lysol spray (yes, I'm a bit of a germaphobe) Neosporin spray
OSPREY ULTRALIGHT ZIP ORGANIZER toothbrush floss razor hair wax (in 0.4oz GoTubb) deodorant nail clippers earplugs wet wipes Pepto Bismol tablets
BOTTOMS Banana Republic Core Temp Chino (2)
TOPS JCrew casual cotton button downs (3) JCrew chambray button down (1) JCrew short sleeve henley (2)
SLEEPWEAR Uniqlo Airism lounge shorts (1) Uniqlo Airism lounge t-shirt (1)
UNDERWEAR Uniqlo Airism mesh V-neck undershirts (4) Uniqlo Airism boxer briefs (5) ExOfficio boxer briefs (2) Smartwool no show merino socks (6)
OUTERWEAR Marmot Precip rain jacket (1) Poncho (1)
EYEWEAR Prescription sunglasses (in case)
CAMERA GEAR Nikon D7200 Nikon 18-105mm lens Nikon 70-300mm lens Nikon remote control Nikon battery charger Nikon spare battery Green Pod beanbag tripod B+W XS-Pro 810 10-stop ND filter
ELECTRONICS Galaxy S9 charger Anker PowerCore 20k mAh TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds Power adapters for UK and France
MISC Sunland microfiber towel (for picnics on the grass) Packable grocery tote bag Gaffer tape (wrapped around a pen) Vapur foldable water bottle Hero clip C-Leathers messenger bag (my day/camera bag) Ziploc bags of various sizes (in case I need a dry bag or to protect my camera) 8 gallon trash bag (makeshift rain sleeve for camera) Foldable laundry bag (to store dirty laundry before washing) First aid kit (mostly just bandaids) Disposable camping body wipes (for the Wimbledon Queue)
ON MY PERSON Uniqlo Airism lightweight cardigan Banana Republic Travel Pants JCrew casual cotton button down ExOfficio boxer briefs Smartwool no show socks Uniqlo Airism mesh v-neck undershirt
Adidas Stan Smith sneakers Samsung S9 Lewis and Clark hidden pocket money belt (for travel on the metro to safeguard my passport) Chase debit card Chase Sapphire Reserve (primary card) Chase Freedom Unlimited (my backup to be kept at my accommodations in case I lose the CSR) Passport BigSkinny World wallet
Total weight with everything packed is about a whopping 22lbs.
Like I said this is my first big trip and I am traveling solo, so I'm a little nervous about it all. Anything I am missing?
Thanks so much!
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