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For those disgruntled by the current state of /holdthemoan.

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My journey into substances started when I moved to the US at 16 (South Florida) in 2016. At the time I had just moved from South America and had grown up socially drinking and smoking weed once in a blue moon. I was a great kid, good grades from IB program, loving parents and closely knit friend group. Fast forward a couple months and I’m in a relationship with an emotionally unstable yet beautiful girl (let’s call her E) who introduced me and manipulated me to a variety of substances including xans, Percs, roxi’s, lean and cocaine, once even snorting heroin. I was used for my money to buy drugs and the relationship was fueled by drug sex. To give you perspective, her mother was abusive physically and mentally to her and my first time sleeping over at her house unbeknownst to me, she dropped a Xanax into my water. I quickly fell in love with narcotics (small amounts and not realizing what I was getting into; thought it was a phase) and the euphoria they would cause would lead to some truly memorable nights with E. I would put myself in cars with some scary plugs to go do E’s dirty work for her. I even stole an RX of 30’s from one of my dads friends medicine cabinets which E immediately took from me. After a toxic relationship that lasted over a year when we were freshmen on the same college campus in the same dorm hall (her cheating to get more guys to get drugs and me forgiving her because I was that “in love”) one day E lied to me and went out with her friends to score some H. 2 out of 3 ended up passing away after snorting “H” fentanyl, including my girl E.
That really messed me up in the head and I blamed myself. Her crazy mom from before had the audacity to call the cops on me suggesting I may have kidnapped and murdered her. I was interrogated... I quit everything I was doing (was not a daily user but a casual one), joined a frat to occupy my mind and eventually found a great hardworking girl 6 months later (let’s call her S) to settle down with (smoking weed daily at this point to help with my mental health and be in good company). Unfortunately, this hidden demon inside of me had learned to associate good sex with being high. On our first night out on an actual date I had gone and scored some Perc 10’s and to my surprise S was all too keen to try it out. Great Night and many more weekends to come. It turned into a weekly occurrence and we would only f*** when high. She gave me an ultimatum one day after the negative side effects had caught up with her such as work drug tests and I remember sitting in her car outside my dorm one night with a handful of pills and she told me to fuck off when she told me to throw them away and I rejected. I had spent so much money and at that point I realized the monster I was becoming. Never saw S again. A new roomate from Boston (N) moved into my dorm and woah did that guy truly have troubles. N had come with a $180 habit a day opiate addiction and he had no connect down here. I became his go to middleman and we would frequently go to my plug 20 miles away at 4am on a monday night where he and I would get ~ $1000 worth of opiates. N was selling coke up north so he was balling but here I was already messed up in the head and broke from my previous endeavors. This stopped when the plug was arrested and being the true fiend he was N pestered me to get him a plug which I had no more of and would go by himself to the sketchiest part of town and ask people standing on a corner. Well that didn’t work and he ended up dropping out of school and furiously moving back leaving his education behind in pursuit of drugs.
This is where Kratom comes into the picture. I quit drugs and purely smoked weed for around a year actually got jacked from working out, and was making $20/hour working at a baseball stadium. I have an addictive personality and one day while buying nicotine at my favorite smoke shop I saw Kratom Capsules. I asked the owner what they were and he explained it was “just like takin a legal perc”. I was sold and it started with 10 capsules every other day which I could barely get down because of the yuck factor of that faint planty taste. It wasn’t the same as real drugs but it surely had an impact. I was in control of the situation now, it was cheap and effective and little side effects... at first. I would get all warm physically at first with moderate euphoria and play video games all night long having the time of my life, by myself. I started to isolate myself from friends, the frat and did this more frequently up until COVID 19. This lasted probably 6 months and at the end I was taking 30 capsules daily.
Well, COVID struck, the dorms cleared and I went home to live with my dad who is on the older side of the spectrum (late 60’s). Florida was fine at first but I guess I reasoned with myself that staying inside and protecting my family from the virus was the perfect excuse to take Kratom. In Early March 2020 is when my Kratom habit really kicked in. I was already taking it but decided to start buying powder bc the capsules were less cost effective. Yeah it tasted horrible at first and I vomited a few times using a magic bullet blender lol to mix it with orange juice and gulp down that green sludge. It started with a heaping tablespoon once a day. For 1 hour after I would be in bliss and it became part of my schedule to do that and play call of duty endlessly. My gym closed down in my building and I gained weight from 165-183 in a matter of 2 months just being carefree and enjoying myself, sitting down endlessly gaming and eating junk food. I noticed that one tablespoon wasn’t enough and upgraded to two tablespoons daily (one before dinner). The physical side effects started kicking in and my hair grew thin and would fall out easily, I lost what muscle I had left, turned pale and bags under my eyes. I tried to cold turkey one day after self realizing my situation but to little avail I was back to square one that very night. The amounts increased right after that to 3 whopping tablespoons a day and I cut people out of my life who I cared about just by ignoring them to much and neglecting my friendships. Kratom is truly a monster. Yesterday August 1st for the first time in months other then the smoke shop rides, I left my house but this time to travel to Spain to see my mom. I took my last dose of Kratom 1 massive tbs, yesterday a couple hours before my flight. I didn’t sleep at all despite an empty plane and I’m writing this as I lay restless, jet lagged and sleep deprived at her house. I’m here for 3 weeks but the impacts that daily Kratom use has had in me has been horrific and I can already somewhat notice w/d such as shivering and heat waves.
I understand I’m a light case, but that’s just because it simply hasn’t been enough time for me to build up to like 100 gpd. I would say I was doing a solid 25-30gpd right before I came here. I left everything behind and I now plan on staying clean, except for my THC oil which I brought with me: probably the only thing that will keep my sane along with cheap beers but nightlife as in much of the rest of the world is closed here. I’m worried what these next days will be like and hopefully I can leave it behind me. I’m tired of the physical effects and my loss of libido considering I’m only 21 and consider myself a good looking guy with extensive dating history apart from the ladies previously mentioned. These days will surely kick my ass but hopefully it’s the 3 week break away from my toxic bedroom that I needed. Thanks for reading and feel free to message me to talk I could talk for hours about this topic. Hopefully withdrawals won’t kick my ass in front of my family here. In summary Kratom was great at the start but given my past I was prone to abuse it and I have which has led me to here. I’m scared for myself and want to change; I have my whole life ahead of me but I’ve had dark thoughts as of recent
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Hey guys, Let's do something fun.
In ADWD we meet the Windblown. I don't know if you're familiar with Joe Magician's theory about the Windblown, but you should, it's awesome. I'll put some links below, if you're interested. Joe pulls out some great similairities between Brienne and Pretty Meris and Sandor and Caggo Corpsekiller. He states that leaving out the 5y gap made George change his plans for some of the characters. The members of the Windblown represent the arcs GRRM had in mind with the 5y gap. The arcs that are blown in the wind. This way George could still show us his abandonned plans and as a bonus he gave us a little puzzle. So let do this.
Note: we know little to nothing about most of the Windblown, let's see what we can find. Maybe more info about them will be comming up next book.
The members of the Windblown in alphabetical order:

  • Baqq
What we know: Baqq is also called Beans, which is just a translation of Baqq.
Who could Baqq represent: ????
  • Black Gerrold
What we know: He is named to differentiate from Gerrold Redback
Who could Black Gerrold represent: Jon? (See Gerrold Redback below)
  • Books
What we know: From Volantis. Reads a lot. Plays dice.
Who could Books represent: Rodrik the Reader? Tyrion?
  • Caggo Corpsekiller
What we know: Joe Magician's theory https://youtu.be/y-63VcDChu4
Who could Caggo Corpsekiller represent: Sandor Clegane
  • Dick Straw
What we know: Dick has cornflower blue eyes, an unsettling smile and hair as white as flax. His back bears numerous cris-crossed scars from the whippings he receives for poor discipline. Had sex with Meris.
Who could Dick Straw represent: ????
  • Gerrold Redback
What we know: He is so named to differentiate from Black Gerrold.
Who could Gerrold Redback represent: JonCon? Two men with the same name, one red (JonCon) , one black (Jon Snow?)
  • Ginger Jack
What we know: Much of Jack's face is hidden behind his bristly ginger beard. Jack lost half his tongue when he accidentally bit it off during his first battle.
Who could Ginger Jack represent Tyrion? There are theories Tyrion will lose his tongue. Maybe GRRM abandonned this plan? I don't know guys.
  • Hugh Hungerford
What we know: Hugh was the Windblown's paymaster until he was caught stealing from the war chest. The Tattered Prince had three of his fingers removed for theft. Hugh Hungerford is slim and saturnine, long-faced, long-legged, and clothed in faded finery. He is sour.
Who could Hugh Hungerford represent: Littlefinger? The long face could mean a Stark though.
  • Lewis Lanster
What we know: Westerosi. Good archer. Golden hair. Tells Dany Tatters killed a boy he was fond of.
Who could Lewis Lanster represent: A Lannister, obviously. But which one?
  • Lucifer Long
What we know: Knight. The lanky Lucifer bears a grudge against Caggo, who took a slave girl from him and instead of returning her after he was done, Caggo killed her.
Who could Lucifer Long represent: ????
  • Pretty Meris
What we know: Joe Magician's theory https://youtu.be/-6vuKhI8cCk
Who could Pretty Meris represent: Brienne
  • Myrio Myrakis
What we know: Pentosi. His Cousin was Tatters's cupbearer.
Who could Myrio Myrakis represent: The name made me think of Illyrio Mopatis, but maybe that's just because it's a Pentosi name. I got no clue, again..
  • Old Bill Bone
What we know: Summer Islander. Plays dice.
Who could Old Bill Bone represent: I don't know. His name sounds a little Brown Ben Plumm to me??
  • Orson Stone
What we know: Bastard. Knight. Red-faced. Probably from the Vale.
Who could Orson Stone represent: ????
  • Webber
What we know: Webber is short and muscular, with spider tattoos across his head, chest, and arms. The Tattered Prince told Webber that when he meets Dany, the excuse he should give for deserting is that he has some claims to lost lands in Westeros.
Who could Webber represent: Varys? The name Webber and 'losing lands' can also be a little nod to The Sworn Sword.
  • Will of the Woods
What we know: Tatters calls him 'just filth'.
Who could Will of the Woods represent: ????
This are all the pieces we've got right now. Like I said it's next to nothing. I will end with a little thank you to Joe Magician and the wiki I borrowed this info from.
And hey, what do you guys think of Tatters himself?
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Virgin has been rejected for the millionth time, he heads out to kill himself but is unable to buy any rope as the last meter was taken by Chad to tie up Stacy during sex. He is determined to kill himself so he ventures into the desert without any belongings, to collect hemp to form his own rope to kill himself.
He travels, but his skinny fat physique crashes after an hour. He collapses on the floor hundred meters from a shrub of mushrooms. The virgin decides he wants to live after envisioning an alternate meme (the virgin Chad vs the Chad Virgin). But he is too weak to reach the bush. Then by some supernatural force the bush gathers closer and comes into the virgin's reach. The virgin devours the mushrooms indiscriminately, without so much as a look at them. Little does he knows he ate a vessel of the Essence of Chad, increasing his testosterone to near lethal levels.
The virgin's mind leaves his body and attaches itself to a stray lizard, and darts across the desert to a complex of burrows, caves. He begins to explore these habitats in his drugged state and encounters multiple characters fro the EU.
He first meets with Thad, who asks of the virgin one question. If he gets it right he may live, if not Thad will break his neck. The question is "Who is more Chad, myself or Chad?" Virgin somehow answers correctly.
He then meets the Gad stone, that the inhabitants of the burrows are fighting over. They say that the Gad stone is able to make one the ultimate Chad. Virgin is able to hear the stone making masculine grunting noise from under the ground and channels his mind back to his dying body (after agreeing to sacrifice one of his testicles to the Essence if his body can be given 5 hours more life). The virgin, in his inspired state, is able to trek across the sand to the burrows in under an hour. He finds the Gad stone and is caught digging in the ground by the Wraith. The Wraith's female companions immediately begin to service him so that they can transfer energy to him in order for him to speak.
The wraith has some lobotomized Chads seize the virgin and begin the process of executing him to retrieve any of Essence within him. The virgin is split open and his body is burned horribly as he escapes. He is trapped by the Wraith in the First Gym for 8 years, as the five hours ends - the Essence bids the virgin to give up his testicle. The virgin bargains and promises his penis shaft and other testicle if the Essence frees him.
The Essence complies, but warns the virgin against such overambition. The virgin asks of the Essence to burn the wraith, with this act - the virgin notices his bulge increase in size and formulates a plan to deceive the Essence and keep his new bulge. But he heads out to the Gad stone and digs further before hitting hard ground, he bids of the Essence to open up the ground and to make below accessible to him, in return for his penis head. The Essence complies again, but warns the virgin once once more against such ambition.
The ground is opened to reveal a cellar, in which lies the wizard. The virgin mistakes him for Wraith and burns the wizard with the Essence. As the wizard screams in agony - more soldiers arrive to capture virgin. They take him to a dungeon where he is sentenced to death by Bad, president of the Burrows. Bad asks the virgin for final words but stops the sentence after the virgin says he has found the Gad stone and hidden it.
The virgin is tortured for over three days for the information, whilst he withstands the pain he notices his muscle increasing and his chin growing. He calls upon the Essence to free him. The Essence is promised the virgin's scrotal sack in return for escape, the Essence does not warn him agains but complies. The virgin returns to the cellar and uses the wizard's ashes to disguise himself in the night. He digs for four days to find a cave.
(Subplot - regarding the coup of Bad by The Brad and Incel for having let the virgin escape. Bad is captured and his slave is slaughtered. Bad is executed by inversion, where the Essence is torn from his body.)
The virgin is met by Zad in the lower level, who pleads with him to not venture further. That only misery awaits. Zad says that he will be given a choice to destroy the Chad's in his world to take the Essence from them to become the ultimate Chad . Virgin insists he would go agead with it, and notices his manner of walking has changed to a beetle like stride. Zad is troubled and realises he must stop the virgin with force to prevent the Gadverse from being in flux. Zad performs an inversion on himself, summoning the Essence to become effectively a nuclear bomb. It sets down to explode and wipe out the entire burrow. But as the virgin summons the Essence, in return for his foreskin the Essence stops Zad from imploding.
The virgin, now mostly a Chad, digs down with his bare hands to find the Gad stone. He digs through to find the body of a Stacy, almost rotted away. And sees the Gad stone in her uterus, he must finger her to retrieve it. In doing so the transformation in Chad is complete. The Chad retrieves the stone and the virgin summons Gad to make him the greatest Chad, for being normal is not enough for the overambitious virgin.
Gad asks of him, "what do you think of my temple? The burrows? Are the people good?" Virgin degrades the EU characters, saying there should be only virgin and Chad and that this meme has gone too far. Virgin, Chad and the ascended Chad that he would become. The Chad bids that Gad destroy the burrows after he leaves. The Chad is told that he has used his one wish, and that he may not wish to be the ultimate Chad now that it is used up. The Gad stone tells him to leave before the hellfire rains upon the burrows.
In anger the Chad flees, as the burrows burn. As he easily strides across the desert, he muses that he will still be able to have mad Stacies when he returns home. However, mid journey he encounters the Essence, who sense that the Chad's journey is done and has come to collect the Chad's cock and balls. Yet the new Chad spits at the Essence and says - "Never shall you separate Chad! My bulge is me, and without it I am not!"
The Essence realises the betrayal yet pretends to be impressed at the Chad's bravery in deriding the Essence of Chad. He offers him another wish, as all encompassing as that of the Gad stone without any payback required. The Chad wishes with glee, that he may be the greatest Chad. The Essence transforms this little man who went too far with his ambition, into the greatest Chad. Hours later, the overambitious virgin finds himself awake in the desert. He aims to look at his body but his neck is too rigid with muscle to move. So he sees with his fingers, he feels his colossal bulge and muscles and realises he has become the abomination. He has been turned into the LAD.
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2020.07.30 03:24 DoubleSide3973 Hidden sex caught

I (41F) am going to try and keep the backstory to a minimum. You can basically just copy/paste every other story here and apply it to me. Thought that if I just stepped away from the dating world, focused on myself, getting my head right after being fucked over in every relationship I've been in, I will be in a better place emotionally and mentally to try one more time. Also thought that maybe if I dated someone older, they would be emotionally ready to be in a serious, faithful relationship. I gave myself 10 years. I have never cheated in any of my relationships. I have always made it a point to consider their happiness and feelings in everything I did and every decision I made with the false assumption I would be shown the same courtesy in return. Man, was I wrong!
What I would really love for y'all to help me with is, how the hell can I ever believe that a relationship based on trust, honesty, loyalty and respect has any chance of being real when we live in a fucked up world where all you have to do is click a button and within one hour, you could be fucking some random stranger who's profile you were just jacking off to ? All the hidden apps, secret text messages, untraceable throwaway numbers, multiple email accounts and usernames, secure folders that come standard on every phone, websites that not only encourage cheating and brag/share their stories, but will also give you pointers on how to do it without getting caught...the list is endless.
What starts out with your basic porn (which I'm totally fine with and even liked to watch with him) turns into conversations with live people. That's how it went down #8. And, ironically, it all started here, on Reddit. I happened to see that he made an inappropriate comment on a pic he had no business making and I knew it was only a matter of time. Next thing I know, I found the dick pics, the fuck chats, caught him on every fuck site, live cam sex site, secret text site, you name it. I tried to find all of sites he was on but there are SO many it will seriously make your head spin. He had been doing everything short of actually putting his dick in someone and lying to my face for about 2 months and I KNEW something wasn't right the entire time. I would ask him and he insisted on making me believe that I was paranoid, insecure, reading into things that aren't there, and all the other bullshit that cheaters spew out of their mouths to cover their ass with zero fucks given about how it affects you mentally and emotionally. He finally pulled the trigger and fucked someone (the day after my birthday, I might add).
I don't have it in me anymore to go through this another time. I honestly feel dead inside. Every one of my stupid relationships has taken a toll on me and messed me up in ways that I can't undo. I'm pretty sure that anymore of this and I'm either going to end up in a psych ward or locked up for murder. So why even bother? Am I the only one who has given up? Do y'all know something I don't?
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Then you get deported back for working illegally. I have suffered so much from you. I have been heartbroken for a long time from you. I fought because I did love you and wanted you to acknowledge what hurt me and to fucking change. Fix and realize if you did love me. But you had sex photos and videos of past exes I caught on a hidden folder at the end of your iPhone from your return from home the day after sleeping in my bed. flirted with a Colombian woman and meeting her alone. Never telling me shit. Of course, you’re Japanese and you’re not from this fucking country but you won.
I broke up with you after that flirt.
Thanks for fucking ruining my health condition and because of you, it is hard to bear living.
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2020.07.29 07:20 MoralCoitus Hidden sex caught

I hate having to explain this over and over again, yet I have the contradictory need to share in some capacity. Excuse my dramatic phrasing and typos
Im 18, to start this off, and I’ve been accused of pedophelia, trans-fetishism, and “abuse”. I’m more fortunate than most because I haven’t had to go to court yet, though I have threatened legal action under slander and intent to cause emotional stress. While that did help in some capacity, I regret it. My corroding mental health played a bigger factor in this than I’d like.
I’ve had a history of mental illness since birth, and was medicated since I was four. I’ve been in and out of facilities including therapeutic boarding school and mental hospitals for depression, suicidal ideation, manic tendencies, etc. Now I dont want pity for this, I’m just laying the ground for how things would just go to hell later.
I have SHIT taste in partners apparently, It started a year and half ago maybe. I broke up with a girl I had a lot of feelings for because I was incredibly stress the fuck put because I was almost held back a grade. During our relationship we had a lot of kinky interactions, and had dealings with CNC. She later would accuse me of “technical sexual abuse” and spread that around senior year. Though, we had a talk about it through a mutual friend, and ended up getting back together (really bad idea, I know) and things were good. Though, towards the end, a bunch of shit came up because of her friends (so I thought) and lead to a lot of pressure on things. Apparently because of what she had told them, her friends hated me. I was cool with that, but she wasnt, so I suggested we handle it maturely and all talk about it. She said no.
I found out later apparently that during our relationship(s) she was telling people personal shit I didn’t want people knowing. About our sex life, and about me as a person (the false abuse stuff included). She didnt want to be caught in the lie apparently, so she prevented me from doing literally anything about it.
When she broke up with me, a lot of different things came to a peak in my life and something had to break, and as a result I had a nervous breakdown. I wrote a shitty record and indulged in a bunch of obsessive tendencies I shouldnt have. She ended up trying the same rumors again, and because of how everything was (including academic issues and family issues) I dropped out of high school.
That was the first accusational issue.
During the same summer I broke up with her, I ended up going full fuckboy and flirting with a lot of girls (I was sixteen or recently 17) one of which was a girl named, well, for the sake of the story her name was E. We had a brief flirty interaction where I asked for nudes (never sent any, and never received any) and she said no, and I thought that was the end of it. A year or so later I found out she was 12-14 and was VERY pissed. We still had contact in groupchats and I started calling her out when she’d say shit like “ohHhH I want dick” and id call her a child. She looked a lot older than she was, and apparently a friend of mine at the time had also flirted with her. Though he didnt want trouble, which lands him against me.
Eventually I would end up dating a trans man (im bi) and we would have a rocky relationship. It was my first gay relationship and things were... confusing. During it, his friends hated us fating because they didnt like me. They said I was dating him because he was fem-bodied and not because I viewed him as a man. We had sexual interactions a couple times, and I did my best to make sure things were comfortable. Though, eventually the relationship grew sour and I broke up with him. I fully viewed him as a man in our relationship.
Now, eventually I started losing faith in my friend group (seems unrelated, but trust me) and began calling several of them out for shit I didnt like. Whether it be narcissistic self diagnoses, or other things. Over time, I lost a few of them because of that, and they began to harbor hostile grudges towards me (at least Thats how it seemed). I began to focus on the group of friends I went to shows with, and the same thing happened. As a result I got cut off from them. Now this was a result of me being a perfectionist, but also my poor choice of friends.
All of this coming to a peak, people began to try and cancel me in our friend group. It started by calling me a “trans-festishist” because I asked my boyfriend for anal. He had apparently told them that he was uncomfortable at the time or something, but he gave me no indication of that. Saying that when he got back from his state we could do it.
Then the girl I asked for nudes got involved and it became “pedo” as well.
Shit broke down very quickly and I struggled to defend myself on instagram, my mental health and character flaws making it hard to react well. No one really prepared you for all... this shit. I had my second nervous breakdown at this time and began to experience agoraphobia, stress induced hallucinations, extreme paranoia, etc. This is what I struggle with today.
There was never any screenshots being shared, they never even bothered to try and fabricate proof. The only ones I saw shared proved what I’ve already said. Eventually it went from half-truths to lies, and I deleted social media. They would rarely post anything to their stories (I assume because of the legal threat) but in the few occasions they did I got screenshots. Instead they resorted to dming everyone they knew was a friend of mine or followed me. Destroying my social reputation. We were all in the punk scene, and everyone is so vapid that they would rather worry about their own reputation than the truth. So, since they had the majority, they won.
Im sorry if this is confusing and kind of screwy, I still struggle to explain it myself. In the months since deleting my Instagram I’ve spent long amount of time silent, fasting, and meditating (hippie shit, ik) and found a mindset that works for me. I used to he obsessed with not caring what other people thought of me, and ended up doing the opposite. Ive realized that it’s less about “I don’t care” and more about “it doesn’t matter.” Because the truth I know and understand is more powerful than any lie (excuse my dramatic phrasing). I accept that my reputation may be ruined, and that things are rough. Pain is to be accepted, not hidden or run from though. I continue to focus on my art, and will continue till that compulsion dies.
Thanks for reading if you did, I know its a lot ☮️
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2020.07.29 01:55 brightnixo Hidden sex caught

It's taken me two years to be able to tell this story but thought I'd share as I spent that entire time thinking I wasn't worthy of a decent proposal. How wrong I was.
I was with my SO for 7 years by the time we started discussing getting engaged. It was me who was pushing it as I stupidly thought it would save our dead bedroom. He barely came near me (maybe like twice a year we'd have sex and very little kissing) and I just put down to him being stressed at work. I openly told him things needed to change in that department but they never did.
Anyway, we'd been looking at rings and he seemed into it. A few months passed and I was flying overseas for mum's wedding (he didn't want to come - alarm bells).
He came to the airport with me and we sat at a packed cafe/bar before the security area. It was busy, dirty, loud, full of screaming kids etc. I lean over to pick up my bag and when I look up my ring box is on the bar. I look at it kinda confused thinking maybe I need to do a fitting before I leave for a week. Then I look at him and he goes "Well. Will you engage me?" (I didn't realise then but he couldn't actually say the words "marry").
I of course said yes and put the ring on. He didn't kiss me. Then five or so mins later I had to go through security and wait on the other side for an hour before getting on 24 hour flight on my own. The entire flight I was looking at my hand thinking "surely I should be celebrating this moment with my SO? Is he avoiding having sex with me that much?!" Never in my life have I felt so lonely. I couldn't tell anyone or chat as I was on a plane on my own. And he headed home and watched TV (he said).
Anyway... long story short. The intimacy does not return and I broke off the relo and moved out. It was all very sad.
Shortly after that I caught up with a friend who I'd not seen in ages who openly said "how did (insert girls name here) effect your relationship?!!" I had NO clue who she was talking about. I had never heard this girls name before and I realised there was a good reason for that. It turns out he was having an affair for two years behind my back with a girl from work and had completely hidden her existence from me... hence why our sex life had died and why proposing to me was such a struggle for him.
I now find it incredibly hard to trust people and have got into some really unhealthy patterns with new relationships. I tend to give too much too soon in an attempt to really try and make something work and get over this pain.
Also side note... he's still with her (now would be four years), they don't live together and it's still a secret from everyone they work with. Go figure. Part of me thinks they both maybe get off on the idea of having an affair and if I hadn’t ended it then it would have just continued in the same manner it is now.
How have others got over their SO stringing them along while neglecting them?
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2020.07.25 20:37 throwaway77798854367 Starting to remember I was molested?

All my cousins and I were very close as kids, we lived in a small town and could literally bike down 1-6 streets and be at each other’s house. I can’t remember much of it, but it’s slowly coming back to me. I have this cousin that I used to have a crush on as a very little kid 3-5. Well I radiated around her and we became close, after I had understood what a crush was I didn’t have one on her. Around the time I was 6-9 I’m going to say she had me play a game with her, our other cousin, and her sister. Main cousin is one year older than me, other cousin is 2 years older than me, and her sister is 6 months younger than me. I don’t know what the game was but me and her ended up alone and she made me pull my pants down and started stroking my dick, then she tried sucking it, and made me kiss her and grab her boobs. I didn’t understand what was happening at all and then we almost got caught but didn’t, she said we were playing hide and seek is why we were hidden behind whatever we were behind. Then another time her and her sister we all “did it” she instructed me to touch her sister the same way I did to her that day, and she touched me. I finally felt super creeped out and said I had to pee, then another time the same thing was happening and our cousin walked in on us and then my two older cousins just talked and made out and then came back and they both stroked/blew me. After that nothing happened and our entire family broke apart because a family member that honestly held us together died. After that the few times we saw each other they acted weird towards me and I didn’t know why. I completely blocked that from my memory. Around 3-4 years later the older ones were asking me if I watched porn and being flirtatious and at the point I knew what sex was and acted dumb and completely avoided it. I don’t know how I feel towards this situation to be honest. I have friends that were molested and they all feel sad over it, suicidal, view themselves as dirty, etc. but I just don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about it, it was weird but I just don’t know.
Wow, typing this made me realize more than once this type of stuff happened with cousins. I have a male cousin as well that came out as gay last year. When I was around 9 I caught him watching Porn and he showed me it, I was turned on by it but wasn’t master bating or anything, well he tried jerking me off and I let him, I slowly came to realization what was happening when he tried to blow me and left his house. This is one that I honestly feel disgusting about, I don’t hate gays or anything but the idea of me having sex with a man makes me feel gross and want to throw up. So it bothers me.
I don’t know what I’m looking for posting this other than I don’t have anyone else to tell.
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2020.07.25 12:23 rosamy1994 Hidden sex caught

He refused to hold hands in public, panicking and snapping at me if I tried.
He introduced me as his friend to everyone who didn’t already know me.
He told me “girls like you more when you have a girlfriend.”
He refused to take me to parties at the rugby house, always with an excuse. “There’s a mixer tonight with a sorority, I’m not allowed to bring a girlfriend.” Not once in 3 years of college was the rugby house not having a “no girlfriends allowed” party. The one party he did take me to was the formal, and there was a girl there without a date who followed me around glaring at me all night. He told me she was crazy and to stay away from her.
He broke up with me, and the day I came back to the apartment to get my stuff his roommate told me he’d gone out with another girl the morning after we broke up. We broke up at 2am. He already had a date and he broke up with me just in time. When I confronted him about it he said it was his lesbian friend from high school who had just moved back to the city.
When he “took me back”, he told me he had jock itch so we couldn’t have sex until it resolved. He said “just to make sure, I’m gonna take an STD test.” I said Why? We’ve been together for 4 years and I’ve never cheated on you. He shrugged and said “I don’t know what you do.”
The girl who worked at his dorm’s concierge desk glared daggers at me. I thought “she must have a crush on him. Well, he’s cute and he’s mine!” I mentioned it to him and he laughed, saying “yeah maybe. I’d stay away from her, wouldn’t wanna get in a fight.” Months later he admitted she hit on him all the time but he always turned her down. Another time he said “she was never interested in me, she thought my bathroom was disgusting.” I asked, Why was she in your bathroom? “She had to bring me a plunger, I clogged the toilet.” So the concierge desk girl went to a maintenance closet, got a plunger, took the elevator to the 10th floor, walked into your suite, into your bathroom, and plunged your toilet for you? “No she watched me do it.” WHY? “So I wouldn’t steal the plunger.”
I swallowed all of his lies for 4 years, until I was a broken, gaslit, husk of who I used to be. He broke up with me, saying he’d outgrown me. A year later, something clicked and all the dominos fell down. He hadn’t been faithful to me since 6 months into knowing me.
I called him and screamed at him and told him I knew everything. He denied it. But it doesn’t matter, I know that even if he did admit anything there would be 100 more things still hidden. He was incapable of telling the truth, so I’ll tell the truth I’ve learned from his actions:
He kept me hidden so people at his college wouldn’t know he had a girlfriend. Not so that girls would sleep with him (remember, girls like guys with girlfriends, according to him) but so that nobody would try to contact ME. He wouldn’t take me to parties because he was still fucking girls at those parties. The girl at the formal was one of those girls, showing up thinking she’d go home with him. When he broke up with me, it was so he could go on a spree with some other girl. He didn’t use condoms, so when it was over he was paranoid he’d caught an STD. He deflected suspicion by blaming me.
Last and worst, the concierge girl. The one time I actually know for sure when and who he cheated with. His suite back then had personal bathrooms in each bedroom; she was in his bathroom because she’d just fucked him. She hadn’t been glaring at me, she was glaring at him, behind me. Because she didn’t know he had a girlfriend. If I had just talked to her, she probably would have said “I fucked your boyfriend I’m so sorry I didn’t know.”
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2020.07.24 16:55 VacationLucifer Hidden sex caught

Hidden pedophiles - being exposed. Open pedophiles - just ignore them?!?
People, this is an open place for pedophiles! Official site - how are these f*ckers still open? Please pay attention to this "NAMBLA's goal is to end the oppression of men and boys who have consensual relationships." What the actual f*ck?
Bob Hamer interview - the man who infiltrated this place to confirm they only care about searching for boys to... you know.
David Thorstad - lead pedophile of the NAMBLA organization who "has "never been charged with violating any sex laws"". I guess not even the wiki writer believes that.
Madeleine van der Bruggen - this still continues? Just check the comments and the dislike portion of the video. Contacts
Bill Andriette - Andriette said, "I realized I was gay when I was 12." He joined NAMBLA when he was 15 years old, and by the age of 17 he was a member of the Steering Committee.
Eric Tazelaar - Executive Secretary of Friends of Princeton Open Space, also a lead writer currently for the NAMBLA hellhole. Insane (NSFW), if you check his twitter, you can see many pedophiles who are just waiting to be caught by the police - Link
NSFW - disgusting
These people need to be stopped immediately and yet no action taken by authorities.
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