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Cross stitch community - patterns, discussions, giveaways, and competition!

2020.08.03 20:58 CuriousSnowflake Strand voyuer

Hey, so I went from a dark black/brown natural color to a blonde a while back. The black obviously did a number on my hair and I've been using a mix between Joico's purple shampoo& conditioner and Briogeo Repair shampoo & conditioner. I've been wanting to replace the Briogeo as I don't get the same softness on the days I use it and I'm having a hard time deciding on using Joico's defy damage shampoo & moisture recovery conditioner OR Redkin's Extreme Bleach Recovery Shampoo & Extreme conditioner. My hair strand is thin and many are damaged but like most are pretty okay except at the ends. Thank you in advance!
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2020.08.03 20:57 Darshana24 Strand voyuer

Darshana has been featured on Allure as "The Best Hair Oil for Your Hair Type Darshana's luxurious hair oil smells like orange and transforms thirsty, dull strands..." #allure "...oil is a key product to keep dry strands looking (and feeling) hydrated, regardless of your hair texture or type." Allure Darshana hair oil has a fresh citrus scent and is free of parabens and sulfates. It is made with natural ayurvedic ingredients. Contains vitamins and omega oils that makes your hair feel and look soft, smooth, and healthier! #darshana #allurebeauty #darshanabeauty #beauty #hair #natural #curlygirl #teamnatural #curly #wavy #frizz #curlyhair #naturallycurly #love #luxury
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2020.08.03 20:46 ruth-ruth Strand voyuer

u/Sunfl0wer_ here is me with the cebu! And here is the other half of the pot on the left and your offer on the right :) absolutely full of roots! And i can give you a few more strands out of the left if you want :D submitted by ruth-ruth to u/ruth-ruth [link] [comments]

2020.08.03 20:41 BreakerXtreme Strand voyuer

Hi, first of all , please know that english is not my main language, but i want to contribute to the reddit death stranding community i would have love to know this trick... we figure this out this afternoon ,please feel free to re write what i'm about to write in clearer term if needed
-First what we did, was going to the tutorial map the first zone of the game Knotcity i think it was called in english?,
here me and my friend via discord meet up at a precise spot and put random sign, ladder etc, anything that can be seen, but what has worked for us was sign we put the fist sign (dont give up) and smiley face etc, we put 6 to 7 sign next to each other in our respective games but not at the exact same spot (we were sharing screen via discord to know where to put the sign )
once this is done, one of you must stay at the spot you are and wait while the other player must save his games ,and load his last saved game, do this as much as neeeded and sooner or later the player reloading his game will see one of your sign once the player loading his game see the other player he wanted to "bridgelink" with he must like (we spam the like button as much as we can) , my friend once he saw my sign, was able to go to bridgelink and add me to his list ,once this was done, he stay here, and was my turn to save and load my last save games (by doing this your spawning at the same exact place you were ... ) do this until you see his sign ,and once you see it Like the sign (spam it with likes)and you should be able to add it to you "bridgelink" once both of you will be bridgelinked, you should be ables in the future to see each other construction,it take us not more than 10 minutes to make it work :) maybe the trick was already known, but by making research throught google, pretty much everyone said that it was rng and it was pretty much impossible to make it happen, but we did :) and pretty sure everyone trying it can achieve it i hope it help you ! :) (tested on Steam) pretty sure this trick can be pulled on ps4 too :)
have a great day
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2020.08.03 20:40 curliebabie Voyuer strand

My hair is short (eachin length) and curly (3a-3c, low porosity) and it just seems impossible to follow the cgm. I've ordered a satin bonnet 2 months ago, haven't received it yet so I just sleep with my hair on my cotton pillowcase. When I wake up my hair is flat and wavy on the sides and back but curly on top/front and it's all tangled up in a weird shape. So every morning I soak up my hair, detangle and rake some conditioner or curling cream through and then wait most of the day for it to air dry. It's unpractical and annoying, idk how to fix it. I'm also constantly cutting split/dry ends or single strand knots which sucks since I'd like to grow my hair out, I hate my length. Does anyone know how I could save my hair? I'm about to give up frl and I hate my face so having ugly hair really takes a toll on my self-esteem lol
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2020.08.03 20:34 Demoninthebed Hair Loss starting at almost a year on T?

Okay so I've been on testosterone for over 8 months now. Testim if that somehow matters. I've never had any hair loss up until now. My hair is very thick and long due to most likely my Spanish heritage. However in the last couple days I've noticed that it's been thinning. I can run my hands through it and I lose a couple strands. I normally have my hair up in a hat while I work and I noticed especially today it was very easy to get it tied up. I'm just trying to figure out if this is possibly testosterone-related or maybe another factor. When does hair loss normally start? I feel like it should have happened earlier if it was something genetic. I'm adopted so I can't ask my parents. Please help me I need to know what to do. My hair is the only thing I've ever really liked about myself. It's probably the most important part of me physically. Thanks.
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2020.08.03 19:49 pebbles-pebbles Strand voyuer

My sister reached out to me today asking if I could help my adopted sister (she was homeless and her mom couldn't support her, no matter how hard she tried but she was a good woman just bad luck) I havent talked to my adopted sister in a while, we just grew distant. I'll call her T and my bio sister M.
T was kicked out of her apartment by her now ex, leaving her 2 dogs and her stranded for the night. M wanted to help her since they were closer and T reached out to her. M had no gas money, covid kicked her job out from under her, and Ts car is broken. So M asked me to help T while I was at work, and since I couldnt I gave M money for gas. T and M said thanks, and since then neither have replied to me. Its been 3 hours.
I hopped onto the discord server for lonely and sent my first message. The first message I got back was "no one cares K" because I made a joke about cloud people and I guess I offended someone. If it was you, sorry the message was satire and I thought I could make someone laugh.
My mom also reached out to me today, asking for my wifi information and then left me on read with a K.
I feel so low today. I don't want to do this anymore.
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2020.08.03 19:34 Ludanitsu Strand voyuer

Hola everybody, I’m streaming episode:6 of Death Stranding. I’ve spent the last couple days building roads, doing standard orders and other side activists to make going through the story easier. Gonna be going for 1 hours after posting this so drop by and say hi 👋
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