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A lot of The Last Jedi was a cynical rant about the Jedi teachings being outdated and the First Order being destined to win and the Resistance being destined to fail, but Star Wars has always been an optimistic story. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. From Lucasfilm comes the first of the Star Wars stand-alone films — Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In a time of conflict, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction. Indeed, Solo: A Star Wars Story had a long road to theaters. Directing duo Phil Lord & Chris Miller were originally hired to direct the movie, but they were let go and replaced with Ron Howard ... The official site for Star Wars, featuring the latest on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian, as well as Star Wars series, video games, books, and more. The Star Wars story all began, ironically enough, during a period of relative peace in the galaxy. A thousand years before the events of the Skywalker Saga, the Jedi Order defeated the Dark Side ... The Star Wars: Story Synopsis, also referred to as the first treatment of Star Wars, was the first step in the creation of the script for Episode IV. George Lucas wrote it in the spring of 1973 and gave it to United Artists for perusal on May 7, 1973. It was rejected on May 29, 1973, because of the projected budget of $3 million. It was then sent to Universal, which failed to make a decision in the ten days allotted. Directed by Ron Howard. With Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover. During an adventure into the criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future co-pilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion. Through a series of daring escapades, Han Solo befriends his mighty future copilot Chewbacca in an epic adventure directed by Ron Howard and written by Jonathan & Lawrence Kasdan. Star Wars is an American epic space-opera media franchise created by George Lucas, which began with the eponymous 1977 film and quickly became a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon.The franchise has been expanded into various films and other media, including television series, video games, novels, comic books, theme park attractions, and themed areas, comprising an all-encompassing fictional ... Disney+ is rumoured to be continuing the story starring Alden Ehrenreich with a sequel or spin-off for the platform, according to Star Wars Unity.. The publication reports that the idea of a Solo ...

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I watched her from my table. Even looking at her, it was obvious she was deadly. The funny thing was—she thought she was being incognito. She wore the most stereotypical long jacket to hide whatever weaponry she was wielding with a thick black hood. I’d regretted my decision to approach her even as I flagged down the bartender to get her a drink.
“Hey, you look like—“ I began.
“Fuck off,” she returned.
She took the drink I’d purchased for her and swallowed it. The woman had a lot of pent up frustration. I not-so-secretly hoped I could help with that later. The bartender held my gaze and I reluctantly tipped my chit to him. He nodded as a few credits drained from my account.
“Like it?” I asked.
“Still talking. Stop,” she ordered.
“I get that you’re not really interested in what I have to say, but you should—”
“If you don’t leave in five seconds, so help—”
“Is that a saber on your belt or are you just happy to see me?” I asked.
Her face turned, just slightly, to face mine. I was dumbstruck. Her chiseled features were much more beautiful than I was expecting. I knew she was tough, everyone in the dim cantina did, but I didn’t expect to be so—distracted. I cleared my thoughts and leaned in close.
“So I—”
“You will forget everything you’ve seen about me,” she whispered directly into my ear. “I’m unarmed and just a woman who wants to be left alone. You will get up and leave the bar now.”
My leg twitched as though summoned up by an ethereal puppetmaster. I winced and flexed my jaw.
“Okay, rude,” I groaned. “I just want to talk.”
Her face changed to one of concern. The woman had clearly relied on her natural affinity with the force for far too long. I watched her fingers approach me.
“Maybe we got off on the wrong foot,” she purred. “My name’s Fenn.”
No, it’s not, I thought to myself, but humored her anyway.
“Fenn, don’t kill me yet. Hear me out, okay?”
She raised an eyebrow. She didn’t like being in the passenger seat. She’d probably hate me, at least for the time being.
“I’m going to kiss your neck now, sexy,” I purred. “You know you want it.”
Rage flooded her face. She looked ready to tear me to bits, but I gambled that her exceptional reflexes would notice my subtle eye movement to the right. I hoped not to lose my dick as I brushed away her hazelnut-colored hair and leaned in close.
She had to see him. The Twi’lek with the bounty beacon placed on the table like a dumbass. I whispered a prayer to the non-existent gods as my lips met her neck. She was warm, delicious, unshowered, but somehow still sexy. She gasped as I whispered into her ear while nibbling her earlobe.
“Two at the door, six at tables behind you, two behind me, and a crew of New Republic assassins on their way.”
I felt her whole body tense.
Her lips met my chest as she licked up toward my face and thrust her tongue into my ear. Now I was wielding a saber too.
“And you don’t want me, too?” she asked.
“I wouldn’t say that,” I chuckled.
“Shut up. I—”
She was just as fast as I’d imagined she’d be.
She yanked my head back by the hair and a blaster bolt impacted the bar where my skull had been moments prior. At the same time, she gestured toward the front door and the concealed ancient weapon at her hip went flying toward the pig-like monster. It wooshed to a bright purple glow mid-flight and embedded itself in the guard’s neck as the whole quiet sleepy cantina seemed to erupt into gunfire.
I leapt behind the bar alongside her and watched the droid bartender march calmly toward the back, seeming to think “ugh, Thursdays.”
The wood and metal began to chip away and glow as pistols, rifles, and every other type of blaster a bounty hunter could think to carry began angrily chattering and beeping. The tone was almost musical. I grabbed a detonator from my belt and took a deep breath.
“Flash-stunner,” I mouthed.
She nodded as her lightsaber flew through the disintegrating bar skeleton and returned to her hand.
I counted to three, and then lobbed it over my head.
“Grenade!” was yelled in about a dozen different languages just before the blinding flash and accompanying shockwave boom. Our cover was wiped out by the blast, so we both took our chance. I ducked left while she leapt right. I couldn’t focus on the colorful ripostes and flourishes on that side of the room. I threw up one of the still-standing metal drink tables that was no wider than a buckler. I slid along the floor with it and fired a few green bolts from my multi-shot disruptor. The unlucky targets fizzled and disintegrated as spent rounds popped out the side of the gun. I took aim in my left hand with my blaster pistol and fired six quick shots into the other Gamorrean who gurgled and groaned before falling to his knees, spittle spraying from his mouth to the floor. I was smiling. By my count, all my targets were dead, leaving—
I looked behind me to see that goddamn stupid Twi’lek take aim.
“Ka’ta!” he smirked.
I drew my weapon, but before I could, I noticed a new addition to his neck. Some may have found a bright purple saber to be declassee, but he wore it with pride, as blood began to ooze from his lips. The creature fell to the ground a moment later. I looked over to see the gorgeous, uncloaked, warrior breathing hard and grinning.
She was beautiful, utterly stunning. Her body was flush from battle and her supreme confidence radiated outward like a shining beacon—illuminating the room.
“That was fun!” she smiled. “Where’s your ship? We should go before—”
Cybernetic implants were hard for jedi to read. Their typical precognition was all thrown off by simple technology. She didn’t notice me thinking about how to slyly switch my disruptor to stun. I knew she could take about ten typical stunner shots, but mine had a bit more bite to it. The blue projectile caught her in the ribs and her jaw dropped in shock. She called her saber back as she faltered, but it clattered to the ground.
“I really am sorry about this, Jaina,” I breathed.
“You—” she sputtered, calling the saber again.
I was shocked as it actually found her hand. She was every bit her mother’s daughter. I fired a second shot and she fell to her knees, still trying to strike at me. A third finally dropped her and forced her consciousness to fade. I was lucky she fell. It was the last round in my disruptor.
I needed to get my bounty out of the ravaged bar before the New Republic showed up.
“Hey!” I called, snapping my fingers.
I thought she might not have been conscious, but then her restraints whined and sparked. Suppressing force abilities was extremely challenging, but then again, bounty hunting always was a complicated profession.
“You bastard!” she roared. “When my crew hears about—”
“How I saved you from all those other bounty hunters, they’ll thank me!” I barked over her.
“Oh, yeah,” she chuckled, “I feel real saved right about now.”
The poor woman was bound by all four limbs. The circular gyroscopic restraint cost almost as much as my ship, but someone had to hunt the force sensitives. Their bounties were the juiciest and ones that resulted in the greatest number of casualties. But, when I finally captured Jaina Solo, I saw a much greater and less dangerous treasure to collect on.
“Listen!” I roared back. “I’ve already decided to let you go. I had no idea you’d be wielding such a valuable saber. I’ve already got a buyer lined up who had a particularly large grudge against Mara Jade. This way, you keep your life, I get my money, we all get—”
“Not happening!” she roared, causing my ship to whine as she tugged with her mind at the restraints.
“Well, you’re all tied up, and I’m in charge, and I say it is,” I returned.
“You can’t—” she groaned, “why not turn me in and get the bounty as well?”
Okay, confession. I’m a selfish bastard. I’m craven and utterly disgusting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
“Because—I,” I stammered, “had an—offer.”
She tilted her head. It didn’t take a jedi to guess what was on my mind.
“You’re sick! Go fu—”
“Would you listen!” I growled. “God! For once, just, stop talking!”
“I’m not going to do anything you want me to—”
“I’ll take you to Kashyyyk!” I thundered over her. “I’ll take you there and give you your pretty little sword back.”
“You take me for an idiot?” she laughed. “It’s been under a blockade for—”
“Three years,” I nodded. “That’s a long time to be away from your crew.”
Her eyes studied me. She didn’t believe me.
“Bullshit,” she breathed.
I was hoping she’d say that.
“R-6, what’s our current route?”
“En-route to Mon Calamari.”
“Do me a solid and show me exterior cameras on the heads up for our pretty and belligerent guest,” I laughed.
There was nothing on screen. It was blackness. You could hardly see stars.
“Oh, very nice,” she chuckled. “We’re flying in nothing. Great trick.”
“R-6 deactivate stealth systems,” I smirked.
“What did you—” she whispered.
My ship decloaked and materialized its experimental smooth hull. Jaina’s jaw could have been swept up off the floor.
“Got it after Darth Serevin was captured,” I spoke softly. “Took it from people who wouldn’t have known how to—”
“You mean stole it!” she barked. “This thing is evil! It’s a Sith ship. It can—”
“Get you right past that blockade in a jiff, can’t it?” I returned. Her chest was heaving. She was furious. I spoke up while holding eye contact.
“R-6 reactivate stealth.”
Once again, the ship dematerialized. I waved the display down and it fizzled away from view.
Jaina shook her head. She didn’t want to admit consideration, but I saw it all over her face.
“So—” she began. “I—let you—”
“Pound you silly, yeah,” I smiled.
She rolled her eyes.
“And you—”
“Take you to Kashyyyk, reunite you with your fuzzy pals, and let you keep the world’s milfiest assassin’s lightsaber.”
She grunted.
“Okay, you’d be the sexiest,” I admitted, “But I did say MILF and you’re not a—”
“Please shut up,” she sighed. “Why would you do that?”
“Because—” I shrugged and walked toward her, “Maybe I’ve been watching my quarry for a few months. Maybe she seems really—down. She’s lost. I have money. I’m fine, but I really am selfish. Maybe as I watched her wander from cantina to cantina, I saw a woman without purpose.”
“Who the hell do—”
“And I really decided I didn’t want to turn her in, but I certainly did want her.”
She immediately looked away.
“That saber’s worth hundreds of thousands of credits,” she breathed. “Why would you give that up for a chance to—have sex with me? I mean you could just rape me right now if—”
“No!” I shot back. “Eww! I’m a bounty hunter, not a monster. I’m a creep, but I’m not a rapist.”
I shook my head.
“Look, that’s my price. You’re free either way, but I can—”
“Well take it out, then,” she shook her head.
I groaned this time. This was not how I fuck Jaina Solo.
“No, seriously,” I groaned. “Not begrudging, not anything like that. If you’re repulsed by me, then I’m not going to—look, I could run you back and forth across that blockade as many times as you want. I know this is a valuable service. I know it’s an odd request, but—”
“Why would you?” she laughed. “You’re a big, fancy, bounty hunter with a Sith ship who—”
“Just crossed the New Republic,” I returned. “I’m a bounty hunter with a bounty. I’d need the money from your saber if I’m to survive, but if I joined your—”
“Hell, of a way to request an application,” she shook her head. “Look, I don’t even know your name.”
“It’s Karo,” I replied. “Karo Tull.”
She exhaled and chuckled.
“So—if I agree to sex,” she mumbled, “willingly—then you’ll run the blockade for us? I’m not agreeing to be your slave you know.”
But she was agreeing to my first and foremost desire.
“I know. I need a new home, and dating a woman like you seems nearly impossible, so yeah—I’d like a shortcut.”
“Why would it be—” she sounded quite offended.
“You see your sunny demeanor in the bar? Imagine trying to approach that—”
“And say you’re taking me to Kashyyyk! You’d be my hero, and I might—” she smiled.
“Immediately steal my ship and kill me,” I finished. “Yeah, that’s definitely how it would have gone.”
“You don’t know that,” she half-smiled, raising an eyebrow.
I had her number and she knew it.
“So—let’s say I didn’t find you totally unattractive,” she admitted. “I don’t want—”
“I’m not gonna shove it anywhere you don’t enjoy,” I smirked. I took off my coat and dropped it to the floor. I noticed her eyes dart up slightly to my tattooed arms and biceps. This time it was me who smiled.
“And how do you know what I’ll enjoy?” she whispered, actually sounding a bit flirty.
“Because I’ll hear it,” I returned in my most charming voice. “I feel like when I press your buttons and send you to hyperspace, it’ll be pretty obvious, given how you yelled while cutting apart those mercs.”
My trousers fell to the floor a moment later. She stammered at the beginning of her next sentence.
“I—uh, maybe I don’t—want to,” she chuckled, trying to play coy.
“If you don’t, I’ll get dressed right now. I’ll pick up my clothes, so you stop staring, and maybe even give you the saber because I’m a gullible fuck, but I’m not going—”
“No!” she shouted.
I had a wide smile. She was cute.
“I mean,” she corrected, “I really need to get back to Kashyyyk.”
“I bet,” I nodded. “I bet it’s really hard for you.”
My tight black underwear fell to the ground and her eyes spread wide.
“Seems like it,” she muttered, staring.
I knew I was in incredible shape. I was literally bred to be the ultimate human specimen to do the Emperor’s bidding. Then, he died, and I rebelled, and here we are.
I walked over to her restraints and ran my hand along her pale shoulder. She gasped as my other palm slithered around her waist.
“I have wanted you for months,” I breathed. “You are—outstanding.”
She shuddered as my hot breath flowed over her ear. I reached around to her fly and unbuttoned her pants. Jaina turned to face me and nibbled my cheek. She did want it. I could tell. It had probably been a long dry spell given how utterly unapproachable she was in the cantina.
“How are you gonna?” she asked as I rolled her skin-tight pants down her closed legs.
“Oh, that’s easy,” I smirked. “You’re going to behave for me as I undo this restraint.”
Her eyes opened wide.
“Of course, it’ll only ever be one limb at a time, and if you try anything—the others will rapidly expand—thus drawing and quartering you.”
She frowned slightly.
“Now, be good for me,” I purred.
I unlocked her left leg from behind and kissed down her thighs. She gasped as I ran my fingers down her legs and rolled the pantleg off.
“Cute panties,” I smiled, caressing her ass with my fingertips.
“Scoundrel,” she returned, trying not to moan.
“You know it.”
She was surprised as I reseated her left leg and the shackle snapped in place.
“You aren’t gonna take off—” she asked.
“Not yet,” I replied with a wink.
I came around her front side and rolled her right pant leg down as I had with the left. I held eye contact as I traced a finger along the outside of her crimson panties, brushing her clit through the fabric. Her eyes fought desire. She couldn’t look away.
I stood up and smiled as she pressed her own leg back into the restraint. She was very willing indeed. As soon as the lock clicked, I undid her wrist and paused.
“You know—” I smiled. “You’d be just as dead if both legs were torn off—so—maybe I could undo both your wrists.”
“You’re too kind I’m sure,” she smirked.
“Plus, the ship’s set to self-destruct if my vitals terminate, so there’s that.”
She shook her head and rubbed her wrists as both hands were freed.
“Feels good to have a little freedom, Karo,” she replied with dripping sarcasm.
She was trying to be snarky, but something about hearing her whisper my name caused a wicked desire to flash within me. I grasped the back of her neck and pulled her in for a deep, hungry, kiss. Jaina immediately snaked her arms around my back, grasping at my muscles and exploring my body. She seemed to like it. She kissed back as though taken by a fever. I felt her core tighten as she tried to spread her legs.
“Eager?” I asked.
“To have it be done, yeah,” she smiled, meeting my lips with increased heat and passion.
I pulled away and raised an eyebrow.
“Shut up, you know what I mean,” she rolled her eyes. “It’s not—terrible—and I’d like it to continue.”
“Maybe I want you to beg,” I laughed.
“Maybe I won’t for all the ships in the galaxy,” she laughed.
I was shocked as a wall seemed to impact me from behind. I stumbled forward into her and her lips met mine again.
“You can use your—” I asked in shock.
“Uh huh,” she interrupted, nibbling my lip.
“Fuck, you’re strong!” I laughed.
“I’m already gonna do this,” she laughed, grabbing my ass, “no more foreplay needed, Captain Karo.”
She loved her own abilities. I did too, frankly.
I reached down and slipped a hand underneath her panties. She was dripping. I pulled away again and laughed.
“Not a horrible experience?” I raised an eyebrow.
She popped her eyebrows and my right hand dragged toward her as though on rails.
“Don’t make me put you back in the restraints!” I barked, trying to resist.
“I could probably snap them at this point,” she teased as my hand met her pussy. “Can’t you just shut up and accept the fact that I actually want this?”
“Hmm,” I laughed, caressing her pussy. The woman shuddered and moaned.
“Shit, that’s good,” she breathed.
“Yeah?” I asked. I entwined my fingers with hers and pressed my lips to her neck. She moaned and tried to spread her legs again. I heard the restraints groan and creak. She actually managed to force them a bit. My cock sprung up between her legs. A surprised gasp escaped her lips as my cock-head rebounded against her soaked folds.
I saw my opportunity.
I rammed her left hand upward with my right, colliding with the restraint. A mechanical click caused her to furrow her brow in my direction.
“Can’t take a woman in control?” she asked.
“Alright, that’s enough,” I laughed.
Her eyes glanced down as I brandished a vibroblade from the side of the machine. It rattled and crackled angrily.
“I’m not into anything to do with—”
She gasped as I slit up her side and sliced her tank top and bra wide open.
“You could have fileted me with that!” she exclaimed.
“I’m almost as comfortable with this as you are with the force,” I returned. “Were you gonna snap my neck when you pulled me in?”
“Considered it,” she purred.
“I just bet,” I chuckled, slipping the straps off her shoulders and rendering the warrior nude except for her panties before me.
“What are you gonna do with me?” she breathed, words heavy with sex. She was helpless once again.
“Right now?” I asked, shoving her other wrist back into its restraint, “I’m gonna take care of a fucking problem I’ve had for months.”
I rotated the machine with my palm gently and she was suddenly horizontal. She giggled and gasped as my fingers found her tits.
“So, is this thing just built for sex, or is it a lucky byproduct?” she asked, hornier than a cat in heat.
“You mean the restraints or your delicious body?”
I saw a blush cross her pale shoulders.
“Well, it’s meant to hold creatures with a lot of limbs if it needs to,” I returned, “but it also does this.”
I spun the gyro and her body inverted completely, putting her directly at eye level with my cock.
“Fuck,” she whispered.
“Soon,” I returned.
She really was thirsty. Her mouth opened by instinct but was a bit too high to get at it. I gripped her hips and shifted her body downward in the machine. She didn’t even say a word. As soon as my dick met her lips, she began to bob on it.
Every part of me was far above average, but she throated me like a champion. I’d never met anyone as strong as her, full stop. Combine that with the unbridled sexuality she possessed, and I realized I had never wanted a woman more than I desired her. I flexed my muscles and tore apart her panties without putting any strain on her skin. She gasped and pulled back.
“Oh my,” she moaned, “I have a very good feeling about this.”
I grabbed both of her full ass cheeks and drew nearer to my desired meal. I spread apart both legs and splayed her wide open, unfurling her sex. Strands of slickness extended as she unfolded for me in utter surrender.
I devoured her pussy, probing her with my fingers, but staying away from her ass, per her implicit request.
“I love how you taste,” I moaned as she sucked me harder.
“Me too!” she returned by instinct.
She paused for a moment, then continued.
Finally, I’d had enough. I spun her about until she was horizontal again and stepped between her legs.
“Oh, yes,” she moaned as I finally pressed thick cock into the jedi I’d been fantasizing about.
I began to pound her with the ferocity we both seemed to desire. She moaned, working her hips against me, and drenching my crotch in her juices.
“Oh, Karo!” she moaned. “Fuck! It’s been—ages!”
“Good?” I asked.
“Just keep,” she breathed, moaning harder and in deeper groans. “Oh—oh my—”
Her breathing got faster. With each thrust she moaned and writhed. After a few minutes, her cries seemed to reach a crescendo. She squealed and began to tremble.
I was making Jaina come. I could feel it. It was almost enough to drive me over the edge. I wasn’t quite done with her yet, though. As her orgasm finished, she was giggling and moaning.
“Fuck, that was good,” she breathed.
I spun her and walked around the restraint, facing her front side.
“What, you gonna hot-dog me?” she laughed.
I unclasped her left leg, then her right, and her eyes opened wide.
“You know that means I can—” she smirked.
“I know,” I nodded. “I think—maybe—you want to finish again. Honestly? I’m trusting you.”
She smiled and made a face that seemed to say “aww,” but her mouth said something else entirely.
“That’s so stupid of you!” she laughed.
I felt my body seize. Maybe I’d misread the room.
“You’re a cute little dumb merc, though,” she moaned, drawing me closer.
She wrapped her legs around me and I felt my body release from her ethereal grip.
“Go on,” she laughed. “I’m at least gonna let you finish before I take your ship.”
Jaina liked me. I could tell. Giving her a bit of control back made her even hotter than she had been for me. She moaned as I began to pound up into her.
“Make sure—” she groaned, “this orgasm is worth your—ship!”
“It is,” I returned, fucking her harder than I knew I could.
Her eyes met mine with confusion, but she was pulling me with her legs, trying to take me as deep as she could.
“I want you to do it,” she moaned. “You can come on my—”
“I’m sterile!” I returned. “I want to do it inside you.”
She considered my words with slight concern, then I felt her legs tug against my ass again.
“Do it, Karo,” she breathed, moaning harder, “Fucking come for—shit!”
She was really enjoying herself. I gasped as her arms tugged the shackles from their nesting and she tackled me to the floor. She rode hard, bucking as deep as her hips would allow. I didn’t even care that she’d destroyed the machine and was likely to kill me. Some women are worthy dying for. I was sure I’d be thinking differently post-orgasm.
“Shit!” she screamed, looking up to the ceiling as the ship landed itself. I pumped up into her, gushing harder than I thought I ever could. I was almost convinced she was helping me with her mind. If true, that was incredibly sexy. I thrusted, ejaculating deep in the best pussy I’d ever felt, and started to laugh. She did too. She kissed me.
“Karo,” she muttered, “I truly don’t understand you, but that was—wow.”
I couldn’t move as she rose and took a step, my leftovers dripping out of her stretched pussy. She slammed the gauntlets together and the room rattled. The binds broke and fell away. She smiled and spoke again.
“I mean, honestly, we’re going to take your ship, but I feel really bad about that now.”
I shook my head.
“No, Karo,” she laughed. “That was really—truly—exceptional. Now tell me where my lightsaber is, or I’ll cut off yours.”
I opened my mouth to speak.
“And that would truly be a shame,” she smirked.
“Third drawer on the leftmost cabinet back there next to the console,” I informed, “But it’s locked, and—”
The door flew open. Right. I’d almost forgotten who I was dealing with.
Her saber leapt out to meet her hand and she smirked, pressing the button on its hilt.
“There you are,” she smiled as the purple beam extended.
I was staring at the blade of pure energy, naked and helpless.
“Oh, relax!” she laughed. “I’m not gonna kill you. Hell, for that, I’m tempted to give you a corvette, but I’ll definitely give you some credits and a ship. You earned that much. Now, transfer ownership.”
“Uh,” I groaned as she began to slip on her pants, “no.”
“No?” she asked with a chuckle. “That is a terrible idea! I’m already planetside. You know how many determined hackers there are on Mon Calamari who’d give their arm just to get a chance to see this ship?”
“I said no!” I laughed. “R-6 open the rear doors.”
“And I said—” she screeched.
The sounds of trees rustling in the breeze filled the air. She slipped her oversized coat over her shoulders as the wind rolled in, zipping it to hide her stripped top half. I felt goosebumps rise off my body.
“But—” she whispered, “There’s no.”
“We were always going to Kashyyyk,” I replied.
The odd birds and reptiles of the planet chirped and cawed as my ship sat on the wookie landing pad.
“But then—you—” she stammered. “This makes even less sense!”
A wookie roar elicited a smile from her lips. She brushed me toward the corner of the room with her mind like unwanted trash as a trio of towering furry friends stepped into my ship.
“Lowbacca!” she laughed. “Oh, my word!”
She ran toward the massive creature and it roared pleased chirps back in return. It seemed to be trying to catch up with her.
“The pilot who did what?” she asked. “Offered to—”
She spun about toward me.
“What?” she shrieked. “But then why did you make me—”
“I didn’t make you do a damn thing, Solo,” I laughed, standing in confidence at the rear of the room.
The other wookies pointed at me and roared, asking a question and laughing.
“Oh, because you’re always wearing clothes!” I returned.
They shrugged and nodded. Lowbacca seemed less convinced.
“You gave them strike coordinates for the fleet interdictors?” she whispered, shaking her head.
I shrugged.
“But—” her mind seemed to swim with befuddlement. “God!”
Jaina stomped from my ship. She couldn’t exactly kill the man who’d offered to fly lead on the strike to free Kashyyyk. I was a mystery to her. She seemed hurt. Maybe I’d gone about things in the wrong way. It would have been far more noble to woo her traditionally. I should have been a better man, less selfish, but I wasn’t. I smirked as I strided over to my clothes that were still on a heap in the center of the floor.
Lowbacca barked in my direction and roared. He wasn’t stupid. Fucking his friend probably started us off on the wrong foot.
I clothed myself and then walked to him. I stretched my hand forward.
“Karo Tull, pleased to meet—"
He roared, showering me with spittle and cutting me off, and then motioned for his soldiers to follow him as he exited the craft. What an odd adventure it had been indeed.
“Was it something I said?” I called after him.
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