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This is a subreddit for non-nude pictures of models that we usually see naked. Glamour models, nude models, webmodels and pornstars are all welcome. In lingerie, bikinis, swimsuits, or fully dressed. They just have to be strictly SFW.

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A place to share pictures and videos of girls in cosplay.

2020.08.03 14:08 oldschooooolfan Cast Assessment — Speculated BB22 All Stars Houseguests

Based on the speculations online, these would most likely be the people competing in Big Brother 22. You have some old school royalties in Janelle, Daniele Donato and Kaysar. Two good winners in Ian and Nicole Franzel. Solid one timers in Tyler, Enzo, Cody, Memphis, Kevin and Keesha. Heavy fan favorites like Da’Vonne and Nicole Anthony. Then you have David, Bayleigh and Christmas who are pretty much mediocre choices.
I mean overall, the cast could’ve been better. Some like Derrick, Dan, Dr. Will, Vanessa, Paul and Danielle Reyes(?) decided not to play which is a bummer, however, the speculated cast is somewhat solid. Here are my thoughts about each one...
Cody Calafiore - Excellent pick for this season. He might not be among the biggest names in the community but he’s definitely a reasonable choice for an All Star season.
Cody will definitely perform well. Other than the fact that he doesn’t have such a huge reputation, he has a lot of things going for him. He is good in challenges, decent socially and strategically, he’s a very well rounded player. I’m not quite sure how well connected he is with the other speculated houseguests but if he plays his card right, he’ll definitely be a strong contender for the win.
Christmas Abbott - Probably the biggest female wildcard in the cast. Not really a huge character and player so I’m quite surprised that Christmas is heavily speculated for this season.
I can see her making a deep run in the game. She’s fit, fairly likeable and I do think she can play a decent strategic game. On top of that, she is among the smaller names in the cast so I don’t see why Christmas wouldn’t make it to atleast the jury phase.
Tyler Crispen - Probably the best player in the speculated cast. Easily a lock for this season.
I’m quite 50/50 on Tyler. It’s either he makes it really far and win or his reputation will work against him and be booted out before the jury. He does have a connection with Bayleigh who’s in good terms with him now but I don’t think it’ll matter much. If he can survive the first five weeks, I can see him working his way to the final two and win, but it will surely be an uphill battle for Tyler.
Bayleigh Dalton - Not really an All Star but she is a huge personality from a recent season, so her inclusion this season is understandable.
I don’t think she can win. If she can tone it down and play wiser, she’ll make it far but my gut tells me that Bayleigh will be booted out midseason.
Ian Terry - Thrilled for this pick. Excellent player and a former winner so I’m not surprised to see him in the speculated cast.
Honestly, I don’t see Ian making it far. I think being a former winner could work against him but who knows. Dr. Will played extremely well in the original All Stars despite being the only winner in the cast so Ian can definitely do the same. If he gets to the end, he’ll win hands down but it’ll be a very very tough road for him to make it that far.
Da’Vonne Rogers - Understandable pick and a heavy fan favorite so she’s definitely a lock for this season.
I haven’t seen much from Da’Vonne that is enough for me to say that she can win especially in a season like this. In her two times, she played a mediocre game but that could be something which can work in her favor. I do think she’s intelligent but my prediction is that she’ll end up getting the boot midseason.
David Alexander - The biggest WTF pick in the speculated cast. I never really thought that a first boot would make it in an All Star season and if there was a spot for one, I believe it should go to Brian Hart. Anyways, not disappointed just surprised.
There’s not much basis for me to tell how David could do this season but the thing about him is that I don’t see the jury rewarding him the win mainly because he was a first boot in his initial outing unless he plays like Dan Gheesling. Prediction, pre jury or early jury boot.
Nicole Anthony - Heavy fan favorite in the most recent season so no surprises with this pick. An All Star? Not really but okay.
She’s pretty much someone who I see as a lock to make it deep in the game. She’s not a huge threat and is very likeable so that’ll work her favors. I can see playing under the radar which will take her far. Can she win? I don’t think so.
Kevin Campbell - Surprised with this choice but I think it’s an excellent one. He’s also a good representation for his community so it’s great to see him back assuming he does make it on the official cast.
I really have a good feeling that Kevin can take the win. He’s a good player and the thing is, I don’t think he has a big target on him. I believe he’ll be a lock for the jury phase and from there, if he can catch steam, he’ll be a strong contender this season.
Nicole Franzel - I’m not a huge fan but a reasonable pick for All Stars 2. Good player and a lot of people like her so...
Just like Ian, I don’t think Nicole will make it far either. She’s a great player but she did play very recently in Big Brother and The Amazing Race so she is still fresh on people’s minds. Do I think she can survive a couple of votes? Yes. Do I think she’ll make it far or win? Not likely.
Enzo Palumbo - Beyond thrilled for this pick. I liked Enzo in his original season and having him as the BB12 representative for All Stars 2 is totally fine with me (Although I would’ve preferred Hayden).
Really good player and surely has the chops to win it all. I believe he has met a few people in the speculated cast but I can definitely see Enzo going home midseason. Wild prediction but I feel like he’d be someone that’ll be blindsided but obviously I don’t want that to happen. I’m hoping he does well.
Keesha Smith - Other than Dan, Keesha is an absolutely terrific pick from Season 10. Definitely a memorable figure and I’m so stoked to see her in modern Big Brother.
It’s been a while since she’s last played and obviously the modern game is more complex. I do think she can adapt, I just don’t know how well. However, she is fairly intelligent and she did learn from the best of the best in Dan so it’ll be interesting to see how well she’ll do this season. Prediction, late jury boot.
Memphis Garrett - Surprised to see his name among the speculated cast but considering Dan will most likely skip this season, Memphis is a good replacement.
Definitely an underrated player in my opinion. I do think he played decently in his initial season but just got overshadowed by Dan and it should be an advantage for him. Just like Keesha, it’s been a while since he last played so I’m interested to see how he’d do. I can see him making it really far in the game.
Daniele Donato - An absolutely perfect get for this season. Without question an All Star.
Daniele is an excellent competitor and I do think most people know her for her competition prowess. She didn’t really play well in her second season but I do think Daniele can win this season. The first few weeks could be very tough for Daniele and even harder when the numbers are dwindling down but she’s a fighter. If there is anyone other than Janelle and Tyler that is very capable of clawing their way to the end game, it’s gotta be Dani Donato.
Kaysar Ridha - What Up Kaysar! I’m in awe for this pick. I never thought that Kaysar would ever return after the original All Stars but seeing his name in a lot of speculated cast lists, I’m beyond pleased. Plus, he’s among my all time favorites from the old days so it’s like 2005 all over again.
Kaysar is definitely intelligent but from what we’ve seen in the past, that intelligence hasn’t really translated well in the game. He was voted out thrice in one year and has never made the jury. The last time he played was back in 2006 and the game has changed since so it’s a question on how well Kaysar could adapt to the modern game. On top of that, he could very well be playing with Janelle, someone who he shares a very tight relationship with and it could hurt him in the game. However, it’s been a long time for Kaysar to reflect on his past mistakes and he is intelligent enough to learn from those. I want him to win but my prediction is that he’ll be out early jury.
Janelle Pierzina - Among the biggest locks on the board. Probably the biggest name in the cast. Most definitely a certified Big Brother legend. Happy to see her back because she is my all time favorite player.
The thing about Janie is that her biggest asset in the past is competition prowess which enabled her to claw her way to the final three in two separate seasons, however, I have to be honest and say that Janelle is a mediocre strategist. Among her biggest flaws is that she easily trusts people, she’s easily persuaded and she’s not that convincing. Her wins are mainly from mental competitions so she still probably has that challenge beast in her but I strongly believe her reputation will work against her. And she is playing with Kaysar for the third time and this time she’ll probably be booted before him. The only way I can see her making it to atleast the jury phase is if she’s able to find herself in an alliance with strong people like Tyler, Dani and Cody who can help her keep safe. It’ll be an uphill battle for her but like what I said, she has clawed her way to the end game twice so she definitely has what it takes to do it again.
Pre- Season Predictions:
Pre Jury: Nicole Franzel, Ian Terry, Janelle Pierzina, David Alexander and Tyler Crispen
Jury: Enzo Palumbo, Daniele Donato, Bayleigh Dalton, Kaysar Ridha, Da’Vonne Rogers, Memphis Garrett, Keesha Smith, Nicole Anthony and Christmas Abbott
Finalists: Cody Calafiore and Kevin Campbell
Winner Pick: Cody Calafiore
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I am going to rate Real Madrid Transfers for the past 10 years. One President, 8 managers, and more than 80 players.
The rating will be:

1- Goal: Players who did make a positive impact and benefited the team for an extended period of time [At least 3 seasons]. Essential Players who met expectations, or low value players who exceeded expectations.
2- Pass: Players who were useful but didn’t really make a big impact. Good Players that are replaceable, inconsistent, or didn’t meet expectations.
3- Out: Players who didn’t succeed with the team, under-performed, or didn’t play long enough to leave a mark.

Summer 2013:

Bale [… I’ll Pass on Bale]: I know I know, I am crazy, and I know nothing about football, but anyway, you are here so just keep reading!

What to begin with Bale? After his famous San Siro performance with Tottenham in 2012, he was my dream Real Madrid signing. I had a lot of expectations for Bale to the point that I thought he will be the best player in the world, and he will overtake Messi and Ronaldo, silly me! After two years of impressive performances with Tottenham at the EPL and UCL, and months of negotiations, Bale arrived at Real Madrid with a record breaking $110M transfer fee, making him the most expensive signing in history at the last hour of the transfer window.

Now, let’s break down his Real Madrid tenure,

The Good:

Bale has one hell of highlights reel with Real Madrid. 238 games, 98 Goals, and 60 Assists. Two times scored the winning goal at Champions League Final with Real Madrid, one of which against Liverpool in the 2018 final that many would consider one of the best Goals in UCL history. A historic winning goal against Barcelona in Copa Del Rey Final that ended Marc Bartra’s Career, and a bunch of beautiful goals that he scored with the team over the years. On the paper, that is one-hell-of-a-resume!

The Bad:
For a starter, Bale been consistently inconsistent with Real Madrid. One good game followed by a bunch of mediocre games that were dismissed because his goal-scoring record in his first 2 seasons. From his first season, he seemed out of his comfort zone. Maybe it was the new club, the new pressure, maybe it was the new position as he never fully played as a sole WR before, and maybe it was sharing the field with Ronaldo, and let’s be real, you can never outshine Ronaldo. The only good stretch Bale had in his 7 years with Real Madrid was when Benetiz coached Real Madrid in 2015, and actually used Bale in his RIGHT position as a Second Striker, which helped Bale give us some glimpse of his Tottenham years.

The only consistency Bale had with the club in the past 7 years was injuries. Bale missed +110 games with Real Madrid due to various injuries over the years, and to put that into perspective, that is equivalent to two full seasons, let that sink in!

After Ronaldo’s departure in 2018, I, again, had high hopes for Bale. I thought Bale will step up and use the momentum from the Champions League final and his success with Wales to lead Real Madrid and redeem himself as one of the best in the world, silly me, again! That didn’t happen. Bale barely played, and when he did, he never convinced. Injuries followed by mediocre performances followed by injuries, and cycle continues.
The Ugly: I don’t think any real adult fan should be laughing at Bale’s behavior on the sideline last season. Bale clowning around the bench while the team is playing vital games to win La Liga is just intolerable. Clowning around, leaving games early over the years when doesn’t play, putting golf ahead of Real Madrid, watching golf on the bench while the team is playing, all are just unprofessional behavior that came from a 30 years old grown up man that, in a different world, should have been the star and the leader of the team. If you think all that is justifiable because he doesn’t play enough, look back at Kaka’s career with Real Madrid, or any professional athlete for that matter.

If we just look at the numbers, Bale has been a very successful transfer, but if we dissect his 7 years with the club, it is just so hard to ignore his inconsistencies, behavior, and injuries. I personally feel bad for Bale, I think he had the potential to be once in a lifetime star that he wasted one way or another with his lack of desire to be special. If Bale really takes football seriously, he would give up his contract money, and go somewhere and play to show everyone what he got, but that will not happen. There is nothing that could be said that make me feel better about this attitude with the team, that alone is a big deal-breaker.

2- Casemiro [GOAL]: Casemiro was the only good thing Rafa Benetiz did during tenure with the team when he brough him back to the team in 2015. Casemiro real start with the team was in the 2015 season after years in the second team, and then in loan to Porto FC, and since then, he been nothing but irreplaceable cornerstone for Real Madrid’s mid-field.

Let me sum it up with, Real Madrid’s defense is as good as Casemiro. When Casemiro is bad, we are bad, and when he is good, we are good. For $6M, we brought one of the best defensive mid-fielders in the world.
He doesn’t get a lot of spotlight or fame, but he has been one of the handful irreplaceable player in the club for the past 4 years.

Daniel Carvajal [GOAL]: In my humble opinion, Dani is the best and the most complete RB Real Madrid had in the past 20 years, and for years. Not only in Real Madrid, but also Carvajal has been one of top 5 RB in the world in the 6 years, if not the best between 2015-2018 as he outlasted every single player the media claimed to be better than him. To sum it up, consistent, great on defense, and great on offense. Complete Right-Back.

He definitely started to decline since he came from his heart injury, but overall, I am glad he is back, and healthy, and I am sure he can bounce back.

Isco [Light Goal]: Isco is a big game player. If it is a big champions league or league game, you probably want to start with Isco. Dynamic player who can easily connect the defense and the offense. At some point, it is hard to tell if Zidane plays 4-3-1-2 because of Isco, or if Isco was made to just fit perfectly for Zidane’s 4-3-1-2 that we notoriously used over the years in all our big games.
291 games played, started 197, and had 50 goals, and 47 assists. Great numbers, but what numbers don’t say is how Isco plays an important role in the field as he provides depth to our mid-field. Isco always follow the ball when we are on defense then he brilliantly provides enough coverage to the 3 players behind him, and when we get back the ball, he is very capable of creating a seamless fast-breaks with his dribbling skills. To put it simply, he links the team together with his mobility.
That being said, Isco is pretty inconsistent. Sometimes it is hard to tell what you are going to get with him. One game he will make you wonder why he is not a starter, and then the next game will show you why he is not. Also, Isco is notoriously slow decision maker. He almost always takes an extra 5-10 seconds to make a decision, which sometimes kill our rhythm. Overall, Isco reminds me a little bit of Guti, a mystery box that you can never tell what you are going to get from him until you you see him play.
Overall, I love him, and I hope he stays in the club for very long time.

Asier Illarramendi [Out]: $35M transfer fee from Real Sociedad with a lot of expectations that weren’t met. He was brought as the next Xabi Alonso, and yeah, that didn’t happen. Not much to say about his time with the team. He left as he came.
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Courtesy: Dani Daniels
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2020.07.28 15:53 survive2020 Dani daniels camsoda videos

Download Traxsource Top 100 July 2020 GENRE House, Afro House, Deep House, Tech House, Soul / Funk / Disco, Nu Disco / Disco, Soulful House, Funky / Groove / Jackin' House AUDIO FORMAT MP3 320kbps CBR RELEASE DATE 2020-07-28 WEBSTORE traxsource.com/top/tracks DOWNLOAD SIZE 1.46GB

  1. The Shapeshifters - Finally Ready feat. Billy Porter (Extended Mix) 07:27 122bpm A#min
  2. Norty Cotto - This Aint No Game (Norty Cotto Q Time Mix) 06:20 123bpm Cmin
  3. Nitro DeLuxe - Let's Get Brutal (Norty Cotto Afro Tech Remix) 05:53 123bpm Gmaj
  4. Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Director's Cut - Get over U feat. B. Slade (Tedd Patterson Extended Remix) 07:49 124bpm C#min
  5. Dj Kabila - Somnyama feat. WendySoni (Manoo Remix) 10:00 120bpm Gmin
  6. Luke Solomon - Love. Hope. Happiness feat. Amy Douglas, Queen Rose (Extended Happiness Mix) 07:15 124bpm A#min
  7. Paul Sirrell - Discotheque (Extended Mix) 06:28 121bpm Amaj
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  11. Blue Boy - Remember Me (David Penn Extended Remix) 06:10 122bpm G#min
  12. Ron Carroll, Maurice Joshua - Spirit Of House (Maurice's Mo'Afro Remix) 06:38 121bpm Gmin
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  24. Roberto Surace - Joys (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 06:26 116bpm A#min
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  92. Tasha LaRae, Yooks - Keep It Simple (Original Mix) 06:00 123bpm Gmin
  93. Peter Brown - Disko Madness (Original Mix) 05:44 124bpm Dmaj
  94. Mr. V, Sebb Junior, Karmina Dai - Gettin Me High (Jarred Gallo Remix) 05:18 120bpm D#min
  95. Damond Ramsey - Let's Make Love (TheFREEZproject Souled Out House Remix) 07:56 124bpm Emin
  96. Kings Of Tomorrow - WHITE FLAG feat. Alex Mills (Sandy Rivera's Extended Mix) 04:47 124bpm Amin
  97. Crazibiza - Satisfy (Mirko & Meex Remix) 05:43 124bpm Bmin
  98. De'Lacy, Nick Reach Up - Hideaway (Nick Reach up Remix) 06:06 122bpm F#min
  99. Makito - Purpose Of Love (Original Mix) 06:19 124bpm A#min
  100. Mattei & Omich - Meppel West (Extended Mix) 06:07 126bpm Gmaj
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2020.07.27 21:16 PrizeReply Dani daniels camsoda videos

Janelle, Kaysar, Keesha & Memphis - the Old School side of the house (divided into pairs)
Ian & Daniele - These two will predominantly have their loyalties to the old school side but will probably make side deals with the new school players and be willing to flip if need be
Kevin & Da'vonne - I think these two will truly ride the middle (or float?) and get in alliances with both sides of the house (separately, not as a pair)
Enzo, Cody & Nicole F - These three will make an alliance with Cody being the link. They'll probably work more with the new school side of the house (+ Ian and Dani) to try and cement their BB status by attempting to evict the legends
Tyler, Bayleigh, Christmas, David, & Nicole A - the New School side of the house (with Tyler leading)
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2020.07.26 10:21 FrontPrestigious7 Dani daniels camsoda videos

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2020.07.26 10:21 FrontPrestigious7 Dani Daniels - Supermodels

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