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An unofficial subreddit for Homestuck, Homestuck^2, Hiveswap, Pesterquest and the works of Andrew Hussie. The largest centralized Homestuck fan community. Submit fanart, cosplay and discussions of all kinds! We also have an unofficial Homestuck Discord server available at if you want to chat with fellow fans.

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Beauty-One or more aesthetic characteristics pleasing to the senses
MANY YEARS AGO Village of Niger, Mistral Adam slept on his mother's lap as his father drove a wagon to the village. They where both humans but when his mother found out she gave birth to a Faunus child. It confused her to no ends. But that didn't stop both her and her husband from loving him all the same. As it turned out, it was his father's mother side of the family that had a Faunus ancestor, though it was so rare that it was seemingly impossible for one of almost pure human descent to be one. Deciding the city wasn't the best place to raise the child, they headed to a nearby village, intent on keeping their son away from the discrimination. As they traveled to the village, they would often get odd stares at them. Mostly aimed at their son. He was no more then four years old at this time. The neighbors at the village were uncaring, yet not harsh of Adam's traits, just treating him like an everyday villager. Then everything changed when a bandit tribe attacked their village. Cattle was killed. Men were either shot or bound. Women were rounded up to be sold as slaves or used to "breed" better warriors. Children would be soon sold into slavery. Adam's father was killed defending his family to keep the bandits away from them, eventually overwhelmed and shot from trying to stop the assault. They bound up him and his mother. The leader looked at his loot and prizes. His eyes falling upon Adam's mother and himself. "These two. Sell them off to the SDC. They'll fetch a good price when they find out that a human gave birth to a faunus." Odin, of the Branwen tribe said. "But why father?" A young boy asked "Isn't it obvious brother? Atlas will make the mother regret giving birth to a Faunus. But do to the Faunus boys animalistic nature. So long as he's feed proper he will work harder and because of that a better price." Said a girl who was the same age as the boy but just as cold as her father. "Exactly Raven Qrow. Why can't you be more like your sister! Stop being weak with empathy. These are no more the products that are to be sold to markets." The Tribe leader said Hesitantly, the boy only sadly nodded as his sister smirked at her brother's shame. And so they were chained and taken away and put in stocks. On their way to Atlas. And sold to the highest bidder. Adam was now a caged bird deprived of one thing he craved most. Freedom.
SDC MINE #556, ATLAS Adam was 12 years old. He didn't know what happened, but all he remembers was grabbing a tool and beating a guard with it after the guard was beating an old Faunus man who was pushing a cart but couldn't. He then was slapped awake by someone with there butstock there rifle. Theoden Stalin and two others looked at him. Many humans were present as well. "So this is the boy who killed that guard?" Said the man on the right. "Yes. This one has always been a problem." Said the one on the right. Now it was Jacques top member of the company who talked next "Adam Taurus. You are charged with assault and battery, and first degree murder. How do you plead?" he said. Before he could even speak, a human spoke up. "Kill him!" Said one. "No he's just a kid!" Said another. Then the room broke out in a out roar. Then the man on the right slammed his fist into the desk in front of him. "We will have order in this meeting!" He shouted The man on the left whispered to to the top board member "Mr Theodin this boy has caused enough trouble and resistance as it is. Make an example of this brat." Theoden nodded. "Adam Taurus you are to be branded and seen by everyone." Theodin said. Many cheers erupted from the aisles. Though some were silent and just shook their heads. The head of security then nodded to the two guards holding down the young Adam. They forcefully pulled him up to his feet and pulled him away from the room. Then the doors opened from behind him. He just stared at the board member. Then he narrowed his eyes at the human. Only to be turned around and shackled to a stage that was rising. The guard looked at Adam with a wicked smile. "Your resistance brought quite the crowd." the Head of Security said. "If the humans have come to hear me beg. They will be disappointed." Adam replied "Are you sure?" The head of security said Then three guards took out a taser rod and bashed his back with them. Adam tried to hold back his breath. But he let out a blood curdling scream. Faunus that watched looked in horror. Children hid behind there parents. And Adams mother cried as she saw her son getting torchered. Soon the guards pulled away. Then the head of security started to talk. Some humans looked away. While not agreeing to what the boy was being put under. They dare not to say a word as they can be easily chained and turned to a slave in the mines. "This is what resistance looks like when we get you and we will. Let him be an example of all who decides to resist our authority!" He shouted. One then pulled Adam's head back by his hair. The security head then looked to the floor and a branding rode came up. Pulling it out and walking to the young pre teen Adam. He smiled and then placed the branding over Adams left eye. The orange hot metal sheared his skin. His eye turned bloodshot, as eventually he lost sight in it. When the security head pulled back Adam was breathing hard. Like as if his lungs couldn't take in air as he was feeling the hot iron destroy his retinas. He then blacked out from the pain as he was allowed to fall to the ground. The guards then drag his unconscious body back to his rather scanty quarters and tossed him to the bed. Not even bothering to bandage or provide first aid to his burned eye. His mother eventually came in and started applying ointments and bandages on his face. She started to tear up at the sight of her son. He just didn't know when to quit. But she wouldn't know what to do without him. In the morning Adam woke up at his mother's side. He saw the tear stains down her cheeks. And he looked away. "I'm so sorry mother. I didn't want to make you cry again." He then tried to run his eyes but felt his left eye get incredibly painful. He then got up and went to the small bathroom and looked in the mirror. He touched lightly his left eye. Mostly the bandages on the outer edges. He sighs as he turns away in shame. When he enters the room again he immediately noticed his mother was gone. But he was then knocked out. When he woke up he was on the auction line. And he was sold when he was knocked out. His mother was kicking and screaming. He started kicking and screaming as well as he was being dragged away to a train car. But as he was forced onto the car his mother broke free of the guard holding her down. As she was running to him. A guard from the watchtower saw this but thought she was gonna kill the guard holding onto Adam as she was holding one of his fellow guards hand guns. It only took a few seconds as the Watchtower guard aimed his rifle and pulled the trigger. The round entered her back and out her chest. Adam saw this as if it were in slow motion. His mother's body hit the ground and no longer moved. Blood began to pool around her, as the car door closed. The people inside as well as Adam were silent. He sat in a corner. Thinking. Trying to process what he had just witnessed. The train then started to move. Hours had passed, as tears fell from Adam's eyes. He was already half away from Atlas to Mistral in the forests. Somewhere along the line, the train came to a abrupt stop. Then gun fire. Everyone in the car immediately started to get as close to the floor of the car as possible. Mercenaries screamed out orders or were shouting blood curdling screams. Then silence. Adam and others looked up as the cars were being opened for once in the past many hours. The people who opened it from the outside fled back a bit because the stench was so foul inside that it was making the rescuers sick. They pulled up or put on something to cover their noses and mouths to avoid taking in the rancid stink like the Faunus inside didn't have a shower in years. For some it was. And a women came forward first and held out a hand. "Come. You're free now." The women said. Adam was the first one to crawl over to see the hand. It was silent. He then slowly rose his hand and took hers. The woman smiled and helped him out. He looked up to see the sun setting. And smiled. That woman was a teenage Sienna Khan. WHITE FANG FORMER FOB, Mistral Adam had a blanket over himself. He had been tearing up for a while. The shock finally wore off. His mother….is dead. And he has no father. No one to take care if him. He looked about and saw many Faunus moving. Some with weapons some with medical equipment. It was as if it was one of those rebel bases in movies he once heard about. To think he was free from the chains of the SDC and the Faunus slave chain gangs. It was a new breath of fresh air. Though he stayed away from the crowds, shying away out of fear. However a young late teen walked up to Adam. His purple clothing held no ill will as his face held a gentle smile. He took a knee and tried to talk with him. "Are you alright kid?" The teen asked. Adam only looked down. "Is something the matter?" "My….family….is gone." Adam stated. The teens smile fell into empathy. "I'm sorry to hear that kiddo." The teen truly did feel that way. "Come on then. I'll help you." The teen held out hand. Hesitantly Adam took it and they walked away from the bases. Landing on the supply deck to a more private room. He let Adam take a seat as he made some tea. Adam was hesitant about the hot liquid, but eventually he did take it and drink it. It only reminded him if his mother whom he recently saw get killed; and cause it to tear up. The teen saw this, and Adam got afraid of what the teen might say. "Its ok to cry what you've lost. Its ok to mourn." The teen said softly And so Adam let out all his pain. What he had seen and witnessed. He finally fell apart, and cried. The teen got up and sat beside him and did what a older brother would do. Hug him from the side.
Many years later, Mistrals Road, outside a village
Rage-A fit of wrath or furious passion
A teenage Adam was taking cover behind the engine of a half ton truck. A young adult sienna as well as Ghira were kneeling behind the truck as well. Adam looked under it and saw four bodies. Three adult, and one teenager, lying together in a pool of blood. They didn't wear the uniforms they were known for at this time. He got back up, and he held onto a pistol he had on him. Looking to his hip he had a sword. He was lucky the SDC only took the sight from his left eye. He watched as Ghira held up his hands. Only he and Sienna where armed. Everyone else didn't have a weapon. "Please, we are peaceful travelers just passing through!" He called out through the gunfire. Ghira immediately fell back as his aura flares when he got hit in the shoulder, a cry of pain letting loose from him. Their convoy was only three trucks. Holding about sixty Faunus all together. They lost four. Three being the drivers when they had to stop the vehicles. The humans on the other side just laughed at Ghira getting hurt. "We know. We just don't care you freaks of nature!" said one human with a revolver. The other humans laughed as well. Adam heard enough. He put away his pistol and had a hand on his sword. His unique fighting style was now at play. He came from the back of the truck and at high speeds only used the hilt of the his blade to knock the wind out of the humans leader. He fell down and Adam continued to charge. The humans panicked as they tried shooting at the teenage Adam. He deflected the bullets that came his way, and sliced one human's weapon in half, following it up with a roundhouse kicked him in the face. Two humans switched their rifles to automatic fire. As they were about to pull the trigger, Adam was already in the air and kicked them both in the face. The last human tried hitting him with the butt of his rifle, and couldn't do it in time, as Adam quickly spun around and slashed at the human. His aura flares, and breaks, as Adam then uses the hilt on the humans face. The leader saw this, but then saw Ghira trying to wall off the pain from his earlier shot. The leader smiled. If he could kill Ghira, he would be rewarded handsomely by Atlas and Mistral for taking out a leader of Faunus Civil rights. He reloaded his revolver and ran towards the truck with Ghira behind it. Adam heard the revolvers motions of reloading from the leaders direction. He turned his head to see said leader doing what he plans. Out of nowhere the image of his dead parents came into view. Ghira was the closest thing he had to a father figure in many years. He wasn't going to lose another. So he charged his semblance and unsheathed his blade releasing the stored energy onto the strike that slammed against the humans leader. The force made the body slam hard against the trucks driver door. A deep slash was across his chest. And then he split in half. Aura and all was gone. The other humans got up but one who was groaning on the ground. And they fled in fear. The groaning one looked up and just spat. He wasn't going to let the animal have the last laugh. "So, you finally see what you are huh?" The human croaked Adam heard this and realized what he had done. He instantly dropped his sword as he forced himself to look upon the carnage he had just left behind. Looking at his hands. Then back at the mangled body of the human leader. His resolve started to waver. But the human on the ground spoke again. But what he said next reignited something deep in Adam that he thought he put down. His rage. "So what are you waiting for animal? You gonna kill me next?" The human said as he slowly stood. Adam instinctively pulled his pistol out and aimed it at the human. The human merely smiled arrogantly at the threat. His hand was shook. One part of him told to just kill the man who murdered four innocent unarmed Faunus. The other told him to let him go, and that the human wasn't worth the bullet. That it'd be far better in the head of a grimm then that of a living being. "Adam! Don't!" Shouted Ghira. Adams resolved to not kill the human swine. Hesitantly he lowered his pistol. But the human wasn't going to run. "Grrr you monsters!" The human shouted as he pulled a knife and ran at the surprised Adam. Before Adam could bring his pistol up, the human was upon him, knife in mid swing. Adam thought he was gonna die in that moment. However, a shot rang out, and the human fell, allowing Adam to quickly to see the body fall to the ground. He turned and aimed his pistol at the treelines, where the noise came from. A lone figure with tattered clothes came down. He had a mask which covered his face. Adam and Sienna pointed there pistols at him. He however tilted his head as he put away his odd looking revolver. His mask looked like it was based on the human skull. White paint covered the area where the skull face was. And red paint in the form of bullet links served as the lower jaw. He pulled back his hood as if trying to prove he's not hostile. Ghira and Sienna immediately went in front of Adam. Sienna pointing her hand gun at the masked stranger. "Who are you, and what do you want?" Ghira demanded, ready to restrain the newcomer if necessary. The masked stranger only looked away. "Heard gun fire. Came as quickly as I could." The masked man said. "Why did you help us? Are you human?" Sienna stated The masked man nodded. "Human yes… but forsaken….like you." The masked man replied. "Bullshit!" Sienna shouted. Ghira though immediately noticed the masked man's body language to be uncomfortable. And that the man's "eyes" were focused on Siennas gun. So to lessen the tensions. He put his hand on Siennas gun and lowered. The man relaxed a little but noticeably. "Do you live in that village?" Ghira asked "Nowhere. Forests are my home." The masked man said. Adam was taken aback by this. How can a human be "forsaken" by there own kind? And why did he not live in the village nearby? "Well your welcome to come with us stranger. You did save Adam's life." Ghira said The masked man shook his head. "No. Too dangerous for me to go. Wanted for things that weren't I. Things done to me… no child should go through." The masked man said as he pulled his hood up. He then looked at Adam "Never let your enemies get the drop on you. You'd die faster that way." The masked man walked off into the forests. Never to be seen again. Adam and the others got back inside the trucks as they collected the Bodies and placed them in body bags. Adam looked at them and remembered the mans words. Repeating them in his mind. "Never hesitate."
Do you think a life can Change?
Mistral, Old White Fang training base, some miles away from the Vales border
As the trucks entered the encampment Adam looked on. Some faces of concern and worry looked at the mangled state the half tons where in with bullet holes and everything. They stopped in front of the first aid station where doctors went to work on them. Adam helped with getting the wounded Faunus onto stretchers as Ghira and Sienna talked in an office. Mostly bickering about how that whole situation went down. Adam helped the last Faunus down before walking over to them.
"We should find him and get him to help train them." Sienna spoke.
"Sienna i know your heart is in the right place but allowing that man to train our people is not good. What if someone went Vigilante and started attacking people!? That would drag our name, miasion, and people into the mud of what we stand for!" Ghira argued
"Several Faunus are DEAD! Can you stand by and watch this happen!?" Sienna pushed on.
He sat down exhausted from not only the trip but emotional turmoil within. Adam hated this. Seeing his father figure who was the show of strength for the Faunus be brought so low like this due to his close friends dying left to right.
"Ghira. I understand that you have your concerns about this. But far to many of us have died by the hands of Humans who have done nothing but try to stomp us out. Far to many young and old have died. Many going to there graves wishing they could have defended themselves." Sienna replied.
"I know....but that's what worries me. If we arm ourselves on a mass scale people will start questioning our real motives." Ghira replied sadly.
"Then let him teach us what he believes is right for self defense. And hunt down those who would abuse our training and either change them or turn them into the authorities." Adam spoke up. "We can keep accountability of our own and our name won't be tarnished."
Ghira sighs but nods.
"That's a good idea. But what if our enforcers turn a blind eye because of hatred or they believe curtain individuals deserve what they got." Ghira asked.
"That's why we need Faunus and Humans who are very gray in our cause. Otherwise it be an abuse of power. Make checks and balances needed. If need be punish some severely to make sure our point gets across." Adam replied.
Ghira sighs heavily but dwells on it.
"I'll think about it… both may go." Ghira waved a tired hand.
Sienna and Adam walked out of his office. To let their leader grieve the loss of his few friends. As they sat in a chow tent and ate. Adam looked to his sister figure.
"How long till the others start bringing their own weapons to defend themselves." Adam asked
"Not long. After this maybe there at their breaking point or beyond." Sienna replied.
Adam nodded eating his food. His scar bare for everyone to see. It always was.
"You should cover it." Sienna said
"My scar?"
"Yeah. It agitates others. Mainly the older men if the whitefang. I know a person that can make masks." She replied.
"Maybe. Besides the kids get scared of it anyway." Adam thought aloud.
Sienna nodded.
"Just don't go after that man until Ghira gives the OK."
"Sienna look around us. Only you and I know how to properly use a hand gun and im semi decent with my sword. People are dying. We need him. NOW." Adam replied.
"Just please listen Adam." Sienna replied
"sigh Alright." Adam replied dropping the subject.
Adam and three other Whitefang members slowly crept through the forest's of Mistel. Trying to stay quiet searching for the man they came across a week prior. Mostly going off of a village who seems to have a hatred for disfigured people. But only one child had but he left the village long ago. But it appalled them what they did to this man. And even understood why he left it.
"Fucking Atlas whores man." Said one Whitefang member.
"Chasy shut up. It's out of our hands. Yes what happened to this man was appalling. But what happened, happened." Said Chasy.
"Stay Quiet that other village is nearby and wont take likely to us being near again." Adam said.
Keeping quiet they continued there trek in the forest's to where they last saw him. But then what surprised them was that there last member named Kevin shouted. They turned around only to see his body strung up by his ankle. But then when his head was over a foot off the ground a bomb went off and the lower half of his body was blown apart. This caused them to be on guard.
"Is this guy even worth our lives!!?" Chasy stated.
"Seriously why are we back here!" Said the other member.
Only to get a bullet in his head.
"Hank!" Chasy stated as he fired his rifle at the human.
Even though the human died five more tool his place. Chasy and Adam started to run. The five humans continue to chase after them. However there legs came up short as they're now at the edge of a cliff. The humans then slowed down and smiled savagely at the two Faunus. Then another gun shot rang out. Chasy fell forward with his head blown to bits. Adam looked on in fright only to feel something enter his gut. Looking down he saw a small throwing star. He stumbled backwards until he fell off the cliff into the river below. The throwing star having lost its grip in his insides and fell off as he fell in.
"Well boys that annoying brat is gone. Can't wait to go down the river and find his corpse." The lead human said.
"Heh. Showed those animal bastards." Said one of the five humans.
Then out of nowhere. The human that spoke fell down. His body became limp as a knife pierced the back of his neck. This spooked the other four as they watched in dead silence as the body landed with a thud. Then another knife was thrown into the air. And it's direction made it enter another humans neck.
"WHAT THE FUCK!" said the third before his chest was blown apart by a gunshot.
The leader and the last goon tried to fire their weapons into the nothing before them. Only for the last goon to lose his head to a large caliber round. The leader looked on into the forest in front of him. Only to feel a knife in his own gut and he too fell off the cliff. Then a hooded figure appeared over the side of the cliff. His masks visor glowed blue. He then turned and walked away
Adam felt pain in his stomach crawling up a small place cleared of trees as he tried to force himself up on his legs in the sand. But he could only crawl. He then turned around onto his back. Looking down he saw blood escaping his wound. Putting pressure on it he looked around to see if he could use anything for his stab wound. Unfortunately he couldn't. However as he crawled more he came across a small campsite. He lifted his head in delight knowing he could be saved from his bleeding wound. But that thought stopped as he heard something crawl out of the water as well.
Turning back around he saw the human that threw the knife at his gut when he failed to turn on his aura in his shock. His eyes widened with terror as the human somehow got up and pulled a knife out of his own gut. He looked on with a look of spite as he walked forward. Adam desperately tried to crawl backwards but was stopped when his head hit a log.
He tried to get over it but didn't have the energy to do so. His body was slowly becoming numb that he can't feel his fingers. Turning back he tried reaching for something. Anything. To throw at the human to stop him. But he continued on his trek to Adams helpless body. But then he heard the flapping of something. Then before the human could impale the Faunus teen. Something stabbed right through his chest. Lifting the human into the air with a might roar.
When the human was brought down the body was tossed aside as it revealed itself to be a grim. A grotesque grim. It was Fast, agile, wickedly strong, and very furious with whatever enters its territory. It let its two brother spawn eat the humans corpse. But the humanoid grim with blades for hands looked at Adam. Smelling his fear. It slowly and methodically crept to him. Emitting a low growl like that of an animal. Once it smelled Adams blood from his wound. The grotesque face on the grim seemed to change to that of twisted enjoyment.
It raised its blade like appendage ready to strike. Adam closed his eyes waiting for the death slash. Only to feel it never came. He opened his eyes to see the dirty masked man he had saw nearly a week or so prior. Holding up the bone like blade from the grims arms with one hand. And with the other he pulled out a hand cannon and fired three rounds into the Grims face. The head shattering to pieces as the body disappears.
The other Grim looked to the sound of the hand cannons gun shots and screeched an inhuman roar. There black and white bony bodies charged at the masked man but he stood steadfast and held up his weapon and fired three rounds at the three grim. Each one's head blew apart and dissolved into dust. But Adam unfortunately couldn't see what the masked man was going to do to him as his vision went black and he fell unconscious.
Several hours passed when he woke up. It was night time as the broken moon came out into the night. The croaking of frogs and the chirping of insects filled his ears. Looking to his left he saw the dirty masked man sitting on a log near a fire. Seeming to be cooking a rather large piece of fish. His visor slits glowed blue. He wondered how he managed to even get batteries for his equipment. He also noticed two hand cannons strapped to him.
One in a holster that went down his left leg. Another going sideways from the back of his belt. Adam pretended to be still asleep. But it seems trying to turn agitated pain in his abdomen. He let out a groan holding his wound. It was sealed. His aura taking initiative to heal him. The masked man looked his way and Adam kept absolutely still. Still trying to pass off as asleep.
"You know. I can tell the difference between a resting patient and an awake patient." The masked man said.
Adam sighs as he turns to the masked man letting his head rest against whatever his body was on.
"Sorry about your friends back there." The masked man said.
This brought Adam to tears as he remembered that his three friends died trying to find this man. Was this even worth it. The masked man looked at the young boy who was crying. Adam saw he was watching him and turned his face. Ashamed. The masked man lifted the mouth protector to almost take a bit of his food. When Adams stomach growled. The masked man looked at Adam. The awkward atmosphere became even more awkward. Looking down at the fire he had no other fish meat other than his current fillet from the previous day sense he couldn't catch anything today because of no bites.
Adam looked back and saw the man holding out the fish. Hesitantly the young boy took it and slowly ate it. The masked man sat back down and looks at the fire. Adam looked at him while he ate the food. But he was nervous. Looking to and from the masked man and the fish on the stick. He finished it up in about a minute but stared oddly at the man. But then asked a question.
"Why do you live alone out here?"
The masked man just stared at the fire.
"I was born unwanted obviously. From a wretch that never thought of me and tried for my life once ….but sadly do to the operations….I" he stopped before he could say anything else on or around his birth. "Where I came from. I'm seen as a monster from stereotypical fairy tales. The monster that steals and pillaged the countryside for fun….but that's not me… always alone. So alone…"
Adam found it odd that he was sad if he was thought of as a monster. Hes human right? He like Faunus was discriminated against by humans and all for what a deformed face? It made his mind wonder why?
"No need to trouble yourself with concerns not your own." The man said. "Though you should be more careful in this part of the forests. Necro morphs hunt in these parts."
"Necro morphs?" Adam asked.
"Grim with hauntingly human like bodies but and if twisted up and decaying from a horror movie. When there's one there are bound to be many more."
Adam nodded.
"But sir...I know you may have your reasons. But ... can you help us?" Adam asked.
"With what?" The man asked.
"I've seen how you fight sense that day. Can you help us? Train us to defend ourselves?"
"You would have me? A human?" The man scoffed. "As far as I've heard you lot in the Whitefang don't want Human members."
Adam looked away.
"Please…...our people are dying along the roads….just last week you know we lost a few of our brothers and we didn't do anything."
The man looked at Adam. Before taking out a odd hand cannon much different than his original one. It was a beautiful Silver with Red details. But he then put it back in his holster and looked at Adam.
"I'll do my best." He replied.
Adam smiled. "Thank you!"
"Life is precious cargo. Some deem it a currency, others as objects, and some...just waste it like the monsters they are. This is why I am a monster. To waste the lifes of the useless. Its why the Criminal underworld hates me. I am the monster they fear. Justice for the voiceless will come. Where the blooming rose will unleash its wrathful thorns." - Forsaken, the Scorn of Remnant
Adam looks over his students with a blank stare. They were learning hand to hand combat. He often thinks of that day he was saved by that human. The one with the mask. He often thought of making one himself to hide his scar on his eye. Mainly because his superiors told him that it would only hinder the white fangs cause. Saying that it reminds everyone of old wounds. He doesn't believe that though. Why should he hide what was done to him by a specific group of people?
It just shows the burdens that all Faunus have carried. The scars. It shows there life before and how they came out. However his focus is turned back to his students. Sienna soon joined him as they watched over them. All of them varying from ages as young as six to as old as in their twenties. He didn't train them to militarize them. He was ordered to teach them to make sure they knew how to defend themselves when needed. That he agreed on dearly. He didn't want them to grow up like he did. Orphaned at a young age because he couldn't do much to help those he cared about.
Then a girl with black hair and Emerald eyes came to him as well with Sienna. He smiled for once in many years. A spark ignited in him. He could finally leave his mark on the world. But he would soon see that spark would turn into fires of unyielding rage. And he doesn't even know it.
The two women smiled as well. Sienna left with pride as Adam and the girl watched the Faunus train. Her hands go to her bowstaff and she smiles before trying to sweep Adam only for him to jump back and grab the bowstaff pulling her closer to him. Disarming her and placing a hand around her and lower back. Smerking as the Snake Faunus was studdering at the fact that she was so close to him.
"Your going to have to do better then that. Gaia." Adam said while smiling. "However i do have to say you have improved sense Master Digar had last trained us."
"How flattering." Gaia replied getting out of his grasp all the while blushing. "Its great seeing the WhiteFang grow."
"Yeah it is." Adam replied. "I wish master Digar would have stayed longer."
"He was a bounty Hunter. A feared one no less he would need to keep up his criminal body count." she replied
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During my younger days when I worked Security, I was employed by the Federal Government to work for the local Police Department, to patrol and deal with issues at the local recreation area. We had a large area of several acres that had two ball fields, a pool that a local business had funded and was open for the kids as long as the lifeguards were there, a cabin that I used that was the HQ of the local boyscouts, and a large wooded area that bordered the local Elementary School. During the school year, I kept an eye on the area by the school to keep an eye out for trouble, and in the summer I'd patrol the whole area, keeping an eye out from illegal business, valdelism, etc. The local Ordinance sais that the recreation area closed at sunset, like most public parks.
We also had a basketball court and tennis courts, thatched lights. During the Summer the lights stayed on till 11 pm to give the teenagers someplace to be, that was supervised, but not 'too' supervised.
The kids were usually great and I had few drunks who decided that they would climb the fence at the pool and take a dip in the evening. I just gave them a shout and told them to come on out, or I'd call a patrol car and they'd be busted.
Everyone was pretty happy with this, the kids had a place to hang with the 'cool' security guy, the cops were free to patrol the rest of the township and complaints went to near zero. There were a few petty issues that I took care of with what I thought was a dose of common sense.
The problem started with one older lady who lived in the townhomes that were directly across the street from the rec area; she came over every evening to walk her dog.
The kids were on the basketball court, some of the younger kids were in the pool which was getting ready to close for the evening, and I kept an eye out to make sure the kids were all picked up. I had one little boy who was freaked out because his mother didn't come for him. The lifeguard called me as he had to leave so I explained that I was with the Police and would see if I could get the station to call his mom. The mother had gotten a flat tire and was going nuts trying to get a hold of someone who could pick up her kid. Her last resort was to try to call the pool, which didn't have a regular phone, only an emergency like for Police and Paramedics. She ended up calling the Police non-emergency line who radioed me and I informed that the boy was with me and could be picked up when either of his parents arrived.
We were sitting on the front porch of the Cabin looking for his mom or dad to appear when the Old Day crosses the street with ehr little dog. Seeing the big guy with the beard sitting on the porch of the Cabin with this kid and door of the cabin wide open. She made beeline towards us and ddemands to know who I am and what I'm doing there and why I have access to the cabin!
I responded with a smile, pushed my over shirt back so she can see the Police Radio, and informed her that I'm with the Police Department. That might have been a mistake on my part. From that point on, I quickly learned that this lady was a guardian of public moral virtue. Which meant she showed up regularly during my patrol shifts to complain about the 'immoral conduct' of the couple picnicking in the grass under a tree in summer. It seemed that these two High School Seniors dared to kiss after sharing desert with each other! I was soon getting complaints about the smaller children 'harassing' the squirrels by throwing peanuts for them. Finally, on a particularly hot, humid evening she appears and demands to know why I am allowing these 'teenagers' to play basketball on the court, after dark, under the lights when the Local Ordinance clearly states that park closes at Sunset!
I pointed out that the teens were bothering no one, this kept them out of trouble, they were supervised by a member of the Police Department, and thought some flexibility was warranted.
She proceeded to demand that enforce the letter of the law! I responded with, 'If thst what you want, OK; but that also means you and your dog are not allowed in the area either. "
Her immediate response was that she lives here! But I had to point out that no, she lives across the street; as well as the fact that all of these teenagers are residents of the town and their parents pay taxes for these facilities, so my position was as long as everyone gets alsog I'll remain flexible.
She had not been aware of one very big ace I had. when it was slow, raining, cold, snowing and few used the rec area. I would take calls for the local officers. Most of the townhomes across the street were owned by elderly residents, many of whom were lonely, kids having moved away with families of their own, left the elderly feeling rather useless, so we got a lot of calls about 'prowlers', noises in the ally, etc. I'd patrolling the area, so cross the street and 'taking their report' and checking the alley for prowlers, made me very popular. When the weather was nicer they sat on their front porches and I got to know many of them quite well, the lady who'd lost her husband, the widow who retired from the military, I chatted with them, and lent a hand when I could and was well-liked.
When the old girl with her dog complained about me not enforcing the letter of the law and telling her if I did it would have to apply to her. She not only got shot down by the Chief of Police, but none of the elected officials also wanted to touch it, especially as they were getting calls about that nice young man who patrolled the rec, area, and handled the 'rowdies'. Once in awhile I'd have to give some of the kids some crap for dumb behavior, but most of the time of everyone was cool.
But the old girl was not satisfied with the 'reaction' she'd gotten and proceeded to 'patrol the part with dog. I felt bad because everytime the poor little dog tried to squat she's see some kids and literally drag the dog over until she could hear what they were talking about.
When the old girl with her dog complained about me not enforcing the letter of the law and telling her if I did it would have to apply to her. She not only got shot down by the Chief of Police, but none of the elected officials also wanted to touch it, especially as they were getting calls about that nice young man who patrolled the rec, area, and handled the 'rowdies'. Once in a while, I'd have to give some of the kids some crap for dumb behavior, but most of the time of everyone was cool. e decided to take a nap, under the tree. She calls the paramedics to report a dead body which made my shift a lot more interesting and tons more paperwork.
She finally got banned from the red area, for filing false reports and not reporting the issues to the Officier stationed there. She also caught the threat of fines and losing her dog for dragging it around the park when it just wanted to squtt and take a dump!
God love the 'Guardians of Public Moral Virtue'
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The afternoon of my fifth grade graduation I organized a séance.
That might sound odd, or offbeat, but where I come from circles of children trying to speak to the dead is pretty common phenomenon. The affinity towards conversing with spirits that Czech kids of the 90s had is most likely a by-product of the nation’s status as the second most atheist country in the world. Much like our parents, we would still categorically deny the existence of higher power, but when it came to life after death my generation was a bit more loosey-goosey with our beliefs.
The concept of life after death is an attractive prospect for any creature that is aware of its own mortality and the idea of ghosts trapped in our realm has its own spooky appeal, but there’s something else that drove crowds of kids to sit in candle-lit circles when I was growing up.
Séances gave us a chance to hold girl’s hands without drawing any unwanted attention.
So, with the hopes of getting some “experience” before entering my teens and finally feeling Katherine Novaková’s palms, I organized a séance on the afternoon of my fifth grade graduation.
I thought that in the basement of my Soviet-era apartment block I would find a semblance of romance, but instead, in those musty dark halls, I discovered a dark power beyond my comprehension.
There were six of us sitting in the basement, preparing for the ritual. A summer thunderstorm was prefacing its arrival with a quiet drizzle on the windows that revealed the feet of the outside world. As me and Katherine drew the pentagram, the rest of the group intermittently chatted about other séances they had attended and tips and tricks on how to make Tomagotchi’s live forever.
Every time the elevator would groan to life, all conversation would cease. In retrospect I don’t think any adults would have had an issue with us trying to commune with the dead, but in that moment it felt like we were doing something that would get us punished if we got caught.
The mood in the basement was electric, partially because of the dark ritual we were about to organize and partially from the pop-rocks that Mrs. Novaková had given to our little rag-tag group of ghost chasers. The sugar high mixed with the excitement of the forbidden was palpable.
After we finished drawing the pentagram and lighting the candles our group fell into hushed anticipation.
All that was needed was the sacrifice.
“I got your stupid fish,” Honza Hejduk announced as he entered the basement. His blonde locks and glasses were wet from the bad weather outside. As soon as he saw me sitting next to Katherine, trying to re-draw a wonky side of the pentagram, his eyes lit up with jealousy.
Hejduk poured out the bag of frozen minnows that were meant to be his turtle’s lunch into the center of the pentagram and started to strut around the basement like he owned the place.
“Wow, you have a really shitty basement Alex. Didn’t know your parents were this poor.”
Hejduk and me used to be friends. The previous summer our parents had signed us up for a summer camp that was obviously for babies. For two weeks Hejduk and me were trapped out in the Beskydy Mountains with a bunch of nine-year-olds filling up stupid coloring books. With nothing better to do, we shared secrets, secrets that strengthened our relationship from acquaintance status to best-friend territory. Those secrets brought us together, but by the time we were back in Prague they became weapons.
Any semblance of camaraderie disappeared the moment Katherine Novaková grabbed both of our hearts with her soft palms.
“Man, there’s rust everywhere, does anyone in this apartment have a new bike?” Hejduk examined the bike-rack with the gusto of a food-inspector who’s about to shut down a restaurant. “Actually, Alex, where’s your bike?”
“At my grandparents,” I lied.
“Huh. Just starting to realize that I have never actually seen you ride a bike. Weird.” Hejduk turned around and looked straight in my eyes. He was sending a message. “Well, if you guys want to go riding bikes after this dumb ghost stuff, I can lend Alex my old bike. My parents got me a new one for how well my report card turned out.”
“We’re not going to ride bikes, Honza,” Katherine said, “It’s raining outside. Plus, this ghost stuff isn’t stupid, it’s actually pretty cool.
Katherine shot me a smile. She was on my side. I did my best to smile back, but deep inside I knew that she wouldn’t be defending me if she knew the truth.
I didn’t know how to ride a bike.
“Whatever,” Hejduk said, forcing his way into our circle so that he could sit on the other side of Katherine, “What dumb ghost are we annoying today?”
“Yeah Alex, what sort of spirit are we communicating with?” Katherine asked, still smiling in a way that made my heart beat faster.
“Well, first we have to hold hands so that there is a complete circle of energy-“ A lump manifested in my throat. As I spoke Katherine put her hand into mine. We were basically kissing, or at least, that’s what I told my cousins later, “-a complete circle of energy so that the spirit doesn’t leave.”
The rest of the circle joined hands around the pentagram and frozen fish of the basement floor.
My knowledge of séances was limited to a three-paragraph article I had read from the bathroom literature at my aunt’s house, but I had enough imagination in me to wing the ceremony.
“And now everyone repeat after me- Dear spirit, we have come here to talk with you, please do not get angry with us.”
The other kids repeated the chant with sudden reverence. Setting up the ceremony was all fun and games but as soon as we were actually communicating with the nether realm, as soon as there was a chance that we might make a ghost angry, everyone wanted to make sure to proceed with caution.
The musty basement had turned spooky.
Everyone was listening to me, Katherine’s hands oozed with anticipation. “Oh spirits, help us contact the man who is buried beneath the basement, the famed Nazi commander, the one and only-“
There was a painting of him on the stairway that led up to the computer labs. It wasn’t really a painting, it was a print-out of a painting that someone had put into a nice frame with the hopes of making our school look classier. Regardless of the medium through which his face was portrayed, every day, as we walked up those stairs, I saw those tired evil eyes.
“…The one and only, Jan Amos Komenský!”
The elevator groaned in understanding. For a split second the whole group was caught in breathless anticipation about ghosts, but then Katherine’s hand fell out of mine.
The circle was broken. Hejduk had his arms firmly crossed.
“Did I hear you correctly? Did you say Jan Amos Komenský is a Nazi that is buried beneath your apartment?” His voice was filled with venom. “You know my parents didn’t just buy me the new bike because I’m a cool dude, right? They bought me the bike because I aced all of our history quizzes. Everyone knows that Jan Amos Komenský is buried at the Prague Castle and that he lived two thousand years ago and that he invented homework.”
“Hejduk, come on, stop being a jerk,” Katherine defended me again.
My mind reeled back to history class. Komenský being buried beneath my apartment was made-up set dressing for the séance but I could have sworn that he had some tie to the Nazis. My young mind must have been having trouble differentiating between totalitarian systems and achievements in education. Either way, Hejduk had called me out on my bullshit.
“I’m just saying that Alex knows just about as much about Jan Amos Komenský as he does about riding bikes.”
Everyone’s eyes focused on me. Hejduk had burnt my secret. Everyone knew.
I could see Katherine’s smile dim. She couldn’t love a boy who still used training wheels. We could never be. Hejduk had taken away my one shot at true love.
A sudden rage boiled in my brain.
I wasn’t the only one in the circle with secrets.
“Okay Hejduk, you caught me, I tried to pull a fast one on ya. And you’re right, I don’t know how to ride a bike.” My admission wiped the grin off his face. He no longer had any sway. But I still did.
“But you know who does know how to ride a bike? The real ghost that we have all gathered here to talk to. The ghost of a man scorned by life itself, a spirit that has had everything that he cared for burnt to a crisp because of a flimsy bicycle, a shell of a once happy person – Gabi the clown.”
“Dude, no, come on.” Hejduk’s voice took on the audacity of a kitten stuck in a drainpipe. “Come on man, let’s not.”
“Dear spirit, we have come here to talk with you, please do not get angry with us.”
At first he refused to take part in the ritual, but as the rest of the group obediently chanted along, his arms uncrossed. Hejduk became a part of the circle.
As he mumbled along the final words of the incantation it was hard to hide the smile from my face. I was going to hurt him for hurting me.
I was going to reveal his secret in front of everyone.
“Oh Gabi,” I started, with as much spooky gusto as my tween voice would allow me, “We know that you are trapped between our world and the circuses of heaven. Your clown make up must be smudged from the rain outside, your long clown feet must be tired from walking our realm. Come sit with us for a spell. Come bring us some joy as we leave the world of children and enter the domain of teens. It is a sorrow filled time for all of us, and we could really use a clown.”
“This is so dumb and fake,” Hejduk said with a shiver in his voice that did little to mask his fear. Everyone in that basement knew something was up, yet as terrified as the kid was, he didn’t let go of Katherine’s hand.
“Alex, is Gabi the clown real?” Katherine asked.
“Of course he’s not!” Hejduk yelled, “Alex is just making stuff up trying to be scary. But you know what? It’s not working. Only an idiot would be scared of… cl- clo- Only an idiot would be scared of dumb shit like this!”
Water from the thawing minnows was starting to spread out through the basement floor. In the dim light of the candles I could see Hejduk watch the stream advance towards him. His eyes blazed with fear.
“Of course he’s real Katherine, he was a clown who lived back in the 1800s,” I said, making my voice as deep as I could, “Have you never heard the story of Gabi the clown?”
The basement shook with the dark whines of metal rope as the elevator moved above us. Hejduk let out a strained wheeze, trying to keep his shit together. It was time for some narrative laxatives.
I closed my eyes and started to weave a story out of the ether.
“Gabi the clown used to be a happy clown. His job was his life. For years he would travel with the circus and entertain children all over the country. Oh how he adored putting on his clown make-up, oh what a spring to his step the clown shoes provided, Gabi was a man who lived a life of unadulterated joy that he shared with the world. He loved his job, he loved being a clown, but there was something else he loved even more –
“Katya, his wife, a trapeze artist who had joined the circus after running away from an orphanage. It’s in her soft hands that he found the true beauty of life, it’s in her smile that he found the joy that made his act such a show of pure bliss and laughter. The two of them lived happily, but one day, as the traveling circus set up on a field in the countryside, everything changed.
“No one knows how the fire started, it was as if it came out of nowhere, but by the time the flames were noticed it was already too late. The audience was screaming in fear and Katya was trapped at the top of the tent as the flames ate away at the scaffolding.
“There wasn’t nearly enough water in the circus to put out the fire. There was chaos everywhere. Gabi watched as the circus burned, as his wife screamed from the high top, and he knew, that if no one acted soon, if no one went to get help, everything that he ever cared about would end up in flames.
“There was a town near by, surely the fire brigade there would be able to put out the fire. Gabi the clown ran outside and jumped on the nearest form of transportation he could find: a wood-framed bicycle.
“He pedaled down the uneven country roads with the speed of a trained athlete. Gabi’s long clown feet worked as hard as they could to get help swiftly, but the faster he went the more the frame of the bicycle groaned. In a sharp turn, with the lights of the nearest town burning in the distance, the bicycle fell apart. The clown flew off his bike and cracked his head into a tree.”
“W-what, that’s it?” There was a twinge of bravery in Hejduk’s voice, “Some stupid cl… clown with a dead wife who can’t ride bikes? This is stupid.”
An expression of utter delight spread over his face as soon as he stuttered the word out.
My eyes narrowed. “He didn’t die that night. No, Gabi the clown woke up on the side of the road to the rumble of horses. The fire at the circus had gotten so big that the fire brigade became aware of it on their own. They tried to put it out, but they were too late. By the time Gabi arrived at the circus there was nothing left but the charred remains of the life he once loved.”
“He was no longer a happy clown,” I said, “Now he was a depressed clown.”
The elevator groaned again. A bolt of lightning cut through the panel houses outside; our little window to the outside world shook with force. The fear was back in Hejduk’s eyes.
“It didn’t take him long to find her burnt body. As Gabi looked upon the charred remains of the only person he had ever loved he knew he couldn’t go on without her. How could he possibly make children laugh with the knowledge that he would be coming back home to an empty bed? How could he live without her tender caress? Without her smile?”
The wind outside howled hard enough to make the candles flicker. Hejduk’s eyes were closed, he was gently rocking back and forth, whatever fear I was forcing him to confront was carved deep into his mind. For a split flick of the flame I felt bad for him but then-
“What happened next?” Katherine asked. A reflection of the candle-lit pentagram danced in her fiery eyes. Our sweat was mixing between our clasped hands; I could feel a faint echo of a racing heartbeat. Whatever empathy I had for Hejduk was overtaken by my need to make Katherine love me.
“He went mad. Gabi started putting his clown make-up on his burnt, dead wife’s face.” A soft groan came from Hejduk, a groan that told me he was near his breaking point, “He painted the same face that he would wear in front of the children on the face of his dead wife and then… Then he ripped off his own face and sowed her face onto his. That way they would be together forever.”
“No…” Hejduk whispered.
“But that’s not all. Gabi also chopped off his own hands and replaced them with his wife’s hands. That way he would never miss her gentle touch.”
“No!” Hejduk screamed, breaking the circle, “You’re making all of this up! You’re just some idiot who can’t ride a bike! None of this happened! Cl… Clo… None of this is real!”
Hejduk was on his feet now, raving, making an ass of himself.
“Clowns aren’t real?” I asked.
“Gabi the cl- Gabi isn’t real! You’re lying! No one would survive having their face ripped off!”
“That’s why he’s a ghost,” Katherine whispered. She still had my back.
“Exactly! He died right after he finished attaching his dead wife’s hands to his hands. And do you know where they buried him?”
“No! You’re lying! You’re a liar! Gabi isn’t real!” Tears were streaming down his face. With Hejduk’s embarrassing performance no one cared if I could ride a bike anymore.
The smell of fish was permeating from the center of our circle to the rest of the basement. A horrid storm raged outside. The candles were starting to go out one by one. The atmosphere for the killing blow was set.
In the dying light I tapped the center of the circle.
“Liar! You’re a liar Alex! This is stupid! This is all so stupid!” Hejduk’s face was red with rage. His hands were curled up into fists and he was coming straight for me.
“He’s gonna get you Hejduk,” I said, still sitting in my spot in the circle.
Hejduk stopped dead in his tracks.
“W-why? Why would he want to get me?”
“Because you have a new bike, and Gabi the clown loves new bikes. And also…” I gestured to his feet. “You broke the circle.”
“Ghosts hate that,” Katherine whispered. Suddenly, her grip on my hand tightened. “What’s that smell?”
A séance-worth of tween noses twitched. We all looked towards the minnows at center of the pentagram. Even in the faint light of the remaining candles, we could see wisps of gentle smoke emanating from the fish that Hejduk had brought. It smelt like we were in the middle of a canned tuna factory.
“You’re a liar Alex. You’ve made this all up. Admit it! Admit that you’re a liar!” Tears were streaming down his face. The smoke coming from the pile of fish pushed him over the edge.
The suddenly putrid pile of minnows unnerved me as much as the rest of the group, but I still had to finish off my bout of psychological terrorism.
“No, Hejduk,” I said as the air in the room dropped to a sea-side stillness, “Gabi the clown is real… and he’s coming for yo-“
A flash of light went off from the center of the circle before plunging the basement into complete darkness. Giblets of hot minnow guts sprayed over our little séance. We all ran and never turned back.
The afternoon of my fifth grade graduation I held a séance and it ended with a bang.
The basement group split up after the séance. Everyone was off to different middle schools across the city and I was whisked out of the country when my mom’s job took us abroad.
The memories of that afternoon lasted for a couple of traumatic nights, but as I got older, as things more pressing than dead bike riding clowns entered my world, the memory of that night was safely filed away beneath childhood hyperbole. The explosion of fish bothered me for a while, but I eventually convinced myself that someone must have snuck a firecracker into the pile of fish while I was terrorizing Hejduk.
Once a Facebook account became a requirement for modern life I ended up seeing glimpses of the lives that the other people from the basement group were living. Some of them had kids, some of them had pseudo-successful businesses, Hejduk ended up becoming a police officer. I didn’t really care. The only person who I properly kept tabs on was Katherine.
My affection towards her has definitely diminished since the days of pop-rocks, but somewhere in the back of my head I still had a thing for the first girl that I ever had a thing for. Whenever the two of us were in-between relationships we’d hit each other up and chat, but the planets never aligned for long enough to actually have the two of us sit down for a drink.
Until tonight.
I found myself at the tail end of a series of unsatisfying relationships and Katherine had just moved back in with her parents after getting un-engaged. We figured we would kick back a couple of beers in the old neighborhood and check notes on how our lives turned out.
The Gabi the clown conversation came up almost instantly. Neither of us knew exactly what transpired that stormy afternoon. I floated my firecracker theory but Katherine said there was no way that someone could have snuck anything into the center of the circle without at least one of us noticing. She also mentioned that she heard rumors that within the week of our séance someone had stolen Hejduk’s new bike.
There was mystery in the air. But a single mystery can’t hold up an entire date. After two beers Katherine changed her stance on the firecracker theory and after three we agreed that the story of the bike theft was probably just a product of the schoolyard rumor mill.
Turns out the two of us had very little chemistry outside of talking about made up ghost-clowns. Katherine’s voice strained whenever she talked about her fiancé and by the time I was halfway through my forth beer I started to miss my latest ex.
After I walked Katherine home I decided to take a little stroll around the neighborhood and visit my old tween stomping ground. I would have hit up my fourth-beer ex, like I usually do, but the light drizzle on my touch screen made it difficult to tap out a message that would be worth replying to.
In a gathering storm I walked alone, thoughts of childhood and lost loves churning through my brain.
That’s when I saw him.
He was standing in the dim light of one of the street lamps. Rags, which at some point might have been a clown costume but were now too dirty and worn to look like anything but a potato sack, hung from his sickly body. His hands were the jet-black color of long-dead skin. His foreign feminine face peeled from his skull revealing bits of rotted muscle and yellowed bone beneath. The only thing that truly made him look like a clown was his bulbous red nose.
He rode his bike towards me. I was too terrified to move.
“Huy-huy!” Gabi laughed his clown laugh but there was no joy beneath the sounds coming out of his mouth. “Why did do this to me?”
If I had any answers they were pushed out by the staggering smell of burnt minnows. I was frozen in place by fear. The only concrete thought in my head was my need to vomit.
“Huy-huy! Why must I suffer? Why must I live without my Katya?”
It wasn’t until the coarse tips of his burnt ladyfingers brushed up against my arm that I snapped out of my shock. I pushed the dead clown off his bike and ran for my life.
His words echoed with me well past the subway ride back home. I can’t sleep. I just keep hearing that flat laughter.
“Huy-huy! Why must I suffer? Why? Huy-huy! Answer me! Why?”
When I was twelve I held a séance for someone who didn’t exist.
But now they do.
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I'm not sure how to handle this, or if I'm doing the right thing.
We have three close families in our neighborhood. All our kids overlap in ages. Two of the families (A & B) are related, one isn't (C). C&A are BFFs (parents, kids, and pets LOL).
B, C, and us are about the same for risk mitigation, with a few exceptions. A has a different definition of 'bubble' than we do and from the beginning, has been more lax about distancing, both with adults and kids. This has been clear to all of us.
A couple months ago, without any discussion (at least with us), A&B&C created a bubble together. Case counts were low for a while so it was lower risk, but still. Adults socialize, mostly outdoors, with no masks and minimal distancing, especially a few drinks in. We have joined them outside a couple times, distanced, but our kids rarely come because the other kids don't distance or wear masks. I should note that most of our kids are over 10, where there is evidence that they transmit SARS2 like adults...albeit with less symptoms.
Our local case counts have been creeping back up. I had to break it to C that A wasn't sticking to the 'bubble' concept (it only came up when they said one of A's kids' friends wasn't in the bubble, and I was like, well they are if they are sleeping over A's house). Of course, I'm also perplexed because B has high risk relatives and said that they're being really careful. There's no way that B doesn't realize what A is doing! Yet here we are. And my kids can't even hang with C or Bs kids because of this broken bubble.
To top it off, A just invited one of my kids to a get together and offered to drive all the kids. In One car. Together. From 5 different households. With no mention of masks or precautions that would occur during the gathering, like when eating. I guarantee there are none. I'm going to talk to my kid about it, but it puts him in an awful place. Be the weirdo trying to distance from kids who don't, put himself and us at risk, or continue to be anti-social.
I don't want to lecture people on how the bubble concept works, because that's not my place. I love these people and they're our local village and they don't mean harm or ill intent. I respect that their decisions are their own. But I'm the only one who works in public health, so I realize that this nonchalance is a big gamble as we live in an area that is high risk for community spread given the lax behavior of many residents (including families that A's kids socialize and do sports with - think trips to hot spots and/or older teen/young adult siblings).
All of my non-local friends and coworkers act like we do and if they're in bubbles, it's only after explicit conversations about risk and transparent agreement. So I know we're not nuts.
Should I try to bring this up and be transparent, at least in our local friend circle? It's like having the 'safe sex' talk but not with an intimate partner. No one has brought it up to us. It's not their responsibility to comply with our standards, but their decisions impact all of us.
TL/DR: One neighborhood family is in a 'bubble' with other families that's not really a bubble. We're not comfortable joining it for this reason, but don't know how to bring it up, or if we even should. Do we say anything or keep to ourselves?
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2020.08.03 03:21 AwesomeFurrySlayer I've never seen an attractive teen that wasn't evil

All teens do is bully you. I've never been treated well by a teen
Female teens are the worst in school. All they do is talk about which boys are ugly and which boys are hot. They also laugh super loud my god they're so annoying
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I was in 8th grade a very innocent boy with a lot of friends, I was an average student, but the class teacher was hot. She always sees what I was writing about( she sees to all the class like that) one day I was writing my exam and she dropped herself on me, pressing her breasts on my back. I never had this kind of experience and I didn't react and she started doing it almost every time. One day I was in the shower and just couldn't stop thinking about her. And then I started to fap, it was like the first guilty pleasure. And since then my life started to fall apart. Living with this urge became an obstacle for me in the path of a successful life. And curiosity got better of me, I was so freaking innocent I googled what to do when you have these feelings for your teacher. And then I read a lot of articles,( y’all know what that kind of article says, it told me to go forward and fuck your teacher). But I knew it was wrong and pressed these urges in me. And I thought she could be someone's wife, mother or daughter. I wouldn't like it if someone thinks about that to my mother. I am raised by my mother alone, my father passed away when I was 3 years old. My lovely mother raised me and my younger brother with a lot of values and all the good stuff. And she expected that we both will be successful and be the pillars of her strength. My little brother was like the best student in his class, I was also a good student but not as talented as him in studies though. And this filthy porn corrupted me, I saw every lady with a bad eye. Like they are walking pieces of meat. And my adolescence kicked in and my brother and I turned out to be very hot. And here things started to get interesting, read carefully: The girls in his class were kinda obsessed with him. ( my brother had good friends, good grades so he didn't know about porn till he was in 10th standard and the great thing is porn didn't affect him, he was like not interested, I was like shocked that the thing which got me out of control didn't affect him.) And the girls in my class tried to get in touch with me but I became too fucking awkward like I said I thought that they are waking bag of meat. And eventually, by having good looks girls dropped interest in me. My grades were getting worse and the purpose of my life was getting blurry and blurry every day. Then I became a fucking addict of porn, I fapped 3 years losing all the opportunities of having a girlfriend whereas my brother rejected even the hottest chick in his class. He was very motivated a spark was there in him, unlike me I lost motivation, the desire to win was gone and felt terrible every day till 3 years( from 8th to 11 grade)(college) In my 12th class, my uncle told me that I look shorter than my younger brother and told me he is going to succeed and you will be at his mercy in the future, Oh man this hit hard so bad I started crying and praying to God that why did it happen to me. And tomorrow my uncle told me that I should join working out (gym), he told me that teens having a lot of energy and what can you do sitting in your room all the time. He asked me where are that energy, that desire, and passion. I told him for some reason I never had it. So he told me to start going to the gym. And this really worked, I started working out and I was so focused I didn't have time to fap anymore, I found this community and the knowledge of fapping in the religion, and I found that the semen known as cum is very essential it is responsible for the drive, motivation, and everything and I read that the body uses semen to like to upgrade itself every month. So there was no need to release. And I was satisfied with the result. I was happy the energy levels were back. The girls in my new college were interested in me and I felt good and accomplished and then I thought that this is not enough I want more of this good stuff so I changed myself completely and then this fucking coronavirus started and the gyms and everything were closed and then my nofap streak of like 7-8 or maybe years of the streak was broken and I started fapping and now I am back to the fucking square one. Fapping hoping that gyms get reopen soon. And there's news that the gyms will be reopened soon. And I found lucid aka Alex. This dude videos taught me a lot of things and it really benefitted me a lot. So I am willing to start a new journey better than ever. Well, this is my story. I ’d love to hear from you about this. Thanks a lot. Love this community.
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This is a post I saw last month. Please read and answer my questions At the bottom.
"At 23, my entire life fell apart. I became EXTREMELY ill from a mystery illness and was "bedridden" (on the loveseat which was my "bed") for a week. I would see people that weren't there...specifically this old woman who didn't seem particularly friendly. Then one day I immediately felt fine. Between 23 and 30, I quit my day-job and went into seclusion where I would spend much of my time contemplating the big questions, and would frequently be overwhelmed by this sadness for everyone in the compassion. It wasn't fun. But during this period, the period when I was a young child, and the period immediately following the Kundalini-awakening, I would "receive" knowledge in a similar manner.
After this, i visited two friends and we took acid. We took our hits around 1PM and my effects were as expected until the middle of the night. It was maybe 2AM now, and something whispered "close your eyes" to me. I began speaking outside of my control, and as I spoke, suddenly my 1 friend would begin speaking and continue the same sentence, then he would stop and the other friend would pick up where he left off, then back to me. It was like a game of "hot potato" where this thing spoke through us all...explaining to us that we are all "trapped" in an "egg-shaped slice of reality". At some point, I'm told a black figure walked behind me. My 2 friends saw it, but I did not. There was a light back there and though I did not see the figure, I saw the shadow it cast as it walked in front of the light right when they claimed it happened. I stopped doing psychedelics that night.
I've also noticed that there are certain things i can get away with and no matter what the result is always the same.
When I accidently checked the first 67 decimals of something called e-e, then i found the story of my life project from ages 17 to 31. This is right after I hallucinated a picture which I then saw 22 years later on Kurt Curtis' Software Wars. The experience inspired me to pursue my PhD, and the report I gave was about the same topic,as the book who's cover was the picture he saw on his wall. And, i was also able to predict how computers will advance, so,far correct.
I woke up from sleep in a lab and then fell asleep again. Then I met others Online who had experienced the same thing and even 3 irl. Whenever we discuss sim theory, even just a short video, we all get huge headaches.
And finally, I'm reminded of two stories from my youth. The,first is from when i was a teen. I dreamt i was my cat and when I went downstairs I saw exactly what i had seen in my dream (cat doing same movements, family watching same show, saying similar things). And, when I was a kid, I saw these soldiers dressed in WWII clothing. They were guarding my closet and when i opened the closet, i saw a war scene. I grew up without TV (we had literally just gotten our first TV right before the experienece above) so I had no clue what was looked like.
The 8 things I don't know how to explain are:

  1. Why no matter what I do the result is always the same.
  2. Why we all the same things even when taking different amounts
  3. Why I saw the same thing in my dream that i saw irl
  4. Why I was visited by these people with my mystery illness that cured instantly
  5. Why as a kid i saw these soldiers
  6. Why we all continued each others sentences
  7. Why the decimals described his life project, why he made these predictions, and why his report was on the same thing as the,book. It's just crazy he would pursue his studies BECAUSE of this experienece and the report was about the same thing as the book.
  8. Why they all had the same dream and why no,matter what, they always get huge headaches discussing sim theory
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2020.08.02 17:55 CollegeWithMattie Hot teen livecam

First thoughts: It's aight. I see why she got in places. My biggest negative towards the whole thing was actually how calculated and polished the piece was. Yes, it's a wacky essay about Costco. But to a trained eye, it's the work of a professional writer expertly crafting a work that will make a student come off well. One of the greatest magic tricks we as consultants play is making it seem like we were never there at all. The much rougher version of this type of essay is the essay I can tell a parent wrote. Those tend to be calculated as hell but never polished and usually really bad. This is a much higher level of touch-up.
Or maybe it wasn't! I don't know; perhaps she's just both extraordinarily talented and knows how to professionally craft college work. And hey, she got in. Maybe I should take this as a bit of advice for myself.
Because of that, I'm less interested in giving this piece a grade (8.5. Needs more believable substance in the middle. See notes.) and more diving into what kind of thought process went into making the piece in the first place. I also start doing that editor thing halfway through where I say an essay is good only to then tear it to shreds line by line. Sorry. The doctor says it's incurable.
Take this as an analysis of what I think goes into a top-tier college essay. As well as the type of feedback and advice I tend to give when doing my editing. Spoiler: It's a lot more about strategy than talent.
Prompt 1: Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.
Managing to break free from my mother's grasp, I charged. With arms flailing and chubby legs fluttering beneath me, I was the ferocious two year old rampaging through Costco on a Saturday morning.
This, students, is what we call a "hook." A hook is a way of starting a piece of writing by presenting ongoing events immediately, live, as if the reader were an onlooker in the store themselves. The goal is to create intrigue and excitement by jumping right into the action before explaining the context. In a more general sense, the concept being used here is "en media res."
I tend not to like hooks because everyone does hooks. College essays aren't a zero-sum game, and it's essential to realize that your essay will be read alongside hundreds of others. By using "best practices" to a tee, you end up with a problem that your "excellent" writing is excellent in the same way as everyone else's. Gotta be two steps ahead, ya know?
I also don't like hooks because they're hard and I'm bad at them. I'm bad at intros in general. I will say that for a hook, this one is good. You want your reader to be intrigued by your info: not confused. There's not too much going on here before the story opens up. Girl is excited about something. Oh, hey, I like Costco, too.
My mother's eyes widened in horror as I jettisoned my churro; the cinnamon-sugar rocket gracefully sliced its way through the air while I continued my spree. I sprinted through the aisles, looking up in awe at the massive bulk products that towered over me. Overcome with wonder, I wanted to touch and taste, to stick my head into industrial-sized freezers, to explore every crevice. I was a conquistador, but rather than searching the land for El Dorado, I scoured aisles for free samples. Before inevitably being whisked away into a shopping cart, I scaled a mountain of plush toys and surveyed the expanse that lay before me: the kingdom of Costco.
OK, shoutout to this girl. I'd pretty much been coming to this conclusion on my own, but this is an excellent paragraph to explain what "show don't tell means." Reread this paragraph, but this time, focus less on the content and more on what you learn about the author through what she writes. Make a list. Here's mine:
- She's high-energy and a bit impulsive
- She emphasizes tangible experiences. She wants to see, taste, smell everything life has to offer
- She has an eye for gravitas and seeks wonder in everything she does
- She's imaginative and likes to fancy her situation as more important than it probably is
- She can be extra
Even if you're not trying to psychoanalyze her, anyone reading this paragraph will get a sense of this girl's personality. Excitable and adventurous. Because this is well written, it doesn't feel forced.
The "tell" version of this paragraph would be like, "I've always seen places I've gone to as fairytale lands to explore. When I'm in Cosco, I'm the queen of the market, and every overstocked shelf is my liege."
I did the thing again, where I wrote an example trying to make it sound bad, only for it also to be fine. This is why I don't think telling is necessarily that bad. But she did show, and she did it well.
Notorious for its oversized portions and dollarfifty hot dog combo, Costco is the apex of consumerism. From the days spent being toted around in a shopping cart to when I was finally tall enough to reach lofty sample trays, Costco has endured a steady presence throughout my life. As a veteran Costco shopper, I navigate the aisles of foodstuffs, thrusting the majority of my weight upon a generously filled shopping cart whose enormity juxtaposes my small frame.
I wouldn't have kept the "apex of consumerism" line. Like, it is. But that's not what this essay about. That implies her favorite thing about Costco is supporting free-market capitalism.
I think I would have cut this entire paragraph. It doesn't add much, and I think we as readers already know what Costco is and why someone might like it. It's not bad on its own, but there's space lower where I'd like something more tangible, and cutting this would have saved 77 words for later.
Over time, I've developed a habit of observing fellow patrons tote their carts piled with frozen burritos, cheese puffs, tubs of ice cream, and weightloss supplements. Perusing the aisles gave me time to ponder. Who needs three pounds of sour cream? Was cultured yogurt any more well mannered than its uncultured counterpart? Costco gave birth to my unfettered curiosity.
This is fun. Unfettered curiosity is probably my favorite line in the essay. I will be stealing that.
While enjoying an obligatory hot dog, I did not find myself thinking about the 'all beef' goodness that Costco boasted. I instead considered finitudes and infinitudes, unimagined uses for tubs of sour cream, the projectile motion of said tub when launched from an eighty foot shelf or maybe when pushed from a speedy cart by a scrawny seventeen year old.
I don't like "Finitudes and infinitudes." Finitudes and infinitudes of what? She goes on to address individual ones, but the clause as a whole means absolutely nothing without context. I would probably want something as verbose. "Finitudes and infinitudes of the wholesale galaxy but a foodcourt away." I'll write someday about using big-kid writer words and phrasing. I'm not the guy to tell you to put down the thesaurus. But I will tell you only to use words that make sense and enhance the sentence. When you use big words just to use them, they tend to come off as forced or inauthentic. I discourage forced or inauthentic writing.
This is probably the right place to ask a question I have with the piece: is she ironic? My answer is "no." But maybe? I would want to ask her and get a straight answer. Then we lean harder into one direction or the other. This essay reads like 80% legit power fantasy and 20% "lol Costco am I right?" I feel like the former is the right angle and why this piece popped as it did instead of falling into "le quirky teen" camp. But I would have wanted to make it 100% sincere.
I contemplated the philosophical: If there exists a thirtythree ounce jar of Nutella, do we really have free will? I experienced a harsh physics lesson while observing a shopper who had no evident familiarity of inertia's workings. With a cart filled to overflowing, she made her way towards the sloped exit, continuing to push and push while steadily losing control until the cart escaped her and went crashing into a concrete column, 52" plasma screen TV and all. Purchasing the yuletide hickory smoked ham inevitably led to a conversation between my father and me about Andrew Jackson's controversiality. There was no questioning Old Hickory's dedication; he was steadfast in his beliefs and pursuits - qualities I am compelled to admire, yet his morals were crooked. We both found the ham to be more likeable-and tender.
I would have shortened the part about the lady crashing into one sentence. Too much content, not about her. I might have her change it entirely to a third story just about her. I think there's a clash where it goes story about henutella, a different person wiping out, hefatheham. In trios like this, it helps to theme them, so the reader doesn't have to reorient their understanding for each story.
I get to this more in my final notes, but this paragraph ain't it. One hundred thirty-four words, and I just don't like it that much.
I adopted my exploratory skills, fine tuned by Costco, towards my intellectual endeavors. Just as I sampled buffalochicken dip or chocolate truffles, I probed the realms of history, dance and biology, all in pursuit of the ideal cart-one overflowing with theoretical situations and notions both silly and serious. I sampled calculus, crosscountry running, scientific research, all of which are now household favorites.
With cart in hand, I do what scares me; I absorb the warehouse that is the world. Whether it be through attempting aerial yoga, learning how to chart blackbody radiation using astronomical software, or dancing in front of hundreds of people, I am compelled to try any activity that interests me in the slightest.
This section is what I like to call the "getting my shit in" paragraph. I laughed because I've done paragraphs precisely like it in essays precisely like this one. And those paragraphs always fall in this exact spot: right before the big dramatic ending.
There are two types of common apps essay:
1) A cool thing you did
2) What makes you tick
I'm sure you'll be able to find me ones that are out of those realms, but I've done a lot of these, and those are the two themes that get hit 95% of the time. More and more, "what makes you tick" seems to make for a more powerful essay. That's what those third UC essays I wrote about last time tended to focus on.
The problem with those types of essays is it's hard to then also get your shit in. College essays serve a lot of masters, and one of those is making sure the reader knows you've worked your ass off and have a damn good reason to have done so. The quick fix is this exact paragraph:
I think I'm inching closer and closer to just dropping this paragraph from my student's works. Seeing someone else do the same thing makes me realize how forced it feels. But I also want them to get their shit in…
My intense desire to know, to explore beyond the bounds of rational thought; this is what defines me. Costco fuels my insatiability and cultivates curiosity within me at a cellular level. Encoded to immerse myself in the unknown, I find it difficult to complacently accept the "what"; I want to hunt for the "whys" and dissect the "hows". In essence, I subsist on discovery.
Do you know what my actual takeaway is after reading through this whole thing again? This essay didn't need to be about Costco. There is another, near-identical essay in which this girl is at an amusement park, or playground, or ice cream shop, or anywhere else with lots of exciting things that you can interact with. Finding wonderment in the only somewhat-extraordinary is a thematic device that extends well past a particular big-box store.
It could also be set at a Walmart or Sams Club. But she went with Costco. And that's why it worked, and she became a meme. Everyone likes Costco. Everyone knows what Costco is. But no one likes Costco as much as this girl. Or at least that's what she wants you to think.
All Costco is in this essay is a vehicle for her to explain how she thinks and feels. I covered it in the "Show don't tell" section after the second paragraph. And that is by far the most compelling paragraph in the essay. I found myself less enamored with what came after, simply because I don't think I got that same sense of discovery or interest about either the store or her.
If I were to touch this draft up, I would want her to talk more about why this sense of wonderment is only possible at Costco and/or connect Costco to herself more directly. I think too much of her work was based upon "Costco has a lot of stuff." And it does! But that's only a part of what makes Costco Costco. Walmart has giant TVs and people watching galore, too.
Where were the free samples? The frozen meat room to hang out in on a hot day? The guy spending seven seconds at the exit to make sure all $543 worth of stuff you bought you paid for? Where were the free samples?
Then I would have wanted those free samples to link back to her life in more believable, more explanatory ways. I mention that the piece started to wander into parody territory for me, and that was because her rationales stopped being believable for what she was describing. I'm fine suspending my disbelief that Costco is her mecca. Totally cool. But if I start getting confused or losing the logic behind what she says, it all turns into word soup.
She also could have bailed on Costco sooner and opened things up more naturally. Instead of the "getting my shit in" section, the entire second half could have been a more natural explanation of how her wonderment at Costco matches her wonderment in life. I just didn't find what she wrote in the final third credible.
But they're mentioned briefly and then tossed aside. I think that was a huge mistake. That stuff is the gold in this essay. I would have had her cut a couple of lines from paragraph two and bring them back in as their own paragraphs. "I was a conquistador, but rather than searching the land for El Dorado, I scoured aisles for free samples." has way more juice in it than just that one line. It's such a good line, tho.
I legit think what happened is she got 300 words into this piece and went, "wait, what else does Costco have?" That's why she started to have to reach for more generic and less important stuff to her.
That second paragraph is fantastic. And it's why I liked the essay so much more the first time I read it then when I delved deeper. That paragraph was so good that my takeaway was "PRO WRITER DID IT." I'm not so sure anymore. I think a pro would have guided her better to hit a lot of the same notes I wanted to see in the second half.
I figure a lot of people will like that second paragraph and then kind of skim the rest. Maybe that works. Reminds me of those 80-classic-rock-hits collections you can buy where the first song is Freebird and you're like Oh shit Freebird but then you buy it and there's also Life in the Fastlane and that's not bad but then songs 3-80 you've never heard of except for Whiskey in the Jar which you only know because you got really into Thin Lizzy when you were 14.
I still give it like a 7.5. It seems a lot of people are split between new paradigm and actually bad. I see a good essay with an ingenious framing device that overshoots its load early and could have used structural changes to make it truly pop.
What do you think?

  • Mattie
If you'd like to know even more about how I develop essays with students, I've written a page on my site regarding how I do my 1-on-1 work. I'd say this is a good insight into what a college consultant actually does, but I'm not sure about that because I made the process myself, and I don't think it's that typical. Still worth a gander if you're interested.
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