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Farmacy Honey Potion 50g [$30] SOLD. Farmacy Cherry Balm Makeup Cleanser 100ml [$30] - 3 available. Tarte Baba Bom Whipped Moisturizer 50ml [$26] Elemis Dynamic Facial Resurfacing Pads, 60 count [$30] SOLD. 111skin NAC Y2 Pollution Defence Booster 20ml [$40] - 2 available. Pure heals propolis 80 sleeping mask 100ml [$30] [SELL] [VANCOUVER] Colourpop, Glossier, Huda Beauty, Mac, Fenty Beauty! Heavily discounted, lightly used/new! ... Becca anti-fatigue Under eye Primer - $30. Becca Backlight Filter Primer - $30. Kismet Vitamin C Primer - $3. ... Ofra Long Lasting Lipstick - Verona - $5. Seraphine Conditioning Lip Polish- $10. SOLD —- Colourpop freckle pens in soft brown and dark brown BN: $10 each or $16 for both. PMG lip fetish balm in Love Supreme BN: $30. TF watermelon palette BN: $30. Huda Lipsticks in Game Night BN, Dirty Thirty BN, and Promotion Day swatched: $26 each, 2 for $50 or all 3 for $70. Happy shopping! Verification: Redefining luxury beauty by creating high quality products at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on being cruelty-free, wallet-friendly, and keeping our customers at the center of our world. Made in the USA, we imagine, innovate, test, and manufacture all under one roof. Comparing eyeshadow palettes is always exciting for me, but when two palettes are this close then it is all the more interesting. In this post, we are going to figure out how close are the Colourpop It’s My Pleasure palette and the Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsession palette.. Both these palettes have my favourite colour story – Purple.One is pretty affordable and the other a more mid range ... BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick SPF 25 in 03 Buttercream, used ~3x - $30 . BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick SPF 25 in 3.5 Cashew, used 1x - $30 . Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector in 1N2 Vanille, used ~3x - $35 . Lips COLOURPOP Verification. BFF Volumizing Mascara in Black (BN, no box) $6. Blush Stix in Under Pressure (swatched) $6. No Filter Setting Powder i’m Translucent (used 45x, old packaging) $6. So Juicy Plumping Gloss in Gentle Thing (used 2x) $4. Super Shock Shadow in Cherish, Buzzin, Party of Five (BN) $4 each [SELL] Sugarpill, Tarte, Colourpop, NARS, OFRA, ABH + More Everything is mostly just swatched or new.Pickup in Clontarf (4019) or can post as well securely for $10.Feel free to ask any questions and all are authentic and sanitised with isopropyl alcohol.Individually priced and can do bundle deals.Only one free with purchase item per person. OFRA COSMETICS Verification. Bronzer in Americano (BN) $14. Ofra X NikkieTutorials Highlighter in Glow Goals (BN, note: the pan has detached from the compact but would be very easy to glue in or pop into a zpalette) $14. Ofra X Talia Mar Highlighter in Soho (BN) $16. Ofra X Talia Mar Highlighter in Covent Garden (BN) $16 Ofra highlighter in pillow talk $30. SOLD —- Colourpop in Making Mauves and Nude Mood $25 each. TF watermelon $25. Huda lip in Dirty Thirty $25. PMG lip fetish balm in Love Supreme $24. Milani (used 1x) $20. Kiehls lip oil $20. MAC lip in Diva $20. ABH blush trio in Pool Party $20. Ofra lip in Campfire (used 1x) $15. see here for pic

2020.08.06 14:30 yurrr31 [SELL] $30 and under! Ofra, TF, Colourpop, Huda

Hello again!!
Selling some of my mostly unused makeup.
Will stamp ship for $3 and tracking for $12. $60 and up, I cover tracked shipping.
I take PayPal or EMT
Happy to post more pics if requested.
Ofra highlighter in pillow talk $30
SOLD —- Colourpop in Making Mauves and Nude Mood $25 each
TF watermelon $25
Huda lip in Dirty Thirty $25
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Milani (used 1x) $20
Kiehls lip oil $20
MAC lip in Diva $20
ABH blush trio in Pool Party $20
Ofra lip in Campfire (used 1x) $15
see here for pic
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2020.08.06 14:10 jimbtexas Nude pool milfs

When we go on beach vacations, we like to have a nude beach to go to. We've been to Polo Beach, Little Beach, Haulover, and a little secuded beach on Boca Chica. We were planning to go back to Hawaii again, 3rd time, next summer and spend some time in the Kehena Beach area of the big island. But thought we might try something different if we could find a good place in the Caribbean. Club Orient sounded good if it was still available. We aren't the type to go to big resorts and hang out at the restaurants, bars and pool and lay out on the beach all day. We like things to do away from where we stay, so it would have to be somewhere that we can get out in the local area, too. Wife isn't too fascinated with having to be nude all the time, I'm fine with it.
So there you go. We're looking for a place we can wander the beach nude, grab some jerk chicken along the way or from a local food truck. Drink foo-foo drinks as we wander. Needs to be a place that is comfortable with English since we are both hard of hearing, we'd be lost trying to interpret another language.
Any ideas will be appreciated.
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2020.08.06 13:43 happyhamsteronwheels Nude pool milfs

This was my first time doing a past life regression exercise. I used Brian Weiss' Past Life Regression Session. I came into this session with some bit of doubt in me, completely convinced I wouldn't see much of anything. I'm still kind of puzzled how I saw all of this imagery because I don't watch time period movies at all nor am I remotely interested in things from that period. I just wasn't expecting to see this really.
So, the video starts and he tells me to relax my body and muscles. At some point, he counts down and tells me to imagine a bright, healing light shining on me. Then, that light enters from my head and encompasses me as well as heal every cell/part of my body. By this point, my body felt completely weird. I felt like it was harder to move my body, but I felt so relaxed. Parts of my body would tingle at random times, but I felt like I was floating rather than laying on an old mattress that gives me back pain.
He tells me to try to unlock a childhood memory. I was in the perspective of a little girl, no older than 5 or 6 years old. I had curly blond hair put in a pony tail, held together by a blue ribbon. I saw this dapper looking little boy and we were playing tag together. He was dressed quite uptight and formal for a child, dress shorts, little vest, and a nice dress shirt underneath. We were playing tag together. I looked around at my surroundings and we were running around in this large area in front of a house. The house had white columns in front of it and there were these hedges all lined up. I think I came from a family of power or wealth.
Weiss tells me to attempt to unlock memories further than that point, but for some reason, I couldn't see anything else beyond that point. He then tells me to unlock the last moments of my past life. I was at some area in the forest/woods and I look down. I'm still in the same child size body, tiny hands, tiniest blue shoes, and I was wearing a plaid blue dress. I was just playing by the stream when I heard some man call my name. He was also dressed extremely formal, gray suit, blazer, dress shirt, vest, etc. He was tall and had dark black hair. I can't recall seeing this man in my current life at all. I yell hi to him and he comes over. He reaches for my hand and I held his. We were walking by the stream, holding hands, and I remembered feeling so at peace with him. All of a sudden, there's this flash of a memory that I am drowning, struggling to swim in that stream and everything faded to black shortly after. I think I died shortly after walking with that man. I'm not sure if he was the one responsible for my drowning, but it went from walking hand in hand with him to drowning as the last moments of my life.
After that, Weiss tells me to imagine a higher spiritual being coming down to greet my floating body. The being I imagined was like nothing that I thought I would've seen. I thought I would've seen Buddha (since my family is Buddhist) or Jesus or God or something common in today's society. I'm also agnostic, so I don't really associate with a specific religion, but I have never once imagined a higher power to look like her. This beautiful almost translucent and nude lady with long hair just floats down. I could kind of see past her if I tried. Everything about her is white: eyes, lips, hair, skin, etc. For some reason, I see my body floating. When she descends to my floating body, she starts to just run her fingers through my hair. Weiss says I'd be hearing her say things to me, but she didn't really say much. Instead, she held my hand and caressed my face for a bit. Then, all she said to me was "It'll be okay." and left.
I don't really know how to piece this together or how to take what I saw and implement it into my life. Weiss made it a point to try to find some lesson, but I don't really understand how there's a lesson. Any input or discussion is appreciated! Thanks for reading : ))
(This is kind of weird to add, but I almost drowned in a pool once as a child. After that, my parents sent my ass to swimming school. After learning how to swim, I fell in love with it. I loved it to the point that I went to the pool 3 times every week for 2-3 years as a teen. I feel so relaxed in the water. I haven't swam in a few years because of body image issues, but I truly did love it at one point and am thinking about trying to swim more again.)
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2020.08.06 00:35 oceanskies29 Nude pool milfs

-Minimum $15 before shipping.
-Highly motivated to get rid of everything! I've been staring at this pile of stuff for too long and need this declutter gone.
-All items will be sanitized with 70% alcohol prior to shipping, wherever applicable.
-If something is pictured but not listed, it has been sold.
-ISO the following: ⁠Inglot Duraline, ⁠Jouer Blush Duo in Adore and Darling, Flower Beauty Blush Bombs in Pinched, Cinnamon, or Melon, ⁠Kaja Glowing Guava or Chocolate Dhalia, Try me on Bite Multisticks and Lip Pencils/Crayons, and Smashbox Be Legendary bullet lipsticks; Empty Colourpop palette (for depotting purposes)
New items: here
Ofra Rodeo Drive - swatched once, bought on MUE, $20
Nars Orgasm mini - swatched once, $10
The Balm Matt Moskowitz - swatched once, bought on MUE, $3
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Eyeshadow + Liner: here
ABH Modern Renaissance - BNIB in LE box with 2 drawers, $40
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Single Eyeshadows: #2 from Becca Ombre Rouge, Coastal Scents Midas Gold, Chocolatier, ABH Wine, unknown black shadow with glitter, #5 from Becca Ombre Rouge - FWP except for Wine ($4)
NYX Eye and Eyeshadow Pencil in Pearl - swatched, FWP
L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Primer - used 1x, FWP
Tarte Maneater Mascara - BNIB, $15
Milk Kush Mascara mini - BN, $7
Blush: here
Elf Beautifully Bare Blush in Peach Perfection - used 2x, $3
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Bronzer and Contour: here
Elf Cream Contour Palette - usage shown, $3
ABH Bronzer in Cappuccino - used 1x, $18
Makeup Forever Mat Bronze in 20 - used 1x, $2
Bite Multistick in Anise - BNIB, discontinued, $22
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Samples: here
Foundation Samples - take all for $1
Perfume Samples: take all for $5
Korean Skincare Samples - take all for $1
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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - 80% remaining, $4
Essie Mademoiselle - 80% remaining, $3
Marc Jacobs Enamored Nail Lacquer in Fantastic - BNIB, $6
Tools - have been washed with soap and will be washed again prior to shipping - here
Cat-ear hair band - no label, $1
Sigma E59 Wide Shader Brush - BNIB, $5
Sonia Kashuk Flat Foundation Brush - used 1x, $6
Sonia Kashuk Tapered Blush Brush - used 2x, $4
Real Techniques Stippling Brush - used 1x, $4
Elf Contour Brush - used 1x, $1
Real Techniques Miracle Face + Body Sponge - used 2x, small crack, $2
Coastal Scents Powder Brush - natural bristles, $1
Emax Design Face and Eye Brushes-- take all for $1
Elf "C" Brush - used 1x, $1
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2020.08.05 15:16 CORPSEMAKERTALES Scary Story The Old Haunted Church

Scary Story The Old Haunted Church
We live just a few blocks from an ugly and very dirty old church. Behind the church is nothing but endless woods and a few old tombstones. People who have lived here for many years have been telling a chilling story about that old church. Several decades ago, a group of young girls were walking down a lonely street late one evening, when they came upon a man in a clown costume. The man led the young girls into that old church with the promise of having yummy candy, waiting for them inside. After tricking and trapping them inside, he tied the girls up, and mutilated and molested them. Then he killed them one by one. Then he wrote in the little girl's blood the words on a wall that read,


The next day was a Sunday, and the priest walked into the church only to discover the horrible sight of what had happened the night before. After searching for a mysterious dripping sound in the darkness. He found a pool of blood that a stray cat was licking at. The dripping came from the bloody stumps of several headless and nude, mutilated young girls. Who's bodies were hung upside down impaled on inverted black crosses from the wooden rafters above. Till this day no one knows who did it and no suspects have ever been found. Just a few weeks later, after the girl's remains had been buried, a package was delivered to each of the murdered girl's homes. When their parents went to open the boxes, their screams could not withstand their ghastly horror. In each of the boxes there contained one of the girl's badly decomposed severed head. It is said that the four little girls were buried in a small cemetery, in the woods behind that old church. And some say that at night if you go into the church or venture into the woods to that small cemetery. You may see the ghosts of the young girls walking about. Others say you can still hear their screams echoing in the darkness.

Scary Story Video The Old Haunted Church
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2020.08.05 14:05 Tavukbogan Nude pool milfs

Hi. First off, this is NOT my throw away account I'm just not very active that's it.
So, me(20m) and my gf (18f) are in a 10 month relationship. She is a huge BTS and K-Pop stan, I am not. This is important for later. So anyway around the 6th month of the relationship we were watching the Netflix series Vikings, with Ragnar and Lagertha in it. There was a scene where Lagertha sits on a Kings lap, both nude and in a hot spring-like pool thing. And they have sex for the scene. I nonchalantly asked to my girlfriend "in case they didn't really have sex, do you reckon if Linus (the actor for king ecbert) got hard during that scene and Katheryn (actress for lagertha) would have found it awkward and unprofessional if that's the case? Or would she not mind and be flattered? " She asked if I would get hard, i said of course if I was nude and Katheryn Winnick was grinding on me I would get hard there's nothing I can do in that situation except for calculating high numbers. So there's that. That's it.
8 months in to this relationship for some reason although I haven't watched anything viking or mediaval themed I saw a dream where I shared the same body with five of my classmates in turns, like 5 minds one body and that when it was my turn I was so strong that I was literally immovable and after a few weird conquests in Japan I went to scandinavia for conquest and somehow i was ragnar lodbrok. I sat my dead wife lagerthe to the dinner table with everyone else and cried. Then soon after I woke up. I fucked up by telling this weird dream to my girlfriend because she threw a HUGEEE tantrum for a week. Said that I was always on the look for blonde women (this is somewhat middle east, really no blondes here so wtf) and said that I can get horny for other women while she is demisexual and can't feel anything but for me. Said that I was gross and called me a few other choice words as well.
10 months in to relationship however, bear with me I know its been nothing but nonsense, she posts some kpop stan video. And honestly I'm fine with that but I felt like this is somewhat hypocritical, that she was allowed to post a spesific guy being admired like the way tiktokers do to Timothy Chalamet, yet whenever I talked about a women actress I was berated. So obviously I point this out. She goes MAD. Says that it's nothing sexual for her and I point out it's not sexual for me either can't I just compliment on some actresses looks without having any sexual attraction? She says it's different because she is demisexual, and that I am not. Says that since I am not demisexual, mind you it's only 1% of the world statistically, that it is sexual for me and berates me more. Brings up the Lagertha thing, says that I would get hard for her and fuck her if I could. I got MAD and said I don't tell her she wouldn't say no to a K-pop idol gangbang. Says how disgusted she is by all men, how we can f*ck everything we see and no emotions are needed and stuff like that. She then tells me to say "I do not get horny for other women, only to you", such control maniac behaviour i think but sure if that's her insecurity why not. BUT before I can say anything she says "Yknow what, don't bother. I know it's a lie". So what do I do, I say that this is ridiculous, hypocrisy, and disrespectful. I proceed to tell her " I am not demisexual, and I am a man. We get erections at the most random times sometimes it's about knowing my anatomy it doesn't mean I get horny or want to fuck Kathrynn Winnick." and I say "wtf do you expect me to say while anything I say will be considered a lie for you?". She berates me, a little more berating and honestly I am not so calm either. This is all via text so she doesn't know how mad I am at this but at some point I punched a door for how mistreated I felt and all the injustice. The door broke, like there's a hole the size of my head there. Anyway she doesn't know any of this and I said "Enough with your bullshit. I only said that I am not demisexual and you act like I said I'd like to fuck anything and everything and that I don't find you special" Fast forward a few hours. I called her and all, calmly told her how sad I felt due to this, and how disrespectful i found these behaviours and she told me that I was an animal wanting to fuck everyone.. Well f you I said and told her to stop texting me until she understands what she's done to me. She apologies, but says that my way of wording got her confused. So that while she apologies for her way of words, she thinks she is right to perceive the things this way. Later she apologies for that either but honestly this is so toxic. While I know this is toxic, i am lonely. Like no friends except for a gf kind of lonely, andwe had a good run too. But these sort of things makes me want to just move out of the country to never deal with her bullshit.
Tell me guys, what should I do, do I break up, do I stay and fix this, or something else. Mind you she was very loyal to me all the time and while I said this is toxic I know myself enough to know that I've been toxic a few times too, I'm working on that. So, any advices would be appreciated and it's my first time posting in this subreddit so sorry if its the wrong sub
tl:dr I told an actress was hot and gf got mad and brings this up a few months later while she does a leveled up version of that. We fight over it.
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Well my gym I usually frequent has a great pool and locker room but individual showers unfortunately :/ and we have a hot tub in the pool area so it’s coed. I think I was about 20 at the time still getting used to the idea of changing in the locker room. I had gotten into the routine of getting out the hot tub coming in the locker room and taking my shorts off at the door “since the suit dryer thing is next to it” and just drying my suit nude and heading to the showers.
Well this one dude I think he was a teenager I had noticed there before he would stare at me swimming a little odd but no harm. One day I finished my swim and was soaking in the hot tub when he came in and sat across from me just me and him in there, after a minute or so he started to make conversation and we chit chat for a bit whole time I couldn’t help notice he would glacé at my chest “I’m a fairly hairy guy kinda chubby but not overweight not anyone’s dream boat for sure lol” but I figured eh he’s just a curious guy.
After some chit chat I excuse myself it’s time for me to head home and get up and go to the locker room. As soon as I’m in I slip my shorts off and go about my business he comes in after I come out of my shower and basically looks me up and down he seems to hurry and change and sit across from me basically eye level with my penis. While I’m drying off I notice him staring at my junk, I turn to give him a better view “idc if it floats someone’s boat get an eyeful” he stares for a while and I finish and get dressed to leave we say bye nice to meet you blah blah.
Personally I don’t care if someone looks or take a glance but it was a little weird the constant unashamed staring lol nice kid but break eye contact with my junk once in a while lol.
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2020.08.04 00:22 mbsta14 Nude pool milfs

I went to this RV naturist resort that accepts single males during the week only. I was a bit nervous to go there, but I decided to go and finally do it. The lady at the counter was nice and gave some advice. I took all of my clothes off and proceeded to the swimming pool. I didnt feel weird at all, I felt very comfortable to swim nude and I even started a little conversation with an older couple. Very nice people. I will definitely try it again.
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2020.08.03 14:48 bernardo_leaof Nude pool milfs

This's gonna be really hard to do, and probably my opinion will be different tomorrow. But i'll list my top 9 albums and top 10 songs from RH.
1- Ok computer
2- The Bends
3- in rainbows
4- Kid A
5- A Hail to the thief
6- A moon Shaped pool
7- Amnesiac
8- King of Limbs
9- PH
Songs (this is going to be really hard)
1- Fake plastic trees
2- weird fishes
3- Everything in its right place
4- Nude
5- Let down
6- Sulk
7- Exit music
8- There, There
9- Ful stop
10- i might be wrong
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2020.08.03 14:11 NoSoapChat Great friendly chat group w/kink on top of the vanilla! #Reddit100

Kik Public Group #Reddit100

Hi there we've been running a nice cozy group where everyone feels comfortable sharing their lives and their sexuality and kinks. We weed out the thirsty guys pretty damn quickly, however as is common more men are joining than women and our ladies would like to share more chat and everything with others. We are specifically looking for women right now but will accept guys who are respectful.

We do verification on everyone so you can share in a private group with a screened bunch of adults who are into BDSM and not be jumping into the shark pool with demanding thirsty guys looking for nudes and hookups or demanding thirsty women looking for attention. Sorry but if that's what you're looking for this isn't the group for you. Chat about life, kink, all sorts of things! We leave politics and religion at the door, and are easy going fetish folks of all ages from 18 up! Any roles or interest, come chat with us!
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