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B-26, black hoodies, and blow me bars, oh my! This week, the Pretty Little Wine Moms break down Keep Your Friends Close, episode ten of Pretty Little Liars. In this episode, the ladies discuss "good" sides, Ella's hamper fetish, the touchy-feely Hasting's, micro skirts, Svengali's, skanks, money laundering Mrs. Potter, and more. May 9, 2012 - Explore Pretty New's board "Pretty Mom", followed by 157 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Mom, Pretty, Mom show. Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account. Both registration and sign in support using google and facebook Reed's making the rounds today visiting with friends and announcing the short round. We love rodeo. We love this country. We love life. Let us share some wild and fun rodeo videos with you. Our ... To recast mom's physical "flaws" as beautiful. In May during the weekend right before Mother's Day, Neely posted a call-out online for volunteers, and 16 women showed up at her studio -- most with ... moms are pretty (´•ω•`) r/Mom. Join. hot. hot new top rising. hot. new. top. rising. card. card classic compact. 20. pinned by moderators. Crossposted by 6 months ago. Archived. Friends! Today the first series on our channel on YouTube was released! My mom is pretty, so I love it when people say I look like her. Mi mamá es linda así que me encanta cuando la gente dice que me parezco a ella. b. mi mamá es bonita. My mom is pretty and she doesn't even wear makeup. Mi mamá es bonita y ni siquiera lleva maquillaje. “Moms are pretty awesome when you think about it,” that’s the President of Tacoma Rainiers and Tacoma Defiance Aaron Artman. It’s a perfect encapsulation of our feelings on this day. “Thank you moms and Happy Mother’s Day.” Whether in the stands with us today, watching on ESPN+, helping our players, or however you’ve encouraged us […] View the profiles of people named Pretty Mom's. Join Facebook to connect with Pretty Mom's and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to... Floral Mom Birthday Card - Pretty Mom Card - Mom Greeting Card - Colorful Mom Card ASpaperDesigns. From shop ASpaperDesigns. 5 out of 5 stars (234) 234 reviews $ 4.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Messy Mom Bun Eyelashes Girly PNG DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for sublimation or screens CheyennesSublimation ...

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post whatever you want, as long as it's somehow related to moms, aunts, grandmothers, parenting, parents, etc.

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A place for new parents, new parents to be and old parents who want to help out. Posts focusing on the transition into living with your new little one and any issues that may come up. Ranting and gushing is welcome!

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i left my window open in my room so the hallway got warm and now my mom wont ever let me in my room unless its to go to sleep at night, is that messed up
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Am I the only one who thinks Hanna was extremely overreacting when she was afraid that Aria might find out about her hooking up with Mike? Like when I watched the episode for the first time I was like why is she acting so strange and what secrets could she possibly be hiding if it's not the Caleb thing?? But then all this mystery and fuss was all about her and Mike making out some years ago!! Like??? That's such a big deal? As if aria was going to unfriend her for that what was she so afraid of??
Also Ezra.... stupid creep creepy creep Ezra..he made me so mad in this episode I can't even! Standing behind a glass door spying on the girls while eas dropping on them, going over to hannas house and going through her personal items to find alisons diarry with her mom down stairs like??? This guy should have gone to jail...
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Hey guys, here's part 3 of the story I've been neglecting. It is an AU, and the other parts should be on top of my page. Enjoy!

I never told William what I promised to Lucy; I’m not sure why. I thought William might’ve suspected she would die, but he wasn’t prepared for it happening this early. I watched as a week later, an ambulance pulled away from our house, and William drove right after it in his beat up truck. He came home later that night; the kids were in bed, and I asked him where Lucy was. “She’s not coming home.” he said bitterly, and I reached out for a hug. He went into my arms, and I gave him the comfort he needed for tonight. “How will I tell the kids?” he whispered into my fur. I could feel his energy was going, and I told him “I will take care of that.” He looked at me with his round, gray-blue eyes. “I have faith in you, Nightbear.” He sighed, and I tucked him into bed that night. “Thank you.” He murmured, his eyes closed, and I waited for the soft snoring before I left the room.
I woke the kids up that morning; Chris and Elizabeth instantly asked where their mom was. I told them that she was in Heaven, and that she had died. Chris took it pretty hard, but Elizabeth wanted to know why she died. I told her she was very sick, and suffering. I asked her if she wanted her mom to be suffering, and she shook her head. I said “That’s good to hear that you know how bad people suffering can be.” Now, my next task was to tell Michael. Fetch followed me, whining as I knocked on Michael’s bedroom door. He was playing some pretty loud rock music on his radio, and I knocked again, a bit harder this time. He switched off the music. “Who is it?” he asked. “Nightbear” I said, being honest. “Go away, you stupid robot!” He yelled. I came in anyways, despite his protests. I told Michael that something bad had happened to his mother, and that he needed to know. “What happened?” Michael snarled, and I almost felt terrible for bringing the subject up. “She died.” I said with a sigh, and Michael let out a screech, throwing books at me. “You’re a liar!” Michael screamed, throwing a dictionary at my head. I let it hit me, and I stared down at the floor, tear welling up in my eyes. “I just wanted you to know…” I trailed off before I ran out of the room. Fetch trotted up behind me, with a dead rat in his mouth, and a gleam of pride in his eyes.
“Did you catch that yourself, buddy?” I asked with a bitter tone. Fetch placed the deceased rodent in front of my feet. Blood pooled around it, and I swallowed hard. Blood, I thought. The lifeline of the living…
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Hey guys. I’ve (Male, 21 years old, 5-10 178lbs, medical marijuana vaper) been a lurker of this sub for a while. Over the course of my life I have shown a history of what I assume is low-level contamination OCD. This problem has lasted since I was about 4 years old. I take anti-convulsants for controlled generalize idiopathic epilepsy.
Specifically ever since a kid I have hated the feeling of being barefoot in a shower. At home I use a shower tub mat but when I’m out of town I use a towel to stand on in the shower. I also hate walking barefoot anywhere on the ground after taking a shower.
Another example of weird behavior I have is that I hate sitting on “dirty” things after showering. This may not sound so weird but I when I take a shower sometimes I obsess over sitting in only in “clean” spots. Drinking after people is something I hate as well. I also definitely have intrusive thoughts stuck in my head though out the day.
I’ve mentioned this to my Mom and she definitely agrees that I have some form. My brother and sisters are very ritualistic and become obsessive when they are into something. I know this last paragraph is a little off topic so I apologize. I’m just looking for insight from you all, should I get a diagnosis?
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2020.08.06 21:12 decafismysafeword My mom in Southern California is looking for help identifying this beauty! She says it doesn’t flower/hasn’t flowered since she’s had it.

My mom in Southern California is looking for help identifying this beauty! She says it doesn’t flowehasn’t flowered since she’s had it. submitted by decafismysafeword to whatsthisplant [link] [comments]

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I’ve been low/no contact with my uBPD mom for a few years now, and today for my birthday she sends me this in the mail. Yikes. submitted by sleemo_mucho to raisedbyborderlines [link] [comments]

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Context: In this universe you graduate at 16. Most choose to do an additional 2 years (until you’re 18). College only lasts two years if you do the additional 2 years from 16-18 but 4 years if you go straight to college after 5th year (16-20). This is confusing I know. Also magic exists and there’s gods.
Zoey Lora KCB (Kore College of Botany)
Shoot me.
“Of course Donpredo’s choice of red had a much deeper meaning.”
Make it stop.
“‘The red curtains swayed in the currents of wind the opened window brought in.’”
How much of sanity could one lose over curtains?
“Red is a commonly associated with death and injury due to it being the the color of blood.”
A lot.
“The choice of red curtain foreshadowed the devastatingly high number of fatalities.”
Your professor discussing the color of curtains from a novel written nearly half a millennium ago for twenty minutes, a lot. (I’d also like to mention that this is a college of BOTANY)
I stared at the clock slowly ticking on, eventually drowning out his curtain talk. Seven minutes to go. Seven minutes separated me and freedom for the weekend. My final weekend before the chaotic week of final exams. I couldn’t care less about them.
Cramming on the day before or even of any grade had become routine back in my fourth year. Now I had graduated and was nearly completed with my second year of college. If I hadn’t chosen to go into more schooling, this would be my last year. However college adds an additional 2 years. I wished I had chosen to do only my last two years here. I could’ve stayed at Leafilia. I could have stayed with the faculty and students I had known since I was 11.
Unfortunately Mom forced me to make the transfer from Leafilia to Kore. She had sacrificed my happiness only because all of her friend’s children went to advanced schooling out of their fifth year. I know. I’m very lucky to have such an incredibly selfless mother. I’d gotten over it, but Elsicit forbid if she made me get spend 6 years on a doctorate for her bragging rights-
The bell rang. I leapt out of my seat, ignoring my professor and the extremely specific organization of my bag. I shove everything in haphazardly. Setting aside my usual “I’m a rich asshat who can afford to saunter at -4 mph because I have nothing better to do with my time” walk, I sprint like a deluded drunktard out of the door, pushing a few people out of my way.
Luna is the last one out of the lecture hall. And in typical Luna fashion, she’s deep in conversation with our professor. She almost walks past me.
I cough, “Luna, I believe we agreed to meet Winter and Rose.” Well I didn’t agree, but the last time I skipped our little group meet up, Winter and Luna never let me hear the end of it.
“Oh, yeah. I‘m sorry, Professor Mcbride, but I promised to meet my friends,” she smiled apologetically.
“It’s fine, Luna. Have a good weekend, and do say hi to Elizabeth for me.” Oh for the sake of the gods, people just do not shut up about Elizabeth Haven. Your friend’s cousin help save the world once, and you’ll never hear the end of it. No one ever talks about-
Luna interrupts my
This is where I stopped after realizing this would make more sense in a different time frame. Yay.
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2020.08.06 21:10 Quickbreach to send to preschool or not

So we have a 3 and half (4 in dec) yr old and 5 and half month old twins. Before Covid, the plan was to send everyone to daycare 2 days week and to my MIL the rest. Fast forward to present day when all the parental leave is up and mom and I have to work. During this time, we become uneasy about sending them to daycare so that option is out. So I got her enrolled in catholic preschool (not my first choice but whatever for 3 days. This would be her first year of preschool. This was done for various reasons. 1. Most importantly to give my MIL a break. 2 . To get my DD social interaction with kids and provide structure. 3. Education.
This was the plan until this week, my wife told me she does not want DD to go to preschool due to risk of Covid. My MIL said she will watch all 3 5 days a week and we are paying her. Now to be fair, I am not liking the videos and photos that are coming out from schools. The lack of communication from the school (preschool to 8)m has been less than awesome. Vague answers to any questions and very slow to respond. They wear mask, social distance etc.
My DD has 2 cousins that are 4 yrs old and they going (not 2 the same school). I get that not everyone has the same comfort level right now. But if we do not have DD in preschool now, how much is she going to miss? I am completely at loss as to what the right thing is.
Would you be sending a preschooler to school given what is going on? We are in burbs of Chicago if that matters.
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I go to a small LAC and I've come to love it a lot and have a great group of friends and we have really small classes which are super nice. With the whole virus thing going on, the school decided to go into a blended way of learning.
I eventually chose to go remote because my school used to be 90% covered by financial aid and all my tuition was covered but now it is more expensive due to online stuff... My mom is a waitress so her hours got cut heavily and we are struggling. Talking to financial aid got me another scholarship but it still wasn't enough. My family decided that it would be best to do remote because then I wouldn't have to pay room and board.
Even though this decision is the most money saving, I still regret it. I had a job at school, a good friend group, and most importantly I had a class that was something I really was passionate for and would give me a lot of experience since it was basically an internship as a class. Most students in that class are going in person anyways so I feel extra left out. My professors are still doing it blended but I definitely think I'd get more out of my classes in person. I know that people are saying they'll probably shut down anyways halfway and that I couldn't be able to spend time with my friends due to restrictions but I still feel a bit sad.
I just wanted to see if anyone else was in a similar situation.
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I’ve always loved animals. So much so that most of my adult life I’ve been involved in programs, classes, volunteer groups, and careers that work outdoors and/or with animals. I love it so much. I want to be a wildlife biologist one day. However I’ve been doubting my abilities to work with animals this week.
A week and a half ago, my dad and I found a set of baby mice at a KOA parking lot. We were draining the sewage system when we found them. One of the babies was dead from being smashed, one was barely alive, and the last was wandering around aimlessly. They hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. I believe that they had fallen out of a nest that was inside a camp trailer.
Being a total softie and a goody-goody, I couldn’t leave the last baby to die along with its siblings on the pavement. I scooped it up and took it home, searching on my phone the whole way to try and figure out what to do. Far too many people try to help without knowing what to do. I was not going to be that person.
After a quick trip to Walmart and one panicked frenzy later, the baby was put in a safe place to be kept warm and fed. I named her Peanut, because my little brother said that was what she looked like. I stayed up all night with her, getting her rehydrated and making sure she stayed warm.
Most of my family was skeptical. They believed she wouldn’t last the night, and I believed it too. I kept telling myself “It’s better to try and fail rather than doing nothing at all.”
Thankfully, she pulled through the night and was able to move around her enclosure the next day. I started feeding her on a set schedule, making sure she was clean and able to relieve herself, and keeping myself safe and sanitized. She really was a trooper.
When I was at work, my brothers and mom were ready to help feed her too. It was a huge effort for all of us and I was so thankful for their help. She grew bigger and stronger every day.
Friends, family, and coworkers criticized me. They said I should’ve just let her die and that what I was doing was disgusting. It hurt, but I knew once she grew strong and older to release it would all be worth it.
This past Monday, she opened her eyes and was able to gnaw on some solid food. I told my mom how grateful I was and that I was so happy we had made it that far. I’d also be able to prove the naysayers wrong once she was ready to go.
The next day she got sick. I don’t know how or when. It was so sudden. She stopped moving and struggled to breathe. I did everything in my power to help, but she died in my hands.
I thought I had done everything right. I adjusted her feedings according to her age and made sure she was doing okay every two hours (I also kept contact minimal so she would be viable for release). It broke my heart.
We buried her in the forest under a large pine tree. I held back tears the whole time. I feel like it’s all my fault she died. Those who told me I couldn’t do it were right. I felt like perhaps trying and failing was just as bad as doing nothing. It hurt me so much to lose her after she fought so hard to live.
I couldn’t admit defeat to those who didn’t believe me. I told them that I just “released her into the forest”. It’s not exactly a lie but not the truth either. I released her soul into the woods.
I’ve been struggling with the loss since then. Going to work has been a struggle, as my confidence in helping people and animals has gone down. I’ve been tired and hurting.
Today at work a common nighthawk landed on the pavement with a broken wing. It flailed and struggled on the pavement. Again, I was determined to do something. It was like instinct as I jumped out of my truck and ran over to help it. I have experience working with larger birds of prey, so I felt a little more confident helping out.
It was not happy about being handled. It squaked, flailed, and tried to strike me as I wrapped it up. I didn’t want it to do any more damage to itself. At first I thought it was suffering from the heat, so I put it in a box with cool air blowing over the top. It looked to be calming down, but it also could’ve been dying without me knowing.
I called my boss and he said someone was coming to my work site tonight to pick it up. The bird wasn’t looking good. I asked what I could do to help it and he repeated many of the things that I had already done.
I waited for a moment, holding my breath and praying it would be okay. It died shortly after. I told my boss and he said they’d pick up the bird anyways to run some tests and see how it died.
I have a sinking feeling in my gut that it’s my fault it’s dead. I must have done something wrong and killed it on accident. But once again, I couldn’t let an animal die on the pavement.
I’m taking the losses much harder than I should, but it hurts. I feel like I always fail even if I feel I’m doing the right things. I don’t know if I should be a wildlife biologist after all.
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