Orgasm at gyno

Sex feels so good that it hurts. I have come a long way. Used to cry thinking about sex because it was so painful. I’ve been with my bf for many months. At first I had no feeling. No pain, just nothing. Then about a month ago I for some reason felt everything. I guess I’ve become more comfortable with him. Sex can feel good — in fact, it can feel great. When we’re turned on, our bodies release a flood of “ feel-good hormones,” including dopamine and oxytocin, which make us feel happy and relaxed.... Results for : hurts so good 75,461 videos. ... Casual Teen Sex - She is good at giving oral sex. 1.7M 100% 8min - 720p. Dymondbabii5. Good deep throat by my best friend Don't ever trust your man's best friend. 926.3k 99% 25sec - 720p. It Hurts So Good - Abella Danger's Ass vs Giant BBC. 'It feels a lot like vaginal sex.' “I love it, especially with a larger toy or penis. At first it is very intense, overwhelming, and a bit painful, and I enjoy all of those sensations. Watch Hurts So Good porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Hurts So Good scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. So my boyfriend is a good size (and thick) and he's bigger than the other guys I've been with. We've had sex multiple times now and every single time we first start and he pushes in- it hurts. After that it doesn't hurt anymore unless we're being rough. I am extremely wet whenever we decide to do it. It's embarrassing how quickly and how wet I get. Sex is meant to be pleasurable, but a surprising number of people feel pain during the deed. The type of pain could determine the reason why and the solution. The cannabinoid receptors dispersed throughout the brain are responsible for the regulation of neuronal activity and the mental and physical effects that are caused by THC. These effects from THC and even CBD enhance senses which is why combining cannabis and sex feels so good. Results for : it hurts so good ... Young Libertines. Casual Teen Sex - It feels so good drilling that tight young slit. 1.1M 100% 7min - 720p. Do The Wife. White girl lets a black guy fuck her while her husband watches. 880.7k 100% 8min - 720p. Just A Quick Hit. 83.5k 90% 10min - 360p. Big Black Cock Hurts So Good. Why sex feels good to your brain The brain is its own pleasure center during sex. Just being physically close with another human being is known to increase levels of oxytocin — the “cuddle hormone”...

2020.08.01 02:39 nativebeautycurly Orgasm at gyno

I have come a long way. Used to cry thinking about sex because it was so painful. I’ve been with my bf for many months. At first I had no feeling. No pain, just nothing. Then about a month ago I for some reason felt everything. I guess I’ve become more comfortable with him. I have never orgasmed before. Well I have during masterbation but not from a guy. Now it’s like the sex is so good that it feels like I’m about to orgasm but it ends up just hurting. I know it can’t just be a mental thing. The gyno said my pelvic muscles could be weak. What can I do?
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2020.07.28 16:50 throwwowo Orgasm at gyno

Throwaway acc for the nsfw. So, this... problem has only reared it's ugly head just recently. I grew up in an environment where sex was never talked about, and when it was it was discussed with concern, went to a Catholic school, received my first sex talk online, hardly watched porn... the whole shabang. On top of my first experiences of sexual exploration was with an abusive predator, I am averse to many things about sex. Especially penetration.
I do not like the thought of something going up my nether regions. A few times I've tried to penetrate myself with a finger. That hurt. A bf of mine that wasn't abusive would sometimes try to penetrate me with a finger and his tongue and that didn't work either (albeit it was never really with my permission).
I tried having sex w my current bf and it was a disaster, frankly. Before, he put lube on his finger and tried to put his finger inside me, but it didn't work. I suggested that we just try with his dick. He barely got half inside of me, and I was in agony. He saw blood on the condom and stopped, but that was from my period that decided to show just at that moment. We tried again at the end of my period, different position, and I lurched from the pain I felt. I could only curl up in shame and the pain. He's described my pussy as "detrimentally tight".
He's been insisting I try to penetrate myself at home, with my fingers no less but I want to maintain my long nails and I'd be upset to cut them. If this is absolutely necessary I will do it. I am squeamish about having something put inside me, and I have little to no resources to allow me to do it safely. I looked into household items that I could use but it only fills me up with panic just thinking about it. Especially being by myself. I don't like porn. And when you're scared and uncomfy it's kind of hard to get horny, you know? I was considering practicing with tampons. But wouldn't it soak up the lube and expand? Idk my mum always told me tampons are for people that have had sex.
We think I might have something called vaginismus, which is something like the involuntary contraction of the muscles down there. It makes sense, given it can be caused by psychiatric problems, and I have plenty of those. But my bf thinks (or hopes) it just chalks up to lack of foreplay and whatnot, and we should try like more of it. But a lot of the potential causes for it resonate with me (in particular being scared of penetration). I want to see a gyno but I don't know how to ask my mum. I told her that my vg is itchy (not true) and she dismissed it, plus I'm scared if I tell her something hurts down there she'll force me to make her look. And if I try to tell her the truth she might freak out, even if I tell her we used protection and everything. I'm just so scared, you know? I've never had a healthy relationship w masturbation since I've only done it for other people's pleasure, and I can't orgasm (or I think so), because I take anti depressants. My bf insists i try experiment by myself but i am scared of doing it myself and id rather he be with me, but thats so unsexy. I was considering trying to get my hands on medical dialators, which are used to treat vaginismus but my bf thinks they're weird. What on earth do I do?
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2020.07.23 12:44 GiuJay 26 and i don’t know if it’s vulvodynia

Hi everyone!(Sorry for my bad english it's not my language). I'm glad i found this sub. I'm 26,i think i have vulvodynia and i really need help. It will be a long post i’m sorry 😅 It all started 4 years ago. I never had problem with my sexual life before, i always had a lot of libido, i really enjoyed sex never had pain with any sort of penetration and i always "get wet". I stared BC(yasmine) at 20 and never had significant problem with it, i went off 2 years and half later(just because i broke up with my ex and didn't had reason to continue taking it) I didn't remember exactly if i started having any symptoms before stopping it but i remember the first time i really felt the pain. Was 1 Month after i stopped the birth control (and I started getting acne also), i felt a deep pain and burning sensation in the vulva area during the arousal and NO lubrication at all (maybe just externally because i didn't had pain with PIV)From that day i always have this kind of pain,sometimes more sometimes less. The difference is that i have it just during the arosual not with penetration. I don’t know if something is changed in the meantime because the last time i had sex was 3 years ago, i did not had any physical contact with anyone recently,i just masturbate and i always had this pain and don’t get wet even when i reach the orgasm! and after it i continue to feel muscle tension and throbbing for some minute. Also I don’t have discharge just a little bit during ovulation but I used to have a lot. My vagina is always dry when I touch it. Sometimes also I woke up in the middle of the night with this super burning sensation when I made certain type of dreams 😩😩 I felt better two times, one when I was taking antibiotics for one tooth, and the other time was when the gyno gave me a ovule for a start of candida. I went to gynecologist one year ago and she told me that my vagina was good, no imflammation or anything and when i told her what i feel she said that it’s normal because things change growing up especially with the pill 😕 so i went to another one, she made the q tip test and she told me that probabily i have muscle hypertonicity and she prescribed me an anti-inflammatory supplement for 2 months. I didn’t take it because it’s very expensive and i wanted to try another opinion. I will have another vist in september... This pain invalidate me because I feel broken , I’m scared to approach to guys because I’m scared that also they will not enjoy sex with me. Someone with this kind of problem? It’s vulvodynia?? Thanks 😕
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2020.07.23 04:18 AwkwardTart Can this be Vaginismus? Painful sex please help!!!!

(21F) I lost my virginity at 15 years old. It hurt but it wasn’t terrible, I figured it was just the pain of losing it and then eventually it will start feeling better like what my friends said. Unfortunately for me, it never really started feeling good ever. I’ve never been able to lubricate... at all. And I certainly cannot orgasm. Over time, sex became more and more uncomfortable for me. When I am touched whether it be my clitoris or vagina, I either feel absolutely nothing at all or I feel pain/discomfort. Typically it is an intense burning sensation (which is NOT made better with the heavy use of silicone based lubricant). At the gyno, regular exams also give me this burning sensation but because I do not beg for it to stop I was essentially told I have nothing wrong with me. It is not excruciating (although I have a high pain tolerance) but I certainly feel incredibly uncomfortable. Hearing of Vaginismus, I do not think my vagina contracts and I do not know how that would cause my bad feelings or lack of feeling but I am unsure. Have any of you experienced Vaginismus and was it similar to my symptoms? Any tips for relationships/sex? Please help
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2020.07.22 08:31 Blinker22Julce Orgasm at gyno

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2020.07.16 09:51 GGnoRE1407 Orgasm at gyno

So today I figured out what’s been wrong with me for so long.
I’ve been thinking that I’ve had a hormonal imbalance for some time now. I’ve always lived my life extremely healthy, always eating good, sleeping good, exercising, doing the best I can in school and succeeding at the top of what I put my mind to. When I was a kid I would spend hours and hours a day reading which helped me so much in my development of my mind and thoughts as a kid. I graduated high school with a perfect gpa and as a varsity athlete, now I’m in a great uni.
Problem is my body is fucked up. I have gynecomastia, even though I’ve been consistently lifting and exercising with discipline for years, I still have man tits/and huge inflated nipples with breast tissue underneath which looks like shit and can be seen through clothing. Keep in mind I’m also lean with abs from being active. I have an hourglass shaped body, some of the widest hips/ass you’ve ever seen on a dude. If you saw me with clothes on you’d think I weighed over 210 lbs and was fat but no I’m a lean/toned 180lbs with no fat on my hips/stomach but my hip bones are so fucking wide I have an ideal female waist to hip ratio. Also makes my ass look huge and fat as well even though it’s not at all like I said.
These are signs of high estrogen in a Male. Luckily, I also have high testosterone. I have a nice beard, broad shoulders (which dip into a slim waist and then back out to huge hips, like I said hourglass shape) can put on muscle in the gym like nothing etc. Also I’m in the top 5% of height for males. Some of you are saying, well man you don’t sound too bad you have it better than me. Yes, if that was it I’d agree. These things are purely appearance based. With enough work in the gym I slowly but surely made my wide hips and gyno less noticeable as I increase upper body mass/muscle. These things bother me but it’s not the end of the world.
What fucks me up is that this doesn’t just effect how I look, but how I function as a human male. My dick does not work. I have 0 sex drive. I have not gotten a solid morning wood in years. I tested myself for nocturnal erections (stamp method) and found out my dick doesn’t even get hard at night when I sleep, which is supposed to happen multiple times a night for a normal dude. Also, my penis did not develop properly. I never had a growth spurt in the development of my sexual organs. I have no desire to jerk off or anything, sometimes I can look at porn and furiously masterbate to get a shitty erection and orgasm, that’s about it. I’m also a goodlooking dude, that combined with my height and body from years of gym means I can attract some girls. Last time I was with a girl, couldn’t get it up whatsoever even though I was attracted to her, or at least mentally attracted to her, I didn’t feel the primal desire for hehorniness at all, and I haven’t felt that in years. My dick was just unresponsive. Also it’s small when flaccid. luckily it’s average when fully hard, if that’s even enough for women these days. It’s because my genetics have large dick genes. I was legit born with a decent sized dick, my dad even tells me that was one of the things he noticed when I was a kid lol(my dad and I have a close relationship we talk about anything) however since it never had a true development/growth stage, it didn’t actually grow to full size potential and was stunted and slightly deformed. The few girls I’ve tried with simply decide to leave when they see it and how it’s non functioning. Absolutely soul crushing and humiliating experiences. They’ve also told other people and those people have made life hell for me in terms of mocking me and talking behind my back(shit people say gets back to me). In addition to this I have no energy and always feel passive and slow/pathetic. These things make me feel so emasculated I don’t even feel like a man at all, no drive or ability to have sex even if I wanted to, I train mma which usually boosts guys confidence insanely but I feel like a weak broken boy no matter what I do because of these issues. Keep in mind I’m a 20 year old who should be at the point in life where I’m experiencing the least amount of these things than I should at any other point in life.
What’s fucking brutal is that men in my family have the opposite of these things, my family has been full of high testosterone, aggressive, successful boxers/fighters, successful with women etc. I got those genes as well, but my development was fucked up. My younger brother is already banging some of the hottest girls in his school and he’s 16. He has a ripped, vtapered body, high testosterone, none of the symptoms I have, and we’ve been sharing a room due to our housing situation so we’re naked changing in the same room a lot the kids dick is already twice the volume of mine flaccid and he told me he was tiny before puberty so he actually had a normal sexual development. Only thing I have on him is he’s shorter by 3-4”, I’m not resentful towards him though, I love him as my brother and am happy for him. My dad is like a clone of my brother in these aspects as well. He’s almost 60 yo and has 6 pack abs I’m not lying.
So how did this happen to me you ask? Well today I found out. I’ve been going to doctors for these problems and today my mom mentioned that when I was an infant she was feeding me some literally soy formula for while during my early day’s instead of breastfeeding. Why she did this I don’t know. I did more research on it and came across many articles like this:
Basically this article and many other describe almost all of my symptoms and says this: “These estrogen-like compounds have the potential to disrupt the baby’s hormonal system for life.” And “flooding of an infant boy’s bloodstream with female-like hormones has the potential to cause serious developmental problems at puberty” I’ve noticed some of these symptoms since I was a young boy as well and they’ve continued into adulthood.
My mom was an extremely awesome and loving mother in every other way. Unfortunately I don’t know why she did this to me without further research. She said the doctor told her to stop feeding me that shit so she stopped and didn’t give any to my brother when he was a kid. I’m scheduling one last appointment for an endocrinologist to see if he can do anything and if that fails then I’ve lost hope. I don’t think a girl will accept a man with so many health/hormonal problems to the point where I can’t even get an erection at 20 yo, I also think I might be infertile or something so even if a woman did like me I wouldn’t be able to start a family (I don’t know if I am for sure just speculating).
It just kills me thinking about how close to a good life I was, I literally had great genetics to have an awesome life, and something out of my control that was done to me by another person on accident has led me to this current state of near hopelessness. I have no desire and motivation to make money, socialize, party, study etc. I know if I go out I will meet people and I will have a girl who’s interested in me and I can’t even have sex with her and if I try she’ll leave and I’ll be humiliated yet again and everyone who she tells will lose all respect for me and see me as a joke, this has happened before I’m not just making this up. For now I just go wageslave 7-8 hours a day, come back to my room, train mma (my last cope) get high occasionally with my friends (I have 3 friend who’ve I been best friends with since 3rd grade they respect and have my back for life, I’m thankful for them, I have no other “friends” as far as I’m concerned) and rot in my bed depressed and thinking about how I want it to end.
If the endo says he can’t do anything for me, I believe I will eventually kill myself. I have no reason to be here, main goal of life for any living being, even plants, other than survival is to have sex and reproduce. That’s why everyone keeps going forward, making money, grinding, getting in shape, socializing, etc. it all leads back to sex and I can’t even have that even if a girl is interested. What’s the point of doing any of those things then? Even when I’m training mma which is the point of my biggest distraction/escape from reality I’ll still have these terrible thoughts in my head. I throw a punch “My life is slowly going to shit fuck man” im preforming a takedown “damn I really wont find someone who is gonna be willing to be with me be as a lover” I go for an armbar “I want a son so bad, I think I’d be a great father, there’s a good chance I’ll never experience that”. Those are literally my thoughts when I’m fighting somebody, when I’m just rotting it’s completely consuming. I don’t know how to cope anymore man.
(No TD:LR, you don’t have to read if you don’t want to)
Thank you for allowing me to rant and thank you if you read the whole thing, means a lot for me to get this out and a random stranger online to care enough to spend 5 minutes of their time hearing my story. Curious as how some of you can relate to me if you can. Also, please no comments about seeking help so I don’t kill myself, or any suicide hotlines or bs. I’m not in danger of killing myself anytime in the near future. I love my family too much for that. Only time I would do it is if nothing changes in the future and after my mom at least dies first.
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2020.07.10 01:21 dthmetlhrrorlvr Gyno orgasm at

Hey guys... I don't know if this is where to go, and obviously yes I may need to see a gyno, but I have a very high risk condition so I'm terrified to go into a docs office.
So, I (24F) since about a year or so ago, have experienced this terrible pain in my labia, aka, the skin that is outside on the sides of the vaginal area. It's happened only during sex at first, but now it's even masturbation.. it makes me not even want to get off. I hardly orgasm or am active because I'm afraid of the pain. It feels like someone is squeezing my skin, and I feel like I can feel the inside of my walls contracting during the climax. The pain lasts about 2-5 minutes if it's really bad. I don't know if this is serious... it definitely doesn't sound normal and my recent ex was very concerned to where he didn't even want to initiate sex because I would have to curl up in a ball after. I do not have STD's, neither does he. I don't know what this is, or if anyone can even help me out, or relate to it, give me advice or anything.
Anything would help, but I know I need to see a doctor... my anxiety is just too much right now, especially since my areas cases are getting worse and worse (TX) ..

Summary: Labia Majora hurts like hell when I orgasm. Too afraid to go to gyno due to COVID. Seeing if anyone has this same issue.
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2020.07.02 20:27 greatdayforthrowabae Orgasm at gyno

Hey all, throwaway for obvious reasons. As of 8 years ago, I lost the ability to orgasm. By that I mean I no longer experience the dopamine rush that is associated with an orgasm. My body still reacts physically (muscle tensing & release.)
A bit of background. I am female, in my 30’s. I have never had an orgasm from PIV sex. I did start experimenting with a vibrator at age 19-20 and was able to achieve orgasm that way. Multiple at times. It was amazing.
This is probably relevant as well, I was put on oral contraceptives at age 14 (before I was sexually active) to help with extreme period symptoms. At age 15, I did become sexually active and I also started taking SSRIs and struggled with anxiety/depression for a few years. I took many depression & anxiety meds over the course of the next 4 years until I took myself off of them (not wise, but I felt numb.)
Between the ages of 19-22 I was able to achieve orgasm via clitoral stimulation & all was good with the world. Yet, suddenly at age 23 I “lost” that pleasure sensation. I was able to physically achieve an orgasm (as explained above) but haven’t felt that dopamine rush since. I have since stopped taking oral contraceptives (I had a tubal ligation) and am not taking any SSRIs or anything of that nature.
I seem to feel a little more pleasure & get a little close when I’m drinking alcohol or smoking weed, but never to the extent that I receive that dopamine response. I have brought this up to my GYNO but she’s a bit old school & basically said she had no idea. Physically, I’m fine.
Has anyone else experienced this? There is a sub dedicated to it, but it’s rather dead. I do have a friend who had a connection for mushrooms, I have had mushrooms before & enjoy them & wonder if microdosing may help.
Any advice & experiences are welcome. I feel lost & “broken” although my SO of 6 years accepts that I just can’t have an orgasm & isn’t offended by it. Although he does make it his life’s mission to give me one. I would love to achieve that.
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2020.07.02 06:27 WildRose1993 Orgasm at gyno

Hello lovelies
So I've always had extremely painful periods and pelvic pain on and off in my life. When I was 16, I had this bout of severe pelvic pain and collapsed. I was taken to the hospital, the doctor in the ER said one of my eggs had exploded which caused me to collapse. I honestly don't know where he got that conclusion from. But whatever.
I went to the gyno who wanted to do a laproscopy but she said it wasn't necessary and could manage my symptoms. But suspected I had endo. Went on birth control for three months and moved on with my life.
Come the age of about 20. I start getting bowel problems as well. Get diagnosed with IBS after a colonoscopy. Even then. Just manage the symptoms.
I am now 26 and the last two years. I noticed I've been peeing more. I wake up at 6AM every morning with an extreme urge to urinate. I came down with a UTI in December. And although the uti was resolved. I still feel like i have bladdepelvic pressure and constant urge to urinate. And my bladder is not the same ever since.
My other symptoms include painful sex, pain after orgasming or masturbating. Pain with vaginal ultrasounds/speculums, proctalgia fugax, sometimes pass clots, fatigue, iron deficiency.
Ultrasounds have always been normal. Although one said I had a bit of urinary retention.
I'm seeing a urogynaecologist next month. Should I push for a laproscooy? Could my bladder problems also be from suspected endo spreading for 10 years?
Appreciate your opinions. Xoxox
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2020.06.30 01:29 RedFlannelSocks Orgasm at gyno

I [22F] have never been able to orgasm without using a vibrator. I'm worried I might have become desensitized because of it, but even before using vibrators I wasn't able to orgasm "manually." I know that I'm lucky I can orgasm at all, but I still get jealous of women who can orgasm consistently without vibrators (I can't orgasm even from oral). Fortunately, my long-term partner [21M] is very understanding and supportive of my frustration. But he also has never brought me to orgasm (oral, fingering, and PIV don't even bring me close), even when we're being especially patient and communicative. And, recently, PIV has become somewhat painful (gyno found nothing wrong though), so whenever I want to initiate sex or my partner does, I feel defeated before I've even begun. I feel like I'm sexually broken and I don't know what to do. Any advice would be much appreciated. Has anyone else experienced something similar?
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2020.06.24 04:29 lesbiantrauma Gyno at orgasm

Wondering if anyone has had this experience and what they did about it. I’m 23f and never been aroused a single time. I’ve tried different types of toys for clitoral stimulation and penetration, I’ve tried that alone and with different partners. Also tried watching porn, reading erotica, listening to erotic stories, etc. This issue has never fluctuated no matter whether I’m on or off medications/birth control or my level of depression. This was true before I ever had sex or a relationship and continues to be true regardless of how well my current relationship is going. This is also not the typical case of someone having a normal sexual response and then it going away/lessening due to life, it just isn’t there at all.
However, I don’t think I’m asexual at all because I do still want to have fulfilling sexual relationships and orgasms, I do have an interest in sex and sexual activities, my body just does not respond how it’s supposed to.
I’ve seen gynos, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and had blood work done. Any advice would be helpful because I’m getting desperate because it’s been so many years.
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