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Here to support Slayers For Hire - Launched TODAY on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1070150/SLAYERS_FOR_HIRE Note: We are unaffiliated with Slayer... Brand new platform fighter! Play locally or online :) | 2,855 members Slayers For Hire is hugely inspired by SSBM, in fact, the creator of the game Ryan “Winnarly” Gilbrecht was a prominent member of the Melee community. But the game is far from a simple fan project. There are a lot of similarities such as the basic increasing damage meter as opposed to decreasing health meter. SLAYERS FOR HIRE® is an indie platform fighter with an emphasis on speed, precision, and creative characters. This is a fighting game that rewards creativity more than any other. Whether you're goofing off with friends or pushing your skills to the limit, you can expect an adrenaline-filled experience every time you play. Meta Games are bringing you SLAYERS FOR HIRE, a free-to-play, platform fighter game coming soon on PC. Meta Games are bringing you SLAYERS FOR HIRE, a free-to-play, platform fighter game coming soon on PC. SLAYERS FOR HIRE: Last Known Name: SLAYERS FOR HIRE: Last Record Update (4 May 2020 – 17:00:47 UTC) Last Change Number : 8896429: Release Date: 20 March 2020: Includes 1 items: SLAYERS FOR HIRE. Prices Information Apps 1 Depots 2 History. Set your currency Store Prices. 1. The Bay Theme. SLAYERS FOR HIRE is an indie platform fighter with an emphasis on speed, precision, and creative characters. We'll be on Steam in Early Access starting March 20! Go wishlist us! This is a fighting game that rewards creativity more than any other. Whether you're goofing off with friends or pushing your skills to the limit, you can expect an adrenaline-filled experience every time you play. SLAYERS FOR HIRE is an indie platform fighter with an emphasis on speed, precision, and creative characters. If you want something fresh to play with your friends, look no further. Playable online... SLAYERS FOR HIRE is an indie platform fighter with an emphasis on speed, precision, and creative characters. If you want something fresh to play with your friends, look no further. Playable online or locally with 2-4 players. SLAYERS FOR HIRE (o゜ ゜)o☆ Early Access Trailer - YouTube. Team For Your Next Event As a premier motocross demonstration team, Gravity Slayers is available for hire at your next big event. We are a team of professional motocross athletes who defy gravity at functions like fairs, concerts, half-time shows and more.

2019.10.10 19:39 Winnarly Spy on porn

SLAYERS FOR HIRE is a platform fighter developed my Meta Games and features smooth rollback based online!

2020.09.18 15:18 TitanicMan Spy on porn

I've been thinking for years it's a little weird how advertising companies ask for so many invasive permissions, and take the rest by force.
They always say the same bullshit lie.
"So we can show you targeted ads"
Well then why the fuck are the ads never even close to targeted?
I see ads in fuckin Spanish
I see those clickbait ads that say "important bullshit for people 65 and older"
All sorts of ads everywhere that have no connection to me. Just blind advertising everything like old times before tech.
So why do all these ad companies need our info?
Something I've noticed a lot of future shows and movies say, dystopian futures always start disguised. Particularly Westworld, [SPOILERS(?)] The whole world is run by a hyper intelligent AI that keeps everyone in line with perfect social engineering. When they talk about on the show how they got all the info to train such a device, they say "it was collected and purchased before there were laws against it"
How often do we hear about data leaks and selling here? Damn near constantly. The rich folk are handing around our data like it's fuckin Pokemon cards.
Also, I think it was 1984 that said we won't be forced to have bugged spy devices, we'll welcome them happily as new advantages of technology.
I tell ya one ad it always gets right, the #1 ad it shows me.
I'm not on the big dog. The extra fucked up one. The one that's been caught several times toying with people's heads. The one that's been caught several times giving out private data.
The one that mysteriously appeared and replaced half the internet overnight, coincidentally right after the government stopped tracking people manually via the LifeLog project.
Fucking Facebook. The only "relevant" ad, and I know damn well why.
I don't spill my data to them. I cut ties immediately after joining. I even ditched my favorite company, Oculus, because those fucking leeches took over.
Facebook has zero strings in my life, and every fucking day it begs for some. Every day, all day. In my apps, on YouTube, random websites.
It can't figure out I'm a young English speaker who's not looking to get social security help, but every single website knows I don't go ALL HAIL FACEBOOK, ALL HAIL FACEBOOK
I'm gonna say it
Advertising companies aren't for advertising.
They are here to farm data and nothing more. They don't even do what they say they do. They won't say "hey you like X company, here's some merch from X company", but what they will do is tear apart families with divorce lawyer ads. They'll host borderline porn ads on websites that are specifically marked family friendly.
Only damage out of them, and I fear the true danger of society is that right there.
Just like Westworld and probably several others.
A machine, somewhere out there, knows you better than you do, especially if you use certain select services.
At a certain point, when enough things are automated, they'll be able to use that information in an advanced chess software, designed to make you act how they wish via social engineering and guiding everyone's lives "the most efficient way possible"
Almost guaranteed, if you think it's bad, the system will know probably hours before you thought that, and there will be some armed guards to extinguish the threat to the system...
Wasn't that...like RoboCop and Terminator? I know it's how Westworld portrays and IIRC, basically all bad future movies. The others one are fuzzy but I'm pretty sure that's basically it.
A machine that knows you and how you act as if you were followable computer code, that's the most dangerous thing possible. It might already be happening. Social Engineering is an established practice that's used often online. There's very smart AIs already. It'll only get worse, and I think it's obvious.
There's always chance for revolution, but never again if we let it go that far. We will be in an impenetrable prison we built for ourselves. A prison not only impossible to physically escape, but a prison that'll give you indefinite solitary confinement before you even stand up to run.
There's a certain country out there that's already halfway there......
A country in which some American billionaires say they want to model worldwide.............
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2020.09.17 15:27 bicurnivate Spy on porn

✅ SPY pumps into Fed announcement yesterday and dumps immediately after, as smart money exits.
⬜ SPY P $300 10/16 - Equities get fucked as DXY (USD) pumps going into the U.S. election.
⬜ SPY C $350 1/15/21 - Trump wins re-election, equities rally hard like 2016 but stall before ATH.
⬜ SPY P $250 3/19/21 - Double top is realized for the multi-year equities bubble, DXY pumps again, equities crash harder than ever.
⬜ USD LONG 2021 to ?? - Deflation takes hold and continues to shit all over equities, until the U.S. begins buying ETFs and forcing banks to lend like Japan does now. Equities then crab for years.
Yesterday 2 hours before the Fed announcement I posted that it would be the first sell the news event for JPow. Hedge funds and other big fuckers are pulling out of the market on the realization that this will be a deflationary spiral for the USD long term.
I realize my post yesterday had too many paragraphs and big words so I have summarized all the predictions into a TLDR prediction list above. This is for my special viewers of the Reading Rainbow show 🌈
Money printer go brr is a meme that has helped smart money pump this market to the moon. Despite what the average Facebooker thinks, the Fed doesn't helicopter new money into the economy, banks do through lending (or Congress through freebies). Instead of hyperinflation, the USD is actually heading towards a deflationary period in the coming years and smart money is already preparing for it, starting with the fakeout pump and dump on JPow's announcement yesterday.
Why deflation? Banks already had plenty of money to lend before JPow started spewing his printer all over them, but lending continues to tighten because most of the population is poorer than they used to be. Smart money is starting to realize that despite what the Fed claims about its weapons to spur inflation, banks are not lending, leading to deflation.
You know what? Go read my post from yesterday if you want more bear porn about all of this bullshit. Volatility is ahead and predictions are above. Good luck to all NKLA call holders.
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2020.09.17 09:33 HaulA17Seep1l Spy on porn

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2020.09.17 05:05 FactFinder76 Wow Bensalem! The infamous Pedophile Mafia the scourge of Nottingham is still alive but barely. They claim use of telepathy to harrass someone without being caught. Problem. You might hear his thoughts but to be heard you must TRANSMIT SOUND! Still not making this up.

So they've been following dude around scream whispering that either his girlfriend is a whore or we took pictures of your kids asleep in a car.
EVERYONE HEARS THEM! Like earlier he literally spoke to a group of police officers before entering a nearby wawa. The moment he went inside they started their child molester chatter!
If you KNOW then you know standing between that guy and these dumb asses allows you to literally give them a piece of your mind. Still not lying.
One guy Eric jad his 10 year old stay home from school sneak into the guys girflriends with a phone camera because he knew he was watching porn. And he knew from remote view spying on this guy WHO HE DOES NOT KNOW! Dude knows because while selecting a film he looked down and saw this kid! He thought he heard someone come in but was home alone. Besides who the fuck would do shit like that? Still keeping it real
Anyway if you know these people just be aware. All will blame others in the group because each has individual crimes that if brought into the overall conspiracy is basically a life sentence for everyone involved.
More to come Reddit!
SaveOurChildren #PedophileMafia #ThotLifeVol1 submitted by FactFinder76 to u/FactFinder76 [link] [comments]

2020.09.14 03:16 throwra83828287 Porn on spy

So we have been dating for 2 years now and he initally seemed very sweet.
2 months ago though, we got into an arguement about his porn tendacies. He accused me of spying on him and he stormed off. He said he would get back at me as punishment for spying.
He came home 4 hours later and he made his apology and would try to cut his porn use down. I forgave him and we cuddled.
11 days later, I came down all of a sudden with breathing troubles and huge fatigue. I went to get myself tested and it came back positive for covid.
I spent the next 3 weeks quarantining myself while battling this severe illness (covid is no joke by the way). I did recover and at the time, I was thinking how I could have got it since I didn't really go anywhere. Then I remembered the arguement we had with him storming off.
So i confronted him about where he went and to my surprise, he coldly told me he went to a huge party and he purposely made sure it was a large crowd so he can catch it (he is asymptomatic so he doesn't show symptoms) and spread it to me. He also told me his apology was fake and that if i argue with him ever again, he could do a whole lot worse to me.
I really dont know what to do. There isn't evidence to have him arrested and I cant really go anywhere.
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2020.09.13 15:56 TheSadMistress1359 Porn on spy

It is actually a whole separate category of porn and it is actually one of the most popular categories of porn for men. I do watch porn sometimes but I never got any video recommendations from this catagory of videos, until a few days ago, when I was watching porn and I got a video recommendation titled "spying on my sister masturbating". I clicked on that video and I saw that there was not just one, but hundreds of videos of guys spying on women and voyeurism. There were videos of men being spied too, but it is a lot lot more of women getting spied by men.
There were videos of spying on women masturbating in a hotel room, there were videos of spying on women changing their clothes, there were even videos of spying on women urinating in public restrooms. Actually, the number of videos spying on women using public restrooms is disturbingly high. I was truly very disgusted after seeing it and I felt like what I thought about "privacy" and "my privacy" my whole life doesn't actually exist at all. I felt like not just me, but every single woman doesn't have any privacy at all and there is always atleast one camera lens pointing at us and recording us no matter what we're doing, even if we're urinating.
Last year, I went on a business trip with my colleagues for a week and stayed in a hotel. Throughout the week, I might have rubbed one out a couple of times. I go to swimming pools every week and I change there every time. I've also used public restrooms many many times, and to think that I might have been recorded atleast once doing any of these private things and someone is watching it and jerking off to it makes me depressed and disgusted at the same time.
Now I personally don't mind if they're all staged, but the titles and video descriptions try to convince men as much as they can that they're not staged, as though knowing that a woman's privacy is being snatched away and she's being recorded non-consentually will give men stronger orgasms, which is both disgusting and disturbing. I absolutely hate this and in my honest opinion, this promotes non-consentual recording of women and encourages men to plant cameras in women's restrooms and changing areas. The advancement of technology will only make it easier for men to do this filthy illegal stuff and it'll only make it harder for women to escape this. I know that personally, I can never use a public restroom ever again due to the fear of being recorded by a filthy predator. I got to know about this late, but I atleast I got to know about it now, so that I can somehow try to stay away from being recorded.
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2020.09.13 11:53 BloodyPassion Spy porn on

I'm telling right away - TL;DR - I,m facing unprecedented hacking attack on Apple family of devices and need help. I'm in San Francisco and need someone who can do forensics of my mac mini and help to protect myself from people attacking me.
I'm the owner of 2 Macbooks pro, mac mini, Ipad, Iphone and iwatch, 1 apple id and 3 gmail accounts.
Everything was fine till August 3. Well I was dumb enough to use 3 variants of the same password with all my accounts. Implementing 1password or another password manager I was delaying for quite some time out of laziness I guess. We use lastpass at work and I silently hate it so didn't want to deal with something like that at home. It was an introduction. I'lll try to be as brief and as detailed as I can now.
Some details became a blur because I'm literally on a verge of a nervous breakdown at the moment.
On August 3 all my email accounts including apple id were hacked. Taken over by someone for at least several hours. Among those only 1 account is main, others are secondary, for job search, another for facebook and ebay, and the last one - apple id - for dating sites.
I was able to restore access to my accounts using my phone number within several hours. I work in big tech and our company was attacked by some people who used texting phishing tactics. First I thought it was connected to work and even filed a ticket telling them that my phone is hacked (there was some weird behavior on the phone) but work stuff seemed unaffected and ticket was closed. Hackers also got to my NAS where I has some old movies and frankly lots of porn collected since 2007. NAS wasn't connected, I mean I didn't have access to it because my wifi point went offline and I didn't bother to go to landlords and set it up (we have internet from landlords, one ISP but 2 different networks) but they somehow were able to take the porn library out, not the files but links to them. The stuff was from torrents so I decided ti get rid of the NAS and its contents, moreover I watch porn legally online now, torrents were in the past.
For several weeks it was quiet. Meanwhile I got a membership from Lookout and Lifelock because I had pics of my documents in icloud library: ssn, driver's license, medical insurance cards, Russian passport etc. It was literally an identity theft. Meanwhile Lookout informed me that my credentials were on dark web monthly since January 2020 and my SSN is public information.
As I said, 3 week were quiet. And then it started. All my emails were taken over again. First I found hidden backups of my machines with some video files on my macbook. Tried to delete them using sudo - didn't work, not enough rights. WTF. Then I pulled all the needed info to the cloud and decided to wipe the macbook and install the OS from scratch. Laptop started acting weird fast and I wasn't able to shut it down. Force quit didn't work, fan sounded as if it's a plain and it's going to take off. I had an impression someone controls my machine and erased if from icloud. Well, that's what I thought. Next time when I turned it on, there was a password on a disk. Password that I didn't add. Attempt to log in recovery mode led to grey screen with a passcode which I didn't implement either. After next reboot I discovered firmware password which was removed by Mobile Kangaroo but as for disk they told me to change it, thank god ssd are cheap now. Machine became a brick without a new disk. Apple mac genius bar was able to remove the lost passcode and install the OS only today. Then I had an awful Saturday on September 6th - they almost induced hysteria by taking over my accounts many times during the day. I changed the passwords numerous times before it. I have 2FA, mixed, with sms and authenticator app. But still they were able bypass these steps and changed the passwords to my accounts. I was barely able to take the accounts back but then started thinking that they know what I type as new password and somehow know the 2FA code. It didn't feel right, Apple is so secure. So I switched to iphone - allegedly the most secure device and changed the passwords from it. It seemed to help.Meanwhile it turned out they downloaded the whole archive from my gmail account since 2009 - there is such functionality. And also all my icloud. I have no idea what emails they send and where and what they deleted when they controlled my account. I know nothing about hacking but I had an impression they used safari to go to some websites - such as datadog, howtogeek, appletoolbox and lookout/legal and trendmicro/legal. Btw I have 4 antivirus apps, none of them found anything. Then I installed Little snitch, saw some incoming connections, not sure what it was, and then noticed tht my chrome started having hundreds and then thousands of outgoing connections to different Ipv4 addresses. Packets were rather small though.
Nightmare just started. IT turned out they knew my gmail passwords that I set up from the phone - they just sat quietly and waited for something. My mac mini started showing strange file with extension .prefPane in recents and different system folders in history where I haven't been. Then I finally intalled Google Wifi app and discovered unknown machine with the same name as my mac mini and almost the same mac address. It was sitting on our wifi for a week and downloaded 46gb of data. I have a screenshot, not on this machine unfortunately. I shut down my mac mini and didn't turn it on since then. I started checking my devices and discovered that my work laptop laptop also had some .prefPane files in history and bunch of system folders which I didn't touch. I know almost nothing about macOS structure and can just look at hidden files, that's it. I was more than concerned, told InfoSec at work that something is happenning, had 3 hours conversation with 2 serious men who told me that according to the logs my work machine is safe but personal stuff is probably breached. Judging by the recent files showing up in dropbox, icloud and google drive. Files which I didn't touch t all and many of them have sensitive and confidential information, health-related for example. Right there I decided to implement 1password but with all the craziness and password changing everywhere I saw that it didn't help - they still were able to change the password and take account back to them. Or after I changed the password I saw 4 different devices having access to my gmail account. I changed my laster password several time and after 1password had 21 most important logins and vault with pretty valuable documents - I finally forgot my masterpassword. I remember the words but specil characters in the end are a blur - I was tired and couldn't focus and forgot to write it down. So farewell my stuff in 1 password - unless I find the right combination 1 day. I made a conclusion that they were able to see my screen. Btw they bought apowersoft from my account, I found 1 email they apparently forgot to delete but I didn't find the software on my machines.... Apple support said everything what I say happening is highly unlikely especially on ios devices since they have government level of protection. But I see that with my own eyes... Also there is an army of bluetooth beacons around me, in very residential neighborhood. Many of them are literally near according to BLE Scanner. There is also BlueZ 5.44 device which connected to my Iphone bluetooth without any permission from me. I have no idea for how long. I think that's how hacking started... Then I discovered that my calls and messages were forwarded to bunch of devices which has the same names as mine but there are several mac minis there etc. My google voice had 2 or 3 extra devices to forward to.... Btw who am I - mid level QA engineer who is just studying programming and trying to do some automation at work. My technical level is pretty low. I saved some money since I moved to America. Not a lot, San Francisco is expensive city. I was born and raised in Russia but never had access to any secret info or high ranking persons, no one can be influenced by pressure on me, I'm a regular gay guy who fled from difficult life and persecution of gays in Russia and been living here in SFBA for the last 7 years.... So I'm nobody but I had a feeling there is team with 24/7 surveillance on me - I even thought it's government but government can silently spy on you and the come with subpoena or arrest order. These guys literally torture. Later - more. I definitely notice my ios devices went rogue. Face id stopped working and I had to reset it every time. Today passcode stopped working and I couldn't unlock the phone - had to wipe it using recovery mode. Created 2 wifi networks at home, one already had 2 unknown apple devices, one of the mac addresses is again very similar to mine. The biggest torture of this weekend - untransferable authenticator app where I keep 2FA codes for work and personal stuff. I spent bunch of time on ipad, freshly wiped via roommates mac, adding the codes to new transferrable app and when was about to transfer, they used the encryption function of the app with the password which can't be reset. Authy, I hate you as much as 1password. So all my codes turned out to be locked and useless. I wiped my ipad clean and started from scratch with 2 different apps - one for work, another or personal stuff. You not gonna believe it - they suppressed internet on ipad. It's connected to wifi or mobile spot but there is no internet icon on the upper right and it's not connecting. How is it possible on ios? Then my passcode on apple watch changed by itself before that showing keyboard on my phone 3 times. Then face id stopped working and passcode on my iphone changed. I'm not kidding. It's after I finished collecting 2FA accounts again. So I can't open my phone! The work of a half day went to shit. Then I tried to turn off the passcode on ipad and it didn't work. Some items disappeared from ios menu, for example Siri and Search... I talked to Lifelock - they said they gonna monitor my ssn, name, etc, like they always do. Wrote to Lookout, they answered with phone number where I need to call. Also need to call FTC, number was given by Lifelock. No money disappeared from my accounts, my saving account is restricted, credit bureaus are frozen. I'm afraid with all that info they have about me they want to take over my apple id or just commit cyber crimes on my behalf. I'm scared and don't know what to do, how to protect myself and my devices from everything happening. I can't live normal life for the last 2 weeks. Thank god people were sympathetic at work but my friends din't really believe me saying Apple has high class protection from such shit. But I saw all that with my own eyes. It takes them about couple of days to hack a freshly wiped phone or ipad, and less than several hours - freshly wiped mac. My roomie's apple devices seem to be unaffected despite the fact he downloads tons of torrents. Btw one more thing - on August 13 Lookout informed me that sim card is taken out of my phon despite the phone was in my pocket. On August 22 Lookout sent notification that sim went online. There were couple of calls to ATT on my behalf that I didn't do. All in all I live in hell last 2 weeks and need to get out of this crazy situation. I looked for some cybersecurity firms but they all work with prevention and with corporations, not individuals. Also my facebook was taken over but I announced it hacked and it's blocked now and neither of us can regain access because I have the email and hackers added their phone where they get 2FA which I ned to log in. No one contacted me asking for ransom or anything. I don't understand what's going on. Please help.
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2020.09.13 00:45 SEMERLECHAOS Spy on porn

I was kinda glad to have found a "serious" sub on Reddit about "serious" topics about our troubled world until I saw this post from a mod of this sub https://www.reddit.com/IntelligenceNews/comments/ipsi93/this_sub_will_be_closing_down_due_to_content/ about closing it... then only started to wonder wtf was going on with this sub.
I could have noticed before maybe because of some links to some weird website among serious articles and other details that could have warned me, but no... until this post kinda triggered me.
What if this (weird) message from the admin was more about closing the sub not because people were "stealing content" but rather because maybe people were linking "articles" to phishing / malicious websites and the shit was going "out of control" ? To me it seems rather like it... lol.
Notice also in the comment section the weird way the other "user" named "Cultural Attché" is replying (he is not an admin from the sub but from other sub with similar names Intelligence files, media, history, and even intelligence porn).
Moreover I posted a comment asking / complaining about a link to sputnick website notorious for being official bs Kremlin propaganda and then my comment was shadow banned instantly and then I was banned from the sub quite quickly without explanation whatsoever.
This lead me to conclude this reddit sub about "intelligence , spies , etc" could be actualy totally full of shit and maybe used as a tool to hack thru phising / malicious website into computer of people interested by "intelligence news".
It seemed also they have some acquaintance with the Wikileaks sub.
I think overall this IntelligenceNews sub is weary / troublesome and should be scrutinized by Reddit admins.
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2020.09.12 21:49 _Broke_My_Own_Heart_ On porn spy

If you've read my initial post, I'm going through a terrible breakup in which my ex dumped and blocked me 20 days ago, and we haven't spoken since. I've been consumed with guilt for how I treated him and fighting the urge to reach out. Yes, I have issues and am getting help for them. I have been completely blaming myself for the deterioration of our breakup, but it's time to tell the whole truth.
My ex (29m) and I (38f) dated for a year. When we met it was amazing, personality wise he was everything I'd wanted in somebody, until I found out what was really going on with him. The entire duration of our relationship he was living at home with his parents. He's an only child. His mother has complete control over him. He had to be home by a certain time every night, could only see me when his mom would let him out the house. Often times he had to lie and say he was going elsewhere just so he could come see me. In the entire relationship we'd never eaten breakfast together and never spent the night together. He had to call her on his lunch break everyday he worked or else she was contacting him to find out why. His parents are on his bank account, share the same phone plan, and she even goes to all of his doctor appointments and or anything else he has to do. There was a night we were hanging out after he got off and his parents actually drove to his job looking for him. It was completely embarrassing.
He had 0 sexual experience. He didn't even how to spoon (cuddle). He didn't even know how to rub my head, or legs, or anything. He didn't know how to kiss properly. I had to teach him how to kiss and do these things. He had NO experience whatsoever. He was like a child sometimes. He told me when we met that he'd had sex with 21 women. However, because of the abuse by his mother and being caged at home like an animal, he was addicted to porn and had developed ED, so from January until we broke up 3 weeks ago we'd only had sex once. He had no real relationships nor sex with anybody throughout his 29 years. He told me all the girls he'd slept with only happened once or twice and because he had so much trouble getting it up that they'd leave him after. So he never really got to experience what sex has to offer. For the entire year of our relationship we had sex for 2 weeks, sex where he was able to get it up and thrust it in and out. He cried to me about a month ago telling me that 2 weeks was the happiest moment of his entire life. That he'd never had sex like that with anybody.
Anyway, the inexperience I could tolerate. The seemingly "dating" his own mother I couldn't handle. She had complete control over his entire life. He had been so controlled and manipulated by his mother that he's afraid of her. The relationship between them is so awkward that I actually had to ask him if they were having sex. He laughed and made a grossed out face and said "ummm no, that's disgusting. Mom's a jesus freak and doesn't like the whole sex thing". Then he told me it was actually funny that I'd ask him that, which I found odd. One time when he and I were hanging out after work his mother asked him who he was in the car with and asked if he was having sex. She'd had somebody do a driveby and spy on him. I had also bought him 2 special gifts that he kept in his room and both of them suddenly disappeared several months ago. I've seen momma's boys, but not to this extent. He took my daughter and I to a special place for Christmas. When we got back she called him asking him details of the day. When he told her where he took us she got pissed and told him he better not have went there without telling her. Then the next 2 days she treated him like crap, glaring at him, ignoring him, slamming doors. His mother had complete access to his entire life. I met his parents at dinner one night when we first started dating. She sat across the table talking about his life and what he's to be doing it with it. When he mentioned earlier in the year he needed his freedom and to focus on me and my daughter, she got upset and bought him a new car. He makes the payments but they paid the down payment and I'm sure her name's on it. He had to call his mom and ask for permission to stay out with me longer and that he was having a good time, and she'd say no most of the time, and he'd have to leave to go home. This is what we fought about 90% of the time. It was the root of our arguments.
I begged him over and over to get a place of his own and cut the apron strings so that we could have an actual chance at a relationship. He kept asking me to be patient with him, and I stuck this shit out for a year. 2 weeks before we broke up he finally said he'd had enough and found a place he was interested in. It was the happiest moment of my life. I thought we'd actually get to be normal. A few days pass and I find out he's taking his mother to look at it. I was bummed. Next thing I know, he's going to give her a key. Then I find out it's only 13 minutes from his mother's house. This lead to more fighting. The last straw was when I called him 3 weeks ago to tell him goodnight and I loved him and he ignored my call because he was sitting there with his mother looking at the lease together. Idk if he actually took the apartment or not as we broke up before he actually signed it. There were several times he wouldn't talk to me if his mother was nearby. If he knew I wanted to do something that would upset his mother, he'd get upset and complain how he couldn't make everybody happy. As if his mother's happiness was more important than mine. Anyway, it started a massive fight that caused me to overreact, act on impulse, and he broke it off and blocked me for my "anger issues". That's the true story. He was more involved with his mother than he was me, and it caused me so much anxiety and stress and played into my issues. Up until this point I've been taking full blame for our breakup, consumed with so much guilt, but honestly it isn't completely my fault. I'm sorry for my actions and could've handled things more maturely but his mommy issues were the reason we actually died. I'm over the guilt and see things for what they really were. I'm in therapy for my issues, but even if I'd been perfect, there'd still been no hope for us. I'm moving on with my life.
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2020.09.12 13:19 AWickedMind [M4F] A Little Black Book Of Wickedness

(Long wall of text ahead. If you're interested in finding out my prompts, skip to the last section.)
“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” (Carl Jung)
The human mind is a curious thing. It wants what it doesn't need. It craves what it doesn't have. It creates instincts which, if acted upon, result in nothing but total destruction of the self, and all that it holds dear.
And yet, these desires exist and arise out of nowhere. Why does something happen when there's clearly nothing good to be gained out of it? Why does the primal core of our being want what cannot be achieved in a decent, civilized society? Why do we feel a burning desire to give in to our basic instincts if we could never act on them?
Any person living in a civilization will tell you that these instincts must not be acted upon for the greater good - peace and stability in society as a whole. I fully agree with them. I absolutely do not condone the themes I post in my prompts to be acted upon in real life.
What brings me here? To have a safe avenue for exploring these fantasies.
I want to explore the what ifs that keep you awake at night, and make for intriguing dreams, to say the least. Some of them may be dark, criminal even, that you'd be ashamed to accept even to yourself that you're capable of fantasizing about something like that. Some of them maybe immoral, something that society would crucify you for if you were to come out accepting it. Some of them maybe just plain absurd, things that could never happen to you, either because you aren't, and will never be, in such a situation of life.
What am I looking for? Creating stories. Experiences. Fantasies.
I want a partner who is, first and foremost, interested in writing long term stories with me. This will proceed in the form of a roleplay, with you controlling your character(s) and I controlling mine. I tend to focus on the characters' internal world a lot, so expect plenty of internal thoughts and dialogues along with a description of their ever changing emotions. I expect my partner to reasonably reciprocate.
I also tend to take the world building more on my own shoulders, and don't really mind doing that. Partners are always welcome to add their own thoughts and contributions, and in fact are encouraged to do so. But even if you simply want to sit back and enjoy the ride, be my guest. All I ask is for you to give me a window to your character's soul - let me know what they're thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing etc.
Things to know about my writing style: I tend to write about 3-5 paragraphs per response, changeable according to need. I'm not picky about using first person or third person. My prompts tend to default to a third person writing style, but feel free to ask for a change if you have a different preference.
I don't like writing for my partner's characters, and expect the favor to be returned.
At times I may respond rather quickly, shooting multiple messages back and forth in a single day. At times, I might get busy with work and may not be able to reply for a few days. Please be patient; if we have started an interaction I won't leave you hanging without a response indefinitely.
Also, I may post the same prompt multiple times, even though I've already found a partner. To all future partners with whom this may happen - that is NOT, in any way, a sign that I'm not satisfied with our current RPs. I value your efforts and your company, and don't mean disrespect to you in any way. My prompts are usually quite open ended, such that with each interpretation it tends to take the story in a completely different direction, and so finding another partner is as good as finding a partner for a new story altogether, and not because I'm not enjoying our current story.
Last but not the least - I DO NOT GHOST. If there's ever a problem, be it within the RP or the story's direction, or any personal reasons due to which I need to stop writing to you, you'll hear back from me atleast one last time saying I need to go.
The type of characters I like to play: I generally like to play characters in their late twenties or thirties, although I can change it if the scene demands. I tend to be self indulgent, and my characters can sometimes reflect that, in the sense that you'd be hard pressed to find flaws in them. But that's not to say they're without any flaws, simply that they won't be aware of how arrogant or rude they might come across as.
My characters will be intelligent, sharp, and with a keen sense of the world around them. They don't expect the world to bend over backwards for them, but they don't shy away from getting what they want either. They have a realistic sense of how the world works. They don't expect a girl to fall head over heels in love with them just because they flashed a charming smile or wore a designer suit. They want to get in her mind first before getting in her pants.
Some other characters may be darker, and not-so-gentlemanly if the scene calls for it. These will usually be thugs, the scum of the society and on the wrong side of law. As such, they'd hardly care about being politically correct or being 'nice' to your character.
Please note that regardless of my character's actions, I'd never want you, the person behind the screen, the person typing out the words, to ever feel slighted or wronged. If you ever feel something is crossing a personal limit, please bring it up. I assure you it won't be out of malice, maybe just an oversight.
Some random thoughts: On keeping things interesting without being boring and repetitive
On using visual aids to enhance the writing experience
On writing a good submissive character
Kinks and limits: My biggest kink is showing off my large sex organ. The largest you'll ever see. So large you won't be able to take in all the things it can give you. You're gonna be overwhelmed with all the feelings its gonna make you feel! It is...it is....
The brain.
Human mind is the biggest, sexiest, and kinkiest sex organ in the world, might as well make use of it.
My biggest priority would be to create worlds that excite you. Something vanilla for one person may not be as vanilla for another, and this nuance is very important to understand. I try my best to give my partners exactly what they want in terms of characters, worlds, emotions, kinks - you name it.
But for material purposes, here's a typical list of what I'm into and not into. Its a lot of things, possible non-exhaustive, and just a big collection of everything I know about myself. Not every kink needs to be incorporated into an RP, ofcourse. Besides, if you have something in mind but don't see it here, just ask.
Kinks :
Gentle : sexy lingerie, sexy outfits, living the high life, luxury, smooth talking, dirty talking, flirty banter, sexual vibes, risky public play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, gentle lovemaking, missionary, whispering sweet nothings, handcuffs, blindfolds, eating you out, blowjobs, caresses, cuddles, hugs, kisses, pampering you, aftercare, ice creams, chocolates etc.
Not-so-gentle : spanking, rough sex, doggy style, anal(giving), rimjobs (giving and receiving), hair pulling, breast play, ass play, cock worship, body worship, large cocks, deepthroat, facials, cheating, cuckolding, bondage play, threesomes (MFM and FMF) etc.
Ouch!: butt plugs, vibrators, toys, slapping, collars, leashes, metal chains, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, double penetration, full nelson, pet play, slave play, D/s M/s dynamics, total power exchange, blackmailing, dub-con, non-con, kidnappings, knife play etc.
Maybes :
Spitting, piss play, extreme torture, incest etc.
Hard Limits :
Scat, gore, bestiality, underage characters, vore, lasting damage etc.
Previous prompts and ideas: A harmless fantasy gone too far : You've wanted an escape from your boring, monotonous life and you create an anonymous account to live out your fantasies. But its not enough for you, and now you want to take it one step further - you want to meet the man behind the screen.
Its such a small world after all
An extension of the above idea, but when you finally meet the man, he's someone you know!
Who in their right minds sets up an appointment with their rapist!?
You were raped, but you loved it. He left his number with you almost as a taunt, but you can't help wanting to set it up all over again.
You're on your way to the top in Hollywood, but not without hitting a few lows
You're a college student and you receive an unexpected response to your application for a modeling role. You're obviously very excited about your career. Little do you know the producers have very different ideas for what career to push you in.
Sub at first sight
When you know, you know.
Every high functioning person needs a break at times. You've got an awesome career, you're in charge of a group of people, you make decisions for your teams all day long. Wouldn't you just want to sit back, relax, and let someone else run the show every once in a while?
A sense of belonging
Some relationships take a lifetime to build. Some, merely a glance. Your relationship with him can't be expressed in words. It's simply a feeling you have whenever you're with him, a sense of belonging that just can't be shaken off.
An unexpected guest at a wedding
You had left the old life behind you. You had severed all connections, erased all memories that would take you back to him. Why, oh why, did he have to show up at your wedding of all places!
Only under a mask are we free to be ourselves
Your life has come to an unexpected standstill. You're supposed to be happy, you should feel good about having a loving, caring husband, but you just don't. Luckily, your friend has a solution for you - this masquerade party where you could afford a night of debauchery while remaining completely anonymous!
Love makes the greatest fools out of us
You love him more than your own self. Your heart breaks to see him in trouble. You'll do anything to help him, go to any lengths to protect him. Even if it means giving yourself away to one man you hate the most.
Being a spy is not an easy job!
You're on a secret mission. There's supposed to be a party you're going to attend, with the celebrity status you've cultivated for yourself under cover. Little do you know, your enemies are one step ahead of you and are already expecting you.
What a great first day at work
You're doing porn for the first time in your life. Your co-star is famous for his rough and brutal scenes, and stories of just how badly his co-stars are usually bruised have left you on edge the whole week. However, just before the shoot starts, you're in for a rather sweet surprise from him!
A good girl gone bad
You were sweet, shy, and innocent. No one could raise a finger at you when it came to questioning your morals. How then, did you go from that girl to the kind who sleeps around and freely expresses her sexuality without a care in the world?
A class apart
You've always had a thing for the finer things in life, be it jewels, cars, or houses. Why would you hold back on your job then? Ofcourse you'd sign up for the most exclusive, sophisticated, and elegant whore house that exists in the modern world! But be warned, its not that easy to get a job with them, they've got a very strict set of standards to uphold their reputation!
The newest craze in social media apps - FukPix - is here!
Since the rise of social media, social tolerance for posting revealing pictures of yourself up on the internet for the whole world to see has steadily gone up. Was it any surprise then that someone made an app specifically to share your sexual escapades, and it was taking off like crazy?
The most effective strategy to get over someone
It's your wedding anniversary, and your husband had to pick up a fight with you on this very day! Your mood is ruined, but you won't let that bastard spoil your whole day. You were gonna dress up and give him a good time tonight. You're still in the mood for sex. So what if it won't be your husband who gets to enjoy it?
The correction officer
There exists a special group of people, whose job it is to correct wayward girls and bring them to their senses. Only the rich and affluent can afford them. Luckily for you (or unluckily?) someone close to you has decided your behavior needs to be made more 'lady like', and has invited the correction officer to work on you.
Someone out there wants revenge, and tonight they're gonna get it
You pissed off somebody. Badly. So much so that they laced your drink at the party, and made sure you'd find yourself in their basement when you wake up. What plans do they have for you?
What makes a happy housewife, really happy?
Doing all the little things for your husband, ofcourse, but not because he likes it. You don't want him to have any suspicions, and you'd rather keep him docile with happiness than alert with suspicion.
Porn isn't what its supposed to be, let's change that
Porn glorifies violence and aggression far too much, and this needs to be changed. Lucky for you, your partner thinks the same way and wants to make a difference in the world, with your help ofcourse.
You've been abducted, but your father is no Liam Neeson!
Just as the title suggests. You go to a different country on a vacation, and end up getting abducted. What's going to be your fate now that no ex-special agent is coming to rescue you?
Cult of Colossal Cocks
The world is controlled by a cult of men who are gifted phenomenally, and the cult needs special women to take care of their men's libido. Are you brave enough to satisfy them?
It's not what you know, but who you blow
Stuck in a dead end office job with no prospects of progress, you realize the only way up is by going down...on your boss, his friends, his colleagues, whoever he wants!
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