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How to Make Homemade Wine. If you're a wine lover, you've probably dreamed of making your own wine right at home. Luckily, with the right tools and ingredients, you can! Once you get the hang of it, you can experiment with different fruits... This homemade salsa will keep well for up to about 2 weeks. Store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Be sure to not let it to sit out too long (over an hour or so) at room temperature. This homemade salsa can also be frozen for up to 4 months. Store it in a freezer-safe container and then wrap it with foil. Is Homemade Salsa Healthy? 2 15 Chicken Thigh Recipes for the Instant Pot This collection of top-rated recipes highlights this versatilty, featuring chicken thighs with international accents, from chicken curry to cacciatore, chicken teriyaki to chicken tagine, biriyani and butter chicken, and much more. 2 15 Chicken Thigh Recipes for the Instant Pot This collection of top-rated recipes highlights this versatilty, featuring chicken thighs with international accents, from chicken curry to cacciatore, chicken teriyaki to chicken tagine, biriyani and butter chicken, and much more. Easy Refreshing Beverage. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy ice-cold beverages like lemonade, or a classic mojito, or a tall glass of fresh-squeezed limeade.Sweet, tart, and oh-so-refreshing! With so many favorite summer beverages being citrusy, that means that heartburn is often not too far behind for me. When I think of Carolina style BBQ I think of whole hog smoking, ribs, and all things pork. Pork isn’t everything, but is a big influence among the greatest pit masters throughout the region. Because of the acidity, we find this vinegar based style of sauce to be a great pairing for BBQ and wine or to adapt with a little bit of fruit jam. Jump to Recipe I have a deep, dark confession to make today… As I’ve progressed along in my read food journey, I’ve noticed that my taste buds have changed. I’ve gradually lost my cravings for many of my once-loved processed food favorites, and I’m pleased to report that my palate has happily adjusted to fresh […] Oreo fans, take note: We blended up the cookies with a little cream cheese (use more if you like the tang) to recreate a slice of beloved Oreo Cheesecake. Complete the look with a dollop of ... If you have pasta-making experience and you're looking for a good workout, all you really need is flour, eggs, and a rolling pin. (Actually, you don't even need a rolling pin if you're going for pastas like pici, orecchiette, capunti, and other hand-shaped or hand-rolled doughs.) But—since I don't really like to exercise—I use a pasta maker. Keep cool in the summer heat with these easy homemade popsicle recipes, ranging from classic creations to creative, decadent pops you have to see to believe.

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Maybelline - Master Strobe Stick - Light Iridescent - Used $1
Maybelline - Master Strobe Stick - Light Iridescent - Used $1
NYX - Away We Glow - Golden Hour - Swatched $3
NYX - Away We Glow - Crystal Glare - Swatched $3
NYX - Away We Glow - Crystal Glare - Swatched $3
Maybelline - Contour Stick - Deep - Used $1
Too Faced - Rainbow Strobe - New, Smashed $8
Okalan - Highlight Palette - Green - Swatched $8
Okalan - Highlight Palette - Bronze - Swatched $8
Too Faced - Primed & Peachy - Travel Size - 95% Used $3
bareMinerals - Chandelight Glow Illuminator - Gold Obsession - Used 2x $6
Revlon - Lip, Cheek, & Eyes - Romantic Nudes - New $3
Revlon - Lip, Cheek, & Eyes - Romantic Nudes - New $3
Revlon - Lip, Cheek, & Eyes - Seductive Smokes - New $3
Revlon - Lip, Cheek, & Eyes - Seductive Smokes - New $3
Revlon - Lip, Cheek, & Eyes - Berry In Love - New $3
Revlon - Lip, Cheek, & Eyes - Berry In Love - New $3
NYX - Away We Glow - Untamed - NEW $5
NYX - Away We Glow - Untamed - NEW $5
NYX - Away We Glow - Zoned Out - NEW $5
NYX - Away We Glow - Zoned Out - NEW $5
NYX - Away We Glow - Zoned Out - NEW $5


[BROWS] [Price]
Rimmel - Sourcils Eyebrow - 002 Hazel - Used 1x $1
Milani - Brow & Eye Highlighter - Matte Beige/High Glow - NEW $2
Milani - Brow Fix - 003 Dark - NEW $3
Maybelline - Brow Precise Highlighter - Deep - NEW $2
Maybelline - Brow Crayon Drama - Blonde - NEW $2
L'Oreal - Brow Stylist Pencil - Brunette - NEW $2
L'Oreal - Brow Stylist Powder - Medium to Dark - NEW $2
L'Oreal - Brow Stylist - Light - NEW $2
Maybelline - Brow Precise Fiber - Auburn - NEW $2
Maybelline Brow Precise Highlighter - Light - NEW $2
L'Oreal - Brow Stylist Definer - Blonde - NEW $2
Revlon - Colorstay Brow Crayon - Blonde - Used 1x $2
Maybelline - Brow Drama Pro Palette - Blonde - New, Opened $2
Maybelline - Brow Precise Highlight - Deep - NEW $2
Covergirl - Easy Breezy Brow - Honey Brown - Used $2
NYX - Eyebrow Powder - NEW $2
Revlon - Colorstay Brow Tint - Taupe - Used $2
Maybelline - Tattoo Studio - Deep Brown - Used 1x $2
Covergirl - Easy Breezy Brow - Honey Brown - Used $2
Rimmel - Brow Shake - Dark Brown - NEW $2
Maybelline - Brow Precise Fiber - Medium Brown - NEW $2
NYX - Tame & Frame - Espresso - New, Looks slightly dry. $4
Maybelline - Brow Precise Pencil - Soft Brown - NEW $2
Maybelline - Brow Precise Fiber - Brown - NEW $2
Maybelline - Brow Precise Highlight - Deep - NEW $2
Maybelline - Tattoo Studio Brow Gel - Deep Brown - Swatched $3
Maybelline - Tattoo Studio Brow Gel - Blonde - Swatched $3
Maybelline - Tattoo Studio Brow Gel - Soft Brown - Swatched $3
Maybelline - Tattoo Studio Brow Gel - Soft Brown - Swatched $3
Maybelline - Tattoo Studio Brow Gel -Medium Brown - Used $2
NYX - Powder Brow Filler - Brunette - Tested $3
NYX - Powder Brow Filler - Taupe - Tested $3
Revlon - Brow Crayon - Dark Brown - Swatched $1
NYC - Brow Powder - Blonde - NEW $1
L'Oreal - Brow Stylist - Light - NEW $2
Revlon - Brow Crayon - Soft Black - NEW $2
e.l.f. - Brow Pencil - Used $1
NYX - 3 in 1 Brow Pencil - Soft brown - Swatched $3
Pixi - Natural Brow Duo - Deep Brunette - Swatched $5
NYX - Control Freak Eyebrow Gel - Swatched $3
NYX - Micro Brow Pencil - Chocolate - Swatched $3
NYX - Micro Brow Pencil - Ash Brown - Swatched $3
NYX - Control Freak Brow Gel - Tested $3
NYX - Eyebrow Powder Pencil - Taupe - NEW $3
NYX - Eyebrow Pencil - Taupe - NEW $3
L'Oreal - Brow Definer - Blonde - Used $1
Pacifica - Stunning Brows - Golden Brown - Swatched $6
NYX - 3 in 1 Pencil- Auburn - Swatched $3
NYX - Micro Pencil - Brunette - Swatched $3
Makeup Revlutuion - Brow Palette - Swatched $3
Kara Beauty Brow Palette - NEW $10
L'Oreal - Brow Styalist Frame & Set - Blonde - Used $2
NYX - - Micro Pencil - Blonde - Swatched $3
No7 - Brow Pencil - Blonde - Swatched $2
NYX - Micro Brow Pencil - Taupe - Swatched $3
NYX - Micro Brow Pencil - Taupe - Swatched $3
Dior - Brow Pencil - Universal - New, Tester $10
Tweezerman - Brow Plucker - Used 1x $8
L'Oreal - Brow Stylist Dual End Pencil - Medium - NEW $2
L'Oreal - Brow Stylist Dual End Pencil - Medium - NEW $2


Lashes - 010 - NEW $2
Lashes - 010 - NEW $2
Lashes - T04 - NEW $2
Ardell - Natural - 118 - NEW $3
Shidi Shangpin - Lashes - NEW $2
Ooh-la-lash - Individuals - NEW $2
Salon Perfect - Black - NEW $1
Eylure - Luxe Magnetic - NEW $4
Broadway Eyes - Human Hair Lashes - 12 - NEW $1
Broadway Eyes - Human Hair Lashes - 107 - NEW $1
Broadway Eyes - Human Hair Lashes - 119 - NEW $1
Wet N Wild - Waterproof Mascara - Very Black - NEW $3
Revlon - Super Length Mascara - Black - NEW $3
NYX - Volume Mascara - Tested $2
No7 - Exceptional Definition - Black - Swatched $3
Amuse - Liquid Liner + Mascara - NEW $2
Amuse - Liquid Liner + Mascara - NEW $2
Dior - Addict It Lash - Blue - NEW, Tester $15
Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strip Liner - Smokey Nude Eye - NEW $4
Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strip Liner - For Brown Eyes - NEW $4
Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strips Liner - Green Eyes - NEW $4
Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strips Shadow - Nude Eyes - NEW $5
Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strips Liner - Nude Eyes - NEW $4
Physicians Formula - Eyeshadow Quad - Smokey Purples - NEW $4
Physicians Formula - Matte Collection - Canyon Classics - NEW $2
Icon - Eyeshadow Tin Palette - NEW $5
Covergirl - Eyeshadow Single - NEW $1
Starry - Glitter Quad (Blue/Grey) - NEW $2
e.l.f. - Eye Shadow Palette - Summer Breeze - Swatched $3
e.l.f. - Eye Shadow Palette - Need It Nude - NEW, no box $3
L'Oreal - The One sweep Eyeshadow - Smokey Eye for Blue Eyes - NEW $1
Illusions - Eyeshadow Palette $1
Okalan - Liquid Metal Eyeshadow Palette - Swatched $6
Starry - Glitter Quad (Brown/Purple) - NEW $2
Okalan - The Burgendy Palette - Swatched $8
e.l.f. - Sculpting Eyeshadow Trio - Rose All Day - NEW, no box. $2
e.l.f. - Christian Siriano Palette - Swatched $3
Heng Fang - Liquid Eyeshadow Glitter - Grey - NEW $3
Heng Fang - Liquid Eyeshadow Glitter - Orange- NEW $3
Heng Fang - Liquid Eyeshadow Glitter - Silver - NEW $3
Heng Fang - Liquid Eyeshadow Glitter - Gold - NEW $3
Heng Fang - Liquid Eyeshadow Glitter - Grey - NEW $3
Miskos - Glitter Eye Shadow Pan - Dark Pink - NEW $3
Miskos - Glitter Eye Shadow Pan - Silver - NEW $3
Miskos - Glitter Eye Shadow Pan - Light Pink - NEW $3
Miskos - Glitter Eye Shadow Pan - Light Silver - NEW $3
Maybelline - Eyeliner Pencil - Smooth Charcoal - Used $1
Maybelline - Pencil Eyeliner - Sleek Onyx - Used $1
Maybelline - Pencil Eyeliner - Lustrous Sapphire - NEW $2
NYX - Glitter Primer - Used 1x $3
No7 - Beautiful Skin - Rich Hydrating Eye Cream - NEW, no box $4
L'Oreal - Smokey Eye Pencil - Grey - NEW $2
L'Oreal - Infallible Paints Metallic Eyeshadow - 408 Aluminum Foil - NEW $2
Covergirl - Mascara - Black - Used 2x $1
Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strips Shadow & Liner - Natural Nude Eyes - NEW $5
Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strip Shadow & Liner - Classic Nude Eyes - NEW $5
Covergirl - Perfect Blend Pencil - Taupe - NEW $2
L'Oreal - Infallible Powder Eyeliner - Smokey Brown - NEW $2
Amuse - Liquid Liner & mascara - NEW $1
Almay - Liquid Liner - Black Pearl - NEW $2
Apt 5 - Eyeshadow Duo - Swatched $1
Revlon - Liquid Eye Pen - Black - NEW $2
Maybelline - Liquid Eyeshadow - Khaki Kool - Swatched $1
L'Oreal - Telescopic Mascara - Carbon Black - Used 1x $1
L'Oreal - Stick Eyeshadow - Everlasting Gold - Used 1x $1
Beauty Creations - The Sweetest Palette - Swatched $8
Max Studio - Eyeshadow Palette - Palette is broken, one shade missing, lightly used. $3
Okalan - Liquid Metal Eyeshadow Palette - Swatched $6
Beauty Creations - Tease me Palette - Swatched $10
Okalan - The Bronze Palette - Swatched $8
Olay - Eyes - Eye Roller - Used 1x $12
Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strip Eyeliner - Blue Eyes - NEW $4
L'Oreal - Lash Paradise - Mascara - Black - Used 1x $3
Heng Fang - Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow - Orange - NEW $3
L'Oreal - Single Shadow - Meet Me in Paris - NEW $1
Maybelline - Ultra Liner - Dark Brown - Used 1x $1
Okalan - The Bronze Palette - NEW $10
e.l.f. - Liquid Eyeshadow $1
Skin Nutrition's - Eye Roller - NEW $1
Covergirl - Intense Shadow Blast - Platinum pop - NEW $1
Maybelline - Master Precise Liquid Liner - Black - NEW $2
Kleancolor - Liquid Eyeshadow - Swatched $1
Kleancolor - Liquid Eyeshadow - Swatched $1
Almay - Multi-Benefit Mascara - Blackest Black - Used 1x $1
L'Oreal - Lash Paradise Mascara - Blackest Black - Used 1x $2
Hard Candy - Mascara - Electric Blue - NEW $2
Almay - Bright Eyes Shadow - Bronze - NEW $1
Hard Candy - Single Eye Shadow - NEW $1
Pacifica - Aquarian Gaze Mascara - Abyss - Used 1x $3
Rimmel - Scandal Eyes Kohls Kajal Eyeliner Pencile - Nude - NEW $2
Heng Fang - Liquid Glitter Eye Shadow - Bronze - NEW $3
Maybelline - Eye Shadow Palette - Twilight - NEW $2
Pixi - Crayon Combo Brown - Swatched $5
Maybelline - Colossal Big Shot Mascara - Used 1x $1
e.l.f. - Eye Shadow Trio - Rose All Day - NEW $2
Maybelline - Single Shadow - Soft Pearl - NEW $1
L'Oreal - Liquid Shadow Duo - Brown Sugar - Used 1x $1
Diamond Cosmetics - Jumbo Pencil - Lavender - NEW $1
Maybelline - Color Tattoo Eyeshadow - Hibiscus Heartbreak - Used $1
Maybelline - Mechanical Pencil - Black - NEW $2
Pixi - Crayon Combo Cream - Used 1x $5
Pixi - Bright Primer - Used 1x $5
Pixi - Lash Primer - Black - Used 1x $5
L'Oreal - Infallible Liquid Eyeliner - Black - NEW $2
Kat Von D - Lock It Color Correcting Eye Primer - Tan - Used $5
Almay - Eyeshadow Duo - Used 1x $1
Studio Makeup - Single Shadow - NEW $1
L'Oreal - infallible eye shadow - Gleaming Bronze - Used 1x $1
Revlon - Color Charge Pigment - Gold Dust - NEW $1
Pixi - Crayon Duo - Softly Smokey - Used 1x $5
Jordana - Eyeshadow Pencil - Aqua Last - Used 1x $1
Jordana - Eyeshadow Stick - Opal Obsession - NEW $1
Crayon Kohl Kajal Eyeliner - NEW $1
Milani - Cool Attitude Eyeshadow Stick - Flirty - NEW $2
L'Oreal - Grand Kohl Eyeliner - Used 1x $1
Eylure - Brow Pomade - Dark Brown - NEW $4
Italia Deluxe - Lashes for Daze - Black - NEW $2
Blinc - Mascara - Black - Used 1x $1
Miskos - Glitter Eyeshadow Pan Palette - Palette + 4 Shadows - NEW $16
Empty Holographic Palette - NEW $8
Starry - Glitter Quad - Blue/Orange - NEW $2
Starry - Glitter Quad - Bronze/Pink - NEW $2
Nabi - Face & Body Glitter - Rasin - NEW $1
NYX - Face & Body Glitter - Beauty Beam - NEW $4
Jcat - Face & Body Glitter - Gold Road - NEW $2
Jcat - Face & Body Glitter - Lion Silver - NEW $2
Skin Nutrition - Eye Roller - NEW $1
Skin Nutrition - Eye Roller - NEW $1
Beauty Creations - Sugar Sweets Palette - Swatched $8
L.A. Colors - Mini Eye Shadow Palette - Used $1
J.Cat - Shimmer Shadow Primer - Used 1x $2
Okalan - The Burgendy Palette - NEW $8
L'Oreal - Single Shadow - 209 - NEW $1
NYX - Shadow Base - White Pearl - Used $1
Covergirl - Bombshell Shineshadow - NEW $1
Beauty Glaze - Rose Gold Glitter Palette - Swatched 2x $4
Maybelline - The City Kits - Urban Lights - NEW $3
Milani - Retractable Eyeliner - Precious Silver - NEW $2
Liquid Eyeliner - Black - Used 1x $1
Jordana - Stick Eye shadow - Opal Obsession - NEW $1
Jordana - Stick Eye shadow - Opal Obsession - NEW $1
Sonia Kashuk - Eye Palette - Fresh Bloom - NEW $3
Profusion - Eye Palette - Natural - NEW $2
NYX - Avant Pop Palette - Nouveau Chic - NEW $4
Winky Lux - Kitten Eyeshadow Palette - Used $8
Beauty Creations - Esmerelda Palette - NEW $6
Ccolor Creations - Unisex 3 Palette - NEW $8
Wet N Wild - Au Naturel Palette - NEW $2
Too Faced - Matte Chocolate Chip - Used $12
PUR - Soiree Diaries - Used $10
e.l.f. - Mad About Mattes Palette - NEW $3
Ccolor Cosmetics - Metal Palette - NEW $5
Maybelline - THe Nudes Palette - Lightly Used, Pans are loose $1
Profusiuon - Eye Shadow Palette - Drama - NEW $2
Colourpop - Element Of Surprise Palette - Lightly Used $10
NYX - Lingerie Eye Tint - New Romance - Used 1x $2
Covergirl - Eyeshadow Trio - Dazzling Metallics - NEW $1
Covergirl - Eyeshadow Trio - Dazzling Metallics - NEW $1
Covergirl - Eyeshadow Trio - Dazzling Metallics - NEW $1
Starry - Glitter Quad - Red/Gold - NEW $2
Starry - Glitter Quad - Red/Gold - NEW $2
L'Oreal - HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments - NEW $1
L'Oreal - HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments - NEW $1


NYX - Matte Lip Liner - Soft Spoken - Swatched $2
Urban Decay - Vice Palette - NEW $20
Urban Decay - Mini Vice - NEW $15
Urban Decay - Metal Meets Matte Vice Palette - NEW $20
L'Oreal - La Palette - NEW $3
PUR - Mini Lip Palette - NEW $5
Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Lip Ammo - Jeffree's Girl - NEW $12
Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Lip Ammo - Jeffree's Girl - NEW $12
Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Velour Liquid Lipstick - Self Control - NEW $14
Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Velour Liquid Lipstick - Watermelon Soda - NEW $14
Maybelline - Lip Kit - Phyton - NEW $2
Smashbox - Lip Palette - NEW $22
Lilye - Matte Liquid Lipstick - Set of 4 - NEW $5
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F10 - Swatched $2
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F01 - Swatched $2
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F06 - Swatched $2
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F04 (Multi Box) - Swatched $2
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F04 (Orange Box) - Swatched $2
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F09 - Swatched $2
Nugg - Hydrating Lip Mask - NEW $3
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F18 - Swatched $2
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F12 - Swatched $2
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F16 - Swatched $2
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F25 - Swatched $2
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F02 - Swatched $2
Foonbe - Liquid Lipstick - F03 - Swatched $2
Pixi - Liquid Lipstick - Really Rose - Swatched $4
Pixi - Tinted Brilliance Balm - Used 2x $3
Cherimoya - Liquid Lipstick - Swatched $1
Neutrogena - Moisture Shine - Gleam - NEW $1
eos - Holiday Collection - Peppermint Mocha - NEW $2
Wet N Wild - Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick - Video Vixen - Used 1x $2
Wet N Wild - Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick - Nudist Peach - Used 1x $2
Wet N Wild - Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick - Coral Corruption - Used 1x $2
Wet N Wild - Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick - Pink Really Hard - Used 1x $2
Cherimoya - Matte Liquid Lipstick - Purple - Swatched $1
Cherimoya - Matte Liquid Lipstick - Pink - Swatched $1
NYX - Liquid Suede - Pink Lust - Used 1x $3
NYX - Liquid Suede - Oh, Put It On - Used 1x $3
NYX - Liquid Suede - Cherry Skies - Used 1x $3
NYX - Liquid Suede - Pink Lust - NEW $4
NYX Liquid Lipstick - Coy - Used 1x $3
Maybelline - Vivid Matte Liquid - 30 Orange Shot - Used 1x $3
Maybelline - Vivid Matte Liquid - 12 Twisted Tulip - Used 1x $3
NYX - Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - Cheekies - Used 1x $3
NYX - Soft Matte Metallic - Milan - Used 1x $3
NYX - Duo Chrome Gypsy Dreams - Used 1x $2
NYX - Liquid Suede - Run The World - NEW $2
Wet N Wild - Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick - Berry Recognize - Used 1x $3
NYX - Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - Embellishment - NEW $3
NYX - Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - Bustier - Used 1x $3
NYX - Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - Baby Doll - Used 1x $3
NYX - Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - Maison - NEW $3
NYX - Lingerie Liquid Lipstick - Silk Indulgent - NEW $3
NYX - Liquid Suede - Downtown Beauty - NEW $3
NYX - Duo Chrome Lipgloss - Booming - NEW $2
NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream - Athens - Used 1x $3
NYX - Soft Matte Metallic - Copenhagen - NEW $3
NYX - Soft Matte Metallic - Rome - Used 1x $3
Maybelline - Vivid Matte Liquid - 18 Orange Obsession - Used 1x $1
NYX - Soft Matte - London - Used 1x $3
Cherimoya - Matte Liquid Lipstick - Deep Purple - Swatched $1
NYX - Liqerie Glitter - Euro Trash - NEW $2
NYX - Duo Chrome Lipgloss - Booming - NEW $2
NYX - Liquid Lipstick - Speed of Light - Used 1x $2
NYX - Soft Matte Metallic - Monte Carlo - NEW $3
NYX - Intence Lip Butter Gloss - Oatmeal Raisin - NEW $3
Neotrogena - MoistureShine Lip Soother - Gleam - NEW $1
NYX - Liquid Suede - Subversive Socialite - Used 1x $3
NYX - Liquid Suede - Foul Mouth - NEW $3
NYX - Liquid Suede - Soft Spoken - NEW $3
NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream - Milan - Used 1x $3
NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream - Tres Leches - Used 1x $3
NYX - Intense Butter Gloss - Stockholm - Used 1x $3
NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream - Addis Ababa - Used 1x $3
NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream - Abu Dhabi - Used 1x $3
NYX - Butter Gloss - Black Berry Pie - Used 1x $3
Maybelline - Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick - 20 Electric Pink - Swatched $2
NYX - Intense Butter Gloss - Oatmeal Raisin - Swatched $3
Wet N Wild - Metallic Liquid Lipstick - Days of Fuchsia Past - Swatched $2
NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream - Seoul - Swatched $3
NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream - Vancouver - Swacthed $3
NYX - Duo Chrome Lipgloss - Booming - Swatched $2
Wet N Wild - Liquid Lipstick - Rebel Rose - Swatched $3
NYX - Cosmic Metals - 08 Speed of Light - Swatched $2
Wet N Wild - Metallic Liquid Lipstick - Days of Fuchsia Passed - Swatched $2
NYX - Lingerie Glitter Lipgloss - Butter - Swatched $3
NYX - Liquid Suede Metallic - Biker Babe - Swatched $3
Wet N Wild - Liquid Lipstick - Give Me Mocha - Swatched $3
NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream - Madrid - Swatched $3
NYX - Duo Chrome Lipgloss - Booming - Swatched $2
NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick Satin - Ribbon - Swatched $3
NYX - Slip Tease Liquid Lipstick - Fatal Attraction - Swatched $3
NYX - Matte Lipstick - Dark Era - Used $1
NYX - Matte Lipstick - Haze - NEW $2
NYX - Matte Lipstick - Honeymoon - Used $1
NYX - Intense Butter Gloss - Black Berry Pie - Swatched $3
NYX - Intense Butter Gloss - Cinnamon Roll - NEW $3
NYX - Metals Lip Cream - Asteriod Era - Swatched $2
NYX - Lingerie Lip Color - Silk Indulgent - Swatched $3
Physicians Formula - The Healthy Lip Velvet Finish - Coral Minerals - NEW $4
NYX- Pin-up Pout Lipstick - Flashy - NEW $2
Maybelline - Vivid Matte Liquid Listick - 45 Vivid Violet - Swatched $2
NYX - Matte Lipstick - Beach Casual - Swatched $2
Physicians Formula - The Healthy Lip Velvet Finish - Red-Storative Effects - NEW $4
Essence - XXXL Shine Lip Gloss - Life is Sweet - Used 1x $1
Cherimoya - Unicorn Gloss - Used 1x $1
NYX - Slip Tease Liquid Lipstick - Beyond Basic - Swatched $3
L'Oreal - Infallible Liquid Lipstick Matte - 366 Stripped - Used 1x $2
Revlon - Lipgloss - Buffest Beige - Used 1x $1
NYX - Duo Chrome Lipgloss - Foam Party - Used 1x $2
Physicians Formula - The Healthy Lip Velvet Finish - Red-Storative Effects - NEW $4
Covergirl - Queen Colection - Used 1x $1
Almay - Lipgloss - Nudetrients - Used 1x $1
Revlon - Ultra HD Lip Lacquer - HD Sandstone - Used 1x $1
Milani - Liquid Lipstick - 11 Precious - Used 1x $2
L'Oreal - Liquid LIpstick -190 Endless Red - Used 1x $1
Milani - Lipgloss - 01 Delight - Used 1x $1
Kleancolor - Madly Matte Liquid Lipstick - Clay - NEW $1
NYX - Lingerie Glitter Lipgloss - Honeymoon - Used 1x $2
NYX - Butter Lipstick - West Coast - Used $1
Sonia Kashuk - Lipgloss - Nearly Natural - NEW $3
Burts Bees - Lipgloss - Ocean Sunrise - Used 1x $3
L'Oreal - Infallible Lip Paint - Lilac Lust - Used 1x $1
L'Oreal - Infallible Lip Paint - Wild Rose - Used 1x $1
Revlon - Super Lustrous Lipgloss - Solar Coral - Used $1
Revlon - Color Charge Lipgloss - Lip in the Clouds - Used 1x $1
Rimmel - Show Off Lip Lacquer - Galaxy - Used 1x $1
Kleancolor - Madly Matte Liquid Lipstick - Clay $1
NYX - Powder Puff Lippie - Squad Goals - Used 1x $1
Physcicians Formula - The Healthy Lip Velvet Finish - Bare With Me - NEW $4
L'Oreal - Infallible Lip Paint - Domineering Teal - Used 1x $1
L'Oreal - Infallible Lip Paint - Orange Envy - Used 1x $1
Ruby Kisses - Lip Butter - Used $1
Neutrogena - Hydro Boost - Cherry - NEW $3
L'oreal - Lip Cream - Festival - Used $1
Maybelline - Color Jolt - Fuchsia - Used 1x $1
Maybelline - Super Stay Lip Color Duo - 055 Perpetual Plum - Used $1
Maybelline - Super Stay Lip Color Duo - 145 Constant Cocoa - Used $1
Maybelline - Super Stay Lip Color Duo - 055 Perpetual Plum - Used $1
Maybelline - Super Stay Lip Color Duo - 055 Perpetual Plum - Used $1
Maybelline - Super Stay Lip Color Duo - 055 Perpetual Plum - Used $1
L'Oreal - Infallible Lip Paint - Bewitching - Used 1x $1
Maybelline - Super Stay Lip Color Duo - 145 Constant Cocoa - Used $1
Maybelline - Super Stay Lip Color Duo - 150 Timeless Toffee - Used $1
Maybelline - Super Stay Lip Color Duo - 225 All Day Plum - Used $1
Maybelline - Super Stay Lip Color Duo - Infinite Rasperry - Used $1
Revlon - Colorstay Overtime - Unending Red - NEW $2
Revlon - Colorstay Overtime - Infinite Raspberry - Swatched $1
L'Oreal - Infallible Lip Paint - Lilac Lust - Used 1x $1
Sonia Kashuk - Sheer Lip Tint - Sheer Fuchsia - NEW $3
NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream - Abu Dhabi - Used 1x $3
L'Oreal - Infallible Lip Paint - Navy Spy - Used 1x $1
Burts Bees - Lip Crayon - Pacifica Coast $3
Disney - Lip Balm - NEW $3
Maybelline - Baby Lips - Sassy Scarlet - NEW $2
Milani - Matte Liquid Lipstick - Used 1x $3
Pacifica - Natural Lipstick - Rebel - Swatched $4
Sonia Kashuk - Lustrous Shine Lip Crayon - Sweet Pea - NEW $3
Sonia Kashuk - Supreme Lustrous Lipgloss - Fairest Flush - NEW $3
Rimmel - Lipgloss - Blushing Belgraves - Used 1x $1
Wet N Wild - Lipstick Duo - Mutually Beneficial - Swatched $1
Covergirl - Lip Oil - Orange Zest - Used 1x $1
Covergirl - Lip Oil - Orange Zest - Used 1x $1
e.l.f. - Matte Lip Color - Cranberry - Used 1x $1
e.l.f. - Matte Lip Color - Cranberry - Used 1x $1
e.l.f. - Matte Lip Color - Mulberry Maven - Used 1x $1
The Lip Bar - Vegan Liquid Matte - NEW $3
Burts Bee - Tinted Lip Oil - Whispering Orchid - NEW $3
Revlon - HD Lip Color - HD Vineyard - NEW $2
Maybelline - Super Stay Lip Color Duo - 015 All Day Cherry - Used $1
L'Oreal - Infallible Lip Paint - Ferless Fuchsia - Used 1x $1
Colorpop - Lipgloss Mini - Milk Bottle - Used 1x $3
e.l.f. - Beautifully Bare Lip Tint - Sheer Berry - Used 1x $1
e.l.f. Makeup Remover Pen - Clear - NEW $2
e.l.f. - Velvet Matte Lipstick - Ruby Red - Swatched $1
e.l.f. - Matte Lip Color - Cranberry - Swatched $1
e.l.f. - Moisturizing Lipstick - Razzle Dazzle Red - Used 1x $1
Too Faced - Melted Matte Sample -Sell Out - NEW $5
Honest Beauty - Lip Crayon - Sheer Petal Kiss - Used 1x $4
Revlon - Colorstay Lipliner - Nude - Used 1x $1
Stacey Frasca Studion 28 - Lipstick - Plush - Swatched $2
Maybelline - Bold Lipstick - 750 Wickedly White - Used $1
Maybelline - Bold lIpstick - 825 Blackest Berry - Swatched $1
Maybelline - Bold Lipstick - 750 Wickedly White - Swatched $1
Maybelline - Bold Lipstick - 840 Midnight Blue - Swatched $1
Maybelline - Bold Lipstick - 790 Midnight Merlot - Swatched $1
Maybelline - Bold Lipstick - 765 Grey Over it - Swatched $1
Maybelline - Bold Lipstick - 825 Blackest Berry - Swatched $1
Maybelline - Bold Lipstick - 780 Coffee Addiction - Swatched $1
Maybelline - Bold Lipstick - 750 Wickedly White - Used $1
Maybelline - Bold Lipstick - 820 Berry Bossy - Used $1
Maybelline - Metallic Lipstick - 958 Copper Spark - NEW $1
Maybelline - Metallic Lipstick - 950 White Gold - Used 1x $1
Maybelline - Lipstick - 20 Pink & Proper - Used $1
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Continues in Comments....
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Hey all, I used to read these threads a lot but stopped coming on reddit and can't even remember my old login now. So I'm back fresh. Posted my story on fb today, publicly, because I saw a diagram outlining narcissistic abuse and suddenly felt like I wanted to stop hiding in shame. I hope it's alright if I share my story here, too.

This subject is so uncomfortable but so necessary to talk about. When it comes up in my feed, I have to share. Any action I can take to spread more awareness of such a normally invisible form of abuse, I'll take it. (If you don't want to learn some disturbing shit about my history this would be a good time to scroll on by.)
I come from a world of narcissistic abuse. My mom was my world- a single parent by choice, my brother and I grew up hearing the story of how she picked my dad for his height and looks so she could create bodies for these divine beings to come into the world. It's a tall order to live up to, being a god.
I'm gonna go through the bullet points in this diagram and see how many of them I have an example of. This might get kinda long (though I'm gonna limit it to one or two examples each) and is definitely too personal to be sharing publicly on the internet.. but fuck it. I feel like being visible.
-Abuse- Physical: When I was a little kid I didn't want to take a shower so she grabbed me by the hair, dragged me screaming into the bathroom, picked me up, threw me into the tub and turned the water on. When I was a teenager we were having a fight and she frisbeed a metal platter across the room at me, hitting me in the face. Mental: I was informed fairly young that she loved my brother more than me because she "just gets along better with boys" and as a teenager she suggested I consider porn as a career goal. Emotional: Per her scientology training, from the age of 3 or 4 she would sit my brother and I facing each other and have us do "bull baiting" where we try to hurt each other's feelings in an attempt to numb emotional reactivity. Once when I was little I was acting up during a drive to Toys R Us so she handcuffed me to the metal rail under the passenger front seat and left me in the car while taking my brother shopping. Neglect: Probably not listed because it must only be present in narcissistic parental abuse, but there was a lot of this. Like staying in abusive relationships and subjecting us to them, allowing me to drop out of school at 15 and convincing the school board I was being taught at home when I wasn't, dropping me off at a gas station when I was around 5 because I was throwing a fit and just leaving me there to be (luckily) picked up by police walking along the side of the road. Sexual: It isn't listed either, surprisingly, but my mom definitely sexually abused me. In addition to putting me in very dangerous situations (such as constantly leaving me with male babysitters she'd never met before *while* raising me as a nudist) and letting me know at around 7 years old that the Tahitian dance classes she put me in were meant to help me please my future husband in the bedroom someday, she also intentionally set herself up in my bedroom, on my bed, with the door unlocked, when she knew I was home, so that I would walk in on her masturbating when I was a teenager. My brother and I were also treated to very disturbing story times as children where she would recount or complain about the way her boyfriends liked to have sex with her. As a teenager she'd comment frequently about how attractive and sexily my body was maturing, even touching me in ways I didn't recognize as inappropriate at the time.
-Manipulation- Covert negativism: When my brother and I would be having a good time and get into laughing fits, she'd almost always interrupt to point out how we were "in glee" and it was fake happiness. I would also be called fake when I cried. Lying: It's a blur in childhood, I know I caught multiple big lies but I can't seem to capture the details now. As an adult, after stealing my identity and putting me thousands of dollars into the first debt of my life, she lied to say I'd given her permission to do so.. then later on used my identity to commit tax fraud by making money in my name and leaving me with the aftermath. Exploitive Charm: I'd witness it anywhere we went, acting like a child and wagging her butt and pretty-pleasing her way into special treatment at every opportunity. Bragging about her brilliant kids and how amazing we are, how beautiful her daughter is, and always how she sacrificed everything to devote herself to being a single mom, so she could reap the accolades of having spawned us. Guilt: One of my earliest memories at probably 3 or 4 is fighting with my brother and, rather than helping us work through it or putting a stop to things, my mom slumping down and crying over how we couldn't get along. Really sobbing. In my teens, maybe before then, the song and dance of her threatening to commit suicide when we weren't all getting along was so commonplace that I became numb to it.
-Gaslighting- Since these bullets are effects rather than actions, I'm just gonna say a general "yes" bigtime here. It was hammered into my head that I was fake, never took any responsibility for all the fighting in the house that was always my fault, my mom would hurt my feelings and then blame my bad mood on whatever hobby or activity I loved most at the time. I was briefly taken to psychiatrists to try to figure out what was wrong with me for being an unruly kid and she talked one of them into diagnosing me with autism.. then used it as much as she could to downplay anything she didn't like about me, passing it off as my being "special" and unable to understand the world properly.
-Hoovering- My mom was an expert at the "draw them back in" cycle and this is what kept me blinded for so long about how toxic things truly were. When we were very young she made my brother and I promise that we would never leave her or move away from home, even to get married. She was always complimenting me and doing nice things for me when I was pleasing to her. I couldn't see until years later that the good she gave was actually used as leverage, something she could take away if I wasn't following in exact step with her vision of who and what I should be.
-Isolation- Lose family: She told me horrible stories about my aunt, her sister, so that I'd want nothing to do with her. I was very close to my grandpa and when he was on his deathbed, she told everyone about how he molested her as a child. As an adult, she's tried to sabotage my relationship with my brother's wife because she snuck onto my sister-in-law's facebook account and read our personal messages commiserating about having to deal with her. I don't remember exactly what she told them but pretty much trying to smear me to them as best she could (it didn't work). Lose friends: When I was 18, my best friend became my first sexual experience. My mom had my brother spy on us from my bedroom window (from what she told me), accused my friend of raping me and confusing me into thinking I was a lesbian, and forbid me from seeing her again. My mom had also gotten inappropriately involved in my first three long-term relationships, messaging them behind by back and attempting to sabotage us. Feel invisible: I felt desperately alone in my childhood. Every part of me was called out as fake and it seemed that all of my good qualities were only there to be used as an extension of my mom, to make her stand out and feel special. When a friend's much older brother molested me at 8 years old, my mom knew about it and didn't take legal action. When I wanted to go to college, I was told that I'd only waste the experience socializing. Then when she did let me go for one semester, I was forced to take the classes she chose for me (I'd have to wait until 25 when I was no longer a dependent to be able to apply for financial aid and return to school).
-Affects Health- I've battled with severe depression and complex PTSD since I was pretty young, though it wasn't diagnosed until adulthood when I could seek proper therapy for myself. I still struggle a lot with anxiety, having a solid sense of self, fears of abandonment, regulating emotions and tolerating stressful situations without feeling like the abuse is being repeated. I've spent so many years deprogramming and reraising myself, trying to become a healthier person and learning to live a happy life. One of the ways I'm doing that is by owning my experience. I was raised in a lot of shame and with the sense that everything bad that ever happened was created by me (my mom would literally tell me this with her version of spiritual dogma, often repeating "one finger pointed at me is three pointing back at you" and "you're creating your own experience with what you put into the universe"). Many times when I would be melting down emotionally she'd whip out the video camera or call the neighbors over and try to shame me out of it. Any time any other person was involved in our lives, I was painted as the bad, ungrateful daughter and her as the helpless, selfless martyr... and she'd always be believed because no one could fathom the alternative. That a mother would ever abuse her child. She's a life coach, got her master's degree in social work, has worked in elderly care. Of course no one would believe a kid with behavioral issues. Well I'm a fucking adult now.
Throughout writing this I continued to think of anyone seeing this and judging me, being unfriended for it, maybe not because I'm wrong but because I'm displaying my baggage. Maybe it makes me "too much" but that's okay, it still needs to be said. I'm too much for myself sometimes but there are reasons why and sharing them, bringing this subject to more light, is worth the risk of anyone deciding they'd rather not know me. I was ashamed for a really long time but I'm not anymore.
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No response yet, Bardin?
Actually, the misguided family has responded to your highly reasonable requests with a torrent of very unsavoury words, Captain. They are not yielding.
Very well then. Their pride shall be their downfall. Set a course for their residence and activate the new proxies.
Do not take this as disobedience, but this simple cephalon has to inquire if using power on the proxies is necessary? My data almost completely precludes the possibility of an effective defence from your future business partners, even accounting for my flaws.
What have we to gain by not activating them? A bit of extra power? It is a small price to pay for ensuring the success the raid. Besides, it will be a lovely demonstration of my power, and something I can use to inspire the respect that I deserve. Now, stop that unproductive line of thought and begin executing my orders. That Braton Prime in the cargo hold is just aching to release its secrets to me, and I do not appreciate being delayed by a machine that does not know its place.
Of course, Captain. You speak the truth, as always. We are en route.
It is getting harder and harder to force myself to make these. In fact, it is getting harder and harder to get myself to do anything at all. I don't even like coffee anymore. Not like I used to. If I could, I'd just sleep and sit at my computer all day.
I'm sad, and at this point, I'm not even sure why. The memories of... that place keep coming back, but you'd expect horror. Insomnia. But, no. I'm just sad. I keep feeling like I don't deserve what I have, but it's not that. I went through worse in my life. So why is it that remembering my childhood crushes me like it does? Why? WHY?!
That scream was the most emotion I felt in a week. I don't know what else to talk about. I couldn't even fix Maple's thingy. So close, yet so far. It doesn't matter anyway. Kaiathas, signing...
Don't worry, Selva, it's nothing, go...
Not that, need your help!
I don't...
Shuttle ready at the floor -1 port, follow, will explain!
Look, I can't...
Sigh... Boss, this is way too serious for this crap!
Let me take this thing off for a bit so you know how serious this is. Mr. Kahn, I need your help right now, and I am not taking no for an answer, so get Maple if you can and...
How do you know the na...
Thin walls, remember? Now, if someone were to, say, notice a shout, and then lay one of their ears in the right spot, they could hear a whole lot of interesting and incriminating things from the shoutee's room, and, coincidentally, this is what I'd like you to keep in mind should you choose to not help me out.
I'll answer all your questions on the shuttle, because it's a long way to Europa, isn't it? You have about five minutes to get your gear, and I know for a fact your paranoid buckethead ass can do it in one, so get moving!
... buckethead?
Hello, Maple. Normally, I record these logs as a way to relax myself after getting traumatised by all the crap the universe seems to throw at me for the audacity I display in the act of merely existing. However... I do not want to calm down. It has been too long since I felt this way, and once everything is back to normal, it will be back to that horrible, inescapable, and, worst of all, inexplicable depression.
So, I suppose the question would be why am I doing this, and why am I specifically addressing this to you? Well, for now, I'll just say that I have been informed you would be interested in what happened today. I'll explain more later on.
Let's get back to the start of this whole affair. So, my own bodyguard has been spying on me, and was trying to drag me into what is most likely a bullet-saturated environment, and I have absolutely no way of wiggling out of it. I wish I could say that was something highly unusual, but even compulsive liars like me have to draw a line somewhere. And yet, if I knew what was going to happen, I would... oh, I can't lie, I'd probably still strongly consider doing this. I am, above all, someone who plans to live longer than the Orokin, given the chance, but the state in mind I was in was horrible. Look, I know the Tenno are not psychologists, and probably have their own demons to fight, but I am still looking for a cure without having to reveal to the world at large how messed up I am, and I just don't know what to do.
My pathetic problems aside, I got my gear, that comms device you left, and ran to the civilian docks to get into Selva's private shuttle. After my run in with the Stalker, I needed some new armour on account of the my old set reacting poorly to Void energy beams, so I got in contact with some of the Perrin Sequence quartermasters and bought myself a Tech-grade exosuit a couple of weeks back. The bastards tried to convince me to shell out double the money for one of their standard operative suits. Wasn't gonna happen. The Corpus exosuits are boxy, hotter than the surface of the sun, the on-board computers are just slightly more reliable than Nef Anyo, and that's without even going into the fact that they make you feel like a corpse in a faulty trash compactor. However, the many years I spent wearing them made me feel naked without one, and I am certainly no nudist, so to speak.
But I digress. I got into the shuttle. It's a tiny little thing which can just barely support interplanetary travel, but it was still better than the things from my crewman days. Half of those couldn't even function as a boat... Anyway, after Selva ran into the cockpit to punch in the coordinates of whatever hellscape I was about to get dropped into, she sat across from me. I finally got a chance to take a good look at her without a helmet. Without a doubt, Selva is very young, considering her line of work. Her face is smooth, scarless, and, most of all, extremely pale. Even with her white hair, which would normally somewhat lessen the impact of such a skin tone, it is blindingly obvious that the paleness is far from normal. Her eyes are brown, small, and slanted, and, at that time, they were nervously running back and forth across the shuttle, looking for nothing in particular.
I had questions, and it was high time that I started asking them.
Okay, Selva. What's REALLY with the act you had going on, and where in the name of the Void and all the Profit lost within it are we going?
And all the Profit lost within it? Good one, stealing it! So, same answer to the both of the questions: I am the sole daughter of Keln and Varia Zinik, and we are a family that got rich on anti-grav technology development, so you'd think I'd want to stay there, but I really didn't, because they wanted me to do all the trading and accounting because I am female, but I couldn't because I cannot learn that, so I...
Slow down, please! By the stars, don't tell me your entire life story in one sentence!
Sorry, I get a bit carried away. I'll try, but it's hard for me.
Thank you. So, you stopped at running away. I didn't quite understand why.
In my family, it's traditional that the woman cuts deals, trades stocks, and does everything that deals with Profit. But I just can't understand how to do any of that, no matter how hard they tried to teach me! I tried to memorise the basics of trading one-credit stocks thirty-four times! I never could, but whenever I got together with my brothers, I soaked up their knowledge like a sponge. Now, they were supposed to go off for Tech-Sergeant training before I ran off, and I think they got back home by now. Before that, they did hovertech testing, obstacle courses, manual piloting, and, of course, Orokin and Corpus law. I loved being with them so much! I wanted to be like them, but my parents didn't let me, because someone had to deal with Profit. For the next year, I gave my best, and I couldn't be what they wanted me to be. I didn't want to see my family fail because of me, but they were so persistent. I had to do something, so I ran, because thought they would find someone who could do a proper job once I was out of the picture, so I stole a Fog Scrambus suit and some weapons they had at the time and some weapons and made a run for it with this shuttle, and then...
Sorry, as I said, it's hard for me not to get carried away. It's the reason I don't talk much with the helmet on. So, the helmet. I ran to a civilian space station in orbit of Europa. As it turns out, someone with gear and training like mine can only really find mercenary work, but people want gruff, dumb muscle, and I don't fit the description. I also needed to hide from my parents as long as I could. So, I put the Fog helmet on, and barely took it off for the last four years, and good thing I did too. I had twenty two bosses before you, Mr. Kahn. I only parted amicably with two. The whole dumb muscle act makes them underestimate me, so when they ask me to go kick some puppies or round up some slaves, I just cited a couple of failsafe clauses I would hide in the contract, and I was free, and generally a whole lot richer off of their accounts. Bastards never saw it coming. Well, two of them did, but it distracted them from my Lecta.
Maybe I should look through your contract once I get back ho...
Nope, Steel Meridian is pretty nitpicky about those things, couldn't get anything past them.
So, why did you come work with me, and how does this all figure into what we're doing now?
All that time, I still watched over my parents, ready to return if something pretty bad came up. Just before you hired me, some pathetic excuse for a human being started a protection company on Europa. Bah, the only thing they protect you from is themselves. Racketeers, the lot of them, but they were good at what they did. They hit a bunch of families and companies, and it was a matter of time before they got to the Ziniks. I needed to be ready, but it was so hard to get any info on their movements. What I needed were the Tenno databases. That's where you and Steel Meridian came in. While I was working with you, I used the authorization I got with you employing me and a couple of old Zinik tricks to keep tabs on the racketeers' ship. They are now moving towards my family, and I need as much help as I can get, and, by the way, I want a raise for a reason completely unrelated to the things I just said to you.
You are dragging me to get shot by a bunch of thugs with what is probably Neptune-grade equipment, and you think you deserve a raise?
But... yeah, I can't really do anything that will result in you not getting a raise, right.
Nope. Thin walls, Mr. Kahn.
Speaking of which, what's with the groaning noises from your hab block?
A girl has needs, boss, and the network connection over there is really good.
...say, did all that fiddling with your Tenno box do anything? Have you tried giving it a smack?
No, but there's no way that would work and thud it just started working but how.
At this point, I should probably mention that I was trying to get the comms device working for the duration of the conversation. Up to this point, the text showing up on it was mostly scrambled. However, Selva's percussive maintenance somehow managed to fix one of the communication channels on the device. Specifically, it was your clan's chat channel, Maple. You know, I really should have guessed Tenno technology can be fixed by the thing you all do best. Here's what happened next.
Hema research is finally complete. Smeeta kavats best kavats. Why does every clan need to research everything separately, anyway? I'm out for the next week.
dissenter: hey maple just getting the daily bonus right? :)
archon: you know, i wish i could blame maple for taking a break, but i know that i dont want to see a single infested for the next year after all the farming if i can help it
archon: i cant
pillarOfSalt: morning people! What's everyone been up to?
I have no idea what any of that meant, but I was looking for some sort of a input thingy on the device. After pressing a small button on the back, this happened.
Maple: [Rescue Mission]
pillarOfSalt: wtf is this?
archon: its like a mission link, how do you do that?
pillarOfSalt: idk this is really weird, doesn't even show the mission node
dissenter: lets do this whatever it is!
pillarOfSalt: don't we want a fourth?
archon: with this shit? HELL NO
dissenter: okay we are on our way ^_^
archon: can you explain whats going on?
Well, I couldn't. Nothing to type on. While your friends were being confused on the channel, we were making steady progress towards Europa. I am really glad the Tech exosuits can be fully sealed from the environment, otherwise I don't think I could have made it, considering the stench of Selva's suit. Once, I compared it to Infested vomit, but after getting used to it, I realised that's too much of an insult. You see, I realised that one is a biochemical weapon of war, and the other merely has a Technocyte problem.
Eventually, we reached our destination. Later on, I would learn that Selva just used some of her old passcodes to land us near the house without any issue. It was actually fairly small for a wealthier Corpus family, but it was close to the terraformation tower on the planet and was surrounded by the local variety of trees, with pin-like leaves. Immediately upon exiting the shuttle, we were greeted by the sight of two fairly old people sharing Selva's unique white hair and slanted eyes, flanked by a pair of red-suited boxheads. The older man immediately went on a tirade.
Oh, look who's back. Got bored of being a filthy merc? Why do you expect we'll help after what you did to us?
No, don't be like this, Keln. Selva, why did you do this to us? You just went away and didn't explain it, and three years later, we find you to be working as a gun for hire! Why couldn't you be like Lei and Maiden here? I was...
Mom, dad, this is important, there's a bunch of lowlifes headed for you, and you won't...
Oh shut up, a racketeer with an ego can't do anything to us, we told him off days ago, and he still hasn't done anything.
Tried to tell them, sis. Dad, do you believe me now?
No, do you have no faith in what we've made? Do you really want to side with the filthy traitor? Maiden, please tell me you're still sane!
I'm with Lei on this, dad, so it's three of us versus you. Let her help you!
Keln, she probably has a good explanation for why she did what she did, calm down and listen.
Oh go straight to the Void, all of you, including you, buckethead! What are you looking at? Are you her little minion? Who are you anyway?
Mr. Selva, I realise you are angry, and for a good reason, but please, what's important is that the situation is important enough for the Tenno to...
Filthy betrayers, WHAT DO THEY WANT WITH...
Keln's incandescent rage was interrupted by a voice booming out from somewhere in the sky. These were our racketeers.
Greetings, Sir and Madam Zinik. It would seem my highly reasonable offers for your safety have been crudely ignored by your family. I must admit, getting called an, and I quote, "despicable, bottom feeding, pathetic excuse for life too ugly to be mistaken for a Grineer, not even fit to get turned into nutritive paste and lubricant, and a disgrace to the Corpus", did unnerve me a little. However, unlike you, I am a kind soul, and I will offer you the same options I offer to everyone who neglects the need for security in these troubled times. Run away or die, I care little which you choose. You have, hmm... five minutes to make your choice, starting now. Captain Varalik Vern, Lord of Europa, out.
The next five minutes were utter chaos. We quickly ran into the Ziniks' house and started planning our defence, while somehow convincing the elder Ziniks to move into a secure bunker. Mr. Zinik has a way with words, I can tell you that. We had about 50 men and Moas with reasonable equipment, and the question of how to distribute them came up. The house was fairly large, but was defensively sound; it was a blocky, two story house made primarily of Alloy-backed concrete, so there were only two entrances to really defend: a highly defendable front entrance with some turret emplacements, and a small door at the back of the house. Selva tried to get us to move there, citing that this Varalik bloke always went for the easier option when it came to his raids. Over the course of a minute, I managed to convince her that he'd probably rather go for the front door, because the back door is not exactly ideally sized for a large army, and he probably wanted to go for the whole egomaniacal route of demonstrating his force after the speech he gave. Therefore, we sent 20 of our people and one of Selva's brothers to the back, and the rest of us found some good cover and prepared to defend the front.
The conversation that led to this basically consisted of me reiterating the same point over and over again, and I was quite thankful Selva eventually relented. To be honest, now that she's away somewhere in the Relay, and I'm alone in my hab block, I can probably say what was my plan here: I thought the psycho in the ship would attack in the back anyway, and I guessed that he'd try to overwhelm us, so I wanted the men in the back to be the ones to get shot and deal with the worse of it before we heroically ran in to save them and... also get shot. I was never too optimistic about things like this, Maple.
I honestly didn't expect Varalik's plan of attack in any way, shape or form. He decided to bring his ship into atmosphere, a fairly large transport freighter converted to something that resembled a gunship the same way the regular Cestra resembles a good weapon. It then proceeded to rain down hundreds upon hundreds of Moas of all sorts upon us, most of them indeed being at the front door. As always, life is a bitch for me. My Dera did a lot of work thinning them down, but our forces soon came down under a veritable rain of plasma. Selva elected to use her hoverboots for quick hit and run attacks, dashing from cover to cover and shooting as long as her shields allowed her to, but the rest of us just had to release bursts and hope the plasma didn't hit anything too important while we were exposed. Despite our best efforts, for every Moa we took down, another would just come raining down to replace it. We were already taking losses about two minutes in, and the proxies did not stop coming in spite of the growing pile of wrecks that was forming near the front door. Eventually, they managed to break through.
For all the mods on my weapon, I did not have the combat scavenging systems the Warframes have, and the few ammo restoration pads we had quickly dried out. Everyone was running out of bullets on their weapons, except for Selva, on account of the stupidly good ammo efficiency the Opticor possesses. For a time, we could hold back the tide of proxies at the door, but as we ran out of manpower and ammo, they were getting into melee range.
Once again, I was pretty much sure I was about to die. A small part of me actually wanted that due to this depression crap, but I denied it. I needed to survive, and my only hope was to basically turn into a Tenno-like master of melee and destroying every hunk of metal that stood in my way. That wasn't going to happen, of course. But this was not a time to let such unimportant things as basic probability get in my way. They tend to get in the way of me surviving. So it was that I took my Prova and charged the swarm, just like that time I killed a Zephyr. Only that time, I had a Nullifier backpack.
As it turns out, there's nothing that fights quite like a cornered rat. Selva later told me that I ran around "like an excited Kubrow" and took down forty five of the damned things with only one of their shots going through the shields. It was pretty bad. It's such a nasty itch. I do love the Tech exosuit medical systems. And, for that matter, the augmented legs. Where did you even get the Grineer cybernetics? I had a private chat with the doctor who installed them, and he says it's better than anything anyone he knew saw in their lives. You didn't kill any normal Grineer, that's for sure.
I'm not sure how long I was at it, but eventually, the Moas just stopped coming. I took a moment to look around myself. On the ground, there were numerous green and orange wrecks which were shooting at me just moments ago. Some of them had massive holes in them, other had large chunks torn off and lying on the other side of the room, and yet other still convulsed with electricity, feebly attempting to get back up and fight. Around me, the Ziniks' bodyguards looked absolutely astonished. Selva probably had some sort of a look on her face, but you couldn't see it behind the Fog helmet. Well, looks like my reputation is taking another undeserved boost; I'd have been dead if the Moas didn't stop coming. Speaking of that, I went outside of the house to look at the reason and quickly saw it: three Tenno dropships attached to the side of Varalik's ship. I really wish I could see his face once he figured out what was in store for him...
Deployment proceeding as planned, Captain.
Excellent. With any luck, I'll be able to get back to the process of getting that Catalyst out within minutes. Keep me posted, Bardin.
Yes, Captain. Your word is law.
Captain, it would seem that there has an unexpected degree of resistance. We have lost two hundred Moas already!
Calm down, ignorant machine. They will run out of bullets before we run out of proxies.
I must state that the majority of the resistance seems to be coming from two combatants.
Really now? Run a trauma analysis on the proxies these two took down.
Processing... trauma patterns match weapon profiles of the Dera assault rifle and Opticor anti-materiel cannon.
A Dera? A Dera?! That waste of material? I understand the Opticor, but the Dera taking down anything produced in the last thirty years? Run the procedure again, you faulty pile of electronics!
Processing... trauma patterns match weapon profiles of the Dera assault rifle and Opticor anti-materiel cannon.
Bah, useless! Unless... no, he was reliable... any video footage of the man with the Dera?
*Processing... Here you go, Captain. *
He just looks like a random Tech-Sergeant with white and purple armour and a silly scarf... why does he seem familiar? Nevermind, can't be just a random Tech... Bardin, remind me to find the man who sold me the proxies so I can feed him his own eyeballs... Bardin?
Intruders aboard in section 3, Captain. Lost contact with three crewmen... four crewmen... ten crewmen...
...Ah. Run a void energy check, Bardin.
Processing... probability of Tenno raid extremely high. Lost contact with twenty four crewmen, three proxies... twenty five crewmen, five proxies...
Yes, Captain. Your word is law.
So, there we were, outside of the house, taking in the carnage before us. In the end, we had eight dead, and thirty wounded, one of them being Lei, versus four hundred and six dead Moas. Selva was not pleased by what happened. Within minutes of figuring out about the Tenno, she came to me.
Mr. Kahn, I'm going aboard that ship. We can get up there in one minute. Are you with me?
What, why?
That delusional criminal hurt my family. He has to play, in Profit or in blood.
But the Tenno are already killing them up there!
I must see this for myself. Besides, you'll be safe, and it might help you with your depression. I heard, Mr. Kahn. Don't know what to do but this.
I... okay, let's get them, Selva.
Soon enough, we were aboard, running straight into the Tenno cell. They had an Ember, a Zephyr, and a Nova. They stopped for a second to take a look at us, the Zephyr waving at me for some reason, then proceeded to continue running through the ship, with the two of us desperately trying to keep up with them. What's up with me and Zephyrs, anyway?
Over the following ten minutes, I rapidly realised that I never saw a truly destructive Tenno raid. Back with the Corpus, the really nasty ones either had no records, or were probably suppressed to control panic. Now that I'm with the Tenno, my team still never gets such footage because there is rarely anything useful to be learned from it. There's overwhelming, and then there's everything hostile around you burning up without any possibility of a reaction. Selva and I didn't, and couldn't, do anything. The cell was like a wave of death and destruction. There is something deeply unsettling about the way those pillars of flame avoid someone marked by the Tenno as a friendly. By the stars, am I glad I'm on your side, Maple.
Sadly, Captain Vern, who is sadly not the only person I have seen in my life oblivious enough to unironically call themselves something like "Lord of Europa", managed to get away by the ingenious strategy of bolting it for the escape shuttles as soon as he saw his men were getting killed. Truly, a man after my own heart. Selva was still pretty pleased though. The Captain's ship was large, and could more than make up for the damage to the house after cleaning out all the ash and scorch marks. There was only a matter of dealing with the family.
That's how I knew the attacks would happen, father.
So you would work with the Void Demons themselves for this? HOW DO YOU POSSIBLY BELIEVE THAT CONSORTING WITH THE BETRAYERS IS WORTH THIS?
I needed to step in. Don't mistake this for altruism, though. My plan would have me milk the Perrin Sequence for everything they're worth.
Mr. Zinik, stop for a second, please. The way I see it, you just had your house saved by the Tenno, you have a massive ship floating over your house, and the scorch marks on your property frankly look like you got three Grineer Napalms drunk and let them run wild.
What are you trying to say, you dumb buckethead?
What I am trying to say is that, sooner or later, someone up in the Corpus hierarchy will come here and start asking questions, and you know how... zealous they can be about this stuff.
Point taken, buckethead. I remember old Moin. I told that story to the kids a hundred times. You see, they chopped off his arm and stuffed it down his ass only to...
I'm sure Selva's friend does not need to hear that, sweetie. Now, can you tell us what do you propose regarding our situation?
Well, I have a number of contacts within the Perrin Sequence, a large organisation of misunderstood Corpus, and I'm sure they can help you. They...
This went on for half an hour. Outside. On Europa. Once again, the Tech exosuit is proving really useful. Or maybe I just didn't notice the cold from all the adrenaline. Eventually, we inevitably reached the subject of Selva and how she fits into all this.
Well, your proposal is very appealing, mister... what is your name anyway?
I suppose you wanted to bring up the subject of your daughter?
As far as the Corpus at large are concerned, I'm still missing in action, and I'd like to keep it that way as long as I can. After that little change of subject, the discussion continued.
I can't call her my daughter. She betrayed the family by what she did! Who does that? Who leaves us in time of our need like that?
She had a good reason, and I think I should leave you alone so you can discuss it as family. I also believe she will be able to help you negotiate any agreement you may or may not find with the Perrin Sequence to your favour.
She shouldn't waste her breath.
Keln, do you not remember the little girl you spent all that time with? Do you really think she would do something like this to us? We did not raise her to become a mindless Profit chasing idiot like the other families do, and even if we did, do you really see any way she could have benefited from what she did in the long run? Sweetie, please!
Okay, Varia. Just for you. Come, Selva. Get your brothers, too.
I think they were calm enough for reason at that point. The Ziniks went together into their house while I waited outside. An hour went by. Eventually, Selva came back out.
Thank you, boss.
Oh don't thank me, I just want to pull a big favour from the Perrin Sequence when I need one. So, did it all work out?
Of course not, but they understand me now. But father is still angry. He's always a bit angry, though. I think these things take time. And, for the record, I don't believe that you were being completely selfish.
Believe what you will. So, what now?
Hmm... you know, I just figured out why I like being this dumb, male muscle character. I suppose it's a way to make myself believe that I'm doing exactly what I should be doing. If someone else sees me on with the combat gear, can you keep saying that I'm a man? Please? I have a reputation to uphold if I need another job.
Let's hope you don't need another job, will we? Really, though, I'm not losing anything by doing that.
Thank you, but I have another big request for you. Can you just give me some time to be a woman once I get back home? For four years, I haven't stepped out of this stinky suit, and I'd like to try being a girl again.
Why do you even ask me? You can always blackmail me if you say no.
Because I know you'll say yes without need for that.
...you are a smart bastard, you know that, Selva?
We are all smart in our own ways. Now let's get back to Larunda.
At that point, there were only a few loose ends. One is the reason I am recording this. I took a look at your little thingamajig, Maple. There were a bunch of messages there, and I couldn't really make out much of them. Too many injokes and Tenno terms. But one stuck out to me. Some kind of a private message.
dissenter: hey you must be kaiathas! maple told us all about you and i read all your logs! maple will really want to hear about whatever happened to you, so please try to do it! oh and i heard you are not feeling well :( maybe theres a way to help you? we went through some interesting stuff recently so maybe theres something to be figured out :D
Lack of punctuation aside, I just figured that I really want to keep you watching my back, if nothing else, so here I am, dictating all this. I hope you appreciate it. And, for that matter, thank Dissenter for this. Oh, and there was one more thing.
Hey, Darvo! I know you're a busy man, so I'll keep this quick. There's a family over at Europa that will gladly have you take some slightly damaged Moas off of them! There's about four hundred of them, and they have only minor Opticor damage! Interested?
Am I interested? Is Baro Ki'Teer an insufferable prick?
I'll take that as a yes. Wire me your finder's fee, and I'll send you the coordinates, deal?
How do two free items of your choice from my shop sound? Tenno grade, come with combat insurance, too!
I can deal with that. Sending the coordinates your way.
Now, I have to get to work. We have a... Nidus to cut up. Man, I really don't feel like doing anything else right now... wait, that was the completely infested Warframe, wasn't it? I have an idea. Kaiathas, out.
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This morning on the news, I saw Erin Andrews (a sports commentator) crying while testifying about a person that was stalking her who spied on her through the peephole of her hotel room and released nude videos of her on the internet. She seemed very upset about the invasion of her privacy, but it struck me that in some way, it is more the fault of our culture which has taught her that nudity is shameful that has her so distraught.
To be sure, stalking is a serious issue, and there is no doubt that the perpetrator was using his illicit peeping at her for sexual stimulation. I haven't seen the video, so I don't know if she was doing anything unusual, but many of us here obviously aren't that upset by people seeing us nude. If the perpetrator had only gotten videos of her in her clothing sitting around, I doubt she would have been so upset.
Consider the peoples that live in areas and cultures where they do not really wear clothes and nudity is completely normal. Would they understand the reason behind her strife? If this happened to a nudist would they be quite as upset?
In fairness, many people don't know about my nudism yet. I don't think that is so much out of shame, but out of my fear of their intolerance. I feel no shame while practicing nudism, but I know that there are people that I work with/for that might judge me and not treat me fairly if they knew, and that worries me.
What does /nudism think about this event?
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