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Day 52 :: Hirosaki - 0km - recharge and chill rainy day stream
Location Title
Hirosaki Let's eat the long boi
Hirosaki Travel advice for Japan
Hirosaki Eye always watching
Hirosaki Public Japanese toilets
Hirosaki Manhole sign
Hirosaki A bugs life
Hirosaki Beautiful tree
Hirosaki A moving castle
Hirosaki Scared of PC culture
Hirosaki Recharge day
Hirosaki Pastry surprise
Hirosaki Capsule bed
Hirosaki Capsule bed interior
Hirosaki Capsule room and hallway "spycam"
Full vod can be found here:
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2019.05.26 14:01 autotldr Toilet spycam videos

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His industry is coming under pressure as ultra-wired South Korea battles a growing epidemic of molka videos - mostly of women, secretly filmed by men in public places.
Spycam crimes have become so prevalent that female police officers now regularly inspect public toilets to check for cameras in women's stalls.
The number of spycam crimes reported to police surged from around 2,400 in 2012 to nearly 6,500 in 2017.
"More than 90 percent of spycam porn crimes are due to mobile phones, not specialized items," he said, adding that any crackdown on the gadgets is akin to blaming knife makers for knife-related murders.
They argue that since smartphones sold in South Korea are required to make a loud shutter noise when taking pictures - a measure put in place to combat spycam crimes - many offenders deploy high-tech devices or use special apps that mute the sound to secretly film victims.
"Victims in most spycam crimes realize they were filmed only after illicit footage had been shared online whereas crimes involving mobile phones are much easier to catch in the first place," said Lee Hyo-rin of the Korea Cyber Sexual Violence Response Center.
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H E L L O F U T U R I S T S !

Pimax is already an established company, with at least 2 existing products such as Pimax 2.5K and Pimax 4K, which were a massive success, and were launched about a year after the first generation headsets such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Pimax managed to shake things up by bringing higher resolution LCD display, and submillimeter 3DOF tracking. There are tens of thousands of users of these headsets as we speak.

Pimax Kickstarter launched on September 19 2017 (410 days ago) and ended on November 3 (365 days ago/1 year). They collected a massive $4,236,618 to help bring this project to life, compared to a lame product called Oculus Rift - the company that is owned now by Facebook collected a hilarious amount of $2,437,429 (a difference of $1,799,189).

As we all know, Oculus Rift was delayed by more than 2 years (actually 4 months when it comes to first VR developer kit ever, but who cares), and launched without any handheld controllers, such a lame move poisoning the VR well move, splitting up the player base. HTC Vive came out in the same period and came out of the box with full room scale 6DOF tracking, and TWO hand controllers that are USB rechargable.

Now, today November 3 2018, how do things look like? We have all been hearing how competition will be great for the future of VR, but in reality? All the "competition" is purely a joke. Windows Mixed Reality are cheaper, but if you are going for cheap VR experience, you most likely should settle for Gear VGO platform.

HTC Vive Wands are ridiculous to use in 2018. Valve has teased Knuckles for more than a year and it's nowhere closer to actually being released. Oculus Touch still remains the 'perfect' controller that all VR users would love to use - IF they could. But they can't, and they won't.

Pimax claims to start the Kickstarter campaign not to gain funds (as they are already E S T A B L I S H E D company), but to see how much interest there is in 'high end, high resolution and high field of view headset'. They were seeking for a mere $200,000 just to make it reality by January 2018, and most likely even before then as claimed in interviews), but their expectations were exceeded by a magnitude, they collected 2100% of the original goal.

They have claimed to have secured all the components a few months ago, around June-July 2018 to start production, and in September 2018 they announced they are ready to ship. Fast forward, today there are like what... 20 units in transit/delivered?


So funny to look at, lots of numbers, zero concrete information. Just like everything about Pimax. The whole community coexists because of each other. Pimax is keeping their mouth shut, or are giving vague answers literally everywhere, in their own Kickstarter comment section, on their on forums, in their own emails, if they do bother to reply. About 5000-6000 backers are waiting for their headsets. Recently they have opened pre orders on their official website, which was a catastrophe itself and deserves it's own spot in the history.

Their website got hacked several weeks ago, and remained in unchanged state for at least 2 weeks. It was infected with trojans, and was redirecting automatically to all kind of gay porn websites. Their forums was also suspicious to hack, but they have never really admitted about it, and even kept silent about website for days. How is this possible in 2018? If you look at their official Kickstarter video, it's done so professionally, pretty high level, with professional english speaker. Objectively, it's a well done video for kickstarter. And then you have a random interview with the main chief, ceo, creator and founder of pimax company - "never be so clear!"

I don't even want to get started with their naming of the headsets and disguised marketing techniques, like the 5K, 8K, 200 FOV etc, but what is important is that the pimax backers community (and beliebers in general) thinks that the headsets are done with community engagement. If they request something, they have a high chance of implementing it. We all know chinese based company called Pimax have very high ambitious. They have announced all kind of attachments etc. It's a fully M O D U L A R headset. If you pay enough, you can get a:
- wireless module
- smell module
- eye tracking
- hand tracking
- inside out tracking
- rigid head strap with headphones
- cooling fan
- all-in-one standalone (Quest killer)
- customized prescription VR frame

Cool! I can't wait! It's all coming soon (most of these things were scheduled for Q3/Q4 2018 or before).

But that's not where it ends!

We all know how shitty and overpriced HTC customer service is. We have heard countless of stories about their too high pricing for a single controller or base stations. Oculus spy cams are cheap, but yeah, are spycams right? Facebook can see all you are doing, so that's a no go. We need an alternative.

So Pimax is coming with their own cheap lighthouses, and cheap controllers! And guess what! You can even choose between touchpad and thumbstick! For both left and right hand!! All for just a "DESPOIT" of $300. Estimated delivery time? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Pimax is a truly consumer friendly company. They are giving you a magnitude of options. Why pay for headphones, when you already have your own ones right? Who needs that. They are using their own "patented" CLPL displays which are not proven to be a better fit for VR, unless you are looking into chinese resources. Many has complained about washed out colors, and non existing blacks, and that's not something to argue about. This is limit of technology. It will never match OLED quality, period.

Do you remember the embargo times? When we "knew" that pimax exist, is great, and is worth your kidney (SweViver)? All the "testers" were in love with their test units of pimax. After NDA expired we heard all kind of contradictions, that it was nice, but needed huge improvements - which were implemented due to full time sweviver and mrtv engagement. But they are not engineers, not scientists, they are gamers at core. SweViver claimed to have some kind of a degree, but it has never really showed in his videos, until the first 'pro' pimax reviews.

SweViver used to post all kinds of gameplay videos, on both rift and vive, he did reviews on wireless adapters etc, overall he was too positive about everything, but he gave an insight about tech. They he got involved with the pimax and made a whole 180 turn. Now it's all about pimax, and pimax only.

And what are the videos about? How to configure your headset, how to use your chinese software pitool with steamvr etc. And all that info becomes obsolete on a monthly basis. Pimax is nothing but problems. They haven't really developed anything new, high field of view lenses were available for years before (Wearlity). Everyone can make his own headset in his own garage. Oculus Rift Developer Kit 1 is open source. You can purchase your own display, your own lenses, your own 'upscaler' etc.

The cult around Pimax hypes up the 'high field of view' constantly, it began with the number 200, then it turned out to be 170, which is unusable, then you can settle for 150 with huge performance issues and distortions, and 120 is somewhat usable. Pimax lovers claims that 'even at the smallest fov' it's still bigger than rift or vive, but it's a really small difference. Just like the weight. Pimax lovers claims that it's lighter than current headsets, but it's just a few grams, nothing significant, and what matters the most in VR headsets today is the weight distribution, something that Pimax hasn't really thought of, and every attachment will change it even further. The pimax headsets are already massive.

The resolution bump is also insignificant, as by displaying a higher fov, you are stretching the pixels. FOV change is just a software, you are losing pixel space. Pimax backers aren't early adopter or VR enthusiasts, most of them are desperate ultra orthodox cultist thirsty gamers that don't really understand VR hurdles, and think that oculus/htc is holding off big changes just to milk money on small steps. People like MRTV (daydreamist) called the very first VR generation of headsets obsolete, a complete joke, with field of view like toilet paper rolls. His nail in the coffin evidence is that some random 'respectable german journalist' has tried Vive Pro for 5 seconds, gave a quirky smile and then took it off. HE COULD NOT STAND IT. PIMAX IS A GAME CHANGER.

Once you go pimax, you can't go back, lol. People who pre order it today are going to get it... yeah, when? This info is not clearly visible. It's placed somewhere in the comments/faq, and it did not exists few days ago. They say you are going to get in about 120 days. That's march 2019. Perhaps a Quest release?

Few days ago there was a shitstorm about Heaney articles on UploadVR, that he deliberately misinformed the readers, as the info about pimax was clearly available (something about thumbsticks in controllers or something). It was a real witch hunt, with few pimax leaders demanding justice for such blasphemy. Truth is, everything about pimax is a mess.

The recent review also shows that everything about pimax shows is just 'nice guy' moves. People are being nice to each other.

The latest 2 hour live unboxing showed a guy unboxing his pimax in a kitchen. He basically stood in one place and said things like colors are good, blacks are good, tracking is good. Everything that pimax backers wants to see to reaffirm their 'investment'.

The software is not ready, everything about pimax is coming soon. The backers who paid for Pimax 8KX are getting "loaners".. but who believes that? The roadmap on Pimax is long already, they won't commit to this project. They are sending you what they are building right now, and just hope you prefer to stick to it instead of keep waiting, and maybe they will offer you a $100 discount in their store for accessories, lol.

Even pimax themselves discourage people from getting Pimax 5KBE - a business edition - that was teased about 3 months ago as ironman-like helmet, lol. This headset supposedly used OLED display, but the company says it's not so good experience. Lol. What a honesty! Or maybe it's just something about obvious OLED display supply issue... ?

We all buy chinese clothes, shoes, we go to chinese restaurants, we buy chinese furniture, we get chinese phone cases... but are you buying a chinese car? why would you buy such a new technology as VR from a chinese manufacturer? this is a whole new field, and as time has proven, not an easy one. Slapping bigger lenses and screens isn't progress. Their own lighthouse was shown back in 2017 which looked exactly like official HTC lighthouse v1 with 3D printed case. Their own controllers were never shown in action, just a 'prototypes' video. Why we aren't seeing more alternatives, if HTC/ValVe/SteamVR is so open?

Samsung Odyssey+ is the latest headset which is quite promising for what it is, and within limits of Gen1. Inside Out tracking is the future, and will only get better from now on. I trust in Oculus Insight, and it's just laughable when people think by spending lots of money on all accessories now they are making themselves futureproof. VR is progressing fast, but obviously not fast enough for many. But Oculus consistently delivers, and people will always read between the lines. Many are cheering for Oculus fall... but after all, it seems like many are leaching from what Oculus provided to the VR scene.

TLDR: Pimax isn't here, is overhyped, constantly lies, has dedicated ultra orthodox vr gamers defending each and every step and mistranslation. "tens" of units out there doesn't make it present, and as time has proven, it still has a long long way to go.
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2018.08.04 16:01 autotldr South Korea women hold record mass rally against 'spycam porn'

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SEOUL: Tens of thousands of South Korean women staged a mass rally in Seoul on Saturday to protest against spycam porn, urging tougher punishments for peeping Toms as anger over the growing scourge boils over.
Since May, the monthly demonstration in Seoul has shattered records to become the biggest-ever women's protest in South Korea where the global #MeToo movement has unleashed an unprecedented wave of female-led activism.
"Women's toilets in this country are infested with spycams! Please please crack down on the crimes," the women chanted in unison at the city's Gwanghwamun Plaza which routinely hosts mass rallies.
Some South Koreans who have previously joined protests in support of women's rights have faced online bullying and harassment.
The South remains deeply conservative and patriarchal despite economic and technological advances.
The crimes have become so prevalent that the South's female police officers inspect women's toilets in public venues including subway stations on a regular basis with special detectors for spycam videos that may be hidden inside stalls.
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SEOUL - Tens of thousands of South Korean women on Saturday angrily urged the government to crack down on secretly-filmed spycam pornography in one of the biggest-ever female-only protests in the country.
Distributing pornography is illegal in South Korea, but such videos are widely shared on porn sites and Internet chatrooms or used in adverts for websites promoting prostitution and gambling.
"I and my friends always look around to see if there are any suspicious holes on a wall or a door whenever we walk into a public toilet stall," a 22-year-old protester who declined to be named told AFP. "What kind of country has South Korea become? A country where women can't even pee without having to worry about having their butts filmed in secret?".
South Korea takes pride in its tech prowess, from ultra-fast broadband to cutting-edge smartphones.
Such practices have become so rampant that all manufacturers of smartphones sold in the South are required to ensure the cameras on their devices make a loud shutter sound when taking photos.
South Korean President Moon Jae-in said in May that the spycam epidemic had become a "Part of daily life" in the country and urged tougher punishments for offenders.
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SEOUL: A woman who co-founded South Korea's largest pornography website has been arrested after living as a fugitive in New Zealand for years, police said.
Soranet - set up in 1999 - held tens of thousands of illegal porn videos, including "Revenge porn" and spycam porn videos of women secretly filmed at public locations.
Distributing pornography is illegal in South Korea, although many such videos are widely consumed on servers based in foreign countries or secretly shared on file-sharing sites.
They are also accused of abetting illegal activities by Soranet members who shared videos in which women were secretly filmed in public toilets, classrooms, changing rooms, subways and other public locations.
Some members were also accused of jointly planning gang rapes - some of which targeted minors - and posting videos of the victims on the site.
The owners are believed to have earned tens of millions of dollars from advertising promoting websites that arrange prostitution and gambling - both technically illegal but widespread in South Korea.
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2014.05.10 15:33 ShiaTheBeouf Amir's Rap Sheet

So I thought that what with Amir being arrested yesterday, I'd write a list of all the crimes Amir has done in the past.

  • Manslaughter
     - Killed an innocent child - "Icebreakers" - Dissolvable sugar tacks - "Interrogator" 
  • Public indecency
     - Cack out - "Las Vegas" - Guido dick - "Last Night" - Tried to urinate, but couldn't - "Last Night" - Not one that grey - "Toothbrush" - Spamming his FB wall with BDP - "Chugging" - Naked from the waist down - "Butt Chugging" - You can't suck your own dick at all - "March Madness 7" - In all its glory - "Opposite Day" - "Chat Roulette" 
  • Assault and GBH
     - Hitting an elderly Walmart greeter - "Las Vegas" - I'll pick you up - "Girls" - Hot coffee in Rosie's face - "Snowstorm" - Lost 2 of his front teeth - "Micah's Facebook" - I boxed her ears - "Internship Interviews" - "Tongue" - Kick him straight in the jar - "Braces" - I think it was a fake-out - "Cereal 2" - Sometimes I order Chinese Food - "Rapping" 
  • Unlawful discrimination
     - What's your sexual orientation? - "Internship Interviews" - Non-Philippino talent show - "Talent Show 1" 
  • Criminal damage
     - Blood on your hands - "Fur" - Disconnect, bitch! - "The Moment" - It's pudding and shit - "Brown Teepee" 
  • Entering a female toilet - "Girls"
  • Attempted murder and arson
     - Tried to set the room on fire - "Las Vegas" - We burned it down last night - "Trouble" - Set Karen's ear on fire - "Economic Crisis 2" 
  • Attempted murder
     - Poured ricin in the Sangria - "4th of July Scroll" - Dancing queen - "Karate" - "Good Cop Bad Cop" 
  • Suspected beastiality - Aardvark cum - "Rap Teacher"
  • Attempted beastiality - PB on your flaccid penis - "Facebook Privacy"
  • Breaking and entering
     - Apartments that aren't yours - "Mouse Trap" - "Kitchen" 
  • Misuse of a car horn - "Traffic"
  • Conspiracy to child abuse - If there's no grass on the field, play bald - "New Orleans"
  • Suspected pedophilia - "Brownie"
  • Jaywalking - "Voicemail"
  • Conspiracy to hijack aircraft - "Airplane"
  • Conspiracy to soliciting sex - Down to clown with a lady of the night - "New Orleans"
  • Soliciting sex
     - Brought home a Thai whore - "Break" - Hiring whores to French you - "Hookah" 
  • Smoking in a public building - "One Almond", "Blood Donation", "Hookah"
  • Mutilation of national bank obligations - "One Almond"
  • Blackmail - I work out - "Trust Fall 2"
  • Smuggling - Passing a sombrero - "Staycation 2"
  • Animal cruelty
     - I'm gonna shave a cat - "Shaving" - Punching her in the schnauzel - "Dog" - Squeeze its jam insides out - "Bread" - I didn't feed the bitch for 2 weeks - "Snakebite" - Slit that piggie's throat while it's still alive - "Thanksgiving Scroll" - Eat a wren - "Thanksgiving Scroll" - Strangling a scared iguana - "Fur" - I'm getting too young for this - "Fired" 
  • Attempted sexual assault - Try to kiss those milky-way thighs - "New Jersey"
  • Sexual harassment -
     - Can't even spank it - "Hotel Room" - It taint - "Nose Job" - Now I gotta have you - "Internship Interviews" - Fuck in the lavatory - "Airplane" - You can't suck your own dick at all - "March Madness 7" - Set up a spycam - "Hygiene" - Taking pictures of my jeans - "Hot Box" - Without telling her about it first - "Chugging" - WOW - "Talent Show 1" 
  • Attempted false imprisonment - Your wish is my command - "New Mexico"
  • Disorderly conduct - I'm planking - "Important Meeting"
  • Violating hygiene laws - Right in a batch of split-pea - "Soup Kitchen"
  • Bilking
     - I can't have this on my card - "Breakfast" - "Mountain Hiker 2" 
  • Issuing a false bomb threat
     - Make 'em earn their keep - "Prom" - Testing the security - "Costume Party" - "Bomb Threat" - Get on the floor now - "Florida" 
  • Harassment
     - Poke me or I'll fucking kill you - "Micah's Facebook" 
  • Dangerous driving - "Driving Lesson"
  • Underage driving - "Driving Lesson"
  • Theft
     - "Toy Drive" - You gotta promise not to tell on me, man - "Trick or Treat" 
  • Attempted theft
     - Sneak attack - "Suitcase" - Time for you to disconnect permanently - "iPhone Case" 
  • Opening a plane door - "Airplane"
  • Illegal ownership and use of firearm - "Ransom"
  • Kidnapping - Jacked a baby - "Baby Bjorn"
  • Swatting - Sorry motherfucker, you'll have to guess - "4th of July Scroll"
  • Fraud - I'm not most peoples - "Airline Scam"
  • Impersonation of a police officer - "Waitress"
  • Public defecation
     - I got excited! - "Secret Santa 2" - Til death do we shart - "Gay Marriage" - Excuse me, Mr Officer - "World Cup" - "Food Poisoning" 
  • Article 255.20 of NY Law - Here we are, officially wed - "Gay Marriage"
  • Conspiracy to steal
     - Rob People - "Get Rich Quick Schemes" - Gank the envelope - "Oscar Pool 1" 
  • Disturbing the peace practically every day
     - Obscene and sexual language - "Airplane" - Racist language - "Bus" and "Talent Show 2" - Loud music - "Loud Movie" and "High School Play" - Public nuisance - "High School Play" and "Powder" - Offensive clothing - Jesus! - "Costumes 2" - Don't put that bastard in the ground - "Fired" 
  • Smoking weed
     - Smoking a J! - "Double Date" - "Hot Box" 
While I was looking up bathroom etiquette laws for Toothbrush, I found a Yahoo Answers page about it and somebody submitted a CH video about it, filmed in the same toilet Toothbrush was filmed. I just inceptioned myself. Does anyone have the name of the law that Amir infringes in Waitress by calling people and insulting them? And by trolling mourning people in Rickroll?
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2013.09.27 23:45 throwaway87711 Toilet spycam videos

I run a retail for my brother in laws business. Recently he yelled at me and wrote me up for playing on my phone during office hours and using the office computer for stuff other than work (redtdit...). I accidentally closed a document and searched for it in the temp folder and found videos of him installing a spy cam facing the toilet - crotch view. Subsequent videos were of an employee using the bathroom. Her hoohaa was in full view. This is an old set of videos from our other store and yet they are on this computer, which tells me they are on his phone or ext. HDD and when he synced them to the PC here the videos transferred over. Why are they saved? What was he trying to accomplish?
I don't know how to confront him over this... He is married to my sister and father of my niece, he is my mentor, and my boss. He is also writing me up tomorrow after yelling at me for misusing the office computer and using my phone at work...yet he does this!?
Reddit...little help.
TL;DR: caught boss installing spy do I address this giving certain circumstances?
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