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For beautiful female celebrities.

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Everything One Piece Treasure Cruise! This subreddit is mainly for the Global and Japanese version of the game, but also welcomes content for other versions, including Korean, etc. Information, guides, tips, news, fan art, questions and everything else Treasure Cruise related.

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So obligatory not today but in the middle of this summer, but I guess I am getting repercussions today so whatever.
So I’m 16m and she is 16f and we were staying at a lake cabin with my family for a week. We get our own bunk house just to ourselves. Now for a bit of background. We have been dating at this point for 7 months and have done nothing besides kissing and cuddling. I had seen her with her swimsuit on only in the past couple of days because we are at the lake (duh). We slept in the same room so I could never beat off so I was quite horny. So we would watch movies in our bunk house every night until decently late, and as some of you may know, you can get a bit more “excited” at night. As we were sitting and talking I told her that I before it got too late I said that I had a convo with a buddy and he asked if I really loved her. I brought it up and told her that I was deeply in love with her and would do anything in my power so that I could marry her. She was surprised and I was completely honest in my statement. She was shocked and just kind of played it off with a I love you too sort of thing but I didn’t care, because I had just told the love of my life that I wanted to marry her. So we were sitting there, just cuddling maybe an hour after I said that when she took my and her shirt off. She is still wearing a bra but I am in awe. This is a first for me and I am instantly turned on. We stared making out and I got really into it and wasn’t thinking straight and suddenly blurted out to her the words I regret more than anything, “Can I finger you?”. Now for most of you this is no big deal and this is no problem, but she stoped and just looked at me in what I can only describe as pure disgust and disappointment. I instantly realized my mistake and apologized profusely for it and she said “it’s fine, just don’t ask again”. I knew what was what and we went to bed shortly after.
The next morning I felt horrible and apologized again and she reassured me it was no big deal and I believed her. We finished our time at the lake with no other problems, or breakthroughs, and I was fine with that. Within the next week I start to get this awful feeling in my gut and I don’t really know from what, but it sucked. Around the same time she started to talk to me less and seemed more distant, but I thought it was just that time of the month. A week later this is all still going on and I brought it up to her. She then told me how she had been questioning our relationship and had decided she didn’t want to break up but had been in her head. I felt awful, I almost cried when I heard this, and I haven’t cried in years so this was a lot, but we were still together at least.
Then a couple of weeks later I still have this awful feeling in my stomach and it’s getting worse. She is starting up cross country and has been spending a ton of time around guys she knows I don’t like because of it. I’m feeling sick and worried but I trust her with everything I am so I let it be. She then asked to meet up at a park to hang out. I thought sure, why not, it’s been a while since we have done that. I meet her there and she is kind of distant for the first couple of minutes, then proceeded to tell me that she wants to break up. I am dumbfounded and can’t even process what’s going on. She said ever since I asked to finger her, her trust in us had been shaken and she just didn’t want to date anymore. At this point my mind is so numb I don’t even understand what’s going on. The only thing that I can think about is that I told her I wanted to marry her, that I love to more than anything and that she doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. I feel like total shit and try to verbalize what I’m feeling, but was unsuccessful. She asked to leave and just left without even saying goodbye.
I was distraught. I wanted to kill myself so bad, I talk to all my friends I tried to find people to hang out with to keep me sane but nothing helped. All I wanted to do was go back in time and shoot that dumb motherfucker that asked to finger her at the lake. I would have given anything for a second chance at that point.
It’s maybe two weeks after we broke up and I saw a ask Reddit on if pick up lines turned into break up lines what would the best ones be. I thought, dang I should send this to my ex-girlfriend because I got a kick out of this and I would’ve much rather her used one of these. So I sent it to her, and she responds and asked me how I’m doing. I told her that I’m feeling like shit and was finally able to verbalize my feelings. She asked to meet me at her house the next day, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll be able to talk about this break up stuff with her in person and finally be able to get it off my chest.
I get there and we were talking for a bit, beating around the bush, until after maybe 10 minute she finally said something. She said she felt horrible about how it happened and she really wanted to get back together. At this point I don’t know what to think, I had been so sad and now I’ve got the one thing that I had been hoping for. I told her that I would love to go to second chance if that’s what she wanted and she hastily agreed to get back together. That was the happiest I’ve felt in so long, because I finally thought all of that shit was done with. But I was wrong.
No two weeks after this happens I had her over to my house to try my mom‘s homemade spicy Ramen. She just seemed really really distant and seemed like she didn’t want to even interact with me. She was snapping a dude from cross country that I especially didn’t like the whole time and that gave me some pretty horrible vibes. She barely said anything to me that whole night and when I walked out to her car to leave she gave me a hug for half a second and got into a car and drove off without even saying goodbye or I love you, and that really hurt.
Over the next couple of weeks I tried to talk to her, I tried to have conversations, tried to lead into asking about how she was feeling, but she never wanted to talk. She would always answer with one word, or just not reply for two hours. At this point I’m getting that horrible feeling in my stomach again and I think I know what that means. I go almost a month through school and sports with her barely talking, and canceling any plans we had to hang out last minute. I am feeling horrible and I’m talking to my friends again to see if they have any advice. They all just said that communication is key and that’s what relationships are built off of. But I already knew this, and she just wouldn’t talk back to me. It was like talking to a brick wall. She finally agreed to hang out with me and then one of my buddies threw a party the night before we were supposed to hang out. Her and I were both invited and plan to drive there separately and have a good time. It was a decent night but she couldn’t look at me the whole time. That bad feeling in my stomach just got worse and worse and worse, until I got into my car and she sprinted over and gave me back The sweatshirts that I had gave to her. She told me thanks and then she left. On my way home I texted her and asked if we were still on For the next morning. She texted me back a paragraph on how she wanted to break up and just wasn’t feeling it and didn’t want to hurt me but didn’t want to date me either. When I read that I was driving 90 down a gravel road hoping to God my tires would lose traction and I wouldn’t have to deal with the problems any more. When I got home I asked if I could call her to talk it out. And she pretty much just said that she tried to make it work (which it didn’t seem like she did), and that she didn’t want to lie about her feelings anymore. She told me that she hopes we can still be friends, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I still love her more than anything in this godforsaken world and still stand by my claim that she’s the one that I want to marry, but she wants nothing to do with me.
Now I’m sitting here on my bed typing this out contemplating whether I want to go to sleep and never wake up, or just the tough this out and show whatever decided to ruin my life that I’m fucking stronger than it is. I’ve probably cried more in the past two hours and I have in my whole life and I figured maybe this would help me get the pent-up feelings out.
Thanks for reading, and sorry about the poor formatting, I don’t care to fix it right now.
TL;DR: Asked to finger my girlfriend, got rejected, and got brutally broken up with twice.
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I need to confess something. It's been controlling my life. I'm draining my bank account because of it.
I have an addiction to buying new swimsuits.
You see, I'm a competitive swimmer, and I buy tons of practice suits. Those are excusable, because I use them for practice. What's not excusable is the bikinis I buy.
Anytime I'm in a store, I'm instantly drawn to the swimsuit section. I've probably spent close to $300 dollars on swimsuits this summer alone.
After counting up my collection I have 20 bikini sets, and about 10 stray tops and bottoms. Mind you, this doesn't include the amount of practice suits I have.
I even got rid of a lot at the beginning of the summer.
I just really like swimsuits goddamnit, but I honestly have a problem at this point.
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I regret being born as a pale-ass white girl. I had a great grandfather who was 100% Native American, did his genes help my godforsaken Pillsbury Doughboy complexion? No.
Somehow the entirety of my upper body that wasn't covered by my swimsuit is now bright red. How in the actual fuck did this happen? I reapplied sunblock every 30-60 minutes, was I scammed? Does god just fucking hate my guts? MY FUCKING EYELIDS GOT SUNBURNT WTF.
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First two posters will receive one of two crescent moon chairs. FCFS
Please no swimsuits, running around, shaking trees, picking fruit...
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2020.09.20 03:33 Genprey Symbolism of Magia Record: The Fullness of Kokoro

Previous: The Emptiness of Masara
Where we last left off, we talked about Masara, a cool girl who is seemingly void of emotions. Masara is a girl who appears light and translucent as per the emptiness she feels in her heart, but now we're going to move on to Kokoro, a girl who is simultaneously opposite and similar as Masara.
For the purpose of better understanding this section, I really suggest reading my analysis on Masara, as this will be essentially be part 2 of that section. With that being said, let's talk about feelings.
The Logic of Masara and The Emotion of Kokoro As we read before, Masara isn't a girl who expresses strong emotions, and through her conversations with Kokoro, Masara thinks very logically. We best see the difference in both girls in the scene after they first met, where Kokoro was scolding Masara for her reckless behavior. Masara, having stated she does not fear death, told Kokoro that her parents would "be okay", as she will have had left a fortune behind for them to use as they grow older. This, of course, misses the point Kokoro was trying to get across.
What we see here is essentially what would happen if we took a person and separated them into two entities, one being a practical thinker, the other being much more emotional in nature. Last time, we talked about the emptiness Masara feels, so now we're going to talk about the bottled up feelings Kokoro has.
When you look at Masara's resolve, you might consider her to be a strong girl to be able to face danger without fear, but then view Kokoro as mentally weak for her showing large amounts of concern and fear of being hurt. However, we can also interpret this another way, where Kokoro is actually a very resilient individual. Think of a time where you felt large amounts of sadness, anger, or fear, but found it in you to hold onto those feelings, perhaps to stay strong for your friends/family. As time goes on and those feelings build up, things start to feel like the World is coming down on you, its gravity weighing on you so much that you can barely make it out of bed. Needless to say, carrying such strong emotions requires a lot of endurance, and speaking from personal experiences, there have been times where I just wanted to "let it all out".
Although her emotions seep out, Kokoro is pretty durable when it comes to her feelings, and even after being yelled at by her father for no real reason and having been upset at Masara's lack of self-preservation, we see her take a step back and regain her composure soon after.
In a way, Masara would be the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz a character who sought a heart so that he may, once again, feel emotions. While Masara is empty in that regard, Kokoro is the exact opposite, being a kettle that is ready to boil over in feelings. The girls' dynamic is best summed up in the Memoria, Perfectly Imbalanced, which reads:

It's strange, but they never notice, no matter how much time has passed. If one girl wants to catch the other's eye, she's looking somewhere else. Even when she's putting all of her effort into it, their thoughts never quite coincide. But that's part of what makes their balance perfect.
This describes the funny relationship between Masara and Kokoro that lead to situations like this one, which is pretty cool, seeing as how the writers decided to have the girls be so desynched, despite their close relationship. Additionally, we can interpret the description metaphorically as Kokoro and Masara "never seeing eye-to-eye", but such differences is what makes them have so much synergy.
In a way, you can view Kokoro as a "kettle" to Masara's "glass", in that Kokoro becomes a primary source of the wonder Masara has been seeking for most of her life. Much like how a cup warms as a result of having tea poured into it, Kokoro's interactions with Masara gradually undoes her cold heart. I the "Reaching a Happier Height" event, for example, Masara now considers the emotional value of hiking to Kokoro by stating that she wasn't sure about joining her, as it was something Kokoro had fond memories of with her family. This is a stark contrast to the girl who believed her death via witch would not matter to her parents, especially if they did not need to pay for such things as her funeral.
A Castle of Sentiment Here's the thing about Kokoro's appearance: her artist, GAN, has a very particular style, as we see with some of the Suzune Magica girls. Put a bit more specifically, GAN is an "ecchi" artist, and part of that style carried over to Kokoro's design. Putting that aside, Kokoro's outfit looks rather bulky, with her skirt and top layered on her, but most of all, the two pilebunkers she carries on both arms. Combined with her tights, Kokoro always came off as a character from a mecha anime.
In this official and somewhat NSFW (it shows Kokoro without her skirt and outerwear) design layout from GAN, Kokoro's hair is held together by cube-shaped accessories, a shape that evokes feelings of sturdiness and stability. Because the shape is enclosed on all sides, we can be reminded of shelter, with walls, flooring, and a roof that protect us from the elements and other threats. It's four sides also allows it to be stable when placed on ground.
Kokoro's primary colors, yellow and green, are colors that are often associated with safety, while green is also a color of abundance, such as with money and natural growth. Being the color of Kokoro's soul-gem, we can interpret her as a girl who has a plenty of feelings stored inside her.
Much like how Masara's offensive nature is reflected in her stats, Kokoro is very durable, which also happens to match her ability to endure large amounts of damage. Such a power manifested from Kokoro's desire to preserve and protect her family, which is quite the literal interpretation, but hey, makes my job a lot easier for once.
Finally, Kokoro's pilebunkers are a reference to her emotions trying to break free. The way these weapons work, the stake or lance are held steady or pulled back before finally being released and hitting a target at full force. As she demonstrates in several conversations, Kokoro's emotions tend to seep out, particularly when she feels strongly about something or someone. Imagining this as, say, a boiling kettle or a balloon that's been overinflated, we can see Kokoro's feelings as a strong force waiting to burst out of her.
Headed Towards Happiness To recap a bit, Kokoro is a girl whose emotions have been held inside her, while Masara has no emotions to show. As mentioned earlier, feelings are tough to hold onto, while the absence of them gives us someone like Masara. As Masara gets to know Kokoro and starts becoming more expressive, we see that she tends to get confused as to what she is feeling.
Kokoro, however, fully understands her emotions, but chooses to hold onto them as to not burden those around her. This difference between the two girls ends up actually what makes them so compatible: on one hand, Masara seems to live a comfortable life with a stable family, on the other, Kokoro is faced with changes and challenges on her end, as her mother left her and her father, yet is not able to reconvene, even despite Kokoro's wish. As such, Kokoro is a girl full of experience with emotions, making her the perfect person for Masara to understand them, hence why she often sticks around Kokoro, asking questions related to things that she feels strongly about.
This is where things get a bit more complex, while Masara is associated with fragility and Kokoro fortification, Masara approaches things without much fear, while Kokoro bottles her emotions out of fear of being emotionally hurt. The explanation, however, is actually pretty simple, as someone who has not experienced many strong emotions in her life, Masara has little to fear, be it how Kokoro or her own family would feel if something bad happened to her. Kokoro, however, knows exactly how feelings can be hurtful, and has, thus, become averse when faced with emotional hurt. This is the point where both girls, who are so different from each other, converge, where Masara desires to discover joy and wonder through finding emotion and Kokoro through learning how to cope with her own.
Both girls are also involved in physical activities, competitive swimming for Masara, and hiking for Masara. Competitive swimming is a very controlled activity, where participants where the same uniform, follow a set of rules, and swim within a more constrictive area (a pool). By contrast, Kokoro enjoys hiking, which is far more open. Masara finds pleasure in swimming for the quiet comfort it provides her, while hiking carries fond memories of Kokoro's parents.These hobbies allude to each girl's nature, where Masara is reserved and routine, while Kokoro tends to venture out more and try different things, something of hers that really begins to rubs off on Masara, as seen in her swimsuit episode. In return, Masara is the perfect person for Kokoro to express herself with, something that is hinted at in the Memoria, An Unexpected Reaction:
I'd make lunch for you anytime, just to see that rare expression on your face. When we're done eating, it's time to fold the lunchbox and pack it up. My backpack feels lighter now that you're here. Let's keep walking, together!
As Masara warms up to Kokoro, she discovers more and more how important she (Masara) is to her, and although it seems one-sided at times, both girls share a clear bond with each other. At least enough for Mitama to ship them together. In the final line of this Memoria, Kokoro mentions how, with Masara around hiking with her, her bag feels lighter, which is strange when taken literally, as she's packed a bag for two, but metaphorically, this Memoria states how Masara is someone Kokoro can confide herself.
Pamela, the Doppel of Endurance
The master of this emotion perceives her Doppel as something that expresses her pent-up emotions in her stead; however, she understands that this behaviour is merely a placeholder, so she has mixed feelings while looking upon it. This Doppel sprouts sharp thorns in a show of resistance to those who would harm it, and savagely attacks that which it perceives to be dangerous. On rare occasions, it may explode in conjunction with an upswing in its master’s emotions. Its shell– which boasts a powerful strength different from either ceramic or metal– thus breaks, and powerful waves of magic engulf its surroundings.
Such a straightforward description for a very busy Doppel, yeesh. Pamela has quite a few potential references, and after getting a few ideas from u/Sweet_Beanie, I am proud(?) to say that Pamela Anderson doesn't seem to be one of them.
There's a lot to go over, so I'm going to start with the most visually obvious, the "pamela hat", which Pamela, the Doppel, wears ontop her head. The pamela hat was a fashion trend for ladies during the 19th century, worn by women who would add in their own aesthetic touch. These hats covered a small portion of the wearer's head as to show off the woman's styled hair.
Hats, in general, provide protection from the sun, but also hide part of our heads, and with that in mind, I believe this to be a reference to the first lines in the Doppel's description that states Kokoro's realization that Pamela's appearance is only a substitute for her feelings. As mentioned earlier, pamela hats were designed to loudly present the wearer's personality with how they designed it to fit them. As such, Pamela represents Kokoro's desire to express herself. Coincidentally enough, Pamela is also linked to Kokoro by her hair-curl.
Aside from singing about rains in Africa, the band, Toto, has a song titled "Pamela", with lyrics that include:
Pamela, don't break this heart of mine Just remember, it may not heal this time Pamela, there is no second chance, for the one who leaves it all behind, yeah yeah
As per the theme of this song, songwriter, Joseph Williams, writes about the fragility of one's heart. These lines, in particular, relate to Kokoro's emotions as a result of her mother and father divorcing each other, as well as the fact that, despite her wish, there was no second coming of the love she and her family enjoyed in the past.
Pamela appears as a spider-like entity encased in ceramic. Aside from being little crawling horrors, spiders are one of the creatures referred to as a witch's servant and praised for their handicraft when weaving webs. Given how close they are to witches, it becomes clear as to why Pamela has so much magical energy bottled inside of its shell.
Likewise, Pamela is a defense mechanism for Kokoro, showing resistance to things that would be perceived as a threat that can break past her shell. Once at full capacity, the shell on Pamela explodes, releasing all the magical energy (read: emotions) that were trying to break free, much like the feelings that push and seep through Kokoro. As mentioned in the description, Pamela reacts to Kokoro's strong emotions, and during the attack animation, we see her aggressively pound on Pamela's head before pointing her toward her targets.
All-in-all, Kokoro and Masara are about feelings and our reactions to them. On one side, we see the importance of emotions as they are ultimately what gives meaning to our lives, yet bearing these feelings can bring about pain if they are stored within us.
With that all said, Kokoro was actually the first girl I saved up for, mostly because I recognized her from Gan's works before knowing she was a character in Magia Record.
Next up if, for real this time, Umika, followed by the rest of the Another Daze crew.
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There's a meteor shower (announced by Isabelle) and a lot of DIYs and items for you to take. Please stay in the fenced area (no swimsuits) and leave via airport. Comment here if you want to come and I'll send you the code. I'll be taking 2-3 at a time to avoid airport madness, so please be patient :)
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2020.09.20 00:20 claim771 29 [M4F] SoCal / Anywhere - I want to date a magician girl

The archetype might be more commonly known as "The Zatanna".
Cheeky grin. Mysterious eyes. Sleight of hand. Showmanship.
The traits are all common in the magician girl.
More key: the uniform. A strapless swimsuit of arcane armor. Leggy. A top hat! A bow-tie! The old Razzle-Dazzle!
I want it all. If you understand where I'm coming from then send me a messenger pigeon. I want to hear all about your world of Wonder and mystic machinations. I'm not pulling your sleeve-handkerchiefs when I saw I'm interested in your personality and prestige.
Let's jump into something like rabbits into a hat.
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