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[Worstverse] Hello readers, my name is Travis and I've started this blog to share with all of you my experiences at Worst Hotel. For the most part it can be said that this story begins with me staggering drunk and broke down a poorly lit but richly littered New York street. Having lost every penny I had to my name in a poker game only about an hour before hand, along with the title to my car and my leather jacket. I had been attempting to check into hotel after hotel, looking for a place to escape the chilling fall night air. To my bad fortune they all demanded a credit card before allowing me to book a room. This put a damper on my plan to crash and dash at the crack of dawn.

I was approaching the end of the street and only one flashing neon sign remained. "Worst Hotel- Vacancy", it read. "Worst Hotel? Why would anyone... Well, fuck it. I'll sleep in the damn lobby if I have to." The peculiar name doing little to deter me, I marched the rest of the way to the door and flung it open, causing a loud brass jiggle bell to clang an ear splitting herald of my arrival. The noise seemed to clang on and on with no hint of quieting. Over the racket I heard an annoyed voice yell from further into the building, "Cut that shit out!" and with that the ringing ceased instantly with not so much as an echo. Across the room I was able to identify the source of the voice. At the end of the lobby was the main desk nestled into recess in the wall, manned by what appeared to be two young men in their late teens, both looking at me with mild irritation. One was tall and skinny with greasy black hair that almost covered his eyes. The other was short and chubby with thick, curly red hair that sat unkempt over a noticeably large forehead.

"What the shit is wrong with that door bell?!" I aggressively inquired at the two boys.

"Nothing's wrong with it." The tall boy answered shortly.

"Yeah, how would you feel if you were minding your own business and some jackass kicked a door into your face? Probably raise all kinds of hell wouldn't you?" The short one added.

"I... What?" I replied in confusion. "It's just a door bell."

"Just a door bell, he says." The tall boy mocked to the shorter one, which caused them both to chuckle for a moment before the tall one continued, "Do you want something?"

"Do I want someth-, yeah, I want a room you greasy prick!" I spat.

Rolling his eyes, the taller of the two turned around and grabbed a key off the wall behind him and hurled it at me like a major league pitcher. I ducked as the keyring flew past my head, smashing into the wall behind me before clattering to the floor. As I glared at him, anger burning in my gaze, he dismissed me with a gentle, twinkley wave of his fingers and a triumphant smirk on his face. The shorter one was now laughing hysterically. As I bent down to begrudgingly pick up the key I read the room number on its tag. The tag itself was an ornate brass oval, aged in just such a way as to only accentuate its beauty. The tag's number was apparently expertly engraved by hand which matched to room 257.

Not wanting to ruin the good luck of having someone literally throw a room key at me before asking for a credit card, I made a B line for the elevator to the right of the desk. As I pressed the call button I turned towards the front dest and noticed that from in front of the elevator doors they were just out of sight behind the desk. The doors opened with a soft ding and as I entered and attempted to press the button for the right floor I realized that, not only had I not been told the correct floor on which to find the room, but more importantly, there were only two buttons. Ground floor, and 8. I leaned my head out of the still open doors and yelled down the way of the front desk, "Hey! Abbot, Costello! This piece of shit only has a button for the 8th floor!"

The tall one slowly leaned his head around the corner, and with an even more prominent and irksome smirk replied, "Well then I guess you better hope it's on that floor then, shouldn't you?" And then just as slowly and slimily drew his head back behind the corner, never letting the smirk leave his face. Cursing to myself, I withdrew back into the elevator and pushed the only available button.

After what seemed like an unreasonably long time to climb only 8 floors the doors dinged once more and opened, releasing me into the hallway. It didn't take long at all to determine the cause of the taller concierge's smirk.

As I exited the elevator the room I laid my eyes on first was labeled #1... I thought surely that was an error or something, but the one next to it was labeled #3 and the ones across were #2 and #4. Nervously I began to walk down the hallway following the continually ascending room numbers. Time seemed to drag on as 12 and 14 were long gone and I was walking up on 87 and 89. I was at a loss as I thought about the dimensions of the building I had seen from outside. There was no way it could have held even this many rooms on one floor, never mind if this meant that they would continue all the way to my 257. It just wasn't possible. But my disbelief was heavily tempered by my desire to rest my head on a soft pillow in a dark room. So I continued on.

122 and 124, 163 and 165, 207 and 209. I counted as I passed them one by one, taking notice that the rooms must have been pretty large given the ample distance from one set of doors to the next. As I got closer and saw the room marked 256 I knew that the next set of doors would be my destination. Rest at last. I hurried my pace as I approached but stopped in confusion as I had the sickening realization that... my room number wasn't where it was supposed to be. On one side there was 259 and on the other 258 and 260, but absolutely no 257. I dropped to my knees in defeat, rapping my fist against the wall where my room should have been waiting for me. The greasy bastard got me. He must have given me a prank key to a nonexistent room knowing I'd have to walk all the way here to find out I'd been had, then have to walk all the way back. At which point I would probably be thrown out after not being able to produce a valid credit card.

I wanted to storm back into that lobby and beat the actual piss out of that boy, but just as I was working up the energy and motivation to, I noticed that their was one more door at the very end of the hall. I squinted my eyes to read the number etched on an aged brass plate lavish enough to equal the tag on my room key.

I was there. I had made it. I stabbed the key into the lock and twisted it free. As I opened the door the lights all lit themselves, revealing a gorgeous Victorian theme with elegant drapery and furniture everywhere. "This has to be a presidential sweet or something." I thought to myself, at the time not registering how stupid the idea of what looked to be such a dilapidated hotel having a presidential room. I didn't let my exhaustion keep me from exploring the palace like dwelling. Everything in the room was of the highest quality and craftsmanship you could imagine. Silk and gold and silver was everywhere and my time working at a local pawn shop was all I needed to tell me that this stuff was all the genuine article. I immediately began rummaging around for the thing of highest value I would be able to cram into my pocket when I left.

I ended up settling on a solid gold ash tray adorned with a few random gems such as emeralds and rubies. My exhaustion getting the better of me I decided to finally take a quick shower in what appeared to be a solid gold tub, and lie down to sleep. Rather than get up early and try to slip past everyone I decided to get a good rest and just make a mad dash for the door instead.

Waking the next day I quickly snagged the golden ash tray in my back pocket and made my way out of the room, but as my feet cleared the thresh hold I felt a sudden pull on my pants followed by a ripping sound and then a dull thud. Stopping, I turned to see that the ash tray was laying in the doorway just inside the room. I felt my back pocket that was now ripped almost completely off. Scowling, I reached down to pick the thing up but as I stood it was jerked out of my hand and fell to the floor once again with the same dull, heavy thud. "What the actual hell?" I mumble to myself, squatting down to investigate my would be pilfered booty.

I picked it up again, this time looking for wires as I felt around and turned it in my hands. I found nothing, so at that I tried to grip it tight and give it a hard yank in hopes of wrenching it free of whatever bond was holding it. I leaned forward and snatched back as hard as I could, but to no avail. The ash tray remained in my hand but my hand also remained in the room with the ash tray. I just stood there for a moment clutching the small, gilded dish as is was blocked by some yet identified force. Determined, I walked into the room all the way to the far wall and heaved the tray at the open door as hard as I could. But instead of passing through it just stopped silently and dropped to the floor yet again, bouncing a little as it landed.

Curious, I began to try to remove other objects from the room, none of which would allow itself to be taken any farther than the door. Angered by this but not deterred, I decided to drop the ash tray out of the window and recover it upon exiting the building, only to find that there was no window in the room. Which made sense now that I had time to think about it. In my exhausted state it hadn't occurred to me that it had to have been some kind of optical illusion, the endless hallway. The elevator must have only went up one floor very slowly and the halls were all built on an almost imperceptible incline as they twist and turn, which made it seem like you just kept walking down an impossibly long labyrinth of halls and doors. And all the objects in the room must be magnetized somehow, which is how they won't cross the doorway.

It was so obvious to me now. This had to be some kind of prank hotel or something. That's why they let me in without asking for a credit card and why everything was just generally so strange. They get some idiot to come in and film him running around like an asshole using hidden cameras and then put it all over TV. Abandoning my attempt at thievery I began to make the long walk back to the elevator.

About half way into my journey I saw another person in the distance about to enter their own room. First thinking it might be another victim of the hotel's ridiculous shenanigans I picked up my pace to warn him that he was probably being screwed with.

"Hey guy!" I shouted as I approached. "There's something up with this p-" I stopped short as I got closer and got a better look at the man. He was tall. Taller than anyone I had ever seen in person. And his pale head which sat on his thin, lanky body was completely bald. When he turned to face me it got even worse. His eyes were wide open and unblinking, appearing to be in a permanent state of terror, and his facial features were all sharp and sunken. I just stood, frozen in shock as he slowly leaned over towards me, bringing his horrific eyes level with mine.

Then suddenly he just started screaming in my face like a lunatic. Over and over he yelled at a volume that made my eardrums feel like they were on the verge of rupturing. At first I could only jump and convulse in response. Not that I didn't scream, because boy did I scream. I was just so horrified it didn't register as a valid response at first, and when I finally did it was just as much me trying to will my legs into tear-assing down the hallway faster than I had ever moved in my life. And I ran track in highschool, so believe me when I say I was moving at a healthy clip. Smashing into corner after coner did little to halt my momentum as I hurtled through the maze of doors and halls, the whole time chanting in my head, "It's just a prank! It's just a prank! I'm being pranked! I'm just being pranked!"

My legs were on fire as I rounded the last corner, finally seeing the glimmer of the stainless steel elevator doors. I smashed into the wall, all but punching the call button over and over and over until the doors slid open with a familiar, soft chime. No sooner did they began to part was I inside the elevator, now brutalizing the ground floor button. My whole body shook as I descended to the lobby. Breathing heavily, I readied myself against the handrails and waited for the doors to chime and open one last time, plotting the exact angle would use to bolt out and make my way to the front entrance as quickly and cleanly as possible.


As the doors opened I pulled against the rails and kicked off the back wall of the elevator with all the strength that remained in my body. Someone was walking into the lobby! I'd be able to make a clean escape without having to stop to pull the door open like I had first calculated.

"YES!" I yelled triumphantly, only feet from the exit. I was almost out of this twisted place and home free.

My face made contact first, then my right knee, then the rest of my body was brought to a sudden and violent stop as I tried to bolt through the opening. I felt the closing door brush against my back as I knocked it aside on my way to the floor. I could feel the cold of the tile underneath me as I heard a voice call out over hysterical laughter as I lost consciousness.

"Holy shit Pete! I've never seen anyone eat it that hard before!"

I was brought back with a splash of ice water against my face. I sat up, ready to fight as I choked on the water. The taste of pennies permeated through my mouth as it filled with blood from what was certainly a busted nose and lip. "UGH BLUGG KA KA!" I hacked as I raised my fist, ready to hammer the person standing over me. As he slowly faded back into clarity I saw it was the tall, greasy haired boy. The smirk on his face now wide as it could ever possibly be.

"The old crash and dash, huh? Yeah that doesn't work here. Can't leave until your debt's all paid up and square. Welcome to Worst Hotel asshole."

"You're gonna need these while you're working here." The shorter of the concierges said as he handed me a black canvas bag with "W.H." embroidered in gold on the front. "You can't do your job without some of this stuff so try to not lose it and shit." The boy who introduced himself as Lezley minutes ago.

He and the slick haired bastard Pete had sat back and allowed me to tucker myself out making attempt after attempt to break through the invisible barrier in the doorway, during one of which I'm pretty sure I broke my hand. All to no avail. It was apparent after a few hours of fast tracking through the five stages of grief that I wouldn't be leaving of my own volition. After which it was explained to me by the two young men that I would be working as a custodian to pay off my debt to the hotel. What's worse is that the room I had occupied was the most expensive one possible. So this wouldn't be a quick ordeal.

"What the hell is this place?" I asked as we left the room where I was presented the canvas bag. "And what the hell was with that tall fucker that freaked out on me?" I continued.

"Tall? Freak out? Oh, you must have ran into someone from 8-61. They're pretty weird but they're not the craziest ones from 8-Cluster. Their hearing isn't as good as ours, so their speech just sounds like screaming to us." He answered.

"What do you mean by 8-Cluster? I have no idea what you're even talking about." I said in confusion.

"Oh right. I should probably explain how things work around here." He began. "Things are about to get a lot crazier than what you've already seen. The messed up floor plan, the tall freak out dude, the invisible barriers. That's barely scratching the surface. So you know all the science fiction stuff where they talk about multiple dimensions and traveling through them and shit? Well, surprise. Turns out there are a bunch of different dimensions, but they're not just all layered one after the other. It's more like how soap bubbles clump together on the top of the water. One clump might have planets with similar conditions to Earth where life evolved the same way as it did here. So you end up with more humanoid like inhabitants like the tall guy. But other clusters can get kinda wild by comparison. The conditions they evolved and survived in are very different, so they look really different from us."

"The shit does that have to do with this place?!" I interrupted.

"I'm getting to that dick hole!" Lezley responded. "So there are 8 clusters that exists on the same plain of physics. And in those clusters there are a whole bunch of variant dimensions with life forms kinda similar to each other. You know how like Wolverine and Spiderman are both Marvel characters, but you never see them in the same movie because different companies own the movie rights to them?"

"No, not really." I answered.

"Well anyway, that's like what a cluster is. And you know how you don't see anyone like Superman or Batman or Flash in a Marvel movie because they're two separate universes?" He kept on.

"Again, NO, I don't. Stop speaking nerd to me." I said with growing frustration.

"So this is basically a nexus for all the different clusters. The hotel is a hub where residents from one dimension can visit other dimensions freely. Unless they've been flagged, of course. Keeping track of each cluster is especially important because the cluster dictates the conditions a guest can survive in. So if you're from cluster-8 like us then you'll probably be pretty happy about oxygen and water. But if you're like from 5-22 and have a high cesium content in your skin, well... Walking around in our atmosphere would feel like getting thrown into a tub of boiling water. Until you die that is. So what we do here is process the guests and give them special apparatuses that let them survive and go unnoticed while they're in different dimension. You know how like in Men in Bl-"

"I know you're not about to say more nerd shit." I interrupted.

"I... NO!" He said defensively.

"You're telling me this is... an interdimensional hotel... for... monsters... Aliens?" I asked in summation.

"I mean, basically. Yeah. That and we act as a haven time to time for paranormal anomalies, and sometimes render various services for them. We're a lot more than just a hotel." Lezley answered. "Anyway, call them whatever you want, your job is making sure the guests enjoy their time here."

"Enjoy there time here?" I echoed.

"Among other things." He added.

"What other things?" I said nervously.

"We'll cross that one when we get to it." He finished as we came to a stop in front of a dilapidated door towards the back of the hotel. A large C-8 printed on the wall next to it. "Here we are, cluster 8 staff living quarters. Ready?" He added with a grin as I nodded, signaling him to open the door. There's nothing that could have prepared me.

At first glance you might mistake the area as a common room at some rustic cabin resort. Rough hewn furniture made from logs, a fireplace in the center, and a kitchen area off to the side. But then I noticed the occupants. The very first one to catch my eye had what appeared to be a bone-like shell or mask covering their face, but after a moment of "eye" contact it began to open and spread out into a set of horns similar to what you'd expect to see on a deer. The face underneath was stark white and smooth as porcelain. The large, dark sockets that had first assumed were caused by shadows cast from the mask like horns were actually just deep, sunken holes. If a were to have seen this in a painting it would have been almost beautiful, but in person, under the circumstances, it was more than unsettling. Even their soft smile and gentle, greeting nod did little to calm me down.

The rest of the occupants, while different in their own ways, were about as far from human as the first one. I jumped as a voice spoke from beside me.

"You're gonna need this too." Lezley said, pulling what looked to be an old fashion iron key from his shirt pocket, holding it hanging by a small chain. "This your room key. I'd tell you to not lose it but..." He trailed off as I took it in my hand.

"But what?" I asked, but no sooner than I did I began to hear a sizzling sound followed by the noise the chain made as it hit the wood floor, and shortly after I felt a burning pain in my hand. I looked down to see the key had begun to melt and was burning into my hand, leaving only a black mark in the shape of a key across my palm where I had been grasping it.

"OUCH!! Fucking damn it man! What was that shit?!" I screamed into his face.

But then I heard a soft laughter pick up from behind me. I turned to face the others in the room with us as they all raised a hand bearing a black key shape in the palm. I turned back to Lezley and started to open my mouth to speak but he cut me off.

"That's the key to your room. Only people marked to that room can open the door. Keeps you from losing the key and someone else using it." He explained, giggling as I rubbed my still burning hand.

"You guys would make a fucking fortune in security systems." I retorted sarcastically.

"This place does have lots of... unorthodox ways of solving problems. You'll figure that out more and more as you go on. Room's that way." He ended, pointing to a hallway almost hidden in the far corner of the room, opposite the kitchen area.

Opting to not socialize with my new interdimensional co-workers, I slunked across the room towards the hallway. Only pausing briefly to exclaim "Tell that other greasy prick at the front desk to eat a dick at his own convenience!"

"Haha! I'll pass the word along." Lezley said, as he closed the door behind him.

I started looking for my room only to realize I didn't know which one was mine. There were numbers on the doors but I wasn't told which number I should look for. I glanced down at the key marking on my palm, noticing that instead of the key having teeth, in their place was a number that I guessed might match the right room. I followed the number to room 19 and turned the nob. The door opened with a click and creaked open.

The first thing I noticed was that there were two beds. One looking tidy and unused, and the other was made but had various nicknacks and effects adorning the wall and shelves around it. Attempting to process the idea that I would have a monster from another dimension as a room mate, I plopped myself down on the vacant bed and stared at the ceiling. But before I could even let my imagination run wild as to what kind of twisted goblin I would be rooming with for the foreseeable future, I heard a knock on the door.

Nervously I stood and grasped the doornob. I gave it a gentle twist and open it just enough to make a crack large enough to see through. My vision was not met with the otherworldly gargoyle I had expected, but rather what appeared to be a human woman in her 20s. If I had to give an off the cuff description I call her, well... pretty damn cute. Excited I swung the door the rest of the way open and asked louder than I intended, "Are you my room mate?!"

"Uhhhh, no." She answered plainly. "I'm the only eight one thirty seven who's off right now, and they like to have someone from their own dimension help get them settled if possible. And other than me it's just Lezley and Pete. So here I am."

"Oh, well that's... mildly disappointing." I huffed under my breath. "Anyway, my name's Travis." I added, extending my hand.

"Good for you." She said as she turned and began to walk back down the hall towards the common room.

I closed the door behind me and hurried to catch up. As we rounded the first corner she began to explain that there were currently almost 50 staff members who hail from cluster 8. Only four of which being from 8-137, which according to her, is the dimension we come from. Once we entered the common room she brought me to the kitchen area and explained that we were allowed to use some of the money we earned to buy things we needed like food.

"How do we get that stuff if we can't leave?" I asked.

"You'll figure that out later." She dismissed.

She opened a door that blended into the boards on the wall revealing a walk in refrigerator with multiple compartments all individually numbered. "They work just like the rooms. Only you and your room mate can open the cabinet with your number." She said, pointing to the number on the closest cabinet. "So if any of your shit comes up missing you know what happen to it."

"You sound like you've got everything figured out." I said, trying to force small talk. "How long have you been here?" I added.

"About two weeks." She answered, closing the refrigerator door. "You get used to things fast in this place." She opened another concealed door. "This is the pantry. Same deal."

I stood in mild shock as she began walking back down the hallway where our rooms were located, but I shook myself out of it after a few seconds and made my way behind her. Before we left the common room she added, "TV has cable but it's always shifting through dimensions mid show so don't bother. At first interdimensional porn sounds kinda hot, but then one day you're in the middle of Supernatural, the cable shifts, and then you can't sleep for three days. WIFI password is WorstDayEver followed by your cluster number and your dimension. Best stick to that and regular porn."

After we passed room 50 in the hallway it opened up to a small locker room with two doors at the far end. "Left one is toilets, right one is the bath. It's Japanese style but don't get too excited. It's hard to bathe with some strange being from another dimension staring at your groin trying to figure out how it works." She said.

I shivered as I imagined having my junk ball gazed by some of the nightmarish creatures I had just seen. Fortunately that thought was interrupted as she continued, "Oh yeah, speaking of, you should have one of these in the bag you got earlier." She then brushed her hair back, revealing some short of silver piece of jewelry that twisted around and inside of her ear.

"These let you understand the different languages the other workers speak. And they all have one so they'll be able to understand you." She elaborated. "That's about all you need to know until tomorrow when they put you to work. I'm in room 23, so if you need anything... Stay as far away from that room as possible."

And with that she spun on her heel and left me standing there in the locker room. I made my escape as I noticed several of the other occupants rounding the corner, undressing as they walked. I made my signature B-line for my room, slamming the door behind me and diving head first into my bed. After lying there for some time I had manage to doze off, only realizing this as I was being woken by a gentle tugging on the sleeve of my shirt. I opened my eyes to see a pale, porcelain face with deep, black, empty sockets only inches from my own. I howled, spouting a torrent of profanity as I made my best effort to claw my way up the wall next to my bed.

"HOLY FUCKING CHERRY PICKING JESUS WHAT THE ACTUAL SHIT SLINGING HELL NAME OF VIC MOTHERBITCHING MIGNOGNA?!!" I exclaimed in my frenzy as I attempted to claw my way up the wall, causing the deer like horns on top of its head to slam shut back into its mask-ish shape. "Oh, holy shit, it's just you..." I coughed in exacerbation. "What... what do... want?" I asked, gasping for oxygen.

The creature began to speak in a soft, bell-like language I couldn't understand. After realizing I couldn't understand, it reached for the canvas bag beside my bed and produced a small box, and from the box it withdrew the same small metal device that the girl from earlier had in her ear. So, taking the hint, I took the small metallic object and placed it around my ear.

"Is that better?" The creature spoke in the same soothing tone, but now I was able to make out a definite feminine voice.

"Y-yeah. Much." I answered.

"Good. You were having a bad dream." She said. And though I couldn't see her eyes I felt like she was looking into mine with concern.

"Oh, I didn't realize. It's kinda been a crazy couple of days so I'm not surprised." I mumbled more to myself than anyone else. "Sorry I freaked out on you like that. I feel like a dick cause you were just trying to help."

"It's quite alright. Up until today you didn't even know that beings such as myself from other dimensions existed, so it's understandable to be a little apprehensive." She reassured me.

We spent several minutes conversing about getting used to the new environment and coming to terms with such far out notions as other dimensions. After a while the strangeness began to fade from her appearance as I started to realized what a kind and caring soul she had. While we spoke, what I once thought to be the horns on top of her head began to slowly drop and unfurl into impossibly thin hairs, almost like spider's silk that couldn't be bothered to tangle or stick to one another.

As the conversation drew to a close she rose from where she had been sitting and, with all the grace of a feather in the wind, practically glided back to her bed.

After that I was able to roll over manage a soft, slightly hopeful smile, knowing I had at least one person looking out for me in this insane fever dream of a hotel. Fortunately I was able to get some real sleep before I was jolted back to consciousness by my foot being violently yanked off the bed to the sound of "Move your ass. Time for indentured servitude."

It was the abrasive girl from the night before, and this time my excitement to see her had been greatly tempered. I snatched my foot out of her hand with a groan and pulled the covers back over my head. "Don't be a dick." She said as she ripped the blanket away from me and began to march out the door.

"How'd she even get in anyway?" I thought to myself. Still cranky from my rude wake up call, I began to remove various items from the canvas bag. First were two sets of uniforms, deep black and trimmed in gold filigree. Though it appeared missed matched with the very utilitarian fabrics, and style of the clothing itself being simple cargo pants and a t-shirt. If you took the gold trim off they'd look almost... tactical. Next was another key with a brass tag adorned with the number 1. The burning sensation from the last key still fresh in my mind, I elected to hold it only by the tag for the time being. Next out was a pair of black work boots. Noting extraordinary there. Just... work boots, of the black variety.

The next item took me by surprise. Fumbling blindly around the bag, I felt my hand clasp onto something heavy. As I pulled it into the light my first impression was of one of those collapsible batons the police carry. However this one seemed to be only a solid piece of brass and stashed away in a black leather holster. At that point I thought back and remembered seeing several other staff members carrying these around, but had no idea what it might be used for.

Moments later the she-monster that snatched me from my sleep walked back in with Lezley. When he noticed me holding the small brass bar. "Oh you found it!"

"Yeah, I guess I did. The hell's it for?" I retorted.

With smirk he reached down and took it from me, sliding it from its leather housing. "Check this shit out." He said, never loosing his grin. Suddenly he took the bar and gave it a hard shake. As soon as he did it erupted outward in both directions, transforming into a brilliant brazen spear.

"HEY! Watch it shit-ass!" The girl barked as the spear rocketed past her arm at blinding speed.

"Oh damn! My bad Sash. I haven't messed with one of these in a while. Forgot how fast them shits come out." Lezley apologized. "This is orichalcum. It's serious stuff too. A long time ago a village of bandits got a hold of a little bit of this stuff. Fucking built Atlantis with it. So keep up with it. If you lose it, that's your ass." He continued. As he spoke he continued to shake it, turning the spear to a sword, the sword to an ax, the ax to a dagger, the dagger to a mace, and then back to a small bar before sliding it back into the holster and tossing back to me.

"Ok, I'll say again... WHAT IN THE HELL DO I NEED THAT FOR?!" I exclaimed.

He looked at me for a moment then answered ominously,

"Other things."
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TMNT Script
[the film opens with a narration]
Splinter: Years ago, in japan, there was a young man named Hamato Yoshi who fell in love with a woman named Tang Shen, both of them lived a happy life
Splinter: Hamato yoshi was also the leader of the Foot Clan and had been training them for years. None of the members could ever be as skilled as hamato yoshi was
Splinter: But one of his students, Oroku Nagi became jealous of Hamato yoshis lover, and one night he broke into his home and attempted to kill her
Yoshi: Very well then....
[Yoshi slams Nagi into a wall and pushes Tang Shen away)
[we hear offscreen punches and bones breaking]
Splinter: i cannot describe in words what the body looked like. After his death Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen moved to New York and had a daughter, Miwa
Splinter: But Nagis brother, Oroku Saki, seeked to avenge his brother
Splinter: He took over the foot clan and moved to new york
[we see Saki and the foot clan go into a mansion]
Rich guy: Excuse me but this is private property so get the h##l out!
Saki: Kare o korose (japanese for kill him)
[a foot soldier cuts the rich guys head off]
Splinter: after he settled into his new home, he burst into Hamato Yoshis home
[Saki kicks down door]
Saki: We have never met before, but i will be the last thing you see
Saki: YOU MURDERED MY BROTHER IN COLD BLOOD, and now, i will do the same, to you and your family
[Yoshi grabs a sword]
[Yoshi and Saki fight]
[at the end of the fight yoshi cannot get up and saki murders Tang Shen]
[yoshi grabs a hot frying pan and presses it against sakis face]
[saki runs out of the house while it burns down]
Splinter: i lost everything, my home, my daughter and my beloved wife....
Splinter: i had to move to the sewers to hide from Saki. One day i found 4 baby turtles in the sewer and kept them as pets, and then that fateful day came
[we see an out of control truck crash and a jar of green liquid spills out and drips into the sewers]
Splinter: the strange substance fell onto us and you 4 were born, i trained you to finally stop Oroku Saki and his reign of terror so that way, i can live knowing the Oroku name is perished........
[the opening credits play]
[we cut to a news report being done by April o Neil]
News anchor: In other news, local science division TCRI has allowed us to report on some of its top scientists and see what revolutionary inventions they are creating, we have our newest reporter April o Neil interviewing them today so lets see whats happening
April: hi everyone im April o Neil here interviewing Dr Baxter Stockman at TCRI who is eager to present his latest invention so Dr stockman what do you have for us today?
Stockman: Thank you april, this is my latest invention The Mousers
April: Interesting, how do they work
Stockman: Using advanced AI technology ive programmed the mousers to detect any small rodents and eat them alive, here is a demonstration
[stockman puts a rat into a maze and the mouser finds it and eats it]
April: Well i can say that this invention will help with any rodent infestations that anyone has
News anchor: Thank you april and as we just saw there, if you have a rodent problem just buy one of these mousers and your problems will be eaten away
[we cut back to TCRI and april walks back to stockmans lab to ask another question but stops when she hears him talking]
Baxter: these dumba#ses truly think these are for catching rodents HAH like id waste my time on something like that
Scientist: So what are they for then
Baxter: Stealing from the owners of the mousers without them knowing, you want some of the stolen goods?
Scientist: No thanks Dr, i’d rather stay out of this
Stockman: and dont tell anyone or else ill drown you in a f##king lake
Scientist: (stuttering) Dont worry dr, its our secret
April: (whispering) i have to take this to the press
[april runs outside and is stopped by the purple dragons]
Dragon: alright, hand over the money before i crack open your skull like a pistachio
[she gets cornered by them when a ninja star goes through one of the gangsters necks]
[a sai gets thrown at his head and it stabs him]
Background voice: Ma’am, i think you should run now
[april runs away and the turtles jump out and reveal themselves]
Dragon: GET THEM
[the turtles fight and kill all of the dragons]
Leo: ok guys, i think that was all of them
Hun: What the....What are you?!?!
Mikey: We’re the mutant teenager turtle ninjas! Wait that doenst sound right...
Hun: Face me you turtle freaks
Raph: with pleasure
Mikey: Hey dude condiment king called and he wants his glasses back
[hun and raph fight until hun manages to escape]
Leo: Well the good news is we saved the civilian and killed the purple dragons
Mikey: except for the glasses guy
Leo: we still saved the day didnt we
Raph: yeah we did, we better head home
Leo: alright guys lets call it a night
[the turtles leave and we cut to the next day where we see sockman getting fired]
Stockman: D##n it! TCRI was all i had, now all i have are these mousers, no ones going to buy these
[ a dark figure approaches stockman]
Saki: im willing to buy them from you, but you must meet my demands
Stockman: really, ok then what are your demands
Saki: I need you to build an advanced armor for me so i can, take care of unfinished business
Stockman: Whats in it for me
Saki: you may live in my mansion with no rent, as long as you meet my demands
Stockman: Its a deal, if you do one favor for me
Saki: Im listening...
Stockman: kill April O Neil, shes the one who exposed the true intention of the mousers and got me fired
Saki: we have a deal, dr stockman
[we cut to april walking down the street]
[we see karai and a few foot soldiers looking at her with a binocular]
Karai: keep an eye on me, come in when i need you
Foot: Hai okusama (japanese for yes ma’am)
[karai jumps down and confronts april]
Karai: you must be april o neil, a pleasure to meet you
April: who are you?
Karai: my fathers new partner wanted me to kill you (draws sword) any last words?
[april backs away in fear while karai points her sword at aprils throat]
Casey: HEY YOU
[karai looks over at the mysterious figure]
Casey: Eat hard rubber s##t head
[he launches hockey pucks at karai]
Karai: Who are you?!?!
Casey: the real question is (he reveals himself) who are you?
Casey: You wanna fight? Ok then GOONGALA
[him and karai fight until casey whacks her in the face with a baseball bat]
Casey: You got any other tricks for me or are you done?
Karai: IMA! (Japanese for now)
[the foot soldiers jump down and surround the alley]
Casey: well f##k
[the turtles show up and kill the foot soldiers]
[karai gets away and the turtles reveal themselves the april and casey]
Casey: what, the, f##k
Raph: you gotta problem skeletor?
Casey: the names jones freak
Raph: dont push me, or ill chop you up into little peices
Leo: raph stand down
[april stands and watches]
Mikey: dont worry we arent going to hurt you
April: so...you guys are, giant talking, frogs?
Donnie: actually we’re turtles
Casey: So you’re giant crime fighting kung fu turtles?
Leo: actually we’re ninjas but other than that yes
Casey: Its new york, plus i dont have time to freak out over s##t like this
April: this is all just a dream, yeah thats what it is, a dream (chuckles)
Mikey: nope this is all real
[april passes out]
Casey: So you guys have names?
Leo: im Leonardo, thats Raphael
Raph: dont mess with me, or ill gut you like a fish
Leo: Thats Donatello
Donnie: Im mainly the inventor around here and have a weaponized staff (blade pips out of staff)
Casey: nice
Leo: and (sighs) thats Michelangelo
Mikey: whattup dude, you like pizza?
Casey: yeah i like a good pizza
Leo: now, we have to figure out where the foot soldiers went so we can locate oroku sakis base
Donnie: unfortunately we cannot determine their exact location unless we somehow put a tracking device on them
Leo: yes i know, next time we see them try to sneak one on
Leo: ok lets move out
Raph: dont tell anyone you saw us, or we’ll find you
[the turtles run away]
[april gets back up]
April: where’d they go?
Casey: so you gonna calm down now or should i give you a few days?
April: i need to go home and think about this
Casey: ill get you home safe if you want
April: no thanks, i just need some time alone to process what just happened
Casey: alright then, if you want to talk anytime im usually at the hockey arena near the school
April: ill think about it, oh yeah and thanks
Casey: anytime, whats your name?
April: april
Casey: anytime, april
[april walks home]
[we cut to the foot lair]
Karai: Father, we failed to assassinate o neil, we were stopped by a guy with hockey pucks
Saki: you were defeated, BY HOCKEY PUCKS
[saki gets up and grabs her]
Karai: Father i am sorry i—
[saki throws her on the ground]
Saki: nonstop training for a month, no breaks
Karai: father it wasnt just him i was also attacked by these turtles
Saki: you expect me to believe that bulls##t
[karai gives saki a ninja star]
[he looks at it and has a flashback of his battle with yoshi]
Saki: leave
Karai: yes father
[saki goes to stockmans lab]
Saki: what is the status of the armor Dr
Stockman: i have 20 mousers ready to go, ill start the operation tomorrow morning, i need some rest
Saki: very well, at least you did your job correctly...
[we cut to the sewer where the turtles enter the lair]
Splinter: ah my sons, you have returned
Leo: sensai, we had an encounter with the foot clan, and we were spotted by humans
Splinter: YOU WHAT
[splinter grabs leo]
Leo: Im sorry but we had to save them but they wont tell anyone about us
Leo: what are we supposed to do?!?!
[splinter puts him down]
Splinter: bring them down here, they will be safe
Leo: but sensai we cant expose our home, what if they tell their friends about it?
Splinter: it is a tough decision, but sacrifices have to be made, bring them down here tomorrow so you may rest
Leo: hai sensai
[we cut to the next day and april goes to the hockey arena]
[casey is skating on the ice and scores a goal]
April: are you jones?
Casey: casey jones yes, i see you decided to come around
April: so what did happen last night
Casey: me and some turtles beat up ninjas, did you somehow forget?
April: no but, who were they, and how are you not freaked out?
Casey: ive seen too much s##t to get freaked out by giant turtles
April: what do you mean?
Casey: we just met, its too early to tell you that story.....
April: so how did you get access to the arena?
Casey: when there isnt a game anyone can use it for free, no one comes here often so i have all the ice to myself
April: nice, so you dont have a superhero name or anything?
Casey: no, im just a guy who wants to clean the s##t stain that are the criminals of new york
April: so you’re ok with showing me your face
Casey: as long as you arent a d##khead criminal or a cop i dont care
April: i am a news reporter
Casey: Oh! You’re the one who busted that stockman guy, how’d you do it?
April: i was going back to ask him a question and i had a recorder on me for interviews and overhead him talking to his friend about the mousers
Casey: nice, hey you want to go to mcdonalds or something for lunch?
April: sure
Casey: ill pay for the food
[the 2 leave the arena and we cut back to the turtles]
Mikey: alright dudes i got us some pizza
Raph: wait isnt that stealing?
Mikey: you waited until now to ask that? Besides master splinter let us have that TV
Raph: because you found it in the dump mikey
Mikey: relax dude its just pizza
Donnie: he does have a point raph, pizza is easily manufactured in restaurants and taking one wont do much damage, and its food is essential to our survival so its a good sacra—, they always do this
[they sit down on the couch and eat pizza while watching TV]
Newsanchor: our top story today, former TCRI scientist Baxter Stockman’s inventions have been raiding and stealing materials from buildings along with weapons such as swords and knives
Splinter: i fear this may be the doing of Oroku Saki
Leo: what makes you think that?
Splinter: why would a scientist need melee weapons when he has an army of machines to his disposal, and most criminals rely on firearms, except for the foot clan
Leo: donnie, see if you can pinpoint his next robbery
Donnie: if the mousers have been stealing weapons and metal materials, he must be building some sort of armor for oroku saki which means he would need actual armor to complete it, the local museum has ancient samurai and knight armor
Leo: we’ll steak out the museum tonight
Splinter: good luck my sons
[we cut to later where the turtles are on a rooftop near the museum]
Raph: leo we’ve been standing here for 4 hours!! He isnt going to show up!
[the ground starts rumbling]
Mikey: come on raph, why didnt you complain earlier?
Leo: lets move out!
[the mousers enter the museum and find armor and a sword]
[the turtles break through the roof windows and fight the mousers]
[during the battle a group of foot soldiers and karai break in]
[the turtles kill all of the foot soldiers while leo goes after karai]
[leo and karai fight]
[karai throws tear gas at all of the turtles and stabs leo in the stomach]
[donnie sees the mouser get away with a chestpeice]
Leo: come on guys, lets get back home
[the turtles walk out of the museum]
[we cut to stockman who is working on the armor]
Saki: what is the progress on the armor stockman
Stockman: its halfway done, we need the shoulder pads, claws and the helmet
Saki: where do you think we’ll get these peices
Stockman: the shoulder pads i can build from scrap metal and the claws are being held in a secret military facility in washington
Saki: how do you suppose we get there without getting shot down immediately
Stockman: theres a jet flying over the base and dropping supply’s tomorrow at 8PM sharp, i built myself some light armor with a jetpack and built in weapons, ill lead a squad of your soldiers onto the jet
Saki: very well, i will have a squad of foot soldiers at your disposal along with 2 of my top men
[the camera zooms in on a mouser and we cut to donnies lab]
Donnie: holy crap, GUYS YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS
Leo: what is it donnie
Donnie: ok so during the fight i attached a micro listening device to one of the mousers and it looks like it survived the battle
Leo: and?
Donnie: it seems master splinters theory is right, stockman is building armor for oroku saki and tomorrow him and some foot soldiers are breaking into a military base in washington
Mikey: but isnt washington really far away?
Donnie: yes but if we use my new turtle glider we can get there in 2 hours
Leo: so whats the plan?
Donnie: they’re jumping on a supply jet at 8PM sharp and if we can get there in time we can stop them from raiding the base
[we cut to the next day and see stockman and the foot land on the jet]
Foot: RIKAI SHITA (japanese for understood]
Bradford: GOT IT
[bradford and xever start cutting through the top of the jet when they see the turtle glider]
[the turtles jump on the jet]
[the turtles and the foot fight and donnie goes after stockman]
Donnie: YOU!
[stockman shoots at donnie and donnie throws stars at him]
[stockman and donnie fight and the turtles kill all of the foot soldiers]
[raph goes after bradford and mikey fights xever]
[leo cuts a hole into the top of the plane and goes inside]
Leo: Hold on! Im not going to hurt you
Leo: You’re being attacked and someone is planning to jump off the jet so he can steal something from your base, hes on top of the jet
Soldier: there better be something up there or im putting a bullet in your head
[the soldier sees stockman and donnie fighting]
Soldier: alright which ones are jumping off
Leo: the humans
[the soldier goes on top and shoots at stockman]
[one of the bullets hits his armor and it starts sparking]
Stockman: F##K
[donnie continues fighting stockman]
[stockman punches donnie and donnie whacks stockman in the face with his staff and kicks him off the jet]
[stockman grabs onto the jet and the time turns to 8:00]
[bradford and xever knock over raph and mikey and xever stabs the soldier]
[the turtles get on the glider and flys towards the 3]
[xever grabs onto the glider]
[mikey whacks xever in the face]
[the glider flys back up]
[the 3 safely land on the roof of a building in the base]
Stockman: looks like the turtles retreated, lets go in and get the claws
[stockman sees something]
Stockman: and that mech
Bradford: why?
Stockman: i could use it
[we cut to april and casey who are at the hockey arena]
Casey: i wonder what happened to those turtle guys
April: dont know but im worried about those ninja guys, what if they try to kill me again?
Casey: ill take care of them
April: what so you’re my bodyguard now?
Casey: i could be if you want
April: ill be fine
[the turtles suddenly show up]
Casey: i was wondering what happened to you guys, what are you doing here?
Leo: our master says you need to stay with us until we take care of the foot
Casey: the who?
Leo: i’ll explain later but right now we need to leave
Bradford: i dont think so
Mikey: aw come on these guys again?
Xever: who were you expecting, the Addams family?
Donnie: why would we expect them?
Xever: actually im not sure
Bradford: you need to work on your lines dumba#s
Leo: you two get out of here
Casey: i can take these guys, i have the advantage
Leo: what advantage?
Casey: i can skate on ice easily
Foot: Sukaruman o korosu! (Japanese for kill the skull man)
[casey trips all of the foot soldiers on the ice and whacks 2 more in the face]
Casey: you dumba#ses dont know anything about ice skating (he punches 2 soldiers) i on the other hand have been playing hockey since i was 6
[raph and bradford fight near the arena]
[raph kicks bradford into the ice and casey knocks him out]
[april watches and xever sneaks up behind her and holds a knife to her throat]
Xever: any last words o neil?
[mikey kicks xever in the d##k]
Mikey: man you suck at this
[mikey punches xever and knocks him out]
Leo: alright guys thats the last of them
Casey: told ya, im good at this
Leo: you know, i think you guys will be ok on your own, as long as you two are near eachother
Casey: i have a guest room you could sleep in
April: are you sure about this?
Raph: as long as you want to live
April: alright, ill stay with him
[we cut back to stockman]
Stockman: we have the claws and i will construct the shoulder pads soon
Saki: good, where is the helmet
Stockman: i found a helmet that will supposedly grant you great power known as, the kuro kabuto
Saki: ive heard legends of the kuro kabuto
Stockman: what are they?
Saki: the story goes like this
Saki: an evil cult crafted the kabuto in the mid 1800’s for their master, once their master put on the kabuto he become extremely powerful and was able to take out one of the most skilled samurai of all time, they called him, the shredder.......
Saki: eventually the shredder was murdered by the samurais son and the kabuto was hidden from the world for years until it was found by an archeologist who studied it and gave it to TCRI
Stockman: TCRI is a big corporation with buildings in every state, perhaps i can pinpoint its next location
Saki: very well
[stockman does some research]
Stockman: next week its being moved to the TCRI building i used to work at
Saki: perfect, everything is coming together
[we cut to casey and april in the house]
Casey: i know the house isnt much but its not bad
April: i agree
Casey: so tell me about yourself
April: i dont have much to say except that my dad was a scientist
Casey: was?
April: hes retired, so what about you
Casey: (sighs) i dont like to talk about my childhood
April: you can talk about it with me
Casey: i really just dont want to do talk about what happened
April: just tell me...
Casey: i was 8 years old, my dad was a professional hockey player and eventually became a cop, he busted some of new yorks worst criminals
Casey: except, for hun, hun was the leader of the purple dragons and was the most dangerous criminal in new york
April: so, what happened
Casey: one night he broke into my house
Hun: Ever since you joined the police force you’ve been destroying my empire slowly, time to return the favor
Casey: my dad attempted to fight hun and he put up a d##n good fight
[we see hun and caseys father fighting]
[hun slams caseys father into a sink and takes out a knife]
Hun: Now your son will watch you die in cold blood, any last words?
Caseys father: casey, avenge me, i love you
[hun stabs Casey’s father in the throat]
Casey: ill never forgot the image of his mangled, distorted throat, and the sound it made when it was impaled
April: so thats why the turtles didnt shock you
Casey: exactly, ive seen too much in my life, i still miss my father
[april hugs casey]
April: why haven’t you gone after hun yet?
Casey: im not skilled enough to fight him, hockey pucks and baseball bats will stop regular thugs and they kind of stopped the foot, but hun is about as skilled at fighting as bruce lee is, i want to murder that son of a b##ch so bad but im not strong enough to fight him
April: what about the turtles
Casey: nah, they’re too busy going after b#####d c##kman or whatever his name is and i dont want to interfere
April: well just so you know, ill have your back
Casey: thanks april, so you want to go to dinner or something?
April: sure
Casey: alright then
[we cut to the sewers where we see the turtles hanging out]
Mikey: Pizza’s here!
Raph: yeah, by the way if you eat the whole thing again im gonna shove your head into the toilet
Mikey: hey raph chill out bro im not gonna eat it all
Leo: toss it up
Mikey: with pleasure
[mikey throws the pizza in the air and leo slices it up]
Donnie: you know i still dont get why you guys slice it, its already sliced
Mikey: pulling apart hot pizza is hard to do
Raph: yeah donnie i thought you were the genius around here
[the turtles eat their pizza and splinter walks in and grabs a slice]
Splinter: so what is the status of your mission
Donnie: well i overheard a conversation between stockman and oroku saki and next week they’re raiding a TCRI delivery truck to steal something called the kuro kabuto
Splinter: no.......
Splinter: you must do everything in your power to stop that raid, once he is in possession of the kuro kabuto he will be unstoppable
Leo: but sensai cant you take him down?
Splinter: not alone, i am 56 years old and only fight when i must
Leo: dont worry sensai, we wont let them take that helmet
Splinter: you four have all grown to be ninja masters, if you defeat oroku saki, i can finally live happily knowing that he is dead
Leo: dont worry sensai, we will wipe him off the face of the earth
Mikey: and the good news is we have a week to relax before the big day
Leo: you got that right
[mikey turns on the TV]
[we cut to one week later and we see stockman at his computer]
Stockman: Master saki come quick
Saki: what is it stockman
Stockman: just got word that the truck is in new york
Xever: yes master?
Saki: you have a very important task to complete
Bradford: what is it?
[we cut back to april and casey]
April: we should go out here more often
Casey: you got that right, so what now?
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2020.07.18 08:42 MiddleNebula7 Hidden toilet voyeur with japanese girls

So, has anyone else stopped to think how exactly the show was filmed?
Because the camerawork makes a big difference to the artifice of the whole show. I'm thinking they actually probably had multiple camerapeople (most likely men) inside the house trailing the inhabitants of the house after they were told what to do by the producers.

In the UK's Big Brother, I know the cameras were hidden and always recording but this clearly didn't happen here. They had a huge control room next to the Big Brother house and every inch of the house was covered by hidden cameras - apart from the toilets. So how was Terrace House even filmed?

It was purposefully "naturalistic" with no panning cameras, no quick zooms, no unsteady shots - all of which is very common in mainstream Japanese TV. I used to be a cameraperson for Japanese TV so I know the styles they like and are used to. This was much more a "Dorama" style, which mean there would need to be the direction.

If there were camerapeople in the house, then how did we naively accept the show's intro that nothing was scripted. Because the cameraperson would have had direction on where to shoot, how to shoot and an idea of what the Terrace House participant was going to say or do to avoid the panning and the zooms.

I'm annoyed that it took until a tragedy for me to realise this and question the artifice.
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Table of Content
◆ Prologue : The Wizard (TL #1)
◆ Edith Blackwater (TL #1 and #2)
◆ Tricia O'Sullivan
◆ Frederica Sawyer
◆ Edith Blackwater
◆ Lagoon Comapany - Dutch
◆ Puu Tai Ban - Lu Tao
◆ Tricia O'Sullivan : 2
◆ Shenhua
◆ The Wizard:2
◆ Lu Tao : 2
◆ Edith Blackwater : 3
◆ The Wizard : 3
◆ Dutch : 2
◆ Edith Blackwater : 4
◆ Balalaika
◆ Chang
◆ Lu Tao : 3
◆ Edith Blackwater : 5
◆ Balalaika : 2
◆ The Wizard :4
◆ Chang : 2
◆ Tricia O'Sullivan : 3
◆ Edith Blackwater : 6
◆ Rebecca Lee
◆ Epilogue – Frederica Sawyer : 2
Previous Parts
Edith Blackwater (continued)
Rather than changing from a recruit suit to a nun outfit, the “full switch” happens when I replace my rimless glasses with the fox-style glasess. Thus, I go from “watakushi” to “atashi”.
(T/L: The most common way for people in Japan to say I is watashi. Watashi is the standard form of I and is used by both men and women of all ages. It is considered perfectly okay to use in formal situations, but if you need to be especially formal, you can choose to use a variation of watashi instead. By adding the syllable 'ku', you can create the word watakushi. Watakushi is considered very formal and as such, isn't used nearly as often as the standard watashi. Both watashi and watakushi share the same kanji. Similar to watashi is the word atashi (all that is missing is the leading 'w'). Atashi is generally used by younger girls or women trying to sound more feminine or cute. Though atashi is an informal way for females to refer to themselves, it, like watashi, also has a more formal variation. By adding 'ku', atashi becomes the more formal equivalent - atakushi.)
Sister Eda is a well-known name in the town of Roanapur. A bouncer for the Rip-off Church, which manages the distribution of weapons in the city. It is be a reasonable price to take on all sorts of dirty jobs in exchange for iron-clad fake identity.
The codependency with the Church’s one-eyed nun, Yolanda, is very delicate. The old Yolanda has an accurate grasp of the menace and the value of my alliance, and I have no confidence to get past that yokai-like old woman. She was a swastika-carrying poisonous woman who waged intelligence warfare in World War II, before my mother’s first menstruation came. She is a well-repected figure in the intelligence circles. Even my Boss Revencroft looks like a child in front of her.
The Chapel, with a cross on a small hill, is a legitimate house of God, registered by the Vatican. Sister Yolanda, who is in charge, has been buying the baptismal certificate by whatever means ... There must surely be a secret hidden in the history of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
(T/L: This is a good example of the limitations of my Japanese. I have no idea what that last sentence means although I can decipher all the words. The best I can do is give you a literal translation. I hope you can bear with such imperfections.)
Despite this trust, I usually keep some cards hidden. However, I was at a loss on what to do this time. Without Yolanda, nothing can start. In the end, I told her about my next mission without any cover-up.
“What a troublesome tale, “she said.
The meek sigh of Sister Yolanda is one of a gentle grandmother soothing the tantrum of her grandchild. Well, such an impression is also ruined by the pirate-like eye-patch.
“Absolutely. I doubt the sanity of the Operations Headquarters this time."
Sister Yolanda is the only one with whom both "watakushi" and "atashi" can talk. It is usually leave the matter of my background to 'watakushi' but when I feel like I need to exhale poison about my problems I let “atashi” take the reign.
“In short, the idea is to make this town a toilet for Langley. When a project becomes conspicuous, you conveniently dispose of it by guiding it to Roanapur. What happens here doesn’t leak. Everyone can sleep with their pillow without being bothered by the smell of feces.”
“So, the great country wants to dispose of its stinky business so much, but dragging it all the way to Thailand?”
“That same country is responsible for the kidnapping and exhortation of native Americans. It's nothing unheard of.”
“Oh my…”
Yolanda cut the cross so horribly. It's an overtly playful joke, but it's not a laughing matter.
In principle, for the CIA, which mainly deals with foreign intelligence, carrying out operations in the country is its biggest taboo. He who tries to imitate Nixon's game of fire at a Watergate is a fool.
However, it is somewhat difficult to draw a line if the same Americans were the ones arbitrarily calling out the exogenous threat. For example, if a business tycoon who has a strong influence even in Congress trying to establish relationships with China, isn’t the responsibility of "counterintelligence" to prevent this?
“Have you heard of Philip O’Sullivan, Sister?”
“Yes, he is the President of O’Sullivan Corporation, a shipping company with a turnover of 3 billion dollars a year. An embodiment of the American Dream. He rose up from a stoker in the San Francisco Wharf and made a fortune in one generation. He is a gentleman of no-nonsense.”
She’s dribbling. When it comes to people of influence un the economic and political worlds, the old woman’s knowledge knows no bounds. “How about his President Philp’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party veterans” “I’ve heard of it. The other side of the relationship: Tsuen Shunten, the Director of the Central External Liaison Department, , is rumored to have a connection the local Fujin Mafia, “Puu Tai Ban””
The relationship between Philipp and Tsuen dates back the working days the two young men. For about half a century, the difference between countries and ideologies did not crack their friendship. It is a relationship that is about to bear an ungodly fruit before the 21st century.
“It has not been revealed yet, but Philip is trying get his daughter Tricia to marry his grandson.”
“I see, I see… It’s a tough one for Uncle Sam.”
Considering the future U.S. policy toward China, this is not an overstatement. It is rumored that Tsuen's son is the vice Secretary of the Communist Party of China, and would eventually become the Permanent Secretary of the Central Political Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party. And that his grandson's assumption of an important post is certain. They would have a very thick pipe into the American business world with a blood relationship. From a defense standpoint, this marriage proposal has "Crisis" written all over it, which must be avoided by all means.
"The aim is to connect Tsuen with the Fujian Mafia. If we can convince Mr. Philip that it is dangerous to be related to a family that has such connections, we can drive a wedge into their friendship."
"...And the thought of the Operation Headquarters is this "Operation Persephone"?"
She looked down at the hardcopy of the strategy she had at hand and sighed deeply.
"Eda, what do you think of the success of this operation?"
"Even though it's not possible to get the best results, it is an easier story if we were to go after the second-best results."
After all, the plan is to stage a kidnapping.
Tricia O'Sullivan is invited to Thailand, where she would be held hostage in Roanapur. While the CIA, pretending they are desperate to resolve the kidnapping case, they approach President Philip and persuades him of the danger of continuing his friendship with the family. If Philip is convinced that the only way to ensure his daughter's safety is to throw away his friendship with Tsuen, they release Tricia and convince him only his American compatriots can be relied on. ─ This is the best-case scenario.
"Of course, Tsuen won’t stay silent. It's a predicament for his grandson future wife. Since the girl's disappearance is in Asia, then that's the reason why he’d try to solve the situation with the connections with Puu Tai Ban."
"And what if Mr. Philipp relied upon a greater network of contacts than the CIA?"
"Then—the poor Miss Tricia will return home in her coffin."
Even so, the marriage between the O'Sullivan family and the Tsuen family could be broken off, so the original purpose was accomplished. This is the next best scenario.
Of course, this is not only when Philip’s persuasion fails, but also when it becomes difficult to continue secure Tricia, for example, when a Fujian connection finds out where Tricia is and is likely to recapture her.
"There are many other smart ways. The quality of American spies has fallen."
"It's a painful story. I agree. can't help being licked by the NSA with this type of work. Well, I can't make my job easier when I complain."
No matter how foolish a plan may be, it is the man on the scene who is to be blamed for failure. This is an everlasting injustice.
"If there is a possibility that I will be successful... I can only count on the skill of the operative who is in charge of kidnapping."
"Is it smart?"
"Well, it's outsourcing. It depends on how much you really want to receive the evaluation report."
As long as the strategy is based on the return of Tricia alive, the kidnappers who come into contact with her cannot use the staff directly. I will not be directly involved in the abduction and confinement of Tricia, but will be used for indirect support and liaison.
This time, the agent prepared by the operations headquarters is a man named Cardinas Sheringham. In seems the kidnapping business, which has been popular in South America recently, have made a lot of money. His nationality was Holland, but his place of origin is unknown. He was 28 years old in the record.
"Originally he was a small-time crook in Amsterdam, but he has a remarkable skill. It seems that he can mentally control kidnapping targets."
"Mental control? You mean he uses hypnosis, right?"
"Now, all the victims would favor the kidnappers so much that they would resist the police who came to liberate them, or interfere with the investigations afterwards."
There is a phenomenon called Stockholm syndrome. It is said that victims who have been abducted and confined for a long time will begin to feel excessive sympathy, trust, and addictive feelings toward the criminal. It seems that a man named Sheringham can acquire empathy from such a target more intensely and in a short period of time by his trick.
"if the kidnapped person could act like areal accomplice, it would make my job easier. He is nicknamed "Wizard"—Maybe he's really using hypnosis."
Sheringham seems to have been commissioned by the CIA several times in the past. The code name is also magician. Apparently, the person likes this name too much. It seems that he has been lost for the past year or so, but the Operations Headquarters seems to have still secured channels of contact. A photograph of the face is also attached to the report, but it is not reliable because it is possible that the face was changed by plastic surgery.
"A wizard, eh..."
Muttering the little code name, Yolanda tilted her head as if she had caught something.
"There's a man with the same nickname in this town…"
"Eh? Come now..."
Oh, him.
He's more of a clown than a wizard. Well, surely the reason why he is still alive by doing such drunken imitations each time, is that he must be carrying something magical.
"Isn’t he a newcomer to Roanapur? Sheringham’s absence overlaps with the time we first saw him here."
"That man? Ha, ha, no, I don’t think so."
A CIA's illegal agent, a middle-man wizard, can only be described as a person as far from that person’s profile as the moon and a turtle.
"Ha ha ha no! No way!"

Hello again. With this, we're done with the premise of the novel. I hope you're enjoying it so far.
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2020.05.08 16:50 Str1der123 Japanese hidden girls toilet with voyeur

If you guys haven't read parts 1&2 yet, click HERE.

Without further ado, let's begin.

Prologue 3: A Single Hint
Me and Principal Miner talked about the contract business and all the other things, but we got it sorted out eventually. Took a long ass time though, probably was in there for 4 hours. The language barrier wouldn’t be much of an issue in school, as I am going to a english-speaking school, and studied enough Japanese. I also think I have prepared myself enough for the outside life out of school where I live.
I pick up my bag, shake hands with the principal as he pokes me in the heart area.
“I know it’s a new place and all, so try to lighten up and explore a bit ok?” He says worryingly. “It might just fix your problems with you know… the rain storms-“
I cut him off. “It’s ok Mr. Miner. I’ll try.” I say back.
I turn around and wave goodbye to the Principal as he waves back and smiles while saying goodbye to me while I exit his room.
“Remember! Your flight is tomorrow at 11PM!” He yells.
I nod and walk down towards the now dark hallways and onto the streets of downtown. I head towards the gym to workout for 2 hours then wash up after. I then proceeded to head back to my wretched, some would call it “home.” On my way back, past an abandoned garbage filled plot of land, I see a newly opened bread store that has a sale going on.
I open the door as the bell chimes on my way in. It’s quite empty with only a few people browsing with some taking some food. I stroll around the vast amount of selections when I come across something that catches my eye.
It was a single frosted red-velvet cupcake on a tray. Looks like it’s other brethren were taken away with only this one left. I opened my wallet to see I still had 2 dollars and 39 cents left. “Fuck it.” I say to myself, “might as well enjoy myself with the events today right?” I grab the cupcake and pay the cashier 1 dollar and 30 cents and head out on my way, not forgetting to pick up a couple extra napkins and paper bags. I could always use what I could get for free.
I took a bite out of the frosted cupcake and my mouth basically orgasmed. It was something I had never tasted before! So, rich and creamy, nothing like the shit at my home!
I gobble down the cupcake faster than the speed of a fighter jet and clean myself with the napkin I had taken. I throw away the cupcake wrap into a trash bin and head on my way home. Secretly, I had always been fond of cupcakes, but baking was always something I was subpar at. Except for Berger Cookies. Everyone in Baltimore knows Berger Cookies.
But getting ingredients was harder for me then trying to pay attention in class, but with a new start… I look forward to my next adventure.
Prologue 4: The Silver Lining
I reach back to my rundown apartment building and open the massive oak doors that lead to the lobby. Dark, dusty, only one of the headlights working, this was all normal to me. I press the button for the elevator and step inside and press floor 15. I lean back against the walls of the clammy box. I pull out my phone to start playing some music when some scrawny looking man steps through the elevator doors at floor 13. He’s wearing a crimson red blazer from the back with green hair arching down to collar level with… clown paint on his face? I shrug it off as a typical normal person here when he spots my eyeing him by the reflection of the glossy elevator doors.
“Joker.” The man says. I pull out one of my earbuds and give him a dead stare at the reflection of him by the elevator doors.
“Excuse me?” I say back.
He looks at me through the reflection, but says nothing. The DING of the elevator indicates my time to leave and I do so with him stepping out of the way courteously. I’m left annoyed but confused at the same time, but I downplay it as nothing.
I open the door to my dank apartment to find a trail of articles of clothing in a trail leading to my sister’s bedroom. I listen as I hear the loud creaks of the wooden pegs of the bed scraping against the old dusty floorboards. I put it in my earbuds and walk towards my room. I close the door and drop my things onto the floor and start to unpack. I start semi-dancing around the room when I hear loud knocks at my room door.
I drop my phone and earbuds onto my bed and open the door. There stands my blonde sister. About 1 inch taller than me, arching across my door. I give her a blank stare as she pulls out one of her hands and beckons me for money.
“20 Bucks. Right now.” She demands.
I give her an angry look as she stares right into my eyes. I look down to avoid her and signal my disinterest.
“Look I don’t even have 5 dollars.” I protest back. “Besides, you’re with so many guys that i’m starting to think you're my mom, shouldn’t he pay yo-”
I feel a hand unexpectedly smack me right across my face as I stumble back. I see a large bald man standing beside my sister. In a blind fit of rage, I leap across my room to the considerably muscular and taller man, as with my training experience I had a hope that this man was just all muscle, but to no avail. He grabs my arm like a twig and lifts me up.
“Ohohoho, looks like we got a fighter here!” He says. My sister just chuckles and pushes me aside and digs underneath my bed. She finds a shoebox where I had hidden all the spare change I collected over the past few months and waves a 50 dollar bill in my face cunningly with a smug look on her face and walks out of my room and away.
“Give that shit back!” I yell.
The man takes one good look at my sister and says nothing as my sister gives an approving nod. He then punches me right in the gut and face, sending me flying back and crashing into my bed end. The last thing I see is him and my sister laughing as they slam the door to my room menacingly, and my eyes closing automatically.
I awake to a throbbing headache and a small pool of my own maroon red blood on the floor, being litten up by the silver moon gazing behind me. It takes time, but I use my desk to get up onto my feet and stand aimlessly in my room. Tears stream down my face as something stings on the left side of my face. I pull out my phone camera to see the cause of my bleeding and agony.
A massive cut had appeared on my left eye. I start to panic and rush to the bathroom to wipe the wound clean. It hurts like a motherfucker, but I finish eventually. Luckily, my left eye is still functional and working as I slowly open it, but with the pain being too overbearing, I decide to keep it shut for now. I grab a towel from the bathroom sink and head towards my room to clean the mess that was prevalent on my floor. After an agonizing 15 minutes the cleaning is done and I close and make sure to lock my door from further intruders.
I pulled out what little medical equipment I had contained in a white little bag with a red cross on the front from a first aid training class a while back at the school and looked over what I had. Some gauze, medical tape, a square stack of cloths, and a little bottle of iodine.
“This is going to hurt like a bitch.” I said under my breath.
I grabbed what little medical supplies I had and unlocked the door to my room. I looked around to see if anyone was gonna bother me, and walked towards the bathroom, and locked myself in. I sit down on the cold hard floor and prepare myself for a world of hurt. With my hands shaking, I grab the iodine and damp the cloth with the yellow liquid. I take a deep breath in and hesitantly move the cloth to my cut.
As I put the cloth to my cut, the pain is unbearable. I scream and clench my fist so hard I thought my blood vessels were going to pop like bubble wrap. I quickly drop the cloth in shock and do some quick thinking to ease the pain. I look in the medicine cabinet for painkillers. Nothing.
“Great what fucking luck I have today.”
I grab a towel from the stand and tie it around my cheeks and head so I can at least ease a little bit of the pain. I sit back down and bring the cloth once again to my left eye. I start to dab my cut as I chomp on the towel as hard as I can, with tears streaming from both of my eyes I start hammering the concrete walls of the bathroom to relieve me from this hell. I scream and bite into the towel more and more as I continue to disinfect my eye. With the salted tears doing something for the cut at least, I hurriedly finish dabbing and disinfecting my eye.
What seems like an eternity finally comes to a halt, as my eye is now covered with a fragrant aroma of fear and pain, but cured and disinfected. I untie the cloth and slide down the concrete floor huffing and breathing heavily. The adrenaline pumping through me like I just finished a max rep at the weights.
I struggle to pack up the contents of the first aid kid due to my now prevalent similarity to arthritis however I manage. I use the sink to help carry me up as I stare at myself through the mirror. Sweating, a sore red eye, hair a mess, massive cut on my left eye surrounded by a splash of amber medicine, jaw and teeth with the strength of a baby. I just look and stare.
“I HATE IT HERE. I HATE IT HERE.” I scream to myself. I cry as the flow of tears drip into the sink. I want to punch the mirror, I want to get out of this place, “I want TO JUST PUT A FUCKING GUN TO MY HEAD AND-” I stop myself for a moment. I calm myself down as both my eyes burn from the acidity of sobbing I had created. I’m lucky, as if any of my parents were home, I most-likely wouldn’t be staring at the white sink, and instead staring down the barrel of David’s vexation.
I dry my tears with the toilet paper scrounging around and head to my room.
As I enter the room I can’t help but notice the moon glimmering over the now stained floorboard. A symbol of pain and agony, highlighted by the elegance and beauty of the night. What a weird combination, but yet so fitting. I kneel down and put back the medical supplies. I then stand up wearily and slump into my plastic chair and reach for my calculus textbook.
Even though I'm leaving quite abruptly, the school year for Japan normally starts in April as now is March. I don’t really mind the extra schooling, but it irks me a tiny bit. I would be starting the 10th grade, essentially the beginning of high school, which I was excited about.
I finish my work for the day and close the textbook. David should be home by now, but I didn’t care much. Mom was probably off dozing in her room considering the gunk she puts inside her. Kate’s probably out at a nightbar or stripclub, so looks like it’s just me.
I step outside of my room to admire and cherish the solitude I have been given. The quietness of my steps creaking against the floorboards, the dead silence around the room, only broken by the sound of the TV, the aroma of peace in such a warring time, all the little things to be appreciated. I took a deep breath of the place that is so easily forgotten to me, but as a new chapter starts, you reflect on how you got here, the cards dealt for you, and the cards you played on the poker table of life.
I shake myself out of the trance and head to my parents room. The room is dark, the bed isn’t made, clothes on the floor, food scattered around the tabletops and my mom nowhere to be seen. I avoid such nasty places and open my parent’s cabinets. With a creak the old, wooden storage swings open, revealing a dusty suitcase behind a couple boxes filled with trash. I move the boxes out of the way and grab the suitcase. As I closed the cabinet’s doors, I stepped back and felt my foot on something hard and like hair. I stumble to the side for a bit before kneeling down and opening the flap of the bed covers. I grab the item out of the darkness and illuminate it using the moon through the barred windows.
As I looked blankly, a noose glistened in the moonlight. The texture was rough and mangly, but quite dusty. “David or mom?” I thought as I examined the snare. It took a while but I managed to unwrap the noose to stop any ideas and placed it in the cabinet’s of my parents. “Always keep a way out.” I guessed
I walked outside and onto the creaking below, rolling the suitcase to the kitchen to give it a nice clean. After 10 minutes or so the suitcase didn’t look half as bad, sure the outside was clean and wholesome, but the inside was quite the mess. I rolled the suitcase into my room and closed the door. I packed my clothes, making sure to leave 1 set out, and other necessities I needed and wanted and zipped the suitcase. I grab a small lock out of the bag and place it between the 2 zippers. I stood the suitcase up and admired it. A brand new chance.
I went to take a shower in the bathroom to clean myself up. The gushing of the water helped ease and clean the wound on my left eye, as I also avoided using soap around that area of damage. I cleaned myself up and dried myself off. I went to my room, locked the door and put on a new set of clothes. I laid on my bed and put in my earbuds. I didn’t have to go to school tomorrow, nor did I want to to begin with. I just wanted 11PM to come right now so that I can fly away. Fittingly, I turned on one of my favorite classics, and disabled my alarm. I put my hands back and the blanket up tight.
“Mmhmm.” I said as I proceeded to quietly sing. “Fly me to the moon. Let me sing among those stars.” I wonder if I actually did have any vocal talent. Music teacher always said so, the glass award on my shelf said so, but then again, the drumming award also said I had talent. So did the basketball award I had won not long ago. And the baseball one, as well as the cooking award I won.
And... so did the mangly, coarse, rough brown noose in my parent’s cabinet. Wonder how I won that.


Hello there. Here is your guys's promised prologue's 3&4. I received some feedback and glad that you guys are enjoying it (presumably UwU). I look forward to our next contact where prologues 5&6 will take place, and conclude with #7. I hope you peeps will continue to enjoy my fanfics and works and I'll catch y'all later.
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2020.05.07 18:50 Str1der123 Hidden girls toilet japanese with voyeur

Hey all!
Sorry if I sound a bit nervous when writing this, as it's my first time posting on this subreddit. This story follows a slow-burn romance between the MC in this story and Natsuki, my fav doki. I wanted to make this for quite some time now and have finally decided to do it. This fanfic might take quite a long time and have a lot of chapters so I hope you will watch my writing career with great interest. What may confuse some people is the inclusion of 2 other anime's. These 2 anime's are held dearly in my heart so I took on the ambition of combining all 3 of these anime's into one to create an elaborate story for people to enjoy. If you have not seen both anime's, I highly recommend you do so. This story doesn't contain the horror's of being in a video game and that scary stuff, as I feel it would be unfitting in this setting. I want to give a special shoutout to u/Confident_Comrade for inspiring me to make fanfics in the first place and the mod u/Stuart98 for personally conversing with me to clarify the in's and out's of this subreddit. Thank you both, truly. What may seem confusing at first, is that there are multiple prologues. I decided to take this action as to spice up and do something new not primarily seen in most novel's/fanfics. They also might not have to do anything with DDLC in the beginning, but I feel like these prologues are crucial into fleshing out the main character and will lead to a DDLC centric fanfic. In regards to the plot of the other anime's, I will be using part of the plot of both anime's and to add into the setting of DDLC.

TLDR: Slow-burn romance fanfic between MC and Natsuki, combining 3 anime's into one.

And without further ado, let's begin.

Prologue 1: Who I Am
I lounge in my plastic chair finishing my homework. I swear, calculus must have been the one thing god allowed the Devil to create in this world, I chuckle to myself as I close my textbook. I whip out my phone and plug in my old earbuds I got a while back for my birthday. I open my phone and play some music, a world to escape to beyond this wretched place.
I was about to relax when I heard a loud slam against my door.
I sigh and get up to leave. “I don’t know maybe if someone was doing their job properly, we wouldn’t still be here, in a sorry ass excuse for a place, right?” I yelled back.
My mom shrieks and swings open my door. “YOU BETTER GET YOUR SORRY ASS OUT HERE, BEFORE I SEND YOU TO A GOD-DAMN ORPHANAGE.” I push my mom aside as I exit my room. I would much prefer to be at an orphanage, I would much prefer to be anywhere. My mom glares at me, like a wolf eyeing it’s prey, but says nothing.
I creak open the rusty sink as water starts to pour out. I grab a sponge and fill the soap bottle with water and get washing. I look out the window and see my mom’s reflection sitting on our couch, injecting herself with a needle filled with whatever junk was in there now.
Living in downtown Baltimore is… as how I should put it… isn’t the greatest life. I’ve been here mostly all my life, and was homeless for a couple of months after getting into an argument with my deadbeat excuse for a dad. I know what he does, wearing a dirty hoodie, carrying a duffle bag with bags of green poking out, replaced with green bills when coming home. Like he ever comes ho-
The door opens as I see David walk through the entrance. “Speak of the motherfucking devil” I thought. I don’t call him “Dad”, he’s more just “David” to me. Compared to Mom, who’s around all the time, though I wish none of them were here.
He takes off his hoodie and drops the duffle bag from his right hand. On the left with no surprise, a whole six-pack of Corona Extra. My mom’s passed out or in a daze on the couch as David cracks open a cold one on the couch and watches TV. He downs a full swig of that beer as he’s rolling a blunt.
I blast my music through my earbuds and as I finish doing the dishes and dry them. I couldn’t hear anything but my music. I didn’t want anything to do with this family. The moldy walls, the breaking floors, the sorry excuse for a dad, a deadbeat druggy for a mom, and don’t even get me started with my sister, that piece of shit is nothing but a nuisance to everyone. Just like me.
A single tear sheds down my cheeks as I open the door to my room to gather a change of clothes. I place my phone on my bed with my music as I pick up a plain white shirt and some pants and head to the shower to wash up. I take off my school clothes and open the shower, or whatever it is.
The bathroom is more of a… landfill then anything, not that there’s shit everywhere, but our shower and toilet share the same… location and function.
I grab the bar of soap and start scrubbing myself when the door slams open. I see an image I see quite often as a naked David motions me to get out of the shower. I would usually argue with this man, but with that look of annoyance and that empty beer bottle in his hand, I just gather my things and head to the kitchen, bumping shoulders on the way with David on the way out while keeping the bar of soap hidden in my clothes. “Like soap’s going to clean this man anyway” I say to myself.
And with a loud crack I see beer bottle shards on the ground. I glance up to see a vexed David glaring at my direction as he charges towards me. I look around and panic and kick him to the ground, throwing myself and my clothes into the kitchen, slipping on the bar of soap and stubbing my now bleeding toe. He dashes towards me, but I slam the kitchen door on time as he bangs and exclaims on the other side.
“YOU GET BACK HERE AND APOLOGIZE AND TREAT ME WITH RESPECT! I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOTTEN INTO YOU FELLA BUT BY THE TIME I BREAK DOWN THIS DOOR, YOU’RE GONNA BE in a woooorld of hur-.” I hear a loud thud on the other side, followed by snores. I get back up and bathe myself using cups and the water from the sink. I don’t shut the blinds to the window, I want everyone to see the situation that I am in, I want this whole world, to see what my life really is. I look out the window, yearning for a life better than the one I have, I'll take anything, anyone, just not these people.
It takes I don’t even know how long for me to finish. My toe is bleeding as I grab a paper towel to dry it and my whole body off. I like the pain while showering, the water helps me to cover the tears I shed on a daily basis.
After I finish, I creak open the door slowly to see David drop through to the kitchen, with the other half of his body on the living room floor. I carefully step over him and into my room. I, now changed, grabbed my phone with the music still playing while rolling my clothes into a ball and chucking it into a clothes basket.
“Kobe!” I whisper to myself and the clothes go clean into the basket. At least here in Baltimore, there’s basketball I guess, but it was really just a hobby. I close and make sure to lock the door to my room as I open my window. I don’t have the luxuries of fan’s or AC’s, but sometimes I think that the sound of nature and gusts of wind are enough for me, but I wouldn’t mind a chilly breeze.
I pack my things for school tomorrow as I lay on my bed, phone charging to the left with the earbuds still in my head. I lay down on my back and stare at the ceiling and close my eyes.
“Is this what I really wanted?” I thought to myself. “Is this who I truly was meant to be? 16 years of age with this? There’s not much I can do really, just get good grades and go to any university willing to offer me a full ride I guess.” I take the earbuds out of my head to listen to the sounds of the outer world, the nightlife of cars, the sounds of the winds, the walking of the people, the sounds of gunshots ringing throughout the dark night. I fall asleep with tears streaming down my face. This is my life now I presumed, this is who I am, this is me.
Prologue 2: A Desperate Decision
I awake to the sound of my alarm from my phone with a “Get The Fuck Up” message sprawled on it. I begrudgingly get up and turn off my alarm. I unlock my door to see David still passed out from yesterday’s endeavour. I walk towards the bathroom and shut the door. I cleaned myself as I toothbrushed and washed myself up. “Another day, same result.” I said quietly.
I walked out and looked at the clock. It read 6:33. School doesn’t start until 8 so I'll manage. I enter my room to see a red stain on the foot of my bed. I glance down to see my toe, red but still able to bleed. I grabbed a kleenex box and wrapped a small portion of tissue around my toe as I dressed myself for school. Here in the US, most public schools allow free dress but somehow, someway, whether it was my mom or David sleeping and/or boning the admissions officer, I got into a private school. Not that I really cared anyway. I grabbed my belongings and plugged in my earbuds and went on my way.
School was something I also did not enjoy. Even though my grades were all A’s, I didn’t care much. I had no friends and all my peers didn’t even seem to notice I even existed. As I walked to school I went into a local convenience store and picked up a protein and energy bar. I paid what little money I had left (gathered from odd jobs and vending machines), and went on my way.
Kids, whether walking to my school or bumping into me would avoid me or get out of my way entirely. My build wasn’t exactly a Ronnie Coleman or an Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I stood around 6 feet with shoes and a mix between a muscular and toned build as I hit the gym everyday after school, wanting a release from all of whatever “this” was. Needless to say, wearing my school’s uniform, which was the same from last year’s didn’t exactly help me to look “baggy” either. Maybe it was my silver-ish gray hair? Perhaps people thought I was older then I actually was, but I don’t even bother.
I see lots of kids on the steps on the way to school. I walked quietly and silently as well. I went through the door to the vast atrium of students. I looked at the clock. “7:30” it read. I went up to my first biology class and sat and placed my bag next to my desk and pulled out my phone. Today's assignment was a presentation about Biology in other aspects of life, such as entertainment like films or movies. I took out my laptop I had borrowed from the school and placed it on top of my desk.
Kids started to file in during my leisure time. The bell rang as the teacher stood up and called for attendance. One by one she called the names off and put down his clipboard.
“As you know students, today is your guys’s presentation about the essence of examples of biology in other forms of media!” The class groaned as I stayed silent. “Any volunteers?” The teacher asked while panning across the room. Everyone diverted their eyes from the teacher including me. He sighed and took out a wheel of all of our names. Knowing my luck, it’ll probably land on me.
The teacher spun the wheel as it landed on me from a brief second before ticking to the next name.
“Alright Jack!” The teacher exclaimed with joy. The students looked at Jack as he picked up his laptop to connect to the projector. I sat back and watched his presentation about something about scientists turning themselves into pickles or whatever, I didn’t bother. I was so out of it that the teacher had to practically yell my name when it was my turn. I picked up my laptop to connect it to the projector.
My presentation was about the numerous scientists throughout movies though I didn’t bother much. I finish my presentation and the class claps for me. I take my laptop and sit back down as the bell rings and class ends. I pack my stuff up and leave out the door, when I accidentally bump into the principal and counselor talking.
“Sorry about that.” I say to them. They look at me with smiles and say “No worries, we were just talking about you!” “Oh, about what?” I answer back curiously. “Something that you might be interested in!” They both say in unison. I look awkwardly and kindly divert my eyes from them. “After school my office ok?” The principal chimes up. I nod reassuringly and head off my own way. I walk away and down the hallway.
The counselor is a weird fellow. Somebody students, including myself, avoid. We tend to just cringe or just awkwardly respond to her, even though I know she’s trying her best. The principal however, is treated with the utmost “respect” but I know better. Faking or hiding emotions is quite an easy thing to do.
The rest of the classes are a breeze, mostly because the teachers just babbles on and on about the subject. The only course I really take interest in is Japanese. But it’s a self-taught class with only me teaching well… myself. The school offers other languages but I passed, as I was always interested in Japanese culture and entertainment.
When school ended and the familiar ring of the bell came upon us, I headed up to the top floor to the Principal's office. Sprawled on a plaque outside the door says “Principal Miner.” I knock on the door to signal my invitation to enter.
“Come in!” he says loudly. Jesus has this guy had 3 coffees mixed with RedBull or some shit? I enter into the brightly lit room filled with posters, medals, plaques, trophies, awards you name it. Whenever I came to his office (which was very rarely), I always thought to myself “oh my fucking god.” This man, although a clown most of the time, was really an accomplished man on the inside and outside.
“Oh you can just leave your belongings there” he said as he pointed to his coat rack. I dropped my bag and sat down in the wooden chair across from his mahogany desk.
“Well Peter, academically, your grades are exceeding mostly everyone’s here at BPHS (Baltimore Private High School), and well, the teachers, had nothing bad to say about you at all, other than you needing to pay more attention in class and to speak up more. However, in terms of a societal person, you seem to be quite shy and very quiet around others, always… keeping to yourself so to say, and uh… tell me, is everything ok at your household?”
I look down to the shag carpet, avoiding his question. He stands up and walks around me, observing and looking at me. I get a bit agitated but i’m more confused than ever. He sits down and sighs. “Those bruises and cuts weren’t from Muay Thai or baseball were they? Or even cooking.” I try to say something but the words just don’t come out. I sense tears coming to my eyes but I quickly blink them away to no avail.
The Principal looks at me concerningly and speaks. “I can infer about what’s going on at your household, Peter.” I try to say something but man, what the hell is going on? Why won’t the words come out?
“Well… I'm giving you an opportunity here. With your academic record it should be no problem obviously.” He said satisfyingly.
“Along with your talents such as for instance, your superb drumming performance of Caravan in the music concert, or your quite stellar vocal skills. Oh and that amazing Steak au Poivre you prepared as well during our annual school cookoff!” I smiled weakly as he winked.
“Sorry if I got distracted. He said laughingly. “Solely academically, which is the main focus here obviously, if one is to study at your level and heights, one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic view of the education system.” We both crack a slight chuckle at that one.
“Trust me, it pains me to say that, but truthfully, you have such a potential highway of goodcomings ahead of you, with all your talents hidden within you whether that being cooking, baseball, singing, drumming or Muay Thai or whatever, paired with your intellect, one thing I hate to the absolute core is wasted potential.”
“And that’s why I'm offering you this deal.”
My ears perk up and I listen intently. “A deal…? What are you talking about Mr. Miner?”
Mr. Miner speaks up. “Well… we’ve recently partnered up with schools across the globe, transferring multiple students elsewhe-”
“WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!” I exclaim while jolting up. I am taken aback by my outburst and sit down quickly while apologizing profusely to him. He doesn’t seem fazed at all though. He just laughs and says “Woah woah woah let me finish haha, but i’m glad you’re finally excited about something.”
‘With this program, we send students across the globe, whether that be in Australia, the UK, Asia, and that’s where you come in.” I look at him intently with my interest being oddly exceeding.
“So, me and the teachers, during our latest conference together, decided that you would be the best bet for this action. Where you would basically, move, get out of the house, fly solo so to speak and live by yourself in a whole new environment. We have observed you Peter, quite a lot lately and with your academic skill set and your social uhh… partakings, we wanted to offer you to select any place you would want to be transferred to, all paid for, including plane ticket, tuition, everything, with a 1000 USD per month allowance.”
“So, similar to a scholarship sort of thing, but instead with amenities?” I ask.
“Basically like that, but granted the place you will be staying at is not the best, quite small actually but it will fit just you quite well I presume.” He says as he laughs for a bit.
“All we need from you, is to select where you want to go.”
Those magic words. Those blessings of dialogue. He gets up and points to a giant map. I get up and look and glance at the big world map. I want to make this decision worthwhile as I might be staying there permanently or for a very long time. “The UK?” I think to myself, so many options….
“If you want more time, I didn’t mean to pressure you so much” He says quickly. “It’s ok.” I say back “I know where I want to go.”
“You do? That quickly? Well, that quick decision making must be from all your time practicing your Muay Thai eh?”
I give a light chuckle as he hands me a meter stick from his wall. I take it with ease and move to the right of him. He stands back and watches me as my eyes light up and points the meter stick on the map. He gives a surprised look, then gives a light chuckle.
“Japan huh?” he says. “A very interesting choice.”

If you guys finished reading until the end, I cannot thank you enough. Again, I hope you all will watch my career with great interest. If there are any thoughts, comments, concerns, etc. Please comment them down below and I will get back to you! Again, thank you all again.
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