Hidden camera in the women's locker room sports club

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Chapter 3
Anna looked around the ships cargo compartment. This was clearly a refurbished dropship, All seats were foldable and fitted into the outer hull. The large area in the middle of the compartment was riddled with eyes for attaching cargostraps and there were telltale signs of atleast five USL armourstations spread out to ensure maximum efficiency.
She turned her head to look D'ree. The S'skii sat in the seat next to her, dressed in her Martian Surface EVA suit. Anna was shocked by the simplicity of the MS suit. It had basic lifesign surveillance and a civilian grade navigational system. No additional modules or configuration modes. She leaned back into her seat and called up her suit UI. She was wearing an ICARUS suit. Originally designed for USL use it had been discontinued due to lack of combat diversity, demilitarised and, according to her mother, made available to the residents at the TOP. It did, however, show signs of its pedigree. Her lifesign monitoring went as deep as blood o2 levels and microbiotic infektion numbers. It also featured immediate threats analysis and even though it carried no weapons of any kind it still had a number of defensive functions. She used the eye movement sensitive interface to investigate the suits capabilities.
On the TOP she had received training in use of EVA suits, but she had never had her own. This one had been stored in a locker at the homestead, with her name on it. Another gift from her uncle and one she loved.
She spotted an option to interface the suit with her bracelet and thinking nothing of it, she activated the interface. Immediately a young female voice rang through her helmet as a digital image of a small pink fluffball roller into her lower right corner of the HUD.
"I can see you're trying to activate defensive suit functions. Do you need help with that?" The voice cheerfully rang out as the Ball of fluffy hit an i visible wall, steadied itself and shook itself. Then it opened a pair of almost offensively cute googly eyes and let the iris' roll to a halt at the bottom of the eyes.
"Erhm, No" Anna said with a clear level of confusion. "I was trying to interface the bracelet with the suit."
"I know, it was a joke." The pink thing muses. "Hi! I'm Trixie, you can call me...well, whatever you want really." It waved at her by protruding a part of it's side in a fluffy triangle and shaking it.
"Eeerr...hełlo?" Anna was missing something seemingly important. "What are you?"
"I am you Artificial Basic Personal(ity) Assistent. By interfacing you USL bracelet with the suit I was activated. Now I'm Pink, Positive and Present." Trixie beamed as the fluffball parodied a salute.
Anna couldn't help but smile. "Hey, D'ree check this out" she said while reaching out to catch her friends attention. Nothing happened. Her arm didn't move and the radio line was silent.
"Unfortunately" Trixie said. "I am a secret between you, me, Entee, your mom, your dad and Commander Harris….Apparently everyone except D'ree." Trixies avatar looked sad, then annoyed. "Let's tell her!" It beamed, jumped up and down a couple of times and clapped exitedly.
"What, even, are you?" Anna tried to wrap her head around the assistant.
"Like I said: I'm your-" Trixie began. "I know" Anna cut it off. "Slightly more technical, less end user oriented please."
"Ah, right" the fluff-vatar popped a pair of hockeypuck glasses on, which did not help the oversized eyes, and corrected a tie that had popped into existence at the bottom of its form.
"I am a personality guided subroutine of Entee. Not him, but I have access to his thought matix. I have been linked into your bracelet since you got it and I have been developing a personality to match yours. For better or for worse."
"So you're an AI?"
"Yes, albeit not an autonomous AI. I am driven by a number of objective routines. The first is to assist you, then to keep you alive and finally, to survive. In that order. Now, D'ree is a friend, you shouldn't keep more secrets than nessecary between friends and I like her. Would you introduce us?"
"I think it would be best to keep you a secret for now, once we get to know eachother better, then introductions can be made." Anna reasoned with herself.
"As you wish. I'll leave you to it then, she looks a bit scared." Fluffball did a small Jump off it's platform on her HUD and waddled over to the other side of the display, pressing its face against the transparent part of her visir.
Anna looked at D'ree, who was sitting in a rigid safety pose, as they had been instructed to when boarding.
"The safety pose is only in case of emergency" she said, making sure she kept a friendly tone in her voice.
"I've never flown before, and having to wear an EVA suit is weird." D'ree had a strained tone to her voice.
"You're doing a lot better than I was on my first flight" Anna mused with a small laugh. "I almost overstrained the liquid reclamation system."
"Sweating is Gross" D'ree remarked. "Liquid dependent temperature management is strange" she remarked as she continued. "S'skii biology is more...logical, we have small airsacks under the scales they act as heatsinks and are automatically vented when we need to adjust temperature." Anna couldn't help but smile, D'ree had completely forgotten that she was scared. "The whole sweating thing is...weird."
"Well, you get used to it, I guess" Anna stifled a laugh, not wanting to upset her friend.
"Besides" D'ree continued. "My suit doesn't have liquid reclamation. It's intended use is surface excursions, not spacewalks. Where did you get yours?"
"It was at the homestead, it's my first suit. On the Terra Orbital the suits were station owned."
"Cool, what was it like? Living on the TOP?"
The girls spent the rest of the trip sharing more of their lives from before they met.
As the dropship touched down on the giant barge that floated around the icy Callisto surface, a single figure emerged from the habitat airlock and moved over to the pilots viewports. The girls were seated in the bay in dead silence, waiting for the signal to go out, or, in case Entee's permission codes were rejected, takeoff.
After what felt like an eternity. The pilots voice rang through their helmet radios. "Allright ladies, you're cleared to depart. Do make sure your suits are properly sealed before opening the hatch and thank you for flying with TEA-TIME air. It has been my pleasure to pilot for you. Have the station manager haul me on LIBERTY when you are ready to depart for LunaScrap."
Their harness locks disengaged, allowing Them to get up from the seats. Anna tested the gravity with a controlled foot tap on the decking and was happy to find it within Earth standart. D'ree, however had to strain visibly to get up from the seat.
"Sandstorms!" She exclaimed. "Why am I so heavy?"
"Artificial gravity" Anna replied. "You've been on Mars gravity for too long. You should get used to it in a couple of days"
"...Days" D'ree muttered dryly as she headed for the hatch.
The girls left the ship and stood in the landing pad and watched it take off into the Callisto night. The figure that had approached the ship walked over to them.
"Greetings and welcome to the ShitDump. I'm Charles Emerson and I'll be your tour guide here."
"You're the station manager?" Anna asked as politely as possible.
"Manager, traffic control, chef, medic, plumber, you name it. I am it." He answered jovially.
"But nobody comes here to practise polite conversation, so let's get down to business." Anna could have sworn the last sentence was semi-hummed to a melody.
"Entee's brief said you were looking for some first grade USL refuse. Here at Callisto, we have the best of the worst of what the USL doesn't want the worlds to know about, including a couple of nasty surprises if they return. Rigged by yours truly." Emerson made a flamboyantly theatrical bow and immediately walked over to a transport barge.
"If the ladies would like to mount up" he almost shouted across the radio. The girls looked at eachother. D'ree shrugged and climbed on to the barge, Anna quickly followed.
"Onward, noble steed" Emerson shouted as he dramatically shoved the joystick forward.
The barge slowly accelerated to a leisurely walking pace.
"So" Emerson began as he turned the barge towards the mountains of scrap that filled the, frankly, giant barge. "What exactly are you looking for?"
"A Hull" Anna began. "With in-atmospheric transport capabilities and preferably Martian approval. No field tech and room for two occupants. Plus a minor list of additional parts."
"Martian approval is going to be tricky, these are military designs, but that is probably a minor inconvenience. But hulls, we can do. Yes we can."
Anna jumped off the cargo barge and headed towards one of the smaller piles. "What is this?" She asked out loud.
"That, is a PEGASUS class experimental single seat fighter" Emerson proudly exclaimed. "It's a prototype, was never put into production. Turns out it had too many flailing limbs to function with a field, add to that that the mobility required meant less armour plating and it basically became a tin can in a minefield."
"Limbs?" D'ree looked at the ship, it was an Arrowhead shaped box, not a limb in sight.
"Yes, well. Someone at RnD got inspired by some old japanese cartoons and decided to give the concept a go." He took a breath. "Come to think of it, it should interface with the ICARUS armour."
"What?" Anna had been clamoring all over the ship while Emerson had spoken. His speech was slow and deliberate so she had ample time to investigate.
"It looks like you're trying to get into an experimental Combat armour, do you want help with that?" Trixies fluff-vatar popped into its place.
"I can?" Anna was holding her breath, trying to balance what she had to do against what she wanted to do.
"Sure, I've already downloaded the control suite, wanna see if she spins up?" Trixie didn't skip a beat and highlighted the Access panel on the HUD.
Somewhere, deep inside the controlled, disciplined mind of Anastasia Krachic Miller Sabron, reason had a bareknuckled fistfight with curiosity and found itself outgunned, outmatched and extremely not-fully-invested in victory.
Anna reached out and activated the panel. A compartment on the side of the vehicle opened and revealed a cradle, Anna scooted into the cradle and felt it latch on to the suits harness points. Her HUD immediately changed to match the craft controls and she found that it was designed to be semi-intuitive. She fired up the powersystems and tapped into the ships life support.
Outside Emerson and D'ree Saw Anna slip into the ship and the hatch close after her. Shortly thereafter the lights turned on along the Hull and the ship lifted itself out of the pile and hovered in place.
"How The Hell did she get it off the ground?" Emerson whispered.
"She's pre-engineering qualified" D'ree offered as an explanation.
"Unless she's a god-damn programming genius, that thing should be dead." He didn't turn his head to give the answer.
"Oooohh, shiny buttons" Trixie was having a field day as her fluff-vatar skipped and jumped around the new interface. "What does this one do?" The pink fluffball pointed at a button labeled 'close quarters configuration'
"Let's find out" Anna activated the mode and the ship unfolded it's limbs and stood upright.
"It's a mech! It's a mech suit!" She shouted.
"I know" came Emersons reply over the radio "No need to shout"
"This is awesome" Anna squealed as she took a couple of steps forward, picked up a derelict hull the size of a carrier and stacked it with one hand on top of the pile it had been lying next to.
"One of the reasons it was never put into production" Emerson continued.
"I...it...is soo powerful. I feel like I could punch through a moon" Anna was ecstatic.
"Yep, there it is, god complex" Emerson sighed. "No man should wield that kind of power" he looked at the ground and shook his head.
"Then it's good that it's just us girls here" Trixie remarked as she applied booster restrictions to the ship, effectively limiting it's capabilities to Annas relative ratios.
"D'ree" Anna remarked as she trundled her new favorite toy around the piles on the barge. "Do you think we can add another seat to this?"
"Maybe, if you're thinking sidecar. But the biosphere won't fit in the hull then." D'ree's voice was all business and no fun. "We might have to find something bigger. But the PEGASUS seems to be a good scavenging tool" she added.
"Good idea" Anna beamed back. The realisation that the prototype fighter wasn't suited for their immediate needs was not as bad when she could use it here. Odds were that she'd be able to return one day and play with it again. "Trixie" the assistant immediately materialised it's fluff-vatar on her HUD. "Can you scan for hulls that match the criteria specified in the document called 'bio-crawler'?"
"Yes, I can" came the answer as the display started flashing Hull recognition patterns across the piles as Anna walked along the pathways. Every hull that was a possible match was highlighted so that she could do a closer, manual inspection.
"Too damaged."
"Too pillaged."
"Too much nope."
"Not strong enough in the structure" Anna was vocal in her inspection results, keeping D'ree in the loop, she linked her cameras feed to D'ree's tablet display. "We need to get your suit upgraded with a proper HUD system, D'ree"
"If the S'skii commune could afford that, I'd have my own suit, instead of a shared one that smells like someone ate cabbages in it." Came the reply.
"What about that one?" She said and pointed at the base of a pile that was longer than it was high.
"That is the remains of the SHIELD" Emerson said.
"No, there, at the base of it." D'ree pointed vigorously in the general direction. Anna dutifully headed over to the pile. Trixies algorithm immediately picked up on the target of the S'skii's enthusiastic gesture.
"Size is within parameters, No structural damage. The hull is compromised, power systems are gone, no atmospheric integrity, basic gravimetric propulsion. It's….perfect" As Anna ran over the Hull D'ree's enthusiasm faltered and the final conclusion came as a shock. "It is?" She asked.
"Yep, it's perfect. I'll need to add some parts to the shopping list to get it running, but it should be doable. Good find D'ree"
D'ree beamed with pride at Emerson.
"So, one GAUNTLET tugboat plus whatever is needed to get it moving and safe." He said. I can do that.
"Could you throw in a mf-generator at 2.2 terawatt and a couple of power transformers for low and superlow voltage?" Anna began. "And preferably an ICARUS for an almost adult S'skii" she added on a direct channel to Emerson. "I'll try" came the public reply.
"Don't forget the solar panels and the wind turbines" D'ree added.
"With a generator that powerful you won't need additional power" Emerson sounded somewhat disturbed. "Unless you're planning to add energy weapons."
"Oh...no additional power generators then. But we need environmental recharge capabilities." D'ree said.
"Could you find a frequency scanner for the generator, Mr. Emerson?" Anna asked from the cockpit of the fighter that was currently making large, lazy circles above the ShitDump barge. "This thing is really fun" she added wistfully.
"Should be possible" Ricardo added as he watched the child-piloted craft do a swoop/barrel roll followed by a loop and a controlled spin.
"Anna, I'm going to call the pilot now. I only have one hours worth of air left." D'ree sounded worried.
"Yea, alright. I'm getting hungry myself." Anna replied as she landed the fighter next to the transport barge. As she exited the craft she saw Trixies fluff-vatar press it's face longingly against her visir as it waved goodbye to the PEGASUS.
During the flight to the LIBERTY station the girls were updating their rough schematics with their findings. Emerson had promised to find and pack the things and ship it to the homestead. Entee's magic-money fund footed the bill immediately.
As the TEA-TIME touched down in the large pressurised hangar Anna spotted a figure walking towards it. It was a clearly important figure, as it was escorted by two USL marines and surrounded by a group of people who took turns handling the figure tablets, receiving instructions and then scooting off, immediately being replaced by others in a seemingly never ending current. The girls removed their suits and set them to recharge in the ships suit stations.
The second Anna's shows touched the hangar decking the figure shouted "Anna!" And set off in a dead sprint towards the girls, leaving a group of people standing behind with confused looks on their faces. The two marines simply followed their ward without missing a beat.
Anna found herself semi-tackled in a huge, loving hug from the Commander of the USL forces, a hug, which she returned with matching vigor.
"Oh, how I've missed you, little girl" Harris didn't try to hide her happy tears as they ran down her cheeks and dropped onto Anna's hair.
"I've missed you too auntie H." Anna didn't get to see her aunt that often, but when she did, something awesome usually happened.
Commander Harris wasn't related to Anna and Anna knew This. But she had always been a welcomed guest in her mother's home and the friendship between the two women, that had developed from professional proximity, through a devastating loss and then climaxed in mutual reminiscence. Anna had only known Harris as one who brought a smile in her mother's life and her own.
And she always brought the coolest toys. Anna's bracelet was one of them. It was designed and produced by Entee, but since he didn't have a physical form, auntie H got to hand it over. She also gave her the ICARUS suit and even though Anna hadn't used it before, she'd done enough drills on the TOP to know what it could, except for Trixie. Trixie was new.
"You must be D'ree" Harris release the hug, just enough for Anna to turn her head and look at her friend, who stood with a look on her face like Anna had just been familiar and casually intimate with the personification of the defence of the entire S'skii existence in Sol. The USL was revered by the S'skii as the ultimate service, a calling that only the best, most self sacrificing souls could hope to join. Which she, truthfully, just had been.
"Come on over D'ree, she won't bite" Anna beckoned her friend to approach.
"I...I" D'ree didn't budge, she just stood there with a semi-lifted finger and looked like she was trying to mash three languages and a bucket together into a coherent colour in her mind.
Suddenly something inside D'ree's head fell into place. She dropped to one knee and bowed her head. Offered both her wrists, not to Harris, but to the two marines. "Thank you for your protection of the innocent and the alien. I willingly offer my life to mimic your sacrifice. The spawn are sacred, their suggestions are commands and their actions are unquestioned."
Both Anna and Commander Harris dropped their jaws. Anna looked, first at D'ree, then at the two marines. She tried to figure out why her friend was acting that way.
"I knew the Queen Mother had instilled some form of gratitude in her broods for the Mars defence. But This is...religious" Harris said quietly.
Anna looked at the marines. They just looked like USL marines on Mars. Both were sergeants, both wore the standard offworld fatigues with their rifles carried at the ready. Except one thing. One little inconspicuous difference from protocol. Both had their sleeves rolled up to just below the elbows. And both sported a tattoo on the inside of the left forearm. Almost identical tattoos.
Harris followed Annas gaze and smiled.
Then she rolled up her left sleeve and unveiled the same ink. Anna took a Long hard look at it. It was the USL shield, emblazoned with the USL AEGIS. Above the Shield a demon skull with three gashes across the front was placed and above that a blood spatter font read 'HellSpawn' below the shield the spray-on font used on vehicles read 'HARRIS' it was all kept in a red and black adaptation of greyscale colouring.
"I knew the S'skii held protective services in high reverence. So the males would have something to take pride in, but to see this level of reverence in a female is new." She looked at the kneeling alien.
"Rise, D'ree of the Martian Queen Mother. Your offering is wasteful at this time, but recognized." she said with added ceremony. Anna realised that this must be some form of ritual between the HellSpawn and the S'skii.
D'ree lifted her gaze from the floor and stood up slowly, visibly shaking from the experience.
"Thank you" came the quiet reply.
Anna stood between the three USL servicemen and her friend and twisted her head left and right, trying to figure out how to act in this unusual situation. She decided to help and walked over to D'ree.
"Come on" she offered her hand to her friend and as it was clasped in a vice like grip she dragged the S'skii over to the soldiers.
"Auntie Harris, this is my friend, D'ree. D'ree, This is my aunt." Anna did the customary teenage hand flailing to visualize introductions.
"You're related to the USL Commander?" D'ree was clearly starstruck.
"Technically, No." Harris smiled at both girls. "But her mother and I are very close friends and I had the pleasure of learning most of what makes a good leader from her father."
D'ree's head snapped around so fast Anna was worried it would fall off. "Who is your father?" Her voice was almost pleading. "I have spent ten years learning that we are one with humans, that we are brothers. Ten years learning a language that is not natural for our vocal cords. Then I was sent to the school so I could learn about humans. Where I spent five years being alienated and ridiculed. Then you show up. Over the last month I have met acceptance, friendship, laughter and three of the most important beings in the galaxy. The Engineer, Entee and the USL Tactical Commander." Anna reached out for D'ree, who had let go of her hand and was busy gesturing wildly in all directions at once. "Apparently your heritage is of importance. So please tell me, No secrets, remember?" She looked at Anna, every fiber of the S'skii's being pleased for the final piece of the puzzle.
"My father" Anna began calmly. "Was a marine, he escorted the ambassador to the Sovereign Capitol Station." She told the truth she knew.
"Is that way your mother told you?" Harris interjected. Anna nodded and looked at her aunt.
"Your father, Anna, was Damien Miller." Anna was startled when the two marines snapped to attention and D'ree threw herself on both knees and planted her face against the ground.
"And that reaction" Harris gestured towards the three "is why your mother didn't tell you the whole story. You've heard about him from the good your mother wanted you to know. In truth, he was the leader of the ANGEL squad, then he became the Lieutenant in charge of the marine division on the AEGIS. And after that, he became the first Commander of USL. He did not escort the ambassador. He was the ambassador. Your father was on the front line defence against five Sovereign attacks. He has single handedly broken enough laws for the survival of mankind to put him behind bars for a century.
But he saved us, whatever the cost, defeat was not an option for him.
Your father founded the HellSpawn. They, and I, know him as DAEMON."
Anna took a step back. DAEMON was a Hero, one that holovids tried to do justice with over the top effects that critics kept saying were 'understated' the S'skii worshipped him like an avatar of the gods and several religions on Earth had sainted him.
One running joke was that an old hero-actor, who could move the Earth when doing pushups died because DAEMON walked past his house.
That was her dad.
D'ree was crying on the floor. The marines were doing that special salute and Harris joined them slowly.
"But...I'm just Anna." She stuttered. "I...I'm...I"
"You, miss." One of the Marines took a step forward as he spoke in a friendly, but stern tone. "Are his gift. The last thing he gave humanity. An heir."
"I'm just Anna!" She shouted. "I'm fifteen Draegis-damned years old! I won't be some gift, a doll to be wrapped up and hidden away behind a line of soldiers." Her fists were clenched and she had inadvertently assumed the ACT position. "I have a life to live, for me. Not him or you or anyone." Her breathing fell into the rhythm and she caught it easily. The marine took a step back, D'ree sat back on her knees. Harris just smiled.
"And that was his gift to you. Making sure your mother didn't let you grow up with that knowledge. Not that she would have let you off any easier. But his plea to her was clear." Harris reached a hand out to Anna and beckoned for her to get another hug.
"He...planned for this?" Anna was shocked, the implications for someone to be able to foresee events so far into the future was beyond her.
"Not to the detail, but he had the general direction down to a tee." Harris kept the invitation for the hug open.
"You are your own woman as you should be. Carve your own path, form your own future. But know this:" Harris' face became all business. "If you EVER get into trouble. You either find someone with the Spawn tattoo or open the emergency line on your bracelet. Then you say this: 'I could use an umbrella.' just that, nothing more. Got it?"
"Got it." Anna relaxed her pose and reached out to D'ree.
"WARD is live, repeat: WARD is live" one of the Marines was talking into a comm-unit.
D'ree took her hand and held it, softly this time. "You...I...You are…" she took a deep, shaky breath.
"Your Friend" Anna smiled at D'ree. Then she looked at her aunt with a mischievious glimpse in her eye. "And hungry."
The marines immediately fell in behind the commander, Anna didn't notice the additional three marines that fell in behind herself and D'ree as the group started moving towards the galley.
Anna found herself walking down to the S'skii section of Landing, surrounded by a plethora of people, all of them stopped as she walked past them. Not a word, just silence. And the stares. The multitude of eyes on her, she could feel them, hear their thoughts.
"She's not that special"
"Why does she get all the attention."
"Just because her mother was a slut with a soldier."
"That's the same jumpsuit she wore yesterday."
Anna jerked up. Disoriented from the dream she rolled left and immediately vacated the bed, horizontally. Hitting the floor shocked her mind into a semi-awake state and she spent a couple of seconds just lying on the cold floor breathing.
The door pinged, it was her mother. "Are you ok in there, what happened?"
"I'm fine" Anna replied with a groggy voice. "Just a bad dream. I'll be down in a few."
"Erhm….ok, I'll make som breakfast." Came the reply.
Anna picked herself up from the floor and headed off to her bathroom. Twenty minute later she walked down the stairs. Her mother was making eggs and toast and the coffee machine was happily gurgling through some freshly ground imported beans.
Anna sat down at the breakfast bar and accepted the plate her mother handed over with a concerned smile.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" The annoyance from the dream shone through Anna's voice.
"No reason" her mother smiled at her. "Wanna tell me about it?" The question was loaded with genuine concern.
"Just a bad dream, nothing more"
"It's just….it's 01:30 in the morning…"
Anna looked at the clock.
"For the love of-"
"Language" the scolding was gentle, but firm.
"You wanna go back to bed?" Sandrine asked carefully. " We can, it's not a problem."
"No." Anna took a deep breath and reached out for a cup. "Mike kept saying i needed to get my caffeine addiction going. Now is as good a time as any." She smiled.
"Indeed, and as long as that is the only one you pick up, i'm All for it." Sandrine poured her a cup.
"What was LunaScrap like?" She asked her daughter as she watched her nip at the hot beverage.
"We didn't go to Luna" Anna answered as she decided that milk and sugar was needed to make the black cup of liquid bitterness drinkable. "Uncle E had us flown directly to Callisto."
"So you met AZREAL."
"Ah, yes we met him."
"How is he?" Sandrine sounded genuinely interested and Anna couldn't figure out why.
"He seems a bit crazy, but he looked fine." Anna smiled as she recalled the somewhat eccentric yardmanager. "He's been arming the ShitDump in case they return."
Her mother looked more worried at that remark than Anna would have liked.
"They" Sandrine said. "Aren't the Sovereigns. They are the AEGIS and the ambassadorial ship."
Anna almost dropped her cup. "What, why?"
"That is a long story my dear."
"It's a long time 'till Sunrise."
"That is true" Sandrine laughed. "I'll try to make it short." She shifted to a serious tone and headed towards the sofa. Anna followed her and sat down on one of the recliners chairs.
"Back, before your father and I were a thing, Emerson was the tactical support of the ANGEL squad. His callsign was AZREAL and he was the best out there. All the ANGELS were beyond anyone else in their field. Your father made sure of that." She began as she activated the projectors in the coffee table and the squad was pulled up.
"He screened people to get the best." Anna summarised.
"No. ANGEL squad went through bootcamp together. He set an example with himself, to be the best and the rest of the squad followed. Their first encounter was against the S'skii attack and after that, they trained even harder." She looked at her daughter, to make sure she understood the nature of the squad.
"After the Mars Defence operation Emerson suffered a mental breakdown. He spent some time at the USL psychiatric ward on earth and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia disorder."
Anna's eyes widened as her mother took a deep breath.
"It manifested itself in such a way that he was convinced that he had failed DAEMON and that he would return to kill him for his transgression."
"But… he is dead. How could he return if he is dead?" Anna looked at the projection of her father. He looked dangerous and serious.
"You need to see why." Sandrine sighed, she didn't look forward to going through the emotional roller coaster that Mars Defence had been for her. But her daughter deserved to see who her father also were, especially since WARD protocol had gone live.
She started the archived recording of Mars Defence.
Anna sat back as the sixty drop pods lit the sparse Martian atmosphere up. She held her breath as they split into three groups, the two smaller groups shifted their path off from the initial trajectory and disappeared out of view.
The third, larger group, finished the drop into a neat circle and a myriad of marines filed out of the pods and started setting up a perimeter. The view focused on one specific marine. His armour had seen action before, it was scarred and well worn. The five marines surrounding him had equally worn armours, with black and red colourations. The rest were wearing new armours. She watched as the Draegis started piling towards the group and she gasped as the first drones made it into reach of the line of marines. She witnessed the horror of being a bystander at a frontline. She watched as the marines applied one tactic, then seamlessly switched to another one, a more effective one and then began to push back the swarm of drones.
Suddenly the line of marines moved back to the circle and fortified it as the drones pushed around and past it. The six veterans moved off to one side and the view followed them. They set off in a tactical sprint a full Seven hundred meters flat out before the marksman broke off and found high ground on the top of a dune. They intercepted a large Draegis dropship and watched as five large Draegis Hunters emerged. One of the Marines, easily the largest of everyone she had ever seen, pulled out a weapon, Anna's first thought was 'bazooka', and evaporated the Hunters. Then two of the others sprinted to the entrance of the ship, covered by the marksman and the two remaining, while the large one sprinted off to the side of the ship.
The two at the entrance breached it and the view changed to the inside where she witnessed why ACT above level four was designated as weaponry. The smaller of the two had more martial art techniques mixed into his style. But the leader, Lieutenant Miller, was pure ACT, at a level Anna could barely follow. He was quick, inhumanly quick and constantly aware of everything around him. She estimated his awareness sphere to be a good ten meters of 360° on All three axis. She could barely manage two meters of 180° on two axis.
The smaller marine was injured as Miller finished off three Hunters. then the wounded marine deployed a directional mine that shredded the remaining Hunters. The Giant Mantis like bugs had been overpowered by two humans. And there had been a decent dozen of the Draegis. The injured marine was collected by the support marines and Miller ventured through a large door where he faced a Draegis Hive-Mind. It screamed at him, she knew there were words, that the sounds had meaning, but the recording predated translation software and it hadn't been added to this version.
Miller jumped at the Hive-Mind, a good eight meters high wasp-like creature and punched it right in the mandibles with his left arm. The insect clasped it's mandibles together and chewed into his arm. The armour buckled under the pressure, but it held.
Then the ship exploded.
'end of recording'
Anna realised she'd been holding her breath, her heart was racing and she felt dizzy.
Sandrine was crying in silence.
Then it dawned on Anna. "He...survived that?" The disbelief shone through her voice as it crawled across several tones in her register, some of them new to her.
"Yes he did" came the short reply as Sandrine gathered herself. "Emerson was the one who called it in. He ordered a body bag and a medevac." She sighed.
"When Damien pulled through Emerson snapped. He had, in his own mind, abandoned a survivor on the battlefield. Not just any survivor, a wounded marine and his commanding officer, squad leader and friend at that."
Anna took a deep breath. "Damm.." she whispered.
"Indeed" came her mother's reply.
They sat a while in silence and looked at the table, the projection still showed the ANGEL squad in full armour.
Their silence was interrupted by the communication system. "Incoming carrier, requesting approach permission. Codename: USL Airborne Delivery System."
Sandrine looked up. "Granted, open the workshop and transfer the location manifest." She instructed.
Anna jumped up from the chair. "Weeeeee" she squealed. She set off towards the front door. "They have to drop it off before we can go take a look" her mother remarked calmly.
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2019.06.23 21:09 InfernoAA NXT Main Roster Invasion: Part 1

Main Roster Moves to NXT

Over the course of this booking, some wrestlers from the main roster return to NXT, such as Tyler Breeze, Fandango, Apollo Crews, Killian Dain and Luke Harper, along with tag teams like The Ascension.

Firefly Funhouse

This booking begins after WrestleMania 35, with the arrival of Firefly Funhouse, on April 22, 2019. The segments stay mostly the same, but each week, an easter egg is hidden on the set. The following are the references shown:
A kiwi on Wyatt’s Buzzsaw (Ep 1), Wyatt saying ‘Feast Your Eyes on my painting.’ (Ep 2), a piece of colourful, round candy wrapper (LeRae’s logo) at the picnic (Ep 3), a mangled Irish Bobblehead (a la Devlin) in the creepy cutscenes (Ep 4), an overlay of Gargano’s Punisher logo over a child’s face in the cutscene for a split second (Ep 5), a clock split in two on the wall (Ep 6), a Scottish supernova background in the Muscle Man Dance (Ep 7), small pieces from Io Shirai’s mask scattered across the floor with Rambling Rabbit’s carcass (Ep 8), Water in a red solo cup for Wyatt’s gardening (The Fiend doesn’t leave the Funhouse yet) (Ep 9), a purple velvet sofa that Wyatt is resting on to open the episode (Ep 10), an Iron King statue in the background (Ep 11), Wyatt wearing Nike Flipflops (Ep 12), a throne with a WALTER-esque jacket hanging from it, with a bear bursting through the set’s door, trying to claim the throne for itself (Ep 13), Wyatt doing a Keith Lee pose (Ep 14), Wyatt throwing down a 3 of Spades onto the table during a card game (Ep 15)…
Which leads onto Episode 16, airing on the SummerSlam go-home show. Wyatt is grave from the beginning of the episode till the end, stating that the Fiend has been summoned for Day of Reckoning, causing the set to quake immensely and objects to fly everywhere. Mercy, Abby, and Rambling look for cover, fearing what is to come. Suddenly, the Fiend appears out of nowhere, before exclaiming that it is time for him to be let back in, disappearing in a flash, but not without a blinding explosion. As the light simmers out, everything is left in ruin, with a group of exposed wires laying in a pool of water, shocking the mainframe computer they are connected to centre stage.

NXT Takeover: Toronto II

SummerSlam Weekend has finally arrived, and NXT put on yet another stellar show for the Canadian crowd. Shayna Baszler drops her NXT Women’s Championship to a re-invigorated heel Io Shirai in a Triple Threat match also containing Candice LeRae, whilst Undisputed Era close the night, all draped in gold, as Adam Cole retains the NXT Championship, whilst Roderick Strong picks up the NXT North American Championship, and countryman Kyle O’Reilly and partner Bobby Fish become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.
Whilst the title picture is of heavy notice, there are some more parts of the show to be referenced. At certain, erratic points, only noticeable by the crowd watching the live feed on the WWE Network, the feed distorts for a few seconds, overlaid with a blood red background. However, it returns back to normal, shrugged off by the viewers as a technical fault. Mid-way through the show, SmackDown’s arrival to FOX is hyped up with a vignette, but one that has not been seen before.
It flips back the pages of history, going to another crucial event in the history of Oct 4, referring to the first successful launch of an artificial satellite by the USSR, beating the US in the process in the first victory in the era of the Space Race. It builds up the FOX arrival as an equally ground-breaking event in history, promising it to be the first victory in WWE’s new era, but with a slight hint of tease towards a literal race for space and TV time in WWE.


The following night is SummerSlam, and it is capped off by a hellacious TLC main event between Kofi Kingston and Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship, with the Canadian picking up the victory to win his first WWE Championship. Over the course of the night, similar distortions and red overlays have taken place, but nothing else. At the end of the night, as the feed is fading to black, a loud ‘Let… Me… IN!’ is heard over the PA systems.

NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff

The night features a retention by WALTER in the main event, European Union winning the NXT UK Tag Team Championships for Imperium, and Tegan Nox making her long anticipated return to dethrone Toni Storm for the NXT Women’s Championship. A similar vignette to the Toronto one airs here.
Despite the obvious references to Wyatt, nothing out of the ordinary takes place, with Wyatt still yet to re-debut in front of a live crowd.


Undisputed Era come out to rapturous applause from the Full Sail faithful, as they swagger their way out to the ring, holding every male NXT championship up high. They first cut a spirited promo on their successes at Toronto, but then come to the topic of SD on FOX. Cole takes the mic and claims that no matter the TV deals the main roster keep getting, NXT still is and always will be the A-Show, but whilst the McMahons are at it, chucking out deals to the undeserving ‘main roster’, they should do NXT justice and give them a chance to show the world why they are the best thing going in wrestling today, because all they need is one shot to embarrass RAW & SD. Regarding the rumours that he’ll be called up soon, no chance in Hell! NXT is HIS home, and he plans to take it to a level like no other. He also states that, intriguingly, the FOX arrival is being compared to the Space Race, but another important event took place on October 4th, and it was the beginning of the creation of the Mount Rushmore sculptures. Cole questions, without reading into things too much, is SD really trying to put themselves on the level of such historic events and monuments? Because if that is the case, they should understand that the only Rushmore that matters in wrestling is the Undisputed Era, and if SD, or even RAW for that matter, aren’t careful enough, UE can shock their systems, because that is Undisputed.


Finally, SmackDown has come to FOX! The night is a blockbuster event, with multiple marquee matches taking place to ensure the best ratings start possible. With it being Linda McMahon’s birthday too, it is even more special, as she makes a rare backstage appearance, watching the rest of the show with Vince. After over a month of peace, the Wyatt distortions and colouring return over the course of the show, getting progressively stronger as technical difficulties pick up, until the main event of the night, which seems to have been left alone. It is Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship, with the Prizefighter ruthlessly retaining the gold. As he looks to leave the ring… BROCK LESNAR’S MUSIC HITS! Mr. Beast in the Bank runs out, briefcase in hand, and cashes-in on a prone Owens, rag-dolling him about with F5s and Germans. Lesnar tries to win by referee stoppage, but Owens keeps getting back up, wanting to take more, before fighting back to a double-down. As the crowd reach a fever-pitch, the lights go out, staying pitch black for almost a full minute, until the titantron lights up. It recaps highlights of the Firefly Funhouse, getting more disturbing and unsettling by the second, as drones of children sing, ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’ and ‘Let Him In’, before a sharp, shrilling voice is heard in Wyatt’s tone, screaming ‘LET ME IN!’, before the titantron goes out. After a few moments of nothingness, the lights come back on, and Lesnar is face-to-face with the FIEND! BRAY WYATT IS FINALLY HERE! Lesnar crumples to the mat in shock, looking like as if he’s seen a ghost, almost trembling, but just about able to compose himself. The lights go back out again, and when they return, Wyatt is gone, but Lesnar is still shaken, as is Owens. They attempt to resume their match, however…
Their night of surprises doesn’t end just there, as an earth-shattering pop hits as ‘SHOCK… THE SYSTEM!’ booms over the PA system! With Lesnar & Owens distracted by the entrance ramp, MATT RIDDLE RUNS OUT FROM THE CROWD! Riddle, who has been targeting Lesnar for years, goes immediately after the Beast Incarnate, knocking him down with a harsh Final Flash Knee Strike, before pummelling him with fast kicks and palm strikes. He then locks Lesnar in the BROMISSION! The referee calls for the bell, declaring it a DQ, as all hell breaks loose at ringside. As Riddle releases the hold on a red-faced Lesnar, UE run out to gang up on him, before members of the NXT Locker Room spill out to destroy EVERYTHING in sight, turning their attention to Lesnar in the end. Owens slips out of the ring, unharmed, as the NXT Superstars all team up against Lesnar, with Cole putting him out cold with a LAST SHOT! Vince leaves Linda backstage, trying to run out to control everything, but the moment he does so… SHAYNA BASZLER COMES FROM BEHIND AND LOCKS IN A KIRIFUDA CLUTCH ON LINDA MCMAHON! Linda almost immediately passes out, but like jackals, the 3 of 4 Horsewomen absolutely brutalise her, having to get her stretchered away. Back in front of the crowd, Vince is helpless in stopping NXT’s charge. As Owens continues to crawl back up the ramp, exhausted by his back-to-back matches, he is stopped by Roderick Strong, who grabs him by the shirt and pulls him up. Owens begins to beg for mercy, but Strong takes him over to Cole, who rather than attack the WWE Champion, gives Owens a warm, tight, but only just, embrace! UE take Owens back into the ring and endorse him, causing the rest of the NXT Superstars to join in, much like the scene when Sami Zayn won the NXT Championship. As Owens sits on their shoulders, cocky, he seems to forget how things went down the first time, taken by surprise as UE turn on Owens and blast him with finishers, before tossing him back to the hungry NXT stars. The show closes off with a grim visual, as the NXT Superstars stand tall in the ring, leaving absolute carnage at ringside, along with a mauled duo of Owens & Lesnar, along with a hospitalised Linda McMahon. The NXT Main Roster Invasion has begun.

Night before TLC

Due to the new format of the WWE Schedule, two nights after the initial FOX episode is the TLC PPV (Armageddon takes December spot instead), already fully booked with matches. However, a wildcard was added to the mix when NXT launched a surprise attack on the main roster, leaving the show in potential jeopardy. Thus, the night before the PPV, on Saturday, the NXT GM, William Regal, tweets out an apology on behalf of the NXT locker room, stating that he’ll have a talk with them, and just for safe measures, they have ALL been banned from the arena, unless they wish to disobey him and get fired.


At the beginning of show, a secretary runs up to Regal to inform him that Vince is waiting for him at his office. Regal thanks them for the message, before hurrying over to Vince’s office. Unfortunately for him, Regal has to spend the whole night outside of Vince’s office, as no one lets him in yet, resulting in comical skits throughout the PPV. Eventually, after the main event, cameras cut backstage to show Vince’s door finally opening, with Regal going inside. As it shuts behind him and he sits down, he receives a phone call. He answers it, but after a few moments, it seems that something awfully wrong is about to happen, as he shouts ‘What do you MEAN Vince isn’t here tonight? I’ve had to wait 4 hours outside of his office! Bloody Hell!’. The call ends and Regal gets up, but as he turns around, a shadow grows behind him on the wall. Sensing this, Regal turns around, and he soon turns paler than ever, beginning to scream ‘LET ME OUT!’, until his voice is slowly muffled, as he is brutally beaten up into a bloody mess with heavy rights and loud ‘THUDS’. As the door swings back open, Regal’s unconscious body slumps out to the floor, and he is unceremoniously dragged away in a low camera-angle shot by a hulking figure. Things become apparent who is at least the brawns of the operation, if not also the brains, as a black glove drops to the floor, with ‘HEAL’ written on it in white text. This can only mean one thing… the glove on the other hand of the assailant can only be the ‘HURT’ glove, and the camera pans up from behind, showing the back of the Fiend as he grows ever-so-distant, dragging Regal away down the corridor.

RAW/SD in October

The carnage continues on RAW & SD, as there is no Regal to keep the NXT stars in check, whilst Triple H is yet to make an announcement regarding them. On the night after TLC, Bray Wyatt opens the show, coming out to new entrance music, and revamped ring gear, here to cut a promo that is simple, but effective.
‘Ladies, Gentlemen, with heavy heart, I must announce that the NXT GM is not able to be here tonight, but have no fear, as I can, perhaps, take that role. Here I stand, as the NEW General Manager of NXT is… ME! Vince, Hunter, whoever is listening… these attacks will NOT stop until you give US what is rightfully OURS!’.
Wyatt signals to the back, and NXT stars make their way to ringside, operating a hit-and-run mission, as they take out referees, commentators, ring announcers, and even security, before wreaking the ring to prevent any action from taking place, as well as dismantling the ropes to threaten anyone that isn’t NXT with a potential whipping or choking. As they make their way back out through the crowds, RAW superstars run out, attempting to liberate their venue from the chaotic souls from NXT, breaking out in mass brawls in the audience, until the NXT stars manage a successful getaway, all the while Wyatt kneels at ringside, cackling as he watches his masterplan unfold, before screaming ‘BRING DOWN THE MACHINE!’.
Before the upcoming SD episode, Vince begins to panic, seeing the detriment the NXT stars can bring to not only the wrestlers, but to FOX and WWE themselves. Thus, in hopes of not having to lose more money, Vince replaces the security team, checking them thoroughly to ensure that SD FOX stays protected, as well as upcoming RAW episodes. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case, as somehow, someway, the NXT, and NXT UK stars, have bypassed the security, unleashing silent chaos upon the two flagship shows for the remainder of October through unexpected ambushes and beatdowns to cancel matches and segments, even major #1 Contender matches, but in turn, create lots of buzz and up the dwindling RAW ratings by miles. However, these attacks seem to be strategic and targeted, as certain individuals seem to be spared. At points throughout the nights, top stars find themselves laid out backstage, with a Fiend-like Mask on their faces, as they are slumped against the walls, unconscious, hands tied behind their backs. The attacks grow increasingly vicious over the course of the month, as NXT & Wyatt get impatient that the McMahons still haven’t ‘given them what is rightfully theirs’. However, finally, HHH is ready to break the silence, as it is announced that on the November 1 episode of SD, he will make a return to give his stance on the recurring issue, with many fans pointing their fingers towards him as perhaps the mastermind behind the whole operation, seeing as he hasn’t interfered to stop NXT.

November 1st – SD

Out comes The Game to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos in the final segment of SD, making his way to the ring, mic in hand. However, before he gets to talking about the issue, he states, ‘I must apologise. This is very hard for me, so to allow me to have some semblance of comfort, I have brought company along with me as moral support. Please welcome none other than my best friend, WWE PC Trainer, Shawn Michaels!’. HBK makes his way out, sporting a WWE PC hoodie, embracing HHH in the ring before giving him a pat on the back to encourage him to speak.
‘It is no secret that over the past month, RAW and SmackDown, have had a rather… chaotic feel. Some of the most talented men and women in the world have made their presence felt, week in, week out, destroying the product that each and everyone of you come to watch weekly. Their attacks have been completely unprofessional, and are reprehensible, however, I’m not here to punish them yet, as I will allow NXT a chance to speak for themselves too. \Triple H takes a deep breath, shakes his head, before continuing, as Michaels gives him a concerned look** Look, NXT, you mean the absolute world to me. For over 7 years, I have been nurturing NXT as a home base for the best in the world to come along and hone their craft with wrestling geniuses like this man here, Shawn Michaels. I have given you everything, my heart, my soul, my blood, my sweat, my tears… but this is how you choose to repay me? So many of these Superstars you’ve attacked, they came from NXT too, remember? But what makes you guys the first to carry out such vicious assaults?’.
Bray Wyatt’s music hits, and he comes out to a huge pop, wielding a microphone too.
‘Hunter… Hunter Hunter Hunter. \Wyatt shakes his head and chuckles** It’s been 7 years, yet you still haven’t come to understand your creation? You don’t understand… YOUR NXT? Well, as General Manager of NXT, allow me to explain then on behalf of the entire locker room. Let’s go back in time, to the original NXT. A group of up to 8 wrestlers joined the NXT brand for a season, all competing to vie for an opportunity to be part of the illustrious ‘main roster’. After the first Season, the 8 competitors voiced their displeasure, putting out hellacious assaults on the WWE Locker Room, taking out person after person, until it was their time to shine at SummerSlam. The Nexus. What a tragedy they were… \Wyatt sighs** When Big Match John came out, wielding his golden shovel, and buried The Nexus, it seemed like there was no coming back for the 8 men, and rightfully so. I mean, how many of them went on to be big successes. Daniel Bryan? Only one man was any product of success from NXT, and he was the first one out. Then the next season arrived, and who was there but none other than me. Admittedly, I had a good run, but once again, the McMahon Family failed to recognise talent, and they eliminated me. Who else went on to being a big success from that Season? No one. But then you continued! 3 more excruciating seasons of watching you bring in talent, only to shunt them away, but this time, there was no talent left! After turning way all of the stars you had, the following seasons didn’t make any stars at all! And it was all the fault of the McMahons, including you Hunter, Mr. COO.
Thankfully, you guys finally realised, this isn’t working out. What can you do? You did the logical thing and turned NXT into an actual developmental brand! A place where talent can grow, learn and become stars! And year after year after year, you wheeled out some of the best in the WORLD to the main roster, giving these full packages a chance to become the main eventers they were destined to be. But did you really give them that chance? Whenever you got bored of the stars in NXT, you moved them up! But where did you move them up to? The main event? No, you moved them up to NOTHING! How many of the former NXT Champions that got called up amounted to World Championship success? 2? 3? That’s it! Where were the rest of the talents, the ones you so eagerly signed and sent to the main roster? They were wasted by the McMahons. Including YOU, Hunter. You’re part of the problem here. Did you do anything to rescue them from the void they were being sucked into? NO! Or did even Regal do anything? NO! As soon as you sent them away, you stopped caring! And what about what happened to me? I left NXT, riding full steam ahead to SUPERSTARDOM! What am I now? Former SD Tag Team Champion? Former WWE Champion? But for how long? Did the McMahons give me a chance to succeed? NO! They stifled me night in, night out, from reaching where I was truly destined to be. The main event.
After NXT Takeover: New York, a show you produced, I realised what had to be done. WE realised what had to be done. I watched WWE’s greatest show ever, but then feared what would become of those men and women if they were handed to the McMahons on the main roster. They would be wasted like everybody else, and they would be forgotten by YOU! I am not here to save the men and women that have been wasted, no, I am here to save the men and women that are yet to enter the eternal cycle of NOTHINGNESS! I am here to give them the opportunity to invade and Takeover the main roster, just like they were destined to do so; a prophecy written ever since the days of the Nexus. What do we want? We want the McMahons gone, and we want NXT to be the face of the WWE. We want a TV Deal, but not a standalone deal, no, we want at the expense of these main roster stars that have been clogging up the system week after week with dwindling ratings. We want to BRING DOWN THE MACHINE AND TAKE OVER!
You must be blind as a bat if you hadn’t realised this by now. What was Firefly Funhouse for anyway? A weekly show for simple-minded buffoons? NO! Week after week after week, OUR masterplan unfolded, as we left a trail of references behind us, warning you that WE are coming! But now that we are here, the dawn of a new era has only just begun! However, to lead that new era, we need another man that cares… another man with layers upon layers of history of being the absolute BEST wrestler to grace the planet. We need… a new Commissioner. Farewell Hunter, you will not be missed.’
As Wyatt drops the mic… SHAWN MICHAELS SPINS HHH AROUND AND HITS HIM WITH THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Wyatt claps and cackles as he makes his way down to the ring to celebrate with Michaels. He hands over the mic to HBK.
‘Hunter, I’m sorry I had to do this, but these NXT stars need a leader, and you just don’t make the cut. I know you all too well, and you’re nothing different from the typical McMahon. Selfish, conniving, and condescending. But most importantly, I hate the McMahons for what they did to me. I swore to stay in retirement, but eventually, when you’re best friends with a McMahon, you start to become like them, and me? I greedily accepted the stack of money presented to me for just one more match. But that match made me realise something extremely important. I thought it was me that was the problem, that I had missed a step, become too much like them, but in reality, I stole the night, even in my career’s worst match! It was THEM who were the problem, and they will continue to be a problem unless WE stop them! I’ve had my fair share of battles with the McMahon family, but this will be my biggest, and it will be NXT’s biggest… because we have a revolution to spark! I am the NEW NXT Commissioner! RAW, SmackDown, McMahons… WE’RE HERE!’.

November 4th – RAW

Whilst Triple H is furious by the betrayal of Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon tells him to calm down and not worry, because in fact, NXT is the least of their concerns. Survivor Series is coming soon, and they need to plan for that. NXT will realise that, and they’ll calm down. After all, they haven’t really done anything other than ambush their product for the past month. RAW & SD are still here and that’s what matters. Devote too much attention towards NXT, and they’ll take over with their mind games. Vince struts off nonchalantly, whilst Hunter is still worried.
Later in the show, during a squash match courtesy of Braun Strowman to close the second hour of RAW, a show being watched by under 2 million people, a lone Velveteen Dream comes out, carried to the ramp as he rests on his couch. He takes a sip from a drink, and watches the remainder of the match. Once it ends, he gets up and makes his way to the ring. He is joined by Pete Dunne walking out from the crowd, then Johnny Gargano, Dominik Dijakovic, Damien Priest, etc. They circle the ring like vultures, before slowly entering and surrounding Strowman, who breathes heavily as he stares around at the NXT stars. Bray Wyatt makes his way out and enters the ring, coming face-to-face with his former Wyatt Family ally. He chuckles, before saying ‘Sick ‘em’, and the NXT stars pounce onto Strowman, who tries his best to fight them off, but his efforts are too weak. Wyatt watches Strowman fade away under a pile of kicking and shoving Superstars. Once Strowman is out, they carry him to the technical area, covered by swathes of electrical equipment. They pick Strowman up in a high cross position, but as they are about to throw him, multiple RAW Superstars come out to save him, fighting off the NXT stars, but more backup from NXT and NXT UK fight them off, and they succeed in tossing Strowman into a sea of explosions and current. Wyatt takes a mic, mocking Vince for underestimating them, claiming that if Vince thought the assaults weren’t enough, why not take RAW completely off air with one hour to go? Referees come out, pleading with them to stop, but they refuse, fighting back and carrying out their operation. They disconnect a mass of wires, toss about electrical equipment, and then give way to a figure standing in the rafters at the main power switch. It’s ILJA DRAGUNOV! The Unbesiegbar flips the switch as he laughs maniacally, watching the show plunge into darkness.
With there being no way to put the show back on, USA Network frantically scurry to play random highlights from previous weeks, which follows a 5-minute screen displaying ‘Technical Difficulties’.

November 8th – SD

It is the Manchester, England edition of SmackDown. Following the collapse of RAW earlier in the week, Vince McMahon requested Shawn to give them a chance to settle this by words on SmackDown, and Shawn agreed. Thus, in the final segment of the show, Vince makes his way out first, looking much less confident than he was 4 days ago. He is followed by Shawn Michaels, who is full of energy, and smiling as he knows things must go their way, unless the McMahons want a re-run of RAW.
Vince takes the mic first, bitterly welcoming HBK to SD. He says that over the past week, he has been listening to what has been happening. At first, he may have underestimated NXT and their drive, but now, he understands what it has come to. This is not a simple invasion, rather, this is a war. He recognises the fact that NXT wish to remove the McMahons from power, but that just isn’t possible, because the McMahons have been here for decades. However, they can talk about a TV Deal, maybe just not in front of everyone else. Vince tries to soothe the situation by buttering up Shawn, but HBK won’t have any of it, kicking the mic out of Vince’s hands, before raising his own. He says that Vince must be illiterate if he can’t understand simple English. NXT want the McMahons GONE, and a TV Deal must come along with that, replacing RAW & SD. WWE’s two flagships shows have never reached the heights that they were at when Shawn was at his peak ever again, but that can change when the two new flagships shows, NXT & NXT UK, takeover the time slots and actually draw a crowd. It’s simple, and Shawn knows Vince understands that, but if Vince really wants to be stubborn about it, NXT won’t continue to ask nicely. Instead, they’ll just do what they did to RAW and physically take it off air again! And if that’s not enough, the same will happen with SD, and even Survivor Series!
Upon hearing this, Vince hurriedly begs Shawn not to do it again, as they can’t afford it all, but Shawn says that if Vince wants that, then hand over the WWE and LEAVE. Vince is overcome with panic, as the McMahons can’t possibly leave WWE, but they can’t afford NXT to continue what they’re doing. As Vince tries to stall for time, Shawn tells him that he’s on borrowed time, signalling to the Titantron, showing Shane & Stephanie under the captivity of Dunne & Baszler respectively. Dunne gives a sly grin as he has control over Shane’s fingers, ready to break them at any given moment, whilst Shayna has Stephanie trapped in position for the Kirifuda Clutch, ready to tighten the hold to put Stephanie to sleep. Vince begins quaking in his boots, and the fear and panic only grows, before he finally explodes on the mic that he accepts, but like a true McMahon, he won’t go down without a fight. Survivor Series Weekend is coming, and only one of RAW & SD can go, thus, if Shawn wants an NXT Takeover, at WarGames III, pit the best of NXT against the best of NXT UK, and the winning brand can face the losing brand of the RAW vs SD matches at Armageddon. A win there at Armageddon means that Vince will leave the company, and the losing main roster brand will be replaced with the winning NXT show, along with all the existing perks going to NXT. Shawn nods his head in approval, stating that it isn’t exactly what he was hoping, but it’s good start none the less. He’s glad that all the McMahons are beginning to co-operate. This leads to the Titantron to light up again, with Shawn giving the signal to Dunne & Baszler, as Dunne snaps Shane’s fingers and knocks him out with a forearm, whilst Baszler chokes out Stephanie. Vince collapses to his knees, helplessly staring at the fallen bodies of his children.
Shawn states that he has an important announcement to make. Recently, there has been a change in management over in NXT, and to ensure the best future for everyone, he has another new figurehead to announce, before gesturing to the ramp. Out comes Wyatt, dragging out a bloodied, old figure with him. It’s Johnny Saint! Michaels states that whilst Saint is a legend of the industry, he believes there is someone more fitting for the job… A hooded figure runs out from the crowd, as Vince McMahon watches on finally back to his feet. The figure has an NXT UK logo on them, and they stare tensely at Vince, before slowly pulling down their hood to an explosive pop. IT’S WADE BARRETT! The hometown hero of Manchester knocks Vince out cold with a BULLHAMMER! He picks up the mic and smiles at the crowd, who return a huge ‘Welcome Back!’ ovation for him. He thanks them, before saying ‘I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you, Johnny Saint. I am the NEW NXT UK General Manager!’. He drops the mic and stands tall in the ring with Michaels & Wyatt, as the 3 faces of NXT’s new era have finally arrived.
In the build to the upcoming Survivor Series weekend, the next two episodes of RAW & SD feature no attacks from the NXT/NXT UK Locker Rooms, as they focus on the upcoming WarGames show, where they will be pitted against each other to see who moves on. The main roster brands have qualifying matches for their Survivor Series matches, whilst the NXT Brands announce the 5 NXT vs NXT UK matches.


Wade Barrett makes an appearance on the show, here to explain his motivations for becoming NXT UK GM.
‘First of all, I’d like to say thank you for the warm welcome! You’ve all heard the words of Shawn Michaels and Bray Wyatt, but you must be wondering what I have to say about myself. As Wyatt stated, we were neglected, ruined, and forgotten in the original NXT. Unfortunately, whilst I won Season 1, it was Daniel Bryan who took my glory and became the only person from the show to become world champion. I was destined for success, with my Nexus buddies by my side, but I suppose, that was only my side of the story. For the McMahons, I was an afterthought. A joke. And soon, after they had missed the chance to give me my rightful main event, I was side-lined by multiple injuries, causing me to miss lots of time, and in the end, be forgotten. But as the new GM, I am here to rectify the McMahons’ mistakes of the past, and along with my two compatriates, and the NXT & NXT UK Locker Rooms, usher in a NEW Era in wrestling. No longer will we be oppressed by the McMahons, rather, week after week on National Television, WE, NXT, will show the world why for 9 years, WE have been the A-Show, and this industry will be much better without the McMahons! Typical of the McMahons, this has turned into inter-brand warfare, and as much as I respect the other NXT brand, and Wyatt, NXT UK will be the brand to succeed! For too long British Wrestling has been forgotten, but now, under this new platform, NXT UK TAKES OVER!’
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2019.04.22 16:00 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jan. 22, 2001

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-1-2001 1-8-2001 1-15-2001

WATCH: Sid Vicious breaks his leg (NSFL)
  • Other notes from the PPV: because of the impending sale, everyone had their working boots on, figuring their job probably depends on how hard they work. As a result, a lot of the matches were good and for the first half of the show, it felt like the 96-98 glory days again. The show also drew 4,600+ paid which is better than they've been doing, so that's a positive. Dave thinks Kaz Hayashi is an incredible talent and says WCW is stupid if they don't do something more with him in the future. The tag match he was in was the show-stealer (4.25 stars) but not a single one of the guys in the match was even mentioned on Nitro the next night, so....same ol' WCW so far. They did an angle with Goldberg losing his match and therefore being forced to retire, which of course nobody takes seriously in wrestling anyway and especially not in WCW. It's just another stipulation that they're going to eventually go back on and further erode the trust of their audience. And the main event was terrible even before Sid was injured and Dave gives it -2 stars.
  • Oh fuck me, Dave decides to do an in-depth dive on the issue of guaranteed contracts in wrestling and whether guaranteed money makes wrestlers lazy and unmotivated as opposed to incentive-based deals. Dave disagrees and points out once again that wrestlers are actually still way underpaid compared to the revenue a company like WWF makes or what WCW was making a few years ago. Now, of course, many of WCW's wrestlers are overpaid because they don't have the revenue coming in anymore. But in 2000, even if every single wrestler in the company had worked for free, WCW still would have had tens of millions in losses. In WWF, they're still underpaid, but that's their fault. Management in any company is never going to just give away money to be nice. If wrestlers want to be paid what they're worth, they should unionize. But they won't, so moot point. As for whether wrestlers are lazier or work harder depending on what they're paid, Dave thinks it's deeper than that. Look at ECW. For years, they've been paid less than anyone in the other two companies, but you won't find a roster that works harder than ECW's. Even when the checks aren't coming, they have a roster motivated to try and steal the show because Heyman makes them feel appreciated and has always rewarded people who got over with more opportunities to move up the card. What killed WCW morale was a lack of discipline, favoritism and double-standards for top stars, and everyone feeling like there's no upward mobility and no appreciation for hard work. Guys who came into the company hungry to prove themselves eventually had the passion beaten out of them after years of being held down and eventually just started going through the motions to collect a check. He talks about how guys would have show-stealing matches on PPV and then aren't even on the show for weeks after (see Kaz Hayashi as mentioned above). In WWF, you have someone like Jeff Hardy who can't cut a promo to save his life, but he's one of the most popular stars in the company because of his exciting in-ring skills. If WCW had Jeff Hardy, he'd still be killing himself in opening matches, being ignored by commentary, and never pushed. But in WWF, as soon as he started getting a reaction, they got behind him and pushed him. This just goes on and on and doesn't really make a point, it's mostly just an examination of how WCW killed the morale of its own locker room and that's why the inmates running the asylum don't give a shit anymore. But nothing particularly newsworthy.
  • Now that the Observer awards for 2000 have been named, Dave decides to give his thoughts on the winners and what he agrees and disagrees with the voters on. Wrestler of the year was won by Triple H and Dave won't argue it though he might have picked Rock. Most Outstanding wrestler was won by Benoit, but Dave says Triple H actually had more in-ring great matches in 2000 and thinks he should have won. Dave knew Rock would win Best Interview, but thinks Foley should have won because his promos have more heart and depth to them, while Rock is all about delivery. Foley won the Best Brawler award for the 10th year in a row and Dave strongly disagrees. He had 2 matches in 2000 that everyone remembers (both of which involved Triple H) and that's it, then he was retired for most of the year. Dave thinks Triple H should have won that as well. He also disagrees with Match of the Year, saying he would have picked Otani & Takaiwa vs. Kanemoto & Tanaka. Tony Schiavone won worst announcer and Dave disagrees with that, saying Schiavone only comes across that badly because he's forced to call such a terrible product. He gives it to Women of Wrestling announcer Lee Marshall. Arquette winning the WCW title won Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic, but Dave thinks putting the title on Russo later in the year was worse, because it proved they didn't learn anything from Arquette. David Flair should have won Worst Wrestler and Dave is befuddled that he didn't. Vince Russo won Worst Non-Wrestler and Dave thinks it should have gone to Debra, Major Gunns, or Judy Bagwell instead. Vince McMahon won Best Booker, which is obvious. But Heyman got 2nd place for that award and Dave doesn't understand why. Putting aside all the business problems, 2000 wasn't exactly a great year for ECW creatively either.
WATCH: Koji Kanemoto & Minoru Tanaka vs. Shinjiro Otani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa (Dave's personal pick for MOTY even though it didn't win the votes)
  • AJPW is advertising RVD and Sabu for their upcoming tour in February. RVD says they were offered to work the tour but neither of them has actually officially agreed to yet, but that didn't stop AJPW from promoting it (they both do end up working the shows).
  • The turmoil surrounding the American wrestling industry is leading to an influx of American wrestlers looking for work in Japan. But the pickings are slim there also. NJPW is cutting back on foreign talent for budget reasons (it costs more to bring them in) and since the big money is with the homegrown talent and the NJPW/AJPW angle, there's no reason to bring in foreigners right now. A lot of guys are reaching out to AJPW also, but they're not really familiar with any of the new talent. Motoko Baba apparently ain't keeping tabs, so if you haven't worked for AJPW before in the past, she doesn't really know who anyone is and therefore, they're not really interested. Not to mention, AJPW has its own struggles right now. Same with FMW, which is working on a shoestring budget. NOAH can afford to bring people in, but Misawa only wants to bring in a select few foreigners that he knows well and feels comfortable dealing with (as you can see, the deaths of WCW and ECW are about to put a lot of people out of work).
  • There's been a rumor going around that Jim Cornette is planning to start up a new promotion in California using Japanese wrestlers. Dave says no truth to it at all and that Cornette is actually working his dream job right now in OVW. He works with hungry young wrestlers who are eager to learn, he gets to book television and house shows, and doesn't have to deal with the pressure of turning a profit. And best of all, it's virtually no travel for him since all the shows are in the Louisville area where he lives.
  • Sable is filming a role in an upcoming movie called "Corky Romano" starring Chris Kattan and Peter Falk.
WATCH: Sable in Corky Romano
  • XPW ran its first show in months, and it featured the debut of New Jack, who cut a promo talking about how he quit ECW. A lot of people were surprised to see New Jack work the show since he was so involved in the ECW vs. XPW brawl several months ago at the ECW PPV, where he attacked several XPW wrestlers and crew.
  • RVD appeared on the Observer Live radio show and talked about why he appeared at the recent ECW PPV. He said he and Heyman worked out a deal for him to be paid for that appearance as a one-time thing and that their other issues regarding past due payments are still unresolved. He said he has no interest in working an indie schedule and wants to sign full-time with someone. He would prefer to stay in ECW if their money situation ever miraculously gets worked out but he was realistic about that and says he knows it's probably never going to happen. His agent has had meetings with WWF but RVD himself hasn't met with them yet. As for WCW, he said he hasn't spoken with Eric Bischoff in a long time.
  • More bad news on the TV front for ECW, as their regularly scheduled show didn't air in Philadelphia either.
  • At the PPV, Rhino, who is the ECW TV champion, cut a promo saying he didn't want the TV title ("Why am I the ECW world television champion when this fuckin' poor ass company don't even have TV!" as he so eloquently put it) and wanted the world title instead. So even though he's the TV champion, he didn't have the belt. The reason is because someone stole the actual belt a few weeks ago so they don't have it anymore. (Fun fact, not only was Rhino the final ECW world champion, a lot of people don't remember that he was also the final TV champion. He was a double-champion when the company folded).
  • Missy Hyatt worked the ECW PPV because she has a new book coming out and is trying to get back into wrestling again to promote it.
  • ECW held two shows this week, the first in Poplar Bluff, MO in front of about 1,200 fans and they did bring cameras and the show was taped, though it's unknown if any of the footage will air (it didn't. Hey, RealWWE, 'sup on adding this to the Hidden Gems section?). A bunch of ECW's top stars missed the show. RVD only came back for the PPV and was never scheduled to appear, but Jerry Lynn, Steve Corino, Kid Kash, Dawn Marie, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, Big Sal, Chris Hamrick, Balls Mahoney, Mikey Whipwreck, Roadkill, and more all missed it as well. Word is Corino and Heyman had a falling out, with Corino asking for his release and was pulled from the show. There was also heat on Corino because Heyman wanted him to blade at the PPV but when Corino found out he was only getting a check for one week's backpay, he refused. A lot of the talent drove to these 2 shows because ECW couldn't afford to fly them out.
  • The second ECW show this week was a few hundred miles away in Pine Bluff, AR and it was weird because it seemed to many people that this might be the last ECW show. After it was over, all the wrestlers did a big farewell together in the ring and everyone backstage was said to be crying and saying their goodbyes. Tommy Dreamer, who was in charge of running the shows, said they still plan to hold their scheduled PPV in March, but no one seems to be buying that. If this was indeed the final ECW show, it's weird that it happened in a middle-of-nowhere town in a market that ECW has no presence in, with half the roster missing and Heyman not even there. If this really is the end for ECW, Dave wishes they would have a final show at the ECW Arena. Right now, since Heyman is still out wheeling and dealing with networks and investors and trying to save the company, no one wants to admit that this might be the end. Anyway, the main event of this show saw Justin Credible beat Sandman in a regular match. Afterwards, they restarted it as a hardcore match, and Sandman won. After the show was over, both men hugged in the ring, despite their feud. Tommy Dreamer then came to the ring with a trash can filled with beers and the entire locker room hung out together in the ring and drank beers and hugged and cried while the fans cheered.
  • And that, ladies and gentlemen, was indeed the end of the road for ECW. I legitimately got goosebumps writing this. I grew up a wrestling fan, but unfortunately, I never got to experience the real ECW. I lived in Tennessee so I certainly never got to go to a show. I would have killed to be able to go to an ECW Arena show in the mid-90s. I knew about ECW. I saw pictures and read articles about them all the time in the wrestling magazines I used to obsessively buy, but I never had a way to watch them. The TV show wasn't syndicated in Memphis at the time. Then I would occasionally read about them on the internet, but this is late 90s, so it wasn't like I could just pull up Youtube and watch. Eventually they got the national TV deal on TNN but by then, ECW was past its glory days. And to be honest, I never watched that show either. I was 17-years-old and was dating my first real serious girlfriend. I damn sure wasn't staying home on Friday nights to watch wrestling like some kind of NEEEEEERD! So I only occasionally saw bits and pieces. I bought a couple of DVDs in 2000/2001-ish, mostly just "best of" stuff. It was great but I also hadn't followed along weekly so the storylines and stuff were lost on me. My point is, for the most part, I missed ECW's original run entirely and I've always regretted it. But doing these Rewinds has actually been almost like living through it all again. With this issue, I have now read and recapped every single day of ECW's entire run, learned more about the company than I ever knew existed, and learned to appreciate the absolute genius that is Paul Heyman even more. ECW was amazing and getting to relive it vicariously through the Observer has been an absolute pleasure.
  • Hulk Hogan was on the Bubba the Love Sponge show again and was joking about Mark Madden being fired. Hogan implied that Madden's firing decision was made by Bischoff but didn't outright say so.
  • With the WCW sale all but done (lol), the hiring freeze appears to be over. The company has reached out to Michael Modest, Christopher Daniels, and others this week to have talks with them. Word is they're also interested in ECW stars Tajiri, Super Crazy, Kid Kash and announcer Joey Styles.
  • In a staggering example of WCW's ability to continually kick themselves directly in the balls, there's bad news in Australia. Nitro is being moved to Wednesday nights. The reason this is bad news is because she show will have competition....from Thunder. Yup. Both Nitro and Thunder will now air on Wednesday nights in Australia, on separate channels, going head-to-head with each other.
  • Mick Foley's wife recently gave birth to their 3rd child, Mickey Jr. last week. Foley is also working on finishing his 2nd book which covers other parts of his career not covered in the first book as well as everything that's happened since the first book was published. It also is expected to defend the WWF against some of the PTC's arguments.
  • Jim Ross did an interview and was asked about RVD and Jerry Lynn. Surprisingly, Ross seemed totally dismissive of RVD, saying WWF only has mild interest in him and if he can get an offer elsewhere, he should take it. Ross said there's a perception out there about RVD having a bad attitude and said no one from WWF has actually met him yet, they've only met with his agent, so until they get to know him personally and see what they think about him, they're not in a hurry to bring him in. Dave mentioned an incident during the 1997 ECW/WWF angle when both RVD and Sabu refused to do jobs to WWF stars on Raw, which certain people in WWF haven't forgotten. As for Lynn, Ross confirmed they're definitely interested in him, but made it clear that WWF won't be signing either man until the ECW situation works itself out one way or another. Basically, until Heyman throws in the towel and says ECW is dead, they're not going to start poaching his stars. That being said, Dave thinks if Eric Bischoff starts offering contracts to these guys, he wouldn't be surprised to see WWF change their tune on that real quick.
WEDNESDAY: WWF Royal Rumble fallout, Kenta Kobashi's injuries finally catch up to him, more on WCW future plans, Shawn Michaels returning to the ring, Hart family drama, and more...
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2019.02.20 20:10 ModernHemingway Camera hidden locker sports in women's the room club

"Dr. Bloom will see you now, Ana." The nurse is cute. A bit thin, but tall and athletic. Ana idly wonders if she is fucking the doctor, isn’t that the cliche? Ana is a cynic and a skeptic, and she knows she is being unfair to this woman she’d barely met, and to the doctor.
Dr. Bloom has a great reputation among Ana's closest friends. Lisa came home from his office, and after those first two visits she hadn't touched a cigarette again. She was a changed woman. Lisa was positively glowing under Bloom’s care, and all she could tell Ana was "it’s really life changing, what he does." She said it almost dreamily, like she was remembering ... something.
Lisa was a bit of a flake, and Ana wouldn't have given Dr. Bloom a second thought until Deb went to him. Deb was part of the friend group, but she was tough to be around. She took pride in "telling it like it is," but that was just code. She was a bitch. She'd yell at anyone, and have fun doing it. She yelled at a police officer over a month ago, poking him in the chest as she argued with him. She was sentenced to therapy in addition to a hefty fine. She chose therapy with Dr. Bloom. Deb was downright lovely the last two weeks, his treatment of her bad attitude and explosive temper was eerily effective. Just like with Lisa, whenever Ana asked how he did it, the answers were vague, and in Deb’s case accompanied by an uncharacteristic dopey smile.
Dr. Bloom stopped Lisa's smoking and Deb's anger, maybe he could help her, too. She arrives early, there are three ladies in the waiting room. All are lined and wrinkled from sun or smoking or the years, each going back before Ana. There must be another exit, no one ever comes back this way. It is an hour late when the nurse finally calls her. She enters the exam room. It is a big room, with comfortable chairs in addition to an exam table. The nurse directs her to sit on the table, and tells her that Dr. Bloom will be in shortly. She waits, idly swinging her legs.
After a few minutes, the doctor knocks and enters. A kindly looking man in his forties, he asks Ana to leave the table and sit in a chair. “Talk first,” Bloom says. “The best therapy comes from understanding, and you need to communicate to understand.”
Ana tells Bloom about her childhood, about working so hard, about a life where she felt she was “never enough.” Not smart or successful enough for her father, not refined and ladylike enough for her mother, never sexy enough for a string of ex-boyfriends. Her mousy looks contributed to her esteem issues, and her esteem issues kept her from trying hard to change. It was a trap. In her twenty-eight year life, she never figured out how to break free of that trap.
The doctor looks over his reading glasses at her; he studies the young woman. Average height at 5’4”, her mousy brown hair frames a plain face, and her glasses don’t help. She is not heavy, but not toned, she rarely exercises. Her clothes are functional, not stylish, and she doesn’t wear makeup, not even a modest shade of lipstick. Beyond her looks, she plainly has anxiety. Her hands are folded primly, knuckles slightly discolored from squeezing too hard. Her eyes dart around rather than finding comfortable eye contact.
“Ana, it is past my office hours, and I know there are no daytime appointment openings for a few months. You’re suffering, visibly, and I want to help you. Do you want to be helped?” Ana thinks for a moment, she doesn’t like making rushed decisions. That’s always been part of my problem though, she thinks. After a short deliberation, she nods, yes.
“Ana, you’re a different case than my normal clientele, and I will need to employ a relatively new technique in addition to my usual methods. I promise you, you will have new confidence and self esteem. But working together, I think we can give you even more than that. Do you want to continue?”
Less hesitation this time, “Yes.”
“Your friends’ treatments were easy, to stop smoking, to stop getting angry, that was all in their minds. Those 50 and 60 year old "Real Housewives" you saw in the waiting room... why do you think they were here? They want to turn back the effects of aging. By rewiring their minds, their bodies follow, tricked into becoming younger, by deeply believing that they are.”
“You will meditate, verbally visualizing a new you. I’m going to give you a VR headset, that’s the new part, to help you focus. As you ‘see’ the new you, I will use your body’s dopamine and electrical stimulation to re-wire your mind. There is a Buddhist saying, believing is becoming. Your mind’s direction will affect your body.”
She makes her way to the exam table. The dopamine sounds legitimate, that is one way people get physically hooked on drugs. The Buddhism sounds hokey, but she guesses that people have been focusing that way for thousands of years.
“Ana, I will need to monitor and manipulate you during the process. I will attach some very low voltage electrodes to your head, and to your genitals. I see your alarm, let me explain. Pleasure, dopamine, is the body's most effective way to reprogram itself. The electrodes will stimulate you, make you feel pleasure, while the electrodes on your head work with the dopamine to “hardwire" the new you into your brain. Your genitals are evolution’s fastest way to produce bliss.”
She likes the idea of a new me, the “old me” wasn’t working out the ways Ana dreamed. She tells the doctor it’s ok, and he attaches wires to her forehead and temples and the base of the back of her neck. He brings out a similar device with three wires and a small, curved ... dildo? “What’s that for?” She asks.
“These are the stims. Three exterior, but we need to stimulate your g-spot too, in order to maximize the release of dopamine. We can do without, but the procedure will take much longer, and we would have to reschedule, it’s already 5:30.”
“No, use the stimulator. It’s ok.” It was just that, ok. The stimulator dildo has a sharp upward curve, but is smaller than the couple of toys Ana has at home. She can handle it. The doctor attaches the other three wires on and around her clitoris, then lubes and inserts the small dildo. Then he brings out a cart with the VR goggles. They are smaller than ones she’d seen in stores, and she puts them on.
She is in the dark, hearing the doctor moving around the room. The goggles power on with a hum, and there is the office, an external camera feeding the screens. Neat.
Dr. Bloom talks her through her desires while the electrodes on her head record her reactions. She hopes to be loved, respected, wanted, desired. For women to stop dismissing her and interrupting her, treating her like a nobody. For men to actually look at her, not to overlook her. And she wants to love herself, no more anxiety, no more doubts. She wants to be a queen, a boss, a goddess, anything but a mouse.
Dr. Bloom leans over her, into the VR screen, and says “I think you are ready. Use the meditation exercises we discussed and calm yourself, be focused. The EEG wires on your head will identify the VR images most desirable to you at an unconscious level. Once we have your settings, we will start stimulation. Are you ready?”
Ana gives a thumb’s up from her reclined position on the exam table. The VR images flicker slowly. Lingerie model? Yes. Kardashian butt? Too much. Long legs? Can this make me taller? Yes yes! Business woman? Maybe. Porn star? No. Bikini model? Wow, those are big boobs. Professional woman giving a speech? Sure, I’m terrible in front of crowds. The images continue, thousands, each registering her subconscious reactions. The virtual “swipe lefts” fall out of the image stream, leaving a composite.
Ana likes what she now sees. A gorgeous, confident woman. A lawyer or an executive, but a beauty under the clothes. Tall, with toned legs, a defined and perky behind, flat tummy and only slightly oversized boobs, full and firm and high. Ana is still there, but the hidden lines of her face shine through, jaw and cheekbone no longer buried under puffy cheeks. Her eyes remain brown, but warm and bright, not dishwater and unmemorable. And her hair, oh, the long, silky hair she has wanted since she was a girl, no frizz, perfect and wavy.
This was a woman that could make Ana want women, a goddess. Then her doubt hits her and static fills the screen. She hears a distant voice “you have to believe to become, Ana. Want it. Want it more than anything. Focus.” Ana focuses, and the goddess breaks through the static. She hears the doctor say, “Good.”
The world goes bright white, and Ana screams “holy fuuuuuuuck” as her muscles clench and her body shakes. A sheen of sweat rises from her forehead and neck, breasts and belly. It is a powerful orgasm, and it continues. She hears the voice tell her to focus on the new Ana. She wants to be sarcastic, but barely mutters “Hu bout some... some... some... foreplay nec next t-t-t-time” as her body continues to thrash. It feels like she orgasms forever, with the queen version of Ana on the VR when she opens her eyes, and in her mind when she closes them.
It’s too much. Through gritted teeth she grunts “Nuff. Nuff. Nuff” then whines “eeeenuuufff, pleeez.”
“Almost, Ana. It’s only been 20 seconds. No one ever asks to stop. Aaaaaand ... there we go.” As abruptly as the orgasms took over her body, they stop. Deep inside, she longs for more, now understanding her friends’ dopey expressions when they talk about Dr. Bloom. He takes off the VR headset, and begins removing the wires. The one closest to her clit stings as he peels the sticker away.
“How do you feel? Are you steady?” Bloom asks as she stands.
“I’m fine, no dizziness. I feel really good, doc!” she says as she shakes his hand and looks him in the eye. 20 minutes ago she was a mouse who couldn’t make eye contact with her boyfriends. Now she’s shaking a near stranger’s hand while standing nude in front of him. It’s subtle, and will take her a while to notice all the changes.
As she dresses, Bloom gives her the post-procedure instructions. “Milk, yogurt and calcium supplements. Lots of protein, eggs are easy. And don’t worry about fat for a couple weeks, your body needs it. Skip the sugar if you get hungry, eat cheese. Take a sick day tomorrow, you will need the sleep. And no sex for a couple days while our dopamine reprogramming takes effect.”
Fully dressed, she gives Dr. Bloom a big hug. She’s almost floating out of the office and down the street, like her anxiety had weight that is gone now. She gets on the bus, and a younger man gives her a glance. She glances back, holding the gaze until he looks away, blushing.
By her bus stop, she’s famished, and stops in at the store on the block before her apartment. Eggs, dairy, vitamins, meat, butter. It’s a food order for a male athlete or a farm hand, not a skinny lady, and the man behind the counter raises an eyebrow. She smiles back at him, and pays. He seems shorter today than she remembers. She carries her groceries up the three flights of stairs, almost bounding up despite the weight of the bags.
She makes a dinner of a four egg sausage and cheese omelet, and makes another, she is starving. After changing clothes and plopping onto her bed, she’s bored. When she’s bored, she gets out “little Mike”, her vibrating dildo. Tonight, with the extra energy and confidence, she decides to treat herself to “big Wally” instead, not realizing that Bloom’s advice to skip sex applied to self love, too.
She touches herself, and her lips are warm, almost hot to the touch, swollen and needy in a way she isn’t used to. She moans as she plays, flittering across lips and massaging her button. She finds that she’s very wet, already, and with just a few more touches of her hands she feels a deep need for more.
She grabs big Wally from the nightstand and runs the head along the crease in her lips. Her body involuntarily hunches, wanting the rubber cock deep inside. Ana knows she will need to work slowly with big Wally, it’s a 9 inch beast of a dildo, and flares wide in the middle.
She presses the head between her lips, and slides the tip of the fat dildo into herself. What is usually a struggle is no problem today, Bloom’s orgasm machine must have left her wet and willing, even hours later. She follows her usual routine for a moment, short strokes of big Wally’s head and an inch of the shaft, but a deep imperative takes over, and her hands plunge the massive dildo deep inside, all at once. What would normally be uncomfortable is, tonight, pure bliss. She writhes on the rubbery monster cock, and it’s like she can feel every vein, every ridge, every bump. As she strokes it deeply into herself, she muses on how much she loves huge cock.
As she comes using big Wally, and puts him back on the nightstand, that thought persists, sneaking into her mind along with the rest of the new Ana. Her limbs are sore, she’s tired, and she’s thoroughly satisfied, and she falls into a deep and dreamless sleep.
The light breaks through her curtains and she blinks herself awake. As she sits up on the edge of the bed, she reaches for her glasses on the nightstand. As she puts them on and opens her eyes fully, she wonders if she smudged the lenses the night before. She takes them off and her vision clears, she doesn’t need the glasses. At least one of Bloom’s changes worked.
She stands, and stumbles, her eyes not at their usual level. But she doesn’t fall, instead gracefully catching up to her stride and standing. She stretches, arms raised and pulled back, and feels something ... different. She looks down at tits. Not the sad little mounds of old Ana, not even the perky boobs Deb got when she turned 30, the C cups. No, new Ana has “capital T” Tits, they look big.
Ana glides to her mirror and sees why. Those perfect breasts are on a lithe, thin, toned back, above a taut belly. She looks up at her face and gasps. It’s Ana looking back, but a perfect Ana. Clean lines along her jaw and cheekbones, full lips, warm eyes, and the wonderful wavy hair. She realizes her eyes are much higher in the mirror and looks down. Her legs seem to go on forever. They are long, and she can see the muscles of her thigh, and her calves. She is perfectly toned, without being muscular.
She looks closer, and sees there is not a blemish on her body, except one brown freckle on her collarbone. Her eyebrows look like the latest models, the pores on her nose are invisible, and her ear piercings have closed up without evidence they were ever there. Her nipples are darker now, a perfect contrast to her slightly tanned skin. Her nails, even her toenails, are manicured, though there is no polish. And her pussy is hairless, with a slightly pronounced mound above her hood.
She spends long minutes admiring her new body, at one point twirling around like a puppy trying to see her butt. Then the hunger hits her like a freight train. More eggs, more calcium and vitamins and protein. She’s gotten taller and longer, whatever fat was on old Ana has been repurposed, and she still needs more fuel.
After eating three breakfasts, she realizes she will need new clothes. Her panties still fit her waist, but struggle to cover her behind. She has no bra anywhere close to what she needs, and opts for a couple tight tee shirts under a loose tee under a sweatshirt. Donning sweatpants, she realizes that the sneakers are a bad fit. She makes it work.
She goes to Target to get better fitting ... everything. As she grabs her usual style of underwear, something makes her put them down. She scans the shelves, finding athletic panties that make her ass pop, and sexy lacy ones for the evening. Through trial and error, the best bra she can find is a 34D. She resolves to go to Victoria’s Secret and get something better, but this will do. Then yoga pants, properly fitting tee shirts, sports bras, even sneakers. As she moves from sportswear to women’s casual, she stops, frozen in her tracks. She can’t buy those clothes at Target anymore, not the queen, not the boss. She rings up at the register, and ducks into a ladies room stall to change.
Ana emerges, and time stops at the Target registers. Every man looks at her and wonders what life with that girl must be like. Some of the women feel a fluttering deep inside, a strange urge they haven’t felt since that one time in college. And the other women look, and want to copy the hairstyle, or the clothes, something to be a bit more like this lady with the perfect everything.
Ana leaves Target and heads to the Mall. She will go to the downtown boutiques later, but is driven to dress better now, an imperative from her core. She hasn’t been to the Mall in ages, ordering ill-fitting clothes online, and settling for what she is sent. Today, it’s a stop at Victoria’s Secret. A proper measurement puts her at a 34DD, but she gets a couple 34Ds too, that really push them up. Bras and panties and some sexier gym gear, and she moves on to the boutiques. Jeans and tight pants, flashy dresses and serious but sexy suits, her credit card taking a beating as the day goes on. The trunk and backseat and passenger seat are full of the bags as she heads home, famished again.
She nearly sleeps through Friday, waking only to eat. When she wakes up Saturday afternoon, she’s fully transformed. The food was going to her thighs, she’s not a skinny runway model, they are toned and shapely, tapering up to a full and perky ass. No further changes to her belly, but she can feel new muscles lining her narrow back. Her arms are lithe and toned, her neck almost regal, her posture perfect. There is a bit more jiggle to the boobs, but they aren’t any bigger.
She feels the urge to join a gym, and goes to the chain gym on the next block. She’s in a pair of sports bras, her belly bared, and yoga pants that leave nothing to the imagination. Low socks leave her lower calves exposed, and cross trainers give her a bit of heel. She feels as much as sees the men turn and look as she signs up. After putting her bag in a locker, she brings her water and towel to a treadmill. Her brain won’t let her get on it, frozen like at Target. When she looks at the stair stepper, she can move again, stairs it is! Her legs pump and her ass works as she climbs the endless staircase, even the trainers are a bit impressed after her brutal half hour climb.
She is shown through the machines by a trainer, Tony. 6’3”, muscular, no wedding ring. Tony would be a dream, a fantasy for old Ana. But he asks for her number after the tour. She asks for his phone, and texts herself, saying “and now I’ve got your number.” She looks at him, he’s got an odd look on his face. He’s used to women wanting him, handsome and fit and charming. But his need is in his eyes, he really wants Ana. He asks if next Friday is good, she counters with tomorrow, Sunday. He almost stutters his “yes,” and they choose a nice restaurant to meet.
Ana walks in, 10 minutes after their scheduled time, she wants Tony to see her entrance. She looks like she has been poured into a teal short sleeve dress, every contour of her body teased behind the fabric. The color makes her warm brown eyes seem brighter, and her wavy hair splashes down the teal shoulder. Her heels are modest, keeping her a couple inches shorter than Tony. Tony looks astounding, he knows how to dress his muscular body, a polo accentuating shoulders and biceps. He’s shaved off yesterday’s stubble, and he’s a Greek god of a man. They enjoy a nice Italian dinner, Tony a bit concerned at the two extra sides of meatballs Ana devours. He asks if she’d like to come over for a drink, and she says yes, she would like that very much.
After a drink and more conversation, Ana runs a hand under Tony’s shirt, feeling his firm abs. She asks him to take it off, and he springs up to comply. He is a Greek god, or maybe Italian. Tan complexion, dark eyes, body chiseled from granite. He will do anything for Ana, she’s easily his match. She stands and kisses him, he kisses back. He’s the taller and stronger of the two, but she is making the moves, setting the pace, kissing him deeply and passionately as he makes a soft sound. She caresses him, admiring him with her hands while they kiss. His ass is firm and muscular. She lazily runs the back of her hand down his belly, continuing past his belt, feeling a twitch of his rapidly swelling member.
He pulls her dress up over her head and takes a beat to catch his breath. In heels, teal panties and a white bra, he’s never seen anything like Ana. She reaches back gracefully and unhooks her bra. Her tits jiggle a bit and drop as she lifts the bra up and off, teasingly. Perfectly tanned and exquisitely contoured, they are firm and soft, dark brown nipples pointed ever so slightly upward, seemingly huge against her narrow back and hourglass waist. She hooks her thumbs in her panties, shimmying them down and off, as she motions for Tony to get his pants off.
As she stands up, they are both nude, barring her heels. She steps into him, arm under his arm, pulling him close to kiss. She feels the heat of his body next to hers, his muscled chest pressing her soft breasts up even more. She feels a twitch of his cock against her hip, and wonders if he feels the heat of her pussy on his strong thigh. The kiss goes on, too long, as their bodies urge them to deeper needs.
She breaks the kiss and playfully pushes him back onto the bed. She finally kicks off her heels, and crawls onto the mattress. On his back, his cock is striving for attention, rock hard, and twitching with each heartbeat. He’s big. Not huge but big, and he seems reluctant to touch it himself. She has no such reservations. She crawls to him, and looks him in the eye as it throbs alongside her cheek. She holds it to her cheek, caressing it, and keeps eye contact until he makes a little sound. He wants it, is begging for her.
Ana kisses the top of his shaft, and takes his head into her mouth, and sucks deeply. Tony moans, and Ana begins to pleasure him. Old Ana did not like to give, or get, oral. New Ana enjoys it, and somehow knows how to do it right. She uses lips and tongue, expertly sucking, licking, stroking. She often looks up into Tony’s lost and bliss-dumb eyes as she pleasures him.
She swings herself around, into sixty-nine. She is already soaking wet, she doesn’t need to be eaten. She wants it, wants it from a deep place hidden in her mind. And she wants Tony to do it. She disengages from his big cock with a filthy “pop” sound, and breathily orders him “lick me.” He is not near as talented as she is at oral pleasure, but he makes up for it with puppy dog enthusiasm. He licks her up and down, and spends long minutes on her clit. As he first drives his tongue into her, she moans around his cock in her mouth, getting a tiny orgasm, an appetizer. Her moan gets a reaction from Tony, and some new instinct in her tells her to disengage.
She moves up, face to face, her slickness on his chin, his musk mixing with her scent. “Condom?” she asks, and he pulls one out of a drawer. Old Ana would have had sarcasm about the bulk box of condoms the handsome man had, new Ana appreciates an experienced partner. He expertly unrolls the extra large condom onto his veiny dick. Ana keeps him on his back, and straddles him.
She’s got her right hand with a firm grip on Tony’s cock, and she leans forward to kiss him. Tongues seeking each other, she guides his hard member into her now drenched lips. In the kiss, he makes a muffled “mmmmm” sound, while she makes a determined grunting moan. His dick is so warm inside her, on fire compared to the cold rubber of big Wally and little Mike, her only sex partners of the last 8 months. She breaks off the kiss to lean up, working his cock a bit deeper with each thrust. He’s closed his eyes, she hopes he’s not close to coming. She gets into a groove, and instead of her knees, gets her feet under her. She’s never done this before, but she is squatting onto his big hard dick, her firm ass clenched in his strong hands. His eyes pop open “we have to change positions.” He was close.
She dismounts, and his dick falls with a slap onto his leg. Ana swings around, and raises her ass high to Tony, and growls into the sheets “fuck me.” Tony is eager, and lines up behind Ana, driving deep in one long stroke. An “ugh” is forced from her lungs, the first of many. Her new body is flexible, before she could barely bend to 90 degrees at her waist. Now, her butt is high and perky under Tony’s rough hands, her chest and head are on the mattress, boobs squished wide every time Tony drives her forward.
She fucks back, a choreography, and feels an intensity building in her core. She says “faster” and feels Tony’s fingers dig into her hips as he pulls her back onto his hard cock, speed and sound increasing on each eager thrust. Ana feels the orgasm crest and break inside her, a wave spreading out from a spot that Tony’s dick has just massaged into bliss. The world goes white and silent for a moment, her senses overloaded by the powerful orgasm.
Sound returns first, muddy then turning clear, Tony’s groin slapping into her ass. Then sight, white sheets in her tanned fingers, boobs pressed into the mattress. Tony picks up more speed and finally jams himself deep into Ana, holding there, moaning, twitching, sweating. She wiggles her ass, squeezing him, one last sensation for his deflating erection. He pulls out with a pop, and flops onto the bed, exhausted.
She sits up, on crossed legs, and looks around. Tony’s room is a mess, and the man is used up. She runs a finger down his chest, feels his fluttering heart and rapid breath, even through all that muscle. He whimpers, too much stimulation.
She stands, and stretches. There is a sheen of lovemaking sweat on her, but other than that, she still looks like new Ana. An hour of athletic fucking, her hair is still perfect and her makeup unsmudged. She goes into the bathroom and begins washing. She pauses, puts her hands under the new boobs, and lets them drop and jiggle. She admires her ass and legs as she cleans herself. There is no more mouse, all that’s in the room is a queen.
She hears Tony stir and sit up, trying to be the guy, asking if she’s ok. She’s fine, when can he go again, she replies. He has no response, but she hears him exhale loudly, knowing he’s in for a long night. Tonight, new Ana is a goddess in this apartment. Tomorrow, she will quit her dead end job and find a better career, her anxiety and limits now gone. Goddess, Boss, Queen. And no more mouse.
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2018.09.24 16:02 daprice82 Sports in the club room camera women's locker hidden

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
Hello! Hope everyone had a good few weeks. Sorry it took longer than usual. I was pretty far behind and have spent the last few weeks busting ass to finish writing the 2000 ones. But I'm caught up now and already started dipping into the 2001 issues.
Anyway, you all know the drill, M/W/F unless real life gets in the way. Just a heads up, if you're a fan of Russo or have warm, fond nostalgic memories of WCW, this is not going to be a fun year for you.
Oh! One final note. In case you missed it, during my break, I posted a LOST Observer Rewind. I posted it on a Saturday afternoon on All In day and it flew under the radar. So since I assume a lot of y'all didn't see it, click the link and enjoy. Aiiight, let's do this!

  • It looks like Goldberg will be out anywhere from 10-15 weeks after tearing his arm to shreds in an angle gone wrong on Thunder last week. During the angle, he had a small metal pipe hidden in his fist to help him bust out the windows but during one of the first windows he broke, it flew out of his hands into the limo. And with the camera rolling, he couldn't just stop. So he kept going and struggled to break one of the windows using only his fist and, in the process, slicing his arm to shreds. He ended up getting plastic surgery done on the arm that night and needed 40 stitches to close the wound. Goldberg was supposed to face Rick Steiner at NJPW's Jan. 4th Tokyo Dome show this week, but that's obviously out of the question now. WCW is sending Randy Savage in his place, but it's a big loss for NJPW because his Japan debut was one of the biggest selling points of the show, although Savage is a big enough name that it's a decent replacement. NJPW still hopes to bring in Goldberg for the next Dome show in April. On the WCW end of things, he's definitely out for Souled Out and SuperBrawl and he might not be back in time for Uncensored in March either. Goldberg's injury also leaves a big hole in the babyface side of things. He was scheduled to face Bret Hart again at the next PPV but now it will likely be changed to Sid or Benoit or maybe Flair, although he's still trying to get out of his contract. They also thought about bringing Hogan back but he doesn't feel it's the right time for his return yet so probably not (shit's about to get a lot more chaotic in the next couple of weeks before the next PPV. And poor NJPW to this day never got their Goldberg match that always wanted, although he worked a few matches for AJPW in 2002).
WATCH: Goldberg is injured on Thunder
  • Sports Illustrated listed the top 50 athletes of the century from each U.S. state, 50-per-state, and several pro wrestlers made the list. Frank Gotch (#27 from Iowa and chosen because during his days, wrestling was believed to be a legitimate shoot sport), Danny Hodge (#26 from Oklahoma, for his amateur wrestling accomplishments), Verne Gagne (#24 from Minnesota, also for amateur wrestling), and Bronko Nagurski (#1 from Minnesota, for being one of college and pro football's greatest legends during the 30s and 40s who later quit the NFL in his prime to be a pro wrestler full-time). Needless to say, most of these names were added for reasons other than wrestling because Sports Illustrated frowns upon that. And none of the bigger stars from the more modern, fake 'rasslin-eras were included. Dave says that's kinda bullshit considering there were a couple of famous Harlem Globetrotters players included, who spent their entire careers playing "worked" basketball games for entertainment, so what's the difference? In fact, one of the Globetrotters on the list was from North Carolina, and Dave doesn't grasp how you can include that guy, but not, say, Ric Flair. But whatever. There were a bunch of other names on the list who have dabbled in pro wrestling (Babe Ruth was a wrestling referee on occasion, Lawrence Taylor has worked a Wrestlemania, Leon Spinks was a former boxer who did a lot of matches, etc.). Dave writes bios for all these people, detailing mostly their wrestling careers rather than their other sports careers.
  • Dave announces that they will be doing some Wrestler of the Century and Observer Decade Awards in the coming weeks. As far as Wrestler of the Century, they've narrowed it down to 10 candidates: Andre The Giant, Giant Baba, Ric Flair, Frank Gotch, Hulk Hogan, Antonio Inoki, Strangler Lewis, Rikidozan, El Santo, and Lou Thesz. Of course, this list isn't everybody and if you want to vote for anyone else, feel free. Dave argues his case for any of those 10 guys and also explains why other people (Gorgeous George, Bruno Sammartino, Buddy Rogers, Verne Gagne, Steve Austin, Jim Londos, etc.) didn't make the top 10 list.
  • The Jim Carrey movie "Man on the Moon" about Andy Kaufman is promoting itself heavily to wrestling fans. Commercials focusing mostly on the wrestling aspect of the movie aired repeatedly during both Raw and Nitro. The overall movie has gotten mixed reviews, but Jim Carrey has gotten almost unanimous praise for his portrayal of Kaufman. Dave says Lawler did a great job playing himself and Jim Ross did well portraying the Lance Russell role. Dave recaps the story of the Kaufman/Lawler angle back in the early 80s. Kaufman was a huge wrestling fan growing up and was obsessed with Buddy Rogers, and even once got Rogers to appear on SNL with him. He first approached Vince McMahon Sr. about working an angle, but was turned down. Bill Apter suggested he contact Lawler in Memphis and the rest was history. He recaps the women wrestling angle, the first Lawler match, the worked injury that led everyone to thinking it was real which Kaufman sold by wearing a neck brace everywhere he went for months (he even wanted to wear it on the show Taxi but producers wouldn't allow it), the David Letterman angle, etc. Contrary to how people remember it these days, the angle was never a huge success. It did good business, but it didn't sell out the Coliseum the same way Lawler did against other big stars. Dave also talks about how the mainstream coverage, while a big deal at the time, wasn't THAT big of a story and how WWF gets more mainstream coverage in any given week now than LawleKaufman ever did. And it also led to diminishing returns because Kaufman never wanted to quit and he would literally show up to shows unannounced and Lawler would put him on the show. Eventually, fans kinda started getting tired of it but Kaufman loved it so much that he kept coming back and Lawler would never tell him no and eventually, it even started to hurt business. It wasn't until his cancer diagnosis that Kaufman finally gave up on wrestling.
  • Nitro starts back as a 2-hour show next week, which is just in time because this past week's Nitro did the lowest rating of Vince Russo's tenure since he took over several months ago, and it only barely beat the lowest rated Nitro of Nash's tenure. Dropping the 3rd hour should artificially inflate the numbers because it will change the way the ratings are averaged, but it's still not looking great.
  • Some big media outlets in Japan held a voting a bunch of year-end and decade-end awards. For Japanese Man of the Century, Rikidozan finished in 14th place, behind names like the Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka, famous baseball player Shigeo Nagashima, etc. It also listed Giant Baba's death as the 4th biggest news story in Japan of 1999 (not just in sports, but overall) and the #1 wrestling story of the decade. Dave lists all the other top 10 wrestling stories of the decade results (formation of SWS, NJPW vs. UWFI feud, Inoki retiring, Ogawa vs. Hashimoto, etc.)
  • Insane Clown Posse held an event called Juggalo Championshit Wrestling (not a typo) two weeks ago in Detroit. There were barbed wire matches, thumbtacks, tables, etc. ICP faced off against 2 Doinks in the main event (portrayed by indie wrestlers Tarek The Great and Truth Martini). King Kong Bundy, Balls Mahoney, Robert Gibson, Ricky Morton, and Raven all worked the show as well. In fact, neither Raven or Balls were advertised. Dave says this is like the opposite of most indie shows where big names are announced but don't appear. ICP had big names and had them appear as a surprise (this was later released by them on video under the name JCW Vol. 1 and features the usual hilarious commentary from ICP).
  • Dave gives us some family tree info on the various Samoans in WWF. Afa has several sons. Two of them wrestle as Samu and L.A. Smooth. He has a 3rd son who is 14 who already worked a match in Europe and will surely end up in the business as well (yup, that was Manu). Sika has a son named Matthew who has wrestled a bit in Japan and ECW (that would be Rosey). Sika also has another son who hasn't started wrestling yet and Dave doesn't mention him, but you've probably heard of him.
  • Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch are expected to start working for XPW in California later this month.
  • The ECW show on TNN on Christmas Eve was the best episode of the show since it began. Cyrus announced he is working for TNN. Two awesome matches. Dave says Super Crazy has gotten over huge and they need to hurry up and push him as a top star because the fans are ready to buy it.
  • Notes from Nitro: the show this week was dubbed New Years Evil Nitro and was hot garbage. The tag titles were declared vacant for some vaguely fake-shoot reason and they decided to do a Lethal Lottery tournament for it. Dave says Lethal Lottery was one of the most famous flops in PPV history every time they did it and now it's flopped on free TV also. After all the first round matches, he thinks even if they had been specifically trying to destroy interest in the tag titles, they couldn't have done a better job than this Nitro did. Nearly every one of the matches ended with one of the guys turning on his partner, because basically nobody seems to even WANT to be tag champions. The Wall looks like a "sober giant Sandman after a charisma bypass operation." Then it ended with the big angle of Scott Steiner joining the NWO. Dave thinks it's sad to watch Russo rehashing the same ideas that Bischoff did better a year ago. Then a monster truck ran over Sid's car, presumably killing him but Dave says the only thing in danger of dying is this company if things continue to be this bad.
  • Jeff Jarrett faced Chris Benoit in a ladder match at Starrcade and it wasn't originally supposed to be Jarrett. Russo, Bill Busch, and JJ Dillon all asked Ric Flair to return and do it but he refused because, for starters, he wants out of his WCW contract anyway and secondly because they didn't have a long-term plan beyond that match. Then they tried to sweeten the deal by telling Flair he would win. But that backfired because Flair didn't think it was right to beat Benoit when he's so close to knocking on the glass ceiling of being a main eventer, so that led to him especially not wanting to do it. WCW won't give Flair his release and in storyline, he was apparently buried in the desert weeks ago (yeah) so that's the explanation for him being off TV. But Flair has agreed to still work house shows and is trying to be professional about it. His WCW contract expires in Feb. of 2001 but there's a clause that kicks in next month where his pay drops (from $750,000 per year to $500,000 per year) and the contract calls for him to take on a backstage role rather than wrestle. Russo wants him back as a wrestler though, because no matter how much WCW has tried to bury him over the years, on a segment-by-segment basis, Flair continues to be one of WCW's top ratings draws.
  • There's a lot of negativity in the locker room towards Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara over making much of the show about themselves with the Powers That Be gimmick. So this week on Nitro, that was phased out completely and Ferrara's Oklahoma character seems to be dropped also. There's a lot of people who are also still looking at Russo and wondering why things haven't changed for the better. When he was hired, he promised to turn the company around in 6 months. It's been about 3 months so far and absolutely nothing has improved and ratings are still in the gutter and there's no positive signs of anything turning around any time soon. Plus, everyone sees through the "standards & practices" excuse. For what it's worth, Russo does have a pretty valid reason if things don't improve for the next couple of months. The whole company was being built around Goldberg and with his injury, Russo actually has a legit excuse to hang his hat on now. There's also a lot of the same complaints about Russo basically booking for internet fans and taking ideas from stuff he reads online and not listening to suggestions from people within the company.
  • Scott Hall got a lot of heat from his appearance on Thunder and latest word is he is suspended. If you watched the show, you may have noticed a lengthy part during the opening promo that was hastily edited and they showed vague crowd shots. Apparently, Hall did his old NWO survey ("did you come to see Goldberg or us?" basically). Hall was ordered to try not to get a face reaction and was specifically told not to do his survey thing, but he did it anyway. Goldberg was furious because he felt like Hall was trying to undermine him and get over at his expense and he got into Hall's face about it backstage after. Russo wants the new NWO to get over as actual heels, not "cool" heels that make everyone else look bad. Hall has a knee injury and needs to get it scoped so he's going to be out for a couple of months anyway, so the suspension is pretty much just cosmetic at this point.
  • Phil Mushnick wrote another article, mostly focusing on the controversy of Atlanta Braves baseball player John Rocker over comments he recently made during an interview (just check his Wikipedia page if you don't know the story. Spoiler: he's kind of a dick). Anyway, the Braves (owned by Turner) are trying to distance themselves from Rocker's comments and there's been talk about punishing him. Mushnick, of course, tied it to wrestling and said Turner-owned WCW does far worse every week.
  • Raw featured a bunch of double-date skits that ended with Mark Henry and Mae Young in one bed and Harvey Wippleman with Moolah in another bed, all in the same hotel room. I only mention that so I can paste Dave's hilarious comment: "There are a lot of gross thoughts in this world, but I can't come up with many worse than having sex in a bed with anyone, let alone Mae Young, while Bruno Lauer is doing Moolah a few feet away."
  • Various WWF notes: the Hulk Hogan pinball machine at WWF's Times Square restaurant was recently removed. Matt Hardy recently suffered a broken orbital bone. TSN's "Off The Record" has a bunch of awards for its show. Mick Foley won guest of the year and Edge was named Sexiest Male Guest. Davey Boy Smith missed TV this week claiming he was changing his tire and the car fell off the jack and landed on him, so he's injured I guess. Ken Shamrock is cleared to return from his neck injury but they don't have any plans for him (they never do).
  • Someone writes in talking about how the world titles are meaningless. The WWF title changed hands more times in 1999 than it did during entire decades of the 60s and 70s combined. Same thing for WCW's title, which changed hands more in 1999 than the NWA title during the 60s and 70s combined.
  • Other letters, almost all about Russo. Complaints about Russo booking things just to shit on his old WWF co-workers (Vincent was renamed "Shane", the "Gerald and Patrick" characters, and of course, Ferrara as Oklahoma. Plus bringing in Steve Williams just to help them shit on J.R. some more). Says it's obvious that Vince McMahon apparently kept Russo's more stupid tendencies in check because he's out of control in WCW without McMahon to reel him in. Other people complaining about the lack of push Russo is giving to the Mexican stars, the dozens of plot holes in every angle Russo books, how Russo doesn't care about even the basic fundamentals of what wrestling is, no logic or long-term planning behind any storyline, and so on and on. Someone else says Russo and Ferrara clearly aren't geniuses and Nitro is nothing but a 2nd rate shitty copy of Raw these days. Someone else writes in and says he actually thinks Nitro has improved but he found Russo's comments about nobody wanting to see Mexican or Japanese wrestlers to be more than a little racist. Someone else doesn't like him using racism to get heat, like the recent pinata on a pole match for instance. TL;DR - WCW sucks, Russo sucks, the sky is blue.
WEDNESDAY: in-depth look at the wrestling landscape heading into 2000, NJPW Tokyo Dome show fallout, Bret Hart has a concussion, and more...
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The following gives you an overview of relevant movies. There are 138 categories. You can use this as a challenge: make sure that you have watched at least one film from each category.
(1) 80s action First Blood (1982) Conan the Barbarian (1982) The Terminator (1984) Commando (1985) Top Gun (1986) Predator (1987) RoboCop (1987) Die Hard (1988) Bloodsport (1988) The Killer (1989)
(2) Black comedy Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) Withnail & I (1987) Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988) Man Bites Dog (1992) Happiness (1998) Snatch (2000) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) In Bruges (2008) Wild Tales (2014) Ingrid Goes West (2017)
(3) Coen brothers Blood Simple. (1984) Raising Arizona (1987) Miller's Crossing (1990) Barton Fink (1991) Fargo (1996) The Big Lebowski (1998) O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) A Serious Man (2009) Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)
(4) Film noir The Maltese Falcon (1941) Double Indemnity (1944) Laura (1944) Mildred Pierce (1945) The Lost Weekend (1945) The Big Sleep (1946) Out of the Past (1947) They Live by Night (1948) The Third Man (1949) In a Lonely Place (1950) Night and the City (1950) Ace in the Hole (1951) Rififi (1955) Kiss Me Deadly (1955) Sweet Smell of Success (1957)
(5) French New Wave The 400 Blows (1959) Breathless (1960) A Woman Is a Woman (1961) Léon Morin, Priest (1961) Jules and Jim (1962) Vivre Sa Vie (1962) Contempt (1963) Band of Outsiders (1964) The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964) Pierrot le Fou (1965) Two or Three Things I Know About Her... (1967) Weekend (1967) My Night at Maud's (1969)
(6) Left Bank Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959) Last Year at Marienbad (1961) La Jetée (1962) Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962) Le Bonheur (1965)
(7) Richard Linklater Dazed and Confused (1993) Before Sunrise (1995) Waking Life (2001) Before Sunset (2004) A Scanner Darkly (2006) Before Midnight (2013)
(8) Serial killer Henry (1986) The Silence of the Lambs (1991) Se7en (1995) Zodiac (2007)
(9) Screwball comedy It Happened One Night (1934) The Awful Truth (1937) Bringing Up Baby (1938) His Girl Friday (1940) The Philadelphia Story (1940) The Lady Eve (1941)
(10) Vigilante films Dirty Harry (1971) Straw Dogs (1971) Death Wish (1974) Falling Down (1993) Walking Tall (2004) John Wick (2014)
(11) Terrence Malick Badlands (1973) Days of Heaven (1978) The Thin Red Line (1998) The New World (2005) The Tree of Life (2011) Knight of Cups (2015)
(12) Drugs Trainspotting (1996) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) Requiem for a Dream (2000) Traffic (2000) Blow (2001) Maria Full of Grace (2004)
(13) Buster Keaton Sherlock Jr. (1924) The General (1926) Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) The Cameraman (1928) Our Hospitality (1928)
(14) Disaster Airport (1970) Apollo 13 (1995) Twister (1996) Deep Impact (1998) The Day After Tomorrow (2004) Deepwater Horizon (2016)
(15) Neo-noir Point Blank (1967) Chinatown (1974) Thief (1981) L.A. Confidential (1997) Sin City (2005) Drive (2011) Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
(16) Cars & Racing Vanishing Point (1971) Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) Death Race 2000 (1975) Rush (2013) The Fast and the Furious (2001) Days of Thunder (1990) Speed Racer (2008)
(17) 1920s Greed (1924) Battleship Potemkin (1925) Metropolis (1927) Sunrise (1927) Napoleon (1927) The Crowd (1928)
(18) Adventure The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) Deliverance (1972) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) Master and Commander (2003) Apocalypto (2006) Life of Pi (2012) Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)
(19) Genius Rain Man (1988) Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993) Good Will Hunting (1997) A Beautiful Mind (2001)
(20) South Korea Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (2003) Oldboy (2003) 3-Iron (2004) Mother (2009) I Saw the Devil (2010)
(21) Ingmar Bergman The Seventh Seal (1957) Wild Strawberries (1957) Through a Glass Darkly (1961) Winter Light (1963) Persona (1966) Cries & Whispers (1972) Scenes from a Marriage (1973) Autumn Sonata (1978) Fanny and Alexander (1982)
(22) Billy Wilder Sunset Boulevard (1950) Some Like It Hot (1959) The Apartment (1960) One, Two, Three (1961) Witness for the Prosecution (1957)
(23) Comedy-drama One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) Being There (1979) My Dinner with Andre (1981) The Breakfast Club (1985) The Fisher King (1991) Groundhog Day (1993) Forrest Gump (1994) Buffalo '66 (1998) The Truman Show (1998) The Man Without a Past (2002) Lost in Translation (2003) Little Miss Sunshine (2006) Frances Ha (2012) Toni Erdmann (2016)
(24) Drama Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) Gone with the Wind (1939) The Grapes of Wrath (1940) All About Eve (1950) A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) From Here to Eternity (1953) On the Waterfront (1954) Splendor in the Grass (1961) Midnight Cowboy (1969) À Nos Amours (1983) Vagabond (1985) The Piano (1993) La Haine (1995) Secrets & Lies (1996) The Ice Storm (1997) The Celebration (1998) All About My Mother (1999) Ratcatcher (1999) Amores Perros (2000) La Ciénaga (2001) Morvern Callar (2002) 25th Hour (2002) Elephant (2003) Mysterious Skin (2004) Babel (2006) 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007) Wendy and Lucy (2008) The Social Network (2010) Incendies (2010) Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011) Shame (2011) The Hunt (2012) The Place Beyond the Pines (2012) Winter Sleep (2014) Mommy (2014) Son of Saul (2015) Room (2015) Spotlight (2015) Manchester by the Sea (2016) Paterson (2016) Columbus (2017) The Florida Project (2017)
(25) James Bond Dr. No (1962) Goldfinger (1964) Casino Royale (2006) Skyfall (2012) The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) GoldenEye (1995)
(26) Romantic comedy Roman Holiday (1953) Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) The Princess Bride (1987) When Harry Met Sally... (1989) There’s Something About Mary (1998) Amélie (2001) Punch-Drunk Love (2002) Sideways (2004) The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) 500 Days of Summer (2009)
(27) Robert Bresson Diary of a Country Priest (1951) A Man Escaped (1956) Pickpocket (1959) Au Hasard Balthazar (1966) Mouchette (1967) The Devil, Probably (1977) L'Argent (1983)
(28) Political thriller Z (1969) Three Days of the Condor (1975) All the President's Men (1976) Blow Out (1981) Patriot Games (1992) The Lives of Others (2006) The Ides of March (2011) The Post (2017)
(29) Parody/spoof Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) Dark Star (1974) Airplane! (1980) The Princess Bride (1987) Spaceballs (1987) The Naked Gun (1988) Hot Shots! (1991) Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) Austin Powers (1997) Galaxy Quest (1999) Black Dynamite (2009)
(30) Orson Welles Citizen Kane (1941) Touch of Evil (1958) The Trial (1962) Chimes at Midnight (1965) F for Fake (1973)
(31) Pixar Toy Story (1995) Finding Nemo (2003) Ratatouille (2007) WALL·E (2008) Up (2009) Inside Out (2015) Coco (2017)
(32) Pre-Code Hollywood The Blue Angel (1930) Frankenstein (1931) Freaks (1932) King Kong (1933) Duck Soup (1933) The Thin Man (1934)
(33) Superhero Superman (1978) X-Men (2000) Spider-Man (2002) The Dark Knight (2008) Iron Man (2008) The Avengers (2012) Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Logan (2017)
(34) War All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) The Longest Day (1962) The Train (1964) The Deer Hunter (1978) Apocalypse Now (1979) Das Boot (1981) Platoon (1986) Saving Private Ryan (1998) Black Hawk Down (2001) Dunkirk (2017)
(35) Stanley Kubrick Paths of Glory (1957) Lolita (1962) Dr. Strangelove (1964) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) A Clockwork Orange (1971) Barry Lyndon (1975) The Shining (1980) Full Metal Jacket (1987) Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
(36) Surrealism Entr'acte (1924) The Seashell and the Clergyman (1928) L'Étoile de Mer (1928) An Andalusian Dog (1929) L'Age d'Or (1930) The Blood of a Poet (1930) Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)
(37) Western Stagecoach (1939) The Ox-Bow Incident (1943) My Darling Clementine (1946) High Noon (1952) Shane (1953) The Searchers (1956) Rio Bravo (1959) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) The Wild Bunch (1969) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) Dances with Wolves (1990) Unforgiven (1992) Meek's Cutoff (2010)
(38) Spaghetti Western A Fistful of Dollars (1964) For a Few Dollars More (1965) Django (1966) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) The Great Silence (1968) Duck, You Sucker! (1971)
(39) Swashbuckler Captain Blood (1935) The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) The Sea Hawk (1940) The Four Musketeers (1974) The Three Musketeers (1993) The Mask of Zorro (1998)
(40) Werner Herzog Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972) The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (1974) Stroszek (1977) La Soufrière (1977) Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) Fitzcarraldo (1982) Grizzly Man (2005)
(41) Nunsploitation The Devils (1971) School of the Holy Beast (1974) Killer Nun (1979) Nuns on the Run (1990) Nude Nuns with Big Guns (2010) The Little Hours (2017)
(42) Psycho-Thriller Peeping Tom (1960) The Innocents (1961) Repulsion (1965) Bad Timing (1980) Possession (1981) Misery (1990) Jacob's Ladder (1990) Memento (2000) Martyrs (2008) Shutter Island (2010) Black Swan (2010) Only God Forgives (2013) Gone Girl (2014) Room (2015) The Neon Demon (2016)
(43) Krzysztof Kieślowski Dekalog (1989) The Double Life of Veronique (1991) Three Colors Trilogy (1993)
(44) Akira Kurosawa Rashomon (1950) Ikiru (1952) Seven Samurai (1954) Throne of Blood (1957) The Hidden Fortress (1958) Yojimbo (1961) Sanjuro (1962) High and Low (1963) Red Beard (1965) Kagemusha (1980) Ran (1985) Dreams (1990)
(45) LGBT Girls in Uniform (1931) Funeral Parade of Roses (1969) Je, tu, il, elle (1974) Paris Is Burning (1990) My Own Private Idaho (1991) All about My Mother (1999) Beau travail (1999) Tropical Malady (2004) Brokeback Mountain (2005) Shortbus (2006) Weekend (2011) Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013) Carol (2015) Moonlight (2016) Call Me by Your Name (2017)
(46) Yasujirô Ozu Late Spring (1949) Early Summer (1951) Tokyo Story (1953) Good Morning (1959) Floating Weeds (1959) An Autumn Afternoon (1962)
(47) Wuxia Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) Hero (2002) House of Flying Daggers (2004) The Assassin (2015)
(48) Woody Allen Annie Hall (1977) Manhattan (1979) The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) Match Point (2005) Midnight in Paris (2011)
(49) Survival Walkabout (1971) The Edge (1997) Cast Away (2000) Shackleton (2002) Touching the Void (2003) Into the Wild (2007) 127 Hours (2010) All Is Lost (2013) The Revenant (2015)
(50) Robert Altman MAS*H (1970) McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) The Long Goodbye (1973) Nashville (1975) The Player (1992) Short Cuts (1993) Gosford Park (2001)
(51) Aliens Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) Alien (1979) E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) The Thing (1982) Aliens (1986) They Live (1988) The Abyss (1989) Independence Day (1996) District 9 (2009) Arrival (2016) Annihilation (2018)
(52) Rainer Werner Fassbinder The Merchant of Four Seasons (1971) The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972) Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1973) In a Year with 13 Moons (1978) Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980) Veronika Voss (1982)
(53) Michelangelo Antonioni L'Avventura (1960) La Notte (1961) L'Eclisse (1962) Red Desert (1964) Blow-Up (1966)
(54) Martial Arts Fist of Fury (1972) Enter the Dragon (1973) The Street Fighter (1974) Drunken Master (1978) The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978) Wheels on Meals (1984) Police Story (1985) Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991) Ong Bak (2003) Ip Man (2008)
(55) Lars von Trier Breaking the Waves (1996) The Idiots (1998) Dancer in the Dark (2000) Dogville (2003) The Five Obstructions (2003) Antichrist (2009) Melancholia (2011)
(56) Horror Cat People (1942) Rosemary's Baby (1968) Night of the Living Dead (1968) The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) Halloween (1978) Dawn of the Dead (1978) Friday the 13th (1980) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Scream (1996) The Village (2004) The Descent (2005) Let the Right One In (2008) The Witch (2015) It Follows (2015) The Wailing (2016) It (2017)
(57) Supernatural horror The Exorcist (1973) Poltergeist (1982) The Devil's Advocate (1997) The Blair Witch Project (1999) The Sixth Sense (1999) The Others (2001) The Babadook (2014)
(58) Romantic drama Casablanca (1942) Brief Encounter (1945) Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948) All That Heaven Allows (1955) Imitation of Life (1959) Doctor Zhivago (1965) Romeo and Juliet (1968) The Remains of the Day (1993) Sense and Sensibility (1995) Titanic (1997) The Notebook (2004) Atonement (2007) Blue Valentine (2010) Laurence Anyways (2012)
(59) Wes Anderson Rushmore (1998) The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) The Darjeeling Limited (2007) Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) Moonrise Kingdom (2012) The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
(60) Thriller M (1931) The Night of the Hunter (1955) The French Connection (1971) The Conversation (1974) Sorcerer (1977) The Vanishing (1988) Jurassic Park (1993) Speed (1994) Run Lola Run (1998) The Bourne Identity (2002) Infernal Affairs (2002) Collateral (2004) Miami Vice (2006) No Country for Old Men (2007) Prisoners (2013) Nightcrawler (2014) Green Room (2015)
(61) Michael Haneke The Seventh Continent (1989) Funny Games (1997) Code Unknown (2000) The Piano Teacher (2001) Caché (2005) The White Ribbon (2009) Amour (2012)
(62) Giallo The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1963) The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1970) Deep Red (1975) Suspiria (1977) Tenebrae (1982) The New York Ripper (1982)
(63) Musical Top Hat (1935) The Wizard of Oz (1939) Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) Singin' in the Rain (1952) A Star Is Born (1954) West Side Story (1961) Mary Poppins (1964) The Sound of Music (1965) Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) Cabaret (1972) Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) Phantom of the Paradise (1974) The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Saturday Night Fever (1977) Grease (1978) All That Jazz (1979) Little Shop of Horrors (1986) Moulin Rouge! (2001) Les Misérables (2012) La La Land (2016)
(64) Racism To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) In the Heat of the Night (1967) The Color Purple (1985) Do the Right Thing (1989) American History X (1998) This Is England (2006) 12 Years a Slave (2013) Selma (2014) Get Out (2017)
(65) Federico Fellini I Vitelloni (1953) La Strada (1954) The Nights of Cabiria (1957) La Dolce Vita (1960) 8½ (1963) Juliet of the Spirits (1965) Satyricon (1969) Amarcord (1973)
(66) Early cinema The Arrival of a Train (1896) The Kiss (1896) The Man with the Rubber Head (1901) A Trip to the Moon (1902) The Great Train Robbery (1903) Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) The Birth of a Nation (1915) Intolerance (1916)
(67) David Lynch Eraserhead (1977) The Elephant Man (1980) Blue Velvet (1986) Wild at Heart (1990) Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) Lost Highway (1997) Mulholland Drive (2001) Inland Empire (2006)
(68) Crime Le Samouraï (1967) The Godfather (1972) The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976) Scarface (1983) Once Upon a Time in America (1984) The Untouchables (1987) The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989) Heat (1995) City of God (2002) Catch Me If You Can (2002) Memories of Murder (2003) Lord of War (2005) The Town (2010) Victoria (2015) Sicario (2015) Baby Driver (2017) Good Time (2017)
(69) Heist The Sting (1973) Dog Day Afternoon (1975) The First Great Train Robbery (1978) Ocean's Eleven (2001) Heist (2001) The Italian Job (2003) Inside Man (2006) Inception (2010) The Town (2010)
(70) Paul Thomas Anderson Boogie Nights (1997) Magnolia (1999) There Will Be Blood (2007) The Master (2012) Phantom Thread (2017)
(71) Action comedy 48 Hrs. (1982) Lethal Weapon (1987) Maverick (1994) True Lies (1994) Bad Boys (1995) Men in Black (1997) Starship Troopers (1997) Three Kings (1999) Kung Fu Hustle (2004) Hot Fuzz (2007) 21 Jump Street (2012) Spy (2015) Deadpool (2016)
(72) Anime Angel's Egg (1985) Grave of the Fireflies (1988) Akira (1988) Ghost in the Shell (1995) Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (1997) Perfect Blue (1997) Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (1999) Millennium Actress (2001) Mind Game (2004) Paprika (2006) The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013) Your Name. (2016)
(73) David Cronenberg Videodrome (1983) The Fly (1986) Naked Lunch (1991) A History of Violence (2005) Eastern Promises (2007)
(74) Docufiction Nanook of the North (1922) On the Bowery (1956) In Vanda's Room (2000) Colossal Youth (2006) My Winnipeg (2007)
(75) Edward Yang Taipei Story (1985) A Brighter Summer Day (1991) Yi Yi (2000)
(76) Fantasy The Dark Crystal (1982) The NeverEnding Story (1984) Delicatessen (1991) Being John Malkovich (1999) The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) Pan's Labyrinth (2006) The Fall (2006) Avatar (2009) Holy Motors (2012) A Ghost Story (2017) The Shape of Water (2017)
(77) Sharks Jaws (1975) Deep Blue Sea (1999) Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009) Shark Night (2011) Sharknado (2013) The Shallows (2016)
(78) Quentin Tarantino Reservoir Dogs (1992) Pulp Fiction (1994) Jackie Brown (1997) Kill Bill (2003) Inglourious Basterds (2009) Django Unchained (2012) The Hateful Eight (2015)
(79) Japan Ugetsu (1953) Sansho the Bailiff (1954) Harakiri (1962) Woman in the Dunes (1964) Kwaidan (1964) Onibaba (1964) The Face of Another (1966) Eros + Massacre (1969) Maborosi (1995) Cure (1997) All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001) Happiness of the Katakuris (2002) Nobody Knows (2004) Strange Circus (2005) The Calamari Wrestler (2005) Big Man Japan (2007) Love Exposure (2008) Confessions (2010) Like Father, Like Son (2013)
(80) Jacques Tati Monsieur Hulot's Holiday (1953) Mon Oncle (1958) Playtime (1967)
(81) Alfred Hitchcock Rebecca (1940) Shadow of a Doubt (1943) Notorious (1946) Rope (1948) Strangers on a Train (1951) Dial M for Murder (1954) Rear Window (1954) Vertigo (1958) North by Northwest (1959) Psycho (1960) The Birds (1963)
(82) Animation Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Pinocchio (1940) Fantasia (1940) Dumbo (1941) Bambi (1942) Fantastic Planet (1973) The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1976) Only Yesterday (1991) Beauty and the Beast (1991) The Lion King (1994) The Prince of Egypt (1998) The Iron Giant (1999) The Triplets of Belleville (2003) The Incredibles (2004) Persepolis (2007) Waltz with Bashir (2008) How to Train Your Dragon (2010) It's Such a Beautiful Day (2012) The Red Turtle (2016)
(83) Iran Where is the Friend's Home? (1987) Close-Up (1990) A Moment of Innocence (1996) Taste of Cherry (1997) Certified Copy (2010) A Separation (2011) The Salesman (2015)
(84) Jean Renoir A Day in the Country (1936) La Grande Illusion (1937) The Rules of the Game (1939) French Cancan (1955)
(85) Monster The Blob (1953) Godzilla (1954) Tarantula (1955) Cloverfield (2008) Trollhunter (2010)
(86) Wim Wenders Alice in the Cities (1974) Kings of the Road (1976) The American Friend (1977) Paris, Texas (1984) Wings of Desire (1987)
(87) Teen American Graffiti (1973) Over the Edge (1979) The Warriors (1979) Rock 'n' Roll High School (1979) Rumble Fish (1983) Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) Stand by Me (1986) Boyz n the Hood (1991) Kids (1995) Fucking Åmål (1998) Heathers (1988) Ken Park (2002) Mean Girls (2004) Superbad (2007) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) Spring Breakers (2012) The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) Boyhood (2014) Lady Bird (2017)
(88) Buster Keaton Our Hospitality (1923) Sherlock Jr. (1924) The General (1926) Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) The Cameraman (1928)
(89) Cannibal films Cannibal Holocaust (1980) Eaten Alive! (1980) Cannibal Ferox (1981) Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989) Cannibal! The Musical (1993)
(90) Carl Theodor Dreyer The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) Vampyr (1932) Day of Wrath (1943) Ordet (1955) Gertrud (1964)
(91) Hippie The Love-Ins (1967) Psych-Out (1968) Zabriskie Point (1970) Hair (1979)
(92) Martin Scorsese Mean Streets (1973) Taxi Driver (1976) Raging Bull (1980) The King of Comedy (1982) After Hours (1985) Goodfellas (1990) The Age of Innocence (1993) Casino (1995) The Departed (2006) The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
(93) Mystery Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) Clue (1985) The Usual Suspects (1995) The Game (1997) Donnie Darko (2001) The Prestige (2006) The Man from Earth (2007)
(94) Pier Paolo Pasolini The Gospel According to St. Matthew (1964) The Hawks and the Sparrows (1966) Teorema (1968) Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)
(95) Prison The Great Escape (1963) Cool Hand Luke (1967) Escape from Alcatraz (1979) The Shawshank Redemption (1994) A Prophet (2009)
(96) Yakuza Tokyo Drifter (1966) Branded to Kill (1967) Ichi the Killer (2001) Zatōichi (2003) Outrage (2010)
(97) War drama The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) Die Brücke (1959) Lawrence of Arabia (1962) The Battle of Algiers (1966) The Cranes Are Flying (1957) Come and See (1985) Schindler's List (1993) The Pianist (2002) Downfall (2004) The Hurt Locker (2008) Beasts of No Nation (2015)
(98) German expressionism The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) The Golem (1920) Nosferatu (1922) The Last Laugh (1924)
(99) Comedy Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958) Divorce, Italian Style (1962) The Pink Panther (1963) The Great Race (1965) The Odd Couple (1968) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) Life of Brian (1979) The Jerk (1979) The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) Tampopo (1985) A Fish Called Wanda (1988) My Cousin Vinny (1992) Office Space (1999) Jackass: The Movie (2002) Anchorman (2004) Borat (2006) The Hangover (2009)
(100) 90s action Total Recall (1990) Terminator 2 (1991) Point Break (1991) El Mariachi (1992) The Fugitive (1993) The Rock (1996) Mission: Impossible (1996) Con Air (1997) Face/Off (1997) The Matrix (1999)
(101) Andrei Tarkovsky Andrei Rublev (1966) Solaris (1971) The Mirror (1974) Stalker (1979) Nostalgia (1983) The Sacrifice (1986)
(102) Satire Sullivan's Travels (1941) The Producers (1967) If.... (1968) Blazing Saddles (1974) Network (1976) American Beauty (1999) Fight Club (1999) American Psycho (2000) Thank You for Smoking (2005) Idiocracy (2006) In the Loop (2009)
(103) Music A Hard Day's Night (1964) The Blues Brothers (1980) Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982) This Is Spinal Tap (1984) Stop Making Sense (1984) Amadeus (1984) Sister Act (1992) Buena Vista Social Club (1999) Almost Famous (2000) 8 Mile (2002) Ray (2004) Whiplash (2014)
(104) Alejandro Jodorowsky El Topo (1970) The Holy Mountain (1973) Santa Sangre (1989)
(105) Avant-garde documentary Man With a Movie Camera (1929) Blow Job (1964) News from Home (1977) Koyaanisqatsi (1982) Baraka (1992) La Commune (Paris, 1871) (2000) I was moving ahead … (2000) Habitat (2012)
(106) Ernst Lubitsch I Don't Want to Be a Man (1918) Trouble in Paradise (1932) Ninotchka (1939) The Shop Around the Corner (1940) To Be or Not to Be (1942)
(107) Erotic Last Tango in Paris (1972) In the Realm of the Senses (1976) Body Double (1984) Basic Instinct (1992) The Handmaiden (2016)
(108) Sci-fi The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) Planet of the Apes (1968) THX 1138 (1971) Star Wars (1977) Blade Runner (1982) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) On the Silver Globe (1988) Twelve Monkeys (1995) Star Trek: First Contact (1996) The Fifth Element (1997) Gattaca (1997) The Matrix (1999) A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) Minority Report (2002) Primer (2004) Moon (2009) Cloud Atlas (2012) Her (2013) Gravity (2013) Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Ex Machina (2014) Interstellar (2014) The Martian (2015)
(109) Tim Burton Edward Scissorhands (1990) The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Ed Wood (1994) Mars Attacks! (1996) Big Fish (2003) Sweeney Todd (2007)
(110) Stoner films Up in Smoke (1978) Half Baked (1998) How High (2001) Pineapple Express (2008)
(111) Sports drama The Hustler (1961) Rocky (1976) Remember the Titans (2000) Million Dollar Baby (2004) The Wrestler (2008) The Fighter (2010) Moneyball (2011) Creed (2015)
(112) Powell & Pressburger The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) The Red Shoes (1948) Black Narcissus (1947)
(113) Dystopia Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) Brazil (1985) Dark City (1998) Battle Royale (2000) 28 Days Later... (2002) V for Vendetta (2005) Children of Men (2006) The Road (2009) Snowpiercer (2013) The Maze Runner (2014)
(114) Luis Buñuel The Young and the Damned (1950) Viridiana (1961) The Exterminating Angel (1962) Simon of the Desert (1965) Belle de Jour (1967) The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972) That Obscure Object of Desire (1977)
(115) Documentary Night and Fog (1956) Shoah (1985) The Thin Blue Line (1988) Hoop Dreams (1994) Man on Wire (2008) Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011) Leviathan (2012) The Act of Killing (2012) Tim's Vermeer (2013)
(116) Modern action 300 (2006) The Raid: Redemption (2011) Dredd (2012) Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Hardcore Henry (2016)
(118) Rape revenge The Virgin Spring (1960) I Spit on Your Grave (1978) Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) Irreversible (2002) I Saw the Devil (2010)
(119) Wong Kar-wai Chungking Express (1994) Fallen Angels (1995) Happy Together (1997) In the Mood for Love (2000) 2046 (2004)
(120) Horror comedy Young Frankenstein (1974) House (1977) An American Werewolf in London (1981) Dead Alive (1992) Shaun of the Dead (2004) The Cabin in the Woods (2012) What We Do in the Shadows (2014)
(121) Courtroom drama 12 Angry Men (1957) Anatomy of a Murder (1959) Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) The Verdict (1982) A Few Good Men (1992) The Rainmaker (1997)
(122) Charlie Chaplin The Tramp (1915) The Kid (1921) The Circus (1928) City Lights (1931) The Great Dictator (1940) Limelight (1952)
(123) Yakuza Tokyo Drifter (1966) Branded to Kill (1967) Ichi the Killer (2001) Zatōichi (2003) Outrage (2010)
(124) Splatter Blood Feast (1963) The Wizard of Gore (1970) The Evil Dead (1981) Bad Taste (1987)
(125) Africa Black Girl (1966) Touki Bouki (1973) Hotel Rwanda (2004) Moolaadé (2004) Timbuktu (2014)
(126) Ancient Rome Quo Vadis (1951) Ben-Hur (1959) Spartacus (1960) Cleopatra (1963) Caligula (1979) Gladiator (2000)
(127) Biography The Life of Emile Zola (1937) Patton (1970) Gandhi (1982) Malcolm X (1992) Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985) Schindler's List (1993) Monster (2003) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) Lincoln (2012)
(128) John Cassavetes Shadows (1958) Faces (1968) A Woman Under the Influence (1974)
(129) Eastern Europe Ashes and Diamonds (1958) Daisies (1966) Cremator (1969) Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970) Damnation (1988) Satantango (1994) Underground (1995) Black Cat, White Cat (1998) Werckmeister Harmonies (2000) No Man's Land (2001) The Turin Horse (2011) Ida (2013)
(130) Russia Brother (1997) Russian Ark (2002) The Return (2003) The Sun (2005) Hard to Be a God (2013) Leviathan (2014)
(131) Religion The Ten Commandments (1956) The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) The Mission (1986) The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) The Passion of the Christ (2004) Silence (2016)
(132) Cult films Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958) Barbarella (1968) Pink Flamingos (1972) Tron (1982) Ghostbusters (1984) Repo Man (1984) The Toxic Avenger (1984) Back to the Future (1985) Big Trouble in Little China (1986) Surf Nazis Must Die (1987) Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) Army of Darkness (1992) Wayne’s World (1992) Clerks (1994) Bad Boy Bubby (1994) Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000) Donnie Darko (2001) Freddy Got Fingered (2001) The Brown Bunny (2003) The Room (2003) Fateful Findings (2013)
(133) Unsorted L'Atalante (1934) Children of Paradise (1945) It's a Wonderful Life (1946) Pather Panchali (1955) Marketa Lazarová (1967) The Conformist (1970) Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974) Cinema Paradiso (1988) Dead Man (1995) Life Is Beautiful (1997) Pi (1998) Being John Malkovich (1999) Adaptation. (2002) The Illusionist (2006) Synecdoche, New York (2008) Dogtooth (2009) Enter the Void (2009) Inception (2010) Rubber (2010) The Great Beauty (2013) Birdman (2014) A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (2014) Inherent Vice (2014) Chef (2014) The Lobster (2015) The Big Short (2015) Swiss Army Man (2016)
(134) Home Invasion Home Alone (1990) Panic Room (2002) Borgman (2013) The Gift (2015) Don't Breathe (2016)
(135) Historical The Leopard (1963) A Man for All Seasons (1966) Quest for Fire (1981) The Last of the Mohicans (1992) Braveheart (1995)
(136) New Hollywood Bonnie and Clyde (1967) The Graduate (1967) Five Easy Pieces (1970) The Last Picture Show (1971) Harold and Maude (1971) Easy Rider (1969)
(137) Hayao Miyazaki Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984) Castle in the Sky (1986) My Neighbor Totoro (1988) Kiki's Delivery Service (1989) Porco Rosso (1992) Princess Mononoke (1997) Spirited Away (2001) Howl's Moving Castle (2004) The Wind Rises (2013)
(138) Italian neorealism Rome, Open City (1945) Paisan (1946) Bicycle Thieves (1948) Stromboli (1950)
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2018.01.02 09:03 Warbotter Hidden camera in the women's locker room sports club

Haven't seen this list posted or talked about before, but it's been around since the early 2000's and thought I would post it here for all to enjoy, None should be taken as fact, But it's amusing all the same, as is the Interview Raven did with Honky Tonk Man where the list is discussed a bit and adds insight . Here's that Link if you're curious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyPcTzNMNtI
The Urban Legends of Professional Wrestling!

  1. Kevin Sullivan spends his vacations at a nudist colony. Take that image through the day.
  2. Tommy Rich soaked his balls in a beer mug full of hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Roddy Piper having a young "manservant" type who travels with him wherever he goes, holding his bags, opening doors for him, etc. Piper and others referring to the young boy as "cocksucker" like it's his name.
  4. Tommy Rich did some favors for Jim Barnett in exchange for the NWA World Title.
  5. They had to break Brusier Brody's legs to fit him in a cheap Puerto Rican casket.
  6. Virgil got a job by unleashing his hose on Pat Patterson's desk.
  7. Kerry Von Erich really had his foot amputated because he thought he could walk across a room on his just-surgically repaired foot for a cheeseburger, thus crushing it.
  8. NWA World Champion Gene Kiniski bought Kevin Von Erich a hooker in Las Vegas, when Kevin was TWELVE.
  9. A coked up Kerry and Kevin were once playing with a saw blade in the back hallways at the sportatorium. Kerry saw a cat, so he threw the saw blade at the cat, killing it.
  10. Kerry Von Erich sees a cat in the All Japan lockerroom. He decides to put the iron claw on it, killing the poor kitty.
  11. Steve Lombardi is/was Pat Patterson's secret lover.
  12. R&R Express walk in on Jimmy Valiant laying on the floor jerking off under a glass table that a hooker is shitting on. Ricky throws up and leaves, while Robert stays to watch.
  13. Bruce Hart, was a substitute teacher while a top face/promotebooker in Stampede. He impregnated a 14 year-old student and married her.
  14. Dusty Rhodes got Baby Doll fired (or something) because he was pissed that she married near-jobber Sam Houston instead of him.
  15. According to Japanese tabloids, Giant Baba was bisexual and Genichiro Tenryu had penis enlargement surgery.
  16. Victor Quinones tried to rape Tarzan Boy at gunpoint in a bathroom stall. He DID rape some rookie Japanese wrestler at gunpoint in a bathroom stall.
  17. Chris Champion went to jail for inappropriately touching an underage girl. While he was wearing his Cowabunga the Ninja Turtle costume.
  18. El Dandy's banged both Lita AND Fishman & Lola Gonzales's hot daughter.
  19. Manny Fernandez took a dump in "Number One" Paul Jones brand-new Stetson hat, put it back in the hat box on the airplane, like nothing happened, and went to sit back by Jones for the remainder of the flight.
  20. Dusty Rhodes booked Rick Steiner to beat Ric Flair in 20 seconds at Starrcade 1988.
  21. Superstar Graham once injected Clorox on a dare.
  22. Gangrel & Luna are swingers and love to swap out with other couples.
  23. Paul Boesch was doing a "Jewish Champion" gimmick somewhere (NY?). A writer from a Jewish magazine came to a show to do a profile on him. The writer wandered into the lockerroom after Boesch's match and saw him in the shower. Thus the writer found out Boesch wasn't really Jewish.
  24. Jimmy Snuka killed his girlfriend and played the innocent savage in front of the police while Vince did the talking for him.
  25. Raven got caught in a hotel room with Becky Bayless at age 14, and Becky slept with Joel Gertner and his wife.
  26. Rip Rogers pulled Barry Windham's keys out of a commode filled with shit and Jack Daniels after a particularly hard night of partying with his bare hands.
  27. At a indy show, Sabu had oral sex on one of the valets in the locker room but when one of the other wrestlers asked him if it was good, he said something along the lines of "smell my mustache."
  28. There was this dude called John Arezzi who hosted a radio show and did some promoting. He promoted a AAA tour around the US and insisted on using Woman as a manager for Psicosis, because he used to be in love with her. Konnan was booking Baja California, and since he was friends with Woman (from ECW), he got her to do a small tour around Tijuana, Mexicali... After a Tijuana (I think) show everybody went back to their rooms. The TJ guys just stayed at home, Konnan shared a room with his buddies and Woman had her own room. Very late (in the midnight) somebody started screaming and pounding hard on Konnan's door. He opened the door and it was a half naked Nancy Sullivan whose face was a mess. They let her in and she told them that she got high with Metal and they were about to fuck, but he was so fucking wasted that he couldn't get it up from all the shit he'd been doing all day. So... he started biting her ass realllly hard. She hit him in the face with something to get him off, he then hit her back and she just escaped as soon as she could. At the time Konnan was scared because he didn't want to get on Peña's back side by having an argument with Metal, and he was afraid it would cost him his WCW job if this got to Sullivan. Years later I told him "If Sullivan had found about it, he'd probably have gone down Mexico and cut Metal's balls off". He then said "Not really, he probably beats her up even worse"...
  29. Butch Reed has pissed on the carpet and/or furniture of every motel he's ever stayed in.
  30. Johnny Valentine would take a dump and strategically place it where it couldn't be found easily like the inside of bed posts.
  31. Shawn Michaels supposedly invited three hot girls back to his hotel room. He told them to all get naked and get on their knees. He whips out his ding dong and the girls figure it's going to be a suck-fest, but instead he proceeds to take a piss in each of their mouths.
  32. Bruiser Brody was supposed to do a shoot run-in on the first WrestleMania...
  33. Hogan vs. Zeus was supposed to headline WrestleMania 6.
  34. The Iron Sheik was offered $100K to break Hogan's legs instead of dropping the belt to him.
  35. Apparently after Lawler first arrived in the good old WWF a lot of people disliked him for his general arrogant attitude. Hall, Nash, and Michaels didn't take to this too well, so at one of the Royal Rumbles, Lawler left his crown in the dressing room to do the Rumble. So the Kliq decided to shit in his crown. But apparently this wasn't like a couple of turds in the crown. They apparently filled King's precious crown to the brim with a nice, hearty Kilq shit.
  36. Matt Striker had a 3 way with Mase and Buff E backstage at a JAPW show in 2002
  37. TAKA fucked Sunny while Candido watched.
  38. Scott Hall took a dump in Sunny's lunch on a tour of Germany in the spring of 1996.
  39. Jushin Liger likes to loan out his wife to folks like Sasuke, TAKA, and Hayabusa. He may also like to watch.
  40. Buff Bagwell broke into wrestling by blowing Bert Prentice. Then Ronnie P. Gossett paid to blow Bagwell.
  41. Wolfie D was selling pics of PG-13 with Bill Dundee at USWA shows. Bill wanted a cut of the money. Wolfie said no. Bill pulled out a knife.
  42. Mae Young & Fabulous Moolah are a lesbian couple.
  43. During Eddy Guerrero's indy touinitial cleanup period, Brian Christopher asked him if he wanted to get high at the FWA UK Revival show.
  44. Pedro Morales MAY have pawned his WWWF belt (it showed up in a pawn shop eventually and Tom Burke bought it).
  45. There were constant bisexual orgies in the OMEGA lockerroom.
  46. Lita has been pissed on by Steve Corino and Danny Doring.
  47. Ricky Marvin is rumored to be Negro Casas' bottom.
  48. Perro Aguayo Jr. used to cruise the bars in TJ for barrio looking guys to take to his hotel room.
  49. Mr. Aguila (Essa Rios) & Nygma are/or were lovers.
  50. Simon Dean (Super Nova) enjoys the feel of pudding. Take that for what you will.
  51. Tammy Sytch has phone sex with indy guys.
  52. Mike Rapada paied $25,000 to win the NWA belt.
  53. Apparently, there's a polaroid from the 80s of Ric Flair playing the skin flute.
  54. Either Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk were about to double team Terri Runnels(likely) or they were about to get it on themselves (less likely).
  55. Kevin Von Erich, once paid a hooker to break in a then 11 year old Chris von Erich. Supposedly, Chris even cried during the act.
  56. Curt Hennig was supposedly one of those that shit in Lawler's crown.
  57. During one of those Nitros where the wrestlers had to stay under the ring the entire show, it was at least Hennig and Scott Norton under the ring. Hennig had to go and of course, he couldn't exactly leave. So, he shit under the ring.
  58. Bill Watts pissing out of his tower office at Turner onto the parking lot below.
  59. During the Gold Club investigation, Bischoff admitted that he enjoyed watching his wife and one of the strippers get it on in their hotel room.
  60. Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey describes seeing Andre screwing - "like a lion raping a rabbit".
  61. Bad News Brown said that Strong Kobayashi liked to cop feels off of his opponents.
  62. According to a referee who was released from the WWF, Bradshaw tied up a wrestler in the shower while he was naked and rubbed baby oil all over him threatening to rape him until he cried while the lockerroom looked on and laughed. I think the victim might have date-raped a girl, or may have just not been well-liked. It was never specified who the victim was other than this happened in like '98 or '99 and the guy was a fairly well known wrestler, I also heard it might have been Brian Christopher aka Grandmaster Sexay.
  63. Some of the Smokey Mountain guys liked to take pisses in hotel ice machines.
  64. Remember when David Flair quit IWA Puerto Rico due to unfit living conditions? And everybody ragged on him when they found out IWA had put him up in a nice house? Well, that nice house belonged to Victor Quiones. I shouldn't have to say anymore, but I will. David was sleeping one night and was woken up by Quiones standing over him about to blow a load on his face. David quit the next day.
  65. But as I recall, Dynamic Dude #2 Johnny Ace and Z-Man Tom Zenk have just returned from an NWA house show in Cincinnati, OH. They're all over each other, when my friend asks them for autographs and a picture. Zenk and Ace collapse into a loving embrace, climaxing with Zenk planting a big fat snog on the cheek of Animal Jr. Then they realize my friend has a camera and just photographed their loving embrace. Zenk stands up and demands the camera. The fan refuses. Ace stands up and orders him to turn over the camera. Again, my friend refuses. The Dynamic Dude and the Z-Man charge at him, he runs. The only proof this incident ever occured is this photo.
  66. Jerry Lawler has a well known foot fetish and he was once caught by a valet (ECW/USWA ringrat Miss Patricia) jacking off into her shoes.
  67. Kerry Von Erich was preparing for a match, getting his gear on and listening to his Walkman, but he was so fucked up he somehow laced the headphone cable into his boot laces.
  68. Macho Man had his way with Stephanie (she was about 14 then) back in 94/95 and that Vince found out and that was the true ending for Macho Man in WWF.
  69. During the 80's when Tommy Rich was to wrestle a show in Parkersburg WV, he decided to skip the show after already taking the money. He was caught stopped by the police and was arrested for having pot on him. They dropped the charges however he isn't allowed back in the country.
  70. Andre The Giant once called Kamala a n****r and Kamala stuck a gun to his face. Andre was nice to Kamala after that.
  71. Randy Savage once knocked Bill Dundee out in a parking lot of a gym in Louisville after Dundee pulled a gun on him. This was back when Randy was running an outlaw promotion and they would tell folks on their TV show the real names of Memphis wrestlers and give out their telephone numbers. And the way I heard the Lawler's crown story is that it was Steve Keirn who started the crap in the crown battle royal.
  72. Lita took off for Mexico in the 90s and bang anyone down there that would "train" her in the ring.
  73. Antonio Pena turned half the AAA lockerroom gay.
  74. Pat Patterson had a special "relationship" with Jacques Rougeau in the 80's.
  75. Bulldog Bob Brower was pretty open about being a card carrying member of the KKK.
  76. Trish Stratus and Lillian Garcia getting to “know each other” really well.
  77. Sabu kicking a bag down some stairs and all around the lockerroom and then opens the bag and a cat comes out. All the while Sabu has a “I love cats” t-shirt or something like that.
  78. New Jack threatened to beat up Gary Yap’s girlfriend.
  79. The Kliq and some of the other WWF wrestlers making the Eliminators dress out in the hall instead of the locker room.
  80. Jushin Liger has one of the worst acne/pock marked faces you’ll ever see.
  81. The Iron Shiek used to do headstands while snorting coke.
  82. Bull Pain isn’t afraid to introduce a flashlight to a girl.
  83. Bison Smith changing in the WWE lockerroom and HHH sat down by him, stared at him the entire time he changed, not saying a word.
  84. Paul Heyman's firing from WCW had to allegedly do with embezellment of funds. The example being that he would have two sets of bills for road expenses thus, I believe, overcharging WCW.
  85. Davey Boy asked Dynamite Kid about steroids, and Dynamite gave Davey was he seemingly thought would be his first injection of steroids...only thing was Dynamite put milk in the syringe.
  86. Ricky was well known for hitting the nose candy before interviews, hence the rapid-fire unintelligable promos he gave. Word is it that he took a severe toot before going to sign autographs at an indie show. While signing an autograph for a kid, he sneezed and then said , "Goddammit. There went about $500."
  87. At least 4 people in ECW killed someone.
  88. The Rottens stole from the ECW locker room.
  89. Taz did show his penis to the teen at the tanning place. He did that to the females in ECW too.
  90. Bradshaw allegedly gets in the shower with new guys and soaps them up. Supposedly he was doing this kind of shit to Paul London a lot.
  91. Paul Heyman used to get blowjobs behind the ECW parking lot at 3am while writing checks to a line of a few wrestlers.
  92. Stephanie McMahon has a strap-on & has used it on Austin, HHH & Chyna.
  93. El Dandy was caught by Fishman when he was banging his daughter (I think she was a minor), and he no-showed several shows where the two were booked together because Fish threatened to kick his ass. When heat died down, El Dandy repaid him by also fucking his wife.
  94. This has been dismissed as fake, but one anonymous wrestler claimed years ago in a long letter posted in message boards how Dr. Alfonso Morales used to have coke orgies with underage males and his "pornstar wife" (apparently his wife was a major star in 70s pseudo-erotic movies).
  95. Xochitl Hamada and Negro Casas were rumoured to be about to marry when she caught him very late at the Arena Mexico showers in a very tender act with one of his male trainees.
  96. 5'1" Super Astro is now a nicely married family man, but in the 80s he was "famous" because of his willingness to insert his astral wang on tall (5'11" or more) women.
  97. During one of AAA's long tours in the mid 90s, fatboy commentator Arturo Rivera was anally deflowered by Jerry Estrada.
  98. In both AAA and CMLL, Estrada has been known to make a lot of "side money" by running a drug little business of his.
  99. More Estrada! He's the Mexican Jimmy Snuka. He didn't wrestle in Tijuana for years (and I haven't checked but maybe he still doesn't even work there) after getting into trouble for throwing a rat off a hotel room's balcony.
  100. El Salsero also had trouble in TJ, I believe after trying to rape a girl, so he moved to Monterrey and invested some of his money in a shoes shop. The first thing he did after opening was going shop to shop, threatening to kill all of the local competition owners if they didn't close their shops.
  101. Midget wrestler Pentagoncito (original) is in jail for raping a little girl (around 14) with his mask on. He still claims he didn't do it, and that it may have been a kid her age wearing a mask like his'.
  102. Mexican version of the Victor Quiñonez sports car of love. Pierroth gave a really great new model sports car to AAA wrestler Estrellita, but he took it back after he learned she was fucking Latin Lover as well. Well, and half of the AAA locker room.
  103. AAA's Vatos Locos used to carry coke through the US border hidden in pendants and necklaces with secret compartments.
  104. If you go to Mexico City's club "Solo para hombres", for a reasonable price you can fuck most of your favourite CMLL ring girls.
  105. Apolo Dantes' uncle old time wrestler Septiembre Negro has a shit fetish.
  106. Simply Luscious was dating one of the guys down at the TWA camp back before anyone knew anything about her, and the guy broke up with her. So, she drove to his house and started beating on the door, threatening to kick his ass. This somehow ended with a car chase down an interstate with a loaded gun being carried by the guy.
  107. Luscious and Paul London apparantly had a little fling that London ended up breaking off before heading for his stint in Florida, training and working for Dory Funk Jr...the thing is, Luscious, jealous as hell, decided she was going to follow him there, and ended up starting to hang out around the BANG school (I forget if she actually trained there or not, though they found out she was a wrestler and started using her for a short while). They ended up being booked on opposite ends of a mixed-gender tag, and London "took his frustrations" out on SL during the match.
  108. Steve Corino might have once had an affair with a female Zero-One office worker that had a pregnancy scare involved.
  109. Johnny Valentine put lighter fluid in Jay Yorks inhaler.
  110. Owen Hart never drank, so Bret spiked his drink with halcion so he got totally wasted and passed out.
  111. Bill DeMott did a shit on Bagwell's face while Buff was sleeping.
  112. Gino Hernandez WAS a major coke user, and also a dealer...of course, he's been clean for 18 years.
  113. Killer Khan stole a homeless man's hooch, and threatened to give him a Mongolian chop.
  114. Masa Saito & Ken Patera broke some windows at a McDonald's after hours when they refused them service.
  115. A few months after David passed away in early 1984, referee David Manning, who worked in the World Class office, was autographing David VE 8x10 pictures with David's name on them and they were still selling them throughout the year - all of this at the command of Fritz.
  116. CW Anderson told a story of him, Corino, and Spanky getting drunk/high in a hotel room in Japan. They met two chicks, and followed them back to their hotel rooms. The chicks kept saying "Zero 1 wrestlers." When they got back to the 2 girls rooms, the girls tied all 3 up, pulled down their pants, spanked their asses with a cat of nine tails, and then poured hot candle wax on Spanky's ass.
  117. At a hotel with Sandman once, he went out on the balcony, dropped his pants and yelled "2 Cold Scorpio ain't got shit on me."
  118. New Jack said when he worked for XPW he use to go to a warehouse of sorts for Extreme Associates and Rob Black would pay him in hundreds of porn DVDs.
  119. Negro Casas owns Olimpico's ass. Literally.
  120. Negro Casas tried to own Ultimatum's ass till he jumped to AAA and became Skitzofrenia, later Electro Shock.
  121. Septiembre Negro loves to be shit on.
  122. Nino De La Calle was no gimmick. Pena found him at the age of 14 and let him be a wrestler in exchange for... well you guys can figure it out.
  123. Mascara Sagrada Jr. told Pena he was done having sex with him. He's yet to be on AAA TV since and rarely gets any special bookings.
  124. Zach Gowen and CZW star Z-Barr Doubleteamed some hoe on June 4th after an NWA FL show in St. Petersburg. Z-Barr then proceeded to run around naked.
  125. Homicide punched a fire extinguisher at the same hotel, shattering glass and causing him to miss the show the next day and the ROH show after that. I believe he was intoxicated, because he kept hollering "That damn thing owed me money" after he punched it. He was eventually taken to the hospital and was stitched up.
  126. New Jack intentionally shoved Grimes towards the outside of the ring in XPW. He wanted revenge for blinding Jack in one eye in ECW.
  127. Ron Killings and BG James weren't flown into Nashville for TNA because they couldn't bring their weed on the planes. So they drove in just so they could smoke. Of course they had to get local hook-ups once they started taping IMPACT and were required to fly.
  128. The guy in the clown wig Monty Brown pounced on Xplosion three weeks ago. I saw him personally sell some "stuff" to a very strung out Larry Z. three months ago at the Fairgrounds out of the back of an mid-90s model Chevy Blazer.
  129. Jerry Lynn is a nice guy, but has a special tote bag for pills. Lots and lots of pills. Same for Sabu and Simon Diamond. Sabu's wife told us he can't even walk in the morning without a half hour of motivation. Diamond's back is so f'ed that after each match in TNA he lays on the concrete for twenty minutes to "ease the pain." Concrete. So hell, who can blame them?
  130. Raven didn't wear clothes backstage at TNA until someone complained to prevent Dixie from seeing his horsec*ck.
  131. Bert Prentice has done "man things" with one of the Naturals.
  132. Chris Harris went over to Bob Ryder's apartment early this year (February or March?) and jacked off for Bob. But that had to stop when a beefy, ecstasy addicted Abyss moved in with Bob.
  133. This past summer David Young brought his girlfriend to a show early in the day and got her hooked up to be the "ring girl" to return gimmicks (robes, vests, etc.) to the back as the match started. THEN his wife and kids show up so he tells the girlfriend to "play it cool." BTW, his real job? He's a bouncer for a gay bar in Atlanta.
  134. Around March-April, several TNA guys started wrestling for gay videos. They weren't told they were in gay videos and wrestled in regular ring gear. BUT the matches weren't in front of a crowd, they were in front a "green screen" where they were told fans would be "super-imposed" later. They were told they would be sold in Germany I believe. Anyway, I didn't believe this at first but Elix Skipper, Sonny Siaki, and David Young all confirmed it. I laughed when they all said Bert Prentice got them the booking.
  135. When Dusty Rhodes first came to TNA I found out that a lot of boys HATE him. I couldn't understand why but apparently a few years ago he promoted a show and handed everyone empty envelopes after the show. When the asked him when they were getting paid he just said, "Well when I finalize all of the numbers I'll mail you a check." Then he jumped in the truck and left before the main event was over. Apparently one TNA wrestler wrestled nearly twenty shows w/o being paid believing Dusty would actually pay him.
  136. Ryder was living high on the hog in WCW. He bought a $300k boat, a small plane, and a two million dollar house in Louisiana. Well when that shit hit the fan in 2001, he started to lose all of his stuff or mortgage it to the hilt. So once that ran out what did he do? He started ripping off Joey Styles of course. He was handling the accounting and stiffing the staff (Dave, Buck, etc.) and not paying bills on time (bandwidth, etc.). Well out of the blue some collection agent calls Joey for a bill. He doesn't have a clue. He finally gets the accounting from Bill and he realizes that everything and everyone is more than two months behind. Why? Ryder had an addiction. Pills? Of course not. Hardcore drugs? No way. His weakness? Male prostitutes. Lots of them. I've heard from multiple sources that he spent over $40,000 on man sex inside of two months. Needless to say, he's working off debt to Joey now. Which explains why every one of the paid staffers went to PWI. This also explains why the news is painfully slow on 1W now. Free labor only gets you so much. So after that Ryder decided to make himself irreplacable (sp?) to TNA. He wanted to carve a niche for himself that really would have pushed someone else out. He wanted to become the "Jim Ross of TNA" and serve as a talent agent. This would of course put him in direct competition with NWA President, "Ninja" Bill Behrens (also very gay, by the way). So anyway, he couldn't afford the man-whores so why not make new ones under the guise of giving them "their big break" in the wrestling business.
  137. James Storm is an asshole. A week into the business he was stretching newer guys and telling them to pay their dues. But that is different now. He cries a lot. If he doesn't like a match, he cries backstage afterward. I'm not making this up. He's just really sensitive now. Odd. But his partner, Chris Harris is now at the very least bi-sexual thanks to Bob. Right before Harris got the big singles push he went to hang out with Bob. One thing led to another and they were both jerking the meat whistle. Magically they both got bumped from $500 / week to $1,500 / week. First, can you believe anyone pays them that? I mean, anyone but TNA? But how great does Storm come out in this? He doesn't whack off for anyone but still gets the good pay days.
  138. When Missy Hyatt was sixteen when she met Tommy Rich. She was a virgin, even orally, but jumped at the chance to blow him. So he took her to the show and she blew him on the way. She didn't swallow so he used a towel. He told her to keep it as a souveniur (sp?). She laughed but didn't keep it. Once they got to the arena he asked her to come in for a minute. She met Larry and went down to Larry Land for a meal that night too. She must've been hungry for the business.
  139. Joel Gertner went to college at Cornell U., of all places. His parents busted his ass for him to go to school there. He majored in TV production and worked at a TV affiliate in Ithaca while he was trying to break into the biz. With a couple of semesters left from getting an Ivy League diploma, he dropped out of school to follow his dream.
  140. There was a rumor floating around RSPW a few years back about Tully Blanchard, JJ Dillon and Maxx Payne gangbanging Dark Journey backstage at the Slamboree Legend's Reunion in... I wanna say 92
  141. Victor Quinones slipped Shocker a mickey. Shocker feels sickly and goes to sleep. Shocker wakes up with lil' Shocker in Victor's mouth or about to be there.
  142. Rita Chatterton who was the WWF's first female referee alleged that she was raped by Vince McMahon in the back seat of his limousine. Chauffeur Jim Stuart corroborated Chatterton's account and filed a lawsuit of his own, alleging that, during his WWF employment, he had been forced into witnessing the commission of crimes. The cases were either dismissed for lack of evidence or settled out of court.
  143. Norman Smiley once knocked out Rick Steiner with one punch in a bar fight.
  144. New Jack once got liquored-up at a strip club after an indy show and talked shit to Swede Hanson in the parking lot.
  145. Sunny and Candido had a 3 way with Jake Roberts for some of his crack.
  146. A married Kurt Angle was banging Jacqueline on the road for some time.
  147. Jeep Swenson used to pimp out his wife to the boys backstage.
  148. The Freebirds had a habit of initiating new wrestlers by pissing on them while they showered.
  149. Andre the Giant had a habit of shitting in hotel bath tub's.
  150. I hear CM Punk started banging BJ Whitmer's wife while she was still married to BJ. I hear this happened while Punk was (and still is) dating TNA's Tracy Brooks. She, by the way, is hotter in person.
  151. I know this belongs in another thread, but I have more info on Bobby Eaton. He's not the great guy everyone was talking about in the other thread. He's a legit alcoholic who allowed booze to ruin his career and family.
  152. Balls Mahoney is also a satanist. James Mitchell is an atheist like Raven and CW Anderson but not a satanist. He thinks everyone is wrong.
  153. The 3PW Promoter Jasmin St. Claire once had sex with 400 men in a day! Shocker!
  154. Heyman didn't pay ECW boys for well over a month as the company was dying. He wasn't even at the shows. He bought himself time by saying telling everyone to be patient because he was out in California working on securing a new TV deal for ECW. He was actually spending the money hiring an agent, filming Rollberball, and spending money buying drinks and suites for Hollywood types with the boys' pay. Of course everyone knows he never told the boys the company was dead. They just saw him on RAW and figured it out.
  155. NWA President and NWA Wildside Owner Bill Behrens has a fetish for young looking boys and black muscles. Ever notice Wildside has more black wrestlers than most other feds? I mean c'mon, it's Georgia and he has an almost 50% black locker room. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Hmm... Well let's just say that's not because he enjoys their "work." Wait, on second thought maybe he does.
  156. When Chris Adams was wrestling in Portland during 1982 and 1983, he had his then wife Jeannie Clark (Lady Blossom) along with him. Billy Jack Haynes boinked Jeannie during that time period.
  157. I saw Sabu attack a fan outside a show in Buffalo. Sabu arrived at the arena, via his dilapidated camper, in his ring gear and was accosted by a fan who claimed to know him. Sabu, in a hurry to get inside, just hauled off and decked the kid before running in the front door.
  158. I also saw the Grimm Twins assault a fan in Albany who was doing nothing more than rib. One of them just hauled off and slapped the heck out of him before Faarooq ran from the ring and started kicking the crap out of him (legit) when the other Grimm attacked Faarooq, Scorpio ran out and they all brawled to the back - I think turning it from a shoot to a work as agents had come out w/Scorpio.
  159. Also, I heard about the Iron Sheik being notorious in WCW for not wanting to job. He thought being a former WWF champ meant something so he refused to put either man over until management showed him footage of Vader breaking Joe Thurman's back (an admitted accident). Sheik turned into the world's biggest ass-kisser after that.
  160. The Sinister Minister supposedly stole Joel Gertner's wife.
  161. When they were all in the UWF, Slater was dating Dark Journey. She hooked up with Sting behind Slater's back, but Slater found out about it and threatened to kill Sting. So Slater shows up in the locker room looking for Sting and finds him putting on his facepaint. Slater gives him a pretty good beat down because Sting doesn't fight back, knowing that he deserved it and didn't want to screw up his reputation by making any more trouble with Slater. After Slater finished with him, Sting got up, put on his facepaint, covering up the cuts and bruises, and went out and wrestled. Slater was fired from the UWF the next day.
  162. There's also a greaet story Missy tells about the time she was dating Jake Roberts back in the day. Apparently, Jake had this weird thing where he liked to go to bars with Missy, but have her go in and sit at the bar by herself until some guy started hitting on her. Then, Jake would be watching from outside and come in and stare down the guy talking to Missy until the guy got up and walked away.
  163. There's another story (this is sad that I remember all of these) about a time when Missy and Eddie Gilbert were having relationship problems, so she'd moved into her own apartment. She started dating Bill Fralic (thanks to Jim Ross hooking them up), but Eddie found out. One day he comes over to her place ready to go after whatever guy he found in Missy's bed. In the process, he knocks over a grill on the patio of the apartment that he thought was Missy's. When he finally gets into the apartment, Fralic is really cool with him and ends up giving Eddie a ride back to his place. As Eddie is apologizing for barging in, he says he's sorry about the grill. Fralic and Missy say, it's not ours. From the patio comes a voice, "It's mine!" The voice of the grill owner belonged to none other than Buff Bagwell.
  164. Akira Hokuta and Kensuke Sasaki kept the whole hotel awake from so much LOVE NOISE~! when they first hooked up at one of those WCW/NJ deals.
  165. Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch just showed up at the January 2004 MLW tapings in Florida. They weren't booked and just showed up trying to secure future bookings. Well that night (early AM) they ran up and down the floor Court had rented for the boys knocking on every door. Then they started on different floors when they went looking for ice. The kicker: they wearing absolutely nothing. Well Tammy was wearing a sheet when she remembered to pull it up. She's not a big advocate of shaving apparently. Chris was as naked as the day is long. Not very long at all in his case. The hotel tried to evict everyone because of this but Court got them to settle down.
  166. Mickey J was at those same tapings. It's twenty minutes until show time and neither of the referees have shown up. Then with five minutes to go before the show starts Mickey J walks in off the street in his gear. He was two hours late and just walked right in off the street in the ref shirt. He stopped by the bar and bought two shots before hopping in the ring. He didn't greet anyone (including Court) or go over finishes. He just hopped in the ring and looked at the ring announcer long enough to say, "Hey tell someone to tell you the finish so you can tell me." He assumed he would do the first match and then go backstage to rest for the second match and get the finishes then. Needless to say, the other ref never showed and Mickey didn't leave the ring for over three hours. He got the finishes during the match from the announcer and worked the entire show.
  167. Arn Anderson passed out in a bar in Georgia around 1995. He was in a circular booth with a beer in his hand when he passed out. The funny thing is that even passed out he held the beer in his hand only slightly tilted never allowing a drop to hit the floor. When security came to take him outside they woke him up and he pissed all over himself before calling them "cocksuckers."
  168. At those January MLW tapings a few of the boys and regular every day citizens got wet when water balloons fell five stories upon them. The culprit liked to disguise his voice as a bird when he did it. But his voice sounds like a bass CD rumbling it's so deep. The culprit: Low Ki!
  169. I don't know if this is true..but Supposedly Koji Kanemoto has been seen with many young boys. Liger recently cut a promo and mentioned the gay part, referring to the junior babyface group as "Kanemoto and his army of gays." I guess the jury is still out on the underage boys thing. All I can say is after reading 20 pages of sleaze here...I wouldn't doubt its validity too much, seems like anything is possible.
  170. Manny Fernandez was once booked on an indy card featuring some of Ivan Koloff's trainees, despite Ivan's protests. Manny was a serious power drinker. Manny is booked in the main event as a "mystery opponent", but the promoter pulls Manny when he shows up lit the fuck up. The promoter then books Manny as the curtain jerker against one of Ivan's newer trainees and also refuses to pay Manny his full gate. Manny threatens to kill the promoter when the show is over. Ivan does not think that Manny is bluffing. Bell time comes around and it takes Manny 10 min to get to the ring. During the match, Manny beats the hell out of Ivan's trainee and shouts "I'm gonna kill you" at the promoter, who is sitting at the timekeeper's table. The trainee is mercifully murdered at the 5 min mark after a horrific squash (which the fans pop for) & is stretchered out legit from the ring. Manny rants until he is escorted from the ring by several refs and security. Ivan escorts his trainee to the ambulance and returns with hatred in his eyes. As Manny sees the promoter backstage and lunges for him, Ivan meets him with a right cross, knocks Fernandez cold, and shakes loose three of Manny's porcelain crowns.
  171. Italian Stallion held raffles for door prizes at his PWF events. No one won because the raffles were rigged. One of Stallion's friends, trainees not working the card, or family members always seemed to have the winning ticket. Everyone but Stallion's wife (now ex-wife I think) seemed to know that the reason Mad Maxine kept the PWF Ladies Title was because she was fucking Stallion. Stallion's wife was pretty hot and pretty well proportioned, while Maxine was sorta normal looking in the face, but weighed a shade over 270 lbs.
  172. Harvey Whippleman was booked at some local Indy in Evansville while he was working for WWF back in like 99ish to ref a match. He came out at the beginning of the show to start the night's angle that set-up his reffing of the match between the promoter and the champ. When they went backstage, Harvey demanded DOUBLE the pay for the night since he "had to work twice, and the only reason all these people are here is because MY NAME is on the card". The promoter said fuck it and gave it to him just to keep him happy. A week later, the promoter got a cease and desist order from the WWF because Harvey told Vince that one of the wrestlers at the show used WWF music.
  173. Scott Casey retired from wrestling to become a gigolo in Vegas and there have been rumors that he has been a client for both men & women.
  174. Sid Vicious used to take a squirrel with him everywhere he went for some stupid reason and one day a couple of the wrestlers bet him he couldn't keep the squirrel down his pants for a minute. Sid accepted and after about 30 seconds the squirrel bit him in the dick and Sid dropped on the floor in pain crushing the squirrel in the process. He had to get rabies shots and stiches on his dick.
  175. Austin got pissed off at Raven one time in the locker room because earlier in the day Debra (who was his wife then) was cutting a promo near the showers when Raven came out of the showers wearing nothing but a towel. Austin hears this and confronts Raven because he thought that Raven was "showing off" in front of his wife (Raven supposedly has a big dick) and basically choked Raven while threatening him verbally until Raven told him that he didn't know that she was there. Austin then apologized and Raven understood because the wrestlers knew at that time that Austin was VERY protective of Debra then.
  176. Collette Foley would negotiate with Vince to get more money if Mick took certain bumps & other abuse.
  177. Towel Boy Eric Tuttle gave Tommy Dreamer to get into ECW.
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2016.11.01 19:07 BaronVonRuthless91 Hidden camera in the women's locker room sports club

Part 1
Despite our fears the following week was uncannily quiet. The construction workers were jittery because a few of them had been working late and had seen something moving around through of the windows in the school. As a result they would refuse to work on the site after school hours, when the school was empty. They often would just drop their equipment and park their vehicles right where they happened to be when the last of the school buses left at the end of the day, and head home themselves. The heavy construction vehicles parked in random places throughout the evening was a source of constant stress to Lawson, who had taken to wandering the construction site after school and making sure the vehicles were all locked up. Sometimes they weren’t and Lawson would take the keys, which were always left in the ignition or under the brake pedal, and hold them hostage until the humbled workmen came to collect them the next morning. At this point Lawson would chew out the construction men like they were just another troublemaking student.
The construction workers were also blamed for the door that the creature had damaged trying to get at me. The official explanation was that vandals had gotten a hold of a jack hammer and messed up the door for kicks. The only other clear sign of the creature’s presence was when all the lunch ladies stormed into the main office early one morning screaming and demanding that Lawson do something about what they were convinced was a family of raccoons. Apparently something had gotten into the kitchen the previous night and had run off with all of the food and left a royal mess. Terry and I knew what was responsible for this, of course, and Lincoln gave Kane a knowing look when they were told of the situation.
Kane also became increasingly agitated as the week went on. Officer Terry and I spent most nights in the library waiting for the creature, and we would often hear Kane wandering the school looking for whatever he had lost. (I suspected that I knew what sort of thing he was looking for, as well as what its mysterious side effects might be, but I still wanted more proof before making an accusation.) Kane’s search for his mysterious object was made more desperate by the fact that he had lost another of his best players. Tony’s feud with Jon had finally crossed a line.
Jon had asked Hannah to the homecoming dance, and for Tony this was unforgiveable. He had assembled a few of his more brutal friends and after practice one day they had dressed themselves up in masks and abducted Jon. They had stripped him completely naked and locked him in the girl’s locker room. The plan was obviously for him to be discovered by the morning gym class, which just happened to contain Hannah, and an anonymous caller had called the main office and reported that a pervert had been trying to sneak into the girls locker room. The hope was that Jon would not only be humiliated, but would suffer punishment from the administration for his “pervert activities”.
The plan fell apart due to two unforeseen occurrences. The first flaw in their plan was that they did not know that Officer Terry and I were staking out the school every night in search of the monster. We heard Jon’s voice yelling from the other side of the building and were able to get him out of the locker room, before his yells attracted the attention of the monster. The second thing that they had not counted on was Bladen’s friendship with Jon finally outweighing his fear of the team’s reprisal. Bladen had witnessed Tony and his friends returning from their mission of vengeance and he publically called out Tony about it in the hallway the next morning once he was sure Jon was all right.
Bladen paid a price for his courage. Tony sprang on him like a pouncing tiger when he was confronted, and Bladen had a fractured collar bone and a bad concussion before he was done. Bladen was benched for the season because of his injuries, but Tony was kicked off the team for fighting and suspended by Mr. Lawson. Lawson was sometimes a weak man, but he had his moments, and the verbal tirade he gave Tony that day was a wonder to behold and was spoken of in hushed whispers by the students for a long time to come.
Thursday night, the day before homecoming, we finally got some definitive answers about the creature that Terry and I were hunting by night and, we suspected, being hunted by in return. I was camped out in the security office keeping an eye out for the monster on the security cameras, as Officer Terry walked the halls with his handgun and went wherever I spotted movement. That night I finally saw something out of the ordinary, Lincoln was skulking around the school library. By this point it was ten o’clock at night, and a few minutes observance showed that he was not just catching up on grading papers. From what I could tell he was frantically looking through a bunch of old books that appeared to be from the mythology section. I called Officer Terry over the two way radio he had left me, and told him that I was going down to the library to check the situation out as Officer Terry was on the other side of the building at this point.
I quietly slipped into the library, all too conscious of the fact that the monster was still lurking around somewhere, and the expression on Mr. Lincoln’s face when I seemingly popped up out of thin air would have been highly comical under less serious circumstances.
“So,” I said, looking at the pile of books that Lincoln had in front of him on the desk. “Exactly how did you and Coach Kane manage to change Bruce Carter into a ravenous monster?”
The low whimper that Lincoln let out as he cowered in his seat told me all that I needed to know about whether my theory was correct.
“It…it was an accident,” he stammered. “I swear we didn’t know what that thing would do. You don’t honestly believe that we intended this, do you?”
“I think that you and Kane were certainly willing to risk it for the sake of winning a few football games,” I replied. “I assume that the same thing happened to Carl Murphy last year? Yet you still risked the lives of everyone in this school. What exactly is this mysterious ‘thing’ that is causing all of this trouble anyhow?”
Lincoln slumped in his chair with a defeated sigh. “It all started about five years back when I took a research trip to Iceland over the summer. We were excavating this old Viking tomb when…”
There was a soft scuffling sound outside the library and for just a second I thought I heard a very faint huff huff huff. Lincoln fell silent, and I suddenly remembered the fact that there was now no one keeping an eye on the security cameras. Officer Terry was on the other side of the building and Coach Kane had left early that night. We both stayed very silent for a long time, but the sound did not repeat itself. Lincoln cast a wary glace around the gloom of the dimly lit library then continued with his story.
“As I said, we were excavating this old Viking tomb. We had been digging up a couple of different sites, but hadn’t really found anything interesting. Then we hit the archaeological jackpot. This tomb was full of artifacts and they were as well preserved as if they had been buried a decade ago rather than hundreds of years in the past. That was where we found it. The Viking whose tomb we were in had been buried wearing this gigantic wolf pelt. The pelt must have come from a wolf that was two or three times the size of the ones we have today, and the Viking had clearly considered it one of his prized possessions. We packed up all of the stuff into crates and sent it off to various museums. Well, almost all of the stuff. One of the historians had taken the wolf pelt home with him for further study. That was when the weird stuff started to happen.”
“This man, Dr. Hopkins, would spend hours poring over this wolf pelt trying to figure out what was so special about it. After a few weeks he started to change. He became less interested in his books, and started to spend a lot of time in the local dive bar. He had been a quiet and gentle man and suddenly he was at the bar beating up bikers and picking up women for casual hook ups. Before this, he hadn’t even been able to carry a box of books up the stairs to his office without stopping to catch his breath half way up, and he had been happily married to his wife for twenty years."
"We thought he was just going through a mid-life crisis, but a mid-life crisis doesn’t suddenly give you the strength to throw a man straight through a car windshield. That was what he did to one of the men he got into a fight with at the bar, after he tried to drag off the man’s girlfriend. The couple filed assault charges against him for that, but that didn’t go anywhere because Dr. Hopkins promptly went home and beat his wife to death with his bare hands. Apparently she threatened to leave him. He swallowed a bullet before the police arrived, so no one ever found out why he did what he did. All I know is that when the estate was divided up, I was left the wolf pelt in his will.”
“I kept the pelt in my classroom when I wasn’t examining it and I soon noticed a change in my students. The kids in my class who were on sports teams suddenly became a lot better athletically. Their grades also started to drop and there were even a few fights among the students. After a little while, Coach Kane noticed that all of his best players were in my history class, so he started to snoop around. Unfortunately, he found my notebook where I was keeping track of a few theories I had about the wolf pelt."
"As far as I could tell, the wolf pelt was meant to be a magical talisman that turned its wearer into a Berserker warrior. The pelt had been enchanted to grant its bearer supernatural strength and aggressiveness in battle, and from what I observed this particular enchantment was a particularly potent one. The problem was, I was stupid enough to write all of this stuff down in a notebook, and Kane found it. Where I saw a fascinating historical artifact he saw an undetectable steroid that would make his football team unbeatable. He forced me to start bringing the pelt around to the football team’s practices. The pelt’s aura gave the team a huge boost in ability, and Kane would loan his star players the wolf pelt to take home and be exposed to. I believe he told them some nonsense about it being a “lucky charm” and a “team tradition” to explain why he wanted them to carry around a huge wolf pelt for the week before a big game and to keep the whole thing secret.”
“The side effects started pretty quickly. I had noticed the effects on my students so I started to store the wolf pelt in the school basement, but I couldn’t convince Kane that it was dangerous. You probably noticed all of the behavior issues the football team players have during the football season right? Well you don’t know the half of it. There was a period of time where Coach Kane had to break up fights among his players on an almost daily basis, none of which was reported to Mr. Lawson of course. Then Carl Murphy disappeared."
"Carl was one of the students that Kane had loaned the pelt to, and he just vanished into thin air one day. He had been especially aggressive during the last few practices and I am sure you heard about him biting the other student during that fight. Kane and I were afraid that he had gone and done something really stupid, and would bring the whole con crashing down on our heads. The truth was worse, much worse. He had worn the wolf pelt for too long and had undergone a…physical…change in addition to a psychological one. He had become a monster just like the one that is running around our school right now."
"Kane saw him out on the playing fields after practice one night and figured out what must have happened. He came back to the school later that night with a shotgun and killed the poor boy, if he could still be considered a boy, and got the wolf pelt back from where he had hidden it. We got a lot more careful with the pelt after that, but now the same thing has happened to Bruce Carter. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I never wanted anyone to get hurt. Hell, even Kane never actually wanted anyone to get hurt, he just doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. That’s why I’m here right now. I have been looking through every mention of Berserker pelts in these old mythology books to see if I can fix this whole mess. I’m trying to see if there is some sort of antidote for the transformation or some other way to slow down the side effects”
“What exactly does this monster look like?” I asked. Lincoln never had a chance to answer, but he didn’t need to. In the shadows of the bookshelves behind Lincoln, something moved. Then it loped into the dim circle of light that was cast by the solitary lamp that Lincoln had been using to read. The monster had found us at last. It towered at least seven feet tall and was completely hairless with blood red skin and muscles that threatened to tear loose from their proper places at any second. Its body was shaped somewhat like a bear, but it walked on its back feet and knuckles like an ape. Its snout jutted a good foot out from its face and was full of row upon row of shark-like teeth. On its hands, where fingers would be on a human, the creature had claws that would have stretched from elbow to fingertip if they had been laid against a human arm for comparison.
The creature let out a sound that resembled nothing so much as a hoarse chuckle, and Lincoln turned around with a cry. The creature’s approach had been virtually soundless and this was the first that Lincoln had become aware of its presence. The creature sprang with the grace of a leopard and Lincoln disappeared beneath the creature’s bulk before he even had time to truly register what was happening. There was a single scream, that was all too soon silenced, then the creature lifted its gore covered jaws to look at me. Like a bird before the gaze of a serpent I was paralyzed by the monster’s stare and could not move. Death had come for me in that lonely school library, and all I could do was wait for it to strike.
A single shot rang out, and the creature fell backwards with a roar of shock and pain.
“Yeah that’s right,” yelled Officer Terry, who charged into the room with his handgun drawn. “Get out of my school.”
The monster let out a deep hiss and, grabbing the bloody corpse that used to be Mr. Lincoln, bounded back into the shadows. There was a crash as it tore through one of the windows and the creature vanished into the night with a final shriek.
Officer Terry and I searched for the creature until the sun came up to no avail. The creature had vanished into the maze of construction equipment and half finished sub-basements that littered the surrounding area. We then tried to find Mr. Lawson to try and get him to postpone the homecoming dance that night or move it to another location, but we could not find him. He had taken a sick day to recover from the stress of the past couple weeks, and we could not get him to answer the phone no matter how much we called. Officer Terry began to darkly talk of calling in a bomb threat in order to evacuate the area, but I talked him out of this. There was a chance it would not work, and we would not be able to do anything to fight the monster if we were in jail for making terroristic threats. Quietly I hoped that the monster would not make an appearance at the dance tonight. It had undoubtedly fed well on Mr. Lincoln and hopefully it would spend a few days resting after the previous night’s excitement.
I went through my classes that day on autopilot. I believe I put on a few television shows from the History Channel for my students and spent the rest of the day with my head on my desk trying to figure out how to keep that night from turning into a massacre. By that evening Officer Terry and I had come up with a tentative plan of action. We would barricade the doors leading into the school so the only way in or out of the gym was the front entrance, and screw the fire code. If there was any sign, however slight, of the creature’s presence Officer Terry or I would pull the fire alarm and evacuate the students to the front lawn. The plan was flawed, but we were in a near panic by this point and were practically out of options. Part of me hoped that the creature did make a suitably dramatic appearance that night. If enough people saw the monster then the authorities would have to do something. The only problem was the thought of how many innocent students might die in the process.
The day seemed to fly by. Before I had time to catch my breath the students had begun to show up in their suits and low cut dresses to the school gym and the sun had sunk below the horizon. The DJ started up the music with a song so full of bass that I was certain it would be like ringing a dinner bell for the creature. Nothing happened. Officer Terry roamed the outside of the gym, making sure that no amorous couples were sneaking off to get some privacy and putting themselves at the mercy of what had formerly been one of their classmates. Nothing happened.
As the hours went by, I slowly began to relax. I looked around the room to take stock of what was going on at the dance. I was supposed to be a chaperone after all, and I needed to make sure that the students were behaving even if there was a monster prowling on the other side of the gym wall. I noticed Jon holding Hannah very close and tight during a slow dance and I smiled in spite of myself. There was terror in the world, but there was joy as well. I also noticed Coach Kane storming around the outskirts of the gym. He had been forced to be a chaperone for the dance, and I could tell he would much rather be doing more important things such as searching for his magic wolf pelt.
Then I heard a sound. The DJ had begun to play a song that was full of some sort of techno screeching, so I was not sure if I heard anything at first. I listened closely and put my hand on the fire alarm. Then it came again, much clearer this time. It was unmistakably the roar of the creature. I reached for the fire alarm, but Officer Terry beat me to it. The music was drowned out by the cry of the fire alarm and the students began to meander toward the exit, grumbling at the interruption of their party. I saw Coach Kane shoving a few timid freshmen out the door and then answering his cell phone.
“What is it?” he barked into it. His voice was clearly audible from half way across the room. “I’m in the middle of something. I told you to stay at home and…wait. You did WHAT? Stay there, I’ll be right down, and for the love of God stay quiet.”
With that he roughly pushed his way through another crowd of students and vanished into the night. I met Officer Terry outside and we watched as the other chaperones tried to call roll. It was then that I saw Bladen, his arm in a cast from his run in with Tony, run up to us followed by a very worried looking Hannah.
“Its Jon,” he managed to gasp. “He was supposed to meet Hannah out here after everyone got outside but we can’t find him. He was arguing with Tony Kane about something back there by the door and…”
“Tony Kane?” said Officer Terry. “What is he doing here? He was suspended for fighting earlier this week.”
I then remembered the phone call that Coach Kane received during the evacuation and my heart sank.
“Listen,” I said. “Officer Terry and I will go back to the school to see if we can find Jon and Tony. Bladen, you and Hannah stay here, it’s not safe in the school right now because of the …fire.”
“You mean the monster,” said Bladen. “Everyone has been talking about it for weeks. One of the construction workers told us about it.”
I swore under my breath at the construction workers who had the time to gossip with the students, but were too lazy to lock up their equipment properly at the end of the day. I told Bladen and Hannah to stay put and ran back into the school with Officer Terry. The fire alarm continued its high pitched cry and flashing lights as we stood in the entrance of the building. Somewhere in there was a monster and two of my students. Officer Terry ran into the main office to see if he could find them on the security cameras while I stayed outside in the main hall. As soon as Officer Terry vanished into the office the fire alarm was silenced. In the stillness that followed I heard voices drifting up from the staircase that led down into the school’s basement. I went into the office to find Officer Terry peering at the security feeds.
“I just saw it,” he said. “It’s in the science lab. I just saw it move on one of the cameras. I guess in all the ruckus it finally forgot where we had the cameras put up.”
I thought for a second. The science lab was on the other side of the building from where I heard the voices in the basement. I left Officer Terry to watch the creature on the cameras and I went down into the basement to see if I could find Jon and the two Kanes. As I moved through the maze of boxes and canvas in the basement I saw glimpses of star light through the ceiling in places. This was one of the areas where the construction workers were working and it was open to the night sky in a few places. One such place was the room where I found Kane, Tony, and Jon. I entered the room and both the older and the younger Kane froze. Jon was tied to a chair between them and was gagged with a strip of canvas. I looked at the weird tableau and shook my head. I would deal with this when everyone was safe.
“Okay listen up,” I said. “I don’t care what is going on here, but it ends now. If we do not get out of here right now we are all dead.”
“We’re not leaving,” said Tony.
“Tony…”said Coach Kane.
“Shut up Dad!” Tony replied. “We’re not going anywhere until we get that stupid wolf pelt back, and this worthless nerd here…” he gave Jon a kick which caused him to let out a low moan. “…is going to help us get it. All we have to do is get him to yell and then Bruce will come down here and we can kill him and get the pelt back.”
There was a long animal cry, but it did not come from Jon. It came from something up in the main body of the school. I then heard Officer Terry come pounding down the stairs into the basement.
“MOVE!” he yelled. “It’s on its way! It must have smelled us or something.”
Officer Terry burst into the basement room to find himself facing down the barrel of a handgun held by Tony.
“Shut up!” he cried, tears of rage and frustration pouring down his face. “All of you shut up! You are ruining everything. No one else was supposed to be down here. The monster was supposed to kill Jon, and I was supposed to kill the monster. I was going to be a hero again! Why did you all have to poke your noses into someone else’s business and come down here?"
From the hallway outside the room came a sound that I remembered all too well from my nightmares. A distinct clicking sound that was soon followed by a huff huff huff. Coach Kane heard it to, and I saw a look of sudden fear cross his face.
“Son,” he said quietly. “You really need to stop this or we are all going to…”
“NO!” screamed Tony. “I WONT! YOU’LL SEE! I’LL…”
The monster sprang into the room and fell upon Tony. Tony began a scream that quickly turned to a gurgle as the monster tore out his throat. Coach Kane swore loudly and tried to rush past the monster as it ate his son alive. The creature, that had formerly been one of Kane’s most devoted players, lifted its arm without even looking at Kane and effortlessly drove three of its long claws into his stomach. Kane stopped with a moan of pain and for a moment all was silent. Then the creature ripped its claws loose and Kane fell to the ground with a sickening splat.
The creature raised its head and saw the other three people in the basement for the first time. Its mouth split open in a wide grin revealing its rows of shark teeth and it began to stalk towards us. Officer Terry fired all of the bullets in his handgun at the creature. All but two of them missed entirely. Of the two bullets that made contact, one merely skimmed the beast’s side and the last one went into the creature’s shoulder in a spot that only served to make it roar in rage, and claw at its shoulder for a second. Then it turned to us again and began to cross the last ten feet that separated us from it.
The creature coiled itself back to spring when suddenly the room was full of a bright light and a mechanical roar that seemed to come from the ceiling. The creature looked up just in time to see something impossible, a bulldozer come crashing down through the roof. Before the creature could process what was happening the bulldozer completed its downward journey and crushed it into the floor. The creature twitched once and did not move again. The door to the bulldozer opened and a very dusty and scratched up, but still more or less unharmed, Bladen stepped out into the ruined basement.
“Well,” he said with a cough as the dust settled around him. “It’s a good thing our construction workers are so lazy and keep leaving their keys in the ignition, huh Mr. Marshall?”
The next few days were consumed with the fallout from what had occurred. Principal Lawson showed up on the scene about ten minutes after Bladen had dropped the bulldozer on top of the creature, and he nearly fainted when he saw the creature’s remains surrounded by what was left of Tony and Coach Kane. Several government agents arrived an hour or two after that, and we spent the rest of the night and a good portion of the next morning being “debriefed” by men in black suits. They were very interested in my story about the magic wolf pelt and wondered if I knew where the thing might be. I told them that I didn’t know and they reluctantly let me go home. The government men were surprisingly good at covering up what had happened. The official story was that the bulldozer had fallen on top of the Kanes in a freak accident and that was all there was to it. There were rumors among the students (and quite a few of the staff) of course, but they tended to include such fanciful details as Coach Kane being dragged off to hell by Slender Man, so few people believed them.
The next week we lost our first football game in five years to Westbrook Prep. We put up a good fight, but we still lost by fifteen points. When the final buzzer sounded, something almost like a sigh of relief rippled through our side of the stands. The curse was broken. We would lose some games in the future it was true, but those we won would be won by out team’s true skill rather than by a magical wolf pelt, and that was how it should be. After the game our team was celebrating almost as if they had won, and I had not seen them so happy in years. Hannah ran up to Jon and gave him a long, wet kiss (in the typical teenage fashion) which I pretended not to see for about a minute or so, before gently reminding them of the school’s PDA rules.
So things returned to normal, or almost normal at any rate. There was still one loose end that was never quite tied up. The government men stayed around the school for a couple of weeks after homecoming and were often found poking around the school in the less populated parts of the building. It seemed like they were looking for something. I began to wonder. I had a sneaky suspicion that they had never recovered the wolf pelt.
I kept a careful eye on my students. When Billy Clark lost his temper in my class and threw a desk out a second story window, I gave him a detention and I wondered. When one of the girls in the drama program had a restraining order filed against her for stalking Bladen after he refused to go on a date with her, I sat through the lengthy staff meeting about the mess and I wondered. Sometimes I saw Officer Terry doing the same thing and I knew that he too was wondering. Whenever there was a fight he was always the first on the scene. Whenever the janitors complained about weird noises at night he would go to Mr. Lawson and lobby for better security cameras. There was no “irrefutable evidence” of anything though, so mostly we wondered.
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PT19 Awake PT20 And Kicking PT21 Ascention PT22 Back in Black PT22 pt. 2 Back in Black Dos PT23 Perspective PT24 Ideals PT25 Notions
There comes a point in life where everything is against you. Nothing goes your way, everything is working against you, and your outlook is bleak. Your life is filled with pain and you just want to give up. You want to take the easy way out and let someone else fight. You’re tired.
The easy way out will always be there waiting, the little voice in the back of your head will be breathing down your neck, and everything will be telling you it’s not worth it.
But you need to swim up stream. You need to embrace that pain. Use it, mold it, make it an asset. You will stumble, you will fall, and you will get back up. You will keep fighting. You have to defeat yourself before you can even begin to think about taking on something bigger than yourself. You have to crush down your insecurities and negativity, mash it all down into a little ball and stow it away.
The time for grieving and sadness is later, right now, you have a battle to fight. Put on your war paint, prepare your body for war, raise your head high, and greet every threat with the determination of a warrior.
The trip back from the ruins of Providence was a morbid and silent flight. The weight of our sins weighed heavily upon our souls, but we would not let them crush our spirit. It was true, our decisions had led to this. Our arrogance and thoughtlessness in the face of this great adversary had led to the death of Henrietta and the destruction of Providence.
Now it was up to us to turn the tides of this coming war. We now knew that our enemy was a vast and powerful network of others like Duncan and I. We also had our suspicions about other entities that may be aligning themselves with Osiris. It was a daunting thought to say the least, but we were not alone in our fight.
We landed back on Organization grounds and made our way to Central Command, with Christine in tow, for a debrief on what had occurred at Providence. The greeting we received was subdued at best. I could see the lack of confidence and fear cleanly etched on the faces of all who were present there.
“Christine, I’m so sorry for your loss.” The Director said, trying to usher us into a briefing room.
“Hold up pops. Everyone needs to hear this.” Bryan said, holding his ground in the middle of Central Command.
“What are you talking about?” The Director asked.
Bryan simply rolled his shoulders and held his head high. He looked at the faces of everyone assembled before us, looking at me last with a slight nod of his head.
“Guess it needs to be said.” I sighed.
“We suffered a great loss today, one that will not easily be forgotten or forgiven. The odds we are facing now seem insurmountable. We are facing a threat that we’ve never seen before and never imagined. The enemy is pounding on our gates and trying to get inside our heads. He’s attacking non-combatants and trying to break us from the inside before he ever steps foot on the battle field. The outlook is grim at best and we have no clue when we will finally face the flames of a full frontal assault.” I said, standing tall and letting the news sink in.
“THAT DOES NOT MEAN WE WILL BACK DOWN!” I shouted. “We will stand tall in the face of these over whelming odds. We will strike down any who mean to do harm to us and ours. We will stop them here. This final bastion of righteousness will be the battle ground that will decide our fates. Those who want to take their families and run, do so now. I will never hold it against you and I commend you for putting your families and loved ones first.” I said, watching The Director as he made his way up next to me, opening his mouth to say something. He was stopped by Christine’s gentle hand on his wrist and a slight shake of her head.
“Those of you who are willing to stand next to me and fight, I will gladly stand beside you through whatever the enemy has to throw at us. I will lay down my life for you, my brothers and sisters in arms. I will lead from the front lines and will make sure that any harm that comes to you is done after I have fought my way to Hell and dragged every son of a bitch that I can down with me. I can’t guarantee anyone’s safety, but I can promise you that I will stand by your side through the worst this world has to offer.” I said, letting my words echo through the silence of the room. I could feel every eye in the room on me. All work stations and tasks were forgotten as I carried on.
“Those of you who are with me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Those who wish to protect your loved ones, god speed and good luck, I will help you in any way I can.” I said, watching for a reaction among the assembled crew.
“You think you’re the only ones feeling the weight of this?” a young tech asked, standing from his chair as he did. “We all feel it. We feel all the same sadness and loss that you do. We feel all that and then some. There are some days that I feel powerless sitting here behind a screen, watching you all in the field or reviewing your debriefings. If you’re willing to let me, I’d like to stand with you. I’d like to do my part and hopefully do some good. I want to fight alongside you Balancers and stand up for my home. This is our home and I plan on defending it. No more hiding behind my keyboard.” He said, a sense of determination flowing through his voice.
As he finished, other personnel began to stand with him. Within seconds, everyone was on their feet, voicing their opinions and offering us their strength. There was no rousting applause or chants. Just the voices and feelings of everyone assembled. It was enough to make all the Balancers swell with pride. These people believed in us enough to bet their lives and stand beside us when the time arrived.
We left Central Command and made our way towards a briefing room as the rumble of their voices died down behind us, and everyone returned to the work at hand. There was still a gauntlet to run before the true battle began, but with their help we would be ready when the time came. We were all family, everyone here in the Organization. The bonds of this family were built with trust and blood. Not the blood we shared, but the blood we were willing to shed for each other. We were beginning to be ready to face this rising tide of darkness.
“So what are we really going to do here boys and girls?” The Director asked as we all took our seats, shrugging off our gear and making ourselves comfortable.
“Well, it looks like we are facing a much stronger force than we originally anticipated. The original plan should still work.” Alex said as she rested her head on her propped up fists.
“Should? Doesn’t sound very convincing.” The Director rebutted.
“The plan could conceivably work with just the Balancers and a skeleton operations crew here at Central.” Bryan said, leaning back in his chair and spinning in a lazy circle.
“Jesus Christ, don’t tell me that you all are actually thinking about taking this on alone. We have no clue about the size of the enemy force and we just watched them roll through Providence like it was nothing.” The Director said with an exasperated sigh.
“We said we could do it, not that we were going to.” Duncan said with a trademark grin.
“What are you all planning?” The Director asked with a hardened squint.
“We have a few ideas.” I said with a smile of my own, watching as the others tried and failed to suppress their grins.
“Spill it. Now.” The Director said in a deadpan.
“You’ll see boss. The less everyone knows, the better. We already had one mole. We have no clue how many more Osiris might have. We’re playing this close to the vest pops.” Bryan said as he finally stopped spinning.
“Yeah, gotta be safe on this one Top. We have everything staged and ready to roll as soon as we get confirmation.” Alex said as she grinned over her fists.
“You know I hate being left in the dark.” The Director said.
“We know, but trust us on this one. Alright?” Duncan said with a slight snicker.
“This better not go south on us. I’m trusting you on this one, but I better get a heads up when the time comes.” The Director said, giving us all a had stare.
“Fair enough sir. We can handle this, but I do need permission for one more piece of this.” I said, nervousness slowly welling up inside me.
“If you’re asking me for permission, then I know I’m going to hate it. What is it?” The Director asked, rubbing his face.
“I need to talk to the Tulpa.” I said, watching everyone’s astonished faces.
“FUCK NO!” The Director yelled, throwing his chair back as he stood.
“Trust me on this one. When we initiated Protocol 440, I had a chance to speak to it. I think we can use it in the plan.” I said as I nervously fidgeted in my chair.
“Hell no, no fucking way. That is out of the question.” He said, heading towards the door.
“It can work.” Christine whispered. They were her first words since we had left Providence.
“What do you mean?” The Director asked, pausing at the doorway to squint at her.
“It’s feasible. The Tulpa is an entity that acts based on its own freewill. It hungers for death, destruction, and negative emotion. If we could point that hunger towards the enemy, we may be able to convince it to work for us.” Christine said quietly, never looking up from the table.
“Fuck it. You get fifteen minutes in The Hole with it. If you can’t do it in that time, then it’s a no go.” The Director said as he ran his hands through his short cropped gray hair. “If this goes sideways on you, I’m not sending anyone in after you.”
“Fair enough sir. I’m headed there now.” I said as I stood to follow him out.
“This really necessary?” The Director asked as we walked away from the briefing room.
“I think it may be. It’s a last ditch resort.” I said, letting myself relax as we made our way towards an awaiting SUV.
“Get in, I’ll drive you there. You’re going to need me there to get you in.” He said as he swung into the drivers seat.
“Yes sir.” I said with a slight grin.
We made the drive there in complete silence. I used the time to calm myself and force down any emotions that the Tulpa could use against me. It wasn’t easy to say the least. Hell, how do you push down barely controlled and severely pent up aggression and anger while having to be constantly aware of the fact that an attack may come in at any moment. Yeah, it’s similar to having to take a massive shit and saying “Hold it in just a little longer.”
Fuck this.
We pulled up to a non-descript gray building near the training grounds we had used during the ghoul fiasco. This small rectangular building was also known as The Hole. This was the most secure and fortified building on the entire property. It extended twelve stories underground, with each level being more secure than the last.
This little prison housed the nastiest and most unpredictable creatures we had come across during the life of The Organization. Most of these entities and creatures were beyond dangerous and we didn’t know how to kill most of them. They were the things we locked away for the betterment of this world.
It was also the Tulpa’s home. Of course it was on level ten. One of the most secure and fortified cells in the entire damn building. The two levels below that were strictly sealed and never allowed to be opened without the consent of all Branch Directors. They also had to be present and in unanimous agreement before they were opened.
Luckily, level ten was able to be opened by the director or the initiation of Protocol 440. Remember how that went over? Yeah, it was a shit storm.
And here I was, preparing to face that thing. Again. With the same intentions. Dumbass.
“You still sure about this?” the Director asked as we strode towards the front door.
“As sure as I can be.” I said evenly, showing no emotion as he held the door open for me.
“This goes tits up and a lot of people will die.” He said as we stepped into an elevator, The Director flashing the hand signal for the number ten at a hidden security camera in the elevator.
“I know, I don’t plan on that happening.” I said as I set a timer on my watch for fifteen minutes, feeling the elevator slowly slide down.
“Plans are always great, then you have the first contact with the enemy.” He said as he set a similar timer.
“If this really goes tits up, leave me in there. Don’t try and get my body if anything is left. I’m not worth the burial.” I said as I rolled my shoulders and slowly pulled all my weapons off my body. It was best not to bring in anything that the Tulpa could use against me.
“I plan on leaving your stain in there if it comes to that.” The Director said with a slight grin.
“Asshole.” I said as the elevator slid to a stop and the doors opened up to small hallway with a door at the end.
“We’re here. Signal the camera when you’re ready to enter and the doors will open.” The Director said as the elevator doors slowly closed.
“You got it boss.” I said as the doors clinked shut with a quietly resounding finality.
I walked up to the door, spying a camera just over head as I took one last chance to slowly even my breathing and push down everything that made me human.
I lifted my hand to the camera and raised my middle finger. Fuck it, if I died here, I was gonna do it with my usual flair.
The door swung slightly open and I stepped in, feeling and hearing the door swing shut behind me as a low light came on in the room. At first, I saw nothing but an empty room, but slowly the light faded as an unnatural darkness crept into the room. I steeled myself for the appearance of our prisoner.
“You came back to me. I thought you would be rid of me once I awakened the power within you.” Said a sickeningly sweet female voice from the darkness.
“I never had the chance to thank you for that.” I said as I stared ahead and let my senses reach out into the darkness. I may not have been able to see the Tulpa, but I could feel it swirling in the darkness around me. It was trying to elicit a reaction that it could use against me. No fucking way.
“Your thanks is unnecessary.” It cooed as a pale hand slid around my waist and I felt it nestle its face into the crook of my neck.
“Maybe, but I felt that it needed to be said.” I replied as I forced down the sense of dread and disgust that it was trying to muster.
“Well with the formalities out of the way, why are you really here Ascended one?” It asked as its other hand slithered around my chest and it held me like a deathly cold lover.
“I came here to ask you for your help.” I said evenly.
“My help?!” it roared as a wave of multi toned laughter took over the room.
“Yes, your help. I may need to call upon you once again in the near future.” I said as I looked at my watch, noticing that a scarce thirty seconds had passed since I had entered the room.
“Time means nothing when I’m here.” It whispered in my ear, its lips dragging across my neck as it slid tighter against me. “What could you possibly need my help with? I hope it’s not that other Ascended that is wreaking havoc on the flow.”
I felt myself involuntarily stiffen as it spoke. There was no way it should know this.
“Be still little one. I know all there is to know in this world. I feel everything as it occurs in this world, even if you have my physical form trapped here, I can still feel the goings on of the world around us.” It said as it began to run its hands across my torso.
“Well you know what I have to ask then.” I said as I let my gaze travel down my chest and to the floor, seeing its pale white and feminine arms wrapped around me.
“Yes, I will lend you my help. Under one condition.” It purred as it slowly slid around me and lifted my head to meet its gaze. “If you call upon me for help again, I will not return to this cell again.”
I felt a surge of emotion flow through me, ripping through my mental barriers and causing me to squeeze my eyes shut as I forced myself to concentrate.
“Don’t squirm little Ascended one, I could have easily killed you already. I plan to use you to a much larger benefit that the simple fulfillment of my lust for death.” It said as it stroked my face.
I let my eyes slide open as I pushed myself into the zone. Feeling the world slow and watching as the darkness around me intensified. I looked into its eyes as mine burned with the gold power of my Ascended state.
“You may have given me this power, but I will not hesitate to use it against you.” I said as I wrapped my arms around it, mirroring its lovers embrace.
“There is that blind righteousness.” It said with a smile. “That same blind righteousness that has led to the downfall of stronger men than yourself. Embrace this power, it will be your savior and your corruption. Use it, master it, let it consume you. I will be waiting on your call.”
As those last words left its lips, I felt them brush against mine, and a sense of disgust overwhelmed my senses. I puked up the little bit of food in my system as the room returned to its normal state and the Tulpa disappeared.
I took a second to compose myself before turning to face the door, signaling my departure with an exhausted wave of my hand towards a camera similar to the one on the outside. The door slid open and allowed me to exit with no hijinks on the Tulpa’s part.
Two minutes later I was riding up the elevator with an anxious Director at my side.
“That was quick. What happened?” He asked, cutting straight to the chase as I gathered up my previously discarded weapons.
“The Tulpa agreed to help if we needed it again.” I said as I snapped my Glock into place.
“That’s all? The camera cut out right after you entered and two minutes later I catch you puking your guts up and asking to come out. You sure you’re ok?” He asked with a slightly worried tone.
“Yeah I’m fine boss.” I said with a lopsided grin.
“Alright, get back to work. We are postponing all active missions until all this is resolved. You are to stay on base and be ready for this.” He said as we stepped out of the elevator.
“Fair enough boss. We’re gonna have company soon. I can feel it.” I said as I stared into a refreshingly bright sky.
“You say so kid. We’re ready for this.” He said, his commandeering sense of power working its way into my system and lifting my spirits.
Three days later, our plan amidst a plan began to come together. We were turning The Organization into a true power house.
Duncan’s phone chimed on the mat next to us as we grappled and sparred our pent up energy away.
“This is Duncan.” He said after he dismounted and snatched his phone. “Alright, I’ll head up and validate them.”
“They here?” I asked as we toweled off and headed for the door, Bryan and Alex close on our heels.
“Yup, my end followed through. How about yours?” He asked as he looked around at everyone.
“Mine is due here in a few days.” I said as I laced my fingers together behind my head.
“Two more days on mine bud.” Bryan said, working out a kink in his neck.
“We’ll see about mine. They’re finicky.” Alex said dejectedly.
“Alright, put your meet and greet faces on boys and girls. If you cunts say anything stupid, I’ll throw ya a beatin.” Duncan said, causing us all to break into a fit of laughter.
We made our way to the front gates and were greeted by two huge Ford Excursions. If the truck themselves weren’t intimidating enough with their huge lifts, oversized tires, and rumbling diesel engines, the occupants that stood massively beside them did the trick.
“That you Leroy?” Duncan yelled as we walked up on the monstrous crew.
“Yeah it’s me ya damn kangaroo.” Said a mountain of man. The guy had to be 6’3 and closing in on 275 lbs.
“Good to see ya mate. Bring someone with ya?” Duncan asked as he took the mammoth man’s hand. Did I mention this guys is huge?
“Sure did. This your crew now?” He asked.
A round of introductions followed. The Mountain mans real name was Trent but he preferred to be called Leroy. I didn’t ask why, and honestly I was too scared to even try.
After everyone was acquainted and few good laughs were shared, a real surprise hit us.
“BET YOU WEREN’T EXPECTING ME!” Screamed a small voice from the sunroof of one of the Excursions.
“You didn’t.” Duncan whispered to Leroy as he peeked around his laughing form.
“I couldn’t stop her bud. You know that all to well. Besides, Miss Trish said you might need her.” Leroy said as he stepped out of the way and Emmy vaulted off the top of the Excursion and into Duncan’s awaiting arms.
“Well look who it is! What are you doing here?” I said as Emmy finally released Duncan after a long kiss.
Apparently, Emmy and her family had been swept up by The Organization after the Hells Gate incident and instead of becoming part of The Organization, they had decided to relocate. With some help from Duncan, they landed in Louisiana and with some of Duncan’s old contacts. They were currently staying with, and working for, Miss Trish.
“The old lady still mean as hell?” I asked as we loaded up in the Excursions and headed into the Organization grounds.
“She’s sweet as can be.” Emmy said with a cocked head.
“Yeah, only to women.” I mumbled as everyone else chuckled.
“So this really gonna be as bad as Duncan says?” Leroy asked from the drivers seat next to me.
“Probably. Not gonna lie to you, this could be the worst we’ve ever seen.” I said, the mood suddenly turning somber.
“Good. Glad we’re here for it. Y’all may need us by the end of it all and we’re all in this with Duncan. He’s damn sure done enough for all of us over the years.” Leroy said as Duncan turned a shade of pink in the back seat.
“Really now? What is it that you do exactly?” I asked with a mischievous grin.
“We’re hunters!” Leroy bellowed as Emmy hooted with him.
“Hell yeah!” I yelled, pumping my fist with them. “You never told me that you made a hunter out of Emmy.”
“Wasn’t my choice. I tried to keep her away from it.” Duncan grumbled as Emmy snuggled up to him.
“You couldn’t stop me if you wanted to babes.” Emmy cooed.
“Yeah yeah.” Duncan said as we all laughed.
A few hours later we were back in the gym with our new company and lots of pent up energy to burn off. We settled into our regular workouts while the new crew took their time loosening up after their long drive. Even though the sun was setting and everyone else was winding down, we were in full swing with boundless energy.
Our new hunter friends watched as us four Balancers took our time sparring and grappling, even tossing in a comment or two as we did.
“Well you guys sure have some fancy moves, but ain’t none of that gonna come in handy during a gun fight.” Said the other hunter with a swagger born through years of being the baddest motherfucker in the room. Or so he thought.
“Come on Lyle. Let’s see what ya got mate. I’ll put Cody up against you any day.” Duncan said with a sadistic grin.
“This little guy? He wouldn’t stand a chance.” Said Lyle, bumping his massive chest for an effect that I didn’t quite comprehend.
“Let’s go. First one to tap loses.” I said as I squared my feet and gestured to the mat I was standing on.
“Alright, you’re gonna regret this boy.” He said, stripping off his shirt and stepping onto the mat.
He may have stood a few inches taller than me, rivaling Leroy in height, and weighed in at close to 200 lbs, but it didn’t bother me.
I never gave him a chance to swagger all the way onto the mat before I launched my assault.
I came in low, sliding to knees as a surprised look crossed his face. I shot up from my knees, wrapping one arm around his leg and another around his torso, and lifting him into the air. The best thing about big guys is that they are affected by the same rules of gravity as me, and as they over came Lyle, I followed their lead and sent him slamming down into the mat.
I felt and heard the rush of air as it was forced out of his lungs. I followed through with my initial assault and spun my body on top of his prone form, saddling my crotch into the back of his neck as one leg wrapped around his neck and locked into the other that had wrapped around his shoulder and through his armpit.
I leaned back as his face turned an ugly shade of red. I felt his neck settle into the crook of my knee as I locked the leg choke into place and he silently floundered beneath me.
“You better tap. He’s not gonna stop unless you do mate.” Duncan said as I continued to apply pressure and cut off air flow and blood flow.
“Dude just tap.” Leroy said as Lyle began to weaken.
I finally released once his struggles ceased, rolling off of him and into a crouched fighting stance as he continued to choke in fresh air.
“Fair warning bud. The people you may face aren’t gonna care how big your gun is. I’d brush up on your hand to hand.” I said as I stepped off the mat and the assembled crowd slapped me on the back.
The rest of the day wound down slowly from there before we all split for the night. Duncan and Emmy mysteriously vanished before we could all say good bye, much to our mutual humor. With good byes and good nights settled we all bunked down for the night, all aware of the possible dangers that laid in wait during the night.
The next morning came with little fanfare, besides a pounding on my door and some excited jabbering on the other side of it.
“The fuck you want?!” I yelled as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and put on sweat pants.
“Just open up mate!” Duncan yelled as his incessant pounding turned into what I now believed to be him kicking my door repeatedly.
“I’M NOT PAYING FOR A NEW DOOR AGAIN! THIS IS THE THIRD ON-“ I tried to say as I opened my door, but was swept up by a hug that turned into a tackle.
“HOLY SHIT!” I yelled as a mess of blonde hair obscured my vision and a familiar voice whispered in my ear.
“Good to see you too cutie.” Cindy said as she pinned me to the floor and pressed her face into my neck.
“You have no clue.” I said as I wrapped her up and spun on top of her.
“Enough you two. We’re here on business.” Dante said as I looked over my shoulder and saw my vampire friends standing in my doorway with a grinning Duncan.
“Y’all are a bit early.” I said as I untangled myself from Cindy and stood.
“We got flight clearance a day early. We decided to surprise you.” Michael said as I took his hand.
“We pulled everyone we could.” Roxanne said as she gestured to the four of them standing there.
“We’ll take everyone we can get.” Duncan said as I took the chance to introduce him to everyone.
“Damn, your aura is like his, just a blinding blue.” Dante said as he shook Duncan's hand.
“What’s that mean mate?” Duncan asked with a perplexed look.
“You’ve seen some shit. I can tell, I can see peoples auras.” Dante said.
“Yeah something like that.” Duncan said with a grin.
“You two are way too much alike.” Dante said with a shake of his head, eliciting a hearty round of laughter from Duncan and I.
A little while later, Duncan’s group as well as mine were gathered in our quickly crowding gym along with all the Balancers and Handlers. After quick round of introductions and hellos, we got down to business once again.
“So what exactly are we doing here?” Cindy asked as we all stood, sat and lounged around the various gym equipment.
“Well that’s a little hard to explain.” Sarah said as she stepped towards the middle of the group. “I know your……… Informant, May have given you glimpse of what we are up against, but we restricted them from giving you the whole story. This was for certain security reasons that mostly revolve around the mole that was recently, um terminated.”
“What the hell does that mean?” Leroy asked from the dumbbell rack.
“It means I took care of the situation.” I said, staring him down.
“Really now? I notice you’re the only one without a pardner here boss. Two plus two equals you taking out your Handler.” Leroy said with a dead expression.
“Did what I had to.” I said with an equally dead stare.
“Cold shit dude.” Lyle said from his position next to Leroy.
“Let’s be real here boys and girls. I’m not pulling any punches. This shit all rolls back to keeping my family and the world safe. I refuse to fuck around or take prisoners. We all in agreement?” I said as I looked around the assembled group.
“We aren’t disagreeing. Maybe just questioning your methods.” Dante countered.
“Fair enough. Don’t like em? Then go home. I plan on keeping everyone here alive, no matter the toll. You don’t want someone’s blood on your hands, then I’ll gladly take your place, but I refuse to see anyone I care for killed due to inaction.” I said, a sigh following close behind my words “I never said it was easy, just necessary.”
“We’re behind you mate.” Duncan said as he walked up and plopped his hand on my shoulder.
“I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are too.” Michael said as he looked at me with a nod that rippled through his group.
“Didn’t say we weren’t with you. Just looking for some rules of engagement.” Leroy said with a sick smile.
“Take the rules and throw em out. This is war, and we’re gonna win.” I said as I looked at everyone.
“OOOO FUCKIN RAH!!” I heard a voice shout from the doorway to the gym.
“AHH SHIT! There he is!” Bryan yelled as he bolted up from his position on the floor and rushed towards the door.
“Boys and girls, I’d like to introduce Orlando Belk and Dan Waterton.” Bryan said as he wrapped his arms around the two men standing in the door wearing army fatigues.
Both of them were similar to Bryan in the sense of physical shape. They were well muscled and clearly jacked guys that couldn’t even hide it beneath regular issue cammies. They were an imposing group of guys. Dan was similar to Bryan with his clean shaven face and close cropped brown hair. Orlando had the similar look but was a photo negative of the other two with short cropped curly hair.
“Looks like we’re finally getting the last of the group together.” I said looking pointedly at Alex.
“I told ya, I don’t know if they will show or not.” She said with a shrug.
“Well then we’re moving forward.” I said as I looked at the assembled group. Our strike force, our final wall against the rising tide, our small stand against the worst the world had to throw at us. Brothers and sisters in arms at the end.
“Alright, I guess it’s about time we laid it all on the table folks.” I said as I looked at Duncan, a small nod as his only response. “I’m sure that everyone has a brief idea of what we’re up against, but it’s not the whole story. We are up against one of the strongest beings in the entire world. This guy commands an army with unknown numbers and a myriad of other unknown variables. This man has crafted a grand vision of a perfect world under his direct control, he has used this vision to toss his followers into an almost religious fervor. I’ve seen it firsthand, even had to take down my own handler because of it.”
“If it’s spread this deep into your own organization, then why aren’t we looking into more of your own comrades?” Roxanne asked with a harsh look.
“We’re already on it. We have people, trusted and vetted people, looking into every ounce of available data we have on every person on this piece of property. Anyone that is suspected will be detained and questioned accordingly.” Meghan said as she looked at the group, her hard stare silencing any other objections.
“The past behind us, rather than wallow in it, we plan to move forward. Osiris is planning on it, this fear and distrust, he’s using it to try and pull us apart from the inside. That’s why we called all of you in. An army that each of us trusts implicitly. Without you, we are a small and overwhelmed force. With you, we are a force to be reckoned with, we have the ability to stand against an army that would otherwise grind us into the dirt. You may be the only thing stopping this world from falling into depravity.” Bryan said as he stepped forward again.
“You think that all of us can stand against an army?” Leroy asked, looking over the assembled group with a scrutinizing stare.
“We have to.” I said as I looked at him. “We are the best possible group that could be assembled to face this head on. We had to pull in people that were in the know, people who have a deep knowledge of the supernatural and its intricacies. The other Organization Branches are informed and battening down the hatches and preparing on their end. We are the best group available here.”
“Hell of a group.” Orlando said.
“Damn sure are mate. We are the top tier of the top tier when it comes to spooky shit. If we can’t do this with our resources and the man power we have right here, then the world is fucked.” Duncan said.
“Well if we go down, it’s going to be one hell of a fight.” Alex said, never looking up from the floor.
“You think we’re gonna lose lady?” Lyle asked.
“Never said that, just said that we’re going to take a lot of motherfuckers to hell before we make it to Valhalla.” Alex said, raising her head with an evil grin spreading across her face.
“Hell yeah!” Dante yelled as he pumped his fist.
“I’m with him.” Dan said as he bumped Dante’s still raised fist.
“The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I plan on covering that road with blood on my way there.” Michael said as he looked at me.
“That’s where you’re all wrong.” I said as I looked over a few confused and glaring faces. “No one dies, I have made very few promises in my life. One of those was to a dead man and the others were to people standing in this very room. I promised that no one else would die, not if I still had a breath left in my body and body part left that I could use to fight our enemy. No, we’re all gonna make it through this and we’re going to tell stories about it for years to come.”
“Right here and right now, there are no more lines, no more differences. We’re brothers and sisters that have been brought together to stand against a darkness that threatens to take away our little slice of light. We’re a family, a force that will leave behind the past and fight for a future that we believe in. The right future. OUR FUTURE!” I yelled as the rest of the assembled crowd yelled their agreement.
“Well looks like I was a little late to the pep talk.” The Director said as he leaned against the door frame.
“Sorry sir, didn’t know you wanted to be involved.” I said as I looked at him.
“So this is what all the secrecy was about. Reinforcements.” He said as he strode towards the middle of the room, looking at each person as he did. “An untested, unauthorized, and untrained force that expects to stand against the deadliest threat we’ve ever seen.”
“Hey no-“ Leroy growled, but was silenced by the Director raising his hand casually.
“A force that is willing to risk their lives for a chance at defeating a great enemy and selflessly answers the calls of those that they call their family. A family not bound by blood, but rather by honor and respect. A force that is willing to sacrifice their lives and stand against the odds, no matter how high they are stacked against them. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you all.” He said as he lowered his head respectfully to the group.
“Well shit. That went better than expected.” Sarah said as she wiped nervous sweat off her forehead.
“You are all unofficially Balancers in my eyes. Anything that you need is at your disposal. Ask and you shall receive. Just know one thing, I expect to see every single one of your faces after this is all over. Your beers will be on me.” He said as he strode back towards the exit and was clapped on the shoulders by all that he passed.
“You heard the man. We have a plan and you all need to get up to speed. The time for cheering comes after we win. Let’s get to work everyone, we have a plan of attack to finalize.” I said as everyone grew stoically silent, the only affirmatives were the nods of heads and tilted caps.
If I thought the first round of planning was torture, then the next week was the seventh circle of hell.
The original plan was solid, but thanks to a whole new group of eyes, we also discovered that it was flawed. Stations were moved, contingencies changed, changed again, and then thrown out the window. Even our initial ideas for defense were fine-tuned, tweaked and made accommodations for the new members of our group.
By the end of the week, the new plan was so deeply ingrained into our collective brains that we could have repeated any part of it in our sleep. Just as it should have been.
We spent the days after that in the armory. Everyone was fine tuning their gear, changing load outs and the new members were eager to get their hands on the tech and equipment now being afforded to them.
“This is some crazy BDSM shit.” Orlando said as he flexed and checked out his new custom tailored Carbon Lattice Battle suit in a mirror.
“Yeah, it takes some getting used to mate.” Duncan said with a grin as he went over his weaponry.
“How does it look?” Emmy asked as she stepped out of a changing room, covered in her own suit.
“WHO THE FUCK AUTHORIZED THIS!” Duncan bellowed as the men in the room averted their eyes from Emmy and her skin tight suit.
“I did.” Christine said as she walked in, sporting a matching suit.
“There better be a real good explanation for this.” Duncan said as he narrowed his eyes at her.
“We need every available fighter. That includes us.” Christine said, unaffected by Duncan’s deadly gaze.
“Sorry babes, I didn’t become a hunter to sit on the side lines.” Emmy said as Duncan mumbled to himself and went back to his weapons.
“Don’t give me that attitude mister!” Emmy shouted as the rest of burst out laughing and Duncan turned a shade of red that I didn’t think was possible for him.
“What are you doing out of bed anyway. Last I heard, you were on bed rest, doctors orders.” I said as I looked at Christine.
“Nice try, I’m involved in this whether you like it or not. My mother didn’t die so I could hide.” She said as she stared me down.
“Fair enough, glad to have you around. Just make sure that you’re ready to back us up with that turbo bullshit of yours.” I said as I pulled out my Kamas.
“Don’t count on it. I don’t know what it will do to you or if you’ll be able to control it. I also don’t know what effects it will have on any other Vessels in the area. I won’t give them an edge.” She said
“Alright, so superpowers are out the window.” I said with a chuckle.
“You have more than enough power inside you. More than even you know about. You’ll find it when you need it.” She said cryptically before leaving the room.
“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” I mumbled as I pulled a honing stone out of my locker.
“Still heard that dumbass!” Christine yelled from the other room.
“Yup.” Duncan said as he laughed at me.
I look back on all this now, wishing it could have stayed like this. A time when we were all happy and together. A time when we were whole. A time before the lights went out on a chance for me to be happy.
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2016.04.30 14:24 InvoluntaryEyeroll Hidden camera in the women's locker room sports club

I just spent around 11 weeks traveling through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. I know that this is the kind of thing I would have liked to read before I left, so I’ll try to cover as many bases here as possible, but feel free to ask me questions too.
Pre-Trip Planning:
I booked my flight and did all prep about a month before I left.
I ordered a debit card with no atm or foreign transaction fees.
I made sure my insurance covered me overseas.
I unlocked my iphone.
I got 4 passport photos made at costco, it was the cheapest option and it saved me a ton of trouble at border crossings.
I got a travel consult with my doctor. She gave me a TDAP shot, a flu shot, and a Hepatitis (A?) shot. She also gave me prescriptions for Ciprofloxin (a strong anti-diarrhea drug) and diflucan. I am pretty prone to yeast infections in hot/wet climates and there is no way in hell I wanted to try to solve that with some pharmacist who didn’t speak my language.
I researched enough to book the unmissable things ahead of time. This included a night train to Chiang Mai, visiting Elephant Nature Park and booking a spot on a tour to Hang En cave in Phong Nha Vietnam. I also booked my flight from Vientiane to Hanoi, since my cave tour was scheduled and I couldn’t miss it.
I checked on visas and pre-arranged my vietnam visa. All the online websites for vietnam visas look sketchy as fuck, but they all seem to be okay. I ended up going with Vietnam-evisa.org. It worked out fine. But I was lucky that I didn’t need it fast because vietnam shuts down during Tet.
I had two cards. One was a credit card with no foreign transaction fees, a Barclay Arrival +. It was not used much since SEA is so cash-heavy. The other was an atm card through my bank that refunded ATM fees. My bank offered one, but I’ve also heard good things about Charles Schwab ATM cards. The ATM fee feature saved me around $100. Good deal. Most atms seemed to charge around $5 dollars or more per transaction.
I changed a small amount of money into thai baht before I landed, but only enough for a taxi ride and the first night in a hostel. The rest I got at an ATM when I landed because the exchange rate is way better.
I didn’t have a solid budget, nor do I have a solid line itemed list. But I spent around $4000 not including flights (which I got for free due to an old travel voucher). But roughly $1200-$1500 of that $4000 was spent on totally unnecessary fun adventures like scuba diving, guided treks, a giant cave tour, a tailored suit, and more scuba diving.
In general, decent hostels in big cities or resort towns were $10 and hostels in smaller towns were $3-7. A street meal was roughly $1-2. A restaurant meal was roughly $3-6 and a super fancy meal could be had for $12. Food was cheapest and best in Thailand and Vietnam. Laos had the most expensive and blandest food. A bus ticket to the next town booked by the hostel was usually $7-$17. A public bus ticket was never more than $2. Taxis and Tuk Tuks were usually a pain in the ass and were happy to charge way too much. It depends heavily on the town, but a ride in town was usually $3-$4. A ride from a border, airport or bus station was always way more. I just walked as many places as possible.
It was really helpful to have some backup US dollars with me. Border crossings only take US dollars. Have exact/small change with you so you don’t get scammed. I had my visa and border money set aside along with my passport photos and borders were easy.
I have an Iphone with a lifeproof case on it. This was my computer, phone, camera, etc. I used it for everything. I have T-mobile, so I’m covered in most foreign countries for free. I was covered in thailand and cambodia. In Laos and Vietnam I had to get a local sim card. My phone had to be unlocked for this to work. It was cheap and totally worth it. Travelling alone, it’s really helpful if I have a map and don’t need to rely on other people for information. In laos I got a unitel card and vietnam I got Viettel.
Oh, and I used hostelworld and agoda apps to book pretty much all of my accommodations.
I had a kindle and it was a great alternative to bulky books. Also, if you get kindle unlimited, they have all of the Lonely planet books available for free. Totally worth the investment. And it’s easy enough to pick up a paperback for beach reading on hostel bookshelves.
Pack List: http://imgur.com/a/zmOEy
I wrote a little bit in the album, but I’ll add some in here too for clicking-averse folks.
I used an REI Pinnacle 35. It’s meant as a climbing backpack, but it’s great for travel too. There’s no way it’s only 35L. My guess is 40-45L. But it was a perfect size. It can be carried on and it has side zippers so you can actually reach your things. It also had straps on top so I could strap my day bag on top and not look like a double shelled turtle walking around.
Useful miscellaneous items I took were a hard shell sunglasses case (I mostly used it to store fragile things, not sunglasses, which were always on my head), a buff for sweat-wiping, carabiners for hanging things off of my backpack, drying laundry, etc, extra hair ties and a combo lock. I also had a lot of gallon sized ziploc bags to separate and compress my clothes. I had a large mesh laundry bag, a smaller mesh bag I used for night time essentials and a small mesh bag for my shower stuff.
I brought a steripen and 2L water bladder and never used either. Bottled water is plentiful and cheap. I did use my 1L water bottle all the time, but the 2L was not needed.
For electronics I had my phone, a kindle and an ipod. I had a 6 foot long phone cable which was wonderful in hostels. Backup battery blocks were really helpful when I was out all day using google maps and using up my phone battery. Also really helpful on night buses. I really relied on google maps to keep people from scamming me on rides and my phone being charged was essential. All plugs in SEA will take either an american or european plug, so my travel converter was completely unnecessary.
I had a small mesh bag that just had night essentials. This kept me from having to rummage through my whole pack every night. In it I kept my headlamp, pajamas, diary, hairbrush, toothbrush, paste, deodorant, shower soap and pack towel.
In my meds bag I kept goldbond powder, anti-chafing stick, packable laundry soap (I hardly used this, but it was so small it was worth it), blister treatment, bandaids, condoms, neosporin, 2nd skin, chapstick wrapped with climbers tape, sunscreen, bug repellent and hydrocortisone cream. Meds that I actually used and was happy to have were birth control, immodium(diarrhea), diflucan(yeast infection), Bonine (non-drowsy motion sickness) and Aleve (general pain). Meds that I had and never used were anti-malarials (I just used clothes and mosquito repellent, but it was the dry season), cipro (prescription diarrhea), pepto bismol, sleeping pills, and benadryl. I never touched the vast majority of things in this bag, but I’m still glad I had them. Pharmacies were everywhere and had plenty of things, but I didn’t want to play a game of charades about diarrhea with a local pharmacist. It was worth carrying the small amount of weight to have these things. Oh, and tampons were hard to find and expensive.
I had two options for day bags, an REI Flash 18 or a shoulder bag. Both roll up and pack flat when not in use. I also had a small flat purse that could fit my wallet, passport, kindle and phone. Most days I would take my day bag out with me or it was also useful on a bus. I had a largeish sarong that I used as a pillow, a large, very thin scarf for temples, sunglasses, purell, an ipod, and a collapsible 1L platypus water bottle. This water bottle is the best, I can hang it with a carabiner on my backpack or belt, it’s flat when empty and even works as a travel pillow. Best thing ever. I used the shoulder bag mostly around towns and on buses. The backpack was useful for trekking and adventuring. I’m glad I had both.
For shoes I had some old sneakers, teva flip flops, chacos, some cheap trash flip flops and toms. After getting the right calluses for my chacos, I could have honestly worn those as my only pair of shoes. A pair of flip flops was nice in hostels or on the beach. The toms were super unnecessary for me. I never ended up wearing them more than maybe twice, but they packed so flat that I didn’t mind too much. But really, next time, I’m only bringing chacos and one pair of flip flops.
I packed two sports bras, 2 bikinis, 10 pairs of underwear and 5 socks. Pack extra underwear, they get used the fastest and lost in the laundry the most often. 5 socks was way overkill.
Oh, and here’s a gross but helpful tip: Use your underwear in the shower as a washcloth. It cleans your underwear and you at the same time.
I had way, way too many shirts. I had 6 tank tops, 2 short sleeves, 2 long sleeves and a fleece. I could have easily gotten away with 3-4 tank tops, 1 short sleeve, and 2 long sleeves. Tank tops are not okay in temples, but I usually had a scarf or long sleeve over them. I used my tech-fabric tops the most. Cotton tanks are easy to buy in SEA, so don’t pack any. The long sleeve shirts were super useful against sun and mosquitoes. Make sure they’re really light and loose, it’s the only way to stay cool. I had one that was meant as a base layer and one loose denim shirt that I bought in vietnam for motorbiking. The fleece was helpful for treks in the north and then I just sent it home when things got too hot. Oh, and I had a packable rain jacket that I never ever needed.
For bottoms, I mostly wore my cargo shorts, cargo capris, and cargo pants. Don’t judge my fashion sense, I just really like having pockets that don’t hurt when you sit down. I like being able to have my phone and money close at hand. And no one looks fashionable in asia anyway. I also wore the heck out of two pairs of elephant pants I bought in thailand, they were light enough to be cool and protected well against mosquitoes and temples. I had two pairs of athletic black shorts, I only needed one. I also wore a long, light hippy skirt a lot. I brought a pair of synthetic capris and a synthetic skirt that I never wore, totally unnecessary. It never got cold enough to need the spandex and I never dressed up enough to need to short skirt. I also had a dress that I used a handful of times but didn’t need.
I packed all of my things into ziploc bags so I could sort and compress them. It kept me really organized. I had a mesh laundry bag for dirty things. I had my laundry done at hostels, it was usually around $1/kilo to be washed and folded for you.
All of this fit really comfortably into my backpack with plenty of room for extra stuff I bought along the way. I didn’t need nearly as much as I brought. Most days I just rewore the dirty clothes from yesterday anyway, cause I’m gross and have no shame. But clean underwear was nice.
And for perspective, my backpack was on the small end of what I saw most people carrying. And I still had way too many clothes. I saw people trying to wrestle 70 or 80 liter backpacks full of crap onto motorbikes and into buses and they just looked miserable. There is no absolute way I would need 70L of shit for southeast asia. Save those packs for weeklong winter camping trips. 40-50L is more than enough.
I am overly cautious and tried to make my life easier in the case of shit going wrong. So I photographed all of my important ID cards, credit cards and passports and stored them online in a cloud. I also made copies of the important ones and hid them, along with a backup ATM card, credit card and around $80 in a really deep part of my backpack. I also emptied out an old chapstick tube and filled it with folded up twenties and put that somewhere accessible in my backpack. I never needed to access any of these things, but if something had gone wrong, I would have been glad I had them.
I had a combo lock that I used in hostels with lockers.
Night buses in vietnam have a little safe cubby hidden under your seat. So lean your seat forward and you’ll find it. Put your shit in there and then fall asleep on top of it, no worries.
I honestly never really felt unsafe as a solo woman. Paris was WAY WAY worse in terms of men harassing me and not stepping down. I was careful and didn’t get drunk and go for long walks at night, but I didn’t take any extreme precautions. Sometimes a stray dog would growl a bit at me on an early morning walk, but they’re almost always bluffing. I did grab a stick once to carry with me in case of dog, but I didn’t need it. Night buses were a little bit sketchy, but I just hid my valuables in my bra or under my seat. Only time I felt a bit threatened was getting off a night bus all alone in a small town at 1 am. The waiting motorbike drivers all smelled like rice wine and were a little too eager to get me to go with them. So I booked it to the nearest taxi and happily overpaid the man to drive me to my hostel.
I will just put in one note about motorbikes. I saw a lot of backpackers who had lost some serious knee skin or worse on a motorbike. If you’re inexperienced, don’t try to learn to ride on a bad scooter with no brakes while you’re half tipsy and wearing flip flops. Wear some clothes, the wind will cool you off. Wear a fucking helmet, brains aren’t easily fixed. And wear real shoes. Your feet are the first thing to hit the ground in any crash. And I can’t even imagine what would possess you to ride a motorbike drunk when a taxi ride is only a couple dollars. Don’t be idiots, it’s not worth it.
When you rent a bike, try not to give them your actual passport. I usually just handed them my drivers license or train pass with my picture on it. It’s not worth losing your passport. Take pictures of the bike and any damage and tell the person about the damage you see. Check the lights, the brakes and the tires before you leave. Ask where the nearest gas station is if it’s empty. And the rental place should always have a helmet for you. I also usually asked about an extra lock for the back tire. I don’t want to be held liable if the bike gets stolen .
And don’t try to save money on adventure sports. If there is a place offering canyoneering for $100 less than the competition, it’s for a reason. Spend money when it’s on safety. Kids die out there doing stupid shit.
I used a mix of guidebooks (acquired on hostel bookshelves) and wikitravel to research towns as I went. But don’t rely on fucking lonely planet, there is a whole world out there.
Bargain in a friendly way. Don’t get angry at some poor local over a dollar or two, you’ll look like an asshole. So be fair and play the game, it’s normal to have a little back and forth to agree on a price, but remember how much more that person can use that dollar than you can.
Don’t drink the water or put paper in the toilet.
Phew, now do you want to know where I actually went? K. Here is where I went, for how long and the highlights. I did not have all of this planned before I went. I only had a rough route and my flight to vietnam and cave tour booked. Beyond that it was all improvised and booked a day ahead of time. I put a * next to my favorite things.
Bangkok 3 days: Wat Pho, cheap massages, Jim Thompson House, flower market
Chiang Mai 3 days: elephant nature park, cooking class
Chiang Rai 1 day: Night Market, white temple, cat cafe (don’t judge)
Chiang Khong 1 day: really cool town, funky box hostel run by record holding world cyclist
Slow Boat to Luang Prabang 2 days: Went with Nagi of Mekong boat, nice and not crowded
Luang Prabang 3 days: Mt Phousi, waterfall, trekking
Vang Vieng 3 days: rock climbing (don’t learn here, I am experienced, bad safety standards), tame kayaking
*Kasi 2 days: Uncle Tom’s Trails to learn to motorcycle
Vientiane 1 day: kinda shitty, flew out
Hanoi 2 days: Prison museum, women’s museum,
Ha Long bay 2 days: booked with lily’s travel agency and glad I did, she was honest
Hanoi 1 day: Ho Chi Minh’s body, downed B-52
*Phong Nha 4 days: Easy tiger hostel(not on hostelworld), 2 day Hang En Cave tour, Phong Nha cave, killed my own chicken for lunch
Hue 1 day: Vinh Moc tunnels and imperial citadel
Hoi An 4 days: tailored suit and bikinis, beach hostel, bike riding, soul kitchen
*Quy Nhon 3 days: beach, waterfall, fishing village, big tree backpackers
*Da Lat 3 days: mountain biking, waterfalls, flowers, crazy house, Hill Pagoda, cable car
Mui Ne 1 day: it was shitty so I left
Ho Chi Minh City 4 days: War Museum, Post office, Art Museum, AO show, Pasteur St Brewing
Can Tho 2 days: Floating Market, motorbike riding
*Kep 3 days: Abandoned Villas, hiking, motorbiking, caves, crab, quiet hill temple, butterfly farm
Kampot 4 days: Bokor Park, caves, sunset boat, Arcadia hostel for swimming
*Koh Rong Samloem 11 days: Scuba Diving, glowing plankton, hiking, hammocks
Battambang 2 days: AC + showers, bat caves, hill temples,
*Siem Reap 4 days: personal tuk tuk driver, Beng Mealea, Ta Prohm, Bayon, all amazing
Bangkok 3 days: Festivals, ferry boat, blues bar, buying 3 months worth of presents.
Phew. Okay. So there you have it. Please feel free to ask questions or clarifications.
In general, thailand had the best food, vietnam had the best scenery and cambodia was my unexpected favorite. But they were all amazing and I can't wait to go back. I do wish I had bought a motorbike in Vietnam, I'll do that next time.
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