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Benjamin Russell Driebergen is an American Marine Corps veteran and reality television personality, best known for competing on and winning Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.In 2020, he returned to compete in the show's 40th season, Survivor: Winners at War., finishing in 5th. Quintrell "Yung Deef" Davis, now 25, Philippines, Fans Vs Favorites, Blood Vs Water, & Heroes Vs Villains, 2nd, 1st, 1st, & 2nd, u/swoldow Quite possibly the best player to ever play King's Survivor, Deef started out as a fun character on Philippines, made it to the end with the help of some individual immunities, and received a whopping zero ... Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers is the 35th season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor.This season featured 18 new players divided into three tribes based on a dominant perceived trait: "Heroes" (courage), "Healers" (compassion), and "Hustlers" (tenacity). The season premiered on September 27, 2017, and ended on December 20, 2017, when Ben Driebergen ... Survivor returns for Season 35 on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 8/7c and this time, the theme will be Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. For Survivor's 35th installment, the new cast of 18 individuals will meet up in Fiji for their next big journey. For the first time ever, the tribes will be divided based on the positive traits most often associated with them by others. Last night, Ben was crowned as the show’s most recent sole survivor and with it concluded Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers. That doesn’t mean we are done here because there is a lot to ... This is Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers. And like all seasons of Survivor, spoilers are going to be unmarked. Throw the Dog a Bone: They were very fortunately blessed, as they managed to hold on long enough to enjoy catering from Outback Steakhouse (who also catered Big Brother earlier that ... [S] King's Survivor: Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers Survivor We have experienced many blindsides over the years of King's Survivor, over 24 seasons, and now 18 new contestants are going to Fiji for a new experiment: Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers, or Triple H as I'll refer to it now on. There's a lot we don't get to see during a Survivor finale—like the castaways lounging in the green room, waiting in anticipation of the big moment. Check out some of the coolest behind-the-scenes moments from the Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers finale. Stream all 35 seasons of Survivor on CBS All Access. Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers is the thirty-fifth season of Survivor. The season was won by Ben Driebergen in a 5-2-1 vote over Chrissy Hofbeck and Ryan Ulrich. Contents . Production. The season was filmed in the spring of 2017, following the same schedule that was used for Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. The following season was ... Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers ; Season 35 Edgic ; Written by. Martin Holmes. Martin is a freelance writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously Digital Spy, ET Canada, and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom ...

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We have experienced many blindsides over the years of King's Survivor, over 24 seasons, and now 18 new contestants are going to Fiji for a new experiment: Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers, or Triple H as I'll refer to it now on. These 18 contestants come from all walks of life, and one of them will win the game and the million dollars that come with it. First, we'll see the cast:
Levu (Heroes) Tribe:
Claire Watkinson, 32, Police Sergeant, u/Twig7665
Claire grew up in the countryside with a Caucasian father and a Native American mother. When she was young, she would often reject her Native American roots in favor of her father's ways. As she got older, she began to respect Native American culture much more, and started advocating for their rights. Eventually, she decided to join her local police force, and rose through the ranks to become a sergeant. She is going on Survivor to make a better life for herself.
Gonzalo "Gonzo" Richardz, 48, Firefighter, u/zohnster
The Baltimore fire chief is a great leader in his field. Intelligent, Gonzalo is a great force in the groups he is part of. At the same time that he leads his team firmly, he is part of a crossfit team and there he is called Gonzo by his friends. The father of eight children and the grandfather of five grandchildren, Gonzo is proud of his life and everything he has built.
Gretchen Malloy, 40, Charity Worker
Gretchen never had an exciting life, but she would always advocate for rights of people less privileged than she was. She now works as a charity worker for a large charitable society. If she wins Survivor, she would donate the money to charity.
Meredith "Mary" Hobbs, 28, Army Corporal
Mary has not seen combat yet, but she is working her hardest to rise through the army ranks. Despite being small in stature, she has proven that she is a good competitor in the real world, but how will it translate to Survivor? She's going on Survivor for the money to make a better life for herself.
Randy "The Randster" Collins, 38, Firefighter, u/UltDragon
A firefighter for almost a decade, Randy as been in some tough situations before and will probably be in a couple more before he retires. Randy even has a burn scar on his right arm, however, you know what they say, "If you cannot handle the heat, get out of the station!" Randy plans on donating the money to help burn victims in both treatment and therapy.
Steve Reynolds, 27, Activist, u/Twig7665
Steve had never known his father, he passed away due to a mix-up with police, and his mother acted abusive towards him his entire life, so much so he ran away at the age of 15, and lived on the streets for years until he was finally able to get a job at age 20. Now 27, he works as an activist against racism and he won't give up until he succeeded in abolishing racism or dead, because that's his main goal in life.
Soko (Healers) Tribe:
Carrie Warlock, 22, Sexologist, u/AngolanDesert
Carrie had a very rough childhood. Her father was in jail and her mother was a drug dealer. Naturally, she never got the education she needed and ended up becoming a teen mom. After this incident, she realized she needed to educate other people in poorer areas about the importance of safe sex.
Celeste Tierra, 23, Nursing Aide, u/ghetra
Celeste works as a nursing aide at a physical rehab facility. Although it is hard, grueling, and often emotional work, Celeste is very satisfied with what she does. Her calm, pleasant demeanor allow her to thrive at her job. She also has a great sense of humor, and like many of us, she often uses humor to suppress how she really feels. She has a somewhat dark past, including a falling out with her family, and does not usually let many people get to know her so well. She has gotten very good at reading people and not showing her own true emotions. Despite this dark side to her, she still loves to have a good time and enjoys meeting new people; she just lets them tell her all about them instead of the reverse.
Herman "Dove" Malone, 24, u/zohnster
Dove is a peace guy. After backpacking through Southeast Asia, he embraced the ideals of peace and contact with nature. He detached himself from capitalist desires and spends his life as a wanderer. Dressed only in white clothes, he makes the floor his bed, the rivers his shower and the fruit trees are his supermarket. Survival is easy for him.
His main desire is natural life and if he wins the prize of one million dollars, he intends to donate to those who really need it, as he believes that money is not necessary for him.
Jacqueline Sorenson, 55, Guidance Counselor, u/Pgandhguyxc
Jacqueline has worked her whole life helping people. She will be upset by blindsided. She is a people person however she will not be fierce. Her goal is to play socially well and keep up Physically to survive.
Noujir Phalah, 47, Optometrist, u/asiansurvivorfan
Noujir was brought up by a very traditional Sikh family. He didn’t really have many interesting experiences or adventures growing up since he spent most of his time studying. After years of studying, he became a successful optometrist and is quite happy with that job. However, he still craves that sense of adventure he missed out on as a kid so he decided to apply for Survivor after becoming fascinated by the game.
Zane Lowell, 22, Student, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Zane always seemed like the macho bro, the perfect child, but he admits that he's far from it. Ever since he was a young boy, his parents taught him to treat others with respect, and that's a rule he tries to live by.
Getting accepted to a top school thanks to his physical skills, Zane wants to go on SURVIVOR to prove himself. He's a good guy in great shape, so.. he thinks he should do well! Hopefully!
If he wins, Zane is going to do the responsible thing and set the money aside for his future. Invest it. Maybe buy his mom something nice, but that's it.
Yawa (Hustlers) Tribe:
Carol Ann Reibenstein, 60, Stay-at-home Mom, u/AngolanDesert
Carol has always been competitive, whether in school dodgeball or getting top of the class in high school. When Carol got married to a business man at the young age of 21, she knew she was set for life. Her competitive spirit never died however, and she soon found a TV show that could bring out her competitive spirit: Survivor. She has studied every season so far and knows the in and outs of this game. Even though she presents herself as a nice grandma, she is ready to take out anybody in her way to the title of Sole Survivor.
Carter Haynes, 24, Barista, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Carter had a rough childhood. Ever since he was a child, Carter had to work part time jobs to help his lower class family. Being the eldest of three kids, Carter also had to help his parents with taking care of said siblings, as neither parent really had the time to do so.
Carter always managed to get through, though. No matter how hard life had seemed, Carter continued to fight and continued to survive. And in a game like SURVIVOR, that's exactly what you need.
He now works as a part-time barista and a full time artist. That's his dream - be like Van Gogh, Picasso, etc. He hopes that this game might help him out with said dream.
Dez Squilty, 59, Courier Driver, u/swoldow
Dez is a courier driver hailing all the way from Australia who intends to surprise his fellow contestants with his brains. His game plan is to observe and befriend his fellow tribemates and then ultimately become the puppet master, pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Dez has been in the army for seven years and has experience living in tough conditions, and in isolation from his loved ones. Since leaving the army he has worked in a variety of different industries including automapping, computing, pest control and publishing, currently working as a Courier. A family man with three daughters, Dez has been happily married for 37 years to his wife, and intends to go all the way for her. He hates younger people in leadership positions, but at the same time, wants to play as little of a physical game as possible, which includes tribe work and ignore his status as a 'hustler' entirely. He'd rather be calling the shots and playing the game.
Lita Walsh, 25, Socialite, u/Pray_The_Gay_To_Come
Born into a rich family, Lita has never had to work for anything in her life (or so her father says since she was the salutatorian of her graduating class). Her father sent her out to Survivor to observe is she's worthy to take over the family business, and how well she does under pressure and around others. Lita doesn't want to take over her fathers business since it harms so many innocent people, and is looking to takeover it just to sell it, and give it's profits to charity. She hates her father, and has told him that multiple times, but he doesn't listen to her.
Matt Cho, 25, YouTuber, u/asiansurvivorfan
Matt grew up obsessed with technology and electronics. He always wanted to know how different gadgets worked and was very fascinated by them. He eventually started a YouTube channel centred around reviewing electronics and softwares.
Pearl Atkins, 41, Food Critic, u/TDSwaggyBoy
The daughter of successful chef Harold Atkins, Pearl always aspired to be like her father. However, due to her horrible cooking skills, she became a critic instead.Always being a rather jealous person, Pearl envied those who actually managed to cook and do so well, and you could tell that from her "killer" reviews. She wasn't nice - she was cutthroat, mean, and found every little detail to pick on.
But now, Pearl is more grown up. While she's still ruthless, she's gotten a bit soft since she's married. Her and her husband have been married for seven years, and have two kids together.
Note: u/Twig7665's character Giovanni could not make it onto this season, so he'll have a reserved spot on Ghost Island.
Link to Season
Episode 1: The eighteen new contestants are instructed to take as much stuff as they could off the boat they were shipped in to Fiji in. All three tribe grab stuff, and then make their way to shore where they could light a torch to win the challenge, Dez slows his tribe down by looking for the legacy advantage that was not there, and he ends up costing them the challenge. The other members of his tribe are understandably angry at him, but it is quickly forgotten when Carter starts bossing everyone around for what to do with the shelter. When Carol confronts him, he has a meltdown, and he tries to change his act around. Dez forms two alliances, one with Carol, and the other with Lita, Matt, and Pearl so he wouldn't have to worry if they lost the first challenge. At the Heroes tribe, Gretchen instantly starts to form a rivalry with Randy because of his abrasive behavior. Claire and Gonzo begin to bond, but no alliances form. At the Healers tribe, Celeste gets mad at Dove for trying to teach everyone yoga, while it's clear pretty much no one wants to do yoga. The Healers and Hustlers win the first immunity challenge, and the Heroes are thinking that Mary would be the best to go first, since she blew the challenge for them. The four of Claire, Gonzo, Randy, and Steve all decide to vote Mary, but Steve decides to throw a vote onto Gretchen, just to cause chaos. Gretchen and Mary, disliking Randy, both decide to vote for him together. In the end, Mary becomes the first person voted out in a 3-2-1 vote.
Episode 2: Wanting to secure herself safety, Claire looks for and finds an idol, and back at camp, Steve pins the stray vote on Gonzo, who denies it, but no one believes him. Randy and Gonzo get into an argument, and everyone begins to pick what side they're on. Ultimately, the whole tribe decides to side with Randy. At the Healers camp, Noujir also finds a hidden immunity idol, and as a big fan of the show, he is thrilled. Dove and Jacqueline have a bit of an argument, Dove also has another argument with Zane, and Jacqueline has a big fight with Zane over his laziness. Zane, despite being the dominant force in challenges for the tribe, became a target. Over at the Hustlers, Dez decides his alliance isn't gonna take him to the end, so he aligns with the outsider Carter instead. The Heroes lose immunity again, and Gonzo, knowing he's going, tries to blow up Gretchen's game by stating she's the weakest link, and she deserves to go. This does not work in his favor, and Gonzo becomes the second person voted out in a 4-1 vote.
Episode 3: Gretchen leaves her alliance, not trusting them at all because she knows she's the worst challenge competitor out of all of them. The Healers camp sees Noujir and Celeste bonding, and Zane having another fight, this time with Celeste. The Heroes finally win an immunity challenge, and the Hustlers are sent to tribal council. An older woman alliance of Carol and Pearl forms, and the four of Carol, Matt, Lita, and Pearl decide that one of Carter or Dez must go. They decide to split the votes, Lita and Matt voting for Dez, and Carol and Pearl voting for Carter. Dez and Carter vote for Matt, and at tribal council, it leads to a 2-2-2 tie. Carter panics and tries throwing Dez under the bus to save himself, but no one changes their vote on the revote, and Carter goes out 2-1. He gives a big speech on how he signed up for this game to help his family, and leaves the game with his head still held high.
Episode 4: The remaining contestants are informed of a swap. The Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers tribes become the Levu, Soko, and Yawa tribes. On Levu is Carol, Claire, Lita, Noujir, and Zane. The Soko tribe consists of Carrie, Dez, Gretchen, Randy, and Steve. The Yawa tribe ends up having Celeste, Dove, Jacqueline, Matt, and Pearl. They then compete in a reward challenge, which the Levu tribe ends up winning. At their tribe, Carol and Lita end up bonding, since they're on a tribe with three people they aren't familiar with, and the two sides start to vie for Claire's vote. A similar thing happens on Yawa, where Matt and Pearl, knowing they're outnumbered, get closer together, but they fail to find an idol. The Soko tribe loses immunity, and Gretchen gets the blame for them losing. Gretchen tries to turn the target onto Randy or Dez, but it fails, and Gretchen is voted out 4-1.
Episode 5: At Yawa, Matt finally finds the idol, but not much else occurs. At Soko, nothing happens either (thank you simulator for giving me such thrilling events to talk about), except the tribe feeling a whole lot better after Gretchen, someone who was holding them back, finally got voted out. At Levu, Zane leaves his alliance with Noujir and Dove. Soko and Levu win the reward challenge, but Levu loses immunity. Carol, Lita, and Zane all want to vote out Noujir, and they tell Claire about the plan, but Claire doesn't want to vote Noujir out. Instead she tells him to play his idol if he has one and that Carol is leading his vote off, and Noujir joins Claire in voting off Carol, Noujir plays his idol, and Carol goes out in a 2-0 vote.
Episode 6: In the third reward challenge in three episodes, Levu and Soko are able to stop Yawa's winning streak. Matt and Jacqueline bond, and Jacqueline tells Matt that if they lose another challenge, she wants to vote out Dove. Matt decides to tell Dove about the plan, and with Pearl and Celeste, they form a strong quartet. At Levu, Claire and Lita, being the only two females left on the tribe, form an alliance, but Lita starts to feel ill soon afterwards. At Soko, Randy finds the idol, and he does not tell a single person. Carrie and Steve reflect on having bad childhoods and start to bond a bit. Yawa loses the immunity challenge, and Jacqueline still thinks that she has the numbers to take out Dove. As it turns out, she does not, and Jacqueline becomes the last person voted out before the merge in a 4-1 vote.
Episode 7: The tribes merge into one tribe, the Solewa tribe. The remaining contestants left in the game are Carrie, Celeste, Claire, Dez, Dove, Lita, Matt, Noujir, Pearl, Randy, Steve, and Zane. Claire tells her original tribemates about how Zane does absolutely nothing at camp and expects the world in return and is sick of it. Meanwhile, Celeste is trying to turn the tribe against Dove for trying to force his yoga onto people. She is able to get Carrie, Lita, Pearl, and Zane on her side, and needs one more to have majority. Noujir, still having an alliance with Dove, doesn't want to vote him out, and instead the two plot against Matt. Dove tries to convince Dez to vote with him, and just out of spite, Dez decides to target Dove. Carrie wins the first individual immunity, and soon after, Zane has a meltdown because he feels like he's let his family down, since he thinks he's going next. Claire and Pearl also bond, despite never being on the same tribe up to this point. At tribal council, Dove goes in a 6-4-2 vote.
Episode 8: Lita knows that since she isn't feeling well, that her days are numbered on the island, so she leaves her alliance with Claire. A new alliance of Celeste, Claire, and Noujir forms, and Lita gets mad at Zane for not pitching in around camp. Celeste and Claire become significantly closer, and begin to want to take each other to the end. At the reward challenge, Pearl sits out, and the group consisting of Claire, Lita, Matt, Noujir, and Randy win the reward. Pearl wins the second immunity challenge. Back at camp, most of the tribe is ready to vote out Zane for being a nuisance around camp, and when they get to tribal, they are prepared to vote him out, but Lita makes an emotional announcement that the game has gotten to her and that she needs to pull herself from the game. Everyone feels bad for her as she leaves the tribal council area to become the first member of the jury.
Episode 9: People start to get a little worried about Carrie's challenge prowess, and soon a group of eight form to try and vote her out: everyone except her and Noujir. When a group of Carrie, Claire, Noujir, Randy, and Zane win reward, while they're on the reward, they form a fake final five deal. Not wanting the people who won rewards to win, Dez, Matt, and Pearl form their own alliance, and they intend on keeping it. Dez wins the immunity challenge, and everyone is caught off guard by it. Steve decides to throw his vote again to cause chaos. At tribal council, he votes for Zane, and Carrie ends up getting voted out in a 7-3 vote.
Episode 10: The nine remaining contestants compete in another reward challenge, which Noujir wins and shares with Celeste, Claire, and Dez. Matt and Randy, in their absence, work on the shelter for hours, making it much better and giving them a lot more respect within the tribe. Claire also bonds strongly with Randy, and the two of them make a final three deal with Steve, causing the Heroes to be unified. Randy wins immunity, and the whole tribe agrees that Zane is dead weight at this point, so they all come together and vote him out unanimously. The second reward challenge of the season winds up with Claire, Dez, Pearl, and Randy winning, and the four of them getting a chance to escape the game for a few hours. Noujir wins immunity at the next immunity challenge. Steve forms an alliance with the five remaining men, and he tries to pit the women against each other, which he is able to succeed at doing. He gets his allies, Randy and Claire, to vote out Celeste, and then tries to convince the others to vote based on their tribe lines, with Celeste and Noujir voting for Pearl and Matt, Dez, and Pearl voting for Claire. Claire catches on to what was happening, and she plays her idol to send Celeste home in a 3-2 vote.
Episode 11: The final seven get to see their loved ones, and Matt, fueled by wanting to see his loved one more than anything else he wants in this game, other than winning, pulls out a surprising victory to the others. He brings Noujir, Pearl, and Dez along with him, causing the Heroes to feel left out. Dez gets into a disagreement with Matt at the reward, causing him to leave the alliance. Claire wins the immunity challenge, showing a great display of endurance. Dez and Pearl try to vote out Noujir, knowing he'll probably have much of the Healers on the jury's votes. Noujir, Claire, Matt, Randy, and Steve try to vote out Dez for blowing up his own game, and at tribal council, Steve once again throws a vote onto Pearl, and Dez goes to the jury in a 4-2-1 vote.
Episode 12: The Heroes three pull in Noujir into their tight three to have majority, knowing that Matt and Pearl have been closely aligned this entire game. Noujir secretly breaks his deal with Claire, and then the reward challenge occurs. Claire wins immunity again, and Matt, knowing that Pearl will be getting votes, decides to play his idol on her. At tribal council, Matt plays his idol on Pearl, and Noujir ends up becoming the sixth juror in a 2-0 vote.
Finale: Now down to the final five, the players left are Claire, Matt, Pearl, Randy, and Steve. They compete in another immunity challenge, and no one anticipates Pearl winning it. Not wanting to be the next to go, Claire solidifies her alliance with Randy and Steve, and the three of them plan on writing Matt's name down as the only possible target, while Matt and Pearl decide to vote out Claire for being the biggest threat of the three to win. At tribal council, Matt is voted out 3-2, leaving Pearl all alone against the Heroes. Randy wins the final immunity, and he is also given a note to read in privacy. He learns that he needs to send two people to do a fire making challenge instead of a vote this time around. He is surprised by the news, and he tells Claire about it, seeing her as more fit to make fire over Steve, and tells her to practice making fire, but not to let Pearl know about it. Randy is told to pick who to take with him to final three, and he picks Steve. Claire and Pearl compete in the fire making challenge, but no one anticipated Pearl's fire making prowess. She is able to win, and Claire is eliminated after 38 days, becoming the eighth and final member of the jury. The final three consists of Pearl, The Randster, and Steve. Randy's jury speech rubs the jury the wrong way, seeing him as arrogant and grating, while people thought Steve had no idea what he was doing, even though he stated that he was voting wrong intentionally to cause chaos. Pearl is considered an underdog, and she is voted for by Carrie, Celeste, Claire, Lita, and Matt, giving her a 5-3-0 win over Steve, who received Dez, Noujir, and Zane's votes, and Randy, who received no votes. Surprisingly, Gonzo Richardz wins the fan favorite award, despite being the second boot. I guess people got really attached to him over the two episodes he was in.
Winner: Pearl Atkins, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Fan Favorite: Gonzalo "Gonzo" Richardz, u/zohnster
The next season's sign ups has already been posted, but it will be Ghost Island, where a new twist allows items that were used incorrectly in previous seasons to be used correctly, for the wager of a vote.
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"I would rather go through life sober, believing myself and alcoholic, than go through life drunk, pretending that I was not"
My last drink was September 14th 2019. It was my husbands 40th birthday party. I had decided the week before to stop drinking again, but I was finding it really challenging to not drink at this party. I took a glass of champagne, and then another. As I was half way through the glass I just remember looking at it, and thinking… “No. I don’t want this” and I put it down and went to get a soda water. I stayed at the party for a further 6 hours, dancing into the small hours while children fell asleep on couches all around. I felt free and wonderful.
I suppose I have been an alcoholic forever. My first memories of drinking are of drinking to excess. I didn’t like the taste of alcohol, although I think I knew I was supposed to, but that release, the feeling of getting out of your own head (by getting off your head), was just what teenaged me thought I needed. Those first few drinking experiences, hidden from parents and other adults, with my friends in the woods, on the beach, near where I lived, were a form of rebellion against the very civilised, structured, and ordered drinking that I saw my parents do it home. My parents both drank regularly then, but never to visible adverse effect, and always good wine, from bottles, and they drank out of wineglasses. There were conversations about the virtue of this bottle over that bottle, and I have always known that one drank red wine out of one kind of glass, but white wine from another.
By contrast, the drinking I did with my friends, was to get drunk. Or at least, that is what I now understand was my own aim. We would mix whatever small quantities of stolen liquor we could get from our parents cabinets, top it up with a beer or two, shake it, and then swig it out of whatever old soda bottle we had handy. Absolutely disgusting. But very effective. I think I probably had blackouts even then, of course it hard now to remember how much of it is just me forgetting, because it was now so long ago, but I definitely remember at least once waking up the next morning and knowing there was something that I had forgotten that happen the night before. I also remember looking at my friends, and seeing how hangover they were, and being unbelievably thankful that I didn’t feel the same way.
I now curse that strong head and strong stomach that I had when I was younger, I think perhaps if I had received the same physical after-effects as everyone else upon overindulgence, maybe things would have been different, but perhaps not.
I had an amazing childhood. My parents are loving, kind, academic, snobby about their own taste while at the same time accepting of other people’s differences. My father, outgoing, social, endlessly imaginative, would weave these wild stories that would keep me enthralled. My mother, more reserved, less flamboyantly intelligent, but actually probably smarter, did all kinds of arts and crafts activities with me, we were constantly creating, and she taught me to look at everything, to be interested in everything, to find something to think about every time I open my eyes. I now see that although this upbringing was remarkable, it was also exhausting. And something that I was happy to use alcohol or pot to occasionally escape from. I didn’t drink or smoke every week as a teen – I didn’t have access to it, and I was busy doing other things. But when I did it, I DID it.
Another thing to note, an essential part of my life, was my sister. Born when I was nearly 3, she had an undiagnosed, and undiagnosable, muscular weakness which kept her non-verbal and in a wheelchair her whole life. Growing up, I accepted her differences without question. I was different from you, you were different from him, so course she was different from me. Obviously. As I got older, I began to see that this was not so obvious to everybody else, and I pitied them for their own lack of understanding. As she grew older the muscles on her body, especially in her lungs, did not keep pace with the rest of her growth. She was in and out of hospital with chest infections, pneumonia, sinus problems… She died at home, in her sleep, just before her 12th birthday. I was 14.
I had some bad months, naturally, after her death. My parents and I made what was actually quite an easy decision, to have me go to boarding school in the UK. Boarding school had always been an idea floated around, my parents liked the idea that I would have “a British education”, but I had not wanted to leave her. She and I were very close, and I could not imagine being without her, or how she would have felt being without me. I have always tried to be a positive person, and so I was able to see, even through my grief, that her death had in a way set me free, and I was now able to make a choice for myself. I chose to go to England. Subsequently, I have wondered whether this was the moment when my father’s own struggles with alcohol became unmanageable, but I am wise enough not to feel guilt over this hypothetical, potential, unknowable, idea.
I have always been social, outgoing, dare I say it, funny, and so on one hand I knew I didn’t “need to drink”, but there was something about the way drinking made me feel. It made me reckless, uncaring, even a bit cruel, things that I absolutely am not. There was a sort of crazy freedom in being someone else, and people liked that person I was when I was drinking. I was always in the centre of a group of people, egging other people on to drink to excess, or engage in stupid behaviour. When I was drunk, or drinking, I could do all the things I loved to do with abandon – dance, sing, talk loudly, be flirty, dirty, and indiscreet. This was a feature of my drinking until the day I stopped.
At the same time, I was a good student, always getting high marks, always handing my work in on time, always volunteering, seeking out new opportunities to do internships, or to make a little bit of extra money by helping out here and there. I traveled widely, meeting all kinds of people wherever I went, making contacts, connections, and I have been very good at using these connections to build a very interesting life myself. This has continued to this day - professionally, I can say that I have done very well for myself. I have a diverse and interesting career, enacting the professional values I have come to honour in my own work, which continues to excite me.
Personally I’ve also been very lucky. I’ve had numerous bad experiences (the usual alcohol related thefts, robberies, assaults and rapes) but somehow I always managed to tidy them away in my brain. After a number of okay to terrible relationships in my 20s, when I was 30 I met a man... Very quickly we realised it was serious. Within about three months he had cancelled his return ticket home so he could stay and see what was going to develop between us. We were living together a few months later, he moved into the shared house I was living in, and then after we had been together for a year we moved together into a smaller house just the two of us. He proposed on Boxing Day after we’d been together 2 and ½ years, and were married the following summer. By August 2013 we had a baby boy, and his sister was born February 2016. Both children are healthy, happy, curious, beautiful, engaging and altogether wonderful little beings. My husband and I have our share of ups and downs, with the downs being a little more apparent in the last couple of years, but overall have a very loving solid committed relationship that is fulfilling mentally and emotionally and socially.
Throughout the 20 years I have been living in Asia I have been drinking frequently, No one has ever thought I have a problem – I blend in well with both the local and expatriate communities I live in, I don’t think my drinking is noticeable to other people the way it has been noticeable to me. But notice it I have.
I have, on numerous occasions, blacked out when drinking, only to ‘come to’ to find myself engaged in some kind of sex act. To find out that I have been driving. I once ‘came to’ to find myself on a different Thai Island than the one I had started partying on. I have forgotten countless indiscretions, secrets, exchanges. I have made promises and not remembered them, I have broken hearts, relationships, promises and my own values. And I didn’t care. I hardly remembered about these experiences until I began working the steps, and dug deep into my memories. Once I was chatting to the police, having been stopped driving drunk. I managed to talk my way out of any consequence, as I always have.
Part of this, of course, is because of my father. My father was also the absolute best at talking his way out of any problem or trouble. I learned that at his knee. I think I first realised my father was an alcoholic when I was already living in Asia. Although I remember him being anxious to make sure he made it to the liquor store before it shut, or choosing a restaurant that had a bar attached, or hiding wine in his coffee mug… but those recollections and understandings came later.
I came to Asia when I was 20, and settled in a large ramshackle house. In 2002 my father came to visit me. I think the house had five bedrooms, and I was sharing it with three other people, two of whom were English teachers and so had unusual hours, including teaching at night, whereas myself and another had more regular office hours. The consequence of this was there always seemed to be somebody awake, drinking, having a party. It was an excellently fun time. We were all earning enough money to be social and have what we consider to be “a grown-up life”, but not learning so much that we had to try and be responsible, or worry about savings. My father stayed with us for two weeks, and after he left I went into his room and found bottles of alcohol in the cupboard. Empty bottles. I remember staring at them and thinking “why?” In this house of all places, why would you need to hide your alcohol consumption? I realised later, that he was already in the habit of hiding his consumption, and it didn’t occur to him to drink openly as much as he wanted.
My mother was very worried about him, although I was living far away, and wasn’t aware of everything, I know that she took at least one year long sabbatical to the UK during this time, as a way to try and emphasise to him the seriousness of his condition. And, of course, the way it was affecting her. I don’t have the timeline straight, it doesn’t seem to me, right now, to be worth the painful picking through my mother’s memories, to find out exactly what happened when, and my father is no longer here to ask, but basically between 2005 and 2012 my father ceased to be any sort of functioning alcoholic, and became one with the bottle. He was placed on medical leave from his job in 2012, and he had at least two accidents with his car before then, and he stopped driving – I have no idea how he managed to avoid trouble with the police. In 2013, just before I gave birth to my first child, my father went, semi-involuntarily, to a residential rehab facility. He came out of the treatment centre, and literally must have gone directly into a bar, before missing his flight to Paris, where I was waiting to have the baby, until he finally managed to get on a flight, with some crazy lie about storms and delayed flights et cetera et cetera, and arrived in Paris, disheveled, and drunk.
Although I was devastated, I was also about to have a baby, and obviously that’s where my focus was. My uncles came from the UK to Paris to pick my father up, and taken back to the UK, where they managed to sober up, and so began a period of everyone trying to talk to him. It is a long, common, and boring story. My mother left him, they had to sell the family house I grew up in, and when I brought my second baby to Canada to meet my father in 2016 I was desperately worried. I begged him to go back to rehab (he had gone again to a different centre in 2015), but he refused. He was yellowing and clearly very very sick. He died, alone, 6 weeks later, two days before my son’s third birthday.
I am angry about that. I am angry that he was an alcoholic, that he refused to receive, or listen to, or accept, help. I am angry that he died before my children could really know him, I am so sad that they will never hear his magical stories, that he will not be able to introduce them to classical music, poetry, two of the things that I hold so dear to my own life. And I try to turn this anger into a drive to ensure that my life wont follow the same trajectory.
It was around this time, the time of my father’s death, when I started to think about my own alcohol consumption in a serious way. I had stopped drinking just after I got married, because I knew we wanted to start trying for a baby. I didn’t drink throughout my pregnancy, nor for the first six months while I was exclusively breastfeeding. It was the same for my second pregnancy and early months breastfeeding, although by the time I had my daughter, new research had come out to indicate that having wine while breastfeeding, a glass or two, and not every day, was not detrimental. And so I would, on occasion, do that. I had not found it difficult to stop, nor to moderate while I was breastfeeding, but I had a few months between weaning the first and getting pregnant with the second when I saw how easy was to drink. The big change for me, was that now I experienced what hangover was.
I think this feeling of being hung over, is what has directly led me to my sobriety today. It was because I realised that I was ruining my weekends, and it was getting to the point where I was going to have to take time off work if I drank in the week, and I thought I can do this anymore. Also, of course, I was not always able to remember everything about the night. My blackouts were increasingly extensive, and getting worse. Also, arguments. Arguments with my husband, and even though my complaints may have been valid, I managed to blow it all up, by becoming incomprehensible, or overemotional, or mean. Also, being irrational and cross with the children, no patience left at all. Turning into something I hated, not the mother I aspired to be. Also, day drinking. Fucking Mommy Wine Culture. This idea that raising children is difficult, we are asked to do so much, to take on so much of the emotional workload for families, as well as having thriving professional and social lives, and instead of trying to actively dismantle Patriarchal institutions which limit our ability to be equal participants in life, hey, just have a drink. It is so dangerous. And yet, I embraced it. How much fun to get together with girlfriends, drink wine, gossip/bitch/complain about our work/children/husbands, and still be spending the day with the children, and still be at home by 7 o’clock to put the kids to bed. So what if we were drunk. So what if we were driving. Just so dangerous.
Those were the realisations. Hangovers, blackouts, arguments, anger, day drinking… That is more than enough.
I realise that I have, always, in addition to having real friends that I actually like and value, made and developed friendships with other alcoholics, or users, to support my own habits, to make me feel better about my own drinking, and I would seek them out when I wanted to feel enabled, because I knew they would not judge me, for turning up to their house, with a bottle of wine.
Honest reflection that has happened in the last 365 days has revealed things to me which indicated that I did indeed have a problem, apart from hangovers, although some of them, for many reasons, I was seemingly unable to see. For example, no matter how many times I would say “I will ensure I have three alcohol free days this week”, I was very rarely able to manage that. Or, I would say to myself, “I will go and have three drinks but no more”. I was very rarely able to manage that either. Or, I would say, “I can have a glass of wine with dinner, but only wine, and only with dinner”. Ha. Or, I would say “one alcoholic drink, one soda water, one alcoholic drink, one soda water”. And I would wake up with a hangover.
I have been able to go for long periods of time without drinking. Pregnancies, breastfeeding, I did Buddhist Lent which is three months once, and twice before this time, I have stopped. But both times, after feeling so much better, I thought that maybe now I would understand how to moderate, how to drink like a normal person. But although after each time I started drinking again, I might manage a week or two, or a month even, of “normal” drinking, pretty soon I would find myself, much drunker than I meant to be, driving home (!!!), at 10 PM.
I saw how alcohol killed my father. When I first told my husband, and some other friends that I was in alcoholic their first response was to look at me blankly. They, like me, had thought an Alcoholic was someone who drank every day without fail, Someone who was failing in their life, someone who everyone agreed was an alcoholic. I think for so many of us, we have a fixed idea of what an alcoholic is. And that idea does not look like me. That idea is not healthy, successful, engaging, functional… That idea is something further down the path. But what I have said to my husband and my friend is that I am on that path. If I don’t stop now, that is what will happen to me. I will not suddenly magically overnight gain the ability to moderate. I will not suddenly magically overnight be able to have a normal relationship with alcohol. Because I am an alcoholic. One can note that I have come to this realisation before complete rack and ruin. Wonderful. Well done me. But that does not change the fact that am an alcoholic.
When you drink to excess without meaning to, when you put yourself and your children and your friends into dangerous situations because of your drinking, when you choose friendships and social situations based on how much you think you can get away with drinking, when you are not in control… That’s when you know you’re in alcoholic.
Stopping drinking for a while was an obvious thing for me to do, and it felt good. But then I began to wonder “when can I start drinking again”. And that’s when I began to delve into AA literature, because I thought “what the fuck is wrong with me”. I know what this is. I have seen what this is. I saw how it killed my father, how it killed my friend. I do not want this life for me, my husband, my mother, for my children, for my friends and the only way I can do that, the only way I can see to have the life I want to have, is if I stay sober. It is only though talking with other alcoholics that I came to realize how normal, how predictable, how boring this all was.
People told me AA works. People say it’s simple but it isn’t easy. People say the elevator to sobriety is broken take the steps. People say if you aren’t working on your recovery then your relapse is working on you. Okay then. Here I am.
I have attended at least 1 meeting every week for the last year. I have a sponsor and I have worked the steps. I have made inventory and amends. I pray and meditate and seek conscious contact with my Higher Power. The complete transformation that I have achieved in my life is miraculous, but it is not a miracle. It is the result of my own hard work, commitment to the steps of AA and the fellowship of the women and men in AA.
Today my life is good. Being sober has not changed the challenges and joys of living a full and active life. But it has made me better able to participate in it. It has ensured I have turned up when I was supposed to, to support those who needed it, to remember all the joys of my kids in the last year… And it means that when the worry of Covid struck, and the inevitable problems have cropped up at work, or the micro tragedies of life have happened… I have been able to withstand the waves. To breathe through the pain. To keep my side of the road clean. To see my part. To make good and conscious decisions on what to do. I have been able to apologise when I need to, and to avoid bad situations. My sobriety has made me a better person and a better friend. A better wife and a better mother.
In the interest of full disclosure… I should acknowledge that some of my friendships with those who still drink heavily have weakened as our friendships did not withstand the distance I put on them as I stopped going out to bars. My marriage struggled as I gained sobriety – my husband being dragged along on a journey he had not asked for and sometimes he just wanted his freewheeling happy and carefree wife back – a lot of talking and some therapy were very useful. Some days were difficult without the ease of a glass of wine for that instant fix. But I have developed new coping strategies. I have realized I can sing and dance on tables and be flirty and dirty – in appropriate ways – completely sober. And my husband and I have a happy and healthy marriage – one that we both actively work on and contribute to.
But overall? My life is immeasurably better, and my future is strong and bright.
My name is multiformed, and am an alcoholic. And today I have 365 days of continuous sobriety.
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2020.09.08 15:07 kissmekatebush Robert Adaway told his mother that he was looking forward to celebrating his 18th birthday that night, but he was never seen again. [Unresolved disappearance]

On the 9th of June 1982, in a small Scottish town called Thurso, Robert Adaway turned 18. He was described as an intelligent young man, a loner but with a few close friends and an interest in sport. His older brother (20 at the time) called him "someone who won academic prizes but was not particularly practical". He was further described as 5'11'' of slim build with curly dark brown hair and blue eyes. The day of his disappearance he was wearing a dark brown Shetland jumper, brown corduroys, brown shoes, red socks and possibly a blue parka with a hood.
He lived with his mother and father and 20-year-old brother Simon (who all worked at Dounreay power station). He also had a 22-year-old brother called John, but I am unable to find out if he lived in the home at the time. Simon has said in interview that he and Robert had arguments like any siblings but their relationship overall was good. Robert had recently graduated high school and was due to begin at Glasgow University in the autumn.
On the morning of his birthday, his mother gave him a present of his first shaving kit, which he was said to be "delighted" with. He told her he was looking forward to his birthday dinner with the family that night at a local hotel. His mother left the house for work - she would never see Robert again.
Robert left the house some time between 8am and noon. He was asthmatic but left his inhaler at home. Some sources say he was never seen again, such as when his brother told The Daily Record "The police stopped the traffic and had reconstructions and spoke to all the lorry drivers, bus drivers and local people. Nobody had seen him."
However according to the page dedicated to him at Scotland.Police.Uk, Robert was seen several times that day in Thurso by friends and relatives. Thurso is a small town - at the 2011 census, it had a population of just under 8,000, and Robert was often seen by locals out walking his dog, so it is reasonable to assume that a lot of locals would know him by sight.
According to the police site, "There were further possible sightings over the next few days at various places across the Caithness area, many near roads which could mean Robert was hitch-hiking." Some of these sightings mentioned that he had a rucksack.
From public sources, it is not clear who raised the alarm or when, but at some point that day, police began the search. They decided to proceed as if Robert was under 18 year old. They stopped traffic in and out of the area that day while they searched and spoke to locals, particularly looking for how he could have left the area. Police searched the area exhaustively, including the sea coast and quarries. They interviewed local train and bus drivers, an investigated sea lines, but could not ascertain how Robert had left Caithness. Could this point to his body still being there?
Police advertised in papers, put up posters and staged a re-enactment of Robert's last known movements. As far as I can find online, only one photograph of Robert has been released, but it is possible that more were used at the time in articles no longer available.
His brother Simon said that the family did not believe Robert had it in him to disappear secretly or maliciously, however he has speculated that Robert was either killed or committed suicide. He said that he had spoken to Robert the night before and had no reason to believe he was hiding anything. Other sources say Robert was in good spirits that night, but they do not seem to be quoting Simon directly.
A few months later, police told the family that they believed Robert had met with foul play that morning. They wound down the search, but it is still an open investigation to this day. According to the police website, "We recently consulted with the National Crime Agency UK Missing Persons Unit and will continue to work with local officers in Caithness to follow up any potential lines of enquiry which could help find Robert, including new methods which are only available to us now."
The family had a deal with the Department of Social Security to tell them if Robert ever made a claim, but he never did. If he ran away, he likely changed his identity and lived beneath the radar.
In 2018, Robert was declared legally dead, as a formality so that his deceased father's estate could be wound up. Simon Adaway told The Daily Record that he was resigned to never knowing what happened.
Generally speaking, a disappearance comes down to these possibilities: Murder, suicide, willing disappearance, accidental death or kidnapping. Personally I do not believe that Robert has been kidnapped and kept alive, those cases are rare and seem to only involve young children or women.
Things to consider
- The significance - or not - of it being his 18th birthday. It seems to be an extraordinary coincidence that he would disappear on his birthday and first day of adulthood. What could that mean? Did he decide to do something he had never done before to mark the occasion and meet with foul play? Did someone he knew invite him to their house under the pretense of celebrating? Did he find that the future he was facing was unappealing and decide to run away now that he was legally allowed to do as he liked? It is also possible that it was just a coincidence: you are no less likely to be met with foul play on your birthday than on any other day of the year.
- Robert was asthmatic but left without his inhaler. In my mind this shows that he probably did not think he would be out of the house for long.
- Simon openly speculated that Robert may have committed suicide. I mean no disrespect or hurt to the family if they were to ever see this, but personally that stood out to me as unusual. Families of those who commit suicide are often deep in denial, even when there is a body. This makes me wonder if Robert had shown any signs of feeling suicidal before.
- Thurso, Caithness is right on the sea coast. The sea can be the site of suicide, accidental drowning, or hiding a body. However it is worth saying that the police searched the sea coast, and local quarries.
- Thurso is a very small town. Does this make it likely that Robert knew his attacker - if indeed there was an attacker? It also would make it unlikely that there was a ruckus or fight out in the open, because in small towns someone is always watching and Robert was well-known. This might indicate that if Robert met with foul play, it was after he willingly went into someone's house or got into their car.
- Robert was reportedly into sports, he was 5'11'' and 18 years old. If someone attacked and harmed him, they would probably be male and strong.
- It is not impossible that Robert committed suicide, but I think his behaviour points away from it. There is also the matter of how he would have hidden his own body so thoroughly.
- If Robert was killed, where is the body?
On a personal note, I came across this case last night, after reading the post about 3 year old Sandy who disappeared in Scotland. On the page of Scottish missing people, I was struck by the picture of Robert Adaway. The only released picture of him, it is in black and white and struck me as strangely melancholy. He is alone and facing away from the camera. Something about the strangeness of the picture drew me to the case. It is very sad that a young man who seemed to be enjoying his birthday and looking forward to his future probably met with a horrible end that day. The case reminds me of Andrew Gosden, both because of the lack of leads and because of the way both are described as academic but not street smart. I am so sorry that this happened to Robert and his family. I'd hope that maybe someone will one day come forward with something, that a body will be found, or perhaps even a death bed confession will out.
Since the case is old and intense media coverage does not seem to have been the norm at the time, there is not much to speculate on. Personally I would be interested in whether there were any known sex attackers or other disappearances in the area at the time. I would even want to look into whether there was anyone dodgy in Robert's own family, or a local whom Robert may have known and stopped to speak with. I assume police spoke to his close friends, but this hasn't been reported.
My uninformed gut instinct is that Robert was probably lured into a house or car by someone he knew (likely an older man) who killed him with a sexual motive. His birthday may have been involved, i.e. the other man may say something like, "Come with me I'll give you your first legal pint" or something, or "Come to my house I have something for you". His body would probably still be in the area, or the killer may have buried him in the Scottish wilderness. But my speculation is far from informed and I hope this isn't what happened.
What are your thoughts? Does anyone know anything? Does Robert's behaviour point to a suicide or running away? Could he have committed suicide without the body ever being found?
I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing the Adaway family the very best.
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2020.09.07 16:15 tw_wt Sex hidden teen

My mom would often barge into the bathroom when I showered with something ‘urgent’ she had to tell me that couldn’t wait.
She complained about ‘how I never showed myself nude’ after I became a teen. She told me I was unusual, and that it was normal to walk around naked in front of your family. She did that a lot and I have some pretty scarred memories of her bending forward...
She would search my room and when she found pornography hidden under my mattress, she would confront me about it and make me feel uncomfortable and dirty.
She searched my computer and confronted me about a very private conversation I had with a boy and told me I was a whore.
Before I went NC we spent Christmas at my Uncle’s. I borrowed their shower and locked the door obviously. My mother stood there knocking for 10 minutes, telling her 26 year old daughter to get out immediately. I had an anxiety attack in the shower. When I eventually opened, she had forgotten what it was about!
I just had to tell somebody. I just don’t understand her behaviour. Do any of you understand? Can you explain?
Edit: This woman is now a sex therapist, can you believe it. It gives me the creeps.
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2020.09.04 12:31 TheNotOkGirl Sex hidden teen

Hi all, I am hoping to get some advice from you ladies on a mainly 'is this normal' matter, or otherwise maybe enlightening me with some ideas to my issues, or if I may need professional help. I'll put a summary up here, but info below helps fully understand situation.
TLDR: I cannot achieve orgasm through masturbation or sex, I feel I've tried everything and may have to do with not liking my clit touched.
Just for a bit of background on experience etc, I am a young adult, but have been masturbating for a long time and been sexually active since I was 15. From my young teens I was always fascinated by reading up on sexual matters, and reproductive health conditions (I am looking to study medicine, so I am interested in that stuff from a biological point of view) and so I'd say I'm fairly 'clued up' on a lot of basic female anatomical matters. I don't really have a 'normal' amount of times I masturbate, sometimes I do it multiple times a day, sometimes I don't really think about it and go happily for weeks without. I was in a relationship for a year where I lost my virginity, but the relationship wasn't too healthy as I was young and dumb, and I wasn't too attracted to the guy and at the time didn't notice my sexual issues too much. I then had a few hookups/friend with benefits situations, then was in a relationship for half a year in which the guy was quite sexually repressed (wouldn't want to see me naked much, forget foreplay etc). Then more recently a hookup and now may have found a friend with benefits.
However, for the last year or two I've become increasingly bothered by this issue; I cannot orgasm. At all.
I'm not sure whether the issue lies entirely in this, but I'm not really a fan of my clit being touched. I can rub it myself, but it doesn't do much, I may as well be rubbing my arm, even if I am turned on. I do however like putting pressure on it, for example by pressing up really hard against a table edge, and I consider this a part of my masturbation and that's the 'best' feeling I can get from my clit, but it still doesn't get far enough for me to actually orgasm. With another person, I don't like them touching my clit basically at all - it feels like I'm being poked in the eye with a finger, and if I'm getting oral I don't feel it at all if it is licked and it hurts if it is sucked, but not in a 'it's too sensitive' type of way. I don't think I can fault the guy's skills, since there's been a few different ones and I have been with experienced guys who did everything else right, I do genuinely think there's an issue with my clit.
My other main way I masturbate is just using fingers. I try different techniques, positions, very aware where my g spot is. I try different things to turn myself on, like porn, music, images, imagination etc. I got myself a small vibrator and I absolutely hate the feeling of it anywhere. I've tried using 'tingle' lube, but I am quite sure I am allergic to it or something because my god I was on fire (and not in a good way). I get wet very easily, and there is no pain when I masturbate, and it can feel quite nice especially if I first watch porn holding off for a while then go for it, but I can never get to the big O and it feels like I hit a wall because I eventually just get bored, tired or just too sore to carry on.
During sex, fingering is a bit meh - I like it for maybe 2 min if the guy is talented, but I get bored of it. I really do love PIV penetration, that is my favourite sex (duh) thing and I sometimes feel like maybe I get close, but again like with masturbation I just never quite get there. I know what positions I like most and that I do need a fair bit of foreplay before just to lead up, but then I don't really enjoy much foreplay in itself. I also don't have much feeling in my actual vagina, in the sense if I just stick fingers or a penis in there I don't feel it there, and I need the fingering/sex to be quite rough to get any pleasure out of it. I don't think it's anything to do with mental or relationship with the guy thing, because honestly I enjoy my casual sex a lot more than the sex I've had in relationships and a connection doesn't make much difference to me, and I don't feel self conscious about anything and I am very sex positive.
Sorry about the long post, but I've tried researching to find solutions many times, and I just can't seem to find anyone with similar issues. Most people I ask just try to blame the guys' experience, but this is an issue with masturbation too and I don't feel it is their fault. I have never orgasmed in my life, I don't know what one would feel like.
I'm at a complete loss, not sure what to try, or if maybe I have some actual health problems like maybe with the nerves in my clit and vagina or something, or if it is some hidden mental block that I need therapy for. Very grateful for any advice given.
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