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The Wharfedale Diamond has a long history as a budget audiophile favorite, and the Diamond 225 is the best one yet! This small, two-way bookshelf speaker sports a 1-inch (25mm) soft dome tweeter ... Top 10 Best Budget DACs 2020 1. Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Generation) USB Audio Interface DAC with Pro Tools (Editor’s Choice) The Focusrite Scarlett is a dream for heavy-music enthusiasts, especially guitarists, as it is designed to handle high powered guitar pickups. It also has a stereo line that outputs on RCA phono to connect to home speakers and a headphone output equipped with gain control – meaning the sound quality is truly in your hands. Best budget hi-fi speakers Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi?'s round-up of the best budget hi-fi speakers you can buy in 2020. Take the leap into a better world and upgrade your home audio to hi-fi. It's a lot less expensive than you think. There are some brilliant budget hi-fi speakers which will fill your room with sweet stereo music far ... We talked with a handful of audio experts to find out how to get audiophile-calibre sound without emptying your savings account. Here's what they had to say. The A.V. Club Modern home stereo amplifiers include all the things I mentioned above, and much more. Still, in the world of high-quality audio gear, things can get quite expensive, and I mean very expensive. To save you the effort, we’ve rounded up the best stereo amplifiers that are worth your money. Best Home Audio Products For An Audiophile On A Budget We’ve all known at least one of them: audiophiles to whom money is no object. All that matters to them is the eternal search for the very best sound from the very best equipment. Most of us don’t have that luxury, even if we consider ourselves audiophiles. For a budget audiophile system, you shouldn’t have to spend over $300 ($150 for headphones, $150 for a DAC). Increase the budget a little and you’ll find some fantastically competent DACs in the $200-$300 range (Cambridge dacMagic and Sony PHA-1A come to mind). The Cambridge Audio CXC transport is an affordable way to listen to your CDs with precision quality that takes full advantage of an external digital-to-analogue converter. Yup, you'll need your own DAC, but that's why you get this attractive CD transport, which simply reads the data using its single-speed transport and S3 Servo, for under £500 ... The best audiophile headphones in the budget category that we’ve tested are the Philips SHP9500. The over-ear open-backs feature a relatively upmarket, very comfortable design, with well-padded, spacious ear cups and relatively lightweight construction that shouldn’t place too much of a strain on your head.

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This subreddit is for the budget minded audiophile that wants to grow out of soundbars, boomboxes, bluetooth speakers PC branded audio solutions. We focus on education, discussion, and sharing of entry and mid level separate & multi component audio systems. The only bad audio system, is the one you don't enjoy to the fullest.

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Living in the town of Tacoma Creek hasn’t been a breeze these past few months, and it’ll probably never be. Working at a Fast Food restaurant at the edge of town barely gives me enough to pay off my rent and buy the necessities. I never wanted to end up like this, but at age 31 I’ve lost most semblance of hope.
That being said, I thought I had seen it all. I thought my life would go on as usual. That was until I met the old man. Or should I refer to him as it. The man who took 59 Days, 14 Hours, and 31 minutes of my Life.
My first encounter with him was just over Three Months ago. I still remember it clear as day. I had just left my Workplace and headed towards my apartment. I would typically enjoy these walks, since it’d be the only time for relaxation in the day. The time we’re I’d get to reflect on my day and enjoy the peace.
Not Today Though
In the distance, I spotted an old, haggard man walking towards me. Still entranced in my thoughts, I didn’t really pay attention to him. Only when he came near me did I realize how strange this man was.
Now, I’m 6’2 and not easily scared, but something frightened me about this man.
The man seemed odd in a way I could not describe. It was like my mind perceived something else to hide the horrors that lurked behind that illusion. The man was nearly an entire foot shorter than me, and was covered in dirt. He grinned at me with yellow teeth.
“Hello there, no need to harm you. I have a once in a lifetime offer for you,” he said in a voice that did not match his appearance. Just as I tried to move, I found that I was frozen in place. I could not move my body, no matter what.
“Every Hour of your life you sell to me, I give you a Thousand Dollars. It’s an easy way to make money,” he said while passing me over a poster.
I glanced at the Poster
1 Hour of your life
Is worth 1,000 Dollars!
Contact me at XXX-XXX-1001 for more information
Easy Money
I gave him a glare. I was confused at the revelation, put more pissed.
“What the Fuck is this? Are you insane,” I responded. His brows furrowed at the response.
He gave me a look which said, I’ve dealt with this a million times before.
“Well, I know it might sound crazy to you, Eric, but if you want proof, I’ll show you the cash”
How the hell did he know my name
“How do you know my name! Have you been stalking me you Creep. I’ll beat up your ass if you did”
He walked away, off into the silent forest. Just a moment after, he returned with a suitcase. He gave me an empty smile when he returned to the sidewalk.
He wordlessly rubbed off the dirt from his clothes.
He unzipped the suitcase to reveal wads of cash. My eyes widened as I realized how much cash was in the suitcase. If it was real money, there must’ve been at least 30,000 Dollars—more than I would earn in a year.
“You could get this if you sell me a day of your life”
My jaw fell to the floor
“—Is this real money. Is this some kind of joke,” I gawked.
“This is real money. If you prefer a check that’s fine”
“This has to be a joke… you have to be kidding me,” I said in a stunned voice.
“Call the number on the poster if you want more information”. He grinned, before zipping the suitcase back up and walking away.
I didn’t come to my senses until he was well out of sight. My mind raced as I stared, dumbfounded, off into the darkness.
The next day, I went to the Police Station.
Better Safe than Sorry, I thought.
Thankfully, I still had the poster the man had given to me.
I reported that night’s events. I told them I had suspicions that he was part of a drug dealer, or possibly stole the money. They dialed the number, but it was dead.
In return, told me it was probably someone playing a prank, and that they’d keep me updated if anything came up. Of course, nothing came of it. But this wouldn’t be my last encounter.
About half a week after my encounter, things started to go downhill. At first, it would be minor. I would stub my toe, or be late for work. But things would soon escalate.
I could not stop thinking about my encounter. I tried getting rid of the memory, but that would result in me thinking about it more. Just as I was starting to question my wellbeing, I met the man again. That’s how I found out, This was no man, but something unearthly.
I had just left my Workplace at around 9 PM, and was enjoying the peace. That was until I looked up.
I frowned as I realized who it was—the old man. He was still in the same clothes and everything. He still had that grin plastered across his face.
“Hey, I need to talk to you,” I yelled.
His grin grew wider and I started to get unnerved. Now you might call me a pussy for being afraid of a man who couldn’t harm me, even if he tried, but you wouldn’t feel it unless you were there.
I could easily overpower this man, I tried to reassure myself. But I knew, deep down, I was deeply frightened by this man.
“You tried to report me to the police, didn’t you,” he said in a mocking tone.
“Your actions have consequences”
“—What. How do you know?! Imma call the police right now,” I said in a confident tone.
Then I found I could not move, just like last time.
He passed me over another poster.
“Well, I appear to you as an old man, Eric. But I’m not. See, I’m an invisible being—a Ghost in simple terms. But I am not the Ghost that you think of. Instead, I ‘Borrow’ Human bodies. In basic words, you sell me a certain amount of time, and in that time, I live inside your soul and control your every move. In exchange, I give the host goods, luck, or currency. But I do have my limitations”
At this point, I was beyond weirded out
This man was Beyond Crazy
“First off, I can only enter one's soul with their consent. But I can bring misfortunes to those who do not approve of that consent. That brings me to the Second Point. I cannot kill anyone in their misfortunes. But I could cause injuries and suffering”
I was more than pissed off. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
“Are you insane,” I hissed.
He ignored me.
“The Trial shall start in 24 Hours. In the 3 Day Period of your Trial, bad luck shall be attracted to you. The Entity will follow you everywhere you go”. He didn’t specify on what the “Entity” meant.
The man simply smiled and walked away.
I struggled to find words.
What the Fuck was this man’s deal...
I looked at the poster he handed me over:
The Entity will arrive in 24 Hours
Prepare for it
Every Hour of your life you sell to me
You earn 1,000 Dollars!
Contact me at XXX-XXX-1001 for more info
Prepare for revenge
I must’ve looked like a lunatic, because a member of the neighborhood watch came up to me.
“Are you alright,” a woman said, startling me out of my thoughts.
“Ohhh—, yeah I was just heading towards my apartment,” I said as I spun my head.
She gave me an unconvinced look but let me go. She watched me intently as I walked down the street...
The next day, I once again headed towards the Police Station. As I looked at the poster the man had handed me, I noticed something was off.
The Entity will arrive in 11 Hours
I could’ve sworn it was 24 Hours. Eitherway, I wasn’t going to give it much thought.
I handed over the poster to the officers and explained the night's events. The Officers gave me a vague response, leaving me with more questions than answers.
The rest of the day went as usual. I had no encounters with the man and continued with my day—that was until I got to my apartment.
I read the note in Shock; my heart raced.
The Entity has arrived
That’s what the note that was duct taped to my apartment door read.
This man knew where I lived
Did he stalk me?
Suddenly, I felt a presence enter the deepest parts of my Soul. I felt a presence following me.
From my pheripherials, I saw a shadow. The shadow of something otherworldly. I turn around just to see nothing.
I must be going insane...
The rest of the night was spent hiding under my bed sheets on my phone. I couldn’t fall asleep because of that presence. I knew this had to be a sick joke, but I was genuinely frightened at this point. The presence had malicious intentions, and I didn’t want to let my guard down.
2:55 AM
My phone clock read. My eyes we’re getting heavy and I was on the verge of falling asleep. All the caffeine in the world could not cure my tiredness. That’s when it happened.
Like something straight out of a Horror movie, I heard footsteps coming from my kitchen. I don’t live with anyone, so I was naturally terrified.
I tried to reassure myself that the footsteps were coming from the hallway, but I couldn’t bring myself to believe that. See, my kitchen has a creaky floorboard that makes a high pitch squeal every time someone steps on it.
That’s why I nearly pissed my pants when I heard the high pitch squeal I was familiar with.
My mind raced with possibilities:
Had someone broken into my apartment
No, that’s not possible. I didn’t hear a door being opened or anything
No, it’s probably coming from the Hallway
My heart sank to my stomach when I heard things being shattered on the floor. Now I was certain it was coming from my apartment unit.
More things shattered on the floor as I shut my eyes. I was more than horrified.
Then my Door opened…
I didn’t dare open my eyes.
I must’ve eventually fallen asleep, because I awoke to a mess of an apartment. Lamps were broken, plates were shattered, and my furniture was toppled over. Something must’ve done this.
My neighbors had filed a noise complaint. According to them, at around 2:30 they were awoken by a ruckus coming from my room; plates shattering, and things being thrown around. Then, after around 15 minutes, they heard loud scratching. The police came to investigate shortly after.
I told them someone had broken in. I told them someone had destroyed all my belongings in the apartment. But the security cameras on the hallway said otherwise. No one had entered my apartment unit. Along with that, there were no signs of forced entry.
I knew the officer thought I had gone insane and done all this. But I knew something otherworldly summoned by that man did it.
Later that day, I got a call from my boss.
Why is this happening to me
I thought as I pressed the screen to answer the call.
“Eric, we’ve hired a new employee. We won’t need you to come in tomorrow—we won’t be need you ever,” he said while chuckling. I knew he was an asshole, but this enraged me.
He hung up before I could give him a piece of my mind. From there, I had a full on mental breakdown.
Why me
Why the Fuck does it have to be me
For a decade, I’d put up with this Bullshit. And it all resulted in this mess.
One thing I’ve learned these past Two Months is that if anything sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. I found this out the hard way when I met the man for the Third time.
At around Midnight, someone knocked on my door. I lazily walked to the other side of the apartment to open the door.
“No need to harm you, just open the door”
I immediately recognized the voice—it was the old man.
I got out my phone and dialed 9–1–1.
But then I noticed my phone had no reception. It really had to fail on me at the worst possible time.
“That won’t work,” the man said.
How did he know I was dialing the Police
At this point, I was too fed up I simply didn’t care about anything.
I gave up, and decided it’d be best I open the door. I slowly looked through the peephole. As I expected, it was the old man. He was looking right at me.
I opened the door and let him. But this time he was different. His skin somehow resembled plastic—like what a doll is made of.
“My time is nearing its end, and I need another body,” he said in a more raspy voice.
“What do you want from me,” I yelled.
He wordlessly moved to the couch.
“I said what do you want”. I moved to the couch and sat besides him.
“You’ve seen what the entity does, Eric. One day has passed. The next Two Days will be much worse. But, you could end the Trial early. All you have to do is give me life. The twist is that I will choose how long I live inside you. In that time, you could escape life and I will deal with the mess of a life you’ve created. For instance, If I live in your soul for 3 months, you would get 500,000 Dollars in Cash. I would be able to make your life better.”
A tear streamed down my cheek
This was painfully true. Even with Years of hard work, I hadn’t been able to get anywhere. Now I realized, Nothing mattered. I didn’t matter. Nothing had ever mattered.
What was the Point of it all.
“So Eric, do you want to make a deal.”
In a selfish act that I regret, I agreed.
“Good,” he said while grinning. But by then, it was too late. I had made the decision, the decision that ruined my life.
The second I shook his hand, I wasn’t in control of my body anymore. I was still looking through my eyes, but I was just a spectator. I couldn’t control what I did. I was a prisoner in my own body.
Instead of the man falling limp and “Switching” to my body, the man grinned and I felt myself smile back and nod.
That’s when I figured it out.
This Fucking piece of Shit was scamming me
This thing wasn’t a single being. This being could multiply in numbers—reproduce should I say. Except, it would have to reproduce in one's soul.
This didn’t make any sense
I felt myself get off the couch and leave the apartment. The man followed close behind.
It’s been Two Months since then, and many things have happened. It’s been exactly 59 Days that the being has been in Control of me. But I’ve been Brainwashed in a way. See, I no longer have the ambitions and goals that I’d have in my normal life. I’ve become a minion of a single, otherworldly being, that is gaining power at a rapid pace.
In that time, I’ve been able to give more people the once in a lifetime opportunity that I was once given. I’ve become exactly like the man. Shows how much one could change within a Year. A man who I previously thought was insane, is now my Role Model.
All I’m left with is a Suitcase with Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars and the phone I’m typing this out with.
But I’m mainly here to spread the message. Selling some of your life is a great way to get rid of time your going to spend in boredom and in the rush of the everyday rat race. It’s also a great and easy way to make money.
Contact me at XXX-XXX-1002 for more information
And also, don’t forget we’re always here to make life easier for people like you.
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I had a horrible experience last night.
Well, and, the weeks leading up to it were pretty bad too. It all started when I got a DM on my meme page. Rosalina. 356 followers. 3 following. 0 posts. Private account. I opened it.
“Hi, I know this is an odd message to get, but I’m looking for a sugar baby. I will pay you $600 weekly if you take your time and keep me busy. I’m mostly just looking for someone to talk to because I’m lonely. If the first week is what I’m looking for, then I’ll start giving you more. Sound good?”
$600 a week. $31,000. I only make $12,000 a year now with all the classes I’m taking. I got a nervous flutter in my stomach, like I had found a mysterious briefcase full of money in the middle of nowhere. Like she was actively waiting for my response, almost watching me through the white screen, but not saying anything until I took the bait. I requested to follow her and mulled it over once more. $600 a week is more than I could ask for, basically a saving grace. I went for it.
“Uh, yeah I can do that. What do you wanna talk about?”
She replied an instant later.
“Anything hun.”
“Wyd.” I asked. A very compelling and carefully crafted question.
“Nothing. Wby?”
“At my grandparents house playing cornhole. You know those cornhole boards go for $80? I’m thinking about making them for some extra income.”
“That’s nothing babe. You can buy all the cornhole boards you want now.”
“Haha I guess you’re right.”
“Text me babe. (xxx)xxx-xxxx”
I checked her profile. Still hadn’t accepted my request. I had a dark thought that this was all a scam, which it certainly could be. For all I know, there could be a saggy, wrinkly faced old man with sunken eyes and heavy bags, key lit by a phone screen talking to me. Probably in a dark messy room with stained beige carpet, and missing sections of wall that revealed the lathe. But no way an old man could get a follow ratio like that. Only women could pull that off. With no photos either, just a plump round behind in the profile picture.
“I’ll text u when I get home.” I said
“Ok hun.”
I was messaging her on the stairs. I really was at my grandparents house playing cornhole, and here I was selfishly being a sugar baby. Not once have I ever thought about or fantasized about being a sugar baby. My sister and her boyfriend walked up to me.
“Whatcha doing brother?”
“Nothing” I said, “some lady is trying to get me to be her sugar baby.”
“Whatttt. Nuh uh.” she said
“Yuh huh.” I said, “she wants to pay me $600 a week just to talk to her.”
My sister’s face twisted.
“Hmmm. What do you think Ava would think of it?”
her boyfriend let out a little laugh
I hadn’t even thought of that. What a shitty boyfriend I was. Ava would probably not like it, and I wouldn’t try and hide something like that. Because if she found out it would seem highly suspicious. Most people equate sugar baby to sex. But Rosalina did say all she wanted to do was talk.
“Oh yeah.” I said, “Well nevermind. This seems like a bad idea.”
“I wish I could find a sugar mama.”
My sister reflexively turned and slapped her boyfriend.
“Ouch babe. Only if it was you, baby.” and they walked away.
I typed Rosalina’s number into my phone to call her and tell her I couldn’t do it. But after a few tones I panicked and hung up. Fuck, I thought. I’ll just DM her and then immediately block her. So I wrote a quick message: “Sorry, I understand your offer, but I don’t know how my girlfriend would feel about this, even if it was strictly platonic. Sorry again.” I hit send, and blocked her. She never accepted my follow request. And even though I blocked her, a new message came though.
When I got home I got a phone call from Rosalina. I forgot that I had rung her and didn’t block the number afterward. I blocked her and looked up the area code. Chicago.
After that strange things started happening. I got a random call from another Chicago number. I picked up out of sheer boredom and answered in an old lady’s voice.
“Hi.” I squeaked
“Man quit fucking with me.” he said jokingly
“You ugly as hell quit playing man.”
“Whaaat do yoooouuuu neeeed?”
“This Martin?” he asked
And I answered in my real voice.
“Nope. You got the wrong number bud.” and chuckled
“Aw shit. My bad.”
And he hung up.
I started to get a lot of random calls from people in Chicago. One time it was old lady, and she thought I was a friend of hers because I did the old lady voice, and we talked about her grandkid’s senior year in highschool. Another time it was a woman yelling and screaming about me cheating on her, and how I was using a fake voice to avoid her. Another time it was a child calling me to ask for a change of pants at school because he wet himself and everyone was laughing at him.
Then my neighbor started parking her matte black jetta in front of my driveway at night, next to the streetlamp. Blocking my driveway completely, and she only ever did it at night. During the day she parks it in her driveway. One morning I asked her why she was doing it, and she looked at me nasty.
“Don’t talk to me.” she said, and jogged away with her dog.
These little stressors were getting to me. Just mundane, inconvenient occurrences. At least I could find a way to make a good time out of the phonecalls, but what if I had to go to the hospital some night, and my neighbor’s car was in the driveway and I forgot, and hit it while backing out? It was just uncool. And the thing is, it REALLY started to drive me crazy, and I’ll explain why. When I first moved in I had these awesome, fully functional wooden french blinds, the kind with long horizontal slats that flip open or closed by pulling on a string. And on the first night my cat cut one of the strings. So the bottom half of the blinds in my bedroom won’t close. They just dangle open like the spine was ripped straight out of them. So when I lay in bed I can see out of the window and across the street.
My driveway is quite long, so it’s very dark from my house to the street, and the streetlight had already been bothering me. Sometimes I can’t close my eyes all the way when they’re fully relaxed, I think it has to do with me taking my contacts out before bed (I get one day lenses). They open slightly and I have to consciously force them closed, which makes it harder to fall asleep. And I can see the damn streetlight. And I can’t sleep on my other side because I have a bad shoulder from a climbing injury, and if I sleep on it I’ll wake up in the middle of the night in extreme pain. And the only way I can stop it is to hold my arm straight up for a few minutes until it goes away. But now that my GODDAMN NEIGHBOR PARKS HER CAR IN FRONT OF MY DRIVEWAY, her car reflects the street lamp and there are two lights now. I lie in bed and it takes forever to fall asleep because I just end up looking at these lights in the darkness.
So one night when I couldn’t sleep, I got my slim jim (a tool for opening cars through the gap in the window and door, I got it off amazon with a lock picking kit) and was gonna go move her car myself. I figured her fab was close enough since she didn’t have much of a yard and I could start it with the ignition button. I was gonna move it no matter what. I imagined getting a bulldozer from a development down the street and crushing her car to a pulp. (Most of the time the ignition for heavy machinery can be fooled with a flathead screwdriver) But as I got to the top of the driveway her car wasn’t blocking there. It was all nestled up in her driveway. I had been so angry about the stupid lights that just assumed both of them were there, so my brain connected the dots and I saw the other light. It was 3 am. I was tired.
I went to sleep and pulled the sheets over my head, and SHE MOVED HER CAR BACK. I don’t know how or why, but sure enough I could see two little balls of light haloed through the stitching.
After school the next day I came home and caught my neighbor outside.
“Hey,” I said
“Don’t fucking talk to me.”
“I’m sorry. I don’t know what I did to you.”
“I know your game. You created a ruse so that you could get in with me, and now you’re watching me every night.”
“I, uhhh, what?”
“You made up the car thing so you could talk to me. Well don’t talk to me.”
I was taken aback. This bitch is crazy. I got mad.
“YOU’VE been parking YOUR car in front of MY driveway. EVERY FUCKING NIGHT.”
She looked stunned.
“Are you freaking psycho? My car has been broken down, asshole. Go fuck yourself and don’t talk to me.”
Astonished, I pulled into my driveway.
The audacity of that woman. She must’ve had some secret to hide. Why would she so vehemently deny something undeniable? Again, random calls and a lying neighbor are not the worst things, an inconvenience at worst. But the name calling, the utter arrogance of that woman, the fact I couldn’t sleep, and the phone calls were all adding up, and the weird thing is the calls started coming from St. Louis. I picked up the first call normally because I expected the buttdials to come from Chicago.
A teenage guy was on the other end.
“Yo we ready.” he said
“For what?” I asked
“Come by like we said.”
He paused.
“Wait, say, what’s your name?”
I told him my real name, an in-the-moment accident, “Bob Suede.”
“Fuck you whoever you is.”
His tone changed immediately.
“Baton Rouge ass, ugly ass ‘BoB-Bi SwAdE’ ass boy.”
And he hung up.
That was the first time anyone had recognized the error in my area code. But the guy must’ve known that I was from Baton Rouge before he called. The calls from Chicago were one thing, because somehow it was all correlated with Rosalina. I only started getting them after I blocked her number, but now they were coming from St. Louis. So she must’ve had connections somewhere in the cellular communications industry, how I don’t know. Usually it would be telemarketers and not random people.
Then I got another call from St. Louis. This time it was a woman, and she was sobbing.
“WHHHYYYYY? How could you do this? HOW COULD YOU!”
And she let out a horrible wail, crying loudly and making mucusy noises.
“Ma’m,” I replied “I don’t know who you are but you need to calm down and tell me your name.”
Another long wail, followed by more gurgling and wet tears.
“Ma’am please calm down. You called the wrong number. I’ve been getting-”
“WHY WOULD YOU KILL MY BABY. my little baby!” Now she was shrieking, letting out the most horrific scratches, and erupted, “I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU AND PUT YOUR ASS IN JAIL BOB!”
How in the hell…
She was huffing now, heavy and on the verge of hyperventilating.
She screamed and I Imagined a frighteningly skinny, beady eyed woman on the other end, face wet and slimy with snot and tears, the end of her phone almost in her mouth.
She let out a final declaration, “AHHHHHHGGGG”
And hung up.
In the stress of the phone call I had dug my short fingernails quite far into my palm, and it was purple and pierced with little crimson indentations. How did she know my name though? Bob is a pretty common name I suppose, but it seemed too good of an explanation to be true.
The strange calls kept coming, but the interval between them increased. A few days went by and I still couldn’t get any sleep. My pathological liar and nuisance of a neighbor kept parking her car in front of my driveway. My shoulder still ached. I got a facemask and this helped a little. But I still had the urge to peek underneath it and stare at the lights, just to make sure they were there. And I was mad too. I was fixated on them. Two floating blobs of light, a couple inches apart, highlighting leaves, wavering. Surrounded by darkness. Fuck her.
I started to get calls from Memphis, one guy was running from the police and begging me to come save him. A trans hooker tried to convince me to snort blow off her nipples. A kid called and asked me to walk to Tom Lee river park, to which I replied “I don’t live by Tomb Lee riverpark, I live next to Parkview Park.”
Which was true. And he said,
“See ya Mr. Brown.”
And hung up. Fucking weird shit. I certainly didn’t have caller ID for my phone. As for the lights, I got one of those hunting cameras that has an automatic trigger and set it up at the end of my driveway, to prove to my neighbor that she was insane.
The next day I got a call from Jackson Mississippi, and now I’m scared. It was the lady from before, bawling her eyes out. Blubbering through mucus and slop.
“Listen lady. I don’t know how you got my number or my name but I DON’T KNOW YOU.”
“YOOOUUU KILLLLLLED MY BABBBBYYYYY.” she screamed. She sounded like she was simultaneously being shredded apart by a bear, or running from a murderer yelling for help. Any number of dark, twisted things. The images I imagined were horrible. A fat, plump woman, blouse wet with tears and stuck to her skin, her saggy breasts covered in blood, a grey veiny baby in a crib. Her horrible sobbing, her soaking face, runny with makeup and excretions, a trembling, convulsing mouth shrieking into the end of the phone.
I fumbled to end the call, my screen protector making it impossible to press the red button. In the scramble I heard her yell one last, barely coherent thing: “I’M COM-? SU?DE!”
Committing what? Coming Suede? No. Couldn’t be. She said she was committing suicide. Her baby died or she was crazy. It’s my lack of sleep and that sugar mom lady put my number on a spam call list, or she posted my number to instagram and had her followers call me. She only knows people in a certain range. From Chicago and down south. Lots of people happen to have family spread out along the Mississippi River. Grandparents in the north and grandparents in the south, and all their kids spread in between.
I need to sleep, I thought. And I couldn’t have made a worse decision.
Before I went to sleep, I turned the lights off and got on my laptop to check the hunting camera footage from the night before. I got a couple videos. One of a cat. Some sneaky possums. A homeless woman early in the morning. But no matte black jetta.
I felt a chill run down my spine. I felt a fluttering in my stomach.
I slowly closed the laptop and reluctantly peered through the hole in the blinds. The lights were there. Two of them.
Just to be sure that I wasn’t being an insane dickhead, and falsely accusing my neighbor on the basis of a reflection, I put in my contacts and checked.
What I saw was not two blobs of light. It was a woman’s eyes. Her face was pressed hard against the window. She was sobbing horribly and spattered mucus all over the glass.
“YOU KILLED MY BABBBBYYYYY” she yelled, and she slammed her phone against the window. It was Rosalina’s profile on instagram.
And then the glass cracked.
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It would seem that Vicarious has successfully landed THPS 1+2, and I can only hope that this means there's potential that they'll be given the opportunity to make their own original title in the THPS franchise.
Before THPS 1+2 was announced, I laid out my vision for what the next original iteration in the THPS series could be. It would draw inspiration from an unlikely source - the latest HITMAN games, of all things (for reasons I will explain in a moment), but given that Vicarious Visions seems to have found success in resurrecting the original game play formula of the first 4 THPS games, then most definitely Tony Hawk's World Tour would use that model as well.
As far as how HITMAN factors in, it's in the way the levels are presented. Although HITMAN 2016's publisher-related troubles undermined the grand scheme behind the way the game was to be presented, and although HITMAN 2 still didn't quite iron out that scheme, the idea is still there and it's still good - a single launch platform that new levels and content can be added to at any time. Not exactly a novel concept, but HITMAN's approach to it is about as seamless as it gets, and I think that very concept could transfer over to THPS beautifully.
(My original post, copied below, is from before THPS 1+2 was announced, so some ideas may actually already be represented in that game - repeating them is unintended.)
Simplified Premise- Tony Hawk's World Tour won't tell a story. It will be about beating the levels, as per the originals. Yes there will be competition events to attend and so on, but the throughline of the game is simply progressing each level and increasing your skill points (or cash) to unlock new customization options. The main levels are faithful to those of the original few games - Amalgamations of cities, landmarks or other interesting locales, each with its own gimmick (such as LA's Earthquake or Warehouse 2's Helicopter, etc) and unique set of challenges alongside the standard challenges. The competitions you can enter are leaderboard-based where you have to beat AI skaters by earning the most points by the end of the event. The "end game" is simply unlocking everything at which point you'll be rewarded with a trip to a secret level.
The game would ship with a healthy serving of levels, and more would be added over time - either purchased individually, or through a season-pass system. Add-On levels would include brand new levels as well as remakes of classic levels (and with THPS 1+2 existing, there's already a large pool to serve from).
The game would also feature "live events", perhaps coinciding with the X - Games - for instance, a live, Tony Hawk's World Tour bracket tournament that is checked in on from time to time, culminating with a final face-off against the man himself, Tony Hawk (assuming he's any good at the game, lol).
The game would also include seasonal treatments as is popular with many modern games, with seasonal items being released and some levels receiving a light dressing of seasonal decorations or even challenges (smash 10 pumpkins, collect 20 gifts, etc).
Level Completion/Skill Rating- Level Completion and Skill Rating are complimentary scoring systems that reward the player with unlocks at certain milestones.

  1. Level Completion is (obviously) self contained within each level - as you complete challenges specific to a certain level, you will unlock things that are exclusive to that level, such as alternate starting locations, maybe even weather effects or time of day changes and ultimately the ability to modify that level in the Map Editor.
  2. Skill Rating is tracked across your entire career and unlocks rewards that carry across different levels, such as character clothing/accessories, or even new skins or characters to play as, as well as skate board designs, hardware upgrades for better performance, etc.
  3. Your Skill Rating increases as your Level Completion increases. In other words, as you complete challenges within a level, Level Completion increases, unlocking level-specific rewards, but at the same time, your overall Skill Rating increases, unlocking non-level specific rewards. This system allows the player to constantly increase their Skill Rating by playing on any map at any time, instead of forcing them to grind a level to completion in order to earn better wheels for their skate board or whatever. Each level having its own unlocks is a way of rewarding the player for completing all of the challenges on a level, without blocking overall campaign progress if they choose not to or get stuck on particularly difficult challenges.
  4. Trick scoring within a session does not directly contribute to Skill or Level Completion - it contributes toward Score Challenges. "Earn 100,000 points in a Single Session", for example - once you've completed that challenge, you can't complete it again. However, every time you beat your high score beyond the final score Challenge (earn 1,000,000 points in a single session, for example) you will be rewarded with a decent amount of bonus Completion/Skill Points, so you always have incentive to try to improve your high score.
Challenges- Challenges are based on just about anything you can think of, and broken up into categories - very much like Hitman. There will be many, many different challenges, most being relatively easy or moderate with only a small handful being very difficult.
  1. Skill Challenges: "Complete 5 900* rotations off a Vert Ramp" or "Manual for 60 seconds straight" or "Perform a 6 trick combo in 20 seconds". That kind of stuff, and much much more.
  2. Exploration Challenges: "Discover All Hidden Areas", "Unlock All Alternate Starting Locations", etc.
  3. Collection Challenges: "Collect each letter of the word SKATE", "Collect every Hidden Vintage Skate Tape", "Wall Ride Each Graffiti Tag", "Collect the Hidden Deck", etc.
  4. Expert Challenges: A small handful of very hard challenges in their own category, a category that serves its own unique reward for completion. These challenges might include time-based trick attack or performing a specific sequence of tricks in a combo. Failing to complete this small handful of Expert Challenges won't impact your overall progress apart from the fact that you won't achieve 100% level completion, and you won't earn the unique reward locked behind the challenge (maybe it's a unique skate board design or something like that).
  5. Required Challenges: A minimum number of points earned through these Challenges must be earned in order to unlock the next level - "Collect SKATE", "Earn at least XXX Trick Points", "Perform this Special Trick", and "Collect the Hidden Deck".
  1. Menu Layout: Nigh-identical to Hitman, locations are sorted by location in the world - Country>City>Map. Each available Country is represented by a tile in a horizontal scrolling list. Enter the Country, see each available City, also in a horizontal scrolling list. Enter the City, see each map or map variation that's available - for example, New York City might have a subway-based map, a skate-park based map, a Competition-based map, etc.
  2. Starting Points: Each map will have a varying number of alternative Starting Points to select when you launch a level. This helps you approach Challenges in different areas in new sessions without needing to retread the same route over and over again.
  3. Special Trick: Each map will have a singular Special Trick challenge, in which you must perform a certain trick in a certain spot to complete. This is effectively like the magazine covephoto shoot challenges in skate.
  4. Size/Design: Design is very similar to maps from the first 4 games - self contained levels. They will be larger than the original maps with more to do, but they are very decisively NOT open-world maps.
Game Play- It is essential in my mind that the series, at least with this title, returns solidly to its roots in terms of the feel of the game. I know they tried to do that with THPS5, but they ruined it by trying to do too many other things at the same time. Tony Hawk's World Tour will feel, mechanically, while you're actually skating around the levels, virtually identical to THPS 2. New features will be added but fundamentally the game is very old school. (Just a reminder that I wrote this before THPS 1+2 was announced)
  1. Rewind- Rewind is an ability that is unlocked after completing the Four Core Challenges of each map, meant to be used for subsequent playthroughs and challenge completion. You will have the ability to rewind up to 10-15 seconds (or whatever the proper length is, determined by play testing), at certain points. For instance, you're just trying to make a certain jump to access a Hidden Tape. You don't want to have to skate all the way back around the entire map to get to the launch point, so as long as you haven't exceed that 10-15 seconds you can simply rewind time and try again. Rewind will automatically disable itself if your current combo exceeds the time limit (you can't rewind to the middle of a combo, but you can rewind to a point before you began the combo).
  2. Cheats- Cheats will be included, of course. Perfect Balance, Moon Gravity, Super Ollie, Double Speed, etc - lots of fun stuff to play around with. Challenges are disabled when using cheats, but perhaps there could be a category of Challenges to complete certain score milestones while using cheats like Moon Gravity or Double Speed.
  3. Online Function- Online play is strictly separate from Single Player. If you want to play with others, you still go through the Locations menu the same, but when choosing a location, you can select Single Player, Split Screen, or Online from a drop-down menu. Your Single Player experience is your own, there is no online intrusion whatsoever - not scores, not anything, UNLESS you toggle the option to view/participate in Online leaderboards for a Single Player level.
  4. Physics- Back to basics. There's an unwritten rule that every game must use advanced physics and ragdolls, but if you can't do it right, don't try. Canned animations for falls may look a little goofy, but with today's technology it could be possible for the developer to simulate ragdoll effects for various geometry collisions/falls, and then make the best results of that simulation into canned animations, resulting in something not as good as real-time rag doll physics, but leagues better than 100% canned animations that play regardless of context.
  5. Camera- Standard third person camera very much like the original games. Better designed, of course, so it doesn't get stuck or clip through things like it used to - but the perspective will be the same. A cinematic camera mode is also available to switch to and will work like something out of GTA, switching between far and wide shots, overhead shots, and even an up-close shot as if a cameraman is skating alongside you- Fish Eye lens and everything.
Music/Second Screen Inter-connectivity-
  1. The Default Play List is Licensed Music which will include modern songs as well as fan favorites from past games, assuming licensing can be acquired.
  2. The Second-Screen Experience will be an App that connects to the music library on your device, and plays the songs back through your TV, starting them when the level starts and fading them out at the end of the level... assuming streaming the music through your game console can actually be done. Otherwise you'll just have to use headphones or plug your device into your stereo.
  3. The game can also access music on your console and either play it exclusively, or mix it in with the stock music already in the game.
Unlocks/Customization/Equipment Upgrades-
  1. Unlocked Items include many things, from different colors of Grip Tape or wheels, different deck designs, upgrades trucks/bearings, shoes, pants, shirts, jewelry/accessories, headwear, etc. All things to make your Skater unique to your own preference.
  2. Customization does not end with simply dressing your skater how you want. You can adjust your character's physical appearance manually, choose from presets, or even select from a slew of Pro Skaters or other Celebrities, even fictional Characters if you wish. Most of these have to be unlocked via challenges/points, some may be hidden behind cheat codes that can only be discovered by putting together clues found in the levels.
  3. Equipment Upgrades are pretty straight forward. Better wheel bearings allow you to roll faster and coast longer (requiring less pushing), better trucks allow for better handling and more effective tight/loose adjustments, different size wheels for different applications, better grip tape for better stability, better shoes for overall control, etc.
Character Stats- Your Stats are broken into simple categories and will naturally improve as you play - no manual input involved, although you can boost/mitigate Character Stats by adjusting your Skate Board's equipment.
  1. Strength: Determines how high you're able to Ollie, the power of your pushing (how fast/far you go on a single push which is also affected by your skate board equipment), and your recovery speed from a spill. If you find that your character is too strong and you're moving too fast, you can change to softer wheels to slow yourself back down. Adjusting the skate board can also reduce/increase Ollie height if desired.
  2. Balance: How long/easily you are able to Stall, Grind, Hand Plant, Manual. You can level this stat up to the point where it becomes very easy to maintain balance.
  3. Proficiency: The higher your Proficiency, the snappier the response to your trick inputs. Meaning, transitioning in and our of grabs or flips will be faster and board flips will be as well.
Skate Tapes (Photo/Video Editor)- A built in Photo/Video Mode allows the player to record segments of game play, then go back and edit camera angles/focal length, lighting, and so on to either take amazing still photos, or even record clips.
  1. Photos: Photos can be edited as magazine covers. Players can also select from a stylized hand printed version of their gamertag/username that can be placed onto a photo as an "autograph" and then send it to their friends. This feature can be used to brag about performing a difficult trick, or just to share fun moments.
  2. Videos: Individual clips can be saved and uploaded, OR compiled into a professional-looking Skate Tape combined with music. These Skate Tapes will only be about 2 to 3 minutes long and will feature templates for the player to choose from and insert clips into (doing most of the editing work automatically), or they can manually edit the entire thing. Results may vary of course, but you will be able to achieve results that look eerily similar to real-life skate tapes. These Skate Tapes can then be uploaded directly to Social Media/YouTube or saved to a storage device/cloud.
  3. In-level items (like floating Hidden Tapes and that kinds of stuff) can be toggled off in either Photo or Video mode.
  4. Chill Mode is a perfect way to create your best Skate Tape, but you can always save clips from incidentally awesome tricks performed while attempting to complete the level.
  5. Invite a friend to your session, either Online or Split-Screen, and have them be your camera man for a more natural feel (they will be sort of automatically towed along behind you so they can focus on aiming the camera)
DLC/Add-Ons- The layout of the level selection, like Hitman, will allow the Developers to add entirely new locations, add new levels to existing locations, or even add variants of existing levels such as changing up the placement of ramps and objects or hosting a Tournament Event including grand stands and flood lights and stuff like that. These additional maps can be released as Season Pass DLC or sold individually for a price adjusted based on the size of the content.
Split Screen: Up to 4 Players can play in a Split Screen Session. Challenges are disabled. Player collisions may be enabled or disabled based on player preference. Modes include:
  1. S-K-A-T-E: Each player must perform a trick combo set by the previous player. If they fail, they earn a letter. Earn all 5 letters and you lose. You can set the required trick combo by performing the required combo and adding something new at the end.
  2. Score Challenge: A timed session, player with the most points by the end wins.
  3. Trick Attack: A list of specific tricks that must be performed. First player to land them all wins.
  4. Tag: Skate around and try to crash into another player to TAG them. Each player starts with 100 points. Those points are slowly drained whenever they are "It". When a player hits zero, finishing positions are determined based on points remaining.
  5. Tournament: A Skating Event in an official arena, each player has multiple rounds to earn points. The player with the highest aggregate score at the end of the tournament wins.
  6. Chill: Just Skate and have fun.
Online: All of the same modes from Split Screen are available here. Two additional, online-exclusive modes are also available. Max players allowed is determined by the type of event. Player collisions may be enabled or disabled by voting. Players may be ejected from the session by voting. Online mode has its own set of challenges that DO NOT have ANY impact on Single Player. You can achieve 100% in Single Player without touching Online.
  1. Live Tournament: In some way, you will have to officially enter the tournament - this should be free, but there will be a way to claim a spot based on merit in order to weed out the 3 year olds or other people who just roll around bumping into things. You will be matched up against another skater, and the winner of that round moves to the next bracket, until there is only one remaining - the winner, who will be rewarded with a one-on-one session against famous or notable THPS players like Tony Hawk himself, or other pro skaters, celebrities and so on. This final match will be broadcast during the X Games or other major events.
  2. Skate Fest: 50 players all compete at once as a clock counts down, eliminating the player with the lowest score every 60 seconds. When half of the players have been eliminated, the elimination interval changes to 30 seconds. When only 5 remain, the interval is 15 seconds until there is only one player left. The maps will be jammed full at first, but thankfully player collision is off and their characters will be translucent, interfering minimally with your experience. Their impact on the environment will only appear in their instances as well.
submitted by Left4DayZ1 to THPS [link] [comments]

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