Do gynos do std testing

Pain (especially when a person gets too little or too much treatment) Parkinson’s disease. Seizures. Strokes or “mini-strokes” (TIAs) Other issues, like cancer and problems with the heart ... Unfortunately, in August of '07 I got the symptoms back, but they were less extreme. While I was tired, I could still function normally. However, since then I have had more symptoms including: Fatigue (no matter how much sleep I get, I always wake up tired) Headaches (have gotten steadily worse from when started in September '07. Confusing urethra symptoms..please help... Straight 29M, 147lbs, 5’10, Asian, Urethra discomfort, no medical issues, one drink a day, vape, no drugs Incident: Received oral sex (mouth to penis) for about 10 seconds. The term "sundowning" refers to a state of confusion occurring in the late afternoon and spanning into the night. Sundowning can cause a variety of behaviors, such as confusion, anxiety, aggression or ignoring directions. Sundowning can also lead to pacing or wandering. Sundowning isn't a disease, but a group of symptoms that occur at a specific time of the day that may affect people with dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease. Please call your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning to you. Call 911 or call ahead to your local emergency facility: Notify the operator that you are seeking care for someone who has or may have COVID-19. Confusing Symptoms, =/ ((help, please??)) Hi, First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I am a 20 year old female and all I know is that a year ago I was healthy. Now a days, not so much. Re: Confusing Symptoms [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ Neurology and Neurosurgery Forum ] [ FAQ ] Posted by CCF Neurology MD on March 19, 1998 at 10:04:26: In Reply to: Confusing Symptoms posted by Barb H. on March 04, 1998 at 06:47:03: : This is a summary of a previous post(& part answer) of Feb 5, Confusing Symptoms - Barbara Thank you for your answer from last month. There are 10 early signs and symptoms of dementia, including misplacing things, difficulty solving problems, and confusing times and places. Learn about the other signs in this article. If your confusion is caused by dehydration, drinking water or electrolyte drinks can help relieve your symptoms. However, confusion due to a head injury requires immediate medical attention. If...

2020.09.20 00:46 Miacarlson Confusing symptoms please help

So ive been dealing with burning while peeing, burning in urethra even when I'm not going to the bathroom, pressure in bladder and urgency, painful sex, mainly it makes my urethra burn or it hurts deep inside and after sex my pee will come out very slowly, like it doesn't want to come out. Also I'm severely constipated and I walk a lot at work and lately it feels like my lower abdomen is becoming inflamed. Like something in therr is becoming inflamed and it makes my lower stomach feel bloated and will hurt at the slightest press on it, mainly on my left side. It only really happens if I'm walking for a long time. I'm not sure what's going on. But this all started about 6 months ago. Which I initially thought was a uti and at the beg. I guess I did really have one but I was on 3 different antibiotics and the symptoms were not going away. I was retested for uti and then it came back negative. Then they did a CT scan to see if I had kidney stones and that was negative too. Then i went to see a gyno, got std tested and pap smear and everything came back good. Im just at a loss and this pain is so aggravating. Also another 2 signs/symptoms im having which I'm not sure if they are related or not is very heavy menstrual cycle (not too painful though) but blood will litterally run down my legs and blood clots constantly come out some the size of a 50 cent piece. And this last period I sat on the toilet and pushed and blood shot out like a damn squirt gun. Also I started having heavy discharge abouta year a half ago(before that it wasnt a problem) now there's a big difference and its a lot more than it use to be. Idk im so confused. Most of my symptoms have to do with my bladder or female organs or my colon.
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2020.09.13 05:07 RikiLeigh Do gynos do std testing

This started just after Thanksgiving 2018. I have had a near-constant ache on my left upper quadrant, almost in the middle of abdomen, but slightly (about an inch or two) to the left, just under my breast bone. The ache is nothing unbearable, and I would say I experience it 3-5 days out of the week. So not every single day, but most days. The ache radiates into my back, straight through in the same area in my back as I’m my abdomen.
I went to urgent care in early December 2018 after I couldn’t alleviate the ache on my own.The physician did an X-ray to check for blockages, and it came back clear, and an h. pylori sample which was negative. She also did CBC and CMP work up, and everything was perfect. She sent me on my way with prescription antacids and I was hopeful her diagnosis of gastritis would be resolved. Spring 2019 comes around and I’m still having the ache, so I schedule with my PCP who does another set of blood work, and everything was perfect again. He just changed the prescription antacid to a different one. Fast forward a few months and the pain persists. I decide to try a chiropractor for the back ache, he does another set of xrays, it’s all clear again, does his adjustments, but still no relief. I see a gastroenterologist in Fall 2019, she orders more bloodwork, perfect results again thankfully, and an ultrasound. The ultrasound checked everything in the abdomen; spleen, liver, abdominal aorta, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys, stomach, intestines, uterus, colon...I’m talking top to bottom, and again everything was totally unremarkable on the ultrasound. Gastro changed meds again, made me keep a food journal with nothing specifically setting off my symptoms, But the ache was still there. Early January 2020, I mentioned all this to my gyno who ordered another ultrasound, again everything looked great. She recommended follow up with gastro. Gastro ordered a CT scan in March 2020, with and without contrast. Fortunately everything was again “unremarkable”, so she ordered an endoscopy scheduled for April. Then enters Covid and that gets rescheduled. By the time they opened up for elective procedures again, i find out that I’m pregnant and obviously can’t do the endoscopy. First trimester bloodwork looks perfect and STD panel was clear as well.
I guess my point of all this is to ask if GERD/gastritis would go on for this long? Would a stomach ulcer feel like this? Is the back ache associated? No antacids, prescription or OTC, helped, and no OTC anti-inflammatory meds helped either. My gastro says I should just be content with the good test results, but does that mean I’ll deal with this pain forever? Any insight is appreciated!
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2020.09.12 16:56 UniqueUserName_93 Do gynos do std testing

As the title explains... throughout our relationship, he assaulted me several times, A and V. I told my therapist, she suggested going to my gynecologist for an exam since once he made my cervix bleed. I contacted my gyno's nurse and she told me to go to the ER since they have rape kits and the regular office doesn't. Thing is, since we broke up, I've taken a dozen+ showers, cleaned under my nails almost daily, and changed underwear every morning. There's no proof that he assaulted me unless there's internal trauma.
If I go to the ER, it'll show up on my parents' insurance bill and they'll definitely question me about it. The problem with that is I'll have to admit that I had sex and I live in a very sex negative house. I don't doubt that I'd get a beating (at the minimum.) I got smacked in the face when they found out that my first boyfriend "tried" to force himself on me (I only told them that he tried, not that he actually succeeded)
I don't know what to do. I want an STD test, an internal trauma test, the whole 9 yards, but if I go to the ER, besides the insurance issue, they're going to want to call in a counselor who is going to press charges and I can't let this become public because like I said, sex negative household. I really don't know what to do...

TLDR: I was sexually assaulted, can't go to the ER for reasons above, want internal trauma/STD tests done but gyno won't/can't do them.
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2020.09.11 00:50 scaredthrowaway9117 Do gynos do std testing

Cross Post from herpes
Hey guys. I have been dealing with what I think might be herpes for a long time now and really just desperate for any input. Thank you so so much for anyone that takes the time out to read this. So, it starts from when I was 8 years old. I had a TERRIBLE outbreak on my lips and an urgent care, dermatologist and Pediatrician all visually diagnosed me with herpes.(no blood tests, no swab tests EVER).So from 8-22 I lived my whole life thinking I had herpes. Until, I had another TERRIBLE breakout at 22 (pictures from that outbreak
So, I went to a different dermatologist and she said she doesn't even think its herpes (still no tests done) was finally given a medication that worked for me (Eucrisa) opposed to valacyclovir which Ive been taking for years at this point. I took it upon myself last October to do one of those online STD blood and urine tests and turns out Im negative for both HSV types (I know this isn't reliable). Now we get to today, it started about March this year I noticed a boil like thing on my thigh and kind of left it alone until last week where I went to a dermatologist and got it removed for a biopsy. I don't think this has anything to do with herpes since how long it was on my body & appearance but just including it for context (pictures before and after the biopsy
I had a risky encounter exactly 19 days ago (August 21st) We used a condom at first but then he took it off without my knowledge. Almost immediately I felt like I had symptoms, like swollen lymph nodes, nerve pain, tingling, burning, etc but that was on and off and about 2 weeks ago which now I genuinely think was me convincing myself that I was feeling that. I was feeling itchy and raw and had a little bit of an odor so I went to the gyno and she said she can definitely see yeast and bacteria. She prescribed me a single dose Yeast pill (I don't remember the name) and the 5 day Metro-gel for bacteria. Fast forward to today, its been a week since I finished the Metro gel treatment (last day was Sept 4th) I was outside walking and noticed an itchy feeling. For context, the night before I worked out and didn't shower afterwards (bad I know but had no choice) and then today I was walking outside when It was really humid and went in a tanning booth while already sweating. I also have a hemorrhoid and have been using preparation H so didn't think much of it. When I got home I decided to shower and shave down there before I inspected to get a better look. It felt like I cut myself in this exact area and these are the pictures I took after it. it could possibly be just a shaving cut but not sure if its a blister I accidentally opened ( I then inspected where I felt like I was itchy and found this paper like cut (
Other than that slight itchiness while sweating I haven't had many other symptoms in the past couple of days. I don't feel any Flu symptoms, no nerve pain or lymph node swelling until the second I found those sores which makes me believe I make myself nervous enough to think Im feeling stuff I'm not. I did have a white creamy/powdery(if that makes sense) substance around my vagina this morning. I also had a very thick clumpy discharge but I know that is a direct side effect of the Metrogel.The biopsy sore is a little painful but thats it, I did just get it scraped. I even tried to splash a little pee around on the cut to see if it hurt and It didn't and have no other pain while urinating. Also, the area between my labia and thighs is inflamed and raised almost rash like but that happened to me directly after the encounter and now again since working out and walking around in the heat.
Does anyone have any insight on what any of this could be? I know Metro-gel can cause Yeast infections and its not uncommon to get a cut like the one I have from yeast or dryness. I also have been taking Valacyclovir non stop since August 23rd (1000mg twice a day for a week, 500 mg after) (I Missed one day this Saturday) Just incase it is a primary outbreak. Would valacyclovir directly after exposure stop a primary outbreak? Has any woman here ever dealt with yeast infections symptoms or herpes symptoms like this? Is this just symptoms of a rash and large amount of metro gel discharge that is messing me up down there? Im going back to the gyno tomorrow and DEMANDING a swab test but as you can see I kind of have lost all faith in doctors diagnosing this correctly. Thank you again for anyone who takes the time out to read this any kind of insight will help out.
edited to add: October blood test results: Have had 2 partners since taking
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2020.09.04 19:54 spacej0ck Do gynos do std testing

Why do some of the most terrible nmoms not understand why you RECOIL from them as adults?! My nmom thinks we’re going to take a trip together and she is MISTAKEN.
(I’m 28F definitely in therapy)
*my nmom is fervently obSESSED with the idea of us taking a mothedaughter trip together ever since I moved out of the house. This trip she wants to take is during my wedding anniversary.
GO FIGURE. Not happening.
In reality, as an only child, I am her supply. I exist for no. Other. Reason. To her, I am an amoeba of her, and do not have any of my dad’s DNA. To her, I can never disagree with her. It is a burden. But I’m glad to be aware of it. So now, I don’t try to please her. It would make her look like a good mom on social media. She doesn’t want to BE a good mom. She wants to look like one. So bad.
Every trip we had like the one she wants was very forced, with no regard to my own summer plans even when I was in my mid 20s, and she and I argued to the point of me being in tears and her screaming in hotels like, every time we spoke.
when I have to be alone with my mom as an adult I am terrified
I am in therapy because of my nmom. I was diagnosed with CPTSD and anxiety, because of the traumatic experiences she put me through. I’ll list the top ten, and at the end, you can tell me if you would go on a solo vacation with someone who was capable of doing this to their daughter.

  1. Threatened to kill me (age 12)
  2. Went to the gyno and told them I wouldn’t need the full exam because “she’s not like that.” Well, mom I was “like that” (age 18)
  3. Commented on how big my boobs were and asked how they got like that (cringe) (age 16)
  4. Kicked me out of the house any time we argued, only to scream and throw things, I literally have a table flipping nmom, and not let me lock my door to safely pack and come up with a plan (age 16 through 23)
  5. Backed me into a closet in my early twenties, she’s huge like a linebacker and the flashback of this ruins my day. I was against the wall as she screamed in my face and reared her fist back over and over. I punched a hole in my own drywall to get her to back away from me.
  6. Asked me how boyfriends and I were staying “pure” even though she didn’t and I know she slept around at the ages she accused me of being “fast”
  7. Had a tracker on my phone and called the cops on me when she saw I was at my boyfriends dorm. They came to get me. They felt REALLY bad about it.
  8. Loved to either whip me or watch my dad do it while yelling at him to hit me harder (eventually my dad stopped taking part in this when I got closer to puberty. Mom was happy to keep it going).
  9. Told me as a kid, “I know how to hit you without leaving bruises
  10. Emailed my husband and his family to say we would have to get an std test before getting our marriage license.
Not only is my mom a violent bitch but she oversteps, too.
Anyone else have a mom from hell? How do you stay away from her and have you ever told her that you remember all the bad shit she did?
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2020.09.02 05:31 at1980_haveaheart Do gynos do std testing

Ok well,
I have hit a wall. The s fucking t, d wall. I found out about four months ago at 27, that I have HPV 16/18. My gyno didn't really say that it made a difference if it was either or so I went with 16. I was first tested at Kaiser Permanente which was uneasy at best. I went in for a routine Pap and was honored with the juggernaut of pap tests. (Or what I felt was equivalent). All I really heard when I got the phone call was HPV. You have it. Now come in for a colpscopy. I agreed and frantically made the appointment. (The nurse legit called me back three times to inform me of 3 myths she told me about HPV, she really didn't know much) Naturally, I freaked out. Completely sobbing mess. Maybe I'm dramatic but whatever.
I had my first colpo at Kaiser Permanente came back CIN3. I honestly wasn't feeling the vibe of the doctor or Kaiser Permanente so I ended up taking my results to the best gyno I could find in Salem. Someone who has at least 10 years of HPV under their belt (no pun intended). Anyways, I had another colpo, came back CIN2. That was almost a month after my previous one. My gyno schedule me for a LEEP, I talked with a nurse (who has a LEEP herself so she was informative), I also started a high dosage of Curcumin. Which I never see on this feed. I'd check it out if I were you. I also take 90 Billion probiotic, daily vitamin, and I quit smoking cigarettes. Since I'm being so honest, I am also in recovery for alcohol. I decided after ten years of alcohol abuse I'd get sober... So maybe HPV isn't a death sentence.
After my LEEP, which was not painful for me. I healed quickly and with minor cramping. It felt like a mild period with black discharge later due to a healing charcoaled cervix. I went about my normal life because HPV doesn't define me. I came back a couple weeks later and everything was fine. My doctor scheduled me an appointment in six months. I do have anxiety but it's natural for something so destructive. Since I am in my later 20s it can be harder to clear, but to be honest I am so optimistic.
Another side note I am a single woman and dating can be awkward. Now I have to mention my HPV. I thought it was going to be a nightmare. My first date back into the game with HPV wasn't too bad because he didn't know that I had an STD. We went on our second date last night. I just told him that I had it. I was honestly just curious how someone would react. He was definitely freaked out lol and we haven't talked since the date was over. I guess I should be upset or feel gross but I really just don't. I have already came to the conclusion along time ago that I'm awesome and a wonderful companion. So if all he can see is my HPV then kick rocks bud. Nobody needs that shit.
Either way I digress. I hope all of you reading this find a way to cope with your diagnosis and know that you're beautiful. For all the single ladies (me) you will find a person that loves you for you. I feel for all these people that feel stricken by HPV. Stay positive when there is a will there is a way. Never give up. Sending happiness and good vibes to anyone struggling rn.
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2020.08.25 05:39 brooklinm Ugh.. I need help and advice.

I have never done this or been this personal with strangers before but here we gooo...
*****I dont know if this needs to be marked as NSFW, so im going to say BSFW? Mentions of vaginas and sex (although this is a hooha group), with minor cursing(its my normal vocabulary, im sorry) and I dont know what ages are on here so here is my disclaimer****
Ive had so many issues with my vagina and uterus as a whole, I started my period at 12(normal) but the periods would last months (not every time but pretty frequently) At the age of 13, I was still seeing my same pediatrician so they said it was because I had anemia so my blood thinned out during my periods causing longer bleed times and more shed. I was taking iron for a while and it did NOTHING. My periods were so heavy and long, although not too painful. I finally got on birth control when I was late 15 early 16 to completely stop my periods all together. Sounds like a great idea, right? Well it was, and it worked for about a year. I was taking microgestin (pills) and I didn't have a period for a year or so. ( at this time, I was a virgin. I lost my v card close to my 17 bday)
Randomly one day, and of course THE SAME day I wanted to have sex for the first time with the long time partner I had at the time, my period started and didn't go away for 2 months. Thats when I finally went to the planned parenthood because I couldn't afford health care at the time, and they just said it may be my body just becoming "use" to those certain hormones so maybe changing it will help. I then started on birth control that let my uterus shed every three months instead of one. I switched to so many birth control pills I lost track. I would have periods throughout whole packs of birth control pills, it would NEVER stop and I NEVER missed one.
Finally I was able to afford my own health coverage and went straight to the normal, scary, adult doctor (Im currently 20 almost 21, but was first seen by a family doctor about 19.) also side note was Planned Parenthood WOULD not do an exam until I was 21 or 25 (I can't remember the exact recommended age) because I was too young (18), and I explained what was going on but they still just didn't and kept explaining different reasons to why Im still bleeding on birth control and things I could do to help.
Well, low and behold...(im 19 at this point) my NEW general doctor looks at me puzzled when I explain this and refers me to and OB/GYN. Even then, it took weeks of testing my blood for so many different things, they kept calling me their "mystery case" I know soothing, right? I was FINALLY diagnosed with PCOS. I had a progestin IUD placed in. The first time I had sex with it (after I was cleared to do so of course, about 6-8 weeks, which my period wasn't heavy or abnormal. Just very light spotting during those weeks.) It HURT and it BLED. I had to stop with my then partner, (not the same as above but also not someone I was dating either. me and above dude didn't work out), anyway it was because I couldn't endure the pain, it was not enjoyable at all. *SIDE NOTE*(mind you, sex has never really had an AWHHHHING affect on me, I enjoy it but not as much as most do because it can be an uncomfortable feeling/pressure/ pain but only with certain people. Sometimes with spotting after sometimes not, PRE IUD) okay anyway, but this was unbearable pain. I figured it was honestly a side effect from the IUD because I was tested for STD's/I's at the time of placement and at the checkup. This was about 8 months ago in early November.
Now Im in a relationship with someone I truly care about, the first week or so I thought he was going to use me so I didn't end things with my past FOB partly because I didn't feel the way I do now and partly because I had been with that one person for months and months at the time and didn't want to lose that connection but when I realized it was going to be more serious than I thought, I was tested BEFORE having sex with the relationship now, about a week after I ended things with FOB and the test was clean(negative) for everything. Currently, the relationship now is the most pleasurable sex I have ever had, but I still "bleed" (spot) after sex and may be a tad sore from it. Today I went to the OB just to see what was up because I also started experiencing when I sat down, it felt as if I was sitting on a sword(yes, yes it shoots up my back) not every time but when I *plop* down on a chair to bed. When I was explaining everything to the doctor, she said it sounds like I could have chlamydia or gonorrhea but my partner is tested pretty frequently as am I. I haven't had one since the last one due to vacation and then COVID hit and they wouldn't take me. I trust him and I haven't done anything so Im very concerned about if maybe I left undetected chlamydia untreated and now its showing itself in more aggressive forms, but I've also have ALWAYS had problems with my sex life and vagina health. They tested me for everything today, I do have a yeast infection but as of now that's all. I have to wait for my test of course and im having very bad anxiety because I dont want this to turn into PID or giving to my partner would be mortifying.
I come on here to ask, is there anything else that can cause the bleeding after sex besides STI's or forms of prolonged STI's? I also dont even know how I would begin explain to my (M) partner in a way I dont seem "disgusting" because im SO good about being tested and its embarrassing as shit. I can't imagine in a world where I could've left something untreated for so long. And I won't have my results back for another 5 days or less. I would really like to just ease my mind and see if anyone else has ever experienced this.

Also I should add: Today at the Gyno, she did refer me to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy because I flex and unflex my uterus unknowingly and that could also contribute to the pain during intercourse.
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2020.08.19 03:38 zappowam Do gynos do std testing

Originally tested positive for Mycoplasma genitalium, mycoplasma hominis, and ureaplasma
Treatment so far: 7 days of doxycycline
Retested about 3 weeks later. Still positive
2/day for 14 days of doxycycline
Retested 2 weeks later. Still positive. But negative for mycoplasma hominis
Also got oral thrush after finishing the 14day doxy and was on fluconazole for 7 days
What should i do? I tested through my gyno womens clinic center and labcorp vaginal swab. All other std results are negative. I am thinking to wait 2 more weeks and retest again. I feel The antibiotics have fucked up my body and immune system too. I did have unprotected sex tho recently.
What’s the probability of the test being false positive? The test also doesn’t say the amount of myco/urea detected. Is it positive after a certain limit? I’ve read humans have a small amount of natural myco/urea. No major symptoms except minor discharge (looks normal tho)
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2020.08.05 20:39 groovecanon Do gynos do std testing

Hi everyone,
Would like some thoughts/opinions/suggestions.
Been dealing with red, burning/stinging irritation in inner labia major, minora, urethra and vagina for almost 2 weeks now. I've done a full screening for STDs. Tested neg. for UTI. I've tried two rounds of the 150mg fluconazole. Not drinking alcohol. Switched to non-bleach toilet paper. Was examined by family doctor and they could confirm the irritation and that it definitely wasn't STD related, etc so referred me to my gyno. Seeing them tomorrow for another pelvic exam.
The only test I'm waiting to hear back on is the swab that tells you if you have yeast or BV. But I don't have an odor problem, no discharge. Just red irritation. Honestly, I'm praying it's an infection because idk what else to try/what else it could be. I've been using the same detergent for years. I've always slept naked. I rarely wear underwear. Don't wear tight pants.
Nothing's changed in the last two weeks except I trimmed my pubic hair but pretty sure I was having symptoms before that....
I'm afraid it's my body just being a bitch for no other reason than stress. Not knowing the cause is just giving me MORE stress. lol. Oh, and I recently met someone I'd really like to date but...... yeah, this is obviously getting in the way of that.
Am I missing something? Why is my body doing this to meeeee? lol
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2020.08.04 17:00 taway007890 Another "is it herpes" post

Sorry for being one of many "is it" posts.
It's been around 3 weeks since possible exposure to herpes (no outbreak, but unprotected sex did occur) and I wasn't told until after. Yes it's me, hello.
I haven't had any symptoms at all that was specific to herpes besides the minor headaches that come with sleep deprivation, dehydration and being over caffeinated.
About 2-3 days ago I notes a single, what appears to be symmetric firm somewhat small bump on my vulva majora, close to the opening. It is a semi painful to the touch and I can feel its presence if my pants are riding up and what not. There hasn't been any blistering and if this were my first OB I feel like it would be especially bad. But I know OBs can come in all shapes and sizes. And it's just a red/skin colored postule and no other bumps are present (that I can see or feel).
Do y'all think it may be herpes? I know it is too soon to be tested, but I read online blood tests can be accurate if you're experiencing an OB - true or false? If not, do regular STD testings include a swab? I tried to make an appointment with a gyno but it isn't considered "essential" (the fuck) and the only essential things they're doing for women is STD testings and consulting, birth control and other "non-invasive" planned parenthood things at the local clinic.
Advice? Herpes or not? Free clinic/women's health recommendation? (Urgent care doesn't do this)
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2020.08.04 15:58 throw-away-acct-99 Do gynos testing do std

Hi everyone, Using a throwaway and on mobile so sorry for formatting! Also tmi warning I mention sex because it’s involved In my current issue.
So I’m 23 and have been on birth control pills since I was 17 for bad period cramping and I becoming sexually active. I started on a generic 3 month pill called ashlyna I think, then switched to a pill called vyfemla because I had a lot of breakthrough bleeding on the other one...
Around 3 years ago Is when I switched pills to vyfemla, which helped prevent breakthrough bleeding from my last prescription, but I felt as if slowly after changing pills my libido decreased? The breakthrough then only happened when I had penetrative sex with my boyfriend. it was as if my Bf was hitting my cervix more and more... not horrible pain though. *** this was never an issue before switching pills and we had been dating for about 2 years at this point.
Asked my gyno why this could be happening a year ago at my last yearly and all he said is “sexual desire changes during a long-term relationship” and to try different positions. He checked my cervix and said it was sensitive, but nothing else wrong in std/ cell testing area.
The issue is the bleeding now happens in any position, no matter how careful we are. I now dread sex and rarely want to do anything... I associate sex with pain and bleeding and shame because it sucks bleeding even when not on my period. ultimately I feel like I lost a part of myself.
Currently as I write this every time my boyfriend and I do the deed, I bleed a decent bit. It’s bright red, I also feel pain and cramping during and after. We have tried lubes, but lubrication is not an issue. Also tried buffering how deep he goes but even 3/4 inches in and I bleed.
Wow sorry for the rant, but I really hope someone can give me some guidance. Any advice is welcome! Considering non-hormonal copper IUD but afraid it would make my breakthrough worse/ cramping worse.
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2020.07.30 23:35 anachan19 Medical Rant

Fair warning, this is a bit long.
I got my Mirena IUD inserted almost 2 years ago ever since, my periods have gotten longer (9-10 days) and the cramps have gotten worse. It used to be 3 days on the pill. I quit the pill because it was making me so nauseous that I would hardly eat.
I started a new health insurance plan and I'm limited to a crappy health care network. I have NEVER been to a clinic that has cared so little about their patients.
The gyno walks in and doesn't say hello at all. She just starts grilling me about you should have gone to the doctor who inserted it (I can't because of my insurance) and how other gynos do a terrible job and she has to fix them. She asked who did it and at what clinic. I couldn't even answer the question because she talked over me. She says I see you're here for pain. You shouldn't be having cramps with an IUD. I explained that the pain all started with the insertion and she's like it shouldn't have hurt. If it hurt then they didn't do it right. After her rant, she asks me, "do you have kids?". As a woman of color, this was extremely offensive because she ASSUMED I had kids! I'm in my early 20s! Not all WOC (women of color) that are young have kids! So she had me to an STD test and ordered an ultrasound for me (which didn't happen until May and this appointment took place in March). I didn't find out my results until July, which basically said nothing was wrong. If you are wondering, I did fill out the feedback survey they send and gave her a horrible review. And I refuse to see her now.
I had another appointment with a nurse who specializes in women's health (same clinic) and I told her I wanted to remove my IUD. This all started when I had it put in. And it felt like my decision was dismissed. Granted, she said to wait until my ultrasound because IUDs are super convenient.
So now, I have another gyno (same crappy clinic) who did a pap on me and nothing abnormal. Thankfully I got my results back within a few days. Now, I had an MRI done about a week ago and I'm waiting to hear what they say. I pleaded to the doctor go get the results.
Im so tired of having a 10 day period and having only one week of the month feeling like myself. The other two weeks are me having cramps, tender boobs, and moody.
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2020.07.28 23:17 BrazenGrape Do gynos do std testing

I am absolutely LIVID, so bear with me. Some anger is probably going to come through in this post.
3.5 years ago, I tried out a free pass for a gym. The gym ended up being kind of dirty and the salespeople were high-pressure, so after my free days I didn't go back. However I took a shower after my workout, which turned out to be a MASSIVE mistake on my part.
Hours after my gym shower, my right armpit started itching horribly and red bumps appeared. I resisted scratching, but in a matter of days the rash had spread down to the side of my right breast, then showed up in my other armpit. I went to my GP after a week, and my GP gave me a cream (i don't know what) and told me to get a pap smear "just in case."
By the time I got my pap at the gyno 2 weeks later, the rash had cleared up mostly from my armpits but had spread to the right side of my vulva. Despite having a clear pap smear only 4 months before and having NO chance of sexual contact spread whatsoever, I was diagnosed with HPV-18 and precancerous cervical changes. A full panel STD test came back negative for everything.
What followed has been a comic farce of medical treatment. I was given nothing for my rash even though I explained to the gyno that the cream my GP had given me was not causing it to go away. The gyno essentially ignored me and told me it would "clear up on its own" and shooed me out. (I later fired him after he prescribed me the wrong birth control, which caused weeks of vomiting and Abdominal pain, and then blamed me for his mistake even though I had years of documented history of being unable to tolerate estrogen)
I went to Gyno #2 3 months later, after running through my entire tube of cream from my GP (applied twice a day) with no results. Gyno #2 was clearly irritated with me and felt i was wasting her time, and would not take my concerns seriously; she refused to prescribe me anything, told me my rash was minor, and said it would clear up soon. I honestly feel like she wrote me off as a hypochondriac, which is pretty interesting considering I have a laundry list of serious health issues including having had spinal surgery by 12, and having had two excision surgeries for endometriosis, and having frequent fainting and three past concussions from POTS.
So, humiliated and chastised, I waited 18 months for the rash to clear, feeling terrible for wasting Gyno #2's time. In that time, the rash started making changes to the right side of my vulva. The skin is now thicker, more leathery, and feels "wrong" - it feels like the skin on one side is twice as thick as on the other, and I've noticed numbness, tingling, burning, itching, and sensation changes. I can no longer feel my fingers on my skin in some spots when I touch the area. Occasionally red sores will erupt on either side, which take weeks to heal and leave scars that last months. This is obviously really scary because these changes are happening centimetres from my clitoris and vagina and that makes me want to throw up with stress and fear.
I became afraid I had a STD, so I did another full panel test at my own expense. I came back completely clean.
I finally went to Gyno #3 because I began getting scared this was serious due to all the skin and sensation changes. Gyno #3 did NOT want to talk about my rash -- she made it clear she felt I was lying/exaggerating about the amount of time I had the rash and its severity, then she hijacked the conversation to grill me over why I would "ruin my fertility" by having my tubes removed a few years ago. I had to keep interrupting her as she pressed me for "why I would let a doctor do that to me" and "what was wrong with me" to steer it back to rash treatment, which made her angry and snappy. She finally told me "fine, I'll give you something so you'll calm down" and prescribed me two tubes of Betamethasone. Then she told me it was probably undiagnosed shingles, and ignored me when I objected that it couldn't be because it showed up bilaterally, which is not the MO for shingles.
It has now been another 9 months. I have gone through all of tube1 and tube 2, applied twice a day. The Betamethasone seemed at first to work, but then the rash came back and it doesn't seem to do much anymore.
At this point I just do not trust the gynecologists near me to give a damn about me or take this seriously. I am scared and alarmed and I don't know what the hell this is, but it's itchy and painful and embarrasing because it really looks like an STD, even though it's apparently not. (Is this HPV-18!? No one will give me a straight answer!?!) and I am really scared at the changes it seems to be making to the skin of my vulva. It feels like it is getting worse/more embedded - the itching/ burning/sharp pains used to be on the skin surface but now they feel like they are coming from much "deeper" in the skin, if that makes sense.
I am humiliated, angry, and upset. The itching and burning is unbearable, and in the last few months the rash has reappeared under my armpits with a vengeance, leaving these ugly red-purple streaks with red circles in them everywhere. They kinda look like broken blood vessels on the skin.
I'm scared and exhausted. I don't want another Gyno to dismiss me and act like I'm being hysterical and overblown. I want to know what this is and I want to know how to TREAT IT.
I cannot post current picures, as my skin is unblemished right now. However the itching has started up severe enough that I'm sure in a few days it will be ugly and visible again.
I just did ANOTHER full 10-panel STD test at my own expense last month. Again, it showed me completely clean. This does not reassure me.
Please, can anyone shed some light on this?
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