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Source: For quite some time, many great minds have studied the links between fear and anger and the subsequent consequences. While these two emotions are greatly intertwined with one another, there are a plethora of depths and layers which must first be understood before one can unearth the relationship between fear and anger…and more importantly, know what to do about it. Many things can trigger anger, including stress, family problems, and financial issues. For some people, anger is caused by an underlying disorder, such as alcoholism or depression. Anger itself... When we write about angry characters, we should remember that there is always something behind this emotion. Anger is usually a surface emotion. It is a reaction to an underlying problem. [Use our Character Creation Kit to create great characters for your stories.] 37 Ways To Write About Anger A) Motivation Why I was so disappointed with the last Game of Thrones Episode (S8 Ep3) in more detail and my revised rating of the episode along with my thoughts on the fu... In my anger classes, I've many times suggested that if you want a lot of space in your life, just be a very angry person . . . and you'll get all the space you could ever desire. The Force of Your Anger Is Tied to the Source of Your Anger Here’s why you need to deal with unresolved anger from your past. Posted Jul 11, 2018 . SHARE. TWEET. EMAIL. In Australia, spat over firefighter’s political rant caps a summer of anger Firefighters near Moruya, on the south coast of New South Wales, on Jan. 4. (Rick Rycroft/AP) The world wide web offers its own set of places where you can vent your anger. Here is a look at 24+ such sites. Some of them are genuine sites where you can report about wrongdoings. Learning to control anger is a challenge for everyone at times. Seek help for anger issues if your anger seems out of control, causes you to do things you regret or hurts those around you. Share; Tweet; Feb. 29, 2020 When Thomas J. Harbin published his seminal work Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men in 2000, it was a simpler time. Sort of. Anger, especially among men, was a widespread problem, but it was hardly so communicable as it is today.Now, in 2018, anger travels like a virus, transmitted from the individual to the masses with the tap of a touchscreen.

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I am 29M. I usually get furious if things don’t go my way. I swear a lot. I call profanities to my parents, God and everyone on this earth sometime. The anger usually gets over me and in that scenario I stop giving a fuck about anything or anyone and try to rectify the problem by shear force. While doing that I often end up hurting others or breaking things beyond repair. Like one day, the new screen protector of my iPad didn’t align properly. I got enraged and snapped it from the iPad with force and ended up putting a crack on the glass protector running from one end to other. I didn’t even use it. I took the whole thing and crushed it with my bare hands. Shards in thousands started falling on the floor like snow, along with the blood running loose from my hands. When I looked down, it was blood everywhere seeing which I felt good. I then took my smartphone and snapped it into two and threw it at the wall. I felt even better.
This is one of the usual cases. But I was not like this from the beginning. I remember every detail and every scene that made me this way. Like when I was around 7 or 8 and was taking a bath one evening. Maybe a drop flew and landed on the hot incandescent bulb and it blew up like a bomb. The only good thing was my luck that not a single piece of the bulb even scratched my body. The sound attracted attention. My mother came running and asked about what happened. It was dark inside and it scared me, so I opened the door. I told her I don’t know but the bulb just blasted I think. She pulled me out. I was naked, not even an underwear on me. She first slapped me hard on my face and then again and again. I cried and said I did nothing. My siblings watched. She then took a long hard stick and beat me with it, black and blue. I closed my legs together trying to hide my nudity as my hands were busy praying her to stop and assuring her that this won’t happen again. The fear was immense. The pain was immense. Tears couldn’t stop rolling down my eyes. And then she beat me some more. After she cooled down, she took me by the hairs and thrown me out of the house. I saw people coming and going. I tried hiding behind a wall. But even my friends saw, and they laughed. They laughed next day too. Well, this was the usual for me my entire childhood. If not her, it was my father and if not my parents it was my older brother. That’s when I understood that being youngest has its own demerits.
My mom is dead for some years now, but when she was alive, I asked about the bulb incident. She told me that sometimes we have to teach kids what is right, otherwise they will not grow up well. But she was wrong. My family has seen me grow stronger, independent and angrier. I go so angry nowadays that even my father is sometime afraid of me. My brother has grown to respect me and doesn’t even raise his voice in front of him.
But I never wanted this, and the journey I have taken for my survival was long and harsh. My parents used to fight often, like once every fortnight for my entire childhood. My mom tried to commit suicide often, like at least once every month. I tried a lot to make her understand, to not give up hope and stay rational. She taught me what fear is, but not by beating (that was more of a pain). The fear is when your mother locks herself in a room crying. There is no one to help you and you are too weak and little to do anything. All you can do is cry and watch from the window as she ties a noose from the fan. But she never did it. It was more like an attention seeking exercise; I read about it in an article. I don’t blame her. She didn’t have a happy life in her past. But this fear used to eat me from inside. When I was in college, I was so gloomy that I didn’t have any friends. I used to cry in the rain and walk in the dark. I used to hide on my hostel roof on my birthday so no one could find me as I used to sit in a corner and cry.
Well, one thing led to another, and I was on drugs, which I used to do a lot. But in my opinion, that’s the best thing ever happened to me. I took acid and it kind of made me understand the life is about looking ahead and not behind. It made me understand how insignificant my problems are in the vast expanse of this universe. I have managed to put things behind and look forward. But this fear and anger became a part of my character which I am not able to change. I just need to learn some patience and I am hopeful things will change in the future.
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Throwaway for obvious reasons, this is a weird situation.
From the ages of 10-15, my mother's cousin (50ish M) would watch over me. It started off as babysitting but then turned into this weird father figure role in my life (my father was present but emotionally absent) Over the following years, he would touch me, but never engaged in actual penetration with is why I am on the fence of calling it sexual assault.
A common occurrence would be that he would grab my thighs, squeeze them until I fell onto my back, straddle me, and then begin to grab and touch at my thighs, chest, and neck. He would massage my back, caress my arms, and spoke extremely sexual to me. When I was 15 he once told me if we were married, he would tie me to the bed, leave me there naked, and come back with his friends and show them what he did.
When we were around family or in public, he would still touch me (playfully tickle me, put my legs in his lap, almost as if we were a couple) my family actually made jokes that I was like his girlfriend. Remind you, I was 14 and he was my 50-year-old cousin. My father, grandfather, and even sister (who I don't get along with) would even say it was strange and uncomfortable how he would touch me but no one said or did anything. I honestly didn't realize it was strange or something that sexual until I was older.
On one occasion, we went down to the beach for my 13th birthday. My mom and cousin got into a fight and later on, he sent me a long message about how wanted to spend just a few hours with me and him completely alone. I read this message to my mom and she screamed and called him a pedophile on the boardwalk. I walked away and felt extremely guilty because I got him in trouble.
The "relationship" finally ended between the two of us when I got my first real boyfriend at 16. He got extremely jealous and refused to talk to me.
Now, I'm 21 and currently still living with my parents until I get through with college (this is my last year). My mother and sister both know of what my cousin did to me and continue to spend time with him and he was even at the house yesterday no matter how many times I told them it makes me uncomfortable.
But the major thing that bothers me is I have a two-year-old nephew. Do I think he's attracted to boys that young? I really don't know, but given my history with him, I don't want him around children.
I really don't know what to do here. My friends are telling me I should file a police report but I don't know if I have any eligibility to do so or if it'll even do anything. I threatened my mom saying that if he ever comes to the house again, I'm calling the police along with CPS.
I need to make this clear, I genuinely don't know if he ever touched my vagina. Part of me thinks I remember it, but another part me has no clue. I don't know what to do.

Edit: I live in Maryland, USA
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2020.09.21 19:35 throwway8997 Am I overthinking my relationship with my dad? (TW)

I don’t really know where to start. Throw away for obvious reasons. I feel disgusted just typing this out. First, I want to clarify that my dad has never assaulted me, and that we have a moderately okay relationship. He wasn’t an A+ dad growing up - he drank a lot and acted like more of a bachelor than a dad sometimes, but he always had what was best for me in mind despite his fuck ups.
Anyways. When I was about fourteen, fifteen, he came home drunk one night and while having a conversation with me was very blatantly staring at my breasts. I tried to ignore it but I obviously haven’t gotten over it because it’s been about six years later and it still makes my stomach churn. It’s never happened again since that I’ve noticed, but I’m realizing it’s not normal for a daughter to feel like she has to cover up when visiting her dad. I should be butt ass naked and still feel comfortable talking to him.
The other night I visited and he had some friends over, again made sure I covered up. I was wearing a tank top with a button up over top, I buttoned it up upon arrival after noticing his friends making some quick glances at my uh.. collar bone area. I gave my dad a hug and his knuckles brushed my butt. Normally I wouldn’t think anything of that, but I remember listening to a video in which a woman was sharing her experience in catching her husband molesting their daughter, and she said one of the methods child predators (I am not legally a child, but still) use is the “accidentally on purpose” method in which the predator ‘accidentally’ grazes the victim so that his touches don’t seem predatory. He was then later on the phone with my step mom and kept making sexual conversations with her right in front of me, even though he was using a low voice I just got up and walked away bc I heard “something something cock” and internally gagged. It rang an alarm bell in my head that I’ve tried to ignore because these are the only two instances that I’ve felt off about him.
I don’t know what to do. I love my dad a lot and would never imagine him hurting me. He’s always been my hero and a man I’ve looked up to. But I’ve also grown up seeing how he treats the women in his life and how grossly misogynistic he can be, and I just don’t know what to do here. I don’t think he’d hurt me, and I have the right to be uncomfortable with what happened, but I fear bringing it up might make him think I hate him and that’s not the case. I just don’t know what to do and can’t help but wonder if I’m just over thinking.
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Kyle looked into his telescope, saw something he had never seen before.
At the dining hall, Kyle sat there all by himself, eavesdropping other people's conversation. He never got himself into anything, always an outcast in school, having little to no friend. Not particularly because he had a shitty personality or something like that, cause God knows there were people in his class way more awful. The reason for his lack of friends was due to his hobby.
He had no hobbies, but one, the obsessions for stargazing.
After school. A weed field. He could clearly remember that before, this place was a huge cornfield. Right now, it shared more resemblance with a wasteland than the cornfield that was still so vivid in his memory. He walked across the field, slowly but firmly.
That was his destination. The windmill, located in the middle of nowhere.
The windmill was abandoned a long time ago. It was like a little heaven for him. There were no judgments from others, there were no noises, there were no other shallow and stupid people, only him and the night sky.
The door was open. A sense of dread rushed through his entire body. Someone had been here. He walked up the stairs, reached the top of the windmill. His steps were careful, his limbs were shaking, fight or flight. He saw a guy, standing in the middle of his room.
"Mr. Anchor? What are you doing here..."
"What? A science teacher is not allowed to have a stroll in his free time?" He walked around the room, observing, "these are yours?"
He was referring to that giant, stacks among stacks of notes that piled up on the table.
"Superb... you made all these notes, by yourself..."
"You know," he picked up a piece of paper, "this reminds me of those great old astronomers, Tycho, Kepler... Those times, astronomers have no other advanced technology or equipment, so you write it all down. What you did here, is quite frankly, impressive."
"How long had you been doing this?"
"About six years... “
"You know why I am here?"
Kyle simply stared at him.
"This windmill was my dad's property. He died seven years ago. That cornfield out there, we sold it to the Simpson's six years ago. I don't suppose anyone had tried to get you in trouble during the years you spent here, right? The Simpsons had no use for a windmill so they just let it stand here. But lately, the crops are not doing particularly well, so they were planning to tear down the windmill... “
"So... am I being evicted?"
"No no no... I was planning to retrieve as many things as I can and let the Simpsons shred this place into nothing, but I changed my mind." He walked to that telescope which was sitting there, pointing at the night sky, "it’s rare to find a glimpse of genius, especially in this shitty little town. Is this your telescope?"
"My grandad's. He gave it to me on his deathbed."
"Ah... classic... golden color, old school mechanical telescope... must be some antique from the old time... might even worth a few grand... how is it?"
The scowl on Kyle's face never backs down. Those movements of Mr. Anchor, those probing actions and how his hand moved, felt invasive. "It was... good at his job... couldn't really be used for looking at anything too far away though... "
"And you made so many notes using only these amateur equipment." Kyle was enraged, he didn't like people commenting on his property, "Oh, no need to treat me with hostility. I am with you!" Mr. Anchor smiled, "you achieve so much with so little, imagine you having the advancement on your side! The sky's the limit! I will help you do that. Besides teaching class, I am also a casual astronomy enthusiast. I have an observatory at the top of a mountain. You can come and pay a visit.
"What about this place..."
"I will tell the Simpsons to leave this mister alone." Mr. Anchor's smile was like a swamp, Kyle could feel his mind slowly sinking, "we can work together. We would have achieved the miracle." He raised his hand signaling for a handshake, "Do you want to work together?"
Kyle hesitated for a bit, "Yeah I guess..."
They shook their hands.
"And please, don't call me Mr. Anchor, call me Edmund."
"Right..." Kyle had to confess to himself, he was starting to like this guy, Edmund.
"Do you have any things that you find exciting and you don't mind sharing?"
"Uh..." Kyle completely dropped his guards down, "there is this one star, 45 degrees north to east, right next to Betelgeuse, alpha Orionis. I have never seen that star before... and there is no record anywhere noting the presence of this star." He handed Edmund some notes, "it might be a new star that no one has ever found out before... "
"Uh... interesting..."
Edmund had become one of his best friends. Well, his only friend. Every day after school, they met in the observatory at the top of the mountain. Studying the stars for the entire night. Every time the sky became misty and stargazing became impossible, Kyle could feel the unbearable longing in his heart. Edmund was one of the kindest people he had ever met as well, giving him as much support as possible, treating him with meals once in a while, even helping him in other aspects of his life. Now, he was living the happiest days he had ever lived. Although, something was looming on his mind.
His observation was not wrong. The star was not on any astronomical documents and records.They wrote an article and sent it to the IAU and now was currently waiting for a response.
"They responded. They want us to go to their place, to discuss this issue."
"So, you are the kid that discovered this galaxy?" A woman in a white coat asked.
"Um...." Kyle nodded.
"Hi, my name is Evelin Klein. I am the Vice President of the ICU, I just came out of a ten hours flight just so I can talk to you in person. What you just found might be one of the biggest discoveries in recent history."
"Right... just tell me what is going on..."
"Alright, this galaxy is about 150000 light year in radius, 2.5 million light years away from us... it was astonishing that for so long no one had discovered this galaxy..."
"It's almost impossible. The local group only has two galaxies that are larger than it, and this newbie is almost as close to us as Andromeda is." Edmund followed. “It is… almost insane… to think that we had missed this one…”
"I don't know what to say... but before today's, this galaxy was simply... not being observed, by anyone... now it was shining... so bright in the sky... I can't believe..." She seemed speechless. After a while of silence, She said: "Do you guys want to see the galaxy?"
Kyle gulped a little, he couldn't help but feel excited to use a giant electrical telescope for the first time in his life.
"Just look into it."
Kyle looked at Edmund. Edmund only nodded.
He walked up, leaned in, and looked into the screen.
It was, majestic. But also, eerie. A cyan color sapphire, sitting in the center. Radiating from the center were billions among billions of stars that glowed with so many different colors, his iris were hurting just by looking at them. Five arms spinning out from the middle, like smokes coming out of grandma's house's chimney during Christmas. The galaxy was dominated by this greenish blue color nebula, like the color itself was an entity of some sort. It was moving, and he was hundred presents sure that it was just his own head fucking with him. His ears started ringing. Dizzying views, throbbing nerves, he moved away from the screen feeling sick and tired.
"How is it? How is your biggest discovery? How does it look?" Edmund asked.
"Take a gander..." Kyle was visibly uncomfortable, but he didn't say anything.
Edmund walked up, leaned in and looked into the screen.
Then it was a solid minute of silence. Edmund just stared at the screen. A drop of sweat slid down his chicks, but he didn't move. Stasis, not even the expanding of his chest could be seen, and it lasted for so long.
He didn't respond.
"Edmund? Mr. Anchor? Mr. Anchor!"
He didn't respond.
Just when Kyle was about to pull him away. He snapped and dropped down on the floor, eyes wide-opened and lips trembling.
"What happened?"
"It was... staring back... at me..." Edmund was clearly in shock, his face was twisted, tears were in his eyes, "it was whispering words... at my ears..."
"You guys should leave now..." Evelin said, "we will need to have more meetings about this. We have to figure out more about it..." the look of concern on his face, seared right into Kyle's mind, "please, tell no one about this discovery."
After that day, Mr. Anchor never came back to class. He went missing and no one had ever seen him. Kyle never went back to Anchor’s observatory either, instead, he went back to the windmill and continues to observe this new galaxy.
Something else also happened.
"My dad said all of our crops died, we might be facing some serious issues this year..."
"Lub dub... Lub dub... Lub dub..."
"Yeah the two communities are having a meeting or something.. my mom is selling stuff in our house just to keep things afloat..."
"Lub dub... Lub dub... Lub dub..."
The sound, it never went away.
This throbbing sound never left his eardrum. At the start it was very subtle, only staying in the background, pulsing rhythmically with quietude. He thought it was because of his excessive use of headphones since he didn't really have the incentive to talk to or listen to anyone anyway. But the sound grew.
"Lub dub... Lub dub..."
It grew harder.
"Lub dub..."
It wouldn't even go away during his sleep.
"Lub dub..."
Every day, it felt like the sources of the sound had been closer and closer. Like drums, like marches.
Sleep quality had been completely destroyed. He couldn't even hear what other people were saying if they were not yelling right beside him. He couldn't fall asleep, sleep deprivation made him trip even when walking on flat ground. All he could think of nowadays was the stargazing at night. The windmill seemed to be the only place where the sounds in his brain weren't completely unbearable.
"Lub dub..."
January 2nd.
That star seemed to get brighter and brighter. He remembered back when he first discovered it, he needed his granddad's telescope just to get a clear view of the star. But right now, he could see that star with his naked eye.
Right above Alpha Orionis.
He took a whole palmful of Tylenol, trying to calm the sound down. Anxiety and annoyances starting to get a toll on him. He felt like he could physically touch insanity.
Door knocked. Who would have come to the windmill at this time of the day?
He opened the door, Mr. Anchor standing in front of the door.
"Mr. Anchor! Where have you been?"
"Kyle..." he walked up to Kyle, to an uncomfortably close distance.
"Please sit down, I will fix you something..."
"No... you are enough."
His arms grabbed on his waist. He walked even closer to him. He can even smell his breath.
"Can you hear my words… There are lights in your eyes…"
"Mr. Anchor... stop..."
"There are lights in your eyes, and there are lights above us! Come! Come with me! We will see the stars!”
He pinned him down. Kyle knew what was coming.
In a struggle, he grabbed something that was lying on the floor. It was his stabler. He held that tight, then flung his arm and smashed it right against Mr. Anchor's skull as hard as possible.
January 3rd.
When Mr. Anchor woke up, he was tied up in the corner of the room.
"Kyle... Kyle what are you doing... Kyle?"
"What am I doing?" Kyle stood there, "you ran right into my room in the middle of the night to assault me! And now you are asking me what am I doing?"
"No! Kyle! Please! Believe me! I wouldn't have dreamt to hurt you! It was the voices! It is staring at me!"
January 7th.
Mr. Anchor was tied up and left in the corner of the room for several days already. Kyle also had stopped going to class altogether, or even leaving the windmill, only going out when it was absolutely necessary to get food and water. Food supply in the town was running low, nothing can be harvested this year, not even a grain. The star was getting brighter and brighter, glowing this cyan color among the night sky. Mr. Anchor had stopped all food consumption as well, lying there like a dead animal. If not by the faint breathing sound, he was no different to a dead skunk.
The sound. Not even staying in the windmill would do anything anymore. It was like a band of drummers playing around your years, every second of your life.
"Why?" He looked at the pile of notes he made, "the star... the magnitude is decreasing at such a rapid pace... -2... this is madness... it's brighter... it's getting brighter..."
"It's not getting brighter."
Kyle turned his head, it was Mr. Anchor’s whisper.
"It is not getting brighter.... it is getting closer..."
January 8th.
The star can even be seen in daylight. It was bright. Way too bright.The sound was rapid, and way too loud. Edmund Anchor died. He died quietly last night, cold but not rotten, at least not yet Kyle didn't even flinch at it. He kept thinking about the words Edmund had said.
It was getting closer.
The night came. The sky was drowning in this cyan color. There were more stars than ever before,
"It was getting closer," Kyle whispered to himself. He took a gaze at Edmund's corpse. Then he looked into the telescope. "LUB DUB LUB DUB!"
The sounds throbbed faster and faster, sounding like the fire alarm when the school had its fire drill. They were so loud he couldn't hear his own thoughts. In the telescope, was the center of that galaxy. Spinning, glowing, radiating, pulsing, staring right at him. He stumbled back, and with his naked eye, he could see a billion stars at high notwithstanding there was a wooden ceiling above his head. "It was alive!" He screamed.
He realized, the throbbing sounds in his mind, were the heartbeats of that galaxy.
The arms of that galaxy were mere the rim of its skirt!
Those innumerable stars glowed, then they rained down onto the land from millions of feet above. That was the meteor showers, except that was the entire sky of stars, raining down like a storm. And even if he shut his eyes, blinding white lights could still penetrate through every veins on his eyelids, and his brain screamed at the sight.
Who could have fathomed the hateful scorn of a billion stars?

Inspired by Lovecraft, of course.
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So when I was 16 there was this new girl in my class. She was same ethnicity as me and we ware the only people from that ethnicity in school. So the first day I asked her out to go eat after school and to my surprise she said yes so I bough her food. Than the next days we would hangout together etc. I continued to trie to impress her even our parents meet with each other and she kept telling me she wasn’t ready to date etc. So long story short I tried to impress her for almost 5 years, did her home work, bought her stuff, toke her to different places, was at any moment she needed something there. Than one of her ex friend one day showed me picture of that girl with different boys and told me they all ware her bf at some point in those 4 years. So that girl was lying to me all those years. I asked the guy who was supposed to be her bf atm if they ware dating and he told me yeah and showed me her naked picture. Than I asked the girl if she was lying to me all those years she tried to continue lying but I told her I talked with her bf. Than she told me yeah she lied because she was worried I would leave her and boyfriends are timed but friends like me are for life. And now couple of days ago I meet her mom and she told me I should start hanging out again with her daughter and showed her picture and pain came back to me. It’s been like 4 years since I last seen her but it’s still hurt. She gave me a serious trust issues with woman.
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HI! I'm really excited to stretch. I've always been impressed by stretched lobes and tunnels are just the coolest looking thing ever. My goal, right now, is 0g or 00g. Well, my intended goal. See, I'm having trouble committing.
Basically, I have like 10 holes in me and everything has been fine and I love them and my husband loves my face but he's seriously put off by stretched lobes.
Now, it is my body. And I'll do what I want to do. I appreciate honest input but the stretching doesn't seem to be about me, it seems to be about the literal stretching. He doesn't think I'd look off, he just doesn't like stretched lobes. He has never forbid me from anything or some controlling crap like that and I don't live to please him but he is a brutally blunt/honest person, no filter for me.
In this situation, I'm struggling with his inherent dislike of stretched lobes. I wonder if he's just put off by frisbee-sized stretches which I am not intending on doing. I can't recall him ever seeing 8mm-19mm (which my friend has 19mm) and expressing dislike or making any comments (which we're very people-watchy and I'm sure he would have said something). It only really came up when I mentioned me.
For example, my mom (whom I care for) hates my facial piercings. She rages every time she sees a new one. She has threatened to disown me after every piercing. But she gets over it. After a couple weeks it's like she was never mad. She even started asking me about 'what do you even put in those holes' because now what's most offensive to her is that I'm not wearing hundreds dollar gems and gold and such. And then if I'm naked-faced, she asks what I changed and says I look off. (my husband does the same in a really cute way lol) So I'm well aware that people can get over it. I guess it being my husband I'm just a little more hesitant to test that theory.

Other than that, I've had most of my questions answered by the posts in here! My piercer suggested the Glassware Studios kit and I see positive feedback on here for it. I had wondered about what happens if you decide to stop stretching and the pics here have shown me that it can go kinda 'back to normal'. This sub seems really chill and I like that I see bad info downvoted to hell, you seem to really care about newcomers and them getting good info.

So I guess I want to ask if any other stretched lobe people have had resistance, or even outright upset, over your stretching by a significant other and how it played out? I know the knee-jerk reaction is 'F HIM IT'S YOUR BODY DO WHAT YOU WANT' (my bff said the same thing lol) and while I appreciate that enthusiasm, I'm more interested in real-life playouts of this situation. My theory is the idea of 00g right now is shocking but over the course of what will likely be a year of me sizing up he won't even notice by the end and they'll just look normal.
Also, anyone with a nickel allergy and/or sensitive skin? What materials have been safe for you in your set, final size stretched lobes? I have implant-grade titanium in everything except my second lobes which have white gold studs (and have done fine with them). In my main lobes, which I intend to stretch, I have had 'nights out' where I've worn 'bad' jewelry for 4-8 hours and they flip out. Crusty, red, swollen, weepy, and take weeks to calm down. In preparation for stretching, I began wearing simple titanium rings almost a year ago now to ensure they were as happy, calm, and settled as possible.
Oh, lastly, y'all follow any Youtubers or anything that you'd suggest for tips, stretching journey blog, that sort of thing?
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Summary: Fighting immortals is a sweetheart job for someone obsessed with the afterlife. Dying on the job, however, is cutting it too close. However, Julian's curiosity with the great beyond pushes him a little too far, back to the land of the living and cursed with a newly damned soul, just like the immortals he's sworn to fight...
First chapter --- Previous chapter here!! --- Next chapter
Cover art --- Rate me on Royal Road!
Espionage may as well have been Matti’s middle name for how well he took to it. It wasn’t, of course, his middle name. That dubious honor went to Casimir, probably the name of someone important in his family, which he’d have learned if he’d had ever thought to grill his parents. He hadn’t though, not in the sixteen years he’d lived under their roof, nor in the following four years of school. And he certainly hadn’t asked when he started sniper school nor since officially enlisting. He hadn’t spoken to them since. Too dangerous.
And dangerous was how Matti liked it. He was yet to have a real reason to believe his life was in danger and until he felt that, he had no problem pushing the envelope.
Which is why he was perched in the back of a helicopter heading out to Munich on a mission intended to intercept one of the deadliest immortals at an active civilian airport with nearly two dozen soldiers, some of whom were legally dead, while most were shoot-on-sight traitors.
Could it get any better?
“Find anything, Matti?” a cool voice asked in his ear.
“Clear for now, Pooja.” He gave the Colonel a reassuring smile and she nodded, returning to the cockpit. Last names had never suited him and as a renegade, he wasn’t obligated to use them. It was easier to empathize with an Amy or Markus than with a Brown or Khan. Knowing the name they heard from friends and family humanized them and that was important when lives were on the line.
They usually just thought he was being cocky and rude and he had no need to dispel that theory because, as a renegade, they were going to think he was an arrogant prick anyway. It wasn’t even really a lie, so…
The helicopter they all sat in—Matti, Julian, Pooja and her two operatives, Kyline, and her squad—was borrowed from Omicron HQ. No way could Schmidtt’s usual helicopter fit the nearly two dozen agents, so Pooja had pulled some strings. There was enough room to comfortably walk around, especially with the others mostly strapped in, a fact that Matti gladly took advantage of, roaming from window to window, popping up his binoculars to scan for any aircraft that might be flying under the radar.
He’d been disappointed so far.
In between his little lookout sessions, he’d make small talk with various operatives. Pooja didn’t like chatting when on a mission, Kyline hated his guts, and the other scientists he usually hung out with were, for obvious reasons, not here, so ‘various operatives’ mostly meant Julian.
“Gotta admit, when you said you had some questions for me, I wasn’t expecting this,” Julian said after Matti’s third round.
“Am I boring you?” Matti tilted his head.
Julian laughed, always a good sign. “No. But unless this is some weird renegade interrogation tactic, I don’t know why you care about my favorite breakfast food.”
Matti gave him a cool look. “I’ve watched you very carefully since joining the Fleursurgents. I need to make sure your answers align with what I’ve seen.” It was a terribly blatant lie, but not one Matti really cared about guarding. If Julian chose to see through it, good on him. Reality was, Matti just liked getting to know his charges.
Julian squinted. “Fleursurgents?”
“Come on. Fleur Insurgents is a mouthful and there are a ton of repeated syllable sounds there. It’s only natural that you should work a portmanteau in there. Saves time.”
“Lotta big words from someone with a STEM degree. Maybe you should have gone into linguistics.” Julian grinned, and unless it was Matti’s imagination, seemed to relax a bit.
Matti lifted a shoulder. “Linguistics wouldn’t have gotten me a job here. Besides, I didn’t go to an English speaking school.”
“Clearly, or you’d have caught the better portmanteau: Infleurgents.”
This took Matti aback quite a bit, because Julian was absolutely correct. That one was far superior. “I take my hat off to you. We’re now the Infleurgents. Clearly your English skills make mine look paltry.”
“Well, it was my first language.” He shifted in his seat, probably trying to make the helicopter seat feel more comfortable. “You said a linguistics degree wouldn’t have gotten you a job here. Did you know about this place when starting college?”
There were a few options for how an AngelThana operative might have gotten involved in the organization. A bulk of the scientists were poached from the public facing front: a nanotech organization that privately manufactured weapons and also somehow did some work with biotech. It was often scrutinized for guzzling research money and turning out rather few results but that was kind of the point of a public facing front. It’s just that the public didn’t know that. Hence ‘front’.
Then there were military poaches, outstanding soldiers who were approached at the conclusion of their official government military contracts. Outside of these poached soldiers, AngelThana rarely allowed for transfers to military units if the employee hadn’t been with the company for a minimum of three years, which explained why the minimum age of active combatants was 21 and not most military’s standard 18.
Then there were the nuts. AngelThana sent representatives out to anyone who found out about the immortals organically, whether from personal experience or obsessive web research. That’s how Matti got involved. He’d spent the greater part of his childhood chasing down conspiracies online because that’s about all there was to do in a northern European village, population: twelve, where the sun came up twice a year. He’d discovered some paper trails and various web footage that showed the same few people involved in a host of different terrorist attacks across the globe, a conspiracy he was surprised no one else pointed out.
It turned out no one pointed it out because AngelThana scrubbed the internet from all information of the immortals, with a rather impressive tech division. This was originally what they scouted him for until pretty much everyone realized he was a crap hacker. By that point, he’d requested a transfer to sniper school and anyone involved agreed it was for the best.
Most of the people on the helicopter had been in the second boat, sniped from their own government’s military. On the books, they were ‘security’ officers.
Julian was, as with most scientists, from the first group. He’d been scouted because of his academic work and pressured into taking the job with AngelThana.
“My official transfer to the internal department was about a month into my onboarding on the face department.” Julian had that glint in his eyes that the PhDs always got when they were about to launch into a lecture, and Matti braced himself. “The day they pulled me in and explained that honest to god immortals existed, well I thought I’d gone crazy.”
“Really? You didn’t think they had?”
Julian shook his head. “No! I’d always suspected so when my theories were confirmed, my mind was blown. It was like falling into a dream I’d had.”
“Lapinksy! Back on your post. You’ve had weeks to make idle chit chat. This is not the time.” Pooja’s scolding turned all the heads in the chopper to Matti, who smiled back at her, jumping to his feet in a solute.
“Copy that, Colonel.” There would also be time for idle chit chat later, so he had no qualms with resuming his watch.
“Alright we’re approaching our drop point,” Pooja announced, some few, uneventful hours later. “We’re officially on non-essential cargo pickup, so keep that in mind. Grace, prep your unit, but I want them down and out of sight until signaled.”
Kyline saluted in acknowledgement, her face rigid.
“The cargo pickup is scheduled to happen at eight hundred hours, so we’re here plenty early and should be able to get all of you off before they load us up.” Pooja began walking up and down the aisle of the ship, making eye contact with every single person on board. “I’ll be staying on board to handle the loading, with Schmidtt and Lapinksy. You’ll take your orders from the Sergeant and in the case of her incapacitation, your chain of command will fall to Agent Xing, Agent Jha, field medic LeDuc…” The chain of command was something they’d all been briefed on but redundancy may as well be synonymous with procedure because whenever someone said ‘follow the proper process’ it meant they wanted to you use enough fallbacks and extraneous measures that you probably could have accomplished three times your goal if you’d just checked something once or twice.
But for all their traitorous nature, the Infleurgents still followed their god damned processes to a T. Whatever. Matti didn’t technically need to know who to listen to but unfortunately for his ego, the chain of command usually made too much sense to ignore, so he rarely did.
The helicopter touched down at a tiny regional airport in the early hours of the morning, probably close to five hundred hours, as light as a feather per Schmidtt’s usual. He radioed in their arrival to the incognito convoy that was bringing whatever equipment Pooja had maneuvered into being their ‘target’. They reported that they were still about two hours out, which Schmidtt confirmed on radar scans.
“Copy that, we’ll be waiting.” Then Pooja looked up at Matti. “Give us a visual perimeter, make sure the area is clear of personnel or civilians.” She turned to Kyline. “At Lapinsky’s signal, take your men to the far parking lot. The convoy was instructed to leave one truck behind so that we could unload our cargo. Which…” She waved a hand at the soldiers, “is all of you. So stay out of sight until Grace gives the command. Understood?”
A host of salutes confirmed comprehension. Matti eyed Pooja and tossed her a slightly more casual salute before slipping into the night.
For once, the lack of complications wasn’t boring. The presence of civilians would have dramatically slowed down the offloading, suspicions from the convoy would have just caused drama, and if any of Kyline’s soldiers had been spotted, it would have really been disastrous.
All told, Pooja’s plan went without a hitch and soon Schmidt was flying away with whatever cargo they’d used as an excuse to hide their illicit actions. Matti sat in the back of the remaining convoy truck, squished with the others. These things were supposed to seat a dozen. While Matti, Julian, Xing Luli, the Iota agent, were slim enough to count for half a person, they simply had too many people on board for the drive to be comfortable. But comfort wasn’t a requisite so no one complained about being cramped too much.
The real issue was the lack of space to put on their disguises. AngelThana lacked the resources to intensely scrutinize every security cam feed on the planet to scan for faces that matched certain criteria. So the group didn’t have to worry too much about being spotted by the sophisticated software needed to match their specific face shapes and retina scans. But that didn’t mean they could slack off. They’d still need to play dress up to fool any AngelThana member who happened to be casually watching the MUC feeds in their downtime.
There were precious few people on board who knew enough about hair and makeup to make a convincing change to faces, so each agent had to wait quite a bit for their turn. Something to change complexion, darken or bright eyes, maybe thicken the look of facial hair.
“Do me dirty,” Matti said as he pushed past Private Amelie Silva for his turn. He scrunched his eyes closed in preparation for the assault on his face.
“Don’t do that with your eyes,” Pooja said, as he heard her swishing around some bottle of something probably wet and sticky. “It’ll make it uneven.” Pooja, along with Henri LaForge and Edmund Howard, was one of the only confident enough with her makeup skills to do anything convincing on the soldiers. “Hold still.” A bright light blasted his eyelids as another of the soldiers shone a flashlight at him.
“We should have brought Sofia,” Matti said, trying hard not to move his mouth. “She could make every guy in here a girl and vice versa.”
“Matti keep your mouth shut or you’re going to look like more of a mess than you normally do.” After a far too long period of getting paint slathered and smeared on his face, his nails and hands squished, his hair pulled tight and hidden under a wig, Pooja thrust an armful of clothes in his hands. “What do you think?”
The question was a little too amused for Matti’s liking and he cracked an eyelid to see the private holding the flashlight was openly smirking.
“He did say he wanted to be a girl. Think you did a mighty good job there, Colonel.”
The other eyelid snapped open. “I need a mirror. Now.”
Pooja held up one and Matti stared at himself. He wasn’t a girl, probably. Not technically. But he also saw where the private was coming from. “Pooja, you know ‘scene’ hasn’t been in since the early 2000s, right?” He twisted one of the silky, unnaturally platinum locks around a finger.
“We’re active members.” She shooed him to the side to start her next victim. “So our looks need to be a bit more dramatically changed. Us and Blake. If you’re going heavy makeup, you have to make it look intentional. That’s why you have the eyeliner. You’re now Alexi Petroff, 16 years old, so you’ve got to look like it.”
“Great. Back to being an edgy teen.” He didn’t really mind the look but it was far from comfortable. “What dramatic bit are you doing?”
“Inaya Hasmi, 34, traveling with my husband Tahir.” She pointed a bit away where Vikas Jha, the other Iota agent, was getting minimal makeup work done. “I’ll have a bit of work done but most of my face will be hidden.”
“Lucky. Would be nice if we all could just go the religious veil route.” Matti tapped at his face to see if his makeup had dried.
Pooja cocked an eyebrow. “Would have made us all the more likely to be stopped by airport security. Don’t need to increase those odds. Alright, you’re done Shanti.”
“Fucking most disgusting thing I ever got on my face,” he grumbled.
“Shut up, Shanti,” Matti said, almost absentmindedly. The private needled him with a glare before moving on.
“We kind of switched colors,” Julian remarked as he settled down next to Matti. The previously sandy haired man now had cropped dark crew cut, so convincing that Matti couldn’t imagine how his real hair had fit under it. His previously green eyes were now blue, much like how Matti’s blue had changed to green.
“Who did yours?” Matti asked.
“LaForge. Man did theatre through his entire education. I guess it shows but god my head feels like it’s about to explode.” Julian’s hand hovered near his scalp as if itching to itch it.
“Not a finger!” shouted LaForge from about eight feet away where he was twisting Luli’s hair into a tight ponytail. “Or I’ll cut it off.”
“Would he get back?” asked another private.
Julian’s body sagged as his hand dropped. “Here they go.”
The questions, jokes, and jabs flowed through the truck, lightening up the mood at the expense of Julian’s.
“You’re not a fan?” Matti asked. “You can’t deny, there are some good questions in there.”
“Yeah but they don’t want answers, they just want to snicker.” Julian sighed, crossing his arms. “But I’m starting to learn to tune it out.”
Even Matti had to admit that, after two more hours of the soldiers coming up with increasingly stupid puns, it had gotten old. He fiddled with his rifle, knowing that it would soon be locked in a very special crate, the kind that AngelThana routinely used to smuggle weapons through airports, past border patrols, and into government events. Matti didn’t like departing with his beloved rifle but there would be no keeping it on him.
The sun had long risen now as the truck pulled into a long term parking lot, advertised as being ‘mere kilometers from MUC!’ From there, the group split into teams, each with their own mission plans.
Pooja took Vikas, her husband, and the two headed the short walk to the public transport. Six of the soldiers, all dressed as spring breakers, flooded to the closest rental car place.
Matti checked his ID and the instructions on his phone giving him a rundown of Alexi Pertoff.
“I’m traveling with my father and girlfriend, huh? Haven’t had one of those in a while.” He looked up at the remaining operatives. Shanti and Henri were brothers, Amelie and Edmund were also dating. A few others were traveling solo. Then his eyes fell on Luli, Pooja’s Iota agent. She fixed him with a long once over.
“We’re dating?” she asked. In all fairness, she probably wasn’t much older than he was and with the high ponytail with a red streak in it, the loose bangs around her face, and too much eye makeup, she could absolutely pass for 17 or 18.
“I guess so. Which just leaves… dad.” He grinned as Julian looked down at his ID.
“Ah. Pieter Pertoff. 38” He looked up at the two agents as the remaining operatives sped off on their predetermined methods of transportation. “Never thought much of having kids…”
“God I must be like, the biggest disappointment to you.” Matti examined his nails, which were all black except for a red nail on each middle finger. Then he looked up at Julian’s tight crew cut and the lines on his face, artfully exaggerated by LaForge’s handiwork.
Luli laughed at the start contrast that couldn’t hide enough of a similarity between the two men to hint at their relation. “Alright then, team,” she said. “Let’s get our car and get to the airport. We’ve got an invasion to stop.”
Chapter 12
Julian could already tell that Matti and Luli were amused at his reaction but he couldn’t help being more than a little apprehensive about playing a father role to the sniper. The two agents shared looks in the back seat of the rental car Julian was driving.
“Do you think I need an accent? It’s Russian, right? I can try a— hold up.” Julian cleared his throat and centered himself, trying his best to adopt the accent of one of the Russian agents. “Ok, how’s this?”
“God no. Please no.” Matti exchanged another look with Luli. Julian hadn’t dealt much with the agent since they’d first flown to Fleur, an experience Julian wanted to leave far behind him, but she was a lot more pleasant when she wasn’t holding a gun to his head.
“You’ll blow our cover immediately.” Her voice, meanwhile, had shifted from its previously Chinese accent to a completely American accent. “Keep your American accent. In case you haven’t noticed, both our passports are American. His is Russian. You immigrated to the states young and lived there your whole life. You met your wife, a Russian woman, but after your relationship went poorly, she took the kid and moved back to Russia. She sends him over to you for summers and other various breaks. It was during one such visit that he met me.”
“The three of us are spending holiday in Russia,” Matti said. “After the trip, Luli and I are staying with my mom in Moscow.”
It took Julian a moment to internalize this. “Why wasn’t I told any of this?”
“It’s in your briefing.” Matti pointed to his phone. “You probably didn’t scroll. Don’t worry, most people actually don’t ask about your backstory.”
“Yeah but in case—”
“Look at it this way,” Luli said. “Lapinsky and I are far more likely to be given side eyes or comments. This was intentional, to draw attention from you.”
“Just be a disappointed father.” Matti glanced at his phone for another moment before tapping a few buttons. “Ok, now, names. I need you to recite them, learn them by heart.”
It was kind of weird taking orders from someone who was supposed to be his son. The two were probably only ten years apart in age. Luli was even closer, probably less than five years younger than him.
“Ok. Ok, you’re Alexi. She’s Tara. Alexi and Tara. Alexi Petroff and Tara Wang.”
“Mr. Pertoff? Mr. Pertoff, Alexi says it’s ok if we get Starbucks. We’ll be right back.”
“Mom says it’s ok if I get snakebites and you said I could get anything I wanted for my 17th birthday if it was under 50 dollars. I know this one place that does them for cheap and she’s ok with it.”
The two went back and forth, with Julian’s knuckles getting whiter on the steering wheel each time one added a new line to their newfound family’s canon.
“I’m uh, just not gonna say much, ok kids?”
The two grinned back at him in the rearview mirror, clearly very into their roles.
“Whatever dad.”
They spent the remaining half hour of their trip going over all the signals that he’d have to remember. It didn’t sound half bad while they were driving, chatting lightly about the operation, but the minute they stepped from the car and entered the airport, the giggles stopped. Alexi and Tara were apparently the brooding type of teens who didn’t say much but stayed weirdly entwined with each other. Julian was ok with that. His palms were already damp and he was going to probably give away his nerves when he had to raise his hands during security.
A million ‘what ifs’ flashed through his head as the three clunked through security. Previously Julian had been primarily in hot water just with AngelThana but with this little stunt he also marked himself as a legitimate felon.
Yet they cruised through without a hitch, not even when examining their various backpacks or cases of randomly assorted goods. Julian’s nerves were hopefully explained by the outlandish appearance of his traveling companions. No crew-cut sporting dad wanted to be seen in public with his offspring looking so… alternative.
As the three made it to their gate, Julian’s mind immediately jumped to the others. After all, there were six groups that had to make it through without any suspicion. Any one of them getting caught could spell disaster for the whole operation, casting unneeded attention on the whole area. Not only would local authorities get involved, but AngelThana’s watchful eye might fall on them. Even worse, Lady Helga would likely abandon her efforts, leaving them no closer to apprehending her and now completely in the dark about her next plans.
It had to go without a hitch.
“I need to pee.” There was a distinct whine to her voice and Julian was struck with how easy it was to remember that the woman pulling a dramatic pout with heavy lipstick was a grown adult who had killed and probably watched her fellow agents die. “Where’s the closest bathroom?”
This was a signal and Julian grunted, getting to his feet. “Should probably all go.” Every word in Julian’s mouth felt unbelievably forced. He scrutinized every sentence. Why would a father want to accompany his son and son’s girlfriend to the bathroom? Was that weird? Creepy? Did it make sense at all?
The casual shrugs and eyerolls from his charges smoothed over his rocky sentence but he still felt the eyes of the airport on him as they strolled down the hallway to the restrooms.
“Take your time,” Luli said before disappearing into the ladies’ room.
The mens’ room was, thankfully, empty.
“No cameras,” Matti said, after doing a thorough search. “I’m splitting off soon, once I get my toys. If you see me, something’s gone wrong.” He grinned and Julian had no doubt that the sniper couldn’t picture a world where something had gone wrong. “Tara will stick with you, so continue to take your lead from her.”
Julian took the momentary privacy to let out a long breath and shake out his hands. “I hate this.”
“I, on the other hand, love it.” Matti was peering at himself in the mirror, eyes glinting over the various changes in his appearance. “You’ll have to get used to it.”
“I’d rather not have to do this again,” he muttered, staring at his face next to Matti’s. It was a lot greyer than the renegade’s.
“We’re not getting more operatives, so anymore injured or lost, and your attendance will be mandatory.”
Julian shook his head. “If I get caught in one of those things, I’ll get trapped in limbo for god knows how long. I’m not risking that.”
“Oh yes, comparatively the rest of us have nothing to risk.” Matti looked at Julian’s reflection, eyes unexpectedly hard. “None of us want to die. We’re not disposable grunts or whatever narrative you’ve constructed in your head. Any one of Kyline’s soldiers would take a bullet to save you from capture but just remember, they’re losing more from that than you. Their sacrifice is because you’re of more strategic value but don’t think for a minute that you’ve got more intrinsic value.” Then the look vanished, replaced by a casual smile. “Humanize your teammates. Keeps people alive.” He glanced at his watch. “Oh good, Tara’s almost here.”
Julian, briefly forgetting who Tara was, stared at Matti blankly in the mirror for another second before the younger man rolled his eyes and headed for the door.
“Right. Tara.” The scolding had hit him from left field but it was a valid point and Julian felt a little sick at how self centered he’d gotten. Military operations weren’t fun in the slightest. “She’s coming in here—”
His question was truncated by the door bursting open. A woman entered, pushing a cleaning cart. She turned, slapping down a ‘cleaning, don’t enter’ sign, before shutting the door behind her.
It took the woman sliding open the cart and unloading a pistol for herself, a pistol and sniper rifle for Matti, and thrusting a pistol into Julian’s hands for him to recognize Luli.
“I didn’t realize you’d be changing,” he said, still staring at the gun.
“Take your weapon. Lapinsky did say I’d be bringing the weapons, yes?” She glared at the sniper for his lack of communications before pulling out a number of guns, including one of the venojets Julian recognized from Sofia’s lab.
“Thought it was obvious.” Matti wasn’t paying them much mind as his fingers danced over his rifle, before snapping off a few components to fit it in his backpack. “MY apologies, Luli.”
Luli seemed to think better of scolding him. “Just take this… dart gun thing and get into position.”
He saluted. “Copy that Specialist.” He looked at Julian, that serious look back in his eyes. “You’re on civilian protection duty. Remember that.”
Then he slung the bag over his shoulder and disappeared from the bathroom.
Luli pulled out a spray bottle. “Alright, give me a second to clean a bit. Make it look convincing. You know how to hide that thing—Blake! Point it at the ground!”
Julian fumbled the gun before pointing it down. Trigger control was a lot easier to forget than he’d thought.
“Uh, just like, in my waistband?”
She sighed. “Let me finish getting the mirrors. Just don’t kill anyone while I’m at it.”
Soon the room was filled with the acrid scent of cleaners and Luli put back the chemicals.
“Here, change out your clothes. Careful not to dislodge your hair.” Her own transformation had been dramatic: makeup gone, hair now in a bun that hid the red streak, she could have been a different person.
Julian felt like his own disguise was not as effective. He still looked like Pieter Petroff but in a janitor’s outfit. It wasn’t until Luli plopped a hat on his head that he felt better.
“Alright, we’re on bathroom duty,” she said. “We’ve got four more to hit before everyone is armed. Ready?”
What followed was probably the most fun he’d had on the whole operation. No one looked twice at the two of them as they coasted down the hall with their big cleaning cart. They slipped into the first bathroom, halfway down the hall, where Shanti and LaForge were shooting the shit.
They both jumped to attention and Julian and Luli burst in, bearing gifts. Both rewarded the pair with face splitting grins as they received their gifts.
“Felt naked without this,” LaForge said, holstering his.
“Ew, not something anyone wants to see.”
“Shut up, Shanti.” This one surprisingly came from Luli, who had a wry grin on her face. “Now get to your positions and radio in the Colonel when you get there.”
They both saluted. “Copy that Specialist.”
The next bathroom was a little harder cause the spring breakers crowd was coed. Nisslon and Bruni were both in the women’s room, which Julian and Luli hit first, only to find it occupied with more than just the soldiers.
An older woman toting a six year old girl was loudly discussing Bruni’s piercing.
“Ma’am—” the private started, but the woman wasn’t having too much of it.
“And you’ve got the nerve to tell me and my child to leave when she has to go potty. You, looking like that.” She gestured at Bruni.
Nisslon, who wasn’t known for her patience, was looking about ready to go when Luli cleared her throat.
“Well you’re all going to have to continue this at a different restroom because this one is closed for cleaning.” The four paused mid argument and turned to Luli. Julian could see both soldiers’ eyes scan over her, puzzlement creasing their brows. Then Bruni’s eyes landed on Julian and she rolled them hard.
“Eurgh. Fine. Let’s just go to the one by the fucking gate,” Nisslon said.
“My child!” shrieked the woman.
“Mommy I don’t have to go potty. Can we go on the plane now?”
Julian watched as the four left, each in a different state of annoyance. Luli watched them leave before sighing.
“Clear the restrooms. How hard is it to clear the restrooms?” She massaged her temples for a moment before pulling out her spray bottle and dousing the room in a lethal amount of cleaner.
“Why are you doing that?” Julian asked, coughing.
“Gotta make it look like we were here.” She emptied what looked like an entire container of bleach into one of the toilets. “Hate cleaning bathrooms. Anything but bathrooms. Haven’t cleaned one since I was seven.”
Julian wanted to offer his assistance but he was afraid to get in her way. Not to mention, he didn’t want to mess up his hair or makeup.
It took Luli another five minutes to make the room look, well, not clean, but maybe cleaned. Once they made it to the men’s restroom, the weapons drop went smoother.
“Took your sweet time,” Howard grumbled as he loaded up his guns.
“You can bring that up with Nilsson and Bruni.” Luli shoved some extra guns into his hands. ”Those are theirs.”
“They got caught up with a mom who wouldn’t leave,” Julian said, trying to provide some context. “So we just kinda kicked them all out. They’re at the bathroom by the gate.”
“Copy that, zombie.”
Julian pulled a face but didn’t say anymore as the four soldiers filed from the room.
The other drops went more smoothly. At one point Luli even trusted Julian to drop the guns off with Grace.
“I need to take a call. Ditch those with the Sergeant and meet me at the bathroom by Gate A8.”
She wasn’t supposed to have left him but he was confident in his ability to pull off the task. He knocked twice on the women’s restroom door.
“In here!” He could recognize the dulcet tones of the Sergeant anywhere so he cleared his throat and shouted back.
“Maintenance! Uh, cleaning, rather.” Off to a brilliant start but there was no time to kick himself. Instead he pushed the cart in, slapped down the sign, and wheeled around to face a tense looking Grace. Her disguised covered her shockingly blond hair with a brown wig and her scars were masterfully hidden.
“Just you?” she asked. “Where’s… Tara?”
“I think cleaning lady is Milly. Tara was my son’s girlfriend.”
She nodded and a corner of her lip lifted in a smile. “You following along fine?”
“Yeah I think so! We had some trouble with two of the spring breakers. Couldn’t get the civies out of the restroom so we had to improvise.”
She bit back a smile for about a half second before laughing. “Damn kid, we really got our top agent out there.” Then she looked over his shoulder. “Where is Milly?”
“She had to take a call.” Her look worried him for a second and he looked over his shoulder, as if also expecting to see Luli. “Is that weird?”
Grace shook her head as she set to work pulling her guns out of the cart. “Just means the Colonel’s got more shit to chat about than she can text. Probably got eyes on Von Martwitz.” A grin spread across her face, either at the idea of facing down the immortal or at the large gun she’d unsheathed from the cart. “Hello again, girl.”
Julian wasn’t really a pacifist but he didn’t like how much the soldiers loved their pet guns. It shouldn’t bother him but when he looked at the guns, he felt uneasy, knowing that every single one of them had killed a human being. It seemed downright ominous to dote on something that had killed so much.
“Right. So does that mean we’re pressed for time?”
Grace looked at him. “Honestly, couldn’t tell you. I’d ask Luli when you get outside.”
“Right. Alright.” He hovered, wanting to say more. The idea that Lady Helga could be arriving any minute made him suddenly realize how real this mission was. If it went ugly, there were a lot of people he might just never see again.
“You got that look on your face.”
He looked back at her, whatever look she’d referred to now replaced with a wry, if tired, smile. “You think this thing is gonna go sideways?”
“Mmm, no. I think it might be unsuccessful because of how much could go wrong, but it’s not going to end with everyone dying. Worst case scenario…” She looked back at her gun. “We just call Omicron and give them the head’s up.”
He nodded, still tense, so she put a hand on his shoulder. “I know I shouldn't worry,” he said but she shook her head.
“You’re not a soldier and you shouldn’t be here. So yeah, second combat situation in a few weeks for someone who should be in a lab or whatever, I get it.” Her eyes were that same earnest blue that burned when they got into a discussion about immortality and religion or when she was kicking his ass in training. “You’re handling it well. Trust the process.” She slung her gun over her back and pulled her long coat over it before striding to the door. “Oh, and Julian?”
“Hmm?” He looked over from his cart at her.
“Give ‘em hell if they do come for you. You know what it’s like.” With this, and final grin, she was out the door.
Will we get our first peek at the elusive Lady Helga next chapter? Or will Julian blow his cover? Find out later today!
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2020.09.20 15:41 This_Ad3452 Friend naked mom

Roommate has a TV in their room but will watch the one in the living room all day especially on the weekend. I hardly get to watch anything or play video games. Then they lay out all on the furniture half naked when the bedroom was accommodating. Plus appearing in the common area in underwear when I have company. What if my mom was the guest at the time? I like my rugs, curtains, dishes, laundry etc a certain way but I’m continuing closing curtains, refilling laundry, etc. Discussion about food and beverages became a concern especially when a friend and I drank sodas from their purchase. I didn’t say anything about my shrimp nor tea being consumed before I had the chance to eat them. Am I being over reactive
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2020.09.20 11:30 anonymous24277 Disclaimer: This is really long and not for the light hearted. Read at your own discretion.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Seriously, this is heavy stuff. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This could be the last social media post I ever make, so I'm just gonna leave everything out there. Here goes.
I have done some really reprehensible things, not to the degree of murder or rape or anything like that, but bad enough that I can't tell anyone. I have been so depressed that I have made my mom depressed along with me. I tend to be very negative and add almost nothing to this world.
I have an addictive personality, especially when it comes to technology. This comes from my father. That side of the family has a lot of depression, drug abuse, etc. My father was abused as a kid, but I was not. In fact, I was pampered. My parents divorced when I was a few months old and I didn't see him often. When I heard about him he was either in jail or recently kicked out of a job. He was a heavy drinker and smoker. This was the reason I always avoided drugs and alchohol, until around sophomore year when my best friend at the time wanted me to try it. I didn't want to become a stoner, so I said I would try it once. It was a pretty terrible experience for reasons I can't get into, but I thought that it was something I had to get used to. I kept trying it, hoping it would get better, and it never did. I started smoking dabs and since I've been under 120 lbs. for forever, I couldn't handle it. On top of this, I did cross country, which made me a pencil. I've always been the shortest of my class, so I was bullied for that a lot.
After this, my best friend moved away, along with my brother and another close friend. I've always had a fantastic relationship with my brother and my mom, and I've had a lot of great friends throughout my life. However, I have always been socially awkward. Like... REALLY socially awkward. Like I said, I've always been a tech addict, which includes video games, youtube, TV, porn, etc. Another reason for my awkwardness comes from a childhood condition called encopresis, which basically means I couldn't control my bowels. This isolated me as a child and caused a lot of trauma. I couldn't get over it until I was like 10 years old. I've also been very sleep deprived my whole life. On average, I get about 5 hours and my schedule is always out of whack. My life has been a mess and an embarrassment.
But, the story continues. During my senior year of high school, I got so fed up with everything that I decided to hitchhike to California from Colorado. Don't ask me why, I was going crazy at this point. I wanted to fulfill some weird spirituality thing that came from a youtube channel I watched, which eventually turned into something similar to a cult. My third night of this trip was spent in 3 degree weather in a sleeping bag with a broken zipper. I took some weed offered by a stranger I stayed with at a hostel. He was nice and all, but it was a really bad descision in hindsight. Long story short, I made it to California. I feel like a piece of shit for doing this, but I was so drained from the trip. I asked my mom to pick me up from Cali because I realized that what I was doing was insane. Being the incredible, kind person she is, she came down all the way. Once we got home, I realized that the whole world was in a pandemic. Yep, coronavirus. Perfect timing.
On top of everything going on, now I had to isolate myself. Naturally, I still watched the spirituality channel. It was all I had left. Nobody wanted to talk to me because they thought I was fucking mental. Rightfully so.
Fuck it, I have to say the fucked up things I've done. This is my last effort, so why not? ....I used a fleshlight to masturbate using pictures of my best friend... these pictures were edited over naked women... I feel like such a creep and I hate myself for doing this. This started sophomore year-ish. The only justification I can think of is that I was so awkward that I couldn't even hold a conversation for more than 20 seconds, and I felt like I would never be able to talk to girls(which I was able to eventually). My best friend was really, really attractive, but she was out of my league and 2 grades above me. I got really, really, really, really close to her. We hung out all the time and we absolutely loved eachother. This terrible thing probably developed from one small, innocent action.
I'm sorry, God... I'm probably going to hell.
Honestly, at the age of 18, I'm ready to die. The only time I feel happiness anymore is when I'm asleep. I'm about a day away from ending it all. The only thing stopping me is the guilt that comes with suicide. My family would be confused, sad, and angry. Dispite my problems, a lot of people still love me. I don't want to leave my friends and family with horrible pain, but I don't feel like I can take it anymore. If you can manage to save me, I will be eternally grateful to you. But I don't think it is possible anymore.
This being said, I've always wanted to contribute to the world in a positive way. I've always wanted to be a good person. When I was a freshman, I wanted to be a councelor so I could help people with their own issues. In fact, I actually helped the best friend in question out of suicide. She was depressed her entire life and I managed to help her be happy again. She wrote my friends, my brother, and I a suicide note during my sophomore year. But, I fought to keep her alive because I couldn't afford to see her go.
I also helped my mom out of smoking for almost a year and stopped my brother from vaping completely. That's the kind of person I want to be. I'm really scared it's too late and the universe hates me at this point. I'm scared there is nothing I can do about it and that there's nobody who can save me. If I manage to make it through this, I will be one strong dude.
Oh, I would also like to mention that it has been almost impossible to open up about any of this, because I feel so fucked up for doing it. I never seeked counceling because every time I tried I couldn't possibly think to tell them what I did. Every time I try to explain what I've done, people say to go to a councelor, but being able to say these things anonymously is amazing.
If you made it this far, thank you for hearing out my story.
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2020.09.20 06:23 itsthrowawaytimenow Naked mom friend

My (22f) boyfriend (30m) of 1.5 years is extremely loving. His love is close to idealization. We became close friends quickly after we met. He was extremely antisocial, but once he opened up, he turned out to be a very principled, honest, idealistic person. He is a perfectionist, has a high sense of morality, practically never lies, and doesn't hesitate to express his views. However, he fell in love with me first, in a VERY intense way. I told him that I am not ready for a relationship as I was brought up in a very conservative community with little to no male exposure, and I was going through an identity crisis, basically I have no idea what to seek in a partner so I am not ready for a relationship. But he persisted. He continued to shower me with a LOT of love. He had sex with me (he was someone who held that sex is something that is precious to him) before we were in a committed relationship. He simply was this love struck person. Since he was my closest friend and was madly in love and I liked him very much, I told him that I will date him even if I am not 'madly in love' like him.
That is when this strange romance started.
He would message me good morning every day. He took a my photo of me everyday. He asked me to always, always, hold him in public and if we were travelling by cab he would place his leg on mine. If we were travelling by bike i had to hold him from behind and put my hand in his shirt. He called us soulmates. We spent nearly the entire day together as I donot have any other friends. He claimed that he doesn't believe in the concept of dating or girlfriend and he saw me as his wife. He believed that women are the judges who judge a man's character and then 'submit' to men, sexually. That a woman looks up to a man and a man posseses her. (But he hated red pill, so no, not a redpiller)
Whenever we had arguments, he would keep his calm and look at it objectively and would readily admit to his mistakes if any, and would try his best to understand my pov. He never lied. He told me that I was his oxygen cylinder. If he were a magician I was the parrot who held the key to his life. At this point of time, I was aiming to do a course that would build my career that requires me to clear an entrance. I found an institute that provided training for this entrance. After spending the entire day with him while travelling and working, he would still travel all the way to receive me back from the coaching institute. He gave me chocolates and roses frequently. None of his affection seemed like a pretense. It seemed like he was genuinely obsessed with me.
So what went wrong?
He was hypersensistive to implications of abandonment and distance. One example that I can think of was that I once showed him a video in which the artists professed her love for her crush in a playful way. I reminded him that she reminds me of a younger version of myself and my first crush when I was a lot more emotionally open. He got 'traumatized' by what I said and would shudder to listen to any song featuring the male lead in that song(!?) He also, refused to let me use the word love for anything and that the word was reserved only for him. So I cannot say, i love roses, that will upset him.
Though he never stopped me from interacting with other women, he claimed that he would feel jelous when I did. He was jelous of my mom, and he claimed that I should never hug her or let her see me naked. He cannot stay away from me for too long, he would say, or share me with others.
6 months after we started dating he insisted that we should move in. But I come from a community where living together is sinful and as I was living with my family, it would lead me to become isolated and ostracized. I instead suggested that we should wait till I attempt the entrance that I was planning to attempt and get married, around a year later to avoid drama. He said that the thought of not being married to him was too painful and I was valuing everyone else other than him. That I was indecisive. That he handled me at my worst initially, when I was unsure about getting involved with him and claimed that I need to get to know what I truly need in a partner, and kept refusing him, while also being kind of involved with him, so he needs this. He said that if I tell you to move in with me now, you should, that is how my love works. I need that level of surrender from you and since you aren't giving it to me I should break up with you. I kept begging him not to break up because I thought it was the right thing to do.
He met my mom, and he took an instant liking for her after the very first meet and that if he were born in another time would have dated her. My mom is very much like me, so I took it as a compliment to my mom. My mom approved of me marrying him after a year and said that if the people of our community (he didn't belong to ours) would call me names for choosing to marry outside our clan, she would stand up to them.
Things got wierder.
It started when he watched me interact with men after my coaching class. He would start saying that I wasn't allowed to walk with or talk to men after coaching classes. When I resisted, he started howling and crying and having panic attacks. I found him wierd, like you need to admitted in a psych ward kind of wierd. In the end it lead us to nearly breaking up, but when it happened I felt relief, not pain. I suddenly felt as if I was released from a cage. He started begging me back. I told him that I need a break, as I was feeling relief after the break up so I doubt my feelings for him. That I need space as I am not sure that I love him. He apologized in advance and slapped me mildly, for implying that I did not love him and said we were soulmates who should always fight to keep the relationship. And took me to his house and had sex with me. I was confused but continued to raise my concerns. He did not apologize (he claimed he did, but it probably did not feel like one to me) and gifted me a teddy bear and chocolate and said that people in love must keep their arguments behind to preserve the relationship. But the incident never left my mind...because it was so odd.
Later on our argument on the topic of marriage started escalating. He wanted me to elope with him (leaving my mom amd family behind). When i refused leading to a near break up, he tried to convince my mom for our marriage. He built furniture, bed, dressing and study table in his house for me (i did not ask him to) and showed it to me on my birthday. He celebrated my birthday in a really thoughtful and grand manner with me, my mom, and his family.
There was another wierd incident on the birthday. I told him I wasn't comfortable holding him intimately before our families, yet he proceeded to place my hand on his chest before them and took our pic together. He also once got upset when I moved away from my mom to say I Love you to him over the phone, because why don't you say I love you before your mom? Are you ashamed/guilty? No I am merely uncomfortable showing intimacy before others...but he did not take it well.
Finally the argument about marriage came to a head. When I put my foot down and said that I would be seriously compromising my career plans if i marry him this soon and he can wait for a few months since our families are alright with us getting married, he proceeded to act CRAZY. He made me the villain before his family (his family took his side which feels sad to me) he started self harming, banging his head against doors, and overdosing. I am not proud of it, but I stayed in his house trying my best to salvage the situation. He wanted me to marry him immediately. After he calmed down I tried to ask for a bit more time he kicked me out of his house.
I proceeded to break up with him.
Now he is going to a psychiartrist. He is shocked that I broke up with him and he claims that he still deeply loves me. He is now accepting that the way he treated me was wrong. I have the option of taking couples counseling with him
He never emotionally abused me or put me down but always showered me with love. So I have no idea how to judge him. During our early days of courtship I was going through a hard time because my dad passed away and I was in the middle of an identity crisis and was openly unsure about dating him. He handled me and showered me with unabated love at that point of time. His obsession/love for me seems very intense and genuine, and not like a pretense or design. (If it were, he would have a better outcome by waiting than rushing) He unabashedly loved me since one and a half year. He also had a 6year failed LTR before me. He used to constantly talk about his ex, (but he never spoke ill of her and seemed to respect her) he is good friends with her, but was also similarly intense/obsessed (his ex once asked him to love her less) What is this loving man? How do I judge him? Is he a good person who deserves a second chance or should I break all contact and run?
Edit: i missed to add another red flag, he did dictate the kind of clothes i should wear and hair when I was involved with him.
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2020.09.20 01:22 JagdKitty Friend mom naked

(((((Just an idea for a new book so I thought I'd get feed back on how the beginning might be improved and if you think you want more...)))))
Chapter One
It was a dark and stormy night... Sorry, I know it's pretty cheesy but I've always wanted to begin a story like that. Over the years I've written many stories. Some for fun, others for money or fame. Sometimes for all three. But never have I written my story. So as cheesy as it may be, my opening is perfectly correct. It was a dark and stormy night that my story begins...
Early 21st Century... Lexington, Kentucky
My supper was finished. I was nursing my cola, wondering if I should just make a run for my house. Rain poured down and lightning flashed outside the large panes of glass which formed the entire wall between the wet outside and the cozy inside of the small, family friendly restaurant. A late evening thunderstorm wasn't unexpected in August. The heat and humidity would build throughout the day. Thunder clouds would build higher and higher in the sky and then all hell would let loose as the temperature dropped with the setting sun.
No one was waiting for my table so I didn't feel guilty keeping the table to myself. It wasn't like I was denying my waitress another customer and tip. Many tables were occupied but some were still open for new customers. But a new customer hadn't walked in since the rain had started. Between the heavy cloud cover and the lateness of the hour, it was pitch black outside. Strobes of lightning would light the street as bright as day before darkness reclaimed the streets. The last of my cola slurped up my straw and I was just reaching for my wallet when she appeared.
My first sight of Tiffany was as a form under the streetlight on the corner as she dashed across the street for the door of the restaurant. Splashing in the puddles she was as wet as any woman could be and looked as mad as any cat tossed into a pool. My cousin had done that once with the family cat. Tiffany looked just as mad as that cat had looked after dragging her wet fur out of that pool, only without the hissing and barred teeth.
She shook herself like a cat, too, as she stood in the entrance. That took my mind off the family cat since her t-shirt was plastered to a very nice, very wet chest sans bra. Sizing up the place, she walked to the table next to mine and plopped herself in a chair. Grabbing a wad of napkins, she began wiping her pretty face. The contrast between her pale skin and bright blue eyes to her jet black, shoulder length hair was striking.
"Look all you want, you perv." The sarcastic tone brought me hastily back from my appreciation of her striking... Umm, beauty. I hastily raised my gaze to her face.
"Ahh, sorry..." I began but she cut me off with a hand wave. She shrugged and her voice had less sarcasm and much more humor as she cut me some slack. "I don't care. My boobs have been seen before. By a lot more people at once than are in here. I hit Mardi Gras every year I can. I get lots of beads," She said with a smile. Picking at the wet material of her shirt she pulled it away from her skin and let it drop. It went back to outlining every curve she had including two, very hard nipples.
She shrugged again in resignation, "At least I'm wearing a shirt." Grabbing another handful of napkins she wiped at her arms and hands again. Moving quickly, she invited herself to my table and sat across from me. "Sorry to drop in unannounced. I usually have better manners but that damned rain! I'm Tiffany," she said, thrusting a still slightly damp hand across the table.
"I'm Daniel," I completed the intro and shook her hand. "Ahh, would you like something to eat," I asked as my waitress approached.
"I could do with a bite. But not here. I was just headed for the club down the street when this," Tiffany waved a disgusted hand at the rain, "appeared out'a nowhere." Tiffany gave me an appraising look, "I've got a pretty good idea of what I want to eat later."
"I didn't know they served food at the club."
Tiffany laughed at nothing I could see. Since Darlene was at the table anyway, I paid for my food and added a good tip. I ate here often and knew all the wait staff.
Tiffany sighed and picked at her wet shirt again. "Screw it. No clubbing for me tonight. The apartment I stayed at today doesn't have a clothes dryer."
"My house is just down the street and I have a clothes dryer. I'm really not a perv," I hastily added. "I'm just offering dry clothes. I've got a robe you can wear while your clothes dry. I just don't want to go home and think about you sitting here cold and wet and maybe getting sick or something without at least offering."
"Why, aren't you the Southern gentleman. I'd like that if you won't mind a house guest for a few hours. Wet clothes just suck."
My house was only a block and a half away but it was raining so hard my clothes were as soaked as Tiffany's by the time we ran up my driveway to the side door leading to the garage and laundry room. There were towels in the dryer that I hadn't folded yet. We used them to towel off our faces and arms. I told Tiffany to wait and I'd get her a robe.
"Fuck that," Tiffany said taking hold of the hem of her shirt and stripping it over her head. Tossing it into the dryer she grinned, "Don't look so shocked. I've already given you a wet t-shirt show." She toed off her sneakers and while I stood there her jeans, socks and finally her panties went into the dryer. "Your turn."
I was in shock. It had been a while since I'd seen a naked woman. I'm not gay, I just haven't had much time to date while in grad school. Women taking their clothes off in front of me was unusual. Women as beautiful as Tiffany taking her clothes off in front of me was incredibly rare. As in never before. In bare feet she was maybe 5'9". Breasts just on the large size for her slender frame. Perfect hourglass figure. Her skin was pale without bikini lines. "Hey! Your turn. Get those wet clothes off. I don't want you to get sick either."
I hesitated. I wasn't in nearly as good a shape as Tiffany. I've been 40 to 50 pounds past my recommended weight for my height of 5'10" since high school. I almost always wear a t-shirt at a pool and not because I sunburn. Tiffany finally gave up on my moving and began unbuttoning my shirt. I came out of my daze enough to begin helping and soon she was stripping my briefs off. I had the expected anatomical response any heterosexual male would have in the presence of a beautiful, naked woman. It was impossible to hide since it was at eye level to Tiffany as she knelt to strip my briefs down far enough for me to step out of.
Tossing my clothes into the dryer she turned the dial and started the dry cycle. Taking the initiative again, Tiffany wrapped her arms around me and went up on her toes for a kiss. She began pushing me towards the door that led into the house.
"Wait. Wait, wait... The clothes need a fabric softener sheet," I managed to break lip contact long enough to gasp out.
"You gotta be kidding me, right?" Tiffany's eyes were wide and though her body was still pressed to mine she drew back and asked in disbelief. "A naked woman is literally throwing herself against you, offering a night of wild sex and you're thinking of laundry?"
"I guess not," I said and let myself be kissed and pushed to sit on the den couch which was as far as we made it.
The rest of the night was a haze. I remember Tiffany straddling my lap and lowering herself around me while nuzzling and sucking on my neck which was extremely pleasurable. I was embarrassed as I finished almost as soon as she lowered herself completely onto me while still trying to give me a hickey. I know I hadn't had sex for a while but, damn! I should have had better control than that but her mouth on my neck felt so damned good. Just as good as what was she was doing to my groin.
Tiffany didn't seem disappointed at my lack of control. She just grinned, gave me a long, wet kiss that had a tinge of a taste that reminded me of... Something I was struggling to recall even as her hips began to move again and her mouth went back to my neck.
What happened after that was what began to blur. Tiffany's mouth left my neck and my thoughts were all a jumbled haze as she continued moving her hips slowly over my lap. In this position her breasts were moving close to my face and I pulled her close enough to capture a nipple. I was sucking hard on her breast when she suddenly gasped and pulled back to sit up straight. Her hand raised the breast I'd been sucking on so she could get a good look at the small cut, a shallow scrape really, on her skin.
"Damn it, damn it, dammit," she yelled climbing off me. Pacing the room, she stopped to look at her breast again. Raising clenched fists she yelled, "FUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!"
My head swam when I tried to stand up to try and calm her down. I couldn’t seem to make my legs and arms work together and sat back down with a whoomph onto the couch. It was just a tiny, barely red scratch. I couldn't understand why my speech was slurred, I'd only had a soft drink with my meal, as I tried to explain. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I chipped a tooth last week on a walnut shell and I guess it cut you. It's not that much real..."
Tiffany interrupted me to yell, "You don't understand, you idiot! I've already fed from you. Once your blood mixes with mine, if you take even a little back you're gonna Turn! Fuck this shit," she muttered and began to pace again. Stopping in mid-stride, she seemed to have made up her mind about something. "This is your house, right? No one else lives here," she asked. "No relatives dropping by?"
"Yea, I live here alone. My relatives live in Eastern Kentucky. They never drop by without calling. What do you mean by Turn? Look, I'm sorry my tooth cut you but..."
"Just shut up. Just shut the fuck up. Don't make this harder for me."
"Make what harder?" Man, I was really woozy. I was having trouble just sitting up straight.
"I have to kill you, you big, stupid human," Tiffany yelled. With a jump that covered an impossible distance, she landed on me and drove me back into the couch cushions. This time when her mouth went to my neck there was nothing sensual about it. It hurt like hell when she bite down and then all the pain vanished in a wash of euphoria. I was twice her body weight yet I couldn't break the hold of her arms and legs around me to push her away. I felt my skin tear and, God help me, I came against her stomach and mine as the pleasure I was feeling doubled and then doubled again. Still she bit deeper. I heard a sucking sound under my ear and then I heard and felt nothing at all.
Chapter II
My next memories are all a jumble. I would swim up from a deep sleep when Tiffany came near. She'd whimper as she'd open her own wrist with her teeth. The smell of blood would rouse me more and I'd drink as much as I could of her thick, rich blood for as long as she offered her wrist. "I'll have more for you soon," she'd whisper as I'd fall back into my dreamless sleep.
I had no idea how many times this scene was repeated until one time her wrist wasn't enough. I wanted more and her amazing strength was no match for mine as I pulled her down and bit hard on her neck. Her cry wasn't one of pain, however. The harder I bit the more her cries sounded like the cries of a woman having an orgasm.
I drained Tiffany of every drop of blood I could coax from the tear in her throat before pushing her away. She dropped, drained of blood and strength to the floor beside the bed. Hearing her moans of orgasm, I went back to my dreamless sleep. There was one feeding I remember more than any other. I have no memory of when it occurred in my schedule of feedings but Tiffany smelled differently that time. More alive. Every mouthful from her wrist was intoxicating. When the flow from her wrist began to slow it was her who offered me her neck. When I bit her cries were again of pleasure. Orgasmic cries as the smell of her sex filled the room. She didn't try to pull away no matter how much pain I had to be causing her until the flow from her torn throat ceased.
Her blood will make you strong, I heard as I drifted back to sleep. I think I dreamed. ***************************
"How bad is it," I asked Carla Bannon, the detective who'd gotten the call.
"Female, late sixties," Carla began giving me a concise review of what she'd discovered so far. "Ida Knowles from her ID we found in a purse stuffed under the driver's seat. Put in the trunk perhaps two days ago. She hasn't been reported as missing. Found four hours ago by the supermarket manager. He says the car has been sitting here for two days. Said he was going to look for ID so he could call the owner before he had the car towed.
"Two days in this heat? When he got a whiff of what was in the trunk he called us. Uniforms came, popped the trunk and called it in. I got the call about two hours ago. I got here a little after the call. Crime techs after me." Carla lowered her voice and added, "Lieutenant, her throat was torn out."
"God, I wish! But," Carla looked around to be sure no one was within hearing. My former partner was always careful not to seem too chummy in front of others since my promotion. "Of course we'll have to wait for the coroner's official report but, Ben, the crime scene tech swears it wasn't dogs. Her throat wasn't cut with anything sharp either. Says there's no teeth marks or cuts. He says it's like someone just yanked her throat out. Tore out a large chunk of flesh. And that chunk ain't here.
"I told him to keep his mouth shut to everyone but me and called you as soon as I could." Detective Bannon looked around again to be sure we were out of earshot. "Ben, this could be a real mess if that tech is right. No one wants a psycho running around who rips out throats."
"The tech any good?"
"Twelve years on the job. I've worked with him before. Hell, we've both worked with him when we were partners before you took the promotion. He's very good. I wouldn't have called you out on a Sunday if he was a rookie."
"Lieutenant Haskell? Detective? Got something you need to know," a tech called out and walked towards us. I remembered working with him. He was good. Good enough and experienced enough to know he stank of death and to stand downwind. "Two things, really. First, there's no blood in the body or in the trunk. There's barely enough blood left in the body for it to pool and form post mortem bruising. I can't find the blood! Only a few drops on the floor of the trunk. There's been no rain in the last few days to wash away blood from the asphalt. There's a few small drops on the asphalt from the driver's door to the trunk. She either wasn't killed here or someone held a bucket for her to bleed into."
"I'll get a couple of uniforms to start canvasing the grassy areas in the back of the store to make sure we didn't miss a blood pool under the tall grass," Carla said and left.
The tech reached into his overalls and pulled out a sheet of paper and an evidence bag. "Second, her address from her ID and her keys from the floor of the car. Keys are clean. No blood. I've already dusted and there's no usable prints. Her house is only a couple of blocks away. If you can't find her blood there I don't know where the hell it is."
I took the paper and signed taking possession of the evidence bag containing the keys. "Carla, you keep working here. I'll take a uniform and check out the house," I called out and got a thumbs up in acknowledgment.
The uniform followed me and we parked on the street. There was a Chevy Nova parked on the street in front of the address. The front door was open, screen door closed. It was a small sized, two story on a street where old oaks shaded the street and lawns and all the houses had a tired, long lived in air. Stepping onto the porch I could hear someone inside. Through the screen I could see a living room/den and part of a kitchen and hallway. The screen door made a small sound when I tested if it was unlocked.
"Grams? Is that you? Where have you been? You haven't even started our dinner."
"Police, ma'am." A young woman came into view walking towards me from the kitchen. Caucasian, early twenties, 5' 4", slender build, pretty in a girl-next-door way. Shoulder length red hair and gray eyes. "Miss, do you know a Ida Knowles?"
"Yes, she's my grandmother. Oh, God. Grams... Is she Ok?"
This was the part of the job I hated most. "May we come in, Miss..."
"Olivia Knowles."
She cried of course. But then wanted to know the how. "Please. I have to call my mom and family. They all live in Tennessee. I need to know something to tell them."
I tried to give the bare minimum of details but she had a way of asking questions that drew more information from me than I'd meant to give. For some reason my gut was sending me a warning that something was strange here. Over the years I've come to trust my gut. "You haven't tried to contact your grandmother in the last two days?"
A shake of her head. "I have an apartment out Winchester Road and a job. We don't always call each other every day. Every Sunday we try to... I mean we used to, have dinner. Go over our week. Make any plans we might have for the week coming up. That kind'a thing. When I came over today the front door was open and her car was gone. I just thought she'd gone to the store for a few things."
"So you haven't looked around the house?"
"No. Just used the bathroom and started chopping some vegetables in the kitchen while I waited. Why?"
"It's possible whoever killed your grandmother did it somewhere else and then drove her car to the parking lot. Would you mind if we looked around the house and backyard?"
Ms. Knowles invited us to look anywhere we wanted. The uniform looked over the backyard and the small garage while I looked in every room and the basement. No signs of a struggle or blood. Everything was neat and clean as if the owner had stepped out for a short trip to the supermarket. Which I was guessing she had. Leaving my card with instruction to call if Ms. Knowles thought of anything or saw anything out of the normal, we left. I left with a feeling that something just wasn't right.
Out on the sidewalk I asked Officer Westbrook what he thought. Westbrook shrugged and then spoke aloud my thoughts. "I don't know, Lieutenant, but damn! If someone just told me my grandmother had been killed by having her throat ripped out, I think I'd be having hysterics. But she... She just got calmer."
I nodded. That had been my observation, too. Something about that young lady set my teeth on edge. I drove back to the crime scene to let Carla know what I'd found. I also wanted Carla to look more closely into Olivia Knowles.
A witch's hearing isn't as good as an elf's, but I could hear them talking on the sidewalk. They were both wrong. I wasn't calm. Not by any stretch of the imagination was I calm. I was in a murderous rage.
Vampire! A fucking vampire! There was absolutely no doubt in my mind who, or rather what, had killed my Grams. I had phone calls to make but first I had to carry out Gram's instructions. She'd drilled her instructions into me every day when I'd first moved in with her five years ago. If something happens the first thing you do is make sure the house is safe!
I waited until the police cars disappeared from view before going to the basement. Tripping the concealed latch that my grandfather had installed sixty years ago, a small section of shelves that lined one wall popped open an inch. I pushed the door all the way open. No one but me and Grams even knew that her half-basement had once been a full basement.
Gesturing at the candles scattered about the room I lit them with a cantrip before stripping off all my clothes and shoes. No metals of any kind except gold, silver or platinum were to enter the next room. Ever! Not even the tiny amount in my underwire bra. Since I was alone I didn't bother with a robe. A steep wooden staircase led to another concrete floor six feet lower than the one that policeman had just searched. All the furniture here -staircase, chairs, tables and bookcases- were made using wooden dowels instead of metal nails. Grandad had been a master craftsman when it came to working in wood since the 18th Century.
Striding to the center of the circle etched into the concrete floor, I Reached and found all the house protection spells that were powered from the circle. The circle was 20 feet in diameter and cut three inches into the concrete of the floor. Poured gold filled that circle. Gold was a perfect superconductor for Vim. Silver and platinum could be used but over time Vim would leech away. A gold Power Circle would hold Vim indefinitely. The larger the circle, the more Vim. This was one of the largest circles in North America.
By instinct I Reached out to the small Ley Line that Lexington was on top of and siphoned Vim into the circle. In a few seconds I could leech enough Vim into the Power Circle to keep all the spells powered by the circle maintained for months.
Reaching out again, I found the spells tuned to the circle and made then mine. As soon as they came under my control, a softly glowing, golden hemisphere appeared around me. Twenty feet in diameter, it filled the room, almost touching the ceiling and walls. Any metal other than gold inside this sphere might cause a feedback of the Vim held in the circle of gold. Think of the CERN supercollider going nuclear. Yea, that's the reason no metals were allowed in here. Grams had told me of the trouble Grandad had digging up the entire basement trying to find one lousy horseshoe nail when he'd been making this witch room.
Grams had made me practice what to do many times and it was easy to Key the spells to me. If I ever wanted to pass this Power Circle on, I'd have to teach the Key to another. The protection spells on the house wouldn't turn away door-to-door salesmen but Supernaturals would be stopped and if a Supe did try to enter this house, I'd know it no matter where I was.
The last thing I did before leaving the workshop was to take two books from Grams' library. The first book was very small and contained a short list of the members of Gram's coven. They needed to be called and warned that a vampire was in the area. The second book contained everything Grams had learned about vampires. For the last century Grams had collected stories and knowledge on every topic in every witch's tome she could get her hands on. Lined up on the shelves in front of me was probably the best collection of magical knowledge in North America.
I knew that in the first book on the shelf was a learned discussion on whether Aardvark gall bladders were necessary for potions which caused nightmares. I'm not sure? But knowing I'd just swallowed ground up Aardvark gallbladders? That would sure as hell give me nightmares.
I still had a phone call I couldn't put off any longer. It was as hard to tell my mom as I'd thought. She promised to drive up the next day to help with the funeral arrangements.
I remembered to get the bottle of bourbon I'd hidden in the attic four years ago and my smokes before sitting down. Grams had always made me go out on the porch to smoke. I knew what was in Gram's will. This house was mine now and with my first cigarette I began to make it smell like mine. With darkness falling I was finally able to open the book to begin my education.
There was a vamp in town that needed killing.
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