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Our main. As your premiere authority on Smash in Yolo County, I’ve written a little list that I hope you will enjoy and will not get me sued by Nintendo: What your Smash main says about you. Ice Climbers — Let’s just say the Lannisters approve. The fighting game has gone through several iterations, but no matter how much higher the graphics quality gets in each version, there is always one constant: your main Super Smash Bros. character. Like your Mario Kart character, who you choose as your Smash Bros. fighter says a lot about you. Sure, some people can play well with a bunch of the characters, but we all have that one character that just feels right. What Your Super Smash Bros. Pick Says About You. Or, how to talk about Smash Bros. at parties. By Joshua River a. ... So of course, it's time to judge you based on your main—you know, ... Super smash Bros. Ultimate has many characters, but your character choice says a lot about you. Part 3 of the series. Instagram: Follo... Part one of my new series. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, people pick characters tailored to who they are. What kind of character did you pick? Subscribe for... When you tell someone you play Smash and they ask who your main is, you forget Dark Samus exists for a minute before telling them. Yoshi: There’s a 50% chance you are an actual child. Smash Bros. Ultimate is out and if you're like me, you're tearing through it and having a blast. But what does your Smash Bros. Ultimate main say about you as a person? You believe in True Love, and you don't get why your crush doesn't reciprocate your overwhelming yet passive advances, like when you texted them a ransom offer since they stole your heart. Yeah. You're addicted to a good ol' structured narrative, and the fact your life outside of Super Smash isn't falling into place makes you feel like you were somehow forgotten. However, you weren't forgotten - you were too busy trying to take cool selfies with your sword to realize everyone else was ...

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Mario: You easily suffer from choice paralysis and always make the most boring and default choice. Your favorite ice cream is vanilla, your favorite color is blue, your favorite animal is dog, and your favorite movie is The Godfather. If you were in Nazi Germany, you would 100% use the “just following orders” defense. You will go to Hell when you die. Inkling: Why don’t you have a seat? What were you planning when you came here tonight? King Dedede: You masturbate to Deviantart ironically. Meta Knight: You masturbate to Deviantart unironically. Peach: You’re the girlfriend of the guy who bought this game. You thought Link’s name was Zelda and Samus’ name was Metroid. After 15 minutes, you’re gonna want to go back to playing Mario Kart. Daisy: The same as Peach, except you’re a lesbian. Bayonetta: You have said “Rawr XD” at some point in your life, and use Facebook to post memes about depression. It’s getting impossible to tell where your stretch marks end and your self-harm scars begin. You are bisexual. Wolf: You are either currently 14 years old, or you were 14 years old when Brawl came out, and haven’t matured at all beyond that. You watch way too much anime, you’ll never improve as an artist, and your OTP sucks Corrin: You unironically own multiple anime figurines, a body pillow of your waifu, and a katana. You’re either a furry or have a shitty OC that’s half dragon, half demon, and half vampire. You either have autism or are just an oblivious asshole with no social skills, it’s hard to tell. Squirtle: You bought the Switch and this game on launch day. You threw a tantrum when Fox stopped showing Saturday morning cartoons. Your mom wishes you’d move out of the house. Ivysaur: You’ve got weird arm and back acne. You like to pretend you main all three of the Pokemon, but everyone can see right through you. You love cute animals, but if you ever tried to take care of one by yourself, it’d die in a week. Charizard: You are a basic ass bitch. You spent the first 5 matches spamming smash attacks and your side B. You’re the only one on this list who has gotten laid recently, but it doesn’t matter because you lasted a minute. Donkey Kong: You actually hate playing Smash, and everyone playing with you. You don’t play to win, you play to inspire the greatest amount of anger around you. You cannot go 48 hours without saying the N word. Hard R. Jigglypuff: You were born incomplete. Some piece of you is missing. Maybe it’s the part of your brain that dictates rational choice, or the part that controls empathy. Maybe it’s your impulse control. Maybe, just maybe, you were born without a soul. You started small, at first. Mice and squirrels, and then you grew bolder. Your neighbor’s cat had gotten outside. She would never find the poor thing. Your parents soon discovered what you did, and their punishments forced you to keep dormant your dark desires. You carried on with your life, feigning normalcy, a model student and son. That was until the day you met her. It was autumn, your first semester at college, your first time away from home. She stirred something in you. You took her out, flirted with her, bought her drinks, she was so pure and sweet, so trusting. You left with her, the intoxication swelling inside you both. She tripped, you caught her. You looked at her then. She was so beautiful, so alive. You cut her open. You cut her open because you had to know. Why was she so beautiful? How was she so alive? You cut and cut until she was no longer beautiful, no longer alive. You stared at what you had done, tears in your eyes, not from guilt or remorse, only the pure reflex, as though you knew you should cry, but didn’t understand why. When you came back down to a neutral calm, you disposed of the body, washed yourself of any and all evidence. You knew the first thing you needed to do was establish an alibi. You called up your roommate: “Hey” you said “Wanna hang out tonight?” Your roommate replied “Sure, my friend brought over his Switch, we’re gonna play Smash Ultimate.” You smiled, licking the final traces of viscera from your teeth, and said “Great, I’ll be there in 10.” Kirby: You are Masahiro Sakurai, desperately trying to convince everybody that your favorite boy is best. Put Mappy in the game you fucking cunt. Lucina: You are the comedic straightman of your group. You go through life with two moods, neutrality or exasperation at your louder, more fun friends. Your spirit animal is Squidward and, like Squidward, you are the top sad boy. At least your cats love you. Chrom: You’re the mouthbreathing kind of weeb. You have objectively bad taste. You either want Goku and Sora in Smash, or you want the entire roster replaced with other characters from Fire Emblem. Little Mac: You have a 2 digit IQ, and managing air combat is too much for you. You have eaten at least three Joycons since you started playing Smash. Your go-to excuses for losing are bad recovery moves and the helmet you’re forced to wear falling in front of your eyes. Robin: You have LARPed before. Ironically, considering the game your main comes from, your best friend is a Chrom main. You honestly can do better than hanging out with them, but then you’d have to find a new 4th for your D&D group. Sonic: You’re just a sad person. Either because you’ve got the specific kind of autism that develops in fans of Sonic the Hedgehog, or because you’ll inevitably be lumped in with those people. You know deep down the speed isn’t worth the pain you feel inside. You ask yourself why you keep playing, but you can never come to an answer. You can’t outrun your problems, Sonic main. Pichu: You didn’t know that your attacks did damage to you until someone pointed it out to you, and you didn’t want to look like an idiot, so you pretended like you knew that. In a panic, you came up with some lie about how Pichu is actually really good, and now you’re just sorta stuck with it. Pikachu: You are the boyfriend of a Peach main. You don’t actually like playing Pikachu that much, it’s just that whenever she gets bored playing, she’ll just sit and watch you play, but demand you play as Pikachu because “it’s so cute.” Even when you’re playing with your friends, and you really want to win, you curse yourself and choose Pikachu. Ness: You love Earthbound. You have also never played Earthbound, you just know it by reputation. You also love Undertale, and you probably voted it as game of the year when it came out. You like to think you’re really skilled at Ness, but when things get too hard, you just spam PK Fire and the baseball bat. You’re not impressing anyone. Fox: You played Smash Ultimate for 5 minutes, saw all the items and stages, got mad, and went back to Melee. You’re currently waiting for the Project M version of Ultimate. You get the saltiest out of everyone on the list. You have told someone who doesn’t like Dark Souls to git gud. Duck Hunt: You’re like a Donkey Kong main without the hate, or a Jigglypuff main without the urge to kill. When the Duck Hunt dog laughs at someone for not shooting all the ducks, you feel that on spiritual level. You are probably the happiest person on this list, which makes other people angry, and in turn, only makes you happier. Zelda: You secretly crossdress and are ashamed of it. Within 5 years, you’ll gradually become more and more comfortable with it, until you eventually become a really obnoxious drag queen. Like, the kind that only watches Ru Paul’s Drag Race and nothing else. Regardless, you spam Din’s Fire like a motherfucker, just like everyone else who plays Zelda. Link: You’re boring and suck ass. You play as Oddjob in Goldeneye and use the rocket launcher in Halo. There’s a good chance you’re the least skilled player on the list and don’t even know it. Your favorite skin is the Dark Link skin, because of course it fucking is. R.O.B: You have a video game collection that’s about the cost of a mortgage. You have at least 6 or 7 Game Gears, a fully functional arcade cabinet, and a R.O.B which you brag about whenever you play Smash with new people. If you could have one wish, it would be to work for Nintendo. Snake: You think gamers are the most oppressed minority, and the reason for why Quiet from MGSV is half-naked makes total sense and is genius writing. You respond to news stories about black criminals with something racist, and then cite average IQ scores to defend yourself. If there’s a comment section attached to this list, you’ll leave an angry comment about being called racist. Bowser: You’re a divorced dad in your 40s who bought a Switch to try to win your son’s affections for when he comes over on alternating weekends. You picked Bowser because you thought it would be cute to do Team Smash with him as Bowser and Bowser Jr., but whenever your kid comes over, he only ever plays something called Fortnite. You tried it out, and it was too scary and confusing, so now you just drink and play Smash because at least you recognize the characters. Your ex’s new husband is a better and more attentive lover than you ever will be. Mewtwo: Unlocking Mewtwo in Melee by spending a total of 20 hours in VS matches was the greatest accomplishment of your sad, pathetic life. Conversely, Mewtwo being replaced by Lucario in Brawl was the worst tragedy you have ever experienced. You got the Smash 4 DLC just to bring some meaning back into your life. Out of all the Pokemon mains, you are the only one who is still an avid Pokemon player. You are the most likely person on this list to kill yourself. Ike: You totally go to the gym all the time and drink all those protein shakes. For reals though this faggot is a slow faggot who couldn’t air recover if his life depended on it. Honest to god you might as well just admit your a fagot who just wants to pretend he’s Guts so you can make your peepee big. Or better yet you circlejerk on smashbros about how much Sakurai is biased. Captain Falcon: Loudest player on the list. Will scream Captain Falcon quotes and be one of the most frequent taunters. Is retarded, but only for attention. If anyone in the list is drunk right now, it’s you. If you get a KO with Falcon Punch, you will never shut the fuck up about it. Incineroar: You’re 10. You only picked this character because you picked Litten in Pokemon Sun or Moon. You only picked Litten because it was the Fire starter and you thought Fire was cooler than Grass or Water. Even you think it’s dumb that one of Incineroar’s special moves is a counter. You will either pick a different main or lose all of your friends. Simon: You are roughly 40 years old and racist. Not as racist as the Snake main, but still racist. The “deus vult” kind of racist. Despite this, you have a thing for Asian chicks. You have thought about joining the military at some point. You have unironically used the term “alpha” to describe yourself. Lucario: 75% chance you’re a furry. 20% chance you were a Mewtwo main in Melee and had to make do with Lucario in Brawl. 5% chance you’re really holding out for Goku to be in Smash, and play Lucario because he plays closest to how you imagine Goku would play. Ridley: You are an incredible piece of shit. Now that Ridley is in Smash, the new top characters on your wishlist are Master Hand and Master Chief. You don’t care about balance or thematic consistency, winning or losing, you are simply here to disrupt. You quit the game whenever you’re about to lose. Mr. Game and Watch: Shut the fuck up. You don’t main Mr. Game and Watch. Nobody mains Mr. Game and Watch. You spam B and then do side B whenever somebody gets too close. You first learned about the Game and Watch from Melee just like the rest of us. You’re not special. You’re NOTHING. Pit: You mained him in Brawl back when he was OP, and since he’s been nerfed, all you do is sit in the corner, spamming projectiles and the occasional side B when somebody gets too close. If the match has more than two players, you will guaranteed be the first to die. Wario: The most graceful winner on the list, which is faint praise, because they’re among the saddest in real life. They know they’re pathetic though, and that’s why they don’t get angry about losing. Will either kill themselves one day or die of a heart attack by age 50. Lucas: Even moreso than Ness mains, lies about playing the Mother games. Will do nothing but PK Freeze and PK Thunder. Will never, ever win, and will only ever cost you a victory. If they do manage to win, you’ve either found the top 1% of Smash players, or you’ve started the apocalypse. Ice Climbers: Like Duck Hunt mains, except you aren’t trying to troll anyone intentionally. You will forget how annoying your specials can be right up until after you’ve hit someone with them. Nobody is happy when you win, and you are definitely the least happy out of everyone. You just want everyone to get along. Don’t be such a damn pussy, pussy, you a damn pussy. Villager: You suck ass, but you’re the only one who doesn’t know it. You think Villager is better than he actually is, and you overemphasize how creepy he looks. You are the kind of person who thinks button mashing is a strategy, and that having having no strategy counts as “mind games.” You like creepypastas way too much. Mega Man: You are the least likely person on the list to have had sex, which is good because there’s a 50% chance you’re into little boys. You are also the person on the list who has played an NES game most recently. You complain about the number of characters with swords in the game, but it’s secretly because any decent player who mains one can beat you easily. Will sing along to the theme music whenever on the Wily’s Castle stage. Samus: You are the only one on the list who actively wants all items on. You alternate between spamming your charge shot, and spamming your grab. If you’re good, you will always get first. If not, you will always die first and bitch about it. Nobody knows who invited you over, but everyone secretly wishes you weren’t here. Dark Samus: You mained Samus and always picked her dark suit skin before Ultimate. Not even you asked for this character to be in Smash, and even you couldn’t really explain how they’re different from Dark Samus. When you tell someone you play Smash and they ask who your main is, you forget Dark Samus exists for a minute before telling them. Yoshi: There’s a 50% chance you are an actual child. If you’re not a child, then you either only play Smash for fun, or you are the best player on the list. Either way, it makes you among the saddest people on the list. You’re a good sport for the entire game, right up until you win by spitting them out as an egg right on the edge of the map. Wii Fit Trainer: You’re not actually good at Smash, you’re just good at improvising. You’re playing the game on the fly and just so happen to be lucking out every time you use the volley ball. There is a bone in your brain that compels you to yell “SALUTE THE SUN!” at least once per game. You definitely want to fuck the Wii Fit Trainer. Luigi: You are a down-to-earth, lovable loser who thinks Mario is too normal or obvious a choice. You legitimately find Luigi’s moves and animations to be funny and probably still laugh at Adam Sandler movies. Whenever you win a game, you take forever to press start just because you want to watch his victory pose for as long as possible. If you ever win with the kick taunt, then everybody you know literally hates you. Sheik: You are on both the LGBT and autism spectrums. You also have a Tumblr account. You met all of your friends online and have never talked to them in real life. You are unable to talk and play at the same time. You are probably really good at the game, but are still a sore loser, and will likely be the first to rage quit. Dr. Mario: You are a hipster that only picked Dr. Mario becomes nobody mains him. You pretend like you’ve always mained him, even though you used to main Link, and thought “why the fuck is Dr. Mario a character” when you saw him in Melee, just like the rest of us. You think it’s really cool that his side smash has lightning coming out of his hand but will never admit it. Richter: You embody all the negative traits of a Simon main, except you’re half as old and not OPENLY racist. Instead, you’re just really into metal and think you’re way more badass than you actually are. You own a Punisher t-shirt and have taken a picture of yourself posing with an assault rifle. You have the smallest dick out of everyone on the list. Diddy Kong: Your play style is the strategic equivalent of an infant slapping at a control. You will use the same move over an over again until it stops being effective, at which point you simply move onto a new one. You are the worst person to lose to. You will wake up one day realizing everybody hates you and not know why. This. This is why. Cloud: You only picked Cloud because you were excited to see him get added to Smash. You also will freely admit that fact with no shame whatsoever. You are the Chrom main’s only other friend besides the Robin main. You both bond over your love of anime boys and desire for Sora to be playable in Smash. You are easily the gayest player on the list. Mii Fighters: Either you’re playing as your actual Mii, in which case you have the lowest functioning level of autism on the list and are taking the game seriously, or you’re playing as a joke Mii, in which case you are guaranteed to have a fun time. It doesn’t matter either way, because you’ve never won a single game of Smash in your entire life. Roy: You’re like the Marth main, except you were also the kind of kid who had serious anger issues and screamed swear words at people in class when you were mad. You picked Roy over Marth because his special moves had fire. If Snake were playable in Melee, you would’ve picked him as your main. Olimar: You are the only person on the list who has ever played one of the Pikmin games all the way through. You are an eldritch abomination whose schemes and machinations are unknowable by man. You are the only one boring enough to pay attention to damage types. The ultimate irony of your playstyle is that you will die alone. Greninja: You are also 10. Your best friend is the Incineroar main, at least for now. If you don’t currently watch Naruto, you’re going to get way too into it very soon. You will make excuses and get salty every time you get hit, but you will brag and act like you’re the ultimate chessmaster every time you land a hit. You insist on playing with Final Smashes and no other items. Dark Pit: You’re right in the middle of a venn diagram between Ike main and Greninja main. You’re 13 years old. Everything you do and think is cool right now, you will look back on with embarrassment when in 5 years time. Unless you have actual autism, in which case you’ll never have a moment of self-realization. Instead, you’ll make really bad fan art of your favorite video game and cartoon characters. Ignorance is bliss. Toon Link: You are only the tiniest bit better than the Link main, and yet inexplicably aren’t nearly as hated as them. Lying comes as easily to you as breathing, and you do so without any semblance of guilt. You have a career in politics, Palutena: You pick your main in every game based on waifu status, and your playstyle is finding one combo you like and spamming it repeatedly. You play Skyrim with a mod that lets you play as a big-titted anime lady. You say you prefer subtitled anime to English dubs, but you actually don’t. Your taste in music is shit. Ryu: You’re insecure about playing a kid’s game and refuse to play as any characters that are cartoony, female, or a prettyboy. You won’t ever actually buy a Switch, because Nintendo is for babies, but you’ll still play it with your bros, because you’re the guy who calls people “bro.” You’re only playing as Ryu until they put in Goku or Master Chief. Ken: You’re confused about your sexuality and compensate for it by making overtly sexual statements and calling them jokes. You probably shit talk the most out of everyone else playing. You go to the gym just so you can talk about going to the gym. Bowser Jr. You’re one of the biggest Nintendo fanboys on the list, and got really excited when you saw that all of the other skins for Bowser Jr. were the Koopalings. You pretend like you know all of their names, but there’s always 1 or 2 that you keep forgetting. You can see what they look like in your mind but you can’t remember their name. You know they were all named after different musicians, but that doesn’t help you remember their names, because you know even less about the musicians than you do the characters, because the only thing you’re really knowledgeable about is pointless minutia about video games, and even now you’re proving how little impact that knowledge has on your life. If Nintendo did an NES Classic type deal for the N64 or the Gamecube, you would pay thousands of dollars for them, even though you’ve already got both consoles. Isabelle: You’re a mom that doesn’t actually play video games, you’re just doing this because your kid wanted somebody to play with. You picked the dog because she was cute. You’re either accidentally too good at the game, kick your kid’s ass, and make them cry, or you suck so hard that you’re actually less fun to fight against than the CPU. In 3 years, your kid will have moved on to FPS’ and you’ll look back on Smash with a mix of nostalgia and sadness, because your kid doesn’t want to play with you any more. You read James Patterson books, love win, and masturbate in the shower. Rosalina & Luma: You play the piano, harvest bull semen, or do something else outside of video games that requires two hands. You’re also big into RTS games. Something about controlling legions of forces, sending hundreds to their deaths, having so much power at your disposal awakens something deep inside of you. Even you leave off the “& Luma” part when talking about the character. Young Link: You are the token girl of a group of guys. Every single one of them wants to fuck you because you’re an average-looking girl who likes video games. You will be oblivious to all of it, and date some guy outside of your friend group. Half of them will start to resent you. All of them will be waiting for the opportunity to catch you at a vulnerable moment and have a one night stand with you. It will inevitably happen. It will be with the least shit guy of the group (which isn’t saying much) and ruin most of your interpersonal relationships. You also spend way too much money at conventions. Ganondorf: You are also the token girl of a group of guys, but you’re also a fat, butch lesbian. You try way too hard to be one of the guys, chug beers even though everybody else is drinking like normal, and you very blatantly burp and fart. You will continue to act like this into your 40s at which point your hair will be gray and permanently styled in a faux hawk. Despite all this, you will have the hottest wife out of everyone on this list. Zero Suit Samus: You picked her so you could play as her two-piece skin and masturbate with the screen paused, didn’t you? King K. Rool: You were the kind of kid who ate paste and would always demand first choice of characters because it was your birthday. You use the most OP options in any game but will say that something is unfair when it beats you. The only reason we’re letting you play with us is because mom says have to, and you’ll tell on us if we don’t. Shulk: You have an annoying voice. You don’t eat gluten, even though you don’t have any food allergies. You think all FPS games are stupid except for Overwatch. You use Tumblr slang in real life and have to ship every fictional character you come across. You’ve cried more recently than anyone else on the list, and you literally can’t even right now. Falco: You’re like a Fox main with less autism. In some ways, however, you are much worse than them. When you aren’t using Falco’s blaster to make enemies flinch, you’re telling women to kill themselves on the Internet. You are the guy who goes to the bar to go after women with low self-esteem. You definitely yell the N word during heated gaming moments. Pac-Man: You are the antithesis of the Mario main, and the type of person who always want to have new “experiences.” You will date a teenager and defend it to your friends by saying “age is just a number.” You also cheat on your partners and then act like you were the victim because you were “suffocating” by being expected to be monogamous. Your favorite food is some weird kind of pizza or burger that’s named after an Arcade Fire song and only available at a local restaurant whose name is a pun. Piranha Plant: Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Joker: You decided you would main this character before you ever played them because you love JRPGs so much. You say “u mad bro?” to annoy people even though you have the worst anger management of anyone on the list. You unironically liked the game “Hatred” and will switch to Doomguy if he gets put in Smash. Random: You’re pretty cool.
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The holy grail of NSFW subreddits
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So basically, I live with my mom and my SO moved in with us and him and pull our weight and help out and pay rent that goes toward the mortgage and utilities.. my mom had an extra room and wanted to rent it out but honestly didn’t need the money. I even told her I would give her more money as to avoid having a stranger in the home. (Side note; I had been molested by multiple people my parents brought into the home, friends and family- I remember having panic attacks as a little girl as early as 4-5 and yeast infections .. I remember going to the school nurse really young and being afraid to tell her I was in pain- to this day my mom has avoided addressing it and claims she always watched her kids) — I’m not trying make myself a victim but I repeated the pattern of abuse with an ex boyfriend and was raped everyday and frankly just have anxiety about strangers around me. I don’t trust anyone..
Our cousin he’s a good guy, has a big heart, (my moms first cousin, my second cousin) works as a geriatric nurse and has a “friend” honestly just a lazy coworker who bellyaches 24/7 about her husband who she just met and married on a whim and how she didn’t know he was an alcoholic and he can’t “provide” for her. Meanwhile she has fake tits, wears luxury make up, drives a luxury car she sued someone for and smokes cigarette like a damn chimney. This pity party went to my mom via my cousin and without vetting her or anything, she had her move in, she said she was getting a bedroom downstairs, MY spot in the driveway .. I guess she took priority over me, and she basically smoked in our downstairs, smoked in her bedroom, walked around naked, nearly naked, and in common areas.. kitchen, living room, she was provided with a furnished room and Tv and she would watch our tv and record her shows. Leave lights on, leave water running, dishes in the sink, never once washed a dish, cigarette butts and ashes everywhere, a million packages from Saks Fifth and Neimann Marcus showing up but she constantly bellyaches and cries about not being about to pay over 600$ for rent and all amenities.. the worst part is, she openly tried to flirt with my boyfriend, cooked dinners for him, and him only, she tried speaking Spanish to him in front of me ignoring me being there but spitefully giving me the side eye and smirking. She told him on multiple occasions in front of me “you need to take me out to dinner” I told my mom, she said it’s “not true” and not happening. I told her about how I was in the garage working a practice nail because I want to be a nail tech,(the chemicals smell very strong/ that’s why I do it in the garage) she came in the garage, turned the light off on me and laughed and shut the door. I told my mom and she said I’m crazy.
She moved out thank god and hasn’t been in our minds eye since .. and recently my mom wanted me to throw her a birthday party for her since she’s turning 60 and I want to do something nice for my mom.., she said even though they don’t keep in touch and aren’t friends, and there’s NO way for her to know about my mom having a get together as it is less than 10 people, my mom suddenly says after I’ve planned everything out and the parties in a couple days that she’s going to invite this woman.
Am I crazy?
I’m not attending or providing anything else towards the funds for this party.. apparently I’m crazy.. but this woman has intentionally dropped things and bent over and tried rubbing her ass on my mans dick. No joke. But my mom thinks she’s just “fun” and “an idiot sometimes”
Is that an excuse? Shouldn’t my mom defend me? Btw my man thinks she’s gross. She’s my moms age.. looks way older because of the smoking and her boobs look like Mangoes surgically placed into her chest. Despite this, and her attitude, disrespect of the home and me and my relationship.. my mom seems to be choosing her over me.
My mom told me I’m nuts
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Asked this before, but didn't get much of a response. What do you think of MF/m ballbusting stories?
DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are 18+ years of age. All characters and events depicted are completely fictitious...obviously.
Posted by Anonymous756493 Last updated: 6 hours ago
This is some pretty messed up shit. I've never posted anything on here before, but I have to get this off my chest somehow. It doesn't seem healthy to keep something this fucking crazy bottled up.
So...I guess it all started last Tuesday. I just got out of work at the local grocery store. It's just some dumb summer job I got before I start college in the fall. I happened to run into my friend Josh, who I hadn't hung out with in a while. I made a comment that I hadn't seen him since his 19th birthday party earlier that June, to which he mumbled something about being in trouble with his step-mom.
A quick word about Josh's step-mom, she is fucking HOT! I really can't overstate that enough. Tan, curvy, fake blonde, huge natural tits, need I say more? It was early in high school, around the time Josh's dad split town, that all the boys in our grade started openly fantasizing about getting with her. All us guys lusting after his mom used to piss Josh off to no end.
Anyways, back to my discussion with Josh in the parking lot. I was surprised and asked him what he'd done. My friend Josh is this scrawny, dorky, video game obsessed dweeb. I've never seen him drink; I've never seen him smoke. I couldn't imagine him getting into any real trouble. He responded that his mom had "found his porn collection."
I just couldn't help it...I started laughing my ass off. Josh's face turned bright red, but that only made me laugh harder. At the time, I figured this poor nerd's mother must have stumbled upon hundreds of gigabytes of Hentai...or some shit like that. I would soon find out that I was way off the mark on that one.
Fast forward to Friday afternoon, I get a text from Josh asking me if I want to hang out at his place. All we ever do when we hang out is play video games. (I'll occasionally smoke some weed if I got it, but sadly I've hit a dry spell.) I'm really not feeling it, but I also got nothing else going on. The deciding factor in my decision is the weather. It's sunny and in the 90s. There's always a chance Josh's mom could be laying out by the pool in one of her skimpy bikinis.
Boy does my hunch pay off! When I get over there, his step-mom, Miss Wilson, greets me in the tiniest string bikini I've ever seen. It's all I can do to make eye contact with her, and not let my gaze drift south. I literally can't believe my luck when she gives me a warm smile and a big hug. I can feel her huge juggs squish against my chest; it feels amazing! In the past, this would have pissed Josh off to no end, but he doesn't saying anything. He doesn't look angry at all, just nervous.
This is where I get my first hint that something is off. The three of us are talking in the kitchen. Josh's mom is asking me about my college plans in the fall. Completely randomly she shifts gears and points out her grandmother's antique vase sitting on the kitchen island. First off, the vase doesn't look at all like an antique. It looks like some thrift store crap you'd pick up for 5 bucks. Secondly, who leaves an antique vase in the middle of the kitchen? I just smile and tell her it looks lovely, not really knowing what else to say.
After a couple more minutes of chatting, Miss Wilson heads out by the pool. If it were up to me, I would creepily stare out the window at her all afternoon, but instead I reluctantly go upstairs to play video games with Josh. Normally, Josh crushes me at video games. It's pretty much all the dork does after all. Today though, he can't seem to win at anything. It's like he isn't focused at all. I'll be honest, it's kind of nice to win for a change!
Josh excuses himself to go to the bathroom at some point. The minute he's out the door, I lunge for his laptop. What can I say, I'm curious what sort of perversions Josh has exposed his unfortunate step-mom to. The laptop's pretty clean though. Josh must have learned a valuable lesson and hidden his porn trove better. I do find one link in the history though that leads me to a streaming porn website. The video is called "CUCKOLD HUMILIATED AND ABUSED." Before I can watch any of it, I hear Josh returning from the bathroom. I quickly close the window and shut down his computer.
When he comes back into the room, he asks me if I want any snacks. I'm not really hungry, but going downstairs to the pantry gives me another opportunity to gawk at his mom, so I quickly agree. When we get downstairs though, Miss Wilson is already back inside from her swim. Somehow, her attire has gotten even more revealing. She is still in her red bikini bottoms, but she has replaced her bikini top with a tight, white push-up bra. It takes all my willpower not to let my jaw hit the floor. Sitting at the kitchen table, she gives me a coy little smile as I walk past, like she knows something I don't.
'You want some trail mix?' Josh asks from the pantry door, his voice inexplicably trembling. I'm about to ask him if he's feeling ok, when he turns around a whips the bag of trail mix a full 3 feet to the left of where I am standing. I make a desperate grab for it, but I'm nowhere close. The bag collides full-force with the "antique" vase resting on the kitchen island, sending the vase crashing down to the floor below.
The vase explodes, and so does Miss Wilson! 'What have you done, you stupid boy,' she growls. It's only when she rises to her feet that I realize with shock that she's wearing 5-inch heels! Storming across the linoleum floor, she grabs Josh by a tuft of his brown hair. In her heels, she towers over her shrimpy step-son by almost a foot. My mouth is still hanging wide open as she begins hauling Josh by his hair towards the den. Josh, for his part, just whimpers and tries to keep up.
Alone in the kitchen, I finally shake off my confused stupor and start making a beeline for the front door. I have no fucking clue what to make of anything that just happened, but I know when it's time to make my exit. Halfway to the door, my heart jumps when I hear Miss Wilson call to me from the den. 'Sweetie, could you come in here? I could use the help of a strapping young man.'
There's something almost sensual in her tone. Against my better judgment, I abandon my escape plans and make my way towards the den. It's only when I step through the doorway that I see Josh kneeling on all fours on the carpeted floor. His mom is shoving his face into the cushion of their black leather reclining chair. His sweatpants and underwear are around his ankles, revealing a set of absolutely enormous nuts. I can't even begin to describe how huge this kid's balls are; they look like they belong on livestock! The fact that they are also completely clean shaven somehow makes it even more upsetting.
Needless to say, I freak the fuck out! I start backing out of the den on the double. It's all I can do to keep from breaking into a sprint towards the door. When Miss Wilson turns towards me, my pace slows. My god, she gorgeous! Her hips sway gracefully from side to side as she approaches me. 'Please don't leave,' she begs. 'I need your help.'
'What...what do you need?' I finally manage to stammer with Miss Wilson barely 6 inches from me. I'm a fairly tall guy, and in her heels the two of us stand pretty much nose to nose. I can't seem to make eye contact though. Instead I find myself staring down directly at her massive tits, bulging out of her little push-up bra. I freeze and let out a gasp as she steps around behind me and wraps her arms around my muscular shoulders. I feel her soft breasts press against my back. Her breath is warm against my neck when she finally answers. 'I need your help punishing him,' she says, pointing with a single finger towards her prone son. 'I'm just a weak little girl, and he's been so very naughty. I need the help of a strong man if he's ever going to learn his lesson.'
With her arms still clasped around me, she gently guides me so I'm standing directly behind her prostrate step-son. 'Kick him in the balls,' she whispers softly in my ear. 'Kick him right in those big, naughty balls.'
Praying that the madness will end if I fulfill her request, I snap a tentative kick into my friend's freakishly large nuts. Josh just grunts and spreads his legs wider.
'Oh, a strong boy like you can do better than that,' Miss Wilson chides me, while taking a seat on the leather couch just to my left. 'Maybe you just need a little incentive,' she adds with a wink, unfastening one of the five clasps running up the front of her bra.
Without thinking, I fire off another kick into my friend's groin. You probably think I'm monster, but keep in mind I've been dreaming about seeing Miss Wilson's big titties for the better part of a decade. My bare foot collides into Josh's meaty testicles with a loud SLAP. Josh's pathetic little whimper of pain brings me back to reality.
'Oh my god, what am I doing!' I exclaim with horror. I can feel tears of guilt welling up in my eyes as I bend down towards my friend. 'I'm so sorry, Josh! Are you...' I stop mid-sentence when I see it. Josh's penis can't be more than 3-inches long, but it's hard as a rock. Off the tip of his tiny wiener dangles a big drop of pre-cum. (A tiny penis and the testicles of a circus freak, I can see why poor Josh never used the locker room shower during high school!)
I can feel my face turning red with anger as I stand back up. I'm slowly connecting all the dots, the porn I found on Josh's computer, his mom's incredibly revealing attire, the "antique" vase that Josh just happened to "accidentally" break... Furious at the thought of being an unwitting pawn in my friend's perverted fantasy, I slam my foot for a third time into Josh's ball-bag and listen with satisfaction as he yelps in pain.
'That was the best one yet!' chirps Miss Wilson, as she undoes a second clasp on her bra.
I could stop right there. I could tell them that they're both sick and that they can go fuck off. I don't however. Instead, I fire off another shot into my friend's aching jewels. He moans into the chair cushion, but I'm short on sympathy. Miss Wilson gives me a cute, little smile and unfastens another clasp. I figure if the whole world's gone mad, I might as well use this opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream of seeing Miss Wilson's huge knockers.
With barely a pause, I haul off and drive my foot yet again into Josh's increasing swollen nuts. Miss Wilson claps her hands with delight and loosens the fourth clasp. There is only one incredibly hard working clasp remaining now, struggling with all its might to contain the well-endowed MILF.
I take a deep breath and line up the two targets. For whatever reason, I have a strong urge to make this one really smart. I pull my foot back and let fly, being sure to add a little extra follow through. Josh lets out a shriek as I feel testicles mash against pelvic bone. Miss Wilson giggles with delight and removes the last clasp.
There they are, in all their glory! They're huge, tan, and perkier than they have any right to be for a woman in her late 30's. She slips her arms out of the bra straps and lets the lacey, white garment fall to the carpeted floor below. Giving me a big grin, she places her hands flat on the couch and shakes her upper body back and forth, causing her beautiful tits to bounce around in rhythm. I just stare on with my mouth wide open; this is better than I ever could have imagined!
She stops shaking and cups both breasts. 'Kick that naughty little boy again,' she begs. Turning to Josh, I can't help but notice a dark stain forming underneath him on the carpet. It takes me a moment to recognize what it is... a pool of the little pervert's own precum. I realize with disgust that I've literally been kicking the snot out of him. Any remaining pity I might have had quickly evaporates.
I take aim and slam my foot into my friend's bloated nuts. Josh moans in pain; his mother moans with pleasure. Without waiting, I send another one crashing hard into my friend's tender testicles. 'That must be so painful!' Miss Wilson exclaims. 'Do it again! Do it again!' she adds with almost childlike enthusiasm.
I gladly obey, thoroughly scrambling Josh's poor eggs with a series of a dozen or so rapid fire kicks. Josh is still gasping for air when I send a final haymaker sailing into his sensitive sexual organs. The hapless little turd shrieks a full octave higher. 'More, please hurt him more,' Miss Wilson pleads. She's begun playing with her hard pink nipples, violently pulling and tugging on them while biting her bottom lip.
At this point, I completely let loose on her son, driving home one nut crunching shot after another. His enormous balls flop around wildly under an unrelenting barrage of kicks. He must have his teeth clenched, because all I can hear are high-pitched whines and whimpers coming from the back of his throat. For the next 5 minutes, I give his throbbing nuts no reprieve; they are in an almost constant state of being mashed or mangled. Off to the side I can hear Miss Wilson whimpering with delight, continuing to play with herself.
Pausing, I look down to see Josh trembling at my feet. I feel a new sadistic side of me, one I never knew I had before today, take hold. Carefully lining up my shot, I deliver one last thunderous punt to my friend's swollen, red nutsack. It's a bullseye! Josh lets out a high pitched wail and buries his face in the recliner. I stand there a moment panting. I'm covered in sweat and my foot actually hurts a little.
'No! Please don't stop now!' Miss Wilson cries, rising from the couch. She approaches me with a half-crazed expression on her face. I can't help but notice that her red bikini bottoms are sopping wet. I jump as she abruptly jams her hand down my basketball shorts and grabs hold of my dick. Only now, with her warm hand around my penis, do I realize that I am fully erect. I can't help but wonder how long I've been that way.
'Oh, you're big!' she exclaims, gently stroking my cock. (Like any 19 year old guy, I've measured. I have 9-inches if you hold the ruler just right and round up a little.)
'Did you hear that?' she asks, looking down at her step-son. 'Did you know your friend had such a big, meaty cock?' Josh makes a pathetic sniveling noise into the chair cushion. His little penis quivers as it adds another thick strand of pre-cum to the growing pool on the carpet. Something tells me he heard.
'Please,' she says, turning back towards me. 'That wicked boy hasn't learned his lesson yet.' Seeing Josh trembling on the floor, I'm not sure what exactly gave her that impression. I'm not going argue though, not when that soft, silky hand running up and down my shaft feels so amazing.
'Can you do one last thing or me?' she asks. I nod slowly, not quite able to form words.
'I want to hear him cry,' she says in a sultry voice. Leaning in, she places a gentle kiss on my parted lips. 'Won't you please make him cry for me? I promise I'll make it worth your while.' I let out a moan of frustration as she releases her hold on my cock and sits back down on the couch. She gives me a big smile as she slides a hand down her drenched bikini bottoms and begins pleasuring herself.
I look down at Josh. His tiny pecker is leaking like a faucet in anticipation of what I'm about to do to him. I decide then and there that I won't disappoint the little pervert. I'm going to give this disgusting, little worm what he deserves!
I take my time lining up the crosshairs; I'm in no rush. I find it entertaining watching Josh shudder at my every slightest movement. When Josh is almost hyperventilating with anticipation, that's when I let loose. It's one nut splattering kick after another! Miss Wilson squeals with delight. Her son is also squealing, but more like a stuck pig. He buries his face in the chair cushion again, as he drools, froths, and blows snot all over the upholstery.
After several minutes of ramming my foot repeatedly into Josh's bare testicles with nearly all my might, the little guy is shaking like a leaf. Somehow he manages to keep his legs spread though, allowing me full access to his horribly battered genitals. Masochist or not, I can't even begin to imagine the sheer willpower it must take for him to keep his legs wide open while I rearrange his nut-meat over and over again.
After what must be well over fifty kicks, he finally collapses in a fetal position into a pool of his own slime. Sobbing, his left hand moves to shield his bloated testicles, while his right begins furiously tugging at his little pecker.
'Leave it!' Miss Wilson hisses, as though her son were a dog trying to steal table scraps. Josh whimpers and obeys. His right hand joins his left in cradling his enormously swollen nuts.
'It's time for your reward,' Miss Wilson says, turning my direction. She makes a beckoning motion with her right hand, while her left hand pulls aside her bikini bottoms to reveal her pink, perfectly shaven pussy. It's my turn to shake like a leaf as I slowly approach the couch. For all I've fantasized about this day, I never thought in a million years it would actually happen; I'm terrified! I yelp with surprise when Miss Wilson suddenly grabs my shorts and underwear and yanks them down. I step out of them and stand naked in front of her from the waist down. Before I know what's happening, she latches on to my erect cock, pulling me forward until I'm lying on top of her on the couch.
'Joshua,' she calls in the direction of her step-son, who's still twitching and groaning on the floor. 'Come here, I want to make sure you have a good view when your friend enters mommy.' He whimpers as he begins slowly and shakily crawling towards the couch on his hands and knees. 'Come on now,' his mother adds, 'place your chin on mommy's thigh. I want to make sure you can see.' He meekly obeys.
With her son's face resting 6 inches from both our genitals, Miss Wilson locks eyes with me. 'I want to feel you inside of me,' she moans. 'I want to feel all of you inside of me.' She grabs me by my bare ass and gives a tug. I push my hips forward and feel as I penetrate her warm hole. Her pussy is unbelievably wet. Not with 8 hours of foreplay could my ex-girlfriend ever have got this wet. With her eyes closed, and once again biting her bottom lip, inch by inch she takes me until I am fully inside of her (another thing my ex couldn't do). Josh snivels throughout the whole process. His tiny wiener is leaky again, although, to be fair, I'm not sure it ever stopped.
'Go get your collar, Joshua.' Miss Wilson calmly orders with her eyes still closed. I can see Josh's expression turn to fear. Once again crying, he starts making his way towards the entrance of the den. I make the mistake of turning to look at Josh's poor balls as he slowly crawls away. I can't help but cringe. It's painful just looking at them! The best way I can describe them are like those red Christmas bulbs, the large ones you hang on your tree. Now imagine two of those dangling between your legs!
Thankful to no longer have my friend's nose less than a foot from my junk, I begin thrusting harder. Miss Wilson groans with pleasure, but suddenly reaches out, placing her left hand on my chest. 'Please, just take it slow for another minute,' she whimpers. 'I'm so close...but we need to wait until Josh comes back.'
Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I slow my pace nonetheless. Trying my best to be gentle, I slowly shove my hips back and forth, feeling the MILF from the inside. I can't believe how tight she is. Her pussy grips down on my thick cock with each stroke; it feels amazing!

After a couple minutes, Josh comes crawling back into the room. From seeing the sorry state of his testicles, I suspect walking is currently out of the question for him. He shambles over to his mother and places a black remote control in her outstretched hand. I'm still confused where this collar of his is and what the remote is about...and that's when I see it! Noticing the expression of sheer horror on my face causes Josh's small penis to start twitching with excitement. Fastened tightly around his horribly bloated testicles is an electric shock collar, the prongs of which are jammed into the underside of his swollen scrotum.
Miss Wilson grabs a handful of my hair, drawing my attention away from Josh's new and terrifying predicament. 'Fuck me hard!' she orders. 'I want you to fuck my brains out.' Never have I heard a more beautiful sentence in the English language! Eager to obey, I begin plowing Josh's mom as hard as I can as Josh just watches on helplessly.
It only takes about 30 seconds before Miss Wilson closes her eyes shut and holds her breath. Then, without any further warning, she squeals and starts bucking wildly in the throes of the most intense orgasm I've ever witnessed. With her right hand she starts furiously rubbing her clit, while her left hand mashes the button on the black remote and holds it to her chest. Hearing a faint crackling noise, I glance to my right. Still on all fours, Josh's eyes are watering and his knees wobbling.
The minute Miss Wilson's eyes open, she shoves the remote at me with her left hand. 'Turn it up,' she manages to whisper, still catching her breath. 'Please turn it up.' Looking down at the remote, I see a dial with numbers ranging from 1 to 5. The arrow is currently pointed at 1. I've barely finished moving it to 2 before Miss Wilson snatches the device from my grasp.
I start going at her hard again. She moans and groans and sequels with delight. Off to the side I hear an occasional whimper from Josh. It's barely two minutes before her eyes close again. This time I'm ready for it. I think the second time is even harder the first. Her whole body is shaking, so much so that I'm worried she's going to fall off the couch. She clutches the remote to her chest with both hands. Her thumbs are white from just how hard she is squeezing the button. The crackling is louder now. Off to my right, Josh's jaw is clenched and his legs are shaking wildly. It looks like his eyes are about to bulge out of his head.
Miss Wilson has barely stopped trembling when she violently thrusts the remote at me yet again. 'Higher,' she begs. 'Make it go higher.' She moans with pleasure when she hears me click the dial over to 3. It doesn't exactly take a psychology degree for me to realize that something about me being the one to turn up the voltage on her son's nuts is doing it for her. Her hand is shaking when she takes back the remote. I know I don't have long until the next eruption, so I give it to her good. I enjoy the feeling of my balls slapping against her ass. It can't be more than 30 seconds before her eyes close yet again. Josh sees it coming too and let's out the most pathetic high-pitched groan.
'Fuck!' she shrieks with delight, 'Oh fuck yeah!' Even with her whole body trembling in the throes of ecstasy, she still manages firmly hold down the button on the black remote. Her son is shrieking too. After a couple seconds, Josh collapses on his side. His hands clutch at his abdomen and his feet kick wildly as his nuts continue to sizzle during his mom's minute long orgasm.
The minute her eyes open, she presses the black remote against my chest. 'Please,' she pleads, her voice trembling. 'Make them fry.' She bites her bottom lip and whimpers when she sees me turn the dial to 4. With the remote back in her possession, I really start laying into her. I am banging her so hard that her huge tits, already jiggling wildly, actually start hitting her in the chin. She just continues to whimper and take it. It's not long before her eyes close again. Poor Josh, still lying sprawled out on floor from his last dose of current, doesn't even see it coming.
Miss Wilson comes so hard I'm worried she might break the couch. Kicking and thrashing wilding, she keeps her right thumb jammed into the remote for the whole ride. The crackling is loud now and it's accompanied with a high-pitched wail. It takes me a moment to figure out that the wail isn't coming from the collar, but from Josh, who is spasming uncontrollably on the floor below.
When Miss Wilson's eyes open again, she looks almost frantic. Speechless, she thrusts the remote in my direction one last time. From the expression on her face, I realize that she is on the verge of coming yet again. I move the dial one final turn and gently place the remote back into her outstretched hand. I resume pounding my dick like a battering ram into her cervix; she gasps and closes her eyes. Off to the side I hear Josh begin to weep. I turn to see him frantically jerking his tiny hard-on.
Even though I see it coming, nothing could prepare me for the ferocity of Miss Wilson's last orgasm. Slamming her finger down on the remote and holding it over her head, she howls and bellows like an animal; it's completely bestial! Her screams, combined with the intense crackling of the collar, makes it almost surreal. Plunging my dick in and out of her tight pussy, I feel almost in a trance.
'Mommy!' Josh squeals. I jump, somehow terrified at the sound of his voice. Keep in mind that since this insanity started over an hour ago, I haven't heard him speak once. I look over to see him partially sitting up. His hands are both dug into the carpeted floor and his face is as red as a beet. 'Mommy you're cooking them! You're cooking my balls!' The words have barely left his mouth when that tiny, little prick of his goes off like a cannon. A huge geyser of his own hot, white jizz hits him straight in the face. I think he is as surprised as I am, because he just sits there staring at his own penis with his mouth wide open. It's only when a second enormous jet of cum nails him right between the eyes that his head collapses to the floor below. Still twitching violently from his ongoing testicular electrocution, I watch as that miniature dick of his sends one thick ropy strand of spunk after another sailing clean across the room. I just gaze on with slack-jawed amazement. It's hard to quantify scientifically, but I think it's safe to say his little wiener shoots around 5 - 10 times more cum than I ever thought humanly possible.
I'm not proud to share this, but it's while I am still staring at Josh with utter astonishment that I finally blow my load. Realizing that we never talked about protection, I try to pull out, but Miss Wilson's too fast. Wrapping her legs around my back with surprising speed for a woman just coming out of a violent orgasm, she prevents me from escaping. Her already tight pussy clenches down hard on my cock. (I don't think this woman has ever missed a day of kegels in her life!) 'I want it inside of me! I want every last ounce inside of me!' she screams. 'I want you to fill up my hole with your cream!' Letting out a single deep grunt, I proceed to have the most incredible, mind-blowing orgasm of my life.
Once I've finished ejaculating inside Miss Wilson, the room falls silent, completely and utterly silent. From a fetal position on the floor, Josh begins whimpering uncontrollably. 'There, there, honey,' coos Miss Wilson, as she sits up on the couch. 'I know what would cheer you up. Come over here and help mommy clean up.'
To be honest, I'm amazed that Josh is still able to crawl. Somehow he manages to wobble over to his mother and buries his jizz-caked face right between her legs. Miss Wilson moans with pleasure as her son starts eagerly licking her cum-filled pussy. I watch on with horror as his flaccid little prick once again grows rock hard.
Having blown my load has given me an entirely new perspective on the situation. I want out of the madness, now! I never actually ran track, but I'm pretty sure what I did has to break some sort of record. Scooping my shorts up off the ground, I break into a hard sprint out of den and down the hall. I slip my shorts on at the door. I see my shoes just lying there, but there's no time; I leave them. I hear Miss Wilson shout "wait," but before she can get out another word, I am out of the house. I'm hurl myself into my car and peel rubber down the street. From the time I grab my shorts, to the time I turn out of their sub-division, has to be under a minute.
So...there you have it. Now, two days later, I still can't stop thinking about that supremely fucked up afternoon! I've tried to rationalize it; I've tried to explain it away. There are no answers though. The only thing I get from thinking about it is a huge erection, but no catharsis.
The little bit I have been able to piece together goes something like this. Josh's mom probably did stumble across his porn collection accidentally. I don't see how else they would have figured out they shared the same sick perversions. Maybe she was angry with him initially, maybe that was a lie; I'm not sure. I have zero idea why they chose me to play the "lead role". My best guess is that when I laughed in Josh's face in parking lot that humiliation might have turned him on. The rest, from the time I arrived at their place, is pretty obvious...completely, totally, and utterly fucked up, but obvious.
If I wasn't psychologically scarred enough, they've started contacting me. Yesterday already Josh messaged me asking if I wanted to hang out, we just had to "be careful around the new chandelier my mom is installing." I didn't respond. Now, less than an hour ago, Miss Wilson texted me. She said she's worried about Josh. She thinks he might have more "naughty videos" on his computer and was hoping I could come over and help her look.
I don't know what to do! I know if I were smart I would ignore them, maybe move to a different county...if not country. I can't stop looking at the messages though. There's some fucked up part of me that is incredibly tempted to respond...
UPDATE: I've received literally hundreds of comments asking what happened, if I ever responded to the messages. I suppose I owe you an update. It's been exactly 2 weeks since my initial post and I've been over to the Wilson household 7 more times. It seems like with each visit their fantasies grow more depraved and violent. I know I'm probably going to need years of therapy after this summer is over, but somehow I just can't seem to say no to Miss Wilson. There's just something about that bombshell of a MILF that keeps me coming back. If I'm being completely honest, I've also started developing some sort of sexual pleasure from all the horrible things she has me do to Josh. The feeling of power I get from hurting him is incredible!
As far as my friendship with Josh goes, I know I should be furious with him. He lied to me and tricked me. He lured me into this fucked up situation just to satisfy his own perverted fantasies. Somehow though, I just feel bad for him. Don't get me wrong, I know that deviant twerp is enjoying everything he his own sick way. The growing number of carpet stains all over the Wilsons' home is proof enough of that! Still, with almost 6 weeks of summer left before college, I can't help but get the feeling the little guy might have bit off more than he can chew. Plus, those poor balls of his are starting to look like cantaloupes!
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