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2014.01.08 03:51 tara1 Wasted gifs

Watch things get wasted in here.

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2020.09.24 18:51 i-dont-like-my-user Porn video chat

Recently, i’ve been added in group chats on instagram, where the person who added me says “hi, how are you” and when I accept to ask who it is, they send me videos of porn.
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2020.09.24 02:55 Pye_guy77 Video chat porn

So my opinion on OF has changed up a bit and I think I can finally put my thoughts on paper that can be understood, I want to keep this short and sweet because that's what it is (and if you didn't know OF, abbreviated onyfans, is a self-porn site where you can set a monthly subscription rate for customers to pay to reveal lewd content or just pron, it does a base level of intimacy because you can chat and if they allow it, request videos or certain content)
can I give an opinion on OF really quickly? (and no it's not degrading or saying its bad people sell no0ds)107/300work (and ik some people like paying for clothes or peoples bills but we're not including that type of kink or type od people) . and you can argue that "oh its a full time job making content, responding to messages, buying props, buying cloths, etc, etc" but I can say the same thing for twitch streamers who have basically the same job but arent coaxed into paying their bills. What onlyfans is, is a parasitical site that takes advantage of depressed men (sometimes women) steals their money to live a life barley working, there are no if ands or buts, there is no rebuttle to this because it is almost %99 true. (I'm willing to argue/debate in the comments unless you say something ignorant or rude)
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2020.09.23 19:17 luis-baconiter Video chat porn

This happen years back in 2011, I was a 15 year old male and i was coming out as gay and at that age i was finding my self. As a teenager I really got into porn and wanted to try it out, I started chatting with people my Facebook but sends i had everything in private they didn’t saw my age or info. I messaged this guy we would call him Tom and started talking to him but i lied and told him that i was 18 when he was 20. One day we decided to meet up and spend the day together, we enjoy the time we had together that day and by night we had sex in he’s car. I was really excited because it was my first time doing it and i wanted to try what i saw in the videos. After that day we keep talking but i had to move away for school and we didn’t keep talking after that. Fast forward 2019 in February i was 22 by now and i was at the mall and i saw Tom buying some games at a store i like to go often. We started talking and rekindled out pass, meeting again to have sex now and a few weeks later i ask him to be my bf. I never spend a birthday with a bf. Later that day i was with some friends and Tom and he ask me what i wanted and what i had plan and i told him that whatever he would get me it was fine. ( My friends knew how i meet Tom when i was 15 and thought he knew my real age, to be honest this never pass my mind) My friends told me so are you feeling old now that you are going to be 23 and i told them “yes i already feel the pain in my back” when i turn to Tom he was confused i ask him whats wrong and he said “I thought you were going to be 26” i said “ No, O wish that way my insurance would be cheaper” but Tom seem mad. Later that night we got into an argument because of my age and he felt lie to he told me that I told him that when we meet i was 18 not a 15 year old child. He when on and on of how many problems he could it been if someone find out that he was messing around with a child. I told him that i wasn’t going to tell no one at that time because i knew what i was doing and i didn’t know i was going to like him as much as i do. He told me that he felt dirty and he needed to go and said that he doesn’t want to see me ever again. So now i as was i in the wrong ??
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2020.09.22 19:57 munkymonke Video porn chat

For about a year now I’ve been trying to quit porn, surfing, and gaming. Every relapse I would learn something new.
At the start of this year I was motivated. I told myself, “this is the year you break free.” My “streaks” were longer and I was always motivated to keep going after I relapsed.
Fast forward to August, 3 days into a streak I was really motivated for. I relapsed by watching porn, felt extra depressed because I was looking toward to that streak, however it only lasted 3 days.
I spent the next week gaming in the day and watching YouTube videos late at night (this messed up my sleep schedule).
This continued throughout August. Now it’s almost the end of September and i’m always gaming, surfing, or watching porn. I’m doing online school (I’m 16) and I pay no attention during class because I’m on YouTube or twitch.
I brought in more addictions during this too, discord and twitch. I’m always chatting with friends on discord and I’m staying up till 2 in the morning (online classes start at 8), I usually went to sleep at 9 - 11.
I basically gave up trying to break these addictions. Feeling more depressed then ever, worried about my health, and not motivated to try again. Just wanted to get this off my chest.
ps: I know for a fact I’m not going to be motivated to try and quit anytime soon. I want to quit porn sometime in october (I’m usually motivated to do so if I choose a date) and quit everything else (masturbation, surfing, and gaming) at the start or end of December. It’s doesn’t look so great though...
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2020.09.22 19:55 munkymonke Video chat porn

For about a year now I’ve been trying to quit porn, surfing, and gaming. Every relapse I would learn something new.
At the start of this year I was motivated. I told myself, “this is the year you break free.” My “streaks” were longer and I was always motivated to keep going after I relapsed.
Fast forward to August, 3 days into a streak I was really motivated for. I relapsed by watching porn, felt extra depressed because I was looking toward to that streak, however it only lasted 3 days.
I spent the next week gaming in the day and watching YouTube videos late at night (this messed up my sleep schedule).
This continued throughout August. Now it’s almost the end of September and i’m always gaming, surfing, or watching porn. I’m doing online school (I’m 16) and I pay no attention during class because I’m on YouTube or twitch.
I brought in more addictions during this too, discord and twitch. I’m always chatting with friends on discord and I’m staying up till 2 in the morning (online classes start at 8), I usually went to sleep at 9 - 11.
I basically gave up trying to break these addictions. Feeling more depressed then ever, worried about my health, and not motivated to try again. Just wanted to get this off my chest.
ps: I know for a fact I’m not going to be motivated to try and quit anytime soon. I want to quit porn sometime in october (I’m usually motivated to do so if I choose a date) and quit everything else (masturbation, surfing, and gaming) at the start or end of December. It’s doesn’t look so great though...
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2020.09.22 16:25 The_King_Hudson (Long post) What can I do when a thought like this pops up?

I've had this since the onset of HOCD, but it doesn't give me as much anxiety now. However, I still don't like the fact that the thought is there sometimes, and it's the word "cute" or "he's cute". It seems automatic, and it can happen whenever I see any male - even fucking video game characters sometimes.
I tried scrolling through Facebook news feed earlier and just saying in my head "cute" to every male that scrolled by, and I seemed to get bored of it after a while, but it bothers me still that that's a thought that's even in my head.
Usually I can tell when a guy is good looking, and it's never been a problem before, but now the word "cute" is associated with it; or any guy, it makes me feel uncomfortable as fuck and causes me to try and figure it out, or react compulsively. I don't know what to do about this word, and believe me... this is only scratching the surface when compared to the rest of my HOCD issues.
There's a part of me that keeps saying, "you'll have to accept you're gay". And whenever that thought occurs, I get this sharp sensation go through my diaphragm like when you go over a small bridge in a car. I don't want to be gay. I've had heterosexual relationships and flings my entire life, and never once felt the need to question anything. It's possible I'm burned out from my last string of shitty relationships, which I stupidly tried to do NoFap for after the last one (despite the fact that I DIDN'T have a porn addiction) and after 2 months I hit a flatline that seemed to collide perfectly in time with HOCD, which I think made it ten times worse.
Sometimes it's easy to recognise that this is OCD, but after nearly 3 years, more and more it's starting to feel like denial instead. And I feel a mixture of dread, anger, and fear. Especially in the morning. There's even a big worry line that's formed right between my eyebrows from stress of constantly having all these thoughts and anxiety. I don't even realise I'm making the face most of the time, but I've had people say I look angry now. I can't even listen to music anymore, and I'm a musician. If I catch my reflection I start thinking I look gay. I even "feel" gay most of the time now. How does anyone just "feel" gay?
This is all ridiculous, but the lingering fear and intrusive thoughts keep me locked in this cycle and I'm still living in doubt. Having little to no sex drive doesn't help, and I often wonder if I'm asexual now despite having a high sex drive my entire life. I also think about past relationships, and create scenarios in my head of potential future relationships, and when I ruminate it feels like they might have been a lie, and the future seems bleak.
I don't fantasise about men in any way at all. I never watched gay porn and I don't intend to, yet I still get intrusive images and thoughts pop into my head when I try to masturbate to memories of exes, and other hookups or girls online - especially as I'm about to climax (sorry for the detail), which is fucking aggravating. There's also this thing with eye contact - I don't know how the fuck to explain it, but it's like the pink elephant concept. Part of my brain is telling me to look at certain people, but I won't do it because if I do, that must mean something. It's almost like I'm challenging myself. I can't fucking do eye contact anymore basically.
I hardly ever leave my room now - I actually had a life before all of this, but avoid everything now. I'm "fortunate" enough to be able to do that at the moment, if you wanna look at it that way. I could go outside to begin with during this HOCD, and do what needed to be done; going to the shop, sometimes seeing friends, go for a run or cycle etc. But now I can't even do that, because the last time I went out I was noticing men over women, or comparing the two and I just wanted to go home to my cave and hide again.
I often sit alone in my room now, and spend the majority of my time trying to distract myself with absolute shit on YouTube, or video games... now and again I will do something productive like working out, or learning about OCD and ERP, especially during moments of mental respite, but I also do that when I feel the need for reassurance as well admittedly.
I listen to my family outside my door, all just living life, having a laugh, and socialising like normal people, and I feel myself become bitter and resentful and this makes it harder for me to communicate with them because it must be like living with Smeagol, especially when I finally emerge from my room. They all look at me like I'm Tom Hanks from Castaway, and I just mumble at them. If I ever sit down with them, which is rare, I get urges to "come out" sometimes, which terrify me. The fact that I've got angry about this before as well makes me feel like I must be repressing something, which only adds to the doubt.
I was never like this before. I actually had some fucking balls and courage. I would perform on stage quite often in front of lots of people, approach women I liked the look of, travel anywhere I wanted without fear, meet new people, make friends, joke around a lot. All of that is GONE. My life is just me, my thoughts, and a shitty dark room now. I'm miserable as fuck, and wish I was dead half the time because this is no way to live, but I realise I'm responsible for doing this to myself as well because I could have went against the grain instead of hiding away. I knew isolating and avoiding things would create massive problems for myself and yet I did them anyway, because although I've dealt with a LOT in my life, never has it been anything as severe as this.
To the point where I felt like I was losing my mind on several occasions, questioning the very core of who I am. And as strange as it sounds, there were times when I realised this was just OCD because the themes of doubt would switch sometimes when I was particularly tired, or frazzled to "what if I'm schizophrenic?", "what if I'm a serial killer?", or a "pedo?" etc etc. They were really brief, but they occurred and had me almost reacting in the same way - with compulsions: "No I'm not; and here's why", instead of just recognising what this was and allowing the thought to pass without fighting it.
I swear I've spent nearly entire days going back and forth in my head with, "I'm gay" - "I'm not gay" about 5000 times. Seriously. It's got to a stage where even the compulsions are annoying me now too.
I wake up with a little bit of hope every day, and some days are worse than others, but it's taking those steps towards progress that I'm really procrastinating on - and it's because I'm shitting myself about the uncertainty of it all. I feel like I'll never escape this now. I'm quite lucky compared to some other people here as well because I actually have an OCD/CBT therapist helping me with all of this, but I've nearly thrown it all away because the sessions are only an hour each week, and the rest of the week is me doing a little bit of homework, and then trying to distract myself like a motherfucker. We're just about to start ERP, which I want to do, but another level of me is saying fuck that shit - what if it ends up revealing what I feared all along?
I apologise for the long post; it was supposed to be just a quick question but turned into a huge vent. If anyone reads it though, then maybe you can relate to it, and also thank you.
PS. I have a hard enough time as it is accepting chat requests from random people at the moment, but if you must send me a message, please don't ask me stupid questions like: "yo bro do u know if hocd is real, cos im worried it's denile 2".
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2020.09.19 17:44 OneSilverRaven Video chat porn

When looking back on the first part of this review after I had posted it I felt like perhaps I had given the protagonist (Ninomiya Hajime) a poor representation. P-kun, or Protagonist-kun if you prefer, is a term I use to describe a VNs POV character when they are... less then developed. This isn't necessarily a condemnation of a novel (Yukizakura is a pretty good novel with this type of protagonist) but I'd be lying if I said I didn't use the term derogatorily. I am not blind to the fact that the appeal of "blank slate" protagonists in this genre specifically is higher then most, but I think the evidence is overwhelming that more beloved novels have more developed protagonists. Shirogane Takeru, Toomi Yuna, Emiya Shirou and others might not be what most people think of when recalling their stories but their is no doubt in my mind replacing them with a vehicle for easier self insertion would have been a mistake, as each is crucial to the feel of the narrative. Depending upon your opinion of DDLC as a parody of traditional novels you might even reference its call outs of the POV character as recognition that the vast majority of VN protagonists are not only underdeveloped but participate in actions that from an outside perspective they have no motivation to do. So when I reference IxSHE Tell and its protagonist I feel slightly bad about including him on the same list as Takao Ibuki rather then giants like Okabe Rintarou because he has SOME personality at least. So i'll make a compromise, just this once. When I can justify it I'll refer to the protagonist by name, and when he slips into self insert territory I'll call him out for it with P-kun, so if you see me switching back and forth in this review that's why. Part 2 is going to cover my thoughts on the common route and its assets so lets dive right in and talk about the title screen.
IxSHE Tell starts almost immediately upon launch with a loud trumpet filled intro track over a picture of five girls tightly clustered in front of a posh throne. A few weeks ago when I published my first review of HuniePop I commented at length about my personal pet peeve for title cards and this one is... not very good. For starters the characters are much closer together then on the promotional art picture of the exact same scene (the characters even have the same poses) and that tightness clutters the left side of the menu uncomfortably. The picture on VNDB is MUCH better and not only lets each character breath more but puts emphasis on the empty seat which was presumably left open for the reader. The draped curtains in the background and the bright gold of the title clash with the music as the upbeat tempo and almost party like tone conflict with what looks to be a much calmer and upper class if unusual arrangement formed by the heroines. As a group shot, this title card fails to show anything but the most superficial traits of its subjects. I guess you could gather Kozuka is younger then the others from her expression and clothing but her personality doesn't really fit the tone she's putting off with her body language and saying you could guess Yamabuki is a tsudere or Yuuki is confident from their posture is a stretch at bast. Muv-Luv's title card isn't PERFECT but it's a much better example of how things can be done right in a group shot where every character has something unique to convey their personality to the reader. Pretend you've never seen either of these novels before and compare just these two images on VNDB, the list of things you can guess about one game's characters is easily triple the length of the other. So not a great omen for whats going to come but who knows maybe the title card at 100% completion will be better...
In the past year of 201X (Seriously? Mega Man style date? What is this a secret Sci-Fi novel? If you're so worried about accurately depicting a level of technology just leave the year unspecified nobody cares! All you're doing with this is drawing attention to it.) the novel opens with a strange bit of narration in which the student newspaper (presumably) talks about the virtues of P-kun... okay. And tells the reader about him by calling him the hero student council president. So we know this novel isn't compensating for anything out of the gate at least I mean we're JUST the legendary president of the student council it's not like we're also drowning in women or anything...
Anyway cut to an introduction to our first Heroine Yamabuki Yoshino presented with a cute title card claiming she "Can't fully hide her true feelings" so look forward to embarrassing the soul out of her all game. She's okay I guess, her introduction is twenty minutes of nagging P-kun in her capacity as vice president while everyone tells P-kun how great he is and stuff. Then she falls over for a pantsu CG and the whole thing is so forced and unbelievable it comes off as a joke which is REALLY not want I wanted my FIRST interaction with this girl to be like but hey maybe you like seeing strong women humiliated to the tune of epic suspenseful music more suited to a poorly done Lord of the Rings video game then a VN, no judgment.
The rest of the student council, all one of them, is introduced (Hakuwa Shoukichi) as well as presumably the president (Kozuka Yui) and vice president (Ninomiya Aoba) of the neighboring sister school who's name is unimportant enough I'm not going to bother looking it up but it directly feeds its students into P-kun's academy so thats nice. Aoba is P-kun's sister and an adorable brat, she and Shoukichi spend the entire novel as one note characters i'll discuss in detail later but both are pretty enjoyable to have around. For story purposes all you need to know is Shoukichi has a crush on the school idle and does all the student council grunt work while Aoba is three steps down from spoiled rotten and oscillates between totally obnoxious and sickeningly sweet and clingy. Oh and she's friends with Yui I guess.
Speaking of which Yui gets her own title card "Both childlike and mature" (THAT'S not code for anything) and has the best romance introduction in the game. Hajime pulls her aside and tells her that as a fellow student body president he wants to ask her for her advice. He's having doubts what he's doing is the right thing. Today's student council meeting was all about the abolition of the centuries old ban on romantic relationship he had pretty much single handedly championed and gotten passed and how it was going to affect the school. Yoshino, again, his vice president, had originally run against him as a supporter of the ban and still speaks out against it despite working with him diligently as he was the people's choice. Hajime expresses his fears for the future and openly questions if this new freedom will come at the cost of some people's comfort who will now be subject to unwanted advances. Yui's response is so well crafted I can't do it justice in this summery but she asks point blank if she is the only one who knows Hajime feels this way. When he reply's affirmatively she takes responsibility for all his fears, and dismisses them. As the only person who COULD blame him, by choosing not to she makes it so their is now no one who does. Again the scene is MUCH better then this but I still have over half the cast to introduce so take my word for it, GREAT first impression from Yui.
Next comes Yuuki Ayaka, the school idol and two year winner of some beauty pageant. Apparently she's voiced by Oohashi Ayuru who is an idol herself which is a neat touch but her introduction here is UNBEARABLE... Her Heroine quirk is "Fary-Tale ideas of romance" which translates to referring to herself as "Perfect and Kawaii" every third paragraph and rejecting the advances of over a dozen guys, including poor Shoukichi, and some unnamed student directly in front of P-kun and Yui on their walk home. Realizing P-kun is there, she flat out presses her butt on his groin while saying to his face he, as the schools most popular boy, is the only man she could accept the confession of. Which prompts P-kun to freak out internally as he apparently has a crush on her and is a member of her "fan club" whatever that means. Apparently Ayaka and Yui know each other and Ayaka is teasingly warm to Yui's teasingly cold, bet that's going to come up later. Anyway P-kun gets Ayaka to blush after she DECIMATES poor off screen confession bro and the scene ends.
We pick up with P-kun walking home with his childhood friend Hanamori Shiori who I THINK is the front runner for best hair but we'll have to see. Her quirk is "Madly in love, single-minded devotion," and she will oscillate between too shy to function and creepily obsessed with P-kun for the rest of the novel until the romance branches. Her scene here is completely forgettable and uninteresting because the only thing that matters is that you know she's P-kun's childhood friend.
At the dorms Hajime and Shiori apparently live at together with Yoshino (Because THAT'S fair to the other heroines.) a new student is transferring in after the semester already started in true anime style and she immediately latches onto Hajime during their introduction. This is Koshimizu Kasumi, the apparent LOSER of best hair by popular vote which is a darn shame because the indigo tints on her tips are pretty cute, but that's a topic for later. Apparently she knew Hajime, Aoba and Shiori from their childhood where she was really sickly and Hajime would come visit her and bring her the schoolwork she missed. This left such a huge impression on the girl she developed her quirk "Pure, unabashed adoration" of Hajime and now that she's all better and able to go to public school again ten years after they met she's here to reunite with her white knight. Honestly it's a pretty touching story that feels a little rushed but OH BOY wait till we get the resolution to this one down the line it is going to get SO much more painful to read.
But enough of that, it's time to meet the best character in the game Hanamori Yasumasa! Yasumasa is Shiori's little brother, which makes him YOUR little brother by right of childhood friendship, and he's adorable. Your introduction to him is at the last meeting of the club you preside over together hilariously called The Horny Brigadier Brotherhood with the sole goals of creating and maintaining a free, secure network to browse porn at the school and abolish the relationship ban. Today's meeting disbands the group as Hajime steps down from his position as general (Which is weird right I mean can you even be the president of two groups simultaneously in Japanese schools I didn't know that was a thing but regardless) and Yasumasa is the vice president. When one of the members gets too rowdy Yasu threatens to suck him off and I'm going to have to stop this whole review for a second because that one line is my favorite in the whole novel.
Full context, I am a bisexual man. I lean about 60/40 in favor of women and didn't discover this part of my sexuality until I was in college, so the majority of my taste is centered around more traditional media rather then BL or Yaoi, but I do dabble in that as well. Yasu as a bisexual character is something I almost never get to see because in the words of my real life little brother "Japan only has two sexualities it recognizes, straight and fetish." Even setting that aside though for all the LGBTQ+ representation in American and Japanese media the B part of that is actually really hard to find good examples of in media ESPECIALLY male versions. They exist, but in recent years especially what little their is often gets drowned beneath a sea of purely homosexual characters and stories so its harder and harder to find. I can't tell you how excited I was to have this opportunity presented to me to see a good bisexual character because this game has a real chance to positively portray him and might even give the barest note of something between him and Hajime. I wasn't expecting a full romance route or anything, but their has to be a failure route in this game, and THAT is the perfect place to put something. It doesn't have to be flashy, maybe just a confession scene where Hajime, who rejected every one of these five girls, is approached by Yasu who questions him about why he's still single. It could end with a kind rejection, CG optional, or maybe even a kiss after the fade to black if they want to spoil me but this is a golden egg I'm BEGGING you Japan don't waste this...
After the meeting Hajime returns to his room and the narrative shifts to view the three love interests he boards with in the bath. Now I'm by no means a pearl clutching reactionary, but their is literally no reason for this scene to take place in the bath outside of Echii. If you didn't install the H-patch the scene is bland and has absolutely no character sprites. If you did the camera hugs the largest tits in the room as the girls talk. This conversation could easily have been anywhere else in the building but whatever the first CG in this game was an up-skirt pantsu shot so I guess this isn't as egregious as THAT. This does give me a good opportunity though to mention I WILL be including the H-patch content in this review but I'll be sectioning it off as much as possible to it's own subsection. When I eventually get to the romance routes I'll be glazing over everything Echii but this particular scene was kind of unavoidable to mention because Kasumi announces that she is going to confess to Hajime in front of the other two girls... and then immediately gets out of the tub and does it! I don't know why I find that so surprising but we as readers met this character literally twenty minutes ago in and out of game so this is REALLY forward but I guess points for confidence.
Kasumi's confession takes place in P-kun's room and is... a mixed bag. On the one hand her story, that she was a sickly girl P-kun would visited frequently ten years ago to bring homework and spend time with before she moved away for her health thus causing her to motivate herself to get better so she can one day reunite with her white knight is touching and romantic but also feels kind of rushed for a reason I can't quite explain. Maybe its the way she tells the story but I get the sense it would have been more impactful if it had a few more sentences of build up somewhere but for what it is it's serviceable. Hajime, understandably, politely tells Kasumi the two of them just met kind of and while he's flattered she feels so strongly about him he can't return her feelings as of yet because he knows so little about her. So not fully rejecting her but not saying yes either, just a request to get to know her first. Then she trips on him and the camera zooms on her boobs. So that ruins the mood as Yoshino comes in to tell P-kun he's terrible.
The second half of the prologue begins with Kasumi transferring into P-kun's class, because of course she is. the next five minutes are background nobodies saying she's pretty. After a time skip to lunch these murmurs of Kasumi's apparent good looks reach all the way to the third year classes apparently because Ayaka bursts into the class to see her new competition appalled that Kasumi has been here less then 14 hours and has already confessed to her "crush." After establishing that Ayaka and Kasumi are now maybe possibly rivals not only for P-kun's affections but the beauty contest crown as well Yui, who apparently ran all the way from the sister school, bursts into the room, catches her breath, and asks Ayaka point blank if she is also here to confess to P-kun. If all of this is sounding rushed don't worry it is.
Yui makes the kind gesture of apologizing in advance to Kasumi, who without question got to P-kun first, but nonetheless confesses her love in front of the whole class which WAY too embarrassing even for me and I can't help but think this poor girl is going to be RELENTLESSLY teased for this but whatever its cute she's so brave. Hajime gives her the same response he gave Kasumi, stating he wants to consider both of them before deciding, which is pretty cool of him not ganna lie. Kasumi takes it really well considering she's standing right there as it all happens and says she likes the idea the boy she loves is so popular so as many girls can confess to him as possible without bothering her. Everyone acts real mature about the whole situation and honestly the atmosphere of the whole thing is pretty sweet.
Then Ayaka interrupts the mood tripping over herself to ask P-kun out too.
Yeah, this is the worst confession in the game and her reasoning that "We should date because we're popular" is ridiculous. I don't have any jokes about this I just find it really poorly executed, 0 points.
After that P-kun is chased out of the classroom and down the hall by a ravenous group of girls in a brief break for levity before the novel establishes P-kun is apparently remembering arm day because he hoists himself into the student council room through the window, and will do so on a regular bases throughout the rest of the novel. Inside he's greeted by Shiori, Yoshino, Yui, and Kasumi as well as the entire student council important enough to have a sprite. Yoshino, unable to take the second hand embarrassment of the girls who already confessed to P-kun cooks up a ridiculous plan. She confesses her "love" for him, saying she wants to have the most debauched relationship possible to get the romance ban reinstated and end all this chaos. The only important part of this is that no one thinks she doesn't actually like him and just felt jealous so she did something rash. Aoba asks if her brother is going to die tomorrow to keep karmic balance and at this point I wouldn't be surprised if he did.
Anyway somehow this group chooses to be productive after all that and discussion begins on a PR campaign that the photography club, of which Shiori is a part, will be helping with. Hajime is nominated to be one of the models for a series of posters showing a model couple for students to look up to and the remaining girls fight over who will be his partner in the pictures. Everyone has their own reasons for why they should be picked but just when the reader may think they'll be given the first choice of the game Hajime (After a day of deliberation, a visit to the cafe Ayaka's parents own in which she works so SHE can be in on this, a much better and cuter scene then her introduction with Shiori at the dorm, and an admittedly pretty good fake out when Hajime gives a speech to the student body about the right to love in which we get a LOT of time with Yoshino.) just chooses Kasumi and the whole thing resolves... and then Shiori confesses her feelings in front of the other girls in the weirdest, most unsettling way possible.
In a CG where she twists her head to look over her shoulder as it tilts back, Shiori, backed by the most ominous track possible, expresses she has loved P-kun since childhood blah blah that parts not interesting she looks like a total Yandere. Like no joke if this was the only picture you had to go on, which at this point it is, you'd expect this game to devolve into Love Letter at some point down the line it is TERRIFYING! Gotta admit though her stance of "If all it takes to get a yes from you is to get to know each other then I should easily win because I've known you for years." is a pretty good argument. Seriously though I really can't stress this enough she isn't just setting off a red flag it's BLOOD red.
The first of five subsections in the common route opens with P-kun being chased by a hoard of women and a 90's style record scratch sonic movie opening "Yeah, thats me, if you wanna know how I got here we have to go back to-" in medias res. Now because of the way the heart system works my summery from this point on is going to SOUND really surface level and bare but for every scene I gloss over with a sentence it is entirely possible something takes place that may not be important to the STORY but was purely designed to endear the reader to the heroine featured in it. I'll point out any moments I feel are noteworthy but just because not much PLOT happens doesn't mean NOTHING happens alright?
P-kun has a flashback to this morning when Yoshino walked him to school and the two of them were mobbed by a hoard of girls who either want to ask him out or ask him about the girls who asked him out. He runs and abandons Yoshino to the wolves. Good boy Yasu meets up with Hajime for the cross view section which I will cover quickly. Yui's scene is just talking with Moka and getting pumped to go spend time with P-kun. Yoshino deals with the aftermath of being abandoned. Kasumi meets a cat girl and acts cute. Ayaka is swarmed by fans who agree to help her track down Hajime and Shiori has a panic attack. You see what I mean about these summaries? Each of those scenes was probably a ten minute read where not much happens but you're able to spend time with the heroines. I'd love to go line by line and talk about how charming some of these moments are but this review is already a monster so I'm just going to have to move on.
Yasu is being blackmailed into helping the mob of girls but he nobly sacrifices himself for p-kun to escape, fainting to distract them. Hajime ends up at his favorite spot on campus, the Clock Tower, where Ayaka visits him and they have a chat. Apparently Ayaka's fan club is working like a not so secret service to give her an advantage. Which I kind of want to say is cheating but will let slide because the other girls get outside help from their friends later in the novel. Anyway the mob finds them and Hajime flees again, this time to the auditorium where Kasumi gives him a lunch since he probably hadn't had a chance to eat yet and if you don't give her a heart for that you're a monster this is a legitimately sweet gesture. Hajime freaks out that she was keeping the milk she got him between her breasts, must be a Japanese thing because I don't know a single teenage boy who would care. Anyway you can guess what happens, they're found, he flees, this time he's pulled into an unused room by Shiori who sits on his lap, which is somehow NOT a CG but whatever I'm not salty. The title screen has her in a close position to what I imagined anyway. Anyway more girls and more fleeing. (How long has this been going on don't you kids have class to get to?) Now Hajime climbs trough the student council room window again and finds Yui who stuffs him under her desk to prevent him from being spotted and we get ANOTHER pantsu shot which is WAY over quota now and its not even tasteful. Like this is full on up the skirt vag view, for which Hajime is rightfully punished by... being crushed between Yui's thighs... are we sure this is before the Echii patch add ons?
The school day comes to an end when literally every heroine, Aoba, and Moka all end up at Ayaka's cafe (she had invited Hajime their in the earlier scene) and they talk for a bit about who Hajime is going to take on a date. For the first extra scene the reader gets to make that choice. Kasumi takes him to the mall where she clings to his arm, not a great scene but playful I guess. Yoshino runs into her political supporters against relationships and forces Hajime to pretend they are just out together as friends. Ayaka has a truly forgettable scene of walking with Hajime. But the two stand outs are definitely Shiori and Yui. Shiori has a scene I'm guessing is much more sexual in Japan where you measure her cup size, I don't know maybe that's your thing I just can't get over the *squish* sound effect it's like a bad anime skit. Yui calls you Onii-chan for the ONLY time in the novel and asks you to pet her head which is ADORABLE and it is a CRIME this is the only time this happens.
Next day, new batch of hearts.
Hajime runs out of ink for his pen... Theirs a joke here somewhere but I can't quite find it... anyway Yoshino offers him some of hers... god I really feel like I'm missing an innuendo here. Hajime turns her down and runs off to the campus store where he runs into cat girl and Ayaka. Apparently the store needs to sell a whole bunch of noodles nobody wants and cat girl is depressed about it. Ayaka offers to do a handshake event, which I guess is a Japanese thing where when you buy a certain amount of a product you get to touch a celebrity, and volunteers Hajime to be there too, so that's the plot of this subsection. All the girls find out about it and have their own reactions. The cross view section lays out their plans. Shiori skips class to be first in line. Ayaka uses her fame to advertise. Kasumi volunteers to work the store in exchange for four times the necessary amount of noodles to qualify for a handshake. Yoshino beats herself up over wanting to go to the event and not having a good excuse (She's really starting to lean into that aggressively shy personality about romance.) And Yui has a HEARTBREAKING scene where she thinks about how even the short distance between the two sister schools is a roadblock to her romantic prospects because unlike all the other girls she has to run every day to even SEE Hajime and they just have to go to class. She finds out about the handshake event but by then she knows she'll be way back in the line. Oh and Aoba has a scene where she tries to price gouge people and fails miserably, so that exists.
Anyway the actual event takes place and all the Heroines get a chance to interact with Hajime, the scene comes off as a bit comedic with Yui wearing a disguise so the artist can make use of the alternate lab coat outfit she has for no good reason. Yoshino's indecisiveness makes it so she gets in line too late to buy any noodles but Kasumi gives her half of the ones set aside for her day of work. Ayaka cracks some pretty good jokes, and the whole thing ends with a photo shoot for the whole group where Ayaka surprise kisses Hajime on the cheek. And Shiori is there too. Then you get the least interesting extra scenes in the game. I mean they aren't BAD they're just comparatively the worst of the bunch. Ayaka tells you she was embarrassed to kiss you but swears she wants to make your heart flutter. Yoshino acts embarrassed on the walk back from school and runs off. Hajime just kind of chats with Shiori, walks Yui home, and gives Kasumi her "handshake" after she teases you. Nothing terrible just nothing super interesting either.
The next scene is a fireworks festival and the best part of the whole game. I mean it if you could somehow only play one part of this novel THIS is the part you should do it is cute, fun, has great jokes, honestly its better then any of the romance routes so if this review has gotten you interested in the game I honestly recommend a blind look at it you'll have a blast.
The girls get into an argument about who is going to be Hajime's date to the festival and decide to play a game called King to determine the winner and while I would have LIKED to have this scene take multiple paths it always plays out the same way but the jokes here are top notch as the girls all try to one up each other. Theirs a CG of playing the Pocky game with Yoshino and it's adorable, honestly Yoshino kind of steals the show during the game till she passes out peso pon. Eventually the girls all drop out one by one until Kasumi wins and gets the right to your fireworks date. But tragedy! That night she calls Hajime saying she lost a special pendent and just can't leave the house without it. So he tells her to stay put since it's getting dark and goes to the school to look for it.
The cross view this time around has the first of two tied for worst scenes in the game and some really cute moments. Kasumi ruminates on how cool you are for understanding she can't go on the date with you and decides to go to the school to look there even though you told her not to, but she's the outlier because literally all the rest of the heroines plan a big party at Hajime's dorm on Aoba's suggestion. In Yui's scene we see her upset that she lost the game with the other girls and Aoba suggests the party to cheer her up, why the developer decided this scene needed to be done from both Yui's AND Aoba's perspective when Yui would have been fine on her own I don't know but I HATE when visual novels repeat themselves like that it's maddening. The difference is literally six lines of dialogue but to find it I have to sift through all this stuff I JUST read, it's a waist of time. If you want me to have both perspectives, wright the scene in two parts and put one after the other, like Aoba recommends the party and then Yui thinks about what a great friend she is shortly after ANYTHING ELSE but this. Shiori, Ayaka, and Yoshino all get invited and agree to go. Their's also a really nice scene of some random no name guys talking about Hajime and how jealous they are of him but it's not mean spirited or anything they act really casual about it, honestly this might be my personal favorite of the cross fades its just got a really nice atmosphere to it.
Hajime arrives at the school and tells off my boy Yasu for bringing a camera to school to catch couples getting frisky on campus during the fireworks which totally sounds like its going to happen given the recently lifted ban on romance making people lose themselves in the moment but Hajime is a total cock block and tells him to go home. After a long time searching Hajime bumps into Kasumi and just when they're about to lose hope and go home the fireworks start and a glint of light leads Kasumi right to her pendent on the ground. Overjoyed, but sad they missed their chance at a date, they head back to the dorm to find the party in full swing and have a great time. the extra scenes are all post festivities and range from decent to too cute to exist. Yui and Ayaka get walked home, nothing super interesting but sweet. Shiori helps clean things up and you do the dishes together like a married couple. But Kasumi and Yoshino definitely win this round. Yoshino, like a boo from Mario, inches closer to Hajime when he looks away but losses her nerve when he looks at her. Intentionally turning to see what she's trying to do but without looking directly at her he sees her creep up and lock pinkies with him with a triumphant "Yay! I did it!" under her breath. He responds by holding her hand and the two of them clean the outside party area together. Kasumi looks up at the starts and talks to herself about how fortunet she is to have met Hajime and when he approaches her she asks if, just for a moment, he'll let her think of him as her hero as she cries on his chest in relief she still has her pendent. It's not a long scene, but it is incredibly touching.
the next subsection is a party at the dorm, no not the party we just had a different one, this time a sleepover. Theirs a scene with Hajime's teacher who I have purposely avoided speaking about until this point. Rest assured she has been here the entire time I just don't think she's very important. This is the exception however as Hajime runs off to save her from drunk driving and we get the cross view early. Ayaka stresses over what to wear with Moka, a scene we also get from Moka's perspective, same problem as last time don't worry I won't repeat myself. Yui rolls around in Hajime's bed, which I don't THINK is an innuendo in this case but who knows? Kasumi tries to bribe Aoba into giving up information on her brother and gets conned. Yoshino agonizes some more about being in love and Shiori hits her brother while thinking about getting treated like a 50's wife. Hajime brings the teacher back to the party and she kisses his cheek before being murdered off screen by five jealous women.
After ANOTHER scene in the bath involving talk about all kinds of girl stuff it would be inappropriate for me to reveal here due to its private nature Hajime goes to take a bath of his own and all the girls show up in their swimsuits because OF COURSE we need a swimsuit scene this is a VISUAL NOVEL come on! Their is a lot of unnecessary boobs and then extra scene time. Ayaka is outside and reiterates to Hajime her desire to make his heart flutter. Yui sits on the couch with him and lets him pet her. Yoshino also gets head pats. Shiori comes to visit and nearly kisses p-kun and Kasumi burns her sensitive tongue after an indirect kiss. It's all really cute, good note to end the extra scenes on.
The last section of the common route is the Haloween party and this is the point the narrative has been building toward. Tonight, Hajime chooses one of the girls to ask to the dance and finally gets a girlfriend and it is the least interesting part of the whole novel. It's not TOTALLY worthless, Yui and Kasumi get to be pretty cute but 90% of this section is just the heroines agonizing over who he's going to choose. Theirs a subplot about Yui being too busy to go to the party but its resolved quickly and the whole cast ends up together for a little free time and competition that Kasumi and Yui totally win. Something to note in the cross views is my good boy Yasu reveals he's into traps and shows the entire student council, all one of him, a picture on his phone of one. The scene ends with the first and only choice of the game. Who won your heart?
In the previous part I alluded to the fact I would be discussing the entire rest of the game in part 2 but as you could guess from the fact their is a paragraph left in this post I'm going to have to renege on that. I have no intention of stopping here but I'm going to need to make this a three parter at least, I just bit off more then I can chew. Next week, I'll focus on what happens with each heroine when she gets the chance to interact with P-kun by herself. If you're liking this review so far be sure to let me know as I'm putting a LOT more work into this one and feedback is the only way I can know if it's paying off. If you've read the novel let me know what you think of my summery, naturally I had to leave a lot out but I'm curious to see if you would have included something I overlooked or vise versa. Regardless, I hope you were entertained, stay well!
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