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I previously wrote about several great sources for contemporary hymn arrangements.One of those sources, PraiseCharts.com, recently provided a list of 50 contemporary hymn arrangements with familiar melodies and lyrics rooted in the deep history of our faith.As always, be careful that you select a key among the choices that is in a good melodic range for the congregation. COVID-19 Resources. The Hymn Society staff has compiled an extensive listing of resources for congregations, pastors, musicians, and other leaders, including fact-based information; suggestions for hymns and songs; links to blogs from other organizations; and tips for using technology. streaming, and licensing. hymn for idealized middle america. the sun smacks the sidewalk. and is filtered through the evergreens. that keep watch by the riverbed. and huff up all the diesel fumes. the wind that blows is dry. and unforgiving, forthright, clear, and. winds through the avenues, winds through the buildings. Our next segment of the hymns of American history highlights the 18th century, with the growing population and development of the vast resources of the American Colonies. The hymns of American history bring this era to life as we take a look at another well-loved hymn: I Sing The Mighty Power of God by Isaac Watts (1715). My native country, thee, Land of the noble free, Thy name I love; I love thy rocks and rills, Thy woods and templed hills, My heart with rapture thrills. Like that above. Let music swell the breeze, And ring from all the trees. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs "Hymn for America" by Stephen Paulus. Episode 4581. Aired July 2, 2017 Hymn, strictly, a song used in Christian worship, usually sung by the congregation and characteristically having a metrical, strophic (stanzaic), nonbiblical text. Similar songs, also generally called hymns, exist in all civilizations; examples survive, for instance, from ancient Sumer and Greece. 'Hymn For America' performed by The Festival Singers of Florida - Duration: 2:49. TampaKurt 3,229 views. 2:49. USA National Anthem with lyrics (by Jaimina Johnston) - Duration: 2:45. J. Hymns with the topic "Aspiration and Resolve": Down by the Jordan, a prophet named John was baptizing Christ has broken down the wall Come, let us dream God's dream again 은 하 늘 에 가 득 히 주 의 영 굉 (Christ, whose glory fills the skies) 꽃 이 픨 믿 음 으 로 (Faith, while trees are still in blossom) Beautiful Music For A Beautiful Soul - America's 25 Favorite Hymns

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the sun smacks the sidewalk
and is filtered through the evergreens
that keep watch by the riverbed
and huff up all the diesel fumes.
the wind that blows is dry
and unforgiving,
forthright, clear, and
winds through the avenues,
winds through the buildings
and the spaces between each brick,
plods haphazard on crumbling crosswalks,
bends gracefully to thread
through the twined arms of
lovers young and old,
hunched forward or bent back
like wind-blasted farmhouses.

they stop outside
mass-produced coffee chains,
yank on the leashes of
lovesick dogs that find bare white knees
like heat-seeking missiles.
these battalions of the middle-aged,
these flower-skirted throngs,
these purse-clutching masses
awaiting orders outside of
hair salons and ice creameries,
frames pulled magnetically
towards the held shapes of
parking tickets and greasy smartphones,
deep in discussion of seasonal pleasantries
in a manner always
ploying, planning, bickering,
their tones caustic but possessing
an obscured, distant pleasantness -
caustic only in the off-center way that
long jogs and hot showers
and bitter coffee are caustic.
the sleeves of their blouses,
the strings of their sweatshirts
are pulled by impatient
children and grandchildren.
baby carriages conquer the asphalt,
the jolting, clacking reverberations
of their plastic wheels
and their hulking, plasticine forms
clearing the crowd like a skipped stone
through a field of minnows.
they peer through the windows
with one-way gazes,
voyeurs to the
excessively air-conditioned insides
of art galleries,
of furniture and antique stores,
the rows of hawaiian shirts and
leather shoes,
the fluorescent-lit, squeaky-clean
pharmaceutical isles.
they gaze at the teenage recruits
sent to man the tubs of ice-cream and
grocery-store counters,
the plastic-wrapped silos
of artisan popcorn and overpriced,
hand-knitted sweaters and skirts
made expressly for
the jutting, coquetric shoulders of
aging mothers and distant nieces.
the birds make wild arcs
to intercept
french fries and torn bread,
to flirt with the permed heads,
the free-floating curls,
the bald, sun-reflecting domes
sheltering sweltering,
solar-powered insides.

and the whole of it -
the gentrifying,
sun-frying clutter of
paved and unpaved streets,
the golden-age, steel-town bulwarks
of candy stores and tailors
thrust against
the new-laden modernist apartments,
the sly, sleek, minimal panes
of shy glass mirroring the street -
mirroring the tumult of
rough ground
worn progressively to road,
transmuted by continued passage of
leather-plied shoes and
horse-drawn carriage
and chintzy sportscar
and model-T ford
and wagon-wheel
and electric vehicle -
bent into shock by
noise and commerce and
measle-stubborn grit -
the whole of it is
coddled, surrounded, absorbed,
aerated and ensconced by the
endless rows of shingle-roofed homes
that coat the town square
like packing peanuts.
when the roads run loose
from the city center
they are focused and determined,
newly paved,
freshly minted,
but in their progression -
flowing to their highways
like high mountain streams
to vast oceans -
become distracted.
they wind, curve, loop nonsensically,
sprawl themselves over the flat,
drawling landscape
like an afternoon cat on a
seasick Sunday afternoon.
they rain-dance.
they catapult and cartwheel and
jump for joy,
and in their fits of ecstasy
their eyes flit towards the grinning exteriors,
the parched front lawns coated in
fertilizer like sickly sweat
where tire swings make nooses of
the overhangs of branches,
where plastic toys and
fisher-price convertibles,
splintered clay pots,
breeze-bound bags of empty mulch
deflated like burst blisters
are strewn like the fuselages
and clipped wings,
the cracked flight decks
and warped cockpits,
the brusque signature of
a commercial airline crash.
where the damage is
watched over carefully by men
with backs like bent-spined books,
surveying the minute landscape
with their brushed, watery eyes,
their airs and attitudes as quilted as
their sweat-stained shirts,
their fingernails as yellow
as the tobacco leaves that hued them.
the houses face the street like
students in a classroom,
leaning slightly,
somewhere else,
jutting forward in rapt attention
when the ruler is slapped lengthwise across
a hewn, menacing oak slab
of teacher’s desk.
swingsets are set the
light burden of cupping the air,
accommodating the breeze.
the driveways are waiting
with bated breath
for the embrace of rubber tires and
the wet kiss of exhaust.
insects nibble at windowscreens,
squirrels scuttle up trees
after adversaries or mates
in states of apoplectic lust.
in the ailing light
the windows
make patchwork of flowered rows
and mazes of obsessively trimmed hedges.
a mailtruck deployed from
corporate, online confines
spits a shrink-wrapped package
onto the front-steps,
leaves it washed and singular
as a beached whale atop the
collected informational refuse
of short springs, long winters,
dead skin cells and pencil
shavings and the leaves of
spiced and failing autumns.
on the geometric spokes of
fences that
picket picket picket
the lawn,
standing at attention,
the wooden slats uniformed
in surgical shades,
whitewashed and carefree,
crawl fire ants and ants
and crickets and cicadas,
chick chickadees and inch

and the stooping old men
and the sputtering housewives
and the refugee mailmen
and the clay-smelling children
are unsure of
what exactly the fences keep out
but they are well aware
of what the fences keep in.
they are a soft membrane,
iridescent at the right angle,
to keep the warm light from spilling
from the kitchen windows
and ruining the newly-varnished floor
and to keep the books
from tumbling from their shelves
and to keep the words from
scattering off their pages like
fresh-hatched spiders.
they keep shadows plastered
to white walls.
they keep dogs licking their paws.
they make sure
prayers aren’t getting any ideas
and keep
the aspirations of aspirations in check.
keep thoughts from fogging
up windowpanes.
and the collective output of sidelong
family dreams and wants and longing
and smidgeons of contraband hope,
dusty ashtrays full of burnt promises,
ferments like black mold on
the undersides of eaves and the
patches behind pictureframes,
takes the shine from the cedar-coated foyer
and the holes from the belts,
steals luster from the sweat-slick
skin of the wide-eyed,
simian children
till the front door swings open
like a punchdrunk manifesto
and the petri-dish confines of the home
are left to sit lonely and unaware,
the smaller denizens heading
roadward with wide strides
and sauntering gates and voices
light enough to rise up
through the heavy air,
above the floral denseness
that houses the homes
like a clenched fist.

they are up in the trees
and their voices fumble blindly
and they echo through the branches
to find each other again and they
interlock oroborean,
form knots of a thickness that no
muted adult fingers had ever a
chance of prying through.
the fabric of the knots are interwoven with
sweaty, grass-smudged secrets
and stifled laughter
and internal late-night
chalkboard theorems.
they are stuck like wet bandages
on the hindlegs of the evening -
indifferent, irreverent.
they leap from branch to branch,
scratching elbows and bruising knees,
forming colonies and starlit kingdoms
so that in the time it takes the daylight
to sift through the bursting branches
of the gnarled, winding, sun soaked boughs
and chafing burls of the wooden giant
they have seen the rise and fall
of countless regimes,
demo and autocratic,
anarchic and minutely ordered,
didactic or wildly elastic until
they are beckoned through screen doors
to eat quick, mumbled dinners,
corralled into the cool spaces of their
yawning bedrooms where
wet-pillowed dreams are fueled
by the steam from the trains of their
imagined industrial revolutions,
where the successive centuries-long
rises and falls of their
pseudo-empires give their
wet, nasal exhales a lilting, catching
air so that in the end
their monolith Vishnus and Shivas,
their industry and commerce,
their fledgling, coal smoke skylines,
their blood-lined guillotines and scaffolds
and churches and marches,
their military shows of force,
their convents and convex population rates,
their border-crossed lovers running headwind
to take cover
from the bombs that fall like gumdrops
as the sky is ripped asunder
and the rubble and the wreck
requiring eons to rebuild
is only a device,
a very simple mechanism
that allows a mother to pause
in front of a bedroom door
and to listen idly for a few moments
to the irregularity of breath.
the husband and wife
in their fossilized, domestic stupor
are unaware that a girl lies awake
with a mind kinetic enough to burn
through the lunar stillness.
she gives up. sits up.
addled, soaked through with semi-sleep,
leaving puddles of it on the
linoleum tiles,
leaving footprints of the stuff
trailing out the door,
she ducks under the yawing porchswing,
hops lightly down the paint-stained steps
into the breathing, vernal space
of the backyard.
she pauses.
down by the river,
a willow is weeping.
she approaches, curious, perturbed;
she is unsure of what to do.
its leaves scrape the dry dirt
and leave schizo hieroglyphs.
it seems to shiver.
she wets a finger with her tongue.
scratches her ear.
tilts her head.
leans forward, heels raised.
she hums a light hymn.

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2019.08.26 05:58 BobJane7576 Tub hot voyeur

My wife and I had were in Orlando for a family reunion and we got two evenings to ourselves to check Secrets Hideaway recently. It is a LS club/hotel/pool.
Overall we liked it but we had to adjust our expectations a little lower. We have traveled quite a bit and have visited several LS clubs. So we couldn’t help compare.
We went first on a Friday night. Their credit card machine were down and we had to drive next door to get cash. That was a little of a bummer. We signed up for our membership, that was painless.
We told the front desk guy we were new to this club and he told us to just go down the hall and checkout out the pool/club/play room area. I was a little surprised. I would have expected a tour or maybe some explanations on what to expect. Luckily we had studied the website and knew what to expect.
We went inside the courtyard that had two pools and two hot tubs. It was sexy to see naked people in the hot tub and the pool. However the place felt pretty deserted. Not sure if we picked the wrong Friday but only one pool/one hot tub was busy.
We went to the outdoor bathrooms and they were in dire need of renovations (missing fixtures, wobbly sink, exposed lights in the ceiling, desperate need of fresh paint). That gave us a bad impression.
We headed to the tiki bar to get a drink. Bartender was nice. Behind us, a husband was getting a BJ by the pool. Non alcoholic Drink price was correct.
We then went to check out the club. It was well laid out and had AC. There were a moderate amount of people. Two bars were open to serve alcohol and a hostess (Bridgette) was walking around in a bikini serving Fireball. The bathroom there were much nicer. We drank some more. The staff was nice and polite.
It was time to test out the playroom. Since my wife and I hadn’t seen each other in a week (I had been traveling for work), we wanted to mainly play with each other, but we were open to anything if it felt right.
The playroom had a BDSM room that was really busy. It is not really our crowd so we didn’t stay long. There were many people just watching what was going on.
We headed further in the playroom and we were told we had to get naked to get any further. That was unexpected. My wife likes to keep lingerie on and she felt a little self-conscious.
We put our personal effects in a locker, got naked, got a towel and started exploring the playroom. For a Friday night, they were pretty empty. I was surprised how small the playroom area is compared to the size of the hotel/pool area. For some reason, I thought they would have been bigger.
We went to a room that had 6 beds next to each other. 3 older couples were having a sixsome and seemed to enjoy the attention they were getting. We might have tried to play with them since they seemed welcoming but they were a little too old for my wife (~20y difference).
In a more private room (with a window and an optional door), we saw a black gentleman plowing through an older woman while her husband was jacking off next to them. The club has 5 “private rooms” where you can close a door if need be. They were all empty except for one.
We continued our tour and saw rows of beds next to each other. This was cool for parallel play. One couple was playing. Further down the row of beds, there was another bed and two sofas with a big screen playing porn.
We picked a room, left the door open and starting having sex. It was fun. By the time we were finished, we were the last one in the playrooms. We took a break and the BDSM room was still full.
We were getting hungry and decided to check out the kitchen. Boy, that kitchen was not clean. Lots of dirty dishes, it felt like the type of kitchen you get at a camp when you are a kid. Some couples were eating there. The only thing being served was an omelette. It wasn’t bad but it was also very strange. My wife kept asking “but why only serving an omelette!?” The kitchen needs a serious cleaning and coat of paint. Or I would advise the club owners to not let the guest in the kitchen and simply order through a window and eat outside.
We ate outside. The outside was really nice. You can tell that the owners are putting money there. The pools were great. It was just an empty night overall with a few couple chatting here and there but the layout can support really big parties.
After we ate, we went back to the playrooms for round 2. It was a little bit more busy in the row of beds. We started having sex there and more couples came in.
My wife really enjoyed being watched. The setup makes it easy to be seen/heard and to be able to watch other couples. Many couple stopped by to watch my wife ride me or be taken doggy style. I didn’t pay much attention to the voyeurs but at one point I noticed a couple staring at us with lust in their eyes. I locked in eyes with the female, that was quite intense.
We also enjoyed watching other couples around us. There were a couple across us that was as vocal as my wife. At one point, the boyfriend fucked the girlfriend standing (she had one leg on the bed). It was quite hot.
We enjoy the occasional MFM when the mood strikes but I was not in the mood at all that night for that kind of play. So the few single guys that were there kind of annoyed me. One was jacking off right next to a couple. We had to tell a few of them “no thanks” as they got close to our bed hoping for some action. In a different mood, I might have felt better but for some reason, they annoyed me that night.
My wife squirted, came a few times and started to feel tired. We didn’t notice a lot of swapping. It felt like a lot of couple played with themselves and enjoyed watching/being watched, which was perfect for us as that what we were in the mood for.
As we were changing back into our clothes, we heard a little bit of commotion. A drunk male was yelling at his girlfriend, was asked to leave, decided to fight his way through security, lost quickly against security while pathetically yelling “lawsuit” and was thrown out with his girlfriend and banned. That was kind of a cold shower. We were naked when that happened and felt vulnerable.
We toured the place one more time, saw a sandy area with a volleyball net, giant chess, etc. Definitively looked like a fun place when crowded.
We headed home a little confused about our first experience there. When my wife and I talked about the club the next day, it was mainly negative. But we also had some good fun and focused on that. It was also quite inexpensive compared to other clubs we have been too. The alcoholic drinks felt a little overpriced however.
We heard Saturdays are the best time to come but we couldn’t come due to a family event.
We decided to head back Sunday to get a second opinion. Credit card system was still down and we had to pay cash again (this time I was prepared). The parking lot was empty and so was the place.
There were a few guests in the pool. The club had a few couple dancing and we walked through a completely empty play room! One thing we learned is that being naked in the playrooms is only enforced on Friday/Saturday but rest of week you are free to walk with your clothes on. The BDSM room was empty.
We headed back to the club. A few more people had arrived. They were two couples dirty dancing and the women getting naked. We sat down and watched while my wife rubbed my penis through my pants.
There were a few single guys chatting with couples. They seemed very polite and pleasant. We thought for a second inviting one for a MFM but didn’t bother. Instead we headed to the play rooms, which were again super empty.
We had sex just the two of us. We had the entire play room just for ourselves. We heard one couple walk by. When we were done, we headed back out and bumped into a single guy following that couple.
We decided to call it a night and headed back to our hotel. We stayed one hour total! It wasn’t bad. We had a little bit of fun. We didn’t expect much on a Sunday night.
The good * Good LS place but you have to adjust your expectations and focus on the good, especially if you have been spoiled by more up to date LS clubs * The pool/hot tub area looks great and seem like a great party/orgy area if playing is allowed outside (we saw a few couples doing BJs by the pool) * The playrooms were clean * Good security staff * The renovated condo rooms look great if you want to stay on the property. * Price for membership and events is cheap (compared to other clubs on the west coast)
The less good: * Some area of the club (kitchen, pool bathroom) are in desperate need of renovations. Going there was a turn off * Omelette was nice but why just an omelette? * Front staff is nice but I would have expected some orientation, especially on our first night. * The guy that got banned was a bummer. * The themes are pretty generic. For a place like that, I would expect gangbang, orgies, etc to be organized. Maybe we missed the real fun on Saturday, but i would expect wilder parties * Too casual sometimes. We saw people in tourist clothes, track suite, etc.
Overall good place if you have the right expectations. We will definitively go back, especially on Saturday and other big weekends/event.
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2018.12.31 18:18 TryAnything3Times Voyeur hot tub

Since our post is stuck in Limbo in /sex . we are sharing it here due to requests. We reformatted the content for others to share and have fun as well. Enjoy!
This is a revision from our post first post. It takes what we started with and expands considerably. Enjoy!!
INTRODUCTION Sex, it is often a difficult area for couples to expand and grow as many individuals may be reluctant or ashamed to express an interest in something new. This challenge offers a progressive approach for couples to open up and explore new sexual opportunities within a relationship. For some, this is a means to find what they may and may not enjoy while for others it is a way to explore a deeper intimacy with a partner. For many, it is a means to try and maintain a libido when they have fallen into a monthly routine or multi-month rut. Whatever the reason, this challenge is about sharing the pleasures of sex with a partner and building trust and understanding through communication and experience.
While this is called a “30 Day Sex Challenge”, it is likely you may not want to do this over 30 consecutive days. Converting this to a 60 Day, 90 Day, and even 30 Week Challenge are all alternatives depending on your desire and ability to take on the challenge.
The rules are not fixed and this activity is an exercise in discovery. The goal is to become more intimate with your partner and to potentially explore new boundaries, find new a sexual comfort level, and have a new experience. There should be minimal risks, pressure, or activities that extend outside the couple’s immediate sexual activities that they engage in today. Take the time to review, discuss, and comment on the challenges with a partner before starting. Ensure both are up for the challenges and clearly understand the anticipated result. The challenge can be modified to your choosing to handle physical limitations, same sex couples, duration, timing, or considerations for special needs. Some basic challenge rules are added here to add to the challenge experience, recognize personal boundaries, and to ensure both partners consent to the challenges.
Not every day is about the act of sexual intercourse but rather to gain a new experience and learn from your partner, their pleasures, and discover their interests or boundaries.
If at some point you start to dread the challenge, it may be worth communicating this with your partner and pausing the challenge. You may even agree to end the challenge. It is better to keep your relationship happy and abandon the challenge than to destroy a relationship over a conflict.

  1. HAVE FUN: This challenge is for couples looking to make a change in their bedroom routine. This is not a test and it is not something you need to measure promiscuity. It’s about exploration and discovery! Learn and have fun with it!
  2. AGREEMENT: Remember, both partners must agree on the list before starting. Take 1 to 7 days to review, edit, agree, and set a date to begin. There should be no surprises and no pressure should be applied to a partner to take part in an act they are not comfortable partaking.
  3. STOP’s: Any partner can stop the challenge at any time. If you are done with a single challenge or done with the entire challenge, either partner reserves the right to stop at any time. If you start a challenge and feel it is not something you wish to continue, let your partner know and state you wish to share a night of normal sex instead.
  4. SAFETY: Condoms and birth control should be used when desired or required. Never break a law and always be conscious of your surroundings and neighbors. Don’t risk injury, your safety, or jail to accomplish a challenge.
  5. EDITS: Each partner can modify/replace the activity for two of the days of their choosing before the challenge starts. Ideally, there should be no edits after the challenge begins so both partners can prepare. If one participant wants to change more challenges, both participants should agree on the changes. You can rearrange the order or define additional days or events during this time. You may shuffle activities to align with weekdays/weekends, schedules, child custody, holidays, travel, or any event that may make a specific event more appropriate and enjoyable. Many events are already ordered to build to specific experiences.
  6. VETO: Each partner gets two VETO days in which they can choose to just have sex and bypass a specific day’s activity. These can be communicated before the challenge starts or on a specific day of a challenge. The partners should choose before the challenge starts. Tell your partner why you are vetoing a specific challenge. The veto must be honored. If a partner requests a veto, then the other partner may be given the first choice for an alteration or substitution.
  7. ADDITIONS: Partners can also add/remove anything on the list if both partners agree. Do this in the edit time period.
  8. PAUSES: Menstrual cycles, holidays, business travel, or illness will be treated as “pause” if necessary. Extended “Pause” days should be communicated and planned for as soon as possible.
  9. If a day is missed, resume as soon as possible. Note that an extra day will push the duration of the challenge increasing the challenge length from 30 to 31, 32, and so on for each day missed.
  10. The entire challenge should have a maximum number of days allowed to clearly define an end date. We all need goals!
  11. BREAKS: You may want to insert day of “No Sex Days” as rest days as needed. Not everyone has a high libido or unlimited performance stamina. Monday’s, every other week day, or even/odd days may allow for a longer recovery period and preparation between activities.
  12. GOALS: The goal is to push your comfort zone and try something new. If a partner is uncomfortable with a challenge and they no longer have an edit/VETO, they can borrow a partners VETO. In this case, the partner who gives up a VETO should be allowed to pick the new activity. If you choose to journal your experience, start by creating goals for both partners and share them before you start.
  13. GAME OPTION: Turn this challenge into a little game. Each partner gets 1 point for each days activity. 2 points for sharing after the activity. 3 points for keeping a detailed journal of the activities and what was learned. 5 points for an Advanced suggestion. 10 points if you attempt an Expert suggestion.
  14. FAIR TRADE OPTION: If one partner is on the fence about taking part, consider a fair trade. Clean daily, take care of pets or children, work-out together, lose a pound per daily event, or any action that offers a sacrifice on your part to take part in the challenge.
  15. LIMITS: Unwanted sex acts, forced sex, drugs, alcohol, multiple partners, public acts, and anything that would be considered advanced “Purity List” activates or illegal are not the goal of this challenge. You could add such activities if both partners are interested. This challenge’s goal is for the couple to explore new experiences, boundaries, and find what works and does not work for them. If you and your partner are looking for excitement beyond these challenges or these challenges are just too tame for you, then you may want to look at a “Purity Tester” lists online.
  16. SHARING: After each week, talk through the experience with your partner. At the end of your challenge, share everything. a. What did you like? What did you dislike? What did you love? b. Share what you learned about yourself? c. Share what you learned about your partner? d. Keep a journal of what you learned together. Describe in details your experience on what you liked and did not like for each activity. After your last day, go back and reread the notes and see if any feelings or pleasures have changed. e. Share your journal or notes with your partner to reread and understand your perceived view of each activity. You may find that what was amazing for one was just ok or unpleasant for the other.
Day 1 — Have sex at a time other than before bed. Lunch time romp, morning sex, before dinner, before going out, or after a work workout. Try sex while watching a movie or before making dinner. Pick a time that is different from your normal routine. Advanced: Lunch time rendezvous. Expert: While working (Home office or Self employed) Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 2 — Anticipation is half the fun. TXT and email each other throughout the day. Tell your partner what you want to do to the them and ask what they would do in return. Don’t be afraid to be explicit but you may want to use caution when sending photos and messages to partners at work. Use these text to share what you will do to each other tonight. When you finally get home, act out your communications as soon as possible. Consider setting up private Snapchat with aliases. Turn off preview of notifications if at work. Advanced: Sexy or partial nude photos of yourself (no face just in case). Expert: Photos or audio of your self performing a solo act in preparation for when you see each other. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 3 — Read erotica together before sex. Today, you both must find a good erotica short story from an erotica web site or ebook. Half the anticipation will be in finding your story to share. Expect to be able to read your story in under 30 minutes. Take turns reading your findings aloud to each other. Finish up by talking about what turned you on from your selection of readings then have inspired sex. Advanced: Include stories about acts you have never tried. Dominant/submissive, rough, exhibitionism, voyeurism, strangers, or groups. Expert: Read and discuss sex acts that you would never do. Explore what you do not know. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 4— Browse a list, an app, online guide, or a book of sex positions together. (Find an online guide here: sexpositions.club/kamasutra This is introduction to Kama Sutra time. Pick a few new basic positions to try. Virsha (Reverse Cow-Girl), The Spider, Reclining Lotus, Frog, The Grip, etc. Be sure to tell your partner what you think looks enjoyable and why. Stick to the easy stuff. No point getting an injury in the first week. Advanced: Keep a check-list off positions you would be willing to try. Expert: Complete your checklist! Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 5—Shower / Bath Tub sex. Get clean together and conserve water. Be extra soapy but use caution. Shower bench or against the wall are good starting places. Lube is advised. On week nights, slow and romantic bath may be a great stress reliever before bed. A shower is a good before work challenge. Don’t over fill a tub and be cautious of wave making. Advanced: Bring your partner to orgasm with the spray of water from a shower head or running faucet. Expert: Allow a partner to trim, shave, or remove all pubic hair. Shower gel, lather, and non-drying shave foam is advised. Trim, landing strip, or bare. Express you interest in your partners grooming habits. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 6— Full body massage before sex. Light scented oils, lotions, and creams can add to the pleasure. The goal is not to oil up your partner but to find spots on their body that you both enjoy touching. Relieving stress and pain can make an experience much more enjoyable. Consider long massages of each other’s arousal areas. Take full advantage of you lotions and touching. If you have done this right, sex will be quick and satisfying or unnecessary. Use a solid massage device to reduce hand strains. Advanced: Tantric massage of your partner’s private parts are an ideal way to finish off your partner. Deliver a long, slow, and firm erotic massage for a truly Happy Ending. Expert: Use a motorized massager across the body and on your partners sensitive parts. Time to invest in a Hitachi Magic Massage Wand. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 7— Quickie. 10 minutes or less. Try someplace/time fun. Example: while preparing breakfast or dinner, before heading out, or just before leaving for work. Advance: Two or more quickies in a day or impromptu blow/hand job or oral sex. Maybe focus on just one partner or decide to try for both. Expert: 5 minutes or less to get your partner to orgasm without removing their clothes completely. Hand and oral sex for one partner counts! Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 8—Road trip. Park, make out in the car. Heavy “Petting” is advised, but not while driving. Afterwards, park some place safe or go home for sex. Don’t break the law. Maybe just do it in the car in the garage. A late night drive with some gentle touching may get the experience started. When you are both worked up, find a place and finish the experience. Advanced: Have the passenger achieve orgasm solo while you and drive. After the fist finishes, turn the car around and let the other partner drive. Expert: Have sex someplace in the car other than the front seats. This will require parking. Consider sex on or bent over the hood. Don’t scratch the paint or dent the hood. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 9— Day 15—Education and exploration day. If you have never explored yours or your partners private parts, today you will. Take time to look at and understand which parts of yourself and your partner generate pleasure or pain. Take a gook look at your own private parts. Touch yourself and demonstrate to your partner what you enjoy most. Start with either both partners exploring together or progress one at a time. Each partner will brings their self to an orgasm seated in front of partner on bed. Share what you are feeling and demonstrate what you like. Observe and learn. Use of your fingers, hands, and toys encouraged. Advanced: Sit on the bed and hold on partner in your arms while they show how to get themselves off, then switch. Expert: At same time and with lights on! Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 10—Slippery sensual oil and safe lubes for sex. The goal here is to reduce friction between bodies. Intertwined legs and arms for new positions. Slide and glide over each other’s bodies. You will learn penetration may not be needed. Towels or old sheets recommended. You are going to need to shower afterwards. Be sure to find an oil or lubricant that will easily wash off. Use caution when getting in the shower or on hard surfaces. Keep paper towels or old towels near by. Advanced: Bring yourself to an orgasm simply by sliding on your partner. Expert: Make your partner orgasm without the use of your hands. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 11— Oral Sex only. Tell your partner what works and keep at it until you both orgasm. No 69. Tip: Shower and a clean shave is advised. You may also want to “trim” some pubic hair if needed, unless it is a turn on for your partner. Discuss why you like or dislike certain actions and suggest actions to improve your pleasure. You are here to learn. Give verbal directions, guide their motions, and describing your sensation to your partner is a must! Learn what your partner enjoys. Even if you have never enjoyed oral sex, let your partner try if they are willing. If you do not want to offer or receive the service, masterbation is an alternative. Flavored condoms may also help overcome taste issues. Advanced: Menthol mints, tongue ticklers, and sex toys may help a fatigued tongue. Expert: Keep eye contact as much as possible. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 12—Let her dominate. She tells partner what she wants. Partner must obey all requests. If she wants a foot massage and a warm bubble bath massage, you must oblige. Explore the actions you have wanted to explore sexually. Request new positions that you think will get you most aroused. Advanced: Role Play. Expert: Ropes, handcuffs, ticklers, pain can be introduced if curious. You are in control. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 13—She brings him to orgasm, no intercourse, hands, mouth, and body only. He picks the time and environment. Bonus Play: Use breast or feet to bring partner to orgasm. Practice what you learned from your solo session. Don’t be afraid to introduce something new of your own desires. This is a one recipient event tonight unless you both decide otherwise. Tip: If you refuse to tasted or swallowed you partners semen, consider a flavored condom. Chocolate, Banana, Peach, or Vanilla will make this more enjoyable. Advanced: Know how to handle the testicles as well as the shaft. Explore the whole package and surrounding area if allowed. Expert: Menthol breath mints and ice cubes may be a stimulation change of pace. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 14—Find a new place in the house for sex. Consider the bath tub, back yard, balcony, patio, porch, fitness area, living room, garage, etc. Kitchen counters and islands, garage work bench, and laundry rooms are fantasy locations for many. Enjoy a good romp on your outdoor balcony with a view. If you might be in public view, be discrete by attempting this clothed. Patio furniture and sun tan beds may be adventurous, but ensure they can hold your combined weight. Advanced: Have sex in front of a mirror. Expert: Backyard or Balcony. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 15— Movie Night, aka Netflix and Chill. Enjoy a steamy movie (like “Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996)” or Amour Fou). During the movie, touch and caress each other. Strive to have sex before your movie ends. Try sex while seated on chair or sofa, facing each other and facing away. Advanced: Shared masterbation or physical penetration/stroking of partner during sex scenes. Expert level: Touch self, touch partner, masterbate, or have sex for as much of the duration of your movie as possible. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 16—Advanced level Kama Sutra. Find two or three challenging positions to try. Again, avoid injury. Share what you like and be willing to try a position for a period of time before dismissing. Oral, standing, non-face to face positions encouraged. Advanced: Try positions that require furniture. Expert Level: Lifts and inversions. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 17 — Visit a sex store together. You both must make a purchase. Videos, books, sex toys, sex games, lubes, or clothing. You can get ready for tomorrow’s challenge with a new toy. Consider buying two items each; buy a gift for yourself and one for your partner. Go home and try one of your new purchases. Games, videos and books make good first night activities. Buy at least one sex toy for tomorrow and save it for then. (See Days 18, 24, and 27 for future ideas) Advanced: Buy at least two sex toys or one with a remote control. Expert: Ask a (non-creepy) clerk for advice and tips for use of a toy while making decisions. Suggestions: Hitachi Wand (mini, cordless, or full size) with attachments or We-Vibe. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 18— Add toys into your love making. Vibrators, dildos, cock rings, beads, restraints, butt plugs, and ticklers. This session is all about finding what new experiences beyond your own body that give you pleasure. Use it on your self or on your partner. With a new vibrators, explore all over your body. Experience back, breast, clit, and internal vibration for a few minutes on each spot. Restraints may be added if both agree. Bonus: We-Vibe or other shared sex toys. Advanced: Sex furniture can also spice up the routine. Wedges, pillows, chairs, benches, and loungers are great additions. Expert: Use your new toy solo and allow your partner to watch. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 19 — Post-workout sex. Share a physical work-out today. Weights, biking, running, walking, yoga or what ever physical activity you are capable of doing together. After your work-out, take a shower together and soap each other up and get clean. No sex in the shower, just hands and heavy petting once you are clean. After your hot shower, start with a full body massage. Focus on major muscles. When you are both fully relaxed, enjoy a session of great sex. Advance: During your workout, discuss what you imagine your partner doing to you. A 30 mile bike ride with descriptive foreplay may make you move a little faster. Expert: If you have your own home gym, provide foreplay immediately after your workout or between sets. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 20 — Sex without intercourse. Hands, body, toys, mouths. Both must orgasm. Hands all over. By now, you should not need to ask your partner how they would like to be touched or what will turn them on. Take what you have learned over the past three weeks and apply your learning. Advanced: Cooperation. Both focus on one partner at a time. Expert: Bring your partner to orgasm without the use of hands or toys. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 21— Watch porn together. Movie or 60 minutes minimum. Together, preview a couple of different sets of videos on line to identify what you may like. Do not judge all porn from your first viewing. There is great stuff and there is terrible stuff. Search for reviews of what you are interested in viewing. Couples and female friendly erotica is a great starting place. Tip: You may want to start with something safe (Softcore) if you have never watched porn together before or find a good “Couples Porn” video or visit sites like X-Art or FrolicMe. Discuss what is acceptable before you watch. Do not jump straight to group sex, anal, lesbian/gay, or BDSM unless you both agree to watching. After watching, share what you liked in the positions, your metal arousal, and turn ons/offs. Advanced: Masturbate (self or partner) or have sex while watching. Expert: Pause the movie or video and attempt to recreate a scene. You may learn porn positions are for show and not for pleasure. Edits:__________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 22 — He brings her to orgasm, no intercourse. Hands, mouth, toys only. Practice what you have learned from your solo sessions. Start slow. Foreplay, touching, caressing, and soft teasing will help extend this experience. If she is willing, try for as many orgasms as she is willing to endure. Advance: Have her they a few positions for different stimulation techniques. Missionary, face down, on all four, standing, or other imaginative means. Once you find an action and position that works, keep a mental note to try that again later. Expert: No hands and no toys. You will find a firm rub with other parts do wonders. Be prepared for a marathon tongue session if you think you can do this just orally. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 23 — Take a breather… enjoy a night of just sex. Fall asleep in each other’s arms. Sleep naked. Advance: If one of you feels aroused in the night, either try once more or performs a solo act. Expert: If you preform a solo, be sure to let your partner watch. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 24 — Sex game… dice, spinner, or app. Find something fun to play. You may want to order this in advance or pick up during your trip to the sex shop. Body part + action games ensure an unscripted encounter. Set the stage with a warm home, blankets, and beverages in the living room. Change into something soft and light. Bring along any and all accessories you my require. Advance: Treasure/scavenger hunt. This will require some planning. Online search advised. Expert: Create your own strip Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, or chess. Assign actions to taken pieces, board spots, or game events. No money left, offer a service in exchange. Make it challenging and start with half the required cash or pieces. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 25 — Slow it down sex. Fuck at quarter or half speed. This is not a race. Slow and steady. Strive for 45 Minutes+ or until you both have had one or more orgasms. If one partner climaxes early, the other partner will need long simulating engagement until climax as well. Cock rings may be required to maintain hardness. Frequent lube is a must. Advanced: Try different texture or lubricated condoms and lubes to experience different options. Beware of the Trojan Fire and Ice condoms. Expert: Progressive escalating sex. One thrust, pause, two thrusts, pause, three thrusts, pause…continue to 8 then count back down. Keep pauses limited to 5 to 10 seconds. Let your hands do the hard work of caressing, holding, and squeezing. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 26 — Let him dominate. He’s in charge, do what he says. Bonus Play: Ropes, handcuffs, ticklers, pain only if requested. Explore a dominant and submissive experience or role play session. Request new positions that you think will get you most aroused. Advanced: The long tease. Work your partner pleasure points to the edge then hold back a little while they cool down. Repeat. Expert: Apply a silk scarf or night sleep mask over eyes. Play out your fantasies. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 27 — Dinner out with under the table foot play and touching. The goal is build arousal. Remember, Nothing illegal! Then go home or to a hotel for sex. Advanced: Remote Control vibrator with one partner at the controls. Plan a long night out. Expert: Hotel room sex so loud the management calls to warn you or you make such a mess the maid will know exactly what you did. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 28 — Multiple Orgasm Day. Have a few minutes cool down with caressing after an orgasm then try to start it back up again, or just keep going!! Today, one is never enough! She may need to help him back to peak levels after each milestone. Note what it takes to get back to performance ready. Advance: 3 or more for her and two or more for him in one session. Expert: So many orgasms that you need a score sheet. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 29 — Flip a coin, Pick a dominant. Submissive partner requests “Do what you want to me”, but be sure to have a safe word. Try and push your partner’s comfort level to the limits. Today is the day to try the things you wanted to add to the list but were afraid to add before you started the challenge. If your partner says no, then honor their request. Advanced: Anal play, tie downs, sensory deprivation, and actions you have never tried but always wondered about. Expert: Get your partner to use the safe word more than once. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Day 30 — Review day… Both partners pick their favorite event from the past 30 days. Decide on one to do again! If one challenge did not work out or go as planned, this may also be your chance to redo that challenge. Advanced: Pick an event you excluded from the original list and give it a try. Expert: If everything was amazing, and both parties are willing, introduce other stimulants to the experience. Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Bonus / Graduation Day 31 and Post Challenge Review: — o Share what you liked and did not liked. Share all the things you would do again. Share the things that you never need to do again. “I want more of this…. Let’s never do that again.” Review the challenges above and discuss each one. o Tell what you learned about yourself. o Tell what you learned about your partner. o Where did you feel you reached your limits or where you would be willing to go further? o Review each other’s challenge notes or journals if kept. Read aloud your own favorite entry in your journal. o Go to bed early tonight. Sex is optional. You already did it for 30 days! o Advanced: Add many of the activities to your usual sex rotation of experiences. o Expert: Schedule your next sex challenge. Bonus points if you can define all your own activities!
Edits: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
If all edits are done, you can optionally both agree to do this challenge by initially this document. It also shows you both agreed with the challenge before you started should a debate of a specific challenge arise. Print this out and review daily.
I do hereby agree with all the edits/changes made above and consent to take part in this challenge! Let’s do this!
Participant 1 Date
Participant 2 Date
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2018.10.08 02:25 NightCapCouple Newbies

Hello All -
New to Reddit and looking for advice. My wife and I have been married for 10 years and live in the Dallas area. We're a devoted couple that really loves sex. We've been to Desire a couple of times (loved it), and we've been to the Dallas Colette several times. We had a fun parallel play experience at the New Orleans Colette and are definitely turned on by voyeurism and, to some extent, exhibitionism. Our playtimes have a strong D/s element, but it's not 24/7 (we have children.) We are open to F/F play, and had a really great evening with a like-minded couple at Desire, but are not interested in full swap.
That being said, we're looking for other couples with similar interests in our area. For example, we'd love to have another couple over for cocktails and some naked hot tub fun, maybe some girl-girl play if the chemistry is right, but we don't want to switch partners. What's the best way to go about finding a match? I know that SDC and Kasidie are popular, but I'm not sure if they really cater to our more vanilla interests. We have a great circle of friends, but none that share our particular level of kink. We took one of the more open-minded couples to Colette and I think it was just way too much for them.
What's the best approach to finding other couples with similar proclivities? We know there has to be others like us in the area, we just don't know the best way to go about finding them. Any suggestions?
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2017.12.15 02:59 slapkit Voyeur hot tub

Mrs here. So the Mr and I went to a swingers club for the first time last weekend and wanted to share our experience. Give advice or feedback if you like. Any and all is appreciated, though not required.
Let me preface with saying we spent a good portion of the previous day and day of explaining our individual rules, what we were comfortable with and what we had fetishes and hopes of.
We went to Players club in Dallas. Had a few friends in the ls mention it as a welcoming environment. We got there pretty late on a Saturday as we went out with friends earlier. (it's about midnight) The lady that greeted us explained all the details and had us read over a waiver and guideline pamphlet. We were taken to a gentleman (We'll call him Bouncer Guy )for a tour. It was a pretty big place: voyeur room, privacy area with several curtained off beds, (this area was especially cool because single guys could not enter without a woman,) bondage room, big dance floor with poles, live dj, hot tubs and VIP area upstairs (that we didn't get to see as we only paid general admission). At some point, Bouncer Guy's wife joined the tour. She was adorable and Bouncer Guy was very welcoming and laid back and made us feel comfortable.
We started just by sitting at the bar people watching. Most of the couple's were older (we are mid and early 30s). After a while, we decided to play pool and have a few more drinks and just enjoy the atmosphere. We talked to a few people but nothing more than small talk. I was feeling pretty good after a few drinks and it was getting late so we decided to go to the privacy area. Now, they have a no-douchbag rule where of the curtains are open, enjoy the show, but if they're closed, don't be an ass and peek in. There was one couple going doggy style with cutains open. We happened to grab the bed next to them and started making out and I got naked and Mr started going down on me. There's a big mirror in front and us girls were watching each other, her getting fucked and me getting eaten out. There seemed to be a mutual enjoyment of watching each other, though we never talked to each other.
This whole scenario went on for about an hour. As the night wound down, somehow a single guy made his way into the rooms. I didn't see him at first but I heard him ask to watch. I didn't care, until he sat on the edge of our bed as I'm giving Mr head and I hear him draw the curtain, as if expecting a private show. Then I wasn't ok with it. So me and Mr made an excuse to leave, grabbed our clothes and found Bouncer Guy to let him know we weren't cool with that guys behavior. A couple security guys immediately remedied the situation.
This didn't spoil our over all experience, just a small hiccup. We still Had a blast and plan to return this weekend. Bouncer Guy and his wife didn't realize it was our first time at a ls club ever and invited us to her bday party and to hang and we are super excited to do so.
TL:DR first time at club. Had a blast, encounter with an asshole, but we are still going back.
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2017.10.10 03:45 BensonMc Voyeur hot tub

I'm hoping the good people here can steer me in the right direction. My partner and I (53/46 hetero couple for clarification) love exhibitionism and voyeurism and places with a sexually charged / erotic atmosphere but we really don't want to swing (as in swap or 3-somes etc). We are also into the erotic/semi tantric (not the full on hippy variety)/passionate side of sex with a good dash of kink. We're wondering where we find like minded people and places. I (the male 1/2) visited Hedo 2 a few times 15 years ago and that would work for us but unfortunately we live in Australia and Hedo's no quick jaunt.
Do couples only swingers clubs mind this behavior or would we be on the outer (we don't want to swing but drinks, conversation, hot tubs and hanging out etc are great fun too).
I also wouldn't mind if there is actually a name for people with our variety of um lifestyle (nice ones please - lol) but its not really anything I've been able to find no matter how much I google...
Of course messages giving me details of a secret "not quite swingers" sex resort in Australia or the South Pacific would be great - lol
And till then we'll keep seeking out unpopulated beautiful beaches and scenic mountain picnic spots where we can enjoy nudity and eachothers bodies ;)
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