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RCS reopening update – August 4, 2020 With school a month away, the RCS School District has created a draft reentry framework for the 2020-21 school year. This plan was created in partnership with districtwide reentry committees that included staff, faculty, students, parents, Board of Education members, district and building leaders. JSaRC Update – 14 August 2020. ... communications survey to allow you to have the opportunity to provide feedback on how useful you have found the JSaRC Updates so far. The survey should only take you around 10minutes to complete. You can access the survey here. Arizona: Trump vs. Biden CBS News/YouGov Biden 47, Trump 44 Biden +3 Minnesota: Trump vs. Biden CBS News/YouGov Biden 50, Trump 41 Biden +9 Arizona Senate - McSally vs. Kelly CBS News/YouGov Kelly ... If there's only one mastermind, it's Hillary Clinton; it's so painfully obvious. For all the complaining done by her during her primary campaign in 2008 and by others throughout the years claiming ... InJNTU Updates Team, Updated 2 months ago | Official Page: JNTUH Results and Updates | JNTUH M.Tech 1,2nd Sem Reg/Supply Exams RC/RV Results Jan-2020 InJNTU Updates Team, Updated 2 months ago | Official Page: JNTUH Results and Updates | TS All Cet's Exams 2020 Postponed InJNTU Updates Team, Updated 2 months ago | Official Page: JNTUH Results ... Find out the results from our latest Sun Yoga Survey, new classes that will be added to the current schedule and opportunities to use our studio space in Ain... President's Update (August 2020) and VS Survey Results. 14 August 2020. August 2020 News. There are a number of interesting articles this month:: To view the President's August 2020 update look HERE.; To view the Vascular Society's survey results on 'the state of vascular services August 2020' look HERE (please note the results of this survey are available to VS members only. if you would like ... eBook. Best Practices: 360° Feedback. This sample template will ensure your multi-rater feedback assessments deliver actionable, well-rounded feedback. Asking For Help: Results from this question show 33.5% of survey responder say it’s hard or somewhat hard to know whom to ask for help when an issue arrives. This is valuable information for not only the Board of Education but district staff as we begin 2019-2020 school year. Update August 5 2020, Re-opening Parent Survey II Results. Re-opening Parent Survey II, August 5. Neshaminy School District; Dr. McGee's Email Updates; Popular Links . Popular Links. Neshaminy School District. ADDRESS: 2250 Langhorne-Yardley Road, Langhorne, PA 19047. PHONE: (215) 809-6000.

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💎RC August Update Survey: the results.💎 Hello everyone! Here is what this community liked/disliked about the latest RC update. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our August Update Reddit Community Survey!
💎First of all, a little reading data. How many of those who responded have read each story?
96% of the respondents read Heaven's Secret, 94.2% read Love from Outer Space, 93.9% read Dracula: a Love Story, 92.8% read Chasing You, 90.3% read Legend of the Willow and 82.8% read Seduced by the Rhythm.
💎How popular was each update? We asked you to rate the new chapters with a score between 1 and 5, (where 1= I did not like it, 5= I loved it). Here are the average scores: all stories fared pretty well!
-- Heaven's Secret: 4.4
-- Dracula: a love story: 4.3
-- Chasing You and Legend of the Willow: 4.2
-- Love from Outer Space: 3.7
-- Seduced by the rhythm: 3.4
.💎But here comes the juicy stuff. Which characters had the best and worst scenes in this update?
.⚠️Warning: plot spoilers for the August update are contained in this post from this point on. ⚠️ ------
.💎The top 10 overall BEST scenes go to:
(1) Lucifer (HS) - 62.1% - I guess being murdered by your almost father-in-law is not that bad if it means seeing your boo showing a little more emotion than his usual iceberg self. We just hope Fencio is not gonna be getting any ideas now, because MC's neck needs at least 24h to recover.
(2) Present-day Vlad (DLS) - 52.2% - Oh my! Vlad has evidently put to good use his centuries of immortal torment by refining his seduction skills to blade-of-grass level of sexy. Never mind that he might have some serious anger management issues and/or a curse: we all want a piece of that!
(3) Winchesto (HS) - 49.6% - This charming, leather-clad demon has not been in the story for long, but his untimely - and super morbid - demise certainly resonated with most of us readers. His emotional goodbye will always be in our hearts, hashtag gone-but-not-forgotten, hashtag RIP, hashtag should-have-been-rebecca.
(4) Alex (CY) - 48.5 % - What's fair is fair: in this update Alex literally threw himself under a bus-sized chandelier to save MC, so honestly, he should have at least gotten first place out of this. His reckless courage impressed all of us, and not even Sam's sweaty sexy-time in the gym managed to outshine his sacrifice. Well done Alex!
(5) At 46.9% we have a tie: Bont (HS) - Ignoring the whole crying-creepy-black-tears incident, many players were happy to welcome this quarantine champion back to the outside world. We don't know if it was the daring escape or the romantic rendez-vous to leave more of an impression, but Bont has shot up the ranks of favourite characters at supersonic speed. And Kazu (LOW) - This soft spoken, hardly-ever-bothered cutie had us all drooling from day one, and while we were all sad to say goodbye, the quality time with him, his gentleness and excellent taste in ladies' accessories left a lasting memory that will tide us over to the next update.
(6) The big ass snake (HS) - 37.5% - Wisdom comes from the unlikeliest of places. The brief interaction with this scaled friend, who woke up from a millennial slumber just to be turned into a shish kebab, left a great impression on all of us. He could have made for a great pet, but alas it was not meant to be, hashtag gone-but-not-forgotten, hashtag RIP, hashtag should-have-been-rebecca.
(7) Dino (HS) - 36.8% - Sweet angel Dino decided to put a ring on it - or as close as he could - and he crowned his love proposal with a seriously baffling aerial sex scene. But physics be damned, lots of us clearly enjoyed that! His generous, no-question-asked help with a risky prison break - if you picked him, that is - keep him firmly in the heart of the readers. Go Dino!
(8) Brandon (SBR) - 32.4% - The undying love for sexy jerks is never in shortage on this sub. We are all clowns for the sultry, seductive, seriously selfish Brandon, who had the guts to vanish for 5 years to go count his money and come back with a jaw the size of Texas. All was forgotten as soon as he played 7 floors in heaven, and now we are all looking in the mirror and reconsidering our life choices. Hashtag worth-it, hashtag was-it-though, hashtag anything-better-than-tony.
(9) Takao (LOW) - 32% - The quiet, silver-haired master had us all in a tizzy with his request of a home visit. Those who decided to take a leap and go see him despite Mei's reasonable worries obviously thought his platonic company was worth the diamonds. We are all aboard the Takao train apparently - even if we are not really sure where it's headed yet.
(10) Young Vlad (DLS) - 30.5% - We all love Vlad so much that we gave him not one, but two spots in the top-ten best scenes of this update. We are clearly not bothered by his Emo-boyband fringe: this dog-loving, generous and feisty young prince has us all starry eyed - all the way from 1444.
💎And the top 10 overall WORST scenes go to:
(1) Tony (SBR) - 35.7% - Do we need to say more? This entitled jerkface might be trying to get into MC's brain - and knickers, probably - but we all agree we're not having any of it. Let's give it a few chapters, shall we? We haven't even seen him topless yet... Hashtag hey-bb-u-up, hashtag sending-d-pics, hashtag d-for-dance-ofc.
(2) Satan (HS) - 25.1% - If your idea of harmless fun is temporarily murdering people, you definitely deserve a place on the podium of the worst. Satan might have a taste for the horrid but having our MC's neck snapped is definitely no one's kink on this sub. That we know of, yet.
(3) Millie (DLS) - 23.3% - Now. Far from us to go against the popular opinion. But... really? A teenage girl with a silly crush on a guy your MC might-or-might-not also be snogging is just a little less horrible than the literal Lord of Hell who murdered your MC? Guys, we might need to talk priorities here.
(4) Gustavo (SBR) - 19.8% - Shame on you, Walmart George Clooney! And here we were, thinking we bagged a silver fox! But no, he was a snake all along. And not even the cool, it-gave-me-superpowers kind of snake. His betrayal was something we all saw coming, but still kinda hurt tbh.
(5) At 15.9% we have a tie: Rebecca (HS) - This blonde boss lady is not getting any Best Mum mug any time soon, because her short and un-sweet interaction with the daughter she hadn't seen in 10+ years has landed her a spot in the naughty corner. We are saddened, but not surprised. And Mehmed (DLS) - As we all expected, the new teenage Sultan is a piece of work. We would all gladly pay diamonds to get Berdus to trample him a little bit next time he goes out for a horse ride, but for now we just have to make do with hating him at a distance. Hasthag keep-your-hands-to-yourself, hashtag you-wish-jerk, hashtag cousinzoned-forever.
(6) Eve (CY) - 15% - This Russian bombshell who can't even hold her liquor had us all quite shocked by attacking MC in the bathroom. What the heck was all that about? And why would anyone twist nipples as a defensive move? Is that a new TikTok trend we missed out on? In the meantime, we all hope she'll keep her claws away from MC - and the vodka.
(7) Molly (SBR) - 14.5% - Sweet Molly has managed to date a guy who's a professional dancer for months without asking once what does he do for a living. But maybe he moonlights as Starbucks barista and his love for latte art had her bamboozled? Regardless, she should have dropped him the moment he was rude to her big sis - you know, the one who gave up her career to raise her. Her spot in the worst corner is kinda deserved, ngl.
(8) Azumi (LOW) - 12.8 % - Jealousy is not a good look, and Azumi's cattiness towards Mei lands her in the unlikeable pile for good reasons. Considering she's basically the only other female character who's not dead or old or a monster, are we looking at an enemy-to-lover route here, or she's just mean and that's it? Only time will tell.
(9) The Cadogan twins (CY) - 12.3% - The whole juice back and forth was kinda weird, so we are not surprised to see these siblings land a spot amongst the worst scenes, but still: we are suspending judgement. As long as in the next update we don't find them holding hands while wearing blue dresses in a dimly-lit hotel corridor, the twins might be getting more slack than they deserve.
(10) Jacob (LOS) - 11% - We only had one chapter of this sci-fi epic, and grumpy-pants Jacob has already landed himself in hot water with his rough demeanour. Let's hope his future scenes will show a softer side of him and gain him a little more love in this community! Hashtag whatever.
💎And here are all the results, book by book:
.Seduced by the rhythm
Chasing You
Heaven's Secret
Legend of the willow
Dracula: a love story
Love from outer space
And also ...
💎Is Tony from SBR the worst? The only options we gave you were YES and ALSO YES, so in a shocking turn of events, we all agreed on that.
💎When it comes to your dance partner in CY... Who did you choose?
💎Dino in HS opened his heart and asked for an exclusive relationship... What was your MC's answer?
💎Masamune the Ronin finally appeared in LOW. Are you intrigued by him? Sadly it looks like the majority of the respondents thinks that if you snooze you lose.
💎And the DLS cliffhanger? What do we all think it's about?
💎LOS only had one chapter for us to judge it on, but here are its main characters from most to least favourite - including also the answer by those who were not bothered either way.
(1) Beast - because dinosaur! And cat!! Take my diamonds already!!! - 18.6%
(2) MC - because she's pretty and fierce and I love her already. - 16.7%
(3) Alien Prince - because I could choose his face and he seems nice! - 16.3%
(4) Whatever. - 12.4%
(5) Todd - because he's so cute, fun and relatable. - 12%
(6) Miranda - because she's so cute, nice and friendly. - 10.9%
(7) Jacob - because I like the challenge of a grumpy character. - 5.8%
(8) Alien Prince's bodyguard - because she's a badass. - 4.3%
(9) Sally - because my goth chick heart loves her already. - 2.7%
(10) MC's dad - because he's an astronomer and that's so cool. - 0.4%
.💎We also asked about diamonds: how much did you spend on this update? It looks like we are all fairly liberal when it comes to perusing the blue stuff!
-- 30.1% spent more than 150, less than 300 diamonds.
-- 25.7% spent more than 300, less than 500 diamonds.
-- 21% spent more than 500 diamonds.
-- 18.1% spent more than 50, less than 150 diamonds.
-- 5.1% spent less than 50 diamonds.
.💎Next up: teacups. The majority of those who responded (70.3%) were patient and did not buy any teacups (well done on your restraint!), while us clowns who took out the plastic made up for 29.7% of the respondents. No regrets here though!
.💎We asked if you used the wiki walkthroughs to help you with your stats. The majority (61.9%) said that of course they used the wiki, why are we even asking?! But a healthy minority - making up for 34.5% of this community - likes to be surprised (and/or is a glutton for punishment) and didn't! Props to you all! And for those few who did not know walkthroughs even existed (3.6%), here is a link to our very own Reddit-made Wiki with all the answers your heart is searching for.
.💎And finally, we asked if you enjoyed this survey and if you want similar ones in the future.
To all those of you who said YES, thank you, we love you! And to the few who wished us a traffic curse, joke's on you: public transport in our cities is excellent and rather affordable!
That's all folks... until next time!
💎Your friendly neighbourhood mod team💎
💎 u/LauraVi 💎 u/swankytutu 💎 u/directormmn
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2020.08.03 11:00 Throwaway_AZ_ Sex black mum pic

So, this story spans over about the last two years of my online life. So first you need to know about me, I am a 15 year old guy(turning 16 in 1 month) who plays online video games quite frequently. It's how and where I met a large number of my friends, however they are all American where as I am British. Just as a note, I do not 100% remember everything that happened and how it happened in the exact order and when it happened.
Furthermore we have a large cast of people to follow throughout this story, and for their privacy I have changed all their names FRANK(25-28M), JULIE(17-19F), NICK(18M), JACK(13-15m), ANDY(13-15M), ALICE(12-14F), DANIEL(16-17),ROBERT(12-14), MIKE(), AIDAN(13-15), JOSEPH(), JOHN(12-14M) and FRED(13-15M). As another note, not all of these people will be present throughout the entire post as some of these people I no longer talk to, or won't always be relevant to the story.
So a few years back between 2 and 3 years now, during summer I was given back my PS4 after it had been confiscated for almost a year. I no longer had good connections with old friends of mine so I began playing games by myself . Through playing Friday The 13th I met FRED. He became a good friend of mine. But he won't really appear until later.
After I had met FRED, I had decided to reconnect with an old friend of mine, AIDAN. Through him, I had met his friend group, it was a decently sized group of people consisting of about 9 people. In this group were FRANK, JULIE and NICK. This is how I met them. Long story short, after about 4 months, I had left for about a week, when I came back there was a major falling out between everyone else and JULIE. However, ME, FRANK AND NICK agreed with her and we left the group. At this point NICK and JULIE were dating. (SHE WAS 18 AT THIS POINT). However eventually they fell out, and broke up due to numerous things such as lying about his parents being dead and him creating a plan to get rid of me if I ever did anything, (I was also unproblematic so I have no idea why he hated me). After this though eventually JULIE and FRANK start dating. Personally I didn't like their relationship as he was in his mid/late 20's and she was 18, but I felt it wasn't my place to say anything so I let them be. Eventually after a while JULIE'S mum brought u to her how she thought their relationship was inappropriate due ti their age difference. JULIE then asked me how I felt and I told her how I felt. This then led to them breaking up and no longer talking.
However for the rest of the story we need to talk about my other friends. So remember FRED, he had introduced me to two new friends during this time, JACK and ANDY. We became really good friends but they won't be relevant for a little bit.
During this time I also reconnected with some of my other older friends, ROBERT, MIKE, JOHN and JOSEPH. I had met ROBERT many years before all of this.
After a little while I managed to meld my friend group of FRED, JACK, ANDY and FRANK. During this time we became really good friends. I even started dating FRED for a time. But soon there was more change within our group, I had also managed to introduce ROBERT, MIKE, JOHN and JOSEPH to my hybrid group of friends. At some point I had also introduced everyone to JULIE. However we didn't play with her much do to her rocky relationship with FRANK.
After some time we no longer spoke to JOHN and JOSEPH as they were incredibly ignorant when it came to certain racial slurs and homophobic slurs. For one they felt as they could say the N word as they both had a black grandma, and as a black person I disagreed and so did everyone else, furthermore as a bisexual their use of the F slur obviously did not sit right with me. At this point it was now maybe around September of last year.
So for a long time nothing really happens, everything is fine except for a few arguments here and there. Eventually FRANK actually buys ME and JACK a few things, such as like 2 skins and an emote in fortnite. However I had noticed that FRANK was buying AIDAN a lot more stuff. Such as two games, a battle pass, skins and emotes. A long while later around June of this year, FRANK had stopped talking to us for some reason and refused to join our party, so I joined his and he was talking about stuff to do with feeling constantly disrespected. However I was quite confused and had no idea what was going on. But after I had found out AIDAN was making jokes about FRANK being deaf, however FRANK has a hearing aid because he can't hear certain frequencies but AIDAN had no idea about FRANK'S disability.
Eventually this led to AIDAN telling me that since about the beginning of this year he and FRANK had been sending each other, flirtatious and sexual messages and had been having phone sex. He had also said that he felt pressured into and as a reward he was receiving more gifts.
As a note, when FRANK bought AIDAN one of the games Predator:Hunting Grounds, it was just after he bought himself a new monitor for his PC. But for some reason Amazon gave him the money back and still sent him the monitor. He said if they don't take out the money after about a week he'll buy AIDAN the game. After a while I asked FRANK if Amazon ever took the money out of his account and he said the day after he got the monitor, so why lie.
So at this point he sends me some messages between them that are clearly inappropriate for an adult to send to a minor. AIDAN then proceeded to tell everyone in our current group, ROBERT, MIKE, JACK, JOSEPH, JOHN, ALICE and DANIEL bare minimum so we would stop talking to FRANK. He had basically just said he was uncomfortable around FRANK as he had been sending overly flirtatious messages to him. After this he slowly told everyone including FRANKS ex-girlfriend JULIE about what had happened. However ROBERT, MIKE, JOHN and JOSEPH have yet to know. Only ME and another person remained in contact with him, that person being DANIEL. Personally I had just forgotten to block FRANK and he would try talk to AIDAN through me. However I wouldn't even reply. Daniel on the other hand wanted to see the good in FRANK and kept talking to him.
I ended up having a chat with DANIEL about all of this, and he tried to tell me FRANK'S side of the story, which at the time was he was in a vulnerable place after his breakup with JULIE and needed ME and AIDAN to get through it. Which obviously is a bad excuse as the only good excuse for this sort of inappropriate and illegal conduct is I thought they were older. Furthermore if this had been going on at the start of the year they would have been broken up for a long time at that point.
But we now skip ahead a week or two to today. So earlier AIDAN made a joke about my bipolar disorder which pissed me off and it started an argument about the types of jokes we make about each other. Which led to us talking about the jokes I've made about the whole situation and FRANK can't see AIDAN'S messages as he has him blocked but he can still see mine. And this is a very old group chat so we aren't abut to leave it. But FRANK saw my comment about the jokes I have been making and sent me this on Discord. This happened after I blocked him today on PSN after the message he sent me in the group chat.
you can unfriend me all you want. Don't be threatening to drag JULIE into because I have no problem at all telling her myself. I'll tell her what you couldn't bother to give me 5 minutes to tell you. You have no business talking like you think know what happened but since you want to keep acting like you do. Here you go. you couldn't bother to hear that AIDAN lied to me for months about how old he actually was back in 2019. Telling me that he was 17, turning 18 in January. That we didn't start doing anything until November when I thought there was a little more then a month left to go before he was 18 and that doing what is essentially a Role Playing with someone that close to being 18 and who I've never even seen a photo of wasn't that big of a deal. Whats funny is that YOU'RE the one who actually told me how old he actually was after his birthday. You couldn't bother to hear that he was emotionally toying with someone who literally just went through one of the worst breakups I've ever been through. You couldn't bother to hear that AIDAN was the only one pushing for these things to happen, except for one time when I thought he was 18. How I constantly told him that I was perfectly fine with just being friends and never doing this shit again You couldn't bother hearing that when when he told me he was uncomfortable with this happening way early on, it immediately ended. Right there and then. And it wasn't until he started sending flirty messages did things start back up. Mind you this was still when I thought he was 17. You couldn't bother to hear how greatly uncomfortable I was with him constantly asking for dick pics even after I refused every time and explained multiple times to him how uncomfortable it made me. Only to have him come back and ask again. It got so bad that I literally had to send him a picture of me in my boxers and flip out on him to get him to finally shut up about it. You couldn't bother to hear how the dynamics between our friendship shifted when I found out how old he was. He had all the power. He could request pretty much anything because I was worried that If I so much as pissed him off on the wrong fucking day, he literally could destroy almost every one of my friendships exactly like he did. You couldn't bother to hear how fucking stupid it sounds to say that someone makes you feel really uncomfortable while at the same time you're giving them complete access to you PSN account so they can buy you things. You couldn't bother to hear how I tried to distance myself to the entire thing after I found out how old he was. Going as far as to put my PS4 into offline until you or Jay got on at times so I wouldn't be in a party alone with him, because I knew he'd try to pressure me into doing things with him. You couldn't bother to hear that he's reasoning for why he blocked me all those weeks ago made no fucking sense when he literally was the one sending the shit he was accusing me of a week before all this shit went down. I wasn't really engaging with him on that kind of stuff anymore because I wanted these things to end between me and him. You couldn't bother to hear that no matter what I felt, I still cherished AIDAN as a friend and would have gone out of my way to make sure that if I was doing ANYTHING to hurt or make him feel uncomfortable I would have immediately stop. I can't read his fucking mind. If he wasn't on board with something then he shouldn't have been going out of his way pushing for it as hard as he was.

So obviously their stories are very different and the timelines are different, and this is where we are at folks. I created a group chat with 4 people including myself consisting of: ME, DANIEL, ALICE and JACK. The main purpose of the group chat is to find out what the real truth is. I also sent them screen shots of the messages he sent me today.
submitted by Throwaway_AZ_ to Advice [link] [comments]

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\knock knock*)
Who can it be now? Here we go again.
This was actually two hauls put together but shh..
Album of Everything ————————————————————————
Height: 5'9
Weight: 72kg (158lbs)
Build: Athletic skinny
Basketball: Small forward
Sex: Yes
Haul 1 Haul 2
Weight: 7.74kg 13.85kg
Shipping Estimation: $102.05 $156.03
Actual Shipping Cost: $88.38 $146.37
Refunded Shipping: $14.24 $9.57
Declared amount: $90USD $110USD
$97.34|Supreme x TNF 'BAMN' - L W2C| IN-HAND

Absolute grail. Using these to travel around Korea and it's absolutely amazing. Very puffy, very warm and looks stunning. I had to RL once because of trash TNF stitching. Patches look good, small supreme tag looks good. TNF stitching is passable. 100% recommend.
Verdict: COP | 11/10

$15.35|A Cold Wall Shorts - M W2C| IN-HAND
One of these were actually what I bought, the other one was sent by accident lol. The shorts themselves are great. Fit nice and loose, strings are smooth. Great for sports which is what I bought them for, a few loost threads but nothing that can't be fixed . The hoodie itself is pretty bad, stitching wise. The 'BALENCIAGA' text is all over the place but the SINNERS text is alright. If there's anything to take out of this QC, it's to everyone who wants to buy the Sinners hoodie off this seller; don't.
Verdict: COP | 8/10

$27.90|Daniel Patrick SS19 Shorts - M W2C| IN-HAND
Heavy pair of shorts, in a good way. They've got nice weight to them, tag is a little mushed in the fabric, tags themselves look nice however I feel like the text shouldn't be appearing that the bottom (see the pictures where the D is poking out). No idea how retails are and don't particularly care. Nice, vibrant yellow contrasting the black with white lace highlights.
Verdict: COP | 7.5/10

$14.73|Supreme Box Logo Beanie - OS W2C| IN-HAND
Very nice and saturated baby blue. Keeps your head and ears warm. I think there's a flaw where the text is too thin compared to retail but definitely passable, certainly a matter of personal preference, if you care about 1:1, don't. If you don't mind how it looks; cop. Remember, when in doubt; "wEaR wItH CoNfIdEncE".
Verdict: Eh | 6.5/10

$6.19|Ralph Lauren Shorts - L W2C| IN-HAND
Just like the size of the pairs I bought, definitely took an L on them. These shorts are trash. Real thin and real flimsy, logo stitching is alright I think. Tags aren't even trying to be close but that's fine for the price. Might never even wear these to be honest.
Verdict: Drop | 3/10

$15.35|Gucci Polo - L W2C| IN-HAND
Gonna be honest; I had no idea these were Gucci cause the displayed picture were blurred. I got this out of curiosity because I had a few dollars lying around. I think there's meant to be red dashes on the top left and right of the neck tag. Stitchings on the polo are solid, got some good weight to it. Probably wouldn't wear these tbh and it's a hit or miss to others.
Verdict: Eh | 5/10

$18.61|Moncler Polo - M W2C| IN-HAND
Hella nice polo. Feels really good and has a solid weight to it. Wear it out casually, fits great with a pair of skinny jeans giving it that smart casual look. There's a flaw where the stitched logo is too high compared to retail but nothing I'm concerned about at all. Definitely a must buy from me.
Verdict: COP | 8.5/10

$21.55|ASSC x Mastermind Hoodie - M W2C| IN-HAND
Very nice hoodie. Print looks accurate enough. Keeps me real warm and looks pretty good. Probably some spacing issues on the small text on the front logo but nothing I'm concerned about.
Verdict: COP | 9/10

$26.05|Palm Angles All Over Tee - M W2C| IN-HAND
Not 100% sure on the accuracy of the print. However I can easily tell there's a sinking text flaw on the collar where the 'Palm Angels' is getting cut off at the bottom (retail should have even spacing on the top and bottom of the text on the collar). Looks very pretty but I doubt I'll ever wear this, really just wanted to GP out of curiosity.
Verdict: Eh | 5.5/10

$6.05|Places + Faces Reflective Tee - M W2C| IN-HAND
Plenty of reviws for this one. Very cheap, very simple and looks very nice. Reflection is high, nothing more to be said.
Verdict: COP | 10/10

$7.25|IKEA Airpod Case - OS W2C| IN-HAND
Bought this hoping I was gonna get some second gen. Airpods. Turn of events, got Airpod Pro's. Probably gonna give this to my mum. The small bag is super cute. Somewhat expensive for something so simple.
Verdict: COP | 9/10

$15.35|Neil Barrett Tee (White) - M W2C| IN-HAND
(Top 3 pictures. Last 4 are a different type of tee. Same seller). This tee fits slightly tight. I think the last row of lightning bolts are small compared to retail. No idea about the authenticity of the neck tag.
Verdict: Eh | 7.5/10

$21.55|Neil Barrett Tee (Black) - M W2C| IN-HAND
(Last 4 pictures. First 4 are a different type of tee. Same seller). This tee fits slightly tight just like the white one. Print feels solid, survived the first wash without any kind of troubles.
Verdict: COP | 8/10

$43.10|Supreme Box Logo Hoodie Royal Blue - M W2C| IN-HAND
Wanted to cop from Teenageclub just to see how it was as I've heard a lot of good things about his shirts and crewnecks. This one is very pretty. Not just the blue that stands out above all but the stitching. Box logo itself is very solid and has a great weight to it. Some downsides would be the slightly flat P and the washtag error where the C and the O in 'Cotton' is too close but nothing I'm concerned with. Very happy about this purchase and will be buying more off TC from now on.
Verdict: COP | 9/10

$55.66|Balenciaga Back Logo Hoodie - M W2C| IN-HAND
Right off the bat; expensive one. Fits oversized especially on the sleeves and the waist. Hard to fuck this one up, however the print at the back is just about unrecognizable compared to retail, however the whole print is slightly small compared to retail which is a lot more wide and spread out. Neck and wash tags look great. Sick piece and wanted a good version so I was happy to get a more expensive batch.
Verdict: COP | 9.5/10

$13.96|Palm Angels Back Print Tee - M W2C| IN-HAND
Not completely sure of the accuracy of that print at the back but it looks big enough. However it has the typical flaw on the collar where the Palm Angels text is. Gonna wear it out anyways, definitely a nice piece for a cheap price.
Verdict: Eh | 6.5/10

$19.95|Heron Preston NASA Tee - M W2C| IN-HAND
Got the wrong damn item again. Mans gave me a long sleeve than a tee. Looks great though, not that much of a slanting S flaw, neck tag has a spacing flaw; 'Handle withcare'. Everything else looks decent. One thing I have to note, I'm fairly sure the back is reflective to a degree? (No idea, I might be completely wrong). Regardless I really love this piece and definitely worth the price for the quality. Giving it an 8.5 for the long sleeve but I've got no idea about the tee. Also the last 3 pictures were just a free gift that came along with this product. Looks like shit, probably never even gonna touch it lmao.
Verdict: Eh | 8.5/10

$10.83|Heron Preston Long Sleeve Heron Jersone Tee - M W2C| IN-HAND
Wanted a white long sleeve and kind of wanted something simple. I really thought this was like a front print with no back print but it's got some weird text at the back, probably would never wear this. Stitching on the sleeves are kind of ass but that's cause of the price. Print feels solid though, nothing flimsy. Probably would never wear this.
Verdict: DROP | 4/10

$14.23|Fear Of God Jay Z Hoodie - M W2C| IN-HAND
Not 100% on the accuracy of this hoodie but what I can see is that the center text doesn't align with the hoodie pocket and the text space to the pocket is non-existant compared to retail. No spelling mistakes as far as I can tell. Fits slightly big on the waist, nothing that looks over sized. Best to drop this one.
Verdict: DROP | 5.5/10

$18.56|Palm Angels All Over Hoodie - M W2C| IN-HAND
Looks pretty accurate enough to retail. I can feel the edge of the print has the flakey feeling, not as if it were to easily peel off. Looks great though for the price and the first glance. Feels slightly flimsy, hasn't got a lot of weight to it and upon retail inspection (from pics of google), you can see that some of the placement is off. Nothing i'm concerned with at all. For how rare this piece is to how good it is relative to the price; I'd recommend this one.
Verdict: COP | 7.5/10

$3.79|Off-White Socks - OS W2C| IN-HAND
This one is actually from a warehouse sale so it's heavily discounted to what it originally was. Probably the bad batches they wanted to get rid of and as you can see in the last picture, the print is basically peeling off. Not that I'm worried about it at all, these look nice and for basically $4 they're a steal.
Verdict: COP | 6.5/10

$7.73|3 Random Shirts from Lootbox - M W2C| IN-HAND
Definitely took an L on these shirts. Never gonna wear any of them. Felt lucky and had a few coins to spare so I GP'd this one, should've taken a Large size cause I'm gonna be taking the L anyways.
Verdict: Eh | ???/10

$19.80|Lootbox Hoodie from Kingshark - M W2C| IN-HAND
Pretty good outcome with this one. However I can see that this is some batch they didn't wanted and tbh, I would've preferred a box logo without anything on it which would've been harder to call out flaws but the positioning of the stars and the colors in general can make this a callout from anyone that knows their thing about the American box logo.
Verdict: Eh | ???/10

$8.97|5 Pairs of Balenciaga Campaign Socks - OS W2C| IN-HAND
Very nice socks, feel nice and thicc. Expensive sock.
Verdict: COP | 8/10

$4.64|30Y Surprise Hoodie (x3) - M W2C| IN-HAND
These sold out quick. Highly anticipated, lots of good things. This seller has always confused me because just looking at all the pictures, these items look almost flawless (the two Supreme hoodies specifically, no fucking clue what that black one is) and for that price?? Like how can these things look that good for the price it's being sold as. I was expecting some garbage failed batches to come through but these are actually wearable. If you ever see this seller do any surprise things; cop. (Except their last 10Y surprise tees, they all looked like shit)
Verdict: COP | 10/10

$21.34|Bape x NBHD Tee (Black + White) - M W2C| IN-HAND
I've been looking for this tee for so, SO long. Happy as heck that I found it from the God bape seller. I feel like everything this guy sells is amazing. The print on both the black and white are solid. Stitching is immaculate and accuracy is precise. Two washes didn't affect either shirt. Neck hole is a little small but nothing to complain about.
Verdict: COP | 100/10

$9.13|Givenchy Signature Tee - M W2C| IN-HAND
GP'd this. Don't even bother.
Verdict: DROP | 0/1000000000

$8.97|Off-White Dogtag - OS W2C| IN-HAND
No idea on how retail feels but this one feels nice and heavy. Sounds when anything touches the metal are sharp, looks nice on a fit and that's what I got 'em for.
Verdict: COP | 9/10

$4.95|Off-White Necklace - OS W2C| IN-HAND
Not even a comparison to retail simply because it's not close. The ring which the chain is connected to is really thin, I had one of these before and it broke after a few months of use so I just got two as a back up. The one way to get rid of the dirty look would be to get a knife or a sharp object to scrape the *lead* off the necklace, that black stuff scrapes off to reveal a much brighter layer of metal.
Verdict: COP | 8/10

$10.05|ASSC x MMJ Tee - 60kg within 1.7m W2C| IN-HAND
Print is way too transparent, the white MMJ logo shouldn't be visible through the pink ASSC text. Might wear this sometime at home or something but otherwise probably wouldn't take this out.
Verdict: DROP | 4/10

$12.37|80Y Surprise Coat (x2) - L W2C| IN-HAND
Same seller as the surprise jackets. The Supreme one looks sick but the black one is what the fuck, no clue what it is and looks ugly. Accuracy on the Supreme one is on point, everything is spotless especailly for the price.
Verdict: COP | 9.5/10

$53.81|Supreme Old English Varsity Jacket - M W2C| IN-HAND
What a grail piece. Looks extremely pretty. Everything looks very accurate to retail. Really warm as well, started to sweat when I put it on just for a feel of the inside (probably shouldn't cause it's like summer right now). The only big flaw I would say would be the P should be shifted a little further away from the collar.
Verdict: COP | 10/10

$25.58|Saint Laurent Small Logo Tee - M W2C| WAREHOUSE PICS
Fuck this one. For that price I expect a proper rep of this tee but this one is just bad, clear flaws on the small logo which I guess can't be seen from afar. Seller refused my refund request and that's whatever. I actually have no idea where I put this tee so all I can find are warehouse pics.
Verdict: DROP | 5/10

$15.20|Supreme Black Jeans - 34 W2C| WAREHOUSE PICS
Firstly, get 32. I fucked up when choosing the size. 34 has these jeans sliding down with every step. Added a belt which made them look better overall. BUT THE BLACK COLOR LEAKS. Realized this after wearing this out for a day. Began to realize that my fingertips were getting this weird black color for some reason, even after washing my hands, the color just came back. Then realized that wiping my finger over the jeans were smearing it all over my finger. That's when I looked at my hoodie and realized that my white hoodie at the bottom were just stained with the color. If anyone knows how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated. For now, I'm never gonna wear it again.
Verdict: DROP | 2/10
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2019.08.21 15:20 sempiterna_ An epic 5 year saga with a possibly narcissistic MIL, anxious DH, GC SIL, two EU countries and an OP with missing... “items”.

Hello! I’ve been following JUSTNOMIL for a while and I’ve also been advised to come here by friends. I’m primarily looking for advice, a bit of an outlet and also a little bit of an - are we overreacting?
I’ve (26) been with DH (29) for almost five years, married for one. We’re both from European countries, he moved to my country six years ago, and I moved to his country two months ago. His parents live in the north and we live in the south. Both countries speak two different languages, I learned theirs but they don’t speak mine, so I communicate in their language. DH speaks my language.
DH has both parents, plus a sister. I am not especially close to my family but there are no problems, I’m just the “bohemian cousin who lives abroad and takes lots of holidays”.
Okay! Backstory done.
The JUSTNO behaviour began six months into our relationship. DH was working in hospitality, and pretty much immediately after he told them we were dating, they spent our whole one week trip to their country telling him he was not good enough, his job sucks, he should return home and do a different job. I thought it was a bit heavy but I didn’t think much of it.
Around six months after this, I lost my own mum after 4 weeks of illness. I quit my job to look after her. Shortly after, we went to DH’s country and MIL’s attitude was pretty much “okay, you need to get a job now your mum’s dead and you’re not caring for her”.
I thought it was a bit strange but anyway, I did get a new job shortly after. MIL and SIL came to visit (nb, they did this three times in all the years we were living there). We spent around €1000 funding their three day visit - hotels, food, transport and all the things they wanted to buy. On the last day, I went home early and DH went back to their room. At this point, MIL and SIL told him his life is shit here, how can he survive, his job is shit... and... “Look at how you always wear terrible clothes. And i’ve seen sempiterna wear that coat more than once. I feel bad for her” And.... the best one that I will treasure FOREVER “We can see in her eyes the jealousy Sempiterna has, we can bring you back to our country when we want and she’s scared because now her mum is dead, without you she will have no one.” Ka fucking CHING.
So i said at this point, I will never ever have anything to do with these people ever again. I was also confused as to why DH didn’t defend me properly, he just kind of said “no that’s not true” rather than shutting down the behaviour.
The year got worse and our relationship broke down. DH had a lot of issues that would have been a dealbreaker for most people and we went on a break of a few months before getting back together when we were healthier. We spent months being just friends and working on being good and compassionate to others as (disinvested) friends, which became our guiding principle. In addition, during 2016-17 struggled with suicidality having just lost my mum, i also used to struggle with self harm and eating disorders and i have aspergers. So i’m not an “easy” person - and MIL and SIL continually urged DH to break up with me, find someone with fewer issues, they told him i will never get better, i’ll eventually end up killing myself, they even invited his ex to events where I wouldn’t be. They made it clear they really did not like me. SIL also said I’m such a horrible person even my DBro does not like to be around me ??? A man she’s never met, but assumed doesn’t like me because we’re not super close? Through all this, I said nothing except trying to get them to like me, which was obviously futile.
They continued their campaign of telling DH his life is worthless, he should get a better (more professional) job - they would prefer jobs that pay less if it sounds better. When he got a job as assistant manager in his field, MIL said “see, maybe you actually do have some value”. SIL is a nurse married to a fellow nurse. They earned the same (or less at times) than us but she is v much the golden child. MIL told him previously he does a job that is less than mediocre (he earns or outearns SIL) and basically had multiple hour long chats destroying his confidence. One such chat involved their finance advisor, me, DH, PIL.
FIL: what do you think is wrong with DH? Me: I think he doesn’t realise how excellent he is bc his confidence is low (hint hint) Advisor: Yep. And as soon as Sempiterna finds a man with more confidence, she will leave you for him And PIL laughed.
After this, DH stopped engaging with them for a time.
In Feb 2018 DH and I got engaged. We wanted to also buy a house. Two weeks later, SIL got engaged. PIL agree to give her a deposit on a 3 bedroom house a few kms away from their home. We however are told “first SIL”. When DH asks why, MIL can’t reply. SIL sets the wedding date for June 2019.
In March 2018 I went on holiday alone using my annual leave and own salary, and DM made a comment about how i’m always on holiday and it’s not fair on DH, why doesn’t he travel (he spends his money on other stuff). At this point I had had enough and I wrote a long ass message saying I am sick and tired of their behaviour, I outlined everything they had done and the effects. I CC’d in DH but not SIL or FIL. FIL replied on MILs account saying MIL is crying and she’ll reply later. MIL then replies with how the things I’ve been told were misrepresented, she has always tried her best for her children, she’s upset that i would think she has been unkind, etc etc but no apology...
In August 2018 we decide we’re taking away any sense of competition from SIL by having a small low key punk rock as fuck low budget wedding.
In September 2018 we visit. SIL gives a tearful apology saying she had no right to judge or say these things and she’s really sorry and asks my forgiveness. I give forgiveness, we hug and get on really well.
Sept 2018 we get married. Feb 2019 we go on a long ass honeymoon and arrive in DH’s country in June 2019. MIL promises to support us, even when we say we’re going to live down south.
Okay... so... we arrive...
MIL has opened all ten of the boxes I sent to their country from mine. She’s washed all my things and hidden my sex toys?! She specifically washed the hygiene bag of my sex toys? I felt like her doing that was a massive violation of my privacy but I didn’t say anything (how do you broach that convo? “hey mil where’s my massive black [redacted] because i need it tonight especially” lol). I found them really exhausting, overbearing and interfering in a lot of small ways. Things like not respecting our privacy, not respecting DH’s wishes/boundaries/the fact he is an adult etc. They spent €65k on SIL’s wedding but when dh spent €200 over about a week - petrol, groceries, meals out, shoes for SILs wedding, drinks etc, FIL implied he was irresponsible. Then forced him to buy a €500 suit for SILs wedding. FIL is more... lacking self awareness? Than anything else. He’s not a big problem but he’s just not super “connected” and he’s very obnoxious lol. He has a lot of personal issues.
After two weeks we could finally leave their house. Instead of saying “good luck” MIL basically told him what a terrible choice he is making, he won’t find a job. I got so fed up and i was like “you need to have faith in him and tell him that he’ll do well”. MIL flipped the script and said “nooo i’m just worried about YOU! Maybe they won’t accept you, they’re so closed minded down there!” (I went to a supermarket on my first day down here and a sweet guy bent over backwards to help me bless his heart. He was so nice i didn’t realise he was talking to me!! I even looked over my shoulder like - who me? And i experience way less judgement here than the north or even my own country!)
We moved to our new place and DH found a job in a week. It was super low paying but it was in his field. I had two interviews with schools (as a teacher) within that week. SIL had her ostentatious and completely devoid of personality wedding (no shade just fax) and all was fine. The days around SILs wedding, MIL kept saying “oh (Dh) you look so sad!! What’s wrong? Is it problems with SIL?” without realising that being around her was making him sad.
After SILs wedding, MIL called him and said “so? Did you quit that job and find something better? You have to be humble and accept you’ve failed, move back to where we live, and we’ll give you money.”
After that, DH decided to stop speaking to MIL. I introduced him to the idea of gaslighting, narcissistic parents and my friends with toxic mums gave lots of advice
However. We visited my country in Jul 2019, and flew back to DH’s country, by stopping in the airport close to MIL’s house, so we could collect the laptop that was in repair up there. Unfortunately we had to overnight with PIL. FIL picked us and immediately says “why do you hate your mother.” DH explains the problem is MIL’s comments and FIL begins yelling NO, you misinterpret her, she doesn’t mean that, bla bla. He also adds the saddest sentence ever - “i hate it too when she calls me names and makes me feel stupid, but i remember she doesn’t mean it.”
I realised immediately at this point there’s no point reasoning with them because it’s like a brick wall. DH however really wanted to speak to them, so they had a family discussion. MIL maintained her view - he’s misinterpreted her comments and what can she do if he’s determined to be a victim? That he has mental health issues clearly and “maybe” she could have said things differently. Then FIL asked for my thoughts and i was like “oh lawdie naw, i don’t wanna make nobody cry tonight.” But they persisted. I feel like i was fair - i said, i understand you want to do the best but your words are hurtful, you’re fixated on making DH into a professional instead of helping him excel in his interests, you have to appreciate his ascendency - when i met him he lived in a house with 18 others, he was washing plates, now he’s found a passion and has maintained a managerial role in said profession. Now we’re moving to this country to try something new and if it works it works, if not it’s an experience. I ended that she’s said hurtful things to me too, and if people always “misinterpret” what you say, perhaps you need to evaluate how you say it, and i said clearly the relationship has broken down, perhaps everyone needs to review the situation and consider how our actions resulted in that, and in a few months return with an open heart and willingness to listen because no one is listening to the other, and a desire to be accountable to.
FIL was like yep, good point. MIL cried and shrugged, acted like “what can i do” said I don’t know DH as well as they do, he’s lazy and only wants to stay in bed, they were devastatingly poor (not at all true) and on and on. So in the end DH and I were just like you know what lets just leave this.
MIL acted like nothing happened, she took me down to their cellar and she had once again gone through my boxes and “consolidated” them... which included using some of my things, and taking apart a religious shrine i had constructed and shipped in tact. After i politely asked her last time to leave my stuff. DH said we would be going out to eat a takeaway pizza and she gave him €200... for a takeaway pizza.
DH decided to go temporarily no contact w them. They called him a few times at first.
Nearly done fellas thanks for making it this far!
Anyway, SIL came to visit near where we live because BIL (her husband) is from near where we live and they had a wedding to attend. Boyyy it was awkward:
Backstory >> I quit SM over summer and I presume they think I’ve blocked them. I made her a huge, four document guide to my home city as she’s visiting there in the winter. I reiterate. Four DOCUMENTS - not four pages. Four multi-page documents. It took hours. All she said was “thanks”. I asked if she wanted to help plan a surprise party for DH’s bday in a few months. She didn’t reply. Then she complained to DH that she feels distant from him and wishes he would open up??? Anyway I took some pics at her wedding and they were awesome but my backside am I spending HOURS editing her wedding pics for her to reply “thanks” lol. Nope.
Right so anyway she came to visit. So awkward, she barely spoke to me at all. It was like there was nothing to talk about so she just spoke about all the holidays she’s going on and DH and I left after a short walk around the city near us as he just felt like crap. He felt he couldn’t say anything as she seemed to be the footsoldier of his parents. When we left she basically told him to “behave well” which he took to mean - don’t be like this with our parents.
So now for the past few weeks, DH has been really downcast. He feels like he will never have the approval of his parents. He feels like he doesn’t have anyone who supports him anymore. He feels betrayed by his parents and this is a persistent thought. He is really struggling and it’s basically ruined his return to this country. He wants to leave next year and can’t see anything positive about being here. His mood is really low. He also finds it hard to detach because they often promise to give him large sums of money then don’t, but he’s still holding out hope they’ll support him financially if not emotionally. When I mentioned posting this he replied “i don’t need support i just need them to transfer me money” so you see what I mean. I think this is an offshoot of them treating him badly then giving him outrageous amounts of money. They also have a pattern of him asking for things, they then give him something else - adjacent and sometimes costing more but not what he asked for, then give the thing he did ask for to SIL.
Obviously the emotional situation has a knock on effect for me too. I have never experienced anything even remotely close to this. I spent ages blaming myself only to realise, if they can’t accept their son of course they’ll not like me. I don’t know at all how to begin helping him and he’s not always the most receptive to my (v aspie) attempts to sit down and workshop therapy sessions. And i can’t be his therapist. I’m too invested and ... it’ll destroy me. I’m often not very understanding and very harsh not empathetic (bc aspie and also bc i’m not perfect and need to work on this). I struggle to see him so down and having a horrible time when i really enjoy this new country. I also find it hard bc not only do I have my own stresses but I suffer from MIL’s behaviour too. I’m really hurt and would love to have it out with her completely but brick + wall.
So it’s a bit tricky.
If you read this far, I would love to know what strategies do you suggest? Has anyone experienced similar where their parents have changed? (Can already hear you all saying NOPE). Because DH really is hoping for change. He clings to it. How can I help him? He’s not very techy and would never join an online community or anything like that, and only his friends with similarly toxic parents can understand - most people will always say “she means well, all mums are like this”. He will read books/articles, esp if they’re buddhist themed too. Anything at all will be appreciated. I would also love resources on he can build his boundaries bc he struggles with this bc of how overbearing they raised him.
I also struggle. How can I get rid of the need to debate with them knowing it’s fruitless? I don’t, but I imagine it a lot. How can I cope with the knowledge they probably think the reason he’s standing up to them is because i’m a manipulative bitch?
I also struggle with the idea that maybe it IS all me? Maybe they’re right and I caused all this? He tells me stories of their childhood (how when he was a kid MIL would say similar things) but I still worry. I worry that I’m too harsh when I try to support him - I definitely am but I get so frustrated with the situation and sometimes I’ll tell him I can’t help him because it’s hurting me too, or he needs to grow up and put in some boundaries.
I just don’ t know what to do, guys! I want to see him peaceful, but I don’t know where to begin helping him get there? I know it’s not my duty, but I’d like to support him and show him what his options are in terms of repairing and recovery from this? But then I’m also scared that’s manipulative, if you know what I mean? Like i’m controlling his recovery, which is not my intention. I just want to like help him on the steps? Agh! He deserves so many nice and lovely things in life - he’s so sweet and kind. I even show him the supportive words my friends and fam give, that his fam don’t give. Because he has no positive affirmation from them :( he really does deserve to be treated well by his fam.
I really hope there’s some advice. If we sound unreasonable, give it to us straight but I really don’t think we are. So I would love to hear how to deal with these types of MILs? Does she sound narcissistic or just regular level mean? Anything else/other you picked up?
EDIT: Just want to say a MASSIVE provisional word of thanks to everyone who is replying - honestly DH and I have been reading this (he’s currently marathoning the hunger games (we have v different tastes in movies) and actually stops watching to read the replies!!) We’ve both gained a lot more insight, useful advice and resources from all the tips on this thread, and we’re both beyond words grateful.
I know the sub users are maybe mostly from the US - i’m in Europe where it’s pretty late so I’ll answer any new replies in the morning. Thank you so so much. I never anticipated this much support.
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2019.07.20 13:46 ayathoughts Black mum sex pic

My story. Some of you here will not believe me but it is the truth. It’s messy because even typing it brings too much back up. I’m sharing it because... I have no idea why but I can’t hold it in. I’ll probably delete after a while. I only found this forum last sunday. Very very profound moment... clearly my ex had BPD as well as sex addiction, maybe Bi Polar 1 and is diagnosed depressive.
My exupwBPD made false allegations against me... I was shellshocked. Stunned. Advised to plead guilty and hope for a caution. I didn’t get a caution. A court date was set. She contacted me multiple time’s when I went 4 weeks on bail with no contact. Liking then unliking pics on Instagram. Making posts clearly aimed at me say sorry. How her heart was broke. Always covert. Never really owning up but always saying sorry and pleading confused. Cryptic.
Suicidal, depressed, living in a shitty hotel room I eventually responded. I wanted to know what was happening. It was all so twisted and untrue. She seemed genuinely sorry. Crying for days. Said she couldn’t live without me. Said she was drunk can’t really remember it all. We agreed I’d just plead guilty, save the kids seeing us go to court against each other, provided she threw herself into recovery, told friends and family the truth and it all just stopped.
Literally the minute I pleaded guilty she changed back to old self, dragged her heels. When I asked if she’d told friends, what happened, after hanging out with them all weekend, she said I was making her feel bad and she would tell them when she was ready. Over a year later and half of them still none the wiser.
Social services contacted me and she wanted to know what I was going to tell them. I said I was just telling them the truth. Told me if I told social services the truth we were over. How could I consider even telling them what she had done (scale of cheating/assaulting me) and that it would put relationship with her son at risk and she would never forgive me. (Remember this is someone who has just made a whole host of false allegations and gone through with it but someone I also still loved and was trying to make sense of everything).
She said I was doing her recovery for her if I asked for even the slightest update about how it was going. She sent letters to authorities saying sorry and that it was all a mistake but never to the police.
In the UK if a lady makes such allegations it’s very hard for her to retract them. They take the first statement as gospel and she’d got her friend round to come and sit in with her when she did it. No doubt looked super authentic. If she sends a letter it just looks like the man is making her do it. She portrayed me as an utter monster. I had no idea. When I was interviewed I could tell in an instant they believed her I was absolutely guilty as hell in their eyes.
A year after court she went to a solicitors and spent a couple of thousand pounds going through her statement with them and writing down what really happened... that she was drunk, that when she got home she wanted sex and that I had said No because she was drunk.. at first I didn’t envisage at all what would happen but she just went off the rails panic. She took the rejection as me not being happy with her. She wanted to please me. I repeated again and again, assertively but with love; “No means no and a man has a right to say no... and I’m saying no. Let’s just go to bed.” The solicitors told her if she went to the police and said what she had done she faced at least two charges of wasting police time and perjury with approximately 2 - 5 years in prison facing her.
Of course, we agreed that we wouldn’t pursue that route and that I’d just live with the charges for now but I stressed once again that everything stopped as recovery (AA/SLAA/Counselling) was very clearly not working. Stressed recovery to be taken seriously (because she’d all but given up - didn’t like therapists, got demoted from tea making duties in SLAA because after a year she hadn’t got a sponsor and so on). We agreed it was a harsh stupid lesson learned... we were sticking together and working through this together.
At work it started to effect me. I was having to get security checks for jobs. I passed but utter humiliation having to explain to clients. She was for the most part sympathetic in the moment but didn’t really care for how much it affected me. I was depressed and confused and wanted to move on but just felt she was still acting the same. I was always quite diplomatic but now I was not folding. It wasn’t right. It was wrong.
I let her move in with me after me moving away from her to live in my hometown near my family. However, it all started surfacing again with her grabbing me, unprovoked screaming when simple disagreements weren’t going her way. Hitting herself with kids downstairs, pulling her hair, telling me “look me in the ******* eyes you know what I’m capable of” (IE lying to the police), lying, deceit, arguing about nothing, total lack of empathy, ultimately blaming me for everything. So on and so on...
She had previously made allegations (to me) about other men. She used to meet them (via Tindeother sites) telling them she was single. She’d then have sex with them, then ask to meet them again and tell them she wanted to carry on with them but that she was married. The ones who walked away she told me they ambushed her, used her for sex then dumped her and so on. I guess that is painting them black. I didn’t put it all together that seemingly if they were not loyal to her she would slander them, to other men, until it was too late and it was now me being slandered.
I managed to contact three of the men, when I was trying to work out what I had gotten into. They all told me very similar stories that matched each other’s and were almost verbatim of how she first met and then had sex with me. She entirely instigated everything and I was none the wiser. Told me she was single then married but separated. Which was not true. Told me she was scared of her husband - who hated her and was suicidal. When I met her ex husband he clearly still just loved her and was broken and humiliated with me stood in his house with his kids. A true gent. He never knew that I had said I did not want an affair but that she assured me they were truly over. He didn’t know they were over. I now know they weren’t over. Only in her eyes. Discarded and I believe this is called triangulation?
She told me she would not leave him or tell him the true extent of her affairs or relationship with me because he’d hate her even more but that he would soon get the message that he had to move out. 3 months later and he had left. I will never know what he went through in that period. I can’t contact him because he no doubt hates me. He called social services on her after court. Kids were interviewed, they went to kids school, she was put on parenting course. She’s authentic. Intelligent. Good career. Attended all classes. You’d never know. I now know she lied through it all. She said she had been lying to me and husband but that it had all now stopped. She recognised how damaging it was. But she hadn’t stopped. She was lying to them and everyone else. I contact social services now to tell them the truth and I look like an angry and abusive ex.
At one point, fairly early on in relationship, we agreed I’d call the police because, when drunk, she said she had been drugged, coerced, raped by a famous model and his friend when in her 20’s. When the police turned up she said (to me) that it was a mistake, that she consented and she didn’t want to speak to them. She hid in my bedroom. We all felt sorry for her. The police left. I still don’t know what the truth was but I later found out she went back to him and engaged in more group sex with him and his girlfriend. I have a feeling that she tantalised him with wild sex, as she did everyone, then when he wouldn’t leave his girlfriend for her that’s when the whispered allegations started.
She found a regular counsellor and one night told me that when younger she thought her Dad was going to abuse her so she lived teenage years acting as if he had but he never did. Told her cousin about it, who told her Mum who then told expxBPD’s Mum and Dad. It was just hushed hushed. Never spoken about again. At 17 she met an older man in a club and moved out of home and in with him.
Her family know she cheated but they don’t know the extent (16 men) or that such allegations, like what she made about her dad, still happens behind men’s backs. She is with her parents now. Of course, they said if she goes back to me they will disown her. They no doubt think it’s me although always maintained I was a nice guy. Or so she said.
She said off her own back, about a year and half into recovery, that she has a false sense of perception and acts accordingly. She thinks things are happening when they are not and acts as if they are.
When I was arrested, even though it was me that wanted the police called, there was no record of the previous call or visit about the rape. So I was left with not a leg to stand on. Facing a system that heavily protects ladies against abusive men (rightly so) but a system that is completely flawed in this such case and since then I was labelled an abusive partner.
I kid you not I held my patience and showed live for years. Yes, inevitably I reacted abusively to abuse at time. I was provoked and pushed and pulled and now I have to live with that. I have been through relationship courses and counselling. I have done my time. I’m not an abusive partner.
When I eventually did react, that night, after half hour of what would most definitely be multiple sexual assaults and an hour of physical, verbal etc.. against me... she had pulled clumps or her hair out and was punching herself in her face. She fell onto the bed and I poured about a quarter of a can of beer on her while she was still hitting herself. I thought it would snap her out of it. Cold shower her and panic reaction by me. I should have known it was like pouring petrol onto an already out of control fire. She was furious.
I walked out of the bedroom and downstairs she came running out jumped on my back and whilst telling her to get off I kicked the bannisters. I wanted her husband/the police to see how serious this was. She started saying sorry. I’d had enough. I said it was too much. I demanded she called the police. I shouted louder than ever that “this all stops now! You can’t do this to a human being. I want it on record that this is happening to protect myself”.
When the police came I said no comment as didn’t want to talk in front of her. She put on the tears. They arrested me, locked me up, went back to her house and she made the most horrendous statement you could ever imagine about a man.
I should simply have left but in the moment I didn’t know what to do. When I tried to leave she blocked the door with fists clenched and snarling in my face. She was belligerent drunk but of course the police didn’t breathalyse either of us. If they had they’d have seen that she drunk half a bottle of wine before she went out. That she had two cocktails, two shots, half my beer, two more large wines and so on. I had two shandies (of which she drunk half of mine)... then a can of beer when I got home after leaving her in the room when she was abusive. I deliberately didn’t drink much because I didn’t want her to get drunk. She most certainly did get drunk but then told the police it was me that was drunk and that I always get aggressive when drunk. She told them she was tired, I wanted sex and she just wanted to go to bed. The complete absolute from the bottom of my heart swear on my daughters life opposite of what happened.
The day before she had told me that she’d stopped taking her anti depressants for two weeks. I told the police and my solicitor said that they said that she was a vulnerable person and that was further reason why I shouldn’t have reacted and should have been sympathetic. I didn’t have a clue about any of it. She never really shared with me what she was diagnosed with. I was always sympathetic and encouraged whatever I could to support her.
I did ad solicitors advised and just said very sorry for it all. They gave me the lowest sentence they could. I had to go on probation and relationship courses and of course, through counselling and courses, they could tell that what I’d been accused of didn’t really make any sense but once you’ve pleaded guilty and accepted the sentence there is very little, if anything, that you can do. Ultimately I broke her property and I poured a drink on her and she charged me for it. Probation counsellors can’t help. Relationship counsellors can’t help. I was scheduled to do 30 counselling/therapy sessions. They said I’d done enough at 6 sessions. I could tell they empathised and their advice was to leave the relationship. I stayed.
ExpwBPD said she would sell her house that she’d been holding onto for four years from previous marriage. Said she would buy a place in my hometown. Apologised to kids. Reintroduced to my family. Said sorry to everyone. Integrated her into new town and life. Such a wonderful opportunity. However, it was starting again.
I had a feeling throughout that she was still lying about affairs. I said I didn’t care what she did before me but if she couldn’t be honest after all we had been through how could I ever trust her in the future? All I ever wanted was to know who I was committing to. She refused me that right to make a fair choice. She manipulated and controlled me.
I found so much evidence to show she’s been lying to me through everything. When confronted with it she lied and lied hit herself and so on. Eventually I said “you’ve got to leave”. At that she took her kids and I’ve not seen her since. 3 months and 1 week.
At the end of the day my life has been entirely changed. I DID NOT DO what I was accused of. She knows it, our families know it, I think the system knows it but the system won’t change it. If I wanted to clear my name I’d have to go through hell proving rape allegations against other men and all sorts of things... I’m a Dad... I’ve moved house three times in four years. My resources are entirely wiped out. I call a solicitors and even start to tell them my story and no one believes me. I’ve been painted truly black and I let it happen. I’m ashamed to even be associated with it. I’ve just had enough of it all. I tell her I want to clear my name and she just threatens to say other things.
I’ve been speaking with some good people. I have friends and family who care but they can’t look after me 24/7. When I sleep it’s there. Everyday when I wake it’s there. My mind has been warped and twisted. I spent 23 years in a previous relationship and as my ex ex partner said - she also went to court with me to say I was a good man with her - as she said, when we had our child we didn’t argue for four years in the same room. Our child never heard a raised voice. Three years with pwBPD and this happens.
She said, spending 23 years with me and nothing of the sort happening, then 3 years out of the relationship and I’m an abusive partner... there had to be two sides to this story but the police/system only listened to one side.
I say she’s lying, they say I’m not accepting. I don’t accept I face harsher sentence. I say she’s been cheating they say I’m not accepting, I face a stiffer sentence. I sent an 18 page letter briefly outlining things / it’s so confusing I could write a novel / they said it was a character assassination and used it against me in court. My solicitors told me not to say she’s lying and to just to accept it. I accepted it and it was the biggest mistake of my life.
No... the biggest mistake of my life was in the early days when I realised she was talking to men she’d had affairs with behind my back and I said we were over and she came to my house, screamed unprovoked at the top of her voice, pulled her hair and ran out saying she would kill herself if I left her... I remember so clearly, when she screamed so loud, saying “what the hell are you doing? You’re going to get me arrested!” 3 years later... I’m arrested.
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“What can you tell me ‘bout your death, Mr. Dickinson?” The clerk suppressed a yawn as she pored over the processee’s file.
“A mistake’s been made, mis’ess!” The dazed man implored. “Ask me mates! Weez out gallivantin’ not five minutes ‘go. I’m right as rain!”
“Feel for your pulse if you like, laddie.”
The man shot upright, his hands moving in a flurry from wrist to neck and back to wrist. “Bloody hell!” he cried out. “Et can’t be!””
“Terribly sorry” the clerk’s voice droned from behind the file folder. “What can ya tell me ‘bout your death, then?”
“Not a goddamn t’ing!” The man’s voice cracked with panic. “One second I’m raisin’ hell wit’ the boys and next t’ing ya know I’m flyin’ like Cap’n Britain through a bloody tunnel o’ light.”
“But no memory of a bus?”
“Wotz that s’posed t’mean?”
“There was an accident at the intersection of Wembley South and Northhamptonshire involvin’ an inebriated pedestrian and a double-decker bus.”
“Yer not sayin’ that plonker’s me?!”
“‘Fraid that’s the gist of it, son.”
“Bugger me sideways!” Dickie cried out. “I’m only nineteen!”
The clerk raised both hands to adjust the listing mass of her beehive hair.
“Yer pos’tive et sez ize ran ov’r by a bus?”
“A double decker bus, yes.”
“Crikey Moses!” He moaned. “The Soho sods ‘r ‘avin’ a foking laff!”
“Language please, Mr. Dickinson.”
“It’s Dickie for chrissake.”
“Right. Dickie then. Tell me about this evening.” The clerk raised her bifocals to the overhead fluorescent lights in search of a smudge.
“Well we woz at Dingwall’s t’see ‘Ian and the Shits’ play. I r’member that. Oh ‘n whilz we woz bladderin’ up at the bar thes fucknugget Duncan starts yappin’ out ez arse ‘bout ‘ow eez jes seen Lemmy at a pub en King’s Cross. We legged et like billy-o t’see fer areself.”
“And so ya connected with your mate in King’s Cross?”
“Which mate’s that?”
“This Lenny feller ya just mentioned.”
A mustachioed clerk with a thick French accent whispered emphatically “Monsieur, please!” through the plastic leaves of a decorative plastic tree separating the two desks and pointed to the “QUIET VOICES QUIET TRAILS” sign hanging from an electrical pipe in the open ceiling. On the other side of the desk from the man sat a young girl of six with green sunken eyes that presently were fixed on the majestic spikes of Dickie’s mohawk.
BUGGER OFF YA CHEESE-EATING SURRENDER MONKEY!“ Dickie barked reflexively at the man. He then turned calmly to the female clerk across from him and whispered: “What’s the little girl doin’ en thes place?”
“Bein’ processed like you ‘n ev’ry other soul ‘ere.” The clerk replied blandly.
“Well that’s bloody awful.”
Dickie turned to the girl. “Hiya. Like me hairdo?”
The girl stared back wide-eyed.
“What they call ya?” Dickie asked softly.
“Elizabeth” she whispered with nary a sound.
Busy busy!” The clerk interrupted. “Ya recall makin’ it to the pub in King’s Cross?”
“Good to know ya Elizabeth.” Dickie looked into the frightened girl’s eyes and lingered there momentarily.
“Mr. Dick…..Dickie rather....I must ask you to stay focused. Did you get to your destination?”
“Yeah. Lemmy wuddn’t there o’course. Ask’d some piss-artist playin’ darts eff eed been en. Bloke nearly coff’d iz shrivel’d liver up laffin’. Bollocking cockwomble Duncan.”
“Is that yer last recollection?”
“Last t’ing I r’member ez chattin’ up a tasty trollop out front. Had ‘er a pair o’ strawberry creams,
Lordy McGee.”
“Focus lad.”
“So a git rozzer shows up jes then wavin’ iz dildo in our face sayin’ scram or get charged with loiterin’ so off we went.”
“And all blank after that is it?”
“S’pose. Doze et say any’ting on that paper ‘bout the maniac who kilt me? Musta been a reddie he run wot took me out.”
As if on cue the clerk began to read in monotone: “The victim was in the centre of the road shaking his bare hindquarters at the 12-tonne vehicle just prior to impact.”
“O fer fucksake!” Dickie wailed. “Etz werse now, innit!?”
“I’ll ask one last time. Very important.” The clerk’s voice was momentarily emotive. “Nothing we’ve spoken ‘bout’s jogged your memory of the accident itself?”
“Naw we wuz legless from the rum by then, missie. Why ask anyway?”
“Dark thoughts dark trails, lad. Memories of that nature are terribly dangerous in this place. Need to be handled with care. Few more questions. Your parents alive?”
“Me mum’s dead.”
“That recent?”
“Naw ize ‘er age.” He replied with a nod to Elizabeth.
“Close were ya?”
“Can’t say.”
“Jailbird, hope to christ eez dead.”
“Steppie, complete ‘n utter wankstain.”
“No earthly idea.”
“Other family?”
“Gotta git fer an uncle, useless.”
“Ya married?”
The clerk checked boxes up and down a form while humming several octaves off-key to muzak playing throughout the facility. She then closed the file and extended a limp hand across her desk. “Been a pleasure in a way. There’s a lift down the hall. Take that to first level, out the front, follow signs to Script Development, building 9, take this notice, good luck t’ya. Next!”
Dickie stood, flashed a smile in Elizabeth’s direction and glanced down at the notice.

Welcome to The Processing Center.
Regrettably you are dead. All deaths are final. This is not a verdict or judgement. It is an organic fact.
We are here to facilitate your send off. All that is required of you is to reflect on your existence and select a brief joyous memory to accompany you into the afterlife.
The Staff of Processing Center 891D229VE4.

In the lift alongside Dickie was an older man outfitted in a tuxedo and red velvet bowler hat.
“Press ‘1’ there chap if you would. Cheers. Bertram Plank from Knightsbridge. You are?”
“Quite an evening we’re having, Dickie.”
“How’s a rich toff like you give up the ghost?”
“Massive heart attack at the Duke of Fife’s dinner party. Put a damper on dessert service I imagine. Poor dear Maggie my wife.”
“Hard cheese there, mate.”
“Don’t mean to cry on your shoulder. What brings you here, son?”
“Bus run me ov’r.”
The man offered a polite chuckle and patted Dickie on the shoulder.“Truthfully son, what was it?”
The windowless concrete structure the two processees emerged from resembled a drab tenement block. Both men noticed a peculiar quality to the outside light which seemed to lack warmth or any discernible source.
They made their way across a sprawling faux lawn on a path that meandered downhill toward a towering billboard featuring an illustrated woman straight out of a ‘50’s Coca-Cola ad, hand cupped over her mouth and the words “JOYOUS THOUGHTS JOYOUS TRAILS” filling a large speech bubble. Beyond that was the first of what appeared to be giant hangars stretching into the distance.
As they drew closer it became apparent that the purpose of the hangars was for the building of sets and the atmosphere was that of a bustling studio lot. All around them creations were at various stages of development: a replica of Britain’s WW2 Spitfire fighter plane; the facade of a Victorian country manor; a painted backdrop depicting the white cliffs of Dover; the Terracotta-tiled courtyard of a French cafe and most notably, what must have been a forty foot facsimile of a carnival ferris wheel surrounded by scaffolding.
Dickie and Bertram walked wide-eyed down the narrow dirt road taking in the images. Just beyond the final hangar a sign reading “Script Development” pointed to another nondescript concrete structure where dozens of processees stood in front waiting for their names to be called.

“Ev’r see The Sex Pistols?” The Scriptwriter asked with his head buried in Dickie’s file.
“Course I seen The Pistols. Bummed a fag off Vicious last year en Bethnal Green.”
“Worst musician ‘n rock ‘n roll hist’ry.”
“Didn’t matter diddit?” Dickie snapped back.
“That’s right, cuz iz amp’s a prop. Nev’r been plugged en. Bloke’s a circus monkey.”
“Seen ‘em play ‘ave ya?”
“Once. Queensway Hall in Dunstable.”
“Good, yeah?”
The Scriptwriter’s head sprang up as if stirred from a dream.
“They opened wit’ Anarchy. The dog’s bollocks mate! Bodies flyin’ ev’ry which way. Ize head ov’r arse ‘n starkers ‘fore Rotten sang a word. Thought ize a gon’r!”
“Did’ya ‘ave that same spod haircut then?” Dickie asked with a grin.
“Naw - it wuz bleached out, quite a mane.” The Scriptwriter’s attention returned to the paperwork. “Nev’r had the knackers t’spike m’self up.”
“The Ramones ‘r playin’ Aylesbury next week Friday. Foking kilz me t’be tits up fer that.”
“Speakin’ ‘o which, we’d best get goin’, schedules run tight ‘round ‘ere.”
“Up t’you.”
“I’m Fergus Smythe, sixth generation east ender, earned a livin’ writin’ telly adverts, OD’d on dope en a condemned shithole two blocks from where me wife ‘n nine month old girl were waitin’ fer me, dinner on the table. Eva and Charlotte. Me inna nutshell.”
“That cheered me up.”
“Yer turn.”
“Namez Dickie, got hit by a foking bus, letz see, unemployed, work’d on the hobble tho paintin’ ov’r graffiti, wot elz, ize singer in a band called The Royal Butt Plugz, ya might’a known us as The RBPz.” Dickie glanced up for an acknowledgment that was not forthcoming. “They’ll need a new frontman now.”
“East Ender?”
“That’s right. Tower Hamlets ‘riginally. Been livin’ on the streets tho en Peckham since me cocksplat fotter went off t’jail.”
“Thatz a start. Read the notice, did’ya?
“Yeah I read that tosh.Yer foking dead as a doornail so shut the fuck up. And while yer at et think up a cheery mem’ry. Batshit.”
“Batshitz the only constant, mate.” The Scriptwriter smiled and stretched his spindly legs onto the metal desk before him. “How ‘bout life? Ya get yanked outta sweet nothingness onto a rock spinnin’ round a blindin’ ball o’ fire thatz hurtlin’ thru space a million miles an hour t’ward a monster hole that wolfs down stars like foking bisquits. And ya think thes ez strange?”
Dickie sat motionless, his brown eyes fixed on the carpeted floor. A distant muted thrum from the nearby hangars was all that could be heard.
“Wanted t‘ave me a tee-shirt shoppe someday.” He said solemnly.
“‘Dickie’s Shirts & Shite’. Make me own designs ‘sted ‘o pawnin’ the same rubbish y’see ev’ry stinkin’ place.”
The Scriptwriter listened without comment.
I done thes one ‘ere.” He unzipped his stud-covered biker jacket to reveal a silk-screened drawing of a crowned buttocks covered with pimples and a large cherry-red plug inserted therein. Above it was a stylistic script that read The RBPz. “People stop me on the street to ‘ave a look.”
The Scriptwriter laughed. “I’d buy that shirt!”
“‘Cept fer yer dead.”
“As a doornail, yep.”
Suddenly the room was enveloped in a profound silence. Dickie twirled a chain that hung off a belt loop of his ripped jeans and the Scriptwriter scribbled notes in red ink until the frenetic movement of his hand stopped all at once. He took aim at the wastebasket and let his pen fly end over end, barely missing.
“Thes place ez hell, innit?” Dickie asked finally. “Say et straight up.”
“Thought the same t’ing. Figur’d where elz wud a good fer nothin’ baghead go?”
“Ya didn’t answer me question.”
“Thes place id’nt hell I don’t t’ink. Eff ya don’t gev a fuck et might az well be tho cuz yull bodge yer one shot for cloud nine, yeah. Eternity’s quite a stretch, mate. Who knows eff yull ev’r get yanked out of et again. Two choices: send off en a bloody state o’ rapture or throw a spanner in the works.”
“Why ez et yer not bloody sent off yet?”
“I wud’nt retty. Still might not be. Ev’ry bloke ya see workin’ ‘ere’s the same. Done four scripts, yer the fifth. Five more after that and I go, end ‘o story.”
Dickie stared for a long while at a mural painted on the far wall that read “HAPPY THOUGHTS HAPPY TRAILS”, his head shaking almost imperceptibly. “Complete batshit.” he mumbled at last.
The Scriptwriter swung his legs off the desk. “Letz get started.”

At the edge of a reflecting pool dozens of processees stood statue-like gazing into the still black water that gave no reflection in return. On a bench along the perimeter, underneath the fissured columns of a decrepit arcade, Dickie sat next to the young girl he had met during his first moments at the Processing Center. It was something akin to dusk and the odd light drained quickly leaving a grainy brume hanging over the scene.
“Been ok ‘ave ya?” Dickie asked Elizabeth.
The girl nodded. “I’m not even hungry or tired.”
“Can I call ya Lizzie?”
“That’s what my Auntie Kate calls me.”
“Had me a girlfriend once went by Lizzie.”
“Was she nice?”
“Jeezus no, mean as a rat.”
“Does she know you died?”
“Good question. No idea really.”
“How did you die?”
Dickie sighed. “Ya know them big red city buses?”
The girl nodded.
One uv em run me ov’r.”
Did you look both ways ‘fore ya crossed the street?” Her voice was full of concern.
Must not ‘ave. What happened wit’ you?”
My blood got sick.”
Ah, sorry there Lizzie.” Dickie fished inside his jacket pocket. “Ya ev’r seen one o’ these?
“Is it money?”
From the States, yep. Called a quarter. You can ‘ave et.”
“Thank you.” She brought the coin close to her eyes. “Who’s that man?
Couldn’t tell ya. Abe Lincoln maybe. Shoulda paid more ‘tention en skool.”
I like his funny hair.
That bloke’s wearin’ a wig - thes ‘ere’s real!” he said proudly, bowing his head to the girl. “Can I ask ya a question?”
“Yer not ‘fraid ‘r ya?”
“Wutcha talk t’yer writer, ‘bout?”
“Mum and Dad and Colin.”
“Ez Colin yer brother?”
Elizabeth nodded. “He’s just two.”
“That’s nice. Yull be wit’ ‘im soon, yeah?”
Elizabeth looked down and began to weep tearlessly.
“I’m sorry now. Why ya cryin’?” Dickie patted the girl awkwardly on her head.
“I want to be with Colin. But I don’t want him to die like me.”
“No no...etz not that way! Not that way a’tall! He’ll be inside yer heart ‘n soul, like.” Dickie brought both hands to his chest. “You’ll be together, yer whole fam’ly. Etz batshit I know...sorry there, I mean et don’t make no sense, but I swear t’Christ hisself noone’s gonna die.”
Elizabeth buried her face in the sleeves of her dress. “I don’t want him to ever get sick.”
“Lemme tellya - Colinz gonna live t’be an ole codger. Betcha a million quid!”
Dickie reached out and shook the girl’s hand.
“Will you be with your family too?” Elizabeth asked.
“Naw, that’s...I’m not lucky like you. But Fergus me writer, heez a gud egg, I like wot he done. He won’t cock-up me send-off…mean to say I trust the bloke.”
“I want to hug my family and never let go.” Elizabeth whispered through sobs.
“Soon, Lizzie, soon.”

He had blinked awake and was moving in near total darkness down a cobblestoned promenade lined with Elizabethan playhouses on both sides, one after the other, each indistinguishable from the next except for the titles on the marquee signs that shone like neon beacons in the night. The atmosphere was festive and a crowd of revelers merrily came and went from theater to theater, the barren sky above them animated with spotlights.
A smiling man approached who Dickie immediately recognized as the French clerk from the Processing Center. “Pardon me” he said as he handed Dickie a playbill, pointing across the way from where they were standing. “You’re at The Globe, four theaters down.”
“Wotz that now?” Dickie asked.
“Your send-off, Mr. Dickinson.”
“Huh? Oh. Right.”
As the man walked away Dickie yelled out “Sorry fer what I called ya, mate. Frenchies are ok by me!” The clerk turned and called out: “Happy trails young man!”
There were six plays listed on the bill:
“A Picnic in Giverny” Starring Joan Birdwhistell
“Bye Bye Jerry: Nightfight Over Hamburg” Starring Nigel Pinfield
“Colin’s First Christmas” Starring Elizabeth Walsh
“Dickie’s Revenge” Starring Alex Dickinson
“Kilimanjaro” Starring Bertram Plank
“World’s Faire 1946: A Proposal” Starring Imogen Cromley
As he made his way through the crowd toward The Globe a great ovation rose up from within the Blackfriars Theater where “Colin’s First Christmas” had just ended. Moments later the front doors opened and audience members filed out into a narrow stone portico, many of them smiling, others looking visibly moved.
“Cheerio sweet Lizzie” Dickie whispered to himself.
Upon seeing his name in lights a nervous shudder rattled from some sentient place still awake inside him. Images swirled like dust in a vortex. He saw his mother’s face in a wash of fall sunshine; his childhood cat “Jack the Ripper” staring down from the cardboard roof of the boys-only fort he’d fashioned out of junkyard bricks; Davey - his best friend from elementary school on the day he moved away to Liverpool, waving goodbye in the pouring rain; the Brixton girl’s face just before he kissed her inside a red telephone kiosk across the street from Rough Trade Records.
Just then all of The Globe’s house lights switched on and the entrance doors swung open.

A Play in One-Act
by: Fergus Smythe
DICKIE (singer)
STEWART FILTH (guitarist)
SCURVY (bassist)
DANNY BOY (drummer)

Interior: A seedy nightclub veiled by a thick fog
of clove cigarette smoke. The crowd is mostly teens
outfitted in full punk regalia. The stage is raised several
feet off a sticky floor coated by a permanent veneer of
spilled lager. A spinning disco ball hanging over the drum
kit provides the only stagelight.
[1978, A Saturday night, 10PM, along King’s Road in Chelsea, London]
[DICKIE and DANNY BOY peer out from behind the stage backdrop at
a crowd that has rapidly swelled from anemic to full capacity. DICKIE is
shirtless and clad in jeans adorned in hand-drawn band logos. DANNY BOY
wears jeans and a Ramones t-shirt. Both sport majestic liberty spike mohawks,
cherry red and bleached blonde respectively.

DICKIE: [Awestruck] Etz a bloody miracle, DB.
DANNY BOY: [Speechless, shaking his head in disbelief.]
DICKIE: Jeezus, look there! [He points to the right side of the capacity crowd] That twist wit’ the bright pink hair ez Anna Rexek.
DANNY BOY: [Spots the girl in question.] That bird? Sheez average size, mate.
DICKIE: Fer fucksake. ANNA REXEK - the Soho fanzine prat.
DANNY BOY: [Mulls this information over.] Yeah, yeah, 48 Thrills. The one wot said we cud bore the tits off a nursemaid.
DICKIE: That’s right. Called us “possibly the worst band in Britain.”
[STEWART FILTH and SCURVY crawl under the backdrop to join their mates.
STEWART FILTH has his natural red hair slicked back and wears a New York Dolls
shirt and jeans, the personification of cool. SCURVY is tall and alarmingly thin,
an ill-fitting Blondie shirt draped over his bones like a papal robe.]
SCURVY: Can ya bleeve et?! Queef of England no-showed at 100 Club! Ole Sanjay got word ‘n ran down there screamin’ “Free punk rock and roll! Butt Pluggers singing! Beer half of a price!”
[All of them laugh and take swigs from a bottle of Jagermeister that makes the rounds.]
DANNY BOY: Smart move, barz three men deep.
DICKIE: Absobloodylutely brilliant! Jes wish ANNA REXEK wuddn’t ‘ere.
DICKIE: ‘Er there in the pink hair [He points in her direction.] Played a whilz back en Bath, ‘fore ya joined up, pissed on us in ‘er review en 48 Thrills.]
SCURVY: I like where she says “this is what happens when ya let chimps ‘ave the run of a music shoppe.”
[SCURVY and DANNY BOY laugh.]
[The house lights dim and the band members look at each other wide-eyed.]
DICKIE: ‘Fore we head out, listen up. Got me an idear. What say we open wit’ that new one?
DANNY BOY: The number from last night’s practice? I’m nervous ‘nuff az et ez, mate.
STEWART FILTH: Like that one loads, I’m up fer et.
SCURVY: Long az DICKIE knows the words.
DICKIE: Piece o’ cake.
STEWART FILTH: I’ve a lead after second chorus, gents. Jes occupy yer foking selves whilst I bash the bishop. [He straps on his guitar and, in his best Elvis Presley impersonation, begins to sing:] “It’s now or never....”
[SCURVY guzzles the last of the Jager and grabs his bass as all four emerge
in unison from behind the black curtain onto the stage. Their entrance goes almost
completely unnoticed by the crowd.]
[As the band gets situated and tuned, ANNA REXEK appears at the foot of the stage.]
ANNA REXEK: Well thes ez awkward innit? I seez ya got a new player. Wot ‘appened t’the acne-faced lad? Embarked on a solo career az he?
DICKIE: Fuck off ya cheeky cowbag.
ANNA REXEK: Careful now - got space in the June issue t’fill. [She holds up a notepad.]
STEWART FILTH: Shove that up yer chocolate starfish, darlin’.
ANNA REXEK: [Flips them off] Eastend yabbos.
[DICKIE leans into the microphone.]
DICKIE: Hiya. We’re the….[An earsplitting blast of feedback assaults the club.]
ANNA REXEK: [Cackling] Yuv improved boyz!
DICKIE: [Moves back from the mic.] Sorry there….anyhow we’re The RPBz from east end.
[STEWART FILTH assaults his low-hanging Flying V with a three cord atom bomb.]
[SCURVY and DANNY BOY are surprised by the suddenness of the gig’s beginning and
lie in wait as a handful of crowd members gravitate to the front of the stage.]
DICKIE: [Facing away from the crowd, he lets out a primal scream:] I’M A CITY SLAVE!!!
[SCURVY and DANNY BOY pounce and all eyes in the club are on the band. The riff is
undeniably catchy and full of raw, manic intensity.]
[Several more punks approach the stage. DICKIE is frozen with his back to the crowd
and misses his vocal mark. The three other members make eye contact briefly to
acknowledge the miscue. DANNY BOY flashes DICKIE a look of encouragement.]
[DICKIE grimaces then turns and grabs the mic in both hands.]
[The band punctuates the verse with a four bar refrain that ends with
STEWART FILTH and SCURVY dropping out as DANNY BOY plays a
snare fill that leads them all back in.]
[A large group of east end punks hustle over to the stage from the bar area.]
[DICKIE is suddenly a man possessed, all kinetic/frenetic energy. His head
and torso jerk rhythmically to the beat in a manner almost seizure-like.]
[The chorus comes blistering in as a small mosh pic ignites]
[STEWART FILTH’s main riff returns and shakes the club to its foundation. The mosh
pit expands and swallows ANNA REXEK before she can react.]
[The stage is overrun by several wild-eyed punks who prowl back and forth, elbows
flying, before diving into the crowd.]
[DICKIE kneels at the stage edge as a dozen eastenders clamor to sing along.]
[STEWART FILTH sends a beer can sailing off the stage with his left foot and
without missing a beat goes right into a blistering lead.]
[DICKIE is several feet above the crowd and a flood of adrenaline kills every sound
in the universe. Through the smoke he makes out a roiling wave of mohawks beneath
him. A flashbulb goes off and the glorious music returns, louder than ever before. He
tucks into a somersault and is falling now into a sea of outstretched arms.]
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World News Turkish drone Footage shows Saudis burning documents at consulate 1 day after Khashoggi's disappearance
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All news, US and international. Man arrested for groping woman on flight says 'President says it's OK to grab women's private parts'
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Colorado cracks a billion in annual marijuana sales in record time, generating $200M in tax revenue
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Judge Upholds Verdict That Found Monsanto’s Roundup Caused a Man’s Cancer
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Man arrested for groping woman on flight says 'President says it's OK to grab women's private parts'
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Why is this community so negative?
Microsoft SQL Server Need a hand with a tricky procedure assigning a sequence to several records while avoiding a while loop
Question, my create date updates all rows to current date every time a row is added. How do I get the date stamp for each row when it was created.
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How do multiple non-indexed groupbys work with execution plan?
PowerShell PSAutomator - Onboarding / Offboarding / BAU - Proof-Of-Concept / Work In Progress
DO you use PS to Windupdate? Is it a no go zone?
Any way to return switch info for a network team?
Functional 3D Printing Printed a slim wallet with PLA and NinjaFlex
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I made a smart phone adapter for this old Bilora tripod I found lying around at work.
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Friend printed a handle for my dryer.
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Data Is Beautiful Suicide rates among persons aged 15 years and over, by sex and age: United States, 2006–2016 [OC]
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Daily total US precipitation animated in 3D: October 2017-October 2018 (including Hurricane Florence) [OC]
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16:9 Resolutions compared - How advertisers misuse 4K [OC]
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Today I Learned (TIL) TIL Wrigley’s was originally a soap company that gifted baking powder with their soap. The baking powder became more popular than the soap so they switched to selling baking powder with chewing gum as a gift. The gum became more popular than the baking powder so the company switched to selling gum.
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TIL that there is a demon found in Catholic lore that collects all the mispronounced words said by priests and puts them in a sack. That sack is later carried by the offending priests in hell.
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TIL that rubber bullets were invented by the British Ministry of Defence for use against rioters in the Troubles in Northern Ireland, first used there in 1970
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So many books, so little time I’m, Eden Robinson, an Indigenous novelist currently writing about Tricksters in company towns. AMA
Name a political fiction book that changed the way you think about real world politics.
What is a book that you finished and then said to yourself, "I wish i would have read this book years ago"?
OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic My mom at 15 and my grandad rocking out! (~1991)
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My wife on the set of her mid-90s children’s television program
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My mum sometime in the 1980's
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aviation Su-27 cool picture
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Airbus A400M. A very sexy looking plane if you ask me.
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Reddit Pics One of the greatest Halloween Costumes
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My friend needed a last minute Halloween costume - I think I delivered!
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Earlier this year I took a one way flight to Southern California so I could walk back home
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure Just cheering up grandma with this little trick.
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This drone shot looks like its taken from a video game
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures I'm not allowed a dog, so my neighbors built a window into my yard so I can pet theirs!
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Trying to do a quick workout at home be like
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"You no study, you play with Pebbles"
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Subreddit Title Brand
videos The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise but it's dubbed by Japanese Google Translate Google
food I ate this pasta with mussels in a garlic sauce. Southwest Florida. Southwest
Art "We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us." Painting: 'Self-portrait on the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States.' By Frida Kahlo. Oil painting on tin 11 3/4" X 13 1/2". United
AskReddit With the proposal of California leaving the United States I ask again, What will be 13 Colonies of the new United States? United
AskReddit Refugees of reddit, that have fleed or are fleeing to The United States or any other country, what is your story? United
Jokes The Mexican drug lord El Chapo has been extradited to the United States... United
news Statement By Secretary John Kelly On The Entry Of Lawful Permanent Residents Into The United States United
sports Check out these Nike trainers 😍🔥🔥🔥 Nike
news A recent doctoral graduate of Clemson University said she was stopped in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and denied re-entry to the U.S. after President Donald Trump issued an executive order Friday. United
news Statement By Secretary John Kelly On The Entry Of Lawful Permanent Residents Into The United States United
videos Guys hits 1000 videos on Youtube and is super happy about it. Youtube
food I ate au cheval single cheeseburger with a fried egg au
AskReddit If your aim was to lose as many friends on Facebook as you could with one status update, what would it be? NSFW Facebook
todayilearned TIL the design of the Space Shuttle was influenced by the United States Air Force, which wanted the ability to snatch Soviet spy satellites out of orbit. United
pics You can still see the Costa Concordia cruise ship on Google Maps/Satellite. It's huge. Google
pics How to tell Google is an American company Google
mildlyinteresting This Apple I Picked Looks Like Booty Apple
AskReddit Let's get pissed off, Reddit. What's the most ignorant damn thing you've had to read on Facebook in the last week? Facebook
worldnews A Saudi Arabia-led military coalition has carried out attacks in Yemen that "may amount to war crimes," U.N. sanctions monitors reported to the world body's Security Council, warning coalition allies including the United States, Britain and France United
funny Would Gillette me have some upvotes? Gillette
AskReddit Lets say thousands of years from now websites like Reddit or Youtube are considered historical artifacts. What online content best represents this time in history? Youtube
Jokes Mike Tyson can sure put up a fight Tyson
AskReddit The Soviet Union broke up, why can't the United States do it? United
AskReddit If Leonardo Da Vinci were somehow alive today, What do you think his political stance would be given the current political climate? Vinci
nottheonion 49ers hire FOX NFL commentator John Lynch as next general manager FOX
Jokes My girlfriend tried to make me have sex on the hood of her Honda Civic... Honda
AskReddit Why is Starbucks coffee too expensive? Starbucks
Showerthoughts The earth is like a delicious roast beef, slow cooking in a crock pot of salty au jus au
news Shots fired at Canadian mosque, 5 killed - BBC News BBC
photoshopbattles PsBattle: This Google Maps image around a Las Vegas pool Google
worldnews Five reported dead in Quebec City mosque shooting - ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC
Showerthoughts I don't spend a lot of time picking on millennials. That's because I am gen X so I am too busy playing Atari games and watching MTV videos. MTV
AskReddit serious why wouldn't internet providers block Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
worldnews Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte accused the United States of risking regional stability by building permanent arms depots in his country, and threatened to respond by scrapping a security treaty between them United
gaming Pair Xbox One S Controller with iPhone? Xbox
Showerthoughts Askreddit is basically the new Yahoo Answers. Yahoo
todayilearned TIL that KFC brutally tortures their chickens. Slitting their necks, boiling them alive, etc. KFC
videos The birth of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick best with sound Uber
EarthPorn Colorful Sky over Whitehorse Yukon, Canada 3000x4000 Sky
pics Ourmine Hacked CNN's Facebook tonight Facebook
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why can't people from the 7 Muslim-majority countries travel to Canada and then travel to the United States? United
Documentaries Bosnian War: the Death of Yugoslavia 1995 BBC Documentary BBC
WritingPrompts WP You are shopping on the eve of Thanksgiving at Walmart and you hear the sound of shutters. You walk around and find nobody. Walmart
Showerthoughts If Google were to show me ads that coincided with my most searched requests, all I would see is porn. Google
AskReddit People from Britain or outside the United States, what is taught about the revolutionary war? Who is shown to be in the right? United
AskReddit What is the most someone has spent on the Whole Foods salad bar? Whole Foods
pics Wanted to make sure Uber wasn't on my phone. This came up when I searched for it in the app store. Uber
pics A photo of a waterslide in Disney's River Country, abandoned and left to decay in Walt Disney World, 15 years after its closure. Walt Disney
AskReddit Will the United States ever convert to the metric system? Why or why not? United
gaming Can a normal Xbox One Not the Xbox One S run at 60fps? Xbox
funny Guy who steals Lego from shop looks like a Lego Minifigure. Lego
todayilearned TIL In 1777, a Muslim country, Morocco was the first country in the world to formally acknowledge the United States as an independent nation. United
AskReddit Fellow Redditors, what specifically are the good points of Twitter for you? Twitter
videos How To Download Microsoft Skype Portable Windows 10 - How To Download And Install Skype Portable Microsoft
TwoXChromosomes What next? Idea: PROTEST the SUPER BOWL at your local FOX studio. FOX
nottheonion Eployees ran drug operation through N.H. Burger King drive-thru; code word 'extra crispy' Burger King
AskReddit What was Facebook like 10 years ago? Facebook
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why are people uninstalling Uber after the protests? Uber
mildlyinteresting Did you turn it off and back on United Airlines? United
news Exclusive: Google creates $4 million crisis fund for immigration cause. Google
worldnews Visitor mauled to death by tiger in Ningbo zoo in China - BBC News BBC
worldnews Hitting back at Trump’s order, Starbucks to hire 10,000 refugees Starbucks
AskReddit Why are Youtube vloggers full of egos? Youtube
AskReddit Why are Youtube comments filled up with OMG? Youtube
explainlikeimfive ELI5:Please describe any constitutional processes to recall or otherwise remove a sitting president of the United States of America. United
worldnews Philippines to suspend drug war to clean up 'corrupt' police - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL that Leonardo da Vinci was probably gay, but was arrested for sodomy as a young man and as a result was mostly celibate for the rest of his life out of fear. Vinci
worldnews Volkswagen overtakes Toyota as the world's biggest carmaker - BBC News Toyota
worldnews Volkswagen overtakes Toyota as the world's biggest carmaker - BBC News BBC
worldnews Visitor mauled to death by tiger in Ningbo zoo in China - BBC News BBC
WritingPrompts WP God tries to be a powerless human for a day by being a Walmart Cashier with a shitty manager. Walmart
books What is Google+ or Google Plus? Google
news Slashers’ Work Ruins Shoes Discarded at a Nike Store Nike
food Simple margherita on a Ferrari pizza oven Homemade Ferrari
Documentaries White Slums of South Africa 2014 - BBC Documentary BBC
television A few years ago you guys liked my short film, Afghan. Now I'm doing a digital series for Comedy Central called Mideast Minute that satirizes American propaganda in the Middle East. This is episode 1, where I try to convince Middle Easterners that immigrating to the United States is overrated. United
worldnews Trump state visit: Downing Street rejects cancellation calls - BBC News BBC
Futurology A commuter's dream: Entrepreneurs race to develop flying car - CBS News 8 - San Diego, CA News Station - KFMB Channel 8 CBS
pics Airport Protests Across the United States after Muslim ban. United
worldnews Belfast attack rifle 'used to attack police before' - BBC News BBC
funny Perfect Jiggly Women in United State Super Busted United
pics Lamborghini Newport Beach Newport
Art I was looking At Artwork by Albert Bierstadt on Google Art. Followed a link To see If the White House Collection had more of his work. Found that no longer exists. Should I be worried? Google
dataisbeautiful The birth of the phrase "Netflix and chill" in Twitter and Google Trends data OC Google
dataisbeautiful The birth of the phrase "Netflix and chill" in Twitter and Google Trends data OC Twitter
funny I closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts a couple of months ago, I was considering closing my instagram too. I think this clinched the deal. Facebook
funny I closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts a couple of months ago, I was considering closing my instagram too. I think this clinched the deal. Twitter
Jokes A guy spilled his pint down my Gucci shirt. Gucci
worldnews Baba Masaba: Nigerian man with 86 wives dies aged 93 - BBC News BBC
news Baba Masaba: Nigerian man with 86 wives dies aged 93 - BBC News BBC
news Girls lose faith in their own talents by the age of six - BBC News BBC
funny Don't leave men alone in the Apple Store. Apple
pics Something i came across on Youtube a while ago Youtube
Showerthoughts I'm so sick of the "Why isn't this picture #1 when you Google insert insult? You know what to do." posts here Google
worldnews Transfer news LIVE: Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea latest with TWO days remaining of window United
pics We have been taught this throughout our lives!!!.... This is supposed to be a part of our United State's history.. Have faith, hope and dignity faded away? Replaced by bigotry, selfishness and contempt? United
news Consumers lash out at Uber and turn to Lyft after Uber'€™s immigration response Uber
Documentaries Why we go bald? Hair loss explained 2016: Excerpt from BBC Documentary on Hair Transplants BBC
pics Quality Targeted Facebook Ad Facebook
OldSchoolCool Post-prom party at Taco Bell 1970s Bell
pics WWMRD - What would Mr. Rogers Do? Rogers
OldSchoolCool The funeral of Sir Winston Churchill: 52 years today Winston
worldnews Volkswagen passes Toyota as world's largest automaker despite scandal Toyota
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What is the current vetting process for allowing immigrants/refugees into the United States, and what deficiencies were there that would necessitate a ban on immigrants/refugees from certain countries? United
AskReddit So what did you do with your Apple sticker? Apple
worldnews Trump blames 'tears of Senator Schumer,' Delta computers for airport issues Delta
AskReddit How would you feel if your Uber driver didn't charge you for a ride? Uber
AskReddit What is better and more reliable Reddit Yahoo Answer? Yahoo
videos The new Volvo ad is pretty damn good. Volvo
worldnews VW likely to win global sales crown as Toyota growth slows Toyota
pics Trump just tweeted implying that the protests are related to problems with Delta Airlines- well he can't fake my reality: I was there last night at O'Hare, with many proud muslim-Americans, I even saw the McDonalds full of lawyers Delta
news Airport interrogation 'like being arrested in Iran' - BBC News Reporter detained at O'hare airport BBC
WritingPrompts WP You are the king of a vast Kingdom where people fear and love you, you get whatever you want when you want it. Little do you know is that you are actually a self proclaimed King who rules over a Lego city you built when you were a child Lego
AskReddit Where is the best place to spend a week's long vacation by yourself in the United States? United
pics Ford is bringing back the Subaru Baja Subaru
worldnews Quebec mosque shooting suspect 'called police to confess' - BBC News BBC
OldSchoolCool A young farmer poses in front of his car, United States, 1920 United
Showerthoughts The people that ask questions on Yahoo Answers deserve the answers they get. Yahoo
funny When the title says Toyota but you're clearly a Lexus Toyota
pics Ford is bringing back the Subaru Baja Subaru
UpliftingNews Twins born at 23 weeks are 'little miracles' - BBC News BBC
DIY I made a home office desk and shelves from two cheap IKEA countertops. IKEA
LifeProTips LPT: The United States has the right to deny entry at discretion. United
worldnews Trump executive order: Million sign petition to stop UK visit - BBC News BBC
funny A Visit to IKEA in Dubai IKEA
todayilearned TIL you are only permitted to take one falcon with you on a Qatar Airways flight Qatar Airways
worldnews Jihadist groups on Sunday celebrated the Trump administration’s ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, saying the new policy validates their claim that the United States is at war with Islam. United
gaming Preview Users Are Impressed By How Much Fast The Xbox One UI Has Gotten Xbox
worldnews Silicon Valley lashes out at Trump ban - BBC News BBC
Music Hiroshi Suzuki - Kuro To Shiro Jazz Suzuki
gifs The moment KFC invented the Zinger by accident. KFC
UpliftingNews Mum covers anti-homeless spikes in Manchester with cushions - BBC News BBC
worldnews Quebec mosque shooting suspect named - BBC News BBC
news People are boycotting Starbucks after CEO announces plan to hire thousands of refugees Starbucks
nottheonion Team Sky deny using motorised bikes at the 2015 Tour de France Sky
EarthPorn Where Sea Meets Sky OC 5574x316Salton Sea, California Sky
todayilearned TIL that opposed to popular policy, White Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States United
videos What would happen if Google disabled password checking? Google
Jokes I left my Adderall in my Ford Fiesta Ford
worldnews The Trump era's top-selling dystopian novels - BBC News BBC
movies The twitter bio of the director of 21 Jump Street, Lego movie & the new Han Solo movie Lego
Showerthoughts Greyhound bus is like UPS for people. UPS
funny Billy Otis is a savage Otis
news Philippines to suspend drug war to clean up 'corrupt' police - BBC News BBC
science So long, 3DTV - we won't miss you - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How can the president of the United States hold the power to sign all these orders if the United States is considered a Democracy? United
personalfinance Purchased an American Express Serve card and cant use it. American Express
Futurology GM and Honda partner to mass produce hydrogen fuel cells in Michigan Honda
AskReddit What are some of the most culturally rich objects in the United States? United
worldnews Quebec mosque shooting: Police arrest a suspect and a witness - BBC News BBC
news [YouGov Verizon Wireless and AT&T see value perception decrease](
news Shooter sent Facebook message to Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos before gunfire at UW protest, police say Facebook
funny Seen at Target yesterday! Target
pics Big Sky indeed! Sunrise over Montana Sky
pics Assistant City Attorney of Dunwoody, Georgia engages in political debate on Facebook and calls a young female a "f*king whre" Facebook
news Scientists find 'oldest human ancestor' - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL that during the 1950´s, Ford manufactured a car that went doomed for resembling a vagina. Ford
listentothis Klaatu - Sub-Rosa Subway progressive rock/psychedelic pop 1976 Subway
history Let's discuss the Civil War in the United States. United
news Review: Taco Bell - Naked Chicken Chalupa Bell
todayilearned TIL in addition to protecting the President of the United States, the Secret Service is also in charge of dealing with counterfeit currency, credit card fraud, and identity theft. United
Music Looking for similar tracks. Apple genius and spotify radio have not been very useful so far! Apple
AskReddit Can I use the 2yr 24 hour gym membership from Costco more than once? Costco
UpliftingNews Howard Schultz promises 10,000 jobs at Starbucks for refugees. Starbucks
AskReddit If all the sandwiches at Subway got into a fight, which one would win? Subway
pics My friend wanted a adidas black gazelle. So I made her a card. adidas
mildlyinteresting I got my McDonald's straw closed on one side. McDonald's
mildlyinteresting This girls cardigan at the Apple Store Apple
pics A Visit to IKEA Dubai IKEA
pics Can anyone tell me how I did this? Total mistake. Total
personalfinance credit I applied for the Chase Slate card online but I'm not sure if it went through. Chase
tifu TIFU by trying Subway for the first time Subway
worldnews Scientists find 'oldest human ancestor' - BBC News BBC
Jokes called UPS in Germany today to ask when they were shipping my Oculus Rift UPS
news 30 pounds of cocaine found on American Airlines plane during ‘routine maintenance’ American Airlines
funny Dog does her best Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan impersonation trick. Dog from yesterday who ran away and was found at the pet store. Hilton
personalfinance Inherited money from Germany, trying to figure out the best way to get it in the USA; what is up with any additional taxation in the United States United
gaming PcKILLER INSTINCT is free on Microsoft store. Microsoft
news Uber is targeting Facebook ads at people interested in the ACLU Facebook
mildlyinteresting The top of this UPS truck is white. UPS
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why and how do the states and regions in the United States and Canada have straight borders unlike in most other countries? United
worldnews People deleting Uber to protest Trump travel ban? Uber
AskReddit How does plumbing work in tall towers like the CN tower? CN
personalfinance Best way to use Chase Sapphire Preferred to pay Great Lakes Chase
movies Must see Ghost in the Shell material? Shell
news Auschwitz death camp: Poland puts database of prison guards online - BBC News BBC
videos Dog does her best Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan impersonation trick Hilton
Showerthoughts Askreddit is basically the new Yahoo Answers. Yahoo
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does the United States Profit from War? United
mildlyinteresting My Adidas shoes are made out of rubber from Continental Tire Company. Continental
mildlyinteresting My Taco Bell sauce packet doesn't say anything on it. Bell
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