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Only for people whose names are Cam

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Hey everyone, about 60 days ago I bought a 2012 Outback 3.6R with 139k miles on it for about $9,000. It had an immaculate CarFax with tons of maintenance records primarily from the big Subaru dealership here in Austin. I had it inspected by my local auto shop and they gave me the all clear reporting no oil leaks and everything was in good working order, so I felt good buying it. I really wanted a 3.6R with non CVT transmission (I just don't have any experience with them and heard bad things). I verified with the dealership that all the major scheduled maintenance had been performed on time. But after driving it for a few weeks, I started to notice two things that were concerning.

Problem one: I notice some hard shifting when slowing down to a near stop and then accelerating again, sometimes just a slight clunk when going into second or third, sometimes you can really feel it, but its not that severe and only happens when transitioning from slowing down to accelerating.
Problem two: I also noticed that when I was driving up hills cruising at 55-60mph it feels like there is a SLIGHT chugging feeling, almost like when I've had cylinders missing in another vehicle but not nearly as severe. It also feels similar to when I had a timing belt slipping in an old 4Runner, but again not nearly as severe. This ONLY happens going uphill when im just barely on the gas. I never feel any lack of power elsewhere.

I took it to the Subaru Dealership and described the symptoms and left it with them. The next day they reported the following:
- They had discovered an engine oil leak in the cam carriers and they needed to "reseal both cam carriers and caps with valve cover gaskets and front timing cover seal" ($3,250) It must not be severe because I have no oil in my driveway and cant see any evidence of a leak myself...
- They want to replace both front lower ball joints ($600) (Im not disputing this, now that they've pointed it out I can feel they're loose)
- Throttle body needs cleaning (could this be the

My total for repairs was far more than I ever expected, so I told the service advisor my story and he suggested that I sell the car and start over. He claimed that the transmission issue is benign and shouldnt get worse over time or break down. He said it's because some parts in the transmission are 'over pressurized'? He suspected that the previous owner saw these repairs coming and chose to trade in instead. I told them not to do any work at all so I could think about what I'm going to do...

I really love the car because the body and interior is in amazing shape. It took a lot of searching to find a 3.6R at all, and I felt like 2012 was later in the generation and had the 5EAT I thought I wanted and would be a solid car to keep and upgrade (light overlanding outfitting) over the next 5-7 years. So what do you guys think I should do? Should I sell it and just try to get another 3.6R? If so, what year would be best value for the money? I know I can get my local mechanic to do the work for way cheaper than the dealership, but is that even worth it if its always going to shift hard and feel like that? I'm just so lost and depressed over this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

TLDR: I bought a 2012 3.6R and I guess I got handed a lot of problems, should I fix them and keep it, or sell and start over?
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Cam sex. I'm free right now so send a message and we can discuss the details.
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I have an R9 280X and a little over a month ago I re-pasted the GPU, and immediately after that (first reboot), I could no longer see my GPU temperature on task manager, Radeon settings, MSI Afterburner, Sapphire Trixx, or HWiNFO64.
I've since re-pasted it two more times (because I used too little material the first time and games were crashing at full load, and re-pasted again after that because I thought maybe I didn't properly clean the GPU and cleaning it better might get my temperature to show again, but it didn't.)
I have no issues playing Valorant at 4K high settings for hours without any artifacts or crashing. I have no trouble with regular desktop usage.
This issue is on stock settings for my card.
I'm currently on the latest Radeon drivers, but this issue persisted with two previous versions of the driver as well. I'm currently on Windows 10 2004 (H2), but the issue persisted on the first version of Windows 10 2004 (it showed temps in Windows 10 2004 at first, but then disappeared after I re-pasted the first time.) The fan works normally ramping up and down as needed.
I tried flashing my bios to what I thought was a newer version to see if that might fix the temperature not showing, but that ended up bricking my card. Thankfully, the card has dual BIOS, so I just clicked the second BIOS switch on my video card and my card works as normal (minus being able to see GPU temperature).
I'm wondering what I might've messed up to not be able to see my GPU temps anymore and how I might get it back?

  • Motherboard: Asrock Z97 Extreme4
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 4690K @ 4.5 Ghz
  • PSU: Seasonic Gold 650W
  • Display: 27in 60 Hz 4K
  • System Memory: 24GB (2x 4Gb, 2x8Gb) 1600 Mhz Dual Channel
  • GPU : Sapphire Dual-X R9 280X OC 3GB
  • OS (Version): Windows 10 Pro x64 2004 (H2)
  • Driver: Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.10.1
  • Applications: Any
  • Background Apps: Dropbox, NZXT cam
  • Radeon Software Settings: Anti-Lag ON
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[National] - 'Inexplicable': Waukegan police officer turned on body cam after fatal shooting, lawyers say | USA Today submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

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Hey i am pretty new to rocket league, and has gotten to hold league. But then i was playing with my friends, and they said i should ude Ball cam, i have never used Ball cam. Is IT important and if IT is, is there a good and fast way to get used to IT
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2020.10.28 19:45 TwillisKTA 10/19/2020 Irving Tx approx 8:30pm (I don’t own video, via coworkers son) Nest Cam footage, motion activated.

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This: is a great recent interview by Red Digital Cinema's CEO Jarred Land talking about the unreleased (but used in productions in beta form) Komodo 6K camera, that is also being used on Matrix 4 (mostly?) as a crash cam. (Main camera in Matrix 4 is the RED RANGER / MONSTRO 8K VV: )
Thanks to the person that sent me the article. If they wish to be named they can let me know / come forward)
A bit of intro on how and why the camera came to be:

KOMODO is our small 6K Super35 utility camera, its a 4 inch, 2 pound cube. I’ll give Phil Holland credit for the “utility” word as I used to just call it the “BABY DRAGON” crash camera. When we started the development a number of years ago, Netflix approached us and said, “The small action cameras being used now are good for only about 20 frames before the audience gets taken out of the picture (jostled by the difference in quality). So why can’t you build a smaller RED?”
Below I am only quoting the parts that mention the Matrix, but if you are a camera geek there are a lot of great parts talking tech details in the full interview.
Many filmmakers—Soderbergh, Michael Bay, the Wachowskis shooting Matrix 4, Thurber on Red Notice, and a ton of other directors and their cinematographers—have been using the camera as it was originally designed, as a crash camera and utility camera for high octane action sequences. Of course, the camera turned out to be a bit better than just that original concept—and KOMODO is also finding its way into many “A” camera positions.
I have been painting our cameras custom colors since the RED ONE, so its pretty normal for me to do. I just don’t usually sell them. Here is the orange one. And a multi colored one. That was the second custom color after Bay that I did for Lana Wachowski, director of Matrix 4. Her hair was seven different colors. We coordinated with her assistant and made every side of the camera a different color to match. That’s the camera she’s using now in Berlin. Before the COVID lockdown, that was the last set I visited when they were still in San Francisco and I actually presented her with her own custom color KOMODO camera, and she absolutely loved it.
Here is a picture of him personally handing it over to an elated Lana while they were filming in San Francisco: &
Continuing with the interview:
Because of everything about this camera, we wanted to make sure that if it fell off your helicopter, fell into the water, got hit by a car or got blown up, you might still keep your data and have the shot. I can’t say who did it, but I woke up this morning to some photos of a KOMODO that was burned to the ground. If you had a $100,000 camera, plus the lens that usually goes on it, when those go down, you have a really bad day. When a KOMODO goes down—and don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate it’s still an expensive camera from a consumer standpoint—but when you have a $6,000 camera go down, and you still got the shot, it may have been worth it. And that $6000 is actually cheaper than a lot of crash housings cost to buy. That’s what KOMODO was designed to do and it seems to be doing that very well.
I love when customers send me photos. On Matrix 4 in San Francisco, they had an intense explosion and fire one night that actually melted some signs and lamps on the street. We had some KOMODOs shooting it, and the screen melted as the camera was still rolling, and they got the shot. They felt so bad because those were super alpha, pre-beta cameras, very expensive to make. I remember Gareth Daley, who is our guy on the ground there, beeped me and said, “Hey, check out what happened to our poor camera. … Oh, and we need more cameras.” I almost did a back flip because the camera survived exactly what it was intended for.
Here is an article that mentions that particularly hot explosion which damaged the surroundings in SF (but the camera's awesome footage survived thankfully!):
The heat from the explosions was so intense it melted the covers of a couple building lamps and melted the plastic cover of an advertising street sign. Workers who replaced the plastic said it cost about $2,000.
Finally, here is a post collecting several Instagram posts by Matrix 4 focus puller Chad Rivetti, who seems to really like the camera:
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It looks like the 2k resolution indoor Eufy has RTSP. Does that mean you don't need to install any app to use it? I have Blue Iris on a server, and would like to just use that. Does Eufy indoor cam require an app to configure it? Or does it work like foscams used to where it starts in access point mode if no wifi found?
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