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A place where LGBTeens and LGBT allies can hang out, get advice, and share content!

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A true force for good!

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I tried BJJ a few years ago, got as far as a couple of stripes on my white belt, and had all the usual experiences of being crushed by higher belts etc. But as a 140 pounds guy in an adult class, I never had the experience I've seen in comments of 'as a white belt I got destroyed by a kid / woman 50 pounds lighter' - seeing as the smallest person was a 130+ pound teen with a lot more experience and it wasn't surprising that he tapped me as he seemed close to my size anyway.
So let me put my question this way: if we take the best in the world for their weight bracket, what is the lightest opponent that would have a good chance of tapping an adult beginner my size?
For what it's worth, my personal belief is that 50 pounds less would be possible if the beginner had no previous experience and poor conditioning. For someone like myself with at least a basic knowledge and good fitness, maybe 30 pounds, but really I have little idea.
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2020.10.28 19:20 Redhawkfour4 How are you doing my fellow teens?

Just checking up on everybody. Make sure people are doing alright, and maybe help cheer them up a bit if their not doing so well.
Whether you comment or not, I surely do hope you have a wonderful day!
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Large-scale search underway for missing Bradford, Ont. teen submitted by toronto_news to u/toronto_news [link] [comments]

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[27M] Just turned 27, but I still look like a teen. I was considering OLD, but wanted to see what I could change/improve on. submitted by bu1ma to amiugly [link] [comments]

2020.10.28 19:10 Zen-Paladin Apostates from Texas, can you guys fill me in?

I know alot of you are from the southern states/Bible Belt. I'm in California, so I know that if I did choose to move there(just tossing it around right now) there'd probably be quite the culture shock. I'm not a hardcore skeptic, mostly more agnostic on these things but am surely not big on orgnized religion. I definitely would want a secular partner in regards to dating and such, and fwiw I'm black. I've never really dealt with racism(aside from a few subtle things from when me and my family lived in a really white area) but I can't speak for the South. I've been to Missisipi twice in my life(once as a kid, another as a teen). I do recall my mom saying that contrary to California, there still are some older folks who wouldn't like a black guy/white girl holding hands. In general, how bad is the religious conservatism or other social elements?
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Jackie Ni is one of a number of politically literate high school students who decided 2020 is the year to try and effect change.
The 18-year-old, who just graduated from high school in the United States, has decided to use skills he learned at school to try and remove Donald Trump from office.
Ni is the founder of MemePAC, a self-christened super political action committee (PAC) that is youth-focused – "similar to how the Lincoln Project focuses on Republicans," he told Business Insider...
Ni has been the primary coder of MemePAC's 19 tech-related projects hosted on their website, including a tool that replaces the by-now instantly recognizable red "Make America Great Again" hats Trump supporters wear with blue "Biden 2020" ones, a satirical Tinder game from the point of view of Trump, and Trump Trivia, a daily text message or email blast containing memes used to inform people of the current president's ineptitude in office.
More than 30,000 people have signed up for Trump Trivia messages. Ni hopes that a recent agreement with another grassroots political group, SettleForBiden, will build the subscriber base further.
But it's on TikTok that MemePAC has had the most impact, with more than 5.5 million views of its content across social media, and more than 300,000 followers on the app. The Lincoln Project has around 33,000 followers by comparison....
MemePAC has raised $3,000 so far and has bigger goals. "We will pivot towards House and Senate races, as well as other progressive issues," Ni said.
Ni also has lofty targets. He wants to reach 10 million total views of his content before election day, and doesn't plan to stop engaging with politics.
"I used to really be into computer science, but over the course of the gap year and working on MemePAC, I really want to study political science or public policy," he said. "My ultimate dream is running for the House at 25."
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So I just joined the church of Sangatsu, and I completely fell in with all its characters. I love the Kawamoto sisters with all my heart cause they remind me of my sisters although our age gap is much smaller. Akari chan is one character who deserves the best in the world, but am I the only one who thinks that neither Shimada nor Hayashida are a good match for her? Although I love both characters, they just don't click with Akari and are better off with their bromance as Noguchi assumed they would end up :P I think Akari needs someone who is in near her age cause Shimada and Hayashida are a bit too old for her and the rest is just too young. I would prefer Akari to meet someone new or might bring the character she gave her bento box when she was younger into the series. Akari needs both someone reliable and who learns her how to live as well. Shimada and Hayashida seem like the stray cats Akari takes in and takes care for them, but I would love for her to find someone who takes care of her in many aspects, and gives her the life she has missed so far with all the responsibilities she had to carry since her teen years.
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