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Hey there! I’ve been wanting to get a pet cam to spy on my 11 year old bun while I’m at work. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
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Good evening good people of reddit,
I have small, walled front yard and today when I went to work, I noticed that that the umbrella I left outside for 1 night was gone. Moments later, I noticed my plastic orange bowl that I used for small projects, was also gone and I came to find it down the street. My girlfriend was home all day and when I arrived I noticed that someone stole two medium sized potted plants, presumably at the same time the umbrella and the bowl was stolen. All of this took place sometime between 10am and 13pm. For context, I believe the pots were taken inside the plastic bowl, as when I found it, it had dirt in it. Furthermore, next to the plastic bowl, there was a weird sort of cover or blanket and a broken, rusted up key that looked similar to my house key.
It's a very strange burglary and I'm looking into protect my front yard, which is the only access to the house. I cannot get a dog, nor do I have the time to train it. Me and my family came to the conclusion that I need a small camera, with which I can stream the front yard to my computer, cellphone, etc... and maybe even record it. So, need your help in this sense friends. Any cameras, spy cams, CCTV system that I can get that is affordable? I'm an university student with a small budget.
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2020.10.18 08:08 Erwinblackthorn Dead Planet

Being captain of the ESS Questzel meant I had to make decisions that weren’t quite “ethical” for the average USC battleship. Command’s order was clear: confirm there is a facility on planet Halogi that is making secret weapons and take it out. Our spies returned with the report, with no casualties and very little difficulty. According to their report, the locals of Halogi were working on some kind of energy weapon that is meant to be self-sufficient and channels through anything made of carbon. Such a weapon was seen as a threat, according to the USC war doctrine that states: any weapon unable to be mass-produced by the USC is to be destroyed by the USC until the board of directors are able to vote it into production after the votes of shareholders.

What they were making on Halogi was definitely a threat to the USC and so we were to destroy it.

I closed the report, seeing all I wanted to see. “Someone give me the sitrep for the surroundings of the facility.”

“Sir,” a staff member answered behind me, “the location of the facility is surrounded by a megacity. Population 65 million. We can send in a squad to infiltrate and… "

"... Fire the missile ."

Everyone turned away from their monitors.


"You heard me," I stated. "Fire the missile and then send in a clean up crew. Any trace of the city means there's going to be someone who's going to know a secret or two."

Hesitantly, the deck hand typed for our thermonuclear warhead to be locked on. The sensor downloaded its trajectory and designation. Once complete, it let out a pin, and the button to press unlocked on my armrest. Without skipping a beat, I pressed it. The ship rattled slightly, the bright rocket-end of the missile gleaming at the bottom of our view screen, on its way to the planet's atmosphere.

I never got tired of watching that beautiful bloom of a saucer-like mushroom cloud, even all the way from the planet’s exosphere. Like always, I pulled out my peace pipe and finished it off, one hit at a time until the dust settled. The camera blinked as it zoomed in, the jungle around the city active with animal activity, and the waters thrashed violently from the intense winds. Uprooted trees and massive waves scattered around the blast area, with flocks of birds flying for safety. Never got old.

The pods holding the cleanup crew followed, their lasers ready to cleanse the land of any survivors. Bullets left behind too much for comfort. A weapon wasn’t good enough unless it reduced the enemy into embers. Their suits were good enough for the radiation of space, so they had no trouble with wandering around ground zero unless there was a tear in the metal under their ceramic armor.

As they landed, we watched their helmet cams on the edges of the view screen. The view they gave us was glorious. Bodies lay on the ground, burning quietly as the wind howled in the distance. Silhouettes where living beings once were, frozen forever by the bleaching of their surroundings in an eternal shadow of what once was. None of the cleaners used their weapons yet, their casual stroll towards ground zero.

Around them, something stirred. The ashes and smoldering rubble along the ground slowly crawled past them, the sphere of destruction following them on their way towards the center where the midair explosion took place. Where the facility once stood was a barren plot of dry dirt, and high above it floated a strange orb of light. Bit by bit, a figure formed from the gathering embers. The cleaners were far from it, but from our ship’s image, we could see the figure floating in the air for a moment with its arms spread out and its head knocked back towards the sky.

The last thing we saw before it broke apart was the glare of red, flaming, eyes staring right up at us. The cameras flickered, static blaring from their connection. Through the scrambled images, we could see cleaners firing off all they had. Chaos erupted at ground zero, rockets whizzing into the growing dark mass and bursting in midair. The cloud swelled with each laser blast that should have shot right through it, but instead, the energy was… absorbed.

Tentacle-like limbs shot out of the center mass, stabbing into power armor and smashing their visors. One soldier was pierced through the stomach, his head vibrating violently, a red slime dripping out of the crack in his suit. Lifting him off the ground, the creature smashed him into the stained asphalt. The force knocked off his helmet, revealing the remains of a charred skeleton and melted organs. Others followed the same fate, each of the cameras going off as they were thrown into the sky and flung into rubble.

The only camera that remained was the feed still being given from the landing pod. In the distance, the shadowy figure grew in size, absorbing the ashes of what was once a well-populated city. Its core glowed bright, like a self-made fire devil. Ash continued to swim towards the center of the vortex until every bit fluttered off the ground. The ash cloud spiraled high into the sky, trailed by aggressive flames.

“Sir, something is heading for us…”
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2020.10.08 17:07 IceboundCat6 Spy cam voy

Everyone is a RED spy with only a sapper. The impostor(s) have a knife. Upon hit, the knife instantly kills the targeted player, spawning a tombstone with a text bubble above it with the dead player's name (since everyone is red). The knife deploys and holsters instantly.
Sap sentries/dispensers/teleporters
Capture point
Push cart
Sort documents (capturing intel)
Review stats (like download)
Upload stats
Fix wiring (you'd +use a color on the left then +use the same color on the right, connecting them)
Scan (like medbay scan, you'd stand on the platform and press a button, which encloses you in glass and lights up the chamber.)
Tech (makes certain tasks unable to be completed, like capturing points, pushing carts, and download/upload)
Bombs (why not have active bombs lying around? Crewmates have to defuse them by repeatedly clicking on the bombs with their sappers.)
Communications (deactivates cams and disables HUD overlay displaying current tasks.)
Emergency meetings would be called by using a button, just like in Among Us.
Reporting Dead Bodies:
If you spot a dead body, walk over to it and press +use on it. This will play the "discussion" sound and call everyone to a table, with invisible walls surrounding them. The impostor is forcibly switched to their sapper and has their knife taken away.
Once discussion time is over, each player is teleported to a separate room, with the names of each player displayed over buttons. The skip button is a different color and has "skip" written on it. You are given a gun to shoot who you vote for.
Once voting time is up, players are teleported to another room with a large blank white wall displaying who voted for who and who skipped. Players are ejected or the vote is skipped as normal, and players are teleported back to the meeting table, and the impostor gets their knife back.
If impostors win, all players are teleported to a red room, with the impostors on a podium.
If the crewmates win, all players are teleported to a light blue room, with the impostors in jail cells.
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instead of editing the old bookmarks post ill just upload new ones
here are the latest bookmarks
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2020.10.07 09:58 zephyrdrakes My Opinion on the Current Live Version (re-edited)

Re-edited from u/brodiebradley51 https://www.reddit.com/Rainbow6/comments/j6aizo/my_wants_for_the_upcoming_midseason_balance_patch/.

  • Non-Bulletproof Banshees ( if positioned correctly, it's just hell to counter ) OR
  • Number of Banshees lowered to 2 (from 3) AND
  • Gains Bulletproof Camera; Replaces Nitro Cell
Melusi is a menace of an operator who has little to no negatives, and is an operator who is slightly overtuned in her current state. The banshees don't only slow you down but also notify the defenders that you are nearby and placed in some unreachable position, well , goodluck in high level of gameplay.
  • S.E.L.M.A Aqua Breachers now lowered to 2 (from 3)
  • Number of Hydraulic Pressure Pellets per S.E.L.M.A lowered to 2 (from 3)
  • Decrease Throw Distance (Ace needs to take a risk to get somehow close to be able to throw the SELMA)
Ace is an extremely easy and effective hardbreacher, more like a "risk free" hardbreacher with excellent loadout that is without a doubt lowering the pickrate of Hibana.

Ash and Zofia
  • Add more recoil to the R4C and M762
Add Grenade "launching" delay for KS79 LIFELINE (1.2s)
Zofia and Ash are extremely easy and comfortable operators to use, i would say that their abilities are well balanced, but their guns? obviously need some tuning like adding more recoil to them. They are somehow the best entry fraggers of this meta.
  • Increase the angle of the shield opening after being knifed or stunned
Clash has been the most hated operator so far with an increasingly banning rate. Still frustrating to deal with as even after being knifed or stunned , she lets down a small opening that every clash mains know how to counter. SIMPLY TURNING THE SHIELD A FLINCH TO THE LEFT, COUNTERS THE OPENING DEGREE.
  • Add a green light while being used (Just like a Valk Cam)
Zero is really fun to play with, i think his ability is okayish, somehow in dark corners, it's hard to notice you are being spied on, i know that it's meant to be Sam fisher hiding in the shadows but compared to drones and valk cams, it's not fair.
unpopular opinion
9ms Latency
  • 9ms Players or i would say "people who sleep on the servers" have a huge advantage in peeks and how much they can absorb damages. You can literally sweat and tryhard as much as you want and they will just sit in a corner , sip a cup of tea, do a flip, a 360, absorb your shots and kill you with a thorax hit. For that Discussion, it's another thread.
Anyway thanks for READING, have a nice day and you can disagree with everything, it's normal. Huge thanks to u/brodiebradley51.
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2020.10.06 20:55 Jemthrowaway88 Spy cam voy

Hi. First post here, although I do post to JustnoMIL. I've been thinking about this for a while, and what I need to get off my chest. I just need a moment, and then I can be calm and zen again. Thanks for listening, and for any advice/support.
Dear, MIL.
You didn't always start life out as a JN. In fact, when me and my now husband were dating, you were only a mild case of JN. You had your moments, but we all took it in stride and put it aside because we figured you must care. We're all human, we all have our human days, so I just put it down to you having a moment. After I got engaged to your son, your JustNO tendencies increased, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. We still got on a lot of the time. Once we got married, however, you changed.
You made our wedding day extra tense and stressful, by appointing yourself the art critic and complaining that you didn't like the color scheme, or the flowers, or anything. You critiqued everything and made everyone feel uncomfortable and awkward. Why? You implied that my cousin looked fat in her dress and told her that she ought to wear something longer. Why?
Not long after our wedding, you got swept up in some bullshit MLM thing and tried to con us into joining your business. You didn't believe us when we told you it was a scam, and when we refused you started acting out. You put so much extra pressure on us as newly weds, trying to message us separately to get at least one of us to join, putting stress on us as individuals, but also as a newly married couple.
For someone who doesn't seem to like me, you sure do spend a lot of time thinking about me or wanting to be near me. You started shopping at the same places I did, you copied things I posted to social media, you would get your nails done similar to mine. You wanted to come along with me to my Dr's apps. You even copied an anniversary photo that me and my husband did. You went to the same gardens, stood in the same place, and got essentially, the same photograph.
And now I'm pregnant, with our first child, and you, true to form, have added in so much extra stress. You purchased a whole lot of baby stuff and made a nursery in your house, and then you got angry at us when we told you we would not be leaving our newborn with you for overnight stays. Never mind that you didn't run anything by us, you went out and bought all that stuff without thinking to ask first. You then lied to my husband, and told him that I had changed my mind and said you could stay with us for a few months after the birth of the baby. Nope.
We have to password protect medical information, because you feel entitled to this baby. You tried to go above us to find out the gender, which is something that not even we know. You don't take this pandemic seriously, and have ridiculed us for staying at home and isolating, yet you want full access to our baby when it arrives in Dec?
We had to go so far as getting porch cams installed, because you kept on coming over unnannounced, rather than texting or calling. We've seen you on the cams, MIL, you've been snapped. Thank goodness, my husband stands up for me and our growing family, and we have boundaries in place. But what did you do at the first sign of boundaries? You get your other son to try and spy on us and ask us questions about the pregnancy and the baby.
When will this end? When you get your son back? When you can get your grubby hands on our new baby? I'm tired. I'm tired and I'm done.
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2020.10.06 12:40 math_folder Spy voy cam

One of my early memories as a kid is taking a bath as a 6 year old and having my dad reach for my penis and forcefully stroke it to pull its foreskin back. No, I wasn’t being abused, my backstory is not that fucked up. I had been diagnosed with phimosis, and the doctor recommended a somewhat rudimentary method to deal with it — in the US, circumcision is a common procedure, but we like to keep our hoods where I’m from. Sadly, that moment was probably the closest I have ever shared with my dad regarding my sexuality.
Fast forward seven years and I’m a 13 year old teenager watching TV with my parents. A travel show is on, and it’s set in Florence, Italy. As they venture into the Accademia Gallery Museum, the show’s voiceover shares some trivia facts about Michelangelo’s famous David. “Did you know that he was sculptured uncircumcised, despite being a Jew?”. The word rings a bell but I’m not sure what it is, so I throw out the question: “Circumcised, what’s that?”. I can see my parents stir nervously as they give me a brief answer. “Mm, it’s when they remove the foreskin of your penis, don’t you remember how we dealt with your phimosis as a kid?”. “Phimosis? That’s another word I don’t know”, I think to myself, but I hold on to that second question. Once I know the topic is sexual, I am more comfortable not continuing the conversation with my parents.
As soon as I get back to my room, I google for “circumcision” and “phimosis”. “Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin can’t be retracted (pulled back) from around the tip of the penis”. “Oh shit, this is exactly what I have”. Whatever my parents achieved when I was a kid had reverted back to its original position, and I had not been pulling my foreskin back for years, unaware that was a problem at all. Now suddenly I realize I have this issue, and from what I’m reading it requires a medical procedure. Well fuck, surgery on my penis. How am I supposed to go about this? It sounds like the first step should be telling my parents, but there is nothing I fear more at this moment.
The awkwardness was too much to handle. I remember hanging out in the living room the following morning while my mom swept the floor around me. The most intense internal debate was happening within myself, trying to gather up the courage to open my mouth and say it. “Mom, remember that we talked yesterday about phimosis? Well, I actually still have it, I just wasn’t aware of it. I think I should get surgery”. I rehearsed these words over and over in my head as my mom wandered around. I made a huge effort to spit it out, but in the end the fear of talking about anything sexual with my parents was too big, and I watched in silence as my mom finished cleaning and headed out of the room. I never tried telling them again, and I keep my foreskin to this day.
My parents and I never had the classic talk about sex. As a teenager, I felt it as impending doom. I always thought my parents would address it sooner or later, because that seemed to be the way things worked. When I think about it, I reckon that presumption was based more on Hollywood and TV than on reality, because I don’t think most of my friends ever had the conversation either. Needless to say, back then it was something that I absolutely did not want to go through. The mere idea of it made me cringe. I guess my parents felt the same way, because the talk never happened and we all continued to live happily in avoidance.
Sex was never discussed at school either. Other than your basic lesson on the biology of genitals, I do not remember receiving any lecture on sexuality. That’s what you get for going to a religious school. Without guidance nor anything close to it, I, like many other kids my age, turned to the worst teacher possible: porn.
I started watching porn as an early teenager and soon developed an addictive behavior towards it. One day, as I opened the browser to watch some porn, I noticed that I could not navigate to any porn site, while normal sites would still load without any issues. Someone had installed a filtering application on the computer. My mom being absolutely technology illiterate, it was clearly the work of my dad. When the filter started getting in the way of actual, non-erotic websites, I reached out to him. “Dad, this filter that you installed is blocking me from a bunch of websites that do not even have adult content”. His reply? “I don’t know what filter you are talking about”. So that was the way it was. When confronted about it, my dad doubled down on his strategy of avoidance. I walked away quietly and eventually figured out how to remove the filtering software from my computer. He never mentioned anything about it nor reinstalled it.
Soon after, I found out where the whole filter thing had come from. One day I randomly noticed an icon on my taskbar that had been there for some time but I had never really paid attention to. When I googled the name of it, it turned out to be a piece of software that allows you to remotely log in to a computer and access its screen. Essentially, my dad was running software on my computer to spy on me as I used it. He must have seen me watching porn and decided he had to do something about it, hence the filter.
I felt betrayed, my privacy completely violated. I felt embarrassed and humiliated. How much had he seen? In my head, I went over all those awkward things I had been doing on the Internet: pretending I was a lesbian on chats, trying to persuade cam girls to strip naked for free, and, of course, hours and hours of watching porn. Had my dad been a witness to all of that? As you can imagine, I never asked him.
Lack of privacy was a constant when living with my parents. My room was never a private space. It wasn’t even fully mine. A third of the storage space was occupied by both my mom and my dad’s things, and they would often come in and out of it to grab stuff without even knocking on my door.
This naturally resulted in them catching me red-handed on multiple occasions. Fortunately, it was never too explicit, as I usually had just enough time to minimize my browser and take my hand out of my pants before they came in. It must have been quite obvious, nonetheless. What would you think if, as you walk into your teenage son’s room, you notice him jumping a little bit out of his desk chair in front of the computer, nervously clicking things away as he switches positions? Yeah, exactly. I guess they settled for not seeing me actually jerk off though, because they continued to do this forever, leaving me in a constant state of alert whenever I watched porn with them at home.
Porn was only one of many ways in which they bumped into my most private moments. When I was entering puberty, my sexual energy was off the roof. I would masturbate like a freaking chimpanzee, whenever and wherever I got the chance. My parents would show up as I was watching TV on the couch in the living room, jerking off under the blanket, the pounding movement in the crotch area suddenly coming to a stop as they walked in. At one point, I’m pretty sure that my mom discovered a very embarrassing erotic drawing that I made as she was going through my stuff to clean my room. And yet, they never acknowledged any of these incidents, not at the moment when they happened nor afterwards. Their response was always the same: silence.
I can only remember one instance where my parents talked sex to me, and it only came recently, in my mid-to-late twenties. After I revealed them I was in my first long-term relationship, my dad took the opportunity as soon as we had some time alone to tell me: “Hey son, now that you are in a committed relationship, you know what you have to do, right? Wear protection. I know you don’t like me talking about these things, but you guys have to be careful”. “A little too late for that” — I thought — “but I appreciate the effort, dad”.
I sometimes wonder what it was like for them during all those years. How aware were they of my habits? Did they have any idea I watched porn for so many hours? Did they ever discuss this among themselves? Were they worried about me? Did they ever consider reaching out to me?
I know my parents love me and their policy of silence was just the only way they knew how to handle the situation. I think I can understand where they come from. Currently in their early sixties, they obviously belong to a very different generation. It was a much more repressed society, particularly in small towns such as those where my parents grew up. Knowing my grandparents, I can only imagine that they never received any kind of sex education themselves. Religion tainted sex as something sinful and loaded with shame. These now-outdated views and the hateful dynamics that little towns often have, where everybody keeps track of your movements and talks behind your back, built a solid wall of secrecy around the topic of sex. My parents remained virgins until marriage and to this day are scarce in how they show affection to each other. They seem to have never gotten rid of the taboo mentality.
Certainly, sometimes this is just a façade, the image that you intentionally project to the outside. My parents do not necessarily have to be prude or repressed just because they seem so. I’m sure they’ve done stuff. I even “caught” my dad watching porn once —or rather, saw a porn site in his browser’s history as he typed something into the address bar— like father, like son. It would be nothing but a pleasant surprise to find out that my parents have always enjoyed a happy and active sex life in the privacy of their room. However, knowing them like I do, it is hard to conceive them having sex more than twice in their life: one to have my sister and one to have me.
Now I don’t want to fall into the trap of blaming my parents for all of my problems, because that would take away from me blaming society as well. All joking aside, I do take responsibility for my issues, but at the same time understand how it can be helpful to analyze some of the different factors that are involved in them. And what you learn about sex and intimacy as you grow up is necessarily one of those factors. How much a poor sex education influenced my problems with porn, I do not know, but I know this: it is my intention to work hard to break the cycle of ignorance and avoidance and educate my future children better about sex. And, in order to do that, I will start by educating myself, by overcoming my problems and reaching a healthy sex life that sets me as a good example for them. Only from that place will I be able to truly provide guidance, to give sound advice and information without being judgmental, and to respect my children’s privacy while allowing them to make their own decisions.
Who knows, maybe someday, when they look ready, I will even send them a link to this post.
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