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2020.08.25 23:04 Desi19977 I (23M) Am Sexually Attracted To A Single Mom (30F) with a 7 year old son. Is this moral ? Should I be Ashamed ?

I have already posted this on another subredit but i need to make up my mind fast before this Sunday (u will read the reason) so i need as many responses as possible.
I (23M) live in Pakistan. I am from Karachi but live in Lahore for university. I am on by 3rd Year in University. I live in a rested 2 bedroom apartment alone. Now right across lives a woman (30F) and her 7 year old son.
Often in the morning i would see her drop her son to his van and then she would leave for work. In those few intial instances when i saw her i was totally dumb fond by her beauty. She was a healthy woman with a mouth watering body and a gorgeous looking face. She wore a jilbab and hijab so i never got to see more but just the outline of her body triggered my male hormones crazy. This was 3 years ago when i first moved in.
Now slowly i approached her in helping her out and so begun my direct communication with her. At first i helped out in basic things like bringing certain groceries or droping her son to school. But as time went by she begun trusting me more and we became friends. I got her number and while her initial texts were list of groceries we soon got more causal and started having actual conversations.
We discussed our personal lives and other stuff. She told me she is a single mom and that she works as a receptionist somewhere. I told her about my education. She however is very hesitant on her child's father and i still dont know anything about him so i never ask so she doesnt get awkward. My intial checking out turned into a genuine crush and i started going to the gym.
A few months in oneday she even complemented by physical appearance when made me really happy and kinda turned on thinking that maybe i turned her on a little bit even if its slightly.
My the middle of my second year's semester she got so casual with me that now she even lets me buy her private items like pads. Since i knew when she is on her period i started buying a box of chocolates and ice cream everytime she asks me to buy pads for her. She really appriciates when i do that and her appreciation makes me happy.
Now i must tell u that i am still a virgin. And being so close with such a beautiful and hot woman and literally a dream for a guy like me. I dont wanna sound like a creep but her body esspecially her ass just drives me crazy. Even when she is all covered up in a jilbab her ass still pops out like a camel's hump.
Now i would be lying if i said i never imagine myself nude with her when im alone. Infact i often think how her naked body would look like without all those layers of cloths and hijab to hide her hair, would she be a hairy lady like most Pakistani women or would she be shaved like Western Women either way i would love it. I know this sounds perverted but honestly these are thoughts that anyone would have when they are 20+ and still a virgin and growing closer to the woman they love.
She has even invited me to dinner on some rare occasions such as during any festival since they dont have any relatives in the city. So i got a good look inside her house. Its a nice clean house with 2 bedrooms. I was shocked to find out that despite just the 2 mother and child living alone they still had seperate rooms. I asked why and she responded with that her son has a fixed bedtime at 11 pm so she doesnt want to be around him otherwise he migjt get disturbed.
Now while this all sounds normal for me it got me thinking does she feel lonely at nights? I mean think about it a hot single woman that sleeps alone ! Like there must be nights when she must feel horny.
Since then my mind has started working in all sorts of directions. Like does she think of me when she is horny ? I mean she has complimented my body and doesnt try to hide private things like her periods. I just like to imagine her laying nude on her bed thinking about me idk if that is true or not.
I really love this woman and as time goes on my feeling for her heat up more and more. But i want her to fall equally in love with me. She is a conservative woman yet she has let me be so close to her. She sees me as a helpful neighbour and a good friend but that isnt enough for me. I want to go beyond just being a friend. I want to be naked with her in bed, I want to be the man who she has allowed to take off all those layers and layers of clothing, I want to be someone who she can be shameless around and I want her to look at my naked body aswell without feeling shy.
Im sorry if i sound so perverted but I am so sexually repressed, the least i can do is imagine myself doing dirty things to her.
This sunday is my birthday and i asked her if she would like to go out for dinner with me, At first she objected that Monday her son has school (schools have opened up here). So i clarified that the dinner would be just between me and her and that i will pick her up after 11 (her son's bedtime) and drop her by 2 am. She then agreed.
Now i am beyond happy. For me I am making progress in winning her heart. We would be together late at night having a romantic dinner and then I drop her at her house.
Now I know this isnt "The Night" where she might invite me home and we have sex. We obviously havent reached that point yet but still I imagine that would be a night much similar to this one.
During my time fantasizing of that day and imagining how her giant ass would look like without cloths I had a very serious and existential question.
The question was regarding the morality of what i am doing and my aim. Let me be a little specific.
Lets say she agrees to have sex with me and one night after 11 i go to her house and we both strip and start making love. Now is it moral for me to be naked with a woman whose 7 year old child is sleeping in the other room oblivious to what i am doing with his mother ?
From the kid's pov i am just a friendly neighbour who sometimes drops him to school. Now imagine urself in place of that kid and tell me how would u feel if u oneday (sooner or later) find out that ur friendly neighbour actually comes to ur house after u sleep and ejaculates on ur naked mother. The same mother that covers herself in a jilbab.
In my love for the beauty of this mature woman made me forget that she has a child.
Fantasizing about anal was my favorite since i have mentioned she has a huge ass. However the same fantasy makes me look cruel in my eyes questioning if me entering a woman's rectum while her innocent child sleeps is me being a douch bag.
My question is this: Is it moral for me to have sex with a single mother just next to the room where her child sleeps ?
Originally i was gonna post a picture of her and her son that i took oneday. And another one of a side angle where the size of her ass can be seen. However i found this idea really distasteful so i opted not to. But if people insist for proof i might post it but please dont do that.
I request u dont troll me but do point me out if i am wrong somewhere. I really need to know the moral implications of my soon to be relationship.
That kid really looks up to his mother. If what i want really does happen then am I doing any injustice to the innocent child ?
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Throwaway for obvious reasons, I hope none of my family sees this because this is very specific to our situation haha
<< LONG BACKGROUND, SKIP IF YOU WANT>> My mom (39F) and my stepdad (35M) have been married for 5 years. They met online and my siblings and I (17F) met him like 2 weeks into their relationship. Him and his daughter (15F) moved in about half a year after we met them and got married a few months after that. I have anxiety issues and don't do well with change, so I wasn't super fond of him from the beginning, but he has since grown on me as a father figure. I do think I have a pretty good grasp on who to trust, and I have just never fully trusted him. There were several instances when I was younger when he would act in strange ways. At least, they seemed strange to me since my family thought I just had something against him personally when I brought them up. He has always seemed very narcissistic in little ways, showing his body off all the time and acting like my mom should be grateful she had him. If anyone said anything he didn't agree with, he would snicker and mock them, even if what they were saying was 100% rational or true.
This year, I started noticing little changes in my mom's behavior. She's gorgeous even though she is a little curvy. She started talking about plastic surgery, dressing up for every occasion she would see my stepdad, putting in hair extensions, etc. This wouldn't have been a problem if she was trying to change herself to make herself feel better, but she has since told me that it was because my stepdad hated how she looked. He told her that she wasn't his type, he told her that he loved all of her except her belly, he told my little sister to tell her that he thought her outfit looked ugly, he told his ex-wife to send nudes to my mom to motivate her to lose weight, etc. She has had multiple breakdowns in front of me expressing that she doesn't feel loved. He stopped paying her any attention unless she was dressed in clothes that showed off her butt and perfect hair and makeup. She is one of those people who is extremely dependent on their partner, so this was the end of the world to her. Regardless, she didn't want to leave him.
He has also been a negative force in my sibling and I's lives. He smacked my stepsister in the mouth when she was 13, and when I called him out for it, he told me to know my place. He constantly nags on and on about how my stepsister isn't as well-behaved as my bio siblings. She now has emotional issues that he mocks her for. He calls us lazy for taking 30-minute naps. We have a huge list of chores (the entire house plus cooking, he doesn't do anything) which is fine, except for the fact that we all are honors students involved in several extracurriculars and don't have time 24/7 to clean. We could do the entire list but one thing, and he would get upset that the one thing wasn't done. My mom blames it on his OCD, but they try to blame their marriage failing on us not doing all of our chores when told to. They can't agree on how to parent, but I don't think they should drag us into that conversation. He doesn't give us any positive reinforcement at all but gets upset when taking our phones away all the time doesn't encourage us to do what they tell us to. I also recently found out that my bio dad's child support has been going towards paying for the house that they can't afford. Since they have shared finances, he just takes the money and says it's supporting us anyways. I'd be okay with that if he didn't use the money from my stepsister's bio mom to take her out multiple times a month but get upset with my mom if she takes my bio siblings and I out once. <>
Now for the real shitty stuff. All of these relationship issues caused my mom to feel like a failure as a wife and mother, so she asked a male family friend for advice on how to get my stepdad to love her again. My stepdad flipped, accused her of having an affair, threw away their wedding ring, smashed pictures of them, etc. (TW) The same day, my little sister and I come home to her delirious screaming for my stepdad to come back. She was acting recklessly while she was drunk and it ended up going south very quickly. (She is fine now; this happened about a month ago). When the ambulance and police got there, my stepdad didn't ask any of us if we were okay after seeing our mom dying (something that even the NEIGHBOR asked). He didn't want to see my mom in the ambulance, either. He was actually completely unphased even though he knew exactly what was happening. Then, I hear from my mom that he was crying hysterically in the hospital when he got to talk to her??? I don't want to invalidate his emotions but the difference between his reactions in front of us and in front of her was completely different. My sister and I found several concerning and depressing messages to him from my mom minutes beforehand, and he told her to stop talking like that. It was my bio dad who actually became concerned with the messages she sent him about taking care of my siblings and I. If it weren't for him, I probably would have lost my mom.
I know full well it's not entirely his fault that my mom did that, but I can't rationalize in my mind that he still loves her when he knew full well how she was feeling because of him. This wasn't the first time she had texted him like this. Stepping back and looking at the trauma he has caused my family over the past few years, I've decided to stop talking to him. I get to the point of almost having a panic attack just by hearing his voice. I can't get the image of my mom dying on the couch screaming his name out of my mind. My mom is adamant that she is staying with him and is telling me that I'm being defiant and should make some attempt to sympathize with him. I can't help that it's my body's reaction to freak out whenever he's near. For now, I'm living at my bio dad's house, but I want to be there for my mom as much as possible. I have no idea what to do about it. At this rate, I'm just going to keep living here until I graduate and just leave things as they are, which I know is the opposite of what my mom wants. Maybe I am being a little drastic, but it's all very overwhelming right now and I don't know what kind of an example to set for my younger siblings.
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