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Controlled Aggression is the Most Powerful Tool you have for getting better with women

I get it bro...
You've been lifting and working on yourself for a few months to a year now. You're starting to get glances from girls as you walk past them.
You’re actually trying. You’re on every dating app. You work hard to do well in your career.
On occasion you might have even had a few girls who were into you! But nothing ever goes anywhere. You go on dates that you think went amazing! Only to get ghosted... you start to doubt yourself, which only makes things worse.
Why is that? Why is dating so hard these days?
The answer is because if you live in the US or Canada, it’s a hookup culture, not a dating culture. Most of what guys learned about romance whether from parents or Hollywood is based on outdated social norms from 10-20 years ago. It’s no longer applicable to today’s dating scene.
And based on years of experience consistently dating girls who everyone says are way out of my league, here's the two biggest mistakes holding most guys back:
1) You are not aggressive enough when you actually meet with girls in person - When I say aggressive, I don't mean being a whiny pest and constantly texting the girl to hang out or trying to make plans with her. That's not aggression, that's neediness. However, most guys I know go too far in the opposite way when they actually meet the girl on a date. They'll actually wait for her to make all the moves... or give up after the first failed kiss... which works if you’re really hot or rich but if not you're going to have to play a lot more aggressively on the date.
Modern dating is getting faster every day. Tinder swipe culture changed everything. We are all commodities. You are replaceable. Never forget that and try to use the outdated 3 dates before sex rule. There’s no such thing as moving too fast when it comes to modern dating. By moving fast and going for sex on the first meetup, you don’t allow unforeseen circumstances to come up and ruin your hard work. In fact You become the storm that comes and snatches girls away from the other guys that spent months “building a connection” while you have sex with her on the first date!!
Sex on the first date. There is no second chance after the first meetup. Will there be some girls that you could have done better with if you did 3 dates instead but turned off by being so aggressive? Yes, of course, but if you're in America or Canada, there will be FAR MORE girls you let slip through your fingers by not being aggressive enough on the first date. Trust me, it's a hookup culture, not a dating culture. The majority of young women today will fuck on the first date without any significant hangups, and they have a lot of other guys competing for their attention. It's simply facts.
Every girlfriend I’ve ever had has come from sex on the first meeting. No exceptions. And if you’re not in High School or College, There’s no advantage to moving slow. Hookup culture means in order to get a girlfriend you must hookup first. Very few exceptions unfortunately.
2) You are too aggressive, but in a wild, uncontrolled way - On the other end of the spectrum, you see guys who do try to move towards sex, but in a wild, uncontrollable way. No push pull, non-stop escalation. No reading her body language or facial expressions. Just plowing forward non-stop. Often, the guys who do this have Dark Triad traits. Sociopaths. Psychopaths. No empathy, so they just don't give a shit about the girl.
Unfortunately, despite what you may have heard, this approach is also not optimal. Think about the last time someone tried to sell you something. The guy who kept calling you and following up and kept trying to plow through your objections, how did he make you feel?
Uncomfortable... Angry!
You didn't buy what he was selling did you? Same with girls. When they see this crazy aggression without any push pull or reading her social cues, they see a used car salesman, obviously only in it for himself. Being too aggressive is also inherently needy behavior because it signals that you absolutely must have sex with her no matter what.
So what's the solution? Controlled Aggression. The way of the master salesman
1) Physical Appearance and Vocal Tonality is Key - I strongly believe that the majority of women are smart enough to sniff out when guys try to fake being confident in conversation. It's so obvious. You ever watch bad acting in Porn or B-Movies? You can tell right way they're not real just based on how they sound. That's why it's so important to lift, get a nice haircut, and clothes that fit you. You can't fake physical appearance. If you do want to fake something, master vocal tonality and not pickup lines or memorized routines. Talk in a loud, deep, and slow voice and you will immediately notice changes in the way girls respond to you. It's not what you say. It's how you sound when you say it. Learn to talk louder and slower so you actually sound confident when you talk instead of coming off try-hard.
2) Subtlety is king - All successful manipulation is subtle and barely noticeable. Never ever give the girl an ultimatum like "look, you either come with me or I leave and you never see me again". This is because most human beings (men and women) always choose Safety when faced with an ultimatum. If you tell people, "quit your job and by next year you can potentially make $1 million with your own business but you have to make the decision right now or I'll never give you this opportunity again!" of course, 99/100 people will say No. Closing a hot girl is not a high stakes poker game or a business negotiation. When dealing with people, everything has to be subtle and gradual.
If she gives you an objection, acknowledge it, and REPEAT IT BACK TO HER IN A SLIGHTLY MORE FAVORABLE WAY before pulling back. Do not keep pushing forward if the girl tells you she doesn't feel comfortable having sex on the same night. That's wild, uncontrolled aggression. This is smooth, controlled aggression. Remember, as Lenin said: "It is necessary sometimes to take one step backward to take two steps forward".
Here's what you do: first, acknowledge her objection!
"I hear you" or "I understand where you're coming from", then repeat their objection back to them, but re-word it in a way that is more favorable to you.
This is truly next level stuff. This is how you change history before your very eyes and blow up each of her objections in a respectful way one by one.
Girl: "It's the first time we met... let's not ruin it by going too fast"
You: "I understand. We shouldn't ruin it by going too fast. We should just let things naturally happen tonight :)"
Never get into an argument with the girl if she gives you objections, no matter how illogical they sound. Always acknowledge it and pull back. You don't even have to solve it most of the time, you can just escalate a few minutes later anyways! But by simply acknowledging it, she will feel like you actually care about her!
3) Don't Skip Steps - Keep your escalation controlled. Don't make abrupt out of place moves. Now I know I said that you need to do everything to have sex the same night but some people just can't resist going crazy the moment the girl start to show any interest back. They try to make out with her right away before establishing any connection in the conversation or establishing touch in other areas of her body like her shoulder or hand. Keep your escalations smooth and planned out from beginning to end. Basic escalation is as follows:

  1. Meet girl and deliver your opener
  2. Chit Chat, establish similarities with the girl and introduce yourself to her friends if they're nearby
  3. Pull to a nearby location where you can both talk
  4. establish touch and deep eye contact
  5. make out
  6. pull home
  7. overcome last minute resistance
  8. Sex!
Don't skip steps unless the girl is escalating on you. You will lose some girls when her friends come to interfere or some other random shit happens but you'll lose even more girls by escalating too fast.
Treat Her Well After Sex:
Women use their emotions to make decisions. Treat her well after sex by cuddling with her and taking her to breakfast the next day and you will not only never have to deal with false rape accusations, but you just secured a new fuck buddy after a few more meetups :)
What have you got to lose?
Worst case scenario you give this a shot and it doesn’t work out for you. No big deal.
But how awesome would life be if you finally lost your virginity with my tactics?
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Before I start this new episode, I must say that from now on, in this part of my life, there were much more psychological facts than physical facts. I mean, whenever a sexual act occurred, I will describe it as accurately as I can, but I must advise that they will be much less frequent than the mind games that happened. So, there will be much more explanations about the events that led to the act than to the act itself. If it is not something that you enjoy reading, feel free to leave it now. And spoiler alert: there will be no sex in this edition.
A few regular years passed by after those exciting events from my teen years. It was 2005 now and I was living alone at another city. I was spending most of my day working as a horse to pay my bills. I did not have much free time and I was slowly losing contact with most of my old mates, including my ass virginity taker friend.
Of course, I made new friends and met lots of other people and during those years I even dated some girls. I thought that those events from my adolescence had been out of curiosity and were gone in the past and I would never have any experience like that again. The truth is that the seed had been planted by my friend. Quite deep I must say.
At that point my few free hours in the day were spent mostly navigating on the internet. I had lots of interests at that time and of course porn was one of them. I liked regular vanilla porn and the amateur movies were the ones that excited me the most. But then I found a website, which was quite new by that time. It was like a porn Facebook where you could post your pictures and have them liked and commented by others. Nothing unusual for today but at that time it was the only one in my country so lots of people were using it.
One day I was scrolling my feed and one picture caught my attention. There was a man fucking a woman in missionary position while her husband was beside her holding her hand. It was the first time that I was knowing about cuckolding and I was immediately hooked. I spent a long time watching that picture and then I liked it, not even noticing who posted it. After I scrolled my feed a little more, another picture of the same woman showed. Now she was riding another guy while her husband was showed on a mirror as he was taking the picture. My cock was very hard and I never knew that that kind of thing existed. Later on, I found out that they were a very known cuckold couple but I had never heard about them before. I liked the picture and kept going.
The next picture that showed up was a known theme by me but not something that particularly caught my attention. There was a very hot woman, with big breasts and a nice ass but with a huge dick between her legs. It was weird to find that attractive but as horny as I already was, I liked the picture. Not long after that a chat popped up for me. It was the guy who posted those three pictures that I had liked. He thanked me for liking his pictures and we started to chat. I just liked to watch the pictures and I had never posted anything myself so he did not know what kind of thing I liked. I liked his way of talking and he seemed a very nice guy. I thought it would be nice to be friends with him. Soon after that we were already chatting on Messenger. Yes, that was the top chatting software at the time.
He lived in the metropolis, about 30-45 minutes from me, depending on traffic. He was a very keen guy and must have sensed my potential for a sissy. Even I had not noticed that in me at that time. He sent lots of other pictures to me and asked what I liked about them. Among them he sent lots of cuckold and shemale pictures, which were the ones that made me hornier. Those chats kept going on for several days but each day he would know more about me and would know exactly what to say to make me hornier.
At some point I started getting more curious about him too. He had already confessed me that shemales were what made him hornier but I felt like he was not telling me everything. Until one day we were both kinda drunk, each one at our houses, and I asked him what was his kink, what he was hiding from me. He hesitated for a while but I insisted so he told me. He said that he loved shemales but he loved even more turning guys into them. I heard that a little astonished as I never heard anyone saying that. In fact, to that point I had never thought about the transformation. I could just imagine those beautiful women having been born like that and with a cock attached.
He confessed me that he had just one experience like that before but it changed his life. He met a boy some years ago and they started dating. They had amazing sex but the boy said that he would like to be more feminine. He offered himself to help him and they did that together. Over the years they researched together on hormones, exercises and treatments to turn him into a perfect woman. He told me that in the end they both were quite pleased with the result and he had never seen a woman as beautiful as his old boyfriend. Yet, after all those years and mood changes, their relationship had deteriorated to a point where they could no longer live together, so they had to break up.
It was a beautiful and sad story. I did not push him into telling me much more since I felt that it was still recent and hurting on him. We did some jokes to change the heavy mood and he told me that he was feeling quite ashamed for telling me about his homo relationship. I felt myself in the obligation of telling him that I had had one too. I described him in details all my experiences with my friend, from the first time that I wanked him to the only time that he put all his cock inside me.
It really changed the mood of that conversation into a hot one. He got really horny by reading all the details that I was writing him and he asked me a lot of questions meanwhile. It was the first time that we spent all night long chatting. It was nearly morning when I noticed and we both went to sleep quite horny.
From there on, our conversations would always end up around that theme. He also confessed me that my description made him so horny that he could not think about anything else. He said that if he was my friend, he would have done it very differently. He likes much more to play it mentally than physically. That got me intrigued and I did not know at that time how that would be. Later on, I found out.
He told me that he does not like to just fuck someone like my friend did. He liked to tease them to make them want to be fucked by him. He enjoyed much more to see the pleading look on the sissy face than actually fucking her. It made me curious and horny at the same time. The more I heard about it the more I wanted to experience it. He knew exactly how to bring the submissive side in me and make me desiring to experience that.
I must say that to that point I had never seen his cock. We exchanged personal pictures but always clothed. Yet, he was making me willing to see him naked and that curiosity was only making me to want it more. He knew that he had me when I openly asked for a picture of his cock one day. He replied that I did not deserve it yet.
By then, I was completely addicted to chatting to him and he could make me hornier than any porn that I could watch on the internet just by talking to me. When we were not chatting, I was thinking about the things he said to me. I thought all the time about how he could change me, how I would look after, what could happen… I could hardly concentrate at work anymore and after so many years from the experiences with my friend I remembered how it was feeling like that again.
One day, when I could not stand it anymore, I did what he already knew that I was going to do anytime: I asked him to change me. I wanted to be his sissy.
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2020.10.12 05:47 DeepGrass742 Hot chat porn live

So I am in a bit of a difficult situation, and kind of lost.
So start off with a bit about me. I am a 46 year old single guy, living on my own etc. etc. And ever since I was a kid, I guess I started off being fascinated in guys, then as puberty hit, started developing secret crushes on guys, but then never admitting it to myself, let alone anyone else. Jump forward a fair number of years, moved abroad, after "breaking up" with my kinda high school girlfriend. We never did anything, I think the furthest we went was holding hands, but everyone else assumed we went all the way, and I wasn't going to be the one who denied it, so played along. Anyway, moved abroad and the first few months were exciting and worrying etc. and then kinda settled in. At the back of my mind, I knew that I liked guys, but was always too scared to do anything about it, because what happened if someone found out ? And then there was also the thought that well, maybe it's just a phase and if I meet the right girl then it will be just that. A phase. And it stayed like that, essentially watching gay porn, but never doing anything with anyone and stil living in the "it's a phase" mindset.
Jump forward another few years, and oh, look at that, there's this crazy app called Grindr. After a while I downloaded it and had a look, but never really interacted with anyone, kinda hoping I would discover a colleague or a friend on there and then maybe see where that woudl take me, it never really went anywhere. Then midlife crisis hit and I decided to move countries again - no real reason, just something to do, so I moved to another European country and then decided, right, new country, I'm hitting 40, I don't want to be the 40 year old virgin. So then basically took the plunge and met up with some guy while I was on a business trip. Didn't really last long, but damn, it was hot, and I decided, buddy, time to admit it, you love it. Which then also took a fair amount of time but managed to get my head around it. Now I was telling myself, you're probably bi then and advertising myself as that, hooked up with a few other guys and yet carried on suppressing it.
Then a few weeks ago, one of my brothers called me and we were just chatting, he was a bit drunk and said, hey, now ... and then faltered ... I need to ask you, are you gay ? Which totally caught me off guard and I started off denying it and then thought, ok, kinda admitted it. He was really happy and said that's cool, I am glad that I know, and I still love you etc. etc. so being really supportive, which I should appreciate, but it totally freaked me out. Has this act that I have been putting on for all of my life been see through ? Have I not fooled anyone and made myself look like the idiot ? And now a few weeks later, I am still in this state of stasis. I don't really want to come out to anyone else, but then at the same time, my head is telling me, maybe you should just admit it, or not have some big coming out thing, but rather just stop denying it, so if someone asks, then admit it. I can't ever admit it to my parents, because they are too conservative and even though they would say they supported it and that they still love me, it would really be something they were ashamed of and cause more harm than it's worth. I am still spinning and still feel sick every time that I think about it. Does that feeling go away ? And what do I do next ? Do I then start putting myself out there even more ? Start hanging out in gay bars (really not my scene, but how else do I meet guys who aren't just looking for a hookup ?) Any advice or suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Because as an older guy, I don't want to behave like a teenager and run riot, instead a date date (not a hookup date necessarily) would be great.
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2020.10.11 01:54 ThrowRAlion Hot porn live chat

sorry if my grammar or wording is poor, im nervous about posting this. I don't know how I should react.
ive been with my bf for a year now, were long distance so theres no touching or verbal conversations involved (neither of us can call due to living situations involving guardians) im 19, hes 22. we started dating shortly after i turned 18.
me, my bf, and another one of our friends made a group chat around 2015, and things were going smoothly for a few years. however in around 2017, he started acting sexual. i was 16, other friend was 15, and he was 19. there is a 3 year age gap between me and him, and a 4 year age gap between the other friend and him.
we made NSFW jokes all the time; funny stuff about cum or dicks or whatever, made jokes about characters from TV shows that we thought were hot, so NSFW stuff became the norm for us. however it got into territory where he'd tell us about his masturbation habits and he would talk about how it felt for him; i remember at one point when i was 17 and he was 20 he told me that i "seemed like the kind of person to masturbate a lot". he would invite us to ask questions about his masturbation habits by bringing them up at random, and when we didn't reply hed say "you should keep asking", even when the conversation changed topics hed continue bringing it up. when we expressed hesitance or discomfort or say "i didn't need to know that", he would keep going and play it off as a joke. he would tell us detailed fantasies regarding sex with fictional characters and play it off as a joke too.
I remember at one point in DMs he sent me porn of a character he drew. He and I had a separate private group chat where we used bots to look up porn of fictional characters. In the group chat with our friend he used a bot command that pulled up a picture of irl porn of a naked woman (we were to afraid to use the command but knew it was something sexual, he was the one who took the plunge and used it in front of us). Me and said friend were minors during all of this.
He's acknowledged multiple times that "oh wow i shouldn't have said that" despite still sending said things. he'd ask us for "help" which was basically "tell me about a character so i can go jack off to them" at the time me and the other friend thought it was funny, but now that i look back at it, him behaving like that with us especially when we were underage was...weird.
We even had a talk together where he spoke about how he was afraid of the police finding out about this and him getting in trouble; we reassured him at the time that we were okay with it (cause we were used to NSFW topics with him and didn't think anything of it). that was then, and this is now, and im starting to realize how uncomfortable the entire ordeal really was and how it maybe wasn't appropriate to behave like that with us at all. the fact that we even had to have a talk where he said he was afraid of getting into trouble because of his behavior raises red flags, looking back at it now.
there have been other instances in other group chats where he'd make sexual comments towards minors, calling them bottoms, sending them DDLG memes as a joke, despite the fact that there were people as young as 14 in said chats. he was 20 during these specific instances .
i know that at the time of these chats we were okay with them and thought that they were funny and that it was normal, but as time goes on i get increasingly more uncomfortable with the realization of how we shouldn't have been normalized to sexual stuff with an adult in the first place, even if they were just "jokes".
i don't know if im overreacting with this, we only have a 3 year age gap and i don't know if that's big enough for me to be concerned about how he acted towards me when i was younger, and I don't know if it being online still counts as "bad". i don't want to throw around heavy words like "pedophile / predator" if im just overthinking this. am i just thinking too much or is this something i should be concerned about?
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2020.10.10 23:33 Ilovemydeadcat I have two women in love with me.

I just don't know what to do right now. I'm not asking for advice. I just want to get it out.
I've met these two women on the internet. They literally just started messaging me on Instagram out of the blue. I'm kind of wary of that because I've had a few people that wanted to scam me and I've had to block them.
But these two legit wanted to just chat so we could get to know each other. We've sent pics back and forth and, while I'm just a 45 year old with a dad bod and pretty average looking, both of them are hot and 15 years younger than me.
I've checked their pics. Both can be found elsewhere on the net. I confronted them about this and made each one take a selfie on the spot that no one else has seen before. Both obliged and they were the same people as in the other pictures.
Here's the kicker. One is a mistress and wants me to be her slave. Luckily, I'm into a lot of the stuff she is, so I wouldn't mind one bit. The other one is an ex-porn star who has turned to God and wants to put her past behind her.. Yes, her pics match up, including the one I had her take. I've seen some of her stuff on pornhub.
Both have said they love me after having talked with each one every day for the past month and a half. And I have to admit, I've got feelings for both.
The mistress lives 6 miles away from me and has agreed to meet me 'soon'. The porn star is visiting in about 2 weeks from her home in Albany, NY. I don't know if I'm the luckiest man alive or if I'm totally screwed.
But really! A 45 year old man with two 30 year old women interested in him? I can't believe it myself. Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest and I'll try to figure out what to do. Thanks for listening.
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2020.09.29 18:42 warmthz Hot porn live chat

That's as far as I go.
I was quiet and always slow when it comes to sexual development. I mean everybody sees straight stuff but gays don't get that. Actually that's also an excuse. I understand man and women actually have sex instead of just loving. I didn't know they made babies through the V. It disgusted me as a kid. I was at a age where everybody knew these things like few years ago. I first masturbated very late too.
I suck at socializing as socializing is for bullies and the capables. Once you get weirded out nobody wants to approach you and even if they did, you don't know how to react and get selfconscious obviosuly after what they do to you and judge you.
In my 20s, it just vanished with nothing. While others were dating and probably got aids and meaningless loveless physical body lusting.
Gay dating app sucks.
You need to fit in the normal in the end.
Gays discriminate big time.
They seem to be absolutely crazy about sex.
Nobody looks for love because it sure is pointless. Nobody can love you unless you are his type. Which most likely won't be the case.
I do know I am not normal and have mental disorders and no job as a result. Thing is you don't fit in, then it's over. Go to a job, they notice you are not normal. Chances are you hate it and leave even though you're suppposed to just do it and let them chat in the back or front.
I think I look good. Gays are not interested in me though.
It's like they prefer the normals the most. Also it depends on country. If you live in shitty country, they don't love you unless you are muscular and act normal with a riduculous looking haircut and just doing nothing but lusting.
I mean I do have some money though. These guys work pay check to paycheck and in debt. Does that make me rich ? Do I have to play the jealousy rank game of money ? Can I just make love ?
I wish I can just hug and make love.

Also I kind of knew it, thing is anul is bad. Troye sivan and every gay celebrities are supposed to be the role model but they don't seem to have a clue either.
They just teach you anul douche and you just have anul sex with condom whether you get anul tunnel stretched outwards like an elephant nose. And then in porn people starts complaining about the grandpa like anul stretched out tunnel. It's a result of anul sex. Probably a rough and frequent , maybe did fisting though none of that matters as long as it is unhealthy.
I did some anul masturbating with a tool. small one. Tool had some bleeding. I think that is still doing damage to my stomach, and did see a doctor but didn't do anything. I think I have to put a camera in my stomach after taking out all my food intakes which is suffering and costing to know though don't want to do that.
Gay sex is supposed to be dick rubbing against dick and wrestling and kissing.
Anul is just not healthy whether gay or straight. It's damaging. I'm pretty sure 90% of gays don't know this or either they put a man up it's sexy and hot mind to others and just do it. And try not to care about their health.

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2020.09.27 15:57 SurfingPenguinJumper Hot porn live chat

I've signed up and left quite a few OF over time, discovered this page earlier after getting fed up with mixed results from my own sign ups, so thought I'd share my views, I've subscribed to mainly pornstars and some UK models, here are a handful of recent pornstar subscriptions.
Francesca Le ( )
Avoid this, fairly cheap to subscribe at around $5, but after a bit of messaging/sexting she wants you to unlock a couple of pics, fair enough, however after unlocking a few I quickly realised they had the same pictures in a different order, effectively in my books a con, I quickly muted interaction and hid her wall as a result of this. Whilst I've always liked her porn in general, I think she is using OF to live off her reputation, her wall posts seemed to be a few at home pics and mainly stuff from old scenes.
Ariella Ferrera (
Worse than Francesca, she seems to beg for tips and has automated/or send to all morning message, her wall is mostly lingerie pics with occasional messages like ' I have BRAND NEW stuff to share with you If you wanna be the 1st one to see it, just send me a nice spoiling and you’ll get rewarded' custom content seems insanely over priced as well, 100s dollars per min, which seems crazy to me. Certainly doesn't appear to respect or care about the subscriber just simply taking their money.
Natasha Nice ( )
She does do semi-regular live streams, so for $7 you might find it a worthwhile subscription if you are a big fan. She doesn't spam your chat asking for tips, so that is also a bonus, or send out any kind of PPV content in her chat, in fact the messaging history is just two messages from me where i never got a reply, so she may simply not use that feature. To be honest though, i prefer this to the 'fake' caring and engagement of someone trying to get tips constantly. Her wall has over 3500 pictures, with 10s in each set. So overall, not going to re-subscribe but no regrets doing it once.
Bunny Colby ( )
Something a bit different, she doesn't post on her wall at all. However she is open about this from before you subscribe, usually priced at 5 dollars. instead you get a daily clip or picture, with the thinking behind it being you only get what you pay for in terms of loyalty. It's a novel approach, however in my opinion the clips are too short, at most 30 seconds of her nude, usually less, and the pics are literally 1 photo. She is another one who hasn't replied back to any messages at all, overall a mixed bag, but I suspect not everyone's cup of tea for a type of profile.
AJ Applegate
Price is usually about 8 dollars, pinned to the top of her wall is a price list for any extras, which a kind of like, it's there if you want to read rather than shoved down your throat via a DM as soon as you join, she's been good at replying, and is polite when I've messaged. Custom vids are 100 per min again, however she does do custom pics starting at 1 for 10 (with no minimum order) which is unique compared to other successful pornstars I think. her wall has a mix of content, like BTS stuff which are usually over 10 mins long, or even live videos alongside other performers which you can go back and view. She does send out PPV content every few days, with long proper scenes 30-50 mins length for 15-25 dollars, not my thing but might be of an interest to others. Overall would recommend to fans of hers.
Lily Lane ( )
Not the best wall if I'm honest at nearly 10 dollars a month, a good few days in a row without any real posts, quite often a simple one line message then the occasional selfie in lingerie/underwear, came across a post asking who was going to tip for her lunch, not a fan of this type of a approach, the occasional topless cooking stream is not what I want from a pornstar, any clips posted are usually at most 30 seconds trailers for PPV content sent to your DM. One time she posted a naked mirror selfie and I said she looked hot, her reply was "Thanks, don't forget to start tipping or at least opening up content" not a big fan of that attitude. But to be honest it's to be expected when you get an automated vid upon sign up saying she gets hot when you tip etc...
Thought I'd leave it there without rambling too much, might post some on the UK models, although not sure if that's of much interest here.
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2020.09.21 08:41 BIGCBG Porn hot live chat

During my last relapse after finding some meth off Grindr. I matched with this dude who said he didn’t wanna fuck and actually didn’t ! He was a male prostitute (Femboy) he gave me shards to kinda be like security outside while he turned tricks in his room.
I must’ve shot at least .8 he gave about 1.5 grams and I crushed it all and tried to shoot half missed in my arm and shot the rest . I got WAYYY too high and I started looking out his windows being all creepy, waking back and forth and waiting for tricks lol. He eventually kicked me out .
I left his house in the morning and caught the train back to my friends house where my car was Parked. The male hooker got me a Lyft to his house which I thought was cool at the time lol. As I got off this train this beautiful girl who was clearly spun af, eyes like saucers asked me if I had a car . Which is weird question at a train station but i said I did . She looked like Teanna TRump the porn star but clearly a tweaker.
It almost felt like love at first sight. We chatted on the bus to my friends house where my car was parked after we got off the train. It felt like we were about to go on a wild adventure . That would last much more than a day . We got to my friends house and I shot a smudge of heroin i just so happened to have because I was still very high from the night before about to drive to Orange County from SFV
She filled my tank and bought me cigarettes and we started driving . Showing each other music. She had such good taste in music. Much better than my current girlfriend who I was dating at the time also. I remember thinking “_____ would never listen to this !” We were going song for song showing each other such good songs dancing and laughing . Eye fucking each other in the car . Then she tells me to pull over
She prepares a huge shot of meth but she wants to boof it. I say to her why don’t we just shoot it? She’s like no I’m telling you this is better . She boofs half with her feet on my dash then hands it to me. I finish it off and boof the rest. Then we get back on the road otw to her apartment . Vibing out really connecting . I’m rubbing her legs etc but I’m kind of intimidated because she so hot me but she keeps calling me babe.
We make it to her apartment . And we lay on her bed. Directly across from it is the door to her backyard that has no blinds . I keep seeing a tree shake and it’s sketching me out . I’m not even aware that I’m violently way too high . That heroin made me forget how much meth I did the night before . The boof in the car was too much on top of it. I can’t stop looking outside . She’s trying to talk to me and calm me down . It’s not working. I go outside smoke a cigarette and. Throw it Over her wall outside .
I tell her I’m going to buy blunts when I leave I see apt staff in the bushes by her wall. This makes me 20x more paranoid . (I didn’t know but my cigarette started a small fire they were putting it out) I get the blunts and come back. I roll a blunt and smoke it we’re talking but I’m not being smooth I’m just talking about random shit she’s trying to connect with me but I’m scared to make a move and just fucking kiss because she’s so beautiful to me plus I’m really paranoid . A lot of my paranoia has to do with the fact she had an eviction notice on her door. I can’t stop looking outside and also I tell her about the staff in the bushes by her wall. Now she’s paranoid a little. As were smoking there’s a knock on her door.
She’s terrified and thinks it’s the cops and says don’t answer it. For some reason I’m not scared (but I’m scared of her) and answer it. It’s staff saying someone set the brush outside on fire with a cigarette and also that there’s complaints of weed smell and there’s no smoking on top of that A***** was supposed to vacate her apartment weeks ago . I tell them we’re packing she’s sick and she’ll call apt mgmt in the morning . They actually left us alone after that .
I come back in and report what happened. And on top of all this I can’t stop looking out the window . She’s paranoid too now and thinks I’m setting her up . She puts her Broken closet door in front of the glass back door. I keep looking out of it. She’s yelling at me now to stop. She calls some dude that’s her friend . She has some meth I crush it all up probably 2 gs. Shoot about 60 ccs of glue . She says that was a lot doesn’t do a shot herself .
I say I’m going on a walk and coming back. I get back the doors locked they won’t open it. I bang on it for 15 minutes until they let me in. I grab my speaker and go to my car. They leave too and go to her friends car . I say something like i wish it didn’t happen like this. She said are you ok with genuine concern ? I’m talking to her but not looking at her she thinks I’m talking to myself
Her friend speeds off . I drive home high as fuck barely make it home. I think back to this day all the time. I should mention my girlfriend is calling / texting me while all this happening and I’m ignoring her. I hung out with A***** one more time after this which I’ll write about another time. But I always go back in time to this day in my mind. From the moment our eyes first locked all the way until we walked into her apartment we had amazing chemistry and should’ve had amazing sex but everything went wrong. Both of our lives were falling apart at this time. She was hooking lost her car and just got evicted. I was losing everything too. I often wonder if we would’ve had sex would we have just ended up homeless together living in my car . Would we have overdosed or ended up in jail. I would’ve definitely lost my girlfriend who I live with and who helps me in every aspect of my life even during my relapses . A***** hasn’t posted on social media in over a year . I wonder if she’s still alive. I think about her all the time
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