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2020.10.28 08:27 EufyWoes Cam sec

Hi all, I was setting up a new Indoor Cam 2K, did the whole Add Device on Android app, Power on cam, wait for Solid Blue LED, scan QR code on bottom of cam and then select wireless network to connect to. Was trying my normal wireless network that everything is connected to and I know the password was correct as I tried typing it manually a few times and copying it directly from the Google Wifi app, still wouldn't accept it so not sure if Eufy cams have problems accepting Wifi passwords with special characters in them?
Whatever I did it wouldn't connect so I clicked back on the Eufy app and this seemed to send the camera in to some sort of setup loop where now the camera LED never goes to solid blue again. It just goes the initial blue/purple for about 20 seconds, then solid blue quickly for 1 second then solid red for 3 seconds and then goes back to blue/purple and just keeps doing that on repeat until I unplug the power.
I have tried holding the Sync button for various levels of time whilst the device is powered on, nothing seems to change or interrupt the sequence it goes through of initial blue/purple for about 20 seconds, then solid blue quickly for 1 second then solid red for 3 seconds and then goes back to blue/purple and repeats over & over.
Have I somehow bricked the cam? If so why is it so easy to brick it, I just clicked back on the app during setup when facing difficulty connecting to a wifi network so surely I'm not the only one to experience that.
Eufy chat support keeps trying to tell me I must have a defective unit, the problem is it hasn't been doing this from the get go as mentioned it went in to the setup procedure and it was just prematurely exiting the setup that seems to have now turned it into a zombie.
Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions of things to try? I asked Eufy chat support if there was a way to flash the firmware on the cam back to factory by using the micro SD slot and they said the only way to reset to factory is to hold the Sync button for 15 secs whilst powered on ... this seems a little limited for a device that has a USB and Micro SD slot.
Thanks in advance!
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2020.10.28 06:27 PALEH0RSMEN Pc keeps quitting out of games

Build set up CPU:Ryzen 9 3900X Gpu:Msi 2070 RTX Oc Armor Ram:G.skill Trident 32 Gb 3600MHZ MOBO:Msi tomahawk Max AIO:Cooler Master liquid cooling Case:Phantex 500A Psu:650 bronze rates Corsair
Problem: Games I normally run are quitting out without warning. Even games like apex which I run on med settings will just stop and I'll have to restart the game. I can play AAA games for about 45 min then it will freeZe for a sec then quit. I'm running cam checking temps and my cpu is around 53c and gpu around 68c. This problem didn't occur until I upgraded ram from 16GB 3200mhz to the new 32GB 3600mhz. At first the new ram was making my cpu overheat by making the voltage hit around 4.8 so of course I lowered it to 3.5 then everything seemed stable but now my games will just stop working. I've messed with bios and lowered voltage that way and turned off xmp and games still quit on their own. So I put bios back to auto for everything and turned down cpu voltage with Ryzen master and still games are acting the same. I checked diagnostics on GPU and system checked out fine. Idk I'm running out of ideas and need more opinions and was hoping someone might be able to help..?
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2020.10.27 14:34 unevengerm2204 Sec cam

In addition to that the

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2020.10.25 05:44 icerock547 Cam sec

So I was playing and got impostor. These two dudes were in the same game, playing together on a call. I was with one of the guys and I killed him. Later the other guy found his body (I assume the dead guy told him where he was bc it was 2 sec later) and reported it. For some reason I was able to convince him that it was this cremate because I saw it on cams. And then I won and when I returned to the lobby it was the two guys.
Me: hey gg guys
Guy 1: lil slime, did you know that pumpkin is colorblind?
Me: 😦 uhhhhhh really? 😳
Pumpkin: yeah, I couldn't tell who it was
Guy 1: yeah I really thought it was cyan when you said it.
cyan rage quits
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2020.10.22 03:25 lounaticsarge Stuck in boot loop

Hello, I just installed a Ring peephole cam and it looks like i’m stuck in a boot loop. As the Blue circle is flashing, one second on, one second off which means Peephole Cam is booting up. The device is updated to the latest firmware and it’s connected to the wifi. The battery is full. All of this happened when I removed the battery for a few minutes then it got stuck in a boot loop. I can’t go back to setup mode white light spinning even after I do the press the orange button for 20 seconds it still does the blue 1 sec on and 1 sec off. Any thoughts guys?
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2020.10.19 22:46 jazzgtrl4 Cam sec

ok i bought the Eleaf Rim C with the Crucible and it is awesome. i cam from a Yocan Magneto..Got a question about the battery..So i go two messages on the screen one was something about 10 sec?? i held the button down maybe to long? untill it reached 500 and then that message came up as well as another one something about a "new coil up same down" or something like that?? or something..cant remember exactly what it said..any help would be greta thanks
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2020.10.19 20:40 plshelpneobard Cam sec

Neobards got dealt a shitty hand from capcom and then made some shitty decisions themselves so alas the game is donezo. I think there were some obvious changes that should've been made/prioritized but none of them happened. So while everybody is on the way out what were the things you think needed to happen, thought would happen, but then didn't happen

  1. Adding anticheat and fixing the code on pc so lickers stop kicking people out of games. This shit was just never even addressed. Getting servers is hard and falls more on capcom even though the game needs them DESPERATELY but these 2 was all them
  2. Optimizing the game so area 3 isn't so laggy with zombies plus particle effects. Flamethrower still crashes games
  3. Optimizing console so yorick and the cores don't take 10 seconds to show up and when you put a zombie down the EIS button is there instantly. PS4 gets so loud just sitting in the menu doing nothing, something isn't right with console optimization. Make the game 720p nobody will notice
  4. Multiple equipment pages. 4 for survivors and just link the equipment pages to the decks with masterminds so they have 4 there too.
  5. Completely changing the final door. Should be two people holding the door for a set amount of time, not the instant 60 seconds touch it is now that goes through stagger. 60 secs is too much time too
  6. Instant revives shouldn't give time back. Instant revives are needed to stop the snowballing that could happen but giving the time back made downs irrelevant. Better to go for bites and infection than kills which doesn't make sense
  7. Big HP buff to BOW and time damage on hit. The biggest difference between swats and new players is how scared they are of BOWs. You get about 1 BOW per 2 survivor ults, none of the BOWs are as good as 2 survivor ults, let alone 8. Good players just kill them and get the 15 sec while new players run away. Making the BOWs stronger does nothing but specifically nerf swat teams.
  8. Shared chest for survivors. Survivors lost their individual niches and everybody ended up being able to do everything with how chests and equipment works. Things become more specialized if they can't all have the same weapons.
  9. Fix cam placements so spencer anchor isn't as bad but also so MM have some chance and don't just have 1 cam in a room to defend
  10. TOO MUCH THINGS ARE LINKED TO DAMAGE. Damage shouldn't be responsible for ult cooldown, infection gain, etc. Energy leech is linked to damage, if a tyrone ults and you hit him with a zombie you barely get energy that doesn't make sense. Flat numbers
  11. Biocore shields on every stage
  12. Survivor spawn shield should disappear when one of them leaves the room, should not be able to shoot through it one way
  13. Something needs to be done about item spawns on stage.
  2. Fresh blood 3 AI should be default AI. Change it so fresh blood makes it if a zombie gets a bite they run faster or some shit. Keep the 3 levels to it.
  3. Lower agro range of freshblood 3 so lickers and yorick stop leaving the room because a survivor is 4 rooms away
  4. Add some way to stop zombies from breaking down doors and add way to make them do it them do it on que. Might be too much potentially
  6. Enhancing Vapors should cost 3 energy, they do too much for 2 energy.
  7. Lucas special should be changed to "slightly recharges bioenergy." This nerfs instant trap alex. She gains too much energy now with moderately recharges
  8. Machine gun should free people trapped by immobilizing shot. The combo is too strong.
  9. Add 2 new dealer cards. One that eats herbs and one that eats ammo/grenades.
  10. Spencer mod recycler should increase the cost of cards for a set amount of time when used or at minimum should halt energy gain. Congrats terminal spencer is solved
  11. Spencer Invincible anchor should last less time the more amount of zombies are chained to it. If 8 zombies are chained it should last 5 seconds for example. Congrats this is solved
  12. Increase infection rate of Alex's other skills besides Amplify obviously. Amplify is literally the only important ability because of how hard it is to infect others without it. Don't make them as strong as amplify obviously, but if amplify is "greatly increase" make them "moderately increase"
  13. Yateveo should be able to do actions faster and should be able to grab multiple survivors with instant kill. It can't move
  14. Shooting Yateveo bulbs shouldn't just instantly stun it lol. This knowledge check just makes plant do absolutely nothing
  15. Yateveo self-destruct shouldn't be interruptible
  16. Intercept should just be apart of Mr.X's moves, not a completely different variation. If first variation is punches, second is bullrush, the third should be something revolving around scan/rampart maybe?
  17. Mr.X should be invincible during bullrush with Windup variation. Should be able to barge/open doors. If you are going to make a variation revolve around 1 move, make the 1 move very very good like with extermination nemesis. Survivors would have to worry about dodging the runaway train.
  18. Make Mr.X invincible while rampart is up. Its obvious this is how the ability is supposed to work but he gets stunned through it too much by grenades hes supposed to be blocking. After they added invincible this should've been a change. Also need to change sound que for grenades, can't be heard if thrown vertically.
  19. Get rid of the 20 second down animation when you kill Mr.X or at least make it so MMs can leave him during it
  20. Daniel endurance skill should work on stairs
  21. AP gator damage should go through defense buffs. Its armor piercing lol
  1. Shotgun knockback needs to be toned down a lot. Stunlocking zombies from across a room and going through beta strain is too much. MM should be able to leave stunned zombies and not trapped until they die if the survivor keeps hitting them
  2. Need to lower the effectiveness of supplements . Makes yellow herbs do to much on characters especially Val.
  3. Yellow herb buffs shouldn't last a minute
  4. Needs to be a cap on speed, Jill is just ridiculous now. Survivors already out run berserk zombies now a days, being able to run faster than bio energy regen is a bit much
  5. Valarie First and Third ult variation SHOULD NOT REVIVE. The first version specifically does WAYYYY too much and makes Val absurd. Spray Gun should be the only one that can revive
  6. Valarie scan should not increase ALL DAMAGE DONE BY 40%. It makes her do absurd amounts of damage and makes everybody else do too much damage. Lower the percentage to like 20%.
  7. Val scan variations needs to be redone. First should be Creatures only, second should be cams, traps, and biocores, Third should be Bioweapons only. It does too much the way its broken up now.
  8. Yellow buff needs to be toned down. She becomes the tankiest survivor and one of the highest damage dealers in the game as the dedicated medic/support character lol.
  9. Surplus should not work on crawling zombies or dogs. Should only gain at most 1 grenade. Should have to ACTUALLY KILL THE ZOMBIES NOT JUST SCAN THEM AND HAVE SOMEBODY ELSE DO IT
  10. Jan ult shouldn't last 15 seconds, its by far the best in the game and just stops people from playing for a very long time. Used to be able to ""counter"" it but nope not anymore.
  11. If Jan uses hack ability and cancels it, it should go on cooldown for half the time. That game of chicken highly favors jan and she can run you off every camera solo
  12. Malware needs a cap on either how much cams can be held or how much time they are effected
  13. Becca ult should destroy special weapons.
I doubt people are going to read through all of these or even care but had to write this stuff down just to get it out of my mind. If people do read them cool, what would you have done? If you think I'm stupid, cool, what would you have done?
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2020.10.18 22:18 JackRaidenPH The future of CoD:CW

So, after playing open-beta for 2 days already, I've really asked myself a question: What's waiting CW after actual release? I mean, the came in current state is totally and absolutely unplayable. Not everything is broken, but everything broken is a core. The movement animations are broken: Instead of sliding characters either teleport to the point with hypersonic speed or not actually slide at all; Net-Code part: Remember Battefield 4 Beta? Forget. It was way better. Shots are not registered, enemies are killing you within <1 sec, despite the kill-cam where a lot of shots were shot; Crossplay is totally unplayable: It's impossible to fight against console auto-aim, it's dramatically more powerful than in other games. Graphics is... ah... too good?: It's totally unplayble, too much contrast, too much light, enemies are barely seen(Yes, I've switched gamma setting as it was broken, but still); Camera angles are broken: 70% of my deaths are deaths from nowhere, idk whether it's a net-code issue or not, but i've get killed but the enemy that i don't see as it's behind the object a LOT of times; The sound is trash: The sound is trash; Weapons are bad: All weapons feel the same, there are really a few of modules and I think i've even found a formula for them; "Killstreak" system is OP, you get a gunner - you make enemy team cry. And you WILL get gunner, as score is saved between deaths. The maps are trash: Every of... 4... maps is just unbalanced creation of a kid with pencils; Snipers: It's too easy to play with sniper rifles, as they're not reacting to shots. You can throw some bullets in a sniper, but he will still kill you as he don't give a crap about you and your damage; I can't say anything about performance of SBMM. I play on 1066 + R7 2700 and It's kinda fine. Just as it should be, i'd say.
I've played Black Ops 2 a lot. It has it's problems, but for me it's a model of an ideal CoD. Everything there is done by the people who know what they do. Every map is awesome and every even the shittiest weapon has it's use.
I think know why everything is so bad. Just as always: Activision. Fat greedy dumbass who wants more money in less time. And while Treyarch AND Infinity Ward are under Activision nothing will change, I guarantee. So, as it's less than a month before the release, I want to ask you all a question: What do you think the future of CoD: CW?
For me, as for native russian speaker It was pretty funny to see something like "КРАСНЫЙ ХЛЕБ"(Red Bread, lmao, what?), or "БАШIIИ", instead of "БАШНИ"(Towers), or "Старое место" (Literally old place, over the bar), or on Moscow map. But those are not minuses, just some funny facts.
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2020.10.18 18:51 Thomas_1112 Cam sec

Here's a list of all tips from SI alpha 11 sorted by season in the comments (fyi not everything is valid anymore because of updates, but eh, not willing to check) Note: There will be a seperate list for discord tips, if I have time

  1. Design deals are OP; Take them, design them one iteration, pause them, get money
  2. (Risky late game) You can make so called "framework products"; Spend one month designing, one month coding, then release, and use the framework
  3. The X-perience mod had a price bug (don't know if it's fixed)
  1. You can put money in your bank for interest, and later game it might cover bills/salaries
  2. Better employees are better then younger employees for the most part
  3. You need dedicated programmers in a support team for fixing bugs, as 3 start support people only have a chance of fixing a bug
  4. Market early; early alpha/early beta (only if you take longer than 6 months on beta, like Hip)
  5. Print your own copies; it saves money (from $1.50 to a lot less, harder to set up in A11.7)
  6. Max design iteration is iteration 4
  7. Contracts quickly boost the reputation you have
  8. you can duplicate anything in the game by selecting it, right mouse click select, the chair Icon and then click Duplicate. you can set up one room, do this and duplicate it to another room. Use the period on the keyboard to orientate the selection if needed.
  9. Make dedicated art/code/design teams as it helps with speed
  10. Always have products in stock; Especially before 2010
  11. When training people, you can just select the star instead of going through the scroll menu
  12. Always have sec cams at entrances and valuable places (like printing rooms)
  13. when designing your software, you don't need to use dependencies
  14. Marketing is everything!
  15. People for some reason don't know this, but every role has a seperate skill point count
  16. The skill when Hiring people is linked to business rep so getting 6 stars fast is important
  1. there once was a bug where you can get infinite money with lawsuits
  2. Only train people if needed early game, you might need the money!
  3. SCM servers reduce dev time
  4. Sales drop when other similar products are released, especially other ones that already have more followers etc.
  5. if you make a program, pay attention to the difference between 1, 2 and 3 star features. 2 star features give you more % interest for the time spend, while 3 star features only increase the amount of money you can ask for the product. So, if you lack the 2 and 3 star designers/ programmers, simply raise the % interest to 100% with only 1 star features. Theoretically that should take more time, but it's better that the entire team it's at work on a 1 star feature, than that nobody works because it's too complicated.
  6. (not applicable to A11.7) Keep pallets and printers in the same room; You cant transfer boxes drom one to the other
  7. Right click the priority button to go to 10 or 1
  1. You get money upfront when getting a contract
  1. Progress is split by priority, so if you have 2 tasks both at priority one, the work will be split 50/50
  2. There is a bug penalty when you finish contract work, so always realase the work at the end of a day
  3. You should never let a deal go past twenty months as it will reduce the business reputation if not completed with at least three iterationa
  4. Try not assigning a money amount to marketing on release and keep any eye on how much you will actually save with an open budget; just make sure you have enough funds to cover marketing
  5. How to replace all PCs' in the building. Right click a room, "Select Entire Building" icon, Hold Shift, select one PC, right click, "Select Furniture Types in Selected Room", right click and Replace Furniture.
  6. Don't record at midnightm Hip
  7. When you receive a notice "does not meet requirements" just click on the notice and you will be able to order through the pop-up...
  8. You can click on name for suggestions for names to use for your software; at the very least it will give you an idea as to what you can name them
  9. You can "buy out" a company if you have more then 50% if their shares
S8 up to E12:
  1. When taking jobs and you have it set to month/1day, try not to take a new job at the end of the day. If you do, then that day will count as the first month for that project, even tho you only had a few hours to start working on it. Best thing is to take a new job when your character arrives at work, that way you have the hole day to work on it.
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2020.10.16 20:34 TheVulkanMan Cam sec

For those that missed the mail.
Side note, only 200K from 1.7M total? Did they all jump ship, or just picked Cam+ instead?
(Remember, this is ONLY for people that bought cams before Nov 2019)

Head over to You will be asked to log in. Use your Wyze email address and password to log in. 💡 You MUST sign in with the same email address you use for the Wyze app. Choose "Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video" (you will be able to name your price on the next page). 💡 You can also choose to upgrade to Cam Plus, which has unlimited recording for motion events + Person Detection. Select the amount you would like to contribute. 💡 Remember you can choose $0, but we need a certain level of contributions to keep this model sustainable. Finish checkout. Head back over to the Wyze app Go to Account > Services > Person Detection and toggle it on Enable person detection on your eligible devices 
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2020.10.15 14:47 LongLiveNudeFlesh Cam sec

So, if I have to start somewhere, I need to start with the fact that I'm a collector. I've always been one, it's kind of my thing. Back when I was a little girl, I'd hoard superhero lunch boxes, action figures, whatever. Anything geeky and cool, I was into. The dudes in tights didn't hurt either. As I got older, and other people began to think I was weird, I just kind of doubled down—I got weirder. I started researching, I started selling. I was seventeen and making a pretty penny on comic books that I'd liberated from a thrift store.
Ten years later, collecting is still my life. My EBay store is my business.
This probably sounds strange, but how many of you did something as a kid and then went on to have it inform your entire life? I think about that a lot these days, because I've had other friends with weird obsessions. One of my exes was really into the art of calligraphy. I know, right? But he's the manager of a fast food joint now. If you put his life into a narrative, it'd be dull and sad. You'd get the montage of a young man hard at work practicing his penmanship, admiring greeting card fonts by sight, using digital technology to craft his own custom alphabet, then you'd smash cut to see him wearing an apron, filling in for the drive-thru girl who called out for the third time this week.
I'm just saying, it's almost too perfect, isn't it?
Anyways, I'm a collector. And I was on the hunt for something I hadn't heard of before last week. Something from Deserted. You heard of it? If you haven't, welcome to the grand majority. It was a reality TV show from the early millennium, a sort of Survivor rip-off that never aired. If you couldn't tell, it's the last part that makes it interesting. I was getting requests left and right for memorabilia related to Deserted and seeing as this is my job, the literal passion that has defined my life, well—what's a girl to do?
I learned enough coding to write a script that scans Craigslist and Facebook for mentions of interesting items so it wasn't a big deal to add a defunct reality show to the list. It was about two weeks before I got a hit, and when I did, I actually got two.
One for a T-shirt the seller claims was one of the 'crew shirts' worn by the actual production—acquired by a brother of a friend or something like that. And the other was for a recent EBay sale that would've kept my lights on for six months alone. I had never heard of Deserted, but now I was in love.
I sent my emails and did my research in the meantime. Hardly anything was available of the show, save for a couple minutes of shaky-cam footage, the host's "I'm middle aged and mostly irrelevant retrospective blog", and the opening credits sequence. I could see now though why it had become what it had. The whole production was dripping with the weird. The teaser promised a show built on a rather savage foundation—8 contestants, but each week, one is voted out into the jungle, deserted, where they must fight for survival and revenge. Combining that with the shaky-cam footage, the whole thing looked like something out of Blair Witch, or shit, even Lord of the Flies. So, it had that whole sort of creepy, found footage, urban legend thing going on. People were into it, they were drafting up whacko ideas with every little detail (which was minute) they had.
I just shrugged at all this, because it was about par for the course for the internet. But I knew what I had to do, what I needed to do—so once I got confirmation, I went to buy a T-shirt.
The guy's house was in a neighborhood that most definitely did not have an HOA, but it wasn't weird or anything. It was run-down, blue collar, but not especially rough. Kids with popsicle dyed lips ran around in the street, grandmothers smoked on their porches while their adult sons in white undershirts cursed from underneath old junkers. The house itself was at the end of a street, right before the residential area gave way to veterinarians, pawn shops, and insurance agencies. It was light blue with cracked paint and grass that hadn't been cut in about a month. Dandelions blew in a sweet summer breeze as I approached the door.
I only had to knock once before the door cracked. "You're here for the shirt. Shit, yeah. Come in."
The door widened and I caught a glimpse of the owner. Fat, bald, with deep set eyes. He was gruff, but not slovenly. An old juggernaut who hadn't taken shit for so long they'd gotten used to it. I followed him into a lived-in home cluttered with movie posters and figurines.
"Never really been into the television shit," he muttered. "Give me a sec, kid. I gotta find this thing. Take a seat."
I took the suggestion and sat on a beige sofa that seemed to want to swallow me whole.
From the other room I heard him say, "You really gonna pay this much for a T-shirt? Jesus Christ, kid."
I didn't have much else to say to that, because I didn't want to tell him what I was going to sell it for.
He came out of the back of the house with a cardboard box. "My brother's shit. Used to work in LA, doing TV stuff. Quit to be a baker over in British Columbia, go figure. But back in the day, he used to send me shit from whatever he was filming. I got an autographed protractor from Ty Pennington somewhere around here, too."
"Just the T-shirt today."
He put the cardboard box in front of me and said, "You can have all of this shit for what you're paying for the shirt. You want it that bad, you deserve it.”
Inside the box, there was a yellow T-shirt, a VHS, and some promotional fliers. All of them claimed, in great big lettering that Deserted would be the next Survivor. I'm guessing this was some part of a press kit that my seller's brother had gotten from some promotional tent circa 2002.
"What's on the tape?"
"Nothing interesting. Little bit of the show, I think. What do they call those?"
"A teaser," I said, without thinking.
"Ah yeah, a teaser."
He shook his head, like he felt bad for doing the transaction at all, and I played my part, counting the money slowly to really let it sink in how much I was letting go for some old memorabilia.
I took my box and tried to hide my excitement. This was going to be big.
In the comfort of my own home, I sat on my stiff couch and looked at my loot. The shirt was a men's large, which was an easy enough size to sell. It was yellow with black print that said DESERTED on one side and CREW on the other. For a brief moment, I considered how easy it'd be to go to a screenprinter and suddenly make my life a lot better for a lot longer. But the plan dissipated as soon as it formed. I feel a certain honor in my profession and the idea of lying puts my stomach in knots. So I considered what I could do with the pamphlets, and began to mentally prepare to hook up the VHS player.
Of course, I had to watch it, you know?
There was no way I wasn't going to watch it.
I got the tape player out of the closet, something I hadn't used since I was verifying the veracity of a "video nasty" release of The Evil Dead. The tape itself was plain, except for a white sticker on its front that said: FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY.
I popped it in and the screen came to life, full of tracking static that represented a nostalgia for a time I could barely remember. Then, came the logo: Deserted, with animated flaming torches flickering behind it and a scattering of palm trees. Below the logo, which was shaped like a seal of sorts, were eight shadowy people, representing the contestants, with one apart from the rest.
At the bottom of the screen was another promotional warning and then the opening credits of the show began to play. It was a title montage like any other, although it looked unfinished. Usually these sorts of things have the contestants on a green screen, turning toward the camera and mugging, here the flashes of each contestant is bleak and handheld, raw footage of them on their island retreat. Names flash across from the screen and for a moment, I was struck by the uncomfortable thought that whatever sliver of time this show captured, may not have existed at all. The thought freaked me out, on an existential level—but such was the unreality here. First names flashed by (Liz, Max, Amy, Teddy, etc., etc.) with images of forgotten people and I wondered if anything that was captured on this tape could be proven to be real. If I looked for the people, would I find them?
I had to shake it off. Because I get like that sometimes. The unreality of the media I consume bothers me, and maybe that's part of the problem, and maybe that's why I veer into it. But even escapism, with its wish-fulfillments, threatens my own sense of being. I swallowed as the music stopped and the screen faded to black.
I felt more comfortable now that the people were talking. They looked at the camera, so it was like they were looking at me. They laughed in between sentences, awkwardly shifted their weight. These natural movements, the ums and ahs, helped to alleviate some of the uncanny valley. But one thing I noticed, the one thing I didn't like, was that of the contestants that were interviewed, they all had large black pupils—as if they'd been loaded up on pills and pushed in front of a camera. They spoke slowly, about banal subjects—the heat, the mosquitoes, the challenges they faced.
It was the host, Edgar Reyes, who got the most facetime with the camera. He was handsome, in a Friends sort of way. Olive skin, dark hair, muscular. He was more eloquent than the contestants, more focused. He delivered his talking points as if his job depended on it.
The entirety of the video wasn't more than twenty minutes, and by the time it ended, I was mostly bored. My unsettling brush with existentialism had passed and I'd pressed eject and instead thought about how much my shirt would sell for.
And then, I got an idea.
The market for Deserted memorabilia is fervent, but small. But, there are ways to raise awareness, to convert new fans. I couldn't help but smile to myself. I felt like Gordon Gecko, or maybe one of half a dozen men in Glengarry Glen Ross who stomp around and call each other cocksuckers. I had a tool for this trade. I dug in my closet yet again, and found a digital converter, and soon enough, I had the entirety of the tape on YouTube. Then, moments later, I had a new account on a conspiracy forum and I was posting my links. I set my script to ping me for results on "Deserted" and related keywords on YouTube and Reddit. When I set the Ebay page, I had dollar signs reflected in my pupils.
The chatter was enormous and I had to turn off notifications less than twelve hours later. The Deserted fanbase had obviously never seen this video. They were taking it apart, dismantling every frame. It wasn't just me, I got a couple hundred threads across multiple websites saying the contestants looked drugged. In that, I felt vindicated.
My selling page had also already gotten some big bids, and in that, I felt even better. There was still a week to go, but I was happy to see that my investment was well placed.
And nothing happened for a couple days. I went on with my life while I waited for the auction to end. I moved on to acquiring new items. I forgot all about Deserted.
And then, one day, I was at the store. I was picking ripening avocados. Then, I was buying milk. Then, I was at the checkout counter. And the entire time, from across the store, I thought I saw a man in a red baseball cap watching me. I shook it off, at the time. Because why shouldn't there be a man in a red baseball cap shopping? But, somewhere in my lizard brain, I didn't believe he was shopping at all. I believed he was watching me.
Well, you already know how I'm wired. I'm a paranoid person. I overthink things. I was able to tuck this away rather quickly. I went on with my errands. But as I was driving, I kept checking the rear view mirror. And no, I didn't see him, not exactly. What I saw was a car behind the truck behind me, just the edges of it, and it stayed there long enough for me to take notice. If I turned, it turned. Eventually, the truck turned off and I pulled into the parking lot of the post office. I kept the keys in the ignition and watched the black car follow me into the parking lot.
As soon as it parked, I was out of the lot and down the street. It was rush hour, horns were blaring as I peeled out into the road. I got on the freeway and kept ten miles ahead of the speed limit for a half hour, driving as far away from my home as I could. That was important to me, the idea that he should not see my home.
Eventually, my mania subsided, and I turned around and headed back into town. I drove carefully. I felt silly, because nothing substantial had happened to make me act like this. I had seen a man and had a car behind me. It wouldn't be absurd to assume another driver would like to go to the post office too. I was angry at myself for that too, because I did promise some customers that their packages would ship. And here I was, completely derailed.
As I drove, I felt my phone vibrate. I waited till I got home, till I was sitting in the driveway to check it. I held my breath, for fear that I was about to see something I'd never unsee (again, yes, I'm crazy).
My video had been taken down. A copyright strike. I breathed a sigh of relief. That wasn't so bad.
And then, I heard the purring of a motor idling on the curb behind me, but by the time I looked up, it was cruising down the street and it was too dark to make out its color.
I got out of my car, holding my breath, telling myself that I was overreacting. I have a history of it, you know? I’m panicky, it’s just my nature. It was just a car, there’s thousands of them.
I stepped like I was worried about landmines, and by the time I got halfway through my lawn I was fairly sure that I was going to be okay. Mostly, anyways.
Until I looked down.
Muddy bootprints.
Across my walkway.
I looked at them for a moment, quizzical. I didn’t know what to make of them. Then, I looked back up at my house, trying to see something I couldn’t see in its windows.
And then I started shaking. I ran back to the car, my heart kicking.
I did what I was supposed to do. I called the cops. I did it while I was trying to keep my cool, trying to keep my voice even and calm. I didn’t want to sound scared or weird or crazy. I wanted to sound normal. A normal woman calling the police, ‘just because.’ I stayed put, because I was told to. Because that’s the normal thing to do. And soon enough, a squad car pulled up behind me.
The officer was a young looking guy with short hair and a button nose. In a different circumstance, I’d have thought he looked somewhat adorable. But right then, I was freaked out and alone.
He waved at me. “Everything alright?” he asked.
I cracked my door. “I think someone’s been following me today,” I said, feeling stupid as I said it. “I saw footprints too.” I gestured toward the walkway and I slinked out of my car to follow him. A wave of relief hit me when I realized he saw them too.
“And you were being followed earlier?”
“Maybe,” I said, gaining confidence. “I’ve been seeing a black car a lot.”
He nodded, as if that wasn’t the most absurd thing he’d heard all day.
“You want me to check inside the house?”
“Yes, please. If you don’t mind.”
He nodded again and pulled out his flashlight, he offered to unlock the door for me, if I wanted to hand him my keys, but I already felt stupid. I let him in and he surveyed the living room: nothing but a messy desk. My office: nothing but comics and inventory. My bedroom: a mess of sheets and blankets. And in the bathroom, I was disappointed to see the light shine behind the shower curtain and find no one. Not even an axe murderer.
I held my head in my hands and apologized.
He shrugged. “Better safe than sorry. Call if you see anything else.”
When he left, I plopped onto my couch and reconsidered the events of the day. I tried to reorganize my thoughts, reinterpret what had happened. I pulled a comforter up to my neck and breathed. I was not followed. I just saw several black cars. The footprint was a teenager making a shortcut. You’ve seen kids walk through your yard before. It happens. I repeated these facts to myself as if they were mantras I’d be forced to live by.
Slowly, my home began to feel like my home again.
I sat up, somewhat renewed. Somewhat stable. I looked at the mess on my coffee table, and if I hadn’t planned on sitting down to some work right then and there, I might have missed it. There were other papers, yes, there were always other papers. But, this one was crisp and fresh and it was face down on top of the others. And if I hadn’t felt safe, at least for a moment, I might not have ever seen it.
I reached out, trembling, and turned it toward me.
Here's what it said:
NICOLE closes her front door and strides quickly to her car. She moves as if standing still would kill her. She's young (25), brunette, and full of nervous energy. She is carrying packages. She places them in the car.
NICOLE looks into the rear view window just a moment too long. She pauses, adjusts herself. It's nothing, she thinks. She pulls out of her driveway and we see her face as she drives down a familiar road. She passes a car. Her eyes betray her.
The driver's face can't be seen, but when NICOLE drives past, we hear his engine rev. When she's a safe distance away, the driver turns into the road.
POV: We see NICOLE getting out of her car. She's brushing her fingers through her hair. She's grabbing a DESERTED shopping cart. She looks over to the POV but looks away almost as soon as she does. She doesn't know she's being watched. When she starts to walk toward the doors, the POV moves with her. She's oblivious. The camera lingers and just as she turns—
CUT TO: Time lapse footage. Suburban home. Day to early evening.
Close up on NICOLE. Her face is creased, the phone is pressed close to her ear. She looks red and puffy. She's begging for the police to come out. She’s pleading. We hear the operator tell her to calm down, to please be calm, that they’re trying to help but she shakes her head as her lips turn downward and she lets out a helpless cry.
A man stands in the center of her living room, his hands lovingly caress the artifacts of her life.
When I finished reading, I screamed.
More coming tomorrow. Part 2
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2020.10.12 12:43 bagelsbeeper Cam sec

My v2 Wyze Cam seems to be functioning correctly in terms of motion/person detection etc but when I go to view the event videos in app the clips are only approx 2 secs long. Am I missing something? I was under the impression 12 seconds would be recorded. Any help appreciated.
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0.00 - 30.00: Swiatek title review
30.00 - 60.00: Ted Robinson comparing the New York and Paris on-site experience and talking Nadal, Djokovic, Federer
60.00 - end: Nadal vs. Djokovic preview and results round up
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