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Loud music, large crowds and late-night chaos coming from a house on Santa Maria Drive in Naperville have prompted repeated complaints from nearby residents concerned about the safety and ... Having been a “neighbor” on Nextdoor for the last six months, I will add that it’s also a great place to find a catsitter and an effective way to convince yourself that you live in a lawless ... Missouri City, TX has 62 neighborhoods including Sienna Plantation, Sienna Steep Bank Village and Sienna Village Of Waters Lake on Nextdoor. Talk to other neighbors. You may find that you are far from being the first victim of this kind of abuse. Many people who harass one person are willing to harass more, and you will find that this kind of behavior might be wide-spread, even if you have never heard about it before. Joplin, MO has 54 neighborhoods including Gabby St, Airport Drive and Northbrook on Nextdoor. It's where communities come together to greet newcomers, exchange recommendations, and read the latest local news. Where neighbors support local businesses and get updates from public agencies. Where neighbors borrow tools and sell couches. It's how to get the most out of everything nearby. Welcome, neighbor. It's where communities come together to greet newcomers, exchange recommendations, and read the latest local news. Where neighbors support local businesses and get updates from public agencies. Where neighbors borrow tools and sell couches. It's how to get the most out of everything nearby. Welcome, neighbor. Safety: Every community will have people who are a little too eager to get all up into people's 'bidness,' but when it comes to safety issues and crime, I have found the posts very helpful.I have been alerted to waves of home break-ins, scammers coming to homes, crime locations, etc. I have found them in no way alarmist, but shared as general info to factor in as we live and move in our ... As for the noisy parties, what you have here is a nuisance, and a potentially serious one if you have reasonable grounds to fear for your safety. One way that neighbors have successfully dealt with this kind of problem is to sue the owner -- not the tenants, but the owner -- of the offending house in small claims court. It's where communities come together to greet newcomers, exchange recommendations, and read the latest local news. Where neighbors support local businesses and get updates from public agencies. Where neighbors borrow tools and sell couches. It's how to get the most out of everything nearby. Welcome, neighbor.

2019.11.22 22:25 bensepha Peephole cam porn

Sorry for the long story, this is pretty much six months resumed in one post. We live in a renting apartment complex and new neighbors moved in next door earlier this year. It started in May, we would wake up in the middle of the night because of loud music and loud talking about once or twice a week. We called security and notified management about it. Management talked to them multiple times about it and whenever security knocked at their door it would stop for a time before starting again later in the night.
The wall we share is really thin and not insulated at all. On top of that the apartments are designed in a loft style so the walls don’t go up to the ceiling and tubes are apparent and conduct noise so well that sometimes we can hear their discussions loud and clear anywhere in the apartment. We had an unsaid understanding with the previous neighbor that at 11pm sharp we would stop playing music, turn the tv down to an acceptable sound level and try to not create loud noises (doors, steps). Management used to distribute monthly newsletters reminding about quiet hours during 10pm-8am and similar issues but unexpectedly stopped this year. We only get random news/notices not even aknowledging issues that are still going on in the building (and the list is pretty long).
As summer went on, the frequency of loud nights went up and we made a habit to call security every week and email management when it got really bad (we once had a full week of loud music every night). With management only saying they’ll talk to them. We woke up one night and saw through the door peephole two girls in their PJs (+ a cat) being loud in the hallway, chugging beer cans, and saying ‘I’m so drunk’. Following day we emailed management (again) as this was pretty concerning. It’s a big community/family building and kids often play in the hallway of our level, I don’t think this is the kind of behavior the community stands for. Neighbors denied and management replied and asked us if it really happened (I swear this is something really hard to make up) so we gave full description of the girls for management to confirm it was the neighbors.
Weird thing is that we still don’t really know who the neighbors are since random people in their late 20s to 30s would often show up at any time of day and some shady roommate/sublet thing seems to be happening.
August was the worst month as on top of the almost nightly music and loud talking, loud sex began. Day and night. It was like living next to a porn set. They would do it on the wall, on their entrance door (you could hear it echoing everywhere in the hallway), and I’ll spare you the things they could say or the action noises.
By September the sex stopped and someone seemed to move out. Our wishes been heard we thought, but not really. Just one girl left and a couple we couldn’t tell if they lived with her started showing up more often. As I said there’s been a mass of random people going in and out and we could only tell by the voices we heard clearly to guess who was living there. The frequency of loud music and talking was still up to 3-5 nights a week and we started recording noise on top of calling security when it was unbearable and notifying management of this matter that should have stopped months ago. Sometimes we would hear the neighbors argue with the security guy sent to their door.
One day after another loud night, the couple stopped us in the hallway and told us to stop calling security on them and somewhat tried to find excuses/lied and told us they were ‘just watching TV’ (they were not) before admitting they were celebrating with their new roommate and that it was ‘a small party with only four people’. If one can make a lot of noise, four can too. We politely found answers to all their arguments, they then started pinning it on us to just bear with the noise and buy a fan to run at night (which we did often and could still hear them, also energy bill didn’t like it). They told us they work evening/night shifts in restauration and deserve happy hours at 4am like any other people after work and that they don’t complain about the dogs barking or loud noises in the building during the day. We explained to them that day noise was universally accepted opposite to night noise which can be considered a nuisance and the city established quiet hours in a law ordinance for that kind of matter. As they were becoming more and more harassing and couldn’t go anywhere with their arguments they left (surprisingly to the bar nextdoor).
We emailed management again about this encounter and told them they were unapologetic and seemed willing to retaliate anytime we would call security, only for the manager to tell us once again how sorry he was with no real follow-up. Apparently a new security company replaced the old one and the people were supposed to have body cams now. Could be useful with these particular neighbors.
At this point they seemed to get louder and louder, hearing them calling us a*****es through the wall, them banging doors (fridge and microwave included), stomping on the floor,... We would also hear them play Never Have I Never (yeah they all said it that way), Cards Against Humanity, watch Forrest Gump,...
One weekend in October was really bad. The party started at 11pm and pretty much ended at noon. We called at 1am as it was really frustrating, heard the security guy come but I guess they knew the trick now and stopped music and all and explained to him they were playing cards. And it went on again a few minutes after until noon. At noon as I was getting ready to go out I heard noise in the hallway and waited a little. I peaked in the peephole and saw them in front of my door touching a package that was apparently delivered to my door earlier. The girl (definitely drunk) took it and tried to walk away with it before her guy friend (we learned overtime s’he was way smarter than her) stopped her and told her not to. She replied ‘It’s fine they’re assholes anyway’ (her vocabulary is pretty much made of curse words in every sentences, very entertaining) before he told her to put it back, which she didn’t and left the package 10 feet away from my door. Wish I had my phone nearby to record in case she actually took it.
Once again email to management about that. It really feels like spamming their mailbox but what else can we do, they should have taken care of that long ago. We told them we were tired of living next to them and felt that everytime we would complain they would try to retaliate. The manager pretty much told us that his hands were tied and that if we want to break the lease or move to another unit we would have to pay the fees affiliated.
Why would we have to pay to move when we are the ones suffering the constant nuisance that are our neighbors? At this point we have a 6-month feed of emails forth and back with the manager, no improvement, sound recordings of the neighbors at night where we can hear clear music and conversations and also their multiple guests staying overnight multiple times a week, we tried to record dBA levels with our phones and it often surpass the allowed max level in the city noise ordinance at night.
We could not sleep several times, tiring us at work, add to that the stress of hearing them 24/7 or even living there, sleeping with a fan on every night too.
Cherry on top since October we can smell weed coming out from their apartment. Some days they seem to smoke so much that it smells in our entire apartment for an entire day and it’s really not a smell you can get rid of easily. Weed is still illegal in Missouri and we still didn’t email management because it really feels like they’re not willing/able to act and we don’t really want to be the guys that would pick at anything to diss their neighbors but we really don’t enjoy the smell of weed in our apartment and it’s a nuisance.
We still have a few months on our lease and I don’t think it’s reasonable for us to have to pay a few thousands of dollars when we follow the building rules and the neighbors aren’t. We have sent plenty of complaints to management and I’m sure at this point he’s getting tired of reading them. Security is not much help since they continue after and know who called on them and we really don’t know what else to do. We’re thinking about complaining to the owner company of the building but as it’s not a sure thing either we’re just gathering more sound recordings, calls to security and sleep with our fan on even when it’s getting cold at night.
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2019.01.19 21:45 Immulate Forbes Tech Trillionaire Reveals “How the US Government Tried to Troll Me”

This is an excerpt from Forbes trillionaire Chris Kelsey:
I’ve always considered myself to be smart, but overall pretty normal. I always knew that the world governments lied a lot, but I didn’t really know how deep their lies went. I always thought conspiracy theories were stupid until the summer of 2012.
I saw a really stupid video of a guy talking about “the illuminati” and how scary it was because there were buildings that looked like pyramids, etc. I didn’t take it seriously (as it was a dumb video) but I saw a related 9/11 video. I’d always heard that there were conspiracy theories about 9/11, but I never cared to look into it before this point as I thought they were stupid (and yes, a lot of the theories are stupid and completely fabricated).

I watched some of the 9/11 videos on Youtube but I didn’t form any conclusions as I really didn’t care besides watching it for entertainment.
Fast forward to the beginning of 2015, I’d just dropped out of high school and started my app development company. I had a lot of free time so I decided to start watching conspiracy videos again. This was because I wanted to figure out what the actual truth was regarding 9/11 among other conspiracies (keep in mind, almost all of the conspiracy videos are full of false information). I later came to find out that the government makes a lot of these conspiracy videos themselves to scare and confuse the public (not all of the conspiracy videos are made by the government of course).

At the time I lived in Santa Rosa, California, which as you may know, is somewhat close to the Bohemian Grove. I remembered watching the Alex Jones (who is a fraud and works for the CIA) video of him “infiltrating” the Bohemian Grove. In 2014, the son of my neighbor told me he’d worked there over the previous summer and that it was just a place for old people to do drugs and hang out (which turned out to be true more true than most of the online conspiracies).
I started watching more conspiracy videos, whether it was about vaccines and depopulation or the man that invented the water-powered car who was “poisoned” and died at Cracker Barrel (lol). At the time I was very confused as I didn’t understand why people were making these kinds of videos in the first place. I was trying to understand the motive.

One of my friends told me that one of his family friends was riding a boat down a river near the Bohemian Grove (with kids) and they apparently got too close and some men with guns came out and told them that they had to leave. I don’t know if this story is true but regardless, it further sparked my interest to learn what was going on.
I started telling my friends all of the things I was watching and reading about regarding the conspiracy theories. I felt that there was some truth to what was being said, but I remained skeptical as I didn’t know what to believe and what not to believe.

In May 2015, I went to Costa Rica for two weeks and on the way back, I stopped at the Dallas Fort Worth airport. I was sitting at a bar and some guy sat next to me who apparently worked on making ads for the Koch brothers. I started talking about different things regarding how a lot of the news is made of lies to scare the public. After a few minutes the bartender butted in and started talking about all of these crazy weapons that the military had.
He first said that his dad was in the Gulf War and that his dad saw weapons that seemed like they were from movies. Later on his story changed and he started talking about his dad being in the Vietnam War (no, it was not that his “dad” was in both wars, he screwed up his story). I thought it was very weird but I also thought that it could’ve just been a mistake.

He then said he’d be right back and he left for about 5 minutes. During this time, a bald man with a suitcase sat four chairs down from me (with the original guy I was talking to right on my left). I immediately stopped talking about the conspiracy theories because I could tell the bald guy was listening (I believe he was some kind of CIA agent, a lot of these losers are bald by the way).
The bartender came back and I could tell in his tone that he’d done something that he had perceived to be “against” me (aka ratting on me). When I arrived in California later that day, there was a long note in my luggage that said they had searched my luggage for a “random” check. I’ve flown to almost 25 countries in the past two years, and all over the US before then, and I’d never received a note like this until then.

On July 18, 2015, I drove by the Bohemian Grove with my friends to see what it looked like from the outside. We then drove through other areas including Occidental. It eventually turned night time and we stopped at a restaurant that looked very old-fashioned. We walk up to the host and he says, “You guys don’t look like you belong here.” Even though we weren’t dressed fancily, I could tell he didn’t mean it in that way, he meant it as though we should leave.
We left and I dropped my friends off before I went home. The next day, I saw an older woman and a man walking by my house in Santa Rosa. I thought it was strange as she had a smirk on her face as if she were up to something bad. Later on, I walked to my car (which was 2 minutes away from my house in an outdoor parking lot). When I started reversing, she was right by the car smiling at me. I didn’t say anything and just left (as I thought it was just kind of creepy).

Throughout this time, I’d continued telling my friends about the things I was watching in the conspiracy videos, on one hand because I thought it was entertaining, on the other because I thought there could be some truth to it.
I noticed that certain conspiracy channels always stuck by saying certain things, and I could tell they were trying to make people fearful. In September 2015, I went to Alaska with my cousin. I happened to arrive in Anchorage right around the time that Obama was in town.
I went to a bar and met a cool black guy (yes his race is relevant to the story). We were talking for a bit, he told me that he was a soldier in the Invasion of Kuwait. He told me that they surrounded the border and none of the American soldiers had ammo in their guns. The main point was to not to fight, rather to come as a show of force with the intent of scaring the opposition.
During this conversation, two bald men walked by and ordered beers for themselves. They randomly approached the guy I was talking to (they were secret service agents profiling him), and they immediately started asking where he was from among other very strange questions. It sounded like they were politely interrogating him rather than having a normal conversation. When they left we both figured they were secret service doing a security check around the area.
After I got back from my trip, everything seemed fine.

Then on September 26 (I may be a 1–2 days off on the exact date), I was watching gaming Youtube videos. I had adblock, but this ad for Umpqua Bank kept appearing on my screen. The same ad kept showing on every video I’d watch. Not to mention, the ad was a very weird animated video that was reminiscent of I, Pet Goat II.
I knew the ad was being shown to me on purpose to try and scare me. Not to mention, I knew something was wrong because I had Adblock and this ad was continuously playing on every video.
As someone who has hacked computers when I was 14, I know when someone is fucking with my computer. I went to bed and hoped that it would be over.
The next day I continued watching Youtube videos (not even conspiracy related), and the ad kept playing. I then made a Snapchat story telling my friends that this video kept appearing and the possible meaning behind it.
5 minutes later, someone rings the door bell. I check the peephole, it was a guy wearing aviator glasses with a button-down shirt. He knocked very hard on the door, then shoved a letter through the crack in the side of the door (the space between the door and wall). He was not a mailman.

I was in massive panic mode at this moment. I look at the letter, it’s from Umpqua Bank. I was too afraid to open it at first and I told my mom what was happening. She told me that it was a coincidence and that I was acting crazy. I asked if we could leave the house for a bit and so we went to a soccer field and I just tried to continue explaining. We went home after an hour or so and I opened the later.
It was addressed to “Grayson Weatherly” and it showed an account balance of $0.00. It had some other numbers in the letter that were very suggestive. I’m not going to explain the numbers behind it because it doesn’t really matter and I can’t prove the meaning.

The entire day I am panicking and in massive fear. I went to sleep worrying that my family would be killed. The next day, my mom starts yelling at me. “Chris! What did you put in the water?”
In some of the conspiracy videos I’d watched, they talked about how they would try to poison people that spoke out with arsenic. I told her I didn’t change it. She also yelled at me for the temperature of the refrigerator changing to 44 degrees (which in gematria stands for “kill”). I panicked even more as I thought it was more evidence that I was about to get killed (although I was more worried for my family than myself).

My dad came over that night and they both said I needed to go get checked or that they’d call 911. I remember my dad saying, “What do you think is going on? Do you think you’re in the Matrix!”
I voluntarily went to the hospital the next day as my parents said they thought I was having mental issues after going vegan. The doctors did a blood test among other things and they said I was completely normal (as I expected).

Later in the day, I went to my car and there was a jacket and newspaper that I’d never seen before. The car was locked, and I knew I hadn’t put the newspaper there. The newspaper was called “Good Times.” The jacket was one that I’d never seen before. I brought it inside and my mom and ex-girlfriend told me that it was one of my friends (which I knew they were wrong). Just for the sake of being 100% sure, I showed my friends the jacket and it wasn’t any of theirs.

Now I know you might say, oh, well maybe a friend pulled a prank on you, but the thing is, none of my friends had hung out with me during the last time I’d used the car and none of them had access to my car. I kept trying to find the meaning behind why someone left a jacket and newspaper in the car, but I realized that it only puts you in a hole of illogical thought. If these events occur, you must remember not to over think what happened and just know that they did it for the sake of fucking with you, and nothing more (don’t look for any meaning behind the numbers because even if you find some kind of meaning, it’s still just a troll attempt against you).

Now, one of the conspiracies I’d been telling my friends was that the school shootings on the news were faked. On October 1, 2015, Umpqua Community College had a school shooting. I realized that the Umpqua Bank ad I saw was a precursor to this new fake school shooting. This made me really scared because I knew that I was being targeted. Not to mention, I realized that I was being trolled for things that were now becoming actual news events (even if the events themselves were not legitimate).

I became very depressed and my parents thought I was making everything up (which made feel like I was alone in this). Some other things that happened were during the end of 2015:

My Macbook would black out for 15 seconds, then come back, and do it at random times despite it being charged. It was someone RATing my computer (Remote Access Trojan) to screw with me. I use the word RAT to simplify what they did, but the truth is that the CIA doesn’t need to put a virus on your computer because they already have instant access to it at any moment (even if you have not committed any crimes).

My phone would begin typing on Notepad by itself without me touching it. For those that say I accidentally touched my screen, sorry but you’re incorrect. Not to mention the letters and symbols typed were ones that mostly had accents, which means I would’ve had to hold my finger on the phone and select 10+ letters with accents. If you still think this was my doing and I didn’t realize it, I’m sorry but that’s your loss.

My Snapchat messages would stay showing sent at 6 minutes ago for messages that had been sent far before. So it would show 3–4 messages just showing sent 6 minutes ago even though far more time had passed. I used a clock to test and make sure that it wasn’t just me, and I would also refresh the Snapchat page to make sure it wasn’t a glitch. Keep in mind, I had a very successful app development company and I’ve always known a lot about computers, and I can say without a doubt that this was done on purpose. The same as the refrigerator temperature being changed (no they did not change it by going in my house, they can remotely change the temperature, turn on lights, and many other things).

I was with my mom and she looked my name up on Facebook. It showed a profile with my name except there was no profile picture, and it showed a post in the search results with the caption “I love you mom.” The picture was of a gravestone with my mom’s name on it. I never forgot that and the people responsible for that silly “joke” will pay far more than they ever could’ve imagined.
I began having random people liking my pictures on Instagram that were showing freemasonic hand signs on their pictures. There were other accounts that I could tell were fake that added me on LinkedIn and Facebook. They would post very cult-like posts and overall were acting creepy on the purpose for the sake of trying to scare me.

In April 2016, an article came out about my app development company Appsitude. In the article, I had lied and said we had $500k revenue in 2015 (it was actually $70k). One hour after the article was released, an article came out saying that a woman named “Chris Kelsay” in Guerneville was arrested for embezzling $500,000. The article “Chris Kelsay” was deleted soon after. I knew that this was not a coincidence.
They were trying to scare me from lying to the press but I had no issues doing this because I knew how much they already lied (I was playing their own game). I also did this because I had a massive desire to succeed and get my family out of this situation. To me, I felt that I needed to make enough money to gain the power to fight back and save my family from any harm (and really the entire world). I legitimately thought that my family would die if I did not succeed. That, was why I was willing to do whatever I could to make sure that my family would make it through.

After the September incident with Umpqua Bank, whenever I’d search videos on Youtube, it would always come up with conspiracy videos even if I searched something completely unrelated. My Google searches also had a similar thing happen.
In October 2015, I received a driver’s license with someone who’s birthday was exactly 33 years old to the date that it had arrived. The return address was a military base in Hawaii. For those that don’t know, 33 is the highest level of freemasonry and it’s used in the news and other places as a sign. For example, they said on the news that El Chapo escaped from prison with a 33 feet hole, this means (for those that know the numbers) that it was not a real event. El Chapo isn’t much more than an actor for the CIA, and he is not in jail, but that’s for another story.

Near the end of 2015, my mom told me that she had been feeling not so well and that she took a blood test. They found abnormally high levels of arsenic in her blood. This also scared me a lot but thankfully nothing bad happened from it.
In February 2016, I traveled around Europe and went to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. When I got back to San Francisco in March, someone added me on Facebook. I forgot the name, but the entire account’s pictures were filled with protestors and “revolution” type pictures. I then received a message from the account saying “How was your trip?” I ignored the message, and then the next reply was “Don’t wanna talk?” (although the wording of the second message was a bit more aggressive). I deleted the messages because I would get scared any time I saw it.

In April 2016 I went on a short trip to Miami. When I was traveling back to California, the airport security took me into another area and did a full body pat down. They said it was random (although they looked at me as if I was a terrorist or something). I knew that I was now on a watchlist that stretched farther than just the CIA keeping an eye on me and trying to troll me in private.
In August 2016 I had just gotten back from a trip in Asia and I was at a hotel in LA. When I left the room and entered the elevator to check out, two guys in suits rushed into the elevator staring me down. One was build and the other was younger with slicked back hair and a suitcase. I said something along the lines of “is this the lobby floor?” and he reacted very rudely and said of course, but his tone also was nervous. I do not have proof but I believe they were CIA agents.

A few days later I was working on my computer in Urth Caffe in Beverly Hills. A random older man sat right across from me (out of the blue). He had a microphone on his chest which was attached to a device on the side of his waist. He also had earphones in one ear. He then says, “Do you go to Equinox gym?” And I said “Yes, how did you know that?” His reply was “Did you hear about the shooting today?”
I got the picture, I immediately took my laptop and left.
In November 2016, I met with some people from Saudi Arabia at a club in Beijing so that I could raise funding for Cazza. I was invited through a mutual connection. One of the people there told me that he was Saddam Hussein’s nephew. I believe this to be true as I was with very wealthy Saudis and they didn’t deny it when he said it.

Funnily enough, a few days later I received an email from an account that had a picture of an older Arab man, with a full resume that looked very fake and weird. It said he had worked in Afghanistan airfields among other things entirely in the Middle East. That in and of itself isn’t very suspicious, but instead of saying “Sincerely” at the bottom of the email, it said “Cooperative Intelligence Appreciated.” It was a subliminal recruiting attempt from the CIA.

In December 2016, I received a tweet saying something along the lines of “we know your company is a scam. you better stop.” The account was called “daddy” something, and I know that it was related to Breitbart and Milo Yiannopoulos (a combination of idiots). I’m not sure if they said this because I was exaggerating Appsitude’s revenues or if they actually thought that Cazza’s technologies were impossible to build (which would just prove even more that they’re idiots).

Ironically I ended up getting invited to the Pentagon in January 2017 for the possibility of building Cazza robots for the US military. I’m sure that made the CIA worry about how far I’d be able to make things go. My motivation was so deeply passionate that it was like the kid that had been bullied all his life in school, and he was ready to obliterate all of the bullies by achieving massive success in life. I was ready to take down the entire banking system among many other things for quite some time. I am thankful that now I am in the position to do so, and without their ignorance and attempts to emotionally harm me, I never let them win.

In February 2017 I went to the Dubai Future Accelerators program. In March, we received massive international press coverage for announcing our plans to build the world’s first 3D printed skyscraper. After this press release, there was a white bald man in a suit that would sit in the lobby every morning that I’d leave to go to walk to the Emirates Towers (where the Dubai Future Accelerators program was). He would always stare me down in a weird way. I also believe that he was a CIA agent. The Dubai government got very upset with us when they realized we sent a video of another company’s machine (which I did so that we could get in the program, and get press and gain leverage to raise funding for Cazza, which as I’ve said before, is exactly what happened).

They also were freaking out because were making headlines across the world for our 3D printed skyscraper announcement and thought they’d look like fools. If they had more faith in me then all of the promises I made would’ve happened, but it turned out they were fools regardless.

Towards the end of April 2017, I was in India. Since I don’t really want to get too graphic about this, someone decided to put my sister’s face on online porn videos (specifically on The first time I saw the thumbnail, I immediately found it very creepy and weird that someone would even think to put a 16 year old girl’s face on a porn video. It also showed me how hard they were trying to emotionally damage me. They used a normal video but morphed the faces to make it look very similar.

They even used actors that had a similar hair styles that matched what her style was at the time (this happened more than once over the past year). I really didn’t want to post this part but it’s true and I feel that it’s important the world knows the full story, as this disgusting behavior will not be tolerated. The people responsible for this are also going to pay a lot in ways they didn’t think were possible.
Over the next months, most of the government harassment stopped. I was going through a deep depression and it’s possible they were still trying to mess with me, but I didn’t notice because I was too depressed to care.

In October 2017, I went to Miami with some friends for BET. This “troll” attempt was not meant for me alone, but it’s still important that I share it. We were walking around some bars and clubs when we saw police cars blocking off an area. People started saying that someone in the car was shot and killed. There was no blood, no gun shots, nothing, just police telling everyone that someone was killed there even though no one saw a body or anything. This further established my belief that the police set up fake events to scare partygoers about how “dangerous” the world is.

In November 2017, I was in an Uber and a man told me he was a freemason. I though it was weird that a freemason would be an Uber driver. He gave me his contact info and said feel free to reach out. I later learned from one of my friends who had freemason friends that this is a way of recruiting new members. No, I never joined the freemasons. I’m sure he was a nice person but I have no intent for joining any groups, especially that one.
Later in November, I went to Best Buy with my friend Cam. We were followed my secret shoppers the entire time, and a guy with an earpiece walked by us in the opposite direction when we left Best Buy. We kept walking and he happened to pass us again. We went to a McDonald’s for two hours and I had a deep conversation with my friend. The guy that walked by us when we left Best Buy came into the McDonald’s and sat near us. He then walked by us and left. A few minutes later, an old man who looked like he was in his 80s came in, followed by a bald man with glasses. He sat right in front of my table for at least an hour.

He finished his sandwich in the first 15 minutes and continued to sit. The bald man stood by the entrance of the McDonald’s the entire time. Once the old man began walking to the exit, the bald man followed him out. The old man looked like a Rockefeller although I really can’t say for certain, I just know it was not a coincidence.
On December 8, 2017, I went to Rite Aid with my fiance to pick up a prescription. An older man with gray hair walked by and had a massive smile on his face (I could tell he recognized me). There was a bald guy behind him who looked distressed (I believe he also was in the CIA, and no, it’s not that every bald person is in the CIA, but it just so happens that a lot of them are).
I went to a yacht party the next day and this older man was there (keep in mind, this is not the one from McDonald’s). I told him I saw him the day before and he said, “No, but that’s funny you say that because I used to live by there.” At the yacht party, I noticed that a lot of the people there seemed to know who I was. Even though I have been on the press before, I am obviously not as famous as other celebrities, so I knew it was weird that they seemed to recognize me. At the yacht party, two of the guys there started talking about Evelyn Rothschild throwing a pinecone at someone’s face.

They brought the story up in a nervous way as though it was a relative or someone they knew. I believe they were trying to gauge how I felt about these “Rothschildren” (lol). The guy that had stalked me at Rite Aid came with another person to my fiance’s yacht (we were in a larger group). I wanted to see what this guy’s deal was. He acted normal overall but at one point he began looking very nervous and told the guy he came with “I think we should get back to the boss.”
The guy he was with turned out to be someone I met in Ocean Park, Maine in the summer of 2012. This person told me I should invest $5,000 into a stock and that it’d “blow up” if I did it. Keep in mind, I’m not fucking stupid and I could tell he was trying to bait me so that there’d be a good excuse for me to be in jail. I could tell he had massive envy and wanted to see me fall. I believe he was a family friend of the “Rockefellers” and “Rothschilds” or something to that extent.

The next day when I got home (my fiance and I slept on the yacht), I opened my laptop and therewas on a Twitter page of the guy who had stalked me the two nights before. His profile name said Chris Kelsey but it was a picture of him. I showed it to my fiance so she knew I wasn’t crazy (because she thought some of the things I said were too crazy to believe). The day after this happened, an ad appeared on my LinkedIn feed from H&R Block. It was a stock photo except this man’s face was on it and he was pointing laughing at the camera in the image.

In December, my fiance’s Range Rover had been “broken into” although nothing was stolen. Everything was moved around. The car was locked and everything was fine, but we could tell that someone had gotten access into the car and was looking for something (not a thief).

On January 20, 2018, I went to jail for domestic violence and was at one point placed in an area with fake inmates (who were either freemasons or worked with freemasons). Check out My Jail Experiences if you want to learn more about what happened.

In May 2018 I had a Lyft driver began telling me his “epic” app idea. He then proceeded to explain the entire concept of Kelsey Coin (as if it were his own business, but he didn’t say the phrase Kelsey Coin). He looked very nervous and I could tell that he was set up to try and… I guess scare me. He told me that they already had the app done in a way as though he was trying to convince me that I shouldn’t do Kelsey Coin because they already made it (keep in mind I never told him about Kelsey Coin beforehand, he randomly brought it up). I had a few other Lyft/Uber experiences that I could tell were not normal drivers, but nothing very significant happened so it’s not worth mentioning here.

I want to mention that the reason I used the word “troll” for the title of this article because as you can tell, I never ended up dying and it all turned out to be a massive scare tactic to keep me from speaking out against the lies the of the government (and bankers, and others). The biggest thing I learned is that these people who acted against me are far more scared of me than I ever imagined (you think you’re the one in fear at first until you realize they’re messing with you because they’re the ones in fear).

The fears I felt over these past years were a reflection of their fears due to them being scared of me. Since learning this important lesson, it has helped keep me motivated to continue my path of changing the world for the better.
Do not ever let your life become consumed by conspiracy theories or fear of others because as I said, it’s meant to scare you on purpose. You must remember that there is no single person that is in absolute power, and if they say or make it seem as though they are, they are lying. They are lying because they are in fear and know that their bullshit can only last for so long because soon enough the rest of us will begin to realize and share the truth.

PS: There are some other events that happened as well but some of the people involved I feel are innocent and were only doing their job. Out of respect for them I have left their part of the story out. This is also because I want to focus my attention on calling out the scumbags who purposely worked against me for the sake of trying to make me fall instead of those who were looking out for me despite them being part of the organizations I hate.

I am smart enough to understand that just because someone works for a company/group I hate, it doesn’t mean that all of the people in that organization are bad. I also have a strong belief that the good people who are in these organizations will soon do the right thing. The good guys may not always win in the short term, but that’s because they always win in the long term.
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I can remember the first time I heard about South Korea's spy cameras.
Many women have told me that the first thing they do when they go to a public restroom in South Korea is check for any peepholes or cameras.
Because the country is in the grip of what's been described as a spy camera epidemic.
More than 6,000 cases of so-called spy cam porn are reported to the police each year, and 80% of the victims are women.
"Digital sex crimes are not just a problem in Korea. There have been cases in Sweden and in the United States. But South Korea is so advanced technologically, with the fastest and most accessible internet in the world."
Many South Korean women feel justice is not being done.
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2017.09.06 16:19 DoctOct Jessica Jones #6- The Sound of Silence

Jessica Jones Volume 1: Year One
Issue 6: The Sound of Silence
Previously: Handlebars
Author: u/Doctoct
Maria Hill poured herself another glass of liquor and sat down in her chair to continue addressing her guest. It had been a long week since the...incident. She was still bruised up in several places, mostly in the good ol’ ego though. She was the superior officer present on the helicarrier, which made it her responsibility. She was the subject of endless committees which talked about her possible removal, and if it hadn’t been for Nick Fury, she might already be gone. And people as high as her on the SHIELD chain of command didn’t get to simply retire. In front of her were the plans for the new helicarrier, already in its final stages of planning. Building would commence in a few months. It reminded her of how, after losing their first Death Star, the Empire immediately decided to build a bigger one. She had told them not to do it, since it was a really stupid idea, but they didn’t want to listen to her anymore. She slumped her head down on the table and sighed, “At least I have someone to talk to,” she said to the thing in front of her. Not quite robot, not quite organic, the thing...the decoy, looked just like her, except that its eyes were dull and unmoving. It wasn’t ready yet, the scientists needed to work on its artificial intelligence as it had just recently failed the Turing test, but the look of the thing was quite remarkable. She raised her glass to it, “Cheers”.
Today was Monday, and you know what that means! It was that day that was normally the worst of all days, and the bane of Jessica’s existence, but this year it was a magical time for a few weeks and a few weeks only. You see, Sundays were the days where both her shows came out, but Jessica didn’t have a TV, so Mondays were the first time she would be able to watch them over at one of the torrents. So, there you have it, magic. Jessica was practically humming her way down the ShopRite aisles, picking up her weekly ration of TV dinners and the Daily Bugle (“Helicarrier Crashes into Nevada Town” screamed the headline in bold letters) As Seen in Doc Ock #5 and on her car ride home. Her phone buzzed in her pocket multiple times in her pocket but she happily ignored it. It was undoubtedly Kilgrave (they had gotten into a fight about the whole vampire thing), but she couldn’t care less, tonight all she could care to think about was green interdimensional portals and giant mother-fuckin’ dragons.
She kicked open the door to her apartment/ office, the momentum sending her fumbling forward sending her brown paper bags full of groceries flying out, the Bugle unfurling itself and separating; sending sheets of newspaper gliding to the far corners of the room. “Shit,” she mumbled to herself.
“Here, let me help you dear,” said a small voice from the shadows. Jessica fell back on her ass in surprise and clawed at the light switch in mild panic. Standing before her was an old couple in their sixties; the most dangerous foes she has ever met, her parents. David Campbell Jones was now an overweight balding man who looked more comfortable on the golfing greens than in his stuffy polo-and vest combination outfit and large Vernon Dursley-esque mustache. In fact, now that she thought about it, he looked more and more like the Durse every time she saw him. Susan Jones was a thin and pale woman, the kind of ice queen who would honor her place in the community over her own children and...Jessica took a deep breath to calm her nerves.
“What the fuck are you doing, in my office, in the dark-”
“Language, dear!” Susan exclaimed in shock, offended to her core. David guffawed and laid a hand on his wife’s shoulder, “Now, now honey. We are in her apartment after all.”
“Yeah, you are.” Jessica said flatly, “Now get out.”
“Jessica, we are your parents!” Susan shot, clearly not getting the reception she desired.
“Yeah, believe me, I know.” Jessica got to her feet and began picking up her fallen food. “Bye bye now.”
“We need your help!” she said, hurt.
“Well, so did I, but I made due. I’m sure you can do the same.” She snapped at her, crossing her arms over her chest. Jessica was not going to budge for them, not one bit.
“It’s your brother,” David said, holding Susan near to him, “It’s Rick...he’s missing.”
At the appointed hour, Jessica and the rest of the children were shepherded back into the living ward- minus one bright and sunny young girl. Their rooms were over in a long corridor with the doors very close to one another; boys on the left, girls on the right. There were rooms with couches and televisions and cards and what-not. The wails were audible immediately when they entered. Fred bumped Jessica to the side when she stopped in her tracks, the other children nudging her to the side as they passed. Miya sounded like she was in real pain, two men in white coats walked past, one of them holding a large syringe and, together, they entered a room. The screaming intensified for a moment and ceased all together. The doctors left the room, one of their collars were untucked. April entered the ward, and Jessica grabbed her shoulder and wheeled her around and shoved her against a wall. “If anything happens to her,” she hissed through her teeth. April shrugged her off, “Whatever.”
Kilgrave walked into the skyscraper with that big golden R on its top wearing his finest suit and carrying a large black briefcase. The entranceway was large and carved in beautiful marble, the floor were made of tasteful tan and black tiles. He strode confidently up to the front desk. The woman behind it was staring down at a monitor, her large bun bobbing slowly as she looked at the screen. Kilgrave tapped his fingers on the counter impatiently, but the woman continued to ignore him. He pursed his lips and brought his fist down, hard. The woman jumped back, startled. “Sir-” she exclaimed before he cut her off.
“Shut up, no wait, don’t shut up. Tell me where the, uh, CEO is.”
She scrunched up her eyebrows and squinted her eyes in suspicion. “He doesn’t work at this office, this is just a branch of the-”
“OK, who’s in charge here,” and when he saw that the answer was not forthcoming, he added a, “Now!”
The woman, under his influence, began speaking, “That would be-”
“Nevermind, which way to the office.”
“Room 12 on the third floor.”
Kilgrave smiled sweetly, “OK, have a nice day.” He walked towards the elevator in big strides and pressed the button. He stuck one of his hands in his pockets and started whistling A Good Man? while he waited. The elevator doors dinged and slid open, and he got in. Before it closed again he called out to the receptionist, “Hey! Start banging your head against the wall! And do it until I come back.” The elevator doors’ closed, perfectly framing the woman’s terrified face before it did.
Kilgrave whistled contentedly on his way up, and across to the the big executive’s office, throwing the door open and sitting himself down. The man was a middle-aged and balding man with a red face, beady little eyes, and large pudgy hands; he revolted Kilgrave. The man put his hand over the mouthpiece of his land line and stared Kilgrave down. Kilgrave put his feet up on the desk in response.
“Can I help you?” the executive said angrily.
“Hang up.”
The executive did so, even though he was confused as to why he was doing it.
“What in the-”
“Shut up and let me talk. You see,” Kilgrave spread his hands, innocently, “I have a problem. I told my girlfriend that I work here, and she’s a smart girl and means the world to me, so I can’t lie to her. So starting about,” He looked at his watch, “Three weeks ago, I’m a top guy here. Let’s make it, let’s see 100k a year? I have my usual ways of making money as well, so don’t worry about giving me more. I’ll come in every...two weeks? Yeah, two weeks to pick up my check. Now I know what you’re thinking, that as soon as you’re able, you’ll call the cops, the FBI, CIA, heck, maybe even SHIELD, although I think they have their hands full, what with Las Vegas and the helicarrier and what.” Kilgrave took a deep breath and continued.
“Anyway, that’s why,” He opened his briefcase and took out some pieces of paper and laid them out on the desk, “you’re going to write down every damning piece of information you know, about either yourself, or this company, down on these pieces of paper.” then he handed the man a video camcorder from his briefcase. “Then you’re going to record yourself saying it. And also, give me any related documents, you know the kind.”
The executive gave Kilgrave a weak stare, so Kilgrave finished with a , “get on with it!” to get him going. The man frowned and bent over the paper, furiously writing down his darkest secrets, while Kilgrave’s phone buzzed in his pocket. It was Jessica. Kilgrave excused himself politely from the room and answered it.
“Hey, look about the fight-” he started.
“Forget about it,” Jessica said quickly, “Look, my brother went missing-”
“That’s terrible”, he said. He couldn’t care less about Rick Jones, who had come up in conversation only once (“He’s alright”, she had said), but if Jessica was upset then he would put in the effort to give a damn.
“Yeah, whatever I’m sure it’ll be fine, but I have to go to New Mexico to go get him.”
It was as if the world spun suddenly under his feet. Jessica? In New Mexico? What would he do without her? She was the whole reason why he was in this stupid building to begin with. He was going to express his concerns when she continued.
“Look, it’s only going to be until I can find him, alright? I don’t really want to go either, but..”
“Yeah, of course. I definitely understand.”
“Can you do me a favor though? My parents are in town and I need you to make sure they don’t touch anything. I mean, I told you how they are and I found them today in my apartment, in the dark for some reason, while I was out. I mean what the actual fuck right?”
But Kilgrave wasn’t really listening. Jessica was going to the other side of the country without him. She was drifting away, he knew it. Meanwhile, her parents were in town...he had the beginnings of an idea.
“Yeah, anything for you.”
“...Ok, that sounded creepier than you needed to make it sound. Anyway, bye.”
“Love you.” he said.
“....Ok.” she hung up. Kilgrave sighed and rested the phone on his forehead before re-entering the office, where the executive was still writing. How much shit did this guy do, Kilgrave thought idly.
Rick had been missing for well over a month. She had hacked into his email, Facebook, and other social media accounts. No activity in a month. His last posts were about his vacation in New Mexico, and that was the only lead she had. So off to new Mexico she would go. She normally didn’t have the cash to just pick up and go places, but she was charging all of her expenses on her parents until she found Rick. All of them. Plus standard fees for her work. Hey, it’s just business.
Soon, she was up in the air in her first class seat and watched her shows on her phone using the plane’s wifi that costs 8 bucks. Then she got out and tooks a taxi to her hotel, and collapsed on the bed. Sometimes, you need to pamper yourself. And it always feels better knowing someone else is paying.
Jessica took a quick nap and went to work. Rick wasn’t a bad guy, but Jessica knew that he had his… eccentricities. They hadn’t really kept in touch after they both moved out of the house, he got a full ride to Empire U, she didn’t see much of him. He was a genius, she had to admit, much smarter than her, but he was also immature and not really all that good with people. He was just too much of a wiseass for people to like all that much. Not that she was much better. Anyways...Jessica got to work. Not that she would tell you this in person, but these days, a PI’s work was mostly done for them. Facebook, Instashit, whatever people were using these days, it would point you where you need to go. And so, Jessica went out to the location of Rick’s last Facebook post. Smelly’s Bar & Grill. A dive that was known for putting beer into hilariously oversized mugs and for selling meat that was...well, smelly. Jessica walked out of the New Mexico heat into the cool bar, and took off her sunglasses in one fluid motion, taking in a quick look at the place. It was empty, but that made sense because it was still early in the morning. A large, hairy man wearing a NASCAR cap high on his head and a unibrow slightly lower, was sitting behind the bar, fiddling with the laptop that served as the cash register. She sauntered her way over and draped her leather jacket (in hindsight, it was a bad idea to wear it on such a hot day) over the back of the bar stool and sat down. She pulled out her phone and brought out the Facebook post showing Rick and some other people, each drinking out of what must be 64oz mugs of beer.
“You seen this guy?” she asked, pointing to Rick.
“Hrrm?” The guy grunted and looked over, “Nah.”
“Well, that’s funny because, I mean, there he is. In your bar.” She leaned over the bar to show him. While he was distracted she inserted her drive into the laptop’s USB port. It was just a little black rectangle with a USB end, so it was hardly visible when it was plugged in. She just had to keep him busy for thirty, forty seconds while it copied all of the files on.
‘Look, I just work here ma’am,”
“That’s why I’m asking you. I thought that was kinda obvious.”
“I don’t know anything about nothin’. Now you’re gonna have to order somethin’ or I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.” His voice was thick and it rumbled out of his throat like rocks falling down a hill. Heavy, and forceful.
“Yeah, sure. I’ll have….Ummmm” Jessica thought for a solid fifteen seconds, and ended up with the drink she always got. Bourbon, straight. She took the device out when he turned his back to get it. It was clear that she wasn’t going to get any info out of the guy, so after she finished her drink, and got another one for the road, she went back to her hotel room and looked over her pillaged info.
Porn. A lot of porn...Ok then. The security program was also there, which was what Jessica was looking for anyway. But seriously, NASCAR was into some freaky shit. Jessica shook her head and opened up the security feed. The interface was clunky but she went to the time of the Facebook post. There, in 480p black-and-white glory, was Rick taking the photo with his phone. He threw his head back and gulped the over-sized beer while his friends laughed and joined in. That was one of the many differences between Rick and his sister, he drank occasionally for fun with friends, while, more often than not, Jessica drank alone, and it wasn’t very fun.
Jessica frowned and sped up the feed. In speeds thrice that of normal, Rick finished most of his drink had himself a good laugh when he gave the remainder to a friend that had easily put away his portion. Now that was a guy Jessica could understand. He got up from the table, wobbled a bit and had to hold the table for support and walked out. Jessica switched the view to the outside cam and saw Rick pull out his phone, presumably to call a cab or whatever, when a UHAUL pulled up in front of him. Jessica chewed on the inside of her cheek and returned the feed to normal speeds. Out of the back of the truck, two men wearing clothes so black that the poor quality cam just showed it as a hole in the fabric of reality came out and swiftly took hold of her brother. Jessica set her teeth, angry now, and watched as the one on the left, a built guy with slicked back hair, pressed a cloth over his mouth. It was obviously chloroform, a suspicion that proved correct when Rick slumped in their arms, unconscious. They dumped him in the back and climbed back in, making their getaway quickly. “Rick, what the hell did you get yourself into,” Jessica murmured as she went to work, analyzing the video for any clues. There was no license plate on the UHAUL, the truck ID that was normally painted on its side was missing. It did have their Venture Across America thing that they normally had but it just said ‘New England’ as the state and a picture of Niagra Falls as the picture. A quick Google search confirmed that there were no UHAULs with the words New England on it (and New England wasn’t even a state).
Ok, so the truck was a fake, unfortunately that meant that she couldn’t ask the UHAUL rental place about who they rented out their trucks to (not that they would answer, but it would be a lead). Alright, think Jessica, think. This was the middle of fuck-all New Mexico. Walter White wouldn’t even bother selling meth here there were so few people. So, it should be easy to find those drinking buddies of Rick’s, see if they knew what he was up to. And she knew where she would find at least one of them. Later that night, Jessica went back out.
“Oh no, not you again!” was what Jessica was greeted with when she re-entered Smelly’s. To be fair, that was what people usually said when they saw her. NASCAR was behind the counter, hand-drying a large empty glass. Now that it was nighttime, the bar was a little bit more lively, with young people goofing around in groups, as well as lonely old-timers drinking themselves to death.
“Missed you too, NASCAR. Bourbon, like last time.”
“Yeah, no. The register started acting up since you were here. I’m calling the cops.”
“What? How is that my fault, I didn’t touch the thing.”
“Yeah, but….just get out of here. You’re trouble.”
She leaned in and grabbed the front of his shirt, and pulled him halfway onto the bar. “My brother is gone and you saw what happened. He was taken right from the front of the bar, so quit your ‘I dunno nuttin’ bullshit.” She used her Patrick Star voice when she said that last part. “Talk, motherfucker!”
A hand clasped her shoulder, firm but not hard. “You Rick’s sister?” it asked.
Jessica wheeled on the stranger. It was the friend from the security footage who drank 64oz of beer and asked for more, the one she came here to talk to in the first place. Before she got riled up and made a scene. Again. Jessica let go of NASCAR and answered, “Yeah.”
The friend was a large, friendly looking Greek man that resembled a teddy bear. He was clearly already several cups in and his beer gut showed that he did this often, which was what she was counting on. “Let us go out and talk,” he offered, pointing to the door. Jessica nodded and followed him out. “You better run!” NASCAR shouted after them, but he shut up when Jessica turned back and bared her teeth and growled like a rabid dog.
When they were outside, the man offered her a smoke, which she declined, before shrugging and taking one for himself. “Rick was a good guy,” He said, blowing smoke into the sky.
“He’s been gone for awhile, and the people he’s been messing with?” He shook his head. Jessica was wide-eyed and looked at the ground, feeling sick. She didn’t know her brother so much, had hardly had a conversation with him in years, but he couldn’t be dead. That couldn’t be it. She gulped back an acidic tasting mouthful of saliva. “Who?”
“I dunno. He didn’t tell me much. He was messing around with their computers I guess.” He took another drag, “He thought they were hiding something.” he added as the smoke creeped its way out of his mouth, pouring out of a gap where a tooth was supposed to be. “If I were you, I’d cut out of town.” He gestured uselessly with his thumb.
“Do you know where?” she insisted.
“Do you know WHERE” she yelled at him.
The next morning, at dawn, Jessica was out and ready for a fight. She had all the tools she ever needed: a camera, and her own two fists. She also still had Kilgrave’s brass knuckles because she was too embarrassed to give it back to him. Whatever, he was a bit of a pushover anyway. She climbed up a hill that was lightly coated with sand as she made her way to the place the guy had mentioned. It was down below, maybe two hundred yards away, on the other side of the hill. When she reached the top of the hill, she laid down on her stomach and brought out her camera, scratching her stomach where some sand got to. The stuff really did get everywhere. She looked down at the compound she saw through the viewfinder, zooming in and out to get the full picture. It was a squat, three story building that sprawled over the terrain that was mostly flat beneath her. Maybe 360 meters long, it was a very plain and unattractive building, consisting of light gray walls, in an irregular seven or eight sided shape. There was a fenced in and paved area next to it, holding about thirty vehicles. Zooming in, Jessica found, you guessed it, the questionable UHAUL. She found the sons of bitches. Jessica slid down her side of the hill a foot or so when she saw a car heading to the compound, kicking up sand as it raced. Jessica narrowed her eyes and looked through her camera at the men who took her brother.
Men and women, actually. Two dudes wearing black jumpsuits and large rifles slung across their backs hopped out of the back, and a woman with long green hair but wearing an identical get up exited the front. Jess took a couple of photos and made sure she was out of sight. Looking closely at the yellow badges on each of their shoulders told her all that she need to know. “Rick, what the fuck,” She cursed.
These fools were S.H.I.E.L.D.
David and Susan Jones were hanging out, watching a movie in their hotel room and whatever it is that old people do in private. Possibly just examining the wallpaper, as all old people are won’t to do. Then, a knock on the door.
“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Jones? Room service.”
Sue gave David a questioning look. He shook his head. He went to the peephole, making sure the door was locked before he did. Through its fish-eye lens, he saw a young British (maybe Scottish) looking man with a wide grin plastered on his face. He wasn’t wearing a hotel uniform.
“We didn’t order anything, go away.” David said weakly. He was once a guy that was big and bold, who would go out and maybe push the stranger around a bit for intruding and being more than a little bit suspicious, but age has weathered him down.
“Oh, sorry, I don’t know why I said that. Nerves, I guess. It’s Zebediah,” He continued when there was no response, “I’m Jessica’s boyfriend.” He explained. No answer.These folks must be senile, he thought, annoyed. “Jessica? Your daughter?”
“No, we know that,” The father said, “It’s just that she never mentioned she had a boyfriend,”
Kilgrave sighed, that was his Jessica. The door still did not open. “OK, so I tried being polite but I’m getting impatient. Open the door.” he commanded.
“David, what are doing?” the mother cried out when he did as Kilgrave commanded.
“Oh, don’t blame him,” Kilgrave said as he sauntered in, “He can’t help it.” He plopped himself down, sitting on the bed. “You,” he pointed to Susan, “stand by your husband, let me get a good look at the two of you.”
“Why are you-”
“You talk when you’re spoken to!” Kilgrave shot at her, sharply.
When she did as he had asked, he gave them a good, long look. Kilgrave clicked his tongue in disappointment “I thought you two would be more,” He clenched and unclenched his fists, looking for the right words, “impressive. The way Jessica talks about you.”
“What did she say?!” David asked. He was holding his wife close to him, they were scared, on the verge of panic. They didn’t understand him, his...power. Kilgrave knew this and gave his signature smile, the toothy one that was reminiscent of a shark.
“What? Oh, she hates your guts,” he said idly, “Thinks you ruined her childhood, etc., etc.” he looked at his fingernails, as if this conversation bored him. That wasn’t true, of course. “Now I don’t know about that, but, you see, I love Jessica. She’s the world to me. So I have to do what will make her happy. And, she doesn’t know this but, your deaths will do that. Maybe not right away, but,” He shrugged his shoulders, “Eventually. Trust me, I know. Nothing personal, you understand, but I have a duty of care.” He threw his hands up in the air, “Nothing I can do.”
“Stay away from her. Stay away from my daughter!” the father yelled at him.
“No can do,” Kilgrave sneered, “After all, who’s going to be there for her...when there’s no one else left?”
Susan Jones was now visibly sobbing into David’s shoulder, and David himself was letting tears run down his cheeks. “You’re a monster,” he said.
Kilgrave frowned, “Well, at least I’m a monster that cares about Jessica. What’s your excuse?” He took a deep breath. “Don’t worry, it’ll be quick. Probably, I don’t know.” he got up and began pacing the room. “OK, here’s what we’re going to do. Can’t have Jessica knowing that I was involved. So you two are going to go for a ride.” He walked over to them, and leaned in until his face was inches away from David’s. “Go onto the highway, and gradually speed up, when you hit, say, a 100 miles per hour, I want you to swerve into the other side. That is, into oncoming traffic.” Jessica’s parents paled.
“Nod if you understand.” He commanded, and when they did, he let them go. Kilgrave plopped down on their bed, and nursed a slight headache. That was a complicated order, and it took a lot out of him. But it would all be worth it. It was all for Jessica, he told himself as the beginnings of a smile played across his lips.
Next: Rocket Man
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2016.12.25 11:20 joyhassprung Peephole cam porn

2 Christmas's ago I was having a cigarette out in Alexandria Minnesota on my mom's property. It's not that far from a munincipal airport so it's not that uncommon to see low flying airplanes now and then over the farm. But that night I saw a bright light in the sky, and it moved slowly towards the direction of the airport and the light was so bright I couldn't see it's shape.
It was strangely quiet and so the first thing I thought to do was get my phone out and video it. I thought I was in video mode but I was in camera mode. I took a blurry picture and then switched it to video mode but the screen froze up (which was normal) like it was taking a pic or trying to buffer or catch up. My phone froze and I had to restart it but by the time it restarted it was so far away. It looked like it was going to land at the airport so I thought it probably wasn't a UFO.
Anyways that night I posted a long Facebook post trying to be funny. Saying that I saw a UFO but I couldn't get it on video on time. And that it was probably a conspiracy and probably why no videos of UFO's exist. It was all tongue in cheek but it still weirded me out. It was so quiet for a plane. But it was going to the airport, and I don't think aliens land at small airports so I rationalized it away.
I cam back to LA for New Years, and New Years Eve morning I got a knock on my apartment door. I looked through the peephole and saw this creepy guy wearing a Mad Men era hat and suit. Like a creepy bald Don Draper. I pretended I wasn't home but then he said "FBI, open up please. We know you're in there." His voice though sounded like either he was very old or someone had kicked him in the neck and he was out of's hard to explain but the only thing I can say is that the voice sounded fake. Like someone was doing an impression of a grandpa only doing really bad at it.
The FBI thing scared me. I had no reason to be but the first thing that came into my mind was that I had downloaded the first season of Game of Thrones to see what the fuss was about and I had used a torrent site and while I was there I had searched for weird porn (the word weird and porn) to see what torrents had and I remember following the rabbit hole and reading a bunch of weird descriptions of weird movies. I didn't download any but I had clicked on them and clicked on preview image to one out of curiosity.
I thought maybe he thought I downloaded the porn or it was about Game of Thrones I started getting anxious. He pounded on the door some more and it freaked me out even more so I said "can i see some identification" and looked through the peep hole and he pulled out a badge, but it could have been a toy for all I knew. But he knew i was there. So I opened the door and prayed he wasn't a rapist and that if he was an FBI agent I could lie my way out of having downloaded Game of Thrones and reading weird porn descriptions.
He was very scary looking. Old timey clothes, no eyebrows. Two lazy eyes. Bald. Wrinkled forehead and neck. I almost peed myself.
He said to me, "I need to talk to you about the flying saucer you saw on the 22nd of December."
This weirded me out more because my Facebook is private, and I posted no pictures. Just that comment. And I thought about that Snowden guy and how we are being watched and it really really freaked me out.
I asked him how he knew and he said "FBI knows everything ma'am." And he walked through my door way about 4 feet in and stopped. And that's where we had the remainded of our conversation.
I told him the story and he was emotionless and expressionless the whole time. The next part always makes me laugh when I think about it but at the time was just so out of left field it completely tripped me out.
He asked, "do your breasts produce milk?" I just said "no I'm not pregnant" and hoped this wasn't a rapey pass he was making at me. "They're big but have no function." He said. Like a statement. I changed the subject back to the UFO and said "so was it a flying saucer that I saw? Was it aliens?" He said. "No such things as aliens. Forget about the incident." He then asked "Do you think you have a theory as to why female people look so different from male people? " I was just weirded out more but tried to play it off "interesting question. I sometimes wonder why our bathing suits are small and guys bathing suits are so big" (I had been thinking about this before) He then said "Do you think that bathing is the first step in controlling our evolution?"
I was just like sure man. I wanted him out and it was creepy but I wanted to be nice and not set him off. Then shit got even weirder. He just went silent. And I was silent. It was like he ran out of batteries. I kept smiling at him and he was not smiling back. "Can I help you with anything else? I'd love to help. blah blah blah." Just nervous blathering.
"Flying saucers don't exist. Don't talk about it." "Ok I won't." "I can't seem to find the door." This was even weirder. It was just behind him. So I thought he must be joking and I smiled and said it was right behind him. "Can you show me?" So then I tried to lead him to the door. He wouldn't turn his neck but I got him to turn his whole body around but it was like pulling teeth. "Are you ok? Should i call the hospital."
"I just get stuck." Not got or get stuck sometimes it was just "I just get stuck." Which I thought was weird at the time but now that I'm typing it, I guess it makes more sense. He then walked out. I closed the door as fast as I could.
My heart was beating so fast and I was replaying everything in my head so I could get the story down. Some of it made me laugh, but I was so creeped out. I told my mom, she said he must have been on drugs.
Over the years I've told some people this story. I've heard "FBI agents don't investigate UFO sightings" or maybe a friend was playing a joke. But nobody ever comments on how unearthly he looked. They just assume he's human. To me, the more I think about it the less human I think he is.
Glad I found this subreddit.
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