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I made myself an account on LiveJasmin a couple of weeks ago. Going from Chaturbate to a site like LiveJasmin was quite the shock, not gonna lie. Got suspended after an hour because I wasn't familiar with the rules.
Some random dude: Hey you got a dildo? Me: Yeah more than one actually! Me: shows my dildos Also me: gets suspended
Completely my fault. Whatever. Customer support was crazy slow so it took me almost two days before I got my account back. I had to promise them that I wouldn't do it again. It was kinda bizarre. Anyway.
I continue working for a couple of days. I'm being thrown around from one private session to another. And I'm being suuuper careful and cautious not to break any rules. I'm starting to enjoy LiveJasmin. I'm in the middle of negotiating with a viewer and we're just about to start a private session when I get kicked out of the server. What the hell happened? I'm confused. Trying to log on again, but no luck. I check my messages and quickly find out what's wrong. I've been suspended, again.

Reason: Being online with low quality video feed

I assume that my internet connection isn't up to speed. My webcam is HD and streams in 30 fps so that cannot possibly be the issue.
It's a bit off topic but I've been struggling lately, both with my economy and my mental health. And this message hit me like a fist in my face. It came from nowhere. How was I supposed to know? So after a couple of hours of me crying and feeling sorry for myself I contact my internet provider, and upgrade my connection. I shouldn't be spending any money on things like this, but I figured I can just work hard when I get my account back and earn that money back. Awesome. I fixed the issue.
I spend another 2-3 days trying to get a hold of customer support. Finally, I get in contact with a guy and tell him that I've upgraded my internet connection and that I should be able to get my account back.
I'm then told that I need to be using a Logitech webcam, and without one I'm not allowed to stream. I looked around their site, wiki, rules, etc. and all I could find was them recommending products from Logitech. Nothing about it being required. I was streaming under the "amateur girl" category.

Amateur category is for girls only, who would like to jump in the passion of the cam Model life and do not have special equipment and online performing experience.
If you are a new Model, this category is for you. Create a new account within a minute and you are ready to go online right away once of your account has been approved. No additional set up is needed for your Model account.
Choosing this category you get: Lower technical requirements

So even though the category is specifically there for amateur girls without fancy equipment, I'm suspended for not having the right equipment. Even though I do actually have the right equipment because all they require is an HD 30 fps cam, and that's what I have. I'm also told that my room decor isn't enough. By then, it honestly felt like they were coming up with random things for me to not come back to the site. But that would just be absurd.
I was literally told that unless I get a Logitech webcam, I will not get my account back.
What do you guys think about this? I'm done with LiveJasmin (too much anxiety and stress) and I'm still in the process of trying to get the money I earned. But I'd love to know what you guys think about this whole situation, and I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience.
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2019.01.28 21:45 beitmenotyou This command is not working... as I understand it spam is meant to remove the post and report the user but it is doing neither. also, the rest of the commands in my bot are working but they're not sending out messages to inform the users why is this and how do I fix both problems

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2017.11.01 22:37 EiromMedia Hd chaturbate video

Are you a cam model on a site like Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, StripChat, PornHub Live, Streamate, LiveJasmin, AdultWeb, or Flirt4Free?
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And also, since our mission is to meet the needs of the cam model community, we'd love your feedback. Though we've built our service with significant input from numerous models and adult service providers, we also know that the cam modeling community is diverse, and we know that getting good feedback from models will help us ensure our offerings meet your needs.
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2015.09.21 04:48 cherryblossomhigh Chaturbate video hd

i told myself i'd never write one of these because i don't want to write yet another testimony and repeat what others have said more eloquently and in more detail.
but i've realised writing stuff down physically materialises it and can make it easier to deal with. please bear with me. i'm not the most engaging writer. my thoughts are scattered. after all, i'm a fucking porn addict.
people say porn escalates from naked pics into more extreme tastes. that didn't happen to me. the most extreme it got was probably gangbang scenes. i never got into rape/violent, scat, incest or porn. rather, my addiction took me to camsites and brothels.
i'm 30 and have been watching porn since 13 which means i've been into porn for most of my life. i'm pretty sure i've been addicted for that long too.
come to think of it, 13 was when i 'lost' a part of my life that i haven't got back. a kind of ability to live in my own skin. i became very detached and lived 'outside of myself'...that's probably the best way to put it. i lived like i was in the third person, judging and criticising everything i did. i'm starting to think this coincided with porn use.
it all started in high school. ah the 1990s. those were the days of jpegs and watching 10s clips that would take minutes to download on a 56k connection. the days of thehun, leosbb and askjolene. even the gifs of today are more sophisticated. i just imagine having today's hd streaming porn back then and how satisifed i would have been. and yet i'm not satisfied today...
high school was days of loneliness, no girlsfriends, crippling social anxiety and confidence issues that dog me till this day. my parents were oppressive and distant. i'm sure porn gave me a soft, comfortable place to escape to, all the while turning me into a weak, easily-controlled person.
i had a longterm relationship at university. i watched porn all through it. the relationship ended and i went into a spiral of depression and self medicated with more porn. it seems porn was a constant companion in the ups and downs of my life.
in the later stages of that relationship, i started having trouble 'performing' in the bedroom. i put this down to my gf being unattractive. but in fact since we broke up, i've done nothing but fantasise about her. i now think it was the porn tiring me out and setting unrealistic standards.
this was now the time of streaming porn (no more downloading piecemeal saving of clips and images) and...torrents. i pulled down gigs of stuff and self medicated.
i had tried nofap a year ago. i made it to five days before i flipped on some porn and hit the downward slippery dip into pmo. the orgasm after a five day abstinence was like a liquid gold balloon exploding in my brain. it was like stepping into a fighter jet and hitting the afterburner. i thought 'this is what i've been missing'. i dived back into porn.
i'm certain porn use eroded my already weak confidence and personality even further in my late twenties. i had many failed jobs which i put down to my unsuitability for the work. now i wonder if porn had doused the confidence i needed to overcome challenges in those new jobs.
during a period of unemployment a few months back, i got into camming and chaturbate. i bought private shows, videos and tipped.
i also became a cam model and enjoyed fapping in front of strangers and getting compliments about my appearance/cock size. i began shaving my pubic hair to look good for the camera.
i cammed with a 'woman' (after reading some testimonies here i'm now doubting she actually was a woman) who asked me to fap, bend over (fair enough) but then do more extreme stuff like sticking objects in my anus...i quickly logged off and didn't go back.
perhaps fortuitously and on account of my exhibitionism, chaturbate banned my account and asked for age verification. not willing to submit my id over the internet, i haven't cammed since. that i miss camming makes me suspect i was on the cusp of cam addiction as well.
i've also been visiting brothels. in all honesty, some of the sex was amazing. some of it was forgettable. then i booked a newly discovered favorite girl last week. she was gorgeous. i fantasised about it all that week. and on the night...i had major erection problems and only just managed to do the deed. i was confused, angry, frustrated. it seemed like my addicive sexual habits - porn, camming and prostitutes had reached breaking point. i was going to decide to break the cycle once and for all, or it was going to break me.
if you've read this far, you've probably noticed the common thread. in times of trouble, porn was there. but in return, it robbed me of my confidence. over the years, it erased my personality and turned me into an unfeeling shell.
in writing this testimony, i've actually realised the damage it has wreaked on my personal relationships, not just with others but in how i relate to myself. i'm seeing the history of my porn progression and it is all becoming clear. the feelings of shame and worthlessness...could it be the porn that is saying those things to me.
i've been to a psychologist, a therapist. i've sought solace in religion. none of those have worked. i've thought about suicide many times. the last few months, almost on a weekly basis. i feel like i'm hanging by a thread. and i'm starting to's the porn.
so i'm starting nofap. my start date is 20 september, the day after japan beat south africa in the rugby world cup (hence my username). it was a massive upset, a triumph against all odds. hopefully my story will be too. questions and pms are welcome.
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