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The USMLE is a daunting exam for some to either pass or ACE. This is a moderated area that will help bring information to let you get the score that represents you. One of the mods is a head tutor for various well known prep programs and will help in assessing those that wish to promote tutoring skills.

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Given the weather and the recent outburst of the life-threatening pandemic, dry throat is more common now than before. A dry throat or a dry throat condition is often caused due to head cold/ cold jammed in ones head (maybe due to sinus), dehydration, or sleeping with the mouth open, especially during the winter season. Successful home treatments/home remedies include drinking/consuming warm/ luke-warm liquids, such as kaadha or hot tea, and sucking on throat lozenges better known as throat repair candies.
A dry throat is often also termed as an itchy throat owing to the itching and irritation that it causes in the throat. It often causes trouble in speaking and clogs the throat up. It also causes roughness, dryness, itchiness in the throat that makes talking difficult for the one suffering from this condition.
There are many forms of sore throat treatment ranging from homeopathic medicines i.e. homeopathic tablets, allopathic medicines i.e anti-biotics, Ayurvedic medicines i.e. kaadha’s, home remedies and treatments, etc.
The base/crux of this illness lies in a virus that is caused by the germs in ones body. It also gets aggravated by the same germs in the body. Because a virus causes mono, antibiotics won’t treat it. Here are some tips to help you feel better until your body gets over the infection:

  • One must get themselves plenty of rest to give their immune system a chance to battle/fight off the virus.
  • One must drink extra fluids and liquids to avoid dehydration.
  • One must take over-the-counter pain medication such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) to bring down a fever and relieve ones sore throat. However, this shall be done only under the guidance of a certified doctor and health specialist.
  • Suck on a lozenge and gargle with warm salt water to help with throat pain.
Having said that, one must not take this condition lightly. They should treat it with complete attention and priority by consulting a doctor immediately. Why? Because this conditions is infectious and can spread from one to another easily. If one is surrounded by old or very young family members with poor or not-so-great immunity/ immune functions, they should treat it with absolute precision and attention. Especially due to the often, complete changes in the weather and the current situation of the pandemic outbreak.
Natural remedies for a sore throat include consumption of marshmallow root, sage, apple cider vinegar, salt-water gargle, sucking on honey, licorice root, lemon-water, ginger root tea, coconut oil to smoothen the throat, cinnamon and plenty of fluids/liquids. Consuming different types of soups such as chicken soup, tomato soup, sweet and sour soup, etc. shall also do the trick. Consumption of different types of teas such as chamomile tea, ginger tea, green tea, black tea, vannila tea, apple cinnamon tea, etc. also help in fixing the problem straight from the root.
Lozenges are also available in herbal and non-herbal flavors. One must also inhale steam at all times to keep infections at bay and to steer clear of the same.
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Ayurveda has now become a choice of lifestyle, which when adopted in its entirety, brings a wave of general well-being to your daily life. The awareness about adultery in the allopathic medicines has also been a reason why people prefer to shift towards Ayurvedic products. The growth of this segment is catalysed by the rising income and the increase in the per capita expenditure. With the increasing support from the government, the market for Ayurvedic products have done considerably well with a market value of INR 16414 Crore in the period 2013-14. With technological developments, Ayurveda immunity booster products are reaching out to consumers in various ways. The manufacturers have started introducing immunity booster in various forms as direct medicines, food supplements, or products.
From Ayurvedic personal care and health care products, personal care products accounts to a major share. The healthcare products have least side effects and have detoxification properties to against harmful toxins. Large part of working population is inclined towards chemical free herbal cosmetics and medicines. According to the report titled, "India Immunity Booster Market Outlook, 2020-25" published by Bonafide research, the market is clearly dominated by the Chyawanprash, which can be considered as one of oldest immunity booster in the Indian market with a share of more than 60%.
The Indian Ayurvedic products market is highest growing in the south region as the inclusion of Ayurveda in the lifestyle has been prevailing in the region since ages, which has now taken a new form of commercialized. The awareness of the health and concern towards to it has increased in other region as well, with the Northern region contributing to more than a quarter of the market. In addition to this, the awareness of the Ayurvedic products exhibited gradual growth in East and West region, accounting to more than 30%.
Drivers of Ayurveda Industry are growing awareness of the effectiveness and efficacy of traditional systems of medicine, disillusionment with modern Allopathy with its concurrent high side effects, support from Governments, increase in the R&D activities, and others. The clinical drivers of the Ayurveda market are growing incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases such as rheumatic disorders, cardiology, allergy and others, lower side effects associated with herbal medicines and lack of effectiveness of modern allopathy in treatment of diseases such as Hepatitis, arthritis, and others. The lack of scientific validation for Ayurveda in developed nations such as the United States, where Ayurveda is not licensed or regulated coupled with the outlook of Ayurveda as supplementary and pseudoscience is deterring the growth of the market.
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Definition of allopatric speciation related or a system that aims to combat illness by using treatment (such as drugs or surgery) that produces effects that are different or inconsistent with the treatment of the disease.
What Are the Benefits of Allopathic? It is understandable to have a huge benefit from allopatric speciation as it gives instant relief to humans. Humans want to get relief from sufferings at the earliest. Allopathic therapy has been successful in that.
The second indisputable benefit is successful surgery. Allopathy has indeed achieved promising success in surgery. Earlier, surgery was done by traditional tools, but the increasing stages of science have replaced these tools with new techniques of science. The use of laser in this is notable. The molecule technique has also helped a lot in this medical practice. Now science is constantly trying to do this, as far as possible, surgery has to be done minimally.
Allopathy is based on established principles of medical science. There is a new experiment in this, which is only taking us towards this medical system, but despite all this, it is not getting the desired success. In this method, ‘injection’ is one such process, the results of which are reflected immediately and by this man get immediate relief. This process has helped in curbing many dangerous diseases. Various tests have special significance in this medical system, following the scientific method. If the symptoms of the disease are not present in the tests, the doctor assumes that the patient does not have any disease, but the reality is not the same. There are some shortcomings in the tests for which they want to do more tests. New devices are being installed, new technology is being developed so that the test can be completed, but how successful it has been, only the future will tell.
Allopatric speciation assists in curing those diseases immediately once they are detected by the tests. Hence Allopathy and Radiology go hand by hand.
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Hey everyone, I’ve been on the fence about posting this because I don’t want the down votes or to start an argument. I’m a DPM student (podiatry student USA) and I’m honestly curious about how you feel about podiatrists and their scope of practice.
I see a lot of student’s worried about mid-level creep and ensuring scope of practice is determined by equivalent educational standards. I 100% agree with this, 2 years of online classes and 500 hours of clinical education is nowhere near the standard we should have for practicing medicine in the US.
My question is actually derived from this. A DPM has 4 years of post bachelor medical education. Many DPM students are in the same classes as their fellow MD or DO students in their first 2 preclinical years. For several schools when the DO students do their osteopathic manipulation classes the DPM students are taking extra lower extremity classes. The DPM students rotate similarly and sometimes alongside MD and DO students in their 3 year depending on if the hospital has other types of students. Getting pimped and tortured just the same. Their 4th year they do specific podiatry clerkships while MD/DO are still choosing their specialty. Our boards mirror MD and DO boards and are taken at the same timeframe that MD and DO students take theirs. There is even a push to allow DPM students to take the USMLE, but there is push back for them “not being eligible” to sit for the exam. Our lobby is weak.
After Podiatric Medical School the students do a 3-4 year medical and surgical residency. The residents are treated like any other resident in the hospital. In fact if you end up in a hospital with DPM residents, you might not even recognize them from other DO or MD residents. First year they are doing everything from delivering babies to medication management. Then they dig into their surgical and podiatry specific training. DPM residents finish with the same clinical hours as other 3-4 year residents. After some choose to do additional fellowships.
With all of this training DPMs graduate to a world of practicing MDs and DOs and their organization’s fighting to insure they can’t do curtain procedures, amputations, can’t take tendon grafts because that's just too high on the leg, some not letting them do ankle surgery at all (like in NY and TX). DPMs are small in number and just don’t have the money or lobbying power to change this on their own.
Please don’t say “should have chosen MD” because it’s well known DOs have obtained equivalent training with a different degree and different classes as well. DPMs follow an allopathic medical model and our colleges in the US were first founded by MDs (Dr. Scholl for example) as a first attempt in forming medical specialties in the early 1900s.
Do you support expanding DPM’s scope of practice allowing them at least to practice fully on the lower extremity to the fullest extent of their training? This is not asking if you support them practicing outside of their primary training (opening a mental health clinic like an NP), just asking if you support polarity between the professions for at least what DPMs are trained in primarily.
My dream is that in the future all three professions (MD, DO, DPM) would take the USMLE and we all are able to end the financial benefits our leading organizations use to keep us separated. Equal education, not lobbying power should determine scope of practice.
It’s starting to look like this:
DPM- 4 years, 15000hrs+, Restricted, make sure they don’t do anything complicated down there
NP - 2 years, 500hrs, Full scope
PA - 2.5 years, 1500hrs, Full scope
DO - 4 years, 15000hrs+, Full scope
MD - 4 years, 15000hrs+, full scope
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The Allopathic Drugs and Medicine Manufacturer ranges are very common in India because it treats the surgical after disease as well the effect of this medicine is too fast if compared to any other medicine. Other medicines whether the homeopathy or ayurvedic all are based on the allopathic treatments which are used for the treatment of disease effectively. Because of the quick and fast reactions to the body.
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I have an anability to produce correct collagen iii, leading to massive organ failure and arterial systems failures throughout my body and throughout my life. Currently the average lifespan is about 47 for this condition. I'm in excellent health by comparison to many others with the condition though, due to biohacking and working closely with people in biotech, but no thanks to doctors, who have almost killed me with an unnecessary surgery, and killed my father with one before me. Advanced directive baby, read it and weep! No you can't do a million dollars of useless dangerous surgeries on me and then steal my money before it gets donated to good science, so that you can park your Tesla in front of the house you never get to see, and put your neglected kids through private university with the money you've slowly extracted from another dying body:) Got some feels for allopathic medicine these days. Go figure.
I think there are two approaches I need to take to treat myself. First off, the holy grail of solutions: I need a peptide drug that can mimick collagen 3. I see that as being a fully synthetic printed peptide that has a structure that can bind to the normal bonding sites that reticular fiber would normally bind to, and literally serve as col3 within the extra cellular matrix. This would require a fairly large custom molecule that would need to have correct physical properties to stretch, but also the right profile of high affinity bonding sites so it situated correctly in the ECM, and a decent method of delivery to arterial walls (please put me to sleep if I need an aortoc injection, not doing this is in the mirror). Sounds like science fiction, but I might figure that out one day. In the meantime, before my sci-fi drug is complete, I would like something that helps me produce more col3, even though only about 10% of my col3 is even successfully made due to its oblong nature. At least if I could double production, I would think I was half as fucked. Good math there.
Second, I would like a peptide that would increase healing in general. I've considered anti-inflammatory peptides. I just ordered n-acetyl-selank sand n-acetyl-semax, p21 peptide with adamantine on the end, and the "wolverine" nasal spray of bcp-157 and tb-500. I'm curious about using both of those as iv drugs. I also ordered mk-677 to promote hgh production.
Any advice or links to scholarly works would be appreciated.
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In the current environment of severe health risks, people have been forced to prioritize their health over everything else. One positive thing that has emerged from the crisis is that people are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of having health insurance. In India, there has been a 30-40% rise in the number of health insurance policies being bought this year.
The Indian government has always been formulating policies for improving public health. These include a long list of government health insurance programs as well. There are a number of schemes apart from the recent Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Here’s a list of the top schemes.

  1. Rashtriya Swasthiya Bima Yojana
This scheme was launched to provide health insurance to the Indians below the poverty line. It entails cover for hospitalization costs upto Rs. 30 thousand. Pre-existing illnesses are covered. There isn’t any age limit, and it can cover you, your spouse, and upto 3 dependents. Premium is paid by the central government.
  1. Employee State Insurance Scheme
As the name suggests, this government health insurance initiative is for protection of worker populations and their families. It provides them with various cash benefits for illnesses, permanent or temporary disablement. It is meant for factory employees (non-seasonal), shops, cinemas, hotels, road transport employees, and newspaper establishments. It has been implemented in all states except for Sikkim, Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh.
  1. Central Government Health Scheme
This scheme has been designed for employees of the central government and their families in specific areas. It entails allopathic, ayurvedic, Yoga, Sidha,homeopathic, and Unani treatments.
The benefits of Central Government Health Scheme are as follows:
  • Dispensary care
  • Domiciliary service
  • Specialist consultation at hospital, dispensary, and polyclinic
  • ECG, X-ray, and other tests
  • Medicines
  • Health education
  • Hospitalization cover
  1. Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana
This is a security scheme for the benefit of landless rural families. The family head is provided cover under this LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) scheme with an age limit of 18-59 years. A premium of Rs. 200 is given by the state and central governments. It offers a compensatory amount of Rs.75,000 in the event of death due to accident and disabilities. In the occurrence of natural death, a compensatory amount of Rs. 30,000 is provided. There is also an added benefit of scholarship for children of the policyholder.
  1. Ayushman Bharat Yojana
The main objective of this scheme is to extend cooperation to healthcare systems of the states. States with a State Health Agency are included under this government health insurance scheme. It provides a cover of upto Rs.5 Lakhs for tertiary and secondary medical care. Central government schemes such as Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme and Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana are being subsumed under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana. It entails cashless and paperless transaction benefits and aims to cover 10.74 crores of rural poor families and specific urban worker family members.
  1. Universal Health Insurance Scheme
A health insurance program introduced by 4 public insurance firms, this government health insurance scheme provides health cover for families in need. There is a limit of Rs.30 thousand on sum assured for hospitalization costs on a family floater system. It also includes accidental cover worth Rs. 25,000 for the policyholder, plus a daily compensatory amount of Rs. 50 in case of income loss. A premium of Rs.200 is assigned for individual policyholders, Rs. 400 for families of 7, and Rs. 300 for families of 5.
Life is uncertain and you cannot predict when your health might fail you. That is why, health insurance should be an essential in your financial plans. As soon as you begin earning, you must get yourself a health insurance and life insurance cover before investing in anything else. If you haven’t bought one yet, it’s never too late. Here’s an excellent option for you to consider.
Health Insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS, has both individual and family health insurance options.
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This is coming from someone at a DO program. I believe I speak for most of us when we say that we chose DO as a viable alternative to MD that will allow us to practice medicine. Are there more hoops to go through as a DO? Absolutely. Are some of the more competitive residencies even harder to match into as a DO? Absolutely.
With AOA residencies merging into AGCME, the residency merger, and ongoing talks of vanishing COMLEX altogether, I believe there's a possibility that the two schools will merge to the same 2 letters during some point in our careers as physicians. I think the sooner this happens the better. Sadly I think the biggest hurdle would be to circumvent the OPP, which for some reason DO programs view as some sacred holy treatment which it really isn't, in my opinion. The biggest drawback I see to being a DO is how the general public has no idea what the letters stand. I think midlevels are very much aware of this and will try to use it to their advantage. My university also has nursing, PA and other health sciences. I've heard nurses openly speak about how they plan on finishing their degree, enrolling in an online NP program, and how most patients will think of them as physicians since many of them don't know the differences between allopathic and osteopathic physicians. They can just squeeze in with their title of DOCTOR of- and keep it going. It's honestly mind blowing.
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2020.09.16 15:23 Warm_Associate3871 Ayurvedic medicine for Parkinsons

My father has Parkinons since 2017,and is on lot of drugs for the same.Need an expert advice on the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicines over the allopathic drugs.. which are causing lot of side effects
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2020.09.10 09:21 666smileyface I have been diagnosed since I was around 18 Im 26f

Im always sleepy and if I work its always part-time (schedule needs to be lenient). Right now I dont think I can work and do school so I’m only doing school which is at my own pace because I can’t do traditional school with a strict schedule, I tried several times. Coupled with my depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD its tough. I currently am working on my Masters in natrual medicine/intergrative medicine. I’m on one anti-depressant that is a low dosage because I can’t tolerate high dosages of drugs and I take Vyvanse as needed. I’m upset because I feel like pills/treatment for my orthostatic intolerance might help and my extreme exhaustion but I refuse to take anymore allopathic drugs my doctor does holistic/regular medicine and just advises I take vitamins. I dont know why but I’m also being neurotic over which vitamins to take since he didn’t tell me so I’m desperately trying to find a good mixture. Its annoying. Also yes I’m always tired but if I’m in a crutch I’m able to do things for several hours! Idk I think it may be some weird adrenaline rush. I feel like I have a more milder form of cfs but the doctors DIDNT specify that either. I’m just all around annoyed and feel like in a fog. I do drink socially and smoke weed. You guys think medical weed would help?
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2020.09.05 07:05 OmTele Best Ayurvedic, Herbal Medicine for Diabetes Type 1 in India

Advanced Diabetic Solution is Best Ayurvedic, Herbal Medicine for Diabetes Type 1 in India, which is widely used by diabetes patients.It comes in tablets form and helps control diabetes by controlling sugar levels in the human body. Our Best Medicine in Ayurveda, Allopathic and Neuropathy in India helps pancreas to regain the strength at working & hence it starts working again as normal.
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2020.09.01 01:27 blackstethoscope Allopathic medicine for gynecomastia

Hey folks, I am a 20 something pre-med student who works in the field which has given me insight on what medicine means especially in different parts of the world. Here, in Massachusetts, we have arguably the best healthcare system in the world (the docs keep saying.) But the docs are burning out at an alarming rate, something Med students who are not paying attention should be looking at. I've had the chance to meet multiple doctors whether for shadowing them or just by working as a clinical assistant while studying to head for med school the coming year and the vast majority of them make fun of Osteopathic Medicine and aspects of Eastern Medicine. If I had not been able to solidify my inner core in terms of my motivation and who I wish to become, I would have quit medicine including my journey of becoming a Neonatologist. Western medicine it seems may be its own pallbearer. This is what I mean:
I feel extremely fortunate to be able to study and work in Massachusetts because excellence is everywhere. I have walked to walls of Children's Hospital, MGH and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Incredible institutions that attract everyone around the world. That being said, I have seen this form of cancer metastasizing at an alarming rate and no one is paying attention let alone acknowledging that making fun of Eastern medicine and the Holistic aspect of medicine is biting us in the butt.
I worked for a young DO here a few years ago and I was convinced that I was going to become one. The ability to connect mind, body and soul and still have the accreditation of being a physician attracted me. I guess the defining moment for me was when she rushed to my desk as her clinical assistant and slammed a paper in front of me with the biggest grin on her face: " I just cured this lady's decade long diabetes just by telling her to eat plants. This shit works! I told you!" Later that day I compared her lab work from last year to what the DO had shown me, read the noted of the office visits and she was right. Patient was instructed to embrace the plant diet and embrace mindful eastern practices like YOGA to facilitate mobility to boost confidence to now start working out. Two months later, that patient was unrecognizable. I then walked next door to talk to the Chief Family Medicine Doctor and asked him, as much older Physician drooling at retirement, what he thought of the plant-based diet, YOGA, eastern breathing exercises, and the validity of Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine and the holistic aspects of medicine and he looked at me and said: " Let me put it this way, if my kids finished Medical School and residency and they didn't walk out there with an MD but a DO on the lab coat, I wouldn't be happy. Metformin and running does the same thing."
I am very detailed and I do more research on anything more than the average person and that does not exclude research on what kind of doctor I want to be. I looked at the difference between MD and DO and the main thing was always the same. EVERY TIME. " MDs have more legitimacy than DO's. MDs out of school don't consider DOs legitimate because they simply dont do the same schooling." I don't wish to get deep in to this but I have asked exactly 14 doctors(MD) from different health care systems in the state, from different specialties and they say the same thing: Allopathic medicine is superior.
I fought back hard and desperately tried to get these Doctors to at least say: "But I mean, Osteopathic Medicine and Eastern Medicine are legit so do what you want to do and feel confident and become what you want to become and you'll be happy." Not once. Only the DO's I have met have made a case for it.
Here comes the kicker: For YEARS I've been observing the state of medicine in the state and watching the News about Medicine. I've infiltrated medical chatrooms and caught candid conversations with GIANTS in their fields and done research to find out that Primary Care physicians are burning out at in insane rate. WHY? Three simplified reasons that are all intertwined:

  1. There's not enough time for appointments to properly do their jobs
  2. There's not enough pay
  3. Too much paperwork and desk work
The best Internist I have had the pleasure to work with who worked for Boston Medical Center, who was a Hospitalist at MGH and has worked for multiple systems in the state once told me he spends much more time at his desk looking at papers and reports then he spend time in the room with a patient. Here in the state(excluding private practices due to the fact that I have no experience there) , the higher ups control the flow. I could talk about this for pages and pages while highlighting the profit hungry patient processing system but to keep this brief, I will not. Basically, Doctors cannot do a full patient intake while talking about concerns and questions in their given time frame without running terribly behind or not addressing them in which case the patients are not happy in either situation which contributed to them not coming back and that's a hole in the panel.
As a pre-med student, personally seeing all of this daily chaos, having obsessively observed the growing frustration of Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Family Care, General Surgery, Urology, OBGYN and Urgent Care has rendered me both discouraged and empowered to keep moving. One reason why I have made the decision to become a pediatrician/neonatologist and not deal with adults is because of haven actually spent time with patients. American patients, adults, are extremely careless and stubborn. I remember this old couple who both have needed amputations due to diabetic complications have loudly argued with the physician and stormed out just because she mentioned that they needed to literally throw away everything in their fridge including the eggs and bacon. They could not do that. It was part of who they were. Generations and generations of eggs and bacon eaters is apparently a thing. We are an incredibly obese, unhealthy nation and we are incredibly stubborn. But the incredible thing is, and the point I am trying to make with this post is this: I don't feel bad for the providers.
I don't feel bad because the Doctors created these patients. I have seen with my own eyes across all the specialties listed above, providers give prescriptions of opioids with multiple unnecessary (patient always report to me that they only took a few and have almost full bottles in their cabinet) refills instead of OTC pain relievers, muscle relaxants dished out instead of Physical Therapy orders, Metformin refills with just print outs on diets that the patients just toss once they get outside, stimulants and anti-depressants instead of meditation and breathing exercises. The list goes on. We are fighting a monster that is now to strong for us.
Western medicine for years has looked at Osteopathic and Homeopathic solutions as beneath the powers of advanced medicine and prescriptions. All it takes is a few hours of research to see that DOs have not been able to find the deserved legitimacy from their medical counterparts because the schooling was not as rigorous because of the topics studied. I think the burning out of primary care doctors in America especially in this state is a direct consequence of what we have deemed to be legitimate and we have completely excluded educating the patients and our nation on the body's incredible propertied of healing itself and the importance of mind-body self care methods like Breathing exercises, Sauna therapy, meditation, stretching, eating naturally and taking care of your sleep.
Please use this discussion to respectfully discuss what this means to you as a future doctor and I would appreciate any words of advice as I take the MCATs next summer and begin my journey. Thanks
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