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Japanese (日本語, Nihongo [ɲ̟ihõŋɡo] ()) is an East Asian language spoken by about 128 million people, primarily in Japan, where it is the national language.It is a member of the Japonic (or Japanese-Ryukyuan) language family, and its relation to other languages, such as Korean, is debated.Japonic languages have been grouped with other language families such as Ainu, Austroasiatic, and ... Japanese language, a language isolate (i.e., a language unrelated to any other language) and one of the world’s major languages, with more than 127 million speakers in the early 21st century. It is primarily spoken throughout the Japanese archipelago; there are also some 1.5 million Japanese immigrants and their descendants living abroad, mainly in North and South America, who have varying ...

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Can someone help me with a accurate translation for "Phantom Blade" please?
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Small tags to hang in home, that im adding as an extra for people that buy my art. Japanese Kanji 'Love' submitted by Hapszi to printmaking [link] [comments]

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I had to help her find a job and she’s not very good at technology so I sat with her on my iPad and helped her browse online for jobs she wants to do. She likes to work as a kitchen assistant (which she has experience in) but specifically only in Vietnamese restaurants. Obviously, nothing really came up on online so I think she was getting frustrated about that. There were jobs going in Korean and Japanese restaurants but she didn’t want that and I was just trying to say you can’t limit yourself to only a certain cuisine.
(Side note: she lost her previous job due to COVID and idk if anyone here is from the UK but she’s applying for universal credit and in order to get that, she has to look and apply for as many jobs as she can so they can pay her).
So anyway, she started to get a bit annoyed at me and yes I was sitting next to her helping but I also was doing my own thing so I wasn’t fully paying attention but if she needed help, she could have asked right? No. Instead she just lashed out and said forget it! She threw her glasses on the table, called me useless and lazy, ran up to her room then she went out and didn’t come home until like 3 hours later.
I do obviously feel guilty for not giving her my full attention but I just think her reaction to over the top. I didn’t see her all day yesterday cos I was at work but I have the morning off today so I couldn’t avoid her. I just finished drying my hair and she bursted in my room and started shouting at me saying what’s wrong with you? Are you still angry at me? Do you still hate me? I didn’t get a chance to speak and she slammed the door and left.
If anything, I am actually scared of her, I feel really guilty and she’s the one who is still angry at me and she went out so she’s the one avoiding me. I obviously cried my eyes out because it’s really difficult dealing with her behaviour when she’s angry. It’s so toxic and I know in a few days time, she’s gonna talk to me like nothing happened and I just accept it.
Idk if anyone read this.. I just needed to rant. It’s just not normal. She’s been like this for years, I didn’t even realise it was toxic until I actually googled about toxic parents.
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Kirii: For time and the chat do not stand still. Change is the law of Gen 3. And those who only look into the past or the present are certain to miss the future
Kirii: I said, 'are certain to miss the future'!
Vichy France: [laughs] Chatte... I missed that.
DEADDROP: Vichy France, this fanfic shitpost was the last straw. We almost screw ourselves up. Now we invited you here today...
Kirii: In good faith!
DEADDROP: ... in good faith, to sort this thing out.
DEADDROP walks back towards Kirii.
Vichy France: (pointing at Bob) And why is he here? He lost!
*Bob is shown sitting left of them at the table, annoyed at France's remark.*
Kirii: As I always say, forgive the new users, but remember their names. Now gentlemen, as I like to think, in the long history of the server, that there are only a few channels...
*Noises are heard in the background.*
Bob: (looking frantic and ducking) Sounds like someone being a tsundere
Kirii: Just the German, Bob. Sit down.
*Hanzsu appear smashing a window on the other side of it, making noises and breaking through.*
Bob: Oh my God!
DEADDROP: It appears the chat has been breached.
Kirii: German Tsundere. Gentlemen, at times like these our capacity to retaliate must be and has to be massive, to deter all forms of aggression.
Kirii: Gentlemen, lock and load!
Vichy France: Viva la Tsundere.
*Screen then shows the four of them coming out of #hanszu-kontatsu-wedding-29oct.*
DEADDROP: Any last words, Mr. Mod?
Bob: Yes Kirii, any superlative words of inspiration for your humble chat?
Kirii: Do not pray for easy lives, my friends. Pray to be choked with a turtle.
End of part 1
Part 2:
Hansu fanfic shitpost:
Handsu whispers in my ear, while holding my hand: 'Damn millennials ruined the economy'. Those words make me want to explode like the Tsar Bomba and restore the USSR. The tension was getting hotter and hotter, before Handsu whisper in my ear: 'I am legally required to inform you that i am a tsundere'. Before long, I was tied onto the bed. I knew I'm toast. He took out his owo manifesto, but suddenly, a voice is heard from above.
How the hell did this become Japanese 1984 already? Then, he arrived. Papa Putin burst in with his picture of the fall of the USSR. I screamed in confusion. How the hell did this man printed a gif? Is this what based feel like? I just want to grill ffs.
(To be continued)
Note: it won't
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Found this little laneway between Birdees and the Japanese restaurant on Brunswick Street. So pretty! submitted by ThatKiwiFruit3 to brisbane [link] [comments]

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I’m super excited for new novel Memorial: “a fraught love story between a Black daycare teacher named Benson and a Japanese American chef named Mike that traversed Houston’s Third Ward and the back alleys of Osaka.”
Author Bryan Washington was a food writer with pieces in The New Yorker and his short story book Lot is a favorite of President Obama.
Here’s the GQ piece.
The book: https://bookshop.org/books/memorial-9780593087275/9780593087275
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So I downloaded the japan version of this game in my andriod phone. Is there anyway you can change the language from Japanese to English? I had a hard time in finding the translation settings in this game.
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Is there any modern Japanese music now that is inspired by jazz, bebop, or swing music? Bands or songs in particular would be great. I love J-Pop and Jazz respectively, and after learning more about Japanese jazz, it made me wonder if there were any influences in the music Japan is releasing today.
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