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"George! Get up here now!" Liz yelled down from the loft into the family room where she could see her twin brother lounging on the couch.
"I'm busy!" he yelled back.
"Did you use my razor again?!"
"No!" he exclaimed looking up at her as she waved the razor at him.
"Well these aren't my hairs on here."
"Fuck off, Liz!" he shouted back.
"If you don't get up here in two seconds, I'm going to start breaking Xbox games..." she warned knowing this was the only thing that would get a rise out of her brother.
As she figured, George jumped off the couch and headed quickly for the stairs.
"Don't touch them!" he screamed as he made his way upstairs seeing Liz standing there in her bath towel holding the razor up with an annoyed look on her face.
"Did you use my razor?" she asked again.
"Mine looked rusty. I couldn't risk shaving my nuts with that thing!" he laughed.
"Ewwww! Are these seriously your ball hairs on this thing?" she said as she bent over acting like she was going to puke in disgust.
"Liz. I told you my razor was rusty..." he replied candidly.
She wasn't sure at first if he was joking but now obviously she could see he wasn't. Her eyes went ablaze with anger.
"So what else of mine do you use?" she said as she placed her hand on her hip.
"Hmmm...well I do use that expensive lotion of yours to jerk off with." he replied with a smile knowing this would really piss her off.
As if her eyes didn't scream anger enough before, he knew this particular look as she began to charge at him. Liz lunged at George and forcefully tackled him to the ground, pinning him down by his shoulders. George laughed out at his obvious success in getting her riled up.
"You should be playing linebacker on my football team!" he said continuing to laugh.
"This isn't funny, George. I'm pissed!" she yelled looking down over him.
"Well how do you think I feel when you run out that lotion?" he asked with a smirk.
Liz had heard enough and roughly slapped her brother across the face with her open hand. George only momentarily stopped smiling and rubbed his cheek before continuing on his quest to annoy her.
"You hit like a girl!" he laughed as he reached out and yanked at his sister's towel causing it to come off leaving her completely surprised and naked.
He blurted out laughing as his sister's bare breasts now hung, dangling over his face.
"Ohhhhhh I just love me some tig old bitties!" he exclaimed trying to further anger his sister.
Liz now blind with rage, resorted to something she'd never done to her brother before, which caught him completely by surprise. She quickly reached her hand back and snaked it down the front on his gym shorts, bypassing his cock to clamp down on his most precious and fragile assets. She squeezed for all she was worth as George let out a blood curdling scream, trying to buck her off of him.
She smirked down at him as he struggled while she crushed his nuts.
"Mom gave me a little self defense lesson last week after I started dating Brian. She told me that all you need to do to render any man useless is to grab him by the nuts."
"Let them go!" he cried out.
"I don't think you've learned your lesson quite yet." she replied as she roughly yanked and twisted his nuts causing him to scream out in agony again.
"You're crushing them!" he exclaimed.
Ignoring him, she continued to enjoy the control she has over her bigger and stronger sibling.
"What's it like having your sister have so much control over you?" she asked.
"LET GO!!!" he cried out again.
"Mom told me that with just three fingers and one testicle, I could bring a man to tears. Want to try it out?" she asked with a devilish smirk.
"No, please! Please don't!" he pleaded.
Imagining how much of her expensive lotion made its way onto his dirty cock, she took no mercy on her brother and quickly took hold of his left testicle crushing between her thumb, pointer, and middle fingers. A new type of high pitched scream left her brother's mouth as she squeezed down on it. Tears began to form in his eyes and he had lost his ability to plead for the sake of his manhood. Liz could tell by the look in his eyes that he feared her and she was loving every minute of it.
"If I had known it was this easy to beat you, I would've squeezed your little nuts a long time ago!" she cackled thinking back at all the times her older brother had dominated her.
All he could do was stare up at her with his teary eyes begging for her mercy. His body was frozen and his mind knew of only only thing in this moment, which was pain.
"I'll make you a deal, Georgie. If you go out right now and buy me a new razor and five jars of my lotion, I'll let you keep this nut. Do we have a deal?"
Knowing he could not afford all of that, he laid in silence and his eyes cried even more than they already had for her mercy.
"Ok, ok...two jars now and three jars over the next three months?" she asked realizing her initial unrealistic demands.
He quickly nodded his head in agreement and Liz let go of her hold on his testicle, allowing her brother to become a functioning human again. George curled up into a ball as Liz got up and stood over him.
"Open up your legs, George." she demanded with a kick in the ass. George rolled over onto his back and looked up at his still fully nude sibling, with fear again in his eyes.
"Please, Liz. I've had enough." he begged profusely.
Liz lifted up her hand and made a tight fist, warning him to comply with her demands.
"Open. Your. Legs." she asked again firmly.
As George looked up at his sister, he realized just how weak he was having these balls hanging from his body and knew to resist her demands would be futile. He put his head back, staring up to the ceiling, and opened up his legs.
"Now take off your shorts." she demanded trying to humiliate him further.
"What? No!" he replied loudly.
Not wanting to mess around or negotiate further, Liz bent down and roughly yanked George's shorts off, leaving him exposed from the waist down. He looked up at her in embarrassment.
"And this is for yanking off my towel!" she shouted as she launched her foot between his parted legs with a loud smack as her foot met his testicles square on. George cried out as his balls seared with unspeakable pain and he again rolled up in a ball to avoid further onslaught.
"I will give you five minutes to get up and get to the store, otherwise....Well I think you know the otherwise" she laughed as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door.
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2020.10.12 20:55 CaithAmach2332 Mom nude breast

Hi All,
Using a throwaway for obvious reasons but I have no issue with discussing my experiences openly and truthfully on this messy and distressing topic.
What I am looking to achieve here is a comparison of experiences. Trying to figure out if my situation lines up correctly with others. It will hopefully also provide a cathartic experience whereby typing my experiences down might help open my eyes and help break and move on from what I think is a porn addiction. Unfortunately it revolves around gender which is making it difficult for me to resolve the issue, as I cant see the wood for the trees as they say.
A brief summary of my remembered childhood crossdressing experiences - Before the age of 12 or so;

Most of these experiences I couldn't explain the why of what I was doing, some of it I believe was innocent childhood fun such as asking my mom to put lipstick on me, that I recall was simply funny to me.
After the age of 12 or so I wore my mom and my sisters clothes at random occasions, none of it being sexual to my memory. It wasn't until I was about 15 that I first masterbated, which I believe to be later than other people based on anecdotal stories. I only did it as an experiment because I had heard a rumour of other guys in school having done it so I wanted to see why, I had no clue what an orgasm was and it came as quite a surprise when it first happened. After that, I eventually found wearing female clothes arousing, but it hadnt always been. I was 'hetero' at the time, and began watching porn at this age which was normal stuff. Internet chat rooms were all the rage and I recall pretending to be a girl in them to solicit nudes from other users, which often turned out to be other guys pretending to be girls to solicit nudes.
I remember around this time moving on and just pretending to be a girl in chat rooms. At this time I didn't know anything about transitioning, but knew it was possible to live as the other gender somehow. Going onto lesbian dating sites and telling anyone who would listen that I was hoping to be a girl at some stage and just chatting about that.
Around this age I got my first girlfriend, she had initiated interest, and while I was attracted to women, I never sought them out at the time, similarly to how I believe when I first masterbated was through naivety. We dated for several months and were sexually active together, though not penetrative due to lack of contraceptives. It was around this time I had begun cross dressing in my step sisters clothes who was a similar age to me, and much younger than my mom who's clothing I didn't like because I felt it wasn't my style. My girlfriend became supportive of me crossdressing and it didn't phase her, she even bought me clothes etc. We went from fooling around to me wanting to be touched the way I would touch her, before we broke up, our final experience was me wearing girls jeans and a top and her feeling me up as if I had the parts of a girl. Sexually it was very enjoyable for me, but I think by this stage it had worn out its welcome with her. I eventually broke up with her to move on to another girl which was short lived, and then my third and last girlfriend (for over 10 years) which lasted several months before ending.
While with my second girlfriend I had further experience in sexual interaction with another person, but before long I can remember the crossdressing thing beginning to rear up when I discussed it with her. I ended things quickly with this girl just on the basis she wasn't what I was looking for. My third girlfriend I don't recall there ever being any gender issues during our time, I was quite the masculine boyfriend with her but she eventually moved on from me.
I crossdressed on and off between 15-20 years old before it mostly went away for a while. It was largely sexual by the end of it, fetishistic crossdressing is the term I believe. However there were many times I would sleep in pyjamas or tshirts given to me by my first girlfriend, she had given me some old training bras as well. I'm a little on the chubby side, so I have slight man boobs. I can remember vividly wearing these tank top style pyjama tops and training bras to bed looking at my chest and wishing to wake up with real breasts.
I'm currently 30 but during my early to mid 20's it all came to a head where I began buying my own clothes and over time I had a wardrobe of my own clothes, shoes, underwear, accessories, jewellery, handbags etc etc, I even bought my own makeup and through constant trial and error, managed to make it look natural and could apply it correctly. I became quite stylish in my outfits too, while I may have been masterbating about it at night, during the day it didn't feel entirely sexual (whether it was running at the back of my mind, under the hood the whole time is another thing). I bought wigs, breast forms and so on, the whole shebang. I eventually grew out my own hair, got my ears pierced and did as much as I could to make everything as real as possible, but while still being able to go under the radar. I had broken down one night in front of a friend after a visit to a strip club with a group of the guys, when I was asked what was wrong, I blurted out I wanted to be a girl, and I don't know why that happened, it wasn't on my mind. I eventually began coming out to my friends and family because this felt more like I was trans than a crossdresser. I came out to work colleagues, created a new facebook account as my new self and so on. I celebrated one of my birthdays (maybe 26th or 27th) with a group of friends with me in my female persona at a gay bar and had a wonderful time apart from the anxiety inducing aspects of it. I began seeing a counsellor because I began hating my body, voice, features etc and truly believed I was actually transgender. What else would account for all I had done?
I didn't find the experience helpful, and at this point in my life I was miserable, my thoughts were 24/7 racing through my mind thinking I was transgender, sleep was a relief because my brain would stop thinking. I was likely suffering depression but it didn't feel the same as it had when I suffered a bout of it at 19 over unrelated problems (unemployment during the global recession) so I thought it was dysphoria. I would eventually see a psychologist who made the idea of attempting transitioning seem realistic and achievable, but without forcing me in to it. I began my first treatment of facial laser hair removal as my facial hair disgusted me, prevented me from wearing makeup whenever I chose and made me upset.
I eventually stopped seeking counselling as it wasn't what I thought it would be, I had half hoped it would provide a diagnosis almost, thereby resolving me of the need to decide to transition, instead it would be a necessity. I stopped the laser treatments as well out of worry in case I was making the wrong decision. I went to my doctor and went onto anti anxiety pills because I was a wreck by this point and life had become very difficult, mentally, for me. The pills lowered my libido (which helped me conclude that it was sexual reasons fueling this desire), the daily masterbation went away but I felt miserable. After a few months I went cold turkey off the anti anxiety tablets because I was taking them to deal with the result of my gender problems, I didn't want to associate with that any more so the tablets had to go. I cut my hair off which was now shoulder length, dumped all my clothes, makeup and prosthetics etc. I became so ashamed at this point, because I had opened up to everyone that I felt I was letting them down, as if I had lied. I also couldn't bring up the sexual element primarily out of shame and that I feared people would think I was either a predator or a pervert. None of this was the case to me, I genuinely thought I was transgender and that my sexual fantasies were about me, me being the girl. I did eventually become happy again as a guy, and have been living as a man, and have been enjoying being a man for the last few years. It is starting to crumble again, and I believe, or hope that it is because of porn.
One of my thought processes during this 'trans' experience I lived was that I wanted my female friends to see me as a lame duck, that I wasn't a man, I wasn't a threat and that I only wanted to be a 'gal pal' to them. During my teen years I was an awful angry, bigoted guy; homophobic, racist, I was even misogynistic. Through 'coming out' I broke down all these barriers and became a nicer, more caring and considerate person. This was partly through avoiding hypocrisy of wanting to be accepted, partly because women tend to be, from my experience, more open and accepting so I wanted to emulate that etc.
Fast forward to now, I haven't cross dressed in a couple of years, I have had minimal to virtually no desire to do so. I have tried to roll back my personality to the pre-coming out stage, minus the bigotry and aggressiveness etc. But what I have discovered is that I solely watch transgender porn now, as I have done for the last few years, but I wonder if I am using it as a crutch; I know similarly to others here, I imagine myself as the female in the videos which is why I cant enjoy straight porn. The trans questioning has slightly returned, my masterbation has increased from once a day, to polluting my thoughts and having typed all this out, I can see how early on porn was an issue, and sexual problems were prevalent. My last and most recent ex-girlfriend two years ago led me to discovering that while I had love and romantic interest in a partner, I lack lust and desire, most likely due to porn use. As a result, I have realised my lack of relationships over the last 10 years is due to lack of desire. I always wondered why I was different to friends who were always successful with girls and I believe that is because I had no sexual desire which is the great attractor. I have also become submissive, in the sense I want someone to approach me, I also am thinking about myself in the wrong way, I want someone to look or feel my ass the same way a girl would use hers to draw attention.
Some of my further issues with this transgender porn is that I have had more sexual experiences with men than I have with women, despite being a 'straight guy', I don't find men attractive or have any romantic interest in them. I wont lie and say I hated the experiences, I enjoyed them at the time, but I undertook them on the basis of being the girl in the situations. In the gay community the term would be a power bottom; I was envisioning myself as a girl, I wanted to feel that way through sex, so I hooked up 2-3 times with guys to get what I wanted and did what I enjoyed with them, regardless of their desires in the situation. At present, a close gay friend of mine uses the gay hook up app Grindr, and I find myself thought wise, regressing, to wanting to download it to have sex with a man to get the validation I want, despite presently being 100% male in appearance.
I am at the point where I am bored of looking at porn, I don't want to use it anymore because it is affecting my ability to have a relationship, but due to it being transgender porn it is having a terrible effect on what I think is my gender identity, and slightly to my sexuality. While some here have posted about sissy porn which I also watch, I find it doesn't affect me in all the same ways, I don't enjoy the humiliation or cuckold aspect, I view it as a 'it takes away my decision responsibility'. I used to get annoyed there wasn't more affirmative sissy porn, whereby instead of it degrading you as a man, it built you up as a woman. The mistresses so frequent in this type of porn seem malicious and I always wondered why they weren't trying to bring you to their level of 'look, being a woman is amazing, you can be like me'.
My final point here; I have moved away from consistently thinking I am trans to thinking I have a porn addiction, an addiction I am finding I am losing to but I am starting to go down the AGP rabbit hole, and that to me seems like it has no positive resolution to, it seems like a 'you're fucked' kind of thing. I know what I have to do, simply cold turkey porn and hope to reset myself over time. Keeping busy and avoiding boredom and isolation with masterbating is the key to it, my problem is the rise of the 'am I actually trans?' thoughts filling in the gaps (which I'm sure is simply my brain latching onto the dopamine producer), the hopelessness of the AGP situation if that has any credence, to thinking that being cis and alpha masculine is not as exciting or desirable (which again is likely the brain resisting something non sexual because there won't be a dopamine hit). I am also afraid, I am afraid of getting close to a girl and coveting her body sexually and that problem not ever going away. Currently I look at some of my female friends and want to be them and my worry is cold turkeying porn, but having nothing to reset to, I began watching porn at 15 and some of my first sexual experiences were from crossdressing.
Does anyone relate to this at all, have I missed something obvious that can set me on the right path? Has this helped anyone else see the truth of their own experiences?
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2020.10.08 02:07 alqassam My parents are very strict about nudity and never tell me about sex, and I don't want to make the same mistake when I become a parent

I am an adult in the middle age of 20, and the only child in my family. I live in a community where nudity is something sexualized. I don't know why the urban communities in my country judge child nudity as vulgar. It's very contrast to rural communities where children could play naked when swimming or bathing on the rivers or lakes. This post will be long because I'll tell my experience when I was a kid and my view of raising my own family.
My mom is very strict about nudity even I am inside the house. I remember when I was a 4-year-old, I stripped all my clothes because it was about my shower time. My mom still bathed me at that time, but she was away, and I laid in my bed naked, waiting for my mom to come. When she saw me naked, she was mad and told me not to be naked again. I was confused because there was no one in the house except my mom. I also often wore a tank top during the day because my house was hot during the day, especially in summer. I enjoyed myself to show more skin, especially when I was wearing a tank top and shorts because it helped my body to cool faster, and I was confident with my body. But when I was five years old, my mom started to forbid me to wear tank tops when going outside. She told me that I had to learn to be modest. But I still couldn't understand why even my neighbors were often wearing them during hot days. We didn't visit a neighbor or attending a party.
My mom never allowed me to be shirtless at home. But, my dad often did it, and even he walked around only in his underwear when he went to the bathroom or changing cloth. My mom didn't like my dad walking around only in his undergarment in front of me. She was afraid I'm not comfortable wearing a shirt, especially when I have to stay with my extended family. That's why she made me wear my shirt, although I felt uncomfortable when it was too hot and sweaty. Once I was caught by my mom sleeping shirtless during the night when I was 13 years old. She woke me and nagged why I took off my shirt. I explained to her that I was sweating a lot, even I was sleeping shirtless. Then she made me wore my shirt again, and I found my shirt was wet when I woke up in the morning.
My early puberty time was pretty disastrous. I lost my confidence in my body after it changed a lot, and puberty talk with my parents was something embarrassing. Before I hit puberty, I asked my mom about men f***ing women (I'm not a native speaker, and it's hard to find an appropriate word from my language LMAO). That word was popular among my friends because it was the time when the internet started to grow, and porn sites were easy to access for underage children. I didn't even know about the word "making love" or "having sex" at that time. Thanks to porn, that destroyed my knowledge about sexual organs. Okay, go back to the story. My mom was angry and didn't want me to talk about sex. I was afraid to ask my dad about that because he was temperament. He could yell at me when he's angry. I followed some of my friends to watch porn to explore my curiosity about sex, which was the biggest mistake I ever made.
Things were going weird and uncomfortable when my pubic hair grew, and my voice started to change. It happened when I was 11 years old, and it was earlier than my friends. I was shy, and I felt uncomfortable when changing clothes with my schoolmates. My mom was worried and often asked me if my pubic hair grew, and I lied to her. I don't know when exactly my first wet dream happened, but when I realized it was a wet dream, I found a bloodstain on my underwear. Then, I masturbated myself because of my curiosity, and I found my sperm contained drops of blood. I panicked, but I never told this to my parents. Thankfully, it only happened once, and I don't have a problem with my reproductive organs. Fortunately, I started to be confident again with my body and going through puberty when I was in high school.
So, I don't want to make the same mistake that my parents did to me. Sexual education is being a hot topic in my country, and I start to imagine how to raise my future family, where nudity isn't something sexual, and my children have a good body image and confidence with their bodies. Here are my plans for my children, specifically when they are growing up.

  1. When my children in their 0-5 years old, parents nudity is allowed but only when bathing the kids and in the parent bedroom. I personally never see my parents nude, even I was a toddler. Being nude in front of toddlers is still a controversial thing in my culture. But, I want to tell my children about sexual organs, how boys and girls are different, and privacy about their organs (not showing them to strangers, etc.). I allow them to be nude at home except when a guest is in our home. Parents should teach children how to bath themselves at four years old, and monitor them until five years old (which my parents didn't do to me). What do you think about this?
  2. At 6-12 years old, parents should stop being naked around children. But, I let my children bath together with their siblings as long as they're comfortable. I allow them to be nude except when we're in the living room or eating meals in the dining room. At least, they should wear panties or underwear when they're not in their rooms. Well, I'm afraid this clothing-free behavior will continue when my children have a sleepover in someone's house. Is it enough to tell that not everyone is comfortable with nudity?
  3. At 12-15 years old, different-sex siblings should stop bathing together and seeing their genitals. But, I still let them bathing together with same-sex siblings as long as they feel comfortable. Parents should tell about privacy in their room where children have their freedom and right to only let in someone they want. I read some posts where a teenager starts to be too private and becomes shy with their parents. I don't want it to happen to my children like I was a teenager. I want my children tell anything to parents before anyone else, specifically about their bodies. Right now, I believe nudity as the openness of someone about their body. So, I think it's okay for a teenager to be nude in front of their same-sex parent to show their openness. Well, I think it's okay too to allow my daughters to be topless even they start developing their breasts if they want, and nobody bothers it (as long as they still wear their panties). I don't want to be too conservative or too liberal about this LOL.
  4. When children reach 16 years old, I start to forbid my daughters from being topless and at least wearing shorts and bras. How about my sons? Well, they're still allowed to be nude in their rooms, but they should wear at least a loose boxer (not that tighty whities brief).
I'm open to all of your feedback, and I'll appreciate all of your opinions.
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2020.10.06 19:36 Illustrious-Ad801 Mom breast nude

I'm a 38 year old male. My abuse started in the 1st Grade by none other than my Stepmother at that time. Keep in mind I never thought what was taking place was bad. It started after a little league Baseball game when we got home. I took my uniform off and was told to get in the shower like most parents direct their children today. I went into my parents bathroom shower and maybe 2-3 minutes later my Stepmother entered the shower nude and I was mesmerized because I hadn't seen a nude woman before. We finished showering and she said get in my bed since no one else was home. So I was still nude and she came to bed in a robe and removed it under the covers. Well somehow I don't recall how but she had me massaging her body face down instructing me to massage Everything and it was ok to touch her inner thighs and vagina. Obviously being a young boy I got an erected penis. She then flipped over and I continued the front of her body. Mind you my Stepmother was pretty to me and had my full trust. I rubbed her breast and nipples and she said that felt great or something to that effect. I worked my way down ger body and she showed me how to "massage" her vagina. I listened and I do remember her becoming really wet and I didn't know what it was. She asked if I wanted to feel what it's like to be touched and I said sure. She rubbed me while I was still at her vagina "massaging" and started rubbing my penis. It felt good and weird because no one had ever touched it before. She asked me to get between her legs and rub my penis on her vagina the best I could and it would feel better. I'm assuming she climaxed many times from the sheets being wet. I laid down beside her and she put my penis in her mouth...this was grooming me for giving her oral sex. She stopped and was talking to me and actually gave me a hickey on my neck that was visible to anyone...I was embarrassed. This went on for over a year and at times she would keep me home from school while my dad, brother and my 2 stepbrothers went to work and school. It honestly made me feel special and I looked forward to it each time because it progressed eventually giving her oral sex and her making me penetrate her anally and vaginally. I also was caught wearing her panties at night in bed by my father and I got corporal punishment for that big time. My dad is a retired Marine so there wasn't a shortage of ass beatings for myself. The next summer I went to my Grandmother's house out of state due to my father being deployed overseas for 12 months. When he returned he had a girlfriend who had a older son probably 6 years older than myself. We moved back to the NC Coast across the street from the beach. We will call her son C. C myself and my brother would go to the beach multiple times a day. C and myself started taking showers after each beach outing together. Soon after my brother moved to my mom's house out of state leaving me and C. These showers we had escalated quickly with touching then kissing his penis until he was hard and Im the one that put his penis in my mouth and proceeded to give him oral sex. Well he wanted that Every time after that. We took a nap or laid in bed one afternoon after showering still nude. Our parents were never home. I remember he asked if he could touch my ass while I put his penis in my mouth and I let it happen because it felt good. I was a vulnerable kid seeking attention and he gave it to me. Eventually he inserted his penis inside me analy and it hurt at first but got easier over time. So now this was our game so I thought and it was at that time the best parts of my summer and fall until our parents broke up due to another deployment. My father has been married 7 times. Military life right! So I returned to my grandparents house for another year and when my father arrived back this time he had another girlfriend who had 2 daughters one older than myself and one one year younger. I hated this soon to be Stepmother. By this time I was in the 4th now and was a disciplinary problem at school constantly so I was on the business end of a belt daily and I was beaten badly one time and had severe bruising. I made my oldest stepsister come in the bathroom with me and showed her. This is where it started again. I was completely nude and I asked her to take off her pants and she refused and told me I shouldn't ask her that. Fast forward to that weekend we were all up late and she came into my bed with me too "talk" with panties and her t-shirt. Somehow she got around to asking me if I wanted to see her vagina like I did a few days ago and I said sure. She made me get naked so I wouldn't tell on her. She asked if she could touch my penis and I said yes. 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2020.09.29 14:37 Pizza_steve_is_cool Breast mom nude

So basically about 3-4 months ago my mom left me my dad and my two brothers because she believed my dad was cheating (he was not) and so there was a bunch of arguments and shit at the start especially because she went to her sister's and her sister is a horrible horrible person like I could make a post about her and its be a book by the end. Anyways she had told my dad to drive her there so he did. She's said she doesn't love him anymore and she doesn't wanna be with him.
Well we lived in a hotel and have been for years. And with covid he works foem home making 2000 but that's barley enough for the hotel bill. Anyways he requested a grant from work and in less then a month we get a grant for 10k because he is a really important worker and high up in the work and they wanted to help us get a home. Well about a week later we get a 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom duplex home. And its amazing and it feels so good to have a home. Well during this whole time my mom has constantly harrassed and cursed and yelled at my dad even going as far to laugh at his face while he begged her to come home.
So about 1 month ago she gave me her phone that had evidence of tinder and nude pics she was sending to a guy. Well she said she only did it to make our dad mad then it was she never actually did it. And I just found out this morning from my dad while in school that she confessed she said she did have a boyfriend and she was cheating before she left. She said she was sorry for everything and she wants to be truthful from now on.
She has also said she has 3 lumps on her breast. Now I know she isn't lying about that because she has had one on her arm for a long time and I even have one on my side. Me and her both have NF I have stage one and she stage 2 or at least I'm told I dont really 100%pay attention as I should.
This is only part of what is going on there is a lot more but I need advice on how I should deal with it or what I should do.
I'm getting mad at myself because when I was told I wanted to kill the guy (she is no longer talking to him) and I wanted to punch something I was shaking. But I also feel nothing like I knew she was cheating but her admitting to it somehow put me at eas and idk why I'm not more mad or angry why I'm not crying why am I not screaming I feel like I should be like I should be depressed or screaming and cursing and yelling at her but I don't want to I want to see her and be with her (side not my dad is a great guy and is doing good taking care of us) but I feel like I shouldn't see her like I'm to easley forgiving her if I go see her.
I'm 16 my older brother is 19 and my little brother is 15. My dads 41 and mom is 38 they have been married 20 years.
She's done a lot more this isn't the full story but I just don't know how to feel or what to do.
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2020.08.29 16:05 rrr_rrr Mom breast nude

A famous movie director got married with his daughter-in-law.
His wife found a nude photograph of the daughter.
She sued him for sexually abusing the daughter.
I don't know the details of the above story, but there is an objective fact that he got married with his daughter. This really grosses me out. A father never marry his daughter whether they are blood-related or not.
It's not like good friends in elementary school start dating in high school. Friendship may include potential for romance. However, A father never start seeing his daughter in a romantic/sexual way even after she grew up. Nonetheless to say, their relationship cannot include potential for romance.
Because a father is a caregiver and a caregiver can have power over children and influence them very easily. So caregiving needs to be done in its purist form.
Some may argue that it can be true love and the two souls met in the wrong circumstance which they had no control over or the father is a true artist and does things that ordinary people can't understand. Fine, fine, but why does a father dare to choose a romance over a true father-daughter love? True love can have many forms. It doesn't necessarily be a romance.
If I adopted a boy and breast-fed him or changed his diapers, I would never ever see him as my potential boyfriend.
The principle is you don't fuck your mom, dad, son or daughter.
Anyway, now I don't watch his movies any more and I'm okay with that.
But one of the singers I like starred his most recent film, and now I stopped listening to her songs, too.
I would stop talking to my neighbor if he got married with his daughter-in-law. I can't demand the singer to do the same, but I wouldn't do any business with a daughter-fucker.
But since the singer is huge, popular and attractive, its so difficult to resist her. I know I need to stick to my moral values. I don't trust people who collaborate with a daughter-fucker.
And what's worse, this singer's BFF is my another fave singer. If I keep following my core belief, I may have to stop listening to more and more singers I like.
Artists are humans and they make moral mistakes, but considering what I've been through (I was raised by abusers and went no contact, but like Stockholm syndrome, I am emotionally connected with them, which strongly shames me), I really want to feel only connected with people who are truly healthy-minded. Listening to songs is an experience of being connected with the singer and writer. I don't like to feel connected with something that my soul tells is wrong or feel my moral values are invaded every time I listen to their songs (aka moral invaders).
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2020.08.28 14:01 zamakhtar Mom nude breast

I like to think I’m a good person. But, like most people, I tell lies when it’s comforting. Sometimes the lies build and build. They take on a life of their own, becoming why you wake up in the morning, why you persist. And so, to believe in yourself, you need to believe in them too.
Sammy was the king of middle school. The first week of sixth grade, everyone wanted to share his chicken nuggets, be his art buddy, even tie his sneakers. He’d tease the girls during gym class, and they’d laugh and blush and purposefully get hit by him in dodgeball. Best of all, the school bullies were afraid to even look him in the eye, given how tall and strong he was at that age. He was my shield: as a frail kid in a fraught school, my older brother ensured no one would steal my cookies or talk smack.
“That’s Sammy’s bro, you can’t lay a hand,” they’d say. And then they’d go find someone else to titty-twist.
Severe asthma sucks. When you need your inhaler to walk down the stairs, it’s hard to avoid ridicule. Worse than that is gynecomastia: enlarged male breasts. They started coming in when I was in fifth grade and Sammy in sixth. Sagging sacks of fat with soft, swollen nipples that even my baggy shirts couldn’t hide. To be fair, our family had a subscription to a kids clothing provider, but our allotment went toward making Sammy look fly, not hiding my breasts. Anyway, thanks to Sammy, no one ever messed with me. Snickers and whispers as I’d pass by, sure, but no determined insults: except that one time with Marcus Hopkins.
Marcus, the football star, was the tallest kid in seventh grade; his diet must have consisted entirely of hormone-infused beef. I’ll never forget the day he cornered me in the locker room, perspiring and stinking. He grabbed my left breast, then whispered in my ear, “Hey, all I need do is put a bag on your fucking ugly face, then you can be my first.” Then he spat in my hair and squeezed so hard my nipple almost popped. And when I began wheezing on the grimy tile, all he did was cackle.
Someone told Sammy, and five minutes later, he whisked me to the nurse’s office as if he were running for a touchdown. Because my parents couldn’t miss work, Sammy got one of his eleventh-grade buddies to drive me to the hospital. By the time we arrived, my nipple resembled a cow udder. The swelling burned, but worse was the humiliation. The powerlessness. The sense that I was inherently a freak. That asshole's cackle still echoes in my head.
I like to think Marcus was a bad person and that we ought to not miss bad people. But I remember Marcus’s mother wailing in the street, so shrill it could haunt a demon. It was the most animal sound I’ve ever heard from a human, because it came from a woman possessed by the despair of losing a beloved son.
At the time, I just assumed he’d…fallen off the earth…and thought nothing of it. Only recently did I hear the truth when I bumped into one of my classmates at a bar.
“It happened while camping with friends. Apparently, he’d been drinking, stumbled off the edge of a hill, and smashed onto the bedrock so hard his head and elbows twisted backward.”
I guess he really had fallen off the earth. How sad.
Years later, Sammy and I were playing baseball in the yard when the bat slipped from my hand and struck his forehead. Our parents took days off work to stay with him in the hospital. Keeping them company were Sammy’s girlfriend and ex-girlfriend. My dad used to call them “Tweedledee” and “Tweedledum” because they were so agreeable, despite competing for the same guy, and oddly similar: athletic, always listening to the same songs, and given to wearing black and leather. But they were nice to me, and at the time that was my only criteria for liking someone.
The ex-girlfriend’s name was Tara. While Sammy was in the hospital, she’d come by to mow the lawn and do his chores. One benefit of severe asthma, I never had to help clean since even a mote of dust could cause a coughing fit.
Anyway, my mother appreciated Tara’s visits. But I began to appreciate them quite a bit more. Watching her vacuum the underside of the sofa in those studded leather pants…I can’t pretend I wasn’t in love. And in lust. She even caught me looking once and smiled, which I think was the most exhilarating moment of my life until that point.
Sammy had been in the hospital about a week and was due to come home any day. He was slurring due to the painkillers, but the surgery had gone well. I couldn’t wait to have him back and healthy enough to fill the house with laughter.
One day, I was struggling with an algebra problem when Tara knocked on the front door. My parents were still at work, so I let her in. But instead of heading to the kitchen to wash the dishes, she followed me up the stairs and into my bedroom.
I’ll never forget how she gently closed the door behind her, then leaned against it with her perfectly flat midriff glaring. Her eyes spoke to the animal I never knew was inside me, lighting it on fire. But I knew she belonged to Sammy, despite being his ex, and so I layered that anxiety atop a thousand other insecurities. I averted my gaze and trembled.
Tara came close and sat on my desk. Even now, her scent lingers in my nose. Sunflower and orange blossom.
“He wants me to,” she said.
That relieved one anxiety but stirred a greater insecurity: only because he wants you to?
She grabbed my hand and clasped it. Electricity seemed to run through our fingers. “I want to,” she added, as if she could read my thoughts.
“Really?” I replied in disbelief.
She nodded, then licked her lips, which were already smoothed and sweetened by strawberry balm.
It all went quite well. Thinking back on it, I’m surprised how good I was at my first kiss…and what came after. That event turned around my life. Over the course of ninth grade, my asthma seemed to improve, especially after I took up track and field. I started bench pressing too, and though my enlarged breasts didn’t magically disappear, the added pectoral muscle disguised them while clothed. The only one seeing me unclothed was Tara, and she didn’t mind, so why should I have?
Sammy was relieved to get his ex-girlfriend off his case. But he was more relieved to see me happy and overcoming my frailty. That’s when I finally realized: what separated us wasn’t my health problems but my attitude. Perhaps Sammy always saw himself in me, saw what I could be, and so protected me and helped me grow, which meant that I wasn’t worthless after all. And for the first time, I started believing in myself.
I smashed my AP classes, won a bunch of track and field contests, went to college on scholarship, and grew into the man I am today: confident, successful, and, dare I say, popular. Still, Sammy accomplished more and even bought my parents a five-bedroom house in the suburbs with all the money he’d made. He joined some church, married a good girl, and has three kids who adore him as much as me.
I was proud of him.
At least, that’s what I told myself. That’s the story I’d built, one that became a world. My world. That, at my core, I didn’t just believe, but needed to be true.
But obviously, an athlete doesn’t just fall off a hill. Hot girls don’t fuck asthmatic nerds with bigger breasts than them. And, the foundational lie: brothers aren’t so wonderful to their weaker siblings.
So, considering everything that’s happened and after much reflection, here is the email I just sent to my parents:
Dear Mom and Dad,
Sometimes you can only see things through a broken looking glass. Through the pane of a cracked mirror. That’s what memories are, to me. Often, everything is the opposite of what it should be. Of what makes sense.
I’ll never forget the day Sammy twisted my right breast in the locker room and cackled as I gasped for air. When Marcus saw, Sammy made me say it was him who did it. I don’t know if Sammy threw him off that hill, but he was certainly capable of worse.
I’ll always remember flinging that baseball bat into Sammy’s head and then crying that it was an accident. I prayed he’d never leave that hospital bed, but he was always so resilient.
I’ll never forget the time he forced his girlfriend to fuck me, on threat of spreading her nudes to the school. Apparently, that was the worst torture he could conceive for her.
But that’s not the story I told myself, all these years. Sometimes, all it takes is one lie to repair your whole life, make it good again. If I could just tell myself that there was one person who believed in me, who thought I wasn’t a freak — wasn’t completely worthless — then perhaps I could believe it, too. And I did.
Last week, Sammy appeared at my front door. He begged me to forgive him. He said he’d grown close to God and now lamented how cruel he’d been — “as wicked as Cain” were his exact words, I recall.
I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about. He insisted, recounting all his crimes, as if we were in a confessional. And so, truth brought down my house of lies, and I was once again that helpless boy, at the mercy of my brother’s whims, my self-worth stripped away.
I thanked him, told him I forgave him, then smashed his bald spot with the same baseball bat from all those years ago, finishing the job.
Since then, my asthma has come roaring back. I can’t even go for a jog without huffing into a nebulizer for thirty minutes after. And now, I despise the way my chest looks, as if a pair of misshapen soft balls are wedged between my nipples and pecs.
Sammy’s body is decomposing in my bathtub as I write this. The flies buzzing around me are fattened by his blood. To make sense of what I’ve done, I have to accept the truth of what he was…of who I am. No more comforting lies.
I never could forgive Sammy. The tragedy is that there’s no record of him having done any of it, so you’ll have to take my word. His wife and kids will say he was a saint, and that I was secretly envious. Let them live in their house of lies, so long as you know the truth.
If ever you doubt me, ask yourself: why would I kill my brother out of a childhood envy, one that no longer matters, given how far I’ve come? Could the boy you raised be such a monster? Then again, what kind of monster abuses his sickly kid brother? I suppose one of your sons is a monster, and I’m sorry for that.
But I’m not sorry for what I’ve done. One thing I know for certain: you loved him more than me. I know you’ll miss him, and the truth is, I will too.
Your Second Favorite Son
Now, as I sit here and pluck my thoughts, it’s as if I’m facing a cracked mirror, reflecting two worlds. It’s as if for every event, I have two memories, one where he’s the villain and another where I am.
What matters now is that I go on. Perhaps I’ll build a new truth, one where I’m neither a worthless freak nor a jealous maniac. So that I can believe that, at my core, I’m good — and always was.
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2020.08.26 23:31 cicadalad Mom breast nude

tw for sexual assault, physical abuse, verbal abuse, child molestation, self harm, eating disorder, panic attack, suicide attempt
recently i ended a ~3 year long friendship with this guy we’ll call ben who’s 14 (same age as me).
throughout our entire friendship he’d continuously hit me and insult me. he’d smack me in the side of the head so hard i could only hear ringing for several minutes and then have muffled hearing for the rest of the day. he would slap me in my eye so it stung really bad and my eyelid would start spazzing. he’d pull and push me around (i.e. across a road). he’d kick me, stomp on my foot, choke me, spit on me, punch me. i took photos of the bruises he left on me this past weekend he came over.
and the thing is i rarely ever hit him back because i knew he’d hit me back harder. for every 20 times he’d hit me i’d hit him once and that was usually in self defence after he hit me. i also didn’t wanna ever hit him back because i didn’t want to hurt him.
i guess what makes that aspect a little more fucked up is that my dad used to beat me as a young child and i watched him beat my mother up until i was around 11. i thought that being hit by someone you love was somewhat normal. i was convinced that because he was beating me that meant he loved me and that we had a great friendship.
he would also constantly insult me. from the top of my head he would tell me at least once a day that i was either fat, obese, lard, had a huge neck, had big calves, i was wide, i had a massive fat head, my eyes were too far apart, my nose was weirdly flat, i shook the house when i walked, etc etc. he even continued to comment and insult my body after i was finally able to tell him that i had an eating disorder. and he still continued to call me fat and wide and all this other stuff. he even told me a few times that i should “get another eating disorder because it didn’t work the first time” or that “i should try anorexia again”. this shit really effected me as i’d relapse and go about a month where i’d eat no more than 600 calories and then walk for hours to burn it off. all because of a stupid “joke” he made.
he even once told me that the only reason he comes over to my house is for weed or alcohol and that i’m such a shit friend and he likes his other friends better and always has.
my breaking point was this past weekend. everything was fine for the most part until saturday night. my mom had bought us some alcohol and went to go stay with her boyfriend for the night. i got drunk and then at around 4 am i decided i wanted to go to the park near my house which was about a 5 minute walk. ben ended up coming with me bc i was drunk and he was sober and he didn’t want me to wonder the streets alone.
we got to the park and i swung for a bit before we went over to the little gazebo they had there. i sat down on the ground and looked up at ben who was sitting on the bench and he told me “you’re really fucking ugly when you’re drunk” and i just laughed because i didn’t want him to know i was hurt (i always laugh and smile even when something really hurts my feelings or hurts physically).
a few mins later we were walking home and as we were going to cross the street ben grabs me by the front of my shirt and yanks me across the street. for the record, i’m a transguy and have dysphoria regarding my chest and have been wearing sports bras since i had to throw away my old chest binder. ben had grabbed my bra strap which caused one of my breasts to fall out and i had to quickly fix it while also trying not to fall onto hard, wet concrete because, again, i was drunk.
we got to the other side of the road where there was a bridge that was about 10 ft high and had a little stone wall railing. i put my hands on the top of the wall and lifted my leg halfway up before getting down (made a joke abt jumping off). ben immediately yanked me again and when i started laughing he smacked me in the eye so hard i was stumbling around for a solid minute as he just stared at me all pissed off. he specifically told me he hit me because i was laughing.
on the walk home i started having a panic attack, which for me makes it so i can’t speak and can’t really move much and it’s mostly all inside of my brain bc i don’t like showing that i’m not ok. i was just walking behind him, not saying a word, my head down and silently crying as he talked to my online best friend (i’ve known her for almost 5 years now).
the rest of the night i spent locked in the bathroom crying while sitting in my bathtub and telling everything to my online friend. not once did ben check on me to see if i was okay. he didn’t even knock on the door at all. he literally just texted my online friend what happened and then just went and hung out with my sister.
now for the sexual assault i only realised that’s what it was last night. i didn’t realise it at the time, nor did i realise in the days after. essentially what’d happened was i had ben over and my sister had about 4(?) of her friends over and we all got drunk except for like 2 people. at some point someone suggested we played spin the bottle and everyone agreed. we all got in a circle and played. but the thing is i wasn’t actually playing and everyone seemed to understand that. whenever it was my turn to spin the bottle i’d move it so it landed on a stuffed animal bird i was holding (my sister would spin the bottle for me to land on the bird as well). but when it was ben’s turn to spin the bottle and it landed on me he got up and pushed me on the ground and wrapped a chain necklace thing around the back of my neck and started making out with me. i started laughing and trying to get his mouth off of me and i even bit his tongue and was kicking and squeezing his arm but he just held my arms down or choked me and continued kissing me until he decided it was enough.
i didn’t like it at all. i didn’t want that. i never told him yes, i was never even really playing the game. no one else even kissed me normally. i didn’t have to try to fight anyone else off of me. the only other person i did kiss was one of my other friends but i gave her a lil peck on the lip and we cuddled bc she was feeling left out and i love her a lot.
sometimes when i would be changing my shirt and either had no shirt on or no sports bra on ben would walk past my room and stop and stare. he would bite his lip and do a weird little whine and then laugh it off. it made me extremely uncomfortable because he didn’t have to do any of that. he could’ve chosen to ignore my chest because he knew i had crippling dysphoria about it.
also, this isn’t something he did to me but to my online friend (we’ll call her rose). as i said before i’ve known rose for almost 5 years and we’ve become extremely close. but we’ve never been able to meet in person because she lives on the complete opposite side of the world from me and neither of us have much money. but rose and ben began talking maybe 2 or 3 months ago. except the only thing that they’d talk about would be rose’s body. ben would only want to see rose’s tits or want her to take nudes for him. when he was over at my house he’d take my phone from me while i was taking to rose and then pressure her into showing him her body until she gave in. rose confided in me that ben reminded her of a relative of hers who’d molested her when she was younger with how he’d constantly pressure her into showing her body.
also as just a little thing to throw in there, while i was in the icu after attempting suicide i told him that the nurses liked me so they let me have my phone. he responded by saying “i don’t and i wish it had killed you” (i have a screenshot of this).
and ben denies ever doing any of this. he says i insulted him all the time, which is false because it goes against my moral code. the most i’d say to him was that he had a big forehead sometimes. he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. and when we brought it up to him he told us he’d just gotten a knife from the kitchen and was going to start cutting himself. then when we told him it was really shitty to threaten to cut yourself because you’re being called out abt your wrongdoings, he said he wasn’t threatening to cut himself he was “just saying that he’d gone and got a knife” as if that wasn’t meant to imply he was going to cut himself because we called him out.
i told my mom and brother about everything but the sexual assault and they don’t want him back over at my house ever again. i told two of my friends and my oldest sister about the sexual assault and other stuff he did and my oldest sister blocked him, one of my friends didn’t ask many questions but is very angry with him and my other friend (rose) hasn’t responded.
it feels like a weight has been lifted now that i’ve left him and i’m honestly really glad i did.
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