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Apr 11, 2012 - Explore Jennifer Jordan's board "Homemade Wine", followed by 202 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Homemade wine, Wine, Homemade. Easy Refreshing Beverage. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy ice-cold beverages like lemonade, or a classic mojito, or a tall glass of fresh-squeezed limeade.Sweet, tart, and oh-so-refreshing! With so many favorite summer beverages being citrusy, that means that heartburn is often not too far behind for me. She couldn’t believe that I didn’t like it, and tried to get me to try it, but I couldn’t do it. When I got home from my trip, that conversation just lingered in my mind. She spoke about guacamole like it was the greatest thing in the world. So I googled “how to make homemade guacamole” and printed the first recipe I found. I like to get my most commonly used spices in bulk, so I can bulk up the spice blend too! Adjust to your taste: I find that store-bought blends aren’t as strong as I would like them to be! When you make it yourself, you can add more or less of your favourite component in the blend so that it’s customized to you! As far as homemade pipes go, the Water Bottle Pipe or Water Bottle Bong is usually the best option. A water bottle is perfect for making into a pipe as it has a nice hollow structure that provides plenty of airflow. Plus, it’s easy to add some water in the bottom for filtrating your smoke, just like a bong. Jump to Recipe I have a deep, dark confession to make today… As I’ve progressed along in my read food journey, I’ve noticed that my taste buds have changed. I’ve gradually lost my cravings for many of my once-loved processed food favorites, and I’m pleased to report that my palate has happily adjusted to fresh […] Fresh pasta has a short shelf life, but for cut pastas, like fettuccine, you can either air-dry or freeze the pasta. You can buy special pasta drying racks, or you can dry strands in little nests on a baking sheet. Homemade dried pasta will keep in an airtight container for up to one month. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 37 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback ... How to store homemade white bread. The fact is homemade white bread doesn’t keep for too long, since it doesn’t have preservatives like store-bought bread. So it’s important to keep your homemade bread in a container that allows for some ventilation, to let the the bread “breathe”. This white bread will keep for about 4-5 days this way. The batter should almost look like it's "rising" with bubbles sort of. Beating up your pancake batter means beating up your family with bad pancakes. I'd like to add that the last pancakes out of the batter are going to be tougher than the first batch that came out. As the ladle goes in and out of the batter, that is working the gluten in the ...

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Chapter 3 of Deathbound is here. We're still slowly introducing everything, but slowly it'll ramp up.
Captain Sam Robinson – Valkyrie – Dimensional Plane of Arenal – U.N. Department of The Quest Board, City of Ringtown – 5 Years and 1 week since the Infernal invasion of Earth
“++Why the fuck didn’t the early alarms activate!?++” Sam shouted as her suit finished booting up.
“++Protocol was based on heat, activity and not on sapient appearance, to prevent offending dragons, naga, ogres - ++”. U.N. Command told Sam as she started sprinting towards launch pad.
“++You mean the living mummy hasn’t done anything to trigger an alarm at all!?++” Sam asked incredulously as she blasted off and started flying towards the Quest Board main office building.
“++Nothing, sir! He’s still standing there, paper work in hand! Uh… What do I, I mean, what do we do!?++” Marcus Grunwald asked.
“++Keep to protocol, lieutenant!++” Alix shouted in response. Sam looked through the various sub units and their commanding officers and their orders. Her HUD showed that Alix had already commanded her squad to take up good defensive positions in the building and were almost all ready and in place. Marcus only now started to order his squad. Sam ordered 3 nearby squads to get ready just in case and maintained the open line to U.N. Command.
“++This isn’t Alpha Centauri lieutenant Grunwald. Don’t worry, if shit hits the fan, we’ll stick through it together.++” Sam said as she did her best to reassure him. She closed the private channels and opened the one to the 5th marines. “++All squads, do not engage unless target engages first! Do not provoke or close the distance and wait until I arrive on the scene! Target appears docile enough that we can try and see if it was just a misunderstanding! Anyone check why the alarm went off, did the footage show violent intent?++”
“++Negative sir! As far as we know the clerk panicked at his seeing his, uh, lack of face, and hit the panic button.++” Sergeant Major Sasha Vidin answered. She answered with her voice clear and level. Clearly the year she had been on Arenal had already allowed her to keep her cool when strange shit like this happened.
“++Alright, Alix. You’re the talker, see if he’s open to a simple dialogue. I’m arriving in a minute.++” Sam ordered. For a moment she could swear she heard Alix curse Myrael’s name but elected to ignore it.
“++Alright, going in. Everyone else, cover me.++” Alix said. Sam immediately switched to her camera feed and kept the lines open to the other squads and U.N. Command.
Alix opened the door that led from the back office to the main waiting room. “H-Hi there. Mr. Mummy. Everything peachy?”
“++Everything peachy?++” Sam muttered to herself.
“Everything peachy? What?” The mummy asked. Sam couldn’t help but stare at the empty eye sockets that somehow still directed themselves to Alix. “That’s not a saying in Latin.”
“Uh… Latin?” Alix briefly wondered as she too was caught staring at the moving corpse. It was like those mummified corpses they sometimes found in left-alone swamps where the flesh was petrified but so thinned out that it looked like the skin had turned into a dark brown paper and was stretched tightly over the skeleton. Except this one was wearing a crown made of gold and plenty of jewels, along with what seemed like a black silk robe with teal and purple motifs.
“Mmmh. Not latin. The Roman empire must’ve fallen then, how interesting. A shame, really, I always had them as a contender for being humanity’s unifier.” The mummy said as he slowly moved closer.
Alix, to her credit, stepped closer as well despite the extremely disturbing sight in front of her. “You’ve been to Earth before then? A long time ago?” Alix asked, though the trepidation was clear in her voice.
“Yes. You could say that.” Sam shuddered as the mummy appeared to somehow smile. It wasn’t really a smile, but she could see the desiccated and rotten muscles on its cheek bones twitch and move up a bit, mimicking a smile as best it could since it didn’t have any lips remaining.
“Ah, uh. Well, where exactly have you been before then?” Alix asked as she found that she was close enough and stopped moving. Sam could tell that she still had her finger on the trigger, but she was still keeping the conversation going.
“Many places. Ah, I think I know where I remember seeing your people’s face before. I think the Greeks called it India. Is it India then? That rules the world?” The mummy asked.
“Er, no. I’m American. But functionally I’m part of the United Nations of Humanity.” Alix answered.
“Ah-mer-rih-kah… Strange, I’ve never heard of that land before. Much has changed since I left then. Tell me, what is this United Na –“ The mummy asked.
“Screw that, what the fuck are you!?” Alix loudly asked, clearly far too disturbed to keep her cool. Sam just landed as she palmed her helmet on the forehead.
“++Goddamnit Alix! Keep it together!++” Sam said.
“Yes, you should listen to your superior. It’s not polite to ask someone that with so many curse words. At least, I think that translated to curse words.” The mummy said.
“++Ah, shit. Elevate threat level to Lesser God, he can hear subvocal transmissions. All squads, engage Watcher God protocols.++” Sam ordered.
“A Lesser God? Mmmh. Perhaps I should introduce myself properly. I am Ur-Nergal, the Dread Lord, the Lich King, the Ruler of the Dead. And I must say, while I do enjoy the little cat-and-mouse theatrics and your fearful peasants, I do have other things to do. So, if we could speed this up that would be much appreciated. I am a God King after all.” The newly introduced Ur-Nergal slowly drawled out.
Sam started typing frantic messages to U.N. Command to check that name to see if it made any sense or they had some more information or context to it. Alix however, didn’t take kindly to being called a peasant.
“Oh, excuse me, your highness!” Alix said as sarcasm dripped from her voice. “How may I help you?”
“++Jesus fucking Christ, keep it together Barhead!++” Sam ordered as she moved through the front doors and into the lobby.
“Ah, did she just change the way she called your name? Interesting… This new language is very difficult to follow. Regardless, I would like to peruse your quest board.” Ur-Nergal said as Sam came through the main doors and arrived in the main waiting room.
“Oh my, those armoured suits of yours really are amazing. So fast and powerful, yet so agile, you didn’t even hit any walls or those self-opening doors.” Ur-Nergal said. Sam didn’t notice any sarcasm, so perhaps he was being genuine in his compliment.
“So… you want to peruse our quest board?” Sam asked as she nodded towards Alix who slowly backed off.
“Yes, specifically the quest boards across all of Earth. I would like to have all their specific locations, as well as perhaps fulfilling one of your current quests here.” Ur-Nergal answered.
“No interdimensional travel to Earth is allowed without prior U.N. Security Council approval. And we don’t have any quest boards on Earth.” Sam replied.
“What? Mmmh. Well, I understand the restrictions on travel, but the Conclave has specific rules about the locations of the boards. Quest boards should be available to any supplicant and should be available to every major location for every sentient people, be they sylvan, orc, dwarf, dragon, devil, ogre or otherwise.”
Sam cocked her head to the side. “I don’t recall hearing of any undead being in the Conclave of the Gods.”
“Yes, well, they’re a bunch of salt-licking dogs.” Ur-Nergal answered in a disgusted manner. “I left the Conclave while ago due to some, let’s say, differences in opinion. Still… are humans not beholden to their laws?”
“We… are. But only if we choose to be. Regardless, this… quest board technically fulfils all the criteria that the Conclave set forth.” Sam answered, realizing that she was dealing with someone who was being overtly careful with their words. “Let’s say that the quest board here has… lightning fast connections with other locations… so fast that it functions as a quest board for all of humanity. So, we only have one.”
“Mmmh, powerful magic that. Well, then I have another request to make, I suppose.” Ur-Nergal said as the tiny bits of flesh above his face seemed to twitch ever so slightly that it made Sam think he was frowning. “I would still like to re-visit Earth. And in return, I do believe I can fulfil one of your current open quests.”
Sam took a moment to think all of this over. It was only a second or two, but she realized she already knew what the lich was going to say. The implications of it were too much to think about, it threatened to send her mind spinning, so she pushed through and asked it. “re-visit?”
“Yes. Re-visit. And in return I shall fulfil the quest where I offer my services in the form of magical secrets and magical services.” Ur-Nergal said as he smiled. Except now it was no longer a horrid mummified face. In the blink of an eye, Sam saw the mummy transformed into an adult man in the prime of his life, with a bit of a Mediterranean tan, slick dark hair and deep brown eyes. And decidedly human.
Ur-Nergal’s smile grew bigger. “I can offer you so much. Permanent access to magic, perhaps even the secrets of immortality. All I want is… access to Earth. Let me… go home.”
“Ah, shit.” Sam cursed.
Mage Arundosar – The Bastard of Naumdal – Dimensional Plane of Arenal – U.N. Department of The Quest Board, City of Ringtown – 5 Years and 1 week since the Infernal invasion of Earth
“I thought they were a legend…” Arundosar’s apprentice stammered out. “They were supposed to be scary bedtime stories that mothers told you to make sure you behaved.”
“Oh, so now you talk. And understand how cameras work? Typical.” Arundosar complained. As he suspected, his apprentice had, upon seeing and hearing of the commotion surrounding the fabled undead Lich King Ur-Nergal, all of a sudden become less stupid and far more aware and considerate of both human technological and magical concepts and processes.
Without prompting him or ever teaching him, the apprentice adeptly rewound the footage of the Lich King entering The Quest Board office building to the exact moment and zoomed in using that two-finger technique the humans always used. He increased the sound output of Arundosar’s tablet and kept his attention entirely upon the Lich King’s entry.
“What are you looking for?” Arundosar asked.
“Sst. I’m trying to listen.” His apprentice answered. Ridiculous. Arundosar knew he wasn’t a good Mage and only became one due to his connections with humanity that the Imperial Academy wanted to exploit. But to be sushed by a spy of theirs was just too much.
“Don’t sush me, you lousy actor!” Arundosar shouted. “I’m sure you are at least a Mage like me, so tell me honestly, what are you looking at? At least start the discussion, you charlatan!”
“Tsk. Fine. I’m trying to listen to his footfalls. It appears that he is dampening the sound and general aura around him to minimize exposure to his own persona. Not sure why.” The apprentice answered.
“Perhaps he was trying to observe first without being observed?” Admiral Stephen Dai asked.
“Possible. We can’t know for sure, since cameras aren’t fully capable of capturing all magic.” Arundosar answered. “Even so, if he is doing that, he is extremely powerful indeed. Most of the people only fled once they physically saw him. That means he performed this magic without the usual output of colour that comes whenever a lot of magic is being used or processed. And only Archmages or stronger are reliably capable of that.”
The apprentice-spy seemed to show more odd behaviour as he stared at the tablet, with a look of trying to remember something rather than trying to observe the footage. For but a brief moment Arundosar thought back to all the strange and wonderful things he had seen and experienced ever since he got freed by those brave humans and realized exactly what he had become. Bitter enough to dole out petty and malicious acts of revenge against the elves and devils, but wise and calm enough to know when to leave the pettiness behind and act for the greater good.
Arundosar promptly smacked his apprentice sharply on the back of his head. “Oy. Clearly you know more than we do, so I’ll tell you what. Go back to whichever Archmage you serve and tell them that I personally will do my best to explain the concept of electricity to them, and only them, if they will commit to giving me every book, law, scripture, reference, text or otherwise stored information about the undead or items and objects such as relics, artefacts or otherwise related to the undead.”
The apprentice stared at Arundosar with a slightly shocked stare. He hesitated between flashes of anger, and the merits of Arundosar’s offer. Arundosar had worked for 4 years in human bureaucracy and with almost every nation in the United Nations now, so he was not impressed. Arundosar smacked his apprentice on the head again. “Go, or do you want to stay and be useless!?”
The apprentice grumbled loudly as he reached into a pouch behind his back and brought forth a magical crystal. He opened a portal to what seemed to be a grass meadow near the edge of a forest somewhere and stepped through and instantly closed the portal again.
Admiral Dai laughed. “Every time I see you work, I get a bigger and bigger smile.”
“Ah, I’m just glad I trusted your advice admiral. You were right, without the overbearing pressure of the elves who would never like me for my heritage, I indeed came to enjoy the perils of bureaucracy and the archaic language of the lawyers.” Arundosar answered with an equally large smile. “Still, the elven spy seemed to have picked up far more than I thought he could.”
“That’s alright, as long as they cannot reproduce a tablet, knowing how to operate one is still an acceptable loss of information.” Admiral Dai answered. “Still… that offer you just gave. Think it would be useful to approach the Conclave on this? This lich mentioned he was out of the Conclave but did indicate he knew of them and their practices.”
“I do believe so, but you would have to ask Baldr.” Arundosar answered. “How is he doing by the way? Recovered yet?”
“No, he still hasn’t come to terms with it yet. The look on his face however, was quite amusing.” Admiral Dai answered. “I think he still doesn’t understand how humanity works these days.”
“Oh? You’d think he’d understand factionalism, religion and ideology. After all, it’s what drives the politics of everything on and around Arenal.” Arundosar countered.
“It’s not that part he doesn’t understand. It’s that he was outright told by his newfound human worshippers that for one, he was wrong on his own dogma and doctrine, and two, that he was being a meanie for saying that due to a lack of soul, human worship was useless.” Admiral Dai answered.
He continued. “Has any worshipper ever corrected a God before?”
Arundosar laughed. “Only humans as far as I know.”
“At least Baldr was open to reason and dialogue and was graceful about being declined access to Earth.” Admiral Dai said, leaving another thought unspoken.
“You think the lich has motives other than just going home?” Arundosar asked.
“I hope not, but that just tells me that he does.” Stephen answered and then went quiet for a while. “You know Arundosar, these past five years have helped a lot for me in terms of acclimating to all sorts of unconventional scenario’s and strange meetings about magic. But this…”
“This is new for me as well. No worries, admiral. I’m suspicious like you as well. I’ll help you in whatever way I can from my end.” Arundosar answered as he gave a slight bow.
“My debt to you grows ever larger, good friend.” Stephen said as he moved to shake his hand and continued to the next rendezvous.
As the admiral left Arundosar’s main office he heard the ding of a new message on his tablet. Curious he opened it and was once more impressed with the admiral’s preparedness. The message held a hefty list of requirements that the admiral had already drafted along with other possible scenario’s that could possibly happen, all sorted by possible actions and priorities.
Arundosar kept reading and reading, still fascinated at how efficient and professional the staff surrounding the admiral was, no doubt helped by all sorts of earlier documents and lessons learned that the admiral had at his disposal.
“What if we stall… What if the lich stalls… What if he enters Earth… What if he is forbidden entrance…” Arundosar spent the next afternoon and evening reading through all sorts of scenarios and possible measures, counter measures, potential uses of force and more.
At the end there was the question Arundosar now had 4 years’ worth of experience in answering. “Please amend the various descriptions above with the potential factor of magic…” Arundosar laughed as he cursed. He opened the various encrypted channels to the various assistants that were in the employ of the admiral or other departments of the U.N. and began the arduous process of listing everything he could possibly think of that could potentially impact the documented scenarios through that elusive variable called magic. It was going to be a long night.
God Baldr – Endling of the Aesir – Dimensional Plane of Arenal – Office of God Baldr, city of Ringtown – 5 Years and 1 week since the Infernal invasion of Earth
“No, child.” Baldr answered through the communication terminal, his frustration growing. “I can’t do that.”
“But why not!? Aren’t you supposed to be the God of Beauty and all that!?” the human woman on the other side of the screen said.
“Because you’re not a real worshipper!” Baldr answered curtly.
“What!? But I pray and behave real good and all that! I mean, I’ve stopped insulting that bitch Becky from work and she – “
“Shut it!” Baldr shouted, his frustration at yet another impertinent worshipper threatening to boil over. But the human just ignored his command. She simply continued.
“I mean, can you believe the shit she is getting away with just because she’s got double D’s? I bet she’s sleeping with the manager too, that man always has such a pervy smile whenever he talks to her! And he’s married too, can you believe it!?”
Baldr groaned out loud.
He should’ve never asked. He should’ve never accepted. He should’ve never even entertained the notion of even talking to them once he found out.
A soft ding sound emitted, indicating that a human had arrived at his office’s front door. A doorbell but powered by human magic to let itself be known to the intended recipient wherever they were in the building, at just the right sound level to be heard, but not loud enough to shock them.
Baldr put his own end on mute and let the woman talk. He moved downstairs past all the regular elven souls who were working for him on the actual productive tasks and looked through the peephole, another regular invention that had turned strange thanks to the humans. Looking through it, he saw that bastard admiral Dai as well as the floating letters that described him, the last time he was here, the temperature and weather outside, as well other information that the humans could program into it if Baldr so desired.
Baldr almost ripped the door open in anger. “You! How dare you come here and show your face! You tricked me!” Baldr’s divine voice boomed out as he shouted and pointed a single digit at the admiral as various glowy and flashy light effects surrounded his divine form.
As usual, the admiral was not impressed. “Good afternoon, God Baldr. I take it the connection to Earth is working?”
“You! Damn you! You are not welcome here! You just want to plant your own little spies here!” Baldr shouted again, too frustrated to let it go.
Admiral Dai in turn only shrugged and smiled. “Well. Yes, but not spies, just regular humans. That’s what I told you last week. If you are indeed staying in Ringtown, then we would like it if you accepted human workers next to your regular souls to promote the exchange of culture, knowledge and to build up our relationship.”
“And then you tricked me!” Baldr shouted, his voice booming once more. Normally the volume he used would have been enough to cause hearing problems in a mortal, but humans had those magical smartplugs that somehow automatically protected them.
“Tricked you?” Admiral Dai calmly replied. “The only thing I said was that you had worshippers on Earth.”
“And I told you that they weren’t real worshippers because humans don’t have souls or magic like we do! You don’t interact with the weave! You tricked me!” Baldr shouted, though he had already lowered his own volume. He felt his fighting spirit leaving him.
“You were the one who was curious. We only offered the option to talk to them, and you immediately accepted.” Stephen Dai answered with another nonchalant shrug.
“You couldn’t have setup an infrastructure for me to talk to 15 million people in just a week, that’s impossible! That number is far too high! You set this up!”
“Again, we really did, it’s just a simple app. If you want, we will explain how electricity, satellites and mobile phones work and how most of that infrastructure has already existed for more than a century already.”
Baldr pushed on. He felt his own resolve breaking due to the calmness of the admiral, but somewhere he knew he could get the admiral to admit to tricking him. “And you knew! You knew that my regular souls are only allowed to interact with prayers in a magical form! And since humans can’t interact with the weave, but Gods are obligated to communicate with their worshippers and answer some prayers, you knew that I had to deal with these horrible people!”
“Horrible people? Well, they are your worshippers after all…”
Godsdamnit, this man. “Just admit it! You tricked me!”
“You may blame me for triggering the trap. But you cannot fault me for building it.” Stephen said with another shrug.
“What? What do you mean?” Baldr asked nonplussed.
“Well. It’s not our fault that we can’t interact with the weave, nor is it our fault that the Conclave made those specific laws that governed how Gods had to interact with their worshippers.”
“Yes, alright, but you exploited the loophole!” Baldr loudly said, trying to rally his anger once more.
Admiral Dai sighed. “Yes, but the existence of the loophole is your boss’s fault. Please, see reason good friend.”
Oh, the temerity of these human mortals. Calling a God a good friend after just tricking them.
Stephen sighed again and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Look. Ever since you decided that you wanted to come to Ringtown it’s been nothing but complaints of your own making. Every interaction with humans, due to the laws of the Conclave, is with you directly and not your workers or underlings. You’ve been overworked and far too stressed as you’re doing everything by yourself. Look at you, you’re opening the door for me! A God, reduced to a doorman. Please just accept our offer of human assistants.”
“N-No.” Baldr said, surprising himself with how childish it sounded.
The admiral sighed. “Regardless, can I please come in?”
“No.” Baldr said as he crossed his arms and looked away in an even more childish gesture.
“Really? You’re going to want to discuss this inside.” The admiral said as he held up a picture taken from one of those cameras, showing an ancient enemy that Baldr instantly recognized.
All pretense fell away as Baldr remembered the waves upon waves of endless undead marching towards the great Tree, Yggdrasil. “Quick. Come inside.”
Selene Nwatu – Dimensional Plane of Arenal – U.N. Department of Divine Affairs, city of Ringtown – 5 Years and 1 week since the Infernal invasion of Earth
A splash of water on her face. Nice and cold. Nice and refreshing like in the commercials. Shit, she got some water on her coat. She took it off and instantly hooked it on her finger and let it rest on her shoulder, all casual yet business like. Like she was in charge, like she was the boss. And she kind of was. She was so giddy she could barely hold it.
Finally, after 4 years of intensive studying she was an attorney at law. Even better, one of the very first with a specific license to practice law in Arenal. She also continued working part time as a paralegal during the weekends to get her experience up to snuff and help pay for her tuition, which was still quite high despite the generous help from her boss Michael Scarpino.
Selene noticed that she almost dripped more water onto her newly bought white blouse and quickly moved her head forward to let it drip into the sink. She grabbed a paper towel and dried her face. She felt ready. Her first real case as a real lawyer. She stepped out of the toilet with a big smile and moved through the hallway, looking through the case file she was given. One of the gnome spies who failed at infiltrating the library last week. That she was allowed to give him counsel after a week meant that there must’ve been a lot of questioning by the U.N. troops and other national security agencies that came first.
Turning a corner, she absentmindedly went through her game plan again, thinking over what she wanted to say and how she wanted to introduce herself. The gnome should know that in order to keep every party happy, all member states of the U.N. and the Conclave of the Gods have agreed to let humanity provide legal counsel and liaison services and if necessary, criminal defence attorney services to all non-humans if needed. And since neutrality and non-bias was paramount, that task fell to private human law firms, with the U.N. paying for retainer fees and the specific species within the Conclave paying for any fines and penalties if so required. This way all payment should be a non-issue and each side had legal advice while maintaining their independence and supposed lack of bias. But what extra thing could she say to the gnome to get him to trust her as an actual legal advisor?
What could she say to get the gnome to trust the U.N. rules? Not that it mattered since the gnome violated the laws set in Ringtown and the Conclave always let the species’ own rules take priority. Perhaps linking herself to the institutions of law and justice and showing him a picture of lady justice might help to consolidate her image in the gnome’s head and get him to open up a bit.
Selene stood in front of the door to the interrogation room and nodded to the police officer to let her in. She watched as on her left a paralegal and George, Michael’s partner and senior on this case, went into the room behind the see-through mirror. Selene put her game face on. She was going to be professional, strict but fair, and totally on top of every detail to make sure her client would be served properly. Poor thing must be really confused and frightened of the way humanity works and of all the fearsome space marines in their really big and powerful suits that probably escorted him from interrogation to interrogation.
Selene took a deep breath and walked, expecting a dead tired or crying child-sized man. Instead she screamed out as she was confronted with a gnome’s naked hairy butt, who upon hearing her scream, turned around and induced another scream as he exposed himself fully to her. It was tiny yet proportionate to his gnome size. This was going to be a weird ass night. Literally. “What in Jesus Christ’s name is this shit!?” Selene managed to shout out.
“Ah, oh, shit!” Selene heard the gnome man say through the built-in translator in her smart plug. “I didn’t realize a woman was going to be my legal representative!” A weird ass night indeed. Child-sized and just so, so hairy.
“Why in god’s name are you naked!?” Selene asked as she turned around and stared angrily at the mirror where she thought George was going to be.
A slight crackle occurred as a microphone turned on and she could hear a somewhat bass-like voice on the other side. “Apologies miss Selene. This is lieutenant Myrael Brown of the 5th Marines, I thought we finally got him to put his clothes back on. He must’ve taken it off real fast when you entered the room. He’s been doing that all day. Again, apologies.”
Into the room stepped a burly looking Scandinavian looking man with a polar bear clearly spray painted on his massive exo-suit’s arm. “Get your clothes back on, you damned pervert!” the marine shouted.
“Alright, alright! But only because there is a lady here!” the gnome replied. The voice was a bit higher like a child, but gravelly like an old guy. Like an old gruff guy doing helium. Doing her best to stare at his face she could see that he had plenty of scars on his tanned skin, and plenty of grey hairs on his massive bushy beard. It was true what they said, weird shit happened all the time in Arenal and especially when non-humans were allowed entry into Ringtown.
Selene took a deep breath and took a few seconds to get her game face back on. “Please explain to me why you feel the need to expose yourself, and during the entire day apparently.”
“Why, it is for freedom of course!”
Freedom? “Freedom?” Selene asked. “Do you mean the literal freedom to be naked?”
“Oh, no, no. This is just a statement that I’ve learned from you humans. Isn’t that one of your sayings? Dress for the job you want! So that’s what I’m doing, as a statement. I, and my people, wish to be free - ”
Oh boy. Selene already started rubbing her forehead.
“ – free from the tyranny of the, uh, what’s the human term again…”
The microphone crackled again, and Selene could hear the same marine as from before. “From the oligarchs.”
“Wait, what?” Selene asked.
“Yes! The oligarchs! We gnomes are sick of being ruled over by a cabal of halflings, pretending to be so called expert rulers. They are pushing us gnomes out of politics and thus out of our jobs and homes!” The gnome answered as he defiantly raised an arm into the air while awkwardly holding his pants by one hand. “We must resist!”
“Didn’t you read the case file?” The marine next to her, the big Scandinavian fellow asked.
“Well, this is my first case as a lawyer rather than paralegal, so my boss in the back wants to see me build a casefile and a rapport simultaneously on a standard case.” Selene replied. She sighed and rubbed her temple. No wonder she only got to see her client after a full week, the big players were probably equally curious about revolutionary nudist gnomes. “So, this is not going to be a standard case of attempted espionage and deportation then?”
“Deportation!?” The gnome asked in bewilderment. “Oh, no, no, no. My party and I have travelled too far and gone through too much effort to stop now! You cannot make us leave until we have our big prize! We refuse! I refuse!”
“Uh, big prize?” Selene asked.
“Yes. I believe it is from one of your guilds. Ah-mer-ee-kah.”
The microphone turned on again and she heard the marine sigh on the other side. “America, shorter on the i. And he means countries, not guilds. Long story short, the gnomish guilds feel underrepresented in their version of government and have been looking for ways to get more equality. That big prize he’s talking about is that apparently someone had already given them a copy of the U.S. constitution and now they are trying to get the federalist papers to help them understand how it was built up, as well as the constitutions of other countries.”
“The federalist papers? Constitutions? Whaaa..?” Selene asked. “But that’s – “
“Darling, Selene dear.” George said as his voice came over the speakers. “Forget about that, I don’t think that this is going to be a standard case at all. I still want you to take this client, but we should probably read up – “.
Simultaneously Selene felt her phone buzz and heard a small notification sound come over her smart plugs. The same ringing and buzzing came through the microphone. The marine next to her started looking into the distance and began to nod.
She grabbed her phone and quickly checked it. A message from Michael Scarpino, her other boss. Reading through it quickly it was a new assignment. Apparently, the U.N. had contracted them and a bunch of other private firms to help their own legal department to find every single thing on every ancient law and its modern-day equivalents and other things related to old stuff. The message wasn’t fully clear.
“Ah, I know those looks. I’m going to get ignored again, aren’t I?” The gnome asked as he glanced around the room, his shirt barely on. He sighed. And as Selene left the room, he started to take his shirt off again.
5 hours later
“Selene! You awake?” Michael asked.
“Fuck, no. It’s almost 5 AM!” Selene answered. She’d have shouted louder if she had the energy. And wasn’t scared stiff.
“Well, come on. Take another espresso shot, we need you awake for this.” George added on.
“Ugh, but that means I have to stare at that disgusting face again.” Selene answered as she slowly pushed her chair out and stood up, slowly ambling towards the coffee machine. Like a zombie. Undead. Their next fucking client was a fucking lich. Unbe-fucking-lievable.
“Why are we doing this again?” Fatima asked. She was one of Selene’s colleagues who was similarly upset at the prospect of talking to a living mummy, let alone dealing with it in a professional setting.
“Because it is a great opportunity to brush up on all sorts of new niche laws that are fascinating and a great insight into our own humanity. Inheritance laws, laws of old countries like Rome and ancient Babylon. It’s almost like an archaeological expedition, except it’s into the earliest sets of laws of mankind, ever, and we get the unique experience and challenge of tracing it all the way back to our current day laws. Imagine, we get to talk to a person who might’ve known the lawmaker Hammurabi himself!” George said with his usual flourishes.
Selene, Fatima, and the 3 other colleagues named Jim, Henry and Jeannette, all simultaneously shook their heads.
Michael continued. “It’s about showing grit and determination and showing that you are ready to defend your profession and everything it stands for! You look at that ugly motherfucker and say to the world that you are willing to be a legal liaison for that!? That’s what it takes to be a lawyer, that’s what it means to be willing to uphold and defend the law and – “
“Can the bullshit, boss!” Henry shouted.
“You’re accepting this case because no one else is insane enough to do it for a low enough price and you undercut the competition, again, didn’t you!?” Jim asked.
George and Michael simultaneously nodded yes.
“Why!? Why do we always get the shitty jobs!?” Jeannette shouted as she raised her fists in frustration, as though she was arguing against the sky itself.
“You’ll get danger pay, of course.” George said.
Danger pay!? Literally the first line of the case that you guys presented to us was a warning from the U.N. and the Conclave of the Gods that the lich could snap his fingers and turn us into zombies! That’s not danger pay, that’s fucking suicidal! We literally have to sign death waivers!” Fatima shouted.
Michael turned to George for just a second and both seemed to have come to an understanding, nodding to each other.
“You get half a million credits each. You can buy a house with that.” Michael said nonchalantly.
“We want a million, after taxes!” Henry shouted as he looked around at the others. Selene was fine with half a million, but she was liking the way this mini-rebellion was going. If she indeed had to work with the living embodiment of death to pay off the remaining 200k in student loans, then she might as well profit from it a bit more. And if she died, the money would go to her family back in New York anyway.
Selene slapped herself awake, her thoughts were disturbingly morbid when she was sleepy. She looked around and saw that the others were slowly nodding towards each other, indicating that a million credits each was indeed a good deal. She nodded towards Henry as well and blew on her newly produced espresso to cool it off.
George and Michael both seemed to shrug and produced a set of paperwork out of nowhere. “Fine, but you’ll have to get your last wills and testaments done by tomorrow afternoon and inform your families.” Michael said.
Selene watched as George went through the paperwork and filled in the correct number for their bonus. “There will be no paralegals for this job, the U.N. wants as few people involved as possible to maintain secrecy.” George said. “That means that all you darlings better get some sleep, now. We have a very long day ahead of us tomorrow.”
Selene gulped as she just downed her espresso. Crap.
Pieces are slowly being put on the board. Hope you all enjoyed it.
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2019.06.04 13:50 vinylrush Spy camera nudist beach

In my recent post, I mentioned how I was going to attend a nudist resort for the first time and wanted to provide some of my thoughts. Yesterday I arrived to my destination at about 11AM, it was a little late of a start but it took me a while getting out of the house. Not to toot my own horn, but I wasn't really nervous or anything. It was a mixture of excited anticipation and a feeling of "finally". Pulling up to the area, I noticed there were properties with a lot of acreage nearby but it still felt very secluded with a lot of trees. I noticed one of the adjacent properties on the 1/4 mile road leading up to it had posted "NO TRESSPASSING" signs and a wire fence. Maybe they were afraid of... nudist retirees or something?
First thing I did was leave my phone in the car, I was sure they didn't want cameras being pointed at others. Checking in the woman asked me if I had been there before with somewhat of a suspicious tone (I thought maybe she mistook me for another who caused trouble in the past). I let her know it was my first time, she laid out the ground rules, and we made some small talk about ourselves and the resorts past. I stepped out of the office and out of my clothes. I must have looked like a fluorescent office light fixture. I knew I wasn't going to have a problem because a) working in healthcare you see quite a lot of nudity and b) although I'm a straight male, I'm comfortable with my body (scars and all) and have spent plenty of time with the gay community.
It was a Monday, so there weren't many people there. However I was able to chat with the people I met there more fully without distraction. At the pool there was about three guys and we started shooting the breeze about all kinds of candid topics. It was very open and freeing. One of the gentleman was kind enough to show me his rental for the week and we ended up talking to another long term resident. The views of those I met were surprisingly conservative from a political standpoint, also it seemed as many were former military. I ended up getting sternly warned by a woman to shower before entering the pool, (I showered before entering the pool area, but that was a misunderstanding on my part). Her and I ended up having a good conversation anyways.
What I liked about it: I can only put into words an amalgamation of feelings. The breeze, the sun, the vitamin d, the smell of sunscreen. We are constantly told how to dress my commercials and such, so it's amazing to shed the stitch and be seen "as I am". I am fit but I have a decent amount of scarring, I quickly realized these folks will not judge. Although nudism draws the line at overt sexuality, it is nice to see the women and the men in the nude. If I were to put this into words, it may be from how you would view a painting or piece of artwork. I didn't stare and gawk, I just tried to take in the "whole picture" of a person. Most of the people I met were +/- 10 years of retirement age─ it was nice to see the beauty with age. (I hope to learn more about nudist views on this aspect). The people were amazingly welcoming and the vibe I got was the community is "tight knit". Just walking along a path and sitting on a swing bench was incredibly peaceful. It's worth pointing out, sunscreen and water could almost be a form of currency! I really like the fact that it gives me something to look forward to. I have never felt like I had a specific "place" in society, although I get along wonderfully with many─ I'm close to few. This may be the closest I've come to feeling a place of belonging.
What I didn't like: The fact that I had to leave! I am going to try and camp there for an overnight or two. The price is due to go up for single males, but I may just get an AANR membership or something as I look more into it. While going it alone does have its silver linings, I wish I had someone to go with in the future. It took me a minute to get oriented to the layout and I didn't want to wander into someone's yard, though, the place was marked well enough. I also spied a basketball hoop towards the end that I didn't get to take advantage of. Next time.
For those curious: No, I didn't get aroused nor did I see it becoming a problem. If you think it may be a issue for yourself, take some time and realize that this community will not tolerate issues from outsiders. I heard they had to excommunicate some people for being drunk. I don't drink, so I like to mention that so people get some peace of mind. If you are a single male, make sure you hold yourself to a high standard and be as respectful as you can. If you can do that, you should be good.
tl;dr I had a great time! Ask me questions!
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2019.02.24 12:54 subliminalsmile Spy camera nudist beach

Hey all, I used to read these threads a lot but stopped coming on reddit and can't even remember my old login now. So I'm back fresh. Posted my story on fb today, publicly, because I saw a diagram outlining narcissistic abuse and suddenly felt like I wanted to stop hiding in shame. I hope it's alright if I share my story here, too.

This subject is so uncomfortable but so necessary to talk about. When it comes up in my feed, I have to share. Any action I can take to spread more awareness of such a normally invisible form of abuse, I'll take it. (If you don't want to learn some disturbing shit about my history this would be a good time to scroll on by.)
I come from a world of narcissistic abuse. My mom was my world- a single parent by choice, my brother and I grew up hearing the story of how she picked my dad for his height and looks so she could create bodies for these divine beings to come into the world. It's a tall order to live up to, being a god.
I'm gonna go through the bullet points in this diagram and see how many of them I have an example of. This might get kinda long (though I'm gonna limit it to one or two examples each) and is definitely too personal to be sharing publicly on the internet.. but fuck it. I feel like being visible.
-Abuse- Physical: When I was a little kid I didn't want to take a shower so she grabbed me by the hair, dragged me screaming into the bathroom, picked me up, threw me into the tub and turned the water on. When I was a teenager we were having a fight and she frisbeed a metal platter across the room at me, hitting me in the face. Mental: I was informed fairly young that she loved my brother more than me because she "just gets along better with boys" and as a teenager she suggested I consider porn as a career goal. Emotional: Per her scientology training, from the age of 3 or 4 she would sit my brother and I facing each other and have us do "bull baiting" where we try to hurt each other's feelings in an attempt to numb emotional reactivity. Once when I was little I was acting up during a drive to Toys R Us so she handcuffed me to the metal rail under the passenger front seat and left me in the car while taking my brother shopping. Neglect: Probably not listed because it must only be present in narcissistic parental abuse, but there was a lot of this. Like staying in abusive relationships and subjecting us to them, allowing me to drop out of school at 15 and convincing the school board I was being taught at home when I wasn't, dropping me off at a gas station when I was around 5 because I was throwing a fit and just leaving me there to be (luckily) picked up by police walking along the side of the road. Sexual: It isn't listed either, surprisingly, but my mom definitely sexually abused me. In addition to putting me in very dangerous situations (such as constantly leaving me with male babysitters she'd never met before *while* raising me as a nudist) and letting me know at around 7 years old that the Tahitian dance classes she put me in were meant to help me please my future husband in the bedroom someday, she also intentionally set herself up in my bedroom, on my bed, with the door unlocked, when she knew I was home, so that I would walk in on her masturbating when I was a teenager. My brother and I were also treated to very disturbing story times as children where she would recount or complain about the way her boyfriends liked to have sex with her. As a teenager she'd comment frequently about how attractive and sexily my body was maturing, even touching me in ways I didn't recognize as inappropriate at the time.
-Manipulation- Covert negativism: When my brother and I would be having a good time and get into laughing fits, she'd almost always interrupt to point out how we were "in glee" and it was fake happiness. I would also be called fake when I cried. Lying: It's a blur in childhood, I know I caught multiple big lies but I can't seem to capture the details now. As an adult, after stealing my identity and putting me thousands of dollars into the first debt of my life, she lied to say I'd given her permission to do so.. then later on used my identity to commit tax fraud by making money in my name and leaving me with the aftermath. Exploitive Charm: I'd witness it anywhere we went, acting like a child and wagging her butt and pretty-pleasing her way into special treatment at every opportunity. Bragging about her brilliant kids and how amazing we are, how beautiful her daughter is, and always how she sacrificed everything to devote herself to being a single mom, so she could reap the accolades of having spawned us. Guilt: One of my earliest memories at probably 3 or 4 is fighting with my brother and, rather than helping us work through it or putting a stop to things, my mom slumping down and crying over how we couldn't get along. Really sobbing. In my teens, maybe before then, the song and dance of her threatening to commit suicide when we weren't all getting along was so commonplace that I became numb to it.
-Gaslighting- Since these bullets are effects rather than actions, I'm just gonna say a general "yes" bigtime here. It was hammered into my head that I was fake, never took any responsibility for all the fighting in the house that was always my fault, my mom would hurt my feelings and then blame my bad mood on whatever hobby or activity I loved most at the time. I was briefly taken to psychiatrists to try to figure out what was wrong with me for being an unruly kid and she talked one of them into diagnosing me with autism.. then used it as much as she could to downplay anything she didn't like about me, passing it off as my being "special" and unable to understand the world properly.
-Hoovering- My mom was an expert at the "draw them back in" cycle and this is what kept me blinded for so long about how toxic things truly were. When we were very young she made my brother and I promise that we would never leave her or move away from home, even to get married. She was always complimenting me and doing nice things for me when I was pleasing to her. I couldn't see until years later that the good she gave was actually used as leverage, something she could take away if I wasn't following in exact step with her vision of who and what I should be.
-Isolation- Lose family: She told me horrible stories about my aunt, her sister, so that I'd want nothing to do with her. I was very close to my grandpa and when he was on his deathbed, she told everyone about how he molested her as a child. As an adult, she's tried to sabotage my relationship with my brother's wife because she snuck onto my sister-in-law's facebook account and read our personal messages commiserating about having to deal with her. I don't remember exactly what she told them but pretty much trying to smear me to them as best she could (it didn't work). Lose friends: When I was 18, my best friend became my first sexual experience. My mom had my brother spy on us from my bedroom window (from what she told me), accused my friend of raping me and confusing me into thinking I was a lesbian, and forbid me from seeing her again. My mom had also gotten inappropriately involved in my first three long-term relationships, messaging them behind by back and attempting to sabotage us. Feel invisible: I felt desperately alone in my childhood. Every part of me was called out as fake and it seemed that all of my good qualities were only there to be used as an extension of my mom, to make her stand out and feel special. When a friend's much older brother molested me at 8 years old, my mom knew about it and didn't take legal action. When I wanted to go to college, I was told that I'd only waste the experience socializing. Then when she did let me go for one semester, I was forced to take the classes she chose for me (I'd have to wait until 25 when I was no longer a dependent to be able to apply for financial aid and return to school).
-Affects Health- I've battled with severe depression and complex PTSD since I was pretty young, though it wasn't diagnosed until adulthood when I could seek proper therapy for myself. I still struggle a lot with anxiety, having a solid sense of self, fears of abandonment, regulating emotions and tolerating stressful situations without feeling like the abuse is being repeated. I've spent so many years deprogramming and reraising myself, trying to become a healthier person and learning to live a happy life. One of the ways I'm doing that is by owning my experience. I was raised in a lot of shame and with the sense that everything bad that ever happened was created by me (my mom would literally tell me this with her version of spiritual dogma, often repeating "one finger pointed at me is three pointing back at you" and "you're creating your own experience with what you put into the universe"). Many times when I would be melting down emotionally she'd whip out the video camera or call the neighbors over and try to shame me out of it. Any time any other person was involved in our lives, I was painted as the bad, ungrateful daughter and her as the helpless, selfless martyr... and she'd always be believed because no one could fathom the alternative. That a mother would ever abuse her child. She's a life coach, got her master's degree in social work, has worked in elderly care. Of course no one would believe a kid with behavioral issues. Well I'm a fucking adult now.
Throughout writing this I continued to think of anyone seeing this and judging me, being unfriended for it, maybe not because I'm wrong but because I'm displaying my baggage. Maybe it makes me "too much" but that's okay, it still needs to be said. I'm too much for myself sometimes but there are reasons why and sharing them, bringing this subject to more light, is worth the risk of anyone deciding they'd rather not know me. I was ashamed for a really long time but I'm not anymore.
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[WP] A wildlife narrator talks about the lesser known cousins of the werewolf: the whowolf, whatwolf, whenwolf, whywolf, and howwolf
As the Moon rises above the harrowed wood, casting a shimmering reflection upon the lake, we spy two hunters with shotguns reaching the edge of the ridge above, searching for the most dangerous game that the full moon: the werewolf!
"There! Wolf!"
It looks like Stanley, the seasoned veteran hunter of these parts, has spotted one. Cautiously, he and Bert, the relative newcomer to this pastime, make their descent into the valley below.
The wolf, sniffing the carcass of a deer, doesn't seem to pay the duo any mind at all. No, wait. Its ears have perked up, and it thrusts its snout in the air. It's picked up their scent. Turning around, it faces the trespassers of its marked boundaries, hackles raised.
At this point, we can't be sure which is the predator, and which is the prey.
"Fire!" yells Stanley.
Both humans fire both barrels at their lupine opponent, who yelps when the blows strike, but is otherwise unharmed.
"Bert! You were supposed to get the silver bullets!"
"I did, Stan! I got them from Butchie's!"
The hunters have learned never to trust the late-shift attendants at Butchie's Sporting Goods. They're underpaid, and really don't care much. Unfortunately, they won't be able to act on this information, as the werewolf is upon them, and slicing them to ribbons. The wolf howls in triumphs, accompanied by blood-curdling screams, which are lost in the otherwise-tranquil evening. The other creatures of the night take scant notice.
And that brings an end to the excitement of the werewolf for this month. But unknown to many, throughout the rest of the month, its lesser-known metaphorical cousins rule the wood, the lake, indeed, the entire valley, occasionally venturing all the up the ridge just to hang out.
As the nights pass, the waning gibbous moon reigns over the valley, pushing the clouds aside and transforming hapless creatures. Who are these creatures? We don't know for sure. We just know that they become the dreaded, rarely-seen whowolf.
Our cameras managed to catch a pair emerging from the wood, regarding each other with suspicion. The low growls are their language, but are they calling out warnings or greetings? Can we ever know?
"Stan? Is that you?"
"Bert? You idiot! Look what you did! Why I oughta --"
Their circular dance leads us to the conclusion that we have stumbled upon a mating pair in the throws of their courting ritual.
"Harry! Over there!"
Looks like two more researchers have arrived to investigate the whowolves. A pity they weren't able to document anything in a form that will survive their maulings.
As the nights fly past, a semicircle in the sky indicates that the third quarter has risen above and a new phenomenon descends below. It is the awakening of the whatwolf. The whatwolf is unique in this wood in that it is not human the rest of the month. In fact, it is another creature which transforms, usually a docile deer, that was earlier attacked, bitten by another infected creature. Looking into the valley, we can see what was obviously a proud buck in the daylight, leading a number of female concubines, fawning all over it. Their evening starts with frolicking across the open field in their new bodies, and doesn't end until their are spied upon by a pair of teen lovers, making out atop the ridge, watching the tranquil waves. Too late, they discover their predicament, when the pack surrounds them.
"What? What? What? Wh--?"
Shrieks and screams echo into the valley as the pack is upon them, ripping the young romantics to pieces, and dancing in the moonlight.
It is not long as the moon wanes before the crescent moon rules the night sky, and with it comes the oddest curiosity: beings, creatures, entities of unknown origin, rising out of the lake, taking a most un-aquatic form, releasing piercing howls from their newly formed lungs. They're waning wolves, howl-a-loo-yah!. Also known as the howwolf.
Just how the hell are these things able to turn into wolves? Many have pondered the question, although few ponder it for very long, or else they are ripped to pieces.
Darkness falls on the valley on the night of the new moon, with the twinkling of distant stars provided the only light. On this evening, Saturn is in retrograde, as all the children of the wood. And child they seem to be as the whywolf stumble about in the pitch black night, naked as newborn babies or escaped denizens of the nudist colony off county road 217 just south of the Interstate.
Alone and defenseless in the pitch, they would be easy prey for any hunter who could spy them wandering aimlessly. But any human spying a whywolf would be reluctant to attack something that presented itself as human as well. Bears, however, are not as reluctant, and anticipate this night each month. Whywolves generally over survive during months. On other months, they are generally mauled quite savagely.
A few tranquil nights pass in the valley, as the Moon renews itself, waxing from crescent to fist quarter, bringing with it the deceivingly docile creature: the whenwolf
When a whenwolf appears, one wants to withdraw, wisking away or one will woefully wie -- er, die.
They appear to be as tame as pups, playing with each other and all that inhabit or visit the valley and the wood.
"Sarah, look at those cubs!"
"Oh, they're adorable. Jess! Look over here."
"How cute! I could just eat them up! I bet they're cuddly! Teresa! Come get on of these!"
"Do you think that's a good idea?"
"Oh, be quiet, Betty."
And so it continues until about midnight, when--
The sorority girls were debating how to sneak one home when the pack turned. There would be no homecoming for this house as the cute cubs bared their fangs and ripped the girls to pieces.
For the following fortnight, normalcy returns to the valley, the lake and the wood as the only wolves that pad around at night are the regular kind that were born that way and live that way every day of their natural lives. Nothing usual about them, they calmly rule for this time of the month when you can sit atop the ridge and watch them run across the open field. This group of frat boys who could only handle shotgunning beer seems to want to move in for a closer look. Let's watch the law of natural selection in action and see how many can stumble back up to the top of the ridge.
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