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2019.07.30 20:18 Aurinkotuuli Spycam happy ending

Are you comfortable? To be honest i do not need an answer. i was just being polite. I already know you are relaxing for the moment, blowing off some steam while browsing reddit. In fact, i can see you right now. I am watching you reading this, and i have been watching you since the day you were born. I never take my eyes of you. I can't do that.
I don't need to say a lot about me, it doesn't really matter. But i guess it wouldn't hurt to reveal a bit of information. Consider this a gift of apology for breaking into the most private parts of your personal life and learning everything about you.
First and foremost i need to get this straight. i am your father. My beautiful Claire i loved you since the day i learned that you were to come in this world but my happiness was cut short the day you were born. The moment i realised i had to kill you, because this was my mission because only i could do it.
To be fair, i am nothing special. I am just a guy. I usually have a day job working office hours but sometimes i just have to undertake something quite... bigger. You see I have a gift. Now, i am not some supernatural being or a demigod by any means, but i have a unique talent. I can feel the evil tendencies of every single person on this planet. It's like having a sixth sense that allows me to sense the peoples auras, though they are invisible, odorless and silent. But to me it is clear as day.
Naturally, since i feel every human being at the same time, i have learned to filter out the minor ones. A guy planing to break in an old couple's apartment and kill them for a few bucks, a twisted mother who finds pleasure in the idea of killing her only child, a deranged older relative who fantacises taking advantage of an innocent kid. To me all these have become white noise, the same evil as a little girl wanting to steal her classmate's cookies at school.
Don't get me wrong, i don't think that these people are innocent by any means, but in the grand scheme of things i must be practical. I can't be everywhere always and the authorities are supposed to do their jobs (though they tend to be... incompetent). Thats why i don't take action for every single evil person in the world. I simply just can't. I told you i am a human being not an allien, unlocking the secrets of time travel and teleportation.
Also we shouldn't forget that even if i could intervene everywhere, i would be changing the path of history, shaping humanity according to my personal taste. We have always progressed like this and it is only natural that some people are twisted and beyond repair, but they usually remain minor discomforts to the general public's well being. The world moves on and a few lunatics can't stop it.
But sometimes, just sometimes, i feel something trully evil. A presence so horrible that makes me sick. It's at those rare moments that i do have to act, for all of mankind's good. I am not part of a special force, since i prefer to work alone under the cloak of unonimity, but i have made my presence known to certain high ranking people worldwide, something that really makes my job easier. I have an almost unlimited arsenal of spycams, weapons and tools, thanks to them. Up to now i have stopped a nuclear strike from a middle eastern country, a team that wanted to poison the water supply of all of France, and a crazy old guy who was very close to firing up an intense manhunt, that would destroy tenths of millions of hispanic people in the US.
Which brings us... to you. Until now you probably haven't got the memo that this letter has you as the receiver. You might think it is just a post, or that at least it refers to someone else with your name. As a matter of fact you grew up as an orphan. I 'm sorry to have you learn it that way, but i killed your mother after i told her about you. to this day it still haunts me. But she just wouldn't understand the evil you could unleash upon this world. By moral code 2 dead is better than millions, even if they are my very own family.
I couldn't bring myself to destroy you at that time. That parental bond was just to heavy on my heart. So i left you at the orphanage you grew up in. Since then i watched you from afar so that i would never develop a father's love for you. My work is already hard and emotions only get in the way.
But i guess you still can't relate to what i am sayng. After all you never were this demon that i am describing. You are more or less a normal person, right?
You.. would be wrong. You see my ability works with human insticts. I can sense the hidden desires of people well before they have manifested into actual ideas and plans for them. I can get into their primal subconcious, the beast inside them, which they try to humanise through the normes of society. I 've seen some wild shit, but you... you honestly disgust me. Never in my life have i ever felt such cruelty, so much hate and craziness being cultivated by one person. Frankly, i though it was impossible for a human to carry such awful emotions and to such an extend.
I remember the first incident that showed your true colors. Do you? It was at your workplace and you were mistreated by one of your colleagues. You felt your anger rising, drowning you and you dreamed of killing him on the spot. While such violent ideas are normal intrusive thoughts, yours was different. The seer pleasure your idea gave you was inhuman. You got so high on the thought of brutalizing this poor human being, that no amount of drugs could ever give you that euphoria ever again.
It didn't last long. The next moment you were calm, even apologised for your angry behaviour, but the avalance was just starting. After that you had some wild thoughts, some hints of revenge, craving for power and raw hate. They never got on the surface of course, and your life was looking pretty normal as it does now. But your true nature was inescapable.
I was devastated to finally have to come to terms with what my own daughter could actually do. I couldn't let you unchecked. i took no leave, no day off. When i had limited access to an area via camera, i was there myself so that i could always be close by. Perhaps you remember my face. That average looking guy and the crazy little feeling you had seen me somewhere in the past? Yes you were right, you had in fact seen me many times. It was your own dad planning on how to kill you while noting your every move. But people tend to forget, to ignore those creepy small details that they catch with their periferal vision while they walk on their busy lives.
You will probably be gulping down or feeling a little uneasy by the time you reach this point. Good. That means you will finally start to realise it is you i am talking about. I will be watching your every reaction of course, like i meticulously have been all this time. There is nowhere safe for you anymore, and the place you call home has been breached. Don't try to run away, i have all the information i need to track you again, and i can have everything set in less than 8 hours.
On the surface, you look like a very modest person, one who would trust the local authorities to protect her. From what i know about you, you may think of calling the police. Please do so. I have already warned them about you and they trust me with their lives. You see i have never failed in any task i took and they know it. They will tell you they will look through this and ensure you they will protect you, but in reality, they will be one more watchfull eye working for me. And when i do finish my job they will make sure no one finds what happened to you, and that i am getting of the hook without any trouble. In fact we have scheduled a secret award ceremony for me once the task is done, for keeping the peace and always working to preserve the good in this world.
I have to kill you. I am sorry for this. It never got easy for me. The only reason you are still alive is that i hoped you would change. Every night while watching you sleep, i prayed to God that you could be saved, and i fully believe everyone deserves a second chance. I waited and waited while risking to let your hatred finally wake up and begin its path of destruction around the globe. All the people that know about this mission urged me to just end you, in fear of being too late to stop you, but i deliberately stalled everything.
But, it wasn't meant to be. Over these last months i only saw the terrible aura inside you grow darker and more intense. I am surpised at how can you look so stable with such evil growing inside you. I guess people will always be what they are meant to be. It's ironic. I 've heard you so many times speaking with your friends, discussing what a fiend Hitler was, or that Joseph Stalin was equal to him regarding their killcount of innocent people. I 'll tell you one thing, those psycopaths would cower in fear if they were able to see what you can and will do if left unchecked.
It ends tonight. I 've made my decision. You will not live to see another sunrise. I do not want to do this but i have no other option. The people of the world cannot suffer because of one mans evil heart. I am sorry. I 'll try to be as fast as possible. I can only suggest that when i come for you, it will be better if you don't struggle. It is less painfull that way. Please.
The last thing i can tell you is that i wrote this letter for you and posted it on reddit, so that i could warn others like you that should they indulge in their unholy desires, they will not go unpunished. But mostly, i did it because you are worth an explanation. i am doing this for the good of humanity. Thats all you need to know. But before all this ends, i have to ask you one question, that has been bugging me since the beggining. I will not learn the truth since we won't communicate again but i have to ask. I need too. Because if you finally have realised what your identity is made of, it will be at least just a little bit easier for me to end this, without thinking that i am murdering my own daughter.
So tell me my beloved Claire... Has your evil finaly woke up? Before your demise, do you feel the urge to bring everything into chaos and drown it in blood? Has your true self... finally caught up with you?
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2019.06.23 01:17 OfShadowsAndWords The Loser - Finale

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
It has been almost exactly a month since this zombie attack started. It's only in a small county in Iowa as far as I know. And that county no longer exists because the government is running this as an experiment. I also see that my updates in the first week didn't get a lot of views. Good.
I'm Jared, a loser before all of this. I know what I have given you to read isn't compelling. How do you think a Zombie apocalypse would go if you watched all the movies and shows? We made decisions that kept us alive, and I don't embellish to make someone happy. I am reporting this so if you find yourself in this situation, you can have a go to in order to survive.
So, I left off with Sarah and I heading to my crazy uncle's bunker. We stopped for supplies, and picked up another couple. We drove for an hour from the gas station to get to my uncle's house outside of Rockburn. The farm was deserted, as I thought it would be. My uncle had a hundred acres, mostly woods around his property. About 200 yards north of the house was my goal: a bunker he and my dad made years ago.
We stopped the cars near the garage, and we loaded the cars in. My paranoia was kicking in, and I wanted to hide our presence as much as possible. The four of us started north, leaving the supplies for now so we could find our goal. As we passed the house, we got a jump scare. My former cousin banged against one of the bay windows. I guess he had come home after all.
The trek through the woods was slow and cautious. We found the marker my dad told me about near sunset. I spent about twenty minutes on my knees trying to find the trapdoor through the dense overgrowth. Finally, I felt the comforting piece of steel.
I sent Wendell and Breanna back to start gathering supplies while I opened the hatch. Sarah and I went down the stairs. The second one near the bottom was rotten, and I fell. The concrete was not forgiving to me or my phone that I was using as a flashlight. (This is why this update took so long.)
We slowed down and found the first big room behind a door. Near the door I found a light switch. On a lark, I flipped it. The room illuminated. I found out later that before my uncle died, the man had built a solar farm near the barn that powered the buildings and he buried cable to power the bunker. Bless that crazy bastard.
We were in a living room, and a main hub to the bunker. We found a bathroom, a kitchen and pantry (stocked with MREs and canned goods), and three bedrooms. In the main bedroom, I found his journal. In the journal I found the solar farm data, how the plumbing worked for the bunker, GPS data for the ventilation shafts that kept us breathing, and other tidbits he thought he would need to stay down here as long as possible. He also had a door in his room that had a keycode, which he had written down. I opened the door, and found out how crazy the guy was.
One wall was guns. Handguns, shotguns, a rifle, some dynamite...anything we could have wanted. On the other wall was monitors and speakers. I fired it up, and found a security system. Spycams of the house, barn, garage, and places in the woods. About 6 cams in all, plus baby monitors set up around the bunker for sound. Also, apparently a motion sensor system was in place, in boxes around 100, 50, and 20 yards to the entrance. The last wall had a ladder for an emergency exit. The journal said not to open the hatch, because it was wired to blow up the other entrance if opened.
My uncle wasn't this sophisticated. I assume this was my cousin's addition. Shame he died before he could use it. The 20 yard sensor let a tiny chime off and I saw Wendel and Breanna returning with a wheelbarrow topped off with almost all tge stuff from the cars. I heard them bitching about how hard it was to move it. This system was awesome.
We met them at the hatch. We unloaded the stuff, careful to avoid the step I broke. We went through the stuff we found out, and then Sarah and I made dinner while Wendel and Breanna took the first shower. We switched halfway, and I enjoyed the first hot shower I had in a week. We sat down for spaghetti, and enjoyed being a normal group for a while.
The next few days were a blur of mundane activity. I fixed the stairs I broke, we unclogged some of the vents. We tested if we could be heard through them (we could not). I took a moment to lure my cousin out of the house, and ended him. I buried him next to the barn. The house provided meat and clothes, a TV, and some furniture. We ate, drank, had sex, played video games. It was like normal.
June 15th was the first time we had to face reality. We were clearing branches from around the solar farm when we saw a jet fly overhead, heading to Rockburn. We heard the explosion, saw the cloud. We found out later it wasn't nuclear, but we spent the rest of the day in the bunker. Winebury and Southport were hit too. I guess the experiment was over.
Local news in the county next to us said a chemical plant had been sabotaged in Rockbury, and the area would be quarantined. It was the first time anything in our county was mentioned, but we wondered how it would be spun locally. Now a "gas cloud" would keep Iowans out of our area. Awesome.
Two days later, we heard gunfire a distance off. They were probably cleaning up the dead in the cities now. It ceased after a night of explosions. Some of the dead tripped our alarm system, but they wandered aimlessly, coming nowhere near the hatch (which we made efforts to hide better before we got stuck).
The next night was my birthday, and our last day in the bunker. Around four in the morning, I was awakened by the chime of the 100 yard perimeter being tripped. I was about to fall asleep when I heard voices over the monitor.
"Stay sharp. These survivors have been smart to stay off the grid for now. We don't want to take any chances. No casualties allowed."
"Do we have a location?"
"No, wherever they are, it's not in any plan. Sat imagery lost them somewhere in this sector though. Probably a bunker."
I sat up, dumbfounded. They tracked us. We were in a gilded cage. I shook Sarah awake, and went next door to get the others. We grabbed gear out of the room. The 50 yard sensor tripped.
"What are the boundaries of this mission? Are we terminating the group?" We all paused as tge words were spoken.
"Negative, unless necessary. HQ wants them brought in and debriefed. I hope they are not militia nuts or cultists." At those words, we stopped gathering stuff. We looked at each other.
"What do you think, guys?" I asked.
"Can we trust them? They started all this shit?" Wendel said, and Sarah nodded.
"Well, I think so. They can't know we can hear them, so I think it is legit. And unless we want to kill them, I don't think we have a choice, if we want to survive. None of us are infected, so I think we are gonna get through this," I said. Everyone nodded. I hit the intercom system just as they tripped the 20 yard marker.
"If you lower your weapons we will surrender," I stated. A lone round went off. The leader held up his hand to calm the soldiers down.
"All right, sir. We will lower our weapon. You must come out without weapons, the four of you." We complied, coming out of the room and exiting the hatch. After being frisked, we were led without being cuffed to a van off the road near the woods. We were led into Rockburn, to the school (It survived the bombing, I guess it really was their field HQ) and transferred to helicopter, and then a plane at the QC airport. We were flown east for a while, then exited the plane. We had to put bags on our heads for the next leg, but we eventually arrive at a facility.
Inside they tested our blood, gave us a checkup, and then put in a room. Three guys in suits came in afterwards.
"Jared, Sarah, Wendel, and Breanna...where to begin. We ran what we called a field exercise of a compound we created in this lab. The Z virus test in your county was the fifth such test we have run this year, and you are the second such test that has had survivors.
The virus runs it's course in two week through your system. The initial contact creates a fever that will kill people within an hour. After death, the mind reanimates, though severely diminished. This creates the 'zombie effect' as laymen would put it. We found that some people, like yourselves, are immune to the initial fever. However, if any of you would have died in the two weeks, you would have succumbed.
We created this to be used as a weapon against domestic and foreign attacks. We are sorry that your county was used as a testing site, but we needed domestic data. The fact that your county yielded only four people is interesting." This suit was making me sick.
"Interesting? We all had family die. Hundreds of thousands died for a test? Are you insane?" I started, but one of the suits cut me off as he brandished a gun. I stopped talking.
"Yes, we know what we did is morally wrong...in the short term. But the ability to save more by using this is for the greater good. Too much? How about we don't care, if that helps you. We could still terminate you now and move on to the next test. But in light of both women being pregnant, we realize we have an avenue of different data." I looked at Sarah, who looked as shocked as I felt. Pregnant? He continued.
"So, we have a deal for you. We will relocate you near here, and we will compensate you for your experience and your silence. When the children are born, we will compensate you for testing the children periodically, to monitor their well being. Or you can opt out now." He finished, sliding forms in front of us…
That was yesterday. Today we are in a lovely house in downtown [redacted]. Wendel and Breanna live next door. Hopefully, if you read this, you will know now where the base is.
I also caught a glimpse of a map on my way out, showing the next four test sites:
[Redacted], Wyoming
[Redacted], Alaska
[Redacted], Maine
The last one a major city, [Redacted]
Hope that helps. I'm a government guinea pig, but I have a girlfriend and a kid on the way. What else could I do?
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2018.10.16 10:27 nislalesla Spycam happy ending

I am mid 20 male.
Ever since I was young, I am always curious about sex. I used to hack and read my friends messages to know about their sex life. I would to violate my friend privacy and access their computer(if i have a chance) to spy through their sex life. I would sniff my friend panties if I have a chance. I used to pretend to be a random stranger or a their friend (who I hacked) to talk to my friends (girls) and convince them to try masturbating or find out if they have tried masturbated before. It turned me on so much to know that girls are pretending to be disgusted about sex when they hear boys in high school talked about that but they are at home pleasuring themselves. So naturally, my main porn is leaked amateur stuff, real voyeurism, it got so bad that I have to visit Darkweb sometimes to browse through child porn to find authentic stuff of girls pleasuring themselves, or real spycam, hacked webcam. However, I do not think I am a pedophile, I find those content disgusting and feel bad for those little girls. I hate people who abused victims. I like to watch natural relationship. I am probably a hebephile.
So now you probably think "WTF, monster!" which I totally agree, I am not happy with this at all and I hate myself for it. I am not sure what makes me to become what I am and I feel extremely unlucky. On the outside, I seemed to be a perfect polite guy. People love me which makes me hate myself even more because I feel like I am a fraud.
Sometimes when I spend several hours edging on the right porn and finally releasing myself, I feel an immerse sense of guilt. I sometimes feel a need to change myself. I would then delete all the porn I have, clear disgusting internet search history, rid myself of all the password I hacked. I promise I will change cold turkey, that I will begin a healthy lifestyle, go to gym, eat healthy and not spend several hours per day edging on bed looking for disgusting content. But the cycle will come back again when I am horny again. I hate myself so much.
I am currently seeing a therapist to treat my depression and other lifestyle issue. But I will never talk to her about this dark monstrous secrets. I hate myself so much.
Typing this out takes courage. I have tried many times to post here but end up deleting it because it is so disgusting. I will probably be lashed out and roasted quite alot. I am ready, as long as there are some glimpse to explain this monstrous behavior and how to change.
So tell me if I should cross post to ask for advice, I am trying to confess but also looking for advice at the same times. Society doesn't deserve me. I meant them no harm. I am sorry for existing.
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2018.01.04 23:03 brady1223 Spycam happy ending

Now getting to the actual story of what happened before, during and after the accident.
It was raining at the time I started my ride from a sunset photoshoot and it was roughly a 40 min ride to my hotel. The rain gradually dispersed to a mere drizzle, but I was being careful with the speed as the roads are still wet. It was my last day of my trip before I fly home and I was happy with how the whole trip went, which was pretty much my first international trip - alone.
After about 25-30 minutes into the ride, There was a van that stopped right infront of me and I had to brake hard in an attempt to stop. The next thing I know, I was on my feet, about 4 feet away from my bike which got wedged under rear end of the van and I could feel blood rushing in my head out of my nose. My eye started closing as I was in disbelief of what had just happened and my nose was merely a faucet by the time I resigned from attempts to wake up from this nightmare. The cut on my eyelid and the bloody vision through it even after it was closed shut only made me accept that it was the reality. What I did not realize at that time - lost in a blackhole of 5-10 seconds was that while I was trying to stop from hitting the van infront of me, another vehicle rammed into my bike from behind and that propelled me off my bike, hitting the van infront of me head on, causing severe injuries to my face.
It is scary if I think about it now, but I have no idea how I survived for the next several hours. My only goal was to not fall unconscious. I was conscious and spontaneous enough to grab my small backpack from the motorcycle before I got into the ambulance as my passport was in it.
The first hospital they took me to was merely a two room clinic and they would not even do a first-aid. I was trying to ask them to charge my phone as it was about to die and I needed to make calls to someone in the US who can help me; when two police walked in, talked to the medical personnel in Thai. One of them walked up to me and said just one word - "Passport". Honestly, I should have been conscious enough not to hand it over. But no point crying over spilled milk, right? Well, I can make that my life motto, at least for several years to come. After about an hour, they transferred me to a "hospital". I asked them where my passport is and they said the police will be at the second hospital they were taking me to. I was trying to understand all of this on my own because not one person over there could barely speak English.
The second hospital, as far as I could see through one eye, lying on a stretcher in a ward, looked like a shitty warehouse. They tried to use some cotton to collect my bleeding nose before a lady, who I assume was a nurse walked in, said something and everyone started laughing and giggling, and everyone dispersed immediately. I was making calls to a friend in the US, updating them with all my info and sharing my location so they can find a better hospital that I could go to. I was feeling very cold and started shivering. I was asking for a blanket and nobody responds. I started screaming asking for a blanket as I realized there was not one medical personnel in that huge ward and there were people on stretchers who looked really still. I will be lying if I said I did not doubt if it was actually a mortuary. I gathered all my energy and pushed my feet onto the ground, took a few steps while my nose started bleeding again and by the time I got to the doorway of the ward and could see about a dozen nurses sitting around a desk chatting, I was pouring sweat from inside the track rain jacket I was wearing. I struggled to unzip it and pull the sleeves out with one hand broken, while I was falling dizzy and slipping into a white abyss. I collapsed into a chair and laid my head on a table next to me and just wanted to go to sleep. That was when my phone started ringing, which brought me back and I answered it to find it was my friend giving me a hospital name which was 4 hours away and asked me to tell the hospital I was in to transfer me there. Unsurprisingly, they said the incharge doctor has to approve my transfer before they can contact the other hospital and the incharge was out and unavailable. It took them about 2 hours to get the approval and contact them at which point the third hospital sent an ambulance. I waited for the ambulance to arrive for four hours, got wheeled into it.
After another 4 hour drive, I arrived at the third hospital. The third hospital was a big, international private hospital and I felt I was in better hands. The nurses cleaned up my wounds and cuts and put me through scans and X-Rays. A doctor came to me and explained about my injuries and said I had to be operated immediately. After the surgery, I woke up in a private room, for all of which they charged me insane amount of money in advance, which I was happy to pay for them to save me from dying. There were additional surgeries that I had to undergo as soon as possible to get best possible results and I opted to get them in the US. But I need my passport to get on a flight and go home!
Through friends, we found a couple of guy who were in Thailand who could help me out. One guy visited me in the hospital and tried to go to the police asking the help of a lady, whose hotel I stayed at, as the police didn't speak any English, and requested for my passport explaining my situation that I have to fly back to the US immediately and undergo further surgeries, while the other guy was trying to find his contacts in the police who might help me out. The police blatantly and reluctantly denied to give my passport back, all the while saying that I had no fault in the accident, blaming the van for it and that they just wanted me to go to the police station in person and explain them what happened and sign a paper detailing the same - as they were legally required to do so. Apparently, they were not looking any money or bribe, according the guy who went to talk to them and rejected his offer to pay them. I wasn't buying it one bit.
After our attempts for a few days trying to communicate with them, one of the guys helping me out found a contact within the police and arranged a deal where I did not need to go to the police station, and could be represented. The guy helping me out went to the police station and took the owner of the hotel, the lady helping with translation, according to the deal and the episode unfolds.
Apparently, the van that was at fault had insurance which would cover the damages to the van and also covers some of my medical expenses. But the police say it would take ten days for the insurance to approve and issue a check and I will have to wait till then to get my passport back and settle the issue. The lady calls me from the police station after speaking with them and says these are the terms that I have to agree to in order to get my passport immediately - I have to agree to pay for my medical expenses out of my pocket and don't need anything from the van owner or insurance; the damages for the bike will be covered from the insurance money but I will have to pay them the rental costs for a couple of days, which is about a few hundred baht. She kept saying she was helping me and it was a good deal and I should accept it. I never wanted anything but to get out of there and come home and I thought it was ok. The settlement document they prepared was all in thai and there nothing on it that I would understand except the numbers. I asked many people in the hospital to translate it and some people did what they could and others said they would not as it was a police document. I even tried translating it online but could not get any results. The police were waiting for us to sign it and agree to it and there wasn't much time. From what a couple of people at the hospital translated it, it sounded like the terms the lady explained. So it was signed and settlement was agreed to. After the settlement, the guy who set up this deal calls us and tells us that we have to pay the police 30,000 baht as they agreed to let us off the hook without having to wait for the insurance! Not just that, this lady who was helping us said we have to pay 35,000 baht for the bike damages. We were warned that if we didn't pay either of these, they will put an immigration lock and I will not be able to leave the country. At that point, I did not care for money - transferred it via western union, got my passport and prayed I wont be stopped at immigration at the airport. Flew out the same day and got home pending further surgeries.
It never felt better to be home and free; the freeways which felt bad before looked like fucking temples - so orderly and organized; drivers so careful, considerate and compassionate. I realized traffic rules are more embraced than enforced. Saluted to the flags I saw on every chevy dealership and shopping malls.
Underwent multiples surgeries on my face and one on my arm. The doctors tried to fix it as much as they could but said because it was delayed by a few days, it was not perfect. I am left with a sunken eye with double vision and looks about half the size it was before; with a cross eye if I don't consciously try to look straight ahead. Still trying to get it corrected and have no clue when I would be able to feel normal. I was a good looking guy once too!
All thanks to the police for stopping me from getting on a flight immediately. Was it their greed for money? I was ready to pay if they were expecting any money immediately but they said no and made me wait for a few days. Was it to show their power? If that was it, it was clearly put on display for the spycams we used. Let’s see where the story goes.
For now, I keep telling myself - The injuries to my body will eventually heal. It's my mind I need to protect from getting injured.
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2017.06.01 05:39 TAgall Spycam happy ending

I have a 3 yr old Boston terrier who loves her kennel. She is about 18 lbs (smallish for a Boston) and has a 32" crate with lots of soft padding inside and a blanket over the top to make it dark and cozy. Every night around 11pm she gets up and goes into her space to lay down. She does this when i get ready in the morning, too. I've waited 20 min or so and she lies awake until I shut the door. When I do shut it, she closes her eyes to sleep in the same spot she lied down initially. I've accidentally not locked it before, just shut it and it's been just closed for 6 hrs, and she has never tried to exit.
I've been reading about how cruel some people think it is to crate a dog and how we should probably be letting her have free roam more. She's a good dog and not super destructive. She just runs from window to window when we leave her alone for a few minutes at a time. Seems curious as to what I'm doing. Do y'all think I should work on getting her more comfortable free roaming?
Below is her weekday schedule. Weekends is uncrated and with us 95% of time, except to sleep.

My partner, dog and I are pretty tight. We do obedience and agility classes, travel for new hikes, paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, patios at breweries, lots with her. She is our baby! The dog goes to daycare 1x weekly and gets all excited when we mention the word.
I'm actually sometimes a little offended that she rejects my bedtime snuggles after 11pm! She sometimes falls asleep with me in bed but cant get comfy and ends up going to her kennel every single time (maybe 1am). She will just stand up and walk to her kennel. If I don't get up to shut the door, she will come back and stand next to my face until I get creeped out and wake up, then walk me into her room and she will kennel. I lock the door and hand her a small treat.
Her room is a small office space directly across from our bedroom. It has a couch, fuzzy ottoman, and a dog bed around her kennel. She will hangout there when we're home, but always head to her kennel when it's sleep time. She also has multiple dog beds around the house. She prefers to lay right on one of us if possible.
Is this weird? I'm all nervous now thinking we are abusing her in some way or like distorting her mindset about the house as a whole? Or making her overly dependent? She seems independent and happy. She doesn't cry or whine when we are gone (spycam). We sometimes foster rescue dogs and they do, and she just looks so sick of them interrupting her snooze. Last question - is it possible she's truly satisfied physically and mentally and ready to sleep undisturbed in her space at these time, even if she's crated 14 hrs a day? She looks super (cute and) sleepy when she goes in there....
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2011.05.25 22:40 K-bis Ending happy spycam

hi relationships, (throwaway because people involved know my reddit name) sorry for lenth...
I'm 29, female and sealed my 7 year relationship with marriage about a year ago. My father has always been an extremely controlling person, who's always right and whom I've never heard say 'I'm sorry' to anyone. My mother and I always gave in, because otherwise he'd simply not speak to either one of us, if necessary for days on end.
A few years ago, my dads health seriously decreased, and now he's very dependent on my mother; she does everything around the house, washes him, takes care of his wounds, dresses him etc.
My husband and I go to visit them often, to try and cheer him up, but there was an increasing stream of seemingly little incidents with my father: one time, while my mom and I were in the kitchen cleaning some dishes after dinner, he simply left the dinner table without a word and went to his computer, leaving my husband alone in the dining room. Another time he sheduled a plumber to come check out some works right in the middle of a much anticipated special occasion dinner together - even though my mom had clearly told him those works were unnecessary in the first place. For apparantly no reason at all, my husband didn't get a birthday present from my parents this year; a tradition we've upheld since we got together 8 years ago. Every incident on its own doesn't seem so terrible, but since we've had no means of talking about them, they just keep building up. Worst of all; he's installed a spycam on my mothers skype, so he can monitor and record every conversation she has. Since she's taking care of him 24/7, this was her last means of letting of some steam by talking to me or her friends.
A week ago, I discovered how hurt my husband was by the whole situation and I confronted my parents about it. Harsh words were said, accusing both of us of being at least equally as guilty, telling me I'd better side with my parents, since statistically today 7 in 10 marriages end in divorce. Since, we haven't spoken, and I've had a lot of time to think.
It seems my parents feel I'm betraying them by having my own happy life now with my husband, while for them it's been nothing but sickness, depression (I think) and problems. I do feel terrible for them and want to help them all I can, but I feel my father is just trying to make our life just as miserable as a compensation for his own problems. That he's somehow jealous of my husband who now has everything he once had (me, his youth, health, friends, a social life,...) I feel terrible for not doing enough to get him out of his state of mind, but I honestly don't see what else I can do. It seems like he's - knowlingly or unknowingly - pushing us away.
I spoke to my mother today, who again wanted my to make peace with my dad and continue as if nothing happened. I just don't feel I can anymore. Even if I do, we'd just be waiting for the next incident to happen. On the other hand, I know I'm making my mother suffer terribly now, and she really doesn't deserve that.
Any advice is much needed.
TLDR: conflict with father weighs on my mother and husband. Giving in to him will only temporarily solve things. I don't see a long term solution.
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