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LIRIK is a partnered live-streamer on Twitch, who became a popular choice for playing DayZ mod for years, then DayZ Standalone for a short time as well as playing RP mods and games. A description for a stream archive from 24th December, 2018 states: "I miss having a main game".1 1 Twitch channel... Saqib Ali Zahid (born October 29, 1990), more commonly known by his online alias, Lirik, is an American streamer.He has among the largest followings on Twitch with over 2.6 million followers in 2020. Zahid is sponsored by Discord and is one of 200 influencers the company pays for promotion.. Streaming career. Zahid began streaming on Twitch in 2011. He initially played World of Warcraft, but ... “Lirik has been outstanding to work with, and has been instrumental in getting our project done on time and within budget. Their architects understand what we are trying to accomplish, why we are trying to accomplish it and go above and beyond to come up with creative ways to get to where we want to go.” - CTO, Baker Communications Lirik net worth in 2017 was about $1.5 million, making him one of the top five highest income streamers! In addition to being a Twitch partner, Lirik also has several sponsorships from other companies, which also contributes to his income. He is a paid influencer by Discord and has driven many new users to the platform. We like to play everything, relax, and have a good time. 90.3k Followers, 55 Following, 329 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from LIRIK (@lirik) Lirik finally gets his Artillery Strike. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War | 4.03K views | 5 days ago We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. I upload livestream highlights to this youtube account! Most/All footage is taken from my Twitch.tv livestream!

2013.10.13 18:35 iKeaster Wc poop voyeur


2020.09.21 23:29 Smallsmarty My VERY detailed experience *1 week post op* | 30 / 5'7"/ 38I | approval timeline + letters from my PCD | what I bought for aftercare | Chicago

My VERY detailed experience *1 week post op* | 30 / 5'7 Hello there!
I want to respond to everyones questions I see here but I don't want to live on reddit so here is my very detailed account 1 week post op, the good -- the bad -- and the TMI. Please feel free to AMA, I will update with pics week 2 of healing.
I am a healthy 30 year old who clocked in ~200 lbs the day of my surgery.
My timeline for insurance approval: I reestablished my chiropractic care the week of July 6 to start some form of a paper trail for my care. I had seen a chiro on and off for years but never specifically for breast issues. I had my first surgeon consult on July 16 and the second opinion on July 20. I was denied on July 29 because my insurer (BCBS of IL) noted I didn't have at least 6 weeks of proof that I worked on a plan with my chiropractor to correct my back and neck problems. When I was denied, the last option was for the surgeons office (Northwestern Plastic Surgery) to schedule a peer to peer review with the insurance company. This is a call between the insurer and surgeon who would then restate their case on my behalf. The peer to peer was scheduled August 24th, I was approved that day. Surgery was 9/15. As you can see, I did this all extremely quickly. Hot tip: your insurer will have a list of items they require for each procedure, give them a call and have someone walk you through how to find your specific procedure page on their website.
Why I picked the surgeon I did: He went to bat for me from the first minute we met. The first person I saw had zero time to talk to me and made me feel like my weight was going to be an issue even though he didn't outright say it. He told me he would be able to remove way less than what my schnur requirement was. For everyone wondering about weight to breast ratio, yes, the schnur scale is the #1 thing an insurance company looks at because its basically a black and white number that makes approval or denial easy for them. They don't care how long your boobs have been however big from however old. Or how you feel mentally. They look at your body the day you submit for the procedure. However, the right surgeon and their team will go to bat for you! Mine did and assured me he could remove way more than what insurance needed. When my surgeon had the peer to peer review and was able to bring up the photos he took of me in the office, the FEMALE insurance agent immediately said "we need to get this woman a reduction!"
Procedure details: I had a "central mound" breast reduction, with liposuction. The lipo is standard for my surgeon and because of that, it's all looped into the procedure and did not cost extra as far as I know - haven't gotten my bill just yet. My surgery was 4 hours and I recovered in a private room for about 2 hours before being picked up. When I came to, I thought I had dozed off for seconds when in reality it had been 4.5 hours. I was not in any crazy pain, just loopy. My surgeon used some internal sutures but what's keeping me together is glue! I went home with 1 big non stick pad per breast and an ace bandage that I was to wear 24/7 until my first follow up visit (1 week). I also received drains. I made the mistake of wearing tight leggings, they were a bitch to get on to go home in.
Night one and day 2: I remember thinking at one point, it wasn't worth it... people who don't receive lipo.. my account is going to be very different than what you can expect pain wise as most of my pain is from that. I live up a 3 floor walkup, and that wasn't too bad getting into my apartment after surgery. My friend made me a bed on my couch because we knew it would be easier to get in and out of and she pushed my coffee table next to me so everything I needed was in reach. I was really only nauseous to the point of almost vomiting the first night (see first line of this paragraph). My actual breasts never hurt. What got me is the muscle tenseness and bruising from the lipo. I was prescribed hydrocodone which also has Tylenol in it. I didn't love how it made me feel which was "out of it" and like it was just masking my pain, not taking it away but I took it every 4 hours anyways. I had a horrible headache pretty much this entire day and a half, likely from all the meds during surgery. The drains made me feel like a fragile china doll. They didn't hurt so-to-speak, but I was constantly aware of them and could tell I was using my neck and back muscles to overcompensate and "protect" my upper body from yanking them out. I have never been so stiff and tight in my life!!! I had to audibly tell myself to unclench my jaw about every hour. Sleeping: the first night I was so out of it i was able to sleep pretty easily but I was uncomfortable as hell, not to mention I had to wake up 2 times during the night to take my antibiotics and pain meds. I have to sleep upright for 2 weeks and this is BY FAR the worst part about this entire experience for me. I am a SIDE SLEEPER through and through and it hurts to sleep in an elevated position. We made the back upright with pillows and used a pregnancy pillow to kind of cradle my tailbone and lower back. GET THE PREGNANCY PILLOW. The big reveal: I was told to shower the day after surgery, a friend came over to basically stand in the shower with me. I was terrified to look and was so scared that my wounds would stick to the pads -- they didn't! When we removed all of the dressing, I was shaking because of how much I worked myself up about pain. There wasn't any! But it is scary to stand there with no support, the "idea" of gravity vs. my boobs hurt more in theory than it did in real life. Again, I didn't have any tape or anything over my breasts so I got to see the real deal right away. I got in the shower and we filled up a big cup with Bronners castile soap and warm water and let it run over my upper body. I also was prescribed Nitro paste to rub on my nipples and the inverted T spot at my anchor incision which stimulates your blood vessels. This was special to my surgeons practice, I did this daily for a week. When I sent my photos into the office on day 2, the nurse told me I needed to do 15 mins every hour of a heating pad at the incisions under my breasts until they saw me in the office. Heat promotes blood flow.
Day 3: I'm straight exhausted from 2 nights of the worst sleep of my life but I feel like I can move around with more ease. Still haven't had a bowel movement. But I also have a very little appetite. Soup and salads were comforting to me. I was really crabby at this point and wanted to be alone for the first time since surgery. I stopped taking the opioids at 8 am and switched to rotating 600 mg of Ibprof and 1000 MG of tylenol. I can move around with more ease, sleeping is still the fricken worst but my 12" Wedge pillow arrives and I sleep in my bed for the first time with my arms propped up at my sides on pillows. Big difference. I am drinking at least 72 ounces of water a day whether its from the filter or sparkling.
Things are getting better, days 4 - 6: Day 4 I left my house for the first time, I waddled to target to get LAXATIVES with a friend. I had been taking the prescribed stool softener since surgery and it wasn't doing anything. The ugly TMI: when I got home from my little walk, I had the sensation that I finally had to go but my poop was definitely impacted. So.. I put on a glove and "helped" make a dent, I know it's yucky but I couldn't take it anymore. I took a target brand "gentle laxative" pill around 11 am and went on my own naturally in the middle of the night and the next morning. And from then on, I have been regular! Day 5, I woke up and felt like I was finally turning a leaf and didn't need to skim this subreddit looking for other people to commiserate with! I sat outside at a coffee shop in the sun which was so nice. Day 6 I went to the store with a friend who did the shopping for me while I dictated :) Breaking up my full week of sitting on my ass watching TV was crucial for me, I am normally a busy body.
Day 7, today, + my first in-office check in! I still wake up feeling very stiff and sore but I have started to depend on the tylenol and ibprof combo much less. I've got my sleeping setup down pat but am still not used to it and am crabby. I have a coffee for the first time and head downtown to the office, my friend drives me. Everything looks good and my nips aren't dead! Hooray! My surgeon told me he was nervous for me lol, I was like "dang, ok, thanks!!" but it was because my skin on my breasts was so thin from how big they were. Looks like he had nothing to be worried about. They remove my drains! This did not hurt! And I get to leave in a sports bra! I got this 2 pack from amazon in xxl which fits up to a 40 DD. I brought it to my appointment to make sure it was good w the team. I was told to buy arnica gel and capsules to help with the swelling and bruising. Having the drains and ace bandage gone leaves me feeling like a million bucks on my way out.
Week 2: I will wear the sports bra 24/7 and sleep on my back for another week. Starting week 2, I will be able to side sleep and begin scar care if my incisions are all healed and the glue has flaked off.
Sleep struggle: Buy the wedge. The Benadryl to help you get tired. Use an airplane pillow or wrap a blanket under your neck for support.
Body Image: Seeing my stomach for the first time has definitely led me to make better choices. I have been an overeater my whole life and I don't feel like doing that anymore. I mostly wanted small boobs so no matter what, I wasn't going to be too caught up in how I looked after surgery but I do feel like I was giving a rare reset button.
Other Goodies: Baby wipes saved me because it was super hard to fully wipe. I used a squirt bottle in the shower. My nurse friend nabbed me this waffle pillow which helped my tailbone pressure from all of the sitting and sleeping on the couch.
My letter from my PCD #1 and #2 joint letter my chiro and acupuncturist co-wrote:
#1 To Whom it May Concern,
Ms. xxx is patient unde my care. She has been experiencing back pain since the age of 14. Specifically, she complains of mid-back and neck pain. Her pain has not been relived with the use of anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants. In addition her pain is relived only temporarily with chiropractic manipulation and physical therapy. Regular exercise is made more difficult due to poor posture and the inability to stand straight without straining. She also suffers form frequent heat rashes under her breasts and indentations in her shoulders from her bra straps digging in.
In summary, Ms. xxx back pain, neck pain, and rashes have not been relived with more benign treatments. It is my opinion that all are related to her large breast size. She will benefit greatly from a breast reduction that will alleviate her suffering.
Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns. Sincerely, xxx
#2 To Whom It May Concern,
xxx, DOB xxx, came to our office on 07*/13/*2020 for treatment of her primary complaint of mid back pain. She notes that the pain has been ongoing for years and while some relief occurs, the pain is affecting her ability to perform daily activities such as sitting and performing household chores. Additionally, the pain and discomfort impacts her sleep and subsequently she is fatigued and often anxious. A full evaluation was performed, and it is noted that she suffers from a hyperkyphosis of her thoracic spine that is the result of her breast size. This additionally puts pressure on her lower back and neck and added tension to the muscles of the mid back. Her neck tension can often lead to tension headaches which obstruct her ability to work. Even with increase in stability exercises and acupuncture treatments, xxx will likely continue to suffer from ongoing pain. It is our professional opinion that xxx seeks medical treatment for a reduction in her breast size.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at xxx or email us at xxx

Sleep setup on the couch

day 6!
Right before surgery
Pre surgery
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2020.09.14 18:07 plebeian1523 Wc poop voyeur

I need advice about weight loss. I have a 6yo Lab/ Boarder Collie mix that I adopted in January. Right after I adopted her I took her for her checkup, and the vet said she needs to lose about 20lbs because she's definitely a bit chunky (she's about 60lbs right now). I'm not really sure how to get her to shed some weight because so far she hasn't lost anything. What I've been doing so far is:
When it was reasonably cool, I took her out for walks every 1-2 days. We go for about 1.5 miles. That seems to be her current threshold, where she's tired out for a few hours after but not overexerted. That got put on hold the last couple months because of the triple digit summer heat, but now that it's getting back down into the low 90s at night I'm doing late night walks with her again.
I can't seem to get her to play with any toys to get her exercise that way. She has zero interest in literally any toy. I've tried balls, tug ropes, stuffed animals of all different sorts, squeaky toys, etc. I've got quite the collection going at this point lol. She just sniffs at them then wanders off with no interest when I try to play with her. With my other dog I get on the ground and "play fight" with him, and I can't get her to do that with me either. She's just a chubby lug.
My terrier mix is a ball of pure energy, as terriers are, and is constantly bugging her to play so she doesn't get to just laze about at home all day. She's more than happy to play with him at least. He's much smaller than her though, so he doesn't really get her all that active. It's more so she stands there and bumbles about while he runs every which way around her.
I'm feeding her a cup and a half of Annamaet dog food, split into two meals. The serving is per the recommended guideline on the bag for her goal weight, and my understanding is it's a decent quality food. Many times she won't even finish her bowl. So she's not gluttonous or anything. She eats all the cat poop she can get though.
She hasn't dropped any weight in the 9 months I've had her now. I'll weigh her by picking her up and weighing both of us, then subtracting my weight. It's the best way I've got to check her weight at home, and it's remained constant at around 59lbs. I've never had an overweight dog before so I'm not 100% sure if I'm doing it right. Since she's on the older side does that make it harder too? I want to make sure to get her healthy that way she can stay with us for many years to come.
TLDR: I need advice on how to get my chunky girl to drop some weight.
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2020.08.24 17:01 vc_wc [MAIN] Zenith Defy Classic Skeleton Blue Ceramic 41MM [49.9003.670] | 100 @ $47

Item Name: Zenith Defy Classic Skeleton Blue Ceramic 41MM [49.9003.670]
Price: $4,700
# of Spots: 100
Price Justification: $4,800 12/6/19
Price Justification: $5,500 9/9/19
Price Justification: $4,895 4/28 (watch that is being raffled)
Price Justification: $4,650 5/31 (less desirable black ceramic version)
Call spots? Y
Spot limit per person? 0
Location/Country: USA
Will ship international? USA only
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/a/CIC5yFL
Description: Basically brand new, which isn't that surprising given it is a ceramic case. I have worn it very sparingly since purchase. The watch was originally purchased in September 2019 and warranty runs until September 2022 (more than 2 full years left). It comes with all boxes, zip drive, warranty card and all the extras it came in. See the pictures for everything that will be included. The Zenith Defy Classic Blue Ceramic is crafted in a striking blue ceramic case and bezel that looks amazing! Visible through the open dial as well as the sapphire case back of the DEFY Classic, the automatic Elite 670 manufacture movement beats unerringly (it gains about 1 second over a 3 day period... seriously, the most accurate watch I have)! It's an amazing watch!
Approval: https://mod.reddit.com/mail/inprogress/fxe6d

  • Make a top-level comment to request a spot - you may call your number, but if it's taken you will receive a random unless you state otherwise in your request.
  • Once your spot is confirmed you will receive a PM with PayPal instructions - please make sure you use F&F and do NOT include any notes or comments. If you fail to follow these instructions the payment will be refunded and you will be pooped.
  • I am going to let comments load for a couple of minutes before I start assigning. Do not edit your comments - if you need to request an extra spot you must place another top-level comment. If you fail to follow instructions you will be pooped and you will lose your spot(s).
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  • If you need to get my attention, post a top-level comment, don't PM me and don't reply to a spot assignment. If it's urgent you can also ask a mod to contact me.
  • You will have until 10 minutes after the raffle fills to pay for your spots, starting from when I first place a notice in the comments.

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]

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2020.08.20 11:02 brainpain152 Poop wc voyeur

This ad showed up on my Facebook - it’s for a travel bidet, and while it’s intended for post-public poops, I thought it’d be a cool way to be able to rinse your cup while out! Curious if anyone has tried this or something similar.
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2020.08.03 18:45 vc_wc Wc poop voyeur

Item Name: BNIB DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo
Price: $970 (97 @ $10)
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2020.08.03 18:02 vc_wc [NM] BNIB DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo | 97 @ $10

Item Name: BNIB DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo
Price: $970 (97 @ $10)
Price Justification: $988 through DJI
Price Justification: $988 through Bestbuy
Price Justification: $989.5 through Apple
Price Justification: $988 eBay
Price Justification: $1062 eBay
Call spots? Y
Spot limit per person? 0
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Description: Brand new in box DJI Mavic Air 2 and Fly More Combo. This drone is SICK- for the newbies it has automatic obstacle avoidance. Check out what comes in the box here: https://store.dji.com/product/mavic-air-2-fly-more-combo?vid=91101

  • Escrow on behalf of Ji5
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2020.07.23 02:35 Lorelol85 Wc poop voyeur

Guys, I need help. My tank has been running for a month. Its a 65 gallon 7 discus 4 are between 3-4" and 3 are 6". My ph is 6.8 water temp 87 degrees. 0 nitrates but the younger ones are clamping fins swimming sideways and the others are eating. The one that won't eat at all, was pooping white so I used prazi pro as directed no help. Then I tried worm guard and they started swimming a little better not as clamped with fins...maybe a couple hours after back to the same sideways with clamped fins.. then I did a massive water change and tried fungus guard for clamped fins which was recommended, helped one day still the same thing. Im doing 3-4 wc a week, theyre getting krill pellets, discus hans flake food and beef heart mix once a week which they love. Im trying really hard to keep them healthy. Im new to discus, any suggestions?
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2020.07.13 15:06 neoconsumer Poop wc voyeur

Super creeped out by one of my housemates...
So I have the misfortune to live with a "Karen" - she is the friend of my third housemate, and moved in a few months ago (she even has a Karen haircut). Shes always been rather passive aggressive towards me, but a recent incident leads me to conclude this woman is not normal...
We live in an older property; the Victorian plumbing is not up to scratch and the WC does not fill up properly. That means that sometimes the toilet does not flush properly, and occasionally there may be bits of paper left. Full disclaimer here, yes sometimes I forget to ensure that the its fully flushed (it can take three tries), although its not as if I dont flush at all! Yes that can be annoying and unpleasent, although I am by no means the only one in our flat that this happens to. Also, I keep the bathroom clean, scrub the bowl on a daily basis and full clean of the bathroom every weekend (this has been my home for over four years).
That being said, unbeknownst to me, "Karen" has been keeping a photographic record of every time I "forget" to flush (see above - I always flush!). To clarify, she will wait until I have taken a poop then sneak in and photograph anything left. I hadn’t realised she has been doing this untill a few days ago, turns out she has been doing it for quite a while now and has at least three photos on her phone.
Im a guy, but imagine if this was reversed and a guy was taking pictures of a girl after she used the toilet. Quite rightly ladies, you would be locking the door and calling the police!
Am I over reacting when I say this is super creepy and a massive invasion of my privacy?! There have been many many other instances of passive aggressive behaviour from her, but this really tops it! I have lived in my flat for over four years, had great housemates in the past. This place feels like home but right now I feel genuinely uncomfortable sharing my home with her and am very close to asking her to leave.
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2020.07.01 14:38 Manxjadey Wc poop voyeur

Hello everyone!
I’m new to the practice and I’m trying to apply the BTB approach to my home. Please let me know if this is for traditional only & I’ll remove my questions!
If anyone could help me out with the following, I’d really appreciate it - would also love suggestions for good books on the topic or tips on applying the bagua in the home.

  1. My hallway & stairs are overlapping in growth & knowledge, health & career sections. The stairs are wooden and I’m planning a gallery wall using metal and metallic as well as a little colour. The downstairs hallway goes straight through the health quadrant to the kitchen and backdoor. Is there anything I can do to improve the flow here?
  2. I’m unsure of how to apply the bagua to the upstairs of my home, at the top of the hall stairs (which are directly in front of the front door! AGH!!) is my bathroom & separate WC. There’s a tiny landing that turns around on itself and then a few more stairs up to the bedrooms. Above that & up another staircase for which the door directly faces one of the bedroom doors is my partners studio. How do I apply the map in this situation?
  3. I’m pretty sure that my bathroom & toilet are in the abundance & reputation quadrants. We’re currently renovating so the sink is going directly in front of the door, with a mirror above (any tips for doors opposite mirrors? Especially when the doors supposed to be closed!) and then the bath under the window going across the length of the room. I’m planning on putting some crystals, lots of wood elements and a large yucca in there, is there anything else that can be recommended? I’ve currently got a spider plant in the WC, is there anything at all else I can do to try and help this area?
  4. My backyard falls into the love/marriage quadrant. This is where my dogs go to poop, where the composter is housed and where an air pump is for our heating. Stinky, rotten & chilly. Do I count the backyard? It’s such a weird layout of a house, it’s a hundred or so years old, built from stone, split level townhouse so it’s a challenge trying to apply the principles.
If anyone has tips on using the traditional bagua I would be happy to hear it, I just can’t figure out how to work it with my house!
Looking forward to hearing from y’all! Thanks in advance :)
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2020.06.27 10:37 ThiccyGoat Wc poop voyeur

I have a 1 year old cat I found as a stray about 10 months ago. She never had any problems with her litter box, until about when she started going into heat. She one day pooped and then peed on my bed and ever since then she has been going in and out of heat, and when she is in heat she will mark on the side of the bed I sleep on. I am almost certain it is a marking problem, but since there are no clinics open for spaying i have to wait until august. What would you recommend using to make her not mark on my bed?
Edit: I have tried this product and sprayed it all over my bed and concentrated on the spot she marks on, and spraying it on my sheets while in the dryer with no results.
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2020.06.25 22:59 meinenotyours Insanely long list of recs/tips/reviews :)

I put together this extremely long list of tips, stuff we do/don't like, etc. for my best friend recently. It's kind of a lot and may not all be relevant to everyone's needs, but hopefully some of it will be useful to some of you. I found these types of posts super helpful when I was pregnant and planning, so I figure since I've done the work of putting it together, I might as well share the love with you all, dear internet strangers <3 As with anything pregnancy/birth/baby related, YMMV, these are just my opinions and observations so far.
We had our son River in March. We had planned on an unmedicated birth with a doula, laboring at home before delivering at a hospital, but that wasn't in the cards for us. River was breech, and ended up being born unexpectedly via emergency c-section and spending time in the NICU. (Birth story here if you're interested.) Some of what I've included is specific to that type of birth.
Most of the stuff we got was hand me downs, and new stuff came mostly as gifts from Amazon. I've tried to link to non-Amazon sources for things because fuck Jeff Bezos, but know that they are available there if that's what works better for you.
Like a Mother - really enjoyed this one
Expecting Better - really useful info. helped a lot with decision making
Cribsheet - can be read later on since it's mostly post-birth stuff, same author as Expecting Better
The Birth Partner - this would be for a partner to read, if it fits with your birth plan/philosophy
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - didn't finish it, mostly read the birth stories, liked it
Happiest Baby On The Block - not worth buying, got it from library, but nice to skim
Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue - about raising kids without gender stereotypes - enjoying so far, except that sometimes the author conflates sex and gender which is a big pet peeve for me
Boys: What It Means To Become A Man - bought this, haven’t read any of it. I think it’s about addressing toxic masculinity in parenting
No Bad Kids - I didn’t finish reading it (library) but I might try it again
Babywise - didn't care for this one so much, just seemed stress inducing so I didn't finish it or follow its guidelines. Friends really liked it. It's basically advice on getting your baby on a sleep schedule super early on
Go Diaper-Free - just got this this week - it's about elimination communication (EC). I'm going to try out some of the techniques soon with River but it has advice on reducing the reliance on diapers from birth. Everyone I know who's done EC with their kids swears by it.
Pregnancy pillow: made sleeping so much more comfortable. Also was sort of like a straight jacket that kept me from moving in my sleep (I’m not a natural side sleeper) and made a giant pillow wall between me and Mike (husband), but so comfy. I felt like style and shape is a personal preference. I had a “C” shaped one. I think I started using it around 14 weeks or so.
Support belt: I got this one in the event one of my ECVs worked to hold the baby in place, but none were successful. Some people use it just for comfort but because River was breech I didn’t use it because I didn’t want to hold him in the wrong position, plus I was never very uncomfortable.
Clothes: shop the holiday weekend sales on Old Navy online. They don’t carry a lot of maternity items in stores, and they’re pretty decent and the sales make them cheap. Beware that almost no pregnancy jeans have front pockets. But some (not all) Old Navy ones do. Motherhood Maternity is overpriced for the quality, though I did get a few office appropriate dresses from there that were also nursing dresses, so they look good when you’re not pregnant later. I had two pairs of pregnancy leggings (over the bump) that were handed down that I wore a ton towards the end.
I had wanted an unmedicated birth, which meant I also wanted to test negative for group b strep (you get tested around 35 weeks I think) so that I wouldn’t need antibiotics. I took a specific probiotic and swallowed raw garlic daily starting around 32 weeks, which can help kill the bacteria if you have it. It didn’t work for me, but I would do it again and start sooner (maybe around 25 weeks) next time.
For the last month and a half, I went to a Webster trained chiropractor and an acupuncturist who specialized in pregnancy. Both were amazing. I was going to them to try and flip River head down, but I think if I were to be pregnant again with a non-breech baby, I’d do both again anyway. Super relaxing, helped with being more comfortable and mobile. I also went a few times for Mayan abdominal massage, which was also supposed to help with flipping. It was lovely, but of the three treatments, is probably the one I could see foregoing in the future.
Also prenatal yoga and stretching were actually super helpful. My back and hips would sometimes hurt in the night and so I would do pigeon pose and some butterfly stretches when I got up to pee. Helped a lot. And walking a lot especially towards the end. I think staying mobile helped my back while I was pregnant and made me recover from surgery faster. I also did guided meditation and breathing exercises that were hypnobirthing based.
FridaMom gown: so I didn’t labor, but this was nice to have at the hospital for sleeping in and it is breastfeeding friendly. I use it as pajamas now.
FridaMom c-section underwear: if you end up needing a planned cesarean, these undies are so much more comfortable than the hospital ones they give you. Those are a wedgie waiting to happen. I ordered these from Target.
FridaMom makes a bunch of other recovery specific to vaginal delivery, but I didn’t try any of it.
Definitely take everything (pads, undies, peribottle, diapers, wipes, etc) from the hospital and don’t be shy asking for extras. The nurses don’t care.
Stuff for you to bring to the hospital:

  • Your own pillow and a pillow for partner
  • Cozy socks
  • Water bottle(s) ideally with straw or squeeze top
  • Toiletries (soap shampoo toothpaste deodorant etc)
  • Chap stick
  • Hair ties
  • SNACKS: we brought snack bars, jerky, and trail mix. I had packed these way in advance which I highly recommend doing so you can just grab and go. Honestly I think the snacks were the most important thing we brought to the hospital.
  • Change(s) of clothes for your partner - easy to forget but they're (most likely) sleeping over too!
  • Comfy pants - I ordered some c-section friendly stuff from target in advance (2 pairs of these, 2 pairs of these, 1 pair of these that was either high waisted or had a drawstring that could make it high waisted. These would work for vaginal delivery too. I still wear these pants most days
  • 2-3 breastfeeding shirts (I got bunch of clothes from this brand - the short sleeved version of this shirt, and a few dresses) and bras (links below)
  • Extra long phone charger cables and plugs
  • I liked having crocs as my shoes there. Easy on and off, could be worn in the shower. I also packed slippers but crocs with cozy socks were enough
  • A robe if you’re a robe person. Helps make you feel more cozy afterwards.
  • Breastfeeding pillow if you’re going to be using one
  • Nipple cream
  • Breast pads (I didn’t bring these but wish I had for leaks -see below for more info)
  • Lactation cookies
Take whatever drugs they give you for recovery, and take them on time (i.e. if you can re-dose every 6 hours, do it every 6 hours (not every 7 or 8 or 9)). I was prescribed extra strength Tylenol and Advil, as well as oxy for pain. I took all of them on schedule the whole 4 days I was in the hospital, and then when I got home, I didn’t need the oxy any more but I took the Tylenol and Advil religiously for a full week. I set alarms around the clock. It helped me to remind myself that they don’t give out medals for making it through pain or discomfort without taking drugs, so I should just take them. It’s easy to forget or to think you’ll just be fine. It's also so much easier to prevent the pain before it bothers you than to try and reduce it after it starts. I think this applies regardless if it’s an incision or your vagina that’s hurting.
My Brest Friend pillow: super comfy and easy to position the baby on.
Boppy pillow: no fucking clue how this is supposed to help breastfeeding. Apparently once the baby can sit up you can use it to prop them, but it is not helpful to us yet.
Motherlove nipple cream: doesn’t have to be washed off before baby eats, has no lanolin, and is really nice to put on before pumping if you have to do any of that. I got like 4 of these so I could have one by the bed, one next to the pump, one in the NICU, etc. I love it. When I remember to, I put it on after showering and before bed too.
Lanolin nipple cream: kind of hard to put on, and sticky and weird. Stains clothes. Dislike.
Bamboobies washable breast pads: soft, comfy pads for leaks - very necessary especially at the beginning. They seemed expensive when I bought them but I am now very glad I did.
Haaka pump: I’ve used it a couple times and am just about to introduce it more regularly to my routine. Everyone who has one loves it intensely, so I’m assuming that once I start using it more often, I’ll have a more concrete positive opinion. It’s definitely easier than a pump-pump. The Haaka I got also had a lid.
Nursing bras: I wear nursing bras 100% of the time now. I sleep in them, I wear them all day. Boobs are bigger when they're full of milk, and they leak, and having a bra on keeps them more comfortable and allows me to wear pads. Before I gave birth, I had stopped wearing nice bras (for like, the last 2 years or so) that were actually sized correctly to fit me, and was only wearing wire free stretchy ones that I got at Target. Technically the ones that I had been getting had straps that would work for breastfeeding, but my boobs grew so they don't fit right now.
So for nursing I got these, which are comfy and easy. They're nice for sleep. Only thing is that bigger boobs can kind of fall out of them, and sometimes I find that my nipple has slipped out from behind the bra part, which isn't really an issue unless there's friction or I'm leaking.
I also got these ones, which are my favorite. Comfortable enough to sleep in, and they do a better job of keeping things all up in there.
Do these work? I'm not totally sure. I started eating them while we were still in the hospital, and had no trouble with supply (which seems kind of amazing to me considering I didn't start pumping until 2 days after birth, had no skin to skin with River for his first 4 days of life, and couldn't even try breastfeeding directly until he was about a week old). Did the cookies make that happen? I don't know. Is it nice to have a bag full of cookies that are all mine and not having to feel guilty about not sharing? Absolutely. For that reason, I suggest getting a few. If nothing else, they're a nice snack.
Booby boons in caramel crunch: always seem a little stale but very tasty
Mommy knows best in oatmeal chocolate rainbow cookie: a little weird but tasty and big. This brand also sells mixes to make cookies or brownies. I also made their brownie mix and they were delicious. Also the best part honestly was not having to share :)
Nourisher lactation bars in chocolate banana: actually gross. Weird texture and banana tastes chemical-y even though it’s all natural. Yuck
My nipples definitely hurt the first few weeks but it gets better and goes away. I liked these Booby Tubes which can be microwaved or frozen for relief. I also tried these gel pads. They didn’t seem to make much of a difference but it was nice at the time to have some protection against friction. I got these too but haven't needed them yet.
Definitely ask to meet with a lactation consultant at the hospital. They can evaluate your baby's latch, help you with positioning, and give you tips for a feeding or pumping schedule once you're home. Also remember and remind yourself that it can be hard, and that's ok, and it doesn't work for everyone or every baby and that's ok too!
We supplemented with pumped milk (i.e. I'd breastfeed him, then we'd have a bottle of prepared breastmilk ready that I had pumped earlier to make sure he was getting enough) when River first came home so we had some bottle stuff ready to go. It seems like some babies develop a preference for a specific bottle while other will drink from anything. River was more the latter, though we thought that maybe the Lansinoh bottles seemed better? Not really sure any more why.
Lansinoh bottles: easy to clean, didn’t seem to cause a ton of spit up
Comotomo bottles: hard to unscrew because the bottom is silicone, but otherwise good
Dr. Browns bottles: entirely too many pieces to wash and assemble. This is what they used in our NICU
Mam anti-colic bottles: we got one free as a sample. These also have too many parts so they’re annoying to clean and assemble
Pump: Because River was unable to feed directly from the breast right away, I qualified for a rental of a hospital grade pump. They gave me a Medela Symphony. At the hospital, I was using an Ameda pump that was huge, attached to a rolling stand. I liked that the Ameda one showed elapsed time, but that was really the only thing I liked better about it. It might be worth asking your doctor or your insurance plan if you'd qualify for a hospital grade rental pump if pumping is something you're interested in.
Avent: doesn’t dry. Got this as a hand-me-down. We thought this was fine but it wasn’t. We needed drying.
Papablic: dries. Takes longer but much better.
Butt paddle: so nice! No creams all over your hands!!
SkipHop changing mat: we use this on top of our changing pad and cover because it’s waterproof and more easily wiped down. It’s great for travel. Even when travel just means the living room floor instead of the changing pad.
If you have a boy, their pee goes everywhere, it is insane. The penis needs to be covered at all times, which is tricky. We keep a stack of shop rags from Costco (which is also what we use for burp cloths - HIGHLY RECOMMEND) on hand, fold them to fit between his legs, and wedge them there while we wipe and put cream on. He goes through a million of them. He will pee, then a minute later pee again. You’re never safe. There is always pee waiting to go everywhere. Like in his eye! Or mouth! I’m sure girls have lots of pee too, but it doesn’t travel in the same way.
Diaper cream: River got a rash that was really hard to get rid of so we literally panic-ordered $80 worth of creams online to try and figure out the best one. We got:
Sensicare: what they used in the NICU. Effective, but very hard to clean off and expensive. You go through a tube quite quickly.
Desitin: kind of whatever. Didn’t do the trick for us.
Bordeaux’s butt paste: smells weird.
Triple paste: expensive, but worked best for us ultimately
Triderma: too thin in consistency, like a lotion.
Aquaphor baby diaper paste: fine, but didn’t make it disappear. Annoying to get out of the tube.
When he doesn’t have a rash we use Aquaphor baby ointment (basically Vaseline). We also use this to moisturize his skin. If/when his diaper rash flares up, we use the triple paste until it’s gone.
FUCK SNAPS!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously fuck snaps. Any full body outfit that snaps all the way down or around the legs is garbage. Do you want to try to line up 25 snaps at 3am in the dark when you haven’t slept more than an hour and a half consecutively for a week? No, you don’t. All zippers, all the time.
Also, pro tip: if you are a paranoid person (a.k.a. a parent) and sometimes need to confirm that they are in fact ok by watching them breathe in their sleep, it's way easier to see their chest/belly rise and fall in the dark if they're wearing a patterned pajama than is it with a solid colored one.
Zutano slippers: these are the only things that stay on baby feet. They seem expensive, but you just need 1 pair per size (just start with the 0-3month ones and if you like them you could get bigger ones later), and literally zero baby socks. Don’t bother with the socks, they fall off every 10 minutes. They’re adorable but pointless. There's also knock off versions on Amazon
No clothing sizes are consistent, not even within the same brand. It is very confusing. River was simultaneously wearing size newborn and 6-9month Gerber onesies at one point. Like, they shouldn’t both fit.
Swaddles: we got these, but he busts out of them easily because they’re just a touch too big. We also had a few hand me down Halo swaddles that didn't quite fit right so we didn't use them. Someone gave us a used “Ziggy Baby” one and we used it every night. It's definitely nice to have more than one of whatever works for you because they will barf on it overnight and get the neck all wet :)
Sleep sack: At about 12 weeks, River started busting out of the Ziggy Baby swaddle velcro and woke up with the whole thing bunched around his neck one morning, so we immediately ditched it. Now he sleeps in a Woolino sleep sack that a friend highly recommended to us. It fits them from 2 months to 2 years, which helps make the cost more palatable. Definitely a good registry item. It's heavy enough to kind of weigh him down in place but breathable enough that I don't worry about him overheating. So far we really like it. We're also lucky that we didn't have to do any kind of transitioning out of the swaddle, we just cold-turkey stopped and it only made him wake up maybe 1 extra time per night (2-3x instead of 1-2x) for a few nights before he adjusted.
Baby Bjorn carrier: a friend loaned us one. Easy to wear and comfortable. I like that it does a good job of keeping him straight upright. I'm not sure if this is the exact one because I think the one we're using is a bit older, but it looks most like this one.
Boba wrap: half the time, River screams when I try putting him in this. When he isn’t screaming, he slumps over fairly easily. I haven’t given up on it, but it’s not my top choice It’s hard to know when you’re wrapping it around yourself if you’re doing it right enough before the baby goes in, and then once they’re in it’s kind of hard/too late to tighten so you have to take them all the way out and readjust and then put them back in. If I used it regularly that might not be a problem. Once he has more core strength and can face outwards I think this might be better.
Baby K-tan: also got as a hand me down. I can’t figure this one out despite watching all the how to videos. River definitely hates this one the most. We’ve never successfully gotten into it.
Ergo Omni360: We just ordered this because it was on sale and are waiting for it to arrive. I am psyched about the ability to carry River on my back because when I wear him in the Baby Bjorn around the house to do stuff, I can't really bend forward without also having to support his head from flopping back, which means I can't do any forward-leaning things that require 2 hands (not something I had ever previously considered).
Get a Squatty Potty if you don't already have one. Makes pooping more comfortable, decreases risk of hemorrhoids. Also useful for laboring at home, according to my doula.
I also highly recommend a bidet attachment for your toilet. We got one with a heated seat. It feels luxurious, you use less toilet paper, and also I would imagine that after a vaginal birth, it would take the place of using a peri bottle and the water is warm. So so so so so nice. Expensive, yes, but treat yo self.
Leachco pillow: nice thing to plop them on as a holding pen when they’re small. I think Boppy also makes a pillow like this.
Pack n play: we got this one because we thought we’d absolutely need the nappechanging attachment. We have used the attachment zero times. Also, babies puke a ton and there’s no removable cover for the pad so it gets kinda gross. We’re gonna use this as our crib once he’s out of the bassinet and then probably go straight to a bed. It is nice right now to have a second safe sleep location that can be in another room though so a pack n play in general is nice to have.
Bassinet: we’re using this one. It can attach to the bed so it’s more of a cosleeper, but then I’m not sure how I’d get out of bed, so we leave it unattached. Still like it even if we aren’t using the cosleep feature. It has wheels which is nice.
My last recommendation is that you take all the free stuff people want to give you. Even if you think you don’t need it or you already got one or you won’t use it, take it. I got two baby bouncers and it’s so nice to have one upstairs and one down even though at first I thought it was overkill. All 3 baby carriers I’ve tried were hand me downs and I’m glad we didn’t have to do a trial and error to find the one that works for us. You will go through 100,000 clothes so take them all (unless they have FUCKING SNAPS!!!!! AHHH!!!! (although actually, even then, take them. Just don't buy new clothes with snaps)) because it just allows you to go longer without doing laundry. I had two friends give me stuff (one had twins so it was kind of like getting extra haha), plus a woman at work. We were even walking around the block with River one day and someone was outside their house, saw us, and was like, “do you want baby clothes? I will leave them out on my porch for you,” and we took them and they are great. Take it all!!
River has dry, sensitive skin. I'm copy/pasting the advice and products our pediatric dermatologist sent to us (sorry, no links in this section, mama is tired). Basically, we don't use soap, and we slather him with Aquaphor baby ointment 2x/day. Here's the doctor's list:
  • Frequency is up to you. I'm okay with daily or every other day.
  • Keep it short: 5-10 minutes.
  • Temperature: medium warm.
  • It's okay to use no soap.
  • If dirty wash only dirty areas like the folds of the skin and the diaper area
  • If you think soap is needed then use an unscented soap designed for eczema or sensitive skin like: CeraVe baby wash and shampoo
Aveeno baby cleansing therapy moisturizing wash
Cetaphil baby eczema calming wash
CeraVe Eczema Soothing Body Wash
Vanicream gentle body wash
Burt's Bees baby bee wash and shampoo (make sure it is the fragrance free one)
  • Pat (don't rub) the skin dry with a soft towel.
  • If using medicines apply them to active areas right after bathing onto damp skin.
  • Thicker is better.
  • Look for moisturizer that comes in a tube or a tub. If there is a pump on the bottle it is probably not thick enough
  • Apply to the skin after medicines at least 2 times per day. More often is okay.
  • Recommended products:
Vaseline (but avoid Baby Vaseline because it has fragrance)
CeraVe healing ointment
Aquaphor (baby or regular is okay)
Aveeno baby eczema therapy cream
Aveeno baby eczema therapy balm
Eucerin eczema relief body cream
Eucerin baby cream
Eucerin original healing cream
CeraVe cream
CeraVe heal and protect balm
  • Use fragrance free, mild laundry detergents such as Arm and Hammer, All Free liquid, Kirkland fragrance free liquid, Cheer Free liquid, Seventh Generation, Dreft (check to be sure it says Fragrance Free)
  • Avoid fabric softener or sheets in the dryer.
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2020.06.19 16:19 longh0rnn Voyeur wc poop

I know it’s inconvenient that there’s no lil dog poop stations in WC, but just go buy some bags. Every patch of grass is covered in shit.
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