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2017.08.19 03:10 kaunis [Friday, August 18 2017] Spanish police 'stop second attack'; Steve Bannon out as White House chief strategist; How Free Eyeglasses Are Boosting Test Scores in Baltimore; AT&T's $85 Billion Time Warner Merger is Going to be Approved; Google Home gets free phone calls in the US and Canada


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    [Title Post] How Free Eyeglasses Are Boosting Test Scores in Baltimore
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    An artificial womb has been successfully used to incubate healthy baby lambs for a period of one week, and researchers hope the technology will one day be able to do the same for extremely premature babies, as published this week in The American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.
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    My Jewish-American grandfather guarded Nazis in WW2 France. After the war, one his prisoners sent him this illustrated book of his time in the camp.
  • vampirobrasileiro
    American thermocromic stamps in commemoration of the total solar eclipse
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  • Wolf1237
    One of the largest near-Earth asteroids will sweep past us in September; Asteroid Florence spans 4.4km, making it one of the largest near-Earth asteroids ever recorded by NASA, and will be visible with small telescopes from the ground.
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  • mvea
    [Title Post] AT&T's $85 Billion Time Warner Merger is Going to be Approved
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    [Title Post] Google Home gets free phone calls in the US and Canada
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    Does sipping water vs 'chugging' water impact how the body processes water?
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    TIL After a stable boy misspelled the name of a thoroughbred Potatoes, the horse was named Potoooooooo, or Pot-8-Os. In 27 years Potoooooooo won 30 races and sired 5 winners.
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    TIL the Chernobyl disaster released approximately 400 times more radioactive fallout than that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima
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    We're afraid to play horror games, so we quit our jobs and made one, with no jump scares. It's called Darkwood, and it's our debut. Ask us anything!
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    August 21st is the Great American Eclipse, the first Total Solar Eclipse to touch the US mainland since 1979 and the first since the creation of Reddit. We need your help to gather footage of how animals react to the eclipse, for science! 🌞 Learn how you can help in the comments.
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    Yellow Mountain in clouds, Huangshan, China [OC] [3024x3024]
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    Fields of wildflowers and a beautiful lake.. favorite trip of the season so far. Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA [OC] [1999 x 2500]
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    Rusty Face! Orient Express is ready for departure....mayby with short delay. By MMGrafix [2048 x 1365]
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    A Japanese family returning home from an internment camp find their home and garage vandalized in Seattle, Washington 1945. [1600x1211]
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    From a Million Miles Away, a Camera Aboard NASA's DISCOVR Spacecraft Shows the Moon Crossing the Face of the Earth [2048 x 2048]
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    Once thought extinct, a small population of Pygmy Hogs was rediscovered in the 1970s. This dwindled to fewer than a hundred individuals, before a captive breed-to-release scheme was set-up in the '90s. Twenty years on, the 100th piglet was released into the wild last year; there's still hope yet!
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2014.08.10 12:37 lubed_out_to_dry Obstetrics and porn gynecology

Personal reasons
Circumcised men and women do not like hearing the truth. It is common human behavior to try and rationalize a difficult situation. This is shown within death, religion, obesity, gambling, and many other activities and behaviors.
Every functional penis has some foreskin, circumcised or intact. If every piece was removed, you would end up having a botched, tight penis with very little sensation, pleasure, or skin mobility. Therefore, the foreskin is highly important to health and function of a male's sexual pleasure.
I know my pleasure has been reduced because of the need for lube, the lack of a frenulum (and other important pieces like the ridged band of nerves). And psychologically it has fucked up my views of sexual desire.
It took me a while to grasp the mechanical movement involved with masturbation since I lacked the skin. The first time I orgasmed was in class during a test by shaking my legs too fast (I was in the 7th grade). Because I just never knew what I should do with an erection (I honestly hated them whenever I had to pee), I didn't discover masturbation until that embarrassing moment. I went home and used a soft pair of shorts to stimulate a similar motion while looking up my first porn video. It was amazing (but just because of how long I waited) and I thought I discovered a way to avoid women all together.
I got pain from my erections so indirectly I disliked attractive girls (unless I was removing the need through stimulation). I just could not see any reason to ever date someone who caused me so much harm now that I found a way to relieve all my desire. I had some very weird ways to masturbate too. Since the skin was so dried out, I used a full toilet paper roll, sticking my penis inside the hole. It didn't feel good at all so I pee'd in it to provide what I thought was lubrication. Again a terrible idea.
It took a few years, many many loads of laundry later, and a lot of pre-cum (I was laying on my back) to realize I could use my hand (though not even an up-and-down motion, more like rubbing the head with my thumb). However I normally did not produce any pre-cum, so this was a very rare thing. I then tried to look for lubrication, using anything. The worst things I found were hand lotion (stung like a bitch), accidentally using bug spray, soap, and shampoo. I wasn't the smartest 15/16 year old. Finally I found a good lotion, but it dried out my skin. It took all the way until I was 18 (after I found out that I was circumcised) to use amazon and ordered my first bottle of real lube.
And even now my concept of hand jobs and blow jobs, even sex, just seems very time consuming or not fun at all. Because the need for lube and because of how I found masturbation (not the normal "well I played with myself and it was good, so I continued to do it using my own body skin"). All the trial and error I had to put up with from the lack of skin and the friction pain. I have more of a desire to remove sexual need than to feel sexual pleasure. It really has fucked me up in very subtle but distinct ways that build and build into key highlighted issues.
You don't like being circumcised? Just restore!
Foreskin restoration is a cop-out. It only provides what you already have but increased amounts over time. This is not the final solution to men who hate their circumcisions. And it isn't even an option for women. And it doesn't even begin to address the emotional and developmental issues caused by infant circumcision.
You cannot justify male circumcision by claiming someone can just restore it as if all the damage magically disappears. It is much easier to remove than to replace. Why make this very important sexual decision for the individual when not even their personality has formed yet?
Circumcision in the USA
One of the main reasons for circumcision in the USA (for both men and women) was the removal of pleasure. The goal was to stop or hinder masturbation.

Isaac Baker Brown (1812–1873), an English gynaecologist, president of the Medical Society of London, and co-founder of St. Mary's Hospital in London, believed that masturbation, or "unnatural irritation" of the clitoris, caused epilepsy, hysteria, mania and idiocy, and "set to work to remove [it] whenever he had the opportunity of doing so," according to his obituary in the Medical Times and Gazette.[120] He performed several clitoridectomies between 1859 and 1866. When he published his views in On the Curability of Certain Forms of Insanity, Epilepsy, Catalepsy, and Hysteria in Females (1866), doctors in London accused him of quackery and expelled him from the Obstetrical Society.[124]
In the United States J. Marion Sims (1813–1883) slit the neck of a woman's uterus and amputated her clitoris in 1862, "for the relief of the nervous or hysterical condition as recommended by Baker Brown," after she complained of period pain, convulsions and bladder problems.[125] G. J. Barker-Benfield writes that clitoridectomy continued in the US until at least 1904 and perhaps into the 1920s.[126] According to a 1985 paper in the Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey, it was performed in the US into the 1960s to treat hysteria, erotomania and lesbianism.[127]
Medicalization of Circumcision Timeline
• 1845 Edward H. Dixon declares that circumcision prevents masturbation. [A Treatise on Diseases of the Sexual Organs. New York: Stringer & Co 1845 pp 158-65]
• 1870 Lewis A. Sayre publishes a paper 'proving' that circumcision cures epilepsy. [Circumcision versus epilepsy, etc; Transcription of the New York Pathological Society meeting of June 8, 1870. Medical Record 1870 Jul 15;5(10):231-4]
• 1890 William D. Gentry declares that circumcision cures blindness, deafness and dumbness. [Nervous derangements produced by sexual irregularities in boys. Medical Current 1890 Jul;6(7):268-74]
• 1891 Johnathan Hutchinson declares that foreskin encourages boys to masturbate. [On circumcision as preventive of masturbation. Archives of Surgery 1891 Jan;2(7):267-9]
• 1893 Mark J. Lehman demands immediate implementation of mass circumcision of all American boys. [A plea for circumcision. Medical Review 1893 Jul 22;28(4):64-5]
Fortunately, female circumcision didn't have such a strong hold in the USA like male circumcision.
Legal reasons
Legally speaking, banning FGM while allowing MGM is against the 1st and 14th amendment. Both genders should have the right to their bodily integrity. Only in the most severe (around 1% of all cases) should have medical consideration for circumcision (there are other non-invasive procedures such as preputioplasty for phimosis). Condoms, antibiotics, and the beneficial bacterial community around the skin remove any slight benefit of MGM or FGM. Circumcision trades pleasure for pain.
In the USA, for 2012 there were 3,952,841 births (let's round it up to 4 million). Take half of those for boys times 58% circumcision rate (2010 data) and you get 1,160,000. Then times that by 1% for the number of reported botched/amputated penises equals 11,600. You could make a case that this 1% is equal to the major destructive FGM operations.
And that's only for the US.
Studies indicate that about 62% of African males are circumcised overall. The overall prevalence of circumcision in the Philippines is reported to be 92.5%.
According to the Jerusalem AIDS Project, "about 100 percent of men have been circumcised" in Israel
The main difference between female circumcision and male circumcision is the legality of these practices in western countries.
You can see the difference when searching female circumcision versus male circumcision. The WHO page for both: "WHO | Female genital mutilation" and "WHO | Male circumcision for HIV prevention." HIV prevention is a behavioral and educational issue.
Circumcision tries to mask its main motivation (removal of pleasure) through using confirmation bias in research that links high percentage decreases in behavioral-caused diseases and illnesses. It is not a solution and the right of one's body should not be in the hands of others who find a certain part (in their own bias) distasteful.
EDIT: I'm talking about outlawing INFANT circumcision or anyone under the age of 18 (unless severe medical need). I do not care what adults do to their own body as long as they have informed consent Adult circumcisions rates are so low, that it is a moot point.
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2014.04.24 21:44 hairyladyparts Obstetrics and gynecology porn

Hi 2XC, I am posting here as I know the community is very understanding. I always knew that porn never set the right example in terms of genitals apperance so I never compared myself to those standards. Hence my understanding was that my genitals were probably average-looking, maybe a little bit on the hairy side... until I did obstetrics/gynecology as a student.
Having seen more than a hundred vaginas by now, from a wide range of ethnicities, I can say that my hairiness is truly out of the norm.
Let me explain how mother nature cursed me. I always keep my vagina shaven, trimed or waxed, but the rate at which hair regrows is phenomenal. If I shave, I already have 5mm by 3 days. If I wax, it takes about 2 weeks for half of the hair to regrow but with a much higher side effect of ingrown hairs. I have to exfoliate furiously everytime I shower, or if I don't I get ingrown hairs with pustules, sometimes bordering on small abscesses. Trust me I have tried not exfoliating at all, mildly and extensively and there is a clear inverse correlation.
What I have never seen in any other woman so far is the sheer density of very thick dark coarse hair. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that each follicle is spaced less tham 1 mm apart, often times with 2-3 hairs growing out of the same hair follicle.
As I said, I keep everything trimed or shaved but the density and thickness is clearly out of the norm.
I am very demoralized by all of this... I am afraid of being judged unless I shave daily to hide this problem (which is impossible timewise).
The worse thing is that you would never imagine that as the rest of my body is not very hairy at all. My arms and legs have very very pale thin hair, and I don't even have to bother shaving my thighs. I also have quite few arm pit hairs. For context, I am a thin short Caucasian female in her twenties.
Before anyone tells me to get tested for PCOS, I think this is highly unlikely as I am quite thin (BMI 19), not hairy otherwise and have sharply regular menstrual cycles (literally precise to the day).
I am very tired of all this hair removal... Should I get laser treatment? Anyone's thoughts or experiences in a similar situation? :(
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2013.08.29 19:01 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Elayne Angel, piercing expert and author of "The Piercing Bible." AMA!

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Date: 2013-08-29
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
What is your favorite piercing to do, and what is one you dread? What do you think of some of the new piercings trending now, like piercings the corners of the mouth, or microdermals in the dimples of the lower back? I specialize almost exclusively in genital piercings and I love doing all of them. I don't really dread any.
I saw a porn clip recently where the woman had, and pardon my ignorance on the correct term, but she had her taint pierced. Like the actual little piece of skin between her vagina and anus. Is this common? How can that help but get infected? I'm thinking it's a baaad idea, no? That was probably a fourchette, if it was a vertical piercing. I am actually the inventor of that particular place because the male version, called a "guiche" seemed so enjoyable for the guys! You can here] ([Link to piercingbible.com a good example (the lower piercing).
But seriously, how does that not get infected? How do you keep it clean? Genital piercing is less likely to be problematic (if the piercee follows instructions for gentleness and safer sex) than piercings of the ear (where telephones and eyeglasses may touch!), or the navel. In part because we won't be able to mindlessly play with genital piercings in public, like you can with other areas! And genital piercings are in areas with good vascularity (blood supply), which helps with healing. The navel takes 6-9 months to heal, and a Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH): Link to piercingbible.com
The care is the same for all body piercings: Link to piercingbible.com takes only 4-6 weeks.
poop By wiping in the right direction (front to back).
How can I book a future appointment with you? :D:D I have a crazy need for some awesome genital piercings. Also, how does a VCH affect sexual stimulation? How is it just... walking around? Does one easily adjust to jewelry sitting on the clitoris? Do most people keep these forever, or take them out after a short time? On most women, with proper placement and jewelry size and style, the VCH will result in more direct clitoral stimulation during sexual activities. It does not usually interfere with daily activities in either a pleasurable way or otherwise. The body adjusts quickly. Many people keep them long-term or for life. I've been wearing genital jewelry since 1981, and don't ever plan to give it up. (9 piercings there, in case you wondered.)
Care to share an interesting story abour piercing people genitalia? Something you never thought would happen. Could you also share something that happens that is really comon but we have no Idea about? Well a lot of people are surprised to learn that most women are not suited to horizontal genital piercings such as the hood or triangle. More women are suited to the vertical clitoral hood piercing (VCH) but some aren't even built for that! Female anatomy is VERY individual and each woman must consult with an expert for the safe possibilities. And I can tell you from the daily messages I receive that many piercers are doing such piercing without training or skill. Be careful!
Clitoral piercing is not my thing, as I don't own one! But I'm sure this information is crucial for ladies that are interested in doing it. Well, if you're interested, there's even MORE genital piercing options available for men, since you have more external genitalia to work with. : ) Link to piercingbible.com
Any insightful info for the guys of reddit? And, if you intimately "run into" a gal with piercings, talk to her about it! Ask what she likes (which is somethingyou should do, even if she doesn't have piercings.) : )
delivers Well thanks so much for your comment. I am super into education and sharing my knowledge and I love it when people who are not personally interested can be open to those of us who are into it.
Hey Elayne! My question to you is this; would you consider yourself to be at the pinnacle of your career? You have a wildly succesful book, serve on the board of directors of the APP, and come up on practically every Google search for piercing - what goals do you have left to achieve in your piercing career? Hmm. Good point. The goal I have is to continue striving to provide my clients with the best piercing service and customer service humanly possible, to continue learning, improving, and enjoying my interactions with my clients. I love what I do, and those accomplishments don't detract from my passion for piercing at all. So I'll keep on doing what I'm doing.
Have you ever said 'no'? To someone's piercing request? (I'm sure you have, so...) What's the most memorable? Gosh, I think I say "no" more than I say "yes" sometimes. Clients very, very frequently request piercings for which they are unsuited in some way, whether anatomically, occupationally, for health reasons, and many others. I think this is an area where many piercers really fall down on the job. I can't tell you how many times I've heard piercers say, "I knew it wouldn't work but the client made me do it."
Unless the customer has a gun, piercers are not required to comply with doing piercings that are bad ideas. And piercees: if your piercer says it isn't likely to work, or won't be successful, then don't pressure them!
I had some parents come in with their 15-year-old daughter and said that they wanted me to pierce her clitoral hood. I flat out declined, and explained that we could all be arrested for serious crimes, and they just couldn't believe I wouldn't take their money (including large "bribe" attempts.). Wow. Not cool.
Wow, seriously?! What did the little girl say? The girl was very meek and quiet. It seemed like she was used to doing whatever her parents told her to do, and I hesitate to even think about that further...
I work in a drop in centre for the homeless in France and I have a client with an infected eyebrow piercing, he is incapable with regards to going to a doctor, it's an inox bar that can't be unscrewed, how can I take it out? We have a nurse, but no tools? Without seeing the jewelry, it is hard to say exactly what you're working with. Normally barbells do unscrew counterclockwise (leftie-loosie). It might just be on very tightly. Or, it could be a press-fit/threadless piece, and you'd need to pull the ends apart (less common).
How do you get started a a piercer? Well, there's certainly a difference from how I got started in the 1980s. But you will need to do some research. Check out the Association of Professional Piercers, get their Procedure Manual, read my book, The Piercing Bible, meet piercers, study anatomy, and more! There's lots to learn. Get acquainted and involved with piercers you respect.
What is the most painful piercing to receive? Most surprising request? The most painful piercing is when your piercer is unskilled or untrained! A skillful piercer should work very quickly and even though I pierce genitals and nipples all day, I seldom have someone tell me it was really painful. Usually they describe a "pinch" or "sting" because I am so quick and smooth!
I can confirm this is not an exaggeration , as you did my VCH here in New Orleans! Believe me, your shop is truly missed. Sounds like your life is going really well! I appreciate your comment. There's no doubt that some people are more sensitive and/or find it harder to deal with pain than others, but clients almost always tell me that the piercing(s) weren't nearly as bad as they were anticipating.
My wife used to have her one nipple pierced. A year or so later, it slowly was rejected and pushed out. She wants to get it done again. What can we do to make sure it stays in this time? Link to www.safepiercing.org
Link to piercingbible.com
Selecting a qualified professional: Link to www.safepiercing.org
There's a lot to know, especially since she had a bad experience and may have some scar tissue.
Do you get to pierce as much as you would like to? Yes! I live in Mexico and travel to the US to pierce. When I'm there, I pierce non-stop for days (all prebooked appointments) and at this point 99% nipples and genitals. I can occasionally be talked into doing a septum or tongue. I have over 90 clients scheduled for my next trip (and a waiting list)!
I got my septum repierced in February. The first time I had it was from 2006-2007. The piercer I went to didn't pierce through the initial piercing site/scar tissue, but instead right behind it. I kept it tucked up and cleaned it daily with warm water in the shower, or with a qtip and warm water with sea salt. It's been 6 months and it still hurts! I can barely push on the tip of my nose, and sometimes if I'm pushing it up for work, and it moves the wrong way, I get an awful searing pain. The first time I had it pierced, I feel like it healed within 2 months and was never sore again. I'm considering taking it out because it's just becoming a nuisance to have. Is it possible it's like this because of the scar tissue, or could it be that it was pierced wrong (maybe through cartilage?)? I can't say for sure without seeing you (or at least some clear, close up photos) but it sounds to me as though you may have been pierced through the cartilage. There's a thin, membranous "sweet spot" that should be pierced, but not every practitioner knows where to find it. Scar tissue could make it more difficult to heal, but if it is in the right location you should not be suffering that way!
How long did it take you to get your tattoo wings created? I thought about the tattoo every day for a year before getting my back tattooed. That was in the mid 1980s and there weren't many heavily tattooed women. Once I made the decision, the tattoo took 18 hours over 4 sessions within a month. It was done by Bob Roberts of Spotlight Tattoo. It is the only human feature to be registered by the US Patent and Trademark office. Link to piercingbible.com
I am a male and I had a labret piercing that I took out several (10+) years ago. Facial hair in that area now grows in somewhat transparent... it almost looks like fishing line. I also occasionally get really bad ingrown hairs around that area; I'm talking big nasty yellow bubbles here. Have you ever had anyone else report similar problems with this piercing? Wow, that's pretty interesting. Unless the piercing had been stretched up to a very large size, this (or any) kind of lingering aftermath is pretty unusual. Have you been in to visit a professional piercer who can take a close look at the area? Are you perhaps old enough that your facial hair is losing pigment with age, starting with a previously "traumatized" area?
Just curious is all! I could send you a picture the next time it happens ;) Another option would be emu oil, if you're not adverse to using an animal product. My husband uses it to prevent irritation after shaving and to keep skin smooth. I find it works great for healing or irritated piercings, for stretching healed piercing, and for just about any kind of dermatological issue except for poison oak or ivy. More info about it is here: Link to piercingbible.com (I don't eat fowl, beef,or pork, but I do use emu oil.)
I want to get a good or clot piercing but I am a swim instructor. I'm in the water monday- Saturday. How long do they take to heal and is it a good idea? Taking a week long vacation in November. Should I wait. I'm assuming you meant Hood or Clit piercing? A VCH takes 4 - 6 weeks to heal: Link to piercingbible.com and the horizontal takes even longer. Unfortunately, you should not swim during the ENTIRE initial healing time! Therefore, piercing of that region may not be for you. Some areas can be sealed off with a waterproof bandage, but hood piercings aren't in that category. To learn more about the female piercing options, visit here: Link to piercingbible.com
Yea, darn auto correct lol. OK well I guess I will just hold off on the, :( Also, very common is the misunderstanding that the clitoris is often pierced. That is a very rare piercing:Link to piercingbible.com
The hood is far, far more commonly pierced (by thousands to one).
I've notied a trend in nipple piercings where a lot of people are getting them done vertically, have you seen the same? Which do you think looks better? Good question! I think people nowadays are taking advantage of more of the options. Sometimes someone will come to me for a horizontal nipple piercing, but I will look at their anatomy, point out the elliptical share of their anatomy, and suggest an angled or vertical placement to work with their individual build. Most clients are appreciative of my input, because when you work with the individual configuration (instead of trying to conform to some kind of standard) you end up with better piercings!
What's the weirdest or most unusual piercing you've ever done? Well, what used to be weird in the 1980s was an eyebrow piercing--nowadays that is completely normal! So "weird" changes over time...
What have been some piercing trends you've seen? Like the 90s, I recall that bellybutton piercings and nose piercings were EVERYWHERE. The first major trend I saw was definitely the navel. Before that, there really weren't any particular trends (piercing was very, very "fringe" and relatively unheard of!) and the bulk of the business at Gauntlet was nipple and genital piercings. Next came the explosive popularity of tongue piercings, and I have been credited--or blamed--for that one. Following that there have been some cycles of popularity in eyebrow, nostril, labret, and other areas, often related to a celebrity getting visibly pierced.
I had my left nipple pierced when I was 18 (on a dare)...I took it out because I couldn't face my dad with it..haha. I want it done again (I'm 28 now)...I can sorta see a scar, but it should be pretty easy to do, right? (male btw) Scar tissue can be problematic, depending on the individual build and how much scarring is present. But if the area is pliable/pinchable and not super hard or tight, then you should be repierceable. But you need to make sure your piercer is skilled. I actually do consults for piercing suitability so if you're interested in getting more in depth into your situation, see here: Link to piercingbible.com
I recently saw a picture on Google of the "Vagina of Guadalupe". Is that you? You got me. Yes, that was me. Pretty, huh? : )
Yes! It's impressive, to say the least! Hmm. I can't decide if I want you to tell us where you saw it or not. Should I???
Well, I don't remember anyway. I don't know what piercing I googled (probably vch or triangle) and it came up in the image search, but I can't find it now! Interesting, since neither the VCH or triangle are among my 9 genital piercings!
Loved your book! I was just curious if you still felt the same way about things such as lowbrets now? Because I have noticed some more (especially large gauge ones) being done. Thanks! I appreciate that. I'm glad to hear that you loved The Piercing Bible. : )
My feeling is that if a person makes an informed decision to get a risky piercing (or other modification), and the practitioner is qualified to deliver it as safely as possible, then it is their own choice.
People are doing lots of things I'd never consider for myself, but I've made my own choices, and I want to be "allowed" to be myself. So I need to give people space to be themselves.
It was important for the industry that my book be accepted and taken seriously by the medical community (and it has, which has been really helpful in many, many ways). So it had to take a cautious tone (and there are real risks).
What projects are on the horizon for you? Got anything new and exciting to share? (Piercing or otherwise) As a matter of fact, I do have something new up my sleeve. I'm not going to say too much about it yet. But as I mentioned, I live in Mexico, and I'm starting an enterprise here that is related to health and wellness products from local plants and botanicals. I'm super into healthful living including eating fresh food (growing more of that at home now too), regular exercise, and no substance abuse or other bad habits.
I have a question on labret piercings. do the inner parts of the piercing harm your gums and teeth? They certainly can. I have 5 tongue piercings I've been wearing for decades and my oral health is great! So oral piercings can be worn safely, too.
Here's a section from my book, The Piercing Bible, to help you out: Oral Piercing Risks You should be aware of the dangers before you decide to get an oral piercing. Once you know what they are, you can take precautions to minimize them, but these piercings are not risk-free. If you have a history of bad teeth or problem gums, a tongue or lip piercing may be inadvisable. Contrary to what many people think, infection is not the most common risk from oral piercings. The human mouth is not prone to infection because the lymphatic system, mucus membranes, and saliva provide formidable defenses. The biggest danger is damage to teeth, gums, and oral structures from jewelry. The delicate enamel on your teeth can get cracked or chipped if you play with your jewelry. Biting or clicking jewelry often or hard—for fun or by accident—will result in wrecking ball fractures (small cracks in the teeth). Continuous pressure from hard metal can diminish the density of the underlying bone over time. Gum recession is caused by jewelry that is too big or improperly placed, or from excessive rubbing of hard metal against the delicate soft tissue of the palate or gums. Enamel, bone, and gum tissue do not regenerate. Damage to these oral structures is serious and irreversible. The likelihood of such complications is dramatically reduced when you adhere to accepted practices, wear properly sized jewelry that does not rub inside your mouth, and avoid playing with it. For more information, see the APP’s brochure “Oral Piercing Risks and Safety Measures.” Link to www.safepiercing.org
I'd love to know what you think about the various aftercare methods for body piercings. I've been piercing for many years now and stick with - if not, very closely- to what the APP says is "right", but then get into some heated conversations with other body piercers about everything being all wrong. Would it be safe to say that aftercare can vary from person to person? Yes! Of course--human bodies vary and there is no one "right" way for everyone to care for piercings, thought the common sense principles of avoiding trauma and germs can't go wrong (as in the APP guidelines shown here: Link to www.safepiercing.org There's no need for argument. Whatever works best is fine (so long as it is safe).
Oh wow! :) I feel all shy now ha! You are amazing! May I ask your weigh-in on the blade vs cannula 'debate'? From my understanding, blades are available in certain areas and cannulas in others. If they're both available where you are, it makes sense to me to use the tool(s) you're trained to work with. They obviously both can make good piercings--or bad, depending on the skill and training (or lack thereof).
Thanks! Ive been piercing (and was trained) in the UK, and use Cannula, and am thinking of heading to the US where blades are used more and Im worried! From inquiries at a few studios there seems to be a strange attitude about the differences! Piercers tend to get pretty comfortable and accustomed to whatever it is they've trained with and been using. Considering change or looking at what's different is hard for a lot of people in general, and may apply to this situation as well.
Is the 'finger-stache' played out? I guess so, but it never got to me.
Is there a way to tell at home if I have the right anatomy for a triangle piercing? Can't make it to your BB&P, do you have any piercers you can endorse for genital piercings around LA? I can help discern if you are anatomically suited to a triangle piercing. I can do an anatomy consult for you. Information is here: Link to piercingbible.com
Or you can see one of the piercers on my referrals list, which you can find here:Link to piercingbible.com
Why the fuck are my nipples still hard as hell even though I took out the piercings 11 years ago? "Certain piercings are subject to swelling after the procedure. Nipples, however, are prone to development (a semipermanent or lasting change in the shape, dimensions, and texture of the localized nipple and areola tissue). This is often mistaken for swelling, though it is actually quite different. Development is most common in male nipples or underdeveloped female nipples, and the change can be relatively dramatic. In essence, the nipple grows in response to the stimulus of the jewelry and the piercing. When the piercing is placed in the natural creases of the body, this development is usually attractive and well formed. If the piercing is not made in the proper spot, however, the tissue can develop a blobby, awkward appearance. These changes may not dissipate even if the jewelry is removed; think about whether this is acceptable before getting a nipple piercing. While common, this is not a universal response to nipple piercing."
Hey Elayne. I was in your "Ins and Outs of female genital piercing" course at this past years APP conference. We talked about the triangle piercing and its effects on a few customers of yours who were unable to achieve an orgasm before the piercing, then being able to afterwards. There was a young lady over at piercing who was asking if there was any medical evidence of this, I told her anatomically it makes sense and posted the excerpt from your book about this. Is there any medical evidence aside from your previous experiences with this and it making anatomical sense? Great question. Regarding the triangle, there is only the anecdotal evidence that has been shared with me by various clients. I think it would be wonderful if more actual research would be done on the subject.
However, there was a scientific study done by researchers with the University of South Alabama about the VCH piercing as it relates to female sexual satisfaction! The results led to the following statement: “In this exploratory study, we identify a positive relationship between vertical clitoral hood piercing and desire, frequency of intercourse and arousal.” These encouraging findings have been published in the prestigious (and conservative) American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Pretty cool!
This blog post from my site quotes more of the article and provides additional information: Link to piercingbible.com
I love your book! Sub-dermal implantation, micro-dermal implantation, tongue splitting, and scarification with scalpel just got deemed a practice of medicine in WI and now can only be preformed by a doctor. What do you think about this? I'm not entirely sure how much education all of the heavy body mod practitioners out there have, or what their qualifications are. But, I can say there are plenty people with insufficient skills to pierce who are doing so anyway. I would have to assume that there are similar situations in the body mod world, but the risks are considerably higher, depending on the procedure. Therefore, I do believe some regulations and requirements for body mod artists are appropriate, but I don't know that these practices should should all be outlawed for those who are not doctors.
Sorry if this has been asked before, but what is the worst case of a piercing gone wrong you have seen to this date? Also, thanks for doing an AMA, you are a big idol of mine! I haven't personally seen it, but I've heard of fatal consequences from body piercings, and obviously that's as bad as it can get. Though I don't think I've heard of anything of this nature happening to a healthy individual (without preexisting medical conditions), with properly done piercings, high quality jewelry, and appropriate aftercare.
One of the worst things I have seen on multiple occasions is women who have gone in to get hood piercings including VCH, HCH, and triangle, and walked out with accidental piercings of the clitoral glans. That totally horrifies me!
#NSFW: This is just one of the blog posts from my site that talks about and shows this: Link to piercingbible.com
I used to have an apadravya piercing... loved it while I had it but had to take it out as we had trouble "fitting it" with my one gf. That being said, I have some scar tissue on the top where the hole was. Is there any way to get that to go away? It doesn't really bother me... just wondering. There are some commercial scar reduction products available such as Mederma, but even when used properly, they are not always effective.
Normally I place the piercing so that it leans (further forward on the bottom and further back on top), and this seems to facilitate insertion better than a bar that is straight up and down. But there are still potentially issues of fit between partners.
How's mexico treating you? I hope you are enjoying the place :) Love, love, love it here! The Yucatan has been my home for over 7 years, and can't really imagine living anywhere else.
I love Buck Angel, that's awesome that you two are married! But I'd really like to ask: whenever I get pierced with surgical steel, it takes forever to heal, if it heals at all. I've found that if I put a different type of metal in the piercing --usually gold or titanium -- the piercing will heal up fine. I went and got a dermal two months ago and expressed some concern that the anchor was surgical steel, but my piercer said it's impossible to be allergic to it and the amount of nickel in it is too insubstantial to make a difference. But lo and behold, it never healed; I had it removed a week or so ago. I know dermals are notoriously finicky and the other places I've had difficulty with surgical steel -- my bellybutton, my nostril, my ear cartilage--- can also be difficult piercings to heal, too. Can someone actually be allergic to surgical steel? Should I just stick with titanium? I would say that you should go with whatever metals your body seems to do well with. And also to read what toblasx has to say, too. : )
My favorite form of body modification is a type of scarification performed by tribes in Papua New Guinea, where the result makes one's skin resemble an alligator's. What are some of your favorite modifications and why? Bonus points if it's obscure 'non-traditional' modification. Well, you can call me "old fashioned" if you like, but I sure do love my piercings and tattoos. I also love my ETCHINGS. That's a particular form of scarification I pioneered. I don't actually perform them, but I came up with the concept and provided the "practice flesh" for a number of trials. There's still some pages up on my old website from my New Orleans studio that closed after Hurricane Katrina: Link to www.ringsofdesire.com You can see images of my etchings and some others on there along with information about how its done. So are there bonus points if its a modification I innovated? : )
So I've began to stretch my tongue. There really isn't any information online and my town shops don't know very much. So my question is there any bad parts about stretching a tongue piercing? One consideration is wearing jewelry that is too large/heavy for your surrounding oral structures. There's likely no issue to make a large hole in the tongue itself, but wearing a huge barbell could cause damage to your teeth, gums, and/or bone density. How big did you plan to go? I have 5 pieces of jewelry in my tongue in my 5 piercings, including an 8 ga, 10 ga, 12ga, and 2 14 gauge barbells. I've worn them for decades and all is well with my oral health! But I don't play with them or clack them on my teeth. Photos here: Link to piercingbible.com
What is your opinion on guys like Steve Haworth? From our pleasant interactions over the years, I like Steve. But I suspect you're really asking my opinion of extreme modifications, and that is summed up in my book on page 244: "If you are considering a modification that is beyond the scope of ordinary body piercing, exercise extreme caution and use common sense. If the technician does not astonish you with her skill and experience and cannot demonstrate successful, fully healed examples of extreme forms, it is safest to walk away."
What is your opinion on straight barbells in VCHs? That's what I was pierced with and it has worked well for me, but I know it's the less usual jewelry choice and you recommend curved barbells in your book. Human anatomy varies considerably so everyone should be evaluated on an individual basis. Both straight and curved bars can work, and J-curves [Link to piercingbible.com too!
For initial healing, I find the curved bar allows for a little extra room without adding to the length. And on many builds, that curve means more of the jewelry is touching more of the clitoris--but everyone is different.
Do you have plans to pierce in either LA or Portland in the near future? I will definitely be piercing again in Los Angeles (assuming that was the LA you're referring to, rather than Louisiana, where I used to have my studio?). I don't have dates set as yet.
If you would like to be notified when I make travel plans, please sign up for my newsletter by typing your email address into the box on the right column on any page of my site: Link to piercingbible.co It is an "opt-in" list, so I can't add you myself.
I had my nipples pierced on two different occasions and both times they started shifting backwards even when I slept on my back and not my stomach. Why was that? I really wanted to have them but each time they never healed and just sank! There are many factors involved in successful piercings. I can't really say exactly what may have happened in your case based on that information alone. If you're interested in having an in-depth consultation with me, I'm available for that, and photos would be required along with having you answer a number of other questions. Information is here: Link to piercingbible.com
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