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I do like following true crime, but I’m into unsolved cases, and for most of the time of this case, it seemed to me so obvious that the parents did something to Jonbenet and then covered it up, that I didn’t consider it unsolved, and so didn’t pay too much attention to it.
Then when I heard about one time Jonbenet photographer Randy Simons being busted for child porn, I started thinking there might be more to the case than I thought. Now I’m an IDI person, but...wow. One of the most amazing things I’ve seen since reading/watching/listening about more on this case is how 100% proof positive many people are they “know” who did it. I mean, I do consider myself an IDI person, but I’m only...MAYBE...70% sure of that. I mean, it’s kind of impressive how many people out there have no training to solve crimes are SURE they’ve figured out one of the hardest cases in American history. Again...kind of impressive. :)
Anyway, here are my accumulated questions, comments, and thoughts I have regarding the case. It’s REALLY long, so I don’t think many people will read it, but I just needed to get it all out of my head.If you respond to this, please post whether you are an IDI, RDI, BDI, PDI, or JDI or undecided person upfront, and what percent sure you are of your theory. Also, I’d love for anyone who reads it to respond to each item, but this is long, so I understand if not.

  1. In July 1996 the Ramseys’ Charlevoix, MI home was part of a “Tour of Homes” in that area. In the Fall of 1996 an unusual suitcase and pair of cowboy boots were found in Jonbenet's bedroom in that house. Also, her bed was found messed up too as if the person had slept there.If an IDI, this could match the M.O. of him possibly taking a tour of the Ramsy’s Boulder house before entering that home.
  2. Does anyone know the size of the cowboy boots found in the MI house? Was it ever compared to the 2 sets of boot prints found in the CO house?
  3. This also seems to match the M.O. of the Amy/Ninja Guy attack, as it’s assumed the attacker in that case may have been in the home while the mother and daughter were out, then waited.
  4. The above leads me to believe if an IDI then it may be someone who breaks into the houses prior to committing the crimes and, like the Golden State Killer, sets things up, or at least plans what he’s going to do later.
  5. I think if there was an intruder, then it’s someone for whom being in the house is part of the excitement of the crime.It would also explain why certain things in the ransom note seem to show knowledge of what they may have found around the house, like a stub or something showing $118,000 as the Christmas bonus.
  6. It’s said by John Ramsey in one interview I saw that Micheal Helgoth was at least partially exonerated by the fact the Hi-Tech boots belonging to him did not match that the size of the Hi-tech bootprint found in the Ramsey’s home the day of the murder. If true, it seems the police do have the size of said print, but I couldn’t find that information on the internet.Again, I do wonder if this was ever compared to the size of the cowboy boots found in Jonbenet’s room in the MI house.
  7. Seems many people think Jonbenet’s was talking about Santa coming to visit her “after Christmas” means Bill McReynolds, but Jonbenet was at many places where she could’ve/did run into other Santa Clauses. Like, The Boulder Philharmonic Christmas Pageant, 12/96, Lights of Christmas Parade on 12/6/199, The All Star Kids Christmas Pageant on 12/17/96, Southwest Plaza Mall on 12/22/20, etc.Do we know if any of these Santa Clauses ever looked into/questioned by police?
  8. Would there have been anyway for the murderer to know the alarm system was off?Again, in the Amy/Ninja guy case, there was an alarm system. It was only for the ground floor. When the Ninja Guy/Attacker fled, he jumped through a window on the top floor master bedroom instead of running to the ground floor to escape. To me this implies he may have known that the alarm system was for the ground floor.Is there a way the intruder in the Amy case, and possibly in the JBR case could have known these things?
I believe the security system was from a place in Boulder called "Safe Systems":
http://www.acandyrose.com/s-evidence-alarm-system.htmAnyone know if the alarm system was the same in the Amy/Ninja Guy attack?
  1. For those who think BDI, AND that the end of the 911 call has Burke saying “What did you find?”, does this mean that the Ramseys found Jonbenet, assumed Burke did it, and staged the kidnapping, murder, and rape before finding out for sure if Burke had injured Jonebenet?
##. Burke once hit Jonbenet with a golf club. If nothing was legally done to take him away then, why would the Ramsey’s assume that he would get taken away for hitting her a second time to the point they would then strangle and sexually assault their daughter’s corpse?
  1. If any of the RDI accidently why do you think they’d fake a murder, kidnapping, and a rape/stragulation? Why not just a stage a murder?
  2. I don’t believe this myself, but has anyone theorized a Boulder police officer, or Boulder police officers, may have done it? I find it interesting any little thing the grieving parents do is on purpose as part of their master plan, yet anything the cops do is because of ineptitude. Think about it:
* Who would have the night off and know the police were undermanned that night? A cop.
* Cop-like flashlight and bootprints?
* The note says they know police procedures.
* Apparently they didn’t use the K9 unit they had. This could have helped either find the body and/or the way a kidnapper escaped before they knew it was a murder.
* A cop may have known the Ramsey’s didn’t have the alarm system on as they may have been called out when the kids set it off previously
.* If someone saw a cop enter the house, he/she could’ve said they saw someone enter, and ewas why they were in the home.
* Usually criminals who stage crimes get someone else to find the body/see the staging. The cops missed checking the wine cellar, and sent John to look for clues.
* The note threatened the Ramseys wouldn’t get their daughters body back for burial if they didn’t listen. The police tried to hold back the body to the Ramseys.
* People think the Ramseys had friends come over to mess up any DNA, but the cops did far more than that to mess up the DNA, including apparently letting the victims’ advocates clean.
* This could explain why they are always so insistent the parents did it. (It isn’t but it could, and a lot of the theories I read on this case are completely hypothetical.)
  1. By the Hi-Tech boots, and possible use of a stun gun, it seems like (if not Boulder PD) the suspect would have either a military/police background or an interest in either or both.
  2. Why would the Ramseys invite people over specifically to mess up the DNA profile? They live there. Any Ramsey DNA can be explained with, “We live here”.
  3. If the RDI, why did John admit he broke the glass in the basement? If it seems like if he invited people over to mess up the DNA, and purposely took the body upstairs to mess up the DNA, wouldn't he want to leave this as a suspected way for the “fake” intruder to enter the house?
  4. I don't think people talk about the fact John made 2 calls to his pilot, not 1. The first was to say Jonbenet was missing, so the flight was off. I often hear people talk as if it was one phone call to leave, and often this false “only one call was made, to leave” is claimed to have been made prior to the body being found, as if he knew the body would be found and wanted out.
  5. If the RDI, why would they let Burke be taken to the Whites w/o him? It seems like they would want to make sure he didn’t say anything to blow their cover.
  6. The note says that they will call the Ramseys, but doesn’t list a phone number.18. People say that the Ramseys didn’t mention the fact the kidnapper didn’t call when he was scheduled, but does this mean the police never said anything either? In fact, I believe the other officers left Linda Arndt there alone before the call was scheduled to arrive. That seems just as odd as the Ramseys not mentioning it.
  7. If the note was faked by the Ramseys, why fold it? It had a crease in it. Their story was it was found laid out on the steps, so why fold it? This seems like the act of someone who wrote the note and then folded it to put in their pocket for a later time.
  8. If the RDI, why drop clues in the note like the $118,000, especially after they never turned on one another at any other time?
  9. I think if an unfamiliar IDI, the $118,000 was partially put there because the intruder wanted to show off they’d been snooping in the house previously.
  10. Obviously the ransom note is a fake, but I think it seems like more of a fake to keep the Ramseys from calling the cops. Especially if they knew they could easily get $118,000. Asking for millions, they may have said “We can’t get that in time. Call the cops.”
  11. If one of the Ramseys wrote the ransom note, why ask for a small amount when they knew they were not going to have to get it?
  12. Why would the Ramsey’s write a note that gave them until 10AM before calling the police, then call 911 at 5:52 AM?
  13. Pasty’s handwriting couldn’t be ruled out as the writer of the note, but it was on the lowest scale of not being ruled out.
  14. Access Graphics Human Director of Human Resources Gary Merrimen’s handwriting sample was a higher match for the random note than Patsy. T or F? He was also former law enforcement.
  15. I believe Ex-Access Graphics employee Jeff Merrick sued the company for about $118,000.
  16. From the ransom note, the writer seems to be someone who is highly literate.
  17. The ransom note seems to be written by someone who is not only a fan of movies, but a fan of cop/kidnapping movies.
  18. The writer seems to relate to the kidnappers in these movies, possibly at the same time.
  19. The ransom note seems to mention at least 4 movies: Dirty Harry, which has a kidnapping and an anti-hero cop, Speed and Ransom, in which the bad guys are cops, and Nick of Time, in which 2 people impersonating cops abduct the lead character’s child.
The intruder could relate to cops, but specifically to those who have a “villain”/bad streak, or people pretending to be cops.
  1. The movie Ransom came out in November, 1996. While I obviously can’t say for sure, it doesn’t seem like the type of movie parents with 2 young children would be able to go see, especially since one of the parents was a busy business man at the time. Again, can’t say for sure, but seems unlikely.
  2. Although not like any other kidnapping note, the ransom note does remind me of 2 notes from other crimes: the Leopold and Loeb note, and the Pizza-Bomb-Bank-Robbery note. Both were written by someone who considered themselves smarter than everyone else, and perpetrated the crime specifically to show they could pull off the “perfect crime”.
  3. The writer of the note seems theatrical.
  4. The kind of tape used in the crime was apparently the type often used in theater. Could the intruder have been a theater student, or work in a nearby theater? Or a theater in Hickory, NC where the tape was manufactured?
  5. The tape was from Hickory, NC, and made there in November 1996. Is that enough time to get to Boulder for sale? It’s literally weeks before the crime. There are questions as to that:
  1. The tape used on Jonbenet was manufactured in November, 1996. This is the same month the movie Ransom came out.
  2. Bob McReyolds was a literary professor.
  3. Janet McReynolds reviewed movies.
  4. Does anyone know if any suspects were ever described by Bob McReynolds’ daughter and/or her friend after they were kidnapped and the daughter’s friend molested?
  5. I don’t believe this theory either, but… I’ve heard police discovered McReynolds went to adult books stores for a fetish not considered tied to the case. I’ve heard his son was also considered a possible suspect. What if McReynolds’ fetish was voyeurism, and it took the form of having his children watching him? If so was that why his daughter was abducted with her friend, and could his son have assisted with JBR? What if Burke is partially scarred because he was forced to watch what happened to his sister? Pure, seculation, but what isn’t on this case?
  6. Where did the practice/first draft ransom note go?
  7. I don’t think SBTC means anything except to the person who wrote it. I remember reading about one serial killer, called himself “The Cat” or something. No reason. Even after they caught him.
  8. I’ve heard some people say the word “listen” is odd in a note since you don’t listen to a note. It’s not. People often write like they spoke. I wrote”heard” above for things I read, and I doubt any of you blinked an eye.Have none of you ever said “I was talking to” someone after you texted or e-mailed with them?This is just reaching.
  9. The note mentions John’s “southern charm”. He’s not southern.
  10. I think the idea that Jonbenet’s name wasn’t in the note might be because the writer wasn’t sure how to spell it is an interesting one. I don’t think I believe it, but it’s interesting.
  11. I keep reading the pineapple was the same "down to the rind". Does that mean she eat the pineapple chunk/s INCLUDING the rinds? That seems as odd as putting it in milk.
  12. Is there any way to know if the tea next to the pineapple was hot tea originally?
  13. The bowl the pineapple was in had Patsy and Burke’s fingerprints on it. The tea glass had Burke’s. The spoon had no fingerprints on it. Seems odd.
  14. Apparently the spoon was a large silver spoon that was used with the nicer silverware. It was apparently kept in a drawer in the bar area away from the everyday plates and utensils. This area apparently was visible from one of the main windows in the house.
  15. The flashlight was also from that drawer in that bar area.
  16. Again, the glass with the tea apparently only had Burke’s fingerprints on it. If hot water was poured in the glass, it seems odd a parent would serve it to a child like that as glass is a great conductor of heat, and the glass had no handle. Also, no parents' fingerprints were on the glass. But Patsy’s prints were on the bowl, so did she serve Burke the pineapple, but allow him to get the tea himself? And the spoon?
  17. The above makes me think if an IDI that he may have made this odd combo of food. He could’ve been wearing gloves and grabbed the bowl, cup, and spoon from around the house, leaving whoever’s fingerprints were on them prior to his touching them. The other idea would be Patsy gave Burke pineapple, let him make himself tea, and Patsy or Burke got a large, fancy spoon from another part of the house, with the flashlight, and neither left any prints on the spoon (or flashlight). Either way, the lack of fingerprints on the spoon from another room seems odd.
  18. I have a “lite theory” based on the fact that the crime took place on Christmas, and the note mentions them getting Jonbenet back by New Years. I think the intruder may have been house sitting, or a college student left largely alone by not going home for Christmas. This would mean if he had decided to take her, he’d be able to hide her until around New Years.
  19. I think if an IDI he may have thought of taking her as a sex slave, but that the money and phone call, etc were all just a ruse to prevent the cops from being called for as long as possible.
  20. There was a shoe imprint from a Hi-Tec brand work boot found in the mold growing on the floor of the room Jonbenet’s body was found in. All the investigators who’d been in the room had been tested with no match to the Ramsey’s or the police investigators. T or F?
  21. Additional partial shoe impressions were found near Jonbenet’s body in the same room, and also on the toilet tank in the basement’s bathroom. T or F?
  22. Were the prints on the toilet tank checked to see if the stains were from the mold in the room where Jonbenet’s body was found?
  23. An unidentified pubic hair was found on the white blanket that covered Jonbenet’s body. T or F?
  24. John Ramsey and the police noted a scuff mark on the wall under the open window in the train room where the suitcase was found. T or F?
  25. Jonbenet’s body was wiped off. The autopsy found some of the liquid on the body. T or F?
  26. A rope was found inside a brown paper sack underneath a bed in the guest bedroom next to Jonbenet’s bedroom that John Andrew used when home from college. The rope and bag did not belong to the Ramseys. T or F?
  27. Small pieces of material from the brown paper sack were found in Jonebenet’s bed and in the coroner’s body bag used to transport Jonbenet. T or F?
  28. Unidentified brown fibers were found on Jonbenet’s body, the paintbrush, the duct tape, and the rope of the garrote. T or F? (Apparently Lou Smit believed these may have been from work gloves)
  29. The suitcase found under the window in the train room had a pillow sham, duvet and a Dr. Suess book in them. T or F?
  30. Fibers from the sham and duvet found in the suitcase were found on Jonbenet’s shirt also. T or F?
  31. Fibers from the basement carpet, but no fingerprints, were found on a baseball bat found just outside the Ramsey home. The Rameys claim it was not theirs. Burke has siad it was his. T or F?
  32. Forensic examiners found Jonbenet’s blood on her Barbie Doll nightgown found next to her body. T or F?
  33. Fibers from the rope used to strangle Jonbenet were found on her bed. T or F?
  34. Dark animal hairs were discovered on Jonbenets’s hands. The hairs matched nothing in the house. T or F?
  35. The FBI discovered black beaver hair stuck to the duct tape. No other beaver hairs were found in the home. T or F?
  36. Does anyone know the story on the size 12 Wednesday underwear Jonbenet was wearing? I’ve read several conflicting things. Is the story Jonbenet put it on herself when she got dressed that day?
  37. People say the Ramseys didn’t give interveiws/speak to the police until months after the murder, howver the truth is:
- Boulder police officers interviewed them throughout Dec. 26, 1996, the day JonBenet's body was found.
- Police questioned them both Dec. 27 and John again Dec. 28. Officers were with the Ramseys24 hours a day from 6 a.m. Dec. 26 through 2 p.m. Dec. 29, when the Ramseys left for the funeral in Atlanta.
- Police questioned Burke Ramsey on Dec. 26. The conversation was tape-recorded without either parent present and without parental consent. A police psychologist interviewed Burke on Jan. 6. Burke was interviewed again, over three days, in May 1998.
- Handwriting samples were given by John (Dec. 26, 28, Jan. 5, 1997); Patsy (Dec. 28, Jan. 4, 1997, Feb. 28, April 12, May 20), and Burke (Dec. 28).
T or F?
  1. People seem to think it’s odd Burke may have waited in his room while something was obviously going on in his house. Who wouldn’t come out of their room to see what was happening? I can see it both ways. As a kid, I probably would’ve been right out of the door interested to know what’s going on, but my sibling probably would’ve waited in their room.In the Elizabeth Smart case, Elizabeth was kidnapped right in front of her sister, but she waited 2 hours before telling her parents out of fear.
75 If you are someone who thinks every kid would have left the room, are you also one of the people who wouldn’t have called the police because the ransom note said not to?
  1. Burke wasn’t in the house for that long after the police showed up. The 911 call is around 5:52 AM, and Burke is dressed and taken out of the house around 7:00 AM. People often talk like he was in his room for hours. A kid not coming out of his room due to fear or confusion for 1 hour and 8 mins isn’t that hard to believe.
  2. They say in most crimes where the criminal staged a crime scene, the criminal who staged it lets someone else find it, hence the purpose of staging it. Why would John have staged the crime, then found it with no one seeing it?
  3. I’ve heard it said John did things like tear the tape off to ruin the DNA, but then why put the tape on in the first place? The plan was to place the tape on as part of the staging, then rip it off with no one seeing it to explain why his DNA was on it? Why not just not put any tape on?
  4. Why would John or Patsy Ramsey tie and bind Jonbenet only to loosen the ties with no one seeing them?
  5. Seems like his story of “distraught father isn’t thinking of DNA evidence and his trying to see if his daughter is breathing” seems a lot more plausible than the above.
  6. The suitcase found in the basement was John Andrew’s. It was usually kept under the stairs (although I’ve also heard it had been kept in his room he had in the house). It had a blanket/comforter in it with semen on it (apparently John Andrew’s) and Dr. Suess book. It was usually kept in John Andrew’s bedroom they had for him in the house. T or F?
  7. Does anyone know what Dr. Suess book was found in the suitcase?##. The Ramseys’ neighbor Joe Barnhill said he saw John Andrew approach the Ramseys’ house on the night of the murder. He later recanted. Did he recant that it was John Andrew, or that he saw anyone at all? I’ve read he later admitted he didn’t 100% know what John Andrew looked like. T or F? I’ve also read the man he saw was blonde. T or F on the blonde part? (The attacker in the Amy/Ninja Guy attack was blonde.)
  8. If the Ramseys did it, where do you think the following items went:
* First draft of the ransom note.
* The cord.
* The tape.
* The rest of the paintbrush.
* The fluid used to clean Jonbenet’s body.
* The cloth used to clean Jonbenet’s body.
None of which were apparently found in the home.
  1. If you think they threw it out, why not get of things like the flashlight, pineapple, etc? And before you get hung up on those items specifically, I just mean why get rid of some items of evidence and not others, especially since the ones found would have been yours anyway?
  2. It seems funny to me that RDI people dismiss John Douglas and Lou Smit by saying they “were fooled by the Ramseys” with both of their vast amounts of experience. I’ve heard many point out Patsy had theater classes in high school and/or college. John Douglas basically created FBI profiling. In my mind, that trumps school drama classes.Meanwhile, the Boulder PD botched the crime scene. If anything it seems to me it’s more likely they’re embarrassed by how badly they botched the crime.
  3. Many RDI people seem to think the garrote was placed around Jonbenet’s neck, or slightly tightened. It was not. It was tightened to the point her neck was indented, kind of like a sausage link. I don’t blame these people. The photos are upsetting, but to me this looks like it was done by a sexual deviant. I doubt even a parent trying to protect their other child (who didn’t get in trouble for accidentally hitting his sister with a golf club previously) would do this to their daughter especially since there wasn’t a need to fake that kind of assault in the first place.
  4. I read a comment once where someone said they had to strangle Jonbenet because while fighting her Burke pulled her shirt leaving a mark on her neck. Yes. Because no criminal would ever pull a child’s shirt during a struggle.
  5. I believe she was also molested with the paint brush afterwards. T or F?
  6. If an IDI, I think the reason he wrote the ransom note inside the house instead of before was because if he was caught breaking into the house with the note that’d be worse than just getting caught for a B&E.
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Edit : I apologize for my careless error in the title (His in place of Her). Of course Jonbenét was a little girl.
Source: https://yapaka.be/files/page/ article_labus_sexuel_intrafamilial_yapaka.pdf
• Introduction : Intrafamily sexual abuse is defined as any act with a sexual connotation with or without contact committed between members of the same family. It is most often the result of a parent (1ª, 2nd or even 3rd degree in direct line as in collateral line) on a non-consenting minor child whose psychoaffective and sexual development has not reached the required maturity. Despite the evolution of thoughts and practices intended to lift the veil of silence, as well as great legislative advances, intra-family sexual abuse would still be covered by the law of silence, secrecy, taboo and the unspoken. It is also clear that this subject challenges the fundamental image of parenting and the family. The consequences of incest would be all more serious if the child victim saw trust broken in a close relative yet loved, so that he would confuse love and hate, love and sexuality. *** Incest is a serious phenomenon that affects all social categories in a given society. *** Despite the shock it spreads, two major trends in societal reactions remain: trivialization or dramatization. The subject is limited to incest / intra-family sexual abuse given the fact that despite popular belief, it is a scourge which would involve in almost 90% of cases a close relative of the victim (and not a stranger to the family), and which would undoubtedly make public opinion and the authorities much more aware, in that it would be even more taboo than rape. This work is partly based on surveys of various professional stakeholders (including special educators). But each situation of intra-family sexual abuse should be considered and 'treated' as a unique case. Each victim would not react in the same way, so that the consequences of sexual assault would be multiple and variable from one person to another.
Incest is, according to some authors, a "psychic assassination" all the more if it is suffered very early and at a time when the child's personality is under construction (Frédérique Gruyer et al., 1991). Incest would be so traumatic that the victim would, in most cases, have to go into denial to survive. It is a defense mechanism that would be put in place relatively quickly and that would often cause the facts to be completely forgotten. However, the child could very well have the resources and resilience that would allow them to get out of it (Yves-Hiram Haesevoetz, 2003). Some children would thus heal alone in their silence thanks to this resilience. They would often go unnoticed and fight outside any medico-social and / or institutional system, while others would be traumatized throughout their lives (Jean-Yves Hayez, 2003). However, one should not think that the child victim of sexual abuse is essentially traumatized. Some of them do not experience it as a trauma. Some authors consider, however, that the earlier the abuse takes place, the more the risk that the trauma is irreversible in terms of the child's identity. Others consider that the gravity of the facts is at the origin of the gravity of the prejudices. Each case would be unique and the harm would vary from child to child, whether the facts were mild or extremely serious. Any resilient individual would thus have overcome his ordeal by having recourse to defense mechanisms that have enabled him to "hold on" (intellectualization, sublimation, altruism, humor or idealization.) However, resilience would not have been achieved without suffering and would not make the person invulnerable. Resilience would be built as we evolve and would put an end to the cleavage of personality. It would seem important to be able to adhere to the concept of resilience as developed by the author, so that our outlook as a professional can change as regards the defense mechanisms developed by victims of sexual abuse. Still often many individuals, professional or not, consider the victims of incest particularly vulnerable and likely to become abusive adults, without having prospects of getting out of their suffering. On the other hand, still a majority of individuals think, on the contrary, that the trauma experienced during early childhood would have no resonance on adult life, and that therefore it would be useless to talk about it. • Consequently, the silence and “collective denial” that victims of abuse would face would be sources of a second victimization. These reflections are the fruit of words often heard in an environment both private and professional, also reported by victims of incest in the context of television reports in particular. However, we could sometimes have to modify some of our conceptions or 'beliefs'. This requires questioning, which is not easy for everyone to do.
• Section 1 : Evolution of representations and social reactions to this problem. A large part of public opinion reduces sexual abuse to rape. This amounts to disregarding non-contact sexual acts (exhibitions, voyeurism, pornography.), Touching / masturbations, pathological (too frequent vulval toilets, repeated cleaning, enemas) and this until an advanced age of children), which would be just as traumatic. It is also customary to think that the child is pure, innocent, naive and vulnerable, therefore to overprotect at all costs (Hubert Van Gisjeghem, 1999). This is tantamount to forgetting the small percentage of false allegations of sexual abuse, which would often take place in the context of a conflict / marital separation. Many people still believe that sexual abuse only concerns the most disadvantaged social classes and even the countries of the “fourth world” (Jorge Barudy, 1997).
Besides, there is a very developed infantile sexuality in certain children, without it could seem contradictory to think that a child who speaks about sexuality has been abused, whereas we live in a society where sexuality is sometimes displayed everywhere and in any way. The abuser would be wrongly considered a monster, a psychopath, a mentally ill, an alcoholic, a stranger to the family, acting on a simple uncontrolled impulse. However, between 85% and 90% of sexual abuse situations involve a close family member. In addition, a large part of the abusers would be perfectly aware of their actions, of fine manipulators, without real mental psychopathology (source A.I.V.I.; Jorge Barudy, 1997; Daniel S. Halperin et al., 1997). Stereotypes are legion. Thus we would still too often tend to think that the abusing parents would necessarily have been mistreated and that the abused children would become abusive parents. However, according to studies by AIVI, if between 30 and 50% of the aggressors were themselves victims of sexual abuse in their childhood, a majority of them would not have been. Finally, many parents (in the event of sexual abuse by a grandparent, an uncle) would deny responsibility for what happens to their child, due to the fact that they confuse guilt and responsibility. This subject, still largely covered by taboo, silence, denial, would seem to upset us as well as disturb us, for fear of offending moral values. Let us not forget that precisely the silence would have led to the many brutal brutalities exposed in the institutions, because we thought, wrongly, that these things were « unimaginable », all the more in sectors considered as protectors of the childhood (Serge Lesourd et al., 2005). It would seem easier to talk about what the majority opinion wants / is ready to hear. Besides, it is a known fact that the press could tend to keep silent about information which is shocking or does not interest public opinion. This is what is known as the "spiral of silence". And yet, contradictorily as it might seem, for more than a decade we have been hearing and reading, perhaps wrongly and sometimes through, multiple cases of sexual abuse that would seem to move us deeply. What would revolt us would be the image or the representation we have of incest (Françoise Héritier et al., 2000). Consequently, the law of silence would govern both victims of sexual abuse and professional interveners, even if for the past twenty years victims have lifted secrets and taboos because of their courage to denounce the facts (Paul Bigourdan, 1989 ).
• Section 2 The ** 'typical profile' ** of the abusing parent: The abuser would often be manipulative and would hold the whole family under his or her control, while showing the image of an "impeccable" person on the outside. A family where barriers do not exist in promiscuity, where feelings are confused, interspersed with tenderness and hatred (Jean-Yves Hayez, 1994, p. 51). The abuser would have experienced serious emotional breakdowns and ruptures, possibly mistreatment, including sexual abuse. In any case, he would not have been able to know the limits and the prohibitions between the generations. His acting out would be based on his deep motivation to repair his old wounds, to restore his own identity with regard to his victim (s). He would impose secrecy by acting either by coercion and violence, or by seduction and blackmail. Even if the incest is more the work of skilled workers aged between 30 and 40, it would affect all socio-professional categories while being almost invisible in wealthy families (Albert Crivillé et al., 1994). The 'typical profile' of the abuser would be that of a person who would deny or trivialize the facts, feel no remorse or guilt. He would not be aware of the extent of the harm done to his victim, and would justify his act in the name of love. Even if the aggressor feels he is breaking a prohibition. Ultimately, he would consider his actions as "normal" (Jorge Barudy, 1994 and 1997). The author would have repressed his feelings of hatred and anger too long that he would destroy others without any empathy. In no case he would question or urge not to be aware of what he is transgressing, his family functioning, by reproducing that which he himself would have known as a child (Alice Miller, 1991). Very few would admit the facts. However, some attackers would be really sorry to have committed the same things despite their inner promise not to subject their child to what they themselves would have suffered (Yves Stevens, Catherine Denis, 2009).
According to a report on incest broadcast on May 4, 2010 on the Arte television channel, there are three categories of abusers:
• *** Immature neurotics (+/- 80% of the perpetrators), *** relatively crude but aware of the prohibitions and laws, without feeling like they are doing something wrong with their child. Faced with the silence both of the child, who would not oppose and speak of what he suffered, as of the wife, who would be little present emotionally and sexually, these people would feel free to continue their actions with impunity. They would have emotional deficiencies, problems with identification and limits, and would live in disadvantaged environments.
• *** The perverse intellectuals (between 10 and 15% of the authors), *** who would take advantage of the moments of absence (of the wife) and the wishes of the child faced with the discoveries of the body and sexual drives, to take action. They would manipulate their child, all the more if the child manifests a normal curiosity for sexuality as part of their development. They would be unsuspected and deny everything while not having the feeling of doing something wrong. They would deny everything “en bloc” during trials.
• *** Sadistic predators (+/- 5% of the authors), *** considered as "monsters", often without any judicial precedent and well integrated both in the family environment and in society. They would live in cleavage, passing from one character to another, with ease. They would enjoy making others suffer and would be real bullies in the family. They would be considered "with above average intelligence". ~
• Personal analysis.
John and Patsy Ramsey have always denied the sexual abuse, to use their words "it was inconclusive". Patsy will even say "there was no penetration". But when they talk about the killer profile, John uses the term "pedophile".
In my opinion, John is a very good liar and he proved, from the start, his manipulative skills. During various TV interviews, he leads and control the discussion, chooses his words after a period of reflection (however, they are often the same word for word statements) and he has some natural authority. He is very convincing and we are really tempted to believe him innocent. Patsy seemed obsessed with the image of a perfect and a loving family. Everything in Miss West Virginia breathes perfection.
The evidence, use of Patsy's personal objects, Patsy's jacket fibers and obviously the ransom note, suggests a primordial role in the staging of a sensational and shocking kidnapping perpetrated by “a small foreign faction ", “which hates their country” and is ready to" behead JB” if they violate the instructions and therefore warn the police. All this perfectly matches with Patsy's excessive personality & the vision of a 40-years-old housewife in the 90’s who imagine a kidnapping based on cultural stereotypes inspired by movie scenes. This delirious staging betrays the desperate state of mind of a completely panicked person unable to think rationally. The truth had to be hidden at all costs.
Linda Ardnt : “ When I spoke briefly with J. Ramsey on the morning of Dec 26, he was able to carry on a conversation and articulate his words. John Ramsey had smiled, joked and seemed to focus during the conversation”. When his daughter is missing, abducted in the middle of the night and while the threats evoke a decapitation ? And when his wife is upset, consumed by anxiety and gives the impression that her daughter will never come back? These are two completely opposite behaviors, the whole situation is really weird.
Officer French report: “Burke Ramsey was taken to the White’s residence as soon as he was dressed. I did not speak to him other than to walk him to Mr White's vehicle ", *** « and Mr Ramsey AGAIN told me that he had slept through the night » *** This event takes place about 1 hour after calling the police: John intervened twice to block the police from Burke. Why ?John Ramsey already had an idea of ​​what was really going on ? He suddenly guessed it between the call to the police and the departure of his son? Moreover, why John lies in his statements from Dec 26 (for ex, John had read to the children then JB was "asleep" 4 months later) if he was not aware of anything ? By analyzing his personality, I do not think that he would have been a passive actor by letting his wife engage on this delirious ground - staging - only to protect their son (or Patsy). Except, of course, if Patsy acted behind his back and slept all night to wake up the next day without suspecting anything OR if it is for a personal interest, protect himself ? Let's say he knows, why not follow the detailed instructions in the note and call Police while a body is still hidden in the house? He could have stopped his wife long before. There is a very big risk of raising suspicion about yourself. Being able to keep calm and appear natural under these extreme conditions and this pressure requires solid resistance and self-control.
1) If I summarize the events of Dec 25/26 : The Ramsey left the White family and returned home. Everyone went to bed (At that time John stated that he had read to the children, so JB was awake). The next day, Jonbenét has been kidnapped during the night and a ransom lies on the stairs. They acted like a "normal" family in this nightmarish situation, desperately asking help from the police - without telling them about the threats however : Patsy, distraught, calls immediately 911 as soon as they found the ransom note despite the death threats. When the time allowed for the call was exceeded, did one of the two express remorse at the fact that they may have condemned their daughter ? John, “cordial and smiling” seems to keep his cool. They heard nothing unusual during the night. John cooperates with the investigators providing Patsy’s and his own notepad. He provides names of people who may be suspicious, looks for his daughter in the house and makes a detour to his brother's bedroom - but without asking him questions. He removes his son in order "to protect him from a possible danger still present in the house”. Patsy dreading the worst, cries for her baby and prays for his return. (I believe in her pain of course). She warns several close friends of the family, seeking desperate support in this chaos and during the confrontation with the BPD. Finally, they raise the amount requested while awaiting with apprehension the call of the alleged kidnappers (always by answering investigators questions). A very lucky and disturbed intruder entered in this huge house during their sleep or before their return the day before ; -Taking the time to write a 3 page ramson note ultimately useless, -Taking the risk to leave evidence scattered around the house, -Using household items in his crime, -Taking the time to clean and dress the victim and ended up killing JB "because something went wrong" or "because someone really hated John". Finally, John accidentally "fell"on his hidden daughter's body. We know the rest.
Hypothesis and assumptions.
2) Patsy's plan (if John didn't know nothing when he woke up/- It also works if John knows, this plan remains very risky for both) : Suppose John decides to follow the instructions. If we consider that the initial plan was: John goes to the bank while Patsy can dispose of the body and throw it away - very dangerous but a logical plan in the continuity of a real kidnapping that would have gone wrong - and if the goal was to save time, the risk was really too great to go through with her plan : • testimonies from neighbors, • transporting the body in one of their cars (leave evidence for example or someone who recognizes the car), • possible unknown witnesses crossed anywhere, anytime • deposit the corpse in broad daylight, • Burke's presence in the house ; would she have kept him locked in his bedroom all along? While everyone was busy with their own job ? If burke was curious, he would probably have been "bulky" and embarrassing. Moreover, he could have involuntarily betrayed her. • the possibility of her husband's return home before her, • John’s children should also have been warned that they would not be able to end up in Michigan and explained to them why by finding a very convincing excuse.
[ First of all, how to explain the blow to the head and the sexual abuse? how to explain that Patsy (and John) did not warn the rescue at that time?] Once JB was strangled and then "settled" like a kidnapped victim, it was impossible to go back. We can then ask ourselves, how to explain the strangulation which occurred afterwards and the deliberate attempt to hide the sexual assault under a fallacious staging? Very difficult without appearing guilty, necessarily. Finally, John ruins Patsy’s efforts to dismiss him and the police. He tells her that she can call them.
Now suppose that John already knew about it the night before (and that Patsy or Burke is responsible for the blow to the head and the sexual abuse). Did John, a rational man, try to reason her without succeeding? Was Patsy able to manipulate John so easily that he didn't hesitate for a second to risk diving with her? Did John have to give in? I can hardly believe that she could have convinced him to strangle their daughter and then launch on a conspiracy that targets John in order to bury the truth. Even to protect Burke. The sexual abuse and the blow to the head were already very incriminating. Strangling JB meant a point of no return and could only worsen the situation. Wasn't he shocked or scandalized by what had just happened? or even hearing his wife come up with such a twisted plan? John’s calm and balanced demeanor on the morning of Dec 26 "proves that he has his head on his shoulders." The extravagant idea of ​​this ransom note and an abduction staging in an equally strange context is completely crazy.
Finally, let's assume that John is involved and that he is responsible for the sexual abuse and the blow to the head. Source : Expert reports, Doctor Reynaldo Perronne. http://psydoc-fr.broca.inserm.fconf&rm/conf/confagrsex/RapportsExperts/Perrone.html
I quote : • « In apparently well-structured families with a" normal "profile, it is the revelations of incest or sexual abuse that reveal the pre-existing dysfunction. The peculiarity of these families is, in fact, the discrepancy between the image given to those around them and what is happening inside. We must point out the restrictive characteristic of the image of well-being that the family offers outside: children are supposed to maintain it and bring their active participation to the mystification put up by parents or adults. »
• « Solidarity, family cohesion are put forward as priority objectives. For some mothers it is true that it is unimaginable, for others it is self-defeating blindness »
• « The predominance of the father is accompanied in this model by an effacement of the mother, who cannot then be of any help to her daughter. After the disclosure, some mothers keep their loyalty to their husbands. In most of the testimonies collected, we can also see how ghostly these mothers are: they do not see, do not hear, deny the obvious, as if they were facts taking place in a different would. If the mother is not dominated, she is at least withdrawn, at a distance, so that the fact that her daughter takes her place with the father becomes possible, thus occupying several functions at the same time: that of the daughter, the mother, the mistress… the father then becoming the husband, the lover, the child. Father and daughter share all the roles. »
• « Paradoxically, indifferentiation, present in family roles and functions, can leave intact an apparent parental and conjugal couple: this is sometimes, moreover, the only" survivor "of the disclosure of incest or sexual abuse. In all families with incestuous transactions, the prohibition of incest has shifted to that of speaking: it is forbidden to speak about it »
• « Little is said about the conjugal bond in families with incestuous transactions. But if the father and the daughter share all the places, if the daughter is put in the place of the mother, if she is the partner of the father, the conjugal bond can only be divested. A strong marital bond naturally forms a barrier to incest and the consistency would be that such a bond is incompatible with an incestuous interaction. It is therefore possible to assume that the incestuous problem is correlative to a problem of the couple. In some cases, the couple is characterized by low sexual activity corresponding to an implicit consensus of the two partners, a tacit arrangement in which each finds their own interest. In other cases, the husband has an explicit sexual activity that goes beyond the couple's territory. Privacy and limits are lost, and incest is a continuation of this conquering sexual activity without "separate object". Factors of fear or material dependence may be good reasons for the wife to accept the situation, but sometimes the father finds with his daughter what his wife refuses. The strength of this bond appears paradoxically at the time of the unveiling: it is not uncommon, indeed, that marital relations continue afterwards. Incest is then written, in a way, in the marital contract. In some cases, the conjugal couple is built on a configuration where the wife protects the husband as a tolerant and caring mother would. The father can then persist in his transgressions. His wife defines them as "forgivable" or understandable deviations »
• « The mother is attached to the idea of ​​a normal family, to family cohesion against everything. The material dependence of some women on their partner can be a hindrance to the emergence of any questioning of father / daughter relationships, which can endanger the apparent stability of the family. The law of secrecy serves to protect this family image from the outside and implies that the mother is deaf and blind to what is happening inside. Socially, many of these women are exhausted mothers, very busy with outside work. For her, there is an automatic selection of family perceptions and events accompanied by a reductionist thought . A disturbing detail, a father who locks himself up with his daughter in the bathroom for example, can be denied, forgotten, eliminated as information in order to obey the priority objective which is to maintain the status quo. So we can understand why some girls say that when they talked about what was going on, their mother did not listen to them. The mother's speech is then an omni-justifying speech. It is a speech of defense and survival, intended to ward off all attacks: "I was too busy ..., my husband had no sexual demands ..., the children had everything they needed ..., my husband spoiled them a lot… »
• « In summary, we can say that mothers, who are part of family systems where incestuous interactions occur, are typically "absent", reductionist in their perception, self-supporting and formally prioritize family cohesion »
Is it so "laughable" and "unthinkable" to imagine Patsy covering her husband? Did John Ramsey, a clever, thoughtful, calculating and rational man, capable of great control and placidity have the ability to manipulate Patsy? Fear of seeing the truth revealed about her family may have finally convinced her. Patsy may have felt mortified at the thought of the consequences if this secret was no longer one. But Patsy's plan then always seemed extremely dangerous, I wonder if finally John would not be the reason for this sudden change of plan?
From John’s and Patsy’s point of view, at that time if you had everything to lose IN ALL CASES, which solution would you choose between : 1) Call immediately 911, react like victims, cooperate, try to control a crime scene and the course of events in a place that you know very well - even with a body still in the house, (which will probably be found sooner or later- by himself !) and to simulate an abduction ? or 2) Act like murderers in plain sight (under the conditions describe above) follow the supposed initial plan (referring to the ransom note), go outside to look for a safe and deserted place, remain discreet under heavy stress - when you know you are doing something wrong, the fear you feel can increase tenfold if you imagine that someone can see you - to get rid of your little girl's body, risk being recognize by someone and confirm undeniably your guilt. If someone saw you and clearly identified you, what would happen?
The trap would close over you, your true nature would be revealed to the whole world. Your family would be shattered and your precious reputation would be definitively compromised. You would suffer shame, anger, hatred, dread and judgment from close relatives and strangers - maybe from an entire country and more. You would go to jail for a very long time and you would see your name and your family tainted over entire generations. You would lose ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.
Patsy's brain is the driving force behind this dramatic staging ; John's calculated actions: STAND between the police and Burke, go down to the basement alone, act as naturally as possible, TRY to CONTROL the crime scene by finding JB's lying body and carrying it upstairs, INFLUENCE thoughts people, MANIPULATE the story, give the impression of trying, as he can, to catch up with his wife's messy plan. Doesn't it seem like both parents have played a role in the end? We can notice the change in John's behavior between the morning of the 26th and from the moment he discovered the body of his daughter. The cordial and cooperative John disappeared and gave way to a fleeing man, seeking to escape justice, barely 40 minutes later, while trying to take a flight to Atlanta. Since then, John has continued to take everything in hand, putting up an aggressive resistance between his family and the police.
By distorting the truth, spreading blatant lies, manipulating and deceiving public opinion, refusing to speak to investigators for 4 months, pretending to be victims, denouncing the constant/aggressive harassment of the police to make them guilty and their inability to carry out this investigation ; By obviously relying on their flawless image, impeccable reputation and social position, social and professional connections, the unfailing support of some of their friends and family, their faith, their money and their teams of lawyers, the Ramsey tried by all means to bury the truth about JB's death. Do they still look so innocent in people's eyes? Do people still have any doubts about their honesty and their implication in JB’s death ?
• Discussion questions. I have my opinion on these questions but I would really like to know your thoughts.
1) Do you think that John's personality could correspond to a "typical profile" of an abuser?
2) In my opinion, the purpose of the ransom note was to deceive the investigators about the true reason for JB’s death, and therefore to hide the sexual abuse which had just occurred. And if, based on what the evidence suggests, Patsy did the staging and actually cleaned the vaginal area, so she knew about it. If John is responsible for the previous sexual abuse and assault on the night of Dec 25, do you think he could have manipulated his wife the same way ? Could he have lied about what really happened or swore that it was the first time or that he did not understand why he had gone astray? Could he pretend to be a victim ? Could he have blamed JB or Patsy?
3) Could he have told his wife that Burke was responsible and keep that lie untouched until Patsy's death?
4) I did not consider this case but suppose he did nothing and discovered the truth much later in the morning. Once again why lie so early in his statements ? Didn't he recognize his wife's handwriting before allowing her to call the police ? I can hardly imagine it anyway, it seems unlikely to me. If it was Burke, would Patsy have tried everything to protect her son without telling John? The risk was completely oblivious. How to be sure he was actually going to follow the ransom note (with codes hidden in the letter ?!) And, indeed, he did not. How to be sure he would blindly follow her in this madness if he understood what really happened ? Unless Patsy is counting on a miracle from God ?! After all, he had already saved her from cancer.
• I have a little trouble with the BDI theory. I am not against the idea that he could have killed his sister and that his mother could have covered him and worked out a staging without saying anything to John. It was still a very big risk (for her first, and for JB, if John actually REALLY BELIEVED in her kidnapping) since the latter did not respect the instructions despite the insistent warnings. But I do not subscribe to some BDI theories: in particular about the doubtful experiences on his unconscious sister’s body, or that he did the staging alone. John's behavior bothers me deeply.
Thank you and sorry for the novel.
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2018.05.31 02:11 hmr796796 Wednesday dash - the full monty!

This is going to be a tough day. I tore a muscle on Memorial Day, and right now it’s total agony. Worse than yesterday. Pills are not doing much, if anything, to counter it. So there’s real pain, plus no doubt ‘DoorDash pain’ to deal with as well. I mean the latters a given right? As sure as Trump has already tweeted several times. (Yep, he has!). I really don’t want to do this. I have to do this, or my targets will be worse for the rest of the week.
So, I’m looking for $500 this week. I’m on $113 so far, so I’m going to need about $80 today to stay on track. $100 would be nice. I was scheduled to start at 7AM as usual, but I always push that back on the day. Nothing much happens anyway until after 8AM, although there’s often someone needing a bottle of vodka at this early hour! I reject booze orders anyway, so irrelevant. Why? possible customer issues (drunk), the fiddly verification procedure to name two. I mean I don’t care whether they want booze, or when they want it, but they are often furtive or even guilty about it.
The last one I did the guy hurries out of the garage carrying a cat carrier that he’s gonna stash his bottle in. He thrusts his driver’s license through my window before I even have time to get out of the car, urging me to hurry. For fucks sake. I guess his wife inside might not be amused...it is only 9AM after all. And off he scuttled! lol. Good luck dude. Your marriage is doomed I suspect.
So today I’ll start shortly at about 8:30. First need to prep. All my DD t shirts are in the wash, so will be dressed in regular civvies today.
Weather good, high of 78* expected, not 100* like yesterday. Now for fuel: gonna head to McDonalds for a large $1 coffee - my fuel (use the app so that every 6th coffee is free), then the bank for cash, and sink that into Lady Victoria (my Crown Vic) for gas. I use cash as ARCO charge a ‘convenience’ fee of 35 cents, which I find inconvenient. It also adds up to $100 a year thrown away. I’d prefer to keep that $100. Gas is $3.39, been steady at that for a week now, hopefully will be no worse. Gas is still $3.39, that’s good, well sort of. I’ve been expecting $3.50 or worse at some point soon, and that would be a problem for me in my car.
Check McDonalds drive through... 100% empty (this is a welcome first). Push the boat out. Get a sausage egg mcmuffin as well, and head home to have breakfast, and I’ll start the dash from there.
Ok 9AM logging on:
9:04 ping: go to Denny’s. Let the mayhem commence! I have to be careful, they missed an entire meal last weekend causing me bucket loads of outraged customer dissatisfaction! I actually fixed that on my own dime, and lost time and money on that, but it seemed the right thing to do, on that occasion. I have previously reported on the specific circumstances a few days ago.
Ok here, food not quite ready. Quite a big order including prime rib, salads and breakfast items. Interesting mix! Do some research. This is going 3 miles, 10 mins drive. A side note says get extra sides of red salsa...clearly left from a previous order. I disregard.
Ready, Got food within a minute of arrival. Checks out. On the way. Looks like I’ll be a couple of minutes early, certainly ontime
I am ontime. Nice house. Hot woman. Over guarantee. $6 run became $10. Nice start to the day! But will it continue? One never knows, but there will be surprises and issues. That’s another guarantee.
No follow on ping. I am back home and pleased to see the kids are up and doing their chores. Wednesday is normally slow, I think today will be no exception...
10AM still at home, stuck on the one run. It’s slow
10:05 ping: go to Jack in the Box $9 Tacos and a cheeseburger. I know this guy and where his office is, have been a couple of times before. He’s tight lipped and uncommunicative, never tips. It’s fine. I’ll order inside, staff always give me a free soda here, and plenty of flirty chit chat. Great - they are training a new guy who is clearly utterly useless! He won’t last long I suspect
Ok this is going 3.8 miles 13 mins. Due by 10:38 should be ontime. Departing 10 mins early. Done 8 mins ahead of time. Ginger beard misery guts was waiting outside as usual! For some reason his name Noah really suits him!
Almost home but ping: go to La Favorita Taqueria. Pick up in 5 mins. It’s ok they’ll be on time, they always are. Customer is Zunen! Oh crap, I know her, delivered several times. She’s a recluse and very strange. She once ordered 2 boiled eggs from Mimi’s...just the eggs. Cost about $12 before DD mark up, fees, tips etc. Fucking unreal. Today it’s a breakfast burrito. Its ready, as expected and I am in route. This will be 5 mins early, if she opens the door! Depends what mood she’s in...
She won’t answer the door bell or my knocks. Fuck. I knew it. Text her...’please leave it at the door’ she says. Fine, why not say so in the first place. Ugh, I’m still on time. $7 and change. That run to her place used to net around $9. Thanks DD
No follow on pings. I’m back home. Kids have done the laundry. Good I have a nice clean DD T shirt to wear
So 3 runs and $25 on the meter. It’s 11:20. I’ll work on a long term project on the computer, and watch some news. What’s the latest in Trumpland? But do I want to know? Todays episode of the white house, season 2 I guess.
11:35 ping: go to BJs. I take the long way, because it’s twice as fast! No traffic signals. Arrive at 11:42 for an 11:45 pick up. It won’t be ready. It’s not, not even any staff to speak to so far. It’s already now 11:45. Ah here she is...’almost ready’....well that can mean anything, we’ll see. It’s three lunches going to the VW dealership. Not too far. Holy cow, it’s ready, only a few minutes past due! Not bad, but still going to be few minutes late delayed. Actually just 3 mins past due. That counts as on time! Cool
Chipotle is surging. I’m not going to hang out there. Decide go home again. It’s 12:10 and my wife is now up. Wow! You see - there’s always surprises in any given day!
12:30 waiting for orders...come on
1PM still idle. Reboot app in case its hung up. Seems ok though. I’ll go sit on the toilet...bound to be a ping! Nope. I’ll have a cigarette, that often creates a ping...nope not today. Wtf
13:15 ping! Applebees. It’s bound to be going to the hood, it always is. $9 I feel obligated to do it having been idle for an hour. It’s going to the hood! Based on distance and location I would normally decline this. Screw it let’s do it
Ok I’m at Applebees. Food of course not ready. It never is. They say just one minute...ok cool this show might be on the road on time. 1 minute early in fact, a rare good job by them. Let’s go, ETA 13:40, will be ontime or early
So in the hood now. Depressing as usual, thrift stores, laundromats, pay day lenders, potholes and beggars at intersections. Hey they probably earn more than me! Done 10 mins early, so let’s get the FUCK out of here before rush hour starts
Half way home and ping: go to El Pollo Loco. It’s 4 miles away and I’ve never picked up from one before. I can’t examine the order in detail as I’m still on the freeway, so I’ll just accept it, blind. It’s worth $9
I get here at 2PM for a 2:06 pick up. Already the customer is texting before I get out of the gd car. Make sure there’s rice in his burrito. Sure I’ll open it up and have a rummage inside. Well no, but I do check with the girl, who confirms it. To my surprise its order placed / no need to pay, and its ready. Three soft drinks included but the customer has not specified what drinks they want. This is turning into one those circle jerk kind of deals. I text him back and establish what he wants, and get under way. Delivered on time
Swipe delivered and instant ping to go to Taco Bell. $6 plus change, 1 mile to restaurant, 1 to destination. Ok, fine
This Taco Bell has a few odd employees and yep I get the shy soft spoken girl with died green hair, tats, nose ring, the works - you got the picture. But I’m not here to critique her sense of style...as long as she doesn’t fuck up my order, she’s my friend. Pick up 13 items, wtf. Oh, 10 items are sauce packets!! He’s even said how many of each type except the total does not come to 10. Hell, I’ll give him enough sauce to last a week.
Off we go, arriving 10 minutes early. The door is answered by a middle aged Asian, who blankly gives me that who the fuck are you look. Clearly he had not placed this order! This happens but the address is correct, and I figure its likely for some teenager skulking in their room. He quickly asks if its paid for...heaven forbid he might be asked to pay the bill! I felt like saying all but my gratuity, but of course kept my counsel. So he accepted delivery of two burritos and a half gallon of sauce!
After a slide delivered, the app feels like its going to crash, it takes a while to respond. I am about to reboot the glichy pos, but it does resume. Certainly it’s not updated my totals properly. I was at $30 when I left the house and have just completed 3 orders, and it says I am at $40. Wrong. But that shit happens, it’ll correct itself later
I think I’ll head towards home. I badly need a pain killer and a coke. Even worse I have run out of cigarettes, so multiple crises building up.
Also need to see if the kids are doing what they are supposed to be doing: preparing for this week’s garage sale.
But cigarettes first, I go to my usual place. They get their deliveries Wednesday and every other week or so a carton of my preferred brand has a 50 cent off promo per pack. I’m in luck and they have 8 packs left. I buy all those.
Get to the house, but not in it. Ping: go to Jack in the Box. The kids and drugs will have to wait. At least I got my nicotine fix, so all is not lost.
Cool $8 order going a few blocks. It’s an apartment compex. Crap. But guess what, the dude’s bothered to put some useful notes in
Enter through gate, he provides code. Turn left my building is opposite the pool. Ok on the surface that sounds reasonable and easy enough, right? Well I know this complex as it’s at the end of my road. The first thing he’s failed to mention is you enter off a different road than the road that bears the complex address. If you didn’t know this GPS will take you to the wrong place. Secondly, there’s several buildings next to the pool. Why not give the building number too. I suppose I should be grateful just to have a gd apartment number! Pass the pool, wow some hot chicks sunbathing and frolicking, but hang on I’m not here to be a voyeur, let’s find this fucking apartment. Apt 907, I correctly assume it’s building 9. Up steep stairs of course, they nearly always are.
3:20 home again, this time I get my pill, and the kids are actually doing what they are meant to be doing. Ok, good deal, and another surprise!
3:50 ping: Jack in the Box again, for the third time today, same store. $8 ride going 4 miles. I know this customer, you remember a name like LaToya! DD says pick up by 4:12 and drop by 4:17. Not possible, even if I had a Ferrari. It’s 4 miles across town in full rush hour traffic. Well my favorite manageress hustles and I am out of there well ahead of time. I gun the Crown Vic through the traffic and deliver ontime. Nice.
Crown Vics are more agile than you might imagine...ever been in a New York City cab? Or maybe chased by police?!
Another ping: go to Sushimono, deliver to the hood for $7 and change. Er no way, decline. Freeway will be jammed, traffic bad. I could spend 40 minutes on this. It’s a complete loser.
Jack in the Box has developed its own hotspot now, but I think I’ll just hang out by Cheesesteak. They’re normally good for an order at this time of day. No point in going home again, I’m at $71, just need a couple more runs to hit $80, and I’ll call it a day
It’s about 4:50 Ping: go to Flakos Tacos. Good their round the corner. But hold up, the Accept button has not appeared. Crap. The best remedy is to reboot the app - quick. Doesn’t help. I do it numerous times to no avail. Obviously that order will be someone elses by now. No text is received to say I missed a delivery, and I have not been paused, or at least appear not to have been. I reboot again, activate pause, and then resume to be sure. All seems ok, but no orders are coming through. Nothing and it’s 5PM. Peak time! I’ll give it a little while and finish typing up these notes for you guys to read later.
5:10 I’m getting hot, and pissed. Somethings wrong, I must be a ghost on the system, even though I am not shown as paused.
Ok, let’s do this. I am going to end the dash completely, and then try ‘dash now’. It’s available for as long as I want (so yes they are busy enough) I select 6:30...I just want two orders. Log back in
PING Immediate fucking Ping: go to KFC. Its 30 seconds away the other side of this lot. Yes yes yes and its paying $10 for a 1.5 mile ride. I can do this and go home with $80 on the books. Score
I order $60 worth of chicken (!). They are always super quick, and I am soon on my way to deliver. Its going to be way ahead of schedule. If they are not home, I can feed all the kids on our block!! They are home, and delivery is completed. There’s one more surprise...I swipe delivered and there’s an over estimate bonus of another $3 on top.
I sense its going to be busy tonight, I have a nose for it. My app is back fully functional...I could easily motor on up through $100 in an hour or so.
But...I’m in pain, I’m mentally geared up for going home, and a large vodka and tonic has inestimable appeal at this point. Know ones limits, its time to hand it over to the evening crew. I’m outta here. That’s all folks!
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2018.04.20 01:50 tensing99 Voyeur bank toilet

The first time I turned invisible, I was six years old. I'd spent the last fifteen minutes in the restroom because I'd almost made it to the toilet. Almost. Instead, I leaked all over my pants. And the parents had noticed I'd gone missing.
Someone pounded on the door. "Thomas, you in there? Are you okay?" The knob rattled. I climbed into the bathtub and drew the curtain over myself. The knocking continued, and, to my horror, the doorknob turned. It must have been the old lock.
I drew myself into the corner and made myself as small as I could. Footsteps approached. I shut my eyes. "Thomas?" The curtain flew open. "Thomas, where are you?"
I didn't open my eyes until the footsteps left. For the rest of the party, no one else came looking for me. The next week at school, nobody even remembered I was there.
I can control it a lot better now, slip in and out of reality by just thinking about it. But it's not perfect. Leaving and entering, as I like to call it, creates ripples. It's almost as if, when my body fades away, I, too, fade away from people's memories.
Sometimes, it's useful. I can erase my mistakes. Say I completely lost it and beat someone senseless. If I go into hiding for a few hours, he won't remember my face. A few days? He thought he tripped and fell. A week or more? He won't even remember it. But I remember.
I remember my voyeurism in my adolescent years, sneaking into the girl's locker room, spying (and stealing) whatever I wanted. I probably owe the theater thousands of dollars from the snacks I've swiped and the shows I've sat in on. I definitely owe the bank more.
The more shocking or terrible an event is, the longer it takes to fade away. Did I bump into someone on the stairs? About ten seconds and we're good. Did I shove someone down the stairs? About a day and we're good. I haven't had anything that needed more than a week, until now.
You see, I haven't ever killed anyone. It was a line that I wouldn't cross. Because I thought I was better than that, because of my upbringing, or maybe society's brainwashing. I swore I would never become a murderer. And I probably wouldn't have, if Mike Ting never came along.
I had a dog named Buck. He was a big floppy Mastiff who loved everyone, no matter who they were. He was pretty well behaved, except when he saw food on the ground, and then he became an unstoppable force. One day, when we'd gone out for a walk, he nibbled some morsel he'd found in a bush, and yelped. He died later that day from ingesting chorizo spiked with rat poison.
Of course, I found the guy who did it. I just had to camp out in the trail, invisible, for days, with a large bag of trail mix, two gallons of water, and a baseball bat. It's not as if anyone would have realized I was gone. One busy afternoon, among the crowd, I noticed an asshole in khakis, boat shoes, and a blue polo walking down the trail, scattering "treats" left and right.
"Hey buddy, whatcha doing there?" I asked, appearing behind a portly man and walking over.
"Dogs been shitting all over these trails. Teaching them a lesson," He chuckled without even turning to see me.
"Well that's a damn shame." The crack of the baseball bat against his skull scattered the birds in the trees. People ran away screaming. The guy fell. Crack. Crack. Snap. I went at his arms, his legs, his groin, and his face. Oh boy did, I get at his face. By the time I was done, he looked like roadkill. People had their phones out, taking pictures and calling the cops. And I faded out and walked away.
I waited two weeks to be sure, discarded the bat, and decided to go to a diner for some lunch. When I sat down to order, a man jumped up and pointed. "It's the murderer!" I faded back out.
I waited two more weeks, tried staying at a hotel, and was almost immediately recognized again. Of course, I faded away and slipped back home.
This time, I waited one week. Fuck it. If five weeks wasn't enough, at least my parents wouldn't reject me. I could hide with them. At this point, I just wanted to sleep in my own bed. Eat my own food. But when I came in through the front door, my father fell out of his chair. He brandished a large kitchen knife and held it between us.
"Dad, it's me. I didn't kill anyone." I lied.
He shook his head, glaring at me. "I don't have any children."
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