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My boyfriend and I first got together in mid-2016. We were both 28. I was a late bloomer, due to growing up with parents that overly sheltered me. He was my first date, my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first roommate, & the first (and only) person I ever slept with. I trusted him explicitly.
He told me one day, very candidly, that in every past relationship he had a desire to cheat (although he never did). He said I was the first person he never felt the desire to cheat on. I had told him before that I never wanted to be cheated on, and would rather he just break up with me.
Around late 2017 I started to feel weird about things. I just started to get weird vibes that something was off. We stopped having sex as much (his choice, he would just always turn me down despite saying he was still attracted to me). I believed him when he said it wasn't me, that he was going through a very difficult, stressful time and just wasn't interested in sex at all and that he needed space and time to try to regain a healthy sex drive.
At some point in early 2018 we opened up the relationship...not because it was something I wanted, but he said he thought it would maybe help him if he saw other people casually. I was ok with this, at that time. It was our agreement that he would communicate with me about anyone that he was talking to and what happened with them. Trust and honesty was very important to me.
He went on a trip out of state, and he asked me if he could get a massage. I said sure, enjoy. I stupidly thought it was a normal, regular massage. He told me after that it was an erotic-type massage. I was shocked...and honestly felt like he had cheated on me. He wasn't honest. But I let it go, because of the open relationship.
In March 2018, at my request and insistence we closed the relationship back up, because I could no longer handle him having sex with other people and not having sex with me at all. He seemed to really understand me, and agreed.
In May 2019, I stumbled upon videos of him, located on a memory card in -my- camera, having sex with a woman I had never heard about in a hotel. The videos had a timestamp on them of December 2018. Way after we closed our relationship back up. I felt like someone had kicked me in the gut.
At this point we lived together (and had lived together for several years), and for the first time ever I went through his stuff.
I found his external hard drive, which was full of porn - which didn't bother me. The external hard drive also had more pictures and videos with earlier timestamps (one in November 2016, one in June 2018) of him having sex with women I didn't recognize or know about. There were other screenshots he saved & it was very evident that he found the Nov 2016 woman on backpage and the June 2018 woman on tinder. All of these women made it very obvious that they knew they were being filmed.
If that wasn't bad enough...he had been watching the videos of himself cheating on me, to jerk off to. He had even watched them the very day I found them.
I confronted him, and at first he denied it.
I told him about the videos I had found on the memory card in my camera. After that, he admitted it right away. I asked him about the other pictures/videos I found on his hard drive. He denied those. He said those women were from before our relationship and before I ever knew him. He said the timestamps were weird because he had found those files on an old hard drive and transferred them. I chose to believe him, even though I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that it wasn't true. I told him if it ever came out that he was not telling me the whole truth now about his cheating, then I would be done. He insisted he was telling me everything. I asked him to let me see his phone, and he refused.
I was going to break up with him. In fact, I did break up with him. But I went back on it.
About a year ago, due to personal reasons, our relationship became VERY long distance. We are still together. We text everyday, and talk on the phone often although it isn't for very long, and I always wish we could talk longer.
A few days ago I had an idea to check those pictures/videos with a timestamp of Nov 2016 & June 2018 in a program that lets you see what device took the picture. The answer? The phone he has now. With the back camera. That confirmed it for me. He was lying. He had been lying all along.
He finally admitted it.
He has cheated on me at least 4 times, that I know of for sure. I feel there's probably been more.
He said he would've never told me unless I found out, because he didn't want to hurt me.
It is pretty obvious to me that he doesn't admit to anything unless there is direct evidence I have found that he cannot deny. He keeps saying that is everything, but I don't believe him. I can't. The trust is completely eroded. His voice when he lies is the same as his voice when he is honest. I feel like in some many ways...I don't even know who he is anymore. Maybe I never did.
I don't know what to do.
I still love him, very much. I still feel happy when I talk to him. He is my best friend. I feel like he is my person. But I can't trust him. He doesn't seem willing to put in the work to regain any trust either. I just feel so sick thinking about all of this. I also am not getting any younger...I want to get married someday...but I can't imagine committing to a life together with someone I can't trust.
Do you think this relationship is worth trying to save? Or should I try to move on?

tl;dr: Boyfriend of 4.5 years cheated on me at least 4 times that I know of for sure. He started cheating 6 months into our relationship.

thank you for reading.
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The Characters:
A High-Elf Wizard named Futt Buckerson
A Barbarian by the name of Bobo Wilcox
A Halfling named Hyphen Potamus VII

A wide shot of the city slowly panning with nice scenic music.
CUT TO: POV Cam as we track at a nice brisk pace through some crowds in the City, and come upon a Tavern. The tracking shot is travelling at chest-level to the average person in town, so we are looking up at a lower angle rather than looking down at anyone.
The sign out front reads "DRIFTWOOD TAVERN" as we track up to the door, open it, and go inside.
POV continues as we go through the Tavern and the long tracking shot finally comes to rest in front of a table in the corner with three characters sitting and drinking. They are not talking with each other, instead it appears that they had been waiting to meet this person that now stands in front of them. One of them is dressed in a stereotypical cartoon wizard outfit, complete with pointy hat, which partially covers the wizard's pointy ears. The human closest to the wizard is dressed in furs and has a large battle axe with him. Sitting furthest away from the other two is a much smaller guy wearing a cloak with a hood partially covering his face, he is equipped with a bow and arrows. The three men look to the Camera:
CUT TO the table's POV: A DWARF is standing before them.
I trust you three are here about the job I listed on the notice board?
Yeah, you just need us to bring a wagonload of provisions to some shitty little village.
I need you to haul the equipment over to the settlement of Phandalin. It's a rough and tumble---
The Halfling at the table interrupts the Dwarf.
We already read your notice, Gunchkin. We know where to take the damn wagon.
It's Gundren. I will be hiring you all together. Do you three know each other?
(Motions to the wizard and the barbarian)
I think those two are friends. I am no one's friend! I am just here for the job.
Well I'd like to know who I'm hiring. What are your names?
My name is Hyphen Potamus Seven.
Do we have to remember your name?
Yes! Hyphen... Potamus... Seven! It's not that hard!
The Barbarian at the table speaks.
Bobo Wilcox.
HYPHEN POTAMUS VII starts laughing hysterically.
I don't know. Your name just sounds so funny to me.
I'm Futt Buckerson.
Butt Fuckerson?
No. That's not my name. That was my father.
Pleasure to meet you all. The best way to Phandalin is to go down the High Road then get onto the Triboar Trail...
(Standing up as the other two men join him to leave the Tavern)
We got this, Gundry.
As the group of adventurers walk past GUNDREN to leave, we can hear BOBO muttering something to FUTT.
Wait, why would your last names be different?
Abruptly CUT to BLACK with "A DAY AND A HALF LATER" written across the screen.
FUTT, BOBO, and HYPHEN are travelling up the trail with the wagon. As they come around a bend, they spot something blocking the road up ahead. As they get nearer to the blockage, we can slowly make out what it is. Two dead horses are sprawled out in the middle of the road.
Hey Bobo, I think what we should do...
Is we should arrange the horses so it looks like one is fucking the other on the side of the road, to give the travelers a little bit of a laugh as they're going by. To kind of make their day brighter.
HYPHEN POTAMUS VII overhears the conversation and jumps in.
Okay, I know I haven't said a word to you guys this entire trip, but I just have to say...
BOBO and FUTT turn to HYPHEN to hear what he's about to say.
That's hilarious. You guys seem pretty chill.
FUTT: So are we friends now?
Yeah! That was a really good idea!
HYPHEN enthusiastically helps BOBO and FUTT as they try and move the dead horses off the road, but his Halfling strength is not much help in the effort. One of BOBO's hands sinks into a decaying wound in the side of one horse, maggots spill out all over his forearm. FUTT has got one horse's butt propped up enough for BOBO to drop the other dead horse on top. HYPHEN grabs the penis of the top horse, and manages to shove it into the butthole of the bottom horse.
BOBO backs away after dropping the one dead horse, and then notices that HYPHEN is continuously pulling the dead horse-cock in and out of the other dead horse's ass.
I don't want to be classist here... but, come on... aren't we better than this?
FUTT and HYPHEN are totally into the dead horse fucking. HYPHEN is in the middle of jamming the horse cock back into the butthole when he and FUTT turn to BOBO.
What do you mean?
While FUTT and HYPHEN continue messing with the dead horses, a pair of Goblins can be seen sneaking out of the woods and creeping up toward the party of travelers.
It looks like the Goblins are preparing to attack, but then they get close enough to see what FUTT and HYPHEN are doing with the horses. The Goblins burst out laughing, giving away their position. A Goblin Archer comes out from behind a tree with his bow down, also laughing.
HYPHEN draws a dagger and prepares to attack.
FUTT sees this and quickly says to HYPHEN.
Wait. Before we kill them... if they think we're so funny, maybe they can take us back to their goblin village, and like, maybe we can do a residency.
Time out! I thought we were on a mission to deliver this equipment to Phandalin. I didn't know we were trying to be edgy sketch comedians.
I'm with Bobo on this one. I don't want to do sketch comedy for goblins. I'd rather...
While the Goblins are still laughing, HYPHEN quickly grabs one Goblin by the throat with one hand, while stabbing his dagger into the other Goblin's neck with his other hand. Then he rips out the Goblin's throat with his bare hand.
BOBO the barbarian steps in with his huge battle axe and chops the throatless Goblin in half through his torso.
Cleave me alone, bitch!
Green blood is gushing everywhere. Out of the chopped Goblin's two halves, and spurting out of the other Goblin's neck from where he was stabbed. The Goblin Archer is horrified and backing away from the gruesome scene. FUTT sneaks up behind him and gets him in a sleeper hold.
I'm so sorry my friends didn't want to perform for you.
(Continuing to choke out the Goblin)
I think this was all unnecessary.
The Goblin loses consciousness in FUTT's arms. FUTT gently lays the Goblin on the ground. Searching the Goblin he just put to sleep, FUTT finds a map and shows BOBO and HYPHEN. The map shows a small trail going off to the side of the main trail.
Ooh, a map to their hideout! I think we should go there!
I think we could just keep doing what we were doing...
I think these goblins were trying to jump us. We have the map to their hideout. Let's go check out their hideout. If they're doing bad stuff like this... we should stop them.
Or Futt, if you want to just take the cart to its lawful destination, Bobo and I will go fuck these goblins up.
Okay, but take these black mirrors. I need a way to contact you.
FUTT gives them cell phones and continues down Triboar Trail with the wagon of supplies. BOBO and HYPHEN take the map and head out in search of the trail to the Goblin Hideout.
FUTT delivers the supply wagon to ELMAR BARTHEN.
Are you Elmer?
ELMAR has a worker of his go check the inside of the wagon. The worker comes out and gives a nod of approval to ELMAR, who then hands FUTT six pouches of gold pieces.
Here's what was agreed upon.
Is there a tavern in this town?
FUTT enters the Tavern and walks up to the bar. The only other patrons at the Tavern are all wearing dirty red cloaks and are eyeballing FUTT. The BartendeOwner is a grumpy looking female Dwarf. Her name is GRISTA. FUTT just lingers at the bar without saying anything.
Well, what are you having?
FUTT: You guys ever do comedy shows here?
No. We don't do that shit here. We don't really believe in comedy. And even if we did, you don't look like you'd be a good match for our clientele's idea of humor.
A big grayish-green hand slaps down onto the wizard's shoulder, and spins him around. FUTT is now face to face with a big bald HALF-ORC.
Oh, you're a comedian huh? Tell me a joke!
Well, uh... this is just something I was working on earlier today... I found a dead horse, I found two dead horses... and I made them look like they were butt fucking each other.
The HALF-ORC bursts out laughing.
That's the funniest shit I ever heard! Can I see it?
Yeah. Do you know of another tavern that'll do shows? We could form a comedy duo.
Yeah, sure. We can check the next town over. There might be a tavern in Riverbend.
FUTT takes out his black mirror (cell phone) and speaks into it.
Hey guys, I met this cool dude... (turns to the HALF-ORC) What's your name?
(Back into the black mirror)
I met this cool dude named Gregg. We're gonna go to a different town. We think there might be a tavern there that'll let us do shows. If you want to, like, ever come to Riverbend...
BOBO and HYPHEN POTAMUS VII are on a tiny thickly wooded trail looking at the black mirror HYPHEN is holding. FUTT's voice continues through the black mirror (smart phone).
Ummm... anyway.
HYPHEN looks at BOBO with a "meh" expression and puts away the black mirror dismissively.
They walk a little further down the heavily wooded trail and immediately come to a thicket.
Behind the thicket, the Goblin Hideout is vaguely visible through all the growth.
BOBO and HYPHEN get into the brush and head towards the Goblin Hideout.
The black mirror in HYPHEN's pocket makes a little noise.
HYPHEN takes out the black mirror and looks at it.
There are words written on the screen:
HYPHEN texts back while looking irritated:
HYPHEN puts the phone back into his pocket.
BOBO's black mirror immediately starts ringing. BOBO touches the screen to answer.
FUTT's voice comes out through the device:
Okay, I texted you guys to see if I should come back and Hyphen Potamus Seven just wrote 'Sure, if you want.' Is he mad?
I really think he's indifferent.
So it's cool if I keep trying to do this comedy thing, or should I---
Yeah, it's fine. We don't care.
Alright. I'll call you tomorrow.
BOBO: Sure. Or don't.
BOBO hangs up on FUTT and continues walking through the thicket.
What was his deal? What did he want?
BOBO: He wanted to know if you were upset.
Is he like really sensitive? It's like, dude, I just met that guy like this morning. Why is he all butt-hurt about maybe I'm--- like why would I be upset? I said "yeah, if you want" like---
BOBO's black mirror starts ringing again.
Is that him again?
BOBO takes out the device and presses the screen and FUTT's voice comes out of it again.
Hey Bobo, if... if you would, don't tell Hyphen what we talked about.
I'm sorry, Futt, but I already did.
There's an awkward silence for a couple seconds, then:
There's a click as FUTT hangs up.
What was that? What was that?
BOBO: He was telling me not to tell you what we talked about.
HYPHEN: What? Why!
BOBO: Because he's sensitive!
HYPHEN: He's the weirdest wizard I have ever met in my life!
Yeah, did you see how he didn't use magic, and he put that one guy in an arm bar?
And he was like, apologizing as he was putting him in an arm bar.
BOBO and HYPHEN walk out into the other side of the thicket and several Goblins are already approaching from a nearby cave. The Barbarian and the Halfling walk by the Goblin cave totally oblivious while having their loud conversation. A couple of the Goblins are creeping up pretty close to them, and BOBO finally takes notice.
Let me axe you this!
BOBO swings his great-axe at the Goblin that was trying to sneak up on him. The blade sinks so deep into the Goblin's upper arm, it cuts entirely through and lodges into the Goblin's ribcage. The arm below the axe-blade falls loose, and the Goblin falls back on the ground, gushing blood from his arm stump and side wound. BOBO grabs another Goblin by the face, and squeezes his thumbs into the Goblin's eye-sockets. The Goblin screams in pain as his eyeballs are punctured, falling backward. BOBO kneels down on the Goblin's chest, and continues squeezing with all his might, mutilating the Goblin's face as much as possible.
Aren't you gonna say a cool catchphrase as you do that?
CUT to BOBO's face looking determined as he's crushing the Goblin's face with his bare hands.
I have a crush on you!
There's a sickening crunch! and a spatter of blood hits BOBO's face.
The two other Goblins that were trying to sneak up on them run from the fight.
BOBO stands up off the dead mash-faced Goblin.
Bobo! Should we arrange these goblins in a funny sex-thing? So we can get our wizard friend to come visit us, and he'll be impressed.
HYPHEN goes to one of the corpses and looks down at it.
Hmm, we could probably put these goblins in a pretty funny arrangement...
(looks up at BOBO)
But that wizard would probably put them in a really funny arrangement!
Not my thing.
Let's call him!
You can arrange them. I'm gonna check out their cave.
BOBO grabs his great-axe out of the one-armed dead Goblin, and cautiously heads toward the Goblin Cave.
HYPHEN rolls the faceless Goblin over to the other Goblin, then arranges it so the Goblins are facing each other's crotches, commonly referred to as a 69 position. HYPHEN even takes the faceless Goblin's green bulbous cock, and shoves it into the other Goblin's mouth.
HYPHEN grabs the one-armed Goblin's cock, and shoves it into the mush that used to be the other Goblin's face.
BOBO is against the cave wall, sliding closer and closer toward the entrance as quietly as he can. BOBO's black mirror starts ringing loudly. BOBO presses on it and FUTT's face appears on the screen.
Hey, so I'm just letting you guys know, Gregg and I found this hotel, it's not very expensive. They've got like a pool-roof type thing and there's like a lot of cool Orc girls here and stuff, and anyway, Gregg thinks he knows of, like, a tavern that might, like, let us do a show if we want. So we're gonna check it out tomorrow. But we're just hanging out on the roof, we got a bunch of grog, and like, coke, and um, that's what we're doing, so... (trails off)
HYPHEN joins BOBO by the Cave Entrance.
Who is it? Is it him again?
Futt. Yeah, it's Futt. He's the only other person we know who has one of these, so who do you think it is?
HYPHEN: What does he want?
He's at a rooftop party with some Orc girls and cocaine.
It's not, like, a party. And we're not sure if the girls are gonna come up, but like we, we, we uh... Gregg talked to them in the hall.
So there are girls at the hotel, but they're not actually---
He's doing cocaine alone?
BOBO: No, with Gregg, who I have not met.
Why is he calling and telling us that he's doing cocaine with Gregg? What is his deal?
BOBO hangs up on FUTT and puts his black mirror away.
GREGG comes up to the roof. There are two ORC GIRLS following behind him.
MONTAGE - FUTT and GREGG drinking grog and doing cocaine with the ORC GIRLS. GREGG chatting it up with ORC GIRL 1, both really into it. FUTT is with ORC GIRL 2, and she's just talking at him rapidly, while he looks very uninterested. ORC GIRL 1 whispers in GREGG's ear, and they both exit the Roof and go downstairs.
GREGG and ORC GIRL 1 are sitting on the bed. ORC GIRL 1 gives GREGG a hand job. GREGG lays her down with him and tries to get on top of her. ORC GIRL 1 quickly sits back up on the bed, and GREGG gives her a 'what the fuck' expression. She grabs his dick again.
I can keep doing this for you, but I don't want to go all the way just yet.
ORC GIRL 2 keeps blathering at FUTT.
Suddenly a loud commotion can be heard coming from downstairs. Yelling and thudding and smashing. It sounds as if the room downstairs is being thrashed apart. FUTT and ORC GIRL 2 both take notice of the noises coming from below. FUTT excuses himself, walks away from the ORC GIRL, and takes out his black mirror.
BOBO and HYPHEN are inside the Goblin Cave with the exit still visible behind them.
BOBO and HYPHEN start to head down a steep passageway. BOBO's black mirror starts to ring. BOBO presses on it once, and FUTT's face comes up, then BOBO immediately presses it again. FUTT's face disappears and the screen goes dark. BOBO puts the black mirror away.
Is this normal for him?
Afraid so. He is the neediest guy.
An echoed voice suddenly shouts from down the passageway:
Who's up there? Help me!
(Shouting back)
Shut up!
The "Shut up!" echoes really loud down the passageway.
As it fades out, the sounds of several running feet can now be heard echoing up the corridor.
As BOBO and HYPHEN stand staring into the passageway, they see six Goblins running up towards them, all wielding scimitars.
BOBO takes out a javelin and raises it. BOBO waits with the javelin raised, the Goblins are still too far down the passageway for him to get an accurate throw.
HYPHEN turns and runs right past BOBO and towards the Cave's exit.
BOBO immediately turns and runs after HYPHEN to exit the Cave.
HYPHEN: I thought you were going to throw your javelin!
BOBO: Well, I was going to, but then you took off! I can't take all these guys on, by myself!
The Goblins continue to chase BOBO and HYPHEN out of the Cave.
HYPHEN runs just out of the Cave, stops, turns around, and shoots an arrow back into the Cave.
As BOBO is running out of the Cave, the arrow whizzes right past his head, nearly hitting him.
BOBO: What the fuck!
HYPHEN: Sorry, I was trying to hit a goblin.
BOBO narrows his eyes.
BOBO: I don't believe you.
HYPHEN: Fuck you!
HYPHEN runs further away from the Cave.
BOBO tries to run after him, but trips and falls.
Two of the Goblins run out of the Cave and one of them hurls their scimitar at HYPHEN.
The handle-end of the scimitar hits HYPHEN in the back of the head.
HYPHEN falls to the ground, unconscious.
One of the Goblins tries to chop down on the fallen BOBO with his scimitar, but BOBO rolls out of the way just in time and then swings his great-axe up at the Goblin. The axe-blade chops into the Goblin's forehead, taking off a chunk of the Goblin's scalp. The other Goblin, who already threw his scimitar, cowers back into the Cave with the other 4 Goblins, who had stopped giving chase once they got to the Cave's mouth.
BOBO gets up and looks down at the Goblin he just scalped. The front of its head has a chunk missing, exposing the Goblin's brain. Blood is pouring out, and the Goblin isn't moving.
BOBO looks over to unconscious HYPHEN, then back to the Goblin, then back to HYPHEN.
BOBO smiles, looking rather excited.
FUTT approaches the bar. There's a human BARTENDER behind the bar, and next to him is a huge furry creature with the head of an owl and the body of a bear. An OWLBEAR, if you will.
FUTT: Hey, there's a lot of noise going on in my comedy partner's room. I think he's attacking a lady. Can you do something about it?
I'll send Fifi up there to check it out.
The BARTENDER turns to his pet OWLBEAR.
No, I got it, I got it. Never mind.
You sure?
That seems weird. I'll just... I'll go. I know the guy. I'll go.
If there is a problem, Fifi will definitely handle it.
FUTT: I don't want to get involved with an Owlbear. I'll just go do it.
FUTT goes up to the door where all the fighting noises are coming from.
FUTT knocks on the door and the noise pauses for a moment, then a fast scramble to the door can be heard coming from within. The door flies open, and GREGG is standing there, panting and sweating, holding a machete in his hand.
GREGG: Oh. Hey. What's up bro?
(Trying to look behind GREGG)
What's going on? What are you doing?
CUT back to GREGG and behind him we can see the ORC GIRL on the bed, looking bloodied and bruised and unconscious.
We were just... hanging out.
FUTT: Is everything cool? Because it sounded loud. Everyone could hear you upstairs, so I just came by to make sure everything's fine.
GREGG: Everything's fine.
Behind GREGG, the ORC GIRL rises slowly off the bed, picks up a Battle-Axe from off the floor, sneaks up behind GREGG, raises the Battle-Axe in the air, then slams it down on GREGG.
The Axe blade hits the top of GREGG's head, and GREGG crumples to the floor.
FUTT looks down at GREGG. Blood is pouring out from his gaping head wound.
So... I think this is pretty much taken care of.
GREGG reaches out his hand and paws weakly at FUTT's foot as if to say "help me..."
The ORC GIRL raises the Battle-Axe again, ready to finish GREGG off.
FUTT raises up his hand.
Wait. Don't kill him. I have some questions first.
GREGG is tied to a chair with lots of rope. FUTT is securing what looks to be the final knot.
The ORC GIRL sits on the bed while FUTT finishes the knot, walks around the chair, and looks down at GREGG's slumped over body. The top of his head is still gushing and blood is all over his face and shoulders.
So now I want to know what's really going on here.
GREGG is still slumped over in the chair, giving no type of response.
FUTT takes out a little knife and cuts off one of GREGG's thumbs.
GREGG stirs a little bit in the chair, letting out a weak groan.
What'd you do that for?
So he knows I'm serious.
But isn't he your friend?
FUTT: I want him to know I'm not joking around. I mean business. I need to get to the bottom of this.
What's the mystery? We were doing blow, he got out of hand, he beat the shit out of me, and I hacked his head open. What else is there to figure out?
Don't you think it's convenient that I go to a bar, and I want to do a comedy show, and then this guy shows up behind me and he's like 'I could be in a comedy show!'
He's on cocaine! This is what they do! Everyone's your friend, you want to start a band, you want to start some big project---
FUTT: Well I'm on cocaine too. We've been doing cocaine all night.
So then your investigation is also a symptom of cocaine.
I don't know. I'm not... I'm not that high. I just... Something's rotten in Denmark here!
FUTT turns back to GREGG, who is now completely motionless in the chair.
FUTT: And I'm gonna figure it out!
FUTT slaps GREGG in the face. GREGG doesn't respond at all, still motionless. He's dead.
FUTT: Ah, shit. Well... back to the bar.
Well hold on. If you really want to find out something, he does have some luggage over there.
There's a satchel in the corner of the room. FUTT goes over and takes it. He heads back over to the door, carrying the satchel. He's about to leave the room.
You gonna look in it?
FUTT stops by the door, as if he forgot what he was supposed to be doing.
FUTT: Oh yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna do that now. Yeah.
FUTT drops the satchel to the floor, kneels down, and starts rifling through the contents.
FUTT: Oh, by the way, how are you? I was his friend. What's your name?
ORC GIRL: Peppermint Pissy.
FUTT: Hello, Peppermint Pissy, my name is Futt Buckerson. Do you want to be in a comedy group with me?
Yeah. It's something I've always dreamed of.
As FUTT investigates the luggage, he notices something is stitched to the side of the satchel:
If found, please return to:
FUTT holds it up for PEPPERMINT PISSY to see.
FUTT: Can you believe this shit? It's not even his briefcase.
FUTT takes out a cigarette, and puts it in his mouth.
FUTT: It's a different guy named Klarg's briefcase. This whole time, Gregg was a fucking thief.
FUTT lights the cigarette.
You know what I could do? I could do a magic spell that'll bring him back to life for a minute.
Fuck yeah. Do that. Do that.
PEPPERMINT PISSY lays one of her hands on top of GREGG's head, right over the axe-wound.
A pink glow emits from her palm, and the gaping wound miraculously closes up and scabs over.
GREGG abruptly opens his eyes and jolts awake in the chair. He looks down at his bloody hand.
GREGG: What the fuck, where's my thumb?
FUTT rubs the burning end of his cigarette right into GREGG's thumb-stump.
Why were you following me at the bar?
I don't have to tell you shit. I work for Klarg. Not you.
PEPPERMINT PISSY quickly steps in and sticks a dagger into GREGG's right ear.
GREGG's head flops to the side with the dagger still jammed into the side of his head.
It would appear GREGG is dead once again.
I only got to ask one question.
Oh yeah. Sorry.
PEPPERMINT places her palm over GREGG's head, and the pink glow shines on him again.
GREGG jerks back to life, with the dagger still buried in his ear, screaming and freaking out.
GREGG: We were just hired to get you all to the cave! Oh God! I'm sorry!
FUTT: How'd you know I was gonna be at that bar?
GREGG: I was told to follow you.
FUTT: Who told you to follow me?
GREGG: Klarg.
FUTT: Who's Klarg?
GREGG: Klarg is the goblin boss. He's the one who told me to---
FUTT: The guy on the briefcase? (Picks up the satchel and points at the stitched name on the side) This Klarg?
Yes! Wait, did you think-- When I said Klarg, and you saw Klarg on my satchel, you thought there was two different Klargs?
FUTT: I thought you said Clark.
Abruptly CUT TO BLACK with the words: TO BE CONTINUED...
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2020.10.24 06:28 theanashow Am I bad person? This is long and TW of all kinds

Just like the title says, I have a lot to unpack here so I hope that anyone willing has some time to give me their genuine advice here. Please understand this will be a lot, so fair warning. Also, all the Tw should be placed on this
Throughout the years, just like everyone else, I've has friends come and go. But it first stopped feeling like a normal process right after high school. I definitely did the "fitting in" for a while because the first couple of years of high school, I was bullied so much the principle suggested to my mother that I try to stop trying to "stand out", I ended up switching school districts 3 times to get away from the torture. So after high school, it felt good to have some acceptance of some kind....even if I wasn't all of my self (plus I was going to some really awesome parties). For a long time, those friends came and went, but it was always easy to find people to party with....and I quickly learned that those people weren't my friends, and it was nothing real and like I was always going through the motions. I just knew that the bottom line was that no one cared about me. And at the end of the day, when all of these "friendships" ended, no one ever had anything good to say about me... and I couldn't understand why. I'm a genuine person, I tell the truth, I don't steal, I treat people with kindness, I fight for the people I care about...So what's the matter with me?
So after figuring this out, I went and found my old friends from high school that I loved and we got really close. I finally acquired a best friend (something I haven't done since I was a kid) and ended up spending a lot of time with her. We did what all best friends do and spend every waking moment together when she wasn't with her husband or either of us wasn't at work. She was the best thing that's ever happened to me platonically (and to this day I do miss her but would never ask her to be my friend again)
Admittingly, I've struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts, and jealously of other people's relationships to this day (since I have never had a relationship of my own). So I've been known to push people away with two methods 1. either through desperately clinging on to them to the point they think I am stalking them and could be a threat (I never have and never would come to that level) or 2. straight up just push them away and tell them they deserve better than me out the blue and take desperate measures to remove them out of my life.
So one night, I was planning to take my own life so I called her and told her she deserved better and that she should move on out of the blue. And she asked why and I hung up on her (to this day I don't think she knows why I did that). I texted everyone else on my phone and said the same thing, parked my car somewhere, turned off my phone and was ready to drive my car into the water (I didn't because the car wasn't mine technically and I started to feel bad about it). She says that she was crying that I (friend) broke up with her and her husband forbid that I ever see her again because of everything I put her through in the days to come after I found out that she had another best friend comforting her I got jealous and told her I would find her friend and beat the shit out of her (never did or would've...just wanted my friend back because of the obvious mistake I made). For the next two weeks, I did everything to fight for my best friend and she took me back but nothing was the same. So I broke things off again and promised that I'd leave her alone again forever (and that's where things stand now).
Rewinding a little, In high school, I had one boyfriend. We dated for one year and for half of that year he was abusive. I never knew how to come out to anyone at the time because 1. I was stupid enough to love him and 2. He never marked me up so I never had any proof so I didn't while we were together. He dumped me Nov 2, 2009. Also in high school, I was best friends with this guy, we hung out every day after my boyfriend dumped me so I wouldn't have to feel alone (it was platonic). We sat on his couch and watch movies Id never seen and Id walk home, but my ex always thought I was sleeping with him (since Id never slept with my ex, I was a virgin). One night, my friend had a party at his house, and it was a thing, everyone raced to his bed, and whoever got there go to sleep there (without him there) instead of sleeping on the floor. And that night I won. So all of us that raced went into the kitchen for shots. Long story short (since Id like to not relive the whole thing) my guy "best friend" raped me that night taking my virginity....leaving me to cry it out...Later telling me he never wants to talk to me again.
He ended up marrying my best friend that I talked about previously.
So I know I'm uploading right now, but I promise I am going somewhere.
A year after the encounter with my "guy best friend" I started hanging out with this girl I was partying with in high school and met this guy. He has a cool car (of course right?) and always came to my house to smoke me out. We got to know each other and he would come over and smoke me out every day. He introduced me to his friends and I eventually found out that we had a lot of friends in common already. Eventually, we started sleeping together since he was telling me things like "I really like you and I'd love to be with you" etc. This went on for 4 years until one day he calls me and tells me "id love you to meet my new girlfriend". So I have a meltdown, blowing up his phone trying to find out what happened, and he starts changing everything he'd been saying for the past 4 years without warning. So I spiral out of control and have my first suicide attempt. Come to find out, the entire time we'd been "together" he'd been telling his friends that I was just a slut and someone to get something from and nothing else since he was using me to cheat on his girlfriend the entire time.
(sorry, this is all over the place but I warned you and I am going somewhere with this. Just bear with me)
So fast forward past finally leaving my best friend and her husband alone and second-guessing drowning myself. And moving across the country to put everything behind me...Since everyone I know hates me no one wants to talk to me. There was always one guy that I always thought that I might end up being with one day. He was always extremely nice to me when everyone treated me like shit. A little background, when I was overweight he was the only person that said "wow" and talked to me about how great I looked in a dress at a party. He kissed me a few times amongst a few other things (never has sex). But the truth was he was out of my league because he only did any of these things when he was drunk. So one day after I moved I messaged him how I felt about him. He had a serious girlfriend at the time so I was fully aware that nothing would come of it but I just wanted to get it off of my chest. He was really nice about it and we just started talking about random stuff for a couple of days so I felt comfortable asking questions like "would you ever be with someone like me". In my mind, the context was supposed to be like "would someone like you want to ever be like me" but it never came out that way...So asking questions like that obviously was very inappropriate... but that's not what I wanted. One night he ended up texting me and telling me he was horny and I told him that wasn't something he should be telling me...he started asking me for nudes and stuff so I ignored him (I'm pretty sure he was just drunk). So one day we had a pretty serious talk about something I was going through and how people keep dipping out of my life and I didn't understand why. The talk eventually boiled down to him promising me that he wasn't going anywhere, so I assumed I had a friend. Be being the dumb ass I am, I started blowing up his phone up (I was upset about something and I cant remember), and his girlfriend saw and thought he was cheating. So he texted me and demanded that I say we don't have a relationship, so I did because it was the truth. But I also wanted to be honest with her, so I told her everything. I told her about what I originally said, what he said when he told me he was horny, I mean everything. So she asked me if I thought it was cheating and I told her in my mind I would but its up to her how she wants to interpret it because ultimately she knows their relationship better than me. So a few hours later he texts me furious telling me to never speak to him again. I explained to him that I just wanted to be honest. He blocked me on everything I could contact him on and I did everything in my power to apologize but haven't been able to since.
While this is all happening. When I moved, I met this older couple that let me move in their basement with 3 other people (it was a big basement) as long as I keep a job and pay rent. I stayed with them for a year. Within that year I paid for my own food, toiletries, etc, and always paid on time. Everything was great, I had a couple of depressive episodes (going through the above and the death a family member) . They kept cameras in the common areas (because they had a lot of nice things and lived in a sketchy area, and had them before I got there). Everything was going really well until one day one of my roommates (that works nights) barges in and yells "some of my weed is missing!" and since i was the only one awake at the time he assumed it was me (although I did nothing). I let him know I did nothing and even showed him my own supply as proof but it wasn't enough for him. So he expected me to pay for more, and obviously, that's not going to happen (we live in Colorado). A week later he moves out but not before telling me how terrible of a person I am and that he hopes that I kill myself. ...even though I did nothing. After he left, it comes out that serval things of their other roommate's things are missing and they all think it was me even though I never touched anyone's stuff. So the next night I move out and start sleeping in my car until I get money for a hotel.
(Almost done guys.)
My mom and I have been really close for all of my life since she's been basically all I've got parent wise. But only recently did I realize how toxic our relationship is. For most of my life I have needed her help because I have been through so much. And even though early adulthood I still needed her. But now I am almost 30 and although right now things are crazy.. I really don't need her. When I moved out of my roommate's situation, She just so happened to be visiting for Christmas. So I told her I was getting a hotel and was going to find another roommate or just get an apartment. So instead, she purposely missed the flight that resulted in her in losing the job that she has for 30 years. And she got stranded here trying to "dig" me out of a situation that I didn't need to be dug out of. So without keeping everyone here longer than they need to be, my mom ended up getting COVID and was under the ventilator for 10 days and nearly lost her life (google Ravi Turman). We are currently homeless and living a hotel because couldn't trust me to take care of something myself.

So I said ALL of this because I wanted to give everyone real instances in my life some where people knew me well and some where they didn't. Some where I clearly messed up and some where I didn't and some where I don't know to ask this:
---What is wrong with me? Am I a bad person? I try so hard every day and do my best every day to be a good person but every day I can't help but see instances where people keep giving up on me without looking back. No one that has ever met me will ever have anything good to say about me although I cannot tell you a single time in my life where I have purposely meant anyone any harm. I don't mention family here (besides my mom) because of none of them like me, just tolerate me. People expect something out of me that Im not and I try to show them...but they won't even take the time to see.
---Im burned up by this because I moved two years ago and have no friends because I am terrified to put myself out there in fear of just making more enemies that I love. I've never even been in a serious (romantic) relationship and that seems so far from a possibility now because people can't even stomach me on regular basis let alone love me. So its just become a sad dream.
I pray all of this made sense so whatever advice you may have can be something tailored....because I am tired of living this way.
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2020.10.20 12:46 rusticgorilla Hotel sex camera

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.

October surprise Trump and allies are pushing an unverified and highly suspicious narrative to smear Joe Biden by trying to tie him to his son Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine. Last week, the New York Post published emails and photos allegedly from a laptop belonging to Hunter - but without any proof of provenance.
What we know: The NYP story: Hunter Biden (who lives in Los Angeles) dropped off multiple laptops at a computer repair shop in Delaware in April 2019 and disappeared. The invoice he allegedly signed was for the low price of $85. The repair shop owner recovers and reads Hunter’s private emails, a few of which mention a possible meeting with his dad, and is so alarmed that he contacts the FBI in November 2019. Before handing the laptops over, though, the repair shop owner copies the contents. Once he realizes the FBI is not doing anything with them, he contacts Giuliani’s lawyer (sometime in early 2020) and hands over the contents of the drives. Giuliani and/or his lawyer then sits on the material for months, finally deciding to release them (with some prompting of Steve Bannon) three weeks before the election.
  • The NYP story was “mostly” written by longtime-NYP reporter Bruce Golding, but he “did not allow his byline to be used because he had concerns over the article’s credibility.” Instead, the lead reporter credited is Emma-Jo Morris, a former producer of Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News (owned by Rupert Murdoch, just like the NYP). Between Wednesday and Sunday, the NYP published more than 50 separate stories and columns tagged “Hunter Biden.”
What the docs published by NYP said: An email dated April 17, 2015, suggests Hunter Biden arranged for a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm to meet with the then-vice president when he was in charge of U.S. policy toward Ukraine. There is no proof the email is authentic, nor is there proof that such a meeting occurred or that “Hunter” even replied to it.
What experts say: WaPo journalist David Ignatius reports that an Eastern European expert in digital forensics who has examined some of the Ukrainian documents leaked to the New York Post said he “found anomalies — such as American-style capitalization of the names of ministries — that suggest fakery.” Thomas Rid, author of “Active Measures,” told WaPo: “Usually when emails are leaked, what investigators look for is the actual email file, and we don’t have that here.” When an email is presented without the metadata, he said, “then you become suspicious.”
Russian op: U.S. intelligence agencies warned the White House last year that Giuliani was the target of an influence operation by Russian intelligence. The intelligence raised concerns that Giuliani was being used to feed Russian misinformation to the president, leading national security adviser Robert O’Brien to caution Trump in a private conversation that any information Giuliani brought back from Ukraine should be considered contaminated by Russia. Trump had “shrugged his shoulders” at O’Brien’s warning, the former official said, and dismissed concern about his lawyer’s activities by saying, “That’s Rudy.”
  • Former National Security Adviser John Bolton repeatedly told his staff to stay out of discussions with Giuliani due to warnings he received from intelligence officials about Trump’s lawyer spreading foreign disinformation. As early as Spring 2019 Giuliani was seen as a tool of Russian intelligence.
  • A reminder that when Giuliani came to Kyiv in December he not only met Andriy Derkach, identified and sanctioned by the US as a Russian agent, he also flew out of Ukraine on a private jet connected to some shady oligarchs. When asked about meeting with Derkach, a Russian agent, Giuliani said: “The chance that Derkach is a Russian spy is no better than 50/50.” Apparently that’s a low enough risk for Rudy…
Trump knew: A source told the Daily Beast that Trump “knew [in recent weeks] that Rudy had something big coming on the Biden family...I remember hearing…something about files, and corruption, and something about sex and drugs…It was evident that the president was interested and wanted it done before the election.” Giuliani further confirmed that Trump knew about the planned leak/smear and approved of it: “Sure, sure. The president knows all about this,” Giuliani said, adding that he had briefed Trump on the “general” parameters of the files.
Chinese connection: Social media accounts connected to billionaire Chinese dissident Guo Wengui began posting about the laptop story weeks before the NYP story was published. You may recall that when Steve Bannon was arrested for fraud, he was aboard Guo’s yacht. Just days before the NYP published the alleged laptop emails, photos of Rudy Giuliani and Guo showed up on Twitter. If taken the same day as posted, that would mean he was with Guo when he reportedly gave NYP the alleged Biden materials.
Republican corruption Oracle founder Larry Ellison donated $250,000 to a political action committee supporting Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) the same day his company was declared the first official U.S. partner for TikTok. Graham was reportedly pivotal in arranging the deal, saying he personally called Trump to advocate for the sale of TikTok to a U.S. business in lieu of a total ban. “If TikTok is saved, you can thank me,” he said.
U.S. Rep. Roger Williams, a Central Texas Republican and member of the House Financial Services Committee, used his powerful post in Congress to try to help a top donor in his dealings with a publicly traded bank, court records show. Williams allegedly used& his position on the powerful House committee to try to force the CEO of UMB Bank into meeting with oil field investor Gary Martin of Marble Falls.
Attorney Kyle Hirsch testified under oath that Williams’ intervention exerted inappropriate pressure on UMB and that unless the CEO agreed to meet with his donor there could be problems for the bank in Congress. “The Congressman indicated that his role on the Financial Services Committee included legislation that was coming down the pike and that he was urging the bank to meet with his constituent or there would be adverse consequences as it relates to his role on the Financial Services Committee,” Hirsch said, according to his deposition in the case.
For at least seven years, GOP Rep. Jim Hagedorn (MN-1) appears to have enjoyed rent-free use of a campaign office supplied by a political donor. “It sounds like something that could potentially be a fairly serious violation of campaign finance law and the ethics rules,” said Bryson Morgan, a former investigative counsel at the Office of Congressional Ethics.
Sen. Lindsey Graham used an on-camera interview after the Supreme Court confirmation hearings Wednesday to solicit contributions for his reelection campaign, a move that a congressional legal expert said is a clear violation of Senate ethics rules. Senate ethics rules prohibit members from soliciting campaign contributions in any federal building.
“I don’t know how much it affected fundraising today, but if you want to help me close the gap — — a little bit goes a long way,” said Graham, R-S.C, who is locked in a highly competitive race against well-funded Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison.
Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) has used her office’s taxpayer-funded resources to send out a robocall touting a key campaign issue—her work on COVID-19 policy—to Arizonans. Normally, mass official communication with constituents so close to an election would be prohibited. But a waiver approved by the Senate Rules Committee in March has made it permissible—if, and only if, the communication is for the purposes of “providing updated information about the pandemic, and providing information about the federal government's response.”
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) is spending $819,000 of taxpayer money on a Fox News ad promoting her state as a “place to safely explore” despite the pandemic. South Dakota currently has the highest positivity rate in the nation (36%) and the second-highest new cases per day (753 per million people), right behind North Dakota. Noem has also spent $130,000 to build a studio in the basement of the Capitol, which she has used frequently for Fox News appearances.
Court cases The DC Circuit Court of Appeals will rehear the House’s case to enforce a subpoena for former White House counsel Donald McGahn. A three-judge panel earlier ruled 2-1 that the House Judiciary Committee could not enforce the subpoena absent a law explicitly giving it the authority to do so. The majority in the previous panel was made up of now-retired Judge Thomas Griffith, a W. Bush appointee (who made way for McConnell protege Justin Walker on the court), and Judge Karen Henderson, a H.W. Bush appointee. Judge Judith Rogers, a Clinton appointee, dissented.
  • NOTE: The D.C. Circuit has essentially allowed the White House to run out the clock. The subpoena to McGahn was first issued in April 2019. In taking up the case, the full court asked the parties to address “whether the case would become moot when the Committee’s subpoena expires upon the conclusion of the 116th Congress.” Oral arguments are not scheduled until February 2021.
  • If you’re confused about why the D.C. Circuit is hearing the McGahn case again, here is the reason: The first time the court ruled on the McGahn subpoena was in August, when the full bench determined the House has standing to sue the executive branch to enforce subpoenas. This time, the issue is “cause of action,” meaning whether House Democrats have legal ground to take the subpoena issue to court.
The Supreme Court refused to hear a case brought by Democratic lawmakers against President Trump over his private businesses accepting payments from foreign governments. In declining to revive the case, the justices let stand a decision by a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit to dismiss the lawsuit - a win for Trump. The panel was made up of Judge Thomas Griffith (W. Bush appointee), Karen Henderson (H.W. Bush appointee), and David Tatel (Clinton appointee). All three unanimously ruled that the individual members did not have legal standing to take the president to court.
“Our conclusion is straightforward because the Members — 29 Senators and 186 Members of the House of Representatives — do not constitute a majority of either body and are, therefore, powerless to approve or deny the President’s acceptance of foreign emoluments,” the [earlier three-judge panel] ruled.
  • Note, there are still two other pending cases before the Court: Trump v. CREW and Trump v. Maryland & D.C.
Trump filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court to block the release of his tax returns. Last week, a federal appeals court ruled Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance can enforce a subpoena for Mr. Trump's business records and tax returns.
SCOTUS cases coming up: On Nov. 30, SCOTUS will hear arguments to determine whether the Trump administration can exclude unauthorized immigrants from the 2020 census count. Next year, SCOTUS will take up two challenges to Trump’s immigration policies: his diversion of military funds to pay for construction of the southern border wall, and a policy that has required tens of thousands of asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while their claims are processed.
  • Three Muslim men who said they were placed for years on a “no-fly” list because they refused to become FBI informants told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that they should be able to sue the agents for targeting them because of their religion.
A federal judge Sunday struck down a Trump administration rule that could have stripped food stamps from nearly 700,000 people. Chief Judge Beryl Howell (Obama appointee) of the D.C. District Court wrote: "The final rule at issue in this litigation radically and abruptly alters decades of regulatory practice, leaving states scrambling and exponentially increasing food insecurity for tens of thousands of Americans.”
Miscellaneous Russia: The United States on Monday unsealed criminal charges against six Russian intelligence officers in connection with some of the world’s most damaging cyberattacks, including disruption of Ukraine’s power grid and the release of a mock ransomware virus that infected computers globally and caused billions of dollars in damage.
DOJ: Attorney General Bill Barr’s “unmasking” probe has quietly ended with no prosecutions or findings of wrongdoing. The investigation, conducted by U.S. Attorney John Bash, was focused on whether Obama-era officials improperly requested the identities of individuals whose names were redacted in intelligence documents.
DOJ: Phillip Halpern, a 36-year veteran of the Justice Department, accused AG Barr of abusing his power to sway the election for President Trump and said he was quitting. He said he would have quit earlier but stayed on because he worried that the department under Mr. Barr would have interfered in his prosecution of former Representative Duncan D. Hunter, Republican of California, who pleaded guilty in December to conspiracy to steal campaign funds.
Trump campaign: A newly published trove of Cambridge Analytica emails and other documents from the 2016 election demonstrate how the data firm operated as a tool for a billionaire family to unlawfully influence U.S. politics and help elect President Trump. It includes a never-before-published 27-page post-election report from February 2017 shows that Cambridge Analytica claimed credit for creating, producing, and distributing ads for the Trump campaign, which included “5,000+ ad campaigns” on behalf of Trump that generated “1.5 billion impressions.”
Trump campaign: A Chinese national whose Instagram page features pictures of him wearing a VIP pass at a 2018 rally for President Donald Trump, is now on U.S. soil after being charged with conspiring to distribute cocaine and laundering the illicit funds, according to court documents filed earlier this week.
Trump campaign: For a fourth time, pro-Trump super PAC America First Action used stock footage from Russia and Belarus in a major ad buy that’s airing in three swing states.
HHS: The health department’s top lawyer is warning in an internal memo that President Donald Trump's plan to give seniors $200 discount cards to buy prescription drugs could violate election law. The lawyer’s objection, coupled with his advice to seek approval from the Department of Justice, is a significant blow to Trump’s hope to promote the hastily devised plan before Election Day.
Trump money: The State Department says it has about 450 pages of records showing government spending at President Trump’s properties. But this week, it signaled that it plans to release only two of those pages before the November election. The State Department pays for hotel rooms and other expenses when foreign leaders visit Trump properties, and when federal employees, such as Secret Service agents, follow Trump and his family to the president’s overseas clubs.
Trump: Trump was receiving one of his first codeword classified briefings on Afghanistan, at his Bedminster club, when he suddenly got bored and ordered milkshakes. The incident became legendary inside the CIA, where like at other agencies, morale has slumped.
Voting: A deadlocked Supreme Court on Monday let stand a lower-court ruling that requires Pennsylvania election officials to count absentee ballots received within three days after Election Day, Nov. 3, even if they are not postmarked. Four justices – Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh – indicated that they would have granted the Republicans’ request.
  • While a temporary win for voting rights, the 4-4 decision is worrying because once Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed, there will likely be five votes in favor of a radical, anti-democratic theory that would stop state Supreme Courts from enforcing state election laws to protect the right to vote. This Twitter thread goes into more detail.
Immigration: A total of 172 immigrants were arrested across six sanctuary cities within a six-day span, according to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The arrests were made in Baltimore, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Washington, DC, between October 3-9.
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You remember when I did that playthrough of Google Translate DR1? Well, there's a Google Translate DR2 as well, so you bet I'm playing it.
This version, like the first game, is indecisive on what Hope's Peak is actually called. The characters are renamed as follows:

  • Hajime Hinata, Ultimate Pilgrim?
  • The Amazing Magic Girl Usami aka Fast/Monom, Ultimate Rabbit
  • Nagito Kamada Magic, Ultimate Lucky Student/Gilderoy Lockhart Clone
  • Acanya Wari Magic, Ultimate Gymnast and Ultra Athlete
  • Hi Na Hyuko Audio G, Ultimate Traditional Dancer
  • Fuhiko Kazorio, Ultimate Yakuza
  • The Expert Koizumi, Ultimate Photographer
  • Nekomar Nidai, Ultimate Team Leader
  • Czech Anonymous, Ultimate Best Player
  • Baku Bakumaya, Ultimate Words Woman
  • Terto Hanamura, Ultimate Perfect Cook
  • Sonia Neuromind, Ultimate True Princess
  • Macon Sun, Ultimate Nurse
  • Ibuki In A Bathing Suit, Ultimate Composer
  • Kajuchi Soda, Ultimate Mechanic Magic
  • Shit Wheat, Ultimate Tanaka Ice Lord (one of the devas is referred to as Jom-B)
  • Baikuya Twogami, Ultimate Affliliate/Imposter
  • Mono Kumar, Ultimate Bear
Other highlights include:
  • Nagito did something to Hajime's face while he was unconscious and generally acted like a creep, doing such wonderful things as making a lewd comment about Akane, and condoning Hajime's supposed bullying of Mikan. He also misgendered Hiyoko, Mahiru, Sonia, and Mikan.
  • Hajime was twice as bad about the misgendering part, misgendering Akane, Usami, Hiyoko, Fuyuhiko, Chiaki, Peko, Mikan, Ibuki
  • Hiyoko apparently kisses ants instead of killing them.
  • Fuyuhiko acts like a teacher upon approaching him.
  • Hajime mentions Rio Hans after meeting Fuyuhiko, and this is never explained at all.
  • Hajime, Usami, and Nagito all go over the text box limit on different occasions.
  • Hajime apparently lost all his fingers, and essentially begins to have Stockholm Syndrome for Nagito in the same scene. This is after Nagito made a comment saying Hajime's fingers would kill him.
  • Fuyuhiko offers to suck Hajime off after turning butter into a tree.
  • Mahiru immediately accuses Hajime of having been in a fight on the beach and then burying his face in his hands
  • Nagito talks about Mahiru before saying Hajime has a bright future as a photojournalist, before taking credit himself for Mahiru's accomplishments.
  • Hajime apparently has a camera in his neck.
  • Mahiru somehow finds Nagito reasonable and thinks Hajime is either alarmed or crazy.
  • Nekomaru tells Hajime to raise his voice to the bottom as if he had Mikan's voice.
  • Nagito talks about being the only one in the hotel when he entered with Hajime and Peko and Chiaki are literally in the same room.
  • Hajime refers to Chiaki as "sucked" and has apparently been to Jabberwock Island before.
  • Nagito and Peko both mention a killing game before Monokuma has ever arrived.
  • Teruteru's perversion is replaced with an obsession with kidneys. Also he knows Andy Cook and they met on the street.
  • Teruteru propositions Hajime for a romance. Hajime then proceeds to proposition Sonia.
  • Novoselic isn't butchered that badly, being called Novoselvik.
  • Mikan's brain exploded with stress.
  • Ibuki claims that Hajime has low blood pressure.
  • Ibuki says that the friendship is over before it's even started and claims to have seen people of many ethnicities shop at the Rocketpunch Market.
  • Kazuichi is much lazier here than in canon, unable to fix the engine because it's stopped.
  • Gundham asks Hajime who his master is.
  • Hajime and Gundham call each other trash.
  • Hajime fat-shames Twogami, who proceeds to kiss Hajime's nose.
  • Peko believed the shut gates for the island bridges to be an accident.
  • According to Kazuichi, we are in a normal country because there is a station.
  • Several people talk about the most dangerous truth, whatever that is.
  • Fuyuhiko calls Twogami messy when they are probably the least messy person here. Twogami retorts by calling him a dog.
  • Gundham asks what Hajime's size is before challenging him to "satisfy" him.
  • Hajime calls Akane cheap.
  • Hajime correctly genders Fuyuhiko and then misgenders him in the same line.
  • Mahiru misgenders Twogami as female.
  • Twogami asks if we parked across the bridge, which is impossible as we don't have a car.
  • Jabberwock Island is referred to as Gibraltar, Papua New Guinea, and the Ottoman Empire in the same scene, among other names.
  • Hajime asks what happens when we cut a tree, and Akane asks why we can't just go home.
  • Usami has this odd habit of calling her students beautiful. She is also referred to as a mustache and a beard.
  • Hajime and co. throw tape on the beach, which Usami rightly calls them out for.
  • Sonia announces her intention to vote for the Left, which Nagito tells Hajime to ignore.
  • Mahiru claims that a fire nearby looks ridiculous as Ibuki rants about how everything is Barbie.
  • Mahiru somehow knows about the events of Danganronpa 1.
  • Akane asks what Hajime's size and asks him to take off his clothes. Usami tells her she must wear her swimsuit, and Akane claims that technology is a pain. Usami starts to act like Mondo after this.
  • Fuyuhiko calls Hajime boring.
  • It is confirmed that the month is March in-game.
  • Ibuki is trying to eat the seawater. She of course complains it's too salty.
  • Mahiru points out that these people are too young to be having sex, which makes sense considering the plot twist of the game.
  • Speaking of said plot twist, Akane may have already known it and Usami blatantly announces it by saying she's glad everyone is online.
  • Hiyoko is a Mr. Krabs stan
  • Monokuma finally appears and calls killing games an unnecessary hobby, and says he looks amazing and that lamb sauce is delicious.
  • Hajime believes a monsoon is about to happen.
  • Monomi, as retaliation for her loss to Monokuma, chooses to refer to Monokuma with incorrect gender pronouns.
  • Mahiru severely underreacts to what is going on here.
  • Monokuma basically becomes a full on Trump supporter featuring evangelical christianity that disallows divorce, racism, and telling people to off themselves!
  • The class trial is referred to as the class test.
  • The punishment for murder is apparently being fined.
  • Monokuma very badly foreshadows the first case.
  • Apparently it is only at this point that Hajime enters his body.
  • Teruteru informs of us the wisdom of not believing everything we see.
  • Apparently Jabberwock Park is Mt. Everest.
  • The monobeasts are called Monos.
  • Monokuma addressed someone called Shin.
  • Monomi promises to protect everyone even if she has to sacrifice her privacy...
  • Teruteru has choléra.
  • Island Mode is referred to as Model Mode.
  • The eHandbook is referred to as an online catalog.
  • Nagito evidently didn't pay attention to any of this.
  • Twogami acts as if no one knows what cell phones and cars are.
  • "Hey Kim!"-Mahiru
  • Hajime says that this day was a special day full of disappointment.
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I should have seen the red signs,him being 20,despite me being older, him lovebombing me early being so sweet.Yet not even a month he change started becoming distinct,ghosted me accused me of just wanting his big penis.Then he met someone,I had my women intuition,he stated I was overbearing and once the conversation was though he hung up on me. Accusations flew I camera phone us being happy laughing sent it to him and he said it wasnt consensual. Tried calling him he blocked me on everything Even desperate *67 him,texted stop blowing him up or he will call the cops Then he called an hour later accusing me of harrassment and abuse saying I will hit him,I'm far from that,I apologized. Then he said hes done talking over the phone let's go to my place,so we can talk.Mind you we only hung out at the hotel. I said let's meet up at the hotel to talk he called accusing me for yet again wanting him for sex,And yelled saying we are just gonna be friends now,I hung up on him. Havent spoken I'm hurt because my feelings were real,now I look like the bad evil person and there is no way to change his mind
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So my boyfriend[20+] and I[20+] had sex in a car parked next to a house across the street from a quiet park that had no one present at the time. We went to the back seat, covered the gap between the two front seats, and got it on in the back. Afterwards, we noticed that the house had security cameras facing towards the car. After my boyfriend put on his boxers and was in the process of putting on his jeans, I removed the covering between the seats. While we are pretty sure no genitals were shown, it seemed pretty obvious we were having sex because we went to the backseat and he could have been seen putting his pants back on. There is also the factor that glare and sunlight may have affected visibilty of us in the backseat. Driving around after, we later on also noticed that the area had an elementary school and a church in the area.
We made sure nobody was around us or could see us, but just missed the residential security camera. If the security footage did capture this going on, could the homeowner take the video footage and file a report with the police and get us in legal trouble (the car license plate was most likely caught on camera)? Could we be charged for lewd acts or public indecency?
We know we shouldn’t have sex in public, but we aren’t able to do so at home and don’t have the financial flexibilty for a hotel room.
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Starlight's powers can be super embarrassing sometimes. And super destructive.
Work Text: "For more on this devastating news, we're joined by Starlight."
"Hello, nice to meet you." Starlight greeted the reporter and his camera crew with the widest smile possible, just like she'd been told to do in these situations.
"You too." The reporter said dismissively, before asking, "Can you tell us more about this terrible tragedy?"
"Well, I wouldn't call it a tragedy, but..." Starlight said hesitantly, trying to downplay it.
"You wouldn't?" The reporter frowned, "We have several homes still without working electricity, and crashed cars all around us. What exactly would you call it?"
For a moment Starlight's smile slipped, before it came right back with a vengeance as she explained, "Yes, but thankfully myself and Queen Maeve were here to take everyone who needed medical attention to the hospital, and the blast was restricted to just a few blocks. No one was seriously hurt, thank God, so there's no real need to blow this out of proportion."
"What do you mean exactly the blast was restricted?" The reporter quickly asked with a frown, "Are you saying you know what caused this?"
"Well, I..." Starlight froze like a deer caught in headlights, desperately trying to come up with an excuse, but instead her mind went straight back to a few hours ago, causing her to blush furiously...
A few hours ago...
"I'm... I'm really not sure about this." Annie stammered nervously.
"Relax, everything is going to be fine." Maggie reassured, "Hey, do you trust me?"
"It's not fair to use Disney references against me." Annie grumbled, and then after a long pause softly added, "Yes."
"Well then..." Maggie grinned wickedly, "Bend over."
Annie took a deep and calming breath, and then psyched herself up, "Okay, I can do this... I can do this..."
Maggie Shaw, AKA, Queen Maeve couldn't help but smile, and hated herself for it. Annie January, AKA, Starlight was just too cute for her own good. She had thought for sure that would have been both physically and mentally beaten out of her by now, but while she wasn't the naïve girl she'd first met, becoming a lot tougher and bad ass, she managed to keep a surprising amount of cuteness. It was a serious problem, because Maggie was terrified that Homelander would find out the relationship between them had, evolved. But Maggie forgot all about that when the mighty Starlight bent over in front of her, showing off that deceptively juicy little booty of hers, and giving it to Queen Maeve. Specifically Annie crawled into the centre of the cheap hotel room bed, her cute butt pointed directly at Maggie, offering it to her as a gift.
One Maggie had talked her into giving her, but it still counted. Although she should probably hurry up before Annie lost her nerve. Luckily she was already equipped with her strap-on, and was rubbing lube into it as she positioned herself behind the younger woman, admiring Starlight in her costume for a few more long seconds before she had to move it out of the way. Of course, this was Starlight's OG costume, as removing the strip of cloth that Vought gave her to wear would pretty much leave her with nothing, and part of the thrill of this was that it was Queen Maeve doing such an unspeakable things to sweet little OG Starlight. Oh yes, this was sweet little OG Starlight looking dishevelled, and even violated already, simply by having her cute little skirt and cape pushed upwards, and then her panties pulled downwards, revealing that ass in all it's glory.
Again, she just had to admire that work of art for a few long seconds, and then again when she spread those cheeks to reveal her target. She then licked her lips, spat onto Annie's ass hole, and then started rubbing that saliva in with her tongue. Or to put it another way, Queen Maeve started to give sweet little OG Starlight a rim job. And even that was just a warm-up for the main event. Admittedly a very pleasant warm-up, one which had sweet little Annie January gasping, whimpering, crying out and even moaning in pure pleasure, and maybe in anticipation of what was to come, showing just how much the older woman had corrupted the younger one. God, Maggie loved it. And she loved this ass.
Ever since they had started this whole affair, shortly after Starlight had been angry enough with her lying boyfriend to drink with her, and then do so much more, Queen Maeve had been obsessed with this perfect little booty. And tonight it would finally be hers, in every single way. So it only seemed right to start off with a nice, long, drawn-out rim job. After all, this was the very first thing Maggie had done to Annie's ass, and it was the perfect preparation for more. And it was just incredibly tasty. Not quite as heavenly as Annie's pussy, or her cum, but still pretty amazing. Also, with any luck, it could help her girl relax, which was really necessary right now, as she was understandably very tense.
Annie couldn't believe she agreed to do this. Any of it really. Nothing in The Seven was like she imagined it. Hell, she had been in Capes For Christ, for God sakes, and now she was bent over in a cheap hotel room, about to get fucked in the ass like a common whore. And God help her, she actually wanted it. It felt like she would do anything to please her Queen. Even this. Because everything they had done so far was amazing, and she truly believed if anyone could make her like this, it was... Maggie. This woman, who she used to idolized, had taught her more about pleasing her body than she thought possible, and she wanted to give her this, her last cherry.
While she was determined to go through with this Annie was extremely nervous, and was sure that she was going to break Maggie's strap-on with her insides if she tried to stick it in now. Hopefully her insides didn't have the same enhanced strength and healing that the outside did, otherwise this was going to be very embarrassing. Or more accurately, even more so. But Starlight was doing her best not to think about that right now, and instead concentrated on the tongue massaging her ass hole. Well, she tried, but it was hard to get out of her own head and relax, even when the mighty Queen Maeve swirled her tongue around her back door, as well as up and down it. Which normally relaxed her, but this time it didn't do the trick, which was even more frustrating.
It was all very pleasurable though, which was a very good sign. Not as good as getting her pussy licked, fingered, or fucked with a toy, but enough that she wouldn't absolutely hate this. At least not all of it. Hell, She didn't even mind when the tongue was exchanged for a finger, which Maggie very slowly pushed inside her most private hole. Annie couldn't resist letting out a sharp cry at the initial penetration, although it didn't really hurt, she was just a little overwhelmed by the sensation, and the one which followed it. Namely, that finger slowly slid up to the knuckle into her butt hole, and then after a brief pause, beginning to slide in and out of her back door.
"Oooooooooh fuck, this is a tight little hole." Maggie moaned, mostly to herself.
"I'm glad I please you, my Queen." Annie replied, trying to make it sound sarcastic, but it was clear that she meant it.
"Oh, you do honey, mmmmmmm, you always do." Maggie grinned, "And I'm going to please you, too."
"I, I hope so." Annie grumbled, although again she meant it.
"I will, I promise." Maggie swore, before pressing a kiss to Annie's lower back, "Now just relax and give me that ass."
"Yes my Queen." Annie tried for sarcasm again, but was severely undermined by a moan escaping her lips, which caused the other woman to chuckle wickedly.
This really took Annie by surprise, while Maggie had fingered her ass before, and it was always to push the blonde over the edge of orgasm, or while she was cumming, and Annie had always thought that had a lot more to do with what was going on with her pussy. But for better or for worse, she found herself actually enjoying it. So much so it didn't take long for her to start moaning in almost pure pleasure. They went through the same thing after Queen Maeve pushed another finger into Starlight's ass hole. Which she was thankfully lost in for quite a while, Maggie twirling and curling her fingers around inside Annie's ass, making sure she was nice and stretched out for what was to come, and maybe ready as she was ever going to be.
Then finally Queen Maeve pulled her finger out of Starlight's butt and firmly ordered, "Spread your cheeks for me, sweetie. Mmmmmmmm yessssssssss, I want to see sweet little Starlight spreading her cheeks nice and wide, and offering up her virgin ass hole as a gift to her Queen."
"Yes my Queen." Annie replied and obeyed softly and without a hint of sarcasm, although she couldn't help but hesitate nervously while doing so.
Queen Maeve only found that more endearing, and it added to the fantasy, and honestly, the reality, that she was further corrupting the once innocent Starlight. After all, if someone with premonition powers told them that this was where they would end up just a few months after originally meeting each other Maeve would most likely laugh, or more likely 'shoot the messenger', maybe literally, while sweet little Starlight would have been just disgusted. But here they were, Annie January slowly reaching back, grabbing hold of her meaty cheeks, and then spreading them wide apart so that Maggie Shaw could take her anal virginity. Which was something that once again Maeve had to savour again, before she did the one thing she had wanted the most ever since she got a good look at this girl's booty.
Namely pressing the tip of her lubed up cock against that forbidden hole and slowly beginning to push forwards, causing innocent little Starlight to cry out loudly, as her most intimate hole began stretching for a toy for the very first time. Oh yes, she was stretching Annie's ass, and it wasn't long before she was stretching it wider than ever before. Wider, and wider, and wider, until the head of the cock slid through it and into Annie's cute little ass. Her cock! Oh yes, Queen Maeve's cock was the first to violate Starlight's butt hole, meaning that in that moment she had taken this sweet girl's anal cherry. It was hers! Just like Annie's ass would be when Maggie was finished with it.
This was something Maeve very much wanted to share with the class, but given that unsurprisingly Starlight had just cried out in pain from being anally violated for the first time, it seemed like a bad time. Besides, Annie was only hers for as long as she wanted to be, something Maggie made very clear on a regular basis, given what both women had gone through. Of course, it was hard to stay focused on that when they were indulging in such a twisted act, one which Maggie savoured for a few long seconds. Which more importantly gave sweet and innocent little Starlight a chance to relax, and get used to the sensation of having her ass hole stretched wide open for an invading force. Or at least, as used to it as she could do at this point.
Of course, inevitably Queen Maeve pushed forwards, causing her big dick to slide through Starlight's tight little back hole and deeper into her back passage. To make this moment perfect, sweet little Starlight continued spreading her cheeks to give her Queen the best possible look at that big cock disappearing into her widely stretched butt hole. Which probably wasn't a conscious decision, Annie probably just too lost in the sensations to do anything but stay perfectly still, but Maggie still appreciated it. And she showed that appreciation by moving as slowly as she possibly could, to make sure she did minimize the pain for poor sweet Annie. Although admittedly her enjoyment was a big factor, as Maeve gleefully savoured every moment of fucking Starlight in the ass.
Annie whimpered, gasped and cried out in pain throughout the butt stuffing. It wasn't quite as bad as she imagined it would be, especially considering the pain she'd experienced 'on the job', but it was certainly the most unique pain she had ever experienced. Thankfully she'd never been attacked in that area before, and this was something she'd actually consented too. Something that maybe even she wanted. Not before she started dating Queen Maeve, but after she realized just how fixated Maggie was on her butt, and how much she wanted to fuck it, the idea became increasingly appealing. And while the initial pain of the anal penetration had been just as bad as she thought it would be, the rest of losing her back door cherry was surprisingly bearable. Especially given the happy look on the face of her lover.
She looked even happier after those thighs came to rest against Annie's juicy ass cheeks, announcing every inch of that big strap-on dildo was buried deep within Starlight's butt. This initially surprised her, as she had begun to think this would never happen, but then when she did it, took every inch of that big dick up her butt, Annie was almost overwhelmed with a weird sense of pride. Especially as, in her current position, it was easy to look over her shoulder, meaning that she got to see the happy look on Queen Maeve's face throughout the butt stuffing, then turn into a wide grin and chuckle of delight when the older woman finished burying her cock into the younger one's bottom. Which then led to some words of encouragement.
"Good girl, ooooooooooh, that's a very, very good girl. Just a little more, just a little more, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkk, ah fuck, oh baby, you did it!" Maggie tried to encourage softly towards the end, but then completely lost it when the butt fucking was finally completed and she was all the way inside the, maybe formally, innocent girl's rectum, "Oh fuck baby, you just took it all! Every single inch all the way up your perfect little butt! Oh God, I'm so proud of you! Mmmmmmmmm, Queen Maeve is so proud of Starlight for taking every single inch of this big dick all the way up her tight little ass. Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, I used to think there was a stick up here, mmmmmmmm, and maybe there was, but we replaced it with a nice big cock, didn't we baby? Yes we did, mmmmmmmm, and now? Now you're going to let me fuck this perfect little fat ass, like a good little anal whore."
Those words made Annie blush furiously, but she didn't reply, because what could she possibly say? It wasn't like Maeve said anything that wasn't true, and she probably wasn't even aware of what she was saying she was so lost in her lust, so it would just be more embarrassing for them both, if she called her out on it. Besides, by pausing to gloat, Maeve was actually giving her a chance to relax and get used to this weird sensation. Or at least, as used to it as she was likely to get. Which was surprisingly effective, as Annie's rectum slowly relaxed and accepted it was going to be used as a cock depository. Then her poor butt hole, which had barely had a chance to get used to being a cock pocket, had to get use to officially being used as a fuck hole.
Inevitably the other woman pulled her hips back, causing inch after inch of dildo to slowly slide out of Annie's ass hole. Then when it was about half way out, she slid right back in again, and then repeated the process over and over again. Oh God, a cock was sliding in and out, in and out, in and out of her back door, making it official. She, Annie January, was getting butt fucked. Butt fucked by Queen Maeve! Oh God, Starlight, who was supposed to be an inspiration to women everywhere, and of all ages, was bent over and spreading her cheeks and allowing the legendary Queen Maeve to use her most private hole as a fuck hole for her pleasure. Oh God, Annie couldn't believe this was happening to her.
Some combination of those words echoed in her mind over and over again for the next few minutes, which felt more like hours, as the other woman used her for her pleasure. Which should have been horrifying, especially given exactly what part of her the legendary Queen Maeve was using. But it was, somehow, not enough to be off-putting. And while she was lost in her thoughts the pain slowly faded away to simple discomfort, and then nothing at all. Nothing but pleasure. Oh God, before Annie could realize what was going on she found herself letting out a moan of pure pleasure. Something which made her blush furiously, and then an even deeper shade of red as this of course led to the older woman laughing in delight, and taunting her.
"I knew it!" Maggie chuckled with delight, after getting over the initial shock herself, "I fucking knew it, mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, it's always the quiet ones. Oh fuck yes, the good little Christian girl loves it up the ass. What a fucking cliché. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I've known girls like you, my entire life. So prim and proper, but once my girl cock is in their asses they're total anal whores. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, it's always the same. Except maybe, you. And that's just because I don't think I've ever had a girl moaning for me so soon. Mmmmmmmm, makes me wonder how quickly I can make you cum for me. And you know what? I can't wait to find out! Oooooooooh, fuck yeah, moan for me little Starlight, moan for me!"
If it was possible to die from embarrassment Annie would have definitely done so in that moment. Which somehow only added to her enjoyment, as did the fact that Maggie pushed her hands off of her cheeks, and slapped them hard enough to make them jiggle. To make matters even worse, that gentle spanking actually had her crying out, whimpering and even moaning in pleasure, just like the sadistic bitch wanted. Oh God, why had Annie ever agreed to this in the first place? She must of been out of her mind. This was gross, and disgusting, and weird, and only total sluts liked it up the butt. Annie had never in a million years thought that she would be one of them, so why had she agreed to this? And why was she continuing to let it happen?
Of course she knew the answer to both these questions, and that it was simply that she had feelings for Queen Maeve. Deep, overwhelming feelings, which had somehow led her to being bent over like a little bitch, and getting fucked like one. And even now, those stupid feelings were keeping her in place, and allowing Maeve to do whatever she wanted to her, no matter how twisted and perverted it was. How humiliating. How horribly good it felt. Oh God, it might be simultaneously the best and the worst thing that ever happened to her, which was really saying something, especially when it came to the worst. And the worst part? She was going to cum. Nothing could stop that now.
Especially with Queen Maeve continuing to smack her ass, and encouraging her, "Yessssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, that's it, moan for me little bitch! Moan and cum! Oh yes, cum for me! Cum while my dick is in your fat ass! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, cum like a bitch! An anal bitch! Oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes, that's what you are, Starlight. Oh yes, sweet little Starlight is my anal bitch. I took your back door cherry, and now? Now your ass is mine! Literally! Yeahhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, your ass is mine! I own it! And now you're gonna cum like the bitch you are! Yes, yes, oh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, cum for me! Cum, fucking cum! Cum now! Cum, oh fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"
She tried to stop this, but it was no use. She tried to stop herself from moaning, but she couldn't do that either. All poor Annie could do was stop herself from cumming as soon as she was ordered to do so. Even then she came incredibly quickly in the grand scheme of things, and what was worse she then came over and over again, each climax more powerful than the last. And in the process Annie felt her powers activate. At that point, she didn't even try to stop it. No, there was barely even any warning, as one moment her eyes were flickering, and then they glowed a blinding white, the entire room seemingly filling up with it. And yet, Queen Maeve continued brutalizing Starlight's poor little butt hole, truly turning innocent little Annie January into her fuck hole.
Queen Maeve was stronger than Starlight. She was stronger then pretty much everybody, with one terrifying exception, that she didn't like to think about at times like this. The point was, Maeve was strong, and normally had to be very careful with the people around her, especially her lovers. But not Starlight. No, this prim and proper Christian girl could take everything Maeve could give her, which was also part of the appeal. That was certainly the case now, as Maeve slowly worked up to giving her full speed and strength to what was truly becoming a rectum wrecking, and no doubt it was only Starlight's enhanced healing which would allow her to ever sit right again. Among other things.
It wasn't something Maeve even planned on doing, it just kind of happened. One minute she was carefully thrusting as slow and gentle as possible to give her girl a chance to adjust to having her ass obscenely violated, the next she was pounding so hard and deep her hips were literally a blur. Better yet so were Starlight's big juicy butt cheeks, which Maeve wouldn't have been able to even see if it wasn't for her enhanced senses. She would however hear the deafening sound of flesh on flesh, and Starlight's screams of pleasure, which had to be echoing throughout the whole city. Which was thankfully drowning out Maeve's ramblings, as she just couldn't help but get completely carried away with the dirty talk.
She would probably have to apologize later for some of the things she said, but it would totally be worth it, given that those words combined with the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of sodomizing sweet little Starlight gave Maeve maybe the most satisfying climax of her life. Which was really saying something, considering all the other naughty things she had done to this woman, and this woman had done for her. But it was true, her favourite thing ever was fucking this perfect ass. And thankfully it seemed that Starlight felt the same way, given just how hard she was screaming and cumming for her. Although the most impressive thing was yet to come.
Firstly Starlight started hammering backwards against her thrusts, almost making Maeve lose her balance. Because apparently Queen Maeve was stronger than Starlight under normal circumstances, but when there was a cock in her ass sweet little Annie January went supernova. Apparently literally, as all of a sudden the room was filled with bright yellow and then white light, which left the 'Queen' blind for several long minutes after the fact. Of course she didn't need her eyes to continue destroying that perfect ass, but it was the devastation she was hearing around them which caused the older superhero to groan with displeasure, and then pull herself away from the younger one. Which involved pulling her cock out of Starlight's ass with a wonderfully obscene sound, and then moving back to admire her handiwork.
Of course, she was still having trouble seeing at first, even as thankfully light was fading away, now she wasn't lighting up Starlight like a Christmas tree with orgasms. She could just about make out the shape of the other woman, collapsing face down as she tried to recover from her climaxes, accidentally perfectly presenting herself for a little photo shoot. Which Maggie took advantage of with an evil smile, quickly retrieving her phone, and then when her vision had returned enough, she took a picture of that widely stretched crater which had only a few minutes ago been a virgin rosebud. Admittedly, it felt more like hours, but still the devastation was impressive, and again, it didn't look like Starlight would ever recover if it wasn't for her enhanced healing.
With her vision now fully restored Maeve smiled wickedly at her magnificent handiwork. It was something she dearly wished she could spend much longer admiring, but sadly it seems their little tripped down Hershey highway had some unintended consequences. One which even a weary cynic like Queen Maeve had to do something about. Or maybe that was Starlight being a bad influence on her? Either way, Starlight certainly wouldn't let it go, quickly collecting her clothes and putting them back on as she quickly hopped over to the window and witnessed the devastation she had caused. Which actually caused the blonde to cover her face in gasp with horror, which would've been cute, if it wasn't for the reason behind it.
Actually, it was still cute, but Maeve's heart broke when sweet little Annie gasped, "Oh my God! Did, did I do that?"
"Yeah." Maggie admitted, for better or for worse, and then she tried to make the other woman feel better, "But I'm pretty sure no one was hurt."
"You're pretty sure?" Annie snapped, and then grumbled, "But you don't know, do you? Unless you have a secret power no one knows about, or something."
"No, but if I listened carefully, I can tell if a nearby heart stops beating. And none of them did." Maggie said firmly, even though by her own admission, she wasn't 100% sure. Then when she got a look in response she insisted, "It will be fine. We'll just get out there, and save the day. We're The Seven, it's what we do."
Annie initially just grunted in response, heading towards the door, only to stop and question, "Wait, you're not... you're not going out there like that, are you?"
"Well, it could be a fun new look." Maggie teased with a wicked grin.
"I'm sure Vought would love that." Annie grumbled, "And it wouldn't have questioning implications on the whole, empowering women thing, you're supposed to be all about."
"Perhaps you're right." Maggie admitted, before grinning wickedly, "But before I put it away, it has to be cleaned properly."
"So get a cloth or something." Annie said dismissively.
"I was more thinking something along the lines of your hot little mouth." Maggie said, deadly seriously.
Which of course caused Annie to blush furiously, and adorably, and then stammered, "Wha, what?"
"You heard." Maggie said firmly, taking a few menacing steps forward.
For some insane reason Annie actually considered this for a few long seconds, before dismissing it, "No."
"No?" Maggie questioned.
"No." Annie said more firmly, "I've tried enough new, and weird, stuff for you today."
"Are you sure?" Maggie pushed, taking a big risk in the process, "Because you just lit up soooooooooo bright because you were cumming so hard with a cock in your ass. Mmmmmmmm, in fact, you came so hard from being fucked in the ass, I really don't think I should waste time fucking you any other way from now on. Oh yes, you should just be my little anal bitch, cumming nice and hard every time I stick my dick up your perfect little butt. And afterwards you should show me the proper respect, by being my ass to mouth whore. I mean, I think I'm reading the room, but maybe I'm wrong, huh? Am I? Just tell me, and I swear I'll never fuck your ass again."
There was a long pause, then Annie whimpered, "Please don't."
"Don't what?" Maggie pushed.
"Don't, not fuck me like that." Annie blushed, "Just please, don't make me, you know?"
There was another pause, then Maggie shrugged, "Okay, I'll let you off just this once. But this does need cleaning..."
With that Maggie took off the strap-on, and pushed it into her own mouth. Which certainly wasn't Maggie's preference, but it was worth it to see the look on Annie's face. Especially when she moaned in pleasure. Admittedly, that was a little forced, because again, this wasn't really her thing, but the truth was Annie January did have one tasty little booty, and it was a pleasure to slowly clean that cock right in front of Annie's face. More importantly, it planted the idea that this really wasn't so bad, and maybe this was yet another thing this sweet little church girl wouldn't have thought she would've liked, but actually would, as long as it was for her Queen.
"Twisted bitch." Annie grumbled.
"Actually." Maggie grinned wickedly, as she took the cock out of her mouth, "I think we just proved once and for all that you're the bitch in this relationship."
In response Annie just rolled her eyes, and then just jumped out the window as she began to help the innocent lives which she accidentally put in danger. Queen Maeve was quick to follow Starlight, and as they told the reporters who would later arrive, no one was seriously hurt. There was probably a couple millions worth of property damage, and Maeve wasn't sure that Starlight would ever stop blushing, which could be a serious problem when the cameras were rolling. But it was worth it, even if she only got to fuck Starlight in the ass that one time. Which certainly wouldn't be the case if Maeve had anything to say about it. Oh yes, lighting up Starlight with butt sex would now be a more regular thing than any actual type of heroics, something that she dearly wanted to tell the whole world about.
Instead, she reassured the public, "Don't worry, with me and Starlight here, everything will work out, in the end."
Annie yelped and blushed, first when Maggie seem to appear out of nowhere, and then when she playfully slapped her sore ass, leaving her to rush off after stammering, "R, right... in, in the end."
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2020.10.02 19:29 igorhesmun Camera hotel sex

My name's Vladimir. I'm from a small village in western Russia. About 7 and half years ago I enlisted into army when I was 23. With time I got a reputation of being the best infiltrator and sniper in my division. I was also skilled in hand to hand combat, both with or without weapons. After 6 years and lot of thinking I decided to leave the army and live a peaceful life back in my village and at first it was. After living there for few months I have received a reputation of being the greatest hunter they have ever seen and my skills have even became known in big part of Russia and even some other European countries like Belarus. After a year living in that village, two shady people started to be seen all around. I saw them myself sometimes. One day I heard knocking on the door. When I opened the door I saw those to people standing there. They were in black suits, had sunglasses and black hats. One of them carried a suitcase. The other one pulls his arm out of his pocket and offers me a handshake. „Good afternoon, my name's agent Alexei and this is agent Carlos.“ he said in Russian. Carlos nodded: „May we come in?“, he asked in English. They told me that they heard about my abilities and that they ar recruiting people around the world for a special task no one should know about, not even any government. I was sceptical at first but situation became more interesting every minute. It was about some happenings in Sri Lanka. Entire populations of villages are being wiped out in just a week and their remains would be found shattered all over the rainforest. „At this moment, about 300 people have been killed and we need to find out who or what is responsible for that because it could be a great threat.“ said Alexei. Carlos continued: „We need your help. Your skills would be very useful and maybe even essential to this operation.“ „What i sit in for me?“ I asked. They answered with: „Fame in our organisations and money.“ I thought for a bit and then asked: „What if I refuse to come?“ They looked at each other and then Carlos replied with: „Unfortunately, a person who know this much about the operation is too dangerous for both of our organisation. I'm sure you know what that implies.“ I sighed and said: „Well there's no other option then. I'm coming.“ Next day we went to Moscow. There we got on a plane and got to Colombo. I was supposed to meet rest of my team there and so I did. Some of them were there for a month while some came just a day before. There was one last person we needed to wait for so that night we slept in hotel just outside Colombo.
Next day there were 2 new men and 1 woman dressed same as those guys who brought me here. The woman told us that we have day to meet each other so that we could function better as a team and that we should to be in front of the hotel at 10pm. If we were even a second late, they would leave us here on our own. There were 3 teams. All 3 were made of 7 people. We weren't allowed to interact with other groups. We weren't told the reasoning behind that and we knew that we wouldn't get an answer even if we asked. What we knew was that each group consisted of 3 hunters, 3 biologists and a native guide. I think now would be the best for describing our appearances, personalities and roles. I was one of the hunters. I'm 6'5“ and am very muscular. I wouldn't call myself exceptionally smart but army clears your mind and teaches you how to think more logically. I have longer brown hair tied up in a man bun. I also a beard. Second hunter was a Spanish guy called Andres He was in his 40s and had a trained hawk. He said he was the best tracker in the world. He had short black hair and small mustache and was around 6' tall. Third hunter was a Swedish woman Thea. She had a stereotypical look and built like a Swede. She was around 6'2“ and she had dark blue eyes with platinum blonde hair. She was a trap expert. Then there were biologists. There was a Korean woman called Chin-Sun. She was herbalist. She was around 5'4“ and around 30 years old. She didn't talk much so we didn't find out about her a lot. Next person was a doctor, her name was Alisa and she was British. She was 5'8“ and was very athletic. She was a ginger, she told us her mother was Irish. She carried a large bag full of medical instruments, gauzes, painkillers and similar. Last biologist in our group was Scott. He was around 5'7“ and skinny. He said he was a zoologist from USA. He was bold and had no beard. He told us that he discovered some things of great importance in zoology. And the last person on this team was our guide, Hashan. As I mentioned earlier he was a native from one of the villages that got wiped out. He managed to survive an attack on one of the villages. He was around 5'8“ and very skinny but he knew the rainforest better then everyone. He was about 56 years old. We arrived at time and boarded a bus which took us to a part of the rainforest in which all the incidents happened. It took us half a day to arrive there and another half a day to walk to the part where we could sleep properly. We put up the tents and went to sleep. We slept for only 4 hours. Fortunately nothing happened that night. In the morning we ate some canned food we prepared. After that we walked for an hour and half to get to a village. There were about 20 small houses made of wood lifted on platforms above ground. In the middle of the village there was some type of shrine with a lot fruit surrounding it. A woman dressed in black from before appeared out of nowhere and told us to go to talk to a chief of the village. Before we could do that she gave us all walkie-talkies and told us on which frequency we can contact each other and on which we can contact other groups if needed. She also gave us 2 maps of the rainforest with marked places of where the other groups were staying. There were also marked „Ghost villages“. That's what natives called the villages that were attacked. She wished us good luck and went away with Hashan. They left us here on our own to figure everything by ourselves. We went to see the village chief. His house was in the middle part of the village and was the biggest house. When we entered he was sitting on a floor with a short table in front of him. He was around 60 years old and had a long white beard but he was bold. The table was full of food. „I was expecting you. Sit. Eat. I have a lot to tell you“ he said. „My name is Kavindu. Thank you for coming. This village is indescribably grateful for your help.“ He explained us how few other neighbour villages were destroyed completely by the monster. We were in disbelief but we still listened. He said that some people from other villages escaped and that they have stories which would send chills down the spine of any man or woman. Stories so brutal some people even puke after hearing them. He also told us there was 2 people who escaped one of those villages and are getting cared of by the other villagers. When the conversation about that ended he said: „There will be a festival tonight in honor of your arrival. My people would be very pleased if you come.“ His youngest son, who was 21 showed us where we would sleep. It was a small house with 4 rooms prepared just for us. There was a small kitchen and a small bathroom. There were 3 rooms with 3 beds. Andres, Scott and I got one room while Thea, Chin-Sun and Alisa got the other. We settled and prepared our things. We all went to sleep due to low amount of sleep we had. I woke up around 6 pm and explored a house a bit. It turns out there is also another room in form of an attic. It was a surprisingly high attic and I could walk normally in it. There is an important detail I didn't mention earlier; we weren't allowed to bring any weapons like guns and knives. There was a small chest with a note. „In this chest you will find things we prepared for you. Use this wisely and don't waste your ammunition.“ I opened the chest and there were 6 tactical bows with a lot of metal arrows. At the bottom there were 6 machetes. I used a bow only once before and while it might now provide as long range as a sniper, it provides easier stealth. I took the equipment down and put it next to beds of both guys while I put equipment for the girls in front of their door. Second to wake up was Thea. She made us some coffee. She found a coffee pot in one of cupboards in the kitchen. We talked about our lives a bit and I found out she also served in army but just for a year. We got to know each other very well. After few hours we could see the festival was starting so we got out to see it. There were kids running around, women were dancing with their husbands in front of their houses and the chief was sitting on a chair near the shrine. His youngest son was next to him but he was talking to some girl of his age. There was a small group of people playing drums and some other native instruments. Everyone wore a face and body paints in multiple colours. We walked around together and talked to people about the festival and some other things. We could smell the meat being cooked. Two of us had a great time getting to know the village, it's people and each other. Next to wake up was Andres. He brought his hawk with him and gave him some meat he kept in a small pouch tied to his pants. Few minutes later a large fire was lit and people started dancing around it. They tried to drag us in and I can't say it didn't work. We joined in and had a lot of fun. After the dance there was a dinner. We ate a spotted dear with some some edible local plants. We also had some fish. It was a unexpectedly large feast. Just before the dinner started the rest of the team woke up. There were some more performances before dinner like traditional dances. Some kids made us necklaces so Thea allowed them to paint her face. When she turned to us, Alisa and I laughed so she made a sad face as a joke. At the feast we were seated next to the chief. He set in the middle, on his right there was Thea, then me and last on that side was Chin-Sun, on his left side there was Alisa, Scott and Andres was the last. Surprisingly, we were offered alcohol. Alisa, Scott, Andres and Chin-Sun got drunk quickly while Thea and I… well she is a Swedish and I am Russian so we don't get drunk easily. After few hours the festival was over and we went to our house. Thea and I got everyone into their beds and said good night to each other. Not even a minute after that we hear a woman scream. I quickly grabbed bow and arrows while Andres and Scott just lifted their heads. I ran out and saw a dark figure dragging a woman into the forest by her leg. It looked like a 4 legged creature. I quickly loaded the bow and shot at the creature. I could hear the arrow hitting something hard. The creature let the woman who ran into the house she has been dragged out of. The creature looked at me and it's eyes locked mine. They were kind of glowing in the dark. Similar to how you can sometimes see cat's eyes in the dark. Problem was this thing definitely wasn't a cat judging by how the figure looked. It was bigger and much fuller than any large cat. Instead of running away or attacking me it just continued looking at me while walking slowly into the forest. I felt fear like I never felt before. It froze me in place. I didn't know what to do. That creature just got hit by an arrow and just calmly walked away. Woman's screams and crying snapped me out of the situation and I ran to the house she entered. I found her completely naked crying in the corner of the hall. I asked her what happened and she just continued crying. I realised that she was the girl I saw talking to chief's son. I looked around other rooms. I found him in a bedroom. He was cut in half. His intestines were spilled all over the wall. His arms were cut off in a way that matches the cut line on his body. „That was a large swing“ I said to myself. I looked at the wall again. I haven't seen more blood in my entire life. While I was doing that Thea got the girl covered and got her out so that someone could take care of her. I went outside and there was an entire village standing in front of the house. Village chief had tears in his eye. He knew what happened. One of his older sons got in because the chief wouldn't be able to handle seeing his son's dead body. When i showed him his brother's body his eyes teared up and he puked because of smell and amount of blood. He looked at me angrily and said: „You were brought here to protect us. You should have fought that creature, you should have been killed, not him. Get out!“ I tried to calm him but he shouted again: „GET OUT!“ I passed all the villagers and went to see what happened to the girl. Thea took her to Alisa. Adrenalin hit her so hard that she became sober again. She inspected the girl while the 2 of us watched. She had visible bite wounds around her legs and they were really large. She had scratches all over the front side of her body. Alisa cleared the bite wounds with medical alcohol and put a gauze on it. She gave the girl some pills to fall asleep easier. We figured we would question her tomorrow. We brought her to her parents and then went to the chief. When we entered he was on the floor. His son that was with me in the house looked at us and said: „Who gave you right to enter?“ angerly. The chief then told him to exit and he was visibly confused. When he left chief said: „He was so young. Why didn't the monster kill me. I'm going to die in few years anyways. Why did it take him. He didn't deserve it!“ He stood up and turned around. His eyes were full of tears and his face was almost entirely wet. „That thing needs to be killed as soon as possible. Can I count on you?“ We all nodded and he got back in his position. We left the house and were met by villagers looking at us. Thea took one step and started a speech: „We were invited here for a reason, kill the killer. We were told that the killer is a monster to which we wanted to laugh. We thought it wasn't true. What happened today scarred us. We are ashamed that all of that had to happen for us to realise we were wrong. That mistake should not be forgotten. I can't change what happened but I can change what will happen! That monster will pay for what it did to you and other villages! WE WILL REVANGE HIM WITH THE BLOOD OF THE MONSTER!“ Everyone shouted with her and lifted their fists. She looks at me and smiles. I nod at her and she looks back at people. She walks into then and hugs them one by one. Alisa and I went back to the house. She went to sleep while I took the map, a flashlight, a compass and the walkie-talkie. I went behind that house and checked in which direction the creature went. It was north. There were Team East, Team North and we were Team South. It was what I feared. I quickly put in the frequency on the walkie-talkie and called Team North. „Hello, this is Vladimir from Team South. We had an attack and one casualty. We managed to drive the creature back to the rainforest and it went north.“ I received an answer: „Hi, this is Antonio from Team North. We didn't see or hear anything but thank you for warning us. Good night.“ I looked around more and I found the arrow i shot. It was sticking vertically from the ground. Fear took me over. I picked up the arrow and almost the entire tip was broken. Next morning we woke up at 11am. Pretty late if you ask me but the three of us were drunk while the other three run around the village in the middle of the night. This was the day when we were supposed to get rest of the gear from those shady people. We needed to get cameras, a laptop for those cameras, a strong power generator (the village had power generators but they were barely enough for household appliances) and some things we requested so that our hunt would be easier. I requested throwing knives and a larger and sharper machete, Thea requested some parts she needed for traps, Andres requested food for his hawk and some bight vision goggles, Alisa requested for more of other medic supplies, Chin-Sun requested for some pouches sos he could carry some berries or plants with healing properties and Scott requested for a book. Things arrived around 2pm and took 6 people to bring everything. The woman in black arrived with them. „Everything you requested is here, we expect you to use it properly. In that crate“ she pointed at the largest one: „are cameras and a laptop. You're also find some bear traps.“ She explained us in which crates our stuff were. I told her about the last night incident and she wanted to see the body. She was visibly disgusted by the body but she tried to hide it. In the light I properly saw the body. It was now visible that it was cut from left to right. All the intestines were pointed to the right from the body. Also, blood was only on one wall, the one right to the body. When we exited the house, our team gathered around and the woman told us: „This is probably the last time we'll ever see each other. I wish you a good luck.“ Andres replied with: „We'll need it.“ „You might be here for a longer time. Don't try to leave unless the creature is dead. I gave you a frequency for our agents, if you need any urgent help call us. Don't use it for dead bodies. You'll find files where you should write reports of when something happened.“ She explained some other things and then left. That day was the last day before we start investigating and hunting the creature. Thea and Chin-Sun went to set up the traps. Scott and Alisa went to aid the girl and question her about the creature while I and Andres went to look for some tracks. We found tracks where the girl was dragged and there was a small trail of blood from the house. It stopped where the creature was standing when I shot it. We found some footprints. They were the most unusual footprints. It looked like crocodile footprints but with longer fingers and it looks like it had claws similar to parrot claws but much larger. They were large, around 30.5 cm/12 inches long. Andres said that he has never seen something like that. We entered the rainforest and there was a 50 meters/166 feet long trail of broken plants and then the trail stops. We found scratches on the wood in the lower parts. That was all we could find. We all met back at the house and informed others about things we found. Thea told us where the traps were set and marked them on the map. Chin-Sun found some poisonous berries and applied them to the traps. Alison sighed: „We asked the girl what happened. She explained that she was engaged to chief's son. They had sex and she went to the bathroom. When she came back at the door of the room she heard munching. She was wierded out by that. She asked her husband what he was doing but there was no reply. Suddenly she saw to light dots moving through the air. There was a window with open blinds at the other side of the room through which the fire could have been seen. But now part of the view was blocked by something muscular, tall and long. She immediately knew what it was and screamed. The thing jumped on her and she almost dodged it completely but it bit her for her leg. Started dragging her and that's when you jumped in.“ „So it's as silent as it is deadly“ replied Andres. He smurked: „So we are as good as dead.“ „Not yet“ I told him: „We need to put the cameras up too. Let's get to work.“ The moon was already high up when we returned from the rainforest. We had around 60 cameras. It turns out there were 5 laptops and not one. That's so that we could monitor all the 60 of them at the same time. Alison and Scott put everything up in the attic. Chin-Sun and Scott were set at cameras during the night while Alison and Thea during the day. Andres and I were the ones who explored the rainforest and reset the traps if they were triggered by some animals.
This story is too long to be posted in one part so I'll be posting the second part immediately after this.
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