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I was always my mom’s favorite. Well, of course I was. I don’t have any brothers or sisters. Don’t have cousins, either. Don’t even have aunts or uncles, at least none who ever kept in touch with either of my parents. Growing up, it was just me, mom, and dad, who busied himself mostly with hating my mom from a distance. We lived in a drafty, four-story house with dozens of rooms I never even stepped inside for the twenty-some years I lived there.
My mom was the wispy type. She was a once-upon-a-time hippy who sort of floated around from one thing to the next like an untethered balloon. She was constantly bumping into things and pissing people off. Even her sing-song voice reminded you of that squeaky sound a balloon makes when its surface rubs something the wrong way. Mom’s nature drove off anyone who’d have added a normal dimension to my cloistered upbringing.
Mom was protective as hell, too. We had a weird relationship. Uncomfortable as it is to admit, I always felt like she’d have been fine marrying me and kicking my dad to the curb. Makes me woozy just thinking about it. But in that fierce, inappropriate love was an undeniable sense of protectiveness, a lioness vigilantly guarding her cub.
Suffice it to say, I was my mom’s everything. She did everything in her power to protect me from the world.
By the end, she was batshit crazy. Looking back, I wonder if she’d just been batshit crazy all along, if age slowly peeled back the onion layers to finally reveal the true craziness underneath. But the psychologists assured me that her final mental break constituted a new level of batshit.
If you’ve never heard of sundowners, let me be the first to tell you that it’s fucking terrifying. Watching your mom’s brain turn to goo is a helpless feeling. She spent the five o’clock hour for the last three months of her life wandering around the house talking to people who weren’t there, yelling at walls, and threatening to kill herself. As if our relationship hadn’t already been strained enough. But no matter how much inconvenience she caused me throughout my life, I felt pity for her.
During her sundowning episodes, she’d wander into the forgotten rooms in the old house, some of the ones I’d never stepped foot inside for as long as I lived there. The rooms were loaded with useless shit that my mom had hoarded over a lifetime and forgotten belongings from previous owners. The house was supposedly created by some nutty architect. It was chock-full of secret corners and hidden passageways. Four stories tall (who the fuck builds a four-story house?) with snaking hallways connecting each empty room to the next, steep stairways leading between the floors, and a blanket of dust covering all of it on account of the massive place being impossible to keep clean.
Even as a thirty-year-old, I felt scared to follow mom into those forgotten rooms. I’d let her sundowning episodes run their course, waiting until her threadbare sanity returned and she found her way back to find me. But on the occasions she didn’t snap out of it, I had to play her unsettling games of hide-and-seek.
I’m making my mom sound like a purely bad person, but she had a good heart underneath the nuttiness, at least at some point. Things got worse over the years, but when I was really young, I remember my family being somewhat happy. Mom didn’t have a day job so she made being a parent her full-time gig. Growing up, I was never allowed to watch TV or play video games, but she always created activities to keep me busy. Friends who came to sleep over –– aside from being scared as hell of the old house –– wondered why we couldn’t just plug in a VHS. But mom always insisted that “A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing” and that “TV is one of society’s most malignant cancers.”
Instead of TV, Mom would hide things –– candy, cookies, homemade toys –– and create a meticulous treasure map for me to find them. She’d write a series of riddles which, if I solved them, would win me a pizza night. Our yard –– overgrown, just as maze-like and disorderly as the house itself –– was a veritable jungle. If I found the special amulet she’d hidden (a painted mason jar lid with thread poked through a hole to make it wearable), I’d get a pocket full of quarters to spend at the local arcade. A few hours at the arcade was a rarity, but the prospect of winning the big kahuna made her stupid games worth playing.
Mom also took a homemade, homeopathic approach to helping me deal with the traumas inherent to growing up. Throughout my childhood, I always had nightmares –– bad ones. It was probably on account of growing up in a terrifying old house without any role models besides my kooky mom and absentminded dad, but that’s another story.
Mom eventually came up with a solution: the Nightmare Box. She whittled it herself, nicking her fingertips with the carving blade a dozen times in the process. The box was plain, simple, and square. There was no stain or varnish. The only texture on the outside came from the rough cuts my mom had made into the piece of wood. She fastened on a tiny brass clasp that kept the lid shut, and screwed in some cheap hinges from a local craft store on the box’s backside.
The box opened, but I was strictly instructed to always keep it closed.
“You can put your nightmares in,” mom had said, with her ecstatic, toothy smile. “But you don’t ever need to open it. We have to trap the nightmares, see? Don’t ever let them out once you put them in.”
I obeyed her. Mom had a weird mystic quality, and I’d always assumed she was clued into some secret of the universe I’d never comprehend. So I kept the box closed, and every night before bed, while other kids around the country were kneeling down to say the Lord’s Prayer, I was doing my best to channel my nightmares into the box.
One of my most vivid memories of childhood was mom’s late-night visits to my bedroom. I woke up almost every time, and through cracked eyelids, I’d watch her grab the Nightmare Box from my bed stand. Other kids had a tooth fairy –– I had a nightmare fairy. Mom would take the box over to my window, crack the window open, and empty the invisible, imagined contents of the box into the night. Then she’d come back over, place it on my bedside table again, and go back out the way she came.
Strangely, the idea worked. I still had nightmares occasionally, but I wasn’t scared of having them anymore. I came to realize they were dreams, just strange ones, a different part of my subconscious making itself known. With a little mental makebelieve, I learned to put my nightmares in the box, and obeying my mom, I kept them there by always keeping the lid closed.
I still hadn’t opened the box until a few weeks ago.
Before we get to that, real quick, I need to tell you a few more things for everything to make sense. Let’s go back to mom being a good person past all the eccentricities, which I think is important to reaffirm. Despite all the darkness of what happened, I want to remember the good stuff, too.
Outside of treasure maps, homemade puzzles, and Nightmare Boxes, mom was one of my biggest cheerleaders in school. She pushed me to study hard so I could make it out of our shit town and go to college. She served on the PTA all throughout elementary school, annoying the shit out of all the other parents but vocalizing her opinions anyway. Her homemade cookies always went untouched on account of people being scared she’d snuck some hippy shit into them, but she showed up for me.
She went out of her way to do good deeds for others, too. She organized canned food drives in the neighborhood every holiday season even though we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas at the house. She worked with the city planners to create a space in an old, abandoned parking lot for homeless people, equipped with toilets, fresh water, and soup served every night by volunteers. When Thea Mitchell from down the street went missing, my mom organized search parties that went out every night. Mom became obsessed with finding Thea and giving her family closure. Long after everyone else stopped, my mom kept her investigations going. I remember countless nights when mom would have tears in her eyes at dinnertime, lamenting how hard it would be to lose a child while my dad glared at her from his seat at the head of the table.
Mom’s obsession with Thea surprised me because, on the one day she had seen me walking home from school with Thea, flirting as horny middle schoolers tend to do, she scolded me.
“I don’t like her long hair,” mom had said. “Girls with long hair like that –– well, I don’t know, but I just don’t like it.”
Thea did have long hair. Long, blonde, beautiful hair. She was the envy of every other girl in town. She was the most popular girl in school, but she had enemies, countless girls who whispered about her in the hallways, driven by jealousy. Thea’s hair (and the cut off jean shorts she always wore in the warm months) was part of why I had such a vicious crush on her. For a few weeks, we dated, if you can call it that. It consisted mostly of sitting together at lunch and walking home together the one time my mom saw us.
After meeting my mom and seeing how lonely and strange my home life was after school one day, Thea, like pretty much every other kid who’d seen the same, said that she wasn’t interested in me anymore. That was that.
When Thea disappeared, mom showed up. Mom had known about my crush. She saw how big a toll Thea’s disappearance had taken on me. In addition to her nightly searches around the neighborhood, eventually, mom devoted an empty room on the first floor of our house to her amateur investigations. After she finally stopped searching the neighborhood, she spent what seemed like every waking hour in the room. The walls were covered with maps of town scrawled with notes written in mom’s elegant, loopy handwriting, pictures of Thea, and thumbtacks and twine connecting all of it together. She kept after it long after everyone in town, including Thea’s parents, gave up. She did it out of love for me.
I’d hear my mom talking to herself in the room one floor below my bedroom –– the one she’d turned into Thea Mitchell HQ. At the time, I needed the Nightmare Box more than ever. I swore I could Thea wailing on the night wind outside my bedroom window. Even at age fourteen, I put my sadness, frustration, and despair into the box, never opening it on account of my promise to mom and fear of what might escape if I did.
My mom’s obsession with Thea’s disappearance eventually sent her over the edge. One day over breakfast, my dad staring at mom with hateful eyes over the top of his newspaper, she collapsed. She seized on the ground until the paramedics came, my dad, looking on indifferently, me crying on the ground next to her, begging her to snap out of it. I remember mom staring at me with a glazed, milky stare as the paramedics carted her out. I knew at that moment that whatever sanity my mom once had was now completely gone.
Dad had her committed, then ditched town without saying much. Child and family services decided that it was okay for me to stay with my best friend, who lived down the street, on account of not having any family and being old enough –– in ninth grade, at the time –– to keep up my studies in school. I visited my mom occasionally and did my best to live somewhat of a normal life.
The rest of high school came and went. The old house stood there, empty, still owned by my family, filled with our junk. It was a grim inheritance waiting for me once I got old enough to do something with it. The Nightmare Box was in there too, sitting in my childhood bedroom on the nightstand collecting dust. I forgot about it eventually.
Senior year of high school, I got into a liberal arts college on the opposite side of the state. I went for two years, studying English with a focus on journalism. Then I dropped out and decided to move back home and care for mom. As much grief as she’d caused me throughout my childhood, she had cared for me when my dad hadn’t. Seeing her in the insane asylum (they called it a “care facility,” but it was an insane asylum) made me sad. However nutty she was, mom didn’t deserve to be locked up like that, so I quit school and became her full-time caregiver.
During the almost ten years I cared for her, I watched my mom decline. The sundowning episodes became more frequent. Eventually, she talked to people who weren’t there and yelled at the walls even when she wasn’t in an episode. I moved into my childhood bedroom on the second floor –– I had to have some space from my mom, who I’d set up in the room above mine, which was one floor beneath her and dad’s old bedroom up on the fourth floor.
In October of last year, mom climbed up to their bedroom and followed through on her promise to kill herself. She jumped out the window, impaling herself on the wrought iron fence that surrounded our house four stories below.
After I got over the grisliness of it, I felt relief. The coroner assured me that mom had died on impact. Now, she’s finally at peace.
Earlier this year, I finally decided to sell the old house and move on with my life. I entered rooms for the first time and tossed most of the crap out: old books, stuff from my mom’s childhood, files from dad’s old clients, and junk that belonged to previous owners. It was tedious work, but there was relief in it. I was finally able to let go of things, to strip away the baggage of my strange life and leave it in a dumpster.
When I was cleaning out my mom and dad’s old bedroom up on the fourth floor, the one where she’d committed suicide, everything changed. On the old dresser, tucked next to jewelry containers, scattered makeup, and crumpled clothes from another lifetime, I saw the Nightmare Box. Until that moment, I’d forgotten about it. The box was the only thing in the room that wasn’t covered in about fifteen years of dust. A voice of reason told me to throw it into the trashcan along with all the other junk, but the fact that it wasn’t covered in dust caught my attention. Someone had been picking it up, handling it, even though everything else in the room had been left untouched.
I decided to open it for the first time. Despite all the warnings my mom had given me throughout my childhood about what would happen if I did, I pried up the old clasps with shaky fingers.
Inside the box, I found another one of mom’s games. No nightmares, just four trinkets. There was a homemade compass, an old skeleton key, a razorblade covered in blood-colored rust, and a yellowed scrap of paper. On the piece of paper were two words written in my mom’s elegant, loopy handwriting: Itchy Scratchy.
Surely it was just more evidence that my mom, before she’d finally died, had gone completely batshit. But a little voice inside my head said there was something to it. There had to be –– there was always a deeper layer when it came to mom’s games. Every puzzle had a solution. Every riddle had an answer.
The logical place to start was the compass. I took it out, and its needle started spinning around randomly. It sure as hell wasn’t pointing north, which was the direction my mom and dad’s bedroom window had faced. I decided to walk around the house and see if the needle was being drawn to something. I wandered around for a half-hour like I was a kid again, following the treasure map or hunting down the lost amulet in our overgrown yard. There was nothing on the fourth floor. But as soon as I walked away from my mom and dad’s old bedroom, I noticed the needle was pointing straight back in that direction. I walked down to the third floor. Nothing there, either. The needle pointed back to the room directly below the old master –– the room I’d set my mom up in for the final years of her life –– but once I went inside, the compass needle started spinning in circles again.
There was nothing on the second floor, either. In my old bedroom, the compass needle continued its crazy dance. When I finally made it to the first floor, I found the source. It was in the room adjacent to the kitchen, underneath my bedroom, mom’s temporary room on the third floor, and the master where I’d found the Nightmare Box. The compass had led me to the old room my mom had turned into her headquarters for finding Thea Mitchell. Around the room, the pictures of Thea and town maps still covered the walls. The thumbtacks and twine were there as well, connecting my mom’s hair brain theories. Continuing to follow the taut compass needle, I saw the homemade magnet it was attracted to: a large steel rod to which my mom had taped a picture of her and me. I had to have been in third or fourth grade in the picture, sitting in front of mom with an anxious half-smile, her behind me with that ecstatic, toothy, almost comedic grin that warned of something unhinged deep inside, which had waited until later years to reveal itself.
Wrapped around the steel rod was an ugly nest of copper wire. A thick braid of wire led to a DieHard truck battery, which had begun bleeding acid onto the floorboards below. How long had the magnet been there? Years? How long had my mom been designing this final game?
I felt my hand, still holding the Nightmare Box, being pulled toward the magnet. It was the key inside. I noticed that the car keys in my pocket were being pulled toward it as well.
One puzzle piece down. I dropped the compass to the ground. Behind the magnet and the picture of my mom and I was a pile of old wooden chairs. On the other side was a blank wall. Past the chairs –– their wooden legs like tree branches in an overgrown forest –– I saw that the wallpaper was a different color. It was floral print, with pink flowers intertwined on a mint green background. It was the same pattern as the wallpaper surrounding it, but newer, more vibrant. The difference was slight, so slight that you wouldn’t have noticed unless you had a reason to look. I moved the chairs aside. Then I realized that the new wallpaper was a rectangle in the shape of a doorway.
Three pieces of the puzzle left. The skeleton key, the razor blade, and the yellowed piece of paper with the words Itchy Scratchy written in my mom’s handwriting. I took the razor and cut the wallpaper along the shape of the doorway. It went right through, except when I hit the hinges on the left side of the door frame. After finishing cutting the shape, I dropped the razor blade and ripped back the wallpaper. It stuck to the frame, letting up puffs of old glue as the paper clung to the wood.
Two puzzle pieces left. The skeleton key fit perfectly into the door’s lock. I opened it. On the other side, there was a rickety wooden staircase leading down to a dark cellar that I never knew existed. I flipped a light switch next to me, and a set of naked bulbs, strung together by exposed wire, lit the passage, a dull yellow light shining through decades-old dust. I descended the stairs, which creaked in protest beneath my feet. At the bottom, was a dirt-floored corridor leading to another room.
The place was an abandoned wine cellar. Ancient bottles filled some of the racks, but most slots were empty. How much time had my mom spent down here? Why had she spent any time down here? I started realizing that this was her solution to my childhood problem of having bad dreams. This was where the nightmares I’d put into the box all those years lived, even though my mom had pretended to let them go on the night wind outside my open bedroom window.
Carved into the wooden wine racks along the corridor were a variety of messages:
God is watching.
The truth is in the stars.
Sluts never prosper.
Baby deserves love.
No more nightmares.
God is dead.
The dirt-floored corridor was silent, but I covered my ears anyway. Every scrawled message was written in my mom’s voice. Her words pounded in my ears.
I finally reached the room at the end of the corridor and opened the door. If it had once been another part of the wine cellar, some previous owner had turned it into a woodshop. But as opposed to wood, the room smelled like decades-old death. Whatever had died in here had been dead for a long time. Scabbed over. Leathered. Mummified.
Sitting in a chair in the middle of the room, arms and legs bound to it with leather straps, was Thea Mitchell’s corpse. I knew it was her because the corpse was approximately the same height as she was. It was also wearing cutoff jean shorts, the same ones Thea had been wearing the afternoon before she’d disappeared. The same ones she always wore in the warm months.
I walked forward to look more closely at Thea. One thing that wasn’t the same was that her long, beautiful hair was gone, shorn down to the scalp. What was left of her hair had been cut to the skin in some places, which was scarred by haphazard scissor marks.
Thea was wearing something strange. A shirt. Looking closer, I realized it was a shirt made of her own hair, from the chopped up pieces of her once beautiful locks.
Around the room on the workbenches were a variety of torture implements –– pliers, several screwdrivers, hundreds of razor blades covered in blood like the one my mom had left me to cut the wallpaper. There were syringes full of gelatinous gunk –– some sort of homemade drug my mom had used to keep Thea calm –– and junk food wrappers strewn about next to a dozen containers filled with human waste.
I looked down at the Nightmare Box, then back up at the mummified corpse of a fourteen-year-old girl wearing a hair shirt. There was one final clue, mom’s last game, her dying gift to her beloved son. Two words scrawled on a yellowed piece of paper that have become burrowed under my skin like a festering splinter of Thea’s hair:
Itchy Scratchy.
Why did mom do it? To punish Thea for deciding she didn’t like me anymore? Because she didn’t like her hair? The unanswered questions haunt me. Maybe mom went crazy earlier than any of us thought. People don’t become evil overnight. How much other stuff had my mom done throughout her life that would make her grim torture chamber look tame by comparison?
After twenty years, Thea Mitchell’s family finally got closure. I decided to have the old house bulldozed, then I put the property up for sale. There was a petition in town for the city to reappropriate the land and turn it into a community garden in Thea’s memory. I signed my name next to a few hundred others, but a rich real-estate developer from the opposite side of the state swooped in, paid off the city, and started breaking ground for a luxury apartment complex a month later.
Taking the money felt dirty, but it was enough for me to move somewhere else and start over. My mom went down in the history books as a sadist murderer. It was one of the more disturbing moments in the history of our small town, but most people forgot once a few news cycles passed.
It feels selfish to admit, but I think the hardest part for me is that no matter how far away I move, I can’t forget what happened. For the first time since someplace in the middle of my troubled childhood, the Nightmare Box is full again.
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2020.11.22 17:38 itynib Naked mom horny

Hi everyone. Im 21 years old. Two days ago i found out that the man that tried to groom me when i was 14 had been doing the same thing to other young girls and has been publicly exposed for it. After this some other memories started clicking in my head and now im very confused about my experience, whether it's real, abuse or if im overreacting

My mom died when i was 5. She was healthy and died out of nowhere, when calling my dad. My brother was barely one year old. After this point my memories get blurry and confusing, I will do my best to describe the things i do remember:
not a long time passed and my dad started dating this woman (Marisa) who was older than him and had two daughters (if i remember correctly, there was Rocio (20/21) and Violeta (4/5/6/)).
Marisa hated me and she was physically and emotionally abusive.
I was about 7,8 or 9 years old during this. I have a few memories:

all of this happened behind my dad's back and it was constant. i now understand that this was abuse. my dad know some of it, i told him after they broke up and he apologized several times. i dont hold it against him.
however i'm now starting to think i may have been sexually abused or exposed to sexual abuse. here are the things i remember:

these are the things that im currently remembering. i cried all morning and called my dad and told him. he was very shocked and also very upset. he apologized and insisted me on seeking therapy. i did therapy for many years before but never told her in detail about this. my old psychologist told me a few times that some of my reactions matched with the experiece of sexual abuse.

sorry if this doesnt belong here, she wasnt my mom but she occuppied that role for a few years. she made me call her mom.

im afraid i might be overreacting and making this up. im confused. i dont know if i was abused, or if i saw her abuse her daughter and tried to make it about me. im very confused. i will seek therapy but in the meantime i would love to get some words. from anybody. can anybody relate? am i overreacting?
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  11. Languages: English
  12. Favorite color: Blue
  13. Favorite food: Pizza
  14. Favorite activity: Watching TV and Drawing
  15. Favorite music genre: pop or rap
  16. Favorite artist: bbno$ or billie eilish
  17. Favorite song: i don’t rlly have one
  18. Favorite movie: don’t have one either
  19. Favorite video game: right now it’s probably vrchat
  20. Favorite TV show: idk
  21. Play any sports: i play basketball
  22. Last thing you did: Watch TV
  23. Do you currently have a job: not right now
  24. Future job hopes: idk a biologist or something would be cool
  25. Have you ever drank/smoked anything: Yes
  26. Have you ever done drugs: No
  27. Any pets: I used to have a fish and a rabbit
  28. Most favorable memory: watching tv with my older brother
  29. Most embarrassing moment: lol i have no clue, sorry :)
  30. Dream vacation: Tokyo
  31. How many family members: 4. my mom, my brother, me, dad
  32. How many friends: idk like 15 irl and 20 online
  33. Do you plan on going to college: ya
  34. Do you use any other social media than Reddit: Instagram and Snapchat
  35. Who do you follow: on instagram? a lot. reddit? not a lot
  36. Have you ever had an internet argument: like ten min ago
  37. Most used social media app: Reddit
  38. What’s your username on each app: not willing to share
  39. Have you met any friends online: yes
  40. Do you follow any NSFW accounts: No
  41. Last person you dm’d: no one that would like it if i shares that information
  42. What was the last message you sent: 😁
  43. How many followers on social media: 2 on this reddit account, like 1000 on insta
  44. Amount of time you use social media: over 5 hours a day
  45. Most expensive thing you own: phone or oculus quest
  46. Do you own anything about 1k: computer
  47. Most prized possession: my friends
  48. Do you own anything embarrassing: No
  49. Weirdest thing you own: these questions are so weird i literally have no clue
  50. Do you own anything popular. my phone and vr
  51. Do you own anything considered rich: i mean yeah i have a macbook
  52. Do you own anything futuristic: if you’re counting vr then yes
  53. Coolest thing you own: vr
  54. Oldest thing you own: i have no clue i don’t have a lot of old things
  55. What did you buy/get recently: a dongle for my headphones
  56. Hair style: blonde and wavy. medium length.
  57. Hair length: medium
  58. Hair color: blonde
  59. Nice
  60. Body style: skinny, thicc ;)
  61. Ethnicity: white
  62. What are you wearing: black sweatpants. blue sweatshirt.
  63. Eye color: brown
  64. Are you wearing makeup: nope. too much work. don’t think i’d like it
  65. Type of underwear that you are wearing: boxers
  66. Favorite outfit: volcom
  67. Facial hair: none it would be dope to have a cool mustache tho
  68. Sexuality: bi
  69. Relationship status: single 😍
  70. Who is your crush: non existent
  71. Celebrity crush: ariana grande
  72. Have you cheated on someone: never had anyone to cheat on
  73. Ideal girlfriend/boyfriend: cuddles, someone adorable, cares about me. someone i can shower with love and will reciprocate it.
  74. Ideal date: cuddles and watching a movie
  75. Have you ever asked someone out: no i’m a pussy
  76. What do you hope in a relationship: someone to share all of myself with.
  77. Are you interested in anyone: no
  78. Do you real life/online date: no
  79. Are you a virgin: yesh :)
  80. Have you ever seen anyone naked: sexually no. i’ve seen like family members naked when i was little.
  81. Do you have any piercings or tattoos:
  82. Have you ever had a same sex experience: no
  83. Have you ever sent a nude: yes i regret it a lot
  84. Have you ever sexted: yes
  85. Have you ever kissed anyone: nope
  86. Am I attractive: personally i am not. you probably are. sexy fucking beast come over here.
  87. Have you ever slept together: no
  88. Do you want to have sex: if it was w/ someone i cares about
  89. Are you straight/bi/gay: bi
  90. Dick size: 6.6. kinda big. nothing huge. idk where i stand i know 5.5 is average i think but it still doesn’t feel big yk.
  91. Pubic hair: slightly trimmed. will probably do more if i get a partner
  92. Do you have any body hair: pubes, armpit hair, i get facial hair but i shave it
  93. Are you circumcised: nope. all natural. as one should be.
  94. How often do you masturbate: haven’t since nnn but usually like once a day or every other day
  95. Have you ever watched porn: no NEVER EVER EVER EVER
  96. Ideal sexual/physical attributes: idk someone cute again. big hoodies. adorable. nothing specific
  97. Favorite sexual fantasy: getting rimmed but don’t tell anyone 😳
  98. Turn on/turn offs: kinda the same as the other one. turn on - cute, open, loyal. turn off - idk just the usual ones. mean, not trustworthy
  99. Any kinks: ok fine yk what? i’ll admit it. i wanna be rimmed and i wanna be pegged. of course it’s not a necessity but it would be nice.
  100. Ideal sexual position: haven’t had sex 0/10
  101. How do you masturbate: idk rubbing my foreskin and my frenulum over my head feels good lol. right hand up and down.
  102. Do you own a toy: no sexual ones
  103. Have you ever been caught masturbating: ye
  104. Have you walked in when someone was having sex: no thank god
  105. Biggest fears of sex: premature ejaculation
  106. Any STD’s: you can’t really get one from yourself
  107. How often are you horny: not very. like every other day
  108. Most embarrassing sexual story: none really
  109. Are you currently horny: nope
  110. What do you expect in a sexual relationship: someone open. someone loving.
  111. Where do you go to schools: online school
  112. What classes do you take: um a bunch of different hard ones.
  113. What grade are you in: 9th
  114. Most favorite teacher: math
  115. Least favorite teacher: don’t have a teacher i don’t like. computer science maybe
  116. Highest/lowest grade: lowest english, highest PE lol
  117. How long is your school day: 10 to 3
  118. Did you do your homework: not the weekend hw
  119. Any tests, quizzes, exams coming up: not this monday but the next one
  120. Last bad grade: A 21/20 on a project.
  121. Last good grade: 10/10 on like a lot of things
  122. Are you rich/poor: me personally i’m not rich
  123. Where do you stand in the wealth class: i don’t have a job personally
  124. How big is your house: pretty darn big
  125. Take a picture of your house: no uwu.
  126. How much do your parents make: no clue. not a little amount. both parents have good jobs.
  127. Do your parents struggle with debt: nope
  128. Do you own a pool: No.
  129. Do you live in a gated neighborhood: No
  130. Do you have expensive stuff: yes
  131. How big is your room: smallest in the house. i don’t know the measurements
  132. What kind of school do you go to: public school online.
  133. Send a selfie: no i’m ugly
  134. Do whatever I say: go for it
  135. Dm me: feel free if you have any interesting question
  136. Ask whatever you want: penis size?
ask or dm me questions i guess
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2020.11.13 08:42 Dante--Belmont Wife of 7 years cheated on me - So I got revenge by doing something messed up

So I'll start by saying that me and my wife have been happily married for 7 years, and we had an amazing marriage, after a lot of experimenting with different people I had finally found the one.
We rarely had any arguments, we were both crazy into the same shit: anime, otaku culture, fitness, etc
Our sex life was great, we would fuck 2-4 times a week even after this long and she would rarely ever stop my advances.
She would always cook for me even though she had work as well and I was friken head over heels for this perfect women.
We had no kids, but we were planning to as the time became right and as our finances improved to where we were both comfortable with, but now that's impossible for her.
So this all started 8 months ago, when I noticed my wife was glued to her cellphone all the time.
I found that weird so I joked and said "why are on the phone so much, you cheating on me" and I kid you not my wife's face turned pale the instant I said that.
I remember as soon as I saw that face that a disgusting feeling emerged from the pit of my stomach but then my wife said "don't be silly, haha" and just came up to me and kissed me.
We had sex after that but I was honestly still thinking about that especially after we finished.
Now, me being the naive dumb little idiot I am, I didn't question her further that day making excuses like 'oh, it's creepy to ask to look at her phone' or 'I should trust her more'.
So I just ignored it and we both went to bed.
The next week passed and I noticed my wife was coming home later than usual, and when I asked her about this she told me it was work and they had some new projects at work.
When I asked her about the new projects, she was really vague and said she was too tired and didn't wanna talk about work at home.
I grew more suspicious and decided to for the first time invade her privacy.
I asked to borrow her phone and she quickly perked up and said what for?
I said I just wanna look something up.
And I kid you not, she said she had to go to the bathroom and just quickly stormed away to the bathroom and locked the door.
Now keep in mind, we were very sexually open and we NEVER locked the bathroom or even closed the door even when we were taking a dump, yeah we were THAT couple.
This was a first.
It shocked me so much that I just fuckin stood there frozen in place as it clicked to me, she's cheating on me.
But a small part of me still hoped it wasn't true, after all I didn't see any proof yet, she's prolly just feeling tired.
She came out of the bathroom like an hour later and gave me her phone.
She said I could use it and sorry that she locked the bathroom, it was a big shit so she didn't want it to smell too bad, which was weird because we never gave a fuck before.
I looked through and didn't see any messages but I still felt weird about this.
The next night, I took my wife's phone as I figured out how to recover deleted texts when she was sleeping.
I logged into her icloud(she uses the same password for everything) and there I saw a huge string of deleted messages.
My heart immediately shattered and my legs went weak.
There was illicit messages dating back to 6 months ago from that day and it included the whole package, sexting, nudes being sent and whole bunch of fked shit that I don't even want to think about.
The worst part is I knew the guy she was seeing.
It was her boss from work, I wasn't close with him but I knew how he looked like and also that he was a married man.
I felt like crying at first but soon I felt so angry that I almost wanted to smash the phone on the ground.
I made a back up and saved all the text messages and attachments, for proof and sent it to myself.
I put the phone back and took my car and just drove to the nearest empty parking lot and just cried my heart away.
I felt so broken and I just wanted to kill myself but then I thought about my wife's face and how happy she looked and I just felt pure hate and anger towards her.
I was gonna destroy her.
After getting worried calls from my wife I returned back home and she questioned me panicking about where I went and what's going on.
I don't know how I did it but I just smiled and gave some BS about testing the car.
She bought it and we had breakfast and I left, called into work and requested a leave of absence. I have an amazing boss and I pretty much just told him what's going on and he said ok and gave 2 weeks of vacation leave which I was grateful for since I would get paid even though leave of absence without pay would have been fine as well.
I called a lawyer and requested and set up a meeting, and later on I went and bought electronic cameras that I could install in my house.
I went home.
I waited and eventually my wife came home surprisingly earlier than usual.
When she saw me she kept pestering me more than usual about what happened this morning but I just kept bsing to her that it was nothing.
We ate and my wife that day was initiating sex but I just felt disgusted that I didn't even wanna look at her so I just told her that I was tired.
She kept pestering me what was wrong and tried again but I just kept saying later, and eventually we both went to bed.
The next day, I signed into my bank account. I wasn't worried about financials, the house was under my name only and I had got the mortgage before my marriage.
My wife and I had a joint account, I called my bank and opened up a single checking account and did a real time transfer of all the money in that account into my new single checking account.
As far as credit cards and Lines of credit, everything we had already paid off, but I closed all the joint credit cards we had and one LOC we had which was 50k that I doubt we would get approved for again but I didn't give a fk.
Now everything that was joint was closed except for the joint checking which now had 0 and I got rid of the Overdraft protection of 3k on that as well, so anything that was below 0 would bounce back.
A couple days pass, I've set all the paper work done from the lawyer, all the stuff I've sent him is proof and I've set up house cameras in my house just in case.
A week passed and I looked up her boss on Facebook and found his wife and messaged her. I told her everything and sent the proof to her, she said she wanted to meet up. I said okay.
I met up with the women the next day, and she was an absolute mess.
We talked and she cried many times and I comforted her.
She was an old woman in her 40s, and they had a 12 year old daughter.
She said that she would be filling for divorce and thanked me profusely and wanted to stay in touch.
We exchanged numbers and for the first moment I just felt a sense of relief that I wasn't in this alone.
I eventually got home and my wife comes back also early today, what a surprise.
she starts pacing nervously towards me.
"Myname is everything okay"
Im pretty much quiet and ignore her at this point and just sit down on a chair and just look at her.
She starts freaking out a little and keeps asking what's wrong.
So I just lay it on her.
"Why did you cheat on me"
I remember her immediately freezing and then denying it and telling me if anything s wrong and what the hell I was on about.
I had taken a print out of all the text messages between her and her boss and I just threw the papers at her.
She immediately started crying and said that it was a mistake and that she was sorry.
It was strange, a part of me really wanted to forgive her when I saw her, a bigger part of me just wanted to get this divorce over with but an even bigger part of me wanted to use her and break her.
I said that I wanted to get a divorce and at this point she screamed and freaked and starting vehemently crying and literally got on her knees and begged me with tears in her eyes to forgive her.
She kept saying she would do anything and that it was a mistake and it will never happen again.
When she said that, I don't know what happened, I slapped her across the face and I mean HARD slap where you could feel it from far away.
My wife immediately shut up but just continued crying and just whispering "sorry, sorry, sorry".
I don't know what came over me, I was not a violent person and I had never EVER put a hand on my wife or anyone in my entire life but the next thing I did is even more fked up.
I unzipped my zipper and took it out and told her to suck it. For a second she just looked at me then I yelled at her and she instantly started blowing away.
I remember gagging her hard I just wanted to hurt her I didn't care about the pleasure and eventually I yelled at her to take her pants off and she did and I just pretty much fked her raw and came inside her.
I don't what happened that day but I just snapped and just fked her into oblivion and continuously came into her raw.
But I was getting more and more happy as I saw her get hurt. She was crying and begging me to stop but I kept reading the texts whenever she did and she stopped whining.
We eventually both fell asleep on the bed.
I woke up the next day and I don't know why but I just felt so much more energy and happy with myself in the morning.
My wife wasn't in bed so I headed to the kitchen and saw my wife sitting on the table.
She was a mess, her eyes were puffy, she looked like absolute garbage.
I purposefully laughed at her but on the inside I was hurting like hell and a part of me even felt bad.
She kept telling me she was sorry, and how it was all a mistake and she won't do it again and the usual bs.
I was still naked, so I went up to her and did the same thing as yesterday but I didn't even ask this time, I just pulled and gripped her hair hard and did the deed.
Pretty much the same shit happened as yesterday, I just fucked her the whole morning, raw, till I was satisfied and then made breakfast.
A plan was starting to form in my head and I was getting more and more messed up thpughts the more I thought of it.
I went to her and told her not to go to work.
She immediately said yes and she'll take a couple days off.
I verbally abused her for a while.
My wife looked shocked but she just started sobbing and went to the phone and started calling her workplace.
After that I did all kinds of fked up stuff to her.
I told her to lick my toes, then my balls and even my ass which she hesitated but I just reminded her of her affair and told her that her boss's must have been happy fkin u and she immediately complied.
The whole day went like this and I continuously came inside her raw.
Same thing happened next day and day after that.
Pretty much my wife kept apologizing all throughout these days as I kept threatening to divorce her and she would cry and bs about how sorry she was.
One day my wife got a call from her work and they notified her that she was fired.
Apparently, the AP's wife had informed her husband's workplace about my wife and his relationship as it's against policy and there was some other stuff involved too but I was too busy pretending to laugh at her when I saw the look of depression on my wife's face.
Now her sobs increased but I kept telling her that I would still divorce her unless she did what I asked of her.
She said that she would do anything, literally anything.
I told her that I wanted to have a kid.
When she heard this she was so happy and started crying and saying she would love to give birth to my kids and she always wanted to be a mother, and how she waited till I was comfortable.
I said perfect.
We kept having sex, it was weird before my sex drive I would was maybe slightly above average but now I was horny whenever I saw her.
I enjoyed the power I had over her and also the pain I was causing her or when she was in discomfort.
Eventually 2 weeks passed and my wife pretty much obeyed all my commands.
I told her about the cameras in the house and that if you go out for a duration of time, I'm leaving you.
She adamantly told me she would stay indoors.
I had told her not to look for a new job, my job was enough and she should just get ready to be a mom.
She was happy to hear this.
So this continued and she didn't go out of the house much, unless it was for groceries which we did together and also with COVID we couldn't go out much.
Eventually my wife became pregnant and she was overjoyed.
I told her to come into living room, and we both sat down, she became a little worried but said she was very excited for this baby and would do her best to raise it.
She had always wanted to be a mother.
I took out the divorce papers and put it on the table.
As soon as she saw them she froze for a couple seconds but immediately started sobbing and asking why- she was pregnant, please let's stay together, I love you and all types of bs.
I said I wanted to get divorced.
Now she starts bursting into tears and keeps crying again.
I told her if you don't want me to divorce you, there's something you can do.
Now this is where my my messed up thpughts lead to after weeks of this.
She looked at me and just kept saying she would do anything and begged me to not divorce her.
I told her to abort the baby.
I remember when I said this, my wife got angry with me and told me how I could be so heartless, how ironic.
She kept screaming at me and said that was the one thing she wasn't going to do.
So then I pulled out my phone and on it was a group chat I had created with all our close families, friends, our social circle including her mother.
My wife's mother was very religious, like hardcore catholic.
If she found out her daughter cheated there would be dire consequences to their relationship and as the only daughter and child of her, they were close.
I told her that I would upload all the scummy details of your affairs to this group so everyone can see what a piece of shit you are.
My wife began crying and begged me not to do this, that this isn't right.
I told her to choose and pressured her hard after telling her what all her close friends, and her mother would think about her.
She agreed to get the baby aborted and I set up an appointment to get the abortion done.
My wife stopped crying much after that, she simply looked dazed and empty.
We got the operation and she cried right before and cried a lot after it telling me how she was a horrible woman, she felt like a failure and that she wanted to die.
A part of me actually felt horrible, ashamed but a bigger part of me was thrilled and excited that she got what she deserved but I still wasn't done yet.
One day, I did the same thing as before, I threatened her again with the divorce and the social life.
She started crying but this time tried to hear me out.
She was right, I wanted her to do a vasectomy.
She screamed at me and told me she would never do that, she desperately wanted to be a mother and I had already ruined that.
However I kept threatening her and eventually she broke down and agreed.
We went to a urologist and I had to literally drag her into the room to make sure she went through with it.
It was a success, now she couldn't give birth and she cried again for so long, till she couldn't.
Later on, we couldn't fuck as it would take time for her to heal.
So we waited two weeks.
After that time, my wife was now severly depressed and had no life in her eyes.
Even when I fucked her she simply just grunted but didn't show any reaction even when I was choking or hurting her.
So I decided to spice things up, by this point my wife was pretty subservient to me, she would go along with anything I said when it came to sex.
So I called a tattoo artist that I had paid more than normal to get some tattoos on her.
I blindfolded my wife and told her to lay down, and I paid extra to this tattoo artist to do this.
We started with her ass right above it, I wrote my name's c*mdump.
I wrote stuff like this in a couple other places and eventually we got to her forehead.
When she noticed she freaked out and tried to stop it but I told her everythings fine.
But she kept screaming and freaking out and eventually the tattoo artist grew freaked out too and I just said fk it.
He left after that.
We had sex after that.
Things were going good for me, my wife was staying home, she didn't move much from her room unless it was for food, otherwise stayed in bed when I wasn't home.
I guess due to her depression.
I'm not gonna take her to therapy but will check up on her health.
So fast forward a couple months something happened one day.
I was going home, and I get a call from the hospital stating that my wife had attempted suicide and that I should get there as fast as possible.
I told my boss and drove to the hospital.
I found my wife in the room and she looked like absolute shit and I also saw my neighbors.
They said she had overdosed on advil but nothing serious.
The neighbors told me she came to their house and kept screaming that she was a bad woman and she's not a good mother and she deserves to die.
I apologised to them, told them she's not mentally stable right now, this definitely won't happen again.
The doctor discharged her and I took her home.
When we got home I immediately screamed at her and told her as many insults I could muster.
She simply just stood there and just fell to the floor.
I grabbed her but when I did she just eerily deflated back into the floor like she was dead or something.
It looked weird.
I said fk it and just picked her up and threw her into the bed room,made her some food which she ate and just spent the day nursing her.
Eventually she did come out of the slump and I started the rough sex routine again but she's severely depressed these days and many times says she wants to die.
Honestly, not sure if I'm gonna divorce her, I like where everything is at right now but good to know that I have the option.
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2020.11.06 14:38 krutchs M4F- my horny stepmom

M4F- my horny step mom
My horny step mom
so this is a true story that I want opinions on, and also willing to role play the rest out me being the step son and you being the step mom.
Short back story. When I was younger 10-14 she used to take showers and walk to the bedroom naked cause she forgot her towel(always a beautiful figured woman) really walked around with the up most confidence. On the occasion I’d walk into my dads room to ask him a question and their sex toy collection would be sprawled along the floor( things like a 14” double ended black dildo) not your average toys. I could often hear them having sex for hours on end they weren’t shy about it. As a young kid going through puberty I had the extreme fantasy of my “hot step mom” I feel as this fantasy and her wild tendencies really got in the way of us every having a real relationship.
Well fast forward as I was removed from my dads house to live with my mom. I’ve lost all contact with her. About 1 year ago (29 now) I reached out to her cause I couldn’t get ahold of my dad and she knew how. So she did I thanked her and about a week passed. She sent me a decent long text asking me some questions and just testing the waters if I’d respond or not. I did. After about a week of texting back and forth I came out and spilled the beans for the first time ever. I’m a sex addict and my want to fuck my step mom has consumed me has really gotten in the way of us ever able to get close. She was very accepting and understanding and was telling me it’s natural etc. she assured me she looks at me as her son and that she loves me. Well she often tells me about her lack of sex life. Tells me the kind of stuff she’s into the current toy collection she has now. All stuff that literally makes my cock throb talking about. I’d start to carry into the conversation my self she carries it on for a few texts then says she has to go. (So confusing) well brings me to the other night.
She’s a very physical person (loves hugs kisses on the cheek rubbing your arm stuff that touchy feely people do) well I met her at the bar and she had seemed to be very buzzed if not drunk. Hugs me when I get there squeezes real tight like she always does. We sit down puts her foot on my leg, whatever we are sitting close. Puts her hand on my forearm whatever she does it to everyone. Asks me to go outside she can smoke, we go outside she sits down she pulls me close to her and rest her head on my hip saying “this is why your stepmonster doesn’t stay out this late I’m drunk!” Then sits up and says let’s go back in. We go back in and at this point I have to leave. She gives me a huge right hug leans back goes to give me a “cheek kiss” but turns right into my lips. Whatever quick peck it’s who she is, then we re wrap for a hug and I pull away to leave goes in for another smooch goodbye on the cheek and super sensually with soft lips kiss mine and opens her bottom lip, feeling her breath come into my mouth sending jolts down my spine making instantly rock hard I pulled back and say your sure your okay to drive? she said yup! Drive safe love you honey. And I walked out.
Thoughts?! Anyone wanna role play the rest if I ended up staying loner or giving her a ride home?! Send me a message or chat would love to hear!
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2020.11.05 15:53 Ok-Level-1548 Naked mom horny

Bear with me as my story is long!
For my entire life, I’ve had what you call a numb vagina. I’ve never had an orgasm, I’ve never felt pleasure or sensation.
When I was 5 years old, that’s when I endured both physical and verbal abuse from my narcissistic mother. At just five years old, I remember looking in the mirror and thinking how ugly I was. My mother never called me beautiful. It was mostly just abuse and humiliation in front of my younger sister who was deemed ‘The Golden Child.’ Can you imagine having self esteem issues so young? My first memory of her is her slamming me up against a wall, holding my throat to the point I couldn’t breathe.
Flash forward three years later, my first experience with my sexuality had to be around 8 years old when I tried experimenting with myself through masturbation. I remember thinking, “Is this how I’m supposed to feel?” Each time I tried exploring myself, I felt absolutely nothing. Each time I touched myself, I also felt guilty. Like what I was doing was wrong and dirty. I of course couldn’t talk to anyone about this. My mother had made it seem like only men masturbate. That it wasn’t a girl thing. At 8 years old, the physical and verbal abuse had only gotten worse.
Let’s do another time jump to my middle school days. (11-13 years old.) I still had no clue what sex was. My mother never talked about it. I was kept in the dark for awhile until I, out of curiosity, asked her myself what sex was. When she explained it me, all I was told was that sex was used for reproduction. She failed to mention anything about female pleasure, just that a man ejaculates during the act so that the woman can have a baby. So for the longest time, I didn’t know women could orgasm. I thought it was normal not to and only men did it. Mind you, anytime my mother spoke of sex otherwise, it was always in a negative way. She made it seem like sex was for nasty girls.
When I reached puberty and my first period, I announced it to both my mom and dad. She got angry and said, “Why did you feel the need to announce it to everyone?” No matter what I did, my mom always seemed annoyed by me. Like she could barely tolerate me. When I started growing hair on my legs and pubic areas, I kindly asked her if I could start shaving because the hair made me itchy and uncomfortable. She got so angry I asked this and said something along the lines of, “You don’t need to shave. Who is gonna see it anyway? You’re not grown.” After I had asked this, she assumed I was being sneaky behind her back. A couple times I got out of the shower, she would barge in and tell me to remove my towel and stand naked in front of her so she could inspect my private parts to ensure I wasn’t shaving them. I remember feeling humiliated. My body didn’t feel like my own. Let me add that I was the older sister, my younger sister who was two years apart from me, was already shaving without a problem. When I started growing hair on my armpits, she said I was allowed to shave but only if she did it herself. I had to remove my top, lift my arms, and let her shave it before I got into the shower. I told her I was uncomfortable being naked in front of her and she got angry yet again and said, “That’s stupid, you shouldn’t feel that way I’m your mother.” As well as abuse, she constantly invalidated my feelings. My mother was constantly trying to control MY body. She never did this to my sister though, just me. I felt myself very detached from my body. It just didn’t feel like my own. At this age, masturbation felt the same. I still felt no sensation and for awhile I just gave up on it. My self esteem was lower than before. I’m naturally a skinny girl even thought I eat a lot. My mom would ask if I was eating food then throwing it up. My sister would always call me a twig. If you haven’t guessed it already, my mom and my sister were my first bullies. They thrived off my pain. In the seventh grade, I fell into a depression and became suicidal. My mom found out (longer story), and confronted me with rage an anger. She asked me “What do you have to be depressed about? You have clothes on your back and a roof over your head.” She ended up grounding me for a month.
Flash forward to my high school years. Things were getting worse with my mom. I was growing up, I started questioning things I thought were unfair. This only made our relationship worse. She would pick fights with me right before I had to go to school, so I would always come to school crying and upset, my whole day ruined. I had the most unreasonable rules. Wasn’t allowed to have my door closed (she always thought I was taking nudes for some reason.) I had a strict bedtime. I was NEVER allowed to have a boyfriend. I was never allowed to go to parties. Wasn’t allowed a prom date for prom. I really missed out on having a childhood. While my friends and sister went out and had fun, I was always stuck inside. When I was 17 years old, she told me that if I ever had sex, she would kick me out the house. If you’ve gotten this far in my story, you’ll know I had a pretty negative view of sex and extremely low self esteem. My mother never had anything positive or uplifting to say about me.
At 5 years old all the will till I was 20, I suffered terrible eczema. My mother knew about it as she had the same condition as me. She refused to take me to a dermatologist and told me to just deal with it. As a result this further worsened my body image and during the summer I never went out. I always wore jeans and baggy clothing to hide it which of course only made my skin worse. She had lots of creams to help eczema but she hoarded it for herself. It’s like she wanted me to suffer, wanted me to feel ugly. It only went away the day I moved out.
Once I graduated high school, I met a boy a year younger than me. He was very experienced with sex, and we both had a crush on each other, but he was a huge asshole. One day we hung out because we agreed he was going to take my virginity. On the day of, I started to chicken out. As horny as I was, I wasn’t ready to loose my virginity. I told him this and for about 15 minutes, he kept pressuring me to change my mind. I kept telling him no, some other time. That I wanted to get to know him more. But he wouldn’t give up. I eventually gave into the pressure and agreed reluctantly. The first thing he did was rub my clit to which I felt nothing. Next he fingered me and I still felt nothing. Then when he proceeded to enter me, he wasn’t gentle at all. Each time I cried out in pain only seemed to anger him. I didn’t feel special at the moment. Only shame. He didn’t kiss me or anything. I wasn’t even his girl. He lied and told me we would be together, but then we just ended up becoming FWB. I didn’t want this but I was too shy to speak up. I also had an intense fear of rejection. He started comparing me to other girls. Saying that he’s had better sex, that I wasn’t that great. I started to feel this immense pressure to be the best sex he’s ever had. I let my body be used for someone else’s pleasure. Each time we had sex my mind was never in it. I was always thinking about his pleasure. He noticed that each time we had sex, I never moaned and never orgasmed. He asked me if I even liked having sex with him to which I answered honestly and said that I don’t feel anything. This got him super angry as I had bruised his massive ego. He threatened to leave me and I had to make up a lie saying I didn’t mean it. From this point on, I faked moaned for him. I neglected my own needs as a woman. I saw myself as an object rather than a person. I didn’t feel alive. I had no one to talk to about this as all my friends were having great sex. They wouldn’t understand how I felt. Years later, having a numb vagina was affecting me. I went to a gynecologist and told him my problem to which he said “you’ll be fine. Just masturbate.” I tried this again and still nothing. I eventually gave up again. When I turned 22, I had my last straw dealing with a numb vagina. By then I already had my first child. If I can create a whole human being, why couldn’t I do something as simple as orgasm? I went to neurologists, I had sonograms done, blood tests, hormone tests. There was nothing physically wrong with me. I tried using yoni eggs, different lubes, pills that claim to make you more sensitive. I tried a cream prescribed to me that was supposed to make all the blood flow to my genitals so that my vagina would “turn on.” All this did was give me a headache. This made me even more depressed and grew to hate myself even more. I started doing even more intense research. That’s when I discovered something called a mental block. I never knew the mind had anything to do with sex. I read that the mind can make you disassociate and cause you to be numb down there. I started to reflect back on my life. It’s when I realized just how badly my life had been, and it explained why I don’t feel pleasure. Why I never felt “alive.” Everything started to make sense.
I am now 23. I have just recently started my journey on sacral healing and I know it will be a long one. I practice self love rituals, aroma therapy, sound therapy. I often try meditation which is extremely hard for me as I have a very overactive mind. I also tried meditating through masturbation which is also hard as I end up crying a lot in frustration and anger. I’m slowly trying to heal all my emotional wounds that have been left bleeding for years. For over 20 years I neglected my mental health so I don’t expect progress right away. I still don’t feel connected to my vagina, but I know with time that will change.
If you’ve gotten this far in the story I want to say thank you. I would love some advice and tips on healing my sacral chakra. So far I’ve been doing a lot of shadow work and manifestation, but any further advice would be appreciated!
I’m overwhelmed with joy, I did not expect to receive so many positive and uplifting comments. A few of you mentioned that before I can begin to heal my sacral chakra, that I need to first heal my root chakra. It’s an amazing feeling when you’re finally able to put a name to your confusing feelings and thoughts you have about yourself. I thank all of you. My journey has become so much more clearer now.
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2020.11.04 20:44 cherriblossomz I am struggling trying to even contemplate my sexuality.

This is probably going to be long, just bear with me please. :) To skip to where my real advice seeking is just look for the asterisk***
First things first, I am just going to say that I hope this doesn’t come of as “I think I might be turning gay?” Because I know “turning gay” has been a problem for the LGBTQ+ community in the past, mostly because it makes it harder to solidify the legitimacy of the group when people aren’t educated enough on sexuality. Therefore, I hope all you reader’s understand that I am also not educated enough to claim my sexuality at this point- whatever it may be.
Continuing on to more of a backstory for my struggle:
Growing up, my mom was very anti lesbian, anti gay, and I could tell by the way she talked about it. She’d never fully shit talk “lesbians are bad” but she always would speak in a disgraceful way about them. “I don’t understand, it’s disgusting.. to me anyways” and “i dont want you around them if they think they are into girls, you dont need to be around people like THAT”. So growing up, I had a stigma that I never wanted to be lesbian, bi, anything of the sort because of the stigma my family had around it. It was pushed into my head at a very young age to not judge people, but then that certain people (lgbtq members) were wrong. I understand you cant wish away your sexuality, but I was always terrified to just be gay one day. Or scared that maybe I’d see a girl naked and I would like it, then what would I do?
I’m in a heterosexual relationship right now, and I am very happy in every way. A couple months ago though, we talked about threesomes and I got a little jealous when he said “you a girl and I”. I am not a very confident person, so just the thought of another girl possibly being better at pleasing the one I love made me very upset. We talked about it and after I explained my pov, he understood and explained his. After we agreed that it was something we could work up to, I made a joke about how maybe he should be afraid she’d steal me away. Jumping back to my middle school years and me being afraid of being a lesbian- I would constantly ask myself if I liked girls, and Id always confirm that no I didnt like girls. I always thought “i could never see myself with a girl” but at the time I wasn’t even into guys sexually. I thought they were cute, but basically until 16 when I lost my virginity, I hadn’t even gotten horny really. And when my current partner and I were talking about if I could be with a girl it scared me because it brought back all the worries and insecurity of “what if Im gay?”
Recently, my boyfriend asked me if there was anything sexually on my mind that we could talk about, get off my chest etc. Earlier that day, I posted a nude on reddit and a girl messages me, and it slightly turned me on knowing that a girl was interested in me. That she was turned on by my picture and she wanted to contact me and show me her body. When I started telling my boyfriend, I got really nauseous and scared thinking “i cant be lesbian right? I just like the attention. I dont want to touch a female body, I cant, im straight” and basically sending me into a panic. I am normally a very paranoid and overthinking type of person so its not so crazy, but as he was trying to calm me down and talk me through it, he flat out asked me if I though I was bi. I didnt really know what to say, because I really am not sure anymore. It felt so wrong to say “i dont know” because I felt like I was just going back on everything I was grown up to think and know.
He told me to look at the video the girl sent me, and to tell me what I thought, but I couldn’t focus because I was just so scared of what if Im gay, what if i like it, does it mean i dont love him anymore? I just didnt know anything it felt like.
Its the next morning now, and I am basically asking advice on how to really get in touch with who I really am, not who I think I should be, not who I was raised to be but what I truly feel. Because I am having a hard time just thinking about if I could like a girl, and how could I ever accept myself? I hope you guys read this and I hope you can help me, I hope I wasn’t disrespecting the LGBTQ community in any of this.
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2020.10.30 04:58 JojoKen420 Naked mom horny

It was a cold winter Saturday morning, 15-year old Andy was playing video games in his room, and his lovable toys where in their usual places. His Mom and sister had gone out to visit some relatives over the weekend so he was home alone for a couple of days. Recently, Andy had been having strange yet pleasurable dreams about the girls at his school. In which he'd find himself banging them furiously, Only for him to wake up in a pool of his own splewge. And his mother had begun take notice that his sons sheets were wetter, ..and stickier than usual. And when his mother would inquire, He'd tell her that the dog kept was humping the pillows and blankets when Andy wasn't looking. But he knew it was a matter of time until his mother remembered the dog had gotten a vasectomy so he knew he had to stop somehow.
Then he remembered what he had learned in sex ed class and what the teacher said that boys did once they hit puberty to "to keep they hormones in check and they pipes clean". He know what he had to do, So he turned his game off. Ran to his mom's bathroom and grabbed the strawberry-banana lotion and turned on his desk computer. The toys were amazed as they saw how quick and efficiently Andy moved to set up his little plan.
"So what do you think andy's gonna do?," Woody said to buzz as they sat next to each other against the the corner of the room, out of andy's sight but close enough to see what he'd do on that computer chair.
"Beats me, But if we know andy then we know the little bitch is probably going to play with the lotion, like with what we see him doing with his dick in his sleep," Replied Buzz.
They watched as andy had turned the lights off and finished setting things up, and had opened up the web browzer and typed in what seems to be "Blonde girls Big boobies". And they heard another click and within a few seconds they began to hear moaning sounds from the computer. As buzz and woody glanced up at the screen, They weren't prepared for what they saw. A naked blonde busty woman was getting pounded by a tall muscular black man dressed in nothing but a tuxedo.
"WHAT THE FUCK?!...TO INFINITE AND BEYOND!" This had over stimulated buzzes wiring and triggered his built in speech mechanism. Buzz and Woody then became immobile and inanimate as they usually do when a human faces their direction.
"The fuck was that?!" Andy, now paranoid because this is was his first time whacking it, turned around and saw his toy favorite toys lying there. For some reason, Even though andy considered buzz and woody to be nothing but hollow toys, they were practically his best friends and he felt as if they were watching him,and looking down on him so he got up and turned them around.
Andy then returned to his chair and begun removing all his clothes, The toys, now having gathered around in their own secure watching spots, were astonished at what they could see andy doing. Andy was now completely nude and had dabbed the strawberry-banana lotion onto his hand and begun stroking himself slowly while entranced by the screen.
"...Motherfucker..., It looks like our Andy is becoming a man!, He's gonna be bringing bitches up in this room soon." said Buzz to Mr. Potato head as they high-fived eachother
It was about 5 minutes, Andy was going wanking furiously and passionately with a somewhat angry expression on face, grinding his teeth. Jessie, Barbie, and Bo peep, who had been previously placed on the desktop computer by andy's younger sister where now watching in amazement. And out of nowhere, Like a savage animal, Andy grabbed Jessie with his free hand and started muttering weird shit to her while he was jacking it hard and fast.
"I love you Jessie! YOU RED HEAD BITCH! LOOK INTO MY EYES! I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE MY FAVORITE TOY! YES YOU LOVE ME TOO!," Yelled Andy. He then began to strangle her to derive some form sexual thrill. Jessie, was absolutely mortified and shocked by this, being held in his sweaty grip and being looked at with so much malice and lust. In fact, her eyes widened slightly in fear, But andy was too horny to notice. She wanted to scream, In a way Andy wanted her to scream, Scream louder then when she was abandoned by her first owner. All those years ago.
"That sick bastard! I dare you to touch head like that. Me and her won't be the only ones in this room with detachable body parts!" Mr. Potato Head quietly threatened.
Andy then threw Jessie violently against the wall, and then grabbed bo-peep and threw her against the wall because he didn't like her body type. Then he finally made his way to the barbie doll that the other toys had brought with them from the toy store after their last adventure. He then ripped off all her clothes savagely and began licking her naked plastic body as he furiously fapped to her with the sound of the porn ominously playing in the background. He was making solid intense eye contact with her. Then Andy began even saying crazier shit, His brain was now in irrational primal mode.
He then ruthlessly tossed her aside against the wall like she was nothing. The toys where in shock, Had this been the same lovable child that they had grown to love over the years? A wave of sorrow had begun to come move across all the toys in the room, at the thought of this being the new Andy. A vile sex-obsessed monster that made Sid look like a fucking saint!
"IM GOING TO CUM! IM GOING FUCKING CUM!", Said Andy angrily. Amidst all that preparation. Andy had forgotten to grab a towel or something to clean up the after fun splewge. No one was prepared for what happened next, Andy Grabbed ms. potato head and forced open her back entry, and cummed gallons into the back ms. potato head. "YOU LIKE THIS CUM DONT YOU!?...YEA...yea...cumming..uh...", Screamed Andy. It was finally over. Andy then threw ms. potato head into the trash like he did with so many of the other female toys. Pulled up his underwear, Put on his clothes, and went back to playing his video games. As soon as Andy was focused on the videogames. Mr. Potato head ran to head and held her in his arms. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry my beloved...I won't let him ever do this to you again..I'm sorry". A single tear ran down Mr. Potatohead's cheek as he stared intently At andy. The boy he once loved, now the man he shall always hate.
This experience, had not affected him in the slightest. But the lasting-impact this had on the toys was permanent. They had witnessed the destruction of andy's loving innocence and transition into a pubescent horny adolescent monster, some of them the victims of direct sexual abuse, and all of them emotionally scared.
"I guess Andy has found a new toy...", Cried one soul a midst the room of once-loved toys.
The End
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2020.10.30 00:39 jessequick1988 Naked mom horny


I’m Meredith Rosemen and this is the story of who I am. I know what you are thinking, I find out who I am and have a happy ending and blah blah blah right? Wrong, I’m not like most girls my age, well in some ways I am. I have a family and good home, you know, the boring crap you hear all the time. I’m different because most kids my age know who they are at 18, but I didn’t. I remember when I started figuring out who I am; it was the start of my last year of high school in the small town of New York City. My life back then was, well, normal as it can be for being me. I had a very good looking boyfriend named Jack McKinney. I stole him from the head of the cheerleaders. I’m getting off track; let me take you back to 2007. 

The Hidden Life
The last first day: Chapter 1

I got up late on the first day of my senior year. I had been up until 2:34am talking to my boyfriend Jack McKinney about the first day. I woke up at 7:39am with only fifteen minutes to get out the door. I ran to the bathroom to find it locked, I started hitting hard as I could. A voice came from behind the door it belong to my kid sister, named Maddie. “I’m doing my make-up Matt jr you’ve had your time.” She opened the door and saw me with my clothes in my hands. “I think you have enough make-up for like twenty clowns Mads’. Now move I have to pee and I have to shower before school.” Maddie looked at me and gave me a thing of wet ones and a cup from the medical drawer. “There is your shower and a thing for you to pee in.” I pushed the door open and walked in and did what I needed to do. I got in and out with three minutes to spare, I ran down stairs and headed for the door when a booming voice yelled: “MEREDITH ANNE ROSEMEN GET IN HERE NOW!!” That voice belonged to the one and only Matthew Rosemen Sr., or in other words, my father; or at least that is what my mom tells me he is. I don’t think so though, we are nothing alike what so ever. I walk in and ask nicely: “What can I do for you father?” He looks at me, and puts up his finger for me to come closer to him. “Why were you on the phone at 2:30am this morning? Was the house on fire? Was someone being robbed? What could be so damn important that you would be on the phone at 2:30am? Tell me young lady!” I rolled my eyes and looked at him. “You know I'd love to stay here and talk about that, but I have to go to school. Don’t want to make Lamberg mad at me. Bye dad.” I got on my tip toes and kissed his cheek and ran out the door before dad could say anything else. I ran out and jumped into my 1996 blue Ford pick up truck. I drove to the gas station four blocks from my house where I knew the cashier. I got some gas and ran in the store and grabbed a candy bar from the shelf. “30 in gas and this candy bar and a pack of New Ports.” I threw my I.D at the guy. He picked it up and looked at it and gave me my smokes and rung me up. When the old man went out the door I jumped the counter and kissed the cashier. I told you I knew him. ( Or I just like kissing random guys it is your guess.)The cashier kissed me back for a minute. “So is that my tip Mer’?” I kissed him again and said: "Don’t spend it all in one place Jack.” He just looks at me and smiles. “Aren’t you going to be late for school babe?” I got down off my tip toes and asked “What is Lamberg going to do? Throw me out for being late for the first day? I wish.” Jack snorts and picked me up and told me it was time for me to leave. I jumped in my truck and lit up a cig and smoked it on the way to school. I was on my second smoke when I pulled into my favorite spot. It was the last spot by the end of the fence. I jumped out of my truck and started walking toward the school. My school is about the same age as the town, give or take a decade or two. I was almost to the front door, when I saw my enemy Starla Scrubbs greeting people with a fake smile they teach you when you sign to become a cheerleader. It’s finally my turn to see the snob and I try to get past her without much notice. “HOLD IT ROSEMEN, I SMELL SMOKE! MISS .LAMBERG!! ROSEMEN SMELLS!!” Just then the principal walked over wearing her hair in a tight little bun on her head and wearing a three piece suite that you would see a lawyer have for court. “Why yes Starla you are right, Meredith does smell of smoke.” I looked at both of them. "You should know what smoke smells like Scrubbs, you use to smoke more then I do to keep the weight off.” She snorted at me and said: “Like I would ever do that?” “I guess cause the throwing up all your meals wasn’t keeping you in the size zero.” I walked away smiling to myself. “Oh Miss. Rosemen, my office. I’ll meet you there and we can have chat.” The principal said. I looked back and said “Sure I’ll meet you there in three and have coffee waiting for you. Cream no sugar right? Biter just like you.” Twenty minutes later I was at my locker throwing in my stuff and putting a picture of Jack and I in it. (it was taken on our first year anniversary. When he gave me one of his favorite leather jackets.) When I shut the door, a cup of coffee and a rose was handed to me. I looked up and saw the bright green eye Jack. “So you can’t even to make it to the first class of the day without getting your skinny little butt in trouble Meredith?” I smile up at him and said: “I know I’m trouble Jack, but that is what makes you love me even more.” Jack rolled his eyes and led me to our math class and opened the door for me. (such a gentleman) “So we do get the enjoyment of Rosemen and McKinney after all, and I thought I was going to get lucky and have a year off of the two of you.” The person you just heard from was our "amazing" math teacher Mr.Blaste. (or Herbie) Ten minutes later, class was over and our "amazing" teacher wanted to talk to Jack and myself. “I know you two are known for doing God knows what and skipping classes to do it. If you ever do that in my class, your butts will be in Lamberg’s office got it?” Jack and I looked at each other and said: “Yep Sir.” We gave him a salute as we walked out and started going down the hallway to our next classes. “What is Blaste’s problem babe?” Jack asked me wrapping an arm around my shoulder. I thought for a minute and looked up at him. “I really don’t know, but I can guess it’s male p.m.s.” Jack chuckled and took a drink of my coffee. “Cute, Mere’, really. I got to go to auto shop though.” Jack bent down and kissed my mouth carefully. “By the way that was me cashing in my tip.” I smiled and said: “Well I’m going to go and impress all the boys with my ways with wood.” Jack just laughed at my stupid joke. Three classes later it was time for my smoke break. I go about two blocks from the school and sit on the water tower to smoke. (at the bottom of the water tower because I hate high places.)My friends Angel Greene and J.G Lights come with me. They don’t smoke, and they have been on my case for years to stop, but I don’t listen. ( I have been smoking since eighth grade. Got caught smoking in the boy’s room. Don’t ask why I was in the boy’s room. Need to know.) About four hours later I’m at Jack’s second job helping him; or trying to without breaking anything. “Hey Meredith can you hand me that wrench please?” Jack said from under the car. I handed him the wrench without dropping it on him. {Thanks to Jack I know the difference between flathead and philp’shead screw driver.} He fixed whatever it was that was wrong with the car and got out from under it. (I guess it was an easy fix like my truck.)He leaned toward me and tried to kiss me. “No, no dirty boy you've got to clean up first before your lips touch mine.” He ducked and kissed his lips to my check and said: “Ha-ha I win.” I threw a rag at him and told him to wash himself for a while. (I’m going to have to use a metal scrubby to get that off.) Just then, a 1976 Mustang came in with the I.D that read “Hot Stuff.” I saw it and ran for the bathroom to hide. My older brother Matt Jr got out of the car and started talking guy stuff with Jack. “So where is my sister McKinney?” Jack pointed to the bathroom. “Go figure. When dad is on the war path, Meredith hides in the bathroom.” Jack asked what I did this time around. “I don’t know dude. All I know is that she's in for it when she gets home for dinner. Too bad dad doesn’t allow outsiders to dinner. You would love it.” My brother laughed at it for a minute and walked over to the bathroom. He knocked on the door. “Sorry someone is in here.” I said with a best male voice I can use. “I know it’s you Meredith. Just make sure you are at dinner, or dad will have your head in his office before you could smoke your last smoke.” With that my brother was gone. I spent two more hours with Jack and headed home finishing off my pack of smokes. I dug through my backseat to find the body spray I use to try to hide the smell of smoke on me. I got into the house and hung my jacket and my keys on the hook. I run up stairs to finish up my homework. Not long had I shut my door when someone knocked on it. “May I come in Meredith?” My mom asked opening my door a little. “Sure I’m just finishing up my homework and looking at my reading list for the year.” My mom came in and saw my room was a mess. “You know, if you let me repaint and get some new flooring for your room it could look really nice.” She said trying to pick up my dirty clothes. “No mom, it’s fine, it just needs to be cleaned some is all.” My mom looked around a little and cleared a space on my favorite chair and sat. “You know that your dad is mad that you stayed up until 2:30am this morning? I just want to know why.” I look at her. “I was just freaked out that this is my last year in high school and I don’t know what I’m going to do for college yet. I know that you guys want me to go for banking and all but I want something else. I don’t know what yet. I was up talking to Jack about it.” “You know what you want to do Meredith you are just afraid it might hurt your family. I know you want to be a cop. But you are right your father and I want you to be a banker like us. But we also want you, our daughter, to be happy.” (They have an odd way of showing it.) Mom looked at me, sighed, and then she left and came back again. “Dinner is in 15 minutes I made everyone’s favorites.” I went down to dinner well after it started. My family sat there and waited for me. Wasn’t that nice of them? “Why are you late to dinner Meredith Anne?” My father asks. “I was trying to get ahead start on a paper that will be due at the end of the semester dad.” My brother rolled his eyes. We ate without talking for ten minutes. “So how was your first day Maddie?” My father calls my sister by Maddie only because she hates being called by Madeline Elizabeth. She looked up from her phone in her lap and said: “Fine. They put me in the wrong gym though, but nothing I can’t handle. Maybe you should ask how Meredith spent the first hour today daddy.” I look at her and flipped her off under the table. My father drank some wine and looked at me. “How did you spend your first hour on the first day Meredith Anne?” My father folded his hands together. I took a bite of macaroni and cheese. “I spent the first hour with Lamberg because Scrubbs can’t keep her mouth shut. She told Lamberg something about me, that I didn’t do, and I got in trouble for it when Starla started it!” He looked at me trying not to get the veins in his head to pop out. “I don’t care who started it Meredith Anne. You shouldn’t have done anything to make it worse. I’m starting to think that you aren’t really my daughter, because my daughter would never do anything to get in trouble.” I looked at mom and asked if I could leave the table to do some reading. For about a week I try to be good so my dad didn’t freak out so much. I didn’t know he thought of me that way. On Friday after school I came straight home from school trying to stay on my dad’s good side so he wouldn’t have a heart attack. (I’ll let the other two do that on their own.) I was in the living room watching tv because it’s the only one in the house. I surfed the 500 channels we have, when dad walked in. I looked up because I could hear his shoes make a noise on the hard wood floor. He must have had a hard day at the bank, he didn’t have his tie on and his blue eyes were blood shot. “Hey honey how was school?” I looked at him for a second. “It was fine. Maddie was trying to bug me at lunch, but it was nothing. I’ve already got my homework done for the weekend.” That made dad smile which is a good sign. “So do you have plans this weekend? Why don’t you call Angel and ask her to spend the night or something.” I can tell Dad is trying to be nice. I shook my head. “Angel has to go out of town she is spending time with her grandma. And J.G is going to a college to look at it for next fall.” Dad just sat there and tried not to choke out the words. “Why not ask Jackson McKinney out on a date or ask him to go to church with us?” I sat there surprised that he even asked that. “Well I can call him and see if he wants to go to the movies or dinner or something, and maybe if I can butter him up some, I’ll ask about church. Don’t worry I’ll make sure he has a tie and sports jacket.” I got up and kissed dad on the check and gave him the TV clicker. (He turns to sports 24/7 and falls asleep.) I ran to my room and shut the door. I called Jack to ask him out. Mr. McKinney picked up the phone. “Hi this is Rod McKinney speaking. Who is this?” Mr. McKinney likes me because I speak my mind. “Hi Mr. McKinney is Jack around?” Jack’s dad yelled for him. After a minute or two Jack was on the phone. He must have been outside doing car stuff or something. “Hey Mere’ what’s up?” We talked for a few minutes. “You want to go out tonight say a movie or pizza?” I asked. Jack thought about it for a minute or two. “Sure babe pizza and movie sounds great. I’ve been working on my dad’s Toyota all day and I still don’t know what’s wrong with it.” I laughed at it. Mr. McKinney is the only one I know who actually likes Toyotas for some reason. “I don’t know what’s playing, but we can check the drive in when we go. I think it’s some 80’s movie.” Jack says. We talked for a few more minutes and said see you at 7:00pm and love you. Since I only had like three hours to get ready I started going through my clothes trying to find something sexy and that dad would let me out of the house in without freaking out. I jumped in and out of the shower and started trying to dry my hair. It took me about an hour. It took another hour to curl it just right. By the time I had gotten dressed and did my make-up, the clock on the computer read 6:57pm. I threw my shoes on and rushed down stairs before dad saw me, but it was too late. I was just about to grab the door when I heard laughing from the living room. I looked in to see Jack and Dad talking about sports. I walked in and tried to listen to what they were saying but I didn’t understand it at all. I guess I had to be a guy to understand football stats. “Jack it’s time to go. How long have you been here?” They both looked at me at the same time. “I’ve been here for ten minutes, don’t worry Meredith.” Jack said to Meredith smiling. Dad got up and said: “I was just trying to get to know Jackson Anthony a little honey. Don't freak out. Is that what you kids say? Freak out.” I look at him carefully. Dad had been drinking. He tries to be cool when he is drunk. I rolled my eyes at him. “We did until you just said that. Come on Jack we got to go.” We went out the door and headed to Jack’s car. He drove a van that had once been his mom’s, and then his brother’s before he went to the air forces. (And when it was Patrick’s there was nothing but trash everywhere fast food bags and cups. Some other things. Not going to say what you can guess what that is.) Jack held the door for me. I got in and look in the back. The seats are out of it and have been replaced with a blow up bed and a couple of sleeping bags. The movie was pretty in pink, not my favorite 80’s movie, but Jack and I hadn’t really watching the movie. We were in the back kissing and talking. If you looked at Jack you would see an ex-football player and a guy who loves to work on cars, but only I knew the truth that he was a big sweet loving guy. “So we have had dinner and watched some of a movie now what?” Jack asked softly. I look up at him. “Well we can talk, or sleep. Or…. No you won’t.” He looked at me. “What is it Meredith?” I smiled at him sweetly. “Well we could make out like the two horny teenagers that we are.” Jack laughed. “True we can.” We kissed for a while. “Dad wanted you to come to church on Sunday. You have a tie right?” Jack got off of me and layed on his side. “Yes I have a tie; I have about ten of them. As for church, I’m not sure.” I gave him my best sad look. “Please Jack for me?” He rolled his eyes. “I guess two hours of church won’t kill me, but you owe me big time Meredith.” I laughed. “Fine I’m your slave for a week.” With that Jack grinned like a goofball and started kissing me again. All Saturday I spent cleaning my room and reading the books on the reading list for English class. A good part of them I have read before for fun. So no problem there. A couple of them I never heard before. 
The next day everyone woke up at 7:30 to go to church. We went to one about an hour away from our house. I was ready for it within twenty minutes and was reading a book for English. Our teacher this year was Mr. Webber he was very cool, but when it comes to papers for his class, he has a crap load of rules. The book we were reading was The Freedom Writers, it’s banned from schools, but Mr. Webber said we could read them, because they teach us how to get along and write out the truth.
Twenty- four minutes later mom was yelling for everyone to have some pancakes she had made. I threw the book in my church bag and ran down stairs. I grabbed the first seat I saw before my brother showed up and ate half the food in sight. My dad came in the dinning room looking like he was going to get sick any second. He must stop taking drinking tips from my brother. My father sat at the head of the table waiting to get waited on by mom. He threw a couple of pain killers in his mouth and chased it down with coffee. My sister came down with music in her ears that everyone else could hear too and her hair in curlers. My dad gave a little cry when Maddie’s music went to the high note. My mom walked over and took Maddie’s headphones off of her and told her to turn off her music and eat. My brother came down stairs into the dinning room looking as sick as dad. I guess they had been drinking together, even though Matt Jr didn’t turn 21 until July. When my mom saw how bad my brother looked she sent him back to bed thinking he had the flu or something. Ten minutes later the doorbell rang. Dad cried again. My sister got the door. “Hey Jack everyone is in the dinning room. Come on in.” The door was closed softly and Jack came in. My father got up and walked to his office and asked if Jack would go in there with him so he could talk to him. I don’t know what happened in that talk with dad and Jack but it was over in five minutes. Jack came out running his fingers through his hair. I cleared my plate and looked over to where he is. “So how was it?” Jack looked up at me. “Fine Meredith.” I sat on his lap for a second. I got up when I saw dad walking out of his office. “How much longer until we leave?” I ask dad. He looked at the clock in the dinning room. “About five minutes Meredith Anne.” I went into the kitchen to help mom wash the dishes. Five minutes later everyone was in mom’s van to go to church. It’s a 2006 Wind star Ford, it’s dark gray with a sun roof. Jack helped Maddie and me into the van before he got in himself. Dad marked a check on a small piece of paper. We drove along the high way with no music on or talking for 15 minutes. “So my sister called right before we left the house. You girls remember your Aunt Emily right?” Maddie and I looked at each other and said sure I think…. “Well she has a son who wants to come here and live with us. You two won’t know him. He is 16 I think.” Mom looked at dad. “What is his name?” my mom asks dad. “His name is Jesse Daniel. He doesn’t cause trouble or anything.” My dad goes on about him trying to sell to the family how great his sister’s son is. “What room will he be in daddy?” My sister asked trying to kiss up. My father looked at Maddie and smiled. “Well he’ll be in the guest room because I don’t think he will want to share with Matt Jr.” My brother was a pig and slob and whatever other name you could think of when you saw a messy room. I'd only been in his room once when I was 14 and I couldn’t see the floor. He had pictures of half naked girls on his walls and one on the celling over his bed or at least I think that was his bed. There were also pizza boxes everywhere along with underwear from when he was a kid. We got to church and had a great time. Dad had to leave to go and throw up. At 12:30pm church let out. We got in the van and started to go home. “Why don’t we stop and get something for lunch. Would you like to pick Jackson?” Jack looked up when my mom said his full first name. “Sure if that’s okay with you Mr. Rosemen?” My dad looked at him. “It’s fine with me Jackson Anthony.” Jack thought for a second. “There is a great place on Freedom and 16th. My family use to go there a lot when I was a kid.” We got there within ten minutes and saw the sign that read: Rossi’s Family style eats. “It looks nice Jackson.” My mom said putting her hand on his shoulder. Jack smiled and we all went in. Jack held the door for everyone. We talked and ate and went home. When the rest of the family went inside Jack and I hung out for a few more minutes. “So starting tomorrow I’m your slave for a week. What are you going to have me do?” Jack looked down at me and smiled. “Let’s see for starters wash my clothes, and then change the oil in my dad’s car…” Jack said. “You are dreaming that I’m going to touch your underwear Jack.” He pouted in a cute fashion. “I’m just kidding babe. Church wasn’t that bad I guess but it needed a break so people can take an hour nap.” I rolled my eyes at him. “That is what the ride home is for honeybee.” Jack left and I went inside and the family was in their rooms. I went to dad’s study to talk to him. “Hey dad can we talk?” He looked at me. I came in the room. “I was just thinking that Jackson Anthony is a great guy after all. Maybe he will like to come to dinner one night this week.” Dad must be trying to butter me up for something. Everytime he wants something he does this thing where he acts like he likes something I do. It kind of bugs me sometimes. “Dad what do you want?” He looked shocked. “You know me too well kid. I was hoping you will pick up Jesse Daniel from the bus station on Tuesday at 4:45. It will mean a lot to me and your mother if you did. I’ll give you money for gas.” I acted like I was thinking about it. “Sure dad I’ll get him, but why were you putting checks on a piece of paper during church?” He smiled at that question. “I was just giving Jackson Anthony points and if he got more then ten I said to myself that I would lay off and be nice to the boy.” I smiled at that. “How many did he get?” He grabbed the piece of paper and let me look. I saw that my father gave Jack 15 points. “So you are going to lie off of him? Does that mean I can stay out all night with him now?” Dad scuffed. “No but it means I’m going to be nicer to him.” I looked at dad. “Good and by the way he hates being called Jackson Anthony. Everyone calls him Jack.” Dad looked at me and hugged my shoulder. “It’s late maybe you should get ready for bed soon. You have school tomorrow." I kissed dad’s check and went up to my room to get ready for another Monday. 
The next day everything went great. I met Jack at the gas station for my coffee and smokes. “So it seems that you charmed the tie off my father. You going to tell me what happened when you talked to him yesterday? I know his study looks well scary. Try to picture that as a young child being yelled at for trying to mail your younger sibling to the middle of no where.”
“Your dad and I talked about us as in you and me. He wanted to make sure that I treat you right. That I wasn’t using you for some twisted game. I told him that I love you and I would never do anything to break your heart because if I even thought about it you would break something of mine.”
I nuzzled my head into his neck to breathe in his scent for a second. “Have I told you that I love you lately? And yes if you did break my heart I would break something of yours. And you wouldn’t like what I would break. But I’m happy that you and my father are on good terms.” I kissed his mouth sweetly.
“So what sibling tried to mail the other to the middle of no where? No let me guess you tried to mail Maddie. What did she do to tick you off as child?”
“No I didn’t try to mail off Maddie Matt Jr did because he didn’t want another sister who might bite him. Dad didn’t like that his oldest tried to mail his youngest. It sets a bad example for me. Like Matt jr had to think of himself.”
Jack laughed a little bite to himself. He kissed me and let me go.
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2020.10.25 23:18 dexmenace TIFU by getting caught butt-naked by her grandmother

This happened around 4 years ago when I was in my 2nd year of engineering. I had a girlfriend(lets call her Saloni) since 12th grade and we'd been dating for about 2.5 years at that point. It was summer break and I had come back home to Mumbai (India) to spend the break with my parents. My girlfriend studied in my hometown and we had been in a long distance relationship after school ended.
We weren't able to hang out during the break and a day before I left for college we decided to meet up at her place since her mom & dad weren't going to be home. Her best friend joined us so that it wouldn't raise questions with her grandparents about a boy coming alone to meet her.
Her brother was engrossed in video games and her grandparents were relaxing in their rooms on the ground floor. We 3 head up to her room on the first floor. We chat for a while , order pizza and chill. With her best friend there I didn't know if I was going to get any action that day. Turns out that she was super horny and was waiting for me to make a move. Her best friend was the one to tell me something along the lines of "Dude wtf are you waiting for, get a room"
That got me on my feet. I took her to the room exactly opposite which was supposedly her brother's and tried bolting the door from the top but turns out the top lock was broken. She said her grandmum has back pain and never comes up the stairs so I shouldn't bother locking the door. I still felt uncomfortable leaving an open door, so I locked it from the bottom bolt. If pushed, the upper half slightly bends revealing the room but the door doesn't open.
I strip my clothes and hers away in seconds and we're both naked, making out. It gets super heated and we had about 10 minutes of bliss when we heard her grandmothers loud voice "Saloni where are you? Why are you in Rohan's room(her brother)? Why is the door locked?" And she started banging on the door really heavily. The door bent open from the top and we saw her face, shocked and red with rage. We froze in shock for a second, still fully naked- me with a visible raging boner and with one of her tits in my mouth. This view must've been pretty clearly visible to her because then she literally started beating the door down and screaming. I flung her off me to the corner in a blind spot of the room and we both got dressed in a second. Thank god for the miniscule of sense in my horny mind that locked the bottom bolt. In the few seconds that we took to open the door all I could feel was anger for her stupid friend sitting in the other room who's only job was to be a frickin lookout. I didn't know what to do after opening the door but apparently my gf did. She instantly flew to the ground and grabbed her grans legs and started wailing. Not normal crying but like super full fledged bigass tears. I was actually quite impressed with her at that point. I followed her to the ground but failed to produce any tears. I said I was leaving for college the next day so you can forget about me and she pleaded her gran not to tell her parents. I could see her hand getting ready to slap the shit outta me but she just screamed at me to get the fuck out of the house. I picked up my bag, left the room, gave her idiot of a friend a death stare and embarassingly left the house. Her parents never came to know and I never entered that house again.
tl:dr saw my girlfriend after months of being apart, room's deadbolt was broken, grandma caught us naked, everyone was traumatized
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2020.10.20 18:46 Howdytherestranger Naked mom horny

Ok so last night I (20F) had a dream where I was a kid again, and I was with my mom in this random house, when she pinned me to the bed and started taking off mine and her clothes. I kept telling her no and to stop, and tried to wriggle away, but i soon gave up. i remember thinking to myself as this was happening that i had no right to complain about this, and i practically wanted this to happen. i remember the word “rape” floating around in my mind before i got mad at myself and kept insisting it was my fault. She ended up making me suck her nipples while saying stuff about how im a baby, all while starting to grope me and stuff. i remember thinking it felt kinda good in the dream, more proof that i thought i was asking for it. When i was little irl and i saw my mom naked i was incredibly fascinated with her boobs, which i think is why dream me kept thinking all that stuff about how i wanted this. overall very weird dream, and to top it off i woke up horny bcus of it. someone please tell me i dont have an oedipus complex now ;-;
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