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2020.11.26 12:45 Da_Chicken303 My thoughts on Dungeons, and why they need to be fixed. Now.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. Feel free to rage at me in the comments section.
Ahhh yes. Dungeons. A core part of any MMORPG game, Skyblock's dungeons have weaved themselves into the fabric of the game. But are they good? Or are they more "fun" slayers?

Chapter I. Are Running Dungeons enjoyable?
Typically, for an average player, your dungeon experience is something like this.

  1. Go to the "I have no friends" I mean the party finder button
  2. Find a suitable dungeon party
  3. Clear rooms, find secrets, kill mobs
  4. Kill a final boss
  5. Hope to get cool drops but get Infinite Quiver VI instead
Besides the final one, it seems pretty good! On paper, this appears to be fun and interesting. And it is! For the first or second time running dungeons, this can actually be fun!
The grind begins.
You see, in the late to endgame of dungeon grinders, it becomes mind-numbingly boring. When you can memorise the secrets of a room, know exactly what to expect from a boss or solve every puzzle in record time, it becomes stale quickly. After a while, it feels like slayers, except more time-consuming and you have to handle the torture of other players.
From a gameplay perspective, Dungeons is fun I guess? Some could argue that what I said applies to everything - when you do something a lot, you eventually get tired of it. But it appears to be worse in Dungeons, because of the next few points.
Chapter II. Other Players
I don't like other people. A lot of people on this subreddit (And Reddit in general) are more introverted, and dislike interacting with others.
Personally, when I'm hidden by a username, this isn't too much of a problem. But, oh sweet lord revenant horror V, is the dungeon community toxic.
When I did Dungeons, every second party I'd join will be full of raging 12 year olds going "NOOOOO YOU DIED RUINED THE RUN" or "NO DUPES" even though mage is arguably a very gamer class or "DON'T KILL THE FAIRIES" even though they patched it forever ago, then they kick you out of the party.
Not fun.
I am not 100% sure as to why the dungeon community is so toxic this way. Maybe it's because Dungeons are just frustrating when someone fails a puzzle or gets one-hit by a boss? Maybe it's because that they are just bored of grinding so they get cranky? Or is it just because they sit in a poorly ventilated, completely dark room staring at a monitor for 19 hours a day clicking zombies in a block game? (I can see you.)
But regardless of the reason, the dungeon community is abnormally toxic. And I would love to see a version of Dungeons where you can solo it, but that's unlikely.
However, is there a solution?
I've seen people go "BLOCK CHAT" like how they deal with it in other games on the server, but communication is crucial in video games, AND ESPECIALLY IN A TEAM GAME. So blocking chat is not an option.
A far better one is by using a keybind, command or item to give instructions specific for dungeons. Like running /chat 1 goes "Find more secrets" or /chat 2 goes "Go fight boss now" or something. And by blocking everything else, this can mean strategic and streamlined communication. However not a lot of people will accept this method.
Or... just use other apps?
Well. There is one problem. As I'm sure anyone who's played this game for more than 15 minutes will know, there are a lot of children or childish adults in the game. They can't use apps like Di__scord* and will be harassed to death when their voice is "slightly higher". Anonymity is also an issue.
Currently, I don't see a toxic solution beside blocking certain words.
\Had to use a _ bypass the subreddit blacklist)
Chapter III. The Content Drought.
It's time to sound like thirty
Dungeons are boring. Like Sky_Wars* gameplay, many youtubers just use it as background footage. Watching dungeon grinder's streams, instead of being captivated in the footage, I just think of what else I could be watching, or just use it as background sound while I do stuff around the house or something.
Dungeons are boring. Why? I mean, it's obvious.
They are:
When the admins pitched dungeons A YEAR AND A HALF AGO they said that it'd be "Infinite content". Is it infinite content? I mean randomly generated rooms are technically infinite content, but if the core concept of "kill mob, do puzzle" is the same, then where's the fun?
But honestly, I can't blame them. I mean, in every video game dungeons are, well, dungeons. Mob-filled pitholes for you to fight. What else would you make it?
But I would love to see more rooms. More puzzles. Things that you would not expect. Mobs with random attributes. Jump scares around the corner. Heck, even dialogue, or music! Wouldn't that be nifty!
The admins have done their work well, and I appreciate it. But... still. Dungeons are ultimately boring to watch, to play and to grind.
\same reason as above. Fuck the blacklist)
Chapter IV. Why people don't play dungeons
The question "Should I play dungeons" has been asked to death already. The answer is yes. Even if you're under-geared you can still get cool rewards and it is a stable money making method. But people are often driven away from Dungeons by one (or more) of three factors.
A). People can't afford to do Dungeons
Dungeons are expensive. Higher floors = better gear req. = more money to spend.
The economy in Skyblock is honestly, terrible. Stripped down to the bottom, it is almost entirely based on either having good RNG or flipping. Items' price fluctuate frequently. One day they might be highly profitable, and the next they crash through the floor, into the basement where I store my orphans, all the way to the centre of the earth.
Is there a solution? Sadly, no. Unless you upset the delicate balance of gear to floor, you can't fix this issue. Even if you add "Cheap gear that everyone can afford" most players will instead buy it off auction if any RNG's involved, and due to it being good its price will naturally inflate.
B). Dungeons are too hard
Can't say much. Just... git gud. You can't do Dungeons in Hardened Diamond Armor.
C). Dungeons takes too much time.
This one is the most primary reason. While all the cata 30 sweats will be in the comments typing "But I can dO FLOOR 7 IN 5 MIns anD StilL GeT S+" normal people will probably be spending upwards of 20 minutes doing dungeons, sometimes up to an hour because F4 exists.
Is there a solution? Also no. Players take time, and honestly, if you're playing for fun, Dungeons is best enjoyed not by speedrunning, but by taking your time.
Chapter V. RNG's Curse
RNG is the mighty pie in the sky, the lord we bow down to, the one who we worship the most, the one who we beg to be on our side. But RNG is relentless. Ruthless. It would show no mercy.
Skyblock is heavily based on RNG and not actual skill. If you're carrying a bunch of cata 12s through F6 and you get an S, the odds that one of those cata 12s who did not do anything would get a Necromancer Lord Chestplate will be higher than you, the guy who did all the work, to get one. It's f*cked.
So how can we fix this?
Simple answer.
Guaranteed. Drops.
Whenever a dungeon is finished, you'd recieve a team score, but also a personal score. This is based on your damage output, your secrets found, and how useful you were in the dungeon. Dependent on that personal score will affect something.
Every dungeon boss will drop a guaranteed "ticket" for that floor. So F1 will drop Bonzo tickets, F2 will drop Scarf Tickets and so on.
By default you'd get 1 for C or D, 2 for B, 3 for A, 5 for S, and 10 for S+. These are directly given to you and are free of charge. A little token for killing a challenging boss. The chests, of course, will still be around, and give the usual RNGesus drops.
You can then exchange these tickets for items from the boss from a merchant. Say, for F1, a Bonzo Staff will require 250 points (Or 50 S Runs) and for F6 a Necromancer Lord Chestplate will take 1000 points, or 100 S+ runs, which people have achieved.
To prevent this from being too OP, doing the same dungeon again multiple times in a row (say 25) will reduce the rewards. This incentivises players to run different dungeons.
This may be balanced, may be stupidly overpowered. Just a suggestion.
Chapter VI. Final Thoughts.
Dungeons are good on paper, but a combination of toxicity, repetition and the sheer whims of fate makes it terrible and more of a mental torture.
It needs to be desperately fixed.
Just my thoughts.
Have a good day everyone!
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Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance
Mine: $82,910 -- I probably should have more in here. My employer doesn’t offer matching so I contribute 8% into two different 401k accounts, a “Before tax” account and a Roth 401(k) account. I truly feel over my head when it comes to retirement.
My husband has a retirement account but because his job is in public education, it’s totally different and I don’t know how it works.
Equity if you're a homeowner
Our home is worth about $440k. We bought it 3 years ago for $375. We put down only 6% which I saved up mostly because my grandpa gave me $10k a few years prior which helped me get out of credit card debit and allowed me to save. Without that, I don’t know if we ever could have bought a house. We had PMI but recently refinanced and they bought it out. I’m going to estimate we have about $87,000 in equity between the down payment and the increase in value.
Savings account balance: We have $49k in a savings account. $15k of that is specifically marked as an emergency fund and the rest is just money we’ve been saving for nothing in particular. Some of this is also from an estate I received a few years back after my grandpa’s death. I need to move it to a HYS.
Investments: We have $1850 in a Robinhood account and another $3,305 in an eTrade account from an old job = $5,155
Checking account balance: About $6,000
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): I have no cc debt (anymore) but my husband has some from grad school. He holds back a portion of his paycheck from our joint checking account each month to pay it and his student loan debt off.
Student loan debt (for what degree): I have no student loan debt from my BA. My parents paid for my schooling outright which I am very very grateful for. My husband has significant student loan debt from his MA and PHD.
Section Two: Income
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
- My take home pay is $4,746.50 a month after deductions.
I pay 1500 in taxes, $200 in benefits, and $1230 in retirement
- My husband’s take home pay is $4,514 and he holds back $1200 to pay off his credit cards each month, so we end up with about $8,060 in our joint account each month
We have no side gigs or other monthly income
Section Three: Expenses
Rent / Mortgage / HOA fees (please specify how you split it if living with a partner): $2,446.83
Renters / home insurance: Included in our Mortgage payment, as well as our property taxes
Savings contribution: We deposit $1,100 each month into savings and often will deposit whatever we have left at the end of the month into savings as well
Investment contribution: We aren’t currently doing an regular investments
Debt payments: My husband pays $1200-$1300 a month in CC payments (mentioned above in the Income section). He is paying the minimum on one card (with lower APR) while paying extra on the other. Once that one is paid off, he’ll start paying the full amount on the 2nd card. We think we will be out of CC debt by the end of next year.
We also pay the minimum currently on his student loans: $315
Donations: We donate one-offs fairly regularly to causes that are important to us. At the beginning of the year I did a lot of small donations to Bernie and then later in the year I did a lot of BLM donations. All together this year we’ve donated $1100 which feels not significant enough now that I look at it. I need to get this higher next year.
Electric: $250-300 a month. This includes electric, water, and trash utilities
Wifi/Cable/Landline: $85 a month for just high speed wifi (it was just raised, which I mention in my diary)
Cellphone: $127 for two older model iPhones that are paid off, but this includes our Netflix subscription!
I share all our streaming accounts with my parents and sister.
- Hulu with HD and multiple screens: $13 /mo
- Amazon Prime - $112 /year
- Peloton - $14 /mo
- Spotify - $11 /mo
- CauseBox - $215 /year
Gym membership: We use a Peloton subscription and bike at home
Pet expenses: Varies each month. We don't pay for pet insurance. With two pets (a cat and a dog), vet appointments, in the last year we’ve spent about $240 /mo on them. Jeez, good thing they’re cute. (That does include an $700 emergency vet trip my cat had to make a few months ago so hopefully next year it won’t be so high)
Car payment / insurance: We bought my car in cash. Sooner after, my husbands car (which was also paid off) had some major problems so we had to replace it. We pay $98 a month and owe $5500 still. We pay $530 in car insurance every 6 months. Car insurance in Austin is pretty expensive.
Regular therapy: None
Paid hobbies: I pay for a Nintendo Switch Online account which is $20 a year.
Any other expense that's relevant to you
We pay a pool company to maintain our pool. This varies in cost from $215-$275 a month usually
Day 1: Friday
7:30 - My alarm goes off and I get right up, which is an abnormality but I have an 8AM meeting in which I’m presenting. I brush my teeth, put some makeup on to look okay for my presentation, and brush my hair. My husband starts the coffee. Our dog looks at us longingly but her walk will need to wait until a little later.
8:00 - Nervous in my meeting, there are over 50 people dialed in. I’m the third presenter so I sip on my coffee and wait.
9:00 - Presentation went well! My boss messages me congrats. I feel relieved that’s over but no time to really think about it - I have another meeting to join.
10:15 - My 9AM meeting went a little long but it’s done. My husband and I take a break to walk the dog around the block and chat about how our day is starting off. Then we both go back to work.
12:00 - We break for lunch. I ordered off the Chipotle app - a burrito for hb and a bowl for me. I have a coupon for a free bowl because they messed up my last one. $10.81
1:00 - Back at home and in another meeting.
2:00 - I drive to my office to pick up an extra monitor. The office is spooky and empty. I want to take some extra batteries home for my keyboard and mouse, but the battery area has been looted by employees and there are none left.
3:00 - I get home and work on rearranging my desk. It takes a while to get it to look how. I placed an alcohol delivery for the weekend. The liquor store nearest us doesn’t have the beer we wanted so I picked out two different six packs rather than order from the one a few miles away. I like to try to support very localized businesses when possible, since I wouldn’t want the liquor store near us to go out of business. I also ordered a bottle of red wine for a ragu we’re going to make tomorrow. There’s a delivery fee and I tip. $44.97
5:00 - I finally stop working for the day. I usually would stop earlier on a Friday but things kept popping up. The alcohol is delivered and I take a beer and my phone out to the porch.
6:30 - We realize we should really order some food. I try to eat healthy, but on Fridays we often eat out. We decide on delivery pizza and I order a large supreme with a 50% off coupon. Our cart doesn’t meet the minimum so I add a side of cinnamon sticks. Diet be damned. Tipped $4.50 and total still only came to $21
8:00 - Pizza still isn’t here and I haven’t eaten nearly enough. As a result, I’m fairly drunk on beer. The pizza finally comes and we eat it while watching old episodes of King of the Hill. I learn that Washington is putting travel restrictions in place. This stresses me out because my sister (who lives in WA) wanted to come for Thanksgiving, something I was already unsure of.
11:00 - Husband has a bad stomach ache (probably from the super healthy combo of Chipotle, pizza, and beer) so he goes to bed early. I mostly look at the internet until I go to bed around midnight.
Day total: $76.78
Day 2: Saturday
8:00 - I wake up and lay around in bed, scrolling on my phone. My husband is still sleeping and I’m feeling a little hungover from drinking and staying up too late the night before.
9:30 - We both finally get up. I take a shower while he starts coffee. I eat a piece of cold pizza along with my coffee. We take the dog for a walk.
10:30 - I make our grocery list for this week. This week I plan a bunch of easy meals that use our air fryer because I’m a little obsessed with it. It’s not the healthiest week ever and I think that’s because we’re going into the holidays and I’m probably subconsciously letting that become an excuse.
11:00 - We go grocery shopping and pick up all the ingredients for this week of food, a bunch of smoothie supplies for lunches, and some household stuff we needed. I also buy some toiletries for a neighbor in need (about $20 of the bill). $150.73
12:00 - I eat grocery store sushi for lunch while playing Animal Crossing. We talk about what else we need to do today. My husband practices guitar and we end up wasting a couple hours.
2:00 - We drop off a bag of toiletries at our neighbors house and go to the pet store -- we need more freeze-dried chicken to try to trick our dog into eating her food. I want to let her pick something out to chew on but she picks out a bone practically as big as her so I get her a bully stick instead. $23.79
3:00 - I take the dog around the block and try to call my sister. She’s not able to talk so I call my mom instead and we chat for about 20 minutes.
3:30 - When I get home, my husband and I start working on the ragu. It takes about 3 or 4 hours to let the short ribs get super tender so we probably should have started this a little earlier. Oh well. It’s one of my favorite meals, even though it’s not too healthy. I put on Holidate on Netflix to watch while we cook.
5:30 - I relax on the couch with a glass of wine. I mostly look at my phone and watch Netflix
7:30 - Dinner is ready and it’s amazing. We spend the rest of the evening watching Netflix.
10:00 - I take a shower and get into bed.
Day total: $174.52
Day 3: Sunday
8:30 - We wake up and have some coffee before taking the dog around the block. We discuss what we should do today. It’s kind of cold and windy and I’m feeling lazy and tired.
10:30 - We’ve decided to do yard work. I blow leaves into the driveway where my husband sweeps them into piles and vacuums them up.
12:00 - We’re done with the yard work. It feels like I pulled a muscle in my arm and it hurts really badly. We decide on some Trader Joe’s Chicken Chile Verde Burritos for lunch. We waste some time flipping through TV channels on the antenna (just crap, crap, and crap for old people) and trying to decide if there’s anything else we want to do today. I always feel super guilty for not being productive on the weekends but between my anxiety about Thanksgiving and my arm, I’m not in the mood to do anything.
1:30 - We take the dog for a walk again. She seems to have unlimited energy so we mix up which routes we take to try to keep it more engaging for her. When we get home, we put some chicken in a marinade of buttermilk and pickle juice for dinner later -- tastes like Chic Fil A chicken this way (I never eat there because of their politics but I love the flavor).
2:30 - I sit on our porch with a book. I usually have a goal to read 40 books a year but I’m far behind this year. I haven’t been able to concentrate on reading since March. I end up getting into my book though I get distracted and look at my phone occasionally (ok more than occasionally)
5:00 - My husband says he’s getting hungry so we move inside to start dinner soon. He gets distracted playing the guitar so I keep reading on the couch. I’m actually doing a better job at paying attention now.
6:00 - My husband does most of the work of getting dinner ready. I get up near the end to help him out. He makes panko covered chicken strips in the airfryer and mashed potatoes and I make a fruit salad. The dinner is really good. Hb turns on King of the Hill, I look at my phone for awhile before going back to reading.
7:30 - I try calling my sister, no answer.
8:00 - I take a shower and put a face mask on after that makes my husband compare me to Jim Carrey in The Mask. I lay in bed in my robe and keep reading -- I’m proud of myself for reading all day! -- before going to bed around 11.
Day total: $0
Day 4: Monday
7:30 - My alarm goes off. I hit snooze. It feels cold in the house and I don’t want to get out of bed.
8:00 - I get up and get dressed. I wear leggings every single day now. We take the dog around the block and then have some coffee before going into our home offices.
9:00 - I check my email and buy two toys for the office Toys for Tots drive. They make it really easy this year with an online portal to buy toys through. $19.98
9:30 - My To Do list reminds me my boss’s birthday is coming up so I buy an online group greeting card and send it out to a bunch of people who work with her. $4.99
10:00 - I attend a training I put together but luckily don’t have to lead. It goes well. The rest of the morning is spent on checking emails and working through my to do list.
11:30 - We break for lunch and take the dog around the block while discussing what to eat. I decide to be responsible and have a smoothie for lunch. I make enough for both of us -- our grocery store (Woo HEB!) sells these frozen smoothie packs I like to buy. I go with the Powerhouse this time (Bananas, Grapes, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, and Kale) and I add some orange juice, greek yogurt, some fresh raspberries from the fridge that I don’t want to waste, frozen spinach, frozen cauliflower, and a banana. It turns out huge and delicious. I make a note that I’m out of Chia Seeds and add them to the shopping list.
12:00 - I drink my smoothie in front of my computer. I don’t really have much on my to do list today so I put on some music and waste two hours looking at Money Diaries on Reddit to figure out how to write this one. I think I’m being too wordy.
12:30 - I call my sister to talk about Thanksgiving. I’ve decided it’s not safe for her to come but she’s really disappointed/upset and ends the call quickly. I feel terrible about it -- I miss her and want to see her but I also want to be safe and ensure we’re doing our part. I cry a bit because that’s who I am as a person. Fuck 2020.
3:00 - My dog has a vet appointment. They suggest expensive ass prescription wet food for her, which I accept because I always feel guilty and weird in these situations and I obviously love my dog. I pay for the visit, a test, and the food. I drive home thinking about the extra money I’m now going to have to spend each month on her food and wondering if this was all necessary. $176.04
4:00 - I get home from the vet to a bouquet of roses from my husband :) He knew I was stressed after the whole Thanksgiving thing. I answer a couple of Slack messages but mostly wrap up for the day.
6:00 - We make dinner together. Another easy meal: homemade taquitos in the air fryer with a side of shishito peppers and corn. I have a low calorie IPA that is actually pretty decent and finish my book. I text my sister but she doesn’t respond.
11:00 - Time to shower and go to bed.
Day total: $201.01
Day 5: Tuesday
7:00 - I wake up before my alarm and look at Reddit for 45 minutes. It’s really cold in the house again so I turn the heater on even though this is Texas and it’s going to be in the 70s today.
8:30 - My husband takes the dog around the block because he’s an angel. I’m feeling overwhelmed by my calendar and to-do list. I get some coffee and get to work. I listen to the latest This American Life episode and cry listening to an elderly man talk about voting straight Democrat for the first time in his life.
9:30 - I have a 1:1 with my direct report (I only have one currently) so beforehand I try to shake off my bad mood. I open the blinds to let light in, light two candles (I keep seeing people here saying that they light candles during work, so I’m going to try), and put on some make up.
10:30 - My attempts to get out of a bad mood worked and I’m feeling better. I also have gotten through much of my to-do list already this morning and am feeling less stressed. This is a common problem I have where in the morning I feel overwhelmed and like I don’t have any time to do anything, but after I sit down and get some things done, I realize I had far less than I thought. I spend some free time working on recording things to my budget. I use a Google Sheet I created for that purpose and it works well for me. I notice our Spectrum bill has gone up by $15 so I call them and learn there’s nothing they can do -- our promotional credit period ended.
11:30 - Lunch break. We take the dog on a walk and I complain about the Spectrum bill. Then I make us both a smoothie and we chat a little bit before going back to work.
2:00 - I have a good conversation with my manager in our 1x1 about what direction I should take my career in. My last manager was a VP and was sometimes hard to work with -- I felt thrown in the deep end and not supported. He had told me he didn’t think I had a lot of potential which I think impacted how I felt about myself for awhile. I’ve been working with my current manager for about a year now and confided this to her which she couldn’t have disagreed with more. We talked about working with difficult people, especially difficult men, and decided on some ways for me to be more confident in those situations.
4:00 - My brain is starting to feel tired and I decide to sign off for the day. My husband goes for a run so I walk the dog and call my mom.
5:30 - I have another one of my low calorie IPAs while making and eating nachos for dinner, using tortillas we turn into chips with the air fryer. The tomato I bought for the week has gone bad already (ugh!) so I use salsa instead. Not my healthiest dinner but still delicious. We watch Schitt’s Creek while eating and continue after.
8:30 - I take a shower and get into bed with a new book, which I don’t end up reading. Instead I play Animal Crossing until about 11 when I go to sleep.
Day total: $0
Day 6: Wednesday
6:00 - I wake up after a weird dream and have a hard time going back to sleep but eventually do. When my alarm goes off at 7:30 I turn it off.
8:30 - I wake up again and realize I slept in pretty late. I get up, put on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt, and put some makeup on before taking the dog around the block.
9:30 - I start work and am immediately frustrated with a problem that could have been avoided if someone had just brought it to my attention so we could have planned for it. My direct report and I complain about it on Slack. This week has been busier than I expected and I’m in back to back meetings until noon.
12:20 - I break for lunch. My husband heats up some leftover stew we had in the freezer from a couple weeks ago. It’s delicious and a nice change from smoothies. Then we take the dog on a walk around the block.
1:00 - Back to work. I begin planning for a project that will complete in mid-December, realizing suddenly that next week is so short because of Thanksgiving (we close at noon on Wednesday) and I’m actually a little behind.
4:00 - I haven’t had much time to breathe all day. I put some potatoes in the oven for dinner and try to sign off for the day, but things keep coming up and I get sucked back into work.
5:30 - Done with work and we take the dog around the block. When we get home, I start prepping dinner and my husband starts messing around with his guitar, which causes an argument. I often feel like he lets me take on a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to dinner and it becomes a sticking point that we argue over. We end up eating dinner while both just looking at our phones
6:30 - We make up, and watch some Gilmore Girls until it’s time to go take a shower and go to bed around 11.
Day total: $0
Day 7: Thursday
7:30 - I wake up with my alarm and get dressed, put some makeup on, and have some coffee on the couch while playing Animal Crossing until we take the dog for a walk.
9:00 - I start work a little before 9. I have meetings for most of the morning and am still dealing with the project I realized I was behind on yesterday. I move another meeting out to after Thanksgiving so I have time to focus on what is most important right now. I reschedule meetings all the time and I think sometimes I annoy people because of it.
11:15 - I have a meeting at noon so I take a break now for lunch. We take the dog around the block and make another smoothie for lunch.
12:00 - I’m back to work until about 3
3:00 - I take the dog on a long walk because the other two today have been very quick since I was so busy. I chat with my mom on the phone for an hour during and after the walk.
4:00 - My husband quits working for the day but the pool guy is here, so we don’t sit out back. We plan our Thanksgiving meal, which will now just be us, but we still decide on doing a turkey breast and the normal sides. I’m so excited, I love Thanksgiving food. Talking about all the food makes us hungry.
5:30 - We make dinner, just pasta with Italian sausage I cook up over the stove and add the pasta sauce too. I thought I had some vegetables to serve along it but realize I don’t so oh well. I’m definitely already in the holidays, eat whatever I want, mindset. After dinner we watch more Gilmore Girls and then I watch TikTok videos until it’s time for bed.
Day total: $0
Total expenses: $452.31
Food and drink: $227.51
Fun / entertainment: $0
Home + Health: $0
Clothes + Beauty: $0
Other: $199.83 (Pet care), $24.97 (donations and gifts)
This week made me realize how boring I am in the COVID world. I used to at least go out for dinner every once and awhile with people, but my husband and I take it all really seriously and want to be responsible. I feel kind of embarrassed sharing it with everyone since all I don’t do much of anything.
Spending wise, this week is fairly normal. I didn’t do any home or beauty shopping this week, usually at least one week a month I would have more expenses in that category. I didn’t even order anything from Amazon this week! There just isn’t much I need right now and I probably was also holding back a little knowing I was writing this. I’d like to work on donating more next year and maybe volunteering somewhere so I could get out of the house without spending money and give back to my community, which is really important to me.
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2020.11.15 00:19 MischievousSirWolf Free video chat strip

**About Me**
I am a single Dom, Age: 40, Height: 6'0" HWP. Clean, attractive but not perfect. Little husky, but masculine rugged good looks sort of guy, trimmed and kept up facial hair, hair all the places a man is expected to have it as well. So if you are looking for shaved dandy prepubescent looking guy then I am not for you. I am the type of guy that is alright and secure with himself. I do my own thing and I am my own person I don't make any apologies for who I am and I have no concerns over what others think about me. I do tend to view the world and much of everything in this world in a different light a kind of ironic coincidental view maybe.
I do not smoke, or do drug of any kind, expect the same.
I can be eccentric but it is in an endearing way. I am intelligent, too smart for my own good analytically at times, but do not let that from holding me back from having fun. Though intelligence does come in many varieties and fashions and I feel as though everyone has it in one form or the other just not all choose to use what they have.
Many a person has said that I am wise beyond my years, that I have an old soul but I don’t hold much stock in that (really, ever try and buy old soul stock) but it is nice to have. I do not know if it is true or not that’s for you to decide if you choose to get to know me.
Some other people might describe me as leaning towards the quiet side (which happens to not be exhibited in this particular post). This does not mean I am shy. I’m reserved and tend to wait tell I have something meaningful to say. Instead of running my mouth continually. Man of few words some might say. Plus, I am and a lot of subs have appreciated this more of a listener than a talker, having been the shoulder that is needed when something is bothering them.
I am sometimes very silly and goofy, certainly mischievous by nature I can be a lot of fun I have an awesome sense of humor. My unpredictable spur of the moment behavior will surprise you.
Not into lots of drama though. I like to think of myself as being genuine. I value politeness over rudeness which seems to be a rare thing in this day and age.
I can be bit nerdy as well into video games, movies I read enjoy learning about new things on many different subjects. I have a creative artsy side as well, may come out with you my sub, I may choose to use you as a muse. I enjoy nature and the outdoors as well, camping, hiking, kayaking, exploring the world.
From what you have read, if it seem that I have so many traits that they would appear to be conflicting, good then you're getting the idea and don’t worry there are plenty more quirks and quandaries for you to discover if you become my sub.
**Normal life things I enjoy.**
Some are things such as watching movies, usually at home over in the theater. Reading, interesting intellectual conversations on all sort of different subjects. Video games. Cooking. I enjoy traveling seeing new places as well as bit of history. Science and technology, I tend to pick up new hobbies every so often. I have a creative side and have been know to do artistic activities. I enjoy festivals and flea markets,wine tasting. Outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, kayaking, fishing. I am good with my hands and can fix plenty of different things, and like to work on improvement projects.
**What I am like as a Dom**
I am an experienced Dom with real world experience,though not a lot of online. Probably more of a newcomer when it comes to online though. I know how to handle sub physically and emotionally when it comes to D/s relationships in person. I can be very strict, and demanding at times though that is not my preferred mode of being, would rather be having fun together with my submissive. I am also safe am always concerned for my subs welfare, and do not want anything truly bad to happen to you. There is a difference between good pain and bad pain. I have a protective nature, and want to whom I care about to be happy and protected.
I do have a sadistic side and require a sub that has a masochistic side, though I do not consider myself a sadist I am not all about dishing out the pain, I am much more of a sensualist. I like sensual exploration, to explore my submissive's body, your sex, your submission to me sensually and sexually with a mix of pleasure and pain.
I can be very affectionate, and playful love lots of sexual, sensual mischief. I enjoy gentle domination and spending time with my sub taking care of you and your needs, cravings being nurturing and supportive. But I also need, and crave the harder rougher sometimes more extreme domination, Sislut play, making you as mine, taking and using you how I desire in whatever way I desire for my pleasure.
As mentioned I am very affectionate, and I am also very passionate. I crave and need a level of intimacy, I like affirmations from my sub. I also very tactile love really need physical and love physical stuff. So not sure how this online thing will work for me. Ideally would find someone that is not very far, but what are the chances of that.
I have never gotten into the whole submissives are inferior thing that some get into and believe in. Even though I may treat you in such a way in a scene that is not how I see you. I see submission as one half of a whole and even though you submit I want to still respect you, and see you as an equal part of that whole even if I am the Dominant partner. I want a partner in crime I guess you could say, though not really looking to commit crimes :)
I think communication and being open-minded are important parts of any D/s relationship. Talking about feelings and emotions how a scene or task, the play makes you feel, how it affects you is important parts of D/s. Talking about your desires, cravings and fantasies freely with out judgment. I crave intensity, and passion part of the reason I am attracted to D/s relationships, and finding own a sub that craves pleasing me in every way she can, as I would want to do for her. The bond and intimacy of D/s relationships is I feel levels stronger than vanilla. Does not hurt that the sex is amazing as well.
**Some of my kinks and interests but not limited to:**
*Spankings*, I tend to like to spank my submissives not just for punishment but for pleasure and enjoyment, tell your ass is red, aching, even bruised. Bare handed, with instruments such as paddles, crops, canes anything else that might be leave a nice welt.
*Flogging* is also something I enjoy as well.
*Nipple clips*, *breasts and nipple torture, biting and bondage, clips*. I tend to get into such can be rough on your breasts so if have sensitive nipple, breasts...
*Waxplay, and latex body painting,* can be fun when done right and can be visually appealing. I do tend to like fetish art and am in interested in a submissive that wants to be my fetish model as well as my submissive
*Pussy, cunt spanking* and *clit and pussy clips*, *clothespins*. *Ropes and bondage*, *blindfolds*, tying a girl up and using her however I choose.
*Collars and leashes*.
*Body, and cock worshiping*, love having your devotion.
*Discipline training and punishment*.
*Homework, tasks and orders*, things for you to do to show your submission. Or that I would like you to do in preparation for getting together, chatting. Might want you to write me about what you did, how it made you feel, what you liked about it or did not like. Or take a pic, video of yourself doing your task for me. I do enjoy getting *naughty pics and videos* from my submissive doing naughty things, keeps things real and personal for me.
Dress up, seeing my submissive in sexy and naughty clothing, *lingerie*, *corsets*, *fetish wear*.
Lots of toy use and play such as *dildos*, *vibrators*, *butt plugs*, *tails*, *anal beads* anything else that may be fun or interesting as well.
I am into *oral sex*, hard feeding, use gagging. I like to receive but also enjoy licking sucking and eating a deliciously wet pussy, clit just as much.
I enjoy *orgasm control*, as well as *Forced Orgasms*. Girls that are multi orgasmic, get very, very wet, whom squirt. *Cum play*, covering you, creampies if you are on birth control, swallowing as well. *Anal sex* and *ass play*. Forced masturbation, *watching you masturbate for me*. *Tickle torture* Tying you up for punishment or fun, tickling you tell you beg, plead for me to stop, or are willing to do as I desire of you.
Also enjoy *cuddling*, lots of *passionate kissing* and *foreplay*, as well as *aftercare* for my submissive for when she has been used particular hard.
*Bisexual girl*, that want to submit to me and play with other girls, be told what to do, how to play and such and I am open to other scenarios, does not just have to be fmf could be other combinations of threesomes, foursomes, and more-somes as well.
I like a girl that enjoys seduction and teasing me with her body, sex. *Strip dances*, erotic naughty *lap dances*, grinding, *slapping your pussy/clit with my cock*.
*Massages getting and giving*, both normal as well as erotic, *Tantric massages and sex* as well.
Not to mention various public *exhibitionism*, bdsm and play.
There are plenty of others that I did not mention as well, and if there is something you are really interested in I do not mention I would certainly be interested in knowing about it, I am very open minded about a lot of things.
Some words I like to use in description of my submissive. Good girl, naughty girl, pretty girl, lil girl, slutty girl, slut, my slut, my whore, my toy, my pet. As well as various combinations.
As for words that I like. I am open to Sir and Master and various other D/s word a sub may say about, to her Dom in submission. But I do not consider myself a Daddy Dom, and do not like being called Daddy.
**What I am looking for in a submissive.**
I am most attracted physically to girls that the right amount of sexy curves not to thin, not to thick and if you are one of those girls you know what I am talking about. I am tall I guess at 6' but I tend to really like shorter petite girls 5'1” - 5'4”. Gingers are very hot! As well as Asian women, Latin women. But I do not really expect you or any girl I find to actually meet my dream girls specification, that would be unreal. So I am not going to put it all down and I am looking for more than just a physical connection.
I prefer a sub who can appreciate my love of perversity and control has few limits willing to learn and do what it takes to please her Master. A submissive, girl, and woman whom craves and needs similar things out of a D/s relationship and her partner. A sub who can appreciate the exploration of sensual and sexual pleasures, of BDSM and other kinky play has few limits willing to learn and do what it takes to enjoy such pleasures together. You want and crave ownership, to belong to your Master as he would be for you.
A woman for all of her outward appearance of self-reliance and strength has a deep seeded desire to lose control and be in the strong hands dominant hands of her Master, to have her limits tested and pushed to grow both as a submissive and a woman, to learn more about herself and her yearning to let go.
You act as though you are a normal person out in in the public world. In control of your life, constrained by societies' conventions and frustrated them. A woman for all of your outward appearance of self-reliance and strength There is something secretly submissive in you that longs to be satisfied.
You have a deep seeded desire to lose control and be in the strong hands dominant hands of her Master, to have her limits tested and pushed to grow both as a submissive and a woman, to learn more about herself and her yearning to let go. You ache for an aggressive dominant, man to take control of you, your desires, your body, your sexual desires. You want to feel helpless... dominated... NOT in control. You were made to be fucked. Hard! You want to have your panties carnally ripped off of you, to be spanked like a naughty 18 year-old girl. You are a very sexually kinky girl who needs to be spanked, discipline and used as the sexual toy you have always wished to be used as.
You should be clever and creative. You appear confident yet are little bit insecure inside. You are instinctual and sensual. When you walk into a room you are noticed. You are beautiful inside and out. You are cute. You are sexy. You have a good sense of style yet are imperfect and am ok with it. You are honest and genuine. You are a fun and happy person, enjoy giggle and being a goofy. A little bit nerdy, I just have this thing for smart girls. But who also doesn't just stay inside all the time, a girl that likes the outdoors and being adventures, not afraid to get dirty.
Have a bit of a bratty side but do not let it become all you are. You value good manners, politeness in other and respect. You can be elegant, exotic, and mischievous, flirtatious, feisty. You are willing to explore, be adventures and love to learn. You can be both demure and aggressive. You are very feminine and love it, embrace it, like appreciate that there are differences between men and women. A girl that knows she is attractive but not vain. Also, someone with a great sense of humor who is down to earth doesn't get offended easily And you are grinning right now because I have just described you.
I want something substantial and intense, passionate, that feeds that missing part that needs to be filled, a best friend, my submissive, a lover, a partner. Hopefully someone is out there that feel the same way, is looking for such.
To be my submissive you should be:
- Completely submissive to me once you have submitted, open, and willing to be used by or take care of me in any way I direct.
- Willing to express your thoughts, opinions and requests when asked.
- Available
- Drug free, that includes 420 I have not tolerance for drug abuse.
As well as alcohol problems, but drinking in moderation is fine, I enjoy a glass of wine once in while.
- Non-smoking
- Have a strong desire to keep yourself sexy and attractive for your Masters pleasure.
- Willing to give yourself over completely to your Master.
- Being bisexual would be a plus.
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