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2009.04.28 18:56 docforrester Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars™: The Old Republic, a story-driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than here.

2020.11.26 19:21 Pahuskey4Yoo Solo il'gynoth & the hive mind

Im an r4 at K697. currently looking to recruit and increase our numbers.
guild shell currently at lv23 and 120k more points til lv24 gifts. guild name [TK2] THRILL KILL family. cords X:127 Y:321 current members 74/100. looking to fill around 20 more members
guildfest points minimum 800. join DN rallies, join events and be active on LINE.
Our current goals, build a good guild, build mini, work on hypers, work on research, work on solo traps. pretty much our goal is to just grow our account at a decent pace, we enjoy logging in daily. we talk in our chats and communicate. we are not a war guild but need active t4 players to help with DN rallies or to possibly help defend/attack. we are mainly from USA, europe and middle east. our main language we speak is english but you may use whatever you feel is easier to communicate with. We have access to gem dealer and bus, our r5 is the best if youre the type of p2p orp2w. we accept f2p accounts aswell aslong as you have a main to bring. we have a bot bank and hunt monsters daily. we prefer lvl2s n above.
minimum might 30m
required to fill DN rallies with full march of at least t3 troop
migration scroll. move to hive. write in diploe board "sushi reddit recruitment"
so if youre looking to log in and sit around and not feel bad being a farmer for now, then this guild may feel right for you. What you put in is up to you, be a part of the team is all we ask. Life will always come first and not dragon arena or guildfest, just let us know :)
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2020.11.24 20:45 ThatsMrDick-ThatsMe Solo il'gynoth & the hive mind

"Mos Eisley Spaceport. Never again will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious."
In the original Star Wars, Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina (yeah I just found out what it was actually called, thanks Wookieepedia) introduced us to the breadth of bizarre alien creatures in the Star Wars galaxy, all crammed in a seedy bar on a backwater planet. From the hammer-headed Ithorian designed by Ron Cobb to the devilish Devaronian designed by Rick Baker, Lucas's creative team helped bring a universe of seemingly limitless possibilities to life in one short sequence. The scene has had a number of homages and imitations in other entries of the saga, but how do they all stack up compared to the original and arguably the best?
There's some criteria for what constitutes a "cantina" scene. It has to be some kind of enclosed environment featuring a plethora of unique alien designs with tonnes of visible personality as well as an overall lively though somewhat intimidating atmosphere for the protagonists. I'll be ranking them all out of 10 on the Cantina Factor. I'll only be counting the mainline "episodes" of the saga.
Episode V... doesn't have a cantina scene. The closest thing is the bounty hunter gathering on the Star Destroyer bridge, but... it doesn't really have the same feel and is a bit too brief to count. Move along, move along.
Episode VI, on the other hand, throws us right into the 24/7 partyhouse that it Jabba's Palace. A stew of filth and debauchery surpassing Mos Eisley, you almost feel dirty just looking at this place. Jabba is truly the Fisher King of his establishment, everything is as grimy and seedy as the giant slug himself. We see Jabba's entourage of performers, jesters and burlesque dancers, as well as servants, guards, bounty hunters, VIPs and assorted criminal scum. Compared to Mos Eisley, we get to see this litany of bizarre characters in greater focus, with many turning out to be quite important figures in the expanded universe. The main centres of attraction include: Jabba's pale, weak-minded Twi'lek majordomo Bib Fortuna; the axe-wielding, boar-like Gamorrean Guards; Jabba's cackling jester Salacious B. Crumb; Boba Fett flirting with girls; Oola the sexy Twi'lek slave dancer who's fed to the Rancor; Malakili the Rancor keeper who tenderly weeps when his beloved pet is crushed to death; EV-9D9 the sadistic torture droid; Ephant Mon the horrifically ugly elephant thing who is apparently Jabba's best mate; and last but not least, Max Rebo the cute blue DJ. Bossk the Trandoshan bounty hunter also has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo. The 1997 Special Edition controversially extends the song-and-dance number with Sy Snootles, replacing her (admittedly awful) puppet with CGI and adding an entirely new singer, Joh Yowza, who obnoxiously mugs the camera during his solo. Overall, the Jabba's Palace scene is in many ways better than the original Mos Eisley cantina scene, but it suffers greatly in the Special Edition... still, nothing can stop it ranking a solid 9/10 on the Cantina Factor.
With an enhanced budget and new fangled digital effects technology, Episode I is basically one long creature-feature. There's not really a single scene quite like Mos Eisley, as nearly every scene seems to have crowds of alien extras wandering around. Ironically, we don't see any cantina-like locations on Tatooine in the film, though the Boonta Eve Classic podrace scene provides us a decent alternative. All of the greatest podracers in the Outer Rim gathered together with their own idiosyncratic vehicles, including Anakin's cruel arch-rival Sebulba, the four-armed Gasgano, and the legend himself Ben Quadrinaros. Pit droids wander around providing some visual comedy. We see Jabba and Gardulla presiding over the event, with live race commentary provided in both Basic and Huttese by the hammy two-headed Fodesinbeed Annodue, a.k.a. Fode and Beed. Anakin's slave friends, including the young Rhodian played by Warwick Davis, also appear to cheer him on. However, considering that the rest of the film shoves so many CGI alien mugs in our faces all the way through, it doesn't have quite as much impact. 6/10.
In Episode II, we get the Outlander Club on Coruscant during Obi-Wan and Anakin's citywide chase for the bounty hunter Zam Wessell. As an avid clubber myself (not so much now, thanks COVID), I naturally like this scene and it's also cool to see the night life on a civilised Core World for once. On the downside, we don't get a good look at many quirky alien characters, but the one who does make an impression is no less than excellent: the deathstick dealer Elan Sleazebaggio. I wonder if he did go home and rethink his life? The scene also started the fan theory that Obi-Wan might be an alcoholic, seeing as he eagerly heads straight to the bar for some shots like the absolute legend he is. The "Jedi causes commotion with lightsaber, everyone looks then just carries on as normal" beat is given a tribute too. Moreover, the Outlander Club is used in an awesome fan film called Hell's Club which mashes together various iconic club scenes from other movies -- Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan encounters Ewan McGregor's Renton from Trainspotting while Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever leers at Anakin a little too long (also the madness makes Carlito's death no less sad, RIP). 8/10.
Episode III, there isn't one, skip.
Being a soft remake of Episode IV, Episode VII gives us a straightforward cantina scene with Maz Kanata's Castle on Takodana. Takodana might be one of my favourite locations in the whole saga. On paper it's an unremarkable forest planet but there's something... tangible about it. The fact that it was filmed in a real forest and a real set for the castle rather than a greenscreen backdrop definitely helps. Beyond Kanata herself, we see glimpses of some interesting looking characters, including: Grummgar the hulking big game hunter; Bazine Netal the enigmatic First Order spy who rats on BB-8; and most memorable of all, Sidon Ithano a.k.a. The Crimson Corsair, the red-garbed mercenary who Finn offers to join up with. Among the flags adorning the castle, you can also see the emblem of the real life charity organisation, the 501st Legion. Nice touch. Will we ever find out how the Skywalker lightsaber got there though? 9/10.
Episode VIII gives us the controversial Canto Bight on planet Cantonica. I'm very much pro-Canto Bight, it's a perfect 'anti-Mos Eisley'. Rather than a usual wretched hive of destitute criminals, Cantonica is a luxury casino resort filled with the disgusting, decadent elite of the galaxy. Crooks of a different breed. The aesthetic is great, it's all white and clean but filled with some truly repulsive-looking aliens squeezed into tight tuxedos and dresses. Like Finn, it's easy to get lost in the glitz and glamour until you see what it's all built on, then you can cheer when the Fathiers tear it all down. As bad as it all is, a part of me still finds Canto Bight appealing -- I wouldn't mind getting suited and booted and playing a bit of roulette (or the Star Wars verse equivalent of it, idfk) with some fuckin' weird aliens. Speaking of, let's get to some. We've got: Countess Alissyndrex delga Cantonica Provincion, the ruler of the town who can only be described as a purple slab of meat with a human face; Lexo Sooger the long-armed masseur; Slowen Lo the busybody Abendedo who almost destroys the Resistance because Finn and Rose parked on a beach; the Cthulhu-esque Palandag jazz band, somehow weirder than the Modal Nodes from Mos Eisley; Dobbu Scay the diminutive monocled alien who drunkenly mistakes BB-8 for a slot machine, also played by Mark Hamill; Justin Theroux and doll-faced model Lily Cole cameoing as the suave "Master Codebreaker" and his square-haired partner respectively; and of course, Benicio del Toro's "DJ" imprisoned down in the cells. Below the casino itself, we see the abusive slavery practices on both animals and children, with the boy Temiri Blagg revealing himself as Force-sensitive in the ending shot of the film after being inspired by the legend of Luke Skywalker. Whether or not you like its role in the story, it's a damn good alien cantina, 10/10.
Finally, we get to Episode IX. It's easy to miss because of how insanely fast-paced the film is, but yeah, there is a cantina scene on Kijimi, in the Spice Runner Den. I always wondered if this planet is a reference to Hideo Kojima, makes sense considering he and J.J. Abrams are friends, though apparently it's also a reference to some Japanese synthesizer brand. It's nothing to write home about. I mean, yeah, we're introduced to Zorii Bliss and Babu Frik, the best character in the entire trilogy, but what else is there? Oh yeah, a cameo from John freakin' Williams as the bartender Oma Tres. But yeah, apart from that, it's bland and forgettable, there are some aliens dotted around but none of them are focused on particularly. 3/10.
And there you have it. I felt weird about ranking Mos Eisley itself with its own imitators when it originated the whole trope, so I leave that one to you guys. Which is your favourite?
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2020.11.24 03:02 lilcabininthewoods Solo il'gynoth & the hive mind

Matching on that app was weird, because it was just a few months into the pandemic. We both liked the same hockey team despite living hundreds of miles away from that team, and that blossomed into a few strange yet oddly intimate Zoom dates.
But that thing that was missing, actually experiencing someone in person, seemed out of reach. You're a public health expert after all, so I'd assume you'd never want to meet as long as this pathogen ravages the world. I was content to be your friend, knowing that a long-distance relationship despite living in the same city isn't what we wanted.
Then, you asked me to hang out at the park with you. I was surprised, but I stayed at home eating beans and pasta to avoid going out to make sure I wasn't ill before grabbing some classic picnic food and heading over. You also stayed at home, but probably ate better than me.
It was so alien, spending time with a stranger without a mask on.
But I felt safe, because I knew you'd take the same precautions I would. I even felt safe enough to kiss you, even though putting my mouth to yours would have been a surefire way to spread or get COVID.
A few weeks later, we took a hike together, and a few weeks later had some BBQ and awful margaritas for the 4th of July.
The entire time, I was drawn to something in you that I felt was being pushed down by the weight of the world. You were watching the country do pretty much everything opposite to what you were learning in grad school (and everything qualified medical experts said to do.) Also, you were a grad student, and you weren't sure if you'd be able to stay here or have to go back home and ride it out with your family. When we laid on your bed, your eyes darted around the room, thinking of the next paper due.
Yet I was intrigued by you. Maybe it's because we've both got our struggles and empathized with one another, or maybe it's the way your hair bounced in a ponytail. Perhaps it's how you always say you're not going to get pretty before you came to hang out, and how you tried to hide a smile when I said you were already pretty.
The day before you were set to move back home, we went out to the national park nearby to watch the sun set over a mountain. I was absolutely panicking on the way up because me and exposed cliffsides do not get along, and we got pretty damn high, but not all the way to the top.
Driving down, I thought I fucking blew it. Here was this chance to savor a moment you'd remember forever, and I couldn't go another 500 feet up the road because of a fear I haven't been able to shake since I was a child. But on the way back, you asked if I wanted to grab a six-pack and hang at your place for a bit.
Externally, I said, "Sure, I don't have anything going on," but inside of me felt like the control room at NASA after a successful launch.
A few beers and some crappy quesadillas later (who doesn't put black pepper with the salt and paprika on the cheese?,) we're just laying on your empty living room floor surrounded by your boxes and looking at our phones. It was peaceful, and I didn't want to get up, because the sooner I did that, the sooner we'd have to accept that this may be the last time we ever see one another.
Since then, we've been texting back and forth, sending dumb memes, complaining about the state of the world and looking at pretty hiking summits.
A few weeks ago, I mentioned how I had some time off and you invited me to drive across multiple state borders and snuggle with you while you dunked on whoever was on The Bachelorette. I suspect it was in jest, but you know what? I probably would have done it.
Because in that moment, I imagined what it would be like to do nothing with you all day. And it seemed really, really nice.
After months of tearing my hair out being stuck inside and leaving only for food, beer and the occasional solo hike, my logical thinking brain should have thought "Screw that, let's go climb for a couple hours in the woods" or "Let's road trip into the desert, something that would take days to plan because I'm not actually all that experienced in the outdoors."
But in that moment, I thought, "Huh, I wonder how long it'd take to drive out to her place."
A few weeks have passed, and not much has changed. The U.S. is still fighting COVID by pretending it's not there, the economy is on the brink of ruin and oh hey, climate change is still an existential threat to humanity.
All of these things weigh on my mind. It's in my nature, and it's in yours as well to worry.
Yet, I'm present in this moment when I was with you, watching you scroll through your Instagram or talk about contact tracing works for foodborne germs. I want to be present in that again.
So yes, I'd have to figure out how to afford this alongside my lease, and yes, I'd have to figure out how to get WiFi and phone reception so we could both do our jobs remotely.
But there really isn't much else I want to do right now but drive to a little cabin in the middle of nowhere with you, spending our days trying to make the world a little bit of a better place, our nights trash-talking The Bachelor (even though I know deep down that you love it wholeheartedly,) and our weekends in the woods and on the mountains until the pandemic ends.
At this point, my logical thinking brain should say that it'd be stupid to do something like that with a woman I've only met in person five times, and it's stupid to dream about a woman that now lives more than 1,000 miles away with no reason or plan for you to move back here soon, or for me to move to you. Sorry, but your state is flat and boring and a hive of anti-maskers.
And yet, here I lay in bed, writing a gushing letter and hoping some day that I get to see you once again.
Until then, I'm just going to release this on reddit and hope that one day soon, you'll start an OnlyFans but only give me the link.
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2020.11.23 22:16 demillermusic Solo il'gynoth & the hive mind

I have been grinding this Complete 50 Hive Missions trophy on Playstation for the last four days to no avail. I've been the host for at least 50, done several solo. I witnessed people in matches I hosted have the trophy pop for them. I'm assuming it's glitched. My codex files trophy popped randomly when I signed in with the new patch. No recent news seems to be posted about it anywhere. I have had the game installed since day one.
Any suggestions?
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2020.11.23 13:49 Pjoernrachzarck Il'gynoth & hive the solo mind

If you're not interested in creating, or find it hard to start, try some of these.
The easiest way to collect Dreams is to click on the 'Play Later' button on the website.
I'm not including the mM games: Art's Dream, Box Escape, etc. Those are hard to miss and are obviously a must. Also not including remakes or remake attempts of popular IPs, and not including all the many amazing sculptures, films, albums, etc. Just games.

LOCK by 800pixelgorilla has replaced Art's Dream as my favorite game in the Dreamiverse. About 10 hours long, this puzzle game takes inspiration from The Witness and Myst. It's very difficult and very rewarding.
A minimalist escape room. Playable in VR and non-VR.
The Opposite Day Saga
The as of now 11 Dreams in the Opposite Day saga are witty, weird and pythonesque. Doesn't look like much, but is well worth the hours.
Pip Gemwalker
This is a puzzle platformer with a high degree of polish. There's a VR version and a level editor, too.
Ball World Adventures
BWA is another super polished, content-rich marble platformer. There's a lot of marble rollers in the Dreamiverse, but this one is simply the best.
Pig Detective 3
A big and ambitious classic point & click adventure with a large cast of voice actors including Troy Baker. Not as silly as it looks. Knowledge of Pig Detective 1&2 not required.
Just Pogo
Just pogo.
A city destroyer. Think Rampage meets Katamari. Very polished.
Great Job, Human & Super Great Job, Human
One of Dream's prime platformers, and the demo of the sequel.
Race through the city, as the city is being destroyed by an earthquake.
A Little Perspective
Very ambitious puzzle game, with a story.
Classic 2P strategy game. Also includes solo AI and teaching modes.
Fields of Battle 2
If you absolutely must have things exploding and shooting at you and stuff.
Silver Slumber
A 2h action RPG made by one guy.
Player Piano Player
An old timey western piano rhythm game? Why not.

Let me know about all the ones I should have mentioned but didn't.
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2020.11.23 09:07 PandaPrada_LeyiGames Solo the il'gynoth mind & hive

1. Trim SvS event to 4-6 hrs. As the game evolves it gets more costly. You are going to see reduced participation in SvS due to the cost. That or restore our troops at the end like AvA or Legions. Or drastically reduce revive costs.
Thank you for your thoughts. When we are designing AvA and Legions, we want them to become places where players could experience war in a relatively faster pace. So when we are designing SvS, we want it to become something different, that players would value it as an important combat and to think more dlibreately. So in this case AvA and Legions are more like a practice place for SvS. It also explained the revives for troops. Second, our players have timezone issues. We have to cover every players from different parts of the world to join this fight, so the time length is long. We appreciate your opionions. It values to us.
2. Start merging dead states with less then 200 active accounts
State merging is not an option for now. As the cross-state teleport can be used to change the home state. However, we saw a lot of comments and suggestions regarding the state merging. So even tho I can't promise that there will be state mering, I won't either say there won't be state merging for sure. We will keep our eyes on the game data.
3. We need more events. The events should be balanced for the strategic factor to be important. The game is becoming routine. I think players are getting bored, even players who spend large amounts of money.
(approved )
We apologize for your experience. And good news is, we are currently designing new events and they would come out soon! Please stay tuned, and you are welcome to give us any suggestion or feedback about our events. Thank you!
4. I suggest you rethink a merge event. Cross state ports are not helping to reduce states that can be active and competitive. Some people prefer not to spend money on a port where that state will or possibly will be come dead. Why not look at states that have lost 5 svs in a row. Pair them up... and have a 2 day svs merge event. Would add some more fun and start the svs merge event on a Friday at reset to run whole weekend for states involved
Thank you for your insightful idea. If we make merging too easy to happen, the numerical data of each server would be fluctuated, so too frequently merging would cause serious problems to servers. There would be a potential that some players might switch across servers just to mess around. So buying the port instead of we do the mergeing on a large scale could control this situation. And the chance for states to lost 5 svs in a row is relatively small. Our background would first compare the datas between servers and select those who are on relatively same level. We would definetly keep our eye on this situation, but right now merging is not a mature solution.
5. Issue for Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. When an Alliance Research has been fully funded, the game does not allow the chancellor or vice to remove the recommended banner until after that item has been researched. We need to allow the recommended banner to be removed or auto removed once the item is full.
Thank you for your advice. We have approved this suggestion and it is on our schedule.
6. Farms, one per product only, that is a joke, I don’t even have a full March of T1 mercenaries and my food is flashing red. All buildings is lvl 10, with all research Lvl 5.
Thank you for your advice. We have approved this suggestion and it is on our schedule.
7. To prevent “dirty” tiles (tiles with very little rss left), have the rss meter turn a different color when enough troops are selected to completely empty the tile. When the capacity is displayed as “1.1m” it is hard to know if that is 1,100,000 or 1,199,999, and that causes tiles with 5k or 10k left. Changing the color of the meter once all rss can be gathered would prevent accidental dirty tiles.
Thank you for your advice. We used another way to fix this. Right now, everyone could see who was the previous collector. So players have more clues and option to decide what they are going to do. We have implmented this suggestion, thank you for your inspiration.
8. Devs, please create a 3-5 second pause between selecting rss for healing troops. I am sick of selecting between 15-25k of food to heal just a few troops who only need 3.5k to heal according to the game. It takes me less than two secs to select rss, and go back to the 'heal button', and even then it's not quick enough. Sometimes healing just a few t3 troops has cost me 20-30 times what is actually needed. A tiny few seconds pause is all that's needed.
Thank you for your advice. We have approved this suggestion and it is on our schedule.
9. Allow us to trade unwanted crystals for other crystals. Who really uses siege crystals? Why not let us trade say 4 lv1 siege crystals for a lv2 crystal of what you need?
Every item in the game has its own value and function, it could be high or low. For the case of seige crystals, they are set for cavalry. If we enabled it to be traded for other crystals, then the values of all the crystals would be greatly affected which lead to unpredicted changes to many aspects of the game. The outcome of doing it unbalance the game environment .But we will also keep an eye on it, to see if there's a better way to improve players' experience.
10. Now your pop up screen with Halloween stuff is is not going away. Why can’t we get the option to turn that stuff off? Please, give us the option to turn off all these pop up screens when we open the game
Thank you for your advice. We have approved this suggestion and it is on our schedule.
11. Hello everyone so has you know this game has a lot of states, including dead ones. A lot of players quit from the game, due to time or other stuff. So I have a suggestion to ask if the developer can stop open a new states every few weeks and only open 1 state for training.Let’s called that academic state who won’t have number but every player will start from there. When you achieve 100m force or your hive will become level 21 then the game can send few people from the training state to the others state who already exist.That way the older states will get new players and will help the state to develop. Until all the states will be full then my suggestion to open a new state. I know this sound a little complicated but I really think this way the game can save the dead states from dying.Also a lot of alliances trying to recruit players from different states, but now they will have the opportunity to grow their own players after they new players will come from the academic state.
Thank you for your idea. Unfortunately, we don't think this is a good idea. When new players enter old states without preparation, they would easily get beaten up by sophisticated players. Even when they reach some kinds of level, the gap between new players and old players still exist. And for new players, when they stay in a new state, it is easier for them to create their own authority and develop in their own way. If they just enter into an old state, they lost the chance to become a leader. This is not fair for them to give up what they could've been. Before they pass level 5, they do have the chance to move to another stateusing the newbee state teleport with preparation. So in the end, they have the chance to shift. We want to keep this chance for them.
12. map reward that's not a reward its an insult it's absolutely worthless and I have to heal troops for it this needs to be removed from list of rewards (25%upkeep savings)
(to be determiend)
Thank you for your advice. We will keep track on this situation to see if there's a proper way to solve this.
13. Have the option to skip the intro when creating a new account
We believe intro is very significant for new players. It is a critical tutorial for players to understand the game. If we have this option, one might skip the intro for a big chance. And one will lose the oppourtunity to learn about the basic mechansim of the game.
14. (FIX THE OLD CLOCK and MAKE A NEW)How about a UTC clock possibly located by the gold icon so we can see what the time is ? ONE YOU CAN SEE THAT ISN’T SMALL, many ask where or when the time is the one they have now located in the chat bar is hardly noticeable
(to be determined)
Thank you for your advice. We will keep track on this situation to see if there's a proper way to put it somewhere else to make it more obvious.
15. The level 5 & 6 characters named minions drop 2 different type of gear equipment. The animal 5 & 6 minions drop just 1 type and resources. Suggestion: level 5&6 animal minions drop more of the one type of gear material and no resources or they drop enforcer gear materials instead of the resources.
When we were designing these, we want players to realize that each outlaw has its own function. We don't want players just to beat them up for no intention. So there is a difference between minion and animal. In this way, we can fulfill players' different needs for resources.
16. Please stop putting pop-ups in the way of logging in!!! Getting logged in takes long enough and when you are getting rallied, the last thing you want to see are a bunch of ads and pop-ups. By pop-ups I mean event calendar, SVS results, sheriff skill upgrade, town center completion, sheriff level upgrade, equipment upgrade complete, rate us, Inferno solo goals, solo event goals, alliance event goals, and of course the store packs. Please make it so when you login it takes you directly to the game ASAP. War Game!! Time matters.
Sorry for your bad experience. We are working on it to create a better experience.
17. put the new (growth) rss in the trading post for easy trading of new rss.
Thank you for your advice. We will put them up in the future.
18. Ghost Town to Tuesday's. This will stop SVS winners from missing out due to excessive gold mine gathering. Or....even better, allow a player to enter Ghost Town with marches out.
(to be determined)
Thank you for your advice. We will keep track on this situation to see if there's a proper way to solve this.
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2020.11.20 19:54 dourdan Solo il'gynoth & the hive mind

Rise of Hellion ch9: Break Free
Rise of Hellion ch9: Break Free ( Barry Pepper fanart fiction inspiration)

Sitting in the dark, I pulled my metal legs to my chest, rocking back and forth. “Think, Nicki, you need to think of a plan.” I knew I needed to speak to Tony; he was my mentor, my guide, (and most importantly, my TAC liaison) but there was no way to safely make contact. I just needed to assume he was tracking me, despite the fact that I was in a hidden underground base made up of sewer and metro tunnels.
All I knew for certain was that I needed to guard the battery with my life. With my pinky finger I managed to fidget with the joints of my legs. After my stupid decision to show off, I needed to find a new place to hide the tiny data storage device. My new hiding place had to be high enough on my body, to the point where if FENG tried to remove it in my sleep, I would be able to feel it. Unless, of course, he drugged me (but that also implied I would be willing to share a room with him.)
“You almost done in there?” a female voice shouted through the locked door. “You know, this is the only bathroom for thirty miles. There’s a fucking line!”
“I know, I’m sorry.” I took a moment to fix my leg, just enough to be able to leave the putrid smelling porta potty. There was a sink with running water, that was connected to the local water treatment plant. but with no soap or sanitizer. I left the stall, passing by a massive line of no less than twenty female soldiers. Some of them were in full armor, looking ready to kick my ass.
“Hey you!”
“Me?” I asked nervously since I couldn’t see from what direction the voice had come from.
“Your name is Hellion, right?” A female soldier turned her head, shouting from her place in line.
“Feng told me to tell you to meet him in his office.”
“His office? And where would that be?” I couldn’t see her face, for all I knew she was a robot, a plant and I would be walking in to a death trap.
“It’s a giant tent on wheels, you can’t miss it,” the robot replied gleefully, giving her best Rachel McAdam’s impression.
“Ok, thanks.” I didn’t have to look far to find what looked like a bright red circus tent. The structure appeared to be secured to the back of a semitruck. This was clearly Feng’s personal office space. I placed my hand upon the golden handle of the black rubber door. The aesthetic looked like a BDSM sex club; unique but at the same time intimidating.
The door was of course unlocked. ‘It’s unlocked because he was expecting you. there’s probably a shotgun on the other side.’ I truly did not want to open it but I knew I had to. “Hello?” I said through a crack. I could, thankfully, see no trap rigged to the door.
“Do come in, Ms. Hellion.”
I opened the door to a room illuminated by neon lights. Feng was standing about twenty feet away, with his back facing me. “Hi, um. I was told that you wanted to see me?”
Feng stood eerily still. “There’s no way TAC let you just escape with the battery.
“No one lets me do anything,” I said as calmly as I could. “My choices are my own.” I knew he had to be holding a weapon.
“I truly doubt that, little girl,” he said with a chuckle. “The way I see it; either that is not the real battery or you’re a spy and the battery is a tracking device.”
“I guess you’ll never know.” I tried to stand in the doorway for an easy escape but with the raise of his hand he slammed the door shut remotely.
“You will not make a fool of me!” In less than a second, Feng made it across the room and hit me so hard I felt my head slam against a nearby table.
Time moved in slow-motion as three items crashed to the ground; a glass vial, a screwdriver and a notepad. I felt my mind flip a switch that I never knew I had. Step one, I would use the glass vial to hit him in the balls. Since the glass seemed to be shatterproof, this could make for a decent means of attack. Step two, would be a hit to the face, using the notebook. (A quick motion used more as a distraction than an attack.) Finally, I would end with the screwdriver stabbed in his shoulder. That plan should give me ample time to make my exit. Except step three missed.
Feng turned his head, causing me to stab him in the eye so hard the six inches of metal became completely stuck. I could see sparks as something electrical short circuited behind his eyeball. I also saw blood. I landed another kick to the stomach, making sure to grab the notebook (might be important later, you never know.) “You’ll stay down, if you know what’s good for you.”
Before he could reply I kicked him again, this time in the head. There was more blood. Feng was groaning in pain, struggling for breath. Or perhaps he was trying to decide on what card to play next.
“Thanks for the hospitality but I think I’ll be traveling solo.” It was a lie: I needed him to think I had the power to walk away. “I’m just going to say goodbye to Baron, before I go.”
“And Noah?” he asked in a whisper.
“Noah? You mean Cronos?” I leaned against the doorframe, blindly searching for the lock. Upon locating a latch, I was able to get the door open a few inches. I also made sure to wedge the notebook in the hinge for added weight and leverage. “If you think I’m going to trade the battery for Noah’s life, you’re even crazier than you look.”
“Don’t lie,” he said with a maniacal laugh. “I know you had sex with him after a single night.”
“You calling me a slut?”
This got a genuine laugh. “No, but even you have to admit, you’re immature, impulsive.”
“But I also want to stay alive. How do I know you’re not going to force choke me the moment I turn my back?” I’d found a second and third lock. Mentally I was preparing to run.
“Force choke? I’m not Darth Vader. And if I was, I could kill you where you stand.” He paused for a moment before starting to laugh. “Is this about the door? It’s on a preprogrammed timer.” With one firm tug, he pulled the screwdriver from his eye, letting it fall to the floor. “I think I owe you an apology, I’ve given you no reason to trust me.”
“Trust you?” I could feel the bile in my throat. “Do you even remember what you said to me and Anya?”
“On the chartered flight? Yes, I have some memories of that day.” He wiped his face, smearing the blood across his cheek. “I recall telling you that your friends had been dissected for spare parts. However, you can clearly see, by the fact Baron is still among the living, that I was…”
“A lying sack of shit?” I suggested. “Or were you just talking out of your ass?”
“What can I say, it’s just my nature.” His smile was wide, cat-like.
“Your nature…” I muttered, not moving forward. My mind drifted to the fable, ‘the scorpion and the frog.’ Basically, the scorpion asks for the frog’s help across a body of water but when he inevitably betrays the frog the bug claims that evil was just in his nature. “Is Noah here, in your BDSM circus tent?”
Feng chuckled. “Noah is in fact here. Would you like to say hello?”
“I would.”
“Well, right this way.” Feng paused, taking a moment to snap the broken pieces of his eye back into place. The parts were clearly made of a thick glass or perhaps porcelain. The chunks did not fit perfectly but he managed to close the wound enough to stop the bleeding. “Much better.”
There was a noticeable crack through his retina but I gave him a cheerful, flirtatious thumbs up. “Looks good.”
“Says the girl who stabbed me,” he said with a jovial laugh, as he walked to a door on the opposite side of the room. “If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you had a fetish for violence against men.
“Does this place have multiple rooms?” I asked. This seemed odd even knowing what the full size of the vehicle looked like.
“No,” he replied, holding open the door. He was clearly not going to offer any further information. He wanted my raw, emotional reaction. Because what I saw next was something out of my nightmares.
The front of the tent was actually the cab of a recycled semi-truck. (That part was admittedly kind of cool.) Chained to the front and side were no less than ten bodies in various stages of undress. They were arranged like trophies. Some wore armor, while others were missing limbs. I couldn’t even tell of any of them were still alive. Each body was attached by their arms, legs and neck. There was some variation depending on the availability of limbs. But what each body had in common were their lack of eyes. They all seemed to be covered in duct tape (regardless if the body in question also wore a helmet). I assume this was to avoid what happened next.
Somehow, they all sensed my presence and started to call out to me. “Nicki! Hellion!” the victims were male and female but their neck restrains were compromising the clarity of their voices. (So, I was still unable to tell which one was Noah.) “Get out of here!” “You need to run!” the words echoed off the walls of the tunnels, pounding into my head like a jackhammer.
Covering my ears, I fell to my knees, making sure to keep my knife at grabbing distance. “Where is Noah?”
In the paltry lighting of the tunnels Feng looked every bit like a typical scorpion. He of course giggled like a child as he approached a tall male body wearing yellow body armor. An opaque motocross helmet concealed his face, but I could tell, the victim was more metal than flesh. “And before you get all judgmental, I offered baron and Noah the same opportunities but only one of them wanted to play nice.”
And I was supposed to be ok with this? I wanted to scream, cry or (do as the others said) and run. That wouldn’t have ended well. I needed to play the part of a confident, empowered female with a strong stomach. “I wish to speak to him.”
“Most certainly, it will be my pleasure.” Feng easily removed the helmet revealing Noah’s face.
One thing was painfully obvious; Feng was the person I met on the roof, not Faust. Feng was the one who had Noah’s mutilated body on a leash like a wild animal. He was the one who wanted me to steal the battery. Was Faust even real? Or was Feng the puppet master for multiple characters? I leaned forward to touch Noah’s face, and nearly puked all over myself. He was missing both eyes and had a mouth full of black, oil-like blood. It was clear he was trying to speak but all that came out were choking, labored breaths. That is, until Feng punched the armor, hitting Noah in the chest. This seemed to activate a robotic voice emulator.
“Yeah, it’s me.” My body started to move all on its own. My brain didn’t want to remove the chest piece, I already knew what I would find. But my hands apparently wanted to see for themselves. I opened the latches on his shoulders, and hips, allowing the metal plate to fall to the ground. There was no skin on his chest. His neck and throat were robotic, connecting to a metal skeleton. This would have been acceptable but there was just enough human parts left to look ‘out of place.’ In addition to the skin on his face, his heart, lungs, stomach and intestines were still present, (and rotting.) The smell was overwhelming.
Noah opened his lips and spoke a quick sentence through the digital voice box. “Hold me.” I did as he asked and took a step closer, standing on his feet to be able to look into his eyes. “I’m sorry.”
Noah shook his head, but with how his neck was restrained the movement appeared more like a muscle spasm. “You must end this.”
I could feel him tighten his stomach, subtly motioning to a weapon at his hip. Wait, no. That wasn’t his body moving it was mine. I could feel the fetus inside me moving, reaching out to its father. I could no longer stop the tears from falling. My child would never know him. Did I even know him? I cupped Noah’s face in my hands; he was warm, human. “There’s so much I want to say to you.”
Noah nodded, his face trembling in pain, fear or whatever emotions he had left in his mutilated body.
“I don’t know if we could have been together. Maybe you were just fun, maybe you would have been an awful father. I’ll have to keep telling myself that, because otherwise all I have are fairytales in my head.” I kissed his forehead for one final goodbye. “I’ll never forget you.”
I pulled my knife from its place on my thigh. Under any other circumstances the blade wouldn’t be enough to engage in combat (probably why I was allowed to keep it with me.) But in that moment, I was overcome with strength. I slashed Noah’s throat over and over. Sometimes I was cutting wire, other times flesh. When no one tried to stop me, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was what Feng wanted. All I knew was that it needed to all be cut; anything that was his life, his human soul, and anything that could have kept him alive against his will. Noah deserved to finally be free. With one last cut, his head fell off, bouncing off another prisoner’s arm before landing at Feng’s feet.
I quickly spun around and stabbed Feng in the chest. I wanted so badly to finish him off, but there was no other weapon in sight. Feng looked down at the blade and laughed. “You think you can destroy me?”
With a flick of my wrist, my blade went straight up, cutting through Feng’s head like piano wire. “Yeah, I do.” I paused with my knife, finally free of his flesh. “Wow.” I honestly did not know I even had that kind of strength. My hand was covered in blood, trembling with energy. Behind me, I heard a slow clap. First from one person then two and then a small crowd.
“Baron?” It was more of a wish than a question. As far as I knew there would be an army of Feng’s creations training their weapons on me.
“I had a feeling I bet on the right horse,” Baron said as he placed his hand upon my shoulder.
“You bet on me? How do you figure that?” I asked in a catatonic voice. “I came here all on my own.”
“How do you think you found the doorway?” he pointed out. “But like I said, I ‘bet’ on the right horse. It was never a guarantee that you’d go through the door, you could have turned back, maybe went towards the US border. I’m sure you could have found someone to help you on that side.
I turned to see if he was smiling, laughing, anything to make this seem like an elaborate trap. He wasn’t. He gripped my hand, as his body faced forward unable to look away from Noah’s headless corpse.
“You seem to switch horses a lot,” I muttered. I could feel my eyes blinking away tears. “but I’m one to talk. I came back too late.”
Baron sighed, sharing our moment of grief. “There’s no way you could have made it back any sooner then you did, not with that TAC guy breathing down your neck.”
“I could have at least tried.”
“You’re here now and that’s all that matters.” Baron pulled me close for a hug. “Noah was a good guy. The world is full of good people.”
Good people who get royally fucked over by life. “I don’t want to go to Alaska. I want to kill Kitsune.”
Baron nodded. “Good to hear it.” He opened the door of the truck, already holding a pair of keys. “We can discuss the details once we’re back on the road.”
“Back on the road?”
“Yeah, that’s what I said.” He picked up Feng’s body and tossed it in the passenger seat. The two halves of his head hung open like the petals of the world’s most upsetting flower. “The best way to get a meeting with Kitsune is to pretend her science fair henchman is still alive.”
“Ok, I get it, we’re constructing a narrative,” I said as I took a seat on the floor, trying to stay closer to Baron. “You and I have the battery and after we’re done completing any business in Canada that (Feng was after) we offer it to her in exchange for a promotion.”
“A promotion?” Baron said with a laugh. “You gotta dream bigger than that, little sister.” He was about to turned the key to start the engine.
“What about the victims?” I quickly asked, grasping his hand.
“You mean the people chained to the outside of this freakshow on wheels,” he replied with a sigh.
“Can we take down the other bodies?”
Baron shook his head. “I think you mean ‘should we take down the bodies?’”
“Why, are they all as bad as Noah?” Even if they were that made no difference; they deserved their freedom as well. Even death had to be preferable to being a living hood ornament.
“You mean are they alive?” he asked.
I offered the only explanation I could, “I heard their voices telling me to run.”
“That would be the hive mind,” Baron said in a brief, matter-of-fact tone. He turned on the engine, causing the truck to lurch forward on a predetermined path (like a train on tracks.)
“Hive mind?” I asked. I had heard the term in movies and TV. “Like Star Trek?”
“Pretty much,” Baron said with a chuckle. “I’m surprised you know about that. It seems a little before your time.”
He was right. How did I know about the Borg species from Star Trek? “Each new victim is harvested for their thoughts and memories.” Which was why they all seemed equally concerned for my safety and wellbeing. I was about to speak further when I noticed Baron switching to a different, higher-level tunnel. “Where are we going?”
“Heading east,” Baron explained. “We have business in Ontario. But along the way, there’s a body dumping port just south of Edmonton.”
“Sounds good.” I was glad that we would be getting rid of the body in due time. “When do we meet up with Kitsune?”
“I’ll have to hack Feng’s files to be sure but as far as I know the plan is to make it to New York to deposit the truck at the regional depot.”
“So, what should I do?”
“Right now? Take a nap. I’ll wake you at the next pit stop.”
“Sure,” I said looking at the dead body. “I’ll get right on that.”
“There’s plenty of room in the lab area,” Baron said, trying not to laugh.
“Thanks.” I found a place on the floor to sleep. The rubber mat was soft enough to make a decent bed, although I was still cold. I curled into the fetal position, falling asleep to the sound of the wheels making contact with random metal tracks.
In my dreams, I awoke on the wooden floor of a western-style train. “Wow, just wow,” said a familiar male voice.
I stood up, looking around at the nearly empty train car. “Faust?”
The man laughed. He was facing away from me but I knew who it was. He had the flower child’s blonde hair, and peach skin with just a kiss of sun. He wore a light blue suit, looking more normal than usual.
When he stood up and turned to me, my blood ran cold. He was older, with deep-set eyes; he looked like my father. “Care to take a seat?”
I didn’t have much of a choice. I sat across from him, that was when I noticed the tray of cookies and a pot of coffee. My stomach was rumbling. At least I could get something to eat. I grabbed a pink frosted cookie in the shape of a butterfly and helped myself to a paper cup of coffee. “This is so good.”
“I’m glad.” The man chuckled. “I think it’s time I told you my real name.”
“Sure,” I replied, swallowing the mouthful of food.
He paused for dramatic effect while pouring a cup of coffee for himself. “Abaddon.”
“Is that supposed to mean something?”
He simply shrugged. “You would know.”
“Are you even real?”
The question brought a smile to his face. “I’d like to be.”
“Ok, I get it. You’re my unborn baby.” Saying the words out loud made them suddenly tangible. There was a living being inside me; a little boy with my father’s stern face, and Noah’s blue eyes. Actually, the more I thought about it, Abaddon looked a lot more like Noah. Especially when he smiled. “What can you tell me about the future?”
“What would you like to know?” My son took another sip, clearly deep in thought, when suddenly he smiled again, squinting his eyes ever so slightly. “You want to know about Dad, don’t you?”
“Sure, I’ll take what I can get.” I could feel my cheeks flush. Since Noah was gone, there had to be a husband (or long-term partner) in my future; someone who helped me raise my son.
“The man who made the choice to become my father, he’s wise, powerful, kind. In my timeline, he’s an elderly man, on his deathbed, ruling over a land on the brink of war.”
“War or revolution?” I asked. “Is he a king or a rebel leader?”
“That will all depend on you. I can’t go into details, but needless to say, I need you…”
“To survive?” I asked, assuming the easiest answer.
“To be the mother I know.”
The lights flickered, as the cabin shook. “Are we headed towards a tunnel?”
“Next stop is the body dump,” he said, tossing his cup out a nearby window. “If I were you, I’d try to make it to the surface at least for a few hours.
“Because that’s where Tony will be looking for me.” I needed to believe that. He was likely the father Abaddon was speaking of. But why would I name my child Abaddon?
The lights flickered again, casting the world into darkness. I awoke on the rubber floor, to the sound of the truck’s massive breaks. I blinked my eyes, brushing my hair from my face.
“Welcome to Edmonton!” Baron shouted happily. Clearly he was on somekind of stimulant.
I stood up and made my way to the door. The outside world was snowy, and calm. A true vision of peace. “Do you think we could stay here for a day or two?”
“Why? Did you want to check out the mall?”
“Kind of,” I said stretching my back. “That and I want a decent night’s sleep, (and maybe a hamburger.)”
“We can make a longer pit stop once we cross the border. Deal?”
“Yeah, I get it. We need to stay on schedule.”
“Exactly, now be a doll and grab the head.”
I did as he asked and together, we said our last goodbyes to the creature known as Feng. May he rot in hell. I felt a warmth in my heart; like whisky, vodka and mountain dew; a sensation of pure happiness. I could sense my baby. Placing my hand to my stomach, I felt a small limb reaching back. I would see Noah again. And for now, that made everything ok.
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2020.11.17 20:00 TheGamingStadium Solo il'gynoth & the hive mind

The Gaming Stadium is hosting a $2000 CAD League of Legends tournament this weekend, presented by Daily Hive! This is part of our Signature Series, a 12-month long event featuring different games every month. If you want to show off your League skills and use those sweet new items, this is your chance!
Sign up here
Tournament Details:
Date Saturday & Sunday, Nov 21-22
Time 10:00 AM PDT
Registration Deadline Solos - Nov 18 @ 11:59 PM PST
Region NA Only
Format Summoner's Rift (Exact format TBD)
Tournament Cap 32 Teams
Prize Pool: $2000 CAD

  • 1st - 60% of prize pool ($1200)
  • 2nd - 30% of prize pool ($600)
  • 3rd - 10% of prize poool ($200)
Entry fee: Free
If you have questions, hop on our Discord and send our staff a message!
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2020.11.17 01:52 IgnisCael [ Exploration Logs ] - Chapter 02 - First Contact? Does it Count?

Fringe Outpost 5B. Zeleett Space. One standard cycle after the T’arrall’s retreat from CB2571.
Gl’assit was summoned to the outpost’s administration after the docking procedures. He was temporarily relieved from his command and ordered to wait inside his designated quarters. At the tiny cubicle, he laid his biological outfit in a resting pod. Jacking into the outpost neural-link, hoping his neural imprint might stay dormant for a while.

Moving neural imprint - L’assit - through secure channel. Neural imprint is ready for access. 
“Sorry for disturbing your dormant state.” A soothing and elegant voice reached his conscience. “We’d like further clarification about the report on CB2571.”
Gl’assit took a few gitz to recompose after two full cycles of dormancy. He was standing in front of two higher neural imprints. A third hovered above them all. “Representatives of High Command, Administrative Office and Keeper of Zeleett. It is an honor to access such esteemed imprints.” He straitened himself in the neural-link subspace. “I’m ready to offer additional data.”
A firm, thunderous voice reached his consciousness. “Let’s start by determining why you ordered such a hasty retreat from CB2571”.
“Further exploration and possible contact with an unknown biological surpassed the reconnaissance mission parameters.”
“Indeed...” The firm voice of the High Command boomed. “There was no ban from doing so though. Your decision must have been based on other factors.”
“It was based in multiple factors.” Gl’assit shifted uncomfortably. “The deciding one was the conflict with the Lighaar Hive.”
The Administrative Office soothing voice enveloped Gl’assit. “Please, elaborate.”
“It might be unwise to contact CB2571 biologicals. Considering that there are two planets with similar atmosphere and bio signature, it isn’t far-fetched to consider the probability of a sapient species terraforming and colonizing their system's neighboring planets. Regardless of this hypothetical species' development index, there is chance for conflict during first contact. Said conflict, no matter the scale, would still mean diverting resources from the front lines.”
The third’s voice, old and wise, took control of the neural-link subspace. “I sense no falsehood on this young imprint.”
“See Command? I told you that this one’s actions were in the benefit of the Collective, and not out of cowardice.” Chimmed the Office. “L’assit. CB2571 will be flagged for further reconnaissance.”
Command gave a quick glance towards Office before returning his attention do the Commander’s imprint. “You’re uncomfortable with this decision…”
“I’d never dare to question a decision…”
“Useless!” High Command looked at Administrative Office again. “Are you sure you want ‘this’ imprint on the mission?”
Office waved away the malice. “Of course I do. The psychological analysis suggests he is capable of accomplishing it. His lack of aggressiveness will be a boon to the mission.”
“I can’t figure how it would be”.
“An aggressive operative is bound to fail a covert assignment.”
High Command retreated his ire from the subspace and focused its attention back at Gl’assit. “Remember this: engaging an unknown foe may be foolish. But leaving your rearguard open to an unknown threat is foolish also.”
Office interjected. “Yours will be a solo mission with multiple objectives. The main ones being: gather more information about the biological signatures; confirm if we’re dealing with a sapient biological; determine if they may pose any danger for the Collective.” Gl’assit felt crushed by the Command’s gaze. “So tell us little one: would you be willing to embark on this mission?”
“That would be my duty and honor.”
Command and Office looked up to the large imprint above them. It blinked twice before speaking. “Under the Keeper’s authority, I sanction this mission. A backup of Commander L’assit’s imprint must be made before departure.” After declaring so, the Keeper left the secure neural subspace.
Before leaving the subspace, Office added: “Rejoice L’assit. I’ll grant you a new outer layer for your biological outfit.”
Finally, Command stood before him. “You’ll depart in three cycles. Do not return without the data required.” The subspace became dark, closing completely. Gl’assit’s neural imprint was returned to his outfit.
Jupiter’s Orbital Station: Juno. One week after Object X’s detection.
A small transport vessel was slowly approaching the station. After docking, a woman in military uniform appeared at the transport’s door. As she walked briskly down the landing pad, Oliveira’s voiced came out the intercom: “Commander Catherine de Lorenzo of the Martian Confederate aboard.”
“What a sad display of military honors you prepared for me Daniel.” She extended her hand to the Commander of the station who was waiting at the end of the pad.
“I had little time to prepare for your arrival.” He shook her hand and immediately started walking into the station.
“I gave notice of my ETA twenty four hours ago little man…” They moved quickly through the corridors. “At least tell me if all parties are present already.”
Daniel stopped in front of the meeting room. “Yeah, they’re all here.” He opened the door, letting her in. In the center of the table, a hologram of a fish-like ‘thing’ was rotating. “That is what we’ll be discussing today, by the way.”
Both Commanders took their seat at the table. Lola walked in front of the holographic display and cleared her throat. “Good afternoon everyone. It is a pleasure to have so many dignitaries here today. As you may know, my name is Dolores Herrera Maldonado…”
At zero nine hundreds of October tenth, an extra-solar object entered the Sol system at a significant fraction of light speed. It appeared in the sensors of the static buoy system beyond the Kuiper Belt. There were no orbital telescopes directed to the phenomenon.
We combed all system traffic of both military and civilian vessels. Luckily, a freighter from the Mercedes-Benz conglomerate was making a delivery to the Pluto scientific base. Their optics was ill equipped to capture the object, but it passed them close enough that the recovered data was used to extrapolate its appearance: the image displayed in the hologram.
A fish-like ‘structure’. Its overall appearance resembles a placoderm. Roughly one kilometer in length. Small tubular structures jutting out where the pectoral and dorsal fins should be. There was no tail. In its place, another metallic structure seemed to have being ‘welded to’ or ‘covered by’ the tissue.
Our analysts were able to determine - based on the buoy’s data - that it veered from its initial trajectory twice. Once to point it’s ‘head’ toward Mars and then Earth. Upon completing this maneuver, it changed course once more, disappearing back into the extra-solar expanse. The speed that it disappeared from any sensor suggests that it moved at the speed of light. Or at least very close to it.
“…so in conclusion. We still have no idea what it was, where it came from or where it moved to. What we know is that it looks like a biological creature with articulated armored plates at its head, similar to a prehistoric fish… and thrusters instead of fins or tail.” Lola looked back at Daniel and he stood up, handling a small packet to each one present. “Gentlemen... Ladies… Bring the data back to your governments. Each packet contains a secure data slate containing all intel we could gather. It’s a rather anticlimactic first contact, let’s make the best we can with what we got.”
Juno Orbital Station. Commander's office.
“So, Daniel… what are the Terrans planning? There was no need to add Mars to this meeting. So I guess there is something…”
“We want you back to the fold Catherine. All of you.”
“Of course you do. Let’s pretend I give a damn. Tell me, how accurate is this crap?” She dropped the packet on the table in front of her. Eyes fixed on the station commander's, like a hawk ready to strike.
“Don’t look at me like that…” He poured some coffee for them and placed a mug in front of her. “It’s all true. One hundred percent.” He took a sip of his mug. “Damn this crap is good.”
She sighted. “Daniel…”
“I plotted all the course of that thing based on our sensors. I can show you the mathematical calculations that I did…” He reached for his desk.
“Don’t. Please.”
“Yeah… sure…” Daniel scratched his head awkwardly. “Anyway… There are other images of the object in the slate. Just not as good as the one our team used to create the model you saw in the conference room. There are some alternative depictions of its appearance but…”
Catherine raised her hand. “I get it. I’ll give this slate to the generals.”
“I knew you’d help us…”
She cut him again. “I’m not finished Daniel.” She crossed her arms, laying her back against the chair. “Tell me. What the Terrans are planning to do from now on.”
“We don’t know if that thing will return or not… or if it is dangerous…”
“I don’t care for what you don’t know. Tell me what the five sectors are up to.”
“All right, all right. The American coalition is currently divided. The old US is pushing hard for increased budget to the military. And further research and development on interstellar weapons. ‘To defend against external ‘and’ internal dangers'.”
“Internal?” Catherine raised an eyebrow.
“Mars…” Daniel conceded.
“They’re still butthurt about their defeat ten years ago.”
“You could say that.” Daniel took another sip. “You must admit though. Having the Martian colonies beating them in an independence war was… ironic?”
“That’s beside the point.”
“Sure. Anyway, the rest of the coalition seems to be more interested in solving their regional problems. And shoving money into the military would only reduce the budget for their social programs and reforms.”
“What about the others?”
“The Asian People’s Republic seem to have considered the speed that thing traveled at as a challenge. They’re reopening their warp drive program. Both Korea and Japan protectorates are hard at work already. China is mobilizing and managing the resources from the other protectorates.”
Catherine nodded and waited.
“Indo-Africa doesn’t seem to care. They’re still in a civil war. Russia is being Russia. All secretive and shit. And Europe is calling for a global government. Again…” Daniel shrugged. “That’s pretty much it.”
“Well… I didn’t expect you to speak so openly. Color me surprised.” She finally took a sip from her mug. “I'll tell you what: make an appointment with our ambassadorial corps. I’ll see to it that your people are at least heard.”
“You already knew everything I just told you… You probably know a lot more about the situation back at Terra…”
“I’m glad you understand me so well.” Catherine placed her mug back on the desk. “Now, if you excuse me.” She stood, grabbed her packet and walked to the door. “I have a space monster's hologram to take home.”
One of the most famous placoderms [Dunkleosteus]
Thanks for reading up to this point. All critiques are welcomed.
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2020.11.16 23:50 FatherlyNeptune Hive the solo & mind il'gynoth

Francis Langstroth
Age- 20
Nen Type: Emitter
Francis was a sickly child, born to a rich family full of expectations with siblings that filled them he was often alone, his most frequent company the family's library. His time was all books and learning through this started his fascination with Bee's much to disgust of his family. Even so throughout his childhood he kept the most impressive hives, even attending shows although never getting much attention due to the wondrous showings of others who performed all manner of tricks. Although he was noticed by one of these stars, Ragno Spin Spider extraordinaire, Hunter, and Nen User who took interest in Francis recruiting him. Francis joined him in hopes of new wonders, for three years he's been beside Ragno learning and discovering all manner of creatures while learning nen
Equipment: Cellphone, Tranquilizer Rifle with Scope, Tranquilizer Pistol, Tranquilizer Darts x15, Sleep Gas Cannisters x2, Rations and Water, Survival Knife, Personal Medicine, Bottle of Honey x5
Advanced Technique Strength: In
Aura Reserves 3- Francis has knack for nen and throughout his studies has impressive reserves his level
Stealth 2- During his partnership, Being very close to all manner of creatures Francis is used to hiding and studying
Intelligence 3- Due to his illness and physical weaknesses Francis has strong mind for planning and strategy
Mental Fortitude 2- Francis due to his upbringing and personality has a strong will, allowing him to think clearly under pressure and handle stressful situations.
Strength 3- Due to his Childhood illness Francis has low strength
Childhood Illness 2- His Illness still affects him today making it so he has to take medicine every so often especially before strenuous physical activity
Gentle Heart 2- Francis generally avoids killing in battle and his studies and will try to end fights without death
Solo Strategy:
Francis isn't a confrontational or direct fighter, he generally tries to hide and gain distance to study his opponents through his Bee's using In. If far away Francis will try to gain insight onto his opponents while setting close traps that will get honey onto his opponents, once he has enough information he'll begin his attack by trying to bait an opponent into a trap either using his honey or Tranquilizer gun. If his opponent is close Francis will try to keep range with his Tranquilizer gun, one strategy that Francis employs is using In on his Bee's then stinging himself to build aura for a stun then distract his opponents with Visible Bee's or his Tranquilizer to stun and incapacitate them
Team Strategy:
If the duo have enough time to plan a trap with Francis's Intelligence and Information gathering combined with Right's experience the two will come up with a Strategy to incapacitate a foe usually with Right being the aggressive distraction while Francis plays support. A key Strategy the two have is Right wrapping his opponent with his tentacles to give Francis opportunity to stun or tranquilize them then finishing the opponent with one of Right's powerful Ko kicks. Hatsu:
Human Hive: Float Like a Bee, Sting Like a Bee
Type: Emission and Manipulation
The User can create Nen Beasts in the shape of Bee's, the user can create as many as they want but the more created effectiveness/control begins to lessen. These Bee's in their base state cannot attack and are mainly used for information gathering they can give the User basic information like location of targets or objects but for more detailed information he needs to reclaim the aura from his Bee's. These Bee's have two other functions that they can perform, the first is by having his Bee's physically sting him(does not require Honey aura), his aura is absorbed into the Bee's stinger when stung into an opponent the aura transfers, this starts a meter once the target gets enough aura inside them to fill the meter they get stunned for few seconds. The other effect is how the Bee's react to Honey when this is present the user loses control of the Bee's and they will attack wherever the Honey is located
• The Bee's cannot attack, only in the presence of Honey will they attack but the User loses all control
• To get detailed information from the Bee's the User must reclaim the aura from said Bee
• The User to access the Stun Function of the Bee's must Sting themselves with the Bee which hurts immensely. The Target of said stun must also be in contact with Honey
• The User has a limit of 10 Bee's at a given time
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2020.11.14 00:37 CatharsistLive Solo il'gynoth & the hive mind

Hello all, this is my first big post on Reddit here in the Destiny Subs. Throwing the Spoiler Tag on just in case because I do talk about Eramis.
So, hello.
First off, some context on myself. I am a long time Bungie fan from the Halo 1 days. I used to be a frequent poster and community member of Halo.Bungie.Org (HBO) back in the day as a teenager and into my early twenties. I mostly dropped off of any kind of online community after Bungie left Microsoft circa 2013 or so. So I’m a huge fan of Bungie and the depth they put into their games, especially Destiny.
With Destiny 1 there was the disappointment of an initially lackluster first campaign. Beyond that, however, Destiny 1 introduced us to the world of Destiny, The Guardians, The Last City, The Traveler, and The Darkness. The seeds of some deep, deep, deeeep storytelling were planted. This is long-game stuff and I don’t think I fully appreciated that at the time.
I took a break from Destiny and almost all gaming around 2015 until Shadowkeep/Season of Dawn due to life and college stuff. Thus I hadn’t played D1’s The Taken King or Rise of Iron until this past summer during the extra-long Season of Arrivals. I played through both campaigns and all strikes, Raids, and many of the side quests. Truly some awesome content that I am glad I went back and played and it gave me a lot of context on some of the plot lines occurring now. I played through as much of Destiny 2 as I could this year before vaulting, Including the Black Armory storyline and the Season of the Drifter and Opulence stuff. I am kicking myself for missing the Undying and Dawn storylines, especially the resurrection of Saint-14. Season stories being temporary are another topic, though and this will be focused solely on the game that Destiny has become with Beyond Light.
I have been digging into the Grimoire Anthologies and learning about the Hive and the Fallen and there is some truly interesting stuff being built up for payoff this year and next.
All that to say, I think Destiny has still got the juice. I love and I am really looking forward to reading up on all the in-game lore after I finally put the controller down for enough time to read them.
That said, on to Beyond Light. I want to use a method to breakdown my experience so far (which is admittedly limited considering l haven’t gotten through much beyond the main campaign and there is so much more to come). At least this is an initial impression. This method is the “focus/sustain/improve” method. We use this in my job for after-action reviews of critical missions, tasks, or program reviews and it’s how I naturally think about things.
Evaluation definitions: Focus: This really good, capitalize on this immediately
Sustain: Good baseline, keep it up, don’t make changes too fast (Good shit, do more of that shit, don’t change that shit)
Improve: Lacking and needs improvement prioritized
NOTE: I haven’t played Crucible yet and minimal Gambit so I have no assessment on either yet.
Beyond Light Campaign By far, Beyond Light is my favorite expansion campaign. This is directly related to how much we are learning about the Fallen up close, through the characters of Variks and Eramis, in much the same way that The Taken King developed the Hive through Eris and Oryx. My second favorite expansion campaign is actually Rise of Iron because I love SIVA and fallen as enemies. I was also very interested in the character development for someone like Saladin who could easily be relagated to Iron Banner Vendor with little backstory except for what is found in Lore.
There are definitely parallels between RoI and BL, the Fallen are after something that will bring them ascendancy, but the main difference is that we get a singular villain with good dialogue and screen time in Eramis. Aksis is an awesome raid boss but RoI was more of a group villain in the Devil Splicers and SIVA than a singular villain you had to contend with, learn their motivation, and leaves a legacy behind after defeat. Oryx served this purpose in TTK but a lot of his motivation was developed in Lore rather than the campaign itself. Still, he had some decent moments and spoke to you directly on several occasions. Uldren was interesting, however I felt like we didn’t see him nearly enough except through cutscenes. We never actually fight him, and that satisfaction of defeating the story’s villain should not be from a cutscene only. Shadowkeep didn’t have a villain character to learn from, though the Darkness finally directly spoke to us. Interesting, but not a villain character we had interacted with or followed through the entire story. Oryx and Ghaul were good precursors. However, I think Eramis is the benchmark for Destiny villains going forward. Her back and forth with Variks is gold, and that flashback to the Whirlwind era was super interesting.
My only gripe is the final boss battle itself. Fighting Eramis felt trivial, like fighting a Lost Sector boss, compared to the Phylaks fight. Phylaks was difficult just to the right degree with some interesting but simple to learn mechanics. My only gripe with the main story.
Sustain: World-building, long-term stories with good payoffs down the line Improve: Final boss fights should be the most complex of the campaign Focus: Central villains with complex motivations and interesting backstory - huge win, more of this!
Loot Pool / Gear Sunsetting I am not going to simply repost everything already covering this but hopefully add something new to the conversation. I have seen Bungie’s replies acknowledging the hurt and I am hopeful to see some gear un-sunsetted such as Forsaken and Shadowkeep armor and weapons.
Personally I would love to see my Black Armory weapons (personal favorites of mine that I love using) return in some form through addition to world loot pool, a new season or activity, or just be un-sunsetted, but I can live with it.
Here is the rub: I just want to play the game with some good-feeling weapons. As everyone feels, the loot pool feels smaller because the can’t use all their old weapons basically immediately, and they haven’t get gotten a hold of newer, more powerful stuff. They may have, like me, a few good weapons from a season or two ago, but we have to grind just to level them up to useful. This is addressed in the section on power grind below specifically.
I saw a good post and comment I can no longer find that put it well: people take pride in weapons they earned or had great luck in dropping for them. They like using them. They have fun using them, and they shouldn’t be forced to drop them after earning them. If anything this should challenge designers to make other weapons more unique, or fun in new ways/contexts. Life is variety and just because there is something new does not mean something older is worthless. Even a way to upgrade sunsetted weapons through a seasonal activity or quests rather than grind new versions of those weapons would be a good work around and provide some variety to the Seasonal “focus your drops/engrams” shtick we have seen the last few seasons.
Ultimately, it feels like too much was sunsetted all at once. When that brick dropped it was felt, hard. There has to be better options.
Improve: Tiered sunsetting without such a big hammer drop would have lessened the blow I think the community is feeling. Sustain: Try new things, can’t fault Bungie for at least keeping us on our toes Focus: Listen to feedback, respond to feedback, implement feedback
Power Grind This one is tricky and is tied to the Loot Pool/Sunset issue but I feel needs it own spotlight. I understand the need to power grind in a looter shooter, but I am not a huge fan of having to wear Blues for 150 levels until it’s worth it to infuse my normal armor. I have armor that I Iove with some really nice stats and mods that I have earned over time. Not only do I want to use them as long as possible or until I get something better - I especially want to wear it during campaign cutscenes.
The problem I have run into is that I haven’t gotten anything better or remotely good looking with even decent stats to offset putting my armor away for the majority of the campaign.
In every main mission I did in the campaign, if I thought there would be a cutscene I infused my armor so that I’d see my Guardian in my good armor during the campaign. That sucked a bit. I didn’t like having to either burn through a ton of upgrade modules to keep my armor up to level, or else play through the campaign as a blueberry with none of my well earned gear. Maybe this is a bit nitpicky but the reason I bring it up is because there is no way to re-play through campaigns again later on my main character with my Uber-Good-Looking, bad ass Guardian unless A) I infuse my stuff all along the way or B) I griiiiiiind up to 1200 before the campaign and infuse them all once. I am not a fan of either and as a gameplay experience it’s not fun to watch those cutscenes when I can’t see the Guardian I know and love.
Note (In relation to the Campaign): My personal favorite option to fix that would be a way to pick up a full campaign run quest again from the Story Kiosk or Amanda Holliday to replay a campaign from beginning to end. Just for the story. Not on Heroic playlist rotation, not for gear - just to replay the experience with my beefy, good looking Titan.
Improve: The power curve for the campaign was a bit too steep to allow us to keep up with difficulty and use armor we prefer to use during story missions without burning through upgrade materials we’d rather use later or were saving up after a lot of hard work.
Exotic Quests / Activities This is where I think Destiny has really started to shine. I am so much more invested in quests that have a good side story, enrich the world and lore in meaningful ways, and provide a meaningful reward (I’m looking at you Long Shadow). I think the less grindy and the more unique steps there are the better. Quests that send me all around the place (for a valid reason) make me smile. I look forward to the chase, the puzzle, or the goal, and especially the reward.
That said, if I see a “Get # Crucible Headshots with ___ Weapon” quest step I cringe hard. Please, no more.
I am not yet powerful enough to go after the Master Lost Sectors but I remember liking these in Season of the Worthy so seeing that there is an Exotic reward waiting for when I solo them it pretty cool. That 1280 power level is a bit much in my opinion, but it is an Exotic so I won’t complain too much about that and I’ll just look forward hunting those in another week or so once I am powerful enough for them to not be complete suckfests. I hope to see more challenges like these, with actual rewards dangled out there waiting for you.
Focus: Story questlines for Exotics or Pinnacle weapons are much more fun than grindy quests with no real point.
That’s all.
Overall very fun. Haven’t hit a wall yet. Looking forward to more and to Season of the Hunt.
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